Background: #fff
Foreground: #000
PrimaryPale: #8cf
PrimaryLight: #18f
PrimaryMid: #04b
PrimaryDark: #014
SecondaryPale: #ffc
SecondaryLight: #fe8
SecondaryMid: #db4
SecondaryDark: #841
TertiaryPale: #eee
TertiaryLight: #ccc
TertiaryMid: #999
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88
<div class='toolbar' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::EditToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit title'></div>
<div macro='annotations'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser excludeLists'></span></div>
To get started with this blank [[TiddlyWiki]], you'll need to modify the following tiddlers:
* [[SiteTitle]] & [[SiteSubtitle]]: The title and subtitle of the site, as shown above (after saving, they will also appear in the browser title bar)
* [[MainMenu]]: The menu (usually on the left)
* [[DefaultTiddlers]]: Contains the names of the tiddlers that you want to appear when the TiddlyWiki is opened
You'll also need to enter your username for signing your edits: <<option txtUserName>>
<link rel='alternate' type='application/rss+xml' title='RSS' href='index.xml' />
These [[InterfaceOptions]] for customising [[TiddlyWiki]] are saved in your browser

Your username for signing your edits. Write it as a [[WikiWord]] (eg [[JoeBloggs]])

<<option txtUserName>>
<<option chkSaveBackups>> [[SaveBackups]]
<<option chkAutoSave>> [[AutoSave]]
<<option chkRegExpSearch>> [[RegExpSearch]]
<<option chkCaseSensitiveSearch>> [[CaseSensitiveSearch]]
<<option chkAnimate>> [[EnableAnimations]]

Also see [[AdvancedOptions]]
<div class='header' role='banner' macro='gradient vert [[ColorPalette::PrimaryLight]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]'>
<div class='headerShadow'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div class='headerForeground'>
<span class='siteTitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteTitle'></span>&nbsp;
<span class='siteSubtitle' refresh='content' tiddler='SiteSubtitle'></span>
<div id='mainMenu' role='navigation' refresh='content' tiddler='MainMenu'></div>
<div id='sidebar'>
<div id='sidebarOptions' role='navigation' refresh='content' tiddler='SideBarOptions'></div>
<div id='sidebarTabs' role='complementary' refresh='content' force='true' tiddler='SideBarTabs'></div>
<div id='displayArea' role='main'>
<div id='messageArea'></div>
<div id='tiddlerDisplay'></div>
body {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

a {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
a:hover {background-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
a img {border:0;}

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]]; background:transparent;}
h1 {border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
h2,h3 {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}

.button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}

.header {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.headerShadow {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerShadow a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.headerForeground {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.headerForeground a {font-weight:normal; color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}

.tabSelected {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];
	border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
	border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
	border-right:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];
.tabUnselected {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tabContents {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.tabContents .button {border:0;}

#sidebar {}
#sidebarOptions input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {border:none;color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a:active {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}

.wizard {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizard h1 {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border:none;}
.wizard h2 {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:none;}
.wizardStep {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];
	border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.wizardStep.wizardStepDone {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.wizardFooter {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]];}
.wizardFooter .status {background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.wizard .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.wizard .button:active {color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: 1px solid;
	border-color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryPale]] [[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}

.wizard .notChanged {background:transparent;}
.wizard .changedLocally {background:#80ff80;}
.wizard .changedServer {background:#8080ff;}
.wizard .changedBoth {background:#ff8080;}
.wizard .notFound {background:#ffff80;}
.wizard .putToServer {background:#ff80ff;}
.wizard .gotFromServer {background:#80ffff;}

#messageArea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#messageArea .button {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; border:none;}

.popupTiddler {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.popup {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-left:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-top:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border-right:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; border-bottom:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.popup hr {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; background:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]]; border-bottom:1px;}
.popup li.disabled {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.popup li a, .popup li a:visited {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popup li a:active {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border: none;}
.popupHighlight {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
.listBreak div {border-bottom:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.tiddler .defaultCommand {font-weight:bold;}

.shadow .title {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.title {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.subtitle {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.toolbar {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .toolbar a {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.selected .toolbar a:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}

.tagging, .tagged {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]]; background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}
.selected .tagging, .selected .tagged {background-color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.tagging .listTitle, .tagged .listTitle {color:[[ColorPalette::PrimaryDark]];}
.tagging .button, .tagged .button {border:none;}

.footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}
.selected .footer {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.error, .errorButton {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::Error]];}
.warning {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.lowlight {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryLight]];}

.zoomer {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]]; border:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}

.imageLink, #displayArea .imageLink {background:transparent;}

.annotation {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}

.viewer .listTitle {list-style-type:none; margin-left:-2em;}
.viewer .button {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]];}
.viewer blockquote {border-left:3px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border:2px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.viewer th, .viewer thead td, .twtable th, .twtable thead td {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryMid]]; border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.viewer td, .viewer tr, .twtable td, .twtable tr {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.viewer pre {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryPale]];}
.viewer code {color:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryDark]];}
.viewer hr {border:0; border-top:dashed 1px [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}

.highlight, .marked {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]];}

.editor input {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]];}
.editor textarea {border:1px solid [[ColorPalette::PrimaryMid]]; width:100%;}
.editorFooter {color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
.readOnly {background:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryPale]];}

#backstageArea {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::TertiaryMid]];}
#backstageArea a {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageArea a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::SecondaryLight]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; }
#backstageArea a.backstageSelTab {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageButton a {background:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstageButton a:hover {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border:none;}
#backstagePanel {background:[[ColorPalette::Background]]; border-color: [[ColorPalette::Background]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]] [[ColorPalette::TertiaryDark]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button {border:none; color:[[ColorPalette::Background]];}
.backstagePanelFooter .button:hover {color:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]];}
#backstageCloak {background:[[ColorPalette::Foreground]]; opacity:0.6; filter:alpha(opacity=60);}
* html .tiddler {height:1%;}

body {font-size:.75em; font-family:arial,helvetica; margin:0; padding:0;}

h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {font-weight:bold; text-decoration:none;}
h1,h2,h3 {padding-bottom:1px; margin-top:1.2em;margin-bottom:0.3em;}
h4,h5,h6 {margin-top:1em;}
h1 {font-size:1.35em;}
h2 {font-size:1.25em;}
h3 {font-size:1.1em;}
h4 {font-size:1em;}
h5 {font-size:.9em;}

hr {height:1px;}

a {text-decoration:none;}

dt {font-weight:bold;}

ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}
ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-alpha;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:lower-roman;}
ol ol ol ol ol ol ol {list-style-type:decimal;}

.txtOptionInput {width:11em;}

#contentWrapper .chkOptionInput {border:0;}

.externalLink {text-decoration:underline;}

.indent {margin-left:3em;}
.outdent {margin-left:3em; text-indent:-3em;}
code.escaped {white-space:nowrap;}

.tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold;}
.tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-style:italic;}

/* the 'a' is required for IE, otherwise it renders the whole tiddler in bold */
a.tiddlyLinkNonExisting.shadow {font-weight:bold;}

#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkExisting,
	#mainMenu .tiddlyLinkNonExisting,
	#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkNonExisting {font-weight:normal; font-style:normal;}
#sidebarTabs .tiddlyLinkExisting {font-weight:bold; font-style:normal;}

.header {position:relative;}
.header a:hover {background:transparent;}
.headerShadow {position:relative; padding:4.5em 0 1em 1em; left:-1px; top:-1px;}
.headerForeground {position:absolute; padding:4.5em 0 1em 1em; left:0; top:0;}

.siteTitle {font-size:3em;}
.siteSubtitle {font-size:1.2em;}

#mainMenu {position:absolute; left:0; width:10em; text-align:right; line-height:1.6em; padding:1.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; font-size:1.1em;}

#sidebar {position:absolute; right:3px; width:16em; font-size:.9em;}
#sidebarOptions {padding-top:0.3em;}
#sidebarOptions a {margin:0 0.2em; padding:0.2em 0.3em; display:block;}
#sidebarOptions input {margin:0.4em 0.5em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {margin-left:1em; padding:0.5em; font-size:.85em;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel a {font-weight:bold; display:inline; padding:0;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel input {margin:0 0 0.3em 0;}
#sidebarTabs .tabContents {width:15em; overflow:hidden;}

.wizard {padding:0.1em 1em 0 2em;}
.wizard h1 {font-size:2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizard h2 {font-size:1.2em; font-weight:bold; background:none; padding:0; margin:0.4em 0 0.2em;}
.wizardStep {padding:1em 1em 1em 1em;}
.wizard .button {margin:0.5em 0 0; font-size:1.2em;}
.wizardFooter {padding:0.8em 0.4em 0.8em 0;}
.wizardFooter .status {padding:0 0.4em; margin-left:1em;}
.wizard .button {padding:0.1em 0.2em;}

#messageArea {position:fixed; top:2em; right:0; margin:0.5em; padding:0.5em; z-index:2000; _position:absolute;}
.messageToolbar {display:block; text-align:right; padding:0.2em;}
#messageArea a {text-decoration:underline;}

.tiddlerPopupButton {padding:0.2em;}
.popupTiddler {position: absolute; z-index:300; padding:1em; margin:0;}

.popup {position:absolute; z-index:300; font-size:.9em; padding:0; list-style:none; margin:0;}
.popup .popupMessage {padding:0.4em;}
.popup hr {display:block; height:1px; width:auto; padding:0; margin:0.2em 0;}
.popup li.disabled {padding:0.4em;}
.popup li a {display:block; padding:0.4em; font-weight:normal; cursor:pointer;}
.listBreak {font-size:1px; line-height:1px;}
.listBreak div {margin:2px 0;}

.tabset {padding:1em 0 0 0.5em;}
.tab {margin:0 0 0 0.25em; padding:2px;}
.tabContents {padding:0.5em;}
.tabContents ul, .tabContents ol {margin:0; padding:0;}
.txtMainTab .tabContents li {list-style:none;}
.tabContents li.listLink { margin-left:.75em;}

#contentWrapper {display:block;}
#splashScreen {display:none;}

#displayArea {margin:1em 17em 0 14em;}

.toolbar {text-align:right; font-size:.9em;}

.tiddler {padding:1em 1em 0;}

.missing .viewer,.missing .title {font-style:italic;}

.title {font-size:1.6em; font-weight:bold;}

.missing .subtitle {display:none;}
.subtitle {font-size:1.1em;}

.tiddler .button {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}

.tagging {margin:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0; float:left; display:none;}
.isTag .tagging {display:block;}
.tagged {margin:0.5em; float:right;}
.tagging, .tagged {font-size:0.9em; padding:0.25em;}
.tagging ul, .tagged ul {list-style:none; margin:0.25em; padding:0;}
.tagClear {clear:both;}

.footer {font-size:.9em;}
.footer li {display:inline;}

.annotation {padding:0.5em; margin:0.5em;}

* html .viewer pre {width:99%; padding:0 0 1em 0;}
.viewer {line-height:1.4em; padding-top:0.5em;}
.viewer .button {margin:0 0.25em; padding:0 0.25em;}
.viewer blockquote {line-height:1.5em; padding-left:0.8em;margin-left:2.5em;}
.viewer ul, .viewer ol {margin-left:0.5em; padding-left:1.5em;}

.viewer table, table.twtable {border-collapse:collapse; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
.viewer th, .viewer td, .viewer tr,.viewer caption,.twtable th, .twtable td, .twtable tr,.twtable caption {padding:3px;}
table.listView {font-size:0.85em; margin:0.8em 1.0em;}
table.listView th, table.listView td, table.listView tr {padding:0 3px 0 3px;}

.viewer pre {padding:0.5em; margin-left:0.5em; font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em; overflow:auto;}
.viewer code {font-size:1.2em; line-height:1.4em;}

.editor {font-size:1.1em;}
.editor input, .editor textarea {display:block; width:100%; font:inherit;}
.editorFooter {padding:0.25em 0; font-size:.9em;}
.editorFooter .button {padding-top:0; padding-bottom:0;}

.fieldsetFix {border:0; padding:0; margin:1px 0px;}

.zoomer {font-size:1.1em; position:absolute; overflow:hidden;}
.zoomer div {padding:1em;}

* html #backstage {width:99%;}
* html #backstageArea {width:99%;}
#backstageArea {display:none; position:relative; overflow: hidden; z-index:150; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageToolbar {position:relative;}
#backstageArea a {font-weight:bold; margin-left:0.5em; padding:0.3em 0.5em;}
#backstageButton {display:none; position:absolute; z-index:175; top:0; right:0;}
#backstageButton a {padding:0.1em 0.4em; margin:0.1em;}
#backstage {position:relative; width:100%; z-index:50;}
#backstagePanel {display:none; z-index:100; position:absolute; width:90%; margin-left:3em; padding:1em;}
.backstagePanelFooter {padding-top:0.2em; float:right;}
.backstagePanelFooter a {padding:0.2em 0.4em;}
#backstageCloak {display:none; z-index:20; position:absolute; width:100%; height:100px;}

.whenBackstage {display:none;}
.backstageVisible .whenBackstage {display:block;}
StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
body {font-size:0.8em;}
#sidebarOptions {font-size:1.05em;}
#sidebarOptions a {font-style:normal;}
#sidebarOptions .sliderPanel {font-size:0.95em;}
.subtitle {font-size:0.8em;}
.viewer table.listView {font-size:0.95em;}
@media print {
#mainMenu, #sidebar, #messageArea, .toolbar, #backstageButton, #backstageArea {display: none !important;}
#displayArea {margin: 1em 1em 0em;}
noscript {display:none;} /* Fixes a feature in Firefox where print preview displays the noscript content */
<div class='toolbar' role='navigation' macro='toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]'></div>
<div class='title' macro='view title'></div>
<div class='subtitle'><span macro='view modifier link'></span>, <span macro='view modified date'></span> (<span macro='message views.wikified.createdPrompt'></span> <span macro='view created date'></span>)</div>
<div class='tagging' macro='tagging'></div>
<div class='tagged' macro='tags'></div>
<div class='viewer' macro='view text wikified'></div>
<div class='tagClear'></div>
|''Description:''|Moves the sidebar to the backstage, as suggested at|
|''CodeRepository:''|n/a |
|''Comments:''|Please make comments at |
|''License''|[[BSD License|]] |


if(!version.extensions.BackstageSidebarPlugin) {
version.extensions.BackstageSidebarPlugin = {installed:true};

config.tasks.sidebar = {
	text: "sidebar",
	tooltip: "sidebar options",
	content: "<<tiddler SideBarOptions>><<tiddler SideBarTabs>>"

config.macros.BackstageSidebarPlugin = {

config.macros.BackstageSidebarPlugin.init = function() {
	var tiddler = this.tiddler;

} //# end of 'install only once'


#sidebar {

!(end of Stylesheet)
abandon	>	Infinitive: abandone
Present: abandono, abandons, abandont, abandonm(o)s, yu abandont(e), abandone(nt)
Preterit: abandonim, abandon(i)st(a), abandonit, abandonam, abandonat, abandoneer
Future tid: abandonsiem, abandonsies, abandonsiet, abandonsiem(o)s, yu abandonsiete, abandonsient
Conditional: abandoniem, abandonies, abandoniet, abandoniem(o)s, yu abandoniete, abandonient
Prev participe: abandont / abandonen abbrehg > Infinitive: abbrehge
Present: abbrehgo, abbrehcs, abbrehct, abbrehgm(o)s, yu abbrehct(e), abbrehge(nt)
Preterit: abbrohgim, abbrohg(i)st(a), abbrohgit, abbrohgam, abbrohgat, abbrohgeer
Future tid: abbrehcsiem, abbrehcsies, abbrehcsiet, abbrehcsiem(o)s, yu abbrehcsiete, abbrehcsient
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Conditional: abeihiem, abeihies, abeihiet, abeihiem(o)s, yu abeihiete, abeihient
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Present: abfeugo, abfeucs, abfeuct, abfeugm(o)s, yu abfeuct(e), abfeuge(nt)
Preterit: abfugim, abfug(i)st(a), abfugit, abfugam, abfugat, abfugeer
Future tid: abfeucsiem, abfeucsies, abfeucsiet, abfeucsiem(o)s, yu abfeucsiete, abfeucsient
Conditional: abfeugiem, abfeugies, abfeugiet, abfeugiem(o)s, yu abfeugiete, abfeugient
Prev participe: abfuct / abfugen abgeir > Infinitive: abgires
Present: abgeiro, abgeirs, abgeirt, abgeirm(o)s, yu abgeirt(e), abgeire(nt)
Preterit: abgirim, abgir(i)st(a), abgirit, abgiram, abgirat, abgireer
Future tid: abgeirsiem, abgeirsies, abgeirsiet, abgeirsiem(o)s, yu abgeirsiete, abgeirsient
Conditional: abgeiriem, abgeiries, abgeiriet, abgeiriem(o)s, yu abgeiriete, abgeirient
Prev participe: abgirt / abgiren abghend > Infinitive: abghende
Present: abghendo, abghends, abghendt, abghendm(o)s, yu abghendt(e), abghende(nt)
Preterit: abghensim, abghens(i)st(a), abghensit, abghensam, abghensat, abghenseer
Future tid: abghendsiem, abghendsies, abghendsiet, abghendsiem(o)s, yu abghendsiete, abghendsient
Conditional: abghendiem, abghendies, abghendiet, abghendiem(o)s, yu abghendiete, abghendient
Prev participe: abghens / abghenden abgwah > Infinitive: abgwahe
Present: abgwahm, abgwahs, abgwaht, abgwahm(o)s, yu abgwaht(e), abgwahnt
Preterit: abgwahsim, abgwahst(a), abgwahsit, abgwahsam, abgwahsat, abgwahr
Future tid: abgwahsiem, abgwahsies, abgwahsiet, abgwahsiem(o)s, yu abgwahsiete, abgwahsient
Conditional: abgwahiem, abgwahies, abgwahiet, abgwahiem(o)s, yu abgwahiete, abgwahient
Prev participe: abgwaht / abgwahn abgwak > Infinitive: abgwake
Present: abgwako, abgwacs, abgwact, abgwakm(o)s, yu abgwact(e), abgwake(nt)
Preterit: abgwiekim, abgwiek(i)st(a), abgwiekit, abgwiekam, abgwiekat, abgwiekeer
Future tid: abgwacsiem, abgwacsies, abgwacsiet, abgwacsiem(o)s, yu abgwacsiete, abgwacsient
Conditional: abgwakiem, abgwakies, abgwakiet, abgwakiem(o)s, yu abgwakiete, abgwakient
Prev participe: abgwact / abgwaken abhorr > Infinitive: abhorre
Present: abhorro, abhorrs, abhorrt, abhorrm(o)s, yu abhorrt(e), abhorre(nt)
Preterit: abhorsim, abhors(i)st(a), abhorsit, abhorsam, abhorsat, abhorseer
Future tid: abhorrsiem, abhorrsies, abhorrsiet, abhorrsiem(o)s, yu abhorrsiete, abhorrsient
Conditional: abhorriem, abhorries, abhorriet, abhorriem(o)s, yu abhorriete, abhorrient
Prev participe: abhors / abhorren abkap > Infinitive: abkape
Present: abkapo, abkaps, abkapt, abkapm(o)s, yu abkapt(e), abkape(nt)
Preterit: abkiepim, abkiep(i)st(a), abkiepit, abkiepam, abkiepat, abkiepeer
Future tid: abkapsiem, abkapsies, abkapsiet, abkapsiem(o)s, yu abkapsiete, abkapsient
Conditional: abkapiem, abkapies, abkapiet, abkapiem(o)s, yu abkapiete, abkapient
Prev participe: abkapt / abkapen abkwah > Infinitive: abkwahe
Present: abkwahm, abkwahs, abkwaht, abkwahm(o)s, yu abkwaht(e), abkwahnt
Preterit: abkwahsim, abkwahst(a), abkwahsit, abkwahsam, abkwahsat, abkwahr
Future tid: abkwahsiem, abkwahsies, abkwahsiet, abkwahsiem(o)s, yu abkwahsiete, abkwahsient
Conditional: abkwahiem, abkwahies, abkwahiet, abkwahiem(o)s, yu abkwahiete, abkwahient
Prev participe: abkwaht / abkwahn ablehnc > Infinitive: ablehnce
Present: ablehnco, ablehncs, ablehnct, ablehncm(o)s, yu ablehnct(e), ablehnce(nt)
Preterit: ablohncim, ablohnc(i)st(a), ablohncit, ablohncam, ablohncat, ablohnceer
Future tid: ablehncsiem, ablehncsies, ablehncsiet, ablehncsiem(o)s, yu ablehncsiete, ablehncsient
Conditional: ablehnciem, ablehncies, ablehnciet, ablehnciem(o)s, yu ablehnciete, ablehncient
Prev participe: ablohnct / ablohncen ablinekw > Infinitive: ablinkwes
Present: ablinkwo, ablinkws, ablinkwt, ablinkwm(o)s, yu ablinkwt(e), ablinkwnt
Preterit: ablikwim, ablikwst(a), ablikwit, ablikwam, ablikwat, ablikweer
Future tid: ablinkwsiem, ablinkwsies, ablinkwsiet, ablinkwsiem(o)s, yu ablinkwsiete, ablinkwsient
Conditional: ablinkwiem, ablinkwies, ablinkwiet, ablinkwiem(o)s, yu ablinkwiete, ablinkwient
Prev participe: ablikwt / ablikwn abneih > Infinitive: abnihes
Present: abneihm, abneihs, abneiht, abneihm(o)s, yu abneiht(e), abneihnt
Preterit: abnihsim, abnihst(a), abnihsit, abnihsam, abnihsat, abnihr
Future tid: abneihsiem, abneihsies, abneihsiet, abneihsiem(o)s, yu abneihsiete, abneihsient
Conditional: abneihiem, abneihies, abneihiet, abneihiem(o)s, yu abneihiete, abneihient
Prev participe: abniht / abnihn aboleih > Infinitive: abolihes
Present: aboleihm, aboleihs, aboleiht, aboleihm(o)s, yu aboleiht(e), aboleihnt
Preterit: abolihsim, abolihst(a), abolihsit, abolihsam, abolihsat, abolihr
Future tid: aboleihsiem, aboleihsies, aboleihsiet, aboleihsiem(o)s, yu aboleihsiete, aboleihsient
Conditional: aboleihiem, aboleihies, aboleihiet, aboleihiem(o)s, yu aboleihiete, aboleihient
Prev participe: aboliht / abolihn abonn > Infinitive: abonne
Present: abonno, abonns, abonnt, abonnm(o)s, yu abonnt(e), abonne(nt)
Preterit: abonnim, abonn(i)st(a), abonnit, abonnam, abonnat, abonneer
Future tid: abonnsiem, abonnsies, abonnsiet, abonnsiem(o)s, yu abonnsiete, abonnsient
Conditional: abonniem, abonnies, abonniet, abonniem(o)s, yu abonniete, abonnient
Prev participe: abonnt / abonnen abor > Infinitive: abore
Present: aboro, abors, abort, aborm(o)s, yu abort(e), abore(nt)
Preterit: aborim, abor(i)st(a), aborit, aboram, aborat, aboreer
Future tid: aborsiem, aborsies, aborsiet, aborsiem(o)s, yu aborsiete, aborsient
Conditional: aboriem, abories, aboriet, aboriem(o)s, yu aboriete, aborient
Prev participe: abort / aboren aborde > Infinitive: aborde
Present: io aborde, abordes, abordet, abordems, yu abordet(e), abordent
Preterit: abordim, abordist(a), abordit, abordam, abordat, abordeer
Future tid: abordesiem, abordesies, abordesiet, abordesiem(o)s, yu abordesiete, abordesient
Conditional: abordiem, abordies, abordiet, abordiem(o)s, yu abordiete, abordient
Prev participe: abordet / aborden abpersne > Infinitive: abpersne
Present: io abpersne, abpersnes, abpersnet, abpersnems, yu abpersnet(e), abpersnent
Preterit: abpersnim, abpersnist(a), abpersnit, abpersnam, abpersnat, abpersneer
Future tid: abpersnesiem, abpersnesies, abpersnesiet, abpersnesiem(o)s, yu abpersnesiete, abpersnesient
Conditional: abpersniem, abpersnies, abpersniet, abpersniem(o)s, yu abpersniete, abpersnient
Prev participe: abpersnet / abpersnen abpleuk > Infinitive: abplukes
Present: abpleuko, abpleucs, abpleuct, abpleukm(o)s, yu abpleuct(e), abpleuke(nt)
Preterit: abplukim, abpluk(i)st(a), abplukit, abplukam, abplukat, abplukeer
Future tid: abpleucsiem, abpleucsies, abpleucsiet, abpleucsiem(o)s, yu abpleucsiete, abpleucsient
Conditional: abpleukiem, abpleukies, abpleukiet, abpleukiem(o)s, yu abpleukiete, abpleukient
Prev participe: abpluct / abpluken absleub > Infinitive: abslubes
Present: absleubo, absleups, absleupt, absleubm(o)s, yu absleupt(e), absleube(nt)
Preterit: abslubim, abslub(i)st(a), abslubit, abslubam, abslubat, abslubeer
Future tid: absleupsiem, absleupsies, absleupsiet, absleupsiem(o)s, yu absleupsiete, absleupsient
Conditional: absleubiem, absleubies, absleubiet, absleubiem(o)s, yu absleubiete, absleubient
Prev participe: abslupt / absluben absmeu > Infinitive: absmues
Present: absmeum, absmeus, absmeut, absmeum(o)s, yu absmeut(e), absmeunt
Preterit: absmusim, absmust(a), absmusit, absmam, absmat, absmur
Future tid: absmeusiem, absmeusies, absmeusiet, absmeusiem(o)s, yu absmeusiete, absmeusient
Conditional: absmeuiem, absmeuies, absmeuiet, absmeuiem(o)s, yu absmeuiete, absmeuient
Prev participe: absmut / absmun absorb > Infinitive: absorbe
Present: absorbo, absorps, absorpt, absorbm(o)s, yu absorpt(e), absorbe(nt)
Preterit: absorbim, absorb(i)st(a), absorbit, absorbam, absorbat, absorbeer
Future tid: absorpsiem, absorpsies, absorpsiet, absorpsiem(o)s, yu absorpsiete, absorpsient
Conditional: absorbiem, absorbies, absorbiet, absorbiem(o)s, yu absorbiete, absorbient
Prev participe: absorpt / absorben abstauneih > Infinitive: abstaunihes
Present: abstauneihm, abstauneihs, abstauneiht, abstauneihm(o)s, yu abstauneiht(e), abstauneihnt
Preterit: abstaunihsim, abstaunihst(a), abstaunihsit, abstaunihsam, abstaunihsat, abstaunihr
Future tid: abstauneihsiem, abstauneihsies, abstauneihsiet, abstauneihsiem(o)s, yu abstauneihsiete, abstauneihsient
Conditional: abstauneihiem, abstauneihies, abstauneihiet, abstauneihiem(o)s, yu abstauneihiete, abstauneihient
Prev participe: abstauniht / abstaunihn abstehm > Infinitive: abstehme
Present: abstehmo, abstehms, abstehmt, abstehmm(o)s, yu abstehmt(e), abstehme(nt)
Preterit: abstohmim, abstohm(i)st(a), abstohmit, abstohmam, abstohmat, abstohmeer
Future tid: abstehmsiem, abstehmsies, abstehmsiet, abstehmsiem(o)s, yu abstehmsiete, abstehmsient
Conditional: abstehmiem, abstehmies, abstehmiet, abstehmiem(o)s, yu abstehmiete, abstehmient
Prev participe: abstohmt / abstohmen absteum > Infinitive: abstumes
Present: absteumo, absteums, absteumt, absteumm(o)s, yu absteumt(e), absteume(nt)
Preterit: abstumim, abstum(i)st(a), abstumit, abstumam, abstumat, abstumeer
Future tid: absteumsiem, absteumsies, absteumsiet, absteumsiem(o)s, yu absteumsiete, absteumsient
Conditional: absteumiem, absteumies, absteumiet, absteumiem(o)s, yu absteumiete, absteumient
Prev participe: abstumt / abstumen abunde > Infinitive: abunde
Present: io abunde, abundes, abundet, abundems, yu abundet(e), abundent
Preterit: abundim, abundist(a), abundit, abundam, abundat, abundeer
Future tid: abundesiem, abundesies, abundesiet, abundesiem(o)s, yu abundesiete, abundesient
Conditional: abundiem, abundies, abundiet, abundiem(o)s, yu abundiete, abundient
Prev participe: abundet / abunden abuse > Infinitive: abuse
Present: io abuse, abuses, abuset, abusems, yu abuset(e), abusent
Preterit: abusim, abusist(a), abusit, abusam, abusat, abuseer
Future tid: abusesiem, abusesies, abusesiet, abusesiem(o)s, yu abusesiete, abusesient
Conditional: abusiem, abusies, abusiet, abusiem(o)s, yu abusiete, abusient
Prev participe: abuset / abusen abveic > Infinitive: abvices
Present: abveico, abveics, abveict, abveicm(o)s, yu abveict(e), abveice(nt)
Preterit: abvicim, abvic(i)st(a), abvicit, abvicam, abvicat, abviceer
Future tid: abveicsiem, abveicsies, abveicsiet, abveicsiem(o)s, yu abveicsiete, abveicsient
Conditional: abveiciem, abveicies, abveiciet, abveiciem(o)s, yu abveiciete, abveicient
Prev participe: abvict / abvicen abveulbh > Infinitive: abvulbhes
Present: abveulbho, abveulbhs, abveulbht, abveulbhm(o)s, yu abveulbht(e), abveulbhe(nt)
Preterit: abvulbhim, abvulbh(i)st(a), abvulbhit, abvulbham, abvulbhat, abvulbheer
Future tid: abveulbhsiem, abveulbhsies, abveulbhsiet, abveulbhsiem(o)s, yu abveulbhsiete, abveulbhsient
Conditional: abveulbhiem, abveulbhies, abveulbhiet, abveulbhiem(o)s, yu abveulbhiete, abveulbhient
Prev participe: abvulbht / abvulbhen abvolg > Infinitive: abvolge
Present: abvolgo, abvolcs, abvolct, abvolgm(o)s, yu abvolct(e), abvolge(nt)
Preterit: abvolsim, abvols(i)st(a), abvolsit, abvolsam, abvolsat, abvolseer
Future tid: abvolcsiem, abvolcsies, abvolcsiet, abvolcsiem(o)s, yu abvolcsiete, abvolcsient
Conditional: abvolgiem, abvolgies, abvolgiet, abvolgiem(o)s, yu abvolgiete, abvolgient
Prev participe: abvols / abvolgen abyeis > Infinitive: abyises
Present: abyeiso, abyeis, abyeist, abyeism(o)s, yu abyeist(e), abyeise(nt)
Preterit: abyisim, abyis(i)st(a), abyisit, abyisam, abyisat, abyiseer
Future tid: siem abyises, sies abyises, siet abyises, siem(o)s abyises, yu siete abyises, sient abyises
Conditional: abyeisiem, abyeisies, abyeisiet, abyeisiem(o)s, yu abyeisiete, abyeisient
Prev participe: abyist / abyisen accelere > Infinitive: accelere
Present: io accelere, acceleres, acceleret, accelerems, yu acceleret(e), accelerent
Preterit: accelerim, accelerist(a), accelerit, acceleram, accelerat, accelereer
Future tid: acceleresiem, acceleresies, acceleresiet, acceleresiem(o)s, yu acceleresiete, acceleresient
Conditional: acceleriem, acceleries, acceleriet, acceleriem(o)s, yu acceleriete, accelerient
Prev participe: acceleret / acceleren accentue > Infinitive: accentue
Present: io accentue, accentues, accentuet, accentuems, yu accentuet(e), accentuent
Preterit: accentuim, accentuist(a), accentuit, accentuam, accentuat, accentueer
Future tid: accentuesiem, accentuesies, accentuesiet, accentuesiem(o)s, yu accentuesiete, accentuesient
Conditional: accentuiem, accentuies, accentuiet, accentuiem(o)s, yu accentuiete, accentuient
Prev participe: accentuet / accentuen accepte > Infinitive: accepte
Present: io accepte, acceptes, acceptet, acceptems, yu acceptet(e), acceptent
Preterit: acceptim, acceptist(a), acceptit, acceptam, acceptat, accepteer
Future tid: acceptesiem, acceptesies, acceptesiet, acceptesiem(o)s, yu acceptesiete, acceptesient
Conditional: acceptiem, accepties, acceptiet, acceptiem(o)s, yu acceptiete, acceptient
Prev participe: acceptet / accepten access > Infinitive: accesse
Present: accesso, access, accesst, accessm(o)s, yu accesst(e), accesse(nt)
Preterit: accessim, access(i)st(a), accessit, accessam, accessat, accesseer
Future tid: siem accesse, sies accesse, siet accesse, siem(o)s accesse, yu siete accesse, sient accesse
Conditional: accessiem, accessies, accessiet, accessiem(o)s, yu accessiete, accessient
Prev participe: accesst / accessen accoste > Infinitive: accoste
Present: io accoste, accostes, accostet, accostems, yu accostet(e), accostent
Preterit: accostim, accostist(a), accostit, accostam, accostat, accosteer
Future tid: accostesiem, accostesies, accostesiet, accostesiem(o)s, yu accostesiete, accostesient
Conditional: accostiem, accosties, accostiet, accostiem(o)s, yu accostiete, accostient
Prev participe: accostet / accosten accredite > Infinitive: accredite
Present: io accredite, accredites, accreditet, accreditems, yu accreditet(e), accreditent
Preterit: accreditim, accreditist(a), accreditit, accreditam, accreditat, accrediteer
Future tid: accreditesiem, accreditesies, accreditesiet, accreditesiem(o)s, yu accreditesiete, accreditesient
Conditional: accreditiem, accredities, accreditiet, accreditiem(o)s, yu accreditiete, accreditient
Prev participe: accreditet / accrediten accuse > Infinitive: accuse
Present: io accuse, accuses, accuset, accusems, yu accuset(e), accusent
Preterit: accusim, accusist(a), accusit, accusam, accusat, accuseer
Future tid: accusesiem, accusesies, accusesiet, accusesiem(o)s, yu accusesiete, accusesient
Conditional: accusiem, accusies, accusiet, accusiem(o)s, yu accusiete, accusient
Prev participe: accuset / accusen acquiesc > Infinitive: acquiesce
Present: acquiesco, acquiescs, acquiesct, acquiescm(o)s, yu acquiesct(e), acquiesce(nt)
Preterit: acquiescim, acquiesc(i)st(a), acquiescit, acquiescam, acquiescat, acquiesceer
Future tid: acquiescsiem, acquiescsies, acquiescsiet, acquiescsiem(o)s, yu acquiescsiete, acquiescsient
Conditional: acquiesciem, acquiescies, acquiesciet, acquiesciem(o)s, yu acquiesciete, acquiescient
Prev participe: acquiesct / acquiescen acquiseih > Infinitive: acquisihes
Present: acquiseihm, acquiseihs, acquiseiht, acquiseihm(o)s, yu acquiseiht(e), acquiseihnt
Preterit: acquisihsim, acquisihst(a), acquisihsit, acquisihsam, acquisihsat, acquisihr
Future tid: acquiseihsiem, acquiseihsies, acquiseihsiet, acquiseihsiem(o)s, yu acquiseihsiete, acquiseihsient
Conditional: acquiseihiem, acquiseihies, acquiseihiet, acquiseihiem(o)s, yu acquiseihiete, acquiseihient
Prev participe: acquisiht / acquisihn acquite > Infinitive: acquite
Present: io acquite, acquites, acquitet, acquitems, yu acquitet(e), acquitent
Preterit: acquitim, acquitist(a), acquitit, acquitam, acquitat, acquiteer
Future tid: acquitesiem, acquitesies, acquitesiet, acquitesiem(o)s, yu acquitesiete, acquitesient
Conditional: acquitiem, acquities, acquitiet, acquitiem(o)s, yu acquitiete, acquitient
Prev participe: acquitet / acquiten adapte > Infinitive: adapte
Present: io adapte, adaptes, adaptet, adaptems, yu adaptet(e), adaptent
Preterit: adaptim, adaptist(a), adaptit, adaptam, adaptat, adapteer
Future tid: adaptesiem, adaptesies, adaptesiet, adaptesiem(o)s, yu adaptesiete, adaptesient
Conditional: adaptiem, adapties, adaptiet, adaptiem(o)s, yu adaptiete, adaptient
Prev participe: adaptet / adapten adbehr > Infinitive: adbehre
Present: adbehro, adbehrs, adbehrt, adbehrm(o)s, yu adbehrt(e), adbehre(nt)
Preterit: adbohrim, adbohr(i)st(a), adbohrit, adbohram, adbohrat, adbohreer
Future tid: adbehrsiem, adbehrsies, adbehrsiet, adbehrsiem(o)s, yu adbehrsiete, adbehrsient
Conditional: adbehriem, adbehries, adbehriet, adbehriem(o)s, yu adbehriete, adbehrient
Prev participe: adbohrt / adbohren addeih > Infinitive: addihes
Present: addeihm, addeihs, addeiht, addeihm(o)s, yu addeiht(e), addeihnt
Preterit: addihsim, addihst(a), addihsit, addihsam, addihsat, addihr
Future tid: addeihsiem, addeihsies, addeihsiet, addeihsiem(o)s, yu addeihsiete, addeihsient
Conditional: addeihiem, addeihies, addeihiet, addeihiem(o)s, yu addeihiete, addeihient
Prev participe: addiht / addihn addic > Infinitive: addice
Present: addico, addics, addict, addicm(o)s, yu addict(e), addice(nt)
Preterit: addicim, addic(i)st(a), addicit, addicam, addicat, addiceer
Future tid: addicsiem, addicsies, addicsiet, addicsiem(o)s, yu addicsiete, addicsient
Conditional: addiciem, addicies, addiciet, addiciem(o)s, yu addiciete, addicient
Prev participe: addict / addicen adglehmer > Infinitive: adglehmer
Present: io adglehmer, adglehmers, adglehmert, adglehmerms, yu adglehmert, adglehmernt
Preterit: adglohmrim, adglohmrist, adglohmrit, adglohm(e)ram, adglohm(e)rat, adglohm(e)reer
Future tid: adglehmersiem, adglehmersies, adglehmersiet, adglehmersiem(o)s, yu adglehmersiete, adglehmersient
Conditional: adglehmeriem, adglehmeries, adglehmeriet, adglehmeriem(o)s, yu adglehmeriete, adglehmerient
Prev participe: adglohmert / adglohmern adhes > Infinitive: adhese
Present: adheso, adhes, adhest, adhesm(o)s, yu adhest(e), adhese(nt)
Preterit: adhesim, adhes(i)st(a), adhesit, adhesam, adhesat, adheseer
Future tid: siem adhese, sies adhese, siet adhese, siem(o)s adhese, yu siete adhese, sient adhese
Conditional: adhesiem, adhesies, adhesiet, adhesiem(o)s, yu adhesiete, adhesient
Prev participe: adhest / adhesen adjuste > Infinitive: adjuste
Present: io adjuste, adjustes, adjustet, adjustems, yu adjustet(e), adjustent
Preterit: adjustim, adjustist(a), adjustit, adjustam, adjustat, adjusteer
Future tid: adjustesiem, adjustesies, adjustesiet, adjustesiem(o)s, yu adjustesiete, adjustesient
Conditional: adjustiem, adjusties, adjustiet, adjustiem(o)s, yu adjustiete, adjustient
Prev participe: adjustet / adjusten admahel > Infinitive: admahel
Present: io admahel, admahels, admahelt, admahelms, yu admahelt, admahelnt
Preterit: admiehlim, admiehlist, admiehlit, admieh(e)lam, admieh(e)lat, admieh(e)leer
Future tid: admahelsiem, admahelsies, admahelsiet, admahelsiem(o)s, yu admahelsiete, admahelsient
Conditional: admaheliem, admahelies, admaheliet, admaheliem(o)s, yu admaheliete, admahelient
Prev participe: admahelt / admaheln administre > Infinitive: administre
Present: io administre, administres, administret, administrems, yu administret(e), administrent
Preterit: administrim, administrist(a), administrit, administram, administrat, administreer
Future tid: administresiem, administresies, administresiet, administresiem(o)s, yu administresiete, administresient
Conditional: administriem, administries, administriet, administriem(o)s, yu administriete, administrient
Prev participe: administret / administren admire > Infinitive: admire
Present: io admire, admires, admiret, admirems, yu admiret(e), admirent
Preterit: admirim, admirist(a), admirit, admiram, admirat, admireer
Future tid: admiresiem, admiresies, admiresiet, admiresiem(o)s, yu admiresiete, admiresient
Conditional: admiriem, admiries, admiriet, admiriem(o)s, yu admiriete, admirient
Prev participe: admiret / admiren adnehm > Infinitive: adnehme
Present: adnehmo, adnehms, adnehmt, adnehmm(o)s, yu adnehmt(e), adnehme(nt)
Preterit: adnohmim, adnohm(i)st(a), adnohmit, adnohmam, adnohmat, adnohmeer
Future tid: adnehmsiem, adnehmsies, adnehmsiet, adnehmsiem(o)s, yu adnehmsiete, adnehmsient
Conditional: adnehmiem, adnehmies, adnehmiet, adnehmiem(o)s, yu adnehmiete, adnehmient
Prev participe: adnohmt / adnohmen adon > Infinitive: adone
Present: adono, adons, adont, adonm(o)s, yu adont(e), adone(nt)
Preterit: adonim, adon(i)st(a), adonit, adonam, adonat, adoneer
Future tid: adonsiem, adonsies, adonsiet, adonsiem(o)s, yu adonsiete, adonsient
Conditional: adoniem, adonies, adoniet, adoniem(o)s, yu adoniete, adonient
Prev participe: adont / adonen adopt > Infinitive: adopte
Present: adopto, adopts, adopt, adoptm(o)s, yu adopte, adopte(nt)
Preterit: adoptim, adopt(i)st(a), adoptit, adoptam, adoptat, adopteer
Future tid: adoptsiem, adoptsies, adoptsiet, adoptsiem(o)s, yu adoptsiete, adoptsient
Conditional: adoptiem, adopties, adoptiet, adoptiem(o)s, yu adoptiete, adoptient
Prev participe: adopt / adopten adore > Infinitive: adore
Present: io adore, adores, adoret, adorems, yu adoret(e), adorent
Preterit: adorim, adorist(a), adorit, adoram, adorat, adoreer
Future tid: adoresiem, adoresies, adoresiet, adoresiem(o)s, yu adoresiete, adoresient
Conditional: adoriem, adories, adoriet, adoriem(o)s, yu adoriete, adorient
Prev participe: adoret / adoren adorne > Infinitive: adorne
Present: io adorne, adornes, adornet, adornems, yu adornet(e), adornent
Preterit: adornim, adornist(a), adornit, adornam, adornat, adorneer
Future tid: adornesiem, adornesies, adornesiet, adornesiem(o)s, yu adornesiete, adornesient
Conditional: adorniem, adornies, adorniet, adorniem(o)s, yu adorniete, adornient
Prev participe: adornet / adornen adpeurt > Infinitive: adpurtes
Present: adpeurto, adpeurts, adpeurt, adpeurtm(o)s, yu adpeurte, adpeurte(nt)
Preterit: adpurtim, adpurt(i)st(a), adpurtit, adpurtam, adpurtat, adpurteer
Future tid: adpeurtsiem, adpeurtsies, adpeurtsiet, adpeurtsiem(o)s, yu adpeurtsiete, adpeurtsient
Conditional: adpeurtiem, adpeurties, adpeurtiet, adpeurtiem(o)s, yu adpeurtiete, adpeurtient
Prev participe: adpurt / adpurten aduar > Infinitive: aduare
Present: aduaro, aduars, aduart, aduarm(o)s, yu aduart(e), aduare(nt)
Preterit: aduierim, aduier(i)st(a), aduierit, aduieram, aduierat, aduiereer
Future tid: aduarsiem, aduarsies, aduarsiet, aduarsiem(o)s, yu aduarsiete, aduarsient
Conditional: aduariem, aduaries, aduariet, aduariem(o)s, yu aduariete, aduarient
Prev participe: aduart / aduaren adule > Infinitive: adule
Present: io adule, adules, adulet, adulems, yu adulet(e), adulent
Preterit: adulim, adulist(a), adulit, adulam, adulat, aduleer
Future tid: adulesiem, adulesies, adulesiet, adulesiem(o)s, yu adulesiete, adulesient
Conditional: aduliem, adulies, aduliet, aduliem(o)s, yu aduliete, adulient
Prev participe: adulet / adulen advoque > Infinitive: advoque
Present: io advoque, advoques, advoquet, advoquems, yu advoquet(e), advoquent
Preterit: advoquim, advoquist(a), advoquit, advoquam, advoquat, advoqueer
Future tid: advoquesiem, advoquesies, advoquesiet, advoquesiem(o)s, yu advoquesiete, advoquesient
Conditional: advoquiem, advoquies, advoquiet, advoquiem(o)s, yu advoquiete, advoquient
Prev participe: advoquet / advoquen adyuneg > Infinitive: adyunges
Present: adyungo, adyuncs, adyunct, adyungm(o)s, yu adyunct(e), adyunge(nt)
Preterit: adyugim, adyug(i)st(a), adyugit, adyugam, adyugat, adyugeer
Future tid: adyuncsiem, adyuncsies, adyuncsiet, adyuncsiem(o)s, yu adyuncsiete, adyuncsient
Conditional: adyungiem, adyungies, adyungiet, adyungiem(o)s, yu adyungiete, adyungient
Prev participe: adyuct / adyugen af > Infinitive: afe
Present: afo, afs, aft, afm(o)s, yu aft(e), afe(nt)
Preterit: afim, af(i)st(a), afit, afam, afat, afeer
Future tid: afsiem, afsies, afsiet, afsiem(o)s, yu afsiete, afsient
Conditional: afiem, afies, afiet, afiem(o)s, yu afiete, afient
Prev participe: aft / afen affec > Infinitive: affece
Present: affeco, affecs, affect, affecm(o)s, yu affect(e), affece(nt)
Preterit: affecim, affec(i)st(a), affecit, affecam, affecat, affeceer
Future tid: affecsiem, affecsies, affecsiet, affecsiem(o)s, yu affecsiete, affecsient
Conditional: affeciem, affecies, affeciet, affeciem(o)s, yu affeciete, affecient
Prev participe: affect / affecen aflig > Infinitive: aflige
Present: afligo, aflics, aflict, afligm(o)s, yu aflict(e), aflige(nt)
Preterit: afligim, aflig(i)st(a), afligit, afligam, afligat, afligeer
Future tid: aflicsiem, aflicsies, aflicsiet, aflicsiem(o)s, yu aflicsiete, aflicsient
Conditional: afligiem, afligies, afligiet, afligiem(o)s, yu afligiete, afligient
Prev participe: aflict / afligen aforise > Infinitive: aforise
Present: io aforise, aforises, aforiset, aforisems, yu aforiset(e), aforisent
Preterit: aforisim, aforisist(a), aforisit, aforisam, aforisat, aforiseer
Future tid: aforisesiem, aforisesies, aforisesiet, aforisesiem(o)s, yu aforisesiete, aforisesient
Conditional: aforisiem, aforisies, aforisiet, aforisiem(o)s, yu aforisiete, aforisient
Prev participe: aforiset / aforisen afsos > Infinitive: afsose
Present: afsoso, afsos, afsost, afsosm(o)s, yu afsost(e), afsose(nt)
Preterit: afsosim, afsos(i)st(a), afsosit, afsosam, afsosat, afsoseer
Future tid: siem afsose, sies afsose, siet afsose, siem(o)s afsose, yu siete afsose, sient afsose
Conditional: afsosiem, afsosies, afsosiet, afsosiem(o)s, yu afsosiete, afsosient
Prev participe: afsost / afsosen ag > Infinitive: age
Present: ago, acs, act, agm(o)s, yu act(e), age(nt)
Preterit: iegim, ieg(i)st(a), iegit, iegam, iegat, iegeer
Future tid: acsiem, acsies, acsiet, acsiem(o)s, yu acsiete, acsient
Conditional: agiem, agies, agiet, agiem(o)s, yu agiete, agient
Prev participe: act / agen aggredd > Infinitive: aggredde
Present: aggreddo, aggredds, aggreddt, aggreddm(o)s, yu aggreddt(e), aggredde(nt)
Preterit: aggressim, aggress(i)st(a), aggressit, aggressam, aggressat, aggresseer
Future tid: aggreddsiem, aggreddsies, aggreddsiet, aggreddsiem(o)s, yu aggreddsiete, aggreddsient
Conditional: aggreddiem, aggreddies, aggreddiet, aggreddiem(o)s, yu aggreddiete, aggreddient
Prev participe: aggress / aggredden aghnue > Infinitive: aghnue
Present: io aghnue, aghnues, aghnuet, aghnuems, yu aghnuet(e), aghnuent
Preterit: aghnuim, aghnuist(a), aghnuit, aghnuam, aghnuat, aghnueer
Future tid: aghnuesiem, aghnuesies, aghnuesiet, aghnuesiem(o)s, yu aghnuesiete, aghnuesient
Conditional: aghnuiem, aghnuies, aghnuiet, aghnuiem(o)s, yu aghnuiete, aghnuient
Prev participe: aghnuet / aghnuen agite > Infinitive: agite
Present: io agite, agites, agitet, agitems, yu agitet(e), agitent
Preterit: agitim, agitist(a), agitit, agitam, agitat, agiteer
Future tid: agitesiem, agitesies, agitesiet, agitesiem(o)s, yu agitesiete, agitesient
Conditional: agitiem, agities, agitiet, agitiem(o)s, yu agitiete, agitient
Prev participe: agitet / agiten agonise > Infinitive: agonise
Present: io agonise, agonises, agoniset, agonisems, yu agoniset(e), agonisent
Preterit: agonisim, agonisist(a), agonisit, agonisam, agonisat, agoniseer
Future tid: agonisesiem, agonisesies, agonisesiet, agonisesiem(o)s, yu agonisesiete, agonisesient
Conditional: agonisiem, agonisies, agonisiet, agonisiem(o)s, yu agonisiete, agonisient
Prev participe: agoniset / agonisen agree > Infinitive: agree
Present: io agree, agrees, agreet, agreems, yu agreet(e), agreent
Preterit: agreim, agreist(a), agreit, agream, agreat, agreeer
Future tid: agreesiem, agreesies, agreesiet, agreesiem(o)s, yu agreesiete, agreesient
Conditional: agreiem, agreies, agreiet, agreiem(o)s, yu agreiete, agreient
Prev participe: agreet / agreen agrege > Infinitive: agrege
Present: io agrege, agreges, agreget, agregems, yu agreget(e), agregent
Preterit: agregim, agregist(a), agregit, agregeam, agregeat, agregeer
Future tid: agregesiem, agregesies, agregesiet, agregesiem(o)s, yu agregesiete, agregesient
Conditional: agregiem, agregies, agregiet, agregiem(o)s, yu agregiete, agregient
Prev participe: agreget / agregen agrund > Infinitive: agrunde
Present: agrundo, agrunds, agrundt, agrundm(o)s, yu agrundt(e), agrunde(nt)
Preterit: agrunsim, agruns(i)st(a), agrunsit, agrunsam, agrunsat, agrunseer
Future tid: agrundsiem, agrundsies, agrundsiet, agrundsiem(o)s, yu agrundsiete, agrundsient
Conditional: agrundiem, agrundies, agrundiet, agrundiem(o)s, yu agrundiete, agrundient
Prev participe: agruns / agrunden ahammiyat > Infinitive: ahammiyate
Present: ahammiyato, ahammiyats, ahammiyat, ahammiyatm(o)s, yu ahammiyate, ahammiyate(nt)
Preterit: ahammiyietim, ahammiyiet(i)st(a), ahammiyietit, ahammiyietam, ahammiyietat, ahammiyieteer
Future tid: ahammiyatsiem, ahammiyatsies, ahammiyatsiet, ahammiyatsiem(o)s, yu ahammiyatsiete, ahammiyatsient
Conditional: ahammiyatiem, ahammiyaties, ahammiyatiet, ahammiyatiem(o)s, yu ahammiyatiete, ahammiyatient
Prev participe: ahammiyat / ahammiyaten ahock > Infinitive: ahocke
Present: ahocko, ahocks, ahockt, ahockm(o)s, yu ahockt(e), ahocke(nt)
Preterit: ahockim, ahock(i)st(a), ahockit, ahockam, ahockat, ahockeer
Future tid: ahocksiem, ahocksies, ahocksiet, ahocksiem(o)s, yu ahocksiete, ahocksient
Conditional: ahockiem, ahockies, ahockiet, ahockiem(o)s, yu ahockiete, ahockient
Prev participe: ahockt / ahocken airbux > Infinitive: airbuxe
Present: airbuxo, airbuxs, airbuxt, airbuxm(o)s, yu airbuxt(e), airbuxe(nt)
Preterit: airbuxim, airbux(i)st(a), airbuxit, airbuxam, airbuxat, airbuxeer
Future tid: siem airbuxe, sies airbuxe, siet airbuxe, siem(o)s airbuxe, yu siete airbuxe, sient airbuxe
Conditional: airbuxiem, airbuxies, airbuxiet, airbuxiem(o)s, yu airbuxiete, airbuxient
Prev participe: airbuxt / airbuxen airise > Infinitive: airise
Present: io airise, airises, airiset, airisems, yu airiset(e), airisent
Preterit: airisim, airisist(a), airisit, airisam, airisat, airiseer
Future tid: airisesiem, airisesies, airisesiet, airisesiem(o)s, yu airisesiete, airisesient
Conditional: airisiem, airisies, airisiet, airisiem(o)s, yu airisiete, airisient
Prev participe: airiset / airisen akap > Infinitive: akape
Present: akapo, akaps, akapt, akapm(o)s, yu akapt(e), akape(nt)
Preterit: akiepim, akiep(i)st(a), akiepit, akiepam, akiepat, akiepeer
Future tid: akapsiem, akapsies, akapsiet, akapsiem(o)s, yu akapsiete, akapsient
Conditional: akapiem, akapies, akapiet, akapiem(o)s, yu akapiete, akapient
Prev participe: akapt / akapen akhire > Infinitive: akhire
Present: io akhire, akhires, akhiret, akhirems, yu akhiret(e), akhirent
Preterit: akhirim, akhirist(a), akhirit, akhiram, akhirat, akhireer
Future tid: akhiresiem, akhiresies, akhiresiet, akhiresiem(o)s, yu akhiresiete, akhiresient
Conditional: akhiriem, akhiries, akhiriet, akhiriem(o)s, yu akhiriete, akhirient
Prev participe: akhiret / akhiren akowsie > Infinitive: akowsie
Present: io akowsie, akowsies, akowsiet, akowsiems, yu akowsiet(e), akowsient
Preterit: akowsicim, akowsiest, akowsicit, akowsiam, akowsiat, akowsier
Future tid: akowsiesiem, akowsiesies, akowsiesiet, akowsiesiem(o)s, yu akowsiesiete, akowsiesient
Conditional: akowsiciem, akowsicies, akowsiciet, akowsiciem(o)s, yu akowsiciete, akowsicient
Prev participe: akowsiet / akowsien al > Infinitive: ale
Present: alo, als, alt, alm(o)s, yu alt(e), ale(nt)
Preterit: ielim, iel(i)st(a), ielit, ielam, ielat, ieleer
Future tid: alsiem, alsies, alsiet, alsiem(o)s, yu alsiete, alsient
Conditional: aliem, alies, aliet, aliem(o)s, yu aliete, alient
Prev participe: alt / alen alay > Infinitive: alaye
Present: alaym, alays, alayt, alaym(o)s, yu alayt(e), alaynt
Preterit: alieyim, alieyst(a), alieyit, alieyam, alieyat, alieyeer
Future tid: alaysiem, alaysies, alaysiet, alaysiem(o)s, yu alaysiete, alaysient
Conditional: alayiem, alayies, alayiet, alayiem(o)s, yu alayiete, alayient
Prev participe: alayt / alayen albue > Infinitive: albue
Present: io albue, albues, albuet, albuems, yu albuet(e), albuent
Preterit: albuim, albuist(a), albuit, albuam, albuat, albueer
Future tid: albuesiem, albuesies, albuesiet, albuesiem(o)s, yu albuesiete, albuesient
Conditional: albuiem, albuies, albuiet, albuiem(o)s, yu albuiete, albuient
Prev participe: albuet / albuen aleg > Infinitive: alege
Present: alego, alecs, alect, alegm(o)s, yu alect(e), alege(nt)
Preterit: alegim, aleg(i)st(a), alegit, alegam, alegat, alegeer
Future tid: alecsiem, alecsies, alecsiet, alecsiem(o)s, yu alecsiete, alecsient
Conditional: alegiem, alegies, alegiet, alegiem(o)s, yu alegiete, alegient
Prev participe: alect / alegen alerte > Infinitive: alerte
Present: io alerte, alertes, alertet, alertems, yu alertet(e), alertent
Preterit: alertim, alertist(a), alertit, alertam, alertat, alerteer
Future tid: alertesiem, alertesies, alertesiet, alertesiem(o)s, yu alertesiete, alertesient
Conditional: alertiem, alerties, alertiet, alertiem(o)s, yu alertiete, alertient
Prev participe: alertet / alerten algv > Infinitive: algve
Present: algvo, algvs, algvt, algvm(o)s, yu algvt(e), algve(nt)
Preterit: ielgvim, ielgv(i)st(a), ielgvit, ielgvam, ielgvat, ielgveer
Future tid: algvsiem, algvsies, algvsiet, algvsiem(o)s, yu algvsiete, algvsient
Conditional: algviem, algvies, algviet, algviem(o)s, yu algviete, algvient
Prev participe: algvt / algven alim > Infinitive: alime
Present: alimo, alims, alimt, alimm(o)s, yu alimt(e), alime(nt)
Preterit: alimim, alim(i)st(a), alimit, alimam, alimat, alimeer
Future tid: alimsiem, alimsies, alimsiet, alimsiem(o)s, yu alimsiete, alimsient
Conditional: alimiem, alimies, alimiet, alimiem(o)s, yu alimiete, alimient
Prev participe: alimt / alimen allegorise > Infinitive: allegorise
Present: io allegorise, allegorises, allegoriset, allegorisems, yu allegoriset(e), allegorisent
Preterit: allegorisim, allegorisist(a), allegorisit, allegorisam, allegorisat, allegoriseer
Future tid: allegorisesiem, allegorisesies, allegorisesiet, allegorisesiem(o)s, yu allegorisesiete, allegorisesient
Conditional: allegorisiem, allegorisies, allegorisiet, allegorisiem(o)s, yu allegorisiete, allegorisient
Prev participe: allegoriset / allegorisen allie > Infinitive: allie
Present: io allie, allies, alliet, alliems, yu alliet(e), allient
Preterit: allicim, alliest, allicit, alliam, alliat, allier
Future tid: alliesiem, alliesies, alliesiet, alliesiem(o)s, yu alliesiete, alliesient
Conditional: alliciem, allicies, alliciet, alliciem(o)s, yu alliciete, allicient
Prev participe: alliet / allien allodh > Infinitive: allodhe
Present: allodho, allodhs, allodht, allodhm(o)s, yu allodht(e), allodhe(nt)
Preterit: allodhim, allodh(i)st(a), allodhit, allodham, allodhat, allodheer
Future tid: allodhsiem, allodhsies, allodhsiet, allodhsiem(o)s, yu allodhsiete, allodhsient
Conditional: allodhiem, allodhies, allodhiet, allodhiem(o)s, yu allodhiete, allodhient
Prev participe: allodht / allodhen allud > Infinitive: allude
Present: alludo, alluds, alludt, alludm(o)s, yu alludt(e), allude(nt)
Preterit: allusim, allus(i)st(a), allusit, allusam, allusat, alluseer
Future tid: alludsiem, alludsies, alludsiet, alludsiem(o)s, yu alludsiete, alludsient
Conditional: alludiem, alludies, alludiet, alludiem(o)s, yu alludiete, alludient
Prev participe: allus / alluden altere > Infinitive: altere
Present: io altere, alteres, alteret, alterems, yu alteret(e), alterent
Preterit: alterim, alterist(a), alterit, alteram, alterat, altereer
Future tid: alteresiem, alteresies, alteresiet, alteresiem(o)s, yu alteresiete, alteresient
Conditional: alteriem, alteries, alteriet, alteriem(o)s, yu alteriete, alterient
Prev participe: alteret / alteren altie > Infinitive: altie
Present: io altie, alties, altiet, altiems, yu altiet(e), altient
Preterit: alticim, altiest, alticit, altiam, altiat, altier
Future tid: altiesiem, altiesies, altiesiet, altiesiem(o)s, yu altiesiete, altiesient
Conditional: alticiem, alticies, alticiet, alticiem(o)s, yu alticiete, alticient
Prev participe: altiet / altien alue > Infinitive: alue
Present: io alue, alues, aluet, aluems, yu aluet(e), aluent
Preterit: aluim, aluist(a), aluit, aluam, aluat, alueer
Future tid: aluesiem, aluesies, aluesiet, aluesiem(o)s, yu aluesiete, aluesient
Conditional: aluiem, aluies, aluiet, aluiem(o)s, yu aluiete, aluient
Prev participe: aluet / aluen ambag > Infinitive: ambage
Present: ambago, ambacs, ambact, ambagm(o)s, yu ambact(e), ambage(nt)
Preterit: ambiegim, ambieg(i)st(a), ambiegit, ambiegam, ambiegat, ambiegeer
Future tid: ambacsiem, ambacsies, ambacsiet, ambacsiem(o)s, yu ambacsiete, ambacsient
Conditional: ambagiem, ambagies, ambagiet, ambagiem(o)s, yu ambagiete, ambagient
Prev participe: ambact / ambagen ambeinter > Infinitive: ambintres
Present: io ambeinter, ambeinters, ambeintert, ambeinterms, yu ambeintert, ambeinternt
Preterit: ambintrim, ambintrist, ambintrit, ambint(e)ram, ambint(e)rat, ambint(e)reer
Future tid: ambeintersiem, ambeintersies, ambeintersiet, ambeintersiem(o)s, yu ambeintersiete, ambeintersient
Conditional: ambeinteriem, ambeinteries, ambeinteriet, ambeinteriem(o)s, yu ambeinteriete, ambeinterient
Prev participe: ambintert / ambintern ambghehrd > Infinitive: ambghehrde
Present: ambghehrdo, ambghehrds, ambghehrdt, ambghehrdm(o)s, yu ambghehrdt(e), ambghehrde(nt)
Preterit: ambghohrdim, ambghohrd(i)st(a), ambghohrdit, ambghohrdam, ambghohrdat, ambghohrdeer
Future tid: ambghehrdsiem, ambghehrdsies, ambghehrdsiet, ambghehrdsiem(o)s, yu ambghehrdsiete, ambghehrdsient
Conditional: ambghehrdiem, ambghehrdies, ambghehrdiet, ambghehrdiem(o)s, yu ambghehrdiete, ambghehrdient
Prev participe: ambghohrdt / ambghohrden ambhkaup > Infinitive: ambhkaupe
Present: ambhkaupo, ambhkaups, ambhkaupt, ambhkaupm(o)s, yu ambhkaupt(e), ambhkaupe(nt)
Preterit: ambhkaupim, ambhkaup(i)st(a), ambhkaupit, ambhkaupam, ambhkaupat, ambhkaupeer
Future tid: ambhkaupsiem, ambhkaupsies, ambhkaupsiet, ambhkaupsiem(o)s, yu ambhkaupsiete, ambhkaupsient
Conditional: ambhkaupiem, ambhkaupies, ambhkaupiet, ambhkaupiem(o)s, yu ambhkaupiete, ambhkaupient
Prev participe: ambhkaupt / ambhkaupen ambhkeung > Infinitive: ambhkunges
Present: ambhkeungo, ambhkeuncs, ambhkeunct, ambhkeungm(o)s, yu ambhkeunct(e), ambhkeunge(nt)
Preterit: ambhkungim, ambhkung(i)st(a), ambhkungit, ambhkungam, ambhkungat, ambhkungeer
Future tid: ambhkeuncsiem, ambhkeuncsies, ambhkeuncsiet, ambhkeuncsiem(o)s, yu ambhkeuncsiete, ambhkeuncsient
Conditional: ambhkeungiem, ambhkeungies, ambhkeungiet, ambhkeungiem(o)s, yu ambhkeungiete, ambhkeungient
Prev participe: ambhkunct / ambhkungen ambhneus > Infinitive: ambhnuses
Present: ambhneuso, ambhneus, ambhneust, ambhneusm(o)s, yu ambhneust(e), ambhneuse(nt)
Preterit: ambhnusim, ambhnus(i)st(a), ambhnusit, ambhnusam, ambhnusat, ambhnuseer
Future tid: siem ambhnuses, sies ambhnuses, siet ambhnuses, siem(o)s ambhnuses, yu siete ambhnuses, sient ambhnuses
Conditional: ambhneusiem, ambhneusies, ambhneusiet, ambhneusiem(o)s, yu ambhneusiete, ambhneusient
Prev participe: ambhnust / ambhnusen ambhriss > Infinitive: ambhrisse
Present: ambhrisso, ambhriss, ambhrisst, ambhrissm(o)s, yu ambhrisst(e), ambhrisse(nt)
Preterit: ambhrissim, ambhriss(i)st(a), ambhrissit, ambhrissam, ambhrissat, ambhrisseer
Future tid: siem ambhrisse, sies ambhrisse, siet ambhrisse, siem(o)s ambhrisse, yu siete ambhrisse, sient ambhrisse
Conditional: ambhrissiem, ambhrissies, ambhrissiet, ambhrissiem(o)s, yu ambhrissiete, ambhrissient
Prev participe: ambhrisst / ambhrissen ambhspehc > Infinitive: ambhspehce
Present: ambhspehco, ambhspehcs, ambhspehct, ambhspehcm(o)s, yu ambhspehct(e), ambhspehce(nt)
Preterit: ambhspohcim, ambhspohc(i)st(a), ambhspohcit, ambhspohcam, ambhspohcat, ambhspohceer
Future tid: ambhspehcsiem, ambhspehcsies, ambhspehcsiet, ambhspehcsiem(o)s, yu ambhspehcsiete, ambhspehcsient
Conditional: ambhspehciem, ambhspehcies, ambhspehciet, ambhspehciem(o)s, yu ambhspehciete, ambhspehcient
Prev participe: ambhspohct / ambhspohcen ambhtaste > Infinitive: ambhtaste
Present: io ambhtaste, ambhtastes, ambhtastet, ambhtastems, yu ambhtastet(e), ambhtastent
Preterit: ambhtastim, ambhtastist(a), ambhtastit, ambhtastam, ambhtastat, ambhtasteer
Future tid: ambhtastesiem, ambhtastesies, ambhtastesiet, ambhtastesiem(o)s, yu ambhtastesiete, ambhtastesient
Conditional: ambhtastiem, ambhtasties, ambhtastiet, ambhtastiem(o)s, yu ambhtastiete, ambhtastient
Prev participe: ambhtastet / ambhtasten ambhwaurg > Infinitive: ambhwaurge
Present: ambhwaurgo, ambhwaurcs, ambhwaurct, ambhwaurgm(o)s, yu ambhwaurct(e), ambhwaurge(nt)
Preterit: ambhwaursim, ambhwaurs(i)st(a), ambhwaursit, ambhwaursam, ambhwaursat, ambhwaurseer
Future tid: ambhwaurcsiem, ambhwaurcsies, ambhwaurcsiet, ambhwaurcsiem(o)s, yu ambhwaurcsiete, ambhwaurcsient
Conditional: ambhwaurgiem, ambhwaurgies, ambhwaurgiet, ambhwaurgiem(o)s, yu ambhwaurgiete, ambhwaurgient
Prev participe: ambhwaurs / ambhwaurgen ame > Infinitive: ame
Present: io ame, ames, amet, amems, yu amet(e), ament
Preterit: amim, amist(a), amit, amam, amat, ameer
Future tid: amesiem, amesies, amesiet, amesiem(o)s, yu amesiete, amesient
Conditional: amiem, amies, amiet, amiem(o)s, yu amiete, amient
Prev participe: amet / amen amem > Infinitive: ammes
Present: ammo, amems, amemt, ammm(o)s, yu amemt(e), amme(nt)
Preterit: amim, am(i)st(a), amit, amam, amat, ameer
Future tid: amemsiem, amemsies, amemsiet, amemsiem(o)s, yu amemsiete, amemsient
Conditional: ammiem, ammies, ammiet, ammiem(o)s, yu ammiete, ammient
Prev participe: amt / amen ammer > Infinitive: ammer
Present: io ammer, ammers, ammert, ammerms, yu ammert, ammernt
Preterit: iemmrim, iemmrist, iemmrit, iemm(e)ram, iemm(e)rat, iemm(e)reer
Future tid: ammersiem, ammersies, ammersiet, ammersiem(o)s, yu ammersiete, ammersient
Conditional: ammeriem, ammeries, ammeriet, ammeriem(o)s, yu ammeriete, ammerient
Prev participe: ammert / ammern amnistye > Infinitive: amnistye
Present: io amnistye, amnistyes, amnistyet, amnistyems, yu amnistyet(e), amnistyent
Preterit: amnistyim, amnistyist(a), amnistyit, amnistyam, amnistyat, amnistyeer
Future tid: amnistyesiem, amnistyesies, amnistyesiet, amnistyesiem(o)s, yu amnistyesiete, amnistyesient
Conditional: amnistyiem, amnistyies, amnistyiet, amnistyiem(o)s, yu amnistyiete, amnistyient
Prev participe: amnistyet / amnistyen amortise > Infinitive: amortise
Present: io amortise, amortises, amortiset, amortisems, yu amortiset(e), amortisent
Preterit: amortisim, amortisist(a), amortisit, amortisam, amortisat, amortiseer
Future tid: amortisesiem, amortisesies, amortisesiet, amortisesiem(o)s, yu amortisesiete, amortisesient
Conditional: amortisiem, amortisies, amortisiet, amortisiem(o)s, yu amortisiete, amortisient
Prev participe: amortiset / amortisen amplifie > Infinitive: amplifie
Present: io amplifie, amplifies, amplifiet, amplifiems, yu amplifiet(e), amplifient
Preterit: amplificim, amplifiest, amplificit, amplifiam, amplifiat, amplifier
Future tid: amplifiesiem, amplifiesies, amplifiesiet, amplifiesiem(o)s, yu amplifiesiete, amplifiesient
Conditional: amplificiem, amplificies, amplificiet, amplificiem(o)s, yu amplificiete, amplificient
Prev participe: amplifiet / amplifien ampute > Infinitive: ampute
Present: io ampute, amputes, amputet, amputems, yu amputet(e), amputent
Preterit: amputim, amputist(a), amputit, amputam, amputat, amputeer
Future tid: amputesiem, amputesies, amputesiet, amputesiem(o)s, yu amputesiete, amputesient
Conditional: amputiem, amputies, amputiet, amputiem(o)s, yu amputiete, amputient
Prev participe: amputet / amputen amtire > Infinitive: amtire
Present: io amtire, amtires, amtiret, amtirems, yu amtiret(e), amtirent
Preterit: amtirim, amtirist(a), amtirit, amtiram, amtirat, amtireer
Future tid: amtiresiem, amtiresies, amtiresiet, amtiresiem(o)s, yu amtiresiete, amtiresient
Conditional: amtiriem, amtiries, amtiriet, amtiriem(o)s, yu amtiriete, amtirient
Prev participe: amtiret / amtiren anadeh > Infinitive: anadehe
Present: anadehm, anadehs, anadeht, anadehm(o)s, yu anadeht(e), anadehnt
Preterit: anadehsim, anadehst(a), anadehsit, anadehsam, anadehsat, anadehr
Future tid: anadehsiem, anadehsies, anadehsiet, anadehsiem(o)s, yu anadehsiete, anadehsient
Conditional: anadehiem, anadehies, anadehiet, anadehiem(o)s, yu anadehiete, anadehient
Prev participe: anadeht / anadehn anaeg > Infinitive: anaege
Present: anaego, anaecs, anaect, anaegm(o)s, yu anaect(e), anaege(nt)
Preterit: anaegim, anaeg(i)st(a), anaegit, anaegam, anaegat, anaegeer
Future tid: anaecsiem, anaecsies, anaecsiet, anaecsiem(o)s, yu anaecsiete, anaecsient
Conditional: anaegiem, anaegies, anaegiet, anaegiem(o)s, yu anaegiete, anaegient
Prev participe: anaect / anaegen analyse > Infinitive: analyse
Present: io analyse, analyses, analyset, analysems, yu analyset(e), analysent
Preterit: analysim, analysist(a), analysit, analysam, analysat, analyseer
Future tid: analysesiem, analysesies, analysesiet, analysesiem(o)s, yu analysesiete, analysesient
Conditional: analysiem, analysies, analysiet, analysiem(o)s, yu analysiete, analysient
Prev participe: analyset / analysen anamnese > Infinitive: anamnese
Present: io anamnese, anamneses, anamneset, anamnesems, yu anamneset(e), anamnesent
Preterit: anamnesim, anamnesist(a), anamnesit, anamnesam, anamnesat, anamneseer
Future tid: anamnesesiem, anamnesesies, anamnesesiet, anamnesesiem(o)s, yu anamnesesiete, anamnesesient
Conditional: anamnesiem, anamnesies, anamnesiet, anamnesiem(o)s, yu anamnesiete, anamnesient
Prev participe: anamneset / anamnesen ananec > Infinitive: anances
Present: ananco, anancs, ananct, anancm(o)s, yu ananct(e), anance(nt)
Preterit: anacim, anac(i)st(a), anacit, anacam, anacat, anaceer
Future tid: anancsiem, anancsies, anancsiet, anancsiem(o)s, yu anancsiete, anancsient
Conditional: ananciem, anancies, ananciet, ananciem(o)s, yu ananciete, anancient
Prev participe: anact / anacen anatomise > Infinitive: anatomise
Present: io anatomise, anatomises, anatomiset, anatomisems, yu anatomiset(e), anatomisent
Preterit: anatomisim, anatomisist(a), anatomisit, anatomisam, anatomisat, anatomiseer
Future tid: anatomisesiem, anatomisesies, anatomisesiet, anatomisesiem(o)s, yu anatomisesiete, anatomisesient
Conditional: anatomisiem, anatomisies, anatomisiet, anatomisiem(o)s, yu anatomisiete, anatomisient
Prev participe: anatomiset / anatomisen andam > Infinitive: andame
Present: andamo, andams, andamt, andamm(o)s, yu andamt(e), andame(nt)
Preterit: andiemim, andiem(i)st(a), andiemit, andiemam, andiemat, andiemeer
Future tid: andamsiem, andamsies, andamsiet, andamsiem(o)s, yu andamsiete, andamsient
Conditional: andamiem, andamies, andamiet, andamiem(o)s, yu andamiete, andamient
Prev participe: andamt / andamen andh > Infinitive: andhe
Present: andho, andhs, andht, andhm(o)s, yu andht(e), andhe(nt)
Preterit: iendhim, iendh(i)st(a), iendhit, iendham, iendhat, iendheer
Future tid: andhsiem, andhsies, andhsiet, andhsiem(o)s, yu andhsiete, andhsient
Conditional: andhiem, andhies, andhiet, andhiem(o)s, yu andhiete, andhient
Prev participe: andht / andhen anesthesye > Infinitive: anesthesye
Present: io anesthesye, anesthesyes, anesthesyet, anesthesyems, yu anesthesyet(e), anesthesyent
Preterit: anesthesyim, anesthesyist(a), anesthesyit, anesthesyam, anesthesyat, anesthesyeer
Future tid: anesthesyesiem, anesthesyesies, anesthesyesiet, anesthesyesiem(o)s, yu anesthesyesiete, anesthesyesient
Conditional: anesthesyiem, anesthesyies, anesthesyiet, anesthesyiem(o)s, yu anesthesyiete, anesthesyient
Prev participe: anesthesyet / anesthesyen angh > Infinitive: anghe
Present: angho, anghs, anght, anghm(o)s, yu anght(e), anghe(nt)
Preterit: ienghim, iengh(i)st(a), ienghit, iengham, ienghat, iengheer
Future tid: anghsiem, anghsies, anghsiet, anghsiem(o)s, yu anghsiete, anghsient
Conditional: anghiem, anghies, anghiet, anghiem(o)s, yu anghiete, anghient
Prev participe: anght / anghen anime > Infinitive: anime
Present: io anime, animes, animet, animems, yu animet(e), animent
Preterit: animim, animist(a), animit, animam, animat, animeer
Future tid: animesiem, animesies, animesiet, animesiem(o)s, yu animesiete, animesient
Conditional: animiem, animies, animiet, animiem(o)s, yu animiete, animient
Prev participe: animet / animen annect > Infinitive: annecte
Present: annecto, annects, annect, annectm(o)s, yu annecte, annecte(nt)
Preterit: annexim, annex(i)st(a), annexit, annexam, annexat, annexeer
Future tid: annectsiem, annectsies, annectsiet, annectsiem(o)s, yu annectsiete, annectsient
Conditional: annectiem, annecties, annectiet, annectiem(o)s, yu annectiete, annectient
Prev participe: annex / annecten annem > Infinitive: annmes
Present: annmo, annems, annemt, annmm(o)s, yu annemt(e), annme(nt)
Preterit: annim, ann(i)st(a), annit, annam, annat, anneer
Future tid: annemsiem, annemsies, annemsiet, annemsiem(o)s, yu annemsiete, annemsient
Conditional: annmiem, annmies, annmiet, annmiem(o)s, yu annmiete, annmient
Prev participe: annt / annen annote > Infinitive: annote
Present: io annote, annotes, annotet, annotems, yu annotet(e), annotent
Preterit: annotim, annotist(a), annotit, annotam, annotat, annoteer
Future tid: annotesiem, annotesies, annotesiet, annotesiem(o)s, yu annotesiete, annotesient
Conditional: annotiem, annoties, annotiet, annotiem(o)s, yu annotiete, annotient
Prev participe: annotet / annoten antbehr > Infinitive: antbehre
Present: antbehro, antbehrs, antbehrt, antbehrm(o)s, yu antbehrt(e), antbehre(nt)
Preterit: antbohrim, antbohr(i)st(a), antbohrit, antbohram, antbohrat, antbohreer
Future tid: antbehrsiem, antbehrsies, antbehrsiet, antbehrsiem(o)s, yu antbehrsiete, antbehrsient
Conditional: antbehriem, antbehries, antbehriet, antbehriem(o)s, yu antbehriete, antbehrient
Prev participe: antbohrt / antbohren antgreip > Infinitive: antgripes
Present: antgreipo, antgreips, antgreipt, antgreipm(o)s, yu antgreipt(e), antgreipe(nt)
Preterit: antgripim, antgrip(i)st(a), antgripit, antgripam, antgripat, antgripeer
Future tid: antgreipsiem, antgreipsies, antgreipsiet, antgreipsiem(o)s, yu antgreipsiete, antgreipsient
Conditional: antgreipiem, antgreipies, antgreipiet, antgreipiem(o)s, yu antgreipiete, antgreipient
Prev participe: antgript / antgripen antplehc > Infinitive: antplehce
Present: antplehco, antplehcs, antplehct, antplehcm(o)s, yu antplehct(e), antplehce(nt)
Preterit: antplohcim, antplohc(i)st(a), antplohcit, antplohcam, antplohcat, antplohceer
Future tid: antplehcsiem, antplehcsies, antplehcsiet, antplehcsiem(o)s, yu antplehcsiete, antplehcsient
Conditional: antplehciem, antplehcies, antplehciet, antplehciem(o)s, yu antplehciete, antplehcient
Prev participe: antplohct / antplohcen antreus > Infinitive: antruses
Present: antreuso, antreus, antreust, antreusm(o)s, yu antreust(e), antreuse(nt)
Preterit: antrusim, antrus(i)st(a), antrusit, antrusam, antrusat, antruseer
Future tid: siem antruses, sies antruses, siet antruses, siem(o)s antruses, yu siete antruses, sient antruses
Conditional: antreusiem, antreusies, antreusiet, antreusiem(o)s, yu antreusiete, antreusient
Prev participe: antrust / antrusen antsalg > Infinitive: antsalge
Present: antsalgo, antsalcs, antsalct, antsalgm(o)s, yu antsalct(e), antsalge(nt)
Preterit: antsielgim, antsielg(i)st(a), antsielgit, antsielgam, antsielgat, antsielgeer
Future tid: antsalcsiem, antsalcsies, antsalcsiet, antsalcsiem(o)s, yu antsalcsiete, antsalcsient
Conditional: antsalgiem, antsalgies, antsalgiet, antsalgiem(o)s, yu antsalgiete, antsalgient
Prev participe: antsals / antsalgen antslehnk > Infinitive: antslehnke
Present: antslehnko, antslehncs, antslehnct, antslehnkm(o)s, yu antslehnct(e), antslehnke(nt)
Preterit: antslohnkim, antslohnk(i)st(a), antslohnkit, antslohnkam, antslohnkat, antslohnkeer
Future tid: antslehncsiem, antslehncsies, antslehncsiet, antslehncsiem(o)s, yu antslehncsiete, antslehncsient
Conditional: antslehnkiem, antslehnkies, antslehnkiet, antslehnkiem(o)s, yu antslehnkiete, antslehnkient
Prev participe: antslohnct / antslohnken antwehrd > Infinitive: antwehrde
Present: antwehrdo, antwehrds, antwehrdt, antwehrdm(o)s, yu antwehrdt(e), antwehrde(nt)
Preterit: antwohrdim, antwohrd(i)st(a), antwohrdit, antwohrdam, antwohrdat, antwohrdeer
Future tid: antwehrdsiem, antwehrdsies, antwehrdsiet, antwehrdsiem(o)s, yu antwehrdsiete, antwehrdsient
Conditional: antwehrdiem, antwehrdies, antwehrdiet, antwehrdiem(o)s, yu antwehrdiete, antwehrdient
Prev participe: antwohrdt / antwohrden ap > Infinitive: ape
Present: apo, aps, apt, apm(o)s, yu apt(e), ape(nt)
Preterit: iepim, iep(i)st(a), iepit, iepam, iepat, iepeer
Future tid: apsiem, apsies, apsiet, apsiem(o)s, yu apsiete, apsient
Conditional: apiem, apies, apiet, apiem(o)s, yu apiete, apient
Prev participe: apt / apen apokwihen > Infinitive: apokwihnes
Present: apokwihno, apokwihens, apokwihent, apokwihnm(o)s, yu apokwihent(e), apokwihne(nt)
Preterit: apokwihsim, apokwihst(a), apokwihsit, apokwihsam, apokwihsat, apokwihr
Future tid: apokwihensiem, apokwihensies, apokwihensiet, apokwihensiem(o)s, yu apokwihensiete, apokwihensient
Conditional: apokwihniem, apokwihnies, apokwihniet, apokwihniem(o)s, yu apokwihniete, apokwihnient
Prev participe: apokwiht / apokwihn aposcidd > Infinitive: aposcidde
Present: aposciddo, aposcidds, aposciddt, aposciddm(o)s, yu aposciddt(e), aposcidde(nt)
Preterit: aposcissim, aposciss(i)st(a), aposcissit, aposcissam, aposcissat, aposcisseer
Future tid: aposciddsiem, aposciddsies, aposciddsiet, aposciddsiem(o)s, yu aposciddsiete, aposciddsient
Conditional: aposciddiem, aposciddies, aposciddiet, aposciddiem(o)s, yu aposciddiete, aposciddient
Prev participe: aposciss / aposcidden apostatise > Infinitive: apostatise
Present: io apostatise, apostatises, apostatiset, apostatisems, yu apostatiset(e), apostatisent
Preterit: apostatisim, apostatisist(a), apostatisit, apostatisam, apostatisat, apostatiseer
Future tid: apostatisesiem, apostatisesies, apostatisesiet, apostatisesiem(o)s, yu apostatisesiete, apostatisesient
Conditional: apostatisiem, apostatisies, apostatisiet, apostatisiem(o)s, yu apostatisiete, apostatisient
Prev participe: apostatiset / apostatisen appareih > Infinitive: apparihes
Present: appareihm, appareihs, appareiht, appareihm(o)s, yu appareiht(e), appareihnt
Preterit: apparihsim, apparihst(a), apparihsit, apparihsam, apparihsat, apparihr
Future tid: appareihsiem, appareihsies, appareihsiet, appareihsiem(o)s, yu appareihsiete, appareihsient
Conditional: appareihiem, appareihies, appareihiet, appareihiem(o)s, yu appareihiete, appareihient
Prev participe: appariht / apparihn applaud > Infinitive: applaude
Present: applaudo, applauds, applaudt, applaudm(o)s, yu applaudt(e), applaude(nt)
Preterit: applausim, applaus(i)st(a), applausit, applausam, applausat, applauseer
Future tid: applaudsiem, applaudsies, applaudsiet, applaudsiem(o)s, yu applaudsiete, applaudsient
Conditional: applaudiem, applaudies, applaudiet, applaudiem(o)s, yu applaudiete, applaudient
Prev participe: applaus / applauden applie > Infinitive: applie
Present: io applie, applies, appliet, appliems, yu appliet(e), applient
Preterit: applicim, appliest, applicit, appliam, appliat, applier
Future tid: appliesiem, appliesies, appliesiet, appliesiem(o)s, yu appliesiete, appliesient
Conditional: appliciem, applicies, appliciet, appliciem(o)s, yu appliciete, applicient
Prev participe: appliet / applien approbe > Infinitive: approbe
Present: io approbe, approbes, approbet, approbems, yu approbet(e), approbent
Preterit: approbim, approbist(a), approbit, approbam, approbat, approbeer
Future tid: approbesiem, approbesies, approbesiet, approbesiem(o)s, yu approbesiete, approbesient
Conditional: approbiem, approbies, approbiet, approbiem(o)s, yu approbiete, approbient
Prev participe: approbet / approben aproviande > Infinitive: aproviande
Present: io aproviande, aproviandes, aproviandet, aproviandems, yu aproviandet(e), aproviandent
Preterit: aproviandim, aproviandist(a), aproviandit, aproviandam, aproviandat, aproviandeer
Future tid: aproviandesiem, aproviandesies, aproviandesiet, aproviandesiem(o)s, yu aproviandesiete, aproviandesient
Conditional: aproviandiem, aproviandies, aproviandiet, aproviandiem(o)s, yu aproviandiete, aproviandient
Prev participe: aproviandet / aprovianden apterchasse > Infinitive: apterchasse
Present: io apterchasse, apterchasses, apterchasset, apterchassems, yu apterchasset(e), apterchassent
Preterit: apterchassim, apterchassist(a), apterchassit, apterchassam, apterchassat, apterchasseer
Future tid: apterchassesiem, apterchassesies, apterchassesiet, apterchassesiem(o)s, yu apterchassesiete, apterchassesient
Conditional: apterchassiem, apterchassies, apterchassiet, apterchassiem(o)s, yu apterchassiete, apterchassient
Prev participe: apterchasset / apterchassen aptercurr > Infinitive: aptercurre
Present: aptercurro, aptercurrs, aptercurrt, aptercurrm(o)s, yu aptercurrt(e), aptercurre(nt)
Preterit: aptercursim, aptercurs(i)st(a), aptercursit, aptercursam, aptercursat, aptercurseer
Future tid: aptercurrsiem, aptercurrsies, aptercurrsiet, aptercurrsiem(o)s, yu aptercurrsiete, aptercurrsient
Conditional: aptercurriem, aptercurries, aptercurriet, aptercurriem(o)s, yu aptercurriete, aptercurrient
Prev participe: aptercurs / aptercurren apterdrah > Infinitive: apterdrahe
Present: apterdrahm, apterdrahs, apterdraht, apterdrahm(o)s, yu apterdraht(e), apterdrahnt
Preterit: apterdrahsim, apterdrahst(a), apterdrahsit, apterdrahsam, apterdrahsat, apterdrahr
Future tid: apterdrahsiem, apterdrahsies, apterdrahsiet, apterdrahsiem(o)s, yu apterdrahsiete, apterdrahsient
Conditional: apterdrahiem, apterdrahies, apterdrahiet, apterdrahiem(o)s, yu apterdrahiete, apterdrahient
Prev participe: apterdraht / apterdrahn apterpersne > Infinitive: apterpersne
Present: io apterpersne, apterpersnes, apterpersnet, apterpersnems, yu apterpersnet(e), apterpersnent
Preterit: apterpersnim, apterpersnist(a), apterpersnit, apterpersnam, apterpersnat, apterpersneer
Future tid: apterpersnesiem, apterpersnesies, apterpersnesiet, apterpersnesiem(o)s, yu apterpersnesiete, apterpersnesient
Conditional: apterpersniem, apterpersnies, apterpersniet, apterpersniem(o)s, yu apterpersniete, apterpersnient
Prev participe: apterpersnet / apterpersnen aptersok > Infinitive: aptersoke
Present: aptersoko, aptersocs, aptersoct, aptersokm(o)s, yu aptersoct(e), aptersoke(nt)
Preterit: aptersokim, aptersok(i)st(a), aptersokit, aptersokam, aptersokat, aptersokeer
Future tid: aptersocsiem, aptersocsies, aptersocsiet, aptersocsiem(o)s, yu aptersocsiete, aptersocsient
Conditional: aptersokiem, aptersokies, aptersokiet, aptersokiem(o)s, yu aptersokiete, aptersokient
Prev participe: aptersoct / aptersoken aptosyehbh > Infinitive: aptosyehbhe
Present: aptosyehbho, aptosyehbhs, aptosyehbht, aptosyehbhm(o)s, yu aptosyehbht(e), aptosyehbhe(nt)
Preterit: aptosyohbhim, aptosyohbh(i)st(a), aptosyohbhit, aptosyohbham, aptosyohbhat, aptosyohbheer
Future tid: aptosyehbhsiem, aptosyehbhsies, aptosyehbhsiet, aptosyehbhsiem(o)s, yu aptosyehbhsiete, aptosyehbhsient
Conditional: aptosyehbhiem, aptosyehbhies, aptosyehbhiet, aptosyehbhiem(o)s, yu aptosyehbhiete, aptosyehbhient
Prev participe: aptosyohbht / aptosyohbhen ar > Infinitive: are
Present: aro, ars, art, arm(o)s, yu art(e), are(nt)
Preterit: ierim, ier(i)st(a), ierit, ieram, ierat, iereer
Future tid: arsiem, arsies, arsiet, arsiem(o)s, yu arsiete, arsient
Conditional: ariem, aries, ariet, ariem(o)s, yu ariete, arient
Prev participe: art / aren ardeh > Infinitive: ardehe
Present: ardehm, ardehs, ardeht, ardehm(o)s, yu ardeht(e), ardehnt
Preterit: ardehsim, ardehst(a), ardehsit, ardehsam, ardehsat, ardehr
Future tid: ardehsiem, ardehsies, ardehsiet, ardehsiem(o)s, yu ardehsiete, ardehsient
Conditional: ardehiem, ardehies, ardehiet, ardehiem(o)s, yu ardehiete, ardehient
Prev participe: ardeht / ardehn ardhem > Infinitive: ardhmes
Present: ardhmo, ardhems, ardhemt, ardhmm(o)s, yu ardhemt(e), ardhme(nt)
Preterit: ardhim, ardh(i)st(a), ardhit, ardham, ardhat, ardheer
Future tid: ardhemsiem, ardhemsies, ardhemsiet, ardhemsiem(o)s, yu ardhemsiete, ardhemsient
Conditional: ardhmiem, ardhmies, ardhmiet, ardhmiem(o)s, yu ardhmiete, ardhmient
Prev participe: ardht / ardhen arehg > Infinitive: arehge
Present: arehgo, arehcs, arehct, arehgm(o)s, yu arehct(e), arehge(nt)
Preterit: arohgim, arohg(i)st(a), arohgit, arohgam, arohgat, arohgeer
Future tid: arehcsiem, arehcsies, arehcsiet, arehcsiem(o)s, yu arehcsiete, arehcsient
Conditional: arehgiem, arehgies, arehgiet, arehgiem(o)s, yu arehgiete, arehgient
Prev participe: arohct / arohgen argue > Infinitive: argue
Present: io argue, argues, arguet, arguems, yu arguet(e), arguent
Preterit: arguim, arguist(a), arguit, arguam, arguat, argueer
Future tid: arguesiem, arguesies, arguesiet, arguesiem(o)s, yu arguesiete, arguesient
Conditional: arguiem, arguies, arguiet, arguiem(o)s, yu arguiete, arguient
Prev participe: arguet / arguen ark > Infinitive: arke
Present: arko, arcs, arct, arkm(o)s, yu arct(e), arke(nt)
Preterit: ierkim, ierk(i)st(a), ierkit, ierkam, ierkat, ierkeer
Future tid: arcsiem, arcsies, arcsiet, arcsiem(o)s, yu arcsiete, arcsient
Conditional: arkiem, arkies, arkiet, arkiem(o)s, yu arkiete, arkient
Prev participe: arct / arken arme > Infinitive: arme
Present: io arme, armes, armet, armems, yu armet(e), arment
Preterit: armim, armist(a), armit, armam, armat, armeer
Future tid: armesiem, armesies, armesiet, armesiem(o)s, yu armesiete, armesient
Conditional: armiem, armies, armiet, armiem(o)s, yu armiete, armient
Prev participe: armet / armen arrange > Infinitive: arrange
Present: io arrange, arranges, arranget, arrangems, yu arranget(e), arrangent
Preterit: arrangim, arrangist(a), arrangit, arrangeam, arrangeat, arrangeer
Future tid: arrangesiem, arrangesies, arrangesiet, arrangesiem(o)s, yu arrangesiete, arrangesient
Conditional: arrangiem, arrangies, arrangiet, arrangiem(o)s, yu arrangiete, arrangient
Prev participe: arranget / arrangen arreste > Infinitive: arreste
Present: io arreste, arrestes, arrestet, arrestems, yu arrestet(e), arrestent
Preterit: arrestim, arrestist(a), arrestit, arrestam, arrestat, arresteer
Future tid: arrestesiem, arrestesies, arrestesiet, arrestesiem(o)s, yu arrestesiete, arrestesient
Conditional: arrestiem, arresties, arrestiet, arrestiem(o)s, yu arrestiete, arrestient
Prev participe: arrestet / arresten arrive > Infinitive: arrive
Present: io arrive, arrives, arrivet, arrivems, yu arrivet(e), arrivent
Preterit: arrivim, arrivist(a), arrivit, arrivam, arrivat, arriveer
Future tid: arrivesiem, arrivesies, arrivesiet, arrivesiem(o)s, yu arrivesiete, arrivesient
Conditional: arriviem, arrivies, arriviet, arriviem(o)s, yu arriviete, arrivient
Prev participe: arrivet / arriven articule > Infinitive: articule
Present: io articule, articules, articulet, articulems, yu articulet(e), articulent
Preterit: articulim, articulist(a), articulit, articulam, articulat, articuleer
Future tid: articulesiem, articulesies, articulesiet, articulesiem(o)s, yu articulesiete, articulesient
Conditional: articuliem, articulies, articuliet, articuliem(o)s, yu articuliete, articulient
Prev participe: articulet / articulen ascend > Infinitive: ascende
Present: ascendo, ascends, ascendt, ascendm(o)s, yu ascendt(e), ascende(nt)
Preterit: ascensim, ascens(i)st(a), ascensit, ascensam, ascensat, ascenseer
Future tid: ascendsiem, ascendsies, ascendsiet, ascendsiem(o)s, yu ascendsiete, ascendsient
Conditional: ascendiem, ascendies, ascendiet, ascendiem(o)s, yu ascendiete, ascendient
Prev participe: ascens / ascenden aschladise > Infinitive: aschladise
Present: io aschladise, aschladises, aschladiset, aschladisems, yu aschladiset(e), aschladisent
Preterit: aschladisim, aschladisist(a), aschladisit, aschladisam, aschladisat, aschladiseer
Future tid: aschladisesiem, aschladisesies, aschladisesiet, aschladisesiem(o)s, yu aschladisesiete, aschladisesient
Conditional: aschladisiem, aschladisies, aschladisiet, aschladisiem(o)s, yu aschladisiete, aschladisient
Prev participe: aschladiset / aschladisen asperg > Infinitive: asperge
Present: aspergo, aspercs, asperct, aspergm(o)s, yu asperct(e), asperge(nt)
Preterit: aspersim, aspers(i)st(a), aspersit, aspersam, aspersat, asperseer
Future tid: aspercsiem, aspercsies, aspercsiet, aspercsiem(o)s, yu aspercsiete, aspercsient
Conditional: aspergiem, aspergies, aspergiet, aspergiem(o)s, yu aspergiete, aspergient
Prev participe: aspers / aspergen asphyxye > Infinitive: asphyxye
Present: io asphyxye, asphyxyes, asphyxyet, asphyxyems, yu asphyxyet(e), asphyxyent
Preterit: asphyxyim, asphyxyist(a), asphyxyit, asphyxyam, asphyxyat, asphyxyeer
Future tid: asphyxyesiem, asphyxyesies, asphyxyesiet, asphyxyesiem(o)s, yu asphyxyesiete, asphyxyesient
Conditional: asphyxyiem, asphyxyies, asphyxyiet, asphyxyiem(o)s, yu asphyxyiete, asphyxyient
Prev participe: asphyxyet / asphyxyen aspire > Infinitive: aspire
Present: io aspire, aspires, aspiret, aspirems, yu aspiret(e), aspirent
Preterit: aspirim, aspirist(a), aspirit, aspiram, aspirat, aspireer
Future tid: aspiresiem, aspiresies, aspiresiet, aspiresiem(o)s, yu aspiresiete, aspiresient
Conditional: aspiriem, aspiries, aspiriet, aspiriem(o)s, yu aspiriete, aspirient
Prev participe: aspiret / aspiren assassin > Infinitive: assassine
Present: assassino, assassins, assassint, assassinm(o)s, yu assassint(e), assassine(nt)
Preterit: assassinim, assassin(i)st(a), assassinit, assassinam, assassinat, assassineer
Future tid: assassinsiem, assassinsies, assassinsiet, assassinsiem(o)s, yu assassinsiete, assassinsient
Conditional: assassiniem, assassinies, assassiniet, assassiniem(o)s, yu assassiniete, assassinient
Prev participe: assassint / assassinen assigne > Infinitive: assigne
Present: io assigne, assignes, assignet, assignems, yu assignet(e), assignent
Preterit: assignim, assignist(a), assignit, assignam, assignat, assigneer
Future tid: assignesiem, assignesies, assignesiet, assignesiem(o)s, yu assignesiete, assignesient
Conditional: assigniem, assignies, assigniet, assigniem(o)s, yu assigniete, assignient
Prev participe: assignet / assignen assimile > Infinitive: assimile
Present: io assimile, assimiles, assimilet, assimilems, yu assimilet(e), assimilent
Preterit: assimilim, assimilist(a), assimilit, assimilam, assimilat, assimileer
Future tid: assimilesiem, assimilesies, assimilesiet, assimilesiem(o)s, yu assimilesiete, assimilesient
Conditional: assimiliem, assimilies, assimiliet, assimiliem(o)s, yu assimiliete, assimilient
Prev participe: assimilet / assimilen assist > Infinitive: assiste
Present: assisto, assists, assist, assistm(o)s, yu assiste, assiste(nt)
Preterit: assistim, assist(i)st(a), assistit, assistam, assistat, assisteer
Future tid: assistsiem, assistsies, assistsiet, assistsiem(o)s, yu assistsiete, assistsient
Conditional: assistiem, assisties, assistiet, assistiem(o)s, yu assistiete, assistient
Prev participe: assist / assisten assocye > Infinitive: assocye
Present: io assocye, assocyes, assocyet, assocyems, yu assocyet(e), assocyent
Preterit: assocyim, assocyist(a), assocyit, assocyam, assocyat, assocyeer
Future tid: assocyesiem, assocyesies, assocyesiet, assocyesiem(o)s, yu assocyesiete, assocyesient
Conditional: assocyiem, assocyies, assocyiet, assocyiem(o)s, yu assocyiete, assocyient
Prev participe: assocyet / assocyen assortie > Infinitive: assortie
Present: io assortie, assorties, assortiet, assortiems, yu assortiet(e), assortient
Preterit: assorticim, assortiest, assorticit, assortiam, assortiat, assortier
Future tid: assortiesiem, assortiesies, assortiesiet, assortiesiem(o)s, yu assortiesiete, assortiesient
Conditional: assorticiem, assorticies, assorticiet, assorticiem(o)s, yu assorticiete, assorticient
Prev participe: assortiet / assortien assump > Infinitive: assumpe
Present: assumpo, assumps, assumpt, assumpm(o)s, yu assumpt(e), assumpe(nt)
Preterit: assumpim, assump(i)st(a), assumpit, assumpam, assumpat, assumpeer
Future tid: assumpsiem, assumpsies, assumpsiet, assumpsiem(o)s, yu assumpsiete, assumpsient
Conditional: assumpiem, assumpies, assumpiet, assumpiem(o)s, yu assumpiete, assumpient
Prev participe: assumpt / assumpen athicale > Infinitive: athicale
Present: io athicale, athicales, athicalet, athicalems, yu athicalet(e), athicalent
Preterit: athicalim, athicalist(a), athicalit, athicalam, athicalat, athicaleer
Future tid: athicalesiem, athicalesies, athicalesiet, athicalesiem(o)s, yu athicalesiete, athicalesient
Conditional: athicaliem, athicalies, athicaliet, athicaliem(o)s, yu athicaliete, athicalient
Prev participe: athicalet / athicalen atomarehg > Infinitive: atomarehge
Present: atomarehgo, atomarehcs, atomarehct, atomarehgm(o)s, yu atomarehct(e), atomarehge(nt)
Preterit: atomarohgim, atomarohg(i)st(a), atomarohgit, atomarohgam, atomarohgat, atomarohgeer
Future tid: atomarehcsiem, atomarehcsies, atomarehcsiet, atomarehcsiem(o)s, yu atomarehcsiete, atomarehcsient
Conditional: atomarehgiem, atomarehgies, atomarehgiet, atomarehgiem(o)s, yu atomarehgiete, atomarehgient
Prev participe: atomarohct / atomarohgen atrophie > Infinitive: atrophie
Present: io atrophie, atrophies, atrophiet, atrophiems, yu atrophiet(e), atrophient
Preterit: atrophicim, atrophiest, atrophicit, atrophiam, atrophiat, atrophier
Future tid: atrophiesiem, atrophiesies, atrophiesiet, atrophiesiem(o)s, yu atrophiesiete, atrophiesient
Conditional: atrophiciem, atrophicies, atrophiciet, atrophiciem(o)s, yu atrophiciete, atrophicient
Prev participe: atrophiet / atrophien attache > Infinitive: attache
Present: io attache, attaches, attachet, attachems, yu attachet(e), attachent
Preterit: attachim, attachist(a), attachit, attacham, attachat, attacheer
Future tid: attachesiem, attachesies, attachesiet, attachesiem(o)s, yu attachesiete, attachesient
Conditional: attachiem, attachies, attachiet, attachiem(o)s, yu attachiete, attachient
Prev participe: attachet / attachen attaque > Infinitive: attaque
Present: io attaque, attaques, attaquet, attaquems, yu attaquet(e), attaquent
Preterit: attaquim, attaquist(a), attaquit, attaquam, attaquat, attaqueer
Future tid: attaquesiem, attaquesies, attaquesiet, attaquesiem(o)s, yu attaquesiete, attaquesient
Conditional: attaquiem, attaquies, attaquiet, attaquiem(o)s, yu attaquiete, attaquient
Prev participe: attaquet / attaquen attrag > Infinitive: attrage
Present: attrago, attracs, attract, attragm(o)s, yu attract(e), attrage(nt)
Preterit: attriegim, attrieg(i)st(a), attriegit, attriegam, attriegat, attriegeer
Future tid: attracsiem, attracsies, attracsiet, attracsiem(o)s, yu attracsiete, attracsient
Conditional: attragiem, attragies, attragiet, attragiem(o)s, yu attragiete, attragient
Prev participe: attract / attragen au > Infinitive: aue
Present: aum, aus, aut, aum(o)s, yu aut(e), aunt
Preterit: ausim, aust(a), ausit, aam, aat, aur
Future tid: ausiem, ausies, ausiet, ausiem(o)s, yu ausiete, ausient
Conditional: aiem, aies, aiet, aiem(o)s, yu aiete, aient
Prev participe: aut / aun audite > Infinitive: audite
Present: io audite, audites, auditet, auditems, yu auditet(e), auditent
Preterit: auditim, auditist(a), auditit, auditam, auditat, auditeer
Future tid: auditesiem, auditesies, auditesiet, auditesiem(o)s, yu auditesiete, auditesient
Conditional: auditiem, audities, auditiet, auditiem(o)s, yu auditiete, auditient
Prev participe: auditet / auditen aug > Infinitive: auge
Present: augo, aucs, auct, augm(o)s, yu auct(e), auge(nt)
Preterit: augim, aug(i)st(a), augit, augam, augat, augeer
Future tid: aucsiem, aucsies, aucsiet, aucsiem(o)s, yu aucsiete, aucsient
Conditional: augiem, augies, augiet, augiem(o)s, yu augiete, augient
Prev participe: auct / augen aum > Infinitive: aume
Present: aumo, aums, aumt, aumm(o)s, yu aumt(e), aume(nt)
Preterit: aumim, aum(i)st(a), aumit, aumam, aumat, aumeer
Future tid: aumsiem, aumsies, aumsiet, aumsiem(o)s, yu aumsiete, aumsient
Conditional: aumiem, aumies, aumiet, aumiem(o)s, yu aumiete, aumient
Prev participe: aumt / aumen aumber > Infinitive: aumber
Present: io aumber, aumbers, aumbert, aumberms, yu aumbert, aumbernt
Preterit: ieumbrim, ieumbrist, ieumbrit, ieumb(e)ram, ieumb(e)rat, ieumb(e)reer
Future tid: aumbersiem, aumbersies, aumbersiet, aumbersiem(o)s, yu aumbersiete, aumbersient
Conditional: aumberiem, aumberies, aumberiet, aumberiem(o)s, yu aumberiete, aumberient
Prev participe: aumbert / aumbern auncovehr > Infinitive: auncovehre
Present: auncovehro, auncovehrs, auncovehrt, auncovehrm(o)s, yu auncovehrt(e), auncovehre(nt)
Preterit: auncovohrim, auncovohr(i)st(a), auncovohrit, auncovohram, auncovohrat, auncovohreer
Future tid: auncovehrsiem, auncovehrsies, auncovehrsiet, auncovehrsiem(o)s, yu auncovehrsiete, auncovehrsient
Conditional: auncovehriem, auncovehries, auncovehriet, auncovehriem(o)s, yu auncovehriete, auncovehrient
Prev participe: auncovohrt / auncovohren aunduspineg > Infinitive: aunduspinges
Present: aunduspingo, aunduspincs, aunduspinct, aunduspingm(o)s, yu aunduspinct(e), aunduspinge(nt)
Preterit: aunduspigim, aunduspig(i)st(a), aunduspigit, aunduspigam, aunduspigat, aunduspigeer
Future tid: aunduspincsiem, aunduspincsies, aunduspincsiet, aunduspincsiem(o)s, yu aunduspincsiete, aunduspincsient
Conditional: aunduspingiem, aunduspingies, aunduspingiet, aunduspingiem(o)s, yu aunduspingiete, aunduspingient
Prev participe: aunduspict / aunduspigen aunroug > Infinitive: aunrouge
Present: aunrougo, aunroucs, aunrouct, aunrougm(o)s, yu aunrouct(e), aunrouge(nt)
Preterit: aunrougim, aunroug(i)st(a), aunrougit, aunrougam, aunrougat, aunrougeer
Future tid: aunroucsiem, aunroucsies, aunroucsiet, aunroucsiem(o)s, yu aunroucsiete, aunroucsient
Conditional: aunrougiem, aunrougies, aunrougiet, aunrougiem(o)s, yu aunrougiete, aunrougient
Prev participe: aunrouct / aunrougen aunsaldeih > Infinitive: aunsaldihes
Present: aunsaldeihm, aunsaldeihs, aunsaldeiht, aunsaldeihm(o)s, yu aunsaldeiht(e), aunsaldeihnt
Preterit: aunsaldihsim, aunsaldihst(a), aunsaldihsit, aunsaldihsam, aunsaldihsat, aunsaldihr
Future tid: aunsaldeihsiem, aunsaldeihsies, aunsaldeihsiet, aunsaldeihsiem(o)s, yu aunsaldeihsiete, aunsaldeihsient
Conditional: aunsaldeihiem, aunsaldeihies, aunsaldeihiet, aunsaldeihiem(o)s, yu aunsaldeihiete, aunsaldeihient
Prev participe: aunsaldiht / aunsaldihn aunstehg > Infinitive: aunstehge
Present: aunstehgo, aunstehcs, aunstehct, aunstehgm(o)s, yu aunstehct(e), aunstehge(nt)
Preterit: aunstohgim, aunstohg(i)st(a), aunstohgit, aunstohgam, aunstohgat, aunstohgeer
Future tid: aunstehcsiem, aunstehcsies, aunstehcsiet, aunstehcsiem(o)s, yu aunstehcsiete, aunstehcsient
Conditional: aunstehgiem, aunstehgies, aunstehgiet, aunstehgiem(o)s, yu aunstehgiete, aunstehgient
Prev participe: aunstohct / aunstohgen aunstehm > Infinitive: aunstehme
Present: aunstehmo, aunstehms, aunstehmt, aunstehmm(o)s, yu aunstehmt(e), aunstehme(nt)
Preterit: aunstohmim, aunstohm(i)st(a), aunstohmit, aunstohmam, aunstohmat, aunstohmeer
Future tid: aunstehmsiem, aunstehmsies, aunstehmsiet, aunstehmsiem(o)s, yu aunstehmsiete, aunstehmsient
Conditional: aunstehmiem, aunstehmies, aunstehmiet, aunstehmiem(o)s, yu aunstehmiete, aunstehmient
Prev participe: aunstohmt / aunstohmen aunstupp > Infinitive: aunstuppe
Present: aunstuppo, aunstupps, aunstuppt, aunstuppm(o)s, yu aunstuppt(e), aunstuppe(nt)
Preterit: aunstuppim, aunstupp(i)st(a), aunstuppit, aunstuppam, aunstuppat, aunstuppeer
Future tid: aunstuppsiem, aunstuppsies, aunstuppsiet, aunstuppsiem(o)s, yu aunstuppsiete, aunstuppsient
Conditional: aunstuppiem, aunstuppies, aunstuppiet, aunstuppiem(o)s, yu aunstuppiete, aunstuppient
Prev participe: aunstuppt / aunstuppen aur > Infinitive: aure
Present: auro, aurs, aurt, aurm(o)s, yu aurt(e), aure(nt)
Preterit: aurim, aur(i)st(a), aurit, auram, aurat, aureer
Future tid: aursiem, aursies, aursiet, aursiem(o)s, yu aursiete, aursient
Conditional: auriem, auries, auriet, auriem(o)s, yu auriete, aurient
Prev participe: aurt / auren aurdhen > Infinitive: aurdhnes
Present: aurdhno, aurdhens, aurdhent, aurdhnm(o)s, yu aurdhent(e), aurdhne(nt)
Preterit: aurdhim, aurdh(i)st(a), aurdhit, aurdham, aurdhat, aurdheer
Future tid: aurdhensiem, aurdhensies, aurdhensiet, aurdhensiem(o)s, yu aurdhensiete, aurdhensient
Conditional: aurdhniem, aurdhnies, aurdhniet, aurdhniem(o)s, yu aurdhniete, aurdhnient
Prev participe: aurdht / aurdhen aurdhenkal > Infinitive: aurdhenkale
Present: aurdhenkalo, aurdhenkals, aurdhenkalt, aurdhenkalm(o)s, yu aurdhenkalt(e), aurdhenkale(nt)
Preterit: aurdhenkielim, aurdhenkiel(i)st(a), aurdhenkielit, aurdhenkielam, aurdhenkielat, aurdhenkieleer
Future tid: aurdhenkalsiem, aurdhenkalsies, aurdhenkalsiet, aurdhenkalsiem(o)s, yu aurdhenkalsiete, aurdhenkalsient
Conditional: aurdhenkaliem, aurdhenkalies, aurdhenkaliet, aurdhenkaliem(o)s, yu aurdhenkaliete, aurdhenkalient
Prev participe: aurdhenkalt / aurdhenkalen aurer > Infinitive: aurer
Present: io aurer, aurers, aurert, aurerms, yu aurert, aurernt
Preterit: aurer, aurerst, aurer, aurer(am), aurer(at), aurer(eer)
Future tid: aurersiem, aurersies, aurersiet, aurersiem(o)s, yu aurersiete, aurersient
Conditional: aureriem, aureries, aureriet, aureriem(o)s, yu aureriete, aurerient
Prev participe: aurert / aurern aurgh > Infinitive: aurghe
Present: aurgho, aurghs, aurght, aurghm(o)s, yu aurght(e), aurghe(nt)
Preterit: aurghim, aurgh(i)st(a), aurghit, aurgham, aurghat, aurgheer
Future tid: aurghsiem, aurghsies, aurghsiet, aurghsiem(o)s, yu aurghsiete, aurghsient
Conditional: aurghiem, aurghies, aurghiet, aurghiem(o)s, yu aurghiete, aurghient
Prev participe: aurght / aurghen aurplab > Infinitive: aurplabe
Present: aurplabo, aurplaps, aurplapt, aurplabm(o)s, yu aurplapt(e), aurplabe(nt)
Preterit: aurpliebim, aurplieb(i)st(a), aurpliebit, aurpliebam, aurpliebat, aurpliebeer
Future tid: aurplapsiem, aurplapsies, aurplapsiet, aurplapsiem(o)s, yu aurplapsiete, aurplapsient
Conditional: aurplabiem, aurplabies, aurplabiet, aurplabiem(o)s, yu aurplabiete, aurplabient
Prev participe: aurplapt / aurplaben ausk > Infinitive: auske
Present: ausko, auscs, ausct, auskm(o)s, yu ausct(e), auske(nt)
Preterit: auskim, ausk(i)st(a), auskit, auskam, auskat, auskeer
Future tid: auscsiem, auscsies, auscsiet, auscsiem(o)s, yu auscsiete, auscsient
Conditional: auskiem, auskies, auskiet, auskiem(o)s, yu auskiete, auskient
Prev participe: ausct / ausken autorise > Infinitive: autorise
Present: io autorise, autorises, autoriset, autorisems, yu autoriset(e), autorisent
Preterit: autorisim, autorisist(a), autorisit, autorisam, autorisat, autoriseer
Future tid: autorisesiem, autorisesies, autorisesiet, autorisesiem(o)s, yu autorisesiete, autorisesient
Conditional: autorisiem, autorisies, autorisiet, autorisiem(o)s, yu autorisiete, autorisient
Prev participe: autoriset / autorisen avance > Infinitive: avance
Present: io avance, avances, avancet, avancems, yu avancet(e), avancent
Preterit: avancim, avancist(a), avancit, avanceam, avanceat, avanceer
Future tid: avancesiem, avancesies, avancesiet, avancesiem(o)s, yu avancesiete, avancesient
Conditional: avanciem, avancies, avanciet, avanciem(o)s, yu avanciete, avancient
Prev participe: avancet / avancen avid > Infinitive: avide
Present: avido, avids, avidt, avidm(o)s, yu avidt(e), avide(nt)
Preterit: avisim, avis(i)st(a), avisit, avisam, avisat, aviseer
Future tid: avidsiem, avidsies, avidsiet, avidsiem(o)s, yu avidsiete, avidsient
Conditional: avidiem, avidies, avidiet, avidiem(o)s, yu avidiete, avidient
Prev participe: avis / aviden awie > Infinitive: awie
Present: io awie, awies, awiet, awiems, yu awiet(e), awient
Preterit: awicim, awiest, awicit, awiam, awiat, awier
Future tid: awiesiem, awiesies, awiesiet, awiesiem(o)s, yu awiesiete, awiesient
Conditional: awiciem, awicies, awiciet, awiciem(o)s, yu awiciete, awicient
Prev participe: awiet / awien ay > Infinitive: aye
Present: aym, ays, ayt, aym(o)s, yu ayt(e), aynt
Preterit: ieyim, ieyst(a), ieyit, ieyam, ieyat, ieyeer
Future tid: aysiem, aysies, aysiet, aysiem(o)s, yu aysiete, aysient
Conditional: ayiem, ayies, ayiet, ayiem(o)s, yu ayiete, ayient
Prev participe: ayt / ayen ay > Infinitive: aye
Present: aym, ays, ayt, aym(o)s, yu ayt(e), aynt
Preterit: ieyim, ieyst(a), ieyit, ieyam, ieyat, ieyeer
Future tid: aysiem, aysies, aysiet, aysiem(o)s, yu aysiete, aysient
Conditional: ayiem, ayies, ayiet, ayiem(o)s, yu ayiete, ayient
Prev participe: ayt / ayen ayabise > Infinitive: ayabise
Present: io ayabise, ayabises, ayabiset, ayabisems, yu ayabiset(e), ayabisent
Preterit: ayabisim, ayabisist(a), ayabisit, ayabisam, ayabisat, ayabiseer
Future tid: ayabisesiem, ayabisesies, ayabisesiet, ayabisesiem(o)s, yu ayabisesiete, ayabisesient
Conditional: ayabisiem, ayabisies, ayabisiet, ayabisiem(o)s, yu ayabisiete, ayabisient
Prev participe: ayabiset / ayabisen aydh > Infinitive: aydhe
Present: aydho, aydhs, aydht, aydhm(o)s, yu aydht(e), aydhe(nt)
Preterit: aydhim, aydh(i)st(a), aydhit, aydham, aydhat, aydheer
Future tid: aydhsiem, aydhsies, aydhsiet, aydhsiem(o)s, yu aydhsiete, aydhsient
Conditional: aydhiem, aydhies, aydhiet, aydhiem(o)s, yu aydhiete, aydhient
Prev participe: aydht / aydhen aygve > Infinitive: aygve
Present: io aygve, aygves, aygvet, aygvems, yu aygvet(e), aygvent
Preterit: aygvim, aygvist(a), aygvit, aygvam, aygvat, aygveer
Future tid: aygvesiem, aygvesies, aygvesiet, aygvesiem(o)s, yu aygvesiete, aygvesient
Conditional: aygviem, aygvies, aygviet, aygviem(o)s, yu aygviete, aygvient
Prev participe: aygvet / aygven aygw > Infinitive: aygwe
Present: aygwo, aygws, aygwt, aygwm(o)s, yu aygwt(e), aygwnt
Preterit: ieygwim, ieygwst(a), ieygwit, ieygwam, ieygwat, ieygweer
Future tid: aygwsiem, aygwsies, aygwsiet, aygwsiem(o)s, yu aygwsiete, aygwsient
Conditional: aygwiem, aygwies, aygwiet, aygwiem(o)s, yu aygwiete, aygwient
Prev participe: aygwt / aygwn aykw > Infinitive: aykwe
Present: aykwo, aykws, aykwt, aykwm(o)s, yu aykwt(e), aykwnt
Preterit: aykwim, aykwst(a), aykwit, aykwam, aykwat, aykweer
Future tid: aykwsiem, aykwsies, aykwsiet, aykwsiem(o)s, yu aykwsiete, aykwsient
Conditional: aykwiem, aykwies, aykwiet, aykwiem(o)s, yu aykwiete, aykwient
Prev participe: aykwt / aykwn ayr > Infinitive: ayre
Present: ayro, ayrs, ayrt, ayrm(o)s, yu ayrt(e), ayre(nt)
Preterit: ieyrim, ieyr(i)st(a), ieyrit, ieyram, ieyrat, ieyreer
Future tid: ayrsiem, ayrsies, ayrsiet, ayrsiem(o)s, yu ayrsiete, ayrsient
Conditional: ayriem, ayries, ayriet, ayriem(o)s, yu ayriete, ayrient
Prev participe: ayrt / ayren aysgwn > Infinitive: aysgwne
Present: aysgwno, aysgwns, aysgwnt, aysgwnm(o)s, yu aysgwnt(e), aysgwne(nt)
Preterit: ieysgwnim, ieysgwn(i)st(a), ieysgwnit, ieysgwnam, ieysgwnat, ieysgwneer
Future tid: aysgwnsiem, aysgwnsies, aysgwnsiet, aysgwnsiem(o)s, yu aysgwnsiete, aysgwnsient
Conditional: aysgwniem, aysgwnies, aysgwniet, aysgwniem(o)s, yu aysgwniete, aysgwnient
Prev participe: aysgwnt / aysgwnen ayuleus > Infinitive: ayuluses
Present: ayuleuso, ayuleus, ayuleust, ayuleusm(o)s, yu ayuleust(e), ayuleuse(nt)
Preterit: ayulusim, ayulus(i)st(a), ayulusit, ayulusam, ayulusat, ayuluseer
Future tid: siem ayuluses, sies ayuluses, siet ayuluses, siem(o)s ayuluses, yu siete ayuluses, sient ayuluses
Conditional: ayuleusiem, ayuleusies, ayuleusiet, ayuleusiem(o)s, yu ayuleusiete, ayuleusient
Prev participe: ayulust / ayulusen aziyat > Infinitive: aziyate
Present: aziyato, aziyats, aziyat, aziyatm(o)s, yu aziyate, aziyate(nt)
Preterit: aziyietim, aziyiet(i)st(a), aziyietit, aziyietam, aziyietat, aziyieteer
Future tid: aziyatsiem, aziyatsies, aziyatsiet, aziyatsiem(o)s, yu aziyatsiete, aziyatsient
Conditional: aziyatiem, aziyaties, aziyatiet, aziyatiem(o)s, yu aziyatiete, aziyatient
Prev participe: aziyat / aziyaten azwl > Infinitive: azwle
Present: azwlo, azwls, azwlt, azwlm(o)s, yu azwlt(e), azwle(nt)
Preterit: iezwlim, iezwl(i)st(a), iezwlit, iezwlam, iezwlat, iezwleer
Future tid: azwlsiem, azwlsies, azwlsiet, azwlsiem(o)s, yu azwlsiete, azwlsient
Conditional: azwliem, azwlies, azwliet, azwliem(o)s, yu azwliete, azwlient
Prev participe: azwlt / azwlen azwleih > Infinitive: azwlihes
Present: azwleihm, azwleihs, azwleiht, azwleihm(o)s, yu azwleiht(e), azwleihnt
Preterit: azwlihsim, azwlihst(a), azwlihsit, azwlihsam, azwlihsat, azwlihr
Future tid: azwleihsiem, azwleihsies, azwleihsiet, azwleihsiem(o)s, yu azwleihsiete, azwleihsient
Conditional: azwleihiem, azwleihies, azwleihiet, azwleihiem(o)s, yu azwleihiete, azwleihient
Prev participe: azwliht / azwlihn bactisse > Infinitive: bactisse
Present: io bactisse, bactisses, bactisset, bactissems, yu bactisset(e), bactissent
Preterit: bactissim, bactissist(a), bactissit, bactissam, bactissat, bactisseer
Future tid: bactissesiem, bactissesies, bactissesiet, bactissesiem(o)s, yu bactissesiete, bactissesient
Conditional: bactissiem, bactissies, bactissiet, bactissiem(o)s, yu bactissiete, bactissient
Prev participe: bactisset / bactissen badan > Infinitive: badane
Present: badano, badans, badant, badanm(o)s, yu badant(e), badane(nt)
Preterit: badienim, badien(i)st(a), badienit, badienam, badienat, badieneer
Future tid: badansiem, badansies, badansiet, badansiem(o)s, yu badansiete, badansient
Conditional: badaniem, badanies, badaniet, badaniem(o)s, yu badaniete, badanient
Prev participe: badant / badanen badbakht > Infinitive: badbakhte
Present: badbakhto, badbakhts, badbakht, badbakhtm(o)s, yu badbakhte, badbakhte(nt)
Preterit: badbiekhtim, badbiekht(i)st(a), badbiekhtit, badbiekhtam, badbiekhtat, badbiekhteer
Future tid: badbakhtsiem, badbakhtsies, badbakhtsiet, badbakhtsiem(o)s, yu badbakhtsiete, badbakhtsient
Conditional: badbakhtiem, badbakhties, badbakhtiet, badbakhtiem(o)s, yu badbakhtiete, badbakhtient
Prev participe: badbakht / badbakhten bagher > Infinitive: bagher
Present: io bagher, baghers, baghert, bagherms, yu baghert, baghernt
Preterit: bieghrim, bieghrist, bieghrit, biegh(e)ram, biegh(e)rat, biegh(e)reer
Future tid: baghersiem, baghersies, baghersiet, baghersiem(o)s, yu baghersiete, baghersient
Conditional: bagheriem, bagheries, bagheriet, bagheriem(o)s, yu bagheriete, bagherient
Prev participe: baghert / baghern bah > Infinitive: bahe
Present: bahm, bahs, baht, bahm(o)s, yu baht(e), bahnt
Preterit: bahsim, bahst(a), bahsit, bahsam, bahsat, bahr
Future tid: bahsiem, bahsies, bahsiet, bahsiem(o)s, yu bahsiete, bahsient
Conditional: bahiem, bahies, bahiet, bahiem(o)s, yu bahiete, bahient
Prev participe: baht / bahn balahen > Infinitive: balahnes
Present: balahno, balahens, balahent, balahnm(o)s, yu balahent(e), balahne(nt)
Preterit: balahsim, balahst(a), balahsit, balahsam, balahsat, balahr
Future tid: balahensiem, balahensies, balahensiet, balahensiem(o)s, yu balahensiete, balahensient
Conditional: balahniem, balahnies, balahniet, balahniem(o)s, yu balahniete, balahnient
Prev participe: balaht / balahn balbal > Infinitive: balbale
Present: balbalo, balbals, balbalt, balbalm(o)s, yu balbalt(e), balbale(nt)
Preterit: balbielim, balbiel(i)st(a), balbielit, balbielam, balbielat, balbieleer
Future tid: balbalsiem, balbalsies, balbalsiet, balbalsiem(o)s, yu balbalsiete, balbalsient
Conditional: balbaliem, balbalies, balbaliet, balbaliem(o)s, yu balbaliete, balbalient
Prev participe: balbalt / balbalen balbat > Infinitive: balbate
Present: balbato, balbats, balbat, balbatm(o)s, yu balbate, balbate(nt)
Preterit: balbietim, balbiet(i)st(a), balbietit, balbietam, balbietat, balbieteer
Future tid: balbatsiem, balbatsies, balbatsiet, balbatsiem(o)s, yu balbatsiete, balbatsient
Conditional: balbatiem, balbaties, balbatiet, balbatiem(o)s, yu balbatiete, balbatient
Prev participe: balbat / balbaten balbel > Infinitive: balbel
Present: io balbel, balbels, balbelt, balbelms, yu balbelt, balbelnt
Preterit: bielblim, bielblist, bielblit, bielb(e)lam, bielb(e)lat, bielb(e)leer
Future tid: balbelsiem, balbelsies, balbelsiet, balbelsiem(o)s, yu balbelsiete, balbelsient
Conditional: balbeliem, balbelies, balbeliet, balbeliem(o)s, yu balbeliete, balbelient
Prev participe: balbelt / balbeln balgh > Infinitive: balghe
Present: balgho, balghs, balght, balghm(o)s, yu balght(e), balghe(nt)
Preterit: bielghim, bielgh(i)st(a), bielghit, bielgham, bielghat, bielgheer
Future tid: balghsiem, balghsies, balghsiet, balghsiem(o)s, yu balghsiete, balghsient
Conditional: balghiem, balghies, balghiet, balghiem(o)s, yu balghiete, balghient
Prev participe: balght / balghen balnye > Infinitive: balnye
Present: io balnye, balnyes, balnyet, balnyems, yu balnyet(e), balnyent
Preterit: balnyim, balnyist(a), balnyit, balnyam, balnyat, balnyeer
Future tid: balnyesiem, balnyesies, balnyesiet, balnyesiem(o)s, yu balnyesiete, balnyesient
Conditional: balnyiem, balnyies, balnyiet, balnyiem(o)s, yu balnyiete, balnyient
Prev participe: balnyet / balnyen balstehm > Infinitive: balstehme
Present: balstehmo, balstehms, balstehmt, balstehmm(o)s, yu balstehmt(e), balstehme(nt)
Preterit: balstohmim, balstohm(i)st(a), balstohmit, balstohmam, balstohmat, balstohmeer
Future tid: balstehmsiem, balstehmsies, balstehmsiet, balstehmsiem(o)s, yu balstehmsiete, balstehmsient
Conditional: balstehmiem, balstehmies, balstehmiet, balstehmiem(o)s, yu balstehmiete, balstehmient
Prev participe: balstohmt / balstohmen ban > Infinitive: bane
Present: bano, bans, bant, banm(o)s, yu bant(e), bane(nt)
Preterit: bienim, bien(i)st(a), bienit, bienam, bienat, bieneer
Future tid: bansiem, bansies, bansiet, bansiem(o)s, yu bansiete, bansient
Conditional: baniem, banies, baniet, baniem(o)s, yu baniete, banient
Prev participe: bant / banen bander > Infinitive: bander
Present: io bander, banders, bandert, banderms, yu bandert, bandernt
Preterit: biendrim, biendrist, biendrit, biend(e)ram, biend(e)rat, biend(e)reer
Future tid: bandersiem, bandersies, bandersiet, bandersiem(o)s, yu bandersiete, bandersient
Conditional: banderiem, banderies, banderiet, banderiem(o)s, yu banderiete, banderient
Prev participe: bandert / bandern bankrott > Infinitive: bankrotte
Present: bankrotto, bankrotts, bankrott, bankrottm(o)s, yu bankrotte, bankrotte(nt)
Preterit: bankrossim, bankross(i)st(a), bankrossit, bankrossam, bankrossat, bankrosseer
Future tid: bankrottsiem, bankrottsies, bankrottsiet, bankrottsiem(o)s, yu bankrottsiete, bankrottsient
Conditional: bankrottiem, bankrotties, bankrottiet, bankrottiem(o)s, yu bankrottiete, bankrottient
Prev participe: bankross / bankrotten baptise > Infinitive: baptise
Present: io baptise, baptises, baptiset, baptisems, yu baptiset(e), baptisent
Preterit: baptisim, baptisist(a), baptisit, baptisam, baptisat, baptiseer
Future tid: baptisesiem, baptisesies, baptisesiet, baptisesiem(o)s, yu baptisesiete, baptisesient
Conditional: baptisiem, baptisies, baptisiet, baptisiem(o)s, yu baptisiete, baptisient
Prev participe: baptiset / baptisen bar > Infinitive: bare
Present: baro, bars, bart, barm(o)s, yu bart(e), bare(nt)
Preterit: bierim, bier(i)st(a), bierit, bieram, bierat, biereer
Future tid: barsiem, barsies, barsiet, barsiem(o)s, yu barsiete, barsient
Conditional: bariem, baries, bariet, bariem(o)s, yu bariete, barient
Prev participe: bart / baren barcasse > Infinitive: barcasse
Present: io barcasse, barcasses, barcasset, barcassems, yu barcasset(e), barcassent
Preterit: barcassim, barcassist(a), barcassit, barcassam, barcassat, barcasseer
Future tid: barcassesiem, barcassesies, barcassesiet, barcassesiem(o)s, yu barcassesiete, barcassesient
Conditional: barcassiem, barcassies, barcassiet, barcassiem(o)s, yu barcassiete, barcassient
Prev participe: barcasset / barcassen bardak > Infinitive: bardake
Present: bardako, bardacs, bardact, bardakm(o)s, yu bardact(e), bardake(nt)
Preterit: bardiekim, bardiek(i)st(a), bardiekit, bardiekam, bardiekat, bardiekeer
Future tid: bardacsiem, bardacsies, bardacsiet, bardacsiem(o)s, yu bardacsiete, bardacsient
Conditional: bardakiem, bardakies, bardakiet, bardakiem(o)s, yu bardakiete, bardakient
Prev participe: bardact / bardaken baride > Infinitive: baride
Present: io baride, barides, baridet, baridems, yu baridet(e), barident
Preterit: baridim, baridist(a), baridit, baridam, baridat, barideer
Future tid: baridesiem, baridesies, baridesiet, baridesiem(o)s, yu baridesiete, baridesient
Conditional: baridiem, baridies, baridiet, baridiem(o)s, yu baridiete, baridient
Prev participe: baridet / bariden barricade > Infinitive: barricade
Present: io barricade, barricades, barricadet, barricadems, yu barricadet(e), barricadent
Preterit: barricadim, barricadist(a), barricadit, barricadam, barricadat, barricadeer
Future tid: barricadesiem, barricadesies, barricadesiet, barricadesiem(o)s, yu barricadesiete, barricadesient
Conditional: barricadiem, barricadies, barricadiet, barricadiem(o)s, yu barricadiete, barricadient
Prev participe: barricadet / barricaden barrier > Infinitive: barriere
Present: barriero, barriers, barriert, barrierm(o)s, yu barriert(e), barriere(nt)
Preterit: barrierim, barrier(i)st(a), barrierit, barrieram, barrierat, barriereer
Future tid: barriersiem, barriersies, barriersiet, barriersiem(o)s, yu barriersiete, barriersient
Conditional: barrieriem, barrieries, barrieriet, barrieriem(o)s, yu barrieriete, barrierient
Prev participe: barriert / barrieren bassin > Infinitive: bassine
Present: bassino, bassins, bassint, bassinm(o)s, yu bassint(e), bassine(nt)
Preterit: bassinim, bassin(i)st(a), bassinit, bassinam, bassinat, bassineer
Future tid: bassinsiem, bassinsies, bassinsiet, bassinsiem(o)s, yu bassinsiete, bassinsient
Conditional: bassiniem, bassinies, bassiniet, bassiniem(o)s, yu bassiniete, bassinient
Prev participe: bassint / bassinen baste > Infinitive: baste
Present: io baste, bastes, bastet, bastems, yu bastet(e), bastent
Preterit: bastim, bastist(a), bastit, bastam, bastat, basteer
Future tid: bastesiem, bastesies, bastesiet, bastesiem(o)s, yu bastesiete, bastesient
Conditional: bastiem, basties, bastiet, bastiem(o)s, yu bastiete, bastient
Prev participe: bastet / basten bastye > Infinitive: bastye
Present: io bastye, bastyes, bastyet, bastyems, yu bastyet(e), bastyent
Preterit: bastyim, bastyist(a), bastyit, bastyam, bastyat, bastyeer
Future tid: bastyesiem, bastyesies, bastyesiet, bastyesiem(o)s, yu bastyesiete, bastyesient
Conditional: bastyiem, bastyies, bastyiet, bastyiem(o)s, yu bastyiete, bastyient
Prev participe: bastyet / bastyen bat > Infinitive: bate
Present: bato, bats, bat, batm(o)s, yu bate, bate(nt)
Preterit: bietim, biet(i)st(a), bietit, bietam, bietat, bieteer
Future tid: batsiem, batsies, batsiet, batsiem(o)s, yu batsiete, batsient
Conditional: batiem, baties, batiet, batiem(o)s, yu batiete, batient
Prev participe: bat / baten bater > Infinitive: bater
Present: io bater, baters, batert, baterms, yu batert, baternt
Preterit: bietrim, bietrist, bietrit, biet(e)ram, biet(e)rat, biet(e)reer
Future tid: batersiem, batersies, batersiet, batersiem(o)s, yu batersiete, batersient
Conditional: bateriem, bateries, bateriet, bateriem(o)s, yu bateriete, baterient
Prev participe: batert / batern bau > Infinitive: baue
Present: baum, baus, baut, baum(o)s, yu baut(e), baunt
Preterit: bieusim, bieust(a), bieusit, bieam, bieat, bieur
Future tid: bausiem, bausies, bausiet, bausiem(o)s, yu bausiete, bausient
Conditional: baiem, baies, baiet, baiem(o)s, yu baiete, baient
Prev participe: baut / baun bauk > Infinitive: bauke
Present: bauko, baucs, bauct, baukm(o)s, yu bauct(e), bauke(nt)
Preterit: baukim, bauk(i)st(a), baukit, baukam, baukat, baukeer
Future tid: baucsiem, baucsies, baucsiet, baucsiem(o)s, yu baucsiete, baucsient
Conditional: baukiem, baukies, baukiet, baukiem(o)s, yu baukiete, baukient
Prev participe: bauct / bauken baur > Infinitive: baure
Present: bauro, baurs, baurt, baurm(o)s, yu baurt(e), baure(nt)
Preterit: baurim, baur(i)st(a), baurit, bauram, baurat, baureer
Future tid: baursiem, baursies, baursiet, baursiem(o)s, yu baursiete, baursient
Conditional: bauriem, bauries, bauriet, bauriem(o)s, yu bauriete, baurient
Prev participe: baurt / bauren bave > Infinitive: bave
Present: io bave, baves, bavet, bavems, yu bavet(e), bavent
Preterit: bavim, bavist(a), bavit, bavam, bavat, baveer
Future tid: bavesiem, bavesies, bavesiet, bavesiem(o)s, yu bavesiete, bavesient
Conditional: baviem, bavies, baviet, baviem(o)s, yu baviete, bavient
Prev participe: bavet / baven bay > Infinitive: baye
Present: baym, bays, bayt, baym(o)s, yu bayt(e), baynt
Preterit: bieyim, bieyst(a), bieyit, bieyam, bieyat, bieyeer
Future tid: baysiem, baysies, baysiet, baysiem(o)s, yu baysiete, baysient
Conditional: bayiem, bayies, bayiet, bayiem(o)s, yu bayiete, bayient
Prev participe: bayt / bayen bayaldisse > Infinitive: bayaldisse
Present: io bayaldisse, bayaldisses, bayaldisset, bayaldissems, yu bayaldisset(e), bayaldissent
Preterit: bayaldissim, bayaldissist(a), bayaldissit, bayaldissam, bayaldissat, bayaldisseer
Future tid: bayaldissesiem, bayaldissesies, bayaldissesiet, bayaldissesiem(o)s, yu bayaldissesiete, bayaldissesient
Conditional: bayaldissiem, bayaldissies, bayaldissiet, bayaldissiem(o)s, yu bayaldissiete, bayaldissient
Prev participe: bayaldisset / bayaldissen bayan > Infinitive: bayane
Present: bayano, bayans, bayant, bayanm(o)s, yu bayant(e), bayane(nt)
Preterit: bayienim, bayien(i)st(a), bayienit, bayienam, bayienat, bayieneer
Future tid: bayansiem, bayansies, bayansiet, bayansiem(o)s, yu bayansiete, bayansient
Conditional: bayaniem, bayanies, bayaniet, bayaniem(o)s, yu bayaniete, bayanient
Prev participe: bayant / bayanen baygh > Infinitive: bayghe
Present: baygho, bayghs, bayght, bayghm(o)s, yu bayght(e), bayghe(nt)
Preterit: bieyghim, bieygh(i)st(a), bieyghit, bieygham, bieyghat, bieygheer
Future tid: bayghsiem, bayghsies, bayghsiet, bayghsiem(o)s, yu bayghsiete, bayghsient
Conditional: bayghiem, bayghies, bayghiet, bayghiem(o)s, yu bayghiete, bayghient
Prev participe: bayght / bayghen baytel > Infinitive: baytel
Present: io baytel, baytels, baytelt, baytelms, yu baytelt, baytelnt
Preterit: bieytlim, bieytlist, bieytlit, bieyt(e)lam, bieyt(e)lat, bieyt(e)leer
Future tid: baytelsiem, baytelsies, baytelsiet, baytelsiem(o)s, yu baytelsiete, baytelsient
Conditional: bayteliem, baytelies, bayteliet, bayteliem(o)s, yu bayteliete, baytelient
Prev participe: baytelt / bayteln beangst > Infinitive: beangste
Present: beangsto, beangsts, beangst, beangstm(o)s, yu beangste, beangste(nt)
Preterit: beiengstim, beiengst(i)st(a), beiengstit, beiengstam, beiengstat, beiengsteer
Future tid: siem beangste, sies beangste, siet beangste, siem(o)s beangste, yu siete beangste, sient beangste
Conditional: beangstiem, beangsties, beangstiet, beangstiem(o)s, yu beangstiete, beangstient
Prev participe: beangst / beangsten becep > Infinitive: becepe
Present: becepo, beceps, becept, becepm(o)s, yu becept(e), becepe(nt)
Preterit: becepim, becep(i)st(a), becepit, becepam, becepat, becepeer
Future tid: becepsiem, becepsies, becepsiet, becepsiem(o)s, yu becepsiete, becepsient
Conditional: becepiem, becepies, becepiet, becepiem(o)s, yu becepiete, becepient
Prev participe: becept / becepen bedars > Infinitive: bedarse
Present: bedarso, bedars, bedarst, bedarsm(o)s, yu bedarst(e), bedarse(nt)
Preterit: bediersim, bediers(i)st(a), bediersit, bediersam, bediersat, bedierseer
Future tid: siem bedarse, sies bedarse, siet bedarse, siem(o)s bedarse, yu siete bedarse, sient bedarse
Conditional: bedarsiem, bedarsies, bedarsiet, bedarsiem(o)s, yu bedarsiete, bedarsient
Prev participe: bedarst / bedarsen bedeh > Infinitive: bedehe
Present: bedehm, bedehs, bedeht, bedehm(o)s, yu bedeht(e), bedehnt
Preterit: bedehsim, bedehst(a), bedehsit, bedehsam, bedehsat, bedehr
Future tid: bedehsiem, bedehsies, bedehsiet, bedehsiem(o)s, yu bedehsiete, bedehsient
Conditional: bedehiem, bedehies, bedehiet, bedehiem(o)s, yu bedehiete, bedehient
Prev participe: bedeht / bedehn bedehlv > Infinitive: bedehlve
Present: bedehlvo, bedehlfs, bedehlft, bedehlvm(o)s, yu bedehlft(e), bedehlve(nt)
Preterit: bedohlvim, bedohlv(i)st(a), bedohlvit, bedohlvam, bedohlvat, bedohlveer
Future tid: bedehlfsiem, bedehlfsies, bedehlfsiet, bedehlfsiem(o)s, yu bedehlfsiete, bedehlfsient
Conditional: bedehlviem, bedehlvies, bedehlviet, bedehlviem(o)s, yu bedehlviete, bedehlvient
Prev participe: bedohlft / bedohlven bedeik > Infinitive: bedikes
Present: bedeiko, bedeics, bedeict, bedeikm(o)s, yu bedeict(e), bedeike(nt)
Preterit: bedikim, bedik(i)st(a), bedikit, bedikam, bedikat, bedikeer
Future tid: bedeicsiem, bedeicsies, bedeicsiet, bedeicsiem(o)s, yu bedeicsiete, bedeicsient
Conditional: bedeikiem, bedeikies, bedeikiet, bedeikiem(o)s, yu bedeikiete, bedeikient
Prev participe: bedict / bediken bedeum > Infinitive: bedumes
Present: bedeumo, bedeums, bedeumt, bedeumm(o)s, yu bedeumt(e), bedeume(nt)
Preterit: bedumim, bedum(i)st(a), bedumit, bedumam, bedumat, bedumeer
Future tid: bedeumsiem, bedeumsies, bedeumsiet, bedeumsiem(o)s, yu bedeumsiete, bedeumsient
Conditional: bedeumiem, bedeumies, bedeumiet, bedeumiem(o)s, yu bedeumiete, bedeumient
Prev participe: bedumt / bedumen bediew > Infinitive: bediewe
Present: bediewo, bediews, bediewt, bediewm(o)s, yu bediewt(e), bediewnt
Preterit: bediewim, bediewst(a), bediewit, bediewam, bediewat, bedieweer
Future tid: bediewsiem, bediewsies, bediewsiet, bediewsiem(o)s, yu bediewsiete, bediewsient
Conditional: bediewiem, bediewies, bediewiet, bediewiem(o)s, yu bediewiete, bediewient
Prev participe: bediewt / bediewen bediewn > Infinitive: bediewne
Present: bediewno, bediewns, bediewnt, bediewnm(o)s, yu bediewnt(e), bediewne(nt)
Preterit: bediewnim, bediewn(i)st(a), bediewnit, bediewnam, bediewnat, bediewneer
Future tid: bediewnsiem, bediewnsies, bediewnsiet, bediewnsiem(o)s, yu bediewnsiete, bediewnsient
Conditional: bediewniem, bediewnies, bediewniet, bediewniem(o)s, yu bediewniete, bediewnient
Prev participe: bediewnt / bediewnen bediewt > Infinitive: bediewte
Present: bediewto, bediewts, bediewt, bediewtm(o)s, yu bediewte, bediewte(nt)
Preterit: bediewtim, bediewt(i)st(a), bediewtit, bediewtam, bediewtat, bediewteer
Future tid: bediewtsiem, bediewtsies, bediewtsiet, bediewtsiem(o)s, yu bediewtsiete, bediewtsient
Conditional: bediewtiem, bediewties, bediewtiet, bediewtiem(o)s, yu bediewtiete, bediewtient
Prev participe: bediewt / bediewten bedreugh > Infinitive: bedrughes
Present: bedreugho, bedreughs, bedreught, bedreughm(o)s, yu bedreught(e), bedreughe(nt)
Preterit: bedrughim, bedrugh(i)st(a), bedrughit, bedrugham, bedrughat, bedrugheer
Future tid: bedreughsiem, bedreughsies, bedreughsiet, bedreughsiem(o)s, yu bedreughsiete, bedreughsient
Conditional: bedreughiem, bedreughies, bedreughiet, bedreughiem(o)s, yu bedreughiete, bedreughient
Prev participe: bedrught / bedrughen bedwoi > Infinitive: bedwoie
Present: bedwoim, bedwois, bedwoit, bedwoim(o)s, yu bedwoit(e), bedwoint
Preterit: bedwoisim, bedwoist(a), bedwoisit, bedwoam, bedwoat, bedwoir
Future tid: bedwoisiem, bedwoisies, bedwoisiet, bedwoisiem(o)s, yu bedwoisiete, bedwoisient
Conditional: bedwoiem, bedwoies, bedwoiet, bedwoiem(o)s, yu bedwoiete, bedwoient
Prev participe: bedwoit / bedwoin bedyehrc > Infinitive: bedyehrce
Present: bedyehrco, bedyehrcs, bedyehrct, bedyehrcm(o)s, yu bedyehrct(e), bedyehrce(nt)
Preterit: bedyohrcim, bedyohrc(i)st(a), bedyohrcit, bedyohrcam, bedyohrcat, bedyohrceer
Future tid: bedyehrcsiem, bedyehrcsies, bedyehrcsiet, bedyehrcsiem(o)s, yu bedyehrcsiete, bedyehrcsient
Conditional: bedyehrciem, bedyehrcies, bedyehrciet, bedyehrciem(o)s, yu bedyehrciete, bedyehrcient
Prev participe: bedyohrct / bedyohrcen befarm > Infinitive: befarme
Present: befarmo, befarms, befarmt, befarmm(o)s, yu befarmt(e), befarme(nt)
Preterit: befiermim, befierm(i)st(a), befiermit, befiermam, befiermat, befiermeer
Future tid: befarmsiem, befarmsies, befarmsiet, befarmsiem(o)s, yu befarmsiete, befarmsient
Conditional: befarmiem, befarmies, befarmiet, befarmiem(o)s, yu befarmiete, befarmient
Prev participe: befarmt / befarmen befehkht > Infinitive: befehkhte
Present: befehkhto, befehkhts, befehkht, befehkhtm(o)s, yu befehkhte, befehkhte(nt)
Preterit: befohkhtim, befohkht(i)st(a), befohkhtit, befohkhtam, befohkhtat, befohkhteer
Future tid: befehkhtsiem, befehkhtsies, befehkhtsiet, befehkhtsiem(o)s, yu befehkhtsiete, befehkhtsient
Conditional: befehkhtiem, befehkhties, befehkhtiet, befehkhtiem(o)s, yu befehkhtiete, befehkhtient
Prev participe: befohkht / befohkhten beflag > Infinitive: beflage
Present: beflago, beflacs, beflact, beflagm(o)s, yu beflact(e), beflage(nt)
Preterit: befliegim, beflieg(i)st(a), befliegit, befliegam, befliegat, befliegeer
Future tid: beflacsiem, beflacsies, beflacsiet, beflacsiem(o)s, yu beflacsiete, beflacsient
Conditional: beflagiem, beflagies, beflagiet, beflagiem(o)s, yu beflagiete, beflagient
Prev participe: beflact / beflagen befolk > Infinitive: befolke
Present: befolko, befolcs, befolct, befolkm(o)s, yu befolct(e), befolke(nt)
Preterit: befolkim, befolk(i)st(a), befolkit, befolkam, befolkat, befolkeer
Future tid: befolcsiem, befolcsies, befolcsiet, befolcsiem(o)s, yu befolcsiete, befolcsient
Conditional: befolkiem, befolkies, befolkiet, befolkiem(o)s, yu befolkiete, befolkient
Prev participe: befolct / befolken befrect > Infinitive: befrecte
Present: befrecto, befrects, befrect, befrectm(o)s, yu befrecte, befrecte(nt)
Preterit: befrexim, befrex(i)st(a), befrexit, befrexam, befrexat, befrexeer
Future tid: befrectsiem, befrectsies, befrectsiet, befrectsiem(o)s, yu befrectsiete, befrectsient
Conditional: befrectiem, befrecties, befrectiet, befrectiem(o)s, yu befrectiete, befrectient
Prev participe: befrex / befrecten begeir > Infinitive: begires
Present: begeiro, begeirs, begeirt, begeirm(o)s, yu begeirt(e), begeire(nt)
Preterit: begirim, begir(i)st(a), begirit, begiram, begirat, begireer
Future tid: begeirsiem, begeirsies, begeirsiet, begeirsiem(o)s, yu begeirsiete, begeirsient
Conditional: begeiriem, begeiries, begeiriet, begeiriem(o)s, yu begeiriete, begeirient
Prev participe: begirt / begiren beghab > Infinitive: beghabe
Present: beghabo, beghaps, beghapt, beghabm(o)s, yu beghapt(e), beghabe(nt)
Preterit: beghiebim, beghieb(i)st(a), beghiebit, beghiebam, beghiebat, beghiebeer
Future tid: beghapsiem, beghapsies, beghapsiet, beghapsiem(o)s, yu beghapsiete, beghapsient
Conditional: beghabiem, beghabies, beghabiet, beghabiem(o)s, yu beghabiete, beghabient
Prev participe: beghapt / beghaben beghseih > Infinitive: beghsihes
Present: beghseihm, beghseihs, beghseiht, beghseihm(o)s, yu beghseiht(e), beghseihnt
Preterit: beghsihsim, beghsihst(a), beghsihsit, beghsihsam, beghsihsat, beghsihr
Future tid: beghseihsiem, beghseihsies, beghseihsiet, beghseihsiem(o)s, yu beghseihsiete, beghseihsient
Conditional: beghseihiem, beghseihies, beghseihiet, beghseihiem(o)s, yu beghseihiete, beghseihient
Prev participe: beghsiht / beghsihn begold > Infinitive: begolde
Present: begoldo, begolds, begoldt, begoldm(o)s, yu begoldt(e), begolde(nt)
Preterit: begolsim, begols(i)st(a), begolsit, begolsam, begolsat, begolseer
Future tid: begoldsiem, begoldsies, begoldsiet, begoldsiem(o)s, yu begoldsiete, begoldsient
Conditional: begoldiem, begoldies, begoldiet, begoldiem(o)s, yu begoldiete, begoldient
Prev participe: begols / begolden begrabh > Infinitive: begrabhe
Present: begrabho, begrabhs, begrabht, begrabhm(o)s, yu begrabht(e), begrabhe(nt)
Preterit: begriebhim, begriebh(i)st(a), begriebhit, begriebham, begriebhat, begriebheer
Future tid: begrabhsiem, begrabhsies, begrabhsiet, begrabhsiem(o)s, yu begrabhsiete, begrabhsient
Conditional: begrabhiem, begrabhies, begrabhiet, begrabhiem(o)s, yu begrabhiete, begrabhient
Prev participe: begrabht / begrabhen begrance > Infinitive: begrance
Present: io begrance, begrances, begrancet, begrancems, yu begrancet(e), begrancent
Preterit: begrancim, begrancist(a), begrancit, begranceam, begranceat, begranceer
Future tid: begrancesiem, begrancesies, begrancesiet, begrancesiem(o)s, yu begrancesiete, begrancesient
Conditional: begranciem, begrancies, begranciet, begranciem(o)s, yu begranciete, begrancient
Prev participe: begrancet / begrancen begrund > Infinitive: begrunde
Present: begrundo, begrunds, begrundt, begrundm(o)s, yu begrundt(e), begrunde(nt)
Preterit: begrunsim, begruns(i)st(a), begrunsit, begrunsam, begrunsat, begrunseer
Future tid: begrundsiem, begrundsies, begrundsiet, begrundsiem(o)s, yu begrundsiete, begrundsient
Conditional: begrundiem, begrundies, begrundiet, begrundiem(o)s, yu begrundiete, begrundient
Prev participe: begruns / begrunden begwah > Infinitive: begwahe
Present: begwahm, begwahs, begwaht, begwahm(o)s, yu begwaht(e), begwahnt
Preterit: begwahsim, begwahst(a), begwahsit, begwahsam, begwahsat, begwahr
Future tid: begwahsiem, begwahsies, begwahsiet, begwahsiem(o)s, yu begwahsiete, begwahsient
Conditional: begwahiem, begwahies, begwahiet, begwahiem(o)s, yu begwahiete, begwahient
Prev participe: begwaht / begwahn behand > Infinitive: behande
Present: behando, behands, behandt, behandm(o)s, yu behandt(e), behande(nt)
Preterit: behiendim, behiend(i)st(a), behiendit, behiendam, behiendat, behiendeer
Future tid: behandsiem, behandsies, behandsiet, behandsiem(o)s, yu behandsiete, behandsient
Conditional: behandiem, behandies, behandiet, behandiem(o)s, yu behandiete, behandient
Prev participe: behans / behanden behandeih > Infinitive: behandihes
Present: behandeihm, behandeihs, behandeiht, behandeihm(o)s, yu behandeiht(e), behandeihnt
Preterit: behandihsim, behandihst(a), behandihsit, behandihsam, behandihsat, behandihr
Future tid: behandeihsiem, behandeihsies, behandeihsiet, behandeihsiem(o)s, yu behandeihsiete, behandeihsient
Conditional: behandeihiem, behandeihies, behandeihiet, behandeihiem(o)s, yu behandeihiete, behandeihient
Prev participe: behandiht / behandihn behandet > Infinitive: behandete
Present: behandeto, behandets, behandet, behandetm(o)s, yu behandete, behandete(nt)
Preterit: behiendetim, behiendet(i)st(a), behiendetit, behiendetam, behiendetat, behiendeteer
Future tid: behandetsiem, behandetsies, behandetsiet, behandetsiem(o)s, yu behandetsiete, behandetsient
Conditional: behandetiem, behandeties, behandetiet, behandetiem(o)s, yu behandetiete, behandetient
Prev participe: behandet / behandeten behd > Infinitive: behde
Present: behdo, behds, behdt, behdm(o)s, yu behdt(e), behde(nt)
Preterit: bohdim, bohd(i)st(a), bohdit, bohdam, bohdat, bohdeer
Future tid: behdsiem, behdsies, behdsiet, behdsiem(o)s, yu behdsiete, behdsient
Conditional: behdiem, behdies, behdiet, behdiem(o)s, yu behdiete, behdient
Prev participe: bohdt / bohden beheme > Infinitive: beheme
Present: io beheme, behemes, behemet, behemems, yu behemet(e), behement
Preterit: behemim, behemist(a), behemit, behemam, behemat, behemeer
Future tid: behemesiem, behemesies, behemesiet, behemesiem(o)s, yu behemesiete, behemesient
Conditional: behemiem, behemies, behemiet, behemiem(o)s, yu behemiete, behemient
Prev participe: behemet / behemen behlgh > Infinitive: behlghe
Present: behlgho, behlghs, behlght, behlghm(o)s, yu behlght(e), behlghe(nt)
Preterit: bohlghim, bohlgh(i)st(a), bohlghit, bohlgham, bohlghat, bohlgheer
Future tid: behlghsiem, behlghsies, behlghsiet, behlghsiem(o)s, yu behlghsiete, behlghsient
Conditional: behlghiem, behlghies, behlghiet, behlghiem(o)s, yu behlghiete, behlghient
Prev participe: bohlght / bohlghen behnd > Infinitive: behnde
Present: behndo, behnds, behndt, behndm(o)s, yu behndt(e), behnde(nt)
Preterit: bohndim, bohnd(i)st(a), bohndit, bohndam, bohndat, bohndeer
Future tid: behndsiem, behndsies, behndsiet, behndsiem(o)s, yu behndsiete, behndsient
Conditional: behndiem, behndies, behndiet, behndiem(o)s, yu behndiete, behndient
Prev participe: bohndt / bohnden behng > Infinitive: behnge
Present: behngo, behncs, behnct, behngm(o)s, yu behnct(e), behnge(nt)
Preterit: bohngim, bohng(i)st(a), bohngit, bohngam, bohngat, bohngeer
Future tid: behncsiem, behncsies, behncsiet, behncsiem(o)s, yu behncsiete, behncsient
Conditional: behngiem, behngies, behngiet, behngiem(o)s, yu behngiete, behngient
Prev participe: bohnct / bohngen behr > Infinitive: behre
Present: behro, behrs, behrt, behrm(o)s, yu behrt(e), behre(nt)
Preterit: bohrim, bohr(i)st(a), bohrit, bohram, bohrat, bohreer
Future tid: behrsiem, behrsies, behrsiet, behrsiem(o)s, yu behrsiete, behrsient
Conditional: behriem, behries, behriet, behriem(o)s, yu behriete, behrient
Prev participe: bohrt / bohren behrd > Infinitive: behrde
Present: behrdo, behrds, behrdt, behrdm(o)s, yu behrdt(e), behrde(nt)
Preterit: bohrdim, bohrd(i)st(a), bohrdit, bohrdam, bohrdat, bohrdeer
Future tid: behrdsiem, behrdsies, behrdsiet, behrdsiem(o)s, yu behrdsiete, behrdsient
Conditional: behrdiem, behrdies, behrdiet, behrdiem(o)s, yu behrdiete, behrdient
Prev participe: bohrdt / bohrden behrg > Infinitive: behrge
Present: behrgo, behrcs, behrct, behrgm(o)s, yu behrct(e), behrge(nt)
Preterit: bohrgim, bohrg(i)st(a), bohrgit, bohrgam, bohrgat, bohrgeer
Future tid: behrcsiem, behrcsies, behrcsiet, behrcsiem(o)s, yu behrcsiete, behrcsient
Conditional: behrgiem, behrgies, behrgiet, behrgiem(o)s, yu behrgiete, behrgient
Prev participe: bohrct / bohrgen behrnteih > Infinitive: behrntihes
Present: behrnteihm, behrnteihs, behrnteiht, behrnteihm(o)s, yu behrnteiht(e), behrnteihnt
Preterit: behrntihsim, behrntihst(a), behrntihsit, behrntihsam, behrntihsat, behrntihr
Future tid: behrnteihsiem, behrnteihsies, behrnteihsiet, behrnteihsiem(o)s, yu behrnteihsiete, behrnteihsient
Conditional: behrnteihiem, behrnteihies, behrnteihiet, behrnteihiem(o)s, yu behrnteihiete, behrnteihient
Prev participe: behrntiht / behrntihn beich > Infinitive: biches
Present: beicho, beichs, beicht, beichm(o)s, yu beicht(e), beiche(nt)
Preterit: bichim, bich(i)st(a), bichit, bicham, bichat, bicheer
Future tid: beichsiem, beichsies, beichsiet, beichsiem(o)s, yu beichsiete, beichsient
Conditional: beichiem, beichies, beichiet, beichiem(o)s, yu beichiete, beichient
Prev participe: bicht / bichen beid > Infinitive: bides
Present: beido, beids, beidt, beidm(o)s, yu beidt(e), beide(nt)
Preterit: bidim, bid(i)st(a), bidit, bidam, bidat, bideer
Future tid: beidsiem, beidsies, beidsiet, beidsiem(o)s, yu beidsiete, beidsient
Conditional: beidiem, beidies, beidiet, beidiem(o)s, yu beidiete, beidient
Prev participe: bidt / biden beir > Infinitive: bires
Present: beiro, beirs, beirt, beirm(o)s, yu beirt(e), beire(nt)
Preterit: birim, bir(i)st(a), birit, biram, birat, bireer
Future tid: beirsiem, beirsies, beirsiet, beirsiem(o)s, yu beirsiete, beirsient
Conditional: beiriem, beiries, beiriet, beiriem(o)s, yu beiriete, beirient
Prev participe: birt / biren bekabel > Infinitive: bekabel
Present: io bekabel, bekabels, bekabelt, bekabelms, yu bekabelt, bekabelnt
Preterit: bekieblim, bekieblist, bekieblit, bekieb(e)lam, bekieb(e)lat, bekieb(e)leer
Future tid: bekabelsiem, bekabelsies, bekabelsiet, bekabelsiem(o)s, yu bekabelsiete, bekabelsient
Conditional: bekabeliem, bekabelies, bekabeliet, bekabeliem(o)s, yu bekabeliete, bekabelient
Prev participe: bekabelt / bekabeln bekalch > Infinitive: bekalche
Present: bekalcho, bekalchs, bekalcht, bekalchm(o)s, yu bekalcht(e), bekalche(nt)
Preterit: bekielchim, bekielch(i)st(a), bekielchit, bekielcham, bekielchat, bekielcheer
Future tid: bekalchsiem, bekalchsies, bekalchsiet, bekalchsiem(o)s, yu bekalchsiete, bekalchsient
Conditional: bekalchiem, bekalchies, bekalchiet, bekalchiem(o)s, yu bekalchiete, bekalchient
Prev participe: bekalcht / bekalchen bekeip > Infinitive: bekipes
Present: bekeipo, bekeips, bekeipt, bekeipm(o)s, yu bekeipt(e), bekeipe(nt)
Preterit: bekipim, bekip(i)st(a), bekipit, bekipam, bekipat, bekipeer
Future tid: bekeipsiem, bekeipsies, bekeipsiet, bekeipsiem(o)s, yu bekeipsiete, bekeipsient
Conditional: bekeipiem, bekeipies, bekeipiet, bekeipiem(o)s, yu bekeipiete, bekeipient
Prev participe: bekipt / bekipen beklad > Infinitive: beklade
Present: beklado, beklads, bekladt, bekladm(o)s, yu bekladt(e), beklade(nt)
Preterit: bekliedim, beklied(i)st(a), bekliedit, bekliedam, bekliedat, bekliedeer
Future tid: bekladsiem, bekladsies, bekladsiet, bekladsiem(o)s, yu bekladsiete, bekladsient
Conditional: bekladiem, bekladies, bekladiet, bekladiem(o)s, yu bekladiete, bekladient
Prev participe: beklas / bekladen bekmehen > Infinitive: bekmehnes
Present: bekmehno, bekmehens, bekmehent, bekmehnm(o)s, yu bekmehent(e), bekmehne(nt)
Preterit: bekmehsim, bekmehst(a), bekmehsit, bekmehsam, bekmehsat, bekmehr
Future tid: bekmehensiem, bekmehensies, bekmehensiet, bekmehensiem(o)s, yu bekmehensiete, bekmehensient
Conditional: bekmehniem, bekmehnies, bekmehniet, bekmehniem(o)s, yu bekmehniete, bekmehnient
Prev participe: bekmeht / bekmehn belagher > Infinitive: belagher
Present: io belagher, belaghers, belaghert, belagherms, yu belaghert, belaghernt
Preterit: belieghrim, belieghrist, belieghrit, beliegh(e)ram, beliegh(e)rat, beliegh(e)reer
Future tid: belaghersiem, belaghersies, belaghersiet, belaghersiem(o)s, yu belaghersiete, belaghersient
Conditional: belagheriem, belagheries, belagheriet, belagheriem(o)s, yu belagheriete, belagherient
Prev participe: belaghert / belaghern belast > Infinitive: belaste
Present: belasto, belasts, belast, belastm(o)s, yu belaste, belaste(nt)
Preterit: beliestim, beliest(i)st(a), beliestit, beliestam, beliestat, beliesteer
Future tid: belastsiem, belastsies, belastsiet, belastsiem(o)s, yu belastsiete, belastsient
Conditional: belastiem, belasties, belastiet, belastiem(o)s, yu belastiete, belastient
Prev participe: belast / belasten beleik > Infinitive: belikes
Present: beleiko, beleics, beleict, beleikm(o)s, yu beleict(e), beleike(nt)
Preterit: belikim, belik(i)st(a), belikit, belikam, belikat, belikeer
Future tid: beleicsiem, beleicsies, beleicsiet, beleicsiem(o)s, yu beleicsiete, beleicsient
Conditional: beleikiem, beleikies, beleikiet, beleikiem(o)s, yu beleikiete, beleikient
Prev participe: belict / beliken beleuc > Infinitive: beluces
Present: beleuco, beleucs, beleuct, beleucm(o)s, yu beleuct(e), beleuce(nt)
Preterit: belucim, beluc(i)st(a), belucit, belucam, belucat, beluceer
Future tid: beleucsiem, beleucsies, beleucsiet, beleucsiem(o)s, yu beleucsiete, beleucsient
Conditional: beleuciem, beleucies, beleuciet, beleuciem(o)s, yu beleuciete, beleucient
Prev participe: beluct / belucen bemadh > Infinitive: bemadhe
Present: bemadho, bemadhs, bemadht, bemadhm(o)s, yu bemadht(e), bemadhe(nt)
Preterit: bemiedhim, bemiedh(i)st(a), bemiedhit, bemiedham, bemiedhat, bemiedheer
Future tid: bemadhsiem, bemadhsies, bemadhsiet, bemadhsiem(o)s, yu bemadhsiete, bemadhsient
Conditional: bemadhiem, bemadhies, bemadhiet, bemadhiem(o)s, yu bemadhiete, bemadhient
Prev participe: bemadht / bemadhen bemahel > Infinitive: bemahel
Present: io bemahel, bemahels, bemahelt, bemahelms, yu bemahelt, bemahelnt
Preterit: bemiehlim, bemiehlist, bemiehlit, bemieh(e)lam, bemieh(e)lat, bemieh(e)leer
Future tid: bemahelsiem, bemahelsies, bemahelsiet, bemahelsiem(o)s, yu bemahelsiete, bemahelsient
Conditional: bemaheliem, bemahelies, bemaheliet, bemaheliem(o)s, yu bemaheliete, bemahelient
Prev participe: bemahelt / bemaheln bemann > Infinitive: bemanne
Present: bemanno, bemanns, bemannt, bemannm(o)s, yu bemannt(e), bemanne(nt)
Preterit: bemiennim, bemienn(i)st(a), bemiennit, bemiennam, bemiennat, bemienneer
Future tid: bemannsiem, bemannsies, bemannsiet, bemannsiem(o)s, yu bemannsiete, bemannsient
Conditional: bemanniem, bemannies, bemanniet, bemanniem(o)s, yu bemanniete, bemannient
Prev participe: bemannt / bemannen bemehn > Infinitive: bemehne
Present: bemehno, bemehns, bemehnt, bemehnm(o)s, yu bemehnt(e), bemehne(nt)
Preterit: bemohnim, bemohn(i)st(a), bemohnit, bemohnam, bemohnat, bemohneer
Future tid: bemehnsiem, bemehnsies, bemehnsiet, bemehnsiem(o)s, yu bemehnsiete, bemehnsient
Conditional: bemehniem, bemehnies, bemehniet, bemehniem(o)s, yu bemehniete, bemehnient
Prev participe: bemohnt / bemohnen bemeid > Infinitive: bemides
Present: bemeido, bemeids, bemeidt, bemeidm(o)s, yu bemeidt(e), bemeide(nt)
Preterit: bemidim, bemid(i)st(a), bemidit, bemidam, bemidat, bemideer
Future tid: bemeidsiem, bemeidsies, bemeidsiet, bemeidsiem(o)s, yu bemeidsiete, bemeidsient
Conditional: bemeidiem, bemeidies, bemeidiet, bemeidiem(o)s, yu bemeidiete, bemeidient
Prev participe: bemidt / bemiden bemeizd > Infinitive: bemizdes
Present: bemeizdo, bemeizds, bemeizdt, bemeizdm(o)s, yu bemeizdt(e), bemeizde(nt)
Preterit: bemizdim, bemizd(i)st(a), bemizdit, bemizdam, bemizdat, bemizdeer
Future tid: bemeizdsiem, bemeizdsies, bemeizdsiet, bemeizdsiem(o)s, yu bemeizdsiete, bemeizdsient
Conditional: bemeizdiem, bemeizdies, bemeizdiet, bemeizdiem(o)s, yu bemeizdiete, bemeizdient
Prev participe: bemizdt / bemizden bemild > Infinitive: bemilde
Present: bemildo, bemilds, bemildt, bemildm(o)s, yu bemildt(e), bemilde(nt)
Preterit: bemilsim, bemils(i)st(a), bemilsit, bemilsam, bemilsat, bemilseer
Future tid: bemildsiem, bemildsies, bemildsiet, bemildsiem(o)s, yu bemildsiete, bemildsient
Conditional: bemildiem, bemildies, bemildiet, bemildiem(o)s, yu bemildiete, bemildient
Prev participe: bemils / bemilden beorbat > Infinitive: beorbate
Present: beorbato, beorbats, beorbat, beorbatm(o)s, yu beorbate, beorbate(nt)
Preterit: beorbietim, beorbiet(i)st(a), beorbietit, beorbietam, beorbietat, beorbieteer
Future tid: beorbatsiem, beorbatsies, beorbatsiet, beorbatsiem(o)s, yu beorbatsiete, beorbatsient
Conditional: beorbatiem, beorbaties, beorbatiet, beorbatiem(o)s, yu beorbatiete, beorbatient
Prev participe: beorbat / beorbaten bepaygh > Infinitive: bepayghe
Present: bepaygho, bepayghs, bepayght, bepayghm(o)s, yu bepayght(e), bepayghe(nt)
Preterit: bepieyghim, bepieygh(i)st(a), bepieyghit, bepieygham, bepieyghat, bepieygheer
Future tid: bepayghsiem, bepayghsies, bepayghsiet, bepayghsiem(o)s, yu bepayghsiete, bepayghsient
Conditional: bepayghiem, bepayghies, bepayghiet, bepayghiem(o)s, yu bepayghiete, bepayghient
Prev participe: bepayght / bepayghen bepehnd > Infinitive: bepehnde
Present: bepehndo, bepehnds, bepehndt, bepehndm(o)s, yu bepehndt(e), bepehnde(nt)
Preterit: bepohndim, bepohnd(i)st(a), bepohndit, bepohndam, bepohndat, bepohndeer
Future tid: bepehndsiem, bepehndsies, bepehndsiet, bepehndsiem(o)s, yu bepehndsiete, bepehndsient
Conditional: bepehndiem, bepehndies, bepehndiet, bepehndiem(o)s, yu bepehndiete, bepehndient
Prev participe: bepohndt / bepohnden bepeiper > Infinitive: bepipres
Present: io bepeiper, bepeipers, bepeipert, bepeiperms, yu bepeipert, bepeipernt
Preterit: bepiprim, bepiprist, bepiprit, bepip(e)ram, bepip(e)rat, bepip(e)reer
Future tid: bepeipersiem, bepeipersies, bepeipersiet, bepeipersiem(o)s, yu bepeipersiete, bepeipersient
Conditional: bepeiperiem, bepeiperies, bepeiperiet, bepeiperiem(o)s, yu bepeiperiete, bepeiperient
Prev participe: bepipert / bepipern bepelp > Infinitive: bepelpe
Present: bepelpo, bepelps, bepelpt, bepelpm(o)s, yu bepelpt(e), bepelpe(nt)
Preterit: bepelpim, bepelp(i)st(a), bepelpit, bepelpam, bepelpat, bepelpeer
Future tid: bepelpsiem, bepelpsies, bepelpsiet, bepelpsiem(o)s, yu bepelpsiete, bepelpsient
Conditional: bepelpiem, bepelpies, bepelpiet, bepelpiem(o)s, yu bepelpiete, bepelpient
Prev participe: bepelpt / bepelpen bepeulver > Infinitive: bepulvres
Present: io bepeulver, bepeulvers, bepeulvert, bepeulverms, yu bepeulvert, bepeulvernt
Preterit: bepulvrim, bepulvrist, bepulvrit, bepulv(e)ram, bepulv(e)rat, bepulv(e)reer
Future tid: bepeulversiem, bepeulversies, bepeulversiet, bepeulversiem(o)s, yu bepeulversiete, bepeulversient
Conditional: bepeulveriem, bepeulveries, bepeulveriet, bepeulveriem(o)s, yu bepeulveriete, bepeulverient
Prev participe: bepulvert / bepulvern bepfehrst > Infinitive: bepfehrste
Present: bepfehrsto, bepfehrsts, bepfehrst, bepfehrstm(o)s, yu bepfehrste, bepfehrste(nt)
Preterit: bepfohrstim, bepfohrst(i)st(a), bepfohrstit, bepfohrstam, bepfohrstat, bepfohrsteer
Future tid: siem bepfehrste, sies bepfehrste, siet bepfehrste, siem(o)s bepfehrste, yu siete bepfehrste, sient bepfehrste
Conditional: bepfehrstiem, bepfehrsties, bepfehrstiet, bepfehrstiem(o)s, yu bepfehrstiete, bepfehrstient
Prev participe: bepfohrst / bepfohrsten bepollen > Infinitive: bepollnes
Present: bepollno, bepollens, bepollent, bepollnm(o)s, yu bepollent(e), bepollne(nt)
Preterit: bepollim, bepoll(i)st(a), bepollit, bepollam, bepollat, bepolleer
Future tid: bepollensiem, bepollensies, bepollensiet, bepollensiem(o)s, yu bepollensiete, bepollensient
Conditional: bepollniem, bepollnies, bepollniet, bepollniem(o)s, yu bepollniete, bepollnient
Prev participe: bepollt / bepollen beprabh > Infinitive: beprabhe
Present: beprabho, beprabhs, beprabht, beprabhm(o)s, yu beprabht(e), beprabhe(nt)
Preterit: bepriebhim, bepriebh(i)st(a), bepriebhit, bepriebham, bepriebhat, bepriebheer
Future tid: beprabhsiem, beprabhsies, beprabhsiet, beprabhsiem(o)s, yu beprabhsiete, beprabhsient
Conditional: beprabhiem, beprabhies, beprabhiet, beprabhiem(o)s, yu beprabhiete, beprabhient
Prev participe: beprabht / beprabhen beprient > Infinitive: bepriente
Present: bepriento, beprients, beprient, beprientm(o)s, yu bepriente, bepriente(nt)
Preterit: beprientim, beprient(i)st(a), beprientit, beprientam, beprientat, beprienteer
Future tid: beprientsiem, beprientsies, beprientsiet, beprientsiem(o)s, yu beprientsiete, beprientsient
Conditional: beprientiem, beprienties, beprientiet, beprientiem(o)s, yu beprientiete, beprientient
Prev participe: beprient / beprienten bequader > Infinitive: bequader
Present: io bequader, bequaders, bequadert, bequaderms, yu bequadert, bequadernt
Preterit: bequiedrim, bequiedrist, bequiedrit, bequied(e)ram, bequied(e)rat, bequied(e)reer
Future tid: bequadersiem, bequadersies, bequadersiet, bequadersiem(o)s, yu bequadersiete, bequadersient
Conditional: bequaderiem, bequaderies, bequaderiet, bequaderiem(o)s, yu bequaderiete, bequaderient
Prev participe: bequadert / bequadern bereul > Infinitive: berules
Present: bereulo, bereuls, bereult, bereulm(o)s, yu bereult(e), bereule(nt)
Preterit: berulim, berul(i)st(a), berulit, berulam, berulat, beruleer
Future tid: bereulsiem, bereulsies, bereulsiet, bereulsiem(o)s, yu bereulsiete, bereulsient
Conditional: bereuliem, bereulies, bereuliet, bereuliem(o)s, yu bereuliete, bereulient
Prev participe: berult / berulen bereust > Infinitive: berustes
Present: bereusto, bereusts, bereust, bereustm(o)s, yu bereuste, bereuste(nt)
Preterit: berustim, berust(i)st(a), berustit, berustam, berustat, berusteer
Future tid: siem berustes, sies berustes, siet berustes, siem(o)s berustes, yu siete berustes, sient berustes
Conditional: bereustiem, bereusties, bereustiet, bereustiem(o)s, yu bereustiete, bereustient
Prev participe: berust / berusten berkye > Infinitive: berkye
Present: io berkye, berkyes, berkyet, berkyems, yu berkyet(e), berkyent
Preterit: berkyim, berkyist(a), berkyit, berkyam, berkyat, berkyeer
Future tid: berkyesiem, berkyesies, berkyesiet, berkyesiem(o)s, yu berkyesiete, berkyesient
Conditional: berkyiem, berkyies, berkyiet, berkyiem(o)s, yu berkyiete, berkyient
Prev participe: berkyet / berkyen bertel > Infinitive: bertel
Present: io bertel, bertels, bertelt, bertelms, yu bertelt, bertelnt
Preterit: bertlim, bertlist, bertlit, bert(e)lam, bert(e)lat, bert(e)leer
Future tid: bertelsiem, bertelsies, bertelsiet, bertelsiem(o)s, yu bertelsiete, bertelsient
Conditional: berteliem, bertelies, berteliet, berteliem(o)s, yu berteliete, bertelient
Prev participe: bertelt / berteln beschahide > Infinitive: beschahide
Present: io beschahide, beschahides, beschahidet, beschahidems, yu beschahidet(e), beschahident
Preterit: beschahidim, beschahidist(a), beschahidit, beschahidam, beschahidat, beschahideer
Future tid: beschahidesiem, beschahidesies, beschahidesiet, beschahidesiem(o)s, yu beschahidesiete, beschahidesient
Conditional: beschahidiem, beschahidies, beschahidiet, beschahidiem(o)s, yu beschahidiete, beschahidient
Prev participe: beschahidet / beschahiden beschneur > Infinitive: beschnures
Present: beschneuro, beschneurs, beschneurt, beschneurm(o)s, yu beschneurt(e), beschneure(nt)
Preterit: beschnurim, beschnur(i)st(a), beschnurit, beschnuram, beschnurat, beschnureer
Future tid: beschneursiem, beschneursies, beschneursiet, beschneursiem(o)s, yu beschneursiete, beschneursient
Conditional: beschneuriem, beschneuries, beschneuriet, beschneuriem(o)s, yu beschneuriete, beschneurient
Prev participe: beschnurt / beschnuren beschou > Infinitive: beschoue
Present: beschoum, beschous, beschout, beschoum(o)s, yu beschout(e), beschount
Preterit: beschousim, beschoust(a), beschousit, beschoam, beschoat, beschour
Future tid: beschousiem, beschousies, beschousiet, beschousiem(o)s, yu beschousiete, beschousient
Conditional: beschoiem, beschoies, beschoiet, beschoiem(o)s, yu beschoiete, beschoient
Prev participe: beschout / beschoun beseh > Infinitive: besehe
Present: besehm, besehs, beseht, besehm(o)s, yu beseht(e), besehnt
Preterit: besehsim, besehst(a), besehsit, besehsam, besehsat, besehr
Future tid: besehsiem, besehsies, besehsiet, besehsiem(o)s, yu besehsiete, besehsient
Conditional: besehiem, besehies, besehiet, besehiem(o)s, yu besehiete, besehient
Prev participe: beseht / besehn besehkw > Infinitive: besehkwe
Present: besehkwo, besehkws, besehkwt, besehkwm(o)s, yu besehkwt(e), besehkwnt
Preterit: besohkwim, besohkwst(a), besohkwit, besohkwam, besohkwat, besohkweer
Future tid: besehkwsiem, besehkwsies, besehkwsiet, besehkwsiem(o)s, yu besehkwsiete, besehkwsient
Conditional: besehkwiem, besehkwies, besehkwiet, besehkwiem(o)s, yu besehkwiete, besehkwient
Prev participe: besohkwt / besohkwn beseup > Infinitive: besupes
Present: beseupo, beseups, beseupt, beseupm(o)s, yu beseupt(e), beseupe(nt)
Preterit: besupim, besup(i)st(a), besupit, besupam, besupat, besupeer
Future tid: beseupsiem, beseupsies, beseupsiet, beseupsiem(o)s, yu beseupsiete, beseupsient
Conditional: beseupiem, beseupies, beseupiet, beseupiem(o)s, yu beseupiete, beseupient
Prev participe: besupt / besupen beskeulk > Infinitive: beskulkes
Present: beskeulko, beskeulcs, beskeulct, beskeulkm(o)s, yu beskeulct(e), beskeulke(nt)
Preterit: beskulkim, beskulk(i)st(a), beskulkit, beskulkam, beskulkat, beskulkeer
Future tid: beskeulcsiem, beskeulcsies, beskeulcsiet, beskeulcsiem(o)s, yu beskeulcsiete, beskeulcsient
Conditional: beskeulkiem, beskeulkies, beskeulkiet, beskeulkiem(o)s, yu beskeulkiete, beskeulkient
Prev participe: beskulct / beskulken besmeur > Infinitive: besmures
Present: besmeuro, besmeurs, besmeurt, besmeurm(o)s, yu besmeurt(e), besmeure(nt)
Preterit: besmurim, besmur(i)st(a), besmurit, besmuram, besmurat, besmureer
Future tid: besmeursiem, besmeursies, besmeursiet, besmeursiem(o)s, yu besmeursiete, besmeursient
Conditional: besmeuriem, besmeuries, besmeuriet, besmeuriem(o)s, yu besmeuriete, besmeurient
Prev participe: besmurt / besmuren bespehc > Infinitive: bespehce
Present: bespehco, bespehcs, bespehct, bespehcm(o)s, yu bespehct(e), bespehce(nt)
Preterit: bespohcim, bespohc(i)st(a), bespohcit, bespohcam, bespohcat, bespohceer
Future tid: bespehcsiem, bespehcsies, bespehcsiet, bespehcsiem(o)s, yu bespehcsiete, bespehcsient
Conditional: bespehciem, bespehcies, bespehciet, bespehciem(o)s, yu bespehciete, bespehcient
Prev participe: bespohct / bespohcen bestehm > Infinitive: bestehme
Present: bestehmo, bestehms, bestehmt, bestehmm(o)s, yu bestehmt(e), bestehme(nt)
Preterit: bestohmim, bestohm(i)st(a), bestohmit, bestohmam, bestohmat, bestohmeer
Future tid: bestehmsiem, bestehmsies, bestehmsiet, bestehmsiem(o)s, yu bestehmsiete, bestehmsient
Conditional: bestehmiem, bestehmies, bestehmiet, bestehmiem(o)s, yu bestehmiete, bestehmient
Prev participe: bestohmt / bestohmen bestehnk > Infinitive: bestehnke
Present: bestehnko, bestehncs, bestehnct, bestehnkm(o)s, yu bestehnct(e), bestehnke(nt)
Preterit: bestohnkim, bestohnk(i)st(a), bestohnkit, bestohnkam, bestohnkat, bestohnkeer
Future tid: bestehncsiem, bestehncsies, bestehncsiet, bestehncsiem(o)s, yu bestehncsiete, bestehncsient
Conditional: bestehnkiem, bestehnkies, bestehnkiet, bestehnkiem(o)s, yu bestehnkiete, bestehnkient
Prev participe: bestohnct / bestohnken bestreich > Infinitive: bestriches
Present: bestreicho, bestreichs, bestreicht, bestreichm(o)s, yu bestreicht(e), bestreiche(nt)
Preterit: bestrichim, bestrich(i)st(a), bestrichit, bestricham, bestrichat, bestricheer
Future tid: bestreichsiem, bestreichsies, bestreichsiet, bestreichsiem(o)s, yu bestreichsiete, bestreichsient
Conditional: bestreichiem, bestreichies, bestreichiet, bestreichiem(o)s, yu bestreichiete, bestreichient
Prev participe: bestricht / bestrichen besweigh > Infinitive: beswighes
Present: besweigho, besweighs, besweight, besweighm(o)s, yu besweight(e), besweighe(nt)
Preterit: beswighim, beswigh(i)st(a), beswighit, beswigham, beswighat, beswigheer
Future tid: besweighsiem, besweighsies, besweighsiet, besweighsiem(o)s, yu besweighsiete, besweighsient
Conditional: besweighiem, besweighies, besweighiet, besweighiem(o)s, yu besweighiete, besweighient
Prev participe: beswight / beswighen besweurgh > Infinitive: beswurghes
Present: besweurgho, besweurghs, besweurght, besweurghm(o)s, yu besweurght(e), besweurghe(nt)
Preterit: beswurghim, beswurgh(i)st(a), beswurghit, beswurgham, beswurghat, beswurgheer
Future tid: besweurghsiem, besweurghsies, besweurghsiet, besweurghsiem(o)s, yu besweurghsiete, besweurghsient
Conditional: besweurghiem, besweurghies, besweurghiet, besweurghiem(o)s, yu besweurghiete, besweurghient
Prev participe: beswurght / beswurghen besyuh > Infinitive: besyuhe
Present: besyuhm, besyuhs, besyuht, besyuhm(o)s, yu besyuht(e), besyuhnt
Preterit: besyuhsim, besyuhst(a), besyuhsit, besyuhsam, besyuhsat, besyuhr
Future tid: besyuhsiem, besyuhsies, besyuhsiet, besyuhsiem(o)s, yu besyuhsiete, besyuhsient
Conditional: besyuhiem, besyuhies, besyuhiet, besyuhiem(o)s, yu besyuhiete, besyuhient
Prev participe: besyuht / besyuhn betanek > Infinitive: betankes
Present: betanko, betancs, betanct, betankm(o)s, yu betanct(e), betanke(nt)
Preterit: betakim, betak(i)st(a), betakit, betakam, betakat, betakeer
Future tid: betancsiem, betancsies, betancsiet, betancsiem(o)s, yu betancsiete, betancsient
Conditional: betankiem, betankies, betankiet, betankiem(o)s, yu betankiete, betankient
Prev participe: betact / betaken betarter > Infinitive: betarter
Present: io betarter, betarters, betartert, betarterms, yu betartert, betarternt
Preterit: betiertrim, betiertrist, betiertrit, betiert(e)ram, betiert(e)rat, betiert(e)reer
Future tid: betartersiem, betartersies, betartersiet, betartersiem(o)s, yu betartersiete, betartersient
Conditional: betarteriem, betarteries, betarteriet, betarteriem(o)s, yu betarteriete, betarterient
Prev participe: betartert / betartern betayc > Infinitive: betayce
Present: betayco, betaycs, betayct, betaycm(o)s, yu betayct(e), betayce(nt)
Preterit: betieycim, betieyc(i)st(a), betieycit, betieycam, betieycat, betieyceer
Future tid: betaycsiem, betaycsies, betaycsiet, betaycsiem(o)s, yu betaycsiete, betaycsient
Conditional: betayciem, betaycies, betayciet, betayciem(o)s, yu betayciete, betaycient
Prev participe: betayct / betaycen betolk > Infinitive: betolke
Present: betolko, betolcs, betolct, betolkm(o)s, yu betolct(e), betolke(nt)
Preterit: betolkim, betolk(i)st(a), betolkit, betolkam, betolkat, betolkeer
Future tid: betolcsiem, betolcsies, betolcsiet, betolcsiem(o)s, yu betolcsiete, betolcsient
Conditional: betolkiem, betolkies, betolkiet, betolkiem(o)s, yu betolkiete, betolkient
Prev participe: betolct / betolken betouche > Infinitive: betouche
Present: io betouche, betouches, betouchet, betouchems, yu betouchet(e), betouchent
Preterit: betouchim, betouchist(a), betouchit, betoucham, betouchat, betoucheer
Future tid: betouchesiem, betouchesies, betouchesiet, betouchesiem(o)s, yu betouchesiete, betouchesient
Conditional: betouchiem, betouchies, betouchiet, betouchiem(o)s, yu betouchiete, betouchient
Prev participe: betouchet / betouchen betraur > Infinitive: betraure
Present: betrauro, betraurs, betraurt, betraurm(o)s, yu betraurt(e), betraure(nt)
Preterit: betraurim, betraur(i)st(a), betraurit, betrauram, betraurat, betraureer
Future tid: betraursiem, betraursies, betraursiet, betraursiem(o)s, yu betraursiete, betraursient
Conditional: betrauriem, betrauries, betrauriet, betrauriem(o)s, yu betrauriete, betraurient
Prev participe: betraurt / betrauren betrehv > Infinitive: betrehve
Present: betrehvo, betrehfs, betrehft, betrehvm(o)s, yu betrehft(e), betrehve(nt)
Preterit: betrohvim, betrohv(i)st(a), betrohvit, betrohvam, betrohvat, betrohveer
Future tid: betrehfsiem, betrehfsies, betrehfsiet, betrehfsiem(o)s, yu betrehfsiete, betrehfsient
Conditional: betrehviem, betrehvies, betrehviet, betrehviem(o)s, yu betrehviete, betrehvient
Prev participe: betrohft / betrohven betreus > Infinitive: betruses
Present: betreuso, betreus, betreust, betreusm(o)s, yu betreust(e), betreuse(nt)
Preterit: betrusim, betrus(i)st(a), betrusit, betrusam, betrusat, betruseer
Future tid: siem betruses, sies betruses, siet betruses, siem(o)s betruses, yu siete betruses, sient betruses
Conditional: betreusiem, betreusies, betreusiet, betreusiem(o)s, yu betreusiete, betreusient
Prev participe: betrust / betrusen betyehc > Infinitive: betyehce
Present: betyehco, betyehcs, betyehct, betyehcm(o)s, yu betyehct(e), betyehce(nt)
Preterit: betyohcim, betyohc(i)st(a), betyohcit, betyohcam, betyohcat, betyohceer
Future tid: betyehcsiem, betyehcsies, betyehcsiet, betyehcsiem(o)s, yu betyehcsiete, betyehcsient
Conditional: betyehciem, betyehcies, betyehciet, betyehciem(o)s, yu betyehciete, betyehcient
Prev participe: betyohct / betyohcen betyeic > Infinitive: betyices
Present: betyeico, betyeics, betyeict, betyeicm(o)s, yu betyeict(e), betyeice(nt)
Preterit: betyicim, betyic(i)st(a), betyicit, betyicam, betyicat, betyiceer
Future tid: betyeicsiem, betyeicsies, betyeicsiet, betyeicsiem(o)s, yu betyeicsiete, betyeicsient
Conditional: betyeiciem, betyeicies, betyeiciet, betyeiciem(o)s, yu betyeiciete, betyeicient
Prev participe: betyict / betyicen beud > Infinitive: budes
Present: beudo, beuds, beudt, beudm(o)s, yu beudt(e), beude(nt)
Preterit: budim, bud(i)st(a), budit, budam, budat, budeer
Future tid: beudsiem, beudsies, beudsiet, beudsiem(o)s, yu beudsiete, beudsient
Conditional: beudiem, beudies, beudiet, beudiem(o)s, yu beudiete, beudient
Prev participe: budt / buden beuffer > Infinitive: buffres
Present: io beuffer, beuffers, beuffert, beufferms, yu beuffert, beuffernt
Preterit: buffrim, buffrist, buffrit, buff(e)ram, buff(e)rat, buff(e)reer
Future tid: beuffersiem, beuffersies, beuffersiet, beuffersiem(o)s, yu beuffersiete, beuffersient
Conditional: beufferiem, beufferies, beufferiet, beufferiem(o)s, yu beufferiete, beufferient
Prev participe: buffert / buffern beugh > Infinitive: bughes
Present: beugho, beughs, beught, beughm(o)s, yu beught(e), beughe(nt)
Preterit: bughim, bugh(i)st(a), bughit, bugham, bughat, bugheer
Future tid: beughsiem, beughsies, beughsiet, beughsiem(o)s, yu beughsiete, beughsient
Conditional: beughiem, beughies, beughiet, beughiem(o)s, yu beughiete, beughient
Prev participe: bught / bughen beurs > Infinitive: burses
Present: beurso, beurs, beurst, beursm(o)s, yu beurst(e), beurse(nt)
Preterit: bursim, burs(i)st(a), bursit, bursam, bursat, burseer
Future tid: siem burses, sies burses, siet burses, siem(o)s burses, yu siete burses, sient burses
Conditional: beursiem, beursies, beursiet, beursiem(o)s, yu beursiete, beursient
Prev participe: burst / bursen beuw > Infinitive: buwes
Present: beuwo, beuws, beuwt, beuwm(o)s, yu beuwt(e), beuwnt
Preterit: buwim, buwst(a), buwit, buwam, buwat, buweer
Future tid: beuwsiem, beuwsies, beuwsiet, beuwsiem(o)s, yu beuwsiete, beuwsient
Conditional: beuwiem, beuwies, beuwiet, beuwiem(o)s, yu beuwiete, beuwient
Prev participe: buwt / buwen bevid > Infinitive: bevide
Present: bevido, bevids, bevidt, bevidm(o)s, yu bevidt(e), bevide(nt)
Preterit: bevisim, bevis(i)st(a), bevisit, bevisam, bevisat, beviseer
Future tid: bevidsiem, bevidsies, bevidsiet, bevidsiem(o)s, yu bevidsiete, bevidsient
Conditional: bevidiem, bevidies, bevidiet, bevidiem(o)s, yu bevidiete, bevidient
Prev participe: bevis / beviden bewaldh > Infinitive: bewaldhe
Present: bewaldho, bewaldhs, bewaldht, bewaldhm(o)s, yu bewaldht(e), bewaldhe(nt)
Preterit: bewieldhim, bewieldh(i)st(a), bewieldhit, bewieldham, bewieldhat, bewieldheer
Future tid: bewaldhsiem, bewaldhsies, bewaldhsiet, bewaldhsiem(o)s, yu bewaldhsiete, bewaldhsient
Conditional: bewaldhiem, bewaldhies, bewaldhiet, bewaldhiem(o)s, yu bewaldhiete, bewaldhient
Prev participe: bewaldht / bewaldhen bewehgh > Infinitive: bewehghe
Present: bewehgho, bewehghs, bewehght, bewehghm(o)s, yu bewehght(e), bewehghe(nt)
Preterit: bewohghim, bewohgh(i)st(a), bewohghit, bewohgham, bewohghat, bewohgheer
Future tid: bewehghsiem, bewehghsies, bewehghsiet, bewehghsiem(o)s, yu bewehghsiete, bewehghsient
Conditional: bewehghiem, bewehghies, bewehghiet, bewehghiem(o)s, yu bewehghiete, bewehghient
Prev participe: bewohght / bewohghen bewehkw > Infinitive: bewehkwe
Present: bewehkwo, bewehkws, bewehkwt, bewehkwm(o)s, yu bewehkwt(e), bewehkwnt
Preterit: bewohkwim, bewohkwst(a), bewohkwit, bewohkwam, bewohkwat, bewohkweer
Future tid: bewehkwsiem, bewehkwsies, bewehkwsiet, bewehkwsiem(o)s, yu bewehkwsiete, bewehkwsient
Conditional: bewehkwiem, bewehkwies, bewehkwiet, bewehkwiem(o)s, yu bewehkwiete, bewehkwient
Prev participe: bewohkwt / bewohkwn beweik > Infinitive: bewikes
Present: beweiko, beweics, beweict, beweikm(o)s, yu beweict(e), beweike(nt)
Preterit: bewikim, bewik(i)st(a), bewikit, bewikam, bewikat, bewikeer
Future tid: beweicsiem, beweicsies, beweicsiet, beweicsiem(o)s, yu beweicsiete, beweicsient
Conditional: beweikiem, beweikies, beweikiet, beweikiem(o)s, yu beweikiete, beweikient
Prev participe: bewict / bewiken beweirt > Infinitive: bewirtes
Present: beweirto, beweirts, beweirt, beweirtm(o)s, yu beweirte, beweirte(nt)
Preterit: bewirtim, bewirt(i)st(a), bewirtit, bewirtam, bewirtat, bewirteer
Future tid: beweirtsiem, beweirtsies, beweirtsiet, beweirtsiem(o)s, yu beweirtsiete, beweirtsient
Conditional: beweirtiem, beweirties, beweirtiet, beweirtiem(o)s, yu beweirtiete, beweirtient
Prev participe: bewirt / bewirten beweitwodd > Infinitive: beweitwodde
Present: beweitwoddo, beweitwodds, beweitwoddt, beweitwoddm(o)s, yu beweitwoddt(e), beweitwodde(nt)
Preterit: beweitwossim, beweitwoss(i)st(a), beweitwossit, beweitwossam, beweitwossat, beweitwosseer
Future tid: beweitwoddsiem, beweitwoddsies, beweitwoddsiet, beweitwoddsiem(o)s, yu beweitwoddsiete, beweitwoddsient
Conditional: beweitwoddiem, beweitwoddies, beweitwoddiet, beweitwoddiem(o)s, yu beweitwoddiete, beweitwoddient
Prev participe: beweitwoss / beweitwodden beziel > Infinitive: beziele
Present: bezielo, beziels, bezielt, bezielm(o)s, yu bezielt(e), beziele(nt)
Preterit: bezielim, beziel(i)st(a), bezielit, bezielam, bezielat, bezieleer
Future tid: bezielsiem, bezielsies, bezielsiet, bezielsiem(o)s, yu bezielsiete, bezielsient
Conditional: bezieliem, bezielies, bezieliet, bezieliem(o)s, yu bezieliete, bezielient
Prev participe: bezielt / bezielen bfuyow > Infinitive: bfuyowe
Present: bfuyowo, bfuyows, bfuyowt, bfuyowm(o)s, yu bfuyowt(e), bfuyownt
Preterit: bfuyowim, bfuyowst(a), bfuyowit, bfuyowam, bfuyowat, bfuyoweer
Future tid: bfuyowsiem, bfuyowsies, bfuyowsiet, bfuyowsiem(o)s, yu bfuyowsiete, bfuyowsient
Conditional: bfuyowiem, bfuyowies, bfuyowiet, bfuyowiem(o)s, yu bfuyowiete, bfuyowient
Prev participe: bfuyowt / bfuyowen bfwendwan > Infinitive: bfwendwane
Present: bfwendwano, bfwendwans, bfwendwant, bfwendwanm(o)s, yu bfwendwant(e), bfwendwane(nt)
Preterit: bfwendwienim, bfwendwien(i)st(a), bfwendwienit, bfwendwienam, bfwendwienat, bfwendwieneer
Future tid: bfwendwansiem, bfwendwansies, bfwendwansiet, bfwendwansiem(o)s, yu bfwendwansiete, bfwendwansient
Conditional: bfwendwaniem, bfwendwanies, bfwendwaniet, bfwendwaniem(o)s, yu bfwendwaniete, bfwendwanient
Prev participe: bfwendwant / bfwendwanen bidehr > Infinitive: bidehre
Present: bidehro, bidehrs, bidehrt, bidehrm(o)s, yu bidehrt(e), bidehre(nt)
Preterit: bidohrim, bidohr(i)st(a), bidohrit, bidohram, bidohrat, bidohreer
Future tid: bidehrsiem, bidehrsies, bidehrsiet, bidehrsiem(o)s, yu bidehrsiete, bidehrsient
Conditional: bidehriem, bidehries, bidehriet, bidehriem(o)s, yu bidehriete, bidehrient
Prev participe: bidohrt / bidohren biest > Infinitive: bieste
Present: biesto, biests, biest, biestm(o)s, yu bieste, bieste(nt)
Preterit: biestim, biest(i)st(a), biestit, biestam, biestat, biesteer
Future tid: biestsiem, biestsies, biestsiet, biestsiem(o)s, yu biestsiete, biestsient
Conditional: biestiem, biesties, biestiet, biestiem(o)s, yu biestiete, biestient
Prev participe: biest / biesten bieuc > Infinitive: biuces
Present: bieuco, bieucs, bieuct, bieucm(o)s, yu bieuct(e), bieuce(nt)
Preterit: biucim, biuc(i)st(a), biucit, biucam, biucat, biuceer
Future tid: bieucsiem, bieucsies, bieucsiet, bieucsiem(o)s, yu bieucsiete, bieucsient
Conditional: bieuciem, bieucies, bieuciet, bieuciem(o)s, yu bieuciete, bieucient
Prev participe: biuct / biucen bifangh > Infinitive: bifanghe
Present: bifangho, bifanghs, bifanght, bifanghm(o)s, yu bifanght(e), bifanghe(nt)
Preterit: bifienghim, bifiengh(i)st(a), bifienghit, bifiengham, bifienghat, bifiengheer
Future tid: bifanghsiem, bifanghsies, bifanghsiet, bifanghsiem(o)s, yu bifanghsiete, bifanghsient
Conditional: bifanghiem, bifanghies, bifanghiet, bifanghiem(o)s, yu bifanghiete, bifanghient
Prev participe: bifanght / bifanghen bih > Infinitive: bihe
Present: bihm, bihs, biht, bihm(o)s, yu biht(e), bihnt
Preterit: bihsim, bihst(a), bihsit, bihsam, bihsat, bihr
Future tid: bihsiem, bihsies, bihsiet, bihsiem(o)s, yu bihsiete, bihsient
Conditional: bihiem, bihies, bihiet, bihiem(o)s, yu bihiete, bihient
Prev participe: biht / bihn biorbat > Infinitive: biorbate
Present: biorbato, biorbats, biorbat, biorbatm(o)s, yu biorbate, biorbate(nt)
Preterit: biorbietim, biorbiet(i)st(a), biorbietit, biorbietam, biorbietat, biorbieteer
Future tid: biorbatsiem, biorbatsies, biorbatsiet, biorbatsiem(o)s, yu biorbatsiete, biorbatsient
Conditional: biorbatiem, biorbaties, biorbatiet, biorbatiem(o)s, yu biorbatiete, biorbatient
Prev participe: biorbat / biorbaten bipleuk > Infinitive: biplukes
Present: bipleuko, bipleucs, bipleuct, bipleukm(o)s, yu bipleuct(e), bipleuke(nt)
Preterit: biplukim, bipluk(i)st(a), biplukit, biplukam, biplukat, biplukeer
Future tid: bipleucsiem, bipleucsies, bipleucsiet, bipleucsiem(o)s, yu bipleucsiete, bipleucsient
Conditional: bipleukiem, bipleukies, bipleukiet, bipleukiem(o)s, yu bipleukiete, bipleukient
Prev participe: bipluct / bipluken bistah > Infinitive: bistahe
Present: bistahm, bistahs, bistaht, bistahm(o)s, yu bistaht(e), bistahnt
Preterit: bistahsim, bistahst(a), bistahsit, bistahsam, bistahsat, bistahr
Future tid: bistahsiem, bistahsies, bistahsiet, bistahsiem(o)s, yu bistahsiete, bistahsient
Conditional: bistahiem, bistahies, bistahiet, bistahiem(o)s, yu bistahiete, bistahient
Prev participe: bistaht / bistahn biswehd > Infinitive: biswehde
Present: biswehdo, biswehds, biswehdt, biswehdm(o)s, yu biswehdt(e), biswehde(nt)
Preterit: biswohdim, biswohd(i)st(a), biswohdit, biswohdam, biswohdat, biswohdeer
Future tid: biswehdsiem, biswehdsies, biswehdsiet, biswehdsiem(o)s, yu biswehdsiete, biswehdsient
Conditional: biswehdiem, biswehdies, biswehdiet, biswehdiem(o)s, yu biswehdiete, biswehdient
Prev participe: biswohdt / biswohden biwehrg > Infinitive: biwehrge
Present: biwehrgo, biwehrcs, biwehrct, biwehrgm(o)s, yu biwehrct(e), biwehrge(nt)
Preterit: biwohrgim, biwohrg(i)st(a), biwohrgit, biwohrgam, biwohrgat, biwohrgeer
Future tid: biwehrcsiem, biwehrcsies, biwehrcsiet, biwehrcsiem(o)s, yu biwehrcsiete, biwehrcsient
Conditional: biwehrgiem, biwehrgies, biwehrgiet, biwehrgiem(o)s, yu biwehrgiete, biwehrgient
Prev participe: biwohrct / biwohrgen blagh > Infinitive: blaghe
Present: blagho, blaghs, blaght, blaghm(o)s, yu blaght(e), blaghe(nt)
Preterit: blieghim, bliegh(i)st(a), blieghit, bliegham, blieghat, bliegheer
Future tid: blaghsiem, blaghsies, blaghsiet, blaghsiem(o)s, yu blaghsiete, blaghsient
Conditional: blaghiem, blaghies, blaghiet, blaghiem(o)s, yu blaghiete, blaghient
Prev participe: blaght / blaghen blah > Infinitive: blahe
Present: blahm, blahs, blaht, blahm(o)s, yu blaht(e), blahnt
Preterit: blahsim, blahst(a), blahsit, blahsam, blahsat, blahr
Future tid: blahsiem, blahsies, blahsiet, blahsiem(o)s, yu blahsiete, blahsient
Conditional: blahiem, blahies, blahiet, blahiem(o)s, yu blahiete, blahient
Prev participe: blaht / blahn blame > Infinitive: blame
Present: io blame, blames, blamet, blamems, yu blamet(e), blament
Preterit: blamim, blamist(a), blamit, blamam, blamat, blameer
Future tid: blamesiem, blamesies, blamesiet, blamesiem(o)s, yu blamesiete, blamesient
Conditional: blamiem, blamies, blamiet, blamiem(o)s, yu blamiete, blamient
Prev participe: blamet / blamen bland > Infinitive: blande
Present: blando, blands, blandt, blandm(o)s, yu blandt(e), blande(nt)
Preterit: bliendim, bliend(i)st(a), bliendit, bliendam, bliendat, bliendeer
Future tid: blandsiem, blandsies, blandsiet, blandsiem(o)s, yu blandsiete, blandsient
Conditional: blandiem, blandies, blandiet, blandiem(o)s, yu blandiete, blandient
Prev participe: blans / blanden blander > Infinitive: blander
Present: io blander, blanders, blandert, blanderms, yu blandert, blandernt
Preterit: bliendrim, bliendrist, bliendrit, bliend(e)ram, bliend(e)rat, bliend(e)reer
Future tid: blandersiem, blandersies, blandersiet, blandersiem(o)s, yu blandersiete, blandersient
Conditional: blanderiem, blanderies, blanderiet, blanderiem(o)s, yu blanderiete, blanderient
Prev participe: blandert / blandern blase > Infinitive: blase
Present: io blase, blases, blaset, blasems, yu blaset(e), blasent
Preterit: blasim, blasist(a), blasit, blasam, blasat, blaseer
Future tid: blasesiem, blasesies, blasesiet, blasesiem(o)s, yu blasesiete, blasesient
Conditional: blasiem, blasies, blasiet, blasiem(o)s, yu blasiete, blasient
Prev participe: blaset / blasen blaspheme > Infinitive: blaspheme
Present: io blaspheme, blasphemes, blasphemet, blasphemems, yu blasphemet(e), blasphement
Preterit: blasphemim, blasphemist(a), blasphemit, blasphemam, blasphemat, blasphemeer
Future tid: blasphemesiem, blasphemesies, blasphemesiet, blasphemesiem(o)s, yu blasphemesiete, blasphemesient
Conditional: blasphemiem, blasphemies, blasphemiet, blasphemiem(o)s, yu blasphemiete, blasphemient
Prev participe: blasphemet / blasphemen blaych > Infinitive: blayche
Present: blaycho, blaychs, blaycht, blaychm(o)s, yu blaycht(e), blayche(nt)
Preterit: blieychim, blieych(i)st(a), blieychit, blieycham, blieychat, blieycheer
Future tid: blaychsiem, blaychsies, blaychsiet, blaychsiem(o)s, yu blaychsiete, blaychsient
Conditional: blaychiem, blaychies, blaychiet, blaychiem(o)s, yu blaychiete, blaychient
Prev participe: blaycht / blaychen blech > Infinitive: bleche
Present: blecho, blechs, blecht, blechm(o)s, yu blecht(e), bleche(nt)
Preterit: blechim, blech(i)st(a), blechit, blecham, blechat, blecheer
Future tid: blechsiem, blechsies, blechsiet, blechsiem(o)s, yu blechsiete, blechsient
Conditional: blechiem, blechies, blechiet, blechiem(o)s, yu blechiete, blechient
Prev participe: blecht / blechen blehgh > Infinitive: blehghe
Present: blehgho, blehghs, blehght, blehghm(o)s, yu blehght(e), blehghe(nt)
Preterit: blohghim, blohgh(i)st(a), blohghit, blohgham, blohghat, blohgheer
Future tid: blehghsiem, blehghsies, blehghsiet, blehghsiem(o)s, yu blehghsiete, blehghsient
Conditional: blehghiem, blehghies, blehghiet, blehghiem(o)s, yu blehghiete, blehghient
Prev participe: blohght / blohghen blehs > Infinitive: blehse
Present: blehso, blehs, blehst, blehsm(o)s, yu blehst(e), blehse(nt)
Preterit: blohsim, blohs(i)st(a), blohsit, blohsam, blohsat, blohseer
Future tid: siem blehse, sies blehse, siet blehse, siem(o)s blehse, yu siete blehse, sient blehse
Conditional: blehsiem, blehsies, blehsiet, blehsiem(o)s, yu blehsiete, blehsient
Prev participe: blohst / blohsen bleid > Infinitive: blides
Present: bleido, bleids, bleidt, bleidm(o)s, yu bleidt(e), bleide(nt)
Preterit: blidim, blid(i)st(a), blidit, blidam, blidat, blideer
Future tid: bleidsiem, bleidsies, bleidsiet, bleidsiem(o)s, yu bleidsiete, bleidsient
Conditional: bleidiem, bleidies, bleidiet, bleidiem(o)s, yu bleidiete, bleidient
Prev participe: blidt / bliden blend > Infinitive: blende
Present: blendo, blends, blendt, blendm(o)s, yu blendt(e), blende(nt)
Preterit: blensim, blens(i)st(a), blensit, blensam, blensat, blenseer
Future tid: blendsiem, blendsies, blendsiet, blendsiem(o)s, yu blendsiete, blendsient
Conditional: blendiem, blendies, blendiet, blendiem(o)s, yu blendiete, blendient
Prev participe: blens / blenden bleus > Infinitive: bluses
Present: bleuso, bleus, bleust, bleusm(o)s, yu bleust(e), bleuse(nt)
Preterit: blusim, blus(i)st(a), blusit, blusam, blusat, bluseer
Future tid: siem bluses, sies bluses, siet bluses, siem(o)s bluses, yu siete bluses, sient bluses
Conditional: bleusiem, bleusies, bleusiet, bleusiem(o)s, yu bleusiete, bleusient
Prev participe: blust / blusen blieut > Infinitive: bliutes
Present: blieuto, blieuts, blieut, blieutm(o)s, yu blieute, blieute(nt)
Preterit: bliutim, bliut(i)st(a), bliutit, bliutam, bliutat, bliuteer
Future tid: blieutsiem, blieutsies, blieutsiet, blieutsiem(o)s, yu blieutsiete, blieutsient
Conditional: blieutiem, blieuties, blieutiet, blieutiem(o)s, yu blieutiete, blieutient
Prev participe: bliut / bliuten blink > Infinitive: blinke
Present: blinko, blincs, blinct, blinkm(o)s, yu blinct(e), blinke(nt)
Preterit: blinkim, blink(i)st(a), blinkit, blinkam, blinkat, blinkeer
Future tid: blincsiem, blincsies, blincsiet, blincsiem(o)s, yu blincsiete, blincsient
Conditional: blinkiem, blinkies, blinkiet, blinkiem(o)s, yu blinkiete, blinkient
Prev participe: blinct / blinken block > Infinitive: blocke
Present: blocko, blocks, blockt, blockm(o)s, yu blockt(e), blocke(nt)
Preterit: blockim, block(i)st(a), blockit, blockam, blockat, blockeer
Future tid: blocksiem, blocksies, blocksiet, blocksiem(o)s, yu blocksiete, blocksient
Conditional: blockiem, blockies, blockiet, blockiem(o)s, yu blockiete, blockient
Prev participe: blockt / blocken blosk > Infinitive: bloske
Present: blosko, bloscs, blosct, bloskm(o)s, yu blosct(e), bloske(nt)
Preterit: bloskim, blosk(i)st(a), bloskit, bloskam, bloskat, bloskeer
Future tid: bloscsiem, bloscsies, bloscsiet, bloscsiem(o)s, yu bloscsiete, bloscsient
Conditional: bloskiem, bloskies, bloskiet, bloskiem(o)s, yu bloskiete, bloskient
Prev participe: blosct / blosken boliedd > Infinitive: boliedde
Present: bolieddo, boliedds, bolieddt, bolieddm(o)s, yu bolieddt(e), boliedde(nt)
Preterit: boliessim, boliess(i)st(a), boliessit, boliessam, boliessat, boliesseer
Future tid: bolieddsiem, bolieddsies, bolieddsiet, bolieddsiem(o)s, yu bolieddsiete, bolieddsient
Conditional: bolieddiem, bolieddies, bolieddiet, bolieddiem(o)s, yu bolieddiete, bolieddient
Prev participe: boliess / boliedden bombarde > Infinitive: bombarde
Present: io bombarde, bombardes, bombardet, bombardems, yu bombardet(e), bombardent
Preterit: bombardim, bombardist(a), bombardit, bombardam, bombardat, bombardeer
Future tid: bombardesiem, bombardesies, bombardesiet, bombardesiem(o)s, yu bombardesiete, bombardesient
Conditional: bombardiem, bombardies, bombardiet, bombardiem(o)s, yu bombardiete, bombardient
Prev participe: bombardet / bombarden bongmeh > Infinitive: bongmehe
Present: bongmehm, bongmehs, bongmeht, bongmehm(o)s, yu bongmeht(e), bongmehnt
Preterit: bongmehsim, bongmehst(a), bongmehsit, bongmehsam, bongmehsat, bongmehr
Future tid: bongmehsiem, bongmehsies, bongmehsiet, bongmehsiem(o)s, yu bongmehsiete, bongmehsient
Conditional: bongmehiem, bongmehies, bongmehiet, bongmehiem(o)s, yu bongmehiete, bongmehient
Prev participe: bongmeht / bongmehn bordell > Infinitive: bordelle
Present: bordello, bordells, bordellt, bordellm(o)s, yu bordellt(e), bordelle(nt)
Preterit: bordellim, bordell(i)st(a), bordellit, bordellam, bordellat, bordelleer
Future tid: bordellsiem, bordellsies, bordellsiet, bordellsiem(o)s, yu bordellsiete, bordellsient
Conditional: bordelliem, bordellies, bordelliet, bordelliem(o)s, yu bordelliete, bordellient
Prev participe: bordellt / bordellen bragven > Infinitive: bragvnes
Present: bragvno, bragvens, bragvent, bragvnm(o)s, yu bragvent(e), bragvne(nt)
Preterit: bragvim, bragv(i)st(a), bragvit, bragvam, bragvat, bragveer
Future tid: bragvensiem, bragvensies, bragvensiet, bragvensiem(o)s, yu bragvensiete, bragvensient
Conditional: bragvniem, bragvnies, bragvniet, bragvniem(o)s, yu bragvniete, bragvnient
Prev participe: bragvt / bragven bragvye > Infinitive: bragvye
Present: io bragvye, bragvyes, bragvyet, bragvyems, yu bragvyet(e), bragvyent
Preterit: bragvyim, bragvyist(a), bragvyit, bragvyam, bragvyat, bragvyeer
Future tid: bragvyesiem, bragvyesies, bragvyesiet, bragvyesiem(o)s, yu bragvyesiete, bragvyesient
Conditional: bragvyiem, bragvyies, bragvyiet, bragvyiem(o)s, yu bragvyiete, bragvyient
Prev participe: bragvyet / bragvyen brai > Infinitive: braie
Present: braim, brais, brait, braim(o)s, yu brait(e), braint
Preterit: braisim, braist(a), braisit, braam, braat, brair
Future tid: braisiem, braisies, braisiet, braisiem(o)s, yu braisiete, braisient
Conditional: braiem, braies, braiet, braiem(o)s, yu braiete, braient
Prev participe: brait / brain brand > Infinitive: brande
Present: brando, brands, brandt, brandm(o)s, yu brandt(e), brande(nt)
Preterit: briendim, briend(i)st(a), briendit, briendam, briendat, briendeer
Future tid: brandsiem, brandsies, brandsiet, brandsiem(o)s, yu brandsiete, brandsient
Conditional: brandiem, brandies, brandiet, brandiem(o)s, yu brandiete, brandient
Prev participe: brans / branden braungh > Infinitive: braunghe
Present: braungho, braunghs, braunght, braunghm(o)s, yu braunght(e), braunghe(nt)
Preterit: braunghim, braungh(i)st(a), braunghit, braungham, braunghat, braungheer
Future tid: braunghsiem, braunghsies, braunghsiet, braunghsiem(o)s, yu braunghsiete, braunghsient
Conditional: braunghiem, braunghies, braunghiet, braunghiem(o)s, yu braunghiete, braunghient
Prev participe: braunght / braunghen brehg > Infinitive: brehge
Present: brehgo, brehcs, brehct, brehgm(o)s, yu brehct(e), brehge(nt)
Preterit: brohgim, brohg(i)st(a), brohgit, brohgam, brohgat, brohgeer
Future tid: brehcsiem, brehcsies, brehcsiet, brehcsiem(o)s, yu brehcsiete, brehcsient
Conditional: brehgiem, brehgies, brehgiet, brehgiem(o)s, yu brehgiete, brehgient
Prev participe: brohct / brohgen brehm > Infinitive: brehme
Present: brehmo, brehms, brehmt, brehmm(o)s, yu brehmt(e), brehme(nt)
Preterit: brohmim, brohm(i)st(a), brohmit, brohmam, brohmat, brohmeer
Future tid: brehmsiem, brehmsies, brehmsiet, brehmsiem(o)s, yu brehmsiete, brehmsient
Conditional: brehmiem, brehmies, brehmiet, brehmiem(o)s, yu brehmiete, brehmient
Prev participe: brohmt / brohmen breiz > Infinitive: brizes
Present: breizo, breizs, breizt, breizm(o)s, yu breizt(e), breize(nt)
Preterit: brizim, briz(i)st(a), brizit, brizam, brizat, brizeer
Future tid: siem brizes, sies brizes, siet brizes, siem(o)s brizes, yu siete brizes, sient brizes
Conditional: breiziem, breizies, breiziet, breiziem(o)s, yu breiziete, breizient
Prev participe: brizt / brizen breuk > Infinitive: brukes
Present: breuko, breucs, breuct, breukm(o)s, yu breuct(e), breuke(nt)
Preterit: brukim, bruk(i)st(a), brukit, brukam, brukat, brukeer
Future tid: breucsiem, breucsies, breucsiet, breucsiem(o)s, yu breucsiete, breucsient
Conditional: breukiem, breukies, breukiet, breukiem(o)s, yu breukiete, breukient
Prev participe: bruct / bruken breuspusc > Infinitive: breuspusce
Present: breuspusco, breuspuscs, breuspusct, breuspuscm(o)s, yu breuspusct(e), breuspusce(nt)
Preterit: breuspuscim, breuspusc(i)st(a), breuspuscit, breuspuscam, breuspuscat, breuspusceer
Future tid: breuspuscsiem, breuspuscsies, breuspuscsiet, breuspuscsiem(o)s, yu breuspuscsiete, breuspuscsient
Conditional: breuspusciem, breuspuscies, breuspusciet, breuspusciem(o)s, yu breuspusciete, breuspuscient
Prev participe: breuspusct / breuspuscen brillye > Infinitive: brillye
Present: io brillye, brillyes, brillyet, brillyems, yu brillyet(e), brillyent
Preterit: brillyim, brillyist(a), brillyit, brillyam, brillyat, brillyeer
Future tid: brillyesiem, brillyesies, brillyesiet, brillyesiem(o)s, yu brillyesiete, brillyesient
Conditional: brillyiem, brillyies, brillyiet, brillyiem(o)s, yu brillyiete, brillyient
Prev participe: brillyet / brillyen brinegh > Infinitive: bringhes
Present: bringho, bringhs, bringht, bringhm(o)s, yu bringht(e), bringhe(nt)
Preterit: brighim, brigh(i)st(a), brighit, brigham, brighat, brigheer
Future tid: bringhsiem, bringhsies, bringhsiet, bringhsiem(o)s, yu bringhsiete, bringhsient
Conditional: bringhiem, bringhies, bringhiet, bringhiem(o)s, yu bringhiete, bringhient
Prev participe: bright / brighen brov > Infinitive: brove
Present: brovo, brovs, brovt, brovm(o)s, yu brovt(e), brove(nt)
Preterit: brovim, brov(i)st(a), brovit, brovam, brovat, broveer
Future tid: brovsiem, brovsies, brovsiet, brovsiem(o)s, yu brovsiete, brovsient
Conditional: broviem, brovies, broviet, broviem(o)s, yu broviete, brovient
Prev participe: brot / broven bruneg > Infinitive: brunges
Present: brungo, bruncs, brunct, brungm(o)s, yu brunct(e), brunge(nt)
Preterit: brugim, brug(i)st(a), brugit, brugam, brugat, brugeer
Future tid: bruncsiem, bruncsies, bruncsiet, bruncsiem(o)s, yu bruncsiete, bruncsient
Conditional: brungiem, brungies, brungiet, brungiem(o)s, yu brungiete, brungient
Prev participe: bruct / brugen bry > Infinitive: brye
Present: bryo, brys, bryt, brym(o)s, yu bryt(e), brynt
Preterit: bryim, bryst(a), bryit, bryam, bryat, bryeer
Future tid: brysiem, brysies, brysiet, brysiem(o)s, yu brysiete, brysient
Conditional: bryiem, bryies, bryiet, bryiem(o)s, yu bryiete, bryient
Prev participe: bryt / bryn buk > Infinitive: buke
Present: buko, bucs, buct, bukm(o)s, yu buct(e), buke(nt)
Preterit: bukim, buk(i)st(a), bukit, bukam, bukat, bukeer
Future tid: bucsiem, bucsies, bucsiet, bucsiem(o)s, yu bucsiete, bucsient
Conditional: bukiem, bukies, bukiet, bukiem(o)s, yu bukiete, bukient
Prev participe: buct / buken bukat > Infinitive: bukate
Present: bukato, bukats, bukat, bukatm(o)s, yu bukate, bukate(nt)
Preterit: bukietim, bukiet(i)st(a), bukietit, bukietam, bukietat, bukieteer
Future tid: bukatsiem, bukatsies, bukatsiet, bukatsiem(o)s, yu bukatsiete, bukatsient
Conditional: bukatiem, bukaties, bukatiet, bukatiem(o)s, yu bukatiete, bukatient
Prev participe: bukat / bukaten bukawul > Infinitive: bukawule
Present: bukawulo, bukawuls, bukawult, bukawulm(o)s, yu bukawult(e), bukawule(nt)
Preterit: bukawulim, bukawul(i)st(a), bukawulit, bukawulam, bukawulat, bukawuleer
Future tid: bukawulsiem, bukawulsies, bukawulsiet, bukawulsiem(o)s, yu bukawulsiete, bukawulsient
Conditional: bukawuliem, bukawulies, bukawuliet, bukawuliem(o)s, yu bukawuliete, bukawulient
Prev participe: bukawult / bukawulen buksteiv > Infinitive: bukstives
Present: buksteivo, buksteifs, buksteift, buksteivm(o)s, yu buksteift(e), buksteive(nt)
Preterit: bukstivim, bukstiv(i)st(a), bukstivit, bukstivam, bukstivat, bukstiveer
Future tid: buksteifsiem, buksteifsies, buksteifsiet, buksteifsiem(o)s, yu buksteifsiete, buksteifsient
Conditional: buksteiviem, buksteivies, buksteiviet, buksteiviem(o)s, yu buksteiviete, buksteivient
Prev participe: bukstift / bukstiven buneg > Infinitive: bunges
Present: bungo, buncs, bunct, bungm(o)s, yu bunct(e), bunge(nt)
Preterit: bugim, bug(i)st(a), bugit, bugam, bugat, bugeer
Future tid: buncsiem, buncsies, buncsiet, buncsiem(o)s, yu buncsiete, buncsient
Conditional: bungiem, bungies, bungiet, bungiem(o)s, yu bungiete, bungient
Prev participe: buct / bugen bustighe > Infinitive: bustighe
Present: io bustighe, bustighes, bustighet, bustighems, yu bustighet(e), bustighent
Preterit: bustighim, bustighist(a), bustighit, bustigham, bustighat, bustigheer
Future tid: bustighesiem, bustighesies, bustighesiet, bustighesiem(o)s, yu bustighesiete, bustighesient
Conditional: bustighiem, bustighies, bustighiet, bustighiem(o)s, yu bustighiete, bustighient
Prev participe: bustighet / bustighen buton > Infinitive: butone
Present: butono, butons, butont, butonm(o)s, yu butont(e), butone(nt)
Preterit: butonim, buton(i)st(a), butonit, butonam, butonat, butoneer
Future tid: butonsiem, butonsies, butonsiet, butonsiem(o)s, yu butonsiete, butonsient
Conditional: butoniem, butonies, butoniet, butoniem(o)s, yu butoniete, butonient
Prev participe: butont / butonen buychaunk > Infinitive: buychaunke
Present: buychaunko, buychauncs, buychaunct, buychaunkm(o)s, yu buychaunct(e), buychaunke(nt)
Preterit: buychaunkim, buychaunk(i)st(a), buychaunkit, buychaunkam, buychaunkat, buychaunkeer
Future tid: buychauncsiem, buychauncsies, buychauncsiet, buychauncsiem(o)s, yu buychauncsiete, buychauncsient
Conditional: buychaunkiem, buychaunkies, buychaunkiet, buychaunkiem(o)s, yu buychaunkiete, buychaunkient
Prev participe: buychaunct / buychaunken calcine > Infinitive: calcine
Present: io calcine, calcines, calcinet, calcinems, yu calcinet(e), calcinent
Preterit: calcinim, calcinist(a), calcinit, calcinam, calcinat, calcineer
Future tid: calcinesiem, calcinesies, calcinesiet, calcinesiem(o)s, yu calcinesiete, calcinesient
Conditional: calciniem, calcinies, calciniet, calciniem(o)s, yu calciniete, calcinient
Prev participe: calcinet / calcinen calcule > Infinitive: calcule
Present: io calcule, calcules, calculet, calculems, yu calculet(e), calculent
Preterit: calculim, calculist(a), calculit, calculam, calculat, calculeer
Future tid: calculesiem, calculesies, calculesiet, calculesiem(o)s, yu calculesiete, calculesient
Conditional: calculiem, calculies, calculiet, calculiem(o)s, yu calculiete, calculient
Prev participe: calculet / calculen calumnye > Infinitive: calumnye
Present: io calumnye, calumnyes, calumnyet, calumnyems, yu calumnyet(e), calumnyent
Preterit: calumnyim, calumnyist(a), calumnyit, calumnyam, calumnyat, calumnyeer
Future tid: calumnyesiem, calumnyesies, calumnyesiet, calumnyesiem(o)s, yu calumnyesiete, calumnyesient
Conditional: calumnyiem, calumnyies, calumnyiet, calumnyiem(o)s, yu calumnyiete, calumnyient
Prev participe: calumnyet / calumnyen camoufle > Infinitive: camoufle
Present: io camoufle, camoufles, camouflet, camouflems, yu camouflet(e), camouflent
Preterit: camouflim, camouflist(a), camouflit, camouflam, camouflat, camoufleer
Future tid: camouflesiem, camouflesies, camouflesiet, camouflesiem(o)s, yu camouflesiete, camouflesient
Conditional: camoufliem, camouflies, camoufliet, camoufliem(o)s, yu camoufliete, camouflient
Prev participe: camouflet / camouflen canakeve > Infinitive: canakeve
Present: io canakeve, canakeves, canakevet, canakevems, yu canakevet(e), canakevent
Preterit: canakevim, canakevist(a), canakevit, canakevam, canakevat, canakeveer
Future tid: canakevesiem, canakevesies, canakevesiet, canakevesiem(o)s, yu canakevesiete, canakevesient
Conditional: canakeviem, canakevies, canakeviet, canakeviem(o)s, yu canakeviete, canakevient
Prev participe: canakevet / canakeven candidat > Infinitive: candidate
Present: candidato, candidats, candidat, candidatm(o)s, yu candidate, candidate(nt)
Preterit: candidietim, candidiet(i)st(a), candidietit, candidietam, candidietat, candidieteer
Future tid: candidatsiem, candidatsies, candidatsiet, candidatsiem(o)s, yu candidatsiete, candidatsient
Conditional: candidatiem, candidaties, candidatiet, candidatiem(o)s, yu candidatiete, candidatient
Prev participe: candidat / candidaten canonise > Infinitive: canonise
Present: io canonise, canonises, canoniset, canonisems, yu canoniset(e), canonisent
Preterit: canonisim, canonisist(a), canonisit, canonisam, canonisat, canoniseer
Future tid: canonisesiem, canonisesies, canonisesiet, canonisesiem(o)s, yu canonisesiete, canonisesient
Conditional: canonisiem, canonisies, canonisiet, canonisiem(o)s, yu canonisiete, canonisient
Prev participe: canoniset / canonisen capeungst > Infinitive: capungstes
Present: capeungsto, capeungsts, capeungst, capeungstm(o)s, yu capeungste, capeungste(nt)
Preterit: capungstim, capungst(i)st(a), capungstit, capungstam, capungstat, capungsteer
Future tid: capeungstsiem, capeungstsies, capeungstsiet, capeungstsiem(o)s, yu capeungstsiete, capeungstsient
Conditional: capeungstiem, capeungsties, capeungstiet, capeungstiem(o)s, yu capeungstiete, capeungstient
Prev participe: capungst / capungsten capire > Infinitive: capire
Present: io capire, capires, capiret, capirems, yu capiret(e), capirent
Preterit: capirim, capirist(a), capirit, capiram, capirat, capireer
Future tid: capiresiem, capiresies, capiresiet, capiresiem(o)s, yu capiresiete, capiresient
Conditional: capiriem, capiries, capiriet, capiriem(o)s, yu capiriete, capirient
Prev participe: capiret / capiren capiton > Infinitive: capitone
Present: capitono, capitons, capitont, capitonm(o)s, yu capitont(e), capitone(nt)
Preterit: capitonim, capiton(i)st(a), capitonit, capitonam, capitonat, capitoneer
Future tid: capitonsiem, capitonsies, capitonsiet, capitonsiem(o)s, yu capitonsiete, capitonsient
Conditional: capitoniem, capitonies, capitoniet, capitoniem(o)s, yu capitoniete, capitonient
Prev participe: capitont / capitonen capstah > Infinitive: capstahe
Present: capstahm, capstahs, capstaht, capstahm(o)s, yu capstaht(e), capstahnt
Preterit: capstahsim, capstahst(a), capstahsit, capstahsam, capstahsat, capstahr
Future tid: capstahsiem, capstahsies, capstahsiet, capstahsiem(o)s, yu capstahsiete, capstahsient
Conditional: capstahiem, capstahies, capstahiet, capstahiem(o)s, yu capstahiete, capstahient
Prev participe: capstaht / capstahn captive > Infinitive: captive
Present: io captive, captives, captivet, captivems, yu captivet(e), captivent
Preterit: captivim, captivist(a), captivit, captivam, captivat, captiveer
Future tid: captivesiem, captivesies, captivesiet, captivesiem(o)s, yu captivesiete, captivesient
Conditional: captiviem, captivies, captiviet, captiviem(o)s, yu captiviete, captivient
Prev participe: captivet / captiven capture > Infinitive: capture
Present: io capture, captures, capturet, capturems, yu capturet(e), capturent
Preterit: capturim, capturist(a), capturit, capturam, capturat, captureer
Future tid: capturesiem, capturesies, capturesiet, capturesiem(o)s, yu capturesiete, capturesient
Conditional: capturiem, capturies, capturiet, capturiem(o)s, yu capturiete, capturient
Prev participe: capturet / capturen caracole > Infinitive: caracole
Present: io caracole, caracoles, caracolet, caracolems, yu caracolet(e), caracolent
Preterit: caracolim, caracolist(a), caracolit, caracolam, caracolat, caracoleer
Future tid: caracolesiem, caracolesies, caracolesiet, caracolesiem(o)s, yu caracolesiete, caracolesient
Conditional: caracoliem, caracolies, caracoliet, caracoliem(o)s, yu caracoliete, caracolient
Prev participe: caracolet / caracolen caresse > Infinitive: caresse
Present: io caresse, caresses, caresset, caressems, yu caresset(e), caressent
Preterit: caressim, caressist(a), caressit, caressam, caressat, caresseer
Future tid: caressesiem, caressesies, caressesiet, caressesiem(o)s, yu caressesiete, caressesient
Conditional: caressiem, caressies, caressiet, caressiem(o)s, yu caressiete, caressient
Prev participe: caresset / caressen carrie > Infinitive: carrie
Present: io carrie, carries, carriet, carriems, yu carriet(e), carrient
Preterit: carricim, carriest, carricit, carriam, carriat, carrier
Future tid: carriesiem, carriesies, carriesiet, carriesiem(o)s, yu carriesiete, carriesient
Conditional: carriciem, carricies, carriciet, carriciem(o)s, yu carriciete, carricient
Prev participe: carriet / carrien casse > Infinitive: casse
Present: io casse, casses, casset, cassems, yu casset(e), cassent
Preterit: cassim, cassist(a), cassit, cassam, cassat, casseer
Future tid: cassesiem, cassesies, cassesiet, cassesiem(o)s, yu cassesiete, cassesient
Conditional: cassiem, cassies, cassiet, cassiem(o)s, yu cassiete, cassient
Prev participe: casset / cassen cause > Infinitive: cause
Present: io cause, causes, causet, causems, yu causet(e), causent
Preterit: causim, causist(a), causit, causam, causat, causeer
Future tid: causesiem, causesies, causesiet, causesiem(o)s, yu causesiete, causesient
Conditional: causiem, causies, causiet, causiem(o)s, yu causiete, causient
Prev participe: causet / causen cavardisse > Infinitive: cavardisse
Present: io cavardisse, cavardisses, cavardisset, cavardissems, yu cavardisset(e), cavardissent
Preterit: cavardissim, cavardissist(a), cavardissit, cavardissam, cavardissat, cavardisseer
Future tid: cavardissesiem, cavardissesies, cavardissesiet, cavardissesiem(o)s, yu cavardissesiete, cavardissesient
Conditional: cavardissiem, cavardissies, cavardissiet, cavardissiem(o)s, yu cavardissiete, cavardissient
Prev participe: cavardisset / cavardissen cedd > Infinitive: cedde
Present: ceddo, cedds, ceddt, ceddm(o)s, yu ceddt(e), cedde(nt)
Preterit: cessim, cess(i)st(a), cessit, cessam, cessat, cesseer
Future tid: ceddsiem, ceddsies, ceddsiet, ceddsiem(o)s, yu ceddsiete, ceddsient
Conditional: ceddiem, ceddies, ceddiet, ceddiem(o)s, yu ceddiete, ceddient
Prev participe: cess / cedden celebre > Infinitive: celebre
Present: io celebre, celebres, celebret, celebrems, yu celebret(e), celebrent
Preterit: celebrim, celebrist(a), celebrit, celebram, celebrat, celebreer
Future tid: celebresiem, celebresies, celebresiet, celebresiem(o)s, yu celebresiete, celebresient
Conditional: celebriem, celebries, celebriet, celebriem(o)s, yu celebriete, celebrient
Prev participe: celebret / celebren cemente > Infinitive: cemente
Present: io cemente, cementes, cementet, cementems, yu cementet(e), cementent
Preterit: cementim, cementist(a), cementit, cementam, cementat, cementeer
Future tid: cementesiem, cementesies, cementesiet, cementesiem(o)s, yu cementesiete, cementesient
Conditional: cementiem, cementies, cementiet, cementiem(o)s, yu cementiete, cementient
Prev participe: cementet / cementen censure > Infinitive: censure
Present: io censure, censures, censuret, censurems, yu censuret(e), censurent
Preterit: censurim, censurist(a), censurit, censuram, censurat, censureer
Future tid: censuresiem, censuresies, censuresiet, censuresiem(o)s, yu censuresiete, censuresient
Conditional: censuriem, censuries, censuriet, censuriem(o)s, yu censuriete, censurient
Prev participe: censuret / censuren certifie > Infinitive: certifie
Present: io certifie, certifies, certifiet, certifiems, yu certifiet(e), certifient
Preterit: certificim, certifiest, certificit, certifiam, certifiat, certifier
Future tid: certifiesiem, certifiesies, certifiesiet, certifiesiem(o)s, yu certifiesiete, certifiesient
Conditional: certificiem, certificies, certificiet, certificiem(o)s, yu certificiete, certificient
Prev participe: certifiet / certifien chabuk > Infinitive: chabuke
Present: chabuko, chabucs, chabuct, chabukm(o)s, yu chabuct(e), chabuke(nt)
Preterit: chabukim, chabuk(i)st(a), chabukit, chabukam, chabukat, chabukeer
Future tid: chabucsiem, chabucsies, chabucsiet, chabucsiem(o)s, yu chabucsiete, chabucsient
Conditional: chabukiem, chabukies, chabukiet, chabukiem(o)s, yu chabukiete, chabukient
Prev participe: chabuct / chabuken chald > Infinitive: chalde
Present: chaldo, chalds, chaldt, chaldm(o)s, yu chaldt(e), chalde(nt)
Preterit: chieldim, chield(i)st(a), chieldit, chieldam, chieldat, chieldeer
Future tid: chaldsiem, chaldsies, chaldsiet, chaldsiem(o)s, yu chaldsiete, chaldsient
Conditional: chaldiem, chaldies, chaldiet, chaldiem(o)s, yu chaldiete, chaldient
Prev participe: chals / chalden chald > Infinitive: chalde
Present: chaldo, chalds, chaldt, chaldm(o)s, yu chaldt(e), chalde(nt)
Preterit: chieldim, chield(i)st(a), chieldit, chieldam, chieldat, chieldeer
Future tid: chaldsiem, chaldsies, chaldsiet, chaldsiem(o)s, yu chaldsiete, chaldsient
Conditional: chaldiem, chaldies, chaldiet, chaldiem(o)s, yu chaldiete, chaldient
Prev participe: chals / chalden challenge > Infinitive: challenge
Present: io challenge, challenges, challenget, challengems, yu challenget(e), challengent
Preterit: challengim, challengist(a), challengit, challengeam, challengeat, challengeer
Future tid: challengesiem, challengesies, challengesiet, challengesiem(o)s, yu challengesiete, challengesient
Conditional: challengiem, challengies, challengiet, challengiem(o)s, yu challengiete, challengient
Prev participe: challenget / challengen change > Infinitive: change
Present: io change, changes, changet, changems, yu changet(e), changent
Preterit: changim, changist(a), changit, changeam, changeat, changeer
Future tid: changesiem, changesies, changesiet, changesiem(o)s, yu changesiete, changesient
Conditional: changiem, changies, changiet, changiem(o)s, yu changiete, changient
Prev participe: changet / changen charge > Infinitive: charge
Present: io charge, charges, charget, chargems, yu charget(e), chargent
Preterit: chargim, chargist(a), chargit, chargeam, chargeat, chargeer
Future tid: chargesiem, chargesies, chargesiet, chargesiem(o)s, yu chargesiete, chargesient
Conditional: chargiem, chargies, chargiet, chargiem(o)s, yu chargiete, chargient
Prev participe: charget / chargen charmen > Infinitive: charmnes
Present: charmno, charmens, charment, charmnm(o)s, yu charment(e), charmne(nt)
Preterit: charmim, charm(i)st(a), charmit, charmam, charmat, charmeer
Future tid: charmensiem, charmensies, charmensiet, charmensiem(o)s, yu charmensiete, charmensient
Conditional: charmniem, charmnies, charmniet, charmniem(o)s, yu charmniete, charmnient
Prev participe: charmt / charmen chasse > Infinitive: chasse
Present: io chasse, chasses, chasset, chassems, yu chasset(e), chassent
Preterit: chassim, chassist(a), chassit, chassam, chassat, chasseer
Future tid: chassesiem, chassesies, chassesiet, chassesiem(o)s, yu chassesiete, chassesient
Conditional: chassiem, chassies, chassiet, chassiem(o)s, yu chassiete, chassient
Prev participe: chasset / chassen chehx > Infinitive: chehxe
Present: chehxo, chehxs, chehxt, chehxm(o)s, yu chehxt(e), chehxe(nt)
Preterit: chohxim, chohx(i)st(a), chohxit, chohxam, chohxat, chohxeer
Future tid: siem chehxe, sies chehxe, siet chehxe, siem(o)s chehxe, yu siete chehxe, sient chehxe
Conditional: chehxiem, chehxies, chehxiet, chehxiem(o)s, yu chehxiete, chehxient
Prev participe: chohxt / chohxen cheid > Infinitive: chides
Present: cheido, cheids, cheidt, cheidm(o)s, yu cheidt(e), cheide(nt)
Preterit: chidim, chid(i)st(a), chidit, chidam, chidat, chideer
Future tid: cheidsiem, cheidsies, cheidsiet, cheidsiem(o)s, yu cheidsiete, cheidsient
Conditional: cheidiem, cheidies, cheidiet, cheidiem(o)s, yu cheidiete, cheidient
Prev participe: chidt / chiden cheurn > Infinitive: churnes
Present: cheurno, cheurns, cheurnt, cheurnm(o)s, yu cheurnt(e), cheurne(nt)
Preterit: churnim, churn(i)st(a), churnit, churnam, churnat, churneer
Future tid: cheurnsiem, cheurnsies, cheurnsiet, cheurnsiem(o)s, yu cheurnsiete, cheurnsient
Conditional: cheurniem, cheurnies, cheurniet, cheurniem(o)s, yu cheurniete, cheurnient
Prev participe: churnt / churnen cheus > Infinitive: chuses
Present: cheuso, cheus, cheust, cheusm(o)s, yu cheust(e), cheuse(nt)
Preterit: chusim, chus(i)st(a), chusit, chusam, chusat, chuseer
Future tid: siem chuses, sies chuses, siet chuses, siem(o)s chuses, yu siete chuses, sient chuses
Conditional: cheusiem, cheusies, cheusiet, cheusiem(o)s, yu cheusiete, cheusient
Prev participe: chust / chusen chevirme > Infinitive: chevirme
Present: io chevirme, chevirmes, chevirmet, chevirmems, yu chevirmet(e), chevirment
Preterit: chevirmim, chevirmist(a), chevirmit, chevirmam, chevirmat, chevirmeer
Future tid: chevirmesiem, chevirmesies, chevirmesiet, chevirmesiem(o)s, yu chevirmesiete, chevirmesient
Conditional: chevirmiem, chevirmies, chevirmiet, chevirmiem(o)s, yu chevirmiete, chevirmient
Prev participe: chevirmet / chevirmen chiaujaen > Infinitive: chiaujaene
Present: chiaujaeno, chiaujaens, chiaujaent, chiaujaenm(o)s, yu chiaujaent(e), chiaujaene(nt)
Preterit: chiaujaenim, chiaujaen(i)st(a), chiaujaenit, chiaujaenam, chiaujaenat, chiaujaeneer
Future tid: chiaujaensiem, chiaujaensies, chiaujaensiet, chiaujaensiem(o)s, yu chiaujaensiete, chiaujaensient
Conditional: chiaujaeniem, chiaujaenies, chiaujaeniet, chiaujaeniem(o)s, yu chiaujaeniete, chiaujaenient
Prev participe: chiaujaent / chiaujaenen chiendienasc > Infinitive: chiendienasce
Present: chiendienasco, chiendienascs, chiendienasct, chiendienascm(o)s, yu chiendienasct(e), chiendienasce(nt)
Preterit: chiendieniescim, chiendieniesc(i)st(a), chiendieniescit, chiendieniescam, chiendieniescat, chiendieniesceer
Future tid: chiendienascsiem, chiendienascsies, chiendienascsiet, chiendienascsiem(o)s, yu chiendienascsiete, chiendienascsient
Conditional: chiendienasciem, chiendienascies, chiendienasciet, chiendienasciem(o)s, yu chiendienasciete, chiendienascient
Prev participe: chiendienasct / chiendienascen chitay > Infinitive: chitaye
Present: chitaym, chitays, chitayt, chitaym(o)s, yu chitayt(e), chitaynt
Preterit: chitieyim, chitieyst(a), chitieyit, chitieyam, chitieyat, chitieyeer
Future tid: chitaysiem, chitaysies, chitaysiet, chitaysiem(o)s, yu chitaysiete, chitaysient
Conditional: chitayiem, chitayies, chitayiet, chitayiem(o)s, yu chitayiete, chitayient
Prev participe: chitayt / chitayen choureih > Infinitive: chourihes
Present: choureihm, choureihs, choureiht, choureihm(o)s, yu choureiht(e), choureihnt
Preterit: chourihsim, chourihst(a), chourihsit, chourihsam, chourihsat, chourihr
Future tid: choureihsiem, choureihsies, choureihsiet, choureihsiem(o)s, yu choureihsiete, choureihsient
Conditional: choureihiem, choureihies, choureihiet, choureihiem(o)s, yu choureihiete, choureihient
Prev participe: chouriht / chourihn chul > Infinitive: chule
Present: chulo, chuls, chult, chulm(o)s, yu chult(e), chule(nt)
Preterit: chulim, chul(i)st(a), chulit, chulam, chulat, chuleer
Future tid: chulsiem, chulsies, chulsiet, chulsiem(o)s, yu chulsiete, chulsient
Conditional: chuliem, chulies, chuliet, chuliem(o)s, yu chuliete, chulient
Prev participe: chult / chulen chuok > Infinitive: chuoke
Present: chuoko, chuocs, chuoct, chuokm(o)s, yu chuoct(e), chuoke(nt)
Preterit: chuokim, chuok(i)st(a), chuokit, chuokam, chuokat, chuokeer
Future tid: chuocsiem, chuocsies, chuocsiet, chuocsiem(o)s, yu chuocsiete, chuocsient
Conditional: chuokiem, chuokies, chuokiet, chuokiem(o)s, yu chuokiete, chuokient
Prev participe: chuoct / chuoken chwoy > Infinitive: chwoye
Present: chwoyo, chwoys, chwoyt, chwoym(o)s, yu chwoyt(e), chwoynt
Preterit: chwoyim, chwoyst(a), chwoyit, chwoyam, chwoyat, chwoyeer
Future tid: chwoysiem, chwoysies, chwoysiet, chwoysiem(o)s, yu chwoysiete, chwoysient
Conditional: chwoyiem, chwoyies, chwoyiet, chwoyiem(o)s, yu chwoyiete, chwoyient
Prev participe: chwoyt / chwoyen cimkirise > Infinitive: cimkirise
Present: io cimkirise, cimkirises, cimkiriset, cimkirisems, yu cimkiriset(e), cimkirisent
Preterit: cimkirisim, cimkirisist(a), cimkirisit, cimkirisam, cimkirisat, cimkiriseer
Future tid: cimkirisesiem, cimkirisesies, cimkirisesiet, cimkirisesiem(o)s, yu cimkirisesiete, cimkirisesient
Conditional: cimkirisiem, cimkirisies, cimkirisiet, cimkirisiem(o)s, yu cimkirisiete, cimkirisient
Prev participe: cimkiriset / cimkirisen circumven > Infinitive: circumvene
Present: circumveno, circumvens, circumvent, circumvenm(o)s, yu circumvent(e), circumvene(nt)
Preterit: circumvenim, circumven(i)st(a), circumvenit, circumvenam, circumvenat, circumveneer
Future tid: circumvensiem, circumvensies, circumvensiet, circumvensiem(o)s, yu circumvensiete, circumvensient
Conditional: circumveniem, circumvenies, circumveniet, circumveniem(o)s, yu circumveniete, circumvenient
Prev participe: circumvent / circumvenen cisell > Infinitive: ciselle
Present: cisello, cisells, cisellt, cisellm(o)s, yu cisellt(e), ciselle(nt)
Preterit: cisellim, cisell(i)st(a), cisellit, cisellam, cisellat, ciselleer
Future tid: cisellsiem, cisellsies, cisellsiet, cisellsiem(o)s, yu cisellsiete, cisellsient
Conditional: ciselliem, cisellies, ciselliet, ciselliem(o)s, yu ciselliete, cisellient
Prev participe: cisellt / cisellen cisellure > Infinitive: cisellure
Present: io cisellure, cisellures, ciselluret, cisellurems, yu ciselluret(e), cisellurent
Preterit: cisellurim, cisellurist(a), cisellurit, ciselluram, cisellurat, cisellureer
Future tid: ciselluresiem, ciselluresies, ciselluresiet, ciselluresiem(o)s, yu ciselluresiete, ciselluresient
Conditional: ciselluriem, ciselluries, ciselluriet, ciselluriem(o)s, yu ciselluriete, cisellurient
Prev participe: ciselluret / ciselluren cite > Infinitive: cite
Present: io cite, cites, citet, citems, yu citet(e), citent
Preterit: citim, citist(a), citit, citam, citat, citeer
Future tid: citesiem, citesies, citesiet, citesiem(o)s, yu citesiete, citesient
Conditional: citiem, cities, citiet, citiem(o)s, yu citiete, citient
Prev participe: citet / citen clame > Infinitive: clame
Present: io clame, clames, clamet, clamems, yu clamet(e), clament
Preterit: clamim, clamist(a), clamit, clamam, clamat, clameer
Future tid: clamesiem, clamesies, clamesiet, clamesiem(o)s, yu clamesiete, clamesient
Conditional: clamiem, clamies, clamiet, clamiem(o)s, yu clamiete, clamient
Prev participe: clamet / clamen clangh > Infinitive: clanghe
Present: clangho, clanghs, clanght, clanghm(o)s, yu clanght(e), clanghe(nt)
Preterit: clienghim, cliengh(i)st(a), clienghit, cliengham, clienghat, cliengheer
Future tid: clanghsiem, clanghsies, clanghsiet, clanghsiem(o)s, yu clanghsiete, clanghsient
Conditional: clanghiem, clanghies, clanghiet, clanghiem(o)s, yu clanghiete, clanghient
Prev participe: clanght / clanghen clap > Infinitive: clape
Present: clapo, claps, clapt, clapm(o)s, yu clapt(e), clape(nt)
Preterit: cliepim, cliep(i)st(a), cliepit, cliepam, cliepat, cliepeer
Future tid: clapsiem, clapsies, clapsiet, clapsiem(o)s, yu clapsiete, clapsient
Conditional: clapiem, clapies, clapiet, clapiem(o)s, yu clapiete, clapient
Prev participe: clapt / clapen clasch > Infinitive: clasche
Present: clascho, claschs, clascht, claschm(o)s, yu clascht(e), clasche(nt)
Preterit: clieschim, cliesch(i)st(a), clieschit, cliescham, clieschat, cliescheer
Future tid: siem clasche, sies clasche, siet clasche, siem(o)s clasche, yu siete clasche, sient clasche
Conditional: claschiem, claschies, claschiet, claschiem(o)s, yu claschiete, claschient
Prev participe: clascht / claschen claviatolk > Infinitive: claviatolke
Present: claviatolko, claviatolcs, claviatolct, claviatolkm(o)s, yu claviatolct(e), claviatolke(nt)
Preterit: claviatolkim, claviatolk(i)st(a), claviatolkit, claviatolkam, claviatolkat, claviatolkeer
Future tid: claviatolcsiem, claviatolcsies, claviatolcsiet, claviatolcsiem(o)s, yu claviatolcsiete, claviatolcsient
Conditional: claviatolkiem, claviatolkies, claviatolkiet, claviatolkiem(o)s, yu claviatolkiete, claviatolkient
Prev participe: claviatolct / claviatolken clehsp > Infinitive: clehspe
Present: clehspo, clehsps, clehspt, clehspm(o)s, yu clehspt(e), clehspe(nt)
Preterit: clohspim, clohsp(i)st(a), clohspit, clohspam, clohspat, clohspeer
Future tid: siem clehspe, sies clehspe, siet clehspe, siem(o)s clehspe, yu siete clehspe, sient clehspe
Conditional: clehspiem, clehspies, clehspiet, clehspiem(o)s, yu clehspiete, clehspient
Prev participe: clohspt / clohspen cleiv > Infinitive: clives
Present: cleivo, cleifs, cleift, cleivm(o)s, yu cleift(e), cleive(nt)
Preterit: clivim, cliv(i)st(a), clivit, clivam, clivat, cliveer
Future tid: cleifsiem, cleifsies, cleifsiet, cleifsiem(o)s, yu cleifsiete, cleifsient
Conditional: cleiviem, cleivies, cleiviet, cleiviem(o)s, yu cleiviete, cleivient
Prev participe: clift / cliven cleric > Infinitive: clerice
Present: clerico, clerics, clerict, clericm(o)s, yu clerict(e), clerice(nt)
Preterit: clericim, cleric(i)st(a), clericit, clericam, clericat, clericeer
Future tid: clericsiem, clericsies, clericsiet, clericsiem(o)s, yu clericsiete, clericsient
Conditional: clericiem, clericies, clericiet, clericiem(o)s, yu clericiete, clericient
Prev participe: clerict / clericen clever > Infinitive: clever
Present: io clever, clevers, clevert, cleverms, yu clevert, clevernt
Preterit: clevrim, clevrist, clevrit, clev(e)ram, clev(e)rat, clev(e)reer
Future tid: cleversiem, cleversies, cleversiet, cleversiem(o)s, yu cleversiete, cleversient
Conditional: cleveriem, cleveries, cleveriet, cleveriem(o)s, yu cleveriete, cleverient
Prev participe: clevert / clevern click > Infinitive: clicke
Present: clicko, clicks, clickt, clickm(o)s, yu clickt(e), clicke(nt)
Preterit: clickim, click(i)st(a), clickit, clickam, clickat, clickeer
Future tid: clicksiem, clicksies, clicksiet, clicksiem(o)s, yu clicksiete, clicksient
Conditional: clickiem, clickies, clickiet, clickiem(o)s, yu clickiete, clickient
Prev participe: clickt / clicken clihen > Infinitive: clihnes
Present: clihno, clihens, clihent, clihnm(o)s, yu clihent(e), clihne(nt)
Preterit: clihsim, clihst(a), clihsit, clihsam, clihsat, clihr
Future tid: clihensiem, clihensies, clihensiet, clihensiem(o)s, yu clihensiete, clihensient
Conditional: clihniem, clihnies, clihniet, clihniem(o)s, yu clihniete, clihnient
Prev participe: cliht / clihn clone > Infinitive: clone
Present: io clone, clones, clonet, clonems, yu clonet(e), clonent
Preterit: clonim, clonist(a), clonit, clonam, clonat, cloneer
Future tid: clonesiem, clonesies, clonesiet, clonesiem(o)s, yu clonesiete, clonesient
Conditional: cloniem, clonies, cloniet, cloniem(o)s, yu cloniete, clonient
Prev participe: clonet / clonen closter > Infinitive: closter
Present: io closter, closters, clostert, closterms, yu clostert, closternt
Preterit: clostrim, clostrist, clostrit, clost(e)ram, clost(e)rat, clost(e)reer
Future tid: clostersiem, clostersies, clostersiet, clostersiem(o)s, yu clostersiete, clostersient
Conditional: closteriem, closteries, closteriet, closteriem(o)s, yu closteriete, closterient
Prev participe: clostert / clostern clostereih > Infinitive: closterihes
Present: clostereihm, clostereihs, clostereiht, clostereihm(o)s, yu clostereiht(e), clostereihnt
Preterit: closterihsim, closterihst(a), closterihsit, closterihsam, closterihsat, closterihr
Future tid: clostereihsiem, clostereihsies, clostereihsiet, clostereihsiem(o)s, yu clostereihsiete, clostereihsient
Conditional: clostereihiem, clostereihies, clostereihiet, clostereihiem(o)s, yu clostereihiete, clostereihient
Prev participe: closteriht / closterihn clostreih > Infinitive: clostrihes
Present: clostreihm, clostreihs, clostreiht, clostreihm(o)s, yu clostreiht(e), clostreihnt
Preterit: clostrihsim, clostrihst(a), clostrihsit, clostrihsam, clostrihsat, clostrihr
Future tid: clostreihsiem, clostreihsies, clostreihsiet, clostreihsiem(o)s, yu clostreihsiete, clostreihsient
Conditional: clostreihiem, clostreihies, clostreihiet, clostreihiem(o)s, yu clostreihiete, clostreihient
Prev participe: clostriht / clostrihn clud > Infinitive: clude
Present: cludo, cluds, cludt, cludm(o)s, yu cludt(e), clude(nt)
Preterit: clusim, clus(i)st(a), clusit, clusam, clusat, cluseer
Future tid: cludsiem, cludsies, cludsiet, cludsiem(o)s, yu cludsiete, cludsient
Conditional: cludiem, cludies, cludiet, cludiem(o)s, yu cludiete, cludient
Prev participe: clus / cluden cobor > Infinitive: cobore
Present: coboro, cobors, cobort, coborm(o)s, yu cobort(e), cobore(nt)
Preterit: coborim, cobor(i)st(a), coborit, coboram, coborat, coboreer
Future tid: coborsiem, coborsies, coborsiet, coborsiem(o)s, yu coborsiete, coborsient
Conditional: coboriem, cobories, coboriet, coboriem(o)s, yu coboriete, coborient
Prev participe: cobort / coboren coc > Infinitive: coce
Present: coco, cocs, coct, cocm(o)s, yu coct(e), coce(nt)
Preterit: cocim, coc(i)st(a), cocit, cocam, cocat, coceer
Future tid: cocsiem, cocsies, cocsiet, cocsiem(o)s, yu cocsiete, cocsient
Conditional: cociem, cocies, cociet, cociem(o)s, yu cociete, cocient
Prev participe: coct / cocen coccole > Infinitive: coccole
Present: io coccole, coccoles, coccolet, coccolems, yu coccolet(e), coccolent
Preterit: coccolim, coccolist(a), coccolit, coccolam, coccolat, coccoleer
Future tid: coccolesiem, coccolesies, coccolesiet, coccolesiem(o)s, yu coccolesiete, coccolesient
Conditional: coccoliem, coccolies, coccoliet, coccoliem(o)s, yu coccoliete, coccolient
Prev participe: coccolet / coccolen coexist > Infinitive: coexiste
Present: coexisto, coexists, coexist, coexistm(o)s, yu coexiste, coexiste(nt)
Preterit: coexistim, coexist(i)st(a), coexistit, coexistam, coexistat, coexisteer
Future tid: coexistsiem, coexistsies, coexistsiet, coexistsiem(o)s, yu coexistsiete, coexistsient
Conditional: coexistiem, coexisties, coexistiet, coexistiem(o)s, yu coexistiete, coexistient
Prev participe: coexist / coexisten coincid > Infinitive: coincide
Present: coincido, coincids, coincidt, coincidm(o)s, yu coincidt(e), coincide(nt)
Preterit: coincisim, coincis(i)st(a), coincisit, coincisam, coincisat, coinciseer
Future tid: coincidsiem, coincidsies, coincidsiet, coincidsiem(o)s, yu coincidsiete, coincidsient
Conditional: coincidiem, coincidies, coincidiet, coincidiem(o)s, yu coincidiete, coincidient
Prev participe: coincis / coinciden collab > Infinitive: collabe
Present: collabo, collaps, collapt, collabm(o)s, yu collapt(e), collabe(nt)
Preterit: colliebim, collieb(i)st(a), colliebit, colliebam, colliebat, colliebeer
Future tid: collapsiem, collapsies, collapsiet, collapsiem(o)s, yu collapsiete, collapsient
Conditional: collabiem, collabies, collabiet, collabiem(o)s, yu collabiete, collabient
Prev participe: collapt / collaben colleg > Infinitive: college
Present: collego, collecs, collect, collegm(o)s, yu collect(e), college(nt)
Preterit: collegim, colleg(i)st(a), collegit, collegam, collegat, collegeer
Future tid: collecsiem, collecsies, collecsiet, collecsiem(o)s, yu collecsiete, collecsient
Conditional: collegiem, collegies, collegiet, collegiem(o)s, yu collegiete, collegient
Prev participe: collect / collegen collid > Infinitive: collide
Present: collido, collids, collidt, collidm(o)s, yu collidt(e), collide(nt)
Preterit: collisim, collis(i)st(a), collisit, collisam, collisat, colliseer
Future tid: collidsiem, collidsies, collidsiet, collidsiem(o)s, yu collidsiete, collidsient
Conditional: collidiem, collidies, collidiet, collidiem(o)s, yu collidiete, collidient
Prev participe: collis / colliden comap > Infinitive: comape
Present: comapo, comaps, comapt, comapm(o)s, yu comapt(e), comape(nt)
Preterit: comiepim, comiep(i)st(a), comiepit, comiepam, comiepat, comiepeer
Future tid: comapsiem, comapsies, comapsiet, comapsiem(o)s, yu comapsiete, comapsient
Conditional: comapiem, comapies, comapiet, comapiem(o)s, yu comapiete, comapient
Prev participe: comapt / comapen combat > Infinitive: combate
Present: combato, combats, combat, combatm(o)s, yu combate, combate(nt)
Preterit: combietim, combiet(i)st(a), combietit, combietam, combietat, combieteer
Future tid: combatsiem, combatsies, combatsiet, combatsiem(o)s, yu combatsiete, combatsient
Conditional: combatiem, combaties, combatiet, combatiem(o)s, yu combatiete, combatient
Prev participe: combat / combaten combine > Infinitive: combine
Present: io combine, combines, combinet, combinems, yu combinet(e), combinent
Preterit: combinim, combinist(a), combinit, combinam, combinat, combineer
Future tid: combinesiem, combinesies, combinesiet, combinesiem(o)s, yu combinesiete, combinesient
Conditional: combiniem, combinies, combiniet, combiniem(o)s, yu combiniete, combinient
Prev participe: combinet / combinen comglauwer > Infinitive: comglauwer
Present: io comglauwer, comglauwers, comglauwert, comglauwerms, yu comglauwert, comglauwernt
Preterit: comglieuwrim, comglieuwrist, comglieuwrit, comglieuw(e)ram, comglieuw(e)rat, comglieuw(e)reer
Future tid: comglauwersiem, comglauwersies, comglauwersiet, comglauwersiem(o)s, yu comglauwersiete, comglauwersient
Conditional: comglauweriem, comglauweries, comglauweriet, comglauweriem(o)s, yu comglauweriete, comglauwerient
Prev participe: comglauwert / comglauwern comgwiv > Infinitive: comgwive
Present: comgwivo, comgwivs, comgwivt, comgwivm(o)s, yu comgwivt(e), comgwive(nt)
Preterit: comgwivim, comgwiv(i)st(a), comgwivit, comgwivam, comgwivat, comgwiveer
Future tid: comgwivsiem, comgwivsies, comgwivsiet, comgwivsiem(o)s, yu comgwivsiete, comgwivsient
Conditional: comgwiviem, comgwivies, comgwiviet, comgwiviem(o)s, yu comgwiviete, comgwivient
Prev participe: comgwiwt / comgwiven commente > Infinitive: commente
Present: io commente, commentes, commentet, commentems, yu commentet(e), commentent
Preterit: commentim, commentist(a), commentit, commentam, commentat, commenteer
Future tid: commentesiem, commentesies, commentesiet, commentesiem(o)s, yu commentesiete, commentesient
Conditional: commentiem, commenties, commentiet, commentiem(o)s, yu commentiete, commentient
Prev participe: commentet / commenten committ > Infinitive: committe
Present: committo, committs, committ, committm(o)s, yu committe, committe(nt)
Preterit: commissim, commiss(i)st(a), commissit, commissam, commissat, commisseer
Future tid: committsiem, committsies, committsiet, committsiem(o)s, yu committsiete, committsient
Conditional: committiem, committies, committiet, committiem(o)s, yu committiete, committient
Prev participe: commiss / committen commov > Infinitive: commove
Present: commovo, commovs, commovt, commovm(o)s, yu commovt(e), commove(nt)
Preterit: commovim, commov(i)st(a), commovit, commovam, commovat, commoveer
Future tid: commovsiem, commovsies, commovsiet, commovsiem(o)s, yu commovsiete, commovsient
Conditional: commoviem, commovies, commoviet, commoviem(o)s, yu commoviete, commovient
Prev participe: commot / commoven communie > Infinitive: communie
Present: io communie, communies, communiet, communiems, yu communiet(e), communient
Preterit: communicim, communiest, communicit, communiam, communiat, communier
Future tid: communiesiem, communiesies, communiesiet, communiesiem(o)s, yu communiesiete, communiesient
Conditional: communiciem, communicies, communiciet, communiciem(o)s, yu communiciete, communicient
Prev participe: communiet / communien compag > Infinitive: compage
Present: compago, compacs, compact, compagm(o)s, yu compact(e), compage(nt)
Preterit: compiegim, compieg(i)st(a), compiegit, compiegam, compiegat, compiegeer
Future tid: compacsiem, compacsies, compacsiet, compacsiem(o)s, yu compacsiete, compacsient
Conditional: compagiem, compagies, compagiet, compagiem(o)s, yu compagiete, compagient
Prev participe: compact / compagen companeg > Infinitive: companges
Present: compango, compancs, companct, compangm(o)s, yu companct(e), compange(nt)
Preterit: compagim, compag(i)st(a), compagit, compagam, compagat, compageer
Future tid: compancsiem, compancsies, compancsiet, compancsiem(o)s, yu compancsiete, compancsient
Conditional: compangiem, compangies, compangiet, compangiem(o)s, yu compangiete, compangient
Prev participe: compact / compagen compare > Infinitive: compare
Present: io compare, compares, comparet, comparems, yu comparet(e), comparent
Preterit: comparim, comparist(a), comparit, comparam, comparat, compareer
Future tid: comparesiem, comparesies, comparesiet, comparesiem(o)s, yu comparesiete, comparesient
Conditional: compariem, comparies, compariet, compariem(o)s, yu compariete, comparient
Prev participe: comparet / comparen comparue > Infinitive: comparue
Present: io comparue, comparues, comparuet, comparuems, yu comparuet(e), comparuent
Preterit: comparuim, comparuist(a), comparuit, comparuam, comparuat, comparueer
Future tid: comparuesiem, comparuesies, comparuesiet, comparuesiem(o)s, yu comparuesiete, comparuesient
Conditional: comparuiem, comparuies, comparuiet, comparuiem(o)s, yu comparuiete, comparuient
Prev participe: comparuet / comparuen compense > Infinitive: compense
Present: io compense, compenses, compenset, compensems, yu compenset(e), compensent
Preterit: compensim, compensist(a), compensit, compensam, compensat, compenseer
Future tid: compensesiem, compensesies, compensesiet, compensesiem(o)s, yu compensesiete, compensesient
Conditional: compensiem, compensies, compensiet, compensiem(o)s, yu compensiete, compensient
Prev participe: compenset / compensen compile > Infinitive: compile
Present: io compile, compiles, compilet, compilems, yu compilet(e), compilent
Preterit: compilim, compilist(a), compilit, compilam, compilat, compileer
Future tid: compilesiem, compilesies, compilesiet, compilesiem(o)s, yu compilesiete, compilesient
Conditional: compiliem, compilies, compiliet, compiliem(o)s, yu compiliete, compilient
Prev participe: compilet / compilen complete > Infinitive: complete
Present: io complete, completes, completet, completems, yu completet(e), completent
Preterit: completim, completist(a), completit, completam, completat, completeer
Future tid: completesiem, completesies, completesiet, completesiem(o)s, yu completesiete, completesient
Conditional: completiem, completies, completiet, completiem(o)s, yu completiete, completient
Prev participe: completet / completen complie > Infinitive: complie
Present: io complie, complies, compliet, compliems, yu compliet(e), complient
Preterit: complicim, compliest, complicit, compliam, compliat, complier
Future tid: compliesiem, compliesies, compliesiet, compliesiem(o)s, yu compliesiete, compliesient
Conditional: compliciem, complicies, compliciet, compliciem(o)s, yu compliciete, complicient
Prev participe: compliet / complien composen > Infinitive: compones
Present: compono, compons, compont, componm(o)s, yu compont(e), compone(nt)
Preterit: composim, compos(i)st(a), composit, composam, composat, composeer
Future tid: componsiem, componsies, componsiet, componsiem(o)s, yu componsiete, componsient
Conditional: componiem, componies, componiet, componiem(o)s, yu componiete, componient
Prev participe: compost / composen compost > Infinitive: composte
Present: composto, composts, compost, compostm(o)s, yu composte, composte(nt)
Preterit: compostim, compost(i)st(a), compostit, compostam, compostat, composteer
Future tid: compostsiem, compostsies, compostsiet, compostsiem(o)s, yu compostsiete, compostsient
Conditional: compostiem, composties, compostiet, compostiem(o)s, yu compostiete, compostient
Prev participe: compost / composten comprehend > Infinitive: comprehende
Present: comprehendo, comprehends, comprehendt, comprehendm(o)s, yu comprehendt(e), comprehende(nt)
Preterit: comprehensim, comprehens(i)st(a), comprehensit, comprehensam, comprehensat, comprehenseer
Future tid: comprehendsiem, comprehendsies, comprehendsiet, comprehendsiem(o)s, yu comprehendsiete, comprehendsient
Conditional: comprehendiem, comprehendies, comprehendiet, comprehendiem(o)s, yu comprehendiete, comprehendient
Prev participe: comprehens / comprehenden compressem > Infinitive: compremes
Present: compremo, comprems, compremt, compremm(o)s, yu compremt(e), compreme(nt)
Preterit: compressim, compress(i)st(a), compressit, compressam, compressat, compresseer
Future tid: compremsiem, compremsies, compremsiet, compremsiem(o)s, yu compremsiete, compremsient
Conditional: compremiem, compremies, compremiet, compremiem(o)s, yu compremiete, compremient
Prev participe: compresst / compressen comprined > Infinitive: comprindes
Present: comprindo, comprinds, comprindt, comprindm(o)s, yu comprindt(e), comprinde(nt)
Preterit: comprisim, compris(i)st(a), comprisit, comprisam, comprisat, compriseer
Future tid: comprindsiem, comprindsies, comprindsiet, comprindsiem(o)s, yu comprindsiete, comprindsient
Conditional: comprindiem, comprindies, comprindiet, comprindiem(o)s, yu comprindiete, comprindient
Prev participe: compris / compriden compromitt > Infinitive: compromitte
Present: compromitto, compromitts, compromitt, compromittm(o)s, yu compromitte, compromitte(nt)
Preterit: compromissim, compromiss(i)st(a), compromissit, compromissam, compromissat, compromisseer
Future tid: compromittsiem, compromittsies, compromittsiet, compromittsiem(o)s, yu compromittsiete, compromittsient
Conditional: compromittiem, compromitties, compromittiet, compromittiem(o)s, yu compromittiete, compromittient
Prev participe: compromiss / compromitten comsperg > Infinitive: comsperge
Present: comspergo, comspercs, comsperct, comspergm(o)s, yu comsperct(e), comsperge(nt)
Preterit: comspersim, comspers(i)st(a), comspersit, comspersam, comspersat, comsperseer
Future tid: comspercsiem, comspercsies, comspercsiet, comspercsiem(o)s, yu comspercsiete, comspercsient
Conditional: comspergiem, comspergies, comspergiet, comspergiem(o)s, yu comspergiete, comspergient
Prev participe: comspers / comspergen comsteurd > Infinitive: comsturdes
Present: comsteurdo, comsteurds, comsteurdt, comsteurdm(o)s, yu comsteurdt(e), comsteurde(nt)
Preterit: comsturdim, comsturd(i)st(a), comsturdit, comsturdam, comsturdat, comsturdeer
Future tid: comsteurdsiem, comsteurdsies, comsteurdsiet, comsteurdsiem(o)s, yu comsteurdsiete, comsteurdsient
Conditional: comsteurdiem, comsteurdies, comsteurdiet, comsteurdiem(o)s, yu comsteurdiete, comsteurdient
Prev participe: comsturdt / comsturden comstrehbh > Infinitive: comstrehbhe
Present: comstrehbho, comstrehbhs, comstrehbht, comstrehbhm(o)s, yu comstrehbht(e), comstrehbhe(nt)
Preterit: comstrohbhim, comstrohbh(i)st(a), comstrohbhit, comstrohbham, comstrohbhat, comstrohbheer
Future tid: comstrehbhsiem, comstrehbhsies, comstrehbhsiet, comstrehbhsiem(o)s, yu comstrehbhsiete, comstrehbhsient
Conditional: comstrehbhiem, comstrehbhies, comstrehbhiet, comstrehbhiem(o)s, yu comstrehbhiete, comstrehbhient
Prev participe: comstrohbht / comstrohbhen concedd > Infinitive: concedde
Present: conceddo, concedds, conceddt, conceddm(o)s, yu conceddt(e), concedde(nt)
Preterit: concessim, concess(i)st(a), concessit, concessam, concessat, concesseer
Future tid: conceddsiem, conceddsies, conceddsiet, conceddsiem(o)s, yu conceddsiete, conceddsient
Conditional: conceddiem, conceddies, conceddiet, conceddiem(o)s, yu conceddiete, conceddient
Prev participe: concess / concedden concentre > Infinitive: concentre
Present: io concentre, concentres, concentret, concentrems, yu concentret(e), concentrent
Preterit: concentrim, concentrist(a), concentrit, concentram, concentrat, concentreer
Future tid: concentresiem, concentresies, concentresiet, concentresiem(o)s, yu concentresiete, concentresient
Conditional: concentriem, concentries, concentriet, concentriem(o)s, yu concentriete, concentrient
Prev participe: concentret / concentren concep > Infinitive: concepe
Present: concepo, conceps, concept, concepm(o)s, yu concept(e), concepe(nt)
Preterit: concepim, concep(i)st(a), concepit, concepam, concepat, concepeer
Future tid: concepsiem, concepsies, concepsiet, concepsiem(o)s, yu concepsiete, concepsient
Conditional: concepiem, concepies, concepiet, concepiem(o)s, yu concepiete, concepient
Prev participe: concept / concepen concern > Infinitive: concerne
Present: concerno, concerns, concernt, concernm(o)s, yu concernt(e), concerne(nt)
Preterit: concernim, concern(i)st(a), concernit, concernam, concernat, concerneer
Future tid: concernsiem, concernsies, concernsiet, concernsiem(o)s, yu concernsiete, concernsient
Conditional: concerniem, concernies, concerniet, concerniem(o)s, yu concerniete, concernient
Prev participe: concernt / concernen concilye > Infinitive: concilye
Present: io concilye, concilyes, concilyet, concilyems, yu concilyet(e), concilyent
Preterit: concilyim, concilyist(a), concilyit, concilyam, concilyat, concilyeer
Future tid: concilyesiem, concilyesies, concilyesiet, concilyesiem(o)s, yu concilyesiete, concilyesient
Conditional: concilyiem, concilyies, concilyiet, concilyiem(o)s, yu concilyiete, concilyient
Prev participe: concilyet / concilyen conclud > Infinitive: conclude
Present: concludo, concluds, concludt, concludm(o)s, yu concludt(e), conclude(nt)
Preterit: conclusim, conclus(i)st(a), conclusit, conclusam, conclusat, concluseer
Future tid: concludsiem, concludsies, concludsiet, concludsiem(o)s, yu concludsiete, concludsient
Conditional: concludiem, concludies, concludiet, concludiem(o)s, yu concludiete, concludient
Prev participe: conclus / concluden concors > Infinitive: concorse
Present: concorso, concors, concorst, concorsm(o)s, yu concorst(e), concorse(nt)
Preterit: concorsim, concors(i)st(a), concorsit, concorsam, concorsat, concorseer
Future tid: siem concorse, sies concorse, siet concorse, siem(o)s concorse, yu siete concorse, sient concorse
Conditional: concorsiem, concorsies, concorsiet, concorsiem(o)s, yu concorsiete, concorsient
Prev participe: concorst / concorsen concreteih > Infinitive: concretihes
Present: concreteihm, concreteihs, concreteiht, concreteihm(o)s, yu concreteiht(e), concreteihnt
Preterit: concretihsim, concretihst(a), concretihsit, concretihsam, concretihsat, concretihr
Future tid: concreteihsiem, concreteihsies, concreteihsiet, concreteihsiem(o)s, yu concreteihsiete, concreteihsient
Conditional: concreteihiem, concreteihies, concreteihiet, concreteihiem(o)s, yu concreteihiete, concreteihient
Prev participe: concretiht / concretihn condire > Infinitive: condire
Present: io condire, condires, condiret, condirems, yu condiret(e), condirent
Preterit: condirim, condirist(a), condirit, condiram, condirat, condireer
Future tid: condiresiem, condiresies, condiresiet, condiresiem(o)s, yu condiresiete, condiresient
Conditional: condiriem, condiries, condiriet, condiriem(o)s, yu condiriete, condirient
Prev participe: condiret / condiren confer > Infinitive: confere
Present: confero, confers, confert, conferm(o)s, yu confert(e), confere(nt)
Preterit: conferim, confer(i)st(a), conferit, conferam, conferat, confereer
Future tid: confersiem, confersies, confersiet, confersiem(o)s, yu confersiete, confersient
Conditional: conferiem, conferies, conferiet, conferiem(o)s, yu conferiete, conferient
Prev participe: confert / conferen confett > Infinitive: confette
Present: confetto, confetts, confett, confettm(o)s, yu confette, confette(nt)
Preterit: confessim, confess(i)st(a), confessit, confessam, confessat, confesseer
Future tid: confettsiem, confettsies, confettsiet, confettsiem(o)s, yu confettsiete, confettsient
Conditional: confettiem, confetties, confettiet, confettiem(o)s, yu confettiete, confettient
Prev participe: confess / confetten confide > Infinitive: confide
Present: io confide, confides, confidet, confidems, yu confidet(e), confident
Preterit: confidim, confidist(a), confidit, confidam, confidat, confideer
Future tid: confidesiem, confidesies, confidesiet, confidesiem(o)s, yu confidesiete, confidesient
Conditional: confidiem, confidies, confidiet, confidiem(o)s, yu confidiete, confidient
Prev participe: confidet / confiden configure > Infinitive: configure
Present: io configure, configures, configuret, configurems, yu configuret(e), configurent
Preterit: configurim, configurist(a), configurit, configuram, configurat, configureer
Future tid: configuresiem, configuresies, configuresiet, configuresiem(o)s, yu configuresiete, configuresient
Conditional: configuriem, configuries, configuriet, configuriem(o)s, yu configuriete, configurient
Prev participe: configuret / configuren confine > Infinitive: confine
Present: io confine, confines, confinet, confinems, yu confinet(e), confinent
Preterit: confinim, confinist(a), confinit, confinam, confinat, confineer
Future tid: confinesiem, confinesies, confinesiet, confinesiem(o)s, yu confinesiete, confinesient
Conditional: confiniem, confinies, confiniet, confiniem(o)s, yu confiniete, confinient
Prev participe: confinet / confinen confirme > Infinitive: confirme
Present: io confirme, confirmes, confirmet, confirmems, yu confirmet(e), confirment
Preterit: confirmim, confirmist(a), confirmit, confirmam, confirmat, confirmeer
Future tid: confirmesiem, confirmesies, confirmesiet, confirmesiem(o)s, yu confirmesiete, confirmesient
Conditional: confirmiem, confirmies, confirmiet, confirmiem(o)s, yu confirmiete, confirmient
Prev participe: confirmet / confirmen confronte > Infinitive: confronte
Present: io confronte, confrontes, confrontet, confrontems, yu confrontet(e), confrontent
Preterit: confrontim, confrontist(a), confrontit, confrontam, confrontat, confronteer
Future tid: confrontesiem, confrontesies, confrontesiet, confrontesiem(o)s, yu confrontesiete, confrontesient
Conditional: confrontiem, confronties, confrontiet, confrontiem(o)s, yu confrontiete, confrontient
Prev participe: confrontet / confronten confuned > Infinitive: confundes
Present: confundo, confunds, confundt, confundm(o)s, yu confundt(e), confunde(nt)
Preterit: confusim, confus(i)st(a), confusit, confusam, confusat, confuseer
Future tid: confundsiem, confundsies, confundsiet, confundsiem(o)s, yu confundsiete, confundsient
Conditional: confundiem, confundies, confundiet, confundiem(o)s, yu confundiete, confundient
Prev participe: confus / confuden conjuge > Infinitive: conjuge
Present: io conjuge, conjuges, conjuget, conjugems, yu conjuget(e), conjugent
Preterit: conjugim, conjugist(a), conjugit, conjugeam, conjugeat, conjugeer
Future tid: conjugesiem, conjugesies, conjugesiet, conjugesiem(o)s, yu conjugesiete, conjugesient
Conditional: conjugiem, conjugies, conjugiet, conjugiem(o)s, yu conjugiete, conjugient
Prev participe: conjuget / conjugen connaiss > Infinitive: connaisse
Present: connaisso, connaiss, connaisst, connaissm(o)s, yu connaisst(e), connaisse(nt)
Preterit: connaissim, connaiss(i)st(a), connaissit, connaissam, connaissat, connaisseer
Future tid: siem connaisse, sies connaisse, siet connaisse, siem(o)s connaisse, yu siete connaisse, sient connaisse
Conditional: connaissiem, connaissies, connaissiet, connaissiem(o)s, yu connaissiete, connaissient
Prev participe: connaisst / connaissen connect > Infinitive: connecte
Present: connecto, connects, connect, connectm(o)s, yu connecte, connecte(nt)
Preterit: connexim, connex(i)st(a), connexit, connexam, connexat, connexeer
Future tid: connectsiem, connectsies, connectsiet, connectsiem(o)s, yu connectsiete, connectsient
Conditional: connectiem, connecties, connectiet, connectiem(o)s, yu connectiete, connectient
Prev participe: connex / connecten connive > Infinitive: connive
Present: io connive, connives, connivet, connivems, yu connivet(e), connivent
Preterit: connivim, connivist(a), connivit, connivam, connivat, conniveer
Future tid: connivesiem, connivesies, connivesiet, connivesiem(o)s, yu connivesiete, connivesient
Conditional: conniviem, connivies, conniviet, conniviem(o)s, yu conniviete, connivient
Prev participe: connivet / conniven conscie > Infinitive: conscie
Present: io conscie, conscies, consciet, consciems, yu consciet(e), conscient
Preterit: conscicim, consciest, conscicit, consciam, consciat, conscier
Future tid: consciesiem, consciesies, consciesiet, consciesiem(o)s, yu consciesiete, consciesient
Conditional: consciciem, conscicies, consciciet, consciciem(o)s, yu consciciete, conscicient
Prev participe: consciet / conscien conscience > Infinitive: conscience
Present: io conscience, consciences, consciencet, consciencems, yu consciencet(e), consciencent
Preterit: consciencim, consciencist(a), consciencit, conscienceam, conscienceat, conscienceer
Future tid: consciencesiem, consciencesies, consciencesiet, consciencesiem(o)s, yu consciencesiete, consciencesient
Conditional: conscienciem, consciencies, conscienciet, conscienciem(o)s, yu conscienciete, consciencient
Prev participe: consciencet / consciencen consecre > Infinitive: consecre
Present: io consecre, consecres, consecret, consecrems, yu consecret(e), consecrent
Preterit: consecrim, consecrist(a), consecrit, consecram, consecrat, consecreer
Future tid: consecresiem, consecresies, consecresiet, consecresiem(o)s, yu consecresiete, consecresient
Conditional: consecriem, consecries, consecriet, consecriem(o)s, yu consecriete, consecrient
Prev participe: consecret / consecren consent > Infinitive: consente
Present: consento, consents, consent, consentm(o)s, yu consente, consente(nt)
Preterit: consentim, consent(i)st(a), consentit, consentam, consentat, consenteer
Future tid: consentsiem, consentsies, consentsiet, consentsiem(o)s, yu consentsiete, consentsient
Conditional: consentiem, consenties, consentiet, consentiem(o)s, yu consentiete, consentient
Prev participe: consent / consenten considere > Infinitive: considere
Present: io considere, consideres, consideret, considerems, yu consideret(e), considerent
Preterit: considerim, considerist(a), considerit, consideram, considerat, considereer
Future tid: consideresiem, consideresies, consideresiet, consideresiem(o)s, yu consideresiete, consideresient
Conditional: consideriem, consideries, consideriet, consideriem(o)s, yu consideriete, considerient
Prev participe: consideret / consideren consist > Infinitive: consiste
Present: consisto, consists, consist, consistm(o)s, yu consiste, consiste(nt)
Preterit: consistim, consist(i)st(a), consistit, consistam, consistat, consisteer
Future tid: consistsiem, consistsies, consistsiet, consistsiem(o)s, yu consistsiete, consistsient
Conditional: consistiem, consisties, consistiet, consistiem(o)s, yu consistiete, consistient
Prev participe: consist / consisten console > Infinitive: console
Present: io console, consoles, consolet, consolems, yu consolet(e), consolent
Preterit: consolim, consolist(a), consolit, consolam, consolat, consoleer
Future tid: consolesiem, consolesies, consolesiet, consolesiem(o)s, yu consolesiete, consolesient
Conditional: consoliem, consolies, consoliet, consoliem(o)s, yu consoliete, consolient
Prev participe: consolet / consolen consolide > Infinitive: consolide
Present: io consolide, consolides, consolidet, consolidems, yu consolidet(e), consolident
Preterit: consolidim, consolidist(a), consolidit, consolidam, consolidat, consolideer
Future tid: consolidesiem, consolidesies, consolidesiet, consolidesiem(o)s, yu consolidesiete, consolidesient
Conditional: consolidiem, consolidies, consolidiet, consolidiem(o)s, yu consolidiete, consolidient
Prev participe: consolidet / consoliden conspue > Infinitive: conspue
Present: io conspue, conspues, conspuet, conspuems, yu conspuet(e), conspuent
Preterit: conspuim, conspuist(a), conspuit, conspuam, conspuat, conspueer
Future tid: conspuesiem, conspuesies, conspuesiet, conspuesiem(o)s, yu conspuesiete, conspuesient
Conditional: conspuiem, conspuies, conspuiet, conspuiem(o)s, yu conspuiete, conspuient
Prev participe: conspuet / conspuen constate > Infinitive: constate
Present: io constate, constates, constatet, constatems, yu constatet(e), constatent
Preterit: constatim, constatist(a), constatit, constatam, constatat, constateer
Future tid: constatesiem, constatesies, constatesiet, constatesiem(o)s, yu constatesiete, constatesient
Conditional: constatiem, constaties, constatiet, constatiem(o)s, yu constatiete, constatient
Prev participe: constatet / constaten construg > Infinitive: construge
Present: construgo, construcs, construct, construgm(o)s, yu construct(e), construge(nt)
Preterit: construgim, construg(i)st(a), construgit, construgam, construgat, construgeer
Future tid: construcsiem, construcsies, construcsiet, construcsiem(o)s, yu construcsiete, construcsient
Conditional: construgiem, construgies, construgiet, construgiem(o)s, yu construgiete, construgient
Prev participe: construct / construgen consulte > Infinitive: consulte
Present: io consulte, consultes, consultet, consultems, yu consultet(e), consultent
Preterit: consultim, consultist(a), consultit, consultam, consultat, consulteer
Future tid: consultesiem, consultesies, consultesiet, consultesiem(o)s, yu consultesiete, consultesient
Conditional: consultiem, consulties, consultiet, consultiem(o)s, yu consultiete, consultient
Prev participe: consultet / consulten contamine > Infinitive: contamine
Present: io contamine, contamines, contaminet, contaminems, yu contaminet(e), contaminent
Preterit: contaminim, contaminist(a), contaminit, contaminam, contaminat, contamineer
Future tid: contaminesiem, contaminesies, contaminesiet, contaminesiem(o)s, yu contaminesiete, contaminesient
Conditional: contaminiem, contaminies, contaminiet, contaminiem(o)s, yu contaminiete, contaminient
Prev participe: contaminet / contaminen contaneg > Infinitive: contanges
Present: contango, contancs, contanct, contangm(o)s, yu contanct(e), contange(nt)
Preterit: contagim, contag(i)st(a), contagit, contagam, contagat, contageer
Future tid: contancsiem, contancsies, contancsiet, contancsiem(o)s, yu contancsiete, contancsient
Conditional: contangiem, contangies, contangiet, contangiem(o)s, yu contangiete, contangient
Prev participe: contact / contagen conte > Infinitive: conte
Present: io conte, contes, contet, contems, yu contet(e), content
Preterit: contim, contist(a), contit, contam, contat, conteer
Future tid: contesiem, contesies, contesiet, contesiem(o)s, yu contesiete, contesient
Conditional: contiem, conties, contiet, contiem(o)s, yu contiete, contient
Prev participe: contet / conten contemple > Infinitive: contemple
Present: io contemple, contemples, contemplet, contemplems, yu contemplet(e), contemplent
Preterit: contemplim, contemplist(a), contemplit, contemplam, contemplat, contempleer
Future tid: contemplesiem, contemplesies, contemplesiet, contemplesiem(o)s, yu contemplesiete, contemplesient
Conditional: contempliem, contemplies, contempliet, contempliem(o)s, yu contempliete, contemplient
Prev participe: contemplet / contemplen contente > Infinitive: contente
Present: io contente, contentes, contentet, contentems, yu contentet(e), contentent
Preterit: contentim, contentist(a), contentit, contentam, contentat, contenteer
Future tid: contentesiem, contentesies, contentesiet, contentesiem(o)s, yu contentesiete, contentesient
Conditional: contentiem, contenties, contentiet, contentiem(o)s, yu contentiete, contentient
Prev participe: contentet / contenten conteste > Infinitive: conteste
Present: io conteste, contestes, contestet, contestems, yu contestet(e), contestent
Preterit: contestim, contestist(a), contestit, contestam, contestat, contesteer
Future tid: contestesiem, contestesies, contestesiet, contestesiem(o)s, yu contestesiete, contestesient
Conditional: contestiem, contesties, contestiet, contestiem(o)s, yu contestiete, contestient
Prev participe: contestet / contesten continue > Infinitive: continue
Present: io continue, continues, continuet, continuems, yu continuet(e), continuent
Preterit: continuim, continuist(a), continuit, continuam, continuat, continueer
Future tid: continuesiem, continuesies, continuesiet, continuesiem(o)s, yu continuesiete, continuesient
Conditional: continuiem, continuies, continuiet, continuiem(o)s, yu continuiete, continuient
Prev participe: continuet / continuen contrabalance > Infinitive: contrabalance
Present: io contrabalance, contrabalances, contrabalancet, contrabalancems, yu contrabalancet(e), contrabalancent
Preterit: contrabalancim, contrabalancist(a), contrabalancit, contrabalanceam, contrabalanceat, contrabalanceer
Future tid: contrabalancesiem, contrabalancesies, contrabalancesiet, contrabalancesiem(o)s, yu contrabalancesiete, contrabalancesient
Conditional: contrabalanciem, contrabalancies, contrabalanciet, contrabalanciem(o)s, yu contrabalanciete, contrabalancient
Prev participe: contrabalancet / contrabalancen contradic > Infinitive: contradice
Present: contradico, contradics, contradict, contradicm(o)s, yu contradict(e), contradice(nt)
Preterit: contradicim, contradic(i)st(a), contradicit, contradicam, contradicat, contradiceer
Future tid: contradicsiem, contradicsies, contradicsiet, contradicsiem(o)s, yu contradicsiete, contradicsient
Conditional: contradiciem, contradicies, contradiciet, contradiciem(o)s, yu contradiciete, contradicient
Prev participe: contradict / contradicen contrafac > Infinitive: contraface
Present: contrafaco, contrafacs, contrafact, contrafacm(o)s, yu contrafact(e), contraface(nt)
Preterit: contrafiecim, contrafiec(i)st(a), contrafiecit, contrafiecam, contrafiecat, contrafieceer
Future tid: contrafacsiem, contrafacsies, contrafacsiet, contrafacsiem(o)s, yu contrafacsiete, contrafacsient
Conditional: contrafaciem, contrafacies, contrafaciet, contrafaciem(o)s, yu contrafaciete, contrafacient
Prev participe: contrafact / contrafacen contrakneigv > Infinitive: contraknigves
Present: contrakneigvo, contrakneigvs, contrakneigvt, contrakneigvm(o)s, yu contrakneigvt(e), contrakneigve(nt)
Preterit: contraknigvim, contraknigv(i)st(a), contraknigvit, contraknigvam, contraknigvat, contraknigveer
Future tid: contrakneigvsiem, contrakneigvsies, contrakneigvsiet, contrakneigvsiem(o)s, yu contrakneigvsiete, contrakneigvsient
Conditional: contrakneigviem, contrakneigvies, contrakneigviet, contrakneigviem(o)s, yu contrakneigviete, contrakneigvient
Prev participe: contraknigvt / contraknigven contrarietat > Infinitive: contrarietate
Present: contrarietato, contrarietats, contrarietat, contrarietatm(o)s, yu contrarietate, contrarietate(nt)
Preterit: contrarietietim, contrarietiet(i)st(a), contrarietietit, contrarietietam, contrarietietat, contrarietieteer
Future tid: contrarietatsiem, contrarietatsies, contrarietatsiet, contrarietatsiem(o)s, yu contrarietatsiete, contrarietatsient
Conditional: contrarietatiem, contrarietaties, contrarietatiet, contrarietatiem(o)s, yu contrarietatiete, contrarietatient
Prev participe: contrarietat / contrarietaten contraste > Infinitive: contraste
Present: io contraste, contrastes, contrastet, contrastems, yu contrastet(e), contrastent
Preterit: contrastim, contrastist(a), contrastit, contrastam, contrastat, contrasteer
Future tid: contrastesiem, contrastesies, contrastesiet, contrastesiem(o)s, yu contrastesiete, contrastesient
Conditional: contrastiem, contrasties, contrastiet, contrastiem(o)s, yu contrastiete, contrastient
Prev participe: contrastet / contrasten contrattaque > Infinitive: contrattaque
Present: io contrattaque, contrattaques, contrattaquet, contrattaquems, yu contrattaquet(e), contrattaquent
Preterit: contrattaquim, contrattaquist(a), contrattaquit, contrattaquam, contrattaquat, contrattaqueer
Future tid: contrattaquesiem, contrattaquesies, contrattaquesiet, contrattaquesiem(o)s, yu contrattaquesiete, contrattaquesient
Conditional: contrattaquiem, contrattaquies, contrattaquiet, contrattaquiem(o)s, yu contrattaquiete, contrattaquient
Prev participe: contrattaquet / contrattaquen contraven > Infinitive: contravene
Present: contraveno, contravens, contravent, contravenm(o)s, yu contravent(e), contravene(nt)
Preterit: contravenim, contraven(i)st(a), contravenit, contravenam, contravenat, contraveneer
Future tid: contravensiem, contravensies, contravensiet, contravensiem(o)s, yu contravensiete, contravensient
Conditional: contraveniem, contravenies, contraveniet, contraveniem(o)s, yu contraveniete, contravenient
Prev participe: contravent / contravenen contre > Infinitive: contre
Present: io contre, contres, contret, contrems, yu contret(e), contrent
Preterit: contrim, contrist(a), contrit, contram, contrat, contreer
Future tid: contresiem, contresies, contresiet, contresiem(o)s, yu contresiete, contresient
Conditional: contriem, contries, contriet, contriem(o)s, yu contriete, contrient
Prev participe: contret / contren contribue > Infinitive: contribue
Present: io contribue, contribues, contribuet, contribuems, yu contribuet(e), contribuent
Preterit: contribuim, contribuist(a), contribuit, contribuam, contribuat, contribueer
Future tid: contribuesiem, contribuesies, contribuesiet, contribuesiem(o)s, yu contribuesiete, contribuesient
Conditional: contribuiem, contribuies, contribuiet, contribuiem(o)s, yu contribuiete, contribuient
Prev participe: contribuet / contribuen control > Infinitive: controle
Present: controlo, controls, controlt, controlm(o)s, yu controlt(e), controle(nt)
Preterit: controlim, control(i)st(a), controlit, controlam, controlat, controleer
Future tid: controlsiem, controlsies, controlsiet, controlsiem(o)s, yu controlsiete, controlsient
Conditional: controliem, controlies, controliet, controliem(o)s, yu controliete, controlient
Prev participe: controlt / controlen contuned > Infinitive: contundes
Present: contundo, contunds, contundt, contundm(o)s, yu contundt(e), contunde(nt)
Preterit: contusim, contus(i)st(a), contusit, contusam, contusat, contuseer
Future tid: contundsiem, contundsies, contundsiet, contundsiem(o)s, yu contundsiete, contundsient
Conditional: contundiem, contundies, contundiet, contundiem(o)s, yu contundiete, contundient
Prev participe: contus / contuden converg > Infinitive: converge
Present: convergo, convercs, converct, convergm(o)s, yu converct(e), converge(nt)
Preterit: conversim, convers(i)st(a), conversit, conversam, conversat, converseer
Future tid: convercsiem, convercsies, convercsiet, convercsiem(o)s, yu convercsiete, convercsient
Conditional: convergiem, convergies, convergiet, convergiem(o)s, yu convergiete, convergient
Prev participe: convers / convergen convert > Infinitive: converte
Present: converto, converts, convert, convertm(o)s, yu converte, converte(nt)
Preterit: conversim, convers(i)st(a), conversit, conversam, conversat, converseer
Future tid: convertsiem, convertsies, convertsiet, convertsiem(o)s, yu convertsiete, convertsient
Conditional: convertiem, converties, convertiet, convertiem(o)s, yu convertiete, convertient
Prev participe: convers / converten convinec > Infinitive: convinces
Present: convinco, convincs, convinct, convincm(o)s, yu convinct(e), convince(nt)
Preterit: convicim, convic(i)st(a), convicit, convicam, convicat, conviceer
Future tid: convincsiem, convincsies, convincsiet, convincsiem(o)s, yu convincsiete, convincsient
Conditional: convinciem, convincies, convinciet, convinciem(o)s, yu convinciete, convincient
Prev participe: convict / convicen convoque > Infinitive: convoque
Present: io convoque, convoques, convoquet, convoquems, yu convoquet(e), convoquent
Preterit: convoquim, convoquist(a), convoquit, convoquam, convoquat, convoqueer
Future tid: convoquesiem, convoquesies, convoquesiet, convoquesiem(o)s, yu convoquesiete, convoquesient
Conditional: convoquiem, convoquies, convoquiet, convoquiem(o)s, yu convoquiete, convoquient
Prev participe: convoquet / convoquen convulg > Infinitive: convulge
Present: convulgo, convulcs, convulct, convulgm(o)s, yu convulct(e), convulge(nt)
Preterit: convulsim, convuls(i)st(a), convulsit, convulsam, convulsat, convulseer
Future tid: convulcsiem, convulcsies, convulcsiet, convulcsiem(o)s, yu convulcsiete, convulcsient
Conditional: convulgiem, convulgies, convulgiet, convulgiem(o)s, yu convulgiete, convulgient
Prev participe: convuls / convulgen cooperative > Infinitive: cooperative
Present: io cooperative, cooperatives, cooperativet, cooperativems, yu cooperativet(e), cooperativent
Preterit: cooperativim, cooperativist(a), cooperativit, cooperativam, cooperativat, cooperativeer
Future tid: cooperativesiem, cooperativesies, cooperativesiet, cooperativesiem(o)s, yu cooperativesiete, cooperativesient
Conditional: cooperativiem, cooperativies, cooperativiet, cooperativiem(o)s, yu cooperativiete, cooperativient
Prev participe: cooperativet / cooperativen copie > Infinitive: copie
Present: io copie, copies, copiet, copiems, yu copiet(e), copient
Preterit: copicim, copiest, copicit, copiam, copiat, copier
Future tid: copiesiem, copiesies, copiesiet, copiesiem(o)s, yu copiesiete, copiesient
Conditional: copiciem, copicies, copiciet, copiciem(o)s, yu copiciete, copicient
Prev participe: copiet / copien copule > Infinitive: copule
Present: io copule, copules, copulet, copulems, yu copulet(e), copulent
Preterit: copulim, copulist(a), copulit, copulam, copulat, copuleer
Future tid: copulesiem, copulesies, copulesiet, copulesiem(o)s, yu copulesiete, copulesient
Conditional: copuliem, copulies, copuliet, copuliem(o)s, yu copuliete, copulient
Prev participe: copulet / copulen corce > Infinitive: corce
Present: io corce, corces, corcet, corcems, yu corcet(e), corcent
Preterit: corcim, corcist(a), corcit, corceam, corceat, corceer
Future tid: corcesiem, corcesies, corcesiet, corcesiem(o)s, yu corcesiete, corcesient
Conditional: corciem, corcies, corciet, corciem(o)s, yu corciete, corcient
Prev participe: corcet / corcen correg > Infinitive: correge
Present: corrego, correcs, correct, corregm(o)s, yu correct(e), correge(nt)
Preterit: corregim, correg(i)st(a), corregit, corregam, corregat, corregeer
Future tid: correcsiem, correcsies, correcsiet, correcsiem(o)s, yu correcsiete, correcsient
Conditional: corregiem, corregies, corregiet, corregiem(o)s, yu corregiete, corregient
Prev participe: correct / corregen correle > Infinitive: correle
Present: io correle, correles, correlet, correlems, yu correlet(e), correlent
Preterit: correlim, correlist(a), correlit, correlam, correlat, correleer
Future tid: correlesiem, correlesies, correlesiet, correlesiem(o)s, yu correlesiete, correlesient
Conditional: correliem, correlies, correliet, correliem(o)s, yu correliete, correlient
Prev participe: correlet / correlen correspond > Infinitive: corresponde
Present: correspondo, corresponds, correspondt, correspondm(o)s, yu correspondt(e), corresponde(nt)
Preterit: corresponsim, correspons(i)st(a), corresponsit, corresponsam, corresponsat, corresponseer
Future tid: correspondsiem, correspondsies, correspondsiet, correspondsiem(o)s, yu correspondsiete, correspondsient
Conditional: correspondiem, correspondies, correspondiet, correspondiem(o)s, yu correspondiete, correspondient
Prev participe: correspons / corresponden corrobore > Infinitive: corrobore
Present: io corrobore, corrobores, corroboret, corroborems, yu corroboret(e), corroborent
Preterit: corroborim, corroborist(a), corroborit, corroboram, corroborat, corroboreer
Future tid: corroboresiem, corroboresies, corroboresiet, corroboresiem(o)s, yu corroboresiete, corroboresient
Conditional: corroboriem, corrobories, corroboriet, corroboriem(o)s, yu corroboriete, corroborient
Prev participe: corroboret / corroboren corrumep > Infinitive: corrumpes
Present: corrumpo, corrumps, corrumpt, corrumpm(o)s, yu corrumpt(e), corrumpe(nt)
Preterit: corrupim, corrup(i)st(a), corrupit, corrupam, corrupat, corrupeer
Future tid: corrumpsiem, corrumpsies, corrumpsiet, corrumpsiem(o)s, yu corrumpsiete, corrumpsient
Conditional: corrumpiem, corrumpies, corrumpiet, corrumpiem(o)s, yu corrumpiete, corrumpient
Prev participe: corrupt / corrupen cost > Infinitive: coste
Present: costo, costs, cost, costm(o)s, yu coste, coste(nt)
Preterit: costim, cost(i)st(a), costit, costam, costat, costeer
Future tid: costsiem, costsies, costsiet, costsiem(o)s, yu costsiete, costsient
Conditional: costiem, costies, costiet, costiem(o)s, yu costiete, costient
Prev participe: cost / costen couvrefeu > Infinitive: couvrefues
Present: couvrefeum, couvrefeus, couvrefeut, couvrefeum(o)s, yu couvrefeut(e), couvrefeunt
Preterit: couvrefusim, couvrefust(a), couvrefusit, couvrefam, couvrefat, couvrefur
Future tid: couvrefeusiem, couvrefeusies, couvrefeusiet, couvrefeusiem(o)s, yu couvrefeusiete, couvrefeusient
Conditional: couvrefeuiem, couvrefeuies, couvrefeuiet, couvrefeuiem(o)s, yu couvrefeuiete, couvrefeuient
Prev participe: couvrefut / couvrefun covehr > Infinitive: covehre
Present: covehro, covehrs, covehrt, covehrm(o)s, yu covehrt(e), covehre(nt)
Preterit: covohrim, covohr(i)st(a), covohrit, covohram, covohrat, covohreer
Future tid: covehrsiem, covehrsies, covehrsiet, covehrsiem(o)s, yu covehrsiete, covehrsient
Conditional: covehriem, covehries, covehriet, covehriem(o)s, yu covehriete, covehrient
Prev participe: covohrt / covohren crackel > Infinitive: crackel
Present: io crackel, crackels, crackelt, crackelms, yu crackelt, crackelnt
Preterit: criecklim, criecklist, criecklit, crieck(e)lam, crieck(e)lat, crieck(e)leer
Future tid: crackelsiem, crackelsies, crackelsiet, crackelsiem(o)s, yu crackelsiete, crackelsient
Conditional: crackeliem, crackelies, crackeliet, crackeliem(o)s, yu crackeliete, crackelient
Prev participe: crackelt / crackeln crasch > Infinitive: crasche
Present: crascho, craschs, crascht, craschm(o)s, yu crascht(e), crasche(nt)
Preterit: crieschim, criesch(i)st(a), crieschit, criescham, crieschat, criescheer
Future tid: siem crasche, sies crasche, siet crasche, siem(o)s crasche, yu siete crasche, sient crasche
Conditional: craschiem, craschies, craschiet, craschiem(o)s, yu craschiete, craschient
Prev participe: crascht / craschen cravat > Infinitive: cravate
Present: cravato, cravats, cravat, cravatm(o)s, yu cravate, cravate(nt)
Preterit: cravietim, craviet(i)st(a), cravietit, cravietam, cravietat, cravieteer
Future tid: cravatsiem, cravatsies, cravatsiet, cravatsiem(o)s, yu cravatsiete, cravatsient
Conditional: cravatiem, cravaties, cravatiet, cravatiem(o)s, yu cravatiete, cravatient
Prev participe: cravat / cravaten credeih > Infinitive: credihes
Present: credeihm, credeihs, credeiht, credeihm(o)s, yu credeiht(e), credeihnt
Preterit: credihsim, credihst(a), credihsit, credihsam, credihsat, credihr
Future tid: credeihsiem, credeihsies, credeihsiet, credeihsiem(o)s, yu credeihsiete, credeihsient
Conditional: credeihiem, credeihies, credeihiet, credeihiem(o)s, yu credeihiete, credeihient
Prev participe: crediht / credihn creditise > Infinitive: creditise
Present: io creditise, creditises, creditiset, creditisems, yu creditiset(e), creditisent
Preterit: creditisim, creditisist(a), creditisit, creditisam, creditisat, creditiseer
Future tid: creditisesiem, creditisesies, creditisesiet, creditisesiem(o)s, yu creditisesiete, creditisesient
Conditional: creditisiem, creditisies, creditisiet, creditisiem(o)s, yu creditisiete, creditisient
Prev participe: creditiset / creditisen cree > Infinitive: cree
Present: io cree, crees, creet, creems, yu creet(e), creent
Preterit: creim, creist(a), creit, cream, creat, creeer
Future tid: creesiem, creesies, creesiet, creesiem(o)s, yu creesiete, creesient
Conditional: creiem, creies, creiet, creiem(o)s, yu creiete, creient
Prev participe: creet / creen crehng > Infinitive: crehnge
Present: crehngo, crehncs, crehnct, crehngm(o)s, yu crehnct(e), crehnge(nt)
Preterit: crohngim, crohng(i)st(a), crohngit, crohngam, crohngat, crohngeer
Future tid: crehncsiem, crehncsies, crehncsiet, crehncsiem(o)s, yu crehncsiete, crehncsient
Conditional: crehngiem, crehngies, crehngiet, crehngiem(o)s, yu crehngiete, crehngient
Prev participe: crohnct / crohngen crehsc > Infinitive: crehsce
Present: crehsco, crehscs, crehsct, crehscm(o)s, yu crehsct(e), crehsce(nt)
Preterit: crohscim, crohsc(i)st(a), crohscit, crohscam, crohscat, crohsceer
Future tid: crehscsiem, crehscsies, crehscsiet, crehscsiem(o)s, yu crehscsiete, crehscsient
Conditional: crehsciem, crehscies, crehsciet, crehsciem(o)s, yu crehsciete, crehscient
Prev participe: crohsct / crohscen crehsp > Infinitive: crehspe
Present: crehspo, crehsps, crehspt, crehspm(o)s, yu crehspt(e), crehspe(nt)
Preterit: crohspim, crohsp(i)st(a), crohspit, crohspam, crohspat, crohspeer
Future tid: siem crehspe, sies crehspe, siet crehspe, siem(o)s crehspe, yu siete crehspe, sient crehspe
Conditional: crehspiem, crehspies, crehspiet, crehspiem(o)s, yu crehspiete, crehspient
Prev participe: crohspt / crohspen creisch > Infinitive: crisches
Present: creischo, creischs, creischt, creischm(o)s, yu creischt(e), creische(nt)
Preterit: crischim, crisch(i)st(a), crischit, crischam, crischat, crischeer
Future tid: siem crisches, sies crisches, siet crisches, siem(o)s crisches, yu siete crisches, sient crisches
Conditional: creischiem, creischies, creischiet, creischiem(o)s, yu creischiete, creischient
Prev participe: crischt / crischen cremat > Infinitive: cremate
Present: cremato, cremats, cremat, crematm(o)s, yu cremate, cremate(nt)
Preterit: cremietim, cremiet(i)st(a), cremietit, cremietam, cremietat, cremieteer
Future tid: crematsiem, crematsies, crematsiet, crematsiem(o)s, yu crematsiete, crematsient
Conditional: crematiem, crematies, crematiet, crematiem(o)s, yu crematiete, crematient
Prev participe: cremat / crematen crepire > Infinitive: crepire
Present: io crepire, crepires, crepiret, crepirems, yu crepiret(e), crepirent
Preterit: crepirim, crepirist(a), crepirit, crepiram, crepirat, crepireer
Future tid: crepiresiem, crepiresies, crepiresiet, crepiresiem(o)s, yu crepiresiete, crepiresient
Conditional: crepiriem, crepiries, crepiriet, crepiriem(o)s, yu crepiriete, crepirient
Prev participe: crepiret / crepiren crie > Infinitive: crie
Present: io crie, cries, criet, criems, yu criet(e), crient
Preterit: cricim, criest, cricit, criam, criat, crier
Future tid: criesiem, criesies, criesiet, criesiem(o)s, yu criesiete, criesient
Conditional: criciem, cricies, criciet, criciem(o)s, yu criciete, cricient
Prev participe: criet / crien crispe > Infinitive: crispe
Present: io crispe, crispes, crispet, crispems, yu crispet(e), crispent
Preterit: crispim, crispist(a), crispit, crispam, crispat, crispeer
Future tid: crispesiem, crispesies, crispesiet, crispesiem(o)s, yu crispesiete, crispesient
Conditional: crispiem, crispies, crispiet, crispiem(o)s, yu crispiete, crispient
Prev participe: crispet / crispen critique > Infinitive: critique
Present: io critique, critiques, critiquet, critiquems, yu critiquet(e), critiquent
Preterit: critiquim, critiquist(a), critiquit, critiquam, critiquat, critiqueer
Future tid: critiquesiem, critiquesies, critiquesiet, critiquesiem(o)s, yu critiquesiete, critiquesient
Conditional: critiquiem, critiquies, critiquiet, critiquiem(o)s, yu critiquiete, critiquient
Prev participe: critiquet / critiquen cron > Infinitive: crone
Present: crono, crons, cront, cronm(o)s, yu cront(e), crone(nt)
Preterit: cronim, cron(i)st(a), cronit, cronam, cronat, croneer
Future tid: cronsiem, cronsies, cronsiet, cronsiem(o)s, yu cronsiete, cronsient
Conditional: croniem, cronies, croniet, croniem(o)s, yu croniete, cronient
Prev participe: cront / cronen cronapel > Infinitive: cronapel
Present: io cronapel, cronapels, cronapelt, cronapelms, yu cronapelt, cronapelnt
Preterit: cronieplim, cronieplist, cronieplit, croniep(e)lam, croniep(e)lat, croniep(e)leer
Future tid: cronapelsiem, cronapelsies, cronapelsiet, cronapelsiem(o)s, yu cronapelsiete, cronapelsient
Conditional: cronapeliem, cronapelies, cronapeliet, cronapeliem(o)s, yu cronapeliete, cronapelient
Prev participe: cronapelt / cronapeln cruce > Infinitive: cruce
Present: io cruce, cruces, crucet, crucems, yu crucet(e), crucent
Preterit: crucim, crucist(a), crucit, cruceam, cruceat, cruceer
Future tid: crucesiem, crucesies, crucesiet, crucesiem(o)s, yu crucesiete, crucesient
Conditional: cruciem, crucies, cruciet, cruciem(o)s, yu cruciete, crucient
Prev participe: crucet / crucen crucechehx > Infinitive: crucechehxe
Present: crucechehxo, crucechehxs, crucechehxt, crucechehxm(o)s, yu crucechehxt(e), crucechehxe(nt)
Preterit: crucechohxim, crucechohx(i)st(a), crucechohxit, crucechohxam, crucechohxat, crucechohxeer
Future tid: siem crucechehxe, sies crucechehxe, siet crucechehxe, siem(o)s crucechehxe, yu siete crucechehxe, sient crucechehxe
Conditional: crucechehxiem, crucechehxies, crucechehxiet, crucechehxiem(o)s, yu crucechehxiete, crucechehxient
Prev participe: crucechohxt / crucechohxen crucifict > Infinitive: crucificte
Present: crucificto, crucificts, crucifict, crucifictm(o)s, yu crucificte, crucificte(nt)
Preterit: crucifixim, crucifix(i)st(a), crucifixit, crucifixam, crucifixat, crucifixeer
Future tid: crucifictsiem, crucifictsies, crucifictsiet, crucifictsiem(o)s, yu crucifictsiete, crucifictsient
Conditional: crucifictiem, crucificties, crucifictiet, crucifictiem(o)s, yu crucifictiete, crucifictient
Prev participe: crucifix / crucificten crucifix > Infinitive: crucifixe
Present: crucifixo, crucifixs, crucifixt, crucifixm(o)s, yu crucifixt(e), crucifixe(nt)
Preterit: crucifixim, crucifix(i)st(a), crucifixit, crucifixam, crucifixat, crucifixeer
Future tid: siem crucifixe, sies crucifixe, siet crucifixe, siem(o)s crucifixe, yu siete crucifixe, sient crucifixe
Conditional: crucifixiem, crucifixies, crucifixiet, crucifixiem(o)s, yu crucifixiete, crucifixient
Prev participe: crucifixt / crucifixen cruzen > Infinitive: cruznes
Present: cruzno, cruzens, cruzent, cruznm(o)s, yu cruzent(e), cruzne(nt)
Preterit: cruzim, cruz(i)st(a), cruzit, cruzam, cruzat, cruzeer
Future tid: cruzensiem, cruzensies, cruzensiet, cruzensiem(o)s, yu cruzensiete, cruzensient
Conditional: cruzniem, cruznies, cruzniet, cruzniem(o)s, yu cruzniete, cruznient
Prev participe: cruzt / cruzen cultive > Infinitive: cultive
Present: io cultive, cultives, cultivet, cultivems, yu cultivet(e), cultivent
Preterit: cultivim, cultivist(a), cultivit, cultivam, cultivat, cultiveer
Future tid: cultivesiem, cultivesies, cultivesiet, cultivesiem(o)s, yu cultivesiete, cultivesient
Conditional: cultiviem, cultivies, cultiviet, cultiviem(o)s, yu cultiviete, cultivient
Prev participe: cultivet / cultiven cumebh > Infinitive: cumbhes
Present: cumbho, cumbhs, cumbht, cumbhm(o)s, yu cumbht(e), cumbhe(nt)
Preterit: cubhim, cubh(i)st(a), cubhit, cubham, cubhat, cubheer
Future tid: cumbhsiem, cumbhsies, cumbhsiet, cumbhsiem(o)s, yu cumbhsiete, cumbhsient
Conditional: cumbhiem, cumbhies, cumbhiet, cumbhiem(o)s, yu cumbhiete, cumbhient
Prev participe: cubht / cubhen cumule > Infinitive: cumule
Present: io cumule, cumules, cumulet, cumulems, yu cumulet(e), cumulent
Preterit: cumulim, cumulist(a), cumulit, cumulam, cumulat, cumuleer
Future tid: cumulesiem, cumulesies, cumulesiet, cumulesiem(o)s, yu cumulesiete, cumulesient
Conditional: cumuliem, cumulies, cumuliet, cumuliem(o)s, yu cumuliete, cumulient
Prev participe: cumulet / cumulen cumule > Infinitive: cumule
Present: io cumule, cumules, cumulet, cumulems, yu cumulet(e), cumulent
Preterit: cumulim, cumulist(a), cumulit, cumulam, cumulat, cumuleer
Future tid: cumulesiem, cumulesies, cumulesiet, cumulesiem(o)s, yu cumulesiete, cumulesient
Conditional: cumuliem, cumulies, cumuliet, cumuliem(o)s, yu cumuliete, cumulient
Prev participe: cumulet / cumulen cungeid > Infinitive: cungides
Present: cungeido, cungeids, cungeidt, cungeidm(o)s, yu cungeidt(e), cungeide(nt)
Preterit: cungidim, cungid(i)st(a), cungidit, cungidam, cungidat, cungideer
Future tid: cungeidsiem, cungeidsies, cungeidsiet, cungeidsiem(o)s, yu cungeidsiete, cungeidsient
Conditional: cungeidiem, cungeidies, cungeidiet, cungeidiem(o)s, yu cungeidiete, cungeidient
Prev participe: cungidt / cungiden curdisse > Infinitive: curdisse
Present: io curdisse, curdisses, curdisset, curdissems, yu curdisset(e), curdissent
Preterit: curdissim, curdissist(a), curdissit, curdissam, curdissat, curdisseer
Future tid: curdissesiem, curdissesies, curdissesiet, curdissesiem(o)s, yu curdissesiete, curdissesient
Conditional: curdissiem, curdissies, curdissiet, curdissiem(o)s, yu curdissiete, curdissient
Prev participe: curdisset / curdissen cure > Infinitive: cure
Present: io cure, cures, curet, curems, yu curet(e), curent
Preterit: curim, curist(a), curit, curam, curat, cureer
Future tid: curesiem, curesies, curesiet, curesiem(o)s, yu curesiete, curesient
Conditional: curiem, curies, curiet, curiem(o)s, yu curiete, curient
Prev participe: curet / curen curr > Infinitive: curre
Present: curro, currs, currt, currm(o)s, yu currt(e), curre(nt)
Preterit: cursim, curs(i)st(a), cursit, cursam, cursat, curseer
Future tid: currsiem, currsies, currsiet, currsiem(o)s, yu currsiete, currsient
Conditional: curriem, curries, curriet, curriem(o)s, yu curriete, currient
Prev participe: curs / curren curt > Infinitive: curte
Present: curto, curts, curt, curtm(o)s, yu curte, curte(nt)
Preterit: cursim, curs(i)st(a), cursit, cursam, cursat, curseer
Future tid: curtsiem, curtsies, curtsiet, curtsiem(o)s, yu curtsiete, curtsient
Conditional: curtiem, curties, curtiet, curtiem(o)s, yu curtiete, curtient
Prev participe: curs / curten curtise > Infinitive: curtise
Present: io curtise, curtises, curtiset, curtisems, yu curtiset(e), curtisent
Preterit: curtisim, curtisist(a), curtisit, curtisam, curtisat, curtiseer
Future tid: curtisesiem, curtisesies, curtisesiet, curtisesiem(o)s, yu curtisesiete, curtisesient
Conditional: curtisiem, curtisies, curtisiet, curtisiem(o)s, yu curtisiete, curtisient
Prev participe: curtiset / curtisen customise > Infinitive: customise
Present: io customise, customises, customiset, customisems, yu customiset(e), customisent
Preterit: customisim, customisist(a), customisit, customisam, customisat, customiseer
Future tid: customisesiem, customisesies, customisesiet, customisesiem(o)s, yu customisesiete, customisesient
Conditional: customisiem, customisies, customisiet, customisiem(o)s, yu customisiete, customisient
Prev participe: customiset / customisen dabh > Infinitive: dabhe
Present: dabho, dabhs, dabht, dabhm(o)s, yu dabht(e), dabhe(nt)
Preterit: diebhim, diebh(i)st(a), diebhit, diebham, diebhat, diebheer
Future tid: dabhsiem, dabhsies, dabhsiet, dabhsiem(o)s, yu dabhsiete, dabhsient
Conditional: dabhiem, dabhies, dabhiet, dabhiem(o)s, yu dabhiete, dabhient
Prev participe: dabht / dabhen dadw > Infinitive: dadwe
Present: dadwo, dadws, dadwt, dadwm(o)s, yu dadwt(e), dadwnt
Preterit: diedwim, diedwst(a), diedwit, diedwam, diedwat, diedweer
Future tid: dadwsiem, dadwsies, dadwsiet, dadwsiem(o)s, yu dadwsiete, dadwsient
Conditional: dadwiem, dadwies, dadwiet, dadwiem(o)s, yu dadwiete, dadwient
Prev participe: dadwt / dadwn dagh > Infinitive: daghe
Present: dagho, daghs, daght, daghm(o)s, yu daght(e), daghe(nt)
Preterit: dieghim, diegh(i)st(a), dieghit, diegham, dieghat, diegheer
Future tid: daghsiem, daghsies, daghsiet, daghsiem(o)s, yu daghsiete, daghsient
Conditional: daghiem, daghies, daghiet, daghiem(o)s, yu daghiete, daghient
Prev participe: daght / daghen dah > Infinitive: dahe
Present: dahm, dahs, daht, dahm(o)s, yu daht(e), dahnt
Preterit: dahsim, dahst(a), dahsit, dahsam, dahsat, dahr
Future tid: dahsiem, dahsies, dahsiet, dahsiem(o)s, yu dahsiete, dahsient
Conditional: dahiem, dahies, dahiet, dahiem(o)s, yu dahiete, dahient
Prev participe: daht / dahn dak > Infinitive: dake
Present: dako, dacs, dact, dakm(o)s, yu dact(e), dake(nt)
Preterit: diekim, diek(i)st(a), diekit, diekam, diekat, diekeer
Future tid: dacsiem, dacsies, dacsiet, dacsiem(o)s, yu dacsiete, dacsient
Conditional: dakiem, dakies, dakiet, dakiem(o)s, yu dakiete, dakient
Prev participe: dact / daken dakrue > Infinitive: dakrue
Present: io dakrue, dakrues, dakruet, dakruems, yu dakruet(e), dakruent
Preterit: dakruim, dakruist(a), dakruit, dakruam, dakruat, dakrueer
Future tid: dakruesiem, dakruesies, dakruesiet, dakruesiem(o)s, yu dakruesiete, dakruesient
Conditional: dakruiem, dakruies, dakruiet, dakruiem(o)s, yu dakruiete, dakruient
Prev participe: dakruet / dakruen dalgtosneih > Infinitive: dalgtosnihes
Present: dalgtosneihm, dalgtosneihs, dalgtosneiht, dalgtosneihm(o)s, yu dalgtosneiht(e), dalgtosneihnt
Preterit: dalgtosnihsim, dalgtosnihst(a), dalgtosnihsit, dalgtosnihsam, dalgtosnihsat, dalgtosnihr
Future tid: dalgtosneihsiem, dalgtosneihsies, dalgtosneihsiet, dalgtosneihsiem(o)s, yu dalgtosneihsiete, dalgtosneihsient
Conditional: dalgtosneihiem, dalgtosneihies, dalgtosneihiet, dalgtosneihiem(o)s, yu dalgtosneihiete, dalgtosneihient
Prev participe: dalgtosniht / dalgtosnihn dank > Infinitive: danke
Present: danko, dancs, danct, dankm(o)s, yu danct(e), danke(nt)
Preterit: dienkim, dienk(i)st(a), dienkit, dienkam, dienkat, dienkeer
Future tid: dancsiem, dancsies, dancsiet, dancsiem(o)s, yu dancsiete, dancsient
Conditional: dankiem, dankies, dankiet, dankiem(o)s, yu dankiete, dankient
Prev participe: danct / danken dapan > Infinitive: dapane
Present: dapano, dapans, dapant, dapanm(o)s, yu dapant(e), dapane(nt)
Preterit: dapienim, dapien(i)st(a), dapienit, dapienam, dapienat, dapieneer
Future tid: dapansiem, dapansies, dapansiet, dapansiem(o)s, yu dapansiete, dapansient
Conditional: dapaniem, dapanies, dapaniet, dapaniem(o)s, yu dapaniete, dapanient
Prev participe: dapant / dapanen dar > Infinitive: dare
Present: daro, dars, dart, darm(o)s, yu dart(e), dare(nt)
Preterit: dierim, dier(i)st(a), dierit, dieram, dierat, diereer
Future tid: darsiem, darsies, darsiet, darsiem(o)s, yu darsiete, darsient
Conditional: dariem, daries, dariet, dariem(o)s, yu dariete, darient
Prev participe: dart / daren darajagwah > Infinitive: darajagwahe
Present: darajagwahm, darajagwahs, darajagwaht, darajagwahm(o)s, yu darajagwaht(e), darajagwahnt
Preterit: darajagwahsim, darajagwahst(a), darajagwahsit, darajagwahsam, darajagwahsat, darajagwahr
Future tid: darajagwahsiem, darajagwahsies, darajagwahsiet, darajagwahsiem(o)s, yu darajagwahsiete, darajagwahsient
Conditional: darajagwahiem, darajagwahies, darajagwahiet, darajagwahiem(o)s, yu darajagwahiete, darajagwahient
Prev participe: darajagwaht / darajagwahn database > Infinitive: database
Present: io database, databases, databaset, databasems, yu databaset(e), databasent
Preterit: databasim, databasist(a), databasit, databasam, databasat, databaseer
Future tid: databasesiem, databasesies, databasesiet, databasesiem(o)s, yu databasesiete, databasesient
Conditional: databasiem, databasies, databasiet, databasiem(o)s, yu databasiete, databasient
Prev participe: databaset / databasen daugh > Infinitive: daughe
Present: daugho, daughs, daught, daughm(o)s, yu daught(e), daughe(nt)
Preterit: daughim, daugh(i)st(a), daughit, daugham, daughat, daugheer
Future tid: daughsiem, daughsies, daughsiet, daughsiem(o)s, yu daughsiete, daughsient
Conditional: daughiem, daughies, daughiet, daughiem(o)s, yu daughiete, daughient
Prev participe: daught / daughen daum > Infinitive: daume
Present: daumo, daums, daumt, daumm(o)s, yu daumt(e), daume(nt)
Preterit: daumim, daum(i)st(a), daumit, daumam, daumat, daumeer
Future tid: daumsiem, daumsies, daumsiet, daumsiem(o)s, yu daumsiete, daumsient
Conditional: daumiem, daumies, daumiet, daumiem(o)s, yu daumiete, daumient
Prev participe: daumt / daumen daunet > Infinitive: dauntes
Present: daunto, daunts, daunt, dauntm(o)s, yu daunte, daunte(nt)
Preterit: dautim, daut(i)st(a), dautit, dautam, dautat, dauteer
Future tid: dauntsiem, dauntsies, dauntsiet, dauntsiem(o)s, yu dauntsiete, dauntsient
Conditional: dauntiem, daunties, dauntiet, dauntiem(o)s, yu dauntiete, dauntient
Prev participe: daut / dauten day > Infinitive: daye
Present: daym, days, dayt, daym(o)s, yu dayt(e), daynt
Preterit: dieyim, dieyst(a), dieyit, dieyam, dieyat, dieyeer
Future tid: daysiem, daysies, daysiet, daysiem(o)s, yu daysiete, daysient
Conditional: dayiem, dayies, dayiet, dayiem(o)s, yu dayiete, dayient
Prev participe: dayt / dayen debat > Infinitive: debate
Present: debato, debats, debat, debatm(o)s, yu debate, debate(nt)
Preterit: debietim, debiet(i)st(a), debietit, debietam, debietat, debieteer
Future tid: debatsiem, debatsies, debatsiet, debatsiem(o)s, yu debatsiete, debatsient
Conditional: debatiem, debaties, debatiet, debatiem(o)s, yu debatiete, debatient
Prev participe: debat / debaten debite > Infinitive: debite
Present: io debite, debites, debitet, debitems, yu debitet(e), debitent
Preterit: debitim, debitist(a), debitit, debitam, debitat, debiteer
Future tid: debitesiem, debitesies, debitesiet, debitesiem(o)s, yu debitesiete, debitesient
Conditional: debitiem, debities, debitiet, debitiem(o)s, yu debitiete, debitient
Prev participe: debitet / debiten decante > Infinitive: decante
Present: io decante, decantes, decantet, decantems, yu decantet(e), decantent
Preterit: decantim, decantist(a), decantit, decantam, decantat, decanteer
Future tid: decantesiem, decantesies, decantesiet, decantesiem(o)s, yu decantesiete, decantesient
Conditional: decantiem, decanties, decantiet, decantiem(o)s, yu decantiete, decantient
Prev participe: decantet / decanten decedd > Infinitive: decedde
Present: deceddo, decedds, deceddt, deceddm(o)s, yu deceddt(e), decedde(nt)
Preterit: decessim, decess(i)st(a), decessit, decessam, decessat, decesseer
Future tid: deceddsiem, deceddsies, deceddsiet, deceddsiem(o)s, yu deceddsiete, deceddsient
Conditional: deceddiem, deceddies, deceddiet, deceddiem(o)s, yu deceddiete, deceddient
Prev participe: decess / decedden decentralise > Infinitive: decentralise
Present: io decentralise, decentralises, decentraliset, decentralisems, yu decentraliset(e), decentralisent
Preterit: decentralisim, decentralisist(a), decentralisit, decentralisam, decentralisat, decentraliseer
Future tid: decentralisesiem, decentralisesies, decentralisesiet, decentralisesiem(o)s, yu decentralisesiete, decentralisesient
Conditional: decentralisiem, decentralisies, decentralisiet, decentralisiem(o)s, yu decentralisiete, decentralisient
Prev participe: decentraliset / decentralisen decep > Infinitive: decepe
Present: decepo, deceps, decept, decepm(o)s, yu decept(e), decepe(nt)
Preterit: decepim, decep(i)st(a), decepit, decepam, decepat, decepeer
Future tid: decepsiem, decepsies, decepsiet, decepsiem(o)s, yu decepsiete, decepsient
Conditional: decepiem, decepies, decepiet, decepiem(o)s, yu decepiete, decepient
Prev participe: decept / decepen dechee > Infinitive: dechee
Present: io dechee, dechees, decheet, decheems, yu decheet(e), decheent
Preterit: decheim, decheist(a), decheit, decheam, decheat, decheeer
Future tid: decheesiem, decheesies, decheesiet, decheesiem(o)s, yu decheesiete, decheesient
Conditional: decheiem, decheies, decheiet, decheiem(o)s, yu decheiete, decheient
Prev participe: decheet / decheen decid > Infinitive: decide
Present: decido, decids, decidt, decidm(o)s, yu decidt(e), decide(nt)
Preterit: decisim, decis(i)st(a), decisit, decisam, decisat, deciseer
Future tid: decidsiem, decidsies, decidsiet, decidsiem(o)s, yu decidsiete, decidsient
Conditional: decidiem, decidies, decidiet, decidiem(o)s, yu decidiete, decidient
Prev participe: decis / deciden decime > Infinitive: decime
Present: io decime, decimes, decimet, decimems, yu decimet(e), deciment
Preterit: decimim, decimist(a), decimit, decimam, decimat, decimeer
Future tid: decimesiem, decimesies, decimesiet, decimesiem(o)s, yu decimesiete, decimesient
Conditional: decimiem, decimies, decimiet, decimiem(o)s, yu decimiete, decimient
Prev participe: decimet / decimen declare > Infinitive: declare
Present: io declare, declares, declaret, declarems, yu declaret(e), declarent
Preterit: declarim, declarist(a), declarit, declaram, declarat, declareer
Future tid: declaresiem, declaresies, declaresiet, declaresiem(o)s, yu declaresiete, declaresient
Conditional: declariem, declaries, declariet, declariem(o)s, yu declariete, declarient
Prev participe: declaret / declaren decline > Infinitive: decline
Present: io decline, declines, declinet, declinems, yu declinet(e), declinent
Preterit: declinim, declinist(a), declinit, declinam, declinat, declineer
Future tid: declinesiem, declinesies, declinesiet, declinesiem(o)s, yu declinesiete, declinesient
Conditional: decliniem, declinies, decliniet, decliniem(o)s, yu decliniete, declinient
Prev participe: declinet / declinen decomposen > Infinitive: decompones
Present: decompono, decompons, decompont, decomponm(o)s, yu decompont(e), decompone(nt)
Preterit: decomposim, decompos(i)st(a), decomposit, decomposam, decomposat, decomposeer
Future tid: decomponsiem, decomponsies, decomponsiet, decomponsiem(o)s, yu decomponsiete, decomponsient
Conditional: decomponiem, decomponies, decomponiet, decomponiem(o)s, yu decomponiete, decomponient
Prev participe: decompost / decomposen deconcentre > Infinitive: deconcentre
Present: io deconcentre, deconcentres, deconcentret, deconcentrems, yu deconcentret(e), deconcentrent
Preterit: deconcentrim, deconcentrist(a), deconcentrit, deconcentram, deconcentrat, deconcentreer
Future tid: deconcentresiem, deconcentresies, deconcentresiet, deconcentresiem(o)s, yu deconcentresiete, deconcentresient
Conditional: deconcentriem, deconcentries, deconcentriet, deconcentriem(o)s, yu deconcentriete, deconcentrient
Prev participe: deconcentret / deconcentren decontrag > Infinitive: decontrage
Present: decontrago, decontracs, decontract, decontragm(o)s, yu decontract(e), decontrage(nt)
Preterit: decontriegim, decontrieg(i)st(a), decontriegit, decontriegam, decontriegat, decontriegeer
Future tid: decontracsiem, decontracsies, decontracsiet, decontracsiem(o)s, yu decontracsiete, decontracsient
Conditional: decontragiem, decontragies, decontragiet, decontragiem(o)s, yu decontragiete, decontragient
Prev participe: decontract / decontragen decore > Infinitive: decore
Present: io decore, decores, decoret, decorems, yu decoret(e), decorent
Preterit: decorim, decorist(a), decorit, decoram, decorat, decoreer
Future tid: decoresiem, decoresies, decoresiet, decoresiem(o)s, yu decoresiete, decoresient
Conditional: decoriem, decories, decoriet, decoriem(o)s, yu decoriete, decorient
Prev participe: decoret / decoren decouple > Infinitive: decouple
Present: io decouple, decouples, decouplet, decouplems, yu decouplet(e), decouplent
Preterit: decouplim, decouplist(a), decouplit, decouplam, decouplat, decoupleer
Future tid: decouplesiem, decouplesies, decouplesiet, decouplesiem(o)s, yu decouplesiete, decouplesient
Conditional: decoupliem, decouplies, decoupliet, decoupliem(o)s, yu decoupliete, decouplient
Prev participe: decouplet / decouplen decret > Infinitive: decrete
Present: decreto, decrets, decret, decretm(o)s, yu decrete, decrete(nt)
Preterit: decretim, decret(i)st(a), decretit, decretam, decretat, decreteer
Future tid: decretsiem, decretsies, decretsiet, decretsiem(o)s, yu decretsiete, decretsient
Conditional: decretiem, decreties, decretiet, decretiem(o)s, yu decretiete, decretient
Prev participe: decret / decreten dedh > Infinitive: dedhe
Present: dedho, dedhs, dedht, dedhm(o)s, yu dedht(e), dedhe(nt)
Preterit: dedhim, dedh(i)st(a), dedhit, dedham, dedhat, dedheer
Future tid: dedhsiem, dedhsies, dedhsiet, dedhsiem(o)s, yu dedhsiete, dedhsient
Conditional: dedhiem, dedhies, dedhiet, dedhiem(o)s, yu dedhiete, dedhient
Prev participe: dedht / dedhen dedie > Infinitive: dedie
Present: io dedie, dedies, dediet, dediems, yu dediet(e), dedient
Preterit: dedicim, dediest, dedicit, dediam, dediat, dedier
Future tid: dediesiem, dediesies, dediesiet, dediesiem(o)s, yu dediesiete, dediesient
Conditional: dediciem, dedicies, dediciet, dediciem(o)s, yu dediciete, dedicient
Prev participe: dediet / dedien deduc > Infinitive: deduce
Present: deduco, deducs, deduct, deducm(o)s, yu deduct(e), deduce(nt)
Preterit: deducim, deduc(i)st(a), deducit, deducam, deducat, deduceer
Future tid: deducsiem, deducsies, deducsiet, deducsiem(o)s, yu deducsiete, deducsient
Conditional: deduciem, deducies, deduciet, deduciem(o)s, yu deduciete, deducient
Prev participe: deduct / deducen defalque > Infinitive: defalque
Present: io defalque, defalques, defalquet, defalquems, yu defalquet(e), defalquent
Preterit: defalquim, defalquist(a), defalquit, defalquam, defalquat, defalqueer
Future tid: defalquesiem, defalquesies, defalquesiet, defalquesiem(o)s, yu defalquesiete, defalquesient
Conditional: defalquiem, defalquies, defalquiet, defalquiem(o)s, yu defalquiete, defalquient
Prev participe: defalquet / defalquen defaul > Infinitive: defaule
Present: defaulo, defauls, default, defaulm(o)s, yu default(e), defaule(nt)
Preterit: defaulim, defaul(i)st(a), defaulit, defaulam, defaulat, defauleer
Future tid: defaulsiem, defaulsies, defaulsiet, defaulsiem(o)s, yu defaulsiete, defaulsient
Conditional: defauliem, defaulies, defauliet, defauliem(o)s, yu defauliete, defaulient
Prev participe: default / defaulen defend > Infinitive: defende
Present: defendo, defends, defendt, defendm(o)s, yu defendt(e), defende(nt)
Preterit: defensim, defens(i)st(a), defensit, defensam, defensat, defenseer
Future tid: defendsiem, defendsies, defendsiet, defendsiem(o)s, yu defendsiete, defendsient
Conditional: defendiem, defendies, defendiet, defendiem(o)s, yu defendiete, defendient
Prev participe: defens / defenden defilee > Infinitive: defilee
Present: io defilee, defilees, defileet, defileems, yu defileet(e), defileent
Preterit: defileim, defileist(a), defileit, defileam, defileat, defileeer
Future tid: defileesiem, defileesies, defileesiet, defileesiem(o)s, yu defileesiete, defileesient
Conditional: defileiem, defileies, defileiet, defileiem(o)s, yu defileiete, defileient
Prev participe: defileet / defileen defineih > Infinitive: definihes
Present: defineihm, defineihs, defineiht, defineihm(o)s, yu defineiht(e), defineihnt
Preterit: definihsim, definihst(a), definihsit, definihsam, definihsat, definihr
Future tid: defineihsiem, defineihsies, defineihsiet, defineihsiem(o)s, yu defineihsiete, defineihsient
Conditional: defineihiem, defineihies, defineihiet, defineihiem(o)s, yu defineihiete, defineihient
Prev participe: definiht / definihn defleg > Infinitive: deflege
Present: deflego, deflecs, deflect, deflegm(o)s, yu deflect(e), deflege(nt)
Preterit: deflegim, defleg(i)st(a), deflegit, deflegam, deflegat, deflegeer
Future tid: deflecsiem, deflecsies, deflecsiet, deflecsiem(o)s, yu deflecsiete, deflecsient
Conditional: deflegiem, deflegies, deflegiet, deflegiem(o)s, yu deflegiete, deflegient
Prev participe: deflect / deflegen defrock > Infinitive: defrocke
Present: defrocko, defrocks, defrockt, defrockm(o)s, yu defrockt(e), defrocke(nt)
Preterit: defrockim, defrock(i)st(a), defrockit, defrockam, defrockat, defrockeer
Future tid: defrocksiem, defrocksies, defrocksiet, defrocksiem(o)s, yu defrocksiete, defrocksient
Conditional: defrockiem, defrockies, defrockiet, defrockiem(o)s, yu defrockiete, defrockient
Prev participe: defrockt / defrocken degenere > Infinitive: degenere
Present: io degenere, degeneres, degeneret, degenerems, yu degeneret(e), degenerent
Preterit: degenerim, degenerist(a), degenerit, degeneram, degenerat, degenereer
Future tid: degeneresiem, degeneresies, degeneresiet, degeneresiem(o)s, yu degeneresiete, degeneresient
Conditional: degeneriem, degeneries, degeneriet, degeneriem(o)s, yu degeneriete, degenerient
Prev participe: degeneret / degeneren degrade > Infinitive: degrade
Present: io degrade, degrades, degradet, degradems, yu degradet(e), degradent
Preterit: degradim, degradist(a), degradit, degradam, degradat, degradeer
Future tid: degradesiem, degradesies, degradesiet, degradesiem(o)s, yu degradesiete, degradesient
Conditional: degradiem, degradies, degradiet, degradiem(o)s, yu degradiete, degradient
Prev participe: degradet / degraden degram > Infinitive: degrame
Present: degramo, degrams, degramt, degramm(o)s, yu degramt(e), degrame(nt)
Preterit: degriemim, degriem(i)st(a), degriemit, degriemam, degriemat, degriemeer
Future tid: degramsiem, degramsies, degramsiet, degramsiem(o)s, yu degramsiete, degramsient
Conditional: degramiem, degramies, degramiet, degramiem(o)s, yu degramiete, degramient
Prev participe: degramt / degramen degveih > Infinitive: degvihes
Present: degveihm, degveihs, degveiht, degveihm(o)s, yu degveiht(e), degveihnt
Preterit: degvihsim, degvihst(a), degvihsit, degvihsam, degvihsat, degvihr
Future tid: degveihsiem, degveihsies, degveihsiet, degveihsiem(o)s, yu degveihsiete, degveihsient
Conditional: degveihiem, degveihies, degveihiet, degveihiem(o)s, yu degveihiete, degveihient
Prev participe: degviht / degvihn degvihen > Infinitive: degvihnes
Present: degvihno, degvihens, degvihent, degvihnm(o)s, yu degvihent(e), degvihne(nt)
Preterit: degvihsim, degvihst(a), degvihsit, degvihsam, degvihsat, degvihr
Future tid: degvihensiem, degvihensies, degvihensiet, degvihensiem(o)s, yu degvihensiete, degvihensient
Conditional: degvihniem, degvihnies, degvihniet, degvihniem(o)s, yu degvihniete, degvihnient
Prev participe: degviht / degvihn deh > Infinitive: dehe
Present: dehm, dehs, deht, dehm(o)s, yu deht(e), dehnt
Preterit: dehsim, dehst(a), dehsit, dehsam, dehsat, dehr
Future tid: dehsiem, dehsies, dehsiet, dehsiem(o)s, yu dehsiete, dehsient
Conditional: dehiem, dehies, dehiet, dehiem(o)s, yu dehiete, dehient
Prev participe: deht / dehn dehbh > Infinitive: dehbhe
Present: dehbho, dehbhs, dehbht, dehbhm(o)s, yu dehbht(e), dehbhe(nt)
Preterit: dohbhim, dohbh(i)st(a), dohbhit, dohbham, dohbhat, dohbheer
Future tid: dehbhsiem, dehbhsies, dehbhsiet, dehbhsiem(o)s, yu dehbhsiete, dehbhsient
Conditional: dehbhiem, dehbhies, dehbhiet, dehbhiem(o)s, yu dehbhiete, dehbhient
Prev participe: dohbht / dohbhen dehk > Infinitive: dehke
Present: dehko, dehcs, dehct, dehkm(o)s, yu dehct(e), dehke(nt)
Preterit: dohkim, dohk(i)st(a), dohkit, dohkam, dohkat, dohkeer
Future tid: dehcsiem, dehcsies, dehcsiet, dehcsiem(o)s, yu dehcsiete, dehcsient
Conditional: dehkiem, dehkies, dehkiet, dehkiem(o)s, yu dehkiete, dehkient
Prev participe: dohct / dohken dehl > Infinitive: dehle
Present: dehlo, dehls, dehlt, dehlm(o)s, yu dehlt(e), dehle(nt)
Preterit: dohlim, dohl(i)st(a), dohlit, dohlam, dohlat, dohleer
Future tid: dehlsiem, dehlsies, dehlsiet, dehlsiem(o)s, yu dehlsiete, dehlsient
Conditional: dehliem, dehlies, dehliet, dehliem(o)s, yu dehliete, dehlient
Prev participe: dohlt / dohlen dehlg > Infinitive: dehlge
Present: dehlgo, dehlcs, dehlct, dehlgm(o)s, yu dehlct(e), dehlge(nt)
Preterit: dohlgim, dohlg(i)st(a), dohlgit, dohlgam, dohlgat, dohlgeer
Future tid: dehlcsiem, dehlcsies, dehlcsiet, dehlcsiem(o)s, yu dehlcsiete, dehlcsient
Conditional: dehlgiem, dehlgies, dehlgiet, dehlgiem(o)s, yu dehlgiete, dehlgient
Prev participe: dohlct / dohlgen dehlv > Infinitive: dehlve
Present: dehlvo, dehlfs, dehlft, dehlvm(o)s, yu dehlft(e), dehlve(nt)
Preterit: dohlvim, dohlv(i)st(a), dohlvit, dohlvam, dohlvat, dohlveer
Future tid: dehlfsiem, dehlfsies, dehlfsiet, dehlfsiem(o)s, yu dehlfsiete, dehlfsient
Conditional: dehlviem, dehlvies, dehlviet, dehlviem(o)s, yu dehlviete, dehlvient
Prev participe: dohlft / dohlven dehm > Infinitive: dehme
Present: dehmo, dehms, dehmt, dehmm(o)s, yu dehmt(e), dehme(nt)
Preterit: dohmim, dohm(i)st(a), dohmit, dohmam, dohmat, dohmeer
Future tid: dehmsiem, dehmsies, dehmsiet, dehmsiem(o)s, yu dehmsiete, dehmsient
Conditional: dehmiem, dehmies, dehmiet, dehmiem(o)s, yu dehmiete, dehmient
Prev participe: dohmt / dohmen dehm > Infinitive: dehme
Present: dehmo, dehms, dehmt, dehmm(o)s, yu dehmt(e), dehme(nt)
Preterit: dohmim, dohm(i)st(a), dohmit, dohmam, dohmat, dohmeer
Future tid: dehmsiem, dehmsies, dehmsiet, dehmsiem(o)s, yu dehmsiete, dehmsient
Conditional: dehmiem, dehmies, dehmiet, dehmiem(o)s, yu dehmiete, dehmient
Prev participe: dohmt / dohmen dehn > Infinitive: dehne
Present: dehno, dehns, dehnt, dehnm(o)s, yu dehnt(e), dehne(nt)
Preterit: dohnim, dohn(i)st(a), dohnit, dohnam, dohnat, dohneer
Future tid: dehnsiem, dehnsies, dehnsiet, dehnsiem(o)s, yu dehnsiete, dehnsient
Conditional: dehniem, dehnies, dehniet, dehniem(o)s, yu dehniete, dehnient
Prev participe: dohnt / dohnen dehnk > Infinitive: dehnke
Present: dehnko, dehncs, dehnct, dehnkm(o)s, yu dehnct(e), dehnke(nt)
Preterit: dohnkim, dohnk(i)st(a), dohnkit, dohnkam, dohnkat, dohnkeer
Future tid: dehncsiem, dehncsies, dehncsiet, dehncsiem(o)s, yu dehncsiete, dehncsient
Conditional: dehnkiem, dehnkies, dehnkiet, dehnkiem(o)s, yu dehnkiete, dehnkient
Prev participe: dohnct / dohnken dehnkel > Infinitive: dehnkel
Present: io dehnkel, dehnkels, dehnkelt, dehnkelms, yu dehnkelt, dehnkelnt
Preterit: dohnklim, dohnklist, dohnklit, dohnk(e)lam, dohnk(e)lat, dohnk(e)leer
Future tid: dehnkelsiem, dehnkelsies, dehnkelsiet, dehnkelsiem(o)s, yu dehnkelsiete, dehnkelsient
Conditional: dehnkeliem, dehnkelies, dehnkeliet, dehnkeliem(o)s, yu dehnkeliete, dehnkelient
Prev participe: dohnkelt / dohnkeln dehr > Infinitive: dehre
Present: dehro, dehrs, dehrt, dehrm(o)s, yu dehrt(e), dehre(nt)
Preterit: dohrim, dohr(i)st(a), dohrit, dohram, dohrat, dohreer
Future tid: dehrsiem, dehrsies, dehrsiet, dehrsiem(o)s, yu dehrsiete, dehrsient
Conditional: dehriem, dehries, dehriet, dehriem(o)s, yu dehriete, dehrient
Prev participe: dohrt / dohren dehrbh > Infinitive: dehrbhe
Present: dehrbho, dehrbhs, dehrbht, dehrbhm(o)s, yu dehrbht(e), dehrbhe(nt)
Preterit: dohrbhim, dohrbh(i)st(a), dohrbhit, dohrbham, dohrbhat, dohrbheer
Future tid: dehrbhsiem, dehrbhsies, dehrbhsiet, dehrbhsiem(o)s, yu dehrbhsiete, dehrbhsient
Conditional: dehrbhiem, dehrbhies, dehrbhiet, dehrbhiem(o)s, yu dehrbhiete, dehrbhient
Prev participe: dohrbht / dohrbhen dehrj > Infinitive: dehrje
Present: dehrjo, dehrjs, dehrjt, dehrjm(o)s, yu dehrjt(e), dehrje(nt)
Preterit: dohrjim, dohrj(i)st(a), dohrjit, dohrjam, dohrjat, dohrjeer
Future tid: siem dehrje, sies dehrje, siet dehrje, siem(o)s dehrje, yu siete dehrje, sient dehrje
Conditional: dehrjiem, dehrjies, dehrjiet, dehrjiem(o)s, yu dehrjiete, dehrjient
Prev participe: dohrjt / dohrjen deih > Infinitive: dihes
Present: deihm, deihs, deiht, deihm(o)s, yu deiht(e), deihnt
Preterit: dihsim, dihst(a), dihsit, dihsam, dihsat, dihr
Future tid: deihsiem, deihsies, deihsiet, deihsiem(o)s, yu deihsiete, deihsient
Conditional: deihiem, deihies, deihiet, deihiem(o)s, yu deihiete, deihient
Prev participe: diht / dihn deik > Infinitive: dikes
Present: deiko, deics, deict, deikm(o)s, yu deict(e), deike(nt)
Preterit: dikim, dik(i)st(a), dikit, dikam, dikat, dikeer
Future tid: deicsiem, deicsies, deicsiet, deicsiem(o)s, yu deicsiete, deicsient
Conditional: deikiem, deikies, deikiet, deikiem(o)s, yu deikiete, deikient
Prev participe: dict / diken deil > Infinitive: diles
Present: deilo, deils, deilt, deilm(o)s, yu deilt(e), deile(nt)
Preterit: dilim, dil(i)st(a), dilit, dilam, dilat, dileer
Future tid: deilsiem, deilsies, deilsiet, deilsiem(o)s, yu deilsiete, deilsient
Conditional: deiliem, deilies, deiliet, deiliem(o)s, yu deiliete, deilient
Prev participe: dilt / dilen dejour > Infinitive: dejoure
Present: dejouro, dejours, dejourt, dejourm(o)s, yu dejourt(e), dejoure(nt)
Preterit: dejourim, dejour(i)st(a), dejourit, dejouram, dejourat, dejoureer
Future tid: dejoursiem, dejoursies, dejoursiet, dejoursiem(o)s, yu dejoursiete, dejoursient
Conditional: dejouriem, dejouries, dejouriet, dejouriem(o)s, yu dejouriete, dejourient
Prev participe: dejourt / dejouren dekhschat > Infinitive: dekhschate
Present: dekhschato, dekhschats, dekhschat, dekhschatm(o)s, yu dekhschate, dekhschate(nt)
Preterit: dekhschietim, dekhschiet(i)st(a), dekhschietit, dekhschietam, dekhschietat, dekhschieteer
Future tid: dekhschatsiem, dekhschatsies, dekhschatsiet, dekhschatsiem(o)s, yu dekhschatsiete, dekhschatsient
Conditional: dekhschatiem, dekhschaties, dekhschatiet, dekhschatiem(o)s, yu dekhschatiete, dekhschatient
Prev participe: dekhschat / dekhschaten delat > Infinitive: delate
Present: delato, delats, delat, delatm(o)s, yu delate, delate(nt)
Preterit: delietim, deliet(i)st(a), delietit, delietam, delietat, delieteer
Future tid: delatsiem, delatsies, delatsiet, delatsiem(o)s, yu delatsiete, delatsient
Conditional: delatiem, delaties, delatiet, delatiem(o)s, yu delatiete, delatient
Prev participe: delat / delaten delege > Infinitive: delege
Present: io delege, deleges, deleget, delegems, yu deleget(e), delegent
Preterit: delegim, delegist(a), delegit, delegeam, delegeat, delegeer
Future tid: delegesiem, delegesies, delegesiet, delegesiem(o)s, yu delegesiete, delegesient
Conditional: delegiem, delegies, delegiet, delegiem(o)s, yu delegiete, delegient
Prev participe: deleget / delegen delimite > Infinitive: delimite
Present: io delimite, delimites, delimitet, delimitems, yu delimitet(e), delimitent
Preterit: delimitim, delimitist(a), delimitit, delimitam, delimitat, delimiteer
Future tid: delimitesiem, delimitesies, delimitesiet, delimitesiem(o)s, yu delimitesiete, delimitesient
Conditional: delimitiem, delimities, delimitiet, delimitiem(o)s, yu delimitiete, delimitient
Prev participe: delimitet / delimiten dem > Infinitive: deme
Present: demo, dems, demt, demm(o)s, yu demt(e), deme(nt)
Preterit: demim, dem(i)st(a), demit, demam, demat, demeer
Future tid: demsiem, demsies, demsiet, demsiem(o)s, yu demsiete, demsient
Conditional: demiem, demies, demiet, demiem(o)s, yu demiete, demient
Prev participe: demt / demen demneh > Infinitive: demnehe
Present: demnehm, demnehs, demneht, demnehm(o)s, yu demneht(e), demnehnt
Preterit: demnehsim, demnehst(a), demnehsit, demnehsam, demnehsat, demnehr
Future tid: demnehsiem, demnehsies, demnehsiet, demnehsiem(o)s, yu demnehsiete, demnehsient
Conditional: demnehiem, demnehies, demnehiet, demnehiem(o)s, yu demnehiete, demnehient
Prev participe: demneht / demnehn demonstre > Infinitive: demonstre
Present: io demonstre, demonstres, demonstret, demonstrems, yu demonstret(e), demonstrent
Preterit: demonstrim, demonstrist(a), demonstrit, demonstram, demonstrat, demonstreer
Future tid: demonstresiem, demonstresies, demonstresiet, demonstresiem(o)s, yu demonstresiete, demonstresient
Conditional: demonstriem, demonstries, demonstriet, demonstriem(o)s, yu demonstriete, demonstrient
Prev participe: demonstret / demonstren demonte > Infinitive: demonte
Present: io demonte, demontes, demontet, demontems, yu demontet(e), demontent
Preterit: demontim, demontist(a), demontit, demontam, demontat, demonteer
Future tid: demontesiem, demontesies, demontesiet, demontesiem(o)s, yu demontesiete, demontesient
Conditional: demontiem, demonties, demontiet, demontiem(o)s, yu demontiete, demontient
Prev participe: demontet / demonten demoralise > Infinitive: demoralise
Present: io demoralise, demoralises, demoraliset, demoralisems, yu demoraliset(e), demoralisent
Preterit: demoralisim, demoralisist(a), demoralisit, demoralisam, demoralisat, demoraliseer
Future tid: demoralisesiem, demoralisesies, demoralisesiet, demoralisesiem(o)s, yu demoralisesiete, demoralisesient
Conditional: demoralisiem, demoralisies, demoralisiet, demoralisiem(o)s, yu demoralisiete, demoralisient
Prev participe: demoraliset / demoralisen demystifie > Infinitive: demystifie
Present: io demystifie, demystifies, demystifiet, demystifiems, yu demystifiet(e), demystifient
Preterit: demystificim, demystifiest, demystificit, demystifiam, demystifiat, demystifier
Future tid: demystifiesiem, demystifiesies, demystifiesiet, demystifiesiem(o)s, yu demystifiesiete, demystifiesient
Conditional: demystificiem, demystificies, demystificiet, demystificiem(o)s, yu demystificiete, demystificient
Prev participe: demystifiet / demystifien denigre > Infinitive: denigre
Present: io denigre, denigres, denigret, denigrems, yu denigret(e), denigrent
Preterit: denigrim, denigrist(a), denigrit, denigram, denigrat, denigreer
Future tid: denigresiem, denigresies, denigresiet, denigresiem(o)s, yu denigresiete, denigresient
Conditional: denigriem, denigries, denigriet, denigriem(o)s, yu denigriete, denigrient
Prev participe: denigret / denigren denote > Infinitive: denote
Present: io denote, denotes, denotet, denotems, yu denotet(e), denotent
Preterit: denotim, denotist(a), denotit, denotam, denotat, denoteer
Future tid: denotesiem, denotesies, denotesiet, denotesiem(o)s, yu denotesiete, denotesient
Conditional: denotiem, denoties, denotiet, denotiem(o)s, yu denotiete, denotient
Prev participe: denotet / denoten denou > Infinitive: denoue
Present: denoum, denous, denout, denoum(o)s, yu denout(e), denount
Preterit: denousim, denoust(a), denousit, denoam, denoat, denour
Future tid: denousiem, denousies, denousiet, denousiem(o)s, yu denousiete, denousient
Conditional: denoiem, denoies, denoiet, denoiem(o)s, yu denoiete, denoient
Prev participe: denout / denoun denunce > Infinitive: denunce
Present: io denunce, denunces, denuncet, denuncems, yu denuncet(e), denuncent
Preterit: denuncim, denuncist(a), denuncit, denunceam, denunceat, denunceer
Future tid: denuncesiem, denuncesies, denuncesiet, denuncesiem(o)s, yu denuncesiete, denuncesient
Conditional: denunciem, denuncies, denunciet, denunciem(o)s, yu denunciete, denuncient
Prev participe: denuncet / denuncen depend > Infinitive: depende
Present: dependo, depends, dependt, dependm(o)s, yu dependt(e), depende(nt)
Preterit: depensim, depens(i)st(a), depensit, depensam, depensat, depenseer
Future tid: dependsiem, dependsies, dependsiet, dependsiem(o)s, yu dependsiete, dependsient
Conditional: dependiem, dependies, dependiet, dependiem(o)s, yu dependiete, dependient
Prev participe: depens / dependen depineg > Infinitive: depinges
Present: depingo, depincs, depinct, depingm(o)s, yu depinct(e), depinge(nt)
Preterit: depigim, depig(i)st(a), depigit, depigam, depigat, depigeer
Future tid: depincsiem, depincsies, depincsiet, depincsiem(o)s, yu depincsiete, depincsient
Conditional: depingiem, depingies, depingiet, depingiem(o)s, yu depingiete, depingient
Prev participe: depict / depigen deplore > Infinitive: deplore
Present: io deplore, deplores, deploret, deplorems, yu deploret(e), deplorent
Preterit: deplorim, deplorist(a), deplorit, deploram, deplorat, deploreer
Future tid: deploresiem, deploresies, deploresiet, deploresiem(o)s, yu deploresiete, deploresient
Conditional: deploriem, deplories, deploriet, deploriem(o)s, yu deploriete, deplorient
Prev participe: deploret / deploren depopule > Infinitive: depopule
Present: io depopule, depopules, depopulet, depopulems, yu depopulet(e), depopulent
Preterit: depopulim, depopulist(a), depopulit, depopulam, depopulat, depopuleer
Future tid: depopulesiem, depopulesies, depopulesiet, depopulesiem(o)s, yu depopulesiete, depopulesient
Conditional: depopuliem, depopulies, depopuliet, depopuliem(o)s, yu depopuliete, depopulient
Prev participe: depopulet / depopulen deporte > Infinitive: deporte
Present: io deporte, deportes, deportet, deportems, yu deportet(e), deportent
Preterit: deportim, deportist(a), deportit, deportam, deportat, deporteer
Future tid: deportesiem, deportesies, deportesiet, deportesiem(o)s, yu deportesiete, deportesient
Conditional: deportiem, deporties, deportiet, deportiem(o)s, yu deportiete, deportient
Prev participe: deportet / deporten deposeih > Infinitive: deposihes
Present: deposeihm, deposeihs, deposeiht, deposeihm(o)s, yu deposeiht(e), deposeihnt
Preterit: deposihsim, deposihst(a), deposihsit, deposihsam, deposihsat, deposihr
Future tid: deposeihsiem, deposeihsies, deposeihsiet, deposeihsiem(o)s, yu deposeihsiete, deposeihsient
Conditional: deposeihiem, deposeihies, deposeihiet, deposeihiem(o)s, yu deposeihiete, deposeihient
Prev participe: deposiht / deposihn deposen > Infinitive: depones
Present: depono, depons, depont, deponm(o)s, yu depont(e), depone(nt)
Preterit: deposim, depos(i)st(a), deposit, deposam, deposat, deposeer
Future tid: deponsiem, deponsies, deponsiet, deponsiem(o)s, yu deponsiete, deponsient
Conditional: deponiem, deponies, deponiet, deponiem(o)s, yu deponiete, deponient
Prev participe: depost / deposen depulg > Infinitive: depulge
Present: depulgo, depulcs, depulct, depulgm(o)s, yu depulct(e), depulge(nt)
Preterit: depulsim, depuls(i)st(a), depulsit, depulsam, depulsat, depulseer
Future tid: depulcsiem, depulcsies, depulcsiet, depulcsiem(o)s, yu depulcsiete, depulcsient
Conditional: depulgiem, depulgies, depulgiet, depulgiem(o)s, yu depulgiete, depulgient
Prev participe: depuls / depulgen derder > Infinitive: derder
Present: io derder, derders, derdert, derderms, yu derdert, derdernt
Preterit: derdrim, derdrist, derdrit, derd(e)ram, derd(e)rat, derd(e)reer
Future tid: derdersiem, derdersies, derdersiet, derdersiem(o)s, yu derdersiete, derdersient
Conditional: derderiem, derderies, derderiet, derderiem(o)s, yu derderiete, derderient
Prev participe: derdert / derdern derid > Infinitive: deride
Present: derido, derids, deridt, deridm(o)s, yu deridt(e), deride(nt)
Preterit: derisim, deris(i)st(a), derisit, derisam, derisat, deriseer
Future tid: deridsiem, deridsies, deridsiet, deridsiem(o)s, yu deridsiete, deridsient
Conditional: deridiem, deridies, deridiet, deridiem(o)s, yu deridiete, deridient
Prev participe: deris / deriden derive > Infinitive: derive
Present: io derive, derives, derivet, derivems, yu derivet(e), derivent
Preterit: derivim, derivist(a), derivit, derivam, derivat, deriveer
Future tid: derivesiem, derivesies, derivesiet, derivesiem(o)s, yu derivesiete, derivesient
Conditional: deriviem, derivies, deriviet, deriviem(o)s, yu deriviete, derivient
Prev participe: derivet / deriven deroge > Infinitive: deroge
Present: io deroge, deroges, deroget, derogems, yu deroget(e), derogent
Preterit: derogim, derogist(a), derogit, derogeam, derogeat, derogeer
Future tid: derogesiem, derogesies, derogesiet, derogesiem(o)s, yu derogesiete, derogesient
Conditional: derogiem, derogies, derogiet, derogiem(o)s, yu derogiete, derogient
Prev participe: deroget / derogen desaddic > Infinitive: desaddice
Present: desaddico, desaddics, desaddict, desaddicm(o)s, yu desaddict(e), desaddice(nt)
Preterit: desaddicim, desaddic(i)st(a), desaddicit, desaddicam, desaddicat, desaddiceer
Future tid: desaddicsiem, desaddicsies, desaddicsiet, desaddicsiem(o)s, yu desaddicsiete, desaddicsient
Conditional: desaddiciem, desaddicies, desaddiciet, desaddiciem(o)s, yu desaddiciete, desaddicient
Prev participe: desaddict / desaddicen desburs > Infinitive: desburse
Present: desburso, desburs, desburst, desbursm(o)s, yu desburst(e), desburse(nt)
Preterit: desbursim, desburs(i)st(a), desbursit, desbursam, desbursat, desburseer
Future tid: siem desburse, sies desburse, siet desburse, siem(o)s desburse, yu siete desburse, sient desburse
Conditional: desbursiem, desbursies, desbursiet, desbursiem(o)s, yu desbursiete, desbursient
Prev participe: desburst / desbursen descend > Infinitive: descende
Present: descendo, descends, descendt, descendm(o)s, yu descendt(e), descende(nt)
Preterit: descensim, descens(i)st(a), descensit, descensam, descensat, descenseer
Future tid: descendsiem, descendsies, descendsiet, descendsiem(o)s, yu descendsiete, descendsient
Conditional: descendiem, descendies, descendiet, descendiem(o)s, yu descendiete, descendient
Prev participe: descens / descenden desciffer > Infinitive: desciffer
Present: io desciffer, desciffers, desciffert, descifferms, yu desciffert, desciffernt
Preterit: desciffrim, desciffrist, desciffrit, desciff(e)ram, desciff(e)rat, desciff(e)reer
Future tid: desciffersiem, desciffersies, desciffersiet, desciffersiem(o)s, yu desciffersiete, desciffersient
Conditional: descifferiem, descifferies, descifferiet, descifferiem(o)s, yu descifferiete, descifferient
Prev participe: desciffert / desciffern desconcerte > Infinitive: desconcerte
Present: io desconcerte, desconcertes, desconcertet, desconcertems, yu desconcertet(e), desconcertent
Preterit: desconcertim, desconcertist(a), desconcertit, desconcertam, desconcertat, desconcerteer
Future tid: desconcertesiem, desconcertesies, desconcertesiet, desconcertesiem(o)s, yu desconcertesiete, desconcertesient
Conditional: desconcertiem, desconcerties, desconcertiet, desconcertiem(o)s, yu desconcertiete, desconcertient
Prev participe: desconcertet / desconcerten descrehsc > Infinitive: descrehsce
Present: descrehsco, descrehscs, descrehsct, descrehscm(o)s, yu descrehsct(e), descrehsce(nt)
Preterit: descrohscim, descrohsc(i)st(a), descrohscit, descrohscam, descrohscat, descrohsceer
Future tid: descrehscsiem, descrehscsies, descrehscsiet, descrehscsiem(o)s, yu descrehscsiete, descrehscsient
Conditional: descrehsciem, descrehscies, descrehsciet, descrehsciem(o)s, yu descrehsciete, descrehscient
Prev participe: descrohsct / descrohscen describ > Infinitive: describe
Present: describo, descrips, descript, describm(o)s, yu descript(e), describe(nt)
Preterit: describim, describ(i)st(a), describit, describam, describat, describeer
Future tid: descripsiem, descripsies, descripsiet, descripsiem(o)s, yu descripsiete, descripsient
Conditional: describiem, describies, describiet, describiem(o)s, yu describiete, describient
Prev participe: descript / describen desdreibh > Infinitive: desdribhes
Present: desdreibho, desdreibhs, desdreibht, desdreibhm(o)s, yu desdreibht(e), desdreibhe(nt)
Preterit: desdribhim, desdribh(i)st(a), desdribhit, desdribham, desdribhat, desdribheer
Future tid: desdreibhsiem, desdreibhsies, desdreibhsiet, desdreibhsiem(o)s, yu desdreibhsiete, desdreibhsient
Conditional: desdreibhiem, desdreibhies, desdreibhiet, desdreibhiem(o)s, yu desdreibhiete, desdreibhient
Prev participe: desdribht / desdribhen deser > Infinitive: desere
Present: desero, desers, desert, deserm(o)s, yu desert(e), desere(nt)
Preterit: deserim, deser(i)st(a), deserit, deseram, deserat, desereer
Future tid: desersiem, desersies, desersiet, desersiem(o)s, yu desersiete, desersient
Conditional: deseriem, deseries, deseriet, deseriem(o)s, yu deseriete, deserient
Prev participe: desert / deseren desertire > Infinitive: desertire
Present: io desertire, desertires, desertiret, desertirems, yu desertiret(e), desertirent
Preterit: desertirim, desertirist(a), desertirit, desertiram, desertirat, desertireer
Future tid: desertiresiem, desertiresies, desertiresiet, desertiresiem(o)s, yu desertiresiete, desertiresient
Conditional: desertiriem, desertiries, desertiriet, desertiriem(o)s, yu desertiriete, desertirient
Prev participe: desertiret / desertiren desfigure > Infinitive: desfigure
Present: io desfigure, desfigures, desfiguret, desfigurems, yu desfiguret(e), desfigurent
Preterit: desfigurim, desfigurist(a), desfigurit, desfiguram, desfigurat, desfigureer
Future tid: desfiguresiem, desfiguresies, desfiguresiet, desfiguresiem(o)s, yu desfiguresiete, desfiguresient
Conditional: desfiguriem, desfiguries, desfiguriet, desfiguriem(o)s, yu desfiguriete, desfigurient
Prev participe: desfiguret / desfiguren desguise > Infinitive: desguise
Present: io desguise, desguises, desguiset, desguisems, yu desguiset(e), desguisent
Preterit: desguisim, desguisist(a), desguisit, desguisam, desguisat, desguiseer
Future tid: desguisesiem, desguisesies, desguisesiet, desguisesiem(o)s, yu desguisesiete, desguisesient
Conditional: desguisiem, desguisies, desguisiet, desguisiem(o)s, yu desguisiete, desguisient
Prev participe: desguiset / desguisen deshonore > Infinitive: deshonore
Present: io deshonore, deshonores, deshonoret, deshonorems, yu deshonoret(e), deshonorent
Preterit: deshonorim, deshonorist(a), deshonorit, deshonoram, deshonorat, deshonoreer
Future tid: deshonoresiem, deshonoresies, deshonoresiet, deshonoresiem(o)s, yu deshonoresiete, deshonoresient
Conditional: deshonoriem, deshonories, deshonoriet, deshonoriem(o)s, yu deshonoriete, deshonorient
Prev participe: deshonoret / deshonoren deshumanise > Infinitive: deshumanise
Present: io deshumanise, deshumanises, deshumaniset, deshumanisems, yu deshumaniset(e), deshumanisent
Preterit: deshumanisim, deshumanisist(a), deshumanisit, deshumanisam, deshumanisat, deshumaniseer
Future tid: deshumanisesiem, deshumanisesies, deshumanisesiet, deshumanisesiem(o)s, yu deshumanisesiete, deshumanisesient
Conditional: deshumanisiem, deshumanisies, deshumanisiet, deshumanisiem(o)s, yu deshumanisiete, deshumanisient
Prev participe: deshumaniset / deshumanisen deshydrate > Infinitive: deshydrate
Present: io deshydrate, deshydrates, deshydratet, deshydratems, yu deshydratet(e), deshydratent
Preterit: deshydratim, deshydratist(a), deshydratit, deshydratam, deshydratat, deshydrateer
Future tid: deshydratesiem, deshydratesies, deshydratesiet, deshydratesiem(o)s, yu deshydratesiete, deshydratesient
Conditional: deshydratiem, deshydraties, deshydratiet, deshydratiem(o)s, yu deshydratiete, deshydratient
Prev participe: deshydratet / deshydraten desinstalle > Infinitive: desinstalle
Present: io desinstalle, desinstalles, desinstallet, desinstallems, yu desinstallet(e), desinstallent
Preterit: desinstallim, desinstallist(a), desinstallit, desinstallam, desinstallat, desinstalleer
Future tid: desinstallesiem, desinstallesies, desinstallesiet, desinstallesiem(o)s, yu desinstallesiete, desinstallesient
Conditional: desinstalliem, desinstallies, desinstalliet, desinstalliem(o)s, yu desinstalliete, desinstallient
Prev participe: desinstallet / desinstallen desire > Infinitive: desire
Present: io desire, desires, desiret, desirems, yu desiret(e), desirent
Preterit: desirim, desirist(a), desirit, desiram, desirat, desireer
Future tid: desiresiem, desiresies, desiresiet, desiresiem(o)s, yu desiresiete, desiresient
Conditional: desiriem, desiries, desiriet, desiriem(o)s, yu desiriete, desirient
Prev participe: desiret / desiren deskam > Infinitive: deskame
Present: deskamo, deskams, deskamt, deskamm(o)s, yu deskamt(e), deskame(nt)
Preterit: deskiemim, deskiem(i)st(a), deskiemit, deskiemam, deskiemat, deskiemeer
Future tid: deskamsiem, deskamsies, deskamsiet, deskamsiem(o)s, yu deskamsiete, deskamsient
Conditional: deskamiem, deskamies, deskamiet, deskamiem(o)s, yu deskamiete, deskamient
Prev participe: deskamt / deskamen deskhauris > Infinitive: deskhaurise
Present: deskhauriso, deskhauris, deskhaurist, deskhaurism(o)s, yu deskhaurist(e), deskhaurise(nt)
Preterit: deskhieurisim, deskhieuris(i)st(a), deskhieurisit, deskhieurisam, deskhieurisat, deskhieuriseer
Future tid: siem deskhaurise, sies deskhaurise, siet deskhaurise, siem(o)s deskhaurise, yu siete deskhaurise, sient deskhaurise
Conditional: deskhaurisiem, deskhaurisies, deskhaurisiet, deskhaurisiem(o)s, yu deskhaurisiete, deskhaurisient
Prev participe: deskhaurist / deskhaurisen deskwide > Infinitive: deskwide
Present: io deskwide, deskwides, deskwidet, deskwidems, yu deskwidet(e), deskwident
Preterit: deskwidim, deskwidist(a), deskwidit, deskwidam, deskwidat, deskwideer
Future tid: deskwidesiem, deskwidesies, deskwidesiet, deskwidesiem(o)s, yu deskwidesiete, deskwidesient
Conditional: deskwidiem, deskwidies, deskwidiet, deskwidiem(o)s, yu deskwidiete, deskwidient
Prev participe: deskwidet / deskwiden desloge > Infinitive: desloge
Present: io desloge, desloges, desloget, deslogems, yu desloget(e), deslogent
Preterit: deslogim, deslogist(a), deslogit, deslogeam, deslogeat, deslogeer
Future tid: deslogesiem, deslogesies, deslogesiet, deslogesiem(o)s, yu deslogesiete, deslogesient
Conditional: deslogiem, deslogies, deslogiet, deslogiem(o)s, yu deslogiete, deslogient
Prev participe: desloget / deslogen desmantel > Infinitive: desmantel
Present: io desmantel, desmantels, desmantelt, desmantelms, yu desmantelt, desmantelnt
Preterit: desmientlim, desmientlist, desmientlit, desmient(e)lam, desmient(e)lat, desmient(e)leer
Future tid: desmantelsiem, desmantelsies, desmantelsiet, desmantelsiem(o)s, yu desmantelsiete, desmantelsient
Conditional: desmanteliem, desmantelies, desmanteliet, desmanteliem(o)s, yu desmanteliete, desmantelient
Prev participe: desmantelt / desmanteln desoriente > Infinitive: desoriente
Present: io desoriente, desorientes, desorientet, desorientems, yu desorientet(e), desorientent
Preterit: desorientim, desorientist(a), desorientit, desorientam, desorientat, desorienteer
Future tid: desorientesiem, desorientesies, desorientesiet, desorientesiem(o)s, yu desorientesiete, desorientesient
Conditional: desorientiem, desorienties, desorientiet, desorientiem(o)s, yu desorientiete, desorientient
Prev participe: desorientet / desorienten despere > Infinitive: despere
Present: io despere, desperes, desperet, desperems, yu desperet(e), desperent
Preterit: desperim, desperist(a), desperit, desperam, desperat, despereer
Future tid: desperesiem, desperesies, desperesiet, desperesiem(o)s, yu desperesiete, desperesient
Conditional: desperiem, desperies, desperiet, desperiem(o)s, yu desperiete, desperient
Prev participe: desperet / desperen desplace > Infinitive: desplace
Present: io desplace, desplaces, desplacet, desplacems, yu desplacet(e), desplacent
Preterit: desplacim, desplacist(a), desplacit, desplaceam, desplaceat, desplaceer
Future tid: desplacesiem, desplacesies, desplacesiet, desplacesiem(o)s, yu desplacesiete, desplacesient
Conditional: desplaciem, desplacies, desplaciet, desplaciem(o)s, yu desplaciete, desplacient
Prev participe: desplacet / desplacen desploy > Infinitive: desploye
Present: desployo, desploys, desployt, desploym(o)s, yu desployt(e), desploynt
Preterit: desployim, desployst(a), desployit, desployam, desployat, desployeer
Future tid: desploysiem, desploysies, desploysiet, desploysiem(o)s, yu desploysiete, desploysient
Conditional: desployiem, desployies, desployiet, desployiem(o)s, yu desployiete, desployient
Prev participe: desployt / desployen despotic > Infinitive: despotice
Present: despotico, despotics, despotict, despoticm(o)s, yu despotict(e), despotice(nt)
Preterit: despoticim, despotic(i)st(a), despoticit, despoticam, despoticat, despoticeer
Future tid: despoticsiem, despoticsies, despoticsiet, despoticsiem(o)s, yu despoticsiete, despoticsient
Conditional: despoticiem, despoticies, despoticiet, despoticiem(o)s, yu despoticiete, despoticient
Prev participe: despotict / despoticen dessacralise > Infinitive: dessacralise
Present: io dessacralise, dessacralises, dessacraliset, dessacralisems, yu dessacraliset(e), dessacralisent
Preterit: dessacralisim, dessacralisist(a), dessacralisit, dessacralisam, dessacralisat, dessacraliseer
Future tid: dessacralisesiem, dessacralisesies, dessacralisesiet, dessacralisesiem(o)s, yu dessacralisesiete, dessacralisesient
Conditional: dessacralisiem, dessacralisies, dessacralisiet, dessacralisiem(o)s, yu dessacralisiete, dessacralisient
Prev participe: dessacraliset / dessacralisen dessteiv > Infinitive: desstives
Present: dessteivo, dessteifs, dessteift, dessteivm(o)s, yu dessteift(e), dessteive(nt)
Preterit: desstivim, desstiv(i)st(a), desstivit, desstivam, desstivat, desstiveer
Future tid: dessteifsiem, dessteifsies, dessteifsiet, dessteifsiem(o)s, yu dessteifsiete, dessteifsient
Conditional: dessteiviem, dessteivies, dessteiviet, dessteiviem(o)s, yu dessteiviete, dessteivient
Prev participe: desstift / desstiven destine > Infinitive: destine
Present: io destine, destines, destinet, destinems, yu destinet(e), destinent
Preterit: destinim, destinist(a), destinit, destinam, destinat, destineer
Future tid: destinesiem, destinesies, destinesiet, destinesiem(o)s, yu destinesiete, destinesient
Conditional: destiniem, destinies, destiniet, destiniem(o)s, yu destiniete, destinient
Prev participe: destinet / destinen destrug > Infinitive: destruge
Present: destrugo, destrucs, destruct, destrugm(o)s, yu destruct(e), destruge(nt)
Preterit: destrugim, destrug(i)st(a), destrugit, destrugam, destrugat, destrugeer
Future tid: destrucsiem, destrucsies, destrucsiet, destrucsiem(o)s, yu destrucsiete, destrucsient
Conditional: destrugiem, destrugies, destrugiet, destrugiem(o)s, yu destrugiete, destrugient
Prev participe: destruct / destrugen detache > Infinitive: detache
Present: io detache, detaches, detachet, detachems, yu detachet(e), detachent
Preterit: detachim, detachist(a), detachit, detacham, detachat, detacheer
Future tid: detachesiem, detachesies, detachesiet, detachesiem(o)s, yu detachesiete, detachesient
Conditional: detachiem, detachies, detachiet, detachiem(o)s, yu detachiete, detachient
Prev participe: detachet / detachen detayl > Infinitive: detayle
Present: detaylo, detayls, detaylt, detaylm(o)s, yu detaylt(e), detayle(nt)
Preterit: detieylim, detieyl(i)st(a), detieylit, detieylam, detieylat, detieyleer
Future tid: detaylsiem, detaylsies, detaylsiet, detaylsiem(o)s, yu detaylsiete, detaylsient
Conditional: detayliem, detaylies, detayliet, detayliem(o)s, yu detayliete, detaylient
Prev participe: detaylt / detaylen deteg > Infinitive: detege
Present: detego, detecs, detect, detegm(o)s, yu detect(e), detege(nt)
Preterit: detegim, deteg(i)st(a), detegit, detegam, detegat, detegeer
Future tid: detecsiem, detecsies, detecsiet, detecsiem(o)s, yu detecsiete, detecsient
Conditional: detegiem, detegies, detegiet, detegiem(o)s, yu detegiete, detegient
Prev participe: detect / detegen deten > Infinitive: detene
Present: deteno, detens, detent, detenm(o)s, yu detent(e), detene(nt)
Preterit: detenim, deten(i)st(a), detenit, detenam, detenat, deteneer
Future tid: detensiem, detensies, detensiet, detensiem(o)s, yu detensiete, detensient
Conditional: deteniem, detenies, deteniet, deteniem(o)s, yu deteniete, detenient
Prev participe: detent / detenen deteriore > Infinitive: deteriore
Present: io deteriore, deteriores, deterioret, deteriorems, yu deterioret(e), deteriorent
Preterit: deteriorim, deteriorist(a), deteriorit, deterioram, deteriorat, deterioreer
Future tid: deterioresiem, deterioresies, deterioresiet, deterioresiem(o)s, yu deterioresiete, deterioresient
Conditional: deterioriem, deteriories, deterioriet, deterioriem(o)s, yu deterioriete, deteriorient
Prev participe: deterioret / deterioren determine > Infinitive: determine
Present: io determine, determines, determinet, determinems, yu determinet(e), determinent
Preterit: determinim, determinist(a), determinit, determinam, determinat, determineer
Future tid: determinesiem, determinesies, determinesiet, determinesiem(o)s, yu determinesiete, determinesient
Conditional: determiniem, determinies, determiniet, determiniem(o)s, yu determiniete, determinient
Prev participe: determinet / determinen deteste > Infinitive: deteste
Present: io deteste, detestes, detestet, detestems, yu detestet(e), detestent
Preterit: detestim, detestist(a), detestit, detestam, detestat, detesteer
Future tid: detestesiem, detestesies, detestesiet, detestesiem(o)s, yu detestesiete, detestesient
Conditional: detestiem, detesties, detestiet, detestiem(o)s, yu detestiete, detestient
Prev participe: detestet / detesten dethron > Infinitive: dethrone
Present: dethrono, dethrons, dethront, dethronm(o)s, yu dethront(e), dethrone(nt)
Preterit: dethronim, dethron(i)st(a), dethronit, dethronam, dethronat, dethroneer
Future tid: dethronsiem, dethronsies, dethronsiet, dethronsiem(o)s, yu dethronsiete, dethronsient
Conditional: dethroniem, dethronies, dethroniet, dethroniem(o)s, yu dethroniete, dethronient
Prev participe: dethront / dethronen deub > Infinitive: dubes
Present: deubo, deups, deupt, deubm(o)s, yu deupt(e), deube(nt)
Preterit: dubim, dub(i)st(a), dubit, dubam, dubat, dubeer
Future tid: deupsiem, deupsies, deupsiet, deupsiem(o)s, yu deupsiete, deupsient
Conditional: deubiem, deubies, deubiet, deubiem(o)s, yu deubiete, deubient
Prev participe: dupt / duben deubfrehser > Infinitive: deubfrehser
Present: io deubfrehser, deubfrehsers, deubfrehsert, deubfrehserms, yu deubfrehsert, deubfrehsernt
Preterit: deubfrohsrim, deubfrohsrist, deubfrohsrit, deubfrohs(e)ram, deubfrohs(e)rat, deubfrohs(e)reer
Future tid: deubfrehsersiem, deubfrehsersies, deubfrehsersiet, deubfrehsersiem(o)s, yu deubfrehsersiete, deubfrehsersient
Conditional: deubfrehseriem, deubfrehseries, deubfrehseriet, deubfrehseriem(o)s, yu deubfrehseriete, deubfrehserient
Prev participe: deubfrohsert / deubfrohsern deugh > Infinitive: dughes
Present: deugho, deughs, deught, deughm(o)s, yu deught(e), deughe(nt)
Preterit: dughim, dugh(i)st(a), dughit, dugham, dughat, dugheer
Future tid: deughsiem, deughsies, deughsiet, deughsiem(o)s, yu deughsiete, deughsient
Conditional: deughiem, deughies, deughiet, deughiem(o)s, yu deughiete, deughient
Prev participe: dught / dughen deulg > Infinitive: dulges
Present: deulgo, deulcs, deulct, deulgm(o)s, yu deulct(e), deulge(nt)
Preterit: dulgim, dulg(i)st(a), dulgit, dulgam, dulgat, dulgeer
Future tid: deulcsiem, deulcsies, deulcsiet, deulcsiem(o)s, yu deulcsiete, deulcsient
Conditional: deulgiem, deulgies, deulgiet, deulgiem(o)s, yu deulgiete, deulgient
Prev participe: dulct / dulgen deum > Infinitive: dumes
Present: deumo, deums, deumt, deumm(o)s, yu deumt(e), deume(nt)
Preterit: dumim, dum(i)st(a), dumit, dumam, dumat, dumeer
Future tid: deumsiem, deumsies, deumsiet, deumsiem(o)s, yu deumsiete, deumsient
Conditional: deumiem, deumies, deumiet, deumiem(o)s, yu deumiete, deumient
Prev participe: dumt / dumen deurgh > Infinitive: durghes
Present: deurgho, deurghs, deurght, deurghm(o)s, yu deurght(e), deurghe(nt)
Preterit: durghim, durgh(i)st(a), durghit, durgham, durghat, durgheer
Future tid: deurghsiem, deurghsies, deurghsiet, deurghsiem(o)s, yu deurghsiete, deurghsient
Conditional: deurghiem, deurghies, deurghiet, deurghiem(o)s, yu deurghiete, deurghient
Prev participe: durght / durghen deurs > Infinitive: durses
Present: deurso, deurs, deurst, deursm(o)s, yu deurst(e), deurse(nt)
Preterit: dursim, durs(i)st(a), dursit, dursam, dursat, durseer
Future tid: siem durses, sies durses, siet durses, siem(o)s durses, yu siete durses, sient durses
Conditional: deursiem, deursies, deursiet, deursiem(o)s, yu deursiete, deursient
Prev participe: durst / dursen deusk > Infinitive: duskes
Present: deusko, deuscs, deusct, deuskm(o)s, yu deusct(e), deuske(nt)
Preterit: duskim, dusk(i)st(a), duskit, duskam, duskat, duskeer
Future tid: siem duskes, sies duskes, siet duskes, siem(o)s duskes, yu siete duskes, sient duskes
Conditional: deuskiem, deuskies, deuskiet, deuskiem(o)s, yu deuskiete, deuskient
Prev participe: dusct / dusken deuyker > Infinitive: duykres
Present: io deuyker, deuykers, deuykert, deuykerms, yu deuykert, deuykernt
Preterit: duykrim, duykrist, duykrit, duyk(e)ram, duyk(e)rat, duyk(e)reer
Future tid: deuykersiem, deuykersies, deuykersiet, deuykersiem(o)s, yu deuykersiete, deuykersient
Conditional: deuykeriem, deuykeries, deuykeriet, deuykeriem(o)s, yu deuykeriete, deuykerient
Prev participe: duykert / duykern deuys > Infinitive: duyses
Present: deuyso, deuys, deuyst, deuysm(o)s, yu deuyst(e), deuyse(nt)
Preterit: duysim, duys(i)st(a), duysit, duysam, duysat, duyseer
Future tid: siem duyses, sies duyses, siet duyses, siem(o)s duyses, yu siete duyses, sient duyses
Conditional: deuysiem, deuysies, deuysiet, deuysiem(o)s, yu deuysiete, deuysient
Prev participe: duyst / duysen deuyseih > Infinitive: deuysihes
Present: deuyseihm, deuyseihs, deuyseiht, deuyseihm(o)s, yu deuyseiht(e), deuyseihnt
Preterit: deuysihsim, deuysihst(a), deuysihsit, deuysihsam, deuysihsat, deuysihr
Future tid: deuyseihsiem, deuyseihsies, deuyseihsiet, deuyseihsiem(o)s, yu deuyseihsiete, deuyseihsient
Conditional: deuyseihiem, deuyseihies, deuyseihiet, deuyseihiem(o)s, yu deuyseihiete, deuyseihient
Prev participe: deuysiht / deuysihn devalue > Infinitive: devalue
Present: io devalue, devalues, devaluet, devaluems, yu devaluet(e), devaluent
Preterit: devaluim, devaluist(a), devaluit, devaluam, devaluat, devalueer
Future tid: devaluesiem, devaluesies, devaluesiet, devaluesiem(o)s, yu devaluesiete, devaluesient
Conditional: devaluiem, devaluies, devaluiet, devaluiem(o)s, yu devaluiete, devaluient
Prev participe: devaluet / devaluen devolv > Infinitive: devolve
Present: devolvo, devolvs, devolvt, devolvm(o)s, yu devolvt(e), devolve(nt)
Preterit: devolvim, devolv(i)st(a), devolvit, devolvam, devolvat, devolveer
Future tid: devolvsiem, devolvsies, devolvsiet, devolvsiem(o)s, yu devolvsiete, devolvsient
Conditional: devolviem, devolvies, devolviet, devolviem(o)s, yu devolviete, devolvient
Prev participe: devolwt / devolven diabrehgh > Infinitive: diabrehghe
Present: diabrehgho, diabrehghs, diabrehght, diabrehghm(o)s, yu diabrehght(e), diabrehghe(nt)
Preterit: diabrohghim, diabrohgh(i)st(a), diabrohghit, diabrohgham, diabrohghat, diabrohgheer
Future tid: diabrehghsiem, diabrehghsies, diabrehghsiet, diabrehghsiem(o)s, yu diabrehghsiete, diabrehghsient
Conditional: diabrehghiem, diabrehghies, diabrehghiet, diabrehghiem(o)s, yu diabrehghiete, diabrehghient
Prev participe: diabrohght / diabrohghen diagnose > Infinitive: diagnose
Present: io diagnose, diagnoses, diagnoset, diagnosems, yu diagnoset(e), diagnosent
Preterit: diagnosim, diagnosist(a), diagnosit, diagnosam, diagnosat, diagnoseer
Future tid: diagnosesiem, diagnosesies, diagnosesiet, diagnosesiem(o)s, yu diagnosesiete, diagnosesient
Conditional: diagnosiem, diagnosies, diagnosiet, diagnosiem(o)s, yu diagnosiete, diagnosient
Prev participe: diagnoset / diagnosen dialehg > Infinitive: dialehge
Present: dialehgo, dialehcs, dialehct, dialehgm(o)s, yu dialehct(e), dialehge(nt)
Preterit: dialohgim, dialohg(i)st(a), dialohgit, dialohgam, dialohgat, dialohgeer
Future tid: dialehcsiem, dialehcsies, dialehcsiet, dialehcsiem(o)s, yu dialehcsiete, dialehcsient
Conditional: dialehgiem, dialehgies, dialehgiet, dialehgiem(o)s, yu dialehgiete, dialehgient
Prev participe: dialohct / dialohgen diaspehr > Infinitive: diaspehre
Present: diaspehro, diaspehrs, diaspehrt, diaspehrm(o)s, yu diaspehrt(e), diaspehre(nt)
Preterit: diaspohrim, diaspohr(i)st(a), diaspohrit, diaspohram, diaspohrat, diaspohreer
Future tid: diaspehrsiem, diaspehrsies, diaspehrsiet, diaspehrsiem(o)s, yu diaspehrsiete, diaspehrsient
Conditional: diaspehriem, diaspehries, diaspehriet, diaspehriem(o)s, yu diaspehriete, diaspehrient
Prev participe: diaspohrt / diaspohren dicte > Infinitive: dicte
Present: io dicte, dictes, dictet, dictems, yu dictet(e), dictent
Preterit: dictim, dictist(a), dictit, dictam, dictat, dicteer
Future tid: dictesiem, dictesies, dictesiet, dictesiem(o)s, yu dictesiete, dictesient
Conditional: dictiem, dicties, dictiet, dictiem(o)s, yu dictiete, dictient
Prev participe: dictet / dicten diehen > Infinitive: diehnes
Present: diehno, diehens, diehent, diehnm(o)s, yu diehent(e), diehne(nt)
Preterit: diehsim, diehst(a), diehsit, diehsam, diehsat, diehr
Future tid: diehensiem, diehensies, diehensiet, diehensiem(o)s, yu diehensiete, diehensient
Conditional: diehniem, diehnies, diehniet, diehniem(o)s, yu diehniete, diehnient
Prev participe: dieht / diehn diemmen > Infinitive: diemmnes
Present: diemmno, diemmens, diemment, diemmnm(o)s, yu diemment(e), diemmne(nt)
Preterit: diemmim, diemm(i)st(a), diemmit, diemmam, diemmat, diemmeer
Future tid: diemmensiem, diemmensies, diemmensiet, diemmensiem(o)s, yu diemmensiete, diemmensient
Conditional: diemmniem, diemmnies, diemmniet, diemmniem(o)s, yu diemmniete, diemmnient
Prev participe: diemmt / diemmen dientow > Infinitive: dientowe
Present: dientowo, dientows, dientowt, dientowm(o)s, yu dientowt(e), dientownt
Preterit: dientowim, dientowst(a), dientowit, dientowam, dientowat, dientoweer
Future tid: dientowsiem, dientowsies, dientowsiet, dientowsiem(o)s, yu dientowsiete, dientowsient
Conditional: dientowiem, dientowies, dientowiet, dientowiem(o)s, yu dientowiete, dientowient
Prev participe: dientowt / dientowen differ > Infinitive: differe
Present: differo, differs, differt, differm(o)s, yu differt(e), differe(nt)
Preterit: differim, differ(i)st(a), differit, differam, differat, differeer
Future tid: differsiem, differsies, differsiet, differsiem(o)s, yu differsiete, differsient
Conditional: differiem, differies, differiet, differiem(o)s, yu differiete, differient
Prev participe: differt / differen differencye > Infinitive: differencye
Present: io differencye, differencyes, differencyet, differencyems, yu differencyet(e), differencyent
Preterit: differencyim, differencyist(a), differencyit, differencyam, differencyat, differencyeer
Future tid: differencyesiem, differencyesies, differencyesiet, differencyesiem(o)s, yu differencyesiete, differencyesient
Conditional: differencyiem, differencyies, differencyiet, differencyiem(o)s, yu differencyiete, differencyient
Prev participe: differencyet / differencyen digest > Infinitive: digeste
Present: digesto, digests, digest, digestm(o)s, yu digeste, digeste(nt)
Preterit: digestim, digest(i)st(a), digestit, digestam, digestat, digesteer
Future tid: digestsiem, digestsies, digestsiet, digestsiem(o)s, yu digestsiete, digestsient
Conditional: digestiem, digesties, digestiet, digestiem(o)s, yu digestiete, digestient
Prev participe: digest / digesten dighme > Infinitive: dighme
Present: io dighme, dighmes, dighmet, dighmems, yu dighmet(e), dighment
Preterit: dighmim, dighmist(a), dighmit, dighmam, dighmat, dighmeer
Future tid: dighmesiem, dighmesies, dighmesiet, dighmesiem(o)s, yu dighmesiete, dighmesient
Conditional: dighmiem, dighmies, dighmiet, dighmiem(o)s, yu dighmiete, dighmient
Prev participe: dighmet / dighmen diluv > Infinitive: diluve
Present: diluvo, diluvs, diluvt, diluvm(o)s, yu diluvt(e), diluve(nt)
Preterit: diluvim, diluv(i)st(a), diluvit, diluvam, diluvat, diluveer
Future tid: diluvsiem, diluvsies, diluvsiet, diluvsiem(o)s, yu diluvsiete, diluvsient
Conditional: diluviem, diluvies, diluviet, diluviem(o)s, yu diluviete, diluvient
Prev participe: dilut / diluven dinegh > Infinitive: dinghes
Present: dingho, dinghs, dinght, dinghm(o)s, yu dinght(e), dinghe(nt)
Preterit: dighim, digh(i)st(a), dighit, digham, dighat, digheer
Future tid: dinghsiem, dinghsies, dinghsiet, dinghsiem(o)s, yu dinghsiete, dinghsient
Conditional: dinghiem, dinghies, dinghiet, dinghiem(o)s, yu dinghiete, dinghient
Prev participe: dight / dighen dinner > Infinitive: dinner
Present: io dinner, dinners, dinnert, dinnerms, yu dinnert, dinnernt
Preterit: dinnrim, dinnrist, dinnrit, dinn(e)ram, dinn(e)rat, dinn(e)reer
Future tid: dinnersiem, dinnersies, dinnersiet, dinnersiem(o)s, yu dinnersiete, dinnersient
Conditional: dinneriem, dinneries, dinneriet, dinneriem(o)s, yu dinneriete, dinnerient
Prev participe: dinnert / dinnern diplise > Infinitive: diplise
Present: io diplise, diplises, dipliset, diplisems, yu dipliset(e), diplisent
Preterit: diplisim, diplisist(a), diplisit, diplisam, diplisat, dipliseer
Future tid: diplisesiem, diplisesies, diplisesiet, diplisesiem(o)s, yu diplisesiete, diplisesient
Conditional: diplisiem, diplisies, diplisiet, diplisiem(o)s, yu diplisiete, diplisient
Prev participe: dipliset / diplisen diplise > Infinitive: diplise
Present: io diplise, diplises, dipliset, diplisems, yu dipliset(e), diplisent
Preterit: diplisim, diplisist(a), diplisit, diplisam, diplisat, dipliseer
Future tid: diplisesiem, diplisesies, diplisesiet, diplisesiem(o)s, yu diplisesiete, diplisesient
Conditional: diplisiem, diplisies, diplisiet, diplisiem(o)s, yu diplisiete, diplisient
Prev participe: dipliset / diplisen dirab > Infinitive: dirabe
Present: dirabo, diraps, dirapt, dirabm(o)s, yu dirapt(e), dirabe(nt)
Preterit: diriebim, dirieb(i)st(a), diriebit, diriebam, diriebat, diriebeer
Future tid: dirapsiem, dirapsies, dirapsiet, dirapsiem(o)s, yu dirapsiete, dirapsient
Conditional: dirabiem, dirabies, dirabiet, dirabiem(o)s, yu dirabiete, dirabient
Prev participe: dirapt / diraben direg > Infinitive: direge
Present: dirego, direcs, direct, diregm(o)s, yu direct(e), direge(nt)
Preterit: diregim, direg(i)st(a), diregit, diregam, diregat, diregeer
Future tid: direcsiem, direcsies, direcsiet, direcsiem(o)s, yu direcsiete, direcsient
Conditional: diregiem, diregies, diregiet, diregiem(o)s, yu diregiete, diregient
Prev participe: direct / diregen disap > Infinitive: disape
Present: disapo, disaps, disapt, disapm(o)s, yu disapt(e), disape(nt)
Preterit: disiepim, disiep(i)st(a), disiepit, disiepam, disiepat, disiepeer
Future tid: disapsiem, disapsies, disapsiet, disapsiem(o)s, yu disapsiete, disapsient
Conditional: disapiem, disapies, disapiet, disapiem(o)s, yu disapiete, disapient
Prev participe: disapt / disapen disappointe > Infinitive: disappointe
Present: io disappointe, disappointes, disappointet, disappointems, yu disappointet(e), disappointent
Preterit: disappointim, disappointist(a), disappointit, disappointam, disappointat, disappointeer
Future tid: disappointesiem, disappointesies, disappointesiet, disappointesiem(o)s, yu disappointesiete, disappointesient
Conditional: disappointiem, disappointies, disappointiet, disappointiem(o)s, yu disappointiete, disappointient
Prev participe: disappointet / disappointen disbande > Infinitive: disbande
Present: io disbande, disbandes, disbandet, disbandems, yu disbandet(e), disbandent
Preterit: disbandim, disbandist(a), disbandit, disbandam, disbandat, disbandeer
Future tid: disbandesiem, disbandesies, disbandesiet, disbandesiem(o)s, yu disbandesiete, disbandesient
Conditional: disbandiem, disbandies, disbandiet, disbandiem(o)s, yu disbandiete, disbandient
Prev participe: disbandet / disbanden disbark > Infinitive: disbarke
Present: disbarko, disbarcs, disbarct, disbarkm(o)s, yu disbarct(e), disbarke(nt)
Preterit: disbierkim, disbierk(i)st(a), disbierkit, disbierkam, disbierkat, disbierkeer
Future tid: disbarcsiem, disbarcsies, disbarcsiet, disbarcsiem(o)s, yu disbarcsiete, disbarcsient
Conditional: disbarkiem, disbarkies, disbarkiet, disbarkiem(o)s, yu disbarkiete, disbarkient
Prev participe: disbarct / disbarken disbayaldisse > Infinitive: disbayaldisse
Present: io disbayaldisse, disbayaldisses, disbayaldisset, disbayaldissems, yu disbayaldisset(e), disbayaldissent
Preterit: disbayaldissim, disbayaldissist(a), disbayaldissit, disbayaldissam, disbayaldissat, disbayaldisseer
Future tid: disbayaldissesiem, disbayaldissesies, disbayaldissesiet, disbayaldissesiem(o)s, yu disbayaldissesiete, disbayaldissesient
Conditional: disbayaldissiem, disbayaldissies, disbayaldissiet, disbayaldissiem(o)s, yu disbayaldissiete, disbayaldissient
Prev participe: disbayaldisset / disbayaldissen disbih > Infinitive: disbihe
Present: disbihm, disbihs, disbiht, disbihm(o)s, yu disbiht(e), disbihnt
Preterit: disbihsim, disbihst(a), disbihsit, disbihsam, disbihsat, disbihr
Future tid: disbihsiem, disbihsies, disbihsiet, disbihsiem(o)s, yu disbihsiete, disbihsient
Conditional: disbihiem, disbihies, disbihiet, disbihiem(o)s, yu disbihiete, disbihient
Prev participe: disbiht / disbihn discern > Infinitive: discerne
Present: discerno, discerns, discernt, discernm(o)s, yu discernt(e), discerne(nt)
Preterit: discernim, discern(i)st(a), discernit, discernam, discernat, discerneer
Future tid: discernsiem, discernsies, discernsiet, discernsiem(o)s, yu discernsiete, discernsient
Conditional: discerniem, discernies, discerniet, discerniem(o)s, yu discerniete, discernient
Prev participe: discernt / discernen dischteukel > Infinitive: dischtukles
Present: io dischteukel, dischteukels, dischteukelt, dischteukelms, yu dischteukelt, dischteukelnt
Preterit: dischtuklim, dischtuklist, dischtuklit, dischtuk(e)lam, dischtuk(e)lat, dischtuk(e)leer
Future tid: dischteukelsiem, dischteukelsies, dischteukelsiet, dischteukelsiem(o)s, yu dischteukelsiete, dischteukelsient
Conditional: dischteukeliem, dischteukelies, dischteukeliet, dischteukeliem(o)s, yu dischteukeliete, dischteukelient
Prev participe: dischtukelt / dischtukeln disconte > Infinitive: disconte
Present: io disconte, discontes, discontet, discontems, yu discontet(e), discontent
Preterit: discontim, discontist(a), discontit, discontam, discontat, disconteer
Future tid: discontesiem, discontesies, discontesiet, discontesiem(o)s, yu discontesiete, discontesient
Conditional: discontiem, disconties, discontiet, discontiem(o)s, yu discontiete, discontient
Prev participe: discontet / disconten discouple > Infinitive: discouple
Present: io discouple, discouples, discouplet, discouplems, yu discouplet(e), discouplent
Preterit: discouplim, discouplist(a), discouplit, discouplam, discouplat, discoupleer
Future tid: discouplesiem, discouplesies, discouplesiet, discouplesiem(o)s, yu discouplesiete, discouplesient
Conditional: discoupliem, discouplies, discoupliet, discoupliem(o)s, yu discoupliete, discouplient
Prev participe: discouplet / discouplen discreditise > Infinitive: discreditise
Present: io discreditise, discreditises, discreditiset, discreditisems, yu discreditiset(e), discreditisent
Preterit: discreditisim, discreditisist(a), discreditisit, discreditisam, discreditisat, discreditiseer
Future tid: discreditisesiem, discreditisesies, discreditisesiet, discreditisesiem(o)s, yu discreditisesiete, discreditisesient
Conditional: discreditisiem, discreditisies, discreditisiet, discreditisiem(o)s, yu discreditisiete, discreditisient
Prev participe: discreditiset / discreditisen discrimine > Infinitive: discrimine
Present: io discrimine, discrimines, discriminet, discriminems, yu discriminet(e), discriminent
Preterit: discriminim, discriminist(a), discriminit, discriminam, discriminat, discrimineer
Future tid: discriminesiem, discriminesies, discriminesiet, discriminesiem(o)s, yu discriminesiete, discriminesient
Conditional: discriminiem, discriminies, discriminiet, discriminiem(o)s, yu discriminiete, discriminient
Prev participe: discriminet / discriminen discutt > Infinitive: discutte
Present: discutto, discutts, discutt, discuttm(o)s, yu discutte, discutte(nt)
Preterit: discussim, discuss(i)st(a), discussit, discussam, discussat, discusseer
Future tid: discuttsiem, discuttsies, discuttsiet, discuttsiem(o)s, yu discuttsiete, discuttsient
Conditional: discuttiem, discutties, discuttiet, discuttiem(o)s, yu discuttiete, discuttient
Prev participe: discuss / discutten disfalg > Infinitive: disfalge
Present: disfalgo, disfalcs, disfalct, disfalgm(o)s, yu disfalct(e), disfalge(nt)
Preterit: disfielgim, disfielg(i)st(a), disfielgit, disfielgam, disfielgat, disfielgeer
Future tid: disfalcsiem, disfalcsies, disfalcsiet, disfalcsiem(o)s, yu disfalcsiete, disfalcsient
Conditional: disfalgiem, disfalgies, disfalgiet, disfalgiem(o)s, yu disfalgiete, disfalgient
Prev participe: disfals / disfalgen disfangheih > Infinitive: disfanghihes
Present: disfangheihm, disfangheihs, disfangheiht, disfangheihm(o)s, yu disfangheiht(e), disfangheihnt
Preterit: disfanghihsim, disfanghihst(a), disfanghihsit, disfanghihsam, disfanghihsat, disfanghihr
Future tid: disfangheihsiem, disfangheihsies, disfangheihsiet, disfangheihsiem(o)s, yu disfangheihsiete, disfangheihsient
Conditional: disfangheihiem, disfangheihies, disfangheihiet, disfangheihiem(o)s, yu disfangheihiete, disfangheihient
Prev participe: disfanghiht / disfanghihn disfiber > Infinitive: disfiber
Present: io disfiber, disfibers, disfibert, disfiberms, yu disfibert, disfibernt
Preterit: disfibrim, disfibrist, disfibrit, disfib(e)ram, disfib(e)rat, disfib(e)reer
Future tid: disfibersiem, disfibersies, disfibersiet, disfibersiem(o)s, yu disfibersiete, disfibersient
Conditional: disfiberiem, disfiberies, disfiberiet, disfiberiem(o)s, yu disfiberiete, disfiberient
Prev participe: disfibert / disfibern disfundar > Infinitive: disfundare
Present: disfundaro, disfundars, disfundart, disfundarm(o)s, yu disfundart(e), disfundare(nt)
Preterit: disfundierim, disfundier(i)st(a), disfundierit, disfundieram, disfundierat, disfundiereer
Future tid: disfundarsiem, disfundarsies, disfundarsiet, disfundarsiem(o)s, yu disfundarsiete, disfundarsient
Conditional: disfundariem, disfundaries, disfundariet, disfundariem(o)s, yu disfundariete, disfundarient
Prev participe: disfundart / disfundaren diskarakh > Infinitive: diskarakhe
Present: diskarakho, diskarakhs, diskarakht, diskarakhm(o)s, yu diskarakht(e), diskarakhe(nt)
Preterit: diskariekhim, diskariekh(i)st(a), diskariekhit, diskariekham, diskariekhat, diskariekheer
Future tid: diskarakhsiem, diskarakhsies, diskarakhsiet, diskarakhsiem(o)s, yu diskarakhsiete, diskarakhsient
Conditional: diskarakhiem, diskarakhies, diskarakhiet, diskarakhiem(o)s, yu diskarakhiete, diskarakhient
Prev participe: diskarakht / diskarakhen diskenise > Infinitive: diskenise
Present: io diskenise, diskenises, diskeniset, diskenisems, yu diskeniset(e), diskenisent
Preterit: diskenisim, diskenisist(a), diskenisit, diskenisam, diskenisat, diskeniseer
Future tid: diskenisesiem, diskenisesies, diskenisesiet, diskenisesiem(o)s, yu diskenisesiete, diskenisesient
Conditional: diskenisiem, diskenisies, diskenisiet, diskenisiem(o)s, yu diskenisiete, diskenisient
Prev participe: diskeniset / diskenisen diskwehr > Infinitive: diskwehre
Present: diskwehro, diskwehrs, diskwehrt, diskwehrm(o)s, yu diskwehrt(e), diskwehre(nt)
Preterit: diskwohrim, diskwohr(i)st(a), diskwohrit, diskwohram, diskwohrat, diskwohreer
Future tid: diskwehrsiem, diskwehrsies, diskwehrsiet, diskwehrsiem(o)s, yu diskwehrsiete, diskwehrsient
Conditional: diskwehriem, diskwehries, diskwehriet, diskwehriem(o)s, yu diskwehriete, diskwehrient
Prev participe: diskwohrt / diskwohren disleu > Infinitive: dislues
Present: disleum, disleus, disleut, disleum(o)s, yu disleut(e), disleunt
Preterit: dislusim, dislust(a), dislusit, dislam, dislat, dislur
Future tid: disleusiem, disleusies, disleusiet, disleusiem(o)s, yu disleusiete, disleusient
Conditional: disleuiem, disleuies, disleuiet, disleuiem(o)s, yu disleuiete, disleuient
Prev participe: dislut / dislun disloque > Infinitive: disloque
Present: io disloque, disloques, disloquet, disloquems, yu disloquet(e), disloquent
Preterit: disloquim, disloquist(a), disloquit, disloquam, disloquat, disloqueer
Future tid: disloquesiem, disloquesies, disloquesiet, disloquesiem(o)s, yu disloquesiete, disloquesient
Conditional: disloquiem, disloquies, disloquiet, disloquiem(o)s, yu disloquiete, disloquient
Prev participe: disloquet / disloquen dismask > Infinitive: dismaske
Present: dismasko, dismascs, dismasct, dismaskm(o)s, yu dismasct(e), dismaske(nt)
Preterit: dismieskim, dismiesk(i)st(a), dismieskit, dismieskam, dismieskat, dismieskeer
Future tid: dismascsiem, dismascsies, dismascsiet, dismascsiem(o)s, yu dismascsiete, dismascsient
Conditional: dismaskiem, dismaskies, dismaskiet, dismaskiem(o)s, yu dismaskiete, dismaskient
Prev participe: dismasct / dismasken disnauk > Infinitive: disnauke
Present: disnauko, disnaucs, disnauct, disnaukm(o)s, yu disnauct(e), disnauke(nt)
Preterit: disnaukim, disnauk(i)st(a), disnaukit, disnaukam, disnaukat, disnaukeer
Future tid: disnaucsiem, disnaucsies, disnaucsiet, disnaucsiem(o)s, yu disnaucsiete, disnaucsient
Conditional: disnaukiem, disnaukies, disnaukiet, disnaukiem(o)s, yu disnaukiete, disnaukient
Prev participe: disnauct / disnauken dispareih > Infinitive: disparihes
Present: dispareihm, dispareihs, dispareiht, dispareihm(o)s, yu dispareiht(e), dispareihnt
Preterit: disparihsim, disparihst(a), disparihsit, disparihsam, disparihsat, disparihr
Future tid: dispareihsiem, dispareihsies, dispareihsiet, dispareihsiem(o)s, yu dispareihsiete, dispareihsient
Conditional: dispareihiem, dispareihies, dispareihiet, dispareihiem(o)s, yu dispareihiete, dispareihient
Prev participe: dispariht / disparihn dispeulver > Infinitive: dispulvres
Present: io dispeulver, dispeulvers, dispeulvert, dispeulverms, yu dispeulvert, dispeulvernt
Preterit: dispulvrim, dispulvrist, dispulvrit, dispulv(e)ram, dispulv(e)rat, dispulv(e)reer
Future tid: dispeulversiem, dispeulversies, dispeulversiet, dispeulversiem(o)s, yu dispeulversiete, dispeulversient
Conditional: dispeulveriem, dispeulveries, dispeulveriet, dispeulveriem(o)s, yu dispeulveriete, dispeulverient
Prev participe: dispulvert / dispulvern displais > Infinitive: displaise
Present: displaiso, displais, displaist, displaism(o)s, yu displaist(e), displaise(nt)
Preterit: displaisim, displais(i)st(a), displaisit, displaisam, displaisat, displaiseer
Future tid: siem displaise, sies displaise, siet displaise, siem(o)s displaise, yu siete displaise, sient displaise
Conditional: displaisiem, displaisies, displaisiet, displaisiem(o)s, yu displaisiete, displaisient
Prev participe: displaist / displaisen displehc > Infinitive: displehce
Present: displehco, displehcs, displehct, displehcm(o)s, yu displehct(e), displehce(nt)
Preterit: displohcim, displohc(i)st(a), displohcit, displohcam, displohcat, displohceer
Future tid: displehcsiem, displehcsies, displehcsiet, displehcsiem(o)s, yu displehcsiete, displehcsient
Conditional: displehciem, displehcies, displehciet, displehciem(o)s, yu displehciete, displehcient
Prev participe: displohct / displohcen disposen > Infinitive: dispones
Present: dispono, dispons, dispont, disponm(o)s, yu dispont(e), dispone(nt)
Preterit: disposim, dispos(i)st(a), disposit, disposam, disposat, disposeer
Future tid: disponsiem, disponsies, disponsiet, disponsiem(o)s, yu disponsiete, disponsient
Conditional: disponiem, disponies, disponiet, disponiem(o)s, yu disponiete, disponient
Prev participe: dispost / disposen disprehp > Infinitive: disprehpe
Present: disprehpo, disprehps, disprehpt, disprehpm(o)s, yu disprehpt(e), disprehpe(nt)
Preterit: disprohpim, disprohp(i)st(a), disprohpit, disprohpam, disprohpat, disprohpeer
Future tid: disprehpsiem, disprehpsies, disprehpsiet, disprehpsiem(o)s, yu disprehpsiete, disprehpsient
Conditional: disprehpiem, disprehpies, disprehpiet, disprehpiem(o)s, yu disprehpiete, disprehpient
Prev participe: disprohpt / disprohpen dispute > Infinitive: dispute
Present: io dispute, disputes, disputet, disputems, yu disputet(e), disputent
Preterit: disputim, disputist(a), disputit, disputam, disputat, disputeer
Future tid: disputesiem, disputesies, disputesiet, disputesiem(o)s, yu disputesiete, disputesient
Conditional: disputiem, disputies, disputiet, disputiem(o)s, yu disputiete, disputient
Prev participe: disputet / disputen disqualifie > Infinitive: disqualifie
Present: io disqualifie, disqualifies, disqualifiet, disqualifiems, yu disqualifiet(e), disqualifient
Preterit: disqualificim, disqualifiest, disqualificit, disqualifiam, disqualifiat, disqualifier
Future tid: disqualifiesiem, disqualifiesies, disqualifiesiet, disqualifiesiem(o)s, yu disqualifiesiete, disqualifiesient
Conditional: disqualificiem, disqualificies, disqualificiet, disqualificiem(o)s, yu disqualificiete, disqualificient
Prev participe: disqualifiet / disqualifien disradh > Infinitive: disradhe
Present: disradho, disradhs, disradht, disradhm(o)s, yu disradht(e), disradhe(nt)
Preterit: disriedhim, disriedh(i)st(a), disriedhit, disriedham, disriedhat, disriedheer
Future tid: disradhsiem, disradhsies, disradhsiet, disradhsiem(o)s, yu disradhsiete, disradhsient
Conditional: disradhiem, disradhies, disradhiet, disradhiem(o)s, yu disradhiete, disradhient
Prev participe: disradht / disradhen disrespect > Infinitive: disrespecte
Present: disrespecto, disrespects, disrespect, disrespectm(o)s, yu disrespecte, disrespecte(nt)
Preterit: disrespexim, disrespex(i)st(a), disrespexit, disrespexam, disrespexat, disrespexeer
Future tid: disrespectsiem, disrespectsies, disrespectsiet, disrespectsiem(o)s, yu disrespectsiete, disrespectsient
Conditional: disrespectiem, disrespecties, disrespectiet, disrespectiem(o)s, yu disrespectiete, disrespectient
Prev participe: disrespex / disrespecten disseddel > Infinitive: disseddel
Present: io disseddel, disseddels, disseddelt, disseddelms, yu disseddelt, disseddelnt
Preterit: disseddlim, disseddlist, disseddlit, dissedd(e)lam, dissedd(e)lat, dissedd(e)leer
Future tid: disseddelsiem, disseddelsies, disseddelsiet, disseddelsiem(o)s, yu disseddelsiete, disseddelsient
Conditional: disseddeliem, disseddelies, disseddeliet, disseddeliem(o)s, yu disseddeliete, disseddelient
Prev participe: disseddelt / disseddeln disseg > Infinitive: dissege
Present: dissego, dissecs, dissect, dissegm(o)s, yu dissect(e), dissege(nt)
Preterit: dissegim, disseg(i)st(a), dissegit, dissegam, dissegat, dissegeer
Future tid: dissecsiem, dissecsies, dissecsiet, dissecsiem(o)s, yu dissecsiete, dissecsient
Conditional: dissegiem, dissegies, dissegiet, dissegiem(o)s, yu dissegiete, dissegient
Prev participe: dissect / dissegen dissolut > Infinitive: dissolute
Present: dissoluto, dissoluts, dissolut, dissolutm(o)s, yu dissolute, dissolute(nt)
Preterit: dissolutim, dissolut(i)st(a), dissolutit, dissolutam, dissolutat, dissoluteer
Future tid: dissolutsiem, dissolutsies, dissolutsiet, dissolutsiem(o)s, yu dissolutsiete, dissolutsient
Conditional: dissolutiem, dissoluties, dissolutiet, dissolutiem(o)s, yu dissolutiete, dissolutient
Prev participe: dissolut / dissoluten dissquam > Infinitive: dissquame
Present: dissquamo, dissquams, dissquamt, dissquamm(o)s, yu dissquamt(e), dissquame(nt)
Preterit: dissquiemim, dissquiem(i)st(a), dissquiemit, dissquiemam, dissquiemat, dissquiemeer
Future tid: dissquamsiem, dissquamsies, dissquamsiet, dissquamsiem(o)s, yu dissquamsiete, dissquamsient
Conditional: dissquamiem, dissquamies, dissquamiet, dissquamiem(o)s, yu dissquamiete, dissquamient
Prev participe: dissquamt / dissquamen dissuad > Infinitive: dissuade
Present: dissuado, dissuads, dissuadt, dissuadm(o)s, yu dissuadt(e), dissuade(nt)
Preterit: dissuiedim, dissuied(i)st(a), dissuiedit, dissuiedam, dissuiedat, dissuiedeer
Future tid: dissuadsiem, dissuadsies, dissuadsiet, dissuadsiem(o)s, yu dissuadsiete, dissuadsient
Conditional: dissuadiem, dissuadies, dissuadiet, dissuadiem(o)s, yu dissuadiete, dissuadient
Prev participe: dissuas / dissuaden distar > Infinitive: distare
Present: distaro, distars, distart, distarm(o)s, yu distart(e), distare(nt)
Preterit: distierim, distier(i)st(a), distierit, distieram, distierat, distiereer
Future tid: distarsiem, distarsies, distarsiet, distarsiem(o)s, yu distarsiete, distarsient
Conditional: distariem, distaries, distariet, distariem(o)s, yu distariete, distarient
Prev participe: distart / distaren distaragh > Infinitive: distaraghe
Present: distaragho, distaraghs, distaraght, distaraghm(o)s, yu distaraght(e), distaraghe(nt)
Preterit: distarieghim, distariegh(i)st(a), distarieghit, distariegham, distarieghat, distariegheer
Future tid: distaraghsiem, distaraghsies, distaraghsiet, distaraghsiem(o)s, yu distaraghsiete, distaraghsient
Conditional: distaraghiem, distaraghies, distaraghiet, distaraghiem(o)s, yu distaraghiete, distaraghient
Prev participe: distaraght / distaraghen distille > Infinitive: distille
Present: io distille, distilles, distillet, distillems, yu distillet(e), distillent
Preterit: distillim, distillist(a), distillit, distillam, distillat, distilleer
Future tid: distillesiem, distillesies, distillesiet, distillesiem(o)s, yu distillesiete, distillesient
Conditional: distilliem, distillies, distilliet, distilliem(o)s, yu distilliete, distillient
Prev participe: distillet / distillen disting > Infinitive: distinge
Present: distingo, distincs, distinct, distingm(o)s, yu distinct(e), distinge(nt)
Preterit: distingim, disting(i)st(a), distingit, distingam, distingat, distingeer
Future tid: distincsiem, distincsies, distincsiet, distincsiem(o)s, yu distincsiete, distincsient
Conditional: distingiem, distingies, distingiet, distingiem(o)s, yu distingiete, distingient
Prev participe: distinct / distingen distord > Infinitive: distorde
Present: distordo, distords, distordt, distordm(o)s, yu distordt(e), distorde(nt)
Preterit: distorsim, distors(i)st(a), distorsit, distorsam, distorsat, distorseer
Future tid: distordsiem, distordsies, distordsiet, distordsiem(o)s, yu distordsiete, distordsient
Conditional: distordiem, distordies, distordiet, distordiem(o)s, yu distordiete, distordient
Prev participe: distors / distorden distule > Infinitive: distule
Present: io distule, distules, distulet, distulems, yu distulet(e), distulent
Preterit: distulim, distulist(a), distulit, distulam, distulat, distuleer
Future tid: distulesiem, distulesies, distulesiet, distulesiem(o)s, yu distulesiete, distulesient
Conditional: distuliem, distulies, distuliet, distuliem(o)s, yu distuliete, distulient
Prev participe: distulet / distulen disvolg > Infinitive: disvolge
Present: disvolgo, disvolcs, disvolct, disvolgm(o)s, yu disvolct(e), disvolge(nt)
Preterit: disvolsim, disvols(i)st(a), disvolsit, disvolsam, disvolsat, disvolseer
Future tid: disvolcsiem, disvolcsies, disvolcsiet, disvolcsiem(o)s, yu disvolcsiete, disvolcsient
Conditional: disvolgiem, disvolgies, disvolgiet, disvolgiem(o)s, yu disvolgiete, disvolgient
Prev participe: disvols / disvolgen disvolv > Infinitive: disvolve
Present: disvolvo, disvolvs, disvolvt, disvolvm(o)s, yu disvolvt(e), disvolve(nt)
Preterit: disvolvim, disvolv(i)st(a), disvolvit, disvolvam, disvolvat, disvolveer
Future tid: disvolvsiem, disvolvsies, disvolvsiet, disvolvsiem(o)s, yu disvolvsiete, disvolvsient
Conditional: disvolviem, disvolvies, disvolviet, disvolviem(o)s, yu disvolviete, disvolvient
Prev participe: disvolwt / disvolven disvolveih > Infinitive: disvolvihes
Present: disvolveihm, disvolveihs, disvolveiht, disvolveihm(o)s, yu disvolveiht(e), disvolveihnt
Preterit: disvolvihsim, disvolvihst(a), disvolvihsit, disvolvihsam, disvolvihsat, disvolvihr
Future tid: disvolveihsiem, disvolveihsies, disvolveihsiet, disvolveihsiem(o)s, yu disvolveihsiete, disvolveihsient
Conditional: disvolveihiem, disvolveihies, disvolveihiet, disvolveihiem(o)s, yu disvolveihiete, disvolveihient
Prev participe: disvolviht / disvolvihn disvragh > Infinitive: disvraghe
Present: disvragho, disvraghs, disvraght, disvraghm(o)s, yu disvraght(e), disvraghe(nt)
Preterit: disvrieghim, disvriegh(i)st(a), disvrieghit, disvriegham, disvrieghat, disvriegheer
Future tid: disvraghsiem, disvraghsies, disvraghsiet, disvraghsiem(o)s, yu disvraghsiete, disvraghsient
Conditional: disvraghiem, disvraghies, disvraghiet, disvraghiem(o)s, yu disvraghiete, disvraghient
Prev participe: disvraght / disvraghen diswardheih > Infinitive: diswardhihes
Present: diswardheihm, diswardheihs, diswardheiht, diswardheihm(o)s, yu diswardheiht(e), diswardheihnt
Preterit: diswardhihsim, diswardhihst(a), diswardhihsit, diswardhihsam, diswardhihsat, diswardhihr
Future tid: diswardheihsiem, diswardheihsies, diswardheihsiet, diswardheihsiem(o)s, yu diswardheihsiete, diswardheihsient
Conditional: diswardheihiem, diswardheihies, diswardheihiet, diswardheihiem(o)s, yu diswardheihiete, diswardheihient
Prev participe: diswardhiht / diswardhihn diswarp > Infinitive: diswarpe
Present: diswarpo, diswarps, diswarpt, diswarpm(o)s, yu diswarpt(e), diswarpe(nt)
Preterit: diswierpim, diswierp(i)st(a), diswierpit, diswierpam, diswierpat, diswierpeer
Future tid: diswarpsiem, diswarpsies, diswarpsiet, diswarpsiem(o)s, yu diswarpsiete, diswarpsient
Conditional: diswarpiem, diswarpies, diswarpiet, diswarpiem(o)s, yu diswarpiete, diswarpient
Prev participe: diswarpt / diswarpen diswaurg > Infinitive: diswaurge
Present: diswaurgo, diswaurcs, diswaurct, diswaurgm(o)s, yu diswaurct(e), diswaurge(nt)
Preterit: diswaursim, diswaurs(i)st(a), diswaursit, diswaursam, diswaursat, diswaurseer
Future tid: diswaurcsiem, diswaurcsies, diswaurcsiet, diswaurcsiem(o)s, yu diswaurcsiete, diswaurcsient
Conditional: diswaurgiem, diswaurgies, diswaurgiet, diswaurgiem(o)s, yu diswaurgiete, diswaurgient
Prev participe: diswaurs / diswaurgen diswayzd > Infinitive: diswayzde
Present: diswayzdo, diswayzds, diswayzdt, diswayzdm(o)s, yu diswayzdt(e), diswayzde(nt)
Preterit: diswieyzdim, diswieyzd(i)st(a), diswieyzdit, diswieyzdam, diswieyzdat, diswieyzdeer
Future tid: diswayzdsiem, diswayzdsies, diswayzdsiet, diswayzdsiem(o)s, yu diswayzdsiete, diswayzdsient
Conditional: diswayzdiem, diswayzdies, diswayzdiet, diswayzdiem(o)s, yu diswayzdiete, diswayzdient
Prev participe: diswayzs / diswayzden diswehrt > Infinitive: diswehrte
Present: diswehrto, diswehrts, diswehrt, diswehrtm(o)s, yu diswehrte, diswehrte(nt)
Preterit: diswohrtim, diswohrt(i)st(a), diswohrtit, diswohrtam, diswohrtat, diswohrteer
Future tid: diswehrtsiem, diswehrtsies, diswehrtsiet, diswehrtsiem(o)s, yu diswehrtsiete, diswehrtsient
Conditional: diswehrtiem, diswehrties, diswehrtiet, diswehrtiem(o)s, yu diswehrtiete, diswehrtient
Prev participe: diswohrt / diswohrten diswein > Infinitive: diswines
Present: disweino, disweins, disweint, disweinm(o)s, yu disweint(e), disweine(nt)
Preterit: diswinim, diswin(i)st(a), diswinit, diswinam, diswinat, diswineer
Future tid: disweinsiem, disweinsies, disweinsiet, disweinsiem(o)s, yu disweinsiete, disweinsient
Conditional: disweiniem, disweinies, disweiniet, disweiniem(o)s, yu disweiniete, disweinient
Prev participe: diswint / diswinen diuv > Infinitive: diuve
Present: diuvo, diuvs, diuvt, diuvm(o)s, yu diuvt(e), diuve(nt)
Preterit: diuvim, diuv(i)st(a), diuvit, diuvam, diuvat, diuveer
Future tid: diuvsiem, diuvsies, diuvsiet, diuvsiem(o)s, yu diuvsiete, diuvsient
Conditional: diuviem, diuvies, diuviet, diuviem(o)s, yu diuviete, diuvient
Prev participe: diut / diuven divid > Infinitive: divide
Present: divido, divids, dividt, dividm(o)s, yu dividt(e), divide(nt)
Preterit: divisim, divis(i)st(a), divisit, divisam, divisat, diviseer
Future tid: dividsiem, dividsies, dividsiet, dividsiem(o)s, yu dividsiete, dividsient
Conditional: dividiem, dividies, dividiet, dividiem(o)s, yu dividiete, dividient
Prev participe: divis / dividen divorce > Infinitive: divorce
Present: io divorce, divorces, divorcet, divorcems, yu divorcet(e), divorcent
Preterit: divorcim, divorcist(a), divorcit, divorceam, divorceat, divorceer
Future tid: divorcesiem, divorcesies, divorcesiet, divorcesiem(o)s, yu divorcesiete, divorcesient
Conditional: divorciem, divorcies, divorciet, divorciem(o)s, yu divorciete, divorcient
Prev participe: divorcet / divorcen divulge > Infinitive: divulge
Present: io divulge, divulges, divulget, divulgems, yu divulget(e), divulgent
Preterit: divulgim, divulgist(a), divulgit, divulgeam, divulgeat, divulgeer
Future tid: divulgesiem, divulgesies, divulgesiet, divulgesiem(o)s, yu divulgesiete, divulgesient
Conditional: divulgiem, divulgies, divulgiet, divulgiem(o)s, yu divulgiete, divulgient
Prev participe: divulget / divulgen diweid > Infinitive: diwides
Present: diweido, diweids, diweidt, diweidm(o)s, yu diweidt(e), diweide(nt)
Preterit: diwidim, diwid(i)st(a), diwidit, diwidam, diwidat, diwideer
Future tid: diweidsiem, diweidsies, diweidsiet, diweidsiem(o)s, yu diweidsiete, diweidsient
Conditional: diweidiem, diweidies, diweidiet, diweidiem(o)s, yu diweidiete, diweidient
Prev participe: diwidt / diwiden dlas > Infinitive: dlase
Present: dlaso, dlas, dlast, dlasm(o)s, yu dlast(e), dlase(nt)
Preterit: dliesim, dlies(i)st(a), dliesit, dliesam, dliesat, dlieseer
Future tid: siem dlase, sies dlase, siet dlase, siem(o)s dlase, yu siete dlase, sient dlase
Conditional: dlasiem, dlasies, dlasiet, dlasiem(o)s, yu dlasiete, dlasient
Prev participe: dlast / dlasen dleh > Infinitive: dlehe
Present: dlehm, dlehs, dleht, dlehm(o)s, yu dleht(e), dlehnt
Preterit: dlehsim, dlehst(a), dlehsit, dlehsam, dlehsat, dlehr
Future tid: dlehsiem, dlehsies, dlehsiet, dlehsiem(o)s, yu dlehsiete, dlehsient
Conditional: dlehiem, dlehies, dlehiet, dlehiem(o)s, yu dlehiete, dlehient
Prev participe: dleht / dlehn doc > Infinitive: doce
Present: doco, docs, doct, docm(o)s, yu doct(e), doce(nt)
Preterit: docim, doc(i)st(a), docit, docam, docat, doceer
Future tid: docsiem, docsies, docsiet, docsiem(o)s, yu docsiete, docsient
Conditional: dociem, docies, dociet, dociem(o)s, yu dociete, docient
Prev participe: doct / docen doler > Infinitive: doler
Present: io doler, dolers, dolert, dolerms, yu dolert, dolernt
Preterit: dolrim, dolrist, dolrit, dol(e)ram, dol(e)rat, dol(e)reer
Future tid: dolersiem, dolersies, dolersiet, dolersiem(o)s, yu dolersiete, dolersient
Conditional: doleriem, doleries, doleriet, doleriem(o)s, yu doleriete, dolerient
Prev participe: dolert / dolern dolman > Infinitive: dolmane
Present: dolmano, dolmans, dolmant, dolmanm(o)s, yu dolmant(e), dolmane(nt)
Preterit: dolmienim, dolmien(i)st(a), dolmienit, dolmienam, dolmienat, dolmieneer
Future tid: dolmansiem, dolmansies, dolmansiet, dolmansiem(o)s, yu dolmansiete, dolmansient
Conditional: dolmaniem, dolmanies, dolmaniet, dolmaniem(o)s, yu dolmaniete, dolmanient
Prev participe: dolmant / dolmanen dom > Infinitive: dome
Present: domo, doms, domt, domm(o)s, yu domt(e), dome(nt)
Preterit: domim, dom(i)st(a), domit, domam, domat, domeer
Future tid: domsiem, domsies, domsiet, domsiem(o)s, yu domsiete, domsient
Conditional: domiem, domies, domiet, domiem(o)s, yu domiete, domient
Prev participe: domt / domen dombehnd > Infinitive: dombehnde
Present: dombehndo, dombehnds, dombehndt, dombehndm(o)s, yu dombehndt(e), dombehnde(nt)
Preterit: dombohndim, dombohnd(i)st(a), dombohndit, dombohndam, dombohndat, dombohndeer
Future tid: dombehndsiem, dombehndsies, dombehndsiet, dombehndsiem(o)s, yu dombehndsiete, dombehndsient
Conditional: dombehndiem, dombehndies, dombehndiet, dombehndiem(o)s, yu dombehndiete, dombehndient
Prev participe: dombohndt / dombohnden domeih > Infinitive: domihes
Present: domeihm, domeihs, domeiht, domeihm(o)s, yu domeiht(e), domeihnt
Preterit: domihsim, domihst(a), domihsit, domihsam, domihsat, domihr
Future tid: domeihsiem, domeihsies, domeihsiet, domeihsiem(o)s, yu domeihsiete, domeihsient
Conditional: domeihiem, domeihies, domeihiet, domeihiem(o)s, yu domeihiete, domeihient
Prev participe: domiht / domihn domestique > Infinitive: domestique
Present: io domestique, domestiques, domestiquet, domestiquems, yu domestiquet(e), domestiquent
Preterit: domestiquim, domestiquist(a), domestiquit, domestiquam, domestiquat, domestiqueer
Future tid: domestiquesiem, domestiquesies, domestiquesiet, domestiquesiem(o)s, yu domestiquesiete, domestiquesient
Conditional: domestiquiem, domestiquies, domestiquiet, domestiquiem(o)s, yu domestiquiete, domestiquient
Prev participe: domestiquet / domestiquen domine > Infinitive: domine
Present: io domine, domines, dominet, dominems, yu dominet(e), dominent
Preterit: dominim, dominist(a), dominit, dominam, dominat, domineer
Future tid: dominesiem, dominesies, dominesiet, dominesiem(o)s, yu dominesiete, dominesient
Conditional: dominiem, dominies, dominiet, dominiem(o)s, yu dominiete, dominient
Prev participe: dominet / dominen dope > Infinitive: dope
Present: io dope, dopes, dopet, dopems, yu dopet(e), dopent
Preterit: dopim, dopist(a), dopit, dopam, dopat, dopeer
Future tid: dopesiem, dopesies, dopesiet, dopesiem(o)s, yu dopesiete, dopesient
Conditional: dopiem, dopies, dopiet, dopiem(o)s, yu dopiete, dopient
Prev participe: dopet / dopen dorkw > Infinitive: dorkwe
Present: dorkwo, dorkws, dorkwt, dorkwm(o)s, yu dorkwt(e), dorkwnt
Preterit: dorkwim, dorkwst(a), dorkwit, dorkwam, dorkwat, dorkweer
Future tid: dorkwsiem, dorkwsies, dorkwsiet, dorkwsiem(o)s, yu dorkwsiete, dorkwsient
Conditional: dorkwiem, dorkwies, dorkwiet, dorkwiem(o)s, yu dorkwiete, dorkwient
Prev participe: dorkwt / dorkwn dospeic > Infinitive: dospices
Present: dospeico, dospeics, dospeict, dospeicm(o)s, yu dospeict(e), dospeice(nt)
Preterit: dospicim, dospic(i)st(a), dospicit, dospicam, dospicat, dospiceer
Future tid: dospeicsiem, dospeicsies, dospeicsiet, dospeicsiem(o)s, yu dospeicsiete, dospeicsient
Conditional: dospeiciem, dospeicies, dospeiciet, dospeiciem(o)s, yu dospeiciete, dospeicient
Prev participe: dospict / dospicen dossier > Infinitive: dossiere
Present: dossiero, dossiers, dossiert, dossierm(o)s, yu dossiert(e), dossiere(nt)
Preterit: dossierim, dossier(i)st(a), dossierit, dossieram, dossierat, dossiereer
Future tid: dossiersiem, dossiersies, dossiersiet, dossiersiem(o)s, yu dossiersiete, dossiersient
Conditional: dossieriem, dossieries, dossieriet, dossieriem(o)s, yu dossieriete, dossierient
Prev participe: dossiert / dossieren dosteigh > Infinitive: dostighes
Present: dosteigho, dosteighs, dosteight, dosteighm(o)s, yu dosteight(e), dosteighe(nt)
Preterit: dostighim, dostigh(i)st(a), dostighit, dostigham, dostighat, dostigheer
Future tid: dosteighsiem, dosteighsies, dosteighsiet, dosteighsiem(o)s, yu dosteighsiete, dosteighsient
Conditional: dosteighiem, dosteighies, dosteighiet, dosteighiem(o)s, yu dosteighiete, dosteighient
Prev participe: dostight / dostighen dostrineg > Infinitive: dostringes
Present: dostringo, dostrincs, dostrinct, dostringm(o)s, yu dostrinct(e), dostringe(nt)
Preterit: dostrigim, dostrig(i)st(a), dostrigit, dostrigam, dostrigat, dostrigeer
Future tid: dostrincsiem, dostrincsies, dostrincsiet, dostrincsiem(o)s, yu dostrincsiete, dostrincsient
Conditional: dostringiem, dostringies, dostringiet, dostringiem(o)s, yu dostringiete, dostringient
Prev participe: dostrict / dostrigen double > Infinitive: double
Present: io double, doubles, doublet, doublems, yu doublet(e), doublent
Preterit: doublim, doublist(a), doublit, doublam, doublat, doubleer
Future tid: doublesiem, doublesies, doublesiet, doublesiem(o)s, yu doublesiete, doublesient
Conditional: doubliem, doublies, doubliet, doubliem(o)s, yu doubliete, doublient
Prev participe: doublet / doublen drah > Infinitive: drahe
Present: drahm, drahs, draht, drahm(o)s, yu draht(e), drahnt
Preterit: drahsim, drahst(a), drahsit, drahsam, drahsat, drahr
Future tid: drahsiem, drahsies, drahsiet, drahsiem(o)s, yu drahsiete, drahsient
Conditional: drahiem, drahies, drahiet, drahiem(o)s, yu drahiete, drahient
Prev participe: draht / drahn drain > Infinitive: draine
Present: draino, drains, draint, drainm(o)s, yu draint(e), draine(nt)
Preterit: drainim, drain(i)st(a), drainit, drainam, drainat, draineer
Future tid: drainsiem, drainsies, drainsiet, drainsiem(o)s, yu drainsiete, drainsient
Conditional: drainiem, drainies, drainiet, drainiem(o)s, yu drainiete, drainient
Prev participe: draint / drainen drap > Infinitive: drape
Present: drapo, draps, drapt, drapm(o)s, yu drapt(e), drape(nt)
Preterit: driepim, driep(i)st(a), driepit, driepam, driepat, driepeer
Future tid: drapsiem, drapsies, drapsiet, drapsiem(o)s, yu drapsiete, drapsient
Conditional: drapiem, drapies, drapiet, drapiem(o)s, yu drapiete, drapient
Prev participe: drapt / drapen draubh > Infinitive: draubhe
Present: draubho, draubhs, draubht, draubhm(o)s, yu draubht(e), draubhe(nt)
Preterit: draubhim, draubh(i)st(a), draubhit, draubham, draubhat, draubheer
Future tid: draubhsiem, draubhsies, draubhsiet, draubhsiem(o)s, yu draubhsiete, draubhsient
Conditional: draubhiem, draubhies, draubhiet, draubhiem(o)s, yu draubhiete, draubhient
Prev participe: draubht / draubhen draug > Infinitive: drauge
Present: draugo, draucs, drauct, draugm(o)s, yu drauct(e), drauge(nt)
Preterit: draugim, draug(i)st(a), draugit, draugam, draugat, draugeer
Future tid: draucsiem, draucsies, draucsiet, draucsiem(o)s, yu draucsiete, draucsient
Conditional: draugiem, draugies, draugiet, draugiem(o)s, yu draugiete, draugient
Prev participe: drauct / draugen draukht > Infinitive: draukhte
Present: draukhto, draukhts, draukht, draukhtm(o)s, yu draukhte, draukhte(nt)
Preterit: draukhtim, draukht(i)st(a), draukhtit, draukhtam, draukhtat, draukhteer
Future tid: draukhtsiem, draukhtsies, draukhtsiet, draukhtsiem(o)s, yu draukhtsiete, draukhtsient
Conditional: draukhtiem, draukhties, draukhtiet, draukhtiem(o)s, yu draukhtiete, draukhtient
Prev participe: draukht / draukhten drauting > Infinitive: drautinge
Present: drautingo, drautincs, drautinct, drautingm(o)s, yu drautinct(e), drautinge(nt)
Preterit: drieutingim, drieuting(i)st(a), drieutingit, drieutingam, drieutingat, drieutingeer
Future tid: drautincsiem, drautincsies, drautincsiet, drautincsiem(o)s, yu drautincsiete, drautincsient
Conditional: drautingiem, drautingies, drautingiet, drautingiem(o)s, yu drautingiete, drautingient
Prev participe: drautinct / drautingen drehb > Infinitive: drehbe
Present: drehbo, drehps, drehpt, drehbm(o)s, yu drehpt(e), drehbe(nt)
Preterit: drohbim, drohb(i)st(a), drohbit, drohbam, drohbat, drohbeer
Future tid: drehpsiem, drehpsies, drehpsiet, drehpsiem(o)s, yu drehpsiete, drehpsient
Conditional: drehbiem, drehbies, drehbiet, drehbiem(o)s, yu drehbiete, drehbient
Prev participe: drohpt / drohben drehd > Infinitive: drehde
Present: drehdo, drehds, drehdt, drehdm(o)s, yu drehdt(e), drehde(nt)
Preterit: drohdim, drohd(i)st(a), drohdit, drohdam, drohdat, drohdeer
Future tid: drehdsiem, drehdsies, drehdsiet, drehdsiem(o)s, yu drehdsiete, drehdsient
Conditional: drehdiem, drehdies, drehdiet, drehdiem(o)s, yu drehdiete, drehdient
Prev participe: drohdt / drohden drehm > Infinitive: drehme
Present: drehmo, drehms, drehmt, drehmm(o)s, yu drehmt(e), drehme(nt)
Preterit: drohmim, drohm(i)st(a), drohmit, drohmam, drohmat, drohmeer
Future tid: drehmsiem, drehmsies, drehmsiet, drehmsiem(o)s, yu drehmsiete, drehmsient
Conditional: drehmiem, drehmies, drehmiet, drehmiem(o)s, yu drehmiete, drehmient
Prev participe: drohmt / drohmen drehn > Infinitive: drehne
Present: drehno, drehns, drehnt, drehnm(o)s, yu drehnt(e), drehne(nt)
Preterit: drohnim, drohn(i)st(a), drohnit, drohnam, drohnat, drohneer
Future tid: drehnsiem, drehnsies, drehnsiet, drehnsiem(o)s, yu drehnsiete, drehnsient
Conditional: drehniem, drehnies, drehniet, drehniem(o)s, yu drehniete, drehnient
Prev participe: drohnt / drohnen drehnk > Infinitive: drehnke
Present: drehnko, drehncs, drehnct, drehnkm(o)s, yu drehnct(e), drehnke(nt)
Preterit: drohnkim, drohnk(i)st(a), drohnkit, drohnkam, drohnkat, drohnkeer
Future tid: drehncsiem, drehncsies, drehncsiet, drehncsiem(o)s, yu drehncsiete, drehncsient
Conditional: drehnkiem, drehnkies, drehnkiet, drehnkiem(o)s, yu drehnkiete, drehnkient
Prev participe: drohnct / drohnken dreibh > Infinitive: dribhes
Present: dreibho, dreibhs, dreibht, dreibhm(o)s, yu dreibht(e), dreibhe(nt)
Preterit: dribhim, dribh(i)st(a), dribhit, dribham, dribhat, dribheer
Future tid: dreibhsiem, dreibhsies, dreibhsiet, dreibhsiem(o)s, yu dreibhsiete, dreibhsient
Conditional: dreibhiem, dreibhies, dreibhiet, dreibhiem(o)s, yu dreibhiete, dreibhient
Prev participe: dribht / dribhen dreidsk > Infinitive: dridskes
Present: dreidsko, dreidscs, dreidsct, dreidskm(o)s, yu dreidsct(e), dreidske(nt)
Preterit: dridskim, dridsk(i)st(a), dridskit, dridskam, dridskat, dridskeer
Future tid: dreidscsiem, dreidscsies, dreidscsiet, dreidscsiem(o)s, yu dreidscsiete, dreidscsient
Conditional: dreidskiem, dreidskies, dreidskiet, dreidskiem(o)s, yu dreidskiete, dreidskient
Prev participe: dridsct / dridsken dreiv > Infinitive: drives
Present: dreivo, dreifs, dreift, dreivm(o)s, yu dreift(e), dreive(nt)
Preterit: drivim, driv(i)st(a), drivit, drivam, drivat, driveer
Future tid: dreifsiem, dreifsies, dreifsiet, dreifsiem(o)s, yu dreifsiete, dreifsient
Conditional: dreiviem, dreivies, dreiviet, dreiviem(o)s, yu dreiviete, dreivient
Prev participe: drift / driven dremeb > Infinitive: drembes
Present: drembo, dremps, drempt, drembm(o)s, yu drempt(e), drembe(nt)
Preterit: drebim, dreb(i)st(a), drebit, drebam, drebat, drebeer
Future tid: drempsiem, drempsies, drempsiet, drempsiem(o)s, yu drempsiete, drempsient
Conditional: drembiem, drembies, drembiet, drembiem(o)s, yu drembiete, drembient
Prev participe: drept / dreben dreugh > Infinitive: drughes
Present: dreugho, dreughs, dreught, dreughm(o)s, yu dreught(e), dreughe(nt)
Preterit: drughim, drugh(i)st(a), drughit, drugham, drughat, drugheer
Future tid: dreughsiem, dreughsies, dreughsiet, dreughsiem(o)s, yu dreughsiete, dreughsient
Conditional: dreughiem, dreughies, dreughiet, dreughiem(o)s, yu dreughiete, dreughient
Prev participe: drught / drughen dreup > Infinitive: drupes
Present: dreupo, dreups, dreupt, dreupm(o)s, yu dreupt(e), dreupe(nt)
Preterit: drupim, drup(i)st(a), drupit, drupam, drupat, drupeer
Future tid: dreupsiem, dreupsies, dreupsiet, dreupsiem(o)s, yu dreupsiete, dreupsient
Conditional: dreupiem, dreupies, dreupiet, dreupiem(o)s, yu dreupiete, dreupient
Prev participe: drupt / drupen dreupel > Infinitive: druples
Present: io dreupel, dreupels, dreupelt, dreupelms, yu dreupelt, dreupelnt
Preterit: druplim, druplist, druplit, drup(e)lam, drup(e)lat, drup(e)leer
Future tid: dreupelsiem, dreupelsies, dreupelsiet, dreupelsiem(o)s, yu dreupelsiete, dreupelsient
Conditional: dreupeliem, dreupelies, dreupeliet, dreupeliem(o)s, yu dreupeliete, dreupelient
Prev participe: drupelt / drupeln dribble > Infinitive: dribble
Present: io dribble, dribbles, dribblet, dribblems, yu dribblet(e), dribblent
Preterit: dribblim, dribblist(a), dribblit, dribblam, dribblat, dribbleer
Future tid: dribblesiem, dribblesies, dribblesiet, dribblesiem(o)s, yu dribblesiete, dribblesient
Conditional: dribbliem, dribblies, dribbliet, dribbliem(o)s, yu dribbliete, dribblient
Prev participe: dribblet / dribblen drogh > Infinitive: droghe
Present: drogho, droghs, droght, droghm(o)s, yu droght(e), droghe(nt)
Preterit: droghim, drogh(i)st(a), droghit, drogham, droghat, drogheer
Future tid: droghsiem, droghsies, droghsiet, droghsiem(o)s, yu droghsiete, droghsient
Conditional: droghiem, droghies, droghiet, droghiem(o)s, yu droghiete, droghient
Prev participe: droght / droghen druck > Infinitive: drucke
Present: drucko, drucks, druckt, druckm(o)s, yu druckt(e), drucke(nt)
Preterit: druckim, druck(i)st(a), druckit, druckam, druckat, druckeer
Future tid: drucksiem, drucksies, drucksiet, drucksiem(o)s, yu drucksiete, drucksient
Conditional: druckiem, druckies, druckiet, druckiem(o)s, yu druckiete, druckient
Prev participe: druckt / drucken druh > Infinitive: druhe
Present: druhm, druhs, druht, druhm(o)s, yu druht(e), druhnt
Preterit: druhsim, druhst(a), druhsit, druhsam, druhsat, druhr
Future tid: druhsiem, druhsies, druhsiet, druhsiem(o)s, yu druhsiete, druhsient
Conditional: druhiem, druhies, druhiet, druhiem(o)s, yu druhiete, druhient
Prev participe: druht / druhn du > Infinitive: due
Present: dum, dus, dut, dum(o)s, yu dut(e), dunt
Preterit: dusim, dust(a), dusit, dam, dat, dur
Future tid: dusiem, dusies, dusiet, dusiem(o)s, yu dusiete, dusient
Conditional: diem, dies, diet, diem(o)s, yu diete, dient
Prev participe: dut / dun duc > Infinitive: duce
Present: duco, ducs, duct, ducm(o)s, yu duct(e), duce(nt)
Preterit: ducim, duc(i)st(a), ducit, ducam, ducat, duceer
Future tid: ducsiem, ducsies, ducsiet, ducsiem(o)s, yu ducsiete, ducsient
Conditional: duciem, ducies, duciet, duciem(o)s, yu duciete, ducient
Prev participe: duct / ducen dumeb > Infinitive: dumbes
Present: dumbo, dumps, dumpt, dumbm(o)s, yu dumpt(e), dumbe(nt)
Preterit: dubim, dub(i)st(a), dubit, dubam, dubat, dubeer
Future tid: dumpsiem, dumpsies, dumpsiet, dumpsiem(o)s, yu dumpsiete, dumpsient
Conditional: dumbiem, dumbies, dumbiet, dumbiem(o)s, yu dumbiete, dumbient
Prev participe: dupt / duben dupe > Infinitive: dupe
Present: io dupe, dupes, dupet, dupems, yu dupet(e), dupent
Preterit: dupim, dupist(a), dupit, dupam, dupat, dupeer
Future tid: dupesiem, dupesies, dupesiet, dupesiem(o)s, yu dupesiete, dupesient
Conditional: dupiem, dupies, dupiet, dupiem(o)s, yu dupiete, dupient
Prev participe: dupet / dupen duplique > Infinitive: duplique
Present: io duplique, dupliques, dupliquet, dupliquems, yu dupliquet(e), dupliquent
Preterit: dupliquim, dupliquist(a), dupliquit, dupliquam, dupliquat, dupliqueer
Future tid: dupliquesiem, dupliquesies, dupliquesiet, dupliquesiem(o)s, yu dupliquesiete, dupliquesient
Conditional: dupliquiem, dupliquies, dupliquiet, dupliquiem(o)s, yu dupliquiete, dupliquient
Prev participe: dupliquet / dupliquen dure > Infinitive: dure
Present: io dure, dures, duret, durems, yu duret(e), durent
Preterit: durim, durist(a), durit, duram, durat, dureer
Future tid: duresiem, duresies, duresiet, duresiem(o)s, yu duresiete, duresient
Conditional: duriem, duries, duriet, duriem(o)s, yu duriete, durient
Prev participe: duret / duren dusag > Infinitive: dusage
Present: dusago, dusacs, dusact, dusagm(o)s, yu dusact(e), dusage(nt)
Preterit: dusiegim, dusieg(i)st(a), dusiegit, dusiegam, dusiegat, dusiegeer
Future tid: dusacsiem, dusacsies, dusacsiet, dusacsiem(o)s, yu dusacsiete, dusacsient
Conditional: dusagiem, dusagies, dusagiet, dusagiem(o)s, yu dusagiete, dusagient
Prev participe: dusact / dusagen dusasc > Infinitive: dusasce
Present: dusasco, dusascs, dusasct, dusascm(o)s, yu dusasct(e), dusasce(nt)
Preterit: dusiescim, dusiesc(i)st(a), dusiescit, dusiescam, dusiescat, dusiesceer
Future tid: dusascsiem, dusascsies, dusascsiet, dusascsiem(o)s, yu dusascsiete, dusascsient
Conditional: dusasciem, dusascies, dusasciet, dusasciem(o)s, yu dusasciete, dusascient
Prev participe: dusasct / dusascen duseih > Infinitive: dusihes
Present: duseihm, duseihs, duseiht, duseihm(o)s, yu duseiht(e), duseihnt
Preterit: dusihsim, dusihst(a), dusihsit, dusihsam, dusihsat, dusihr
Future tid: duseihsiem, duseihsies, duseihsiet, duseihsiem(o)s, yu duseihsiete, duseihsient
Conditional: duseihiem, duseihies, duseihiet, duseihiem(o)s, yu duseihiete, duseihient
Prev participe: dusiht / dusihn dusgnoh > Infinitive: dusgnohe
Present: dusgnohm, dusgnohs, dusgnoht, dusgnohm(o)s, yu dusgnoht(e), dusgnohnt
Preterit: dusgnohsim, dusgnohst(a), dusgnohsit, dusgnohsam, dusgnohsat, dusgnohr
Future tid: dusgnohsiem, dusgnohsies, dusgnohsiet, dusgnohsiem(o)s, yu dusgnohsiete, dusgnohsient
Conditional: dusgnohiem, dusgnohies, dusgnohiet, dusgnohiem(o)s, yu dusgnohiete, dusgnohient
Prev participe: dusgnoht / dusgnohn duspineg > Infinitive: duspinges
Present: duspingo, duspincs, duspinct, duspingm(o)s, yu duspinct(e), duspinge(nt)
Preterit: duspigim, duspig(i)st(a), duspigit, duspigam, duspigat, duspigeer
Future tid: duspincsiem, duspincsies, duspincsiet, duspincsiem(o)s, yu duspincsiete, duspincsient
Conditional: duspingiem, duspingies, duspingiet, duspingiem(o)s, yu duspingiete, duspingient
Prev participe: duspict / duspigen dussulouk > Infinitive: dussulouke
Present: dussulouko, dussuloucs, dussulouct, dussuloukm(o)s, yu dussulouct(e), dussulouke(nt)
Preterit: dussuloukim, dussulouk(i)st(a), dussuloukit, dussuloukam, dussuloukat, dussuloukeer
Future tid: dussuloucsiem, dussuloucsies, dussuloucsiet, dussuloucsiem(o)s, yu dussuloucsiete, dussuloucsient
Conditional: dussuloukiem, dussuloukies, dussuloukiet, dussuloukiem(o)s, yu dussuloukiete, dussuloukient
Prev participe: dussulouct / dussulouken dustekhnass > Infinitive: dustekhnasse
Present: dustekhnasso, dustekhnass, dustekhnasst, dustekhnassm(o)s, yu dustekhnasst(e), dustekhnasse(nt)
Preterit: dustekhniessim, dustekhniess(i)st(a), dustekhniessit, dustekhniessam, dustekhniessat, dustekhniesseer
Future tid: siem dustekhnasse, sies dustekhnasse, siet dustekhnasse, siem(o)s dustekhnasse, yu siete dustekhnasse, sient dustekhnasse
Conditional: dustekhnassiem, dustekhnassies, dustekhnassiet, dustekhnassiem(o)s, yu dustekhnassiete, dustekhnassient
Prev participe: dustekhnasst / dustekhnassen dustraite > Infinitive: dustraite
Present: io dustraite, dustraites, dustraitet, dustraitems, yu dustraitet(e), dustraitent
Preterit: dustraitim, dustraitist(a), dustraitit, dustraitam, dustraitat, dustraiteer
Future tid: dustraitesiem, dustraitesies, dustraitesiet, dustraitesiem(o)s, yu dustraitesiete, dustraitesient
Conditional: dustraitiem, dustraities, dustraitiet, dustraitiem(o)s, yu dustraitiete, dustraitient
Prev participe: dustraitet / dustraiten dvehn > Infinitive: dvehne
Present: dvehno, dvehns, dvehnt, dvehnm(o)s, yu dvehnt(e), dvehne(nt)
Preterit: dvohnim, dvohn(i)st(a), dvohnit, dvohnam, dvohnat, dvohneer
Future tid: dvehnsiem, dvehnsies, dvehnsiet, dvehnsiem(o)s, yu dvehnsiete, dvehnsient
Conditional: dvehniem, dvehnies, dvehniet, dvehniem(o)s, yu dvehniete, dvehnient
Prev participe: dvohnt / dvohnen dvehr > Infinitive: dvehre
Present: dvehro, dvehrs, dvehrt, dvehrm(o)s, yu dvehrt(e), dvehre(nt)
Preterit: dvohrim, dvohr(i)st(a), dvohrit, dvohram, dvohrat, dvohreer
Future tid: dvehrsiem, dvehrsies, dvehrsiet, dvehrsiem(o)s, yu dvehrsiete, dvehrsient
Conditional: dvehriem, dvehries, dvehriet, dvehriem(o)s, yu dvehriete, dvehrient
Prev participe: dvohrt / dvohren dverap > Infinitive: dverape
Present: dverapo, dveraps, dverapt, dverapm(o)s, yu dverapt(e), dverape(nt)
Preterit: dveriepim, dveriep(i)st(a), dveriepit, dveriepam, dveriepat, dveriepeer
Future tid: dverapsiem, dverapsies, dverapsiet, dverapsiem(o)s, yu dverapsiete, dverapsient
Conditional: dverapiem, dverapies, dverapiet, dverapiem(o)s, yu dverapiete, dverapient
Prev participe: dverapt / dverapen dverwen > Infinitive: dverwnes
Present: dverwno, dverwns, dverwnt, dverwnm(o)s, yu dverwnt(e), dverwne(nt)
Preterit: dverwim, dverwst(a), dverwit, dverwam, dverwat, dverweer
Future tid: dverwnsiem, dverwnsies, dverwnsiet, dverwnsiem(o)s, yu dverwnsiete, dverwnsient
Conditional: dverwniem, dverwnies, dverwniet, dverwniem(o)s, yu dverwniete, dverwnient
Prev participe: dverwt / dverwn dwaj > Infinitive: dwaje
Present: dwajo, dwajs, dwajt, dwajm(o)s, yu dwajt(e), dwaje(nt)
Preterit: dwiejim, dwiej(i)st(a), dwiejit, dwiejam, dwiejat, dwiejeer
Future tid: siem dwaje, sies dwaje, siet dwaje, siem(o)s dwaje, yu siete dwaje, sient dwaje
Conditional: dwajiem, dwajies, dwajiet, dwajiem(o)s, yu dwajiete, dwajient
Prev participe: dwajt / dwajen dweitsker > Infinitive: dwitskres
Present: io dweitsker, dweitskers, dweitskert, dweitskerms, yu dweitskert, dweitskernt
Preterit: dwitskrim, dwitskrist, dwitskrit, dwitsk(e)ram, dwitsk(e)rat, dwitsk(e)reer
Future tid: dweitskersiem, dweitskersies, dweitskersiet, dweitskersiem(o)s, yu dweitskersiete, dweitskersient
Conditional: dweitskeriem, dweitskeries, dweitskeriet, dweitskeriem(o)s, yu dweitskeriete, dweitskerient
Prev participe: dwitskert / dwitskern dwerbehnd > Infinitive: dwerbehnde
Present: dwerbehndo, dwerbehnds, dwerbehndt, dwerbehndm(o)s, yu dwerbehndt(e), dwerbehnde(nt)
Preterit: dwerbohndim, dwerbohnd(i)st(a), dwerbohndit, dwerbohndam, dwerbohndat, dwerbohndeer
Future tid: dwerbehndsiem, dwerbehndsies, dwerbehndsiet, dwerbehndsiem(o)s, yu dwerbehndsiete, dwerbehndsient
Conditional: dwerbehndiem, dwerbehndies, dwerbehndiet, dwerbehndiem(o)s, yu dwerbehndiete, dwerbehndient
Prev participe: dwerbohndt / dwerbohnden dwinaygw > Infinitive: dwinaygwe
Present: dwinaygwo, dwinaygws, dwinaygwt, dwinaygwm(o)s, yu dwinaygwt(e), dwinaygwnt
Preterit: dwinieygwim, dwinieygwst(a), dwinieygwit, dwinieygwam, dwinieygwat, dwinieygweer
Future tid: dwinaygwsiem, dwinaygwsies, dwinaygwsiet, dwinaygwsiem(o)s, yu dwinaygwsiete, dwinaygwsient
Conditional: dwinaygwiem, dwinaygwies, dwinaygwiet, dwinaygwiem(o)s, yu dwinaygwiete, dwinaygwient
Prev participe: dwinaygwt / dwinaygwn dwinegh > Infinitive: dwinghes
Present: dwingho, dwinghs, dwinght, dwinghm(o)s, yu dwinght(e), dwinghe(nt)
Preterit: dwighim, dwigh(i)st(a), dwighit, dwigham, dwighat, dwigheer
Future tid: dwinghsiem, dwinghsies, dwinghsiet, dwinghsiem(o)s, yu dwinghsiete, dwinghsient
Conditional: dwinghiem, dwinghies, dwinghiet, dwinghiem(o)s, yu dwinghiete, dwinghient
Prev participe: dwight / dwighen dwinghyehbh > Infinitive: dwinghyehbhe
Present: dwinghyehbho, dwinghyehbhs, dwinghyehbht, dwinghyehbhm(o)s, yu dwinghyehbht(e), dwinghyehbhe(nt)
Preterit: dwinghyohbhim, dwinghyohbh(i)st(a), dwinghyohbhit, dwinghyohbham, dwinghyohbhat, dwinghyohbheer
Future tid: dwinghyehbhsiem, dwinghyehbhsies, dwinghyehbhsiet, dwinghyehbhsiem(o)s, yu dwinghyehbhsiete, dwinghyehbhsient
Conditional: dwinghyehbhiem, dwinghyehbhies, dwinghyehbhiet, dwinghyehbhiem(o)s, yu dwinghyehbhiete, dwinghyehbhient
Prev participe: dwinghyohbht / dwinghyohbhen dwoi > Infinitive: dwoie
Present: dwoim, dwois, dwoit, dwoim(o)s, yu dwoit(e), dwoint
Preterit: dwoisim, dwoist(a), dwoisit, dwoam, dwoat, dwoir
Future tid: dwoisiem, dwoisies, dwoisiet, dwoisiem(o)s, yu dwoisiete, dwoisient
Conditional: dwoiem, dwoies, dwoiet, dwoiem(o)s, yu dwoiete, dwoient
Prev participe: dwoit / dwoin dyehg > Infinitive: dyehge
Present: dyehgo, dyehcs, dyehct, dyehgm(o)s, yu dyehct(e), dyehge(nt)
Preterit: dyohgim, dyohg(i)st(a), dyohgit, dyohgam, dyohgat, dyohgeer
Future tid: dyehcsiem, dyehcsies, dyehcsiet, dyehcsiem(o)s, yu dyehcsiete, dyehcsient
Conditional: dyehgiem, dyehgies, dyehgiet, dyehgiem(o)s, yu dyehgiete, dyehgient
Prev participe: dyohct / dyohgen dyehgw > Infinitive: dyehgwe
Present: dyehgwo, dyehgws, dyehgwt, dyehgwm(o)s, yu dyehgwt(e), dyehgwnt
Preterit: dyohgwim, dyohgwst(a), dyohgwit, dyohgwam, dyohgwat, dyohgweer
Future tid: dyehgwsiem, dyehgwsies, dyehgwsiet, dyehgwsiem(o)s, yu dyehgwsiete, dyehgwsient
Conditional: dyehgwiem, dyehgwies, dyehgwiet, dyehgwiem(o)s, yu dyehgwiete, dyehgwient
Prev participe: dyohgwt / dyohgwn dyehrc > Infinitive: dyehrce
Present: dyehrco, dyehrcs, dyehrct, dyehrcm(o)s, yu dyehrct(e), dyehrce(nt)
Preterit: dyohrcim, dyohrc(i)st(a), dyohrcit, dyohrcam, dyohrcat, dyohrceer
Future tid: dyehrcsiem, dyehrcsies, dyehrcsiet, dyehrcsiem(o)s, yu dyehrcsiete, dyehrcsient
Conditional: dyehrciem, dyehrcies, dyehrciet, dyehrciem(o)s, yu dyehrciete, dyehrcient
Prev participe: dyohrct / dyohrcen dyei > Infinitive: dyies
Present: dyeim, dyeis, dyeit, dyeim(o)s, yu dyeit(e), dyeint
Preterit: dyisim, dyist(a), dyisit, dyam, dyat, dyir
Future tid: dyeisiem, dyeisies, dyeisiet, dyeisiem(o)s, yu dyeisiete, dyeisient
Conditional: dyeiem, dyeies, dyeiet, dyeiem(o)s, yu dyeiete, dyeient
Prev participe: dyit / dyin dyein > Infinitive: dyines
Present: dyeino, dyeins, dyeint, dyeinm(o)s, yu dyeint(e), dyeine(nt)
Preterit: dyinim, dyin(i)st(a), dyinit, dyinam, dyinat, dyineer
Future tid: dyeinsiem, dyeinsies, dyeinsiet, dyeinsiem(o)s, yu dyeinsiete, dyeinsient
Conditional: dyeiniem, dyeinies, dyeiniet, dyeiniem(o)s, yu dyeiniete, dyeinient
Prev participe: dyint / dyinen echee > Infinitive: echee
Present: io echee, echees, echeet, echeems, yu echeet(e), echeent
Preterit: echeim, echeist(a), echeit, echeam, echeat, echeeer
Future tid: echeesiem, echeesies, echeesiet, echeesiem(o)s, yu echeesiete, echeesient
Conditional: echeiem, echeies, echeiet, echeiem(o)s, yu echeiete, echeient
Prev participe: echeet / echeen eclipse > Infinitive: eclipse
Present: io eclipse, eclipses, eclipset, eclipsems, yu eclipset(e), eclipsent
Preterit: eclipsim, eclipsist(a), eclipsit, eclipsam, eclipsat, eclipseer
Future tid: eclipsesiem, eclipsesies, eclipsesiet, eclipsesiem(o)s, yu eclipsesiete, eclipsesient
Conditional: eclipsiem, eclipsies, eclipsiet, eclipsiem(o)s, yu eclipsiete, eclipsient
Prev participe: eclipset / eclipsen edd > Infinitive: edde
Present: eddo, edds, eddt, eddm(o)s, yu eddt(e), edde(nt)
Preterit: essim, ess(i)st(a), essit, essam, essat, esseer
Future tid: eddsiem, eddsies, eddsiet, eddsiem(o)s, yu eddsiete, eddsient
Conditional: eddiem, eddies, eddiet, eddiem(o)s, yu eddiete, eddient
Prev participe: ess / edden edeih > Infinitive: edihes
Present: edeihm, edeihs, edeiht, edeihm(o)s, yu edeiht(e), edeihnt
Preterit: edihsim, edihst(a), edihsit, edihsam, edihsat, edihr
Future tid: edeihsiem, edeihsies, edeihsiet, edeihsiem(o)s, yu edeihsiete, edeihsient
Conditional: edeihiem, edeihies, edeihiet, edeihiem(o)s, yu edeihiete, edeihient
Prev participe: ediht / edihn edic > Infinitive: edice
Present: edico, edics, edict, edicm(o)s, yu edict(e), edice(nt)
Preterit: edicim, edic(i)st(a), edicit, edicam, edicat, ediceer
Future tid: edicsiem, edicsies, edicsiet, edicsiem(o)s, yu edicsiete, edicsient
Conditional: ediciem, edicies, ediciet, ediciem(o)s, yu ediciete, edicient
Prev participe: edict / edicen edifie > Infinitive: edifie
Present: io edifie, edifies, edifiet, edifiems, yu edifiet(e), edifient
Preterit: edificim, edifiest, edificit, edifiam, edifiat, edifier
Future tid: edifiesiem, edifiesies, edifiesiet, edifiesiem(o)s, yu edifiesiete, edifiesient
Conditional: edificiem, edificies, edificiet, edificiem(o)s, yu edificiete, edificient
Prev participe: edifiet / edifien eduque > Infinitive: eduque
Present: io eduque, eduques, eduquet, eduquems, yu eduquet(e), eduquent
Preterit: eduquim, eduquist(a), eduquit, eduquam, eduquat, eduqueer
Future tid: eduquesiem, eduquesies, eduquesiet, eduquesiem(o)s, yu eduquesiete, eduquesient
Conditional: eduquiem, eduquies, eduquiet, eduquiem(o)s, yu eduquiete, eduquient
Prev participe: eduquet / eduquen effec > Infinitive: effece
Present: effeco, effecs, effect, effecm(o)s, yu effect(e), effece(nt)
Preterit: effecim, effec(i)st(a), effecit, effecam, effecat, effeceer
Future tid: effecsiem, effecsies, effecsiet, effecsiem(o)s, yu effecsiete, effecsient
Conditional: effeciem, effecies, effeciet, effeciem(o)s, yu effeciete, effecient
Prev participe: effect / effecen egalasc > Infinitive: egalasce
Present: egalasco, egalascs, egalasct, egalascm(o)s, yu egalasct(e), egalasce(nt)
Preterit: egaliescim, egaliesc(i)st(a), egaliescit, egaliescam, egaliescat, egaliesceer
Future tid: egalascsiem, egalascsies, egalascsiet, egalascsiem(o)s, yu egalascsiete, egalascsient
Conditional: egalasciem, egalascies, egalasciet, egalasciem(o)s, yu egalasciete, egalascient
Prev participe: egalasct / egalascen egher > Infinitive: egher
Present: io egher, eghers, eghert, egherms, yu eghert, eghernt
Preterit: eghrim, eghrist, eghrit, egh(e)ram, egh(e)rat, egh(e)reer
Future tid: eghersiem, eghersies, eghersiet, eghersiem(o)s, yu eghersiete, eghersient
Conditional: egheriem, egheries, egheriet, egheriem(o)s, yu egheriete, egherient
Prev participe: eghert / eghern ehgv > Infinitive: ehgve
Present: ehgvo, ehgvs, ehgvt, ehgvm(o)s, yu ehgvt(e), ehgve(nt)
Preterit: ohgvim, ohgv(i)st(a), ohgvit, ohgvam, ohgvat, ohgveer
Future tid: ehgvsiem, ehgvsies, ehgvsiet, ehgvsiem(o)s, yu ehgvsiete, ehgvsient
Conditional: ehgviem, ehgvies, ehgviet, ehgviem(o)s, yu ehgviete, ehgvient
Prev participe: ohgvt / ohgven ehngw > Infinitive: ehngwe
Present: ehngwo, ehngws, ehngwt, ehngwm(o)s, yu ehngwt(e), ehngwnt
Preterit: ohngwim, ohngwst(a), ohngwit, ohngwam, ohngwat, ohngweer
Future tid: ehngwsiem, ehngwsies, ehngwsiet, ehngwsiem(o)s, yu ehngwsiete, ehngwsient
Conditional: ehngwiem, ehngwies, ehngwiet, ehngwiem(o)s, yu ehngwiete, ehngwient
Prev participe: ohngwt / ohngwn eih > Infinitive: ihes
Present: eihm, eihs, eiht, eihm(o)s, yu eiht(e), eihnt
Preterit: ihsim, ihst(a), ihsit, ihsam, ihsat, ihr
Future tid: eihsiem, eihsies, eihsiet, eihsiem(o)s, yu eihsiete, eihsient
Conditional: eihiem, eihies, eihiet, eihiem(o)s, yu eihiete, eihient
Prev participe: iht / ihn eiskw > Infinitive: iskwes
Present: eiskwo, eiskws, eiskwt, eiskwm(o)s, yu eiskwt(e), eiskwnt
Preterit: iskwim, iskwst(a), iskwit, iskwam, iskwat, iskweer
Future tid: eiskwsiem, eiskwsies, eiskwsiet, eiskwsiem(o)s, yu eiskwsiete, eiskwsient
Conditional: eiskwiem, eiskwies, eiskwiet, eiskwiem(o)s, yu eiskwiete, eiskwient
Prev participe: iskwt / iskwn ejacule > Infinitive: ejacule
Present: io ejacule, ejacules, ejaculet, ejaculems, yu ejaculet(e), ejaculent
Preterit: ejaculim, ejaculist(a), ejaculit, ejaculam, ejaculat, ejaculeer
Future tid: ejaculesiem, ejaculesies, ejaculesiet, ejaculesiem(o)s, yu ejaculesiete, ejaculesient
Conditional: ejaculiem, ejaculies, ejaculiet, ejaculiem(o)s, yu ejaculiete, ejaculient
Prev participe: ejaculet / ejaculen elabore > Infinitive: elabore
Present: io elabore, elabores, elaboret, elaborems, yu elaboret(e), elaborent
Preterit: elaborim, elaborist(a), elaborit, elaboram, elaborat, elaboreer
Future tid: elaboresiem, elaboresies, elaboresiet, elaboresiem(o)s, yu elaboresiete, elaboresient
Conditional: elaboriem, elabories, elaboriet, elaboriem(o)s, yu elaboriete, elaborient
Prev participe: elaboret / elaboren elan > Infinitive: elane
Present: elano, elans, elant, elanm(o)s, yu elant(e), elane(nt)
Preterit: elienim, elien(i)st(a), elienit, elienam, elienat, elieneer
Future tid: elansiem, elansies, elansiet, elansiem(o)s, yu elansiete, elansient
Conditional: elaniem, elanies, elaniet, elaniem(o)s, yu elaniete, elanient
Prev participe: elant / elanen electrise > Infinitive: electrise
Present: io electrise, electrises, electriset, electrisems, yu electriset(e), electrisent
Preterit: electrisim, electrisist(a), electrisit, electrisam, electrisat, electriseer
Future tid: electrisesiem, electrisesies, electrisesiet, electrisesiem(o)s, yu electrisesiete, electrisesient
Conditional: electrisiem, electrisies, electrisiet, electrisiem(o)s, yu electrisiete, electrisient
Prev participe: electriset / electrisen eleg > Infinitive: elege
Present: elego, elecs, elect, elegm(o)s, yu elect(e), elege(nt)
Preterit: elegim, eleg(i)st(a), elegit, elegam, elegat, elegeer
Future tid: elecsiem, elecsies, elecsiet, elecsiem(o)s, yu elecsiete, elecsient
Conditional: elegiem, elegies, elegiet, elegiem(o)s, yu elegiete, elegient
Prev participe: elect / elegen eleih > Infinitive: elihes
Present: eleihm, eleihs, eleiht, eleihm(o)s, yu eleiht(e), eleihnt
Preterit: elihsim, elihst(a), elihsit, elihsam, elihsat, elihr
Future tid: eleihsiem, eleihsies, eleihsiet, eleihsiem(o)s, yu eleihsiete, eleihsient
Conditional: eleihiem, eleihies, eleihiet, eleihiem(o)s, yu eleihiete, eleihient
Prev participe: eliht / elihn elimine > Infinitive: elimine
Present: io elimine, elimines, eliminet, eliminems, yu eliminet(e), eliminent
Preterit: eliminim, eliminist(a), eliminit, eliminam, eliminat, elimineer
Future tid: eliminesiem, eliminesies, eliminesiet, eliminesiem(o)s, yu eliminesiete, eliminesient
Conditional: eliminiem, eliminies, eliminiet, eliminiem(o)s, yu eliminiete, eliminient
Prev participe: eliminet / eliminen elucide > Infinitive: elucide
Present: io elucide, elucides, elucidet, elucidems, yu elucidet(e), elucident
Preterit: elucidim, elucidist(a), elucidit, elucidam, elucidat, elucideer
Future tid: elucidesiem, elucidesies, elucidesiet, elucidesiem(o)s, yu elucidesiete, elucidesient
Conditional: elucidiem, elucidies, elucidiet, elucidiem(o)s, yu elucidiete, elucidient
Prev participe: elucidet / eluciden em > Infinitive: eme
Present: emo, ems, emt, emm(o)s, yu emt(e), eme(nt)
Preterit: emim, em(i)st(a), emit, emam, emat, emeer
Future tid: emsiem, emsies, emsiet, emsiem(o)s, yu emsiete, emsient
Conditional: emiem, emies, emiet, emiem(o)s, yu emiete, emient
Prev participe: emt / emen emascule > Infinitive: emascule
Present: io emascule, emascules, emasculet, emasculems, yu emasculet(e), emasculent
Preterit: emasculim, emasculist(a), emasculit, emasculam, emasculat, emasculeer
Future tid: emasculesiem, emasculesies, emasculesiet, emasculesiem(o)s, yu emasculesiete, emasculesient
Conditional: emasculiem, emasculies, emasculiet, emasculiem(o)s, yu emasculiete, emasculient
Prev participe: emasculet / emasculen embalsem > Infinitive: embalmes
Present: embalmo, embalms, embalmt, embalmm(o)s, yu embalmt(e), embalme(nt)
Preterit: embalsim, embals(i)st(a), embalsit, embalsam, embalsat, embalseer
Future tid: embalmsiem, embalmsies, embalmsiet, embalmsiem(o)s, yu embalmsiete, embalmsient
Conditional: embalmiem, embalmies, embalmiet, embalmiem(o)s, yu embalmiete, embalmient
Prev participe: embalst / embalsen embarasse > Infinitive: embarasse
Present: io embarasse, embarasses, embarasset, embarassems, yu embarasset(e), embarassent
Preterit: embarassim, embarassist(a), embarassit, embarassam, embarassat, embarasseer
Future tid: embarassesiem, embarassesies, embarassesiet, embarassesiem(o)s, yu embarassesiete, embarassesient
Conditional: embarassiem, embarassies, embarassiet, embarassiem(o)s, yu embarassiete, embarassient
Prev participe: embarasset / embarassen embaudh > Infinitive: embaudhe
Present: embaudho, embaudhs, embaudht, embaudhm(o)s, yu embaudht(e), embaudhe(nt)
Preterit: embaudhim, embaudh(i)st(a), embaudhit, embaudham, embaudhat, embaudheer
Future tid: embaudhsiem, embaudhsies, embaudhsiet, embaudhsiem(o)s, yu embaudhsiete, embaudhsient
Conditional: embaudhiem, embaudhies, embaudhiet, embaudhiem(o)s, yu embaudhiete, embaudhient
Prev participe: embaudht / embaudhen embeusk > Infinitive: embuskes
Present: embeusko, embeuscs, embeusct, embeuskm(o)s, yu embeusct(e), embeuske(nt)
Preterit: embuskim, embusk(i)st(a), embuskit, embuskam, embuskat, embuskeer
Future tid: siem embuskes, sies embuskes, siet embuskes, siem(o)s embuskes, yu siete embuskes, sient embuskes
Conditional: embeuskiem, embeuskies, embeuskiet, embeuskiem(o)s, yu embeuskiete, embeuskient
Prev participe: embusct / embusken emborb > Infinitive: emborbe
Present: emborbo, emborps, emborpt, emborbm(o)s, yu emborpt(e), emborbe(nt)
Preterit: emborbim, emborb(i)st(a), emborbit, emborbam, emborbat, emborbeer
Future tid: emborpsiem, emborpsies, emborpsiet, emborpsiem(o)s, yu emborpsiete, emborpsient
Conditional: emborbiem, emborbies, emborbiet, emborbiem(o)s, yu emborbiete, emborbient
Prev participe: emborpt / emborben embraned > Infinitive: embrandes
Present: embrando, embrands, embrandt, embrandm(o)s, yu embrandt(e), embrande(nt)
Preterit: embrasim, embras(i)st(a), embrasit, embrasam, embrasat, embraseer
Future tid: embrandsiem, embrandsies, embrandsiet, embrandsiem(o)s, yu embrandsiete, embrandsient
Conditional: embrandiem, embrandies, embrandiet, embrandiem(o)s, yu embrandiete, embrandient
Prev participe: embras / embraden emerg > Infinitive: emerge
Present: emergo, emercs, emerct, emergm(o)s, yu emerct(e), emerge(nt)
Preterit: emersim, emers(i)st(a), emersit, emersam, emersat, emerseer
Future tid: emercsiem, emercsies, emercsiet, emercsiem(o)s, yu emercsiete, emercsient
Conditional: emergiem, emergies, emergiet, emergiem(o)s, yu emergiete, emergient
Prev participe: emers / emergen emitt > Infinitive: emitte
Present: emitto, emitts, emitt, emittm(o)s, yu emitte, emitte(nt)
Preterit: emissim, emiss(i)st(a), emissit, emissam, emissat, emisseer
Future tid: emittsiem, emittsies, emittsiet, emittsiem(o)s, yu emittsiete, emittsient
Conditional: emittiem, emitties, emittiet, emittiem(o)s, yu emittiete, emittient
Prev participe: emiss / emitten empat > Infinitive: empate
Present: empato, empats, empat, empatm(o)s, yu empate, empate(nt)
Preterit: empietim, empiet(i)st(a), empietit, empietam, empietat, empieteer
Future tid: empatsiem, empatsies, empatsiet, empatsiem(o)s, yu empatsiete, empatsient
Conditional: empatiem, empaties, empatiet, empatiem(o)s, yu empatiete, empatient
Prev participe: empat / empaten empedise > Infinitive: empedise
Present: io empedise, empedises, empediset, empedisems, yu empediset(e), empedisent
Preterit: empedisim, empedisist(a), empedisit, empedisam, empedisat, empediseer
Future tid: empedisesiem, empedisesies, empedisesiet, empedisesiem(o)s, yu empedisesiete, empedisesient
Conditional: empedisiem, empedisies, empedisiet, empedisiem(o)s, yu empedisiete, empedisient
Prev participe: empediset / empedisen empraxise > Infinitive: empraxise
Present: io empraxise, empraxises, empraxiset, empraxisems, yu empraxiset(e), empraxisent
Preterit: empraxisim, empraxisist(a), empraxisit, empraxisam, empraxisat, empraxiseer
Future tid: empraxisesiem, empraxisesies, empraxisesiet, empraxisesiem(o)s, yu empraxisesiete, empraxisesient
Conditional: empraxisiem, empraxisies, empraxisiet, empraxisiem(o)s, yu empraxisiete, empraxisient
Prev participe: empraxiset / empraxisen emprison > Infinitive: emprisone
Present: emprisono, emprisons, emprisont, emprisonm(o)s, yu emprisont(e), emprisone(nt)
Preterit: emprisonim, emprison(i)st(a), emprisonit, emprisonam, emprisonat, emprisoneer
Future tid: emprisonsiem, emprisonsies, emprisonsiet, emprisonsiem(o)s, yu emprisonsiete, emprisonsient
Conditional: emprisoniem, emprisonies, emprisoniet, emprisoniem(o)s, yu emprisoniete, emprisonient
Prev participe: emprisont / emprisonen empuneg > Infinitive: empunges
Present: empungo, empuncs, empunct, empungm(o)s, yu empunct(e), empunge(nt)
Preterit: empugim, empug(i)st(a), empugit, empugam, empugat, empugeer
Future tid: empuncsiem, empuncsies, empuncsiet, empuncsiem(o)s, yu empuncsiete, empuncsient
Conditional: empungiem, empungies, empungiet, empungiem(o)s, yu empungiete, empungient
Prev participe: empuct / empugen emule > Infinitive: emule
Present: io emule, emules, emulet, emulems, yu emulet(e), emulent
Preterit: emulim, emulist(a), emulit, emulam, emulat, emuleer
Future tid: emulesiem, emulesies, emulesiet, emulesiem(o)s, yu emulesiete, emulesient
Conditional: emuliem, emulies, emuliet, emuliem(o)s, yu emuliete, emulient
Prev participe: emulet / emulen encasse > Infinitive: encasse
Present: io encasse, encasses, encasset, encassems, yu encasset(e), encassent
Preterit: encassim, encassist(a), encassit, encassam, encassat, encasseer
Future tid: encassesiem, encassesies, encassesiet, encassesiem(o)s, yu encassesiete, encassesient
Conditional: encassiem, encassies, encassiet, encassiem(o)s, yu encassiete, encassient
Prev participe: encasset / encassen enchante > Infinitive: enchante
Present: io enchante, enchantes, enchantet, enchantems, yu enchantet(e), enchantent
Preterit: enchantim, enchantist(a), enchantit, enchantam, enchantat, enchanteer
Future tid: enchantesiem, enchantesies, enchantesiet, enchantesiem(o)s, yu enchantesiete, enchantesient
Conditional: enchantiem, enchanties, enchantiet, enchantiem(o)s, yu enchantiete, enchantient
Prev participe: enchantet / enchanten encharge > Infinitive: encharge
Present: io encharge, encharges, encharget, enchargems, yu encharget(e), enchargent
Preterit: enchargim, enchargist(a), enchargit, enchargeam, enchargeat, enchargeer
Future tid: enchargesiem, enchargesies, enchargesiet, enchargesiem(o)s, yu enchargesiete, enchargesient
Conditional: enchargiem, enchargies, enchargiet, enchargiem(o)s, yu enchargiete, enchargient
Prev participe: encharget / enchargen encontaneg > Infinitive: encontanges
Present: encontango, encontancs, encontanct, encontangm(o)s, yu encontanct(e), encontange(nt)
Preterit: encontagim, encontag(i)st(a), encontagit, encontagam, encontagat, encontageer
Future tid: encontancsiem, encontancsies, encontancsiet, encontancsiem(o)s, yu encontancsiete, encontancsient
Conditional: encontangiem, encontangies, encontangiet, encontangiem(o)s, yu encontangiete, encontangient
Prev participe: encontact / encontagen encourage > Infinitive: encourage
Present: io encourage, encourages, encouraget, encouragems, yu encouraget(e), encouragent
Preterit: encouragim, encouragist(a), encouragit, encourageam, encourageat, encourageer
Future tid: encouragesiem, encouragesies, encouragesiet, encouragesiem(o)s, yu encouragesiete, encouragesient
Conditional: encouragiem, encouragies, encouragiet, encouragiem(o)s, yu encouragiete, encouragient
Prev participe: encouraget / encouragen encramp > Infinitive: encrampe
Present: encrampo, encramps, encrampt, encrampm(o)s, yu encrampt(e), encrampe(nt)
Preterit: encriempim, encriemp(i)st(a), encriempit, encriempam, encriempat, encriempeer
Future tid: encrampsiem, encrampsies, encrampsiet, encrampsiem(o)s, yu encrampsiete, encrampsient
Conditional: encrampiem, encrampies, encrampiet, encrampiem(o)s, yu encrampiete, encrampient
Prev participe: encrampt / encrampen end > Infinitive: ende
Present: endo, ends, endt, endm(o)s, yu endt(e), ende(nt)
Preterit: ensim, ens(i)st(a), ensit, ensam, ensat, enseer
Future tid: endsiem, endsies, endsiet, endsiem(o)s, yu endsiete, endsient
Conditional: endiem, endies, endiet, endiem(o)s, yu endiete, endient
Prev participe: ens / enden endeigh > Infinitive: endighes
Present: endeigho, endeighs, endeight, endeighm(o)s, yu endeight(e), endeighe(nt)
Preterit: endighim, endigh(i)st(a), endighit, endigham, endighat, endigheer
Future tid: endeighsiem, endeighsies, endeighsiet, endeighsiem(o)s, yu endeighsiete, endeighsient
Conditional: endeighiem, endeighies, endeighiet, endeighiem(o)s, yu endeighiete, endeighient
Prev participe: endight / endighen endemeur > Infinitive: endemures
Present: endemeuro, endemeurs, endemeurt, endemeurm(o)s, yu endemeurt(e), endemeure(nt)
Preterit: endemurim, endemur(i)st(a), endemurit, endemuram, endemurat, endemureer
Future tid: endemeursiem, endemeursies, endemeursiet, endemeursiem(o)s, yu endemeursiete, endemeursient
Conditional: endemeuriem, endemeuries, endemeuriet, endemeuriem(o)s, yu endemeuriete, endemeurient
Prev participe: endemurt / endemuren enderbrinegh > Infinitive: enderbringhes
Present: enderbringho, enderbringhs, enderbringht, enderbringhm(o)s, yu enderbringht(e), enderbringhe(nt)
Preterit: enderbrighim, enderbrigh(i)st(a), enderbrighit, enderbrigham, enderbrighat, enderbrigheer
Future tid: enderbringhsiem, enderbringhsies, enderbringhsiet, enderbringhsiem(o)s, yu enderbringhsiete, enderbringhsient
Conditional: enderbringhiem, enderbringhies, enderbringhiet, enderbringhiem(o)s, yu enderbringhiete, enderbringhient
Prev participe: enderbright / enderbrighen enderdeh > Infinitive: enderdehe
Present: enderdehm, enderdehs, enderdeht, enderdehm(o)s, yu enderdeht(e), enderdehnt
Preterit: enderdehsim, enderdehst(a), enderdehsit, enderdehsam, enderdehsat, enderdehr
Future tid: enderdehsiem, enderdehsies, enderdehsiet, enderdehsiem(o)s, yu enderdehsiete, enderdehsient
Conditional: enderdehiem, enderdehies, enderdehiet, enderdehiem(o)s, yu enderdehiete, enderdehient
Prev participe: enderdeht / enderdehn enderdeil > Infinitive: enderdiles
Present: enderdeilo, enderdeils, enderdeilt, enderdeilm(o)s, yu enderdeilt(e), enderdeile(nt)
Preterit: enderdilim, enderdil(i)st(a), enderdilit, enderdilam, enderdilat, enderdileer
Future tid: enderdeilsiem, enderdeilsies, enderdeilsiet, enderdeilsiem(o)s, yu enderdeilsiete, enderdeilsient
Conditional: enderdeiliem, enderdeilies, enderdeiliet, enderdeiliem(o)s, yu enderdeiliete, enderdeilient
Prev participe: enderdilt / enderdilen enderghend > Infinitive: enderghende
Present: enderghendo, enderghends, enderghendt, enderghendm(o)s, yu enderghendt(e), enderghende(nt)
Preterit: enderghensim, enderghens(i)st(a), enderghensit, enderghensam, enderghensat, enderghenseer
Future tid: enderghendsiem, enderghendsies, enderghendsiet, enderghendsiem(o)s, yu enderghendsiete, enderghendsient
Conditional: enderghendiem, enderghendies, enderghendiet, enderghendiem(o)s, yu enderghendiete, enderghendient
Prev participe: enderghens / enderghenden endergwehm > Infinitive: endergwehme
Present: endergwehmo, endergwehms, endergwehmt, endergwehmm(o)s, yu endergwehmt(e), endergwehme(nt)
Preterit: endergwohmim, endergwohm(i)st(a), endergwohmit, endergwohmam, endergwohmat, endergwohmeer
Future tid: endergwehmsiem, endergwehmsies, endergwehmsiet, endergwehmsiem(o)s, yu endergwehmsiete, endergwehmsient
Conditional: endergwehmiem, endergwehmies, endergwehmiet, endergwehmiem(o)s, yu endergwehmiete, endergwehmient
Prev participe: endergwohmt / endergwohmen enderkeih > Infinitive: enderkihes
Present: enderkeihm, enderkeihs, enderkeiht, enderkeihm(o)s, yu enderkeiht(e), enderkeihnt
Preterit: enderkihsim, enderkihst(a), enderkihsit, enderkihsam, enderkihsat, enderkihr
Future tid: enderkeihsiem, enderkeihsies, enderkeihsiet, enderkeihsiem(o)s, yu enderkeihsiete, enderkeihsient
Conditional: enderkeihiem, enderkeihies, enderkeihiet, enderkeihiem(o)s, yu enderkeihiete, enderkeihient
Prev participe: enderkiht / enderkihn enderkweit > Infinitive: enderkwites
Present: enderkweito, enderkweits, enderkweit, enderkweitm(o)s, yu enderkweite, enderkweite(nt)
Preterit: enderkwitim, enderkwit(i)st(a), enderkwitit, enderkwitam, enderkwitat, enderkwiteer
Future tid: enderkweitsiem, enderkweitsies, enderkweitsiet, enderkweitsiem(o)s, yu enderkweitsiete, enderkweitsient
Conditional: enderkweitiem, enderkweities, enderkweitiet, enderkweitiem(o)s, yu enderkweitiete, enderkweitient
Prev participe: enderkwit / enderkwiten endermerg > Infinitive: endermerge
Present: endermergo, endermercs, endermerct, endermergm(o)s, yu endermerct(e), endermerge(nt)
Preterit: endermersim, endermers(i)st(a), endermersit, endermersam, endermersat, endermerseer
Future tid: endermercsiem, endermercsies, endermercsiet, endermercsiem(o)s, yu endermercsiete, endermercsient
Conditional: endermergiem, endermergies, endermergiet, endermergiem(o)s, yu endermergiete, endermergient
Prev participe: endermers / endermergen endermine > Infinitive: endermine
Present: io endermine, endermines, enderminet, enderminems, yu enderminet(e), enderminent
Preterit: enderminim, enderminist(a), enderminit, enderminam, enderminat, endermineer
Future tid: enderminesiem, enderminesies, enderminesiet, enderminesiem(o)s, yu enderminesiete, enderminesient
Conditional: enderminiem, enderminies, enderminiet, enderminiem(o)s, yu enderminiete, enderminient
Prev participe: enderminet / enderminen enderplan > Infinitive: enderplane
Present: enderplano, enderplans, enderplant, enderplanm(o)s, yu enderplant(e), enderplane(nt)
Preterit: enderplienim, enderplien(i)st(a), enderplienit, enderplienam, enderplienat, enderplieneer
Future tid: enderplansiem, enderplansies, enderplansiet, enderplansiem(o)s, yu enderplansiete, enderplansient
Conditional: enderplaniem, enderplanies, enderplaniet, enderplaniem(o)s, yu enderplaniete, enderplanient
Prev participe: enderplant / enderplanen endersigne > Infinitive: endersigne
Present: io endersigne, endersignes, endersignet, endersignems, yu endersignet(e), endersignent
Preterit: endersignim, endersignist(a), endersignit, endersignam, endersignat, endersigneer
Future tid: endersignesiem, endersignesies, endersignesiet, endersignesiem(o)s, yu endersignesiete, endersignesient
Conditional: endersigniem, endersignies, endersigniet, endersigniem(o)s, yu endersigniete, endersignient
Prev participe: endersignet / endersignen endersok > Infinitive: endersoke
Present: endersoko, endersocs, endersoct, endersokm(o)s, yu endersoct(e), endersoke(nt)
Preterit: endersokim, endersok(i)st(a), endersokit, endersokam, endersokat, endersokeer
Future tid: endersocsiem, endersocsies, endersocsiet, endersocsiem(o)s, yu endersocsiete, endersocsient
Conditional: endersokiem, endersokies, endersokiet, endersokiem(o)s, yu endersokiete, endersokient
Prev participe: endersoct / endersoken endertrehm > Infinitive: endertrehme
Present: endertrehmo, endertrehms, endertrehmt, endertrehmm(o)s, yu endertrehmt(e), endertrehme(nt)
Preterit: endertrohmim, endertrohm(i)st(a), endertrohmit, endertrohmam, endertrohmat, endertrohmeer
Future tid: endertrehmsiem, endertrehmsies, endertrehmsiet, endertrehmsiem(o)s, yu endertrehmsiete, endertrehmsient
Conditional: endertrehmiem, endertrehmies, endertrehmiet, endertrehmiem(o)s, yu endertrehmiete, endertrehmient
Prev participe: endertrohmt / endertrohmen enderwander > Infinitive: enderwander
Present: io enderwander, enderwanders, enderwandert, enderwanderms, yu enderwandert, enderwandernt
Preterit: enderwiendrim, enderwiendrist, enderwiendrit, enderwiend(e)ram, enderwiend(e)rat, enderwiend(e)reer
Future tid: enderwandersiem, enderwandersies, enderwandersiet, enderwandersiem(o)s, yu enderwandersiete, enderwandersient
Conditional: enderwanderiem, enderwanderies, enderwanderiet, enderwanderiem(o)s, yu enderwanderiete, enderwanderient
Prev participe: enderwandert / enderwandern endighom > Infinitive: endighome
Present: endighomo, endighoms, endighomt, endighomm(o)s, yu endighomt(e), endighome(nt)
Preterit: endighomim, endighom(i)st(a), endighomit, endighomam, endighomat, endighomeer
Future tid: endighomsiem, endighomsies, endighomsiet, endighomsiem(o)s, yu endighomsiete, endighomsient
Conditional: endighomiem, endighomies, endighomiet, endighomiem(o)s, yu endighomiete, endighomient
Prev participe: endighomt / endighomen endu > Infinitive: endue
Present: endum, endus, endut, endum(o)s, yu endut(e), endunt
Preterit: endusim, endust(a), endusit, endam, endat, endur
Future tid: endusiem, endusies, endusiet, endusiem(o)s, yu endusiete, endusient
Conditional: endiem, endies, endiet, endiem(o)s, yu endiete, endient
Prev participe: endut / endun endure > Infinitive: endure
Present: io endure, endures, enduret, endurems, yu enduret(e), endurent
Preterit: endurim, endurist(a), endurit, enduram, endurat, endureer
Future tid: enduresiem, enduresies, enduresiet, enduresiem(o)s, yu enduresiete, enduresient
Conditional: enduriem, enduries, enduriet, enduriem(o)s, yu enduriete, endurient
Prev participe: enduret / enduren enfall > Infinitive: enfalle
Present: enfallo, enfalls, enfallt, enfallm(o)s, yu enfallt(e), enfalle(nt)
Preterit: enfiellim, enfiell(i)st(a), enfiellit, enfiellam, enfiellat, enfielleer
Future tid: enfallsiem, enfallsies, enfallsiet, enfallsiem(o)s, yu enfallsiete, enfallsient
Conditional: enfalliem, enfallies, enfalliet, enfalliem(o)s, yu enfalliete, enfallient
Prev participe: enfallt / enfallen enfeurn > Infinitive: enfurnes
Present: enfeurno, enfeurns, enfeurnt, enfeurnm(o)s, yu enfeurnt(e), enfeurne(nt)
Preterit: enfurnim, enfurn(i)st(a), enfurnit, enfurnam, enfurnat, enfurneer
Future tid: enfeurnsiem, enfeurnsies, enfeurnsiet, enfeurnsiem(o)s, yu enfeurnsiete, enfeurnsient
Conditional: enfeurniem, enfeurnies, enfeurniet, enfeurniem(o)s, yu enfeurniete, enfeurnient
Prev participe: enfurnt / enfurnen enflamme > Infinitive: enflamme
Present: io enflamme, enflammes, enflammet, enflammems, yu enflammet(e), enflamment
Preterit: enflammim, enflammist(a), enflammit, enflammam, enflammat, enflammeer
Future tid: enflammesiem, enflammesies, enflammesiet, enflammesiem(o)s, yu enflammesiete, enflammesient
Conditional: enflammiem, enflammies, enflammiet, enflammiem(o)s, yu enflammiete, enflammient
Prev participe: enflammet / enflammen engage > Infinitive: engage
Present: io engage, engages, engaget, engagems, yu engaget(e), engagent
Preterit: engagim, engagist(a), engagit, engageam, engageat, engageer
Future tid: engagesiem, engagesies, engagesiet, engagesiem(o)s, yu engagesiete, engagesient
Conditional: engagiem, engagies, engagiet, engagiem(o)s, yu engagiete, engagient
Prev participe: engaget / engagen engarg > Infinitive: engarge
Present: engargo, engarcs, engarct, engargm(o)s, yu engarct(e), engarge(nt)
Preterit: engiergim, engierg(i)st(a), engiergit, engiergam, engiergat, engiergeer
Future tid: engarcsiem, engarcsies, engarcsiet, engarcsiem(o)s, yu engarcsiete, engarcsient
Conditional: engargiem, engargies, engargiet, engargiem(o)s, yu engargiete, engargient
Prev participe: engars / engargen engharth > Infinitive: engharthe
Present: enghartho, engharths, enghartht, engharthm(o)s, yu enghartht(e), engharthe(nt)
Preterit: enghierthim, enghierth(i)st(a), enghierthit, enghiertham, enghierthat, enghiertheer
Future tid: engharthsiem, engharthsies, engharthsiet, engharthsiem(o)s, yu engharthsiete, engharthsient
Conditional: engharthiem, engharthies, engharthiet, engharthiem(o)s, yu engharthiete, engharthient
Prev participe: enghartht / engharthen engheulf > Infinitive: enghulfes
Present: engheulfo, engheulfs, engheulft, engheulfm(o)s, yu engheulft(e), engheulfe(nt)
Preterit: enghulfim, enghulf(i)st(a), enghulfit, enghulfam, enghulfat, enghulfeer
Future tid: engheulfsiem, engheulfsies, engheulfsiet, engheulfsiem(o)s, yu engheulfsiete, engheulfsient
Conditional: engheulfiem, engheulfies, engheulfiet, engheulfiem(o)s, yu engheulfiete, engheulfient
Prev participe: enghulft / enghulfen engweu > Infinitive: engwues
Present: engweum, engweus, engweut, engweum(o)s, yu engweut(e), engweunt
Preterit: engwusim, engwust(a), engwusit, engwam, engwat, engwur
Future tid: engweusiem, engweusies, engweusiet, engweusiem(o)s, yu engweusiete, engweusient
Conditional: engweuiem, engweuies, engweuiet, engweuiem(o)s, yu engweuiete, engweuient
Prev participe: engwut / engwun engwuhen > Infinitive: engwuhnes
Present: engwuhno, engwuhens, engwuhent, engwuhnm(o)s, yu engwuhent(e), engwuhne(nt)
Preterit: engwuhsim, engwuhst(a), engwuhsit, engwuhsam, engwuhsat, engwuhr
Future tid: engwuhensiem, engwuhensies, engwuhensiet, engwuhensiem(o)s, yu engwuhensiete, engwuhensient
Conditional: engwuhniem, engwuhnies, engwuhniet, engwuhniem(o)s, yu engwuhniete, engwuhnient
Prev participe: engwuht / engwuhn enhang > Infinitive: enhange
Present: enhango, enhancs, enhanct, enhangm(o)s, yu enhanct(e), enhange(nt)
Preterit: enhiengim, enhieng(i)st(a), enhiengit, enhiengam, enhiengat, enhiengeer
Future tid: enhancsiem, enhancsies, enhancsiet, enhancsiem(o)s, yu enhancsiete, enhancsient
Conditional: enhangiem, enhangies, enhangiet, enhangiem(o)s, yu enhangiete, enhangient
Prev participe: enhanct / enhangen enkarcer > Infinitive: enkarcer
Present: io enkarcer, enkarcers, enkarcert, enkarcerms, yu enkarcert, enkarcernt
Preterit: enkiercer, enkiercerst, enkiercer, enkiercer(am), enkiercer(at), enkiercer(eer)
Future tid: enkarcersiem, enkarcersies, enkarcersiet, enkarcersiem(o)s, yu enkarcersiete, enkarcersient
Conditional: enkarceriem, enkarceries, enkarceriet, enkarceriem(o)s, yu enkarceriete, enkarcerient
Prev participe: enkarcert / enkarcern enkorm > Infinitive: enkorme
Present: enkormo, enkorms, enkormt, enkormm(o)s, yu enkormt(e), enkorme(nt)
Preterit: enkormim, enkorm(i)st(a), enkormit, enkormam, enkormat, enkormeer
Future tid: enkormsiem, enkormsies, enkormsiet, enkormsiem(o)s, yu enkormsiete, enkormsient
Conditional: enkormiem, enkormies, enkormiet, enkormiem(o)s, yu enkormiete, enkormient
Prev participe: enkormt / enkormen enkrew > Infinitive: enkrewe
Present: enkrewo, enkrews, enkrewt, enkrewm(o)s, yu enkrewt(e), enkrewnt
Preterit: enkrewim, enkrewst(a), enkrewit, enkrewam, enkrewat, enkreweer
Future tid: enkrewsiem, enkrewsies, enkrewsiet, enkrewsiem(o)s, yu enkrewsiete, enkrewsient
Conditional: enkrewiem, enkrewies, enkrewiet, enkrewiem(o)s, yu enkrewiete, enkrewient
Prev participe: enkrewt / enkrewen enleuc > Infinitive: enluces
Present: enleuco, enleucs, enleuct, enleucm(o)s, yu enleuct(e), enleuce(nt)
Preterit: enlucim, enluc(i)st(a), enlucit, enlucam, enlucat, enluceer
Future tid: enleucsiem, enleucsies, enleucsiet, enleucsiem(o)s, yu enleucsiete, enleucsient
Conditional: enleuciem, enleucies, enleuciet, enleuciem(o)s, yu enleuciete, enleucient
Prev participe: enluct / enlucen enleur > Infinitive: enlures
Present: enleuro, enleurs, enleurt, enleurm(o)s, yu enleurt(e), enleure(nt)
Preterit: enlurim, enlur(i)st(a), enlurit, enluram, enlurat, enlureer
Future tid: enleursiem, enleursies, enleursiet, enleursiem(o)s, yu enleursiete, enleursient
Conditional: enleuriem, enleuries, enleuriet, enleuriem(o)s, yu enleuriete, enleurient
Prev participe: enlurt / enluren enlieubh > Infinitive: enliubhes
Present: enlieubho, enlieubhs, enlieubht, enlieubhm(o)s, yu enlieubht(e), enlieubhe(nt)
Preterit: enliubhim, enliubh(i)st(a), enliubhit, enliubham, enliubhat, enliubheer
Future tid: enlieubhsiem, enlieubhsies, enlieubhsiet, enlieubhsiem(o)s, yu enlieubhsiete, enlieubhsient
Conditional: enlieubhiem, enlieubhies, enlieubhiet, enlieubhiem(o)s, yu enlieubhiete, enlieubhient
Prev participe: enliubht / enliubhen enlieubh > Infinitive: enliubhes
Present: enlieubho, enlieubhs, enlieubht, enlieubhm(o)s, yu enlieubht(e), enlieubhe(nt)
Preterit: enliubhim, enliubh(i)st(a), enliubhit, enliubham, enliubhat, enliubheer
Future tid: enlieubhsiem, enlieubhsies, enlieubhsiet, enlieubhsiem(o)s, yu enlieubhsiete, enlieubhsient
Conditional: enlieubhiem, enlieubhies, enlieubhiet, enlieubhiem(o)s, yu enlieubhiete, enlieubhient
Prev participe: enliubht / enliubhen enligne > Infinitive: enligne
Present: io enligne, enlignes, enlignet, enlignems, yu enlignet(e), enlignent
Preterit: enlignim, enlignist(a), enlignit, enlignam, enlignat, enligneer
Future tid: enlignesiem, enlignesies, enlignesiet, enlignesiem(o)s, yu enlignesiete, enlignesient
Conditional: enligniem, enlignies, enligniet, enligniem(o)s, yu enligniete, enlignient
Prev participe: enlignet / enlignen enliste > Infinitive: enliste
Present: io enliste, enlistes, enlistet, enlistems, yu enlistet(e), enlistent
Preterit: enlistim, enlistist(a), enlistit, enlistam, enlistat, enlisteer
Future tid: enlistesiem, enlistesies, enlistesiet, enlistesiem(o)s, yu enlistesiete, enlistesient
Conditional: enlistiem, enlisties, enlistiet, enlistiem(o)s, yu enlistiete, enlistient
Prev participe: enlistet / enlisten enmagh > Infinitive: enmaghe
Present: enmagho, enmaghs, enmaght, enmaghm(o)s, yu enmaght(e), enmaghe(nt)
Preterit: enmieghim, enmiegh(i)st(a), enmieghit, enmiegham, enmieghat, enmiegheer
Future tid: enmaghsiem, enmaghsies, enmaghsiet, enmaghsiem(o)s, yu enmaghsiete, enmaghsient
Conditional: enmaghiem, enmaghies, enmaghiet, enmaghiem(o)s, yu enmaghiete, enmaghient
Prev participe: enmaght / enmaghen enneus > Infinitive: ennuses
Present: enneuso, enneus, enneust, enneusm(o)s, yu enneust(e), enneuse(nt)
Preterit: ennusim, ennus(i)st(a), ennusit, ennusam, ennusat, ennuseer
Future tid: siem ennuses, sies ennuses, siet ennuses, siem(o)s ennuses, yu siete ennuses, sient ennuses
Conditional: enneusiem, enneusies, enneusiet, enneusiem(o)s, yu enneusiete, enneusient
Prev participe: ennust / ennusen enover > Infinitive: enover
Present: io enover, enovers, enovert, enoverms, yu enovert, enovernt
Preterit: enovrim, enovrist, enovrit, enov(e)ram, enov(e)rat, enov(e)reer
Future tid: enoversiem, enoversies, enoversiet, enoversiem(o)s, yu enoversiete, enoversient
Conditional: enoveriem, enoveries, enoveriet, enoveriem(o)s, yu enoveriete, enoverient
Prev participe: enovert / enovern ensand > Infinitive: ensande
Present: ensando, ensands, ensandt, ensandm(o)s, yu ensandt(e), ensande(nt)
Preterit: ensiendim, ensiend(i)st(a), ensiendit, ensiendam, ensiendat, ensiendeer
Future tid: ensandsiem, ensandsies, ensandsiet, ensandsiem(o)s, yu ensandsiete, ensandsient
Conditional: ensandiem, ensandies, ensandiet, ensandiem(o)s, yu ensandiete, ensandient
Prev participe: ensans / ensanden enscene > Infinitive: enscene
Present: io enscene, enscenes, enscenet, enscenems, yu enscenet(e), enscenent
Preterit: enscenim, enscenist(a), enscenit, enscenam, enscenat, ensceneer
Future tid: enscenesiem, enscenesies, enscenesiet, enscenesiem(o)s, yu enscenesiete, enscenesient
Conditional: ensceniem, enscenies, ensceniet, ensceniem(o)s, yu ensceniete, enscenient
Prev participe: enscenet / enscenen enschalt > Infinitive: enschalte
Present: enschalto, enschalts, enschalt, enschaltm(o)s, yu enschalte, enschalte(nt)
Preterit: enschieltim, enschielt(i)st(a), enschieltit, enschieltam, enschieltat, enschielteer
Future tid: enschaltsiem, enschaltsies, enschaltsiet, enschaltsiem(o)s, yu enschaltsiete, enschaltsient
Conditional: enschaltiem, enschalties, enschaltiet, enschaltiem(o)s, yu enschaltiete, enschaltient
Prev participe: enschalt / enschalten enscol > Infinitive: enscole
Present: enscolo, enscols, enscolt, enscolm(o)s, yu enscolt(e), enscole(nt)
Preterit: enscolim, enscol(i)st(a), enscolit, enscolam, enscolat, enscoleer
Future tid: enscolsiem, enscolsies, enscolsiet, enscolsiem(o)s, yu enscolsiete, enscolsient
Conditional: enscoliem, enscolies, enscoliet, enscoliem(o)s, yu enscoliete, enscolient
Prev participe: enscolt / enscolen enskaurnt > Infinitive: enskaurnte
Present: enskaurnto, enskaurnts, enskaurnt, enskaurntm(o)s, yu enskaurnte, enskaurnte(nt)
Preterit: enskaurntim, enskaurnt(i)st(a), enskaurntit, enskaurntam, enskaurntat, enskaurnteer
Future tid: enskaurntsiem, enskaurntsies, enskaurntsiet, enskaurntsiem(o)s, yu enskaurntsiete, enskaurntsient
Conditional: enskaurntiem, enskaurnties, enskaurntiet, enskaurntiem(o)s, yu enskaurntiete, enskaurntient
Prev participe: enskaurnt / enskaurnten ensorb > Infinitive: ensorbe
Present: ensorbo, ensorps, ensorpt, ensorbm(o)s, yu ensorpt(e), ensorbe(nt)
Preterit: ensorbim, ensorb(i)st(a), ensorbit, ensorbam, ensorbat, ensorbeer
Future tid: ensorpsiem, ensorpsies, ensorpsiet, ensorpsiem(o)s, yu ensorpsiete, ensorpsient
Conditional: ensorbiem, ensorbies, ensorbiet, ensorbiem(o)s, yu ensorbiete, ensorbient
Prev participe: ensorpt / ensorben ensrov > Infinitive: ensrove
Present: ensrovo, ensrovs, ensrovt, ensrovm(o)s, yu ensrovt(e), ensrove(nt)
Preterit: ensrovim, ensrov(i)st(a), ensrovit, ensrovam, ensrovat, ensroveer
Future tid: ensrovsiem, ensrovsies, ensrovsiet, ensrovsiem(o)s, yu ensrovsiete, ensrovsient
Conditional: ensroviem, ensrovies, ensroviet, ensroviem(o)s, yu ensroviete, ensrovient
Prev participe: ensrot / ensroven enthusiasme > Infinitive: enthusiasme
Present: io enthusiasme, enthusiasmes, enthusiasmet, enthusiasmems, yu enthusiasmet(e), enthusiasment
Preterit: enthusiasmim, enthusiasmist(a), enthusiasmit, enthusiasmam, enthusiasmat, enthusiasmeer
Future tid: enthusiasmesiem, enthusiasmesies, enthusiasmesiet, enthusiasmesiem(o)s, yu enthusiasmesiete, enthusiasmesient
Conditional: enthusiasmiem, enthusiasmies, enthusiasmiet, enthusiasmiem(o)s, yu enthusiasmiete, enthusiasmient
Prev participe: enthusiasmet / enthusiasmen entonar > Infinitive: entonare
Present: entonaro, entonars, entonart, entonarm(o)s, yu entonart(e), entonare(nt)
Preterit: entonierim, entonier(i)st(a), entonierit, entonieram, entonierat, entoniereer
Future tid: entonarsiem, entonarsies, entonarsiet, entonarsiem(o)s, yu entonarsiete, entonarsient
Conditional: entonariem, entonaries, entonariet, entonariem(o)s, yu entonariete, entonarient
Prev participe: entonart / entonaren entorgue > Infinitive: entorgue
Present: io entorgue, entorgues, entorguet, entorguems, yu entorguet(e), entorguent
Preterit: entorguim, entorguist(a), entorguit, entorguam, entorguat, entorgueer
Future tid: entorguesiem, entorguesies, entorguesiet, entorguesiem(o)s, yu entorguesiete, entorguesient
Conditional: entorguiem, entorguies, entorguiet, entorguiem(o)s, yu entorguiete, entorguient
Prev participe: entorguet / entorguen entre > Infinitive: entre
Present: io entre, entres, entret, entrems, yu entret(e), entrent
Preterit: entrim, entrist(a), entrit, entram, entrat, entreer
Future tid: entresiem, entresies, entresiet, entresiem(o)s, yu entresiete, entresient
Conditional: entriem, entries, entriet, entriem(o)s, yu entriete, entrient
Prev participe: entret / entren entreprined > Infinitive: entreprindes
Present: entreprindo, entreprinds, entreprindt, entreprindm(o)s, yu entreprindt(e), entreprinde(nt)
Preterit: entreprisim, entrepris(i)st(a), entreprisit, entreprisam, entreprisat, entrepriseer
Future tid: entreprindsiem, entreprindsies, entreprindsiet, entreprindsiem(o)s, yu entreprindsiete, entreprindsient
Conditional: entreprindiem, entreprindies, entreprindiet, entreprindiem(o)s, yu entreprindiete, entreprindient
Prev participe: entrepris / entrepriden entreprise > Infinitive: entreprise
Present: io entreprise, entreprises, entrepriset, entreprisems, yu entrepriset(e), entreprisent
Preterit: entreprisim, entreprisist(a), entreprisit, entreprisam, entreprisat, entrepriseer
Future tid: entreprisesiem, entreprisesies, entreprisesiet, entreprisesiem(o)s, yu entreprisesiete, entreprisesient
Conditional: entreprisiem, entreprisies, entreprisiet, entreprisiem(o)s, yu entreprisiete, entreprisient
Prev participe: entrepriset / entreprisen entretein > Infinitive: entretines
Present: entreteino, entreteins, entreteint, entreteinm(o)s, yu entreteint(e), entreteine(nt)
Preterit: entretinim, entretin(i)st(a), entretinit, entretinam, entretinat, entretineer
Future tid: entreteinsiem, entreteinsies, entreteinsiet, entreteinsiem(o)s, yu entreteinsiete, entreteinsient
Conditional: entreteiniem, entreteinies, entreteiniet, entreteiniem(o)s, yu entreteiniete, entreteinient
Prev participe: entretint / entretinen enunce > Infinitive: enunce
Present: io enunce, enunces, enuncet, enuncems, yu enuncet(e), enuncent
Preterit: enuncim, enuncist(a), enuncit, enunceam, enunceat, enunceer
Future tid: enuncesiem, enuncesies, enuncesiet, enuncesiem(o)s, yu enuncesiete, enuncesient
Conditional: enunciem, enuncies, enunciet, enunciem(o)s, yu enunciete, enuncient
Prev participe: enuncet / enuncen envie > Infinitive: envie
Present: io envie, envies, enviet, enviems, yu enviet(e), envient
Preterit: envicim, enviest, envicit, enviam, enviat, envier
Future tid: enviesiem, enviesies, enviesiet, enviesiem(o)s, yu enviesiete, enviesient
Conditional: enviciem, envicies, enviciet, enviciem(o)s, yu enviciete, envicient
Prev participe: enviet / envien enwehrg > Infinitive: enwehrge
Present: enwehrgo, enwehrcs, enwehrct, enwehrgm(o)s, yu enwehrct(e), enwehrge(nt)
Preterit: enwohrgim, enwohrg(i)st(a), enwohrgit, enwohrgam, enwohrgat, enwohrgeer
Future tid: enwehrcsiem, enwehrcsies, enwehrcsiet, enwehrcsiem(o)s, yu enwehrcsiete, enwehrcsient
Conditional: enwehrgiem, enwehrgies, enwehrgiet, enwehrgiem(o)s, yu enwehrgiete, enwehrgient
Prev participe: enwohrct / enwohrgen enwoghle > Infinitive: enwoghle
Present: io enwoghle, enwoghles, enwoghlet, enwoghlems, yu enwoghlet(e), enwoghlent
Preterit: enwoghlim, enwoghlist(a), enwoghlit, enwoghlam, enwoghlat, enwoghleer
Future tid: enwoghlesiem, enwoghlesies, enwoghlesiet, enwoghlesiem(o)s, yu enwoghlesiete, enwoghlesient
Conditional: enwoghliem, enwoghlies, enwoghliet, enwoghliem(o)s, yu enwoghliete, enwoghlient
Prev participe: enwoghlet / enwoghlen epkeih > Infinitive: epkihes
Present: epkeihm, epkeihs, epkeiht, epkeihm(o)s, yu epkeiht(e), epkeihnt
Preterit: epkihsim, epkihst(a), epkihsit, epkihsam, epkihsat, epkihr
Future tid: epkeihsiem, epkeihsies, epkeihsiet, epkeihsiem(o)s, yu epkeihsiete, epkeihsient
Conditional: epkeihiem, epkeihies, epkeihiet, epkeihiem(o)s, yu epkeihiete, epkeihient
Prev participe: epkiht / epkihn eptemmen > Infinitive: eptemmnes
Present: eptemmno, eptemmens, eptemment, eptemmnm(o)s, yu eptemment(e), eptemmne(nt)
Preterit: eptemmim, eptemm(i)st(a), eptemmit, eptemmam, eptemmat, eptemmeer
Future tid: eptemmensiem, eptemmensies, eptemmensiet, eptemmensiem(o)s, yu eptemmensiete, eptemmensient
Conditional: eptemmniem, eptemmnies, eptemmniet, eptemmniem(o)s, yu eptemmniete, eptemmnient
Prev participe: eptemmt / eptemmen epterroll > Infinitive: epterrolle
Present: epterrollo, epterrolls, epterrollt, epterrollm(o)s, yu epterrollt(e), epterrolle(nt)
Preterit: epterrollim, epterroll(i)st(a), epterrollit, epterrollam, epterrollat, epterrolleer
Future tid: epterrollsiem, epterrollsies, epterrollsiet, epterrollsiem(o)s, yu epterrollsiete, epterrollsient
Conditional: epterrolliem, epterrollies, epterrolliet, epterrolliem(o)s, yu epterrolliete, epterrollient
Prev participe: epterrollt / epterrollen epterwehgh > Infinitive: epterwehghe
Present: epterwehgho, epterwehghs, epterwehght, epterwehghm(o)s, yu epterwehght(e), epterwehghe(nt)
Preterit: epterwohghim, epterwohgh(i)st(a), epterwohghit, epterwohgham, epterwohghat, epterwohgheer
Future tid: epterwehghsiem, epterwehghsies, epterwehghsiet, epterwehghsiem(o)s, yu epterwehghsiete, epterwehghsient
Conditional: epterwehghiem, epterwehghies, epterwehghiet, epterwehghiem(o)s, yu epterwehghiete, epterwehghient
Prev participe: epterwohght / epterwohghen equiliber > Infinitive: equiliber
Present: io equiliber, equilibers, equilibert, equiliberms, yu equilibert, equilibernt
Preterit: equilibrim, equilibrist, equilibrit, equilib(e)ram, equilib(e)rat, equilib(e)reer
Future tid: equilibersiem, equilibersies, equilibersiet, equilibersiem(o)s, yu equilibersiete, equilibersient
Conditional: equiliberiem, equiliberies, equiliberiet, equiliberiem(o)s, yu equiliberiete, equiliberient
Prev participe: equilibert / equilibern erem > Infinitive: ermes
Present: ermo, erems, eremt, ermm(o)s, yu eremt(e), erme(nt)
Preterit: erim, er(i)st(a), erit, eram, erat, ereer
Future tid: eremsiem, eremsies, eremsiet, eremsiem(o)s, yu eremsiete, eremsient
Conditional: ermiem, ermies, ermiet, ermiem(o)s, yu ermiete, ermient
Prev participe: ert / eren ereudh > Infinitive: erudhes
Present: ereudho, ereudhs, ereudht, ereudhm(o)s, yu ereudht(e), ereudhe(nt)
Preterit: erudhim, erudh(i)st(a), erudhit, erudham, erudhat, erudheer
Future tid: ereudhsiem, ereudhsies, ereudhsiet, ereudhsiem(o)s, yu ereudhsiete, ereudhsient
Conditional: ereudhiem, ereudhies, ereudhiet, ereudhiem(o)s, yu ereudhiete, ereudhient
Prev participe: erudht / erudhen ereug > Infinitive: eruges
Present: ereugo, ereucs, ereuct, ereugm(o)s, yu ereuct(e), ereuge(nt)
Preterit: erugim, erug(i)st(a), erugit, erugam, erugat, erugeer
Future tid: ereucsiem, ereucsies, ereucsiet, ereucsiem(o)s, yu ereucsiete, ereucsient
Conditional: ereugiem, ereugies, ereugiet, ereugiem(o)s, yu ereugiete, ereugient
Prev participe: eruct / erugen ereup > Infinitive: erupes
Present: ereupo, ereups, ereupt, ereupm(o)s, yu ereupt(e), ereupe(nt)
Preterit: erupim, erup(i)st(a), erupit, erupam, erupat, erupeer
Future tid: ereupsiem, ereupsies, ereupsiet, ereupsiem(o)s, yu ereupsiete, ereupsient
Conditional: ereupiem, ereupies, ereupiet, ereupiem(o)s, yu ereupiete, ereupient
Prev participe: erupt / erupen ergh > Infinitive: erghe
Present: ergho, erghs, erght, erghm(o)s, yu erght(e), erghe(nt)
Preterit: erghim, ergh(i)st(a), erghit, ergham, erghat, ergheer
Future tid: erghsiem, erghsies, erghsiet, erghsiem(o)s, yu erghsiete, erghsient
Conditional: erghiem, erghies, erghiet, erghiem(o)s, yu erghiete, erghient
Prev participe: erght / erghen erkw > Infinitive: erkwe
Present: erkwo, erkws, erkwt, erkwm(o)s, yu erkwt(e), erkwnt
Preterit: erkwim, erkwst(a), erkwit, erkwam, erkwat, erkweer
Future tid: erkwsiem, erkwsies, erkwsiet, erkwsiem(o)s, yu erkwsiete, erkwsient
Conditional: erkwiem, erkwies, erkwiet, erkwiem(o)s, yu erkwiete, erkwient
Prev participe: erkwt / erkwn erod > Infinitive: erode
Present: erodo, erods, erodt, erodm(o)s, yu erodt(e), erode(nt)
Preterit: erosim, eros(i)st(a), erosit, erosam, erosat, eroseer
Future tid: erodsiem, erodsies, erodsiet, erodsiem(o)s, yu erodsiete, erodsient
Conditional: erodiem, erodies, erodiet, erodiem(o)s, yu erodiete, erodient
Prev participe: eros / eroden erre > Infinitive: erre
Present: io erre, erres, erret, errems, yu erret(e), errent
Preterit: errim, errist(a), errit, erram, errat, erreer
Future tid: erresiem, erresies, erresiet, erresiem(o)s, yu erresiete, erresient
Conditional: erriem, erries, erriet, erriem(o)s, yu erriete, errient
Prev participe: erret / erren es > Infinitive: ses
Present: som, es, est, smos, yu ste, sont
Preterit: buim/eem, buist(a)/ees, buit/eet, buam/eemos, buat/eete, buir/eent
Future tid: siem ses, sies ses, siet ses, siem(o)s ses, yu siete ses, sient ses
Conditional: esiem, esies, esiet, esiem(o)s, yu esiete, esient
Prev participe: est / esen escalade > Infinitive: escalade
Present: io escalade, escalades, escaladet, escaladems, yu escaladet(e), escaladent
Preterit: escaladim, escaladist(a), escaladit, escaladam, escaladat, escaladeer
Future tid: escaladesiem, escaladesies, escaladesiet, escaladesiem(o)s, yu escaladesiete, escaladesient
Conditional: escaladiem, escaladies, escaladiet, escaladiem(o)s, yu escaladiete, escaladient
Prev participe: escaladet / escaladen espalier > Infinitive: espaliere
Present: espaliero, espaliers, espaliert, espalierm(o)s, yu espaliert(e), espaliere(nt)
Preterit: espalierim, espalier(i)st(a), espalierit, espalieram, espalierat, espaliereer
Future tid: espaliersiem, espaliersies, espaliersiet, espaliersiem(o)s, yu espaliersiete, espaliersient
Conditional: espalieriem, espalieries, espalieriet, espalieriem(o)s, yu espalieriete, espalierient
Prev participe: espaliert / espalieren espose > Infinitive: espose
Present: io espose, esposes, esposet, esposems, yu esposet(e), esposent
Preterit: esposim, esposist(a), esposit, esposam, esposat, esposeer
Future tid: esposesiem, esposesies, esposesiet, esposesiem(o)s, yu esposesiete, esposesient
Conditional: esposiem, esposies, esposiet, esposiem(o)s, yu esposiete, esposient
Prev participe: esposet / esposen establie > Infinitive: establie
Present: io establie, establies, establiet, establiems, yu establiet(e), establient
Preterit: establicim, establiest, establicit, establiam, establiat, establier
Future tid: establiesiem, establiesies, establiesiet, establiesiem(o)s, yu establiesiete, establiesient
Conditional: establiciem, establicies, establiciet, establiciem(o)s, yu establiciete, establicient
Prev participe: establiet / establien estime > Infinitive: estime
Present: io estime, estimes, estimet, estimems, yu estimet(e), estiment
Preterit: estimim, estimist(a), estimit, estimam, estimat, estimeer
Future tid: estimesiem, estimesies, estimesiet, estimesiem(o)s, yu estimesiete, estimesient
Conditional: estimiem, estimies, estimiet, estimiem(o)s, yu estimiete, estimient
Prev participe: estimet / estimen etibehd > Infinitive: etibehde
Present: etibehdo, etibehds, etibehdt, etibehdm(o)s, yu etibehdt(e), etibehde(nt)
Preterit: etibohdim, etibohd(i)st(a), etibohdit, etibohdam, etibohdat, etibohdeer
Future tid: etibehdsiem, etibehdsies, etibehdsiet, etibehdsiem(o)s, yu etibehdsiete, etibehdsient
Conditional: etibehdiem, etibehdies, etibehdiet, etibehdiem(o)s, yu etibehdiete, etibehdient
Prev participe: etibohdt / etibohden eticrehsc > Infinitive: eticrehsce
Present: eticrehsco, eticrehscs, eticrehsct, eticrehscm(o)s, yu eticrehsct(e), eticrehsce(nt)
Preterit: eticrohscim, eticrohsc(i)st(a), eticrohscit, eticrohscam, eticrohscat, eticrohsceer
Future tid: eticrehscsiem, eticrehscsies, eticrehscsiet, eticrehscsiem(o)s, yu eticrehscsiete, eticrehscsient
Conditional: eticrehsciem, eticrehscies, eticrehsciet, eticrehsciem(o)s, yu eticrehsciete, eticrehscient
Prev participe: eticrohsct / eticrohscen etikmehen > Infinitive: etikmehnes
Present: etikmehno, etikmehens, etikmehent, etikmehnm(o)s, yu etikmehent(e), etikmehne(nt)
Preterit: etikmehsim, etikmehst(a), etikmehsit, etikmehsam, etikmehsat, etikmehr
Future tid: etikmehensiem, etikmehensies, etikmehensiet, etikmehensiem(o)s, yu etikmehensiete, etikmehensient
Conditional: etikmehniem, etikmehnies, etikmehniet, etikmehniem(o)s, yu etikmehniete, etikmehnient
Prev participe: etikmeht / etikmehn etileikw > Infinitive: etilikwes
Present: etileikwo, etileikws, etileikwt, etileikwm(o)s, yu etileikwt(e), etileikwnt
Preterit: etilikwim, etilikwst(a), etilikwit, etilikwam, etilikwat, etilikweer
Future tid: etileikwsiem, etileikwsies, etileikwsiet, etileikwsiem(o)s, yu etileikwsiete, etileikwsient
Conditional: etileikwiem, etileikwies, etileikwiet, etileikwiem(o)s, yu etileikwiete, etileikwient
Prev participe: etilikwt / etilikwn etiquettire > Infinitive: etiquettire
Present: io etiquettire, etiquettires, etiquettiret, etiquettirems, yu etiquettiret(e), etiquettirent
Preterit: etiquettirim, etiquettirist(a), etiquettirit, etiquettiram, etiquettirat, etiquettireer
Future tid: etiquettiresiem, etiquettiresies, etiquettiresiet, etiquettiresiem(o)s, yu etiquettiresiete, etiquettiresient
Conditional: etiquettiriem, etiquettiries, etiquettiriet, etiquettiriem(o)s, yu etiquettiriete, etiquettirient
Prev participe: etiquettiret / etiquettiren etiwastue > Infinitive: etiwastue
Present: io etiwastue, etiwastues, etiwastuet, etiwastuems, yu etiwastuet(e), etiwastuent
Preterit: etiwastuim, etiwastuist(a), etiwastuit, etiwastuam, etiwastuat, etiwastueer
Future tid: etiwastuesiem, etiwastuesies, etiwastuesiet, etiwastuesiem(o)s, yu etiwastuesiete, etiwastuesient
Conditional: etiwastuiem, etiwastuies, etiwastuiet, etiwastuiem(o)s, yu etiwastuiete, etiwastuient
Prev participe: etiwastuet / etiwastuen etiwaurg > Infinitive: etiwaurge
Present: etiwaurgo, etiwaurcs, etiwaurct, etiwaurgm(o)s, yu etiwaurct(e), etiwaurge(nt)
Preterit: etiwaursim, etiwaurs(i)st(a), etiwaursit, etiwaursam, etiwaursat, etiwaurseer
Future tid: etiwaurcsiem, etiwaurcsies, etiwaurcsiet, etiwaurcsiem(o)s, yu etiwaurcsiete, etiwaurcsient
Conditional: etiwaurgiem, etiwaurgies, etiwaurgiet, etiwaurgiem(o)s, yu etiwaurgiete, etiwaurgient
Prev participe: etiwaurs / etiwaurgen euc > Infinitive: uces
Present: euco, eucs, euct, eucm(o)s, yu euct(e), euce(nt)
Preterit: ucim, uc(i)st(a), ucit, ucam, ucat, uceer
Future tid: eucsiem, eucsies, eucsiet, eucsiem(o)s, yu eucsiete, eucsient
Conditional: euciem, eucies, euciet, euciem(o)s, yu euciete, eucient
Prev participe: uct / ucen eul > Infinitive: ules
Present: eulo, euls, eult, eulm(o)s, yu eult(e), eule(nt)
Preterit: ulim, ul(i)st(a), ulit, ulam, ulat, uleer
Future tid: eulsiem, eulsies, eulsiet, eulsiem(o)s, yu eulsiete, eulsient
Conditional: euliem, eulies, euliet, euliem(o)s, yu euliete, eulient
Prev participe: ult / ulen eulg > Infinitive: ulges
Present: eulgo, eulcs, eulct, eulgm(o)s, yu eulct(e), eulge(nt)
Preterit: ulgim, ulg(i)st(a), ulgit, ulgam, ulgat, ulgeer
Future tid: eulcsiem, eulcsies, eulcsiet, eulcsiem(o)s, yu eulcsiete, eulcsient
Conditional: eulgiem, eulgies, eulgiet, eulgiem(o)s, yu eulgiete, eulgient
Prev participe: ulct / ulgen eurehp > Infinitive: eurehpe
Present: eurehpo, eurehps, eurehpt, eurehpm(o)s, yu eurehpt(e), eurehpe(nt)
Preterit: eurohpim, eurohp(i)st(a), eurohpit, eurohpam, eurohpat, eurohpeer
Future tid: eurehpsiem, eurehpsies, eurehpsiet, eurehpsiem(o)s, yu eurehpsiete, eurehpsient
Conditional: eurehpiem, eurehpies, eurehpiet, eurehpiem(o)s, yu eurehpiete, eurehpient
Prev participe: eurohpt / eurohpen eurng > Infinitive: urnges
Present: eurngo, eurncs, eurnct, eurngm(o)s, yu eurnct(e), eurnge(nt)
Preterit: urngim, urng(i)st(a), urngit, urngam, urngat, urngeer
Future tid: eurncsiem, eurncsies, eurncsiet, eurncsiem(o)s, yu eurncsiete, eurncsient
Conditional: eurngiem, eurngies, eurngiet, eurngiem(o)s, yu eurngiete, eurngient
Prev participe: urnct / urngen eurp > Infinitive: urpes
Present: eurpo, eurps, eurpt, eurpm(o)s, yu eurpt(e), eurpe(nt)
Preterit: urpim, urp(i)st(a), urpit, urpam, urpat, urpeer
Future tid: eurpsiem, eurpsies, eurpsiet, eurpsiem(o)s, yu eurpsiete, eurpsient
Conditional: eurpiem, eurpies, eurpiet, eurpiem(o)s, yu eurpiete, eurpient
Prev participe: urpt / urpen euse > Infinitive: euse
Present: io euse, euses, euset, eusems, yu euset(e), eusent
Preterit: eusim, eusist(a), eusit, eusam, eusat, euseer
Future tid: eusesiem, eusesies, eusesiet, eusesiem(o)s, yu eusesiete, eusesient
Conditional: eusiem, eusies, eusiet, eusiem(o)s, yu eusiete, eusient
Prev participe: euset / eusen evacue > Infinitive: evacue
Present: io evacue, evacues, evacuet, evacuems, yu evacuet(e), evacuent
Preterit: evacuim, evacuist(a), evacuit, evacuam, evacuat, evacueer
Future tid: evacuesiem, evacuesies, evacuesiet, evacuesiem(o)s, yu evacuesiete, evacuesient
Conditional: evacuiem, evacuies, evacuiet, evacuiem(o)s, yu evacuiete, evacuient
Prev participe: evacuet / evacuen evad > Infinitive: evade
Present: evado, evads, evadt, evadm(o)s, yu evadt(e), evade(nt)
Preterit: eviedim, evied(i)st(a), eviedit, eviedam, eviedat, eviedeer
Future tid: evadsiem, evadsies, evadsiet, evadsiem(o)s, yu evadsiete, evadsient
Conditional: evadiem, evadies, evadiet, evadiem(o)s, yu evadiete, evadient
Prev participe: evas / evaden evolv > Infinitive: evolve
Present: evolvo, evolvs, evolvt, evolvm(o)s, yu evolvt(e), evolve(nt)
Preterit: evolvim, evolv(i)st(a), evolvit, evolvam, evolvat, evolveer
Future tid: evolvsiem, evolvsies, evolvsiet, evolvsiem(o)s, yu evolvsiete, evolvsient
Conditional: evolviem, evolvies, evolviet, evolviem(o)s, yu evolviete, evolvient
Prev participe: evolwt / evolven evoque > Infinitive: evoque
Present: io evoque, evoques, evoquet, evoquems, yu evoquet(e), evoquent
Preterit: evoquim, evoquist(a), evoquit, evoquam, evoquat, evoqueer
Future tid: evoquesiem, evoquesies, evoquesiet, evoquesiem(o)s, yu evoquesiete, evoquesient
Conditional: evoquiem, evoquies, evoquiet, evoquiem(o)s, yu evoquiete, evoquient
Prev participe: evoquet / evoquen exacerbe > Infinitive: exacerbe
Present: io exacerbe, exacerbes, exacerbet, exacerbems, yu exacerbet(e), exacerbent
Preterit: exacerbim, exacerbist(a), exacerbit, exacerbam, exacerbat, exacerbeer
Future tid: exacerbesiem, exacerbesies, exacerbesiet, exacerbesiem(o)s, yu exacerbesiete, exacerbesient
Conditional: exacerbiem, exacerbies, exacerbiet, exacerbiem(o)s, yu exacerbiete, exacerbient
Prev participe: exacerbet / exacerben exagere > Infinitive: exagere
Present: io exagere, exageres, exageret, exagerems, yu exageret(e), exagerent
Preterit: exagerim, exagerist(a), exagerit, exageram, exagerat, exagereer
Future tid: exageresiem, exageresies, exageresiet, exageresiem(o)s, yu exageresiete, exageresient
Conditional: exageriem, exageries, exageriet, exageriem(o)s, yu exageriete, exagerient
Prev participe: exageret / exageren exalte > Infinitive: exalte
Present: io exalte, exaltes, exaltet, exaltems, yu exaltet(e), exaltent
Preterit: exaltim, exaltist(a), exaltit, exaltam, exaltat, exalteer
Future tid: exaltesiem, exaltesies, exaltesiet, exaltesiem(o)s, yu exaltesiete, exaltesient
Conditional: exaltiem, exalties, exaltiet, exaltiem(o)s, yu exaltiete, exaltient
Prev participe: exaltet / exalten examine > Infinitive: examine
Present: io examine, examines, examinet, examinems, yu examinet(e), examinent
Preterit: examinim, examinist(a), examinit, examinam, examinat, examineer
Future tid: examinesiem, examinesies, examinesiet, examinesiem(o)s, yu examinesiete, examinesient
Conditional: examiniem, examinies, examiniet, examiniem(o)s, yu examiniete, examinient
Prev participe: examinet / examinen exbehr > Infinitive: exbehre
Present: exbehro, exbehrs, exbehrt, exbehrm(o)s, yu exbehrt(e), exbehre(nt)
Preterit: exbohrim, exbohr(i)st(a), exbohrit, exbohram, exbohrat, exbohreer
Future tid: exbehrsiem, exbehrsies, exbehrsiet, exbehrsiem(o)s, yu exbehrsiete, exbehrsient
Conditional: exbehriem, exbehries, exbehriet, exbehriem(o)s, yu exbehriete, exbehrient
Prev participe: exbohrt / exbohren excedd > Infinitive: excedde
Present: exceddo, excedds, exceddt, exceddm(o)s, yu exceddt(e), excedde(nt)
Preterit: excessim, excess(i)st(a), excessit, excessam, excessat, excesseer
Future tid: exceddsiem, exceddsies, exceddsiet, exceddsiem(o)s, yu exceddsiete, exceddsient
Conditional: exceddiem, exceddies, exceddiet, exceddiem(o)s, yu exceddiete, exceddient
Prev participe: excess / excedden excerpt > Infinitive: excerpte
Present: excerpto, excerpts, excerpt, excerptm(o)s, yu excerpte, excerpte(nt)
Preterit: excerptim, excerpt(i)st(a), excerptit, excerptam, excerptat, excerpteer
Future tid: excerptsiem, excerptsies, excerptsiet, excerptsiem(o)s, yu excerptsiete, excerptsient
Conditional: excerptiem, excerpties, excerptiet, excerptiem(o)s, yu excerptiete, excerptient
Prev participe: excerpt / excerpten excite > Infinitive: excite
Present: io excite, excites, excitet, excitems, yu excitet(e), excitent
Preterit: excitim, excitist(a), excitit, excitam, excitat, exciteer
Future tid: excitesiem, excitesies, excitesiet, excitesiem(o)s, yu excitesiete, excitesient
Conditional: excitiem, excities, excitiet, excitiem(o)s, yu excitiete, excitient
Prev participe: excitet / exciten exclame > Infinitive: exclame
Present: io exclame, exclames, exclamet, exclamems, yu exclamet(e), exclament
Preterit: exclamim, exclamist(a), exclamit, exclamam, exclamat, exclameer
Future tid: exclamesiem, exclamesies, exclamesiet, exclamesiem(o)s, yu exclamesiete, exclamesient
Conditional: exclamiem, exclamies, exclamiet, exclamiem(o)s, yu exclamiete, exclamient
Prev participe: exclamet / exclamen exclihen > Infinitive: exclihnes
Present: exclihno, exclihens, exclihent, exclihnm(o)s, yu exclihent(e), exclihne(nt)
Preterit: exclihsim, exclihst(a), exclihsit, exclihsam, exclihsat, exclihr
Future tid: exclihensiem, exclihensies, exclihensiet, exclihensiem(o)s, yu exclihensiete, exclihensient
Conditional: exclihniem, exclihnies, exclihniet, exclihniem(o)s, yu exclihniete, exclihnient
Prev participe: excliht / exclihn exclud > Infinitive: exclude
Present: excludo, excluds, excludt, excludm(o)s, yu excludt(e), exclude(nt)
Preterit: exclusim, exclus(i)st(a), exclusit, exclusam, exclusat, excluseer
Future tid: excludsiem, excludsies, excludsiet, excludsiem(o)s, yu excludsiete, excludsient
Conditional: excludiem, excludies, excludiet, excludiem(o)s, yu excludiete, excludient
Prev participe: exclus / excluden excommunie > Infinitive: excommunie
Present: io excommunie, excommunies, excommuniet, excommuniems, yu excommuniet(e), excommunient
Preterit: excommunicim, excommuniest, excommunicit, excommuniam, excommuniat, excommunier
Future tid: excommuniesiem, excommuniesies, excommuniesiet, excommuniesiem(o)s, yu excommuniesiete, excommuniesient
Conditional: excommuniciem, excommunicies, excommuniciet, excommuniciem(o)s, yu excommuniciete, excommunicient
Prev participe: excommuniet / excommunien excuse > Infinitive: excuse
Present: io excuse, excuses, excuset, excusems, yu excuset(e), excusent
Preterit: excusim, excusist(a), excusit, excusam, excusat, excuseer
Future tid: excusesiem, excusesies, excusesiet, excusesiem(o)s, yu excusesiete, excusesient
Conditional: excusiem, excusies, excusiet, excusiem(o)s, yu excusiete, excusient
Prev participe: excuset / excusen exdeh > Infinitive: exdehe
Present: exdehm, exdehs, exdeht, exdehm(o)s, yu exdeht(e), exdehnt
Preterit: exdehsim, exdehst(a), exdehsit, exdehsam, exdehsat, exdehr
Future tid: exdehsiem, exdehsies, exdehsiet, exdehsiem(o)s, yu exdehsiete, exdehsient
Conditional: exdehiem, exdehies, exdehiet, exdehiem(o)s, yu exdehiete, exdehient
Prev participe: exdeht / exdehn exdighom > Infinitive: exdighome
Present: exdighomo, exdighoms, exdighomt, exdighomm(o)s, yu exdighomt(e), exdighome(nt)
Preterit: exdighomim, exdighom(i)st(a), exdighomit, exdighomam, exdighomat, exdighomeer
Future tid: exdighomsiem, exdighomsies, exdighomsiet, exdighomsiem(o)s, yu exdighomsiete, exdighomsient
Conditional: exdighomiem, exdighomies, exdighomiet, exdighomiem(o)s, yu exdighomiete, exdighomient
Prev participe: exdighomt / exdighomen exduil > Infinitive: exduile
Present: exduilo, exduils, exduilt, exduilm(o)s, yu exduilt(e), exduile(nt)
Preterit: exduilim, exduil(i)st(a), exduilit, exduilam, exduilat, exduileer
Future tid: exduilsiem, exduilsies, exduilsiet, exduilsiem(o)s, yu exduilsiete, exduilsient
Conditional: exduiliem, exduilies, exduiliet, exduiliem(o)s, yu exduiliete, exduilient
Prev participe: exduilt / exduilen execut > Infinitive: execute
Present: executo, executs, execut, executm(o)s, yu execute, execute(nt)
Preterit: executim, execut(i)st(a), executit, executam, executat, executeer
Future tid: executsiem, executsies, executsiet, executsiem(o)s, yu executsiete, executsient
Conditional: executiem, executies, executiet, executiem(o)s, yu executiete, executient
Prev participe: execut / executen exerce > Infinitive: exerce
Present: io exerce, exerces, exercet, exercems, yu exercet(e), exercent
Preterit: exercim, exercist(a), exercit, exerceam, exerceat, exerceer
Future tid: exercesiem, exercesies, exercesiet, exercesiem(o)s, yu exercesiete, exercesient
Conditional: exerciem, exercies, exerciet, exerciem(o)s, yu exerciete, exercient
Prev participe: exercet / exercen exgheu > Infinitive: exghues
Present: exgheum, exgheus, exgheut, exgheum(o)s, yu exgheut(e), exgheunt
Preterit: exghusim, exghust(a), exghusit, exgham, exghat, exghur
Future tid: exgheusiem, exgheusies, exgheusiet, exgheusiem(o)s, yu exgheusiete, exgheusient
Conditional: exgheuiem, exgheuies, exgheuiet, exgheuiem(o)s, yu exgheuiete, exgheuient
Prev participe: exghut / exghun exgleih > Infinitive: exglihes
Present: exgleihm, exgleihs, exgleiht, exgleihm(o)s, yu exgleiht(e), exgleihnt
Preterit: exglihsim, exglihst(a), exglihsit, exglihsam, exglihsat, exglihr
Future tid: exgleihsiem, exgleihsies, exgleihsiet, exgleihsiem(o)s, yu exgleihsiete, exgleihsient
Conditional: exgleihiem, exgleihies, exgleihiet, exgleihiem(o)s, yu exgleihiete, exgleihient
Prev participe: exgliht / exglihn exgventer > Infinitive: exgventer
Present: io exgventer, exgventers, exgventert, exgventerms, yu exgventert, exgventernt
Preterit: exgventrim, exgventrist, exgventrit, exgvent(e)ram, exgvent(e)rat, exgvent(e)reer
Future tid: exgventersiem, exgventersies, exgventersiet, exgventersiem(o)s, yu exgventersiete, exgventersient
Conditional: exgventeriem, exgventeries, exgventeriet, exgventeriem(o)s, yu exgventeriete, exgventerient
Prev participe: exgventert / exgventern exhale > Infinitive: exhale
Present: io exhale, exhales, exhalet, exhalems, yu exhalet(e), exhalent
Preterit: exhalim, exhalist(a), exhalit, exhalam, exhalat, exhaleer
Future tid: exhalesiem, exhalesies, exhalesiet, exhalesiem(o)s, yu exhalesiete, exhalesient
Conditional: exhaliem, exhalies, exhaliet, exhaliem(o)s, yu exhaliete, exhalient
Prev participe: exhalet / exhalen exhaus > Infinitive: exhause
Present: exhauso, exhaus, exhaust, exhausm(o)s, yu exhaust(e), exhause(nt)
Preterit: exhieusim, exhieus(i)st(a), exhieusit, exhieusam, exhieusat, exhieuseer
Future tid: siem exhause, sies exhause, siet exhause, siem(o)s exhause, yu siete exhause, sient exhause
Conditional: exhausiem, exhausies, exhausiet, exhausiem(o)s, yu exhausiete, exhausient
Prev participe: exhaust / exhausen exherede > Infinitive: exherede
Present: io exherede, exheredes, exheredet, exheredems, yu exheredet(e), exheredent
Preterit: exheredim, exheredist(a), exheredit, exheredam, exheredat, exheredeer
Future tid: exheredesiem, exheredesies, exheredesiet, exheredesiem(o)s, yu exheredesiete, exheredesient
Conditional: exherediem, exheredies, exherediet, exherediem(o)s, yu exherediete, exheredient
Prev participe: exheredet / exhereden exhorte > Infinitive: exhorte
Present: io exhorte, exhortes, exhortet, exhortems, yu exhortet(e), exhortent
Preterit: exhortim, exhortist(a), exhortit, exhortam, exhortat, exhorteer
Future tid: exhortesiem, exhortesies, exhortesiet, exhortesiem(o)s, yu exhortesiete, exhortesient
Conditional: exhortiem, exhorties, exhortiet, exhortiem(o)s, yu exhortiete, exhortient
Prev participe: exhortet / exhorten exile > Infinitive: exile
Present: io exile, exiles, exilet, exilems, yu exilet(e), exilent
Preterit: exilim, exilist(a), exilit, exilam, exilat, exileer
Future tid: exilesiem, exilesies, exilesiet, exilesiem(o)s, yu exilesiete, exilesient
Conditional: exiliem, exilies, exiliet, exiliem(o)s, yu exiliete, exilient
Prev participe: exilet / exilen exist > Infinitive: existe
Present: existo, exists, exist, existm(o)s, yu existe, existe(nt)
Preterit: existim, exist(i)st(a), existit, existam, existat, existeer
Future tid: existsiem, existsies, existsiet, existsiem(o)s, yu existsiete, existsient
Conditional: existiem, existies, existiet, existiem(o)s, yu existiete, existient
Prev participe: exist / existen exmehn > Infinitive: exmehne
Present: exmehno, exmehns, exmehnt, exmehnm(o)s, yu exmehnt(e), exmehne(nt)
Preterit: exmohnim, exmohn(i)st(a), exmohnit, exmohnam, exmohnat, exmohneer
Future tid: exmehnsiem, exmehnsies, exmehnsiet, exmehnsiem(o)s, yu exmehnsiete, exmehnsient
Conditional: exmehniem, exmehnies, exmehniet, exmehniem(o)s, yu exmehniete, exmehnient
Prev participe: exmohnt / exmohnen exobeid > Infinitive: exobides
Present: exobeido, exobeids, exobeidt, exobeidm(o)s, yu exobeidt(e), exobeide(nt)
Preterit: exobidim, exobid(i)st(a), exobidit, exobidam, exobidat, exobideer
Future tid: exobeidsiem, exobeidsies, exobeidsiet, exobeidsiem(o)s, yu exobeidsiete, exobeidsient
Conditional: exobeidiem, exobeidies, exobeidiet, exobeidiem(o)s, yu exobeidiete, exobeidient
Prev participe: exobidt / exobiden expedise > Infinitive: expedise
Present: io expedise, expedises, expediset, expedisems, yu expediset(e), expedisent
Preterit: expedisim, expedisist(a), expedisit, expedisam, expedisat, expediseer
Future tid: expedisesiem, expedisesies, expedisesiet, expedisesiem(o)s, yu expedisesiete, expedisesient
Conditional: expedisiem, expedisies, expedisiet, expedisiem(o)s, yu expedisiete, expedisient
Prev participe: expediset / expedisen expense > Infinitive: expense
Present: io expense, expenses, expenset, expensems, yu expenset(e), expensent
Preterit: expensim, expensist(a), expensit, expensam, expensat, expenseer
Future tid: expensesiem, expensesies, expensesiet, expensesiem(o)s, yu expensesiete, expensesient
Conditional: expensiem, expensies, expensiet, expensiem(o)s, yu expensiete, expensient
Prev participe: expenset / expensen expertise > Infinitive: expertise
Present: io expertise, expertises, expertiset, expertisems, yu expertiset(e), expertisent
Preterit: expertisim, expertisist(a), expertisit, expertisam, expertisat, expertiseer
Future tid: expertisesiem, expertisesies, expertisesiet, expertisesiem(o)s, yu expertisesiete, expertisesient
Conditional: expertisiem, expertisies, expertisiet, expertisiem(o)s, yu expertisiete, expertisient
Prev participe: expertiset / expertisen expire > Infinitive: expire
Present: io expire, expires, expiret, expirems, yu expiret(e), expirent
Preterit: expirim, expirist(a), expirit, expiram, expirat, expireer
Future tid: expiresiem, expiresies, expiresiet, expiresiem(o)s, yu expiresiete, expiresient
Conditional: expiriem, expiries, expiriet, expiriem(o)s, yu expiriete, expirient
Prev participe: expiret / expiren explie > Infinitive: explie
Present: io explie, explies, expliet, expliems, yu expliet(e), explient
Preterit: explicim, expliest, explicit, expliam, expliat, explier
Future tid: expliesiem, expliesies, expliesiet, expliesiem(o)s, yu expliesiete, expliesient
Conditional: expliciem, explicies, expliciet, expliciem(o)s, yu expliciete, explicient
Prev participe: expliet / explien exploite > Infinitive: exploite
Present: io exploite, exploites, exploitet, exploitems, yu exploitet(e), exploitent
Preterit: exploitim, exploitist(a), exploitit, exploitam, exploitat, exploiteer
Future tid: exploitesiem, exploitesies, exploitesiet, exploitesiem(o)s, yu exploitesiete, exploitesient
Conditional: exploitiem, exploities, exploitiet, exploitiem(o)s, yu exploitiete, exploitient
Prev participe: exploitet / exploiten exposen > Infinitive: expones
Present: expono, expons, expont, exponm(o)s, yu expont(e), expone(nt)
Preterit: exposim, expos(i)st(a), exposit, exposam, exposat, exposeer
Future tid: exponsiem, exponsies, exponsiet, exponsiem(o)s, yu exponsiete, exponsient
Conditional: exponiem, exponies, exponiet, exponiem(o)s, yu exponiete, exponient
Prev participe: expost / exposen expressem > Infinitive: expremes
Present: expremo, exprems, expremt, expremm(o)s, yu expremt(e), expreme(nt)
Preterit: expressim, express(i)st(a), expressit, expressam, expressat, expresseer
Future tid: expremsiem, expremsies, expremsiet, expremsiem(o)s, yu expremsiete, expremsient
Conditional: expremiem, expremies, expremiet, expremiem(o)s, yu expremiete, expremient
Prev participe: expresst / expressen exproprye > Infinitive: exproprye
Present: io exproprye, expropryes, expropryet, expropryems, yu expropryet(e), expropryent
Preterit: expropryim, expropryist(a), expropryit, expropryam, expropryat, expropryeer
Future tid: expropryesiem, expropryesies, expropryesiet, expropryesiem(o)s, yu expropryesiete, expropryesient
Conditional: expropryiem, expropryies, expropryiet, expropryiem(o)s, yu expropryiete, expropryient
Prev participe: expropryet / expropryen expulg > Infinitive: expulge
Present: expulgo, expulcs, expulct, expulgm(o)s, yu expulct(e), expulge(nt)
Preterit: expulsim, expuls(i)st(a), expulsit, expulsam, expulsat, expulseer
Future tid: expulcsiem, expulcsies, expulcsiet, expulcsiem(o)s, yu expulcsiete, expulcsient
Conditional: expulgiem, expulgies, expulgiet, expulgiem(o)s, yu expulgiete, expulgient
Prev participe: expuls / expulgen exraudh > Infinitive: exraudhe
Present: exraudho, exraudhs, exraudht, exraudhm(o)s, yu exraudht(e), exraudhe(nt)
Preterit: exraudhim, exraudh(i)st(a), exraudhit, exraudham, exraudhat, exraudheer
Future tid: exraudhsiem, exraudhsies, exraudhsiet, exraudhsiem(o)s, yu exraudhsiete, exraudhsient
Conditional: exraudhiem, exraudhies, exraudhiet, exraudhiem(o)s, yu exraudhiete, exraudhient
Prev participe: exraudht / exraudhen exsehgn > Infinitive: exsehgne
Present: exsehgno, exsehgnes, exsehgnet, exsehgnems, yu exsehgnet(e), exsehgne(nt)
Preterit: exsohgnim, exsohgn(i)st(a), exsohgnit, exsohgnam, exsohgnat, exsohgneer
Future tid: siem exsehgne, sies exsehgne, siet exsehgne, siem(o)s exsehgne, yu siete exsehgne, sient exsehgne
Conditional: exsehgniem, exsehgnies, exsehgniet, exsehgniem(o)s, yu exsehgniete, exsehgnient
Prev participe: exsohgnet / exsohgnen exspecte > Infinitive: exspecte
Present: io exspecte, exspectes, exspectet, exspectems, yu exspectet(e), exspectent
Preterit: exspectim, exspectist(a), exspectit, exspectam, exspectat, exspecteer
Future tid: exspectesiem, exspectesies, exspectesiet, exspectesiem(o)s, yu exspectesiete, exspectesient
Conditional: exspectiem, exspecties, exspectiet, exspectiem(o)s, yu exspectiete, exspectient
Prev participe: exspectet / exspecten exsteigh > Infinitive: exstighes
Present: exsteigho, exsteighs, exsteight, exsteighm(o)s, yu exsteight(e), exsteighe(nt)
Preterit: exstighim, exstigh(i)st(a), exstighit, exstigham, exstighat, exstigheer
Future tid: exsteighsiem, exsteighsies, exsteighsiet, exsteighsiem(o)s, yu exsteighsiete, exsteighsient
Conditional: exsteighiem, exsteighies, exsteighiet, exsteighiem(o)s, yu exsteighiete, exsteighient
Prev participe: exstight / exstighen exstirpe > Infinitive: exstirpe
Present: io exstirpe, exstirpes, exstirpet, exstirpems, yu exstirpet(e), exstirpent
Preterit: exstirpim, exstirpist(a), exstirpit, exstirpam, exstirpat, exstirpeer
Future tid: exstirpesiem, exstirpesies, exstirpesiet, exstirpesiem(o)s, yu exstirpesiete, exstirpesient
Conditional: exstirpiem, exstirpies, exstirpiet, exstirpiem(o)s, yu exstirpiete, exstirpient
Prev participe: exstirpet / exstirpen extend > Infinitive: extende
Present: extendo, extends, extendt, extendm(o)s, yu extendt(e), extende(nt)
Preterit: extensim, extens(i)st(a), extensit, extensam, extensat, extenseer
Future tid: extendsiem, extendsies, extendsiet, extendsiem(o)s, yu extendsiete, extendsient
Conditional: extendiem, extendies, extendiet, extendiem(o)s, yu extendiete, extendient
Prev participe: extens / extenden exterdeil > Infinitive: exterdiles
Present: exterdeilo, exterdeils, exterdeilt, exterdeilm(o)s, yu exterdeilt(e), exterdeile(nt)
Preterit: exterdilim, exterdil(i)st(a), exterdilit, exterdilam, exterdilat, exterdileer
Future tid: exterdeilsiem, exterdeilsies, exterdeilsiet, exterdeilsiem(o)s, yu exterdeilsiete, exterdeilsient
Conditional: exterdeiliem, exterdeilies, exterdeiliet, exterdeiliem(o)s, yu exterdeiliete, exterdeilient
Prev participe: exterdilt / exterdilen exterhonn > Infinitive: exterhonne
Present: exterhonno, exterhonns, exterhonnt, exterhonnm(o)s, yu exterhonnt(e), exterhonne(nt)
Preterit: exterhonnim, exterhonn(i)st(a), exterhonnit, exterhonnam, exterhonnat, exterhonneer
Future tid: exterhonnsiem, exterhonnsies, exterhonnsiet, exterhonnsiem(o)s, yu exterhonnsiete, exterhonnsient
Conditional: exterhonniem, exterhonnies, exterhonniet, exterhonniem(o)s, yu exterhonniete, exterhonnient
Prev participe: exterhonnt / exterhonnen exterpapiereih > Infinitive: exterpapierihes
Present: exterpapiereihm, exterpapiereihs, exterpapiereiht, exterpapiereihm(o)s, yu exterpapiereiht(e), exterpapiereihnt
Preterit: exterpapierihsim, exterpapierihst(a), exterpapierihsit, exterpapierihsam, exterpapierihsat, exterpapierihr
Future tid: exterpapiereihsiem, exterpapiereihsies, exterpapiereihsiet, exterpapiereihsiem(o)s, yu exterpapiereihsiete, exterpapiereihsient
Conditional: exterpapiereihiem, exterpapiereihies, exterpapiereihiet, exterpapiereihiem(o)s, yu exterpapiereihiete, exterpapiereihient
Prev participe: exterpapieriht / exterpapierihn exterseink > Infinitive: extersinkes
Present: exterseinko, exterseincs, exterseinct, exterseinkm(o)s, yu exterseinct(e), exterseinke(nt)
Preterit: extersinkim, extersink(i)st(a), extersinkit, extersinkam, extersinkat, extersinkeer
Future tid: exterseincsiem, exterseincsies, exterseincsiet, exterseincsiem(o)s, yu exterseincsiete, exterseincsient
Conditional: exterseinkiem, exterseinkies, exterseinkiet, exterseinkiem(o)s, yu exterseinkiete, exterseinkient
Prev participe: extersinct / extersinken exting > Infinitive: extinge
Present: extingo, extincs, extinct, extingm(o)s, yu extinct(e), extinge(nt)
Preterit: extingim, exting(i)st(a), extingit, extingam, extingat, extingeer
Future tid: extincsiem, extincsies, extincsiet, extincsiem(o)s, yu extincsiete, extincsient
Conditional: extingiem, extingies, extingiet, extingiem(o)s, yu extingiete, extingient
Prev participe: extinct / extingen extrag > Infinitive: extrage
Present: extrago, extracs, extract, extragm(o)s, yu extract(e), extrage(nt)
Preterit: extriegim, extrieg(i)st(a), extriegit, extriegam, extriegat, extriegeer
Future tid: extracsiem, extracsies, extracsiet, extracsiem(o)s, yu extracsiete, extracsient
Conditional: extragiem, extragies, extragiet, extragiem(o)s, yu extragiete, extragient
Prev participe: extract / extragen extrehp > Infinitive: extrehpe
Present: extrehpo, extrehps, extrehpt, extrehpm(o)s, yu extrehpt(e), extrehpe(nt)
Preterit: extrohpim, extrohp(i)st(a), extrohpit, extrohpam, extrohpat, extrohpeer
Future tid: extrehpsiem, extrehpsies, extrehpsiet, extrehpsiem(o)s, yu extrehpsiete, extrehpsient
Conditional: extrehpiem, extrehpies, extrehpiet, extrehpiem(o)s, yu extrehpiete, extrehpient
Prev participe: extrohpt / extrohpen extrodeik > Infinitive: extrodikes
Present: extrodeiko, extrodeics, extrodeict, extrodeikm(o)s, yu extrodeict(e), extrodeike(nt)
Preterit: extrodikim, extrodik(i)st(a), extrodikit, extrodikam, extrodikat, extrodikeer
Future tid: extrodeicsiem, extrodeicsies, extrodeicsiet, extrodeicsiem(o)s, yu extrodeicsiete, extrodeicsient
Conditional: extrodeikiem, extrodeikies, extrodeikiet, extrodeikiem(o)s, yu extrodeikiete, extrodeikient
Prev participe: extrodict / extrodiken extuned > Infinitive: extundes
Present: extundo, extunds, extundt, extundm(o)s, yu extundt(e), extunde(nt)
Preterit: extusim, extus(i)st(a), extusit, extusam, extusat, extuseer
Future tid: extundsiem, extundsies, extundsiet, extundsiem(o)s, yu extundsiete, extundsient
Conditional: extundiem, extundies, extundiet, extundiem(o)s, yu extundiete, extundient
Prev participe: extus / extuden exude > Infinitive: exude
Present: io exude, exudes, exudet, exudems, yu exudet(e), exudent
Preterit: exudim, exudist(a), exudit, exudam, exudat, exudeer
Future tid: exudesiem, exudesies, exudesiet, exudesiem(o)s, yu exudesiete, exudesient
Conditional: exudiem, exudies, exudiet, exudiem(o)s, yu exudiete, exudient
Prev participe: exudet / exuden exulte > Infinitive: exulte
Present: io exulte, exultes, exultet, exultems, yu exultet(e), exultent
Preterit: exultim, exultist(a), exultit, exultam, exultat, exulteer
Future tid: exultesiem, exultesies, exultesiet, exultesiem(o)s, yu exultesiete, exultesient
Conditional: exultiem, exulties, exultiet, exultiem(o)s, yu exultiete, exultient
Prev participe: exultet / exulten eyasch > Infinitive: eyasche
Present: eyascho, eyaschs, eyascht, eyaschm(o)s, yu eyascht(e), eyasche(nt)
Preterit: eyieschim, eyiesch(i)st(a), eyieschit, eyiescham, eyieschat, eyiescheer
Future tid: siem eyasche, sies eyasche, siet eyasche, siem(o)s eyasche, yu siete eyasche, sient eyasche
Conditional: eyaschiem, eyaschies, eyaschiet, eyaschiem(o)s, yu eyaschiete, eyaschient
Prev participe: eyascht / eyaschen face > Infinitive: face
Present: io face, faces, facet, facems, yu facet(e), facent
Preterit: facim, facist(a), facit, faceam, faceat, faceer
Future tid: facesiem, facesies, facesiet, facesiem(o)s, yu facesiete, facesient
Conditional: faciem, facies, faciet, faciem(o)s, yu faciete, facient
Prev participe: facet / facen facette > Infinitive: facette
Present: io facette, facettes, facettet, facettems, yu facettet(e), facettent
Preterit: facettim, facettist(a), facettit, facettam, facettat, facetteer
Future tid: facettesiem, facettesies, facettesiet, facettesiem(o)s, yu facettesiete, facettesient
Conditional: facettiem, facetties, facettiet, facettiem(o)s, yu facettiete, facettient
Prev participe: facettet / facetten facsimile > Infinitive: facsimile
Present: io facsimile, facsimiles, facsimilet, facsimilems, yu facsimilet(e), facsimilent
Preterit: facsimilim, facsimilist(a), facsimilit, facsimilam, facsimilat, facsimileer
Future tid: facsimilesiem, facsimilesies, facsimilesiet, facsimilesiem(o)s, yu facsimilesiete, facsimilesient
Conditional: facsimiliem, facsimilies, facsimiliet, facsimiliem(o)s, yu facsimiliete, facsimilient
Prev participe: facsimilet / facsimilen facture > Infinitive: facture
Present: io facture, factures, facturet, facturems, yu facturet(e), facturent
Preterit: facturim, facturist(a), facturit, facturam, facturat, factureer
Future tid: facturesiem, facturesies, facturesiet, facturesiem(o)s, yu facturesiete, facturesient
Conditional: facturiem, facturies, facturiet, facturiem(o)s, yu facturiete, facturient
Prev participe: facturet / facturen faham > Infinitive: fahame
Present: fahamo, fahams, fahamt, fahamm(o)s, yu fahamt(e), fahame(nt)
Preterit: fahiemim, fahiem(i)st(a), fahiemit, fahiemam, fahiemat, fahiemeer
Future tid: fahamsiem, fahamsies, fahamsiet, fahamsiem(o)s, yu fahamsiete, fahamsient
Conditional: fahamiem, fahamies, fahamiet, fahamiem(o)s, yu fahamiete, fahamient
Prev participe: fahamt / fahamen fajer > Infinitive: fajer
Present: io fajer, fajers, fajert, fajerms, yu fajert, fajernt
Preterit: fiejrim, fiejrist, fiejrit, fiej(e)ram, fiej(e)rat, fiej(e)reer
Future tid: fajersiem, fajersies, fajersiet, fajersiem(o)s, yu fajersiete, fajersient
Conditional: fajeriem, fajeries, fajeriet, fajeriem(o)s, yu fajeriete, fajerient
Prev participe: fajert / fajern fall > Infinitive: falle
Present: fallo, falls, fallt, fallm(o)s, yu fallt(e), falle(nt)
Preterit: fiellim, fiell(i)st(a), fiellit, fiellam, fiellat, fielleer
Future tid: fallsiem, fallsies, fallsiet, fallsiem(o)s, yu fallsiete, fallsient
Conditional: falliem, fallies, falliet, falliem(o)s, yu falliete, fallient
Prev participe: fallt / fallen falleih > Infinitive: fallihes
Present: falleihm, falleihs, falleiht, falleihm(o)s, yu falleiht(e), falleihnt
Preterit: fallihsim, fallihst(a), fallihsit, fallihsam, fallihsat, fallihr
Future tid: falleihsiem, falleihsies, falleihsiet, falleihsiem(o)s, yu falleihsiete, falleihsient
Conditional: falleihiem, falleihies, falleihiet, falleihiem(o)s, yu falleihiete, falleihient
Prev participe: falliht / fallihn fallsisen > Infinitive: fallsines
Present: fallsino, fallsins, fallsint, fallsinm(o)s, yu fallsint(e), fallsine(nt)
Preterit: fallsisim, fallsis(i)st(a), fallsisit, fallsisam, fallsisat, fallsiseer
Future tid: fallsinsiem, fallsinsies, fallsinsiet, fallsinsiem(o)s, yu fallsinsiete, fallsinsient
Conditional: fallsiniem, fallsinies, fallsiniet, fallsiniem(o)s, yu fallsiniete, fallsinient
Prev participe: fallsist / fallsisen falskast > Infinitive: falskaste
Present: falskasto, falskasts, falskast, falskastm(o)s, yu falskaste, falskaste(nt)
Preterit: falskiestim, falskiest(i)st(a), falskiestit, falskiestam, falskiestat, falskiesteer
Future tid: falskastsiem, falskastsies, falskastsiet, falskastsiem(o)s, yu falskastsiete, falskastsient
Conditional: falskastiem, falskasties, falskastiet, falskastiem(o)s, yu falskastiete, falskastient
Prev participe: falskast / falskasten fanzow > Infinitive: fanzowe
Present: fanzowo, fanzows, fanzowt, fanzowm(o)s, yu fanzowt(e), fanzownt
Preterit: fanzowim, fanzowst(a), fanzowit, fanzowam, fanzowat, fanzoweer
Future tid: fanzowsiem, fanzowsies, fanzowsiet, fanzowsiem(o)s, yu fanzowsiete, fanzowsient
Conditional: fanzowiem, fanzowies, fanzowiet, fanzowiem(o)s, yu fanzowiete, fanzowient
Prev participe: fanzowt / fanzowen farakhat > Infinitive: farakhate
Present: farakhato, farakhats, farakhat, farakhatm(o)s, yu farakhate, farakhate(nt)
Preterit: farakhietim, farakhiet(i)st(a), farakhietit, farakhietam, farakhietat, farakhieteer
Future tid: farakhatsiem, farakhatsies, farakhatsiet, farakhatsiem(o)s, yu farakhatsiete, farakhatsient
Conditional: farakhatiem, farakhaties, farakhatiet, farakhatiem(o)s, yu farakhatiete, farakhatient
Prev participe: farakhat / farakhaten farebie > Infinitive: farebie
Present: io farebie, farebies, farebiet, farebiems, yu farebiet(e), farebient
Preterit: farebicim, farebiest, farebicit, farebiam, farebiat, farebier
Future tid: farebiesiem, farebiesies, farebiesiet, farebiesiem(o)s, yu farebiesiete, farebiesient
Conditional: farebiciem, farebicies, farebiciet, farebiciem(o)s, yu farebiciete, farebicient
Prev participe: farebiet / farebien farebie > Infinitive: farebie
Present: io farebie, farebies, farebiet, farebiems, yu farebiet(e), farebient
Preterit: farebicim, farebiest, farebicit, farebiam, farebiat, farebier
Future tid: farebiesiem, farebiesies, farebiesiet, farebiesiem(o)s, yu farebiesiete, farebiesient
Conditional: farebiciem, farebicies, farebiciet, farebiciem(o)s, yu farebiciete, farebicient
Prev participe: farebiet / farebien fascine > Infinitive: fascine
Present: io fascine, fascines, fascinet, fascinems, yu fascinet(e), fascinent
Preterit: fascinim, fascinist(a), fascinit, fascinam, fascinat, fascineer
Future tid: fascinesiem, fascinesies, fascinesiet, fascinesiem(o)s, yu fascinesiete, fascinesient
Conditional: fasciniem, fascinies, fasciniet, fasciniem(o)s, yu fasciniete, fascinient
Prev participe: fascinet / fascinen fast > Infinitive: faste
Present: fasto, fasts, fast, fastm(o)s, yu faste, faste(nt)
Preterit: fiestim, fiest(i)st(a), fiestit, fiestam, fiestat, fiesteer
Future tid: fastsiem, fastsies, fastsiet, fastsiem(o)s, yu fastsiete, fastsient
Conditional: fastiem, fasties, fastiet, fastiem(o)s, yu fastiete, fastient
Prev participe: fast / fasten faukh > Infinitive: faukhe
Present: faukho, faukhs, faukht, faukhm(o)s, yu faukht(e), faukhe(nt)
Preterit: faukhim, faukh(i)st(a), faukhit, faukham, faukhat, faukheer
Future tid: faukhsiem, faukhsies, faukhsiet, faukhsiem(o)s, yu faukhsiete, faukhsient
Conditional: faukhiem, faukhies, faukhiet, faukhiem(o)s, yu faukhiete, faukhient
Prev participe: faukht / faukhen faungmoen > Infinitive: faungmoene
Present: faungmoeno, faungmoens, faungmoent, faungmoenm(o)s, yu faungmoent(e), faungmoene(nt)
Preterit: faungmoenim, faungmoen(i)st(a), faungmoenit, faungmoenam, faungmoenat, faungmoeneer
Future tid: faungmoensiem, faungmoensies, faungmoensiet, faungmoensiem(o)s, yu faungmoensiete, faungmoensient
Conditional: faungmoeniem, faungmoenies, faungmoeniet, faungmoeniem(o)s, yu faungmoeniete, faungmoenient
Prev participe: faungmoent / faungmoenen fauran > Infinitive: faurane
Present: faurano, faurans, faurant, fauranm(o)s, yu faurant(e), faurane(nt)
Preterit: faurienim, faurien(i)st(a), faurienit, faurienam, faurienat, faurieneer
Future tid: fauransiem, fauransies, fauransiet, fauransiem(o)s, yu fauransiete, fauransient
Conditional: fauraniem, fauranies, fauraniet, fauraniem(o)s, yu fauraniete, fauranient
Prev participe: faurant / fauranen favorise > Infinitive: favorise
Present: io favorise, favorises, favoriset, favorisems, yu favoriset(e), favorisent
Preterit: favorisim, favorisist(a), favorisit, favorisam, favorisat, favoriseer
Future tid: favorisesiem, favorisesies, favorisesiet, favorisesiem(o)s, yu favorisesiete, favorisesient
Conditional: favorisiem, favorisies, favorisiet, favorisiem(o)s, yu favorisiete, favorisient
Prev participe: favoriset / favorisen fayer > Infinitive: fayer
Present: io fayer, fayers, fayert, fayerms, yu fayert, fayernt
Preterit: fieyrim, fieyrist, fieyrit, fiey(e)ram, fiey(e)rat, fiey(e)reer
Future tid: fayersiem, fayersies, fayersiet, fayersiem(o)s, yu fayersiete, fayersient
Conditional: fayeriem, fayeries, fayeriet, fayeriem(o)s, yu fayeriete, fayerient
Prev participe: fayert / fayern fayl > Infinitive: fayle
Present: faylo, fayls, faylt, faylm(o)s, yu faylt(e), fayle(nt)
Preterit: fieylim, fieyl(i)st(a), fieylit, fieylam, fieylat, fieyleer
Future tid: faylsiem, faylsies, faylsiet, faylsiem(o)s, yu faylsiete, faylsient
Conditional: fayliem, faylies, fayliet, fayliem(o)s, yu fayliete, faylient
Prev participe: faylt / faylen fayl > Infinitive: fayle
Present: faylo, fayls, faylt, faylm(o)s, yu faylt(e), fayle(nt)
Preterit: fieylim, fieyl(i)st(a), fieylit, fieylam, fieylat, fieyleer
Future tid: faylsiem, faylsies, faylsiet, faylsiem(o)s, yu faylsiete, faylsient
Conditional: fayliem, faylies, fayliet, fayliem(o)s, yu fayliete, faylient
Prev participe: faylt / faylen fayssal > Infinitive: fayssale
Present: fayssalo, fayssals, fayssalt, fayssalm(o)s, yu fayssalt(e), fayssale(nt)
Preterit: fayssielim, fayssiel(i)st(a), fayssielit, fayssielam, fayssielat, fayssieleer
Future tid: fayssalsiem, fayssalsies, fayssalsiet, fayssalsiem(o)s, yu fayssalsiete, fayssalsient
Conditional: fayssaliem, fayssalies, fayssaliet, fayssaliem(o)s, yu fayssaliete, fayssalient
Prev participe: fayssalt / fayssalen fehkht > Infinitive: fehkhte
Present: fehkhto, fehkhts, fehkht, fehkhtm(o)s, yu fehkhte, fehkhte(nt)
Preterit: fohkhtim, fohkht(i)st(a), fohkhtit, fohkhtam, fohkhtat, fohkhteer
Future tid: fehkhtsiem, fehkhtsies, fehkhtsiet, fehkhtsiem(o)s, yu fehkhtsiete, fehkhtsient
Conditional: fehkhtiem, fehkhties, fehkhtiet, fehkhtiem(o)s, yu fehkhtiete, fehkhtient
Prev participe: fohkht / fohkhten fermente > Infinitive: fermente
Present: io fermente, fermentes, fermentet, fermentems, yu fermentet(e), fermentent
Preterit: fermentim, fermentist(a), fermentit, fermentam, fermentat, fermenteer
Future tid: fermentesiem, fermentesies, fermentesiet, fermentesiem(o)s, yu fermentesiete, fermentesient
Conditional: fermentiem, fermenties, fermentiet, fermentiem(o)s, yu fermentiete, fermentient
Prev participe: fermentet / fermenten ferye > Infinitive: ferye
Present: io ferye, feryes, feryet, feryems, yu feryet(e), feryent
Preterit: feryim, feryist(a), feryit, feryam, feryat, feryeer
Future tid: feryesiem, feryesies, feryesiet, feryesiem(o)s, yu feryesiete, feryesient
Conditional: feryiem, feryies, feryiet, feryiem(o)s, yu feryiete, feryient
Prev participe: feryet / feryen fest > Infinitive: feste
Present: festo, fests, fest, festm(o)s, yu feste, feste(nt)
Preterit: festim, fest(i)st(a), festit, festam, festat, festeer
Future tid: festsiem, festsies, festsiet, festsiem(o)s, yu festsiete, festsient
Conditional: festiem, festies, festiet, festiem(o)s, yu festiete, festient
Prev participe: fest / festen feston > Infinitive: festone
Present: festono, festons, festont, festonm(o)s, yu festont(e), festone(nt)
Preterit: festonim, feston(i)st(a), festonit, festonam, festonat, festoneer
Future tid: festonsiem, festonsies, festonsiet, festonsiem(o)s, yu festonsiete, festonsient
Conditional: festoniem, festonies, festoniet, festoniem(o)s, yu festoniete, festonient
Prev participe: festont / festonen feug > Infinitive: fuges
Present: feugo, feucs, feuct, feugm(o)s, yu feuct(e), feuge(nt)
Preterit: fugim, fug(i)st(a), fugit, fugam, fugat, fugeer
Future tid: feucsiem, feucsies, feucsiet, feucsiem(o)s, yu feucsiete, feucsient
Conditional: feugiem, feugies, feugiet, feugiem(o)s, yu feugiete, feugient
Prev participe: fuct / fugen feurl > Infinitive: furles
Present: feurlo, feurls, feurlt, feurlm(o)s, yu feurlt(e), feurle(nt)
Preterit: furlim, furl(i)st(a), furlit, furlam, furlat, furleer
Future tid: feurlsiem, feurlsies, feurlsiet, feurlsiem(o)s, yu feurlsiete, feurlsient
Conditional: feurliem, feurlies, feurliet, feurliem(o)s, yu feurliete, feurlient
Prev participe: furlt / furlen fiancee > Infinitive: fiancee
Present: io fiancee, fiancees, fianceet, fianceems, yu fianceet(e), fianceent
Preterit: fianceim, fianceist(a), fianceit, fianceam, fianceat, fianceeer
Future tid: fianceesiem, fianceesies, fianceesiet, fianceesiem(o)s, yu fianceesiete, fianceesient
Conditional: fianceiem, fianceies, fianceiet, fianceiem(o)s, yu fianceiete, fianceient
Prev participe: fianceet / fianceen fict > Infinitive: ficte
Present: ficto, ficts, fict, fictm(o)s, yu ficte, ficte(nt)
Preterit: fixim, fix(i)st(a), fixit, fixam, fixat, fixeer
Future tid: fictsiem, fictsies, fictsiet, fictsiem(o)s, yu fictsiete, fictsient
Conditional: fictiem, ficties, fictiet, fictiem(o)s, yu fictiete, fictient
Prev participe: fix / ficten fieull > Infinitive: fiulles
Present: fieullo, fieulls, fieullt, fieullm(o)s, yu fieullt(e), fieulle(nt)
Preterit: fiullim, fiull(i)st(a), fiullit, fiullam, fiullat, fiulleer
Future tid: fieullsiem, fieullsies, fieullsiet, fieullsiem(o)s, yu fieullsiete, fieullsient
Conditional: fieulliem, fieullies, fieulliet, fieulliem(o)s, yu fieulliete, fieullient
Prev participe: fiullt / fiullen fiker > Infinitive: fiker
Present: io fiker, fikers, fikert, fikerms, yu fikert, fikernt
Preterit: fikrim, fikrist, fikrit, fik(e)ram, fik(e)rat, fik(e)reer
Future tid: fikersiem, fikersies, fikersiet, fikersiem(o)s, yu fikersiete, fikersient
Conditional: fikeriem, fikeries, fikeriet, fikeriem(o)s, yu fikeriete, fikerient
Prev participe: fikert / fikern filter > Infinitive: filter
Present: io filter, filters, filtert, filterms, yu filtert, filternt
Preterit: filtrim, filtrist, filtrit, filt(e)ram, filt(e)rat, filt(e)reer
Future tid: filtersiem, filtersies, filtersiet, filtersiem(o)s, yu filtersiete, filtersient
Conditional: filteriem, filteries, filteriet, filteriem(o)s, yu filteriete, filterient
Prev participe: filtert / filtern finance > Infinitive: finance
Present: io finance, finances, financet, financems, yu financet(e), financent
Preterit: financim, financist(a), financit, financeam, financeat, financeer
Future tid: financesiem, financesies, financesiet, financesiem(o)s, yu financesiete, financesient
Conditional: financiem, financies, financiet, financiem(o)s, yu financiete, financient
Prev participe: financet / financen fineg > Infinitive: finges
Present: fingo, fincs, finct, fingm(o)s, yu finct(e), finge(nt)
Preterit: figim, fig(i)st(a), figit, figam, figat, figeer
Future tid: fincsiem, fincsies, fincsiet, fincsiem(o)s, yu fincsiete, fincsient
Conditional: fingiem, fingies, fingiet, fingiem(o)s, yu fingiete, fingient
Prev participe: fict / figen fineih > Infinitive: finihes
Present: fineihm, fineihs, fineiht, fineihm(o)s, yu fineiht(e), fineihnt
Preterit: finihsim, finihst(a), finihsit, finihsam, finihsat, finihr
Future tid: fineihsiem, fineihsies, fineihsiet, fineihsiem(o)s, yu fineihsiete, fineihsient
Conditional: fineihiem, fineihies, fineihiet, fineihiem(o)s, yu fineihiete, fineihient
Prev participe: finiht / finihn finesd > Infinitive: findes
Present: findo, finds, findt, findm(o)s, yu findt(e), finde(nt)
Preterit: fissim, fiss(i)st(a), fissit, fissam, fissat, fisseer
Future tid: findsiem, findsies, findsiet, findsiem(o)s, yu findsiete, findsient
Conditional: findiem, findies, findiet, findiem(o)s, yu findiete, findient
Prev participe: fiss / fisden fingher > Infinitive: fingher
Present: io fingher, finghers, finghert, fingherms, yu finghert, finghernt
Preterit: finghrim, finghrist, finghrit, fingh(e)ram, fingh(e)rat, fingh(e)reer
Future tid: finghersiem, finghersies, finghersiet, finghersiem(o)s, yu finghersiete, finghersient
Conditional: fingheriem, fingheries, fingheriet, fingheriem(o)s, yu fingheriete, fingherient
Prev participe: finghert / finghern finghercutt > Infinitive: finghercutte
Present: finghercutto, finghercutts, finghercutt, finghercuttm(o)s, yu finghercutte, finghercutte(nt)
Preterit: finghercussim, finghercuss(i)st(a), finghercussit, finghercussam, finghercussat, finghercusseer
Future tid: finghercuttsiem, finghercuttsies, finghercuttsiet, finghercuttsiem(o)s, yu finghercuttsiete, finghercuttsient
Conditional: finghercuttiem, finghercutties, finghercuttiet, finghercuttiem(o)s, yu finghercuttiete, finghercuttient
Prev participe: finghercuss / finghercutten fingherlivat > Infinitive: fingherlivate
Present: fingherlivato, fingherlivats, fingherlivat, fingherlivatm(o)s, yu fingherlivate, fingherlivate(nt)
Preterit: fingherlivietim, fingherliviet(i)st(a), fingherlivietit, fingherlivietam, fingherlivietat, fingherlivieteer
Future tid: fingherlivatsiem, fingherlivatsies, fingherlivatsiet, fingherlivatsiem(o)s, yu fingherlivatsiete, fingherlivatsient
Conditional: fingherlivatiem, fingherlivaties, fingherlivatiet, fingherlivatiem(o)s, yu fingherlivatiete, fingherlivatient
Prev participe: fingherlivat / fingherlivaten fingherstuned > Infinitive: fingherstundes
Present: fingherstundo, fingherstunds, fingherstundt, fingherstundm(o)s, yu fingherstundt(e), fingherstunde(nt)
Preterit: fingherstusim, fingherstus(i)st(a), fingherstusit, fingherstusam, fingherstusat, fingherstuseer
Future tid: fingherstundsiem, fingherstundsies, fingherstundsiet, fingherstundsiem(o)s, yu fingherstundsiete, fingherstundsient
Conditional: fingherstundiem, fingherstundies, fingherstundiet, fingherstundiem(o)s, yu fingherstundiete, fingherstundient
Prev participe: fingherstus / fingherstuden fixe > Infinitive: fixe
Present: io fixe, fixes, fixet, fixems, yu fixet(e), fixent
Preterit: fixim, fixist(a), fixit, fixam, fixat, fixeer
Future tid: fixesiem, fixesies, fixesiet, fixesiem(o)s, yu fixesiete, fixesient
Conditional: fixiem, fixies, fixiet, fixiem(o)s, yu fixiete, fixient
Prev participe: fixet / fixen flask > Infinitive: flaske
Present: flasko, flascs, flasct, flaskm(o)s, yu flasct(e), flaske(nt)
Preterit: flieskim, fliesk(i)st(a), flieskit, flieskam, flieskat, flieskeer
Future tid: flascsiem, flascsies, flascsiet, flascsiem(o)s, yu flascsiete, flascsient
Conditional: flaskiem, flaskies, flaskiet, flaskiem(o)s, yu flaskiete, flaskient
Prev participe: flasct / flasken flatter > Infinitive: flatter
Present: io flatter, flatters, flattert, flatterms, yu flattert, flatternt
Preterit: fliettrim, fliettrist, fliettrit, fliett(e)ram, fliett(e)rat, fliett(e)reer
Future tid: flattersiem, flattersies, flattersiet, flattersiem(o)s, yu flattersiete, flattersient
Conditional: flatteriem, flatteries, flatteriet, flatteriem(o)s, yu flatteriete, flatterient
Prev participe: flattert / flattern flaueih > Infinitive: flauihes
Present: flaueihm, flaueihs, flaueiht, flaueihm(o)s, yu flaueiht(e), flaueihnt
Preterit: flauihsim, flauihst(a), flauihsit, flauihsam, flauihsat, flauihr
Future tid: flaueihsiem, flaueihsies, flaueihsiet, flaueihsiem(o)s, yu flaueihsiete, flaueihsient
Conditional: flaueihiem, flaueihies, flaueihiet, flaueihiem(o)s, yu flaueihiete, flaueihient
Prev participe: flauiht / flauihn flect > Infinitive: flecte
Present: flecto, flects, flect, flectm(o)s, yu flecte, flecte(nt)
Preterit: flexim, flex(i)st(a), flexit, flexam, flexat, flexeer
Future tid: flectsiem, flectsies, flectsiet, flectsiem(o)s, yu flectsiete, flectsient
Conditional: flectiem, flecties, flectiet, flectiem(o)s, yu flectiete, flectient
Prev participe: flex / flecten flehen > Infinitive: flehnes
Present: flehno, flehens, flehent, flehnm(o)s, yu flehent(e), flehne(nt)
Preterit: flehsim, flehst(a), flehsit, flehsam, flehsat, flehr
Future tid: flehensiem, flehensies, flehensiet, flehensiem(o)s, yu flehensiete, flehensient
Conditional: flehniem, flehnies, flehniet, flehniem(o)s, yu flehniete, flehnient
Prev participe: fleht / flehn fleurt > Infinitive: flurtes
Present: fleurto, fleurts, fleurt, fleurtm(o)s, yu fleurte, fleurte(nt)
Preterit: flurtim, flurt(i)st(a), flurtit, flurtam, flurtat, flurteer
Future tid: fleurtsiem, fleurtsies, fleurtsiet, fleurtsiem(o)s, yu fleurtsiete, fleurtsient
Conditional: fleurtiem, fleurties, fleurtiet, fleurtiem(o)s, yu fleurtiete, fleurtient
Prev participe: flurt / flurten flicker > Infinitive: flicker
Present: io flicker, flickers, flickert, flickerms, yu flickert, flickernt
Preterit: flickrim, flickrist, flickrit, flick(e)ram, flick(e)rat, flick(e)reer
Future tid: flickersiem, flickersies, flickersiet, flickersiem(o)s, yu flickersiete, flickersient
Conditional: flickeriem, flickeries, flickeriet, flickeriem(o)s, yu flickeriete, flickerient
Prev participe: flickert / flickern flott > Infinitive: flotte
Present: flotto, flotts, flott, flottm(o)s, yu flotte, flotte(nt)
Preterit: flossim, floss(i)st(a), flossit, flossam, flossat, flosseer
Future tid: flottsiem, flottsies, flottsiet, flottsiem(o)s, yu flottsiete, flottsient
Conditional: flottiem, flotties, flottiet, flottiem(o)s, yu flottiete, flottient
Prev participe: floss / flotten flux > Infinitive: fluxe
Present: fluxo, fluxs, fluxt, fluxm(o)s, yu fluxt(e), fluxe(nt)
Preterit: fluxim, flux(i)st(a), fluxit, fluxam, fluxat, fluxeer
Future tid: siem fluxe, sies fluxe, siet fluxe, siem(o)s fluxe, yu siete fluxe, sient fluxe
Conditional: fluxiem, fluxies, fluxiet, fluxiem(o)s, yu fluxiete, fluxient
Prev participe: fluxt / fluxen flyghel > Infinitive: flyghel
Present: io flyghel, flyghels, flyghelt, flyghelms, yu flyghelt, flyghelnt
Preterit: flyghlim, flyghlist, flyghlit, flygh(e)lam, flygh(e)lat, flygh(e)leer
Future tid: flyghelsiem, flyghelsies, flyghelsiet, flyghelsiem(o)s, yu flyghelsiete, flyghelsient
Conditional: flygheliem, flyghelies, flygheliet, flygheliem(o)s, yu flygheliete, flyghelient
Prev participe: flyghelt / flygheln fodd > Infinitive: fodde
Present: foddo, fodds, foddt, foddm(o)s, yu foddt(e), fodde(nt)
Preterit: fossim, foss(i)st(a), fossit, fossam, fossat, fosseer
Future tid: foddsiem, foddsies, foddsiet, foddsiem(o)s, yu foddsiete, foddsient
Conditional: foddiem, foddies, foddiet, foddiem(o)s, yu foddiete, foddient
Prev participe: foss / fodden foh > Infinitive: fohe
Present: fohm, fohs, foht, fohm(o)s, yu foht(e), fohnt
Preterit: fohsim, fohst(a), fohsit, fohsam, fohsat, fohr
Future tid: fohsiem, fohsies, fohsiet, fohsiem(o)s, yu fohsiete, fohsient
Conditional: fohiem, fohies, fohiet, fohiem(o)s, yu fohiete, fohient
Prev participe: foht / fohn folossie > Infinitive: folossie
Present: io folossie, folossies, folossiet, folossiems, yu folossiet(e), folossient
Preterit: folossicim, folossiest, folossicit, folossiam, folossiat, folossier
Future tid: folossiesiem, folossiesies, folossiesiet, folossiesiem(o)s, yu folossiesiete, folossiesient
Conditional: folossiciem, folossicies, folossiciet, folossiciem(o)s, yu folossiciete, folossicient
Prev participe: folossiet / folossien forakwten > Infinitive: forakwtnes
Present: forakwtno, forakwtens, forakwtent, forakwtnm(o)s, yu forakwtent(e), forakwtne(nt)
Preterit: forakwtim, forakwt(i)st(a), forakwtit, forakwtam, forakwtat, forakwteer
Future tid: forakwtensiem, forakwtensies, forakwtensiet, forakwtensiem(o)s, yu forakwtensiete, forakwtensient
Conditional: forakwtniem, forakwtnies, forakwtniet, forakwtniem(o)s, yu forakwtniete, forakwtnient
Prev participe: forakwt / forakwten forban > Infinitive: forbane
Present: forbano, forbans, forbant, forbanm(o)s, yu forbant(e), forbane(nt)
Preterit: forbienim, forbien(i)st(a), forbienit, forbienam, forbienat, forbieneer
Future tid: forbansiem, forbansies, forbansiet, forbansiem(o)s, yu forbansiete, forbansient
Conditional: forbaniem, forbanies, forbaniet, forbaniem(o)s, yu forbaniete, forbanient
Prev participe: forbant / forbanen forbehd > Infinitive: forbehde
Present: forbehdo, forbehds, forbehdt, forbehdm(o)s, yu forbehdt(e), forbehde(nt)
Preterit: forbohdim, forbohd(i)st(a), forbohdit, forbohdam, forbohdat, forbohdeer
Future tid: forbehdsiem, forbehdsies, forbehdsiet, forbehdsiem(o)s, yu forbehdsiete, forbehdsient
Conditional: forbehdiem, forbehdies, forbehdiet, forbehdiem(o)s, yu forbehdiete, forbehdient
Prev participe: forbohdt / forbohden forduil > Infinitive: forduile
Present: forduilo, forduils, forduilt, forduilm(o)s, yu forduilt(e), forduile(nt)
Preterit: forduilim, forduil(i)st(a), forduilit, forduilam, forduilat, forduileer
Future tid: forduilsiem, forduilsies, forduilsiet, forduilsiem(o)s, yu forduilsiete, forduilsient
Conditional: forduiliem, forduilies, forduiliet, forduiliem(o)s, yu forduiliete, forduilient
Prev participe: forduilt / forduilen forfac > Infinitive: forface
Present: forfaco, forfacs, forfact, forfacm(o)s, yu forfact(e), forface(nt)
Preterit: forfiecim, forfiec(i)st(a), forfiecit, forfiecam, forfiecat, forfieceer
Future tid: forfacsiem, forfacsies, forfacsiet, forfacsiem(o)s, yu forfacsiete, forfacsient
Conditional: forfaciem, forfacies, forfaciet, forfaciem(o)s, yu forfaciete, forfacient
Prev participe: forfact / forfacen forge > Infinitive: forge
Present: io forge, forges, forget, forgems, yu forget(e), forgent
Preterit: forgim, forgist(a), forgit, forgeam, forgeat, forgeer
Future tid: forgesiem, forgesies, forgesiet, forgesiem(o)s, yu forgesiete, forgesient
Conditional: forgiem, forgies, forgiet, forgiem(o)s, yu forgiete, forgient
Prev participe: forget / forgen forglehmer > Infinitive: forglehmer
Present: io forglehmer, forglehmers, forglehmert, forglehmerms, yu forglehmert, forglehmernt
Preterit: forglohmrim, forglohmrist, forglohmrit, forglohm(e)ram, forglohm(e)rat, forglohm(e)reer
Future tid: forglehmersiem, forglehmersies, forglehmersiet, forglehmersiem(o)s, yu forglehmersiete, forglehmersient
Conditional: forglehmeriem, forglehmeries, forglehmeriet, forglehmeriem(o)s, yu forglehmeriete, forglehmerient
Prev participe: forglohmert / forglohmern forgleimer > Infinitive: forglimres
Present: io forgleimer, forgleimers, forgleimert, forgleimerms, yu forgleimert, forgleimernt
Preterit: forglimrim, forglimrist, forglimrit, forglim(e)ram, forglim(e)rat, forglim(e)reer
Future tid: forgleimersiem, forgleimersies, forgleimersiet, forgleimersiem(o)s, yu forgleimersiete, forgleimersient
Conditional: forgleimeriem, forgleimeries, forgleimeriet, forgleimeriem(o)s, yu forgleimeriete, forgleimerient
Prev participe: forglimert / forglimern forgwah > Infinitive: forgwahe
Present: forgwahm, forgwahs, forgwaht, forgwahm(o)s, yu forgwaht(e), forgwahnt
Preterit: forgwahsim, forgwahst(a), forgwahsit, forgwahsam, forgwahsat, forgwahr
Future tid: forgwahsiem, forgwahsies, forgwahsiet, forgwahsiem(o)s, yu forgwahsiete, forgwahsient
Conditional: forgwahiem, forgwahies, forgwahiet, forgwahiem(o)s, yu forgwahiete, forgwahient
Prev participe: forgwaht / forgwahn forhonn > Infinitive: forhonne
Present: forhonno, forhonns, forhonnt, forhonnm(o)s, yu forhonnt(e), forhonne(nt)
Preterit: forhonnim, forhonn(i)st(a), forhonnit, forhonnam, forhonnat, forhonneer
Future tid: forhonnsiem, forhonnsies, forhonnsiet, forhonnsiem(o)s, yu forhonnsiete, forhonnsient
Conditional: forhonniem, forhonnies, forhonniet, forhonniem(o)s, yu forhonniete, forhonnient
Prev participe: forhonnt / forhonnen forilay > Infinitive: forilaye
Present: forilaym, forilays, forilayt, forilaym(o)s, yu forilayt(e), forilaynt
Preterit: forilieyim, forilieyst(a), forilieyit, forilieyam, forilieyat, forilieyeer
Future tid: forilaysiem, forilaysies, forilaysiet, forilaysiem(o)s, yu forilaysiete, forilaysient
Conditional: forilayiem, forilayies, forilayiet, forilayiem(o)s, yu forilayiete, forilayient
Prev participe: forilayt / forilayen fork > Infinitive: forke
Present: forko, forcs, forct, forkm(o)s, yu forct(e), forke(nt)
Preterit: forkim, fork(i)st(a), forkit, forkam, forkat, forkeer
Future tid: forcsiem, forcsies, forcsiet, forcsiem(o)s, yu forcsiete, forcsient
Conditional: forkiem, forkies, forkiet, forkiem(o)s, yu forkiete, forkient
Prev participe: forct / forken forkheuld > Infinitive: forkhuldes
Present: forkheuldo, forkheulds, forkheuldt, forkheuldm(o)s, yu forkheuldt(e), forkheulde(nt)
Preterit: forkhuldim, forkhuld(i)st(a), forkhuldit, forkhuldam, forkhuldat, forkhuldeer
Future tid: forkheuldsiem, forkheuldsies, forkheuldsiet, forkheuldsiem(o)s, yu forkheuldsiete, forkheuldsient
Conditional: forkheuldiem, forkheuldies, forkheuldiet, forkheuldiem(o)s, yu forkheuldiete, forkheuldient
Prev participe: forkhuldt / forkhulden forlav > Infinitive: forlave
Present: forlavo, forlavs, forlavt, forlavm(o)s, yu forlavt(e), forlave(nt)
Preterit: forlievim, forliev(i)st(a), forlievit, forlievam, forlievat, forlieveer
Future tid: forlavsiem, forlavsies, forlavsiet, forlavsiem(o)s, yu forlavsiete, forlavsient
Conditional: forlaviem, forlavies, forlaviet, forlaviem(o)s, yu forlaviete, forlavient
Prev participe: forlawt / forlaven forlegver > Infinitive: forlegver
Present: io forlegver, forlegvers, forlegvert, forlegverms, yu forlegvert, forlegvernt
Preterit: forlegvrim, forlegvrist, forlegvrit, forlegv(e)ram, forlegv(e)rat, forlegv(e)reer
Future tid: forlegversiem, forlegversies, forlegversiet, forlegversiem(o)s, yu forlegversiete, forlegversient
Conditional: forlegveriem, forlegveries, forlegveriet, forlegveriem(o)s, yu forlegveriete, forlegverient
Prev participe: forlegvert / forlegvern forleus > Infinitive: forluses
Present: forleuso, forleus, forleust, forleusm(o)s, yu forleust(e), forleuse(nt)
Preterit: forlusim, forlus(i)st(a), forlusit, forlusam, forlusat, forluseer
Future tid: siem forluses, sies forluses, siet forluses, siem(o)s forluses, yu siete forluses, sient forluses
Conditional: forleusiem, forleusies, forleusiet, forleusiem(o)s, yu forleusiete, forleusient
Prev participe: forlust / forlusen forlinekw > Infinitive: forlinkwes
Present: forlinkwo, forlinkws, forlinkwt, forlinkwm(o)s, yu forlinkwt(e), forlinkwnt
Preterit: forlikwim, forlikwst(a), forlikwit, forlikwam, forlikwat, forlikweer
Future tid: forlinkwsiem, forlinkwsies, forlinkwsiet, forlinkwsiem(o)s, yu forlinkwsiete, forlinkwsient
Conditional: forlinkwiem, forlinkwies, forlinkwiet, forlinkwiem(o)s, yu forlinkwiete, forlinkwient
Prev participe: forlikwt / forlikwn forlyehg > Infinitive: forlyehge
Present: forlyehgo, forlyehcs, forlyehct, forlyehgm(o)s, yu forlyehct(e), forlyehge(nt)
Preterit: forlyohgim, forlyohg(i)st(a), forlyohgit, forlyohgam, forlyohgat, forlyohgeer
Future tid: forlyehcsiem, forlyehcsies, forlyehcsiet, forlyehcsiem(o)s, yu forlyehcsiete, forlyehcsient
Conditional: forlyehgiem, forlyehgies, forlyehgiet, forlyehgiem(o)s, yu forlyehgiete, forlyehgient
Prev participe: forlyohct / forlyohgen format > Infinitive: formate
Present: formato, formats, format, formatm(o)s, yu formate, formate(nt)
Preterit: formietim, formiet(i)st(a), formietit, formietam, formietat, formieteer
Future tid: formatsiem, formatsies, formatsiet, formatsiem(o)s, yu formatsiete, formatsient
Conditional: formatiem, formaties, formatiet, formatiem(o)s, yu formatiete, formatient
Prev participe: format / formaten forme > Infinitive: forme
Present: io forme, formes, formet, formems, yu formet(e), forment
Preterit: formim, formist(a), formit, formam, format, formeer
Future tid: formesiem, formesies, formesiet, formesiem(o)s, yu formesiete, formesient
Conditional: formiem, formies, formiet, formiem(o)s, yu formiete, formient
Prev participe: formet / formen formehn > Infinitive: formehne
Present: formehno, formehns, formehnt, formehnm(o)s, yu formehnt(e), formehne(nt)
Preterit: formohnim, formohn(i)st(a), formohnit, formohnam, formohnat, formohneer
Future tid: formehnsiem, formehnsies, formehnsiet, formehnsiem(o)s, yu formehnsiete, formehnsient
Conditional: formehniem, formehnies, formehniet, formehniem(o)s, yu formehniete, formehnient
Prev participe: formohnt / formohnen formulire > Infinitive: formulire
Present: io formulire, formulires, formuliret, formulirems, yu formuliret(e), formulirent
Preterit: formulirim, formulirist(a), formulirit, formuliram, formulirat, formulireer
Future tid: formuliresiem, formuliresies, formuliresiet, formuliresiem(o)s, yu formuliresiete, formuliresient
Conditional: formuliriem, formuliries, formuliriet, formuliriem(o)s, yu formuliriete, formulirient
Prev participe: formuliret / formuliren fornique > Infinitive: fornique
Present: io fornique, forniques, forniquet, forniquems, yu forniquet(e), forniquent
Preterit: forniquim, forniquist(a), forniquit, forniquam, forniquat, forniqueer
Future tid: forniquesiem, forniquesies, forniquesiet, forniquesiem(o)s, yu forniquesiete, forniquesient
Conditional: forniquiem, forniquies, forniquiet, forniquiem(o)s, yu forniquiete, forniquient
Prev participe: forniquet / forniquen forprehp > Infinitive: forprehpe
Present: forprehpo, forprehps, forprehpt, forprehpm(o)s, yu forprehpt(e), forprehpe(nt)
Preterit: forprohpim, forprohp(i)st(a), forprohpit, forprohpam, forprohpat, forprohpeer
Future tid: forprehpsiem, forprehpsies, forprehpsiet, forprehpsiem(o)s, yu forprehpsiete, forprehpsient
Conditional: forprehpiem, forprehpies, forprehpiet, forprehpiem(o)s, yu forprehpiete, forprehpient
Prev participe: forprohpt / forprohpen forscinesd > Infinitive: forscindes
Present: forscindo, forscinds, forscindt, forscindm(o)s, yu forscindt(e), forscinde(nt)
Preterit: forscissim, forsciss(i)st(a), forscissit, forscissam, forscissat, forscisseer
Future tid: forscindsiem, forscindsies, forscindsiet, forscindsiem(o)s, yu forscindsiete, forscindsient
Conditional: forscindiem, forscindies, forscindiet, forscindiem(o)s, yu forscindiete, forscindient
Prev participe: forsciss / forscisden forskehpt > Infinitive: forskehpte
Present: forskehpto, forskehpts, forskehpt, forskehptm(o)s, yu forskehpte, forskehpte(nt)
Preterit: forskohptim, forskohpt(i)st(a), forskohptit, forskohptam, forskohptat, forskohpteer
Future tid: forskehptsiem, forskehptsies, forskehptsiet, forskehptsiem(o)s, yu forskehptsiete, forskehptsient
Conditional: forskehptiem, forskehpties, forskehptiet, forskehptiem(o)s, yu forskehptiete, forskehptient
Prev participe: forskohpt / forskohpten forsluneg > Infinitive: forslunges
Present: forslungo, forsluncs, forslunct, forslungm(o)s, yu forslunct(e), forslunge(nt)
Preterit: forslugim, forslug(i)st(a), forslugit, forslugam, forslugat, forslugeer
Future tid: forsluncsiem, forsluncsies, forsluncsiet, forsluncsiem(o)s, yu forsluncsiete, forsluncsient
Conditional: forslungiem, forslungies, forslungiet, forslungiem(o)s, yu forslungiete, forslungient
Prev participe: forsluct / forslugen forsorb > Infinitive: forsorbe
Present: forsorbo, forsorps, forsorpt, forsorbm(o)s, yu forsorpt(e), forsorbe(nt)
Preterit: forsorbim, forsorb(i)st(a), forsorbit, forsorbam, forsorbat, forsorbeer
Future tid: forsorpsiem, forsorpsies, forsorpsiet, forsorpsiem(o)s, yu forsorpsiete, forsorpsient
Conditional: forsorbiem, forsorbies, forsorbiet, forsorbiem(o)s, yu forsorbiete, forsorbient
Prev participe: forsorpt / forsorben forstehlb > Infinitive: forstehlbe
Present: forstehlbo, forstehlps, forstehlpt, forstehlbm(o)s, yu forstehlpt(e), forstehlbe(nt)
Preterit: forstohlbim, forstohlb(i)st(a), forstohlbit, forstohlbam, forstohlbat, forstohlbeer
Future tid: forstehlpsiem, forstehlpsies, forstehlpsiet, forstehlpsiem(o)s, yu forstehlpsiete, forstehlpsient
Conditional: forstehlbiem, forstehlbies, forstehlbiet, forstehlbiem(o)s, yu forstehlbiete, forstehlbient
Prev participe: forstohlpt / forstohlben forswehnd > Infinitive: forswehnde
Present: forswehndo, forswehnds, forswehndt, forswehndm(o)s, yu forswehndt(e), forswehnde(nt)
Preterit: forswohndim, forswohnd(i)st(a), forswohndit, forswohndam, forswohndat, forswohndeer
Future tid: forswehndsiem, forswehndsies, forswehndsiet, forswehndsiem(o)s, yu forswehndsiete, forswehndsient
Conditional: forswehndiem, forswehndies, forswehndiet, forswehndiem(o)s, yu forswehndiete, forswehndient
Prev participe: forswohndt / forswohnden fortaste > Infinitive: fortaste
Present: io fortaste, fortastes, fortastet, fortastems, yu fortastet(e), fortastent
Preterit: fortastim, fortastist(a), fortastit, fortastam, fortastat, fortasteer
Future tid: fortastesiem, fortastesies, fortastesiet, fortastesiem(o)s, yu fortastesiete, fortastesient
Conditional: fortastiem, fortasties, fortastiet, fortastiem(o)s, yu fortastiete, fortastient
Prev participe: fortastet / fortasten fortifie > Infinitive: fortifie
Present: io fortifie, fortifies, fortifiet, fortifiems, yu fortifiet(e), fortifient
Preterit: fortificim, fortifiest, fortificit, fortifiam, fortifiat, fortifier
Future tid: fortifiesiem, fortifiesies, fortifiesiet, fortifiesiem(o)s, yu fortifiesiete, fortifiesient
Conditional: fortificiem, fortificies, fortificiet, fortificiem(o)s, yu fortificiete, fortificient
Prev participe: fortifiet / fortifien fortrag > Infinitive: fortrage
Present: fortrago, fortracs, fortract, fortragm(o)s, yu fortract(e), fortrage(nt)
Preterit: fortriegim, fortrieg(i)st(a), fortriegit, fortriegam, fortriegat, fortriegeer
Future tid: fortracsiem, fortracsies, fortracsiet, fortracsiem(o)s, yu fortracsiete, fortracsient
Conditional: fortragiem, fortragies, fortragiet, fortragiem(o)s, yu fortragiete, fortragient
Prev participe: fortract / fortragen fortrehc > Infinitive: fortrehce
Present: fortrehco, fortrehcs, fortrehct, fortrehcm(o)s, yu fortrehct(e), fortrehce(nt)
Preterit: fortrohcim, fortrohc(i)st(a), fortrohcit, fortrohcam, fortrohcat, fortrohceer
Future tid: fortrehcsiem, fortrehcsies, fortrehcsiet, fortrehcsiem(o)s, yu fortrehcsiete, fortrehcsient
Conditional: fortrehciem, fortrehcies, fortrehciet, fortrehciem(o)s, yu fortrehciete, fortrehcient
Prev participe: fortrohct / fortrohcen forwehgh > Infinitive: forwehghe
Present: forwehgho, forwehghs, forwehght, forwehghm(o)s, yu forwehght(e), forwehghe(nt)
Preterit: forwohghim, forwohgh(i)st(a), forwohghit, forwohgham, forwohghat, forwohgheer
Future tid: forwehghsiem, forwehghsies, forwehghsiet, forwehghsiem(o)s, yu forwehghsiete, forwehghsient
Conditional: forwehghiem, forwehghies, forwehghiet, forwehghiem(o)s, yu forwehghiete, forwehghient
Prev participe: forwohght / forwohghen forwehn > Infinitive: forwehne
Present: forwehno, forwehns, forwehnt, forwehnm(o)s, yu forwehnt(e), forwehne(nt)
Preterit: forwohnim, forwohn(i)st(a), forwohnit, forwohnam, forwohnat, forwohneer
Future tid: forwehnsiem, forwehnsies, forwehnsiet, forwehnsiem(o)s, yu forwehnsiete, forwehnsient
Conditional: forwehniem, forwehnies, forwehniet, forwehniem(o)s, yu forwehniete, forwehnient
Prev participe: forwohnt / forwohnen forwehs > Infinitive: forwehse
Present: forwehso, forwehs, forwehst, forwehsm(o)s, yu forwehst(e), forwehse(nt)
Preterit: forwohsim, forwohs(i)st(a), forwohsit, forwohsam, forwohsat, forwohseer
Future tid: siem forwehse, sies forwehse, siet forwehse, siem(o)s forwehse, yu siete forwehse, sient forwehse
Conditional: forwehsiem, forwehsies, forwehsiet, forwehsiem(o)s, yu forwehsiete, forwehsient
Prev participe: forwohst / forwohsen foster > Infinitive: foster
Present: io foster, fosters, fostert, fosterms, yu fostert, fosternt
Preterit: fostrim, fostrist, fostrit, fost(e)ram, fost(e)rat, fost(e)reer
Future tid: fostersiem, fostersies, fostersiet, fostersiem(o)s, yu fostersiete, fostersient
Conditional: fosteriem, fosteries, fosteriet, fosteriem(o)s, yu fosteriete, fosterient
Prev participe: fostert / fostern frad > Infinitive: frade
Present: frado, frads, fradt, fradm(o)s, yu fradt(e), frade(nt)
Preterit: friedim, fried(i)st(a), friedit, friedam, friedat, friedeer
Future tid: fradsiem, fradsies, fradsiet, fradsiem(o)s, yu fradsiete, fradsient
Conditional: fradiem, fradies, fradiet, fradiem(o)s, yu fradiete, fradient
Prev participe: fras / fraden fragmente > Infinitive: fragmente
Present: io fragmente, fragmentes, fragmentet, fragmentems, yu fragmentet(e), fragmentent
Preterit: fragmentim, fragmentist(a), fragmentit, fragmentam, fragmentat, fragmenteer
Future tid: fragmentesiem, fragmentesies, fragmentesiet, fragmentesiem(o)s, yu fragmentesiete, fragmentesient
Conditional: fragmentiem, fragmenties, fragmentiet, fragmentiem(o)s, yu fragmentiete, fragmentient
Prev participe: fragmentet / fragmenten fraise > Infinitive: fraise
Present: io fraise, fraises, fraiset, fraisems, yu fraiset(e), fraisent
Preterit: fraisim, fraisist(a), fraisit, fraisam, fraisat, fraiseer
Future tid: fraisesiem, fraisesies, fraisesiet, fraisesiem(o)s, yu fraisesiete, fraisesient
Conditional: fraisiem, fraisies, fraisiet, fraisiem(o)s, yu fraisiete, fraisient
Prev participe: fraiset / fraisen frank > Infinitive: franke
Present: franko, francs, franct, frankm(o)s, yu franct(e), franke(nt)
Preterit: frienkim, frienk(i)st(a), frienkit, frienkam, frienkat, frienkeer
Future tid: francsiem, francsies, francsiet, francsiem(o)s, yu francsiete, francsient
Conditional: frankiem, frankies, frankiet, frankiem(o)s, yu frankiete, frankient
Prev participe: franct / franken frankeih > Infinitive: frankihes
Present: frankeihm, frankeihs, frankeiht, frankeihm(o)s, yu frankeiht(e), frankeihnt
Preterit: frankihsim, frankihst(a), frankihsit, frankihsam, frankihsat, frankihr
Future tid: frankeihsiem, frankeihsies, frankeihsiet, frankeihsiem(o)s, yu frankeihsiete, frankeihsient
Conditional: frankeihiem, frankeihies, frankeihiet, frankeihiem(o)s, yu frankeihiete, frankeihient
Prev participe: frankiht / frankihn frap > Infinitive: frape
Present: frapo, fraps, frapt, frapm(o)s, yu frapt(e), frape(nt)
Preterit: friepim, friep(i)st(a), friepit, friepam, friepat, friepeer
Future tid: frapsiem, frapsies, frapsiet, frapsiem(o)s, yu frapsiete, frapsient
Conditional: frapiem, frapies, frapiet, frapiem(o)s, yu frapiete, frapient
Prev participe: frapt / frapen fredeih > Infinitive: fredihes
Present: fredeihm, fredeihs, fredeiht, fredeihm(o)s, yu fredeiht(e), fredeihnt
Preterit: fredihsim, fredihst(a), fredihsit, fredihsam, fredihsat, fredihr
Future tid: fredeihsiem, fredeihsies, fredeihsiet, fredeihsiem(o)s, yu fredeihsiete, fredeihsient
Conditional: fredeihiem, fredeihies, fredeihiet, fredeihiem(o)s, yu fredeihiete, fredeihient
Prev participe: frediht / fredihn frehs > Infinitive: frehse
Present: frehso, frehs, frehst, frehsm(o)s, yu frehst(e), frehse(nt)
Preterit: frohsim, frohs(i)st(a), frohsit, frohsam, frohsat, frohseer
Future tid: siem frehse, sies frehse, siet frehse, siem(o)s frehse, yu siete frehse, sient frehse
Conditional: frehsiem, frehsies, frehsiet, frehsiem(o)s, yu frehsiete, frehsient
Prev participe: frohst / frohsen freih > Infinitive: frihes
Present: freihm, freihs, freiht, freihm(o)s, yu freiht(e), freihnt
Preterit: frihsim, frihst(a), frihsit, frihsam, frihsat, frihr
Future tid: freihsiem, freihsies, freihsiet, freihsiem(o)s, yu freihsiete, freihsient
Conditional: freihiem, freihies, freihiet, freihiem(o)s, yu freihiete, freihient
Prev participe: friht / frihn frette > Infinitive: frette
Present: io frette, frettes, frettet, frettems, yu frettet(e), frettent
Preterit: frettim, frettist(a), frettit, frettam, frettat, fretteer
Future tid: frettesiem, frettesies, frettesiet, frettesiem(o)s, yu frettesiete, frettesient
Conditional: frettiem, fretties, frettiet, frettiem(o)s, yu frettiete, frettient
Prev participe: frettet / fretten frilance > Infinitive: frilance
Present: io frilance, frilances, frilancet, frilancems, yu frilancet(e), frilancent
Preterit: frilancim, frilancist(a), frilancit, frilanceam, frilanceat, frilanceer
Future tid: frilancesiem, frilancesies, frilancesiet, frilancesiem(o)s, yu frilancesiete, frilancesient
Conditional: frilanciem, frilancies, frilanciet, frilanciem(o)s, yu frilanciete, frilancient
Prev participe: frilancet / frilancen frilancer > Infinitive: frilancer
Present: io frilancer, frilancers, frilancert, frilancerms, yu frilancert, frilancernt
Preterit: friliencer, friliencerst, friliencer, friliencer(am), friliencer(at), friliencer(eer)
Future tid: frilancersiem, frilancersies, frilancersiet, frilancersiem(o)s, yu frilancersiete, frilancersient
Conditional: frilanceriem, frilanceries, frilanceriet, frilanceriem(o)s, yu frilanceriete, frilancerient
Prev participe: frilancert / frilancern front > Infinitive: fronte
Present: fronto, fronts, front, frontm(o)s, yu fronte, fronte(nt)
Preterit: frontim, front(i)st(a), frontit, frontam, frontat, fronteer
Future tid: frontsiem, frontsies, frontsiet, frontsiem(o)s, yu frontsiete, frontsient
Conditional: frontiem, fronties, frontiet, frontiem(o)s, yu frontiete, frontient
Prev participe: front / fronten frontasch > Infinitive: frontasche
Present: frontascho, frontaschs, frontascht, frontaschm(o)s, yu frontascht(e), frontasche(nt)
Preterit: frontieschim, frontiesch(i)st(a), frontieschit, frontiescham, frontieschat, frontiescheer
Future tid: siem frontasche, sies frontasche, siet frontasche, siem(o)s frontasche, yu siete frontasche, sient frontasche
Conditional: frontaschiem, frontaschies, frontaschiet, frontaschiem(o)s, yu frontaschiete, frontaschient
Prev participe: frontascht / frontaschen frustre > Infinitive: frustre
Present: io frustre, frustres, frustret, frustrems, yu frustret(e), frustrent
Preterit: frustrim, frustrist(a), frustrit, frustram, frustrat, frustreer
Future tid: frustresiem, frustresies, frustresiet, frustresiem(o)s, yu frustresiete, frustresient
Conditional: frustriem, frustries, frustriet, frustriem(o)s, yu frustriete, frustrient
Prev participe: frustret / frustren ftas > Infinitive: ftase
Present: ftaso, ftas, ftast, ftasm(o)s, yu ftast(e), ftase(nt)
Preterit: ftiesim, fties(i)st(a), ftiesit, ftiesam, ftiesat, ftieseer
Future tid: siem ftase, sies ftase, siet ftase, siem(o)s ftase, yu siete ftase, sient ftase
Conditional: ftasiem, ftasies, ftasiet, ftasiem(o)s, yu ftasiete, ftasient
Prev participe: ftast / ftasen fundar > Infinitive: fundare
Present: fundaro, fundars, fundart, fundarm(o)s, yu fundart(e), fundare(nt)
Preterit: fundierim, fundier(i)st(a), fundierit, fundieram, fundierat, fundiereer
Future tid: fundarsiem, fundarsies, fundarsiet, fundarsiem(o)s, yu fundarsiete, fundarsient
Conditional: fundariem, fundaries, fundariet, fundariem(o)s, yu fundariete, fundarient
Prev participe: fundart / fundaren funed > Infinitive: fundes
Present: fundo, funds, fundt, fundm(o)s, yu fundt(e), funde(nt)
Preterit: fusim, fus(i)st(a), fusit, fusam, fusat, fuseer
Future tid: fundsiem, fundsies, fundsiet, fundsiem(o)s, yu fundsiete, fundsient
Conditional: fundiem, fundies, fundiet, fundiem(o)s, yu fundiete, fundient
Prev participe: fus / fuden fuschiou > Infinitive: fuschioue
Present: fuschioum, fuschious, fuschiout, fuschioum(o)s, yu fuschiout(e), fuschiount
Preterit: fuschiousim, fuschioust(a), fuschiousit, fuschioam, fuschioat, fuschiour
Future tid: fuschiousiem, fuschiousies, fuschiousiet, fuschiousiem(o)s, yu fuschiousiete, fuschiousient
Conditional: fuschioiem, fuschioies, fuschioiet, fuschioiem(o)s, yu fuschioiete, fuschioient
Prev participe: fuschiout / fuschioun fwenschaw > Infinitive: fwenschawe
Present: fwenschawo, fwenschaws, fwenschawt, fwenschawm(o)s, yu fwenschawt(e), fwenschawnt
Preterit: fwenschawim, fwenschawst(a), fwenschawit, fwenschawam, fwenschawat, fwenschaweer
Future tid: fwenschawsiem, fwenschawsies, fwenschawsiet, fwenschawsiem(o)s, yu fwenschawsiete, fwenschawsient
Conditional: fwenschawiem, fwenschawies, fwenschawiet, fwenschawiem(o)s, yu fwenschawiete, fwenschawient
Prev participe: fwenschawt / fwenschawen gadabeih > Infinitive: gadabihes
Present: gadabeihm, gadabeihs, gadabeiht, gadabeihm(o)s, yu gadabeiht(e), gadabeihnt
Preterit: gadabihsim, gadabihst(a), gadabihsit, gadabihsam, gadabihsat, gadabihr
Future tid: gadabeihsiem, gadabeihsies, gadabeihsiet, gadabeihsiem(o)s, yu gadabeihsiete, gadabeihsient
Conditional: gadabeihiem, gadabeihies, gadabeihiet, gadabeihiem(o)s, yu gadabeihiete, gadabeihient
Prev participe: gadabiht / gadabihn gadrabh > Infinitive: gadrabhe
Present: gadrabho, gadrabhs, gadrabht, gadrabhm(o)s, yu gadrabht(e), gadrabhe(nt)
Preterit: gadriebhim, gadriebh(i)st(a), gadriebhit, gadriebham, gadriebhat, gadriebheer
Future tid: gadrabhsiem, gadrabhsies, gadrabhsiet, gadrabhsiem(o)s, yu gadrabhsiete, gadrabhsient
Conditional: gadrabhiem, gadrabhies, gadrabhiet, gadrabhiem(o)s, yu gadrabhiete, gadrabhient
Prev participe: gadrabht / gadrabhen gagnwan > Infinitive: gagnwane
Present: gagnwano, gagnwans, gagnwant, gagnwanm(o)s, yu gagnwant(e), gagnwane(nt)
Preterit: gagnwienim, gagnwien(i)st(a), gagnwienit, gagnwienam, gagnwienat, gagnwieneer
Future tid: gagnwansiem, gagnwansies, gagnwansiet, gagnwansiem(o)s, yu gagnwansiete, gagnwansient
Conditional: gagnwaniem, gagnwanies, gagnwaniet, gagnwaniem(o)s, yu gagnwaniete, gagnwanient
Prev participe: gagnwant / gagnwanen gahab > Infinitive: gahabe
Present: gahabo, gahaps, gahapt, gahabm(o)s, yu gahapt(e), gahabe(nt)
Preterit: gahiebim, gahieb(i)st(a), gahiebit, gahiebam, gahiebat, gahiebeer
Future tid: gahapsiem, gahapsies, gahapsiet, gahapsiem(o)s, yu gahapsiete, gahapsient
Conditional: gahabiem, gahabies, gahabiet, gahabiem(o)s, yu gahabiete, gahabient
Prev participe: gahapt / gahaben gaissen > Infinitive: gaines
Present: gaino, gains, gaint, gainm(o)s, yu gaint(e), gaine(nt)
Preterit: gaissim, gaiss(i)st(a), gaissit, gaissam, gaissat, gaisseer
Future tid: gainsiem, gainsies, gainsiet, gainsiem(o)s, yu gainsiete, gainsient
Conditional: gainiem, gainies, gainiet, gainiem(o)s, yu gainiete, gainient
Prev participe: gaisst / gaissen galopp > Infinitive: galoppe
Present: galoppo, galopps, galoppt, galoppm(o)s, yu galoppt(e), galoppe(nt)
Preterit: galoppim, galopp(i)st(a), galoppit, galoppam, galoppat, galoppeer
Future tid: galoppsiem, galoppsies, galoppsiet, galoppsiem(o)s, yu galoppsiete, galoppsient
Conditional: galoppiem, galoppies, galoppiet, galoppiem(o)s, yu galoppiete, galoppient
Prev participe: galoppt / galoppen galvanise > Infinitive: galvanise
Present: io galvanise, galvanises, galvaniset, galvanisems, yu galvaniset(e), galvanisent
Preterit: galvanisim, galvanisist(a), galvanisit, galvanisam, galvanisat, galvaniseer
Future tid: galvanisesiem, galvanisesies, galvanisesiet, galvanisesiem(o)s, yu galvanisesiete, galvanisesient
Conditional: galvanisiem, galvanisies, galvanisiet, galvanisiem(o)s, yu galvanisiete, galvanisient
Prev participe: galvaniset / galvanisen gamayd > Infinitive: gamayde
Present: gamaydo, gamayds, gamaydt, gamaydm(o)s, yu gamaydt(e), gamayde(nt)
Preterit: gamieydim, gamieyd(i)st(a), gamieydit, gamieydam, gamieydat, gamieydeer
Future tid: gamaydsiem, gamaydsies, gamaydsiet, gamaydsiem(o)s, yu gamaydsiete, gamaydsient
Conditional: gamaydiem, gamaydies, gamaydiet, gamaydiem(o)s, yu gamaydiete, gamaydient
Prev participe: gamays / gamayden ganeis > Infinitive: ganises
Present: ganeiso, ganeis, ganeist, ganeism(o)s, yu ganeist(e), ganeise(nt)
Preterit: ganisim, ganis(i)st(a), ganisit, ganisam, ganisat, ganiseer
Future tid: siem ganises, sies ganises, siet ganises, siem(o)s ganises, yu siete ganises, sient ganises
Conditional: ganeisiem, ganeisies, ganeisiet, ganeisiem(o)s, yu ganeisiete, ganeisient
Prev participe: ganist / ganisen gangrenise > Infinitive: gangrenise
Present: io gangrenise, gangrenises, gangreniset, gangrenisems, yu gangreniset(e), gangrenisent
Preterit: gangrenisim, gangrenisist(a), gangrenisit, gangrenisam, gangrenisat, gangreniseer
Future tid: gangrenisesiem, gangrenisesies, gangrenisesiet, gangrenisesiem(o)s, yu gangrenisesiete, gangrenisesient
Conditional: gangrenisiem, gangrenisies, gangrenisiet, gangrenisiem(o)s, yu gangrenisiete, gangrenisient
Prev participe: gangreniset / gangrenisen garabat > Infinitive: garabate
Present: garabato, garabats, garabat, garabatm(o)s, yu garabate, garabate(nt)
Preterit: garabietim, garabiet(i)st(a), garabietit, garabietam, garabietat, garabieteer
Future tid: garabatsiem, garabatsies, garabatsiet, garabatsiem(o)s, yu garabatsiete, garabatsient
Conditional: garabatiem, garabaties, garabatiet, garabatiem(o)s, yu garabatiete, garabatient
Prev participe: garabat / garabaten garantie > Infinitive: garantie
Present: io garantie, garanties, garantiet, garantiems, yu garantiet(e), garantient
Preterit: garanticim, garantiest, garanticit, garantiam, garantiat, garantier
Future tid: garantiesiem, garantiesies, garantiesiet, garantiesiem(o)s, yu garantiesiete, garantiesient
Conditional: garanticiem, garanticies, garanticiet, garanticiem(o)s, yu garanticiete, garanticient
Prev participe: garantiet / garantien garnie > Infinitive: garnie
Present: io garnie, garnies, garniet, garniems, yu garniet(e), garnient
Preterit: garnicim, garniest, garnicit, garniam, garniat, garnier
Future tid: garniesiem, garniesies, garniesiet, garniesiem(o)s, yu garniesiete, garniesient
Conditional: garniciem, garnicies, garniciet, garniciem(o)s, yu garniciete, garnicient
Prev participe: garniet / garnien garwie > Infinitive: garwie
Present: io garwie, garwies, garwiet, garwiems, yu garwiet(e), garwient
Preterit: garwicim, garwiest, garwicit, garwiam, garwiat, garwier
Future tid: garwiesiem, garwiesies, garwiesiet, garwiesiem(o)s, yu garwiesiete, garwiesient
Conditional: garwiciem, garwicies, garwiciet, garwiciem(o)s, yu garwiciete, garwicient
Prev participe: garwiet / garwien gastall > Infinitive: gastalle
Present: gastallo, gastalls, gastallt, gastallm(o)s, yu gastallt(e), gastalle(nt)
Preterit: gastiellim, gastiell(i)st(a), gastiellit, gastiellam, gastiellat, gastielleer
Future tid: gastallsiem, gastallsies, gastallsiet, gastallsiem(o)s, yu gastallsiete, gastallsient
Conditional: gastalliem, gastallies, gastalliet, gastalliem(o)s, yu gastalliete, gastallient
Prev participe: gastallt / gastallen gehmbh > Infinitive: gehmbhe
Present: gehmbho, gehmbhs, gehmbht, gehmbhm(o)s, yu gehmbht(e), gehmbhe(nt)
Preterit: gohmbhim, gohmbh(i)st(a), gohmbhit, gohmbham, gohmbhat, gohmbheer
Future tid: gehmbhsiem, gehmbhsies, gehmbhsiet, gehmbhsiem(o)s, yu gehmbhsiete, gehmbhsient
Conditional: gehmbhiem, gehmbhies, gehmbhiet, gehmbhiem(o)s, yu gehmbhiete, gehmbhient
Prev participe: gohmbht / gohmbhen gehn > Infinitive: gehne
Present: gehno, gehns, gehnt, gehnm(o)s, yu gehnt(e), gehne(nt)
Preterit: gohnim, gohn(i)st(a), gohnit, gohnam, gohnat, gohneer
Future tid: gehnsiem, gehnsies, gehnsiet, gehnsiem(o)s, yu gehnsiete, gehnsient
Conditional: gehniem, gehnies, gehniet, gehniem(o)s, yu gehniete, gehnient
Prev participe: gohnt / gohnen gehr > Infinitive: gehre
Present: gehro, gehrs, gehrt, gehrm(o)s, yu gehrt(e), gehre(nt)
Preterit: gohrim, gohr(i)st(a), gohrit, gohram, gohrat, gohreer
Future tid: gehrsiem, gehrsies, gehrsiet, gehrsiem(o)s, yu gehrsiete, gehrsient
Conditional: gehriem, gehries, gehriet, gehriem(o)s, yu gehriete, gehrient
Prev participe: gohrt / gohren geih > Infinitive: gihes
Present: geihm, geihs, geiht, geihm(o)s, yu geiht(e), geihnt
Preterit: gihsim, gihst(a), gihsit, gihsam, gihsat, gihr
Future tid: geihsiem, geihsies, geihsiet, geihsiem(o)s, yu geihsiete, geihsient
Conditional: geihiem, geihies, geihiet, geihiem(o)s, yu geihiete, geihient
Prev participe: giht / gihn geir > Infinitive: gires
Present: geiro, geirs, geirt, geirm(o)s, yu geirt(e), geire(nt)
Preterit: girim, gir(i)st(a), girit, giram, girat, gireer
Future tid: geirsiem, geirsies, geirsiet, geirsiem(o)s, yu geirsiete, geirsient
Conditional: geiriem, geiries, geiriet, geiriem(o)s, yu geiriete, geirient
Prev participe: girt / giren geirwehnd > Infinitive: geirwehnde
Present: geirwehndo, geirwehnds, geirwehndt, geirwehndm(o)s, yu geirwehndt(e), geirwehnde(nt)
Preterit: geirwohndim, geirwohnd(i)st(a), geirwohndit, geirwohndam, geirwohndat, geirwohndeer
Future tid: geirwehndsiem, geirwehndsies, geirwehndsiet, geirwehndsiem(o)s, yu geirwehndsiete, geirwehndsient
Conditional: geirwehndiem, geirwehndies, geirwehndiet, geirwehndiem(o)s, yu geirwehndiete, geirwehndient
Prev participe: geirwohndt / geirwohnden genue > Infinitive: genue
Present: io genue, genues, genuet, genuems, yu genuet(e), genuent
Preterit: genuim, genuist(a), genuit, genuam, genuat, genueer
Future tid: genuesiem, genuesies, genuesiet, genuesiem(o)s, yu genuesiete, genuesient
Conditional: genuiem, genuies, genuiet, genuiem(o)s, yu genuiete, genuient
Prev participe: genuet / genuen gerasc > Infinitive: gerasce
Present: gerasco, gerascs, gerasct, gerascm(o)s, yu gerasct(e), gerasce(nt)
Preterit: geriescim, geriesc(i)st(a), geriescit, geriescam, geriescat, geriesceer
Future tid: gerascsiem, gerascsies, gerascsiet, gerascsiem(o)s, yu gerascsiete, gerascsient
Conditional: gerasciem, gerascies, gerasciet, gerasciem(o)s, yu gerasciete, gerascient
Prev participe: gerasct / gerascen gesticule > Infinitive: gesticule
Present: io gesticule, gesticules, gesticulet, gesticulems, yu gesticulet(e), gesticulent
Preterit: gesticulim, gesticulist(a), gesticulit, gesticulam, gesticulat, gesticuleer
Future tid: gesticulesiem, gesticulesies, gesticulesiet, gesticulesiem(o)s, yu gesticulesiete, gesticulesient
Conditional: gesticuliem, gesticulies, gesticuliet, gesticuliem(o)s, yu gesticuliete, gesticulient
Prev participe: gesticulet / gesticulen geus > Infinitive: guses
Present: geuso, geus, geust, geusm(o)s, yu geust(e), geuse(nt)
Preterit: gusim, gus(i)st(a), gusit, gusam, gusat, guseer
Future tid: siem guses, sies guses, siet guses, siem(o)s guses, yu siete guses, sient guses
Conditional: geusiem, geusies, geusiet, geusiem(o)s, yu geusiete, geusient
Prev participe: gust / gusen ghab > Infinitive: ghabe
Present: ghabo, ghaps, ghapt, ghabm(o)s, yu ghapt(e), ghabe(nt)
Preterit: ghiebim, ghieb(i)st(a), ghiebit, ghiebam, ghiebat, ghiebeer
Future tid: ghapsiem, ghapsies, ghapsiet, ghapsiem(o)s, yu ghapsiete, ghapsient
Conditional: ghabiem, ghabies, ghabiet, ghabiem(o)s, yu ghabiete, ghabient
Prev participe: ghapt / ghaben gham > Infinitive: ghame
Present: ghamo, ghams, ghamt, ghamm(o)s, yu ghamt(e), ghame(nt)
Preterit: ghiemim, ghiem(i)st(a), ghiemit, ghiemam, ghiemat, ghiemeer
Future tid: ghamsiem, ghamsies, ghamsiet, ghamsiem(o)s, yu ghamsiete, ghamsient
Conditional: ghamiem, ghamies, ghamiet, ghamiem(o)s, yu ghamiete, ghamient
Prev participe: ghamt / ghamen ghang > Infinitive: ghange
Present: ghango, ghancs, ghanct, ghangm(o)s, yu ghanct(e), ghange(nt)
Preterit: ghiengim, ghieng(i)st(a), ghiengit, ghiengam, ghiengat, ghiengeer
Future tid: ghancsiem, ghancsies, ghancsiet, ghancsiem(o)s, yu ghancsiete, ghancsient
Conditional: ghangiem, ghangies, ghangiet, ghangiem(o)s, yu ghangiete, ghangient
Prev participe: ghanct / ghangen ghat > Infinitive: ghate
Present: ghato, ghats, ghat, ghatm(o)s, yu ghate, ghate(nt)
Preterit: ghietim, ghiet(i)st(a), ghietit, ghietam, ghietat, ghieteer
Future tid: ghatsiem, ghatsies, ghatsiet, ghatsiem(o)s, yu ghatsiete, ghatsient
Conditional: ghatiem, ghaties, ghatiet, ghatiem(o)s, yu ghatiete, ghatient
Prev participe: ghat / ghaten ghawd > Infinitive: ghawde
Present: ghawdo, ghawds, ghawdt, ghawdm(o)s, yu ghawdt(e), ghawde(nt)
Preterit: ghawsim, ghaws(i)st(a), ghawsit, ghawsam, ghawsat, ghawseer
Future tid: ghawdsiem, ghawdsies, ghawdsiet, ghawdsiem(o)s, yu ghawdsiete, ghawdsient
Conditional: ghawdiem, ghawdies, ghawdiet, ghawdiem(o)s, yu ghawdiete, ghawdient
Prev participe: ghaws / ghawden ghehd > Infinitive: ghehde
Present: ghehdo, ghehds, ghehdt, ghehdm(o)s, yu ghehdt(e), ghehde(nt)
Preterit: ghohdim, ghohd(i)st(a), ghohdit, ghohdam, ghohdat, ghohdeer
Future tid: ghehdsiem, ghehdsies, ghehdsiet, ghehdsiem(o)s, yu ghehdsiete, ghehdsient
Conditional: ghehdiem, ghehdies, ghehdiet, ghehdiem(o)s, yu ghehdiete, ghehdient
Prev participe: ghohdt / ghohden ghehld > Infinitive: ghehlde
Present: ghehldo, ghehlds, ghehldt, ghehldm(o)s, yu ghehldt(e), ghehlde(nt)
Preterit: ghohldim, ghohld(i)st(a), ghohldit, ghohldam, ghohldat, ghohldeer
Future tid: ghehldsiem, ghehldsies, ghehldsiet, ghehldsiem(o)s, yu ghehldsiete, ghehldsient
Conditional: ghehldiem, ghehldies, ghehldiet, ghehldiem(o)s, yu ghehldiete, ghehldient
Prev participe: ghohldt / ghohlden ghehng > Infinitive: ghehnge
Present: ghehngo, ghehncs, ghehnct, ghehngm(o)s, yu ghehnct(e), ghehnge(nt)
Preterit: ghohngim, ghohng(i)st(a), ghohngit, ghohngam, ghohngat, ghohngeer
Future tid: ghehncsiem, ghehncsies, ghehncsiet, ghehncsiem(o)s, yu ghehncsiete, ghehncsient
Conditional: ghehngiem, ghehngies, ghehngiet, ghehngiem(o)s, yu ghehngiete, ghehngient
Prev participe: ghohnct / ghohngen ghehrs > Infinitive: ghehrse
Present: ghehrso, ghehrs, ghehrst, ghehrsm(o)s, yu ghehrst(e), ghehrse(nt)
Preterit: ghohrsim, ghohrs(i)st(a), ghohrsit, ghohrsam, ghohrsat, ghohrseer
Future tid: siem ghehrse, sies ghehrse, siet ghehrse, siem(o)s ghehrse, yu siete ghehrse, sient ghehrse
Conditional: ghehrsiem, ghehrsies, ghehrsiet, ghehrsiem(o)s, yu ghehrsiete, ghehrsient
Prev participe: ghohrst / ghohrsen gheid > Infinitive: ghides
Present: gheido, gheids, gheidt, gheidm(o)s, yu gheidt(e), gheide(nt)
Preterit: ghidim, ghid(i)st(a), ghidit, ghidam, ghidat, ghideer
Future tid: gheidsiem, gheidsies, gheidsiet, gheidsiem(o)s, yu gheidsiete, gheidsient
Conditional: gheidiem, gheidies, gheidiet, gheidiem(o)s, yu gheidiete, gheidient
Prev participe: ghidt / ghiden gheih > Infinitive: ghihes
Present: gheihm, gheihs, gheiht, gheihm(o)s, yu gheiht(e), gheihnt
Preterit: ghihsim, ghihst(a), ghihsit, ghihsam, ghihsat, ghihr
Future tid: gheihsiem, gheihsies, gheihsiet, gheihsiem(o)s, yu gheihsiete, gheihsient
Conditional: gheihiem, gheihies, gheihiet, gheihiem(o)s, yu gheihiete, gheihient
Prev participe: ghiht / ghihn gheirs > Infinitive: ghirses
Present: gheirso, gheirs, gheirst, gheirsm(o)s, yu gheirst(e), gheirse(nt)
Preterit: ghirsim, ghirs(i)st(a), ghirsit, ghirsam, ghirsat, ghirseer
Future tid: siem ghirses, sies ghirses, siet ghirses, siem(o)s ghirses, yu siete ghirses, sient ghirses
Conditional: gheirsiem, gheirsies, gheirsiet, gheirsiem(o)s, yu gheirsiete, gheirsient
Prev participe: ghirst / ghirsen gheisd > Infinitive: ghisdes
Present: gheisdo, gheisds, gheisdt, gheisdm(o)s, yu gheisdt(e), gheisde(nt)
Preterit: ghisdim, ghisd(i)st(a), ghisdit, ghisdam, ghisdat, ghisdeer
Future tid: gheisdsiem, gheisdsies, gheisdsiet, gheisdsiem(o)s, yu gheisdsiete, gheisdsient
Conditional: gheisdiem, gheisdies, gheisdiet, gheisdiem(o)s, yu gheisdiete, gheisdient
Prev participe: ghisdt / ghisden ghend > Infinitive: ghende
Present: ghendo, ghends, ghendt, ghendm(o)s, yu ghendt(e), ghende(nt)
Preterit: ghensim, ghens(i)st(a), ghensit, ghensam, ghensat, ghenseer
Future tid: ghendsiem, ghendsies, ghendsiet, ghendsiem(o)s, yu ghendsiete, ghendsient
Conditional: ghendiem, ghendies, ghendiet, ghendiem(o)s, yu ghendiete, ghendient
Prev participe: ghens / ghenden ghesor > Infinitive: ghesore
Present: ghesoro, ghesors, ghesort, ghesorm(o)s, yu ghesort(e), ghesore(nt)
Preterit: ghesorim, ghesor(i)st(a), ghesorit, ghesoram, ghesorat, ghesoreer
Future tid: ghesorsiem, ghesorsies, ghesorsiet, ghesorsiem(o)s, yu ghesorsiete, ghesorsient
Conditional: ghesoriem, ghesories, ghesoriet, ghesoriem(o)s, yu ghesoriete, ghesorient
Prev participe: ghesort / ghesoren gheu > Infinitive: ghues
Present: gheum, gheus, gheut, gheum(o)s, yu gheut(e), gheunt
Preterit: ghusim, ghust(a), ghusit, gham, ghat, ghur
Future tid: gheusiem, gheusies, gheusiet, gheusiem(o)s, yu gheusiete, gheusient
Conditional: gheuiem, gheuies, gheuiet, gheuiem(o)s, yu gheuiete, gheuient
Prev participe: ghut / ghun gheuss > Infinitive: ghusses
Present: gheusso, gheuss, gheusst, gheussm(o)s, yu gheusst(e), gheusse(nt)
Preterit: ghussim, ghuss(i)st(a), ghussit, ghussam, ghussat, ghusseer
Future tid: siem ghusses, sies ghusses, siet ghusses, siem(o)s ghusses, yu siete ghusses, sient ghusses
Conditional: gheussiem, gheussies, gheussiet, gheussiem(o)s, yu gheussiete, gheussient
Prev participe: ghusst / ghussen gheutt > Infinitive: ghuttes
Present: gheutto, gheutts, gheutt, gheuttm(o)s, yu gheutte, gheutte(nt)
Preterit: ghuttim, ghutt(i)st(a), ghuttit, ghuttam, ghuttat, ghutteer
Future tid: gheuttsiem, gheuttsies, gheuttsiet, gheuttsiem(o)s, yu gheuttsiete, gheuttsient
Conditional: gheuttiem, gheutties, gheuttiet, gheuttiem(o)s, yu gheuttiete, gheuttient
Prev participe: ghutt / ghutten ghiesen > Infinitive: ghienes
Present: ghieno, ghiens, ghient, ghienm(o)s, yu ghient(e), ghiene(nt)
Preterit: ghiesim, ghies(i)st(a), ghiesit, ghiesam, ghiesat, ghieseer
Future tid: ghiensiem, ghiensies, ghiensiet, ghiensiem(o)s, yu ghiensiete, ghiensient
Conditional: ghieniem, ghienies, ghieniet, ghieniem(o)s, yu ghieniete, ghienient
Prev participe: ghiest / ghiesen ghieul > Infinitive: ghiules
Present: ghieulo, ghieuls, ghieult, ghieulm(o)s, yu ghieult(e), ghieule(nt)
Preterit: ghiulim, ghiul(i)st(a), ghiulit, ghiulam, ghiulat, ghiuleer
Future tid: ghieulsiem, ghieulsies, ghieulsiet, ghieulsiem(o)s, yu ghieulsiete, ghieulsient
Conditional: ghieuliem, ghieulies, ghieuliet, ghieuliem(o)s, yu ghieuliete, ghieulient
Prev participe: ghiult / ghiulen ghitarrtakoun > Infinitive: ghitarrtakoune
Present: ghitarrtakouno, ghitarrtakouns, ghitarrtakount, ghitarrtakounm(o)s, yu ghitarrtakount(e), ghitarrtakoune(nt)
Preterit: ghitarrtakounim, ghitarrtakoun(i)st(a), ghitarrtakounit, ghitarrtakounam, ghitarrtakounat, ghitarrtakouneer
Future tid: ghitarrtakounsiem, ghitarrtakounsies, ghitarrtakounsiet, ghitarrtakounsiem(o)s, yu ghitarrtakounsiete, ghitarrtakounsient
Conditional: ghitarrtakouniem, ghitarrtakounies, ghitarrtakouniet, ghitarrtakouniem(o)s, yu ghitarrtakouniete, ghitarrtakounient
Prev participe: ghitarrtakount / ghitarrtakounen ghneih > Infinitive: ghnihes
Present: ghneihm, ghneihs, ghneiht, ghneihm(o)s, yu ghneiht(e), ghneihnt
Preterit: ghnihsim, ghnihst(a), ghnihsit, ghnihsam, ghnihsat, ghnihr
Future tid: ghneihsiem, ghneihsies, ghneihsiet, ghneihsiem(o)s, yu ghneihsiete, ghneihsient
Conditional: ghneihiem, ghneihies, ghneihiet, ghneihiem(o)s, yu ghneihiete, ghneihient
Prev participe: ghniht / ghnihn ghutt > Infinitive: ghutte
Present: ghutto, ghutts, ghutt, ghuttm(o)s, yu ghutte, ghutte(nt)
Preterit: ghussim, ghuss(i)st(a), ghussit, ghussam, ghussat, ghusseer
Future tid: ghuttsiem, ghuttsies, ghuttsiet, ghuttsiem(o)s, yu ghuttsiete, ghuttsient
Conditional: ghuttiem, ghutties, ghuttiet, ghuttiem(o)s, yu ghuttiete, ghuttient
Prev participe: ghuss / ghutten ghyah > Infinitive: ghyahe
Present: ghyahm, ghyahs, ghyaht, ghyahm(o)s, yu ghyaht(e), ghyahnt
Preterit: ghyahsim, ghyahst(a), ghyahsit, ghyahsam, ghyahsat, ghyahr
Future tid: ghyahsiem, ghyahsies, ghyahsiet, ghyahsiem(o)s, yu ghyahsiete, ghyahsient
Conditional: ghyahiem, ghyahies, ghyahiet, ghyahiem(o)s, yu ghyahiete, ghyahient
Prev participe: ghyaht / ghyahn ghyalir > Infinitive: ghyalire
Present: ghyaliro, ghyalirs, ghyalirt, ghyalirm(o)s, yu ghyalirt(e), ghyalire(nt)
Preterit: ghyielirim, ghyielir(i)st(a), ghyielirit, ghyieliram, ghyielirat, ghyielireer
Future tid: ghyalirsiem, ghyalirsies, ghyalirsiet, ghyalirsiem(o)s, yu ghyalirsiete, ghyalirsient
Conditional: ghyaliriem, ghyaliries, ghyaliriet, ghyaliriem(o)s, yu ghyaliriete, ghyalirient
Prev participe: ghyalirt / ghyaliren ghyan > Infinitive: ghyane
Present: ghyano, ghyans, ghyant, ghyanm(o)s, yu ghyant(e), ghyane(nt)
Preterit: ghyienim, ghyien(i)st(a), ghyienit, ghyienam, ghyienat, ghyieneer
Future tid: ghyansiem, ghyansies, ghyansiet, ghyansiem(o)s, yu ghyansiete, ghyansient
Conditional: ghyaniem, ghyanies, ghyaniet, ghyaniem(o)s, yu ghyaniete, ghyanient
Prev participe: ghyant / ghyanen ghyanue > Infinitive: ghyanue
Present: io ghyanue, ghyanues, ghyanuet, ghyanuems, yu ghyanuet(e), ghyanuent
Preterit: ghyanuim, ghyanuist(a), ghyanuit, ghyanuam, ghyanuat, ghyanueer
Future tid: ghyanuesiem, ghyanuesies, ghyanuesiet, ghyanuesiem(o)s, yu ghyanuesiete, ghyanuesient
Conditional: ghyanuiem, ghyanuies, ghyanuiet, ghyanuiem(o)s, yu ghyanuiete, ghyanuient
Prev participe: ghyanuet / ghyanuen ghyehl > Infinitive: ghyehle
Present: ghyehlo, ghyehls, ghyehlt, ghyehlm(o)s, yu ghyehlt(e), ghyehle(nt)
Preterit: ghyohlim, ghyohl(i)st(a), ghyohlit, ghyohlam, ghyohlat, ghyohleer
Future tid: ghyehlsiem, ghyehlsies, ghyehlsiet, ghyehlsiem(o)s, yu ghyehlsiete, ghyehlsient
Conditional: ghyehliem, ghyehlies, ghyehliet, ghyehliem(o)s, yu ghyehliete, ghyehlient
Prev participe: ghyohlt / ghyohlen ghyeigh > Infinitive: ghyighes
Present: ghyeigho, ghyeighs, ghyeight, ghyeighm(o)s, yu ghyeight(e), ghyeighe(nt)
Preterit: ghyighim, ghyigh(i)st(a), ghyighit, ghyigham, ghyighat, ghyigheer
Future tid: ghyeighsiem, ghyeighsies, ghyeighsiet, ghyeighsiem(o)s, yu ghyeighsiete, ghyeighsient
Conditional: ghyeighiem, ghyeighies, ghyeighiet, ghyeighiem(o)s, yu ghyeighiete, ghyeighient
Prev participe: ghyight / ghyighen ghyeir > Infinitive: ghyires
Present: ghyeiro, ghyeirs, ghyeirt, ghyeirm(o)s, yu ghyeirt(e), ghyeire(nt)
Preterit: ghyirim, ghyir(i)st(a), ghyirit, ghyiram, ghyirat, ghyireer
Future tid: ghyeirsiem, ghyeirsies, ghyeirsiet, ghyeirsiem(o)s, yu ghyeirsiete, ghyeirsient
Conditional: ghyeiriem, ghyeiries, ghyeiriet, ghyeiriem(o)s, yu ghyeiriete, ghyeirient
Prev participe: ghyirt / ghyiren gieu > Infinitive: giues
Present: gieum, gieus, gieut, gieum(o)s, yu gieut(e), gieunt
Preterit: giusim, giust(a), giusit, giam, giat, giur
Future tid: gieusiem, gieusies, gieusiet, gieusiem(o)s, yu gieusiete, gieusient
Conditional: gieuiem, gieuies, gieuiet, gieuiem(o)s, yu gieuiete, gieuient
Prev participe: giut / giun gieuter > Infinitive: giutres
Present: io gieuter, gieuters, gieutert, gieuterms, yu gieutert, gieuternt
Preterit: giutrim, giutrist, giutrit, giut(e)ram, giut(e)rat, giut(e)reer
Future tid: gieutersiem, gieutersies, gieutersiet, gieutersiem(o)s, yu gieutersiete, gieutersient
Conditional: gieuteriem, gieuteries, gieuteriet, gieuteriem(o)s, yu gieuteriete, gieuterient
Prev participe: giutert / giutern gigantesk > Infinitive: giganteske
Present: gigantesko, gigantescs, gigantesct, giganteskm(o)s, yu gigantesct(e), giganteske(nt)
Preterit: gigienteskim, gigientesk(i)st(a), gigienteskit, gigienteskam, gigienteskat, gigienteskeer
Future tid: gigantescsiem, gigantescsies, gigantescsiet, gigantescsiem(o)s, yu gigantescsiete, gigantescsient
Conditional: giganteskiem, giganteskies, giganteskiet, giganteskiem(o)s, yu giganteskiete, giganteskient
Prev participe: gigantesct / gigantesken giow > Infinitive: giowe
Present: giowo, giows, giowt, giowm(o)s, yu giowt(e), giownt
Preterit: giowim, giowst(a), giowit, giowam, giowat, gioweer
Future tid: giowsiem, giowsies, giowsiet, giowsiem(o)s, yu giowsiete, giowsient
Conditional: giowiem, giowies, giowiet, giowiem(o)s, yu giowiete, giowient
Prev participe: giowt / giowen giughin > Infinitive: giughine
Present: giughino, giughins, giughint, giughinm(o)s, yu giughint(e), giughine(nt)
Preterit: giughinim, giughin(i)st(a), giughinit, giughinam, giughinat, giughineer
Future tid: giughinsiem, giughinsies, giughinsiet, giughinsiem(o)s, yu giughinsiete, giughinsient
Conditional: giughiniem, giughinies, giughiniet, giughiniem(o)s, yu giughiniete, giughinient
Prev participe: giughint / giughinen gjiaungsian > Infinitive: gjiaungsiane
Present: gjiaungsiano, gjiaungsians, gjiaungsiant, gjiaungsianm(o)s, yu gjiaungsiant(e), gjiaungsiane(nt)
Preterit: gjiaungsiienim, gjiaungsiien(i)st(a), gjiaungsiienit, gjiaungsiienam, gjiaungsiienat, gjiaungsiieneer
Future tid: gjiaungsiansiem, gjiaungsiansies, gjiaungsiansiet, gjiaungsiansiem(o)s, yu gjiaungsiansiete, gjiaungsiansient
Conditional: gjiaungsianiem, gjiaungsianies, gjiaungsianiet, gjiaungsianiem(o)s, yu gjiaungsianiete, gjiaungsianient
Prev participe: gjiaungsiant / gjiaungsianen gjuchien > Infinitive: gjuchiene
Present: gjuchieno, gjuchiens, gjuchient, gjuchienm(o)s, yu gjuchient(e), gjuchiene(nt)
Preterit: gjuchienim, gjuchien(i)st(a), gjuchienit, gjuchienam, gjuchienat, gjuchieneer
Future tid: gjuchiensiem, gjuchiensies, gjuchiensiet, gjuchiensiem(o)s, yu gjuchiensiete, gjuchiensient
Conditional: gjuchieniem, gjuchienies, gjuchieniet, gjuchieniem(o)s, yu gjuchieniete, gjuchienient
Prev participe: gjuchient / gjuchienen glab > Infinitive: glabe
Present: glabo, glaps, glapt, glabm(o)s, yu glapt(e), glabe(nt)
Preterit: gliebim, glieb(i)st(a), gliebit, gliebam, gliebat, gliebeer
Future tid: glapsiem, glapsies, glapsiet, glapsiem(o)s, yu glapsiete, glapsient
Conditional: glabiem, glabies, glabiet, glabiem(o)s, yu glabiete, glabient
Prev participe: glapt / glaben glan > Infinitive: glane
Present: glano, glans, glant, glanm(o)s, yu glant(e), glane(nt)
Preterit: glienim, glien(i)st(a), glienit, glienam, glienat, glieneer
Future tid: glansiem, glansies, glansiet, glansiem(o)s, yu glansiete, glansient
Conditional: glaniem, glanies, glaniet, glaniem(o)s, yu glaniete, glanient
Prev participe: glant / glanen glanez > Infinitive: glanzes
Present: glanzo, glanzs, glanzt, glanzm(o)s, yu glanzt(e), glanze(nt)
Preterit: glazim, glaz(i)st(a), glazit, glazam, glazat, glazeer
Future tid: siem glanzes, sies glanzes, siet glanzes, siem(o)s glanzes, yu siete glanzes, sient glanzes
Conditional: glanziem, glanzies, glanziet, glanziem(o)s, yu glanziete, glanzient
Prev participe: glazt / glazen glat > Infinitive: glate
Present: glato, glats, glat, glatm(o)s, yu glate, glate(nt)
Preterit: glietim, gliet(i)st(a), glietit, glietam, glietat, glieteer
Future tid: glatsiem, glatsies, glatsiet, glatsiem(o)s, yu glatsiete, glatsient
Conditional: glatiem, glaties, glatiet, glatiem(o)s, yu glatiete, glatient
Prev participe: glat / glaten gleg > Infinitive: glege
Present: glego, glecs, glect, glegm(o)s, yu glect(e), glege(nt)
Preterit: glegim, gleg(i)st(a), glegit, glegam, glegat, glegeer
Future tid: glecsiem, glecsies, glecsiet, glecsiem(o)s, yu glecsiete, glecsient
Conditional: glegiem, glegies, glegiet, glegiem(o)s, yu glegiete, glegient
Prev participe: glect / glegen glehdj > Infinitive: glehdje
Present: glehdjo, glehdjs, glehdjt, glehdjm(o)s, yu glehdjt(e), glehdje(nt)
Preterit: glohdjim, glohdj(i)st(a), glohdjit, glohdjam, glohdjat, glohdjeer
Future tid: siem glehdje, sies glehdje, siet glehdje, siem(o)s glehdje, yu siete glehdje, sient glehdje
Conditional: glehdjiem, glehdjies, glehdjiet, glehdjiem(o)s, yu glehdjiete, glehdjient
Prev participe: glohdjt / glohdjen glehdjer > Infinitive: glehdjer
Present: io glehdjer, glehdjers, glehdjert, glehdjerms, yu glehdjert, glehdjernt
Preterit: glohdjrim, glohdjrist, glohdjrit, glohdj(e)ram, glohdj(e)rat, glohdj(e)reer
Future tid: glehdjersiem, glehdjersies, glehdjersiet, glehdjersiem(o)s, yu glehdjersiete, glehdjersient
Conditional: glehdjeriem, glehdjeries, glehdjeriet, glehdjeriem(o)s, yu glehdjeriete, glehdjerient
Prev participe: glohdjert / glohdjern glehm > Infinitive: glehme
Present: glehmo, glehms, glehmt, glehmm(o)s, yu glehmt(e), glehme(nt)
Preterit: glohmim, glohm(i)st(a), glohmit, glohmam, glohmat, glohmeer
Future tid: glehmsiem, glehmsies, glehmsiet, glehmsiem(o)s, yu glehmsiete, glehmsient
Conditional: glehmiem, glehmies, glehmiet, glehmiem(o)s, yu glehmiete, glehmient
Prev participe: glohmt / glohmen glehmb > Infinitive: glehmbe
Present: glehmbo, glehmps, glehmpt, glehmbm(o)s, yu glehmpt(e), glehmbe(nt)
Preterit: glohmbim, glohmb(i)st(a), glohmbit, glohmbam, glohmbat, glohmbeer
Future tid: glehmpsiem, glehmpsies, glehmpsiet, glehmpsiem(o)s, yu glehmpsiete, glehmpsient
Conditional: glehmbiem, glehmbies, glehmbiet, glehmbiem(o)s, yu glehmbiete, glehmbient
Prev participe: glohmpt / glohmben glehmber > Infinitive: glehmber
Present: io glehmber, glehmbers, glehmbert, glehmberms, yu glehmbert, glehmbernt
Preterit: glohmbrim, glohmbrist, glohmbrit, glohmb(e)ram, glohmb(e)rat, glohmb(e)reer
Future tid: glehmbersiem, glehmbersies, glehmbersiet, glehmbersiem(o)s, yu glehmbersiete, glehmbersient
Conditional: glehmberiem, glehmberies, glehmberiet, glehmberiem(o)s, yu glehmberiete, glehmberient
Prev participe: glohmbert / glohmbern glehmer > Infinitive: glehmer
Present: io glehmer, glehmers, glehmert, glehmerms, yu glehmert, glehmernt
Preterit: glohmrim, glohmrist, glohmrit, glohm(e)ram, glohm(e)rat, glohm(e)reer
Future tid: glehmersiem, glehmersies, glehmersiet, glehmersiem(o)s, yu glehmersiete, glehmersient
Conditional: glehmeriem, glehmeries, glehmeriet, glehmeriem(o)s, yu glehmeriete, glehmerient
Prev participe: glohmert / glohmern gleibh > Infinitive: glibhes
Present: gleibho, gleibhs, gleibht, gleibhm(o)s, yu gleibht(e), gleibhe(nt)
Preterit: glibhim, glibh(i)st(a), glibhit, glibham, glibhat, glibheer
Future tid: gleibhsiem, gleibhsies, gleibhsiet, gleibhsiem(o)s, yu gleibhsiete, gleibhsient
Conditional: gleibhiem, gleibhies, gleibhiet, gleibhiem(o)s, yu gleibhiete, gleibhient
Prev participe: glibht / glibhen gleih > Infinitive: glihes
Present: gleihm, gleihs, gleiht, gleihm(o)s, yu gleiht(e), gleihnt
Preterit: glihsim, glihst(a), glihsit, glihsam, glihsat, glihr
Future tid: gleihsiem, gleihsies, gleihsiet, gleihsiem(o)s, yu gleihsiete, gleihsient
Conditional: gleihiem, gleihies, gleihiet, gleihiem(o)s, yu gleihiete, gleihient
Prev participe: gliht / glihn gleim > Infinitive: glimes
Present: gleimo, gleims, gleimt, gleimm(o)s, yu gleimt(e), gleime(nt)
Preterit: glimim, glim(i)st(a), glimit, glimam, glimat, glimeer
Future tid: gleimsiem, gleimsies, gleimsiet, gleimsiem(o)s, yu gleimsiete, gleimsient
Conditional: gleimiem, gleimies, gleimiet, gleimiem(o)s, yu gleimiete, gleimient
Prev participe: glimt / glimen gleitue > Infinitive: gleitue
Present: io gleitue, gleitues, gleituet, gleituems, yu gleituet(e), gleituent
Preterit: gleituim, gleituist(a), gleituit, gleituam, gleituat, gleitueer
Future tid: gleituesiem, gleituesies, gleituesiet, gleituesiem(o)s, yu gleituesiete, gleituesient
Conditional: gleituiem, gleituies, gleituiet, gleituiem(o)s, yu gleituiete, gleituient
Prev participe: gleituet / gleituen gleub > Infinitive: glubes
Present: gleubo, gleups, gleupt, gleubm(o)s, yu gleupt(e), gleube(nt)
Preterit: glubim, glub(i)st(a), glubit, glubam, glubat, glubeer
Future tid: gleupsiem, gleupsies, gleupsiet, gleupsiem(o)s, yu gleupsiete, gleupsient
Conditional: gleubiem, gleubies, gleubiet, gleubiem(o)s, yu gleubiete, gleubient
Prev participe: glupt / gluben glimmer > Infinitive: glimmer
Present: io glimmer, glimmers, glimmert, glimmerms, yu glimmert, glimmernt
Preterit: glimmrim, glimmrist, glimmrit, glimm(e)ram, glimm(e)rat, glimm(e)reer
Future tid: glimmersiem, glimmersies, glimmersiet, glimmersiem(o)s, yu glimmersiete, glimmersient
Conditional: glimmeriem, glimmeries, glimmeriet, glimmeriem(o)s, yu glimmeriete, glimmerient
Prev participe: glimmert / glimmern gluh > Infinitive: gluhe
Present: gluhm, gluhs, gluht, gluhm(o)s, yu gluht(e), gluhnt
Preterit: gluhsim, gluhst(a), gluhsit, gluhsam, gluhsat, gluhr
Future tid: gluhsiem, gluhsies, gluhsiet, gluhsiem(o)s, yu gluhsiete, gluhsient
Conditional: gluhiem, gluhies, gluhiet, gluhiem(o)s, yu gluhiete, gluhient
Prev participe: gluht / gluhn gnah > Infinitive: gnahe
Present: gnahm, gnahs, gnaht, gnahm(o)s, yu gnaht(e), gnahnt
Preterit: gnahsim, gnahst(a), gnahsit, gnahsam, gnahsat, gnahr
Future tid: gnahsiem, gnahsies, gnahsiet, gnahsiem(o)s, yu gnahsiete, gnahsient
Conditional: gnahiem, gnahies, gnahiet, gnahiem(o)s, yu gnahiete, gnahient
Prev participe: gnaht / gnahn gneibh > Infinitive: gnibhes
Present: gneibho, gneibhs, gneibht, gneibhm(o)s, yu gneibht(e), gneibhe(nt)
Preterit: gnibhim, gnibh(i)st(a), gnibhit, gnibham, gnibhat, gnibheer
Future tid: gneibhsiem, gneibhsies, gneibhsiet, gneibhsiem(o)s, yu gneibhsiete, gneibhsient
Conditional: gneibhiem, gneibhies, gneibhiet, gneibhiem(o)s, yu gneibhiete, gneibhient
Prev participe: gnibht / gnibhen gneiter > Infinitive: gnitres
Present: io gneiter, gneiters, gneitert, gneiterms, yu gneitert, gneiternt
Preterit: gnitrim, gnitrist, gnitrit, gnit(e)ram, gnit(e)rat, gnit(e)reer
Future tid: gneitersiem, gneitersies, gneitersiet, gneitersiem(o)s, yu gneitersiete, gneitersient
Conditional: gneiteriem, gneiteries, gneiteriet, gneiteriem(o)s, yu gneiteriete, gneiterient
Prev participe: gnitert / gnitern gneur > Infinitive: gnures
Present: gneuro, gneurs, gneurt, gneurm(o)s, yu gneurt(e), gneure(nt)
Preterit: gnurim, gnur(i)st(a), gnurit, gnuram, gnurat, gnureer
Future tid: gneursiem, gneursies, gneursiet, gneursiem(o)s, yu gneursiete, gneursient
Conditional: gneuriem, gneuries, gneuriet, gneuriem(o)s, yu gneuriete, gneurient
Prev participe: gnurt / gnuren gnirsk > Infinitive: gnirske
Present: gnirsko, gnirscs, gnirsct, gnirskm(o)s, yu gnirsct(e), gnirske(nt)
Preterit: gnirskim, gnirsk(i)st(a), gnirskit, gnirskam, gnirskat, gnirskeer
Future tid: gnirscsiem, gnirscsies, gnirscsiet, gnirscsiem(o)s, yu gnirscsiete, gnirscsient
Conditional: gnirskiem, gnirskies, gnirskiet, gnirskiem(o)s, yu gnirskiete, gnirskient
Prev participe: gnirsct / gnirsken gnoh > Infinitive: gnohe
Present: gnohm, gnohs, gnoht, gnohm(o)s, yu gnoht(e), gnohnt
Preterit: gnohsim, gnohst(a), gnohsit, gnohsam, gnohsat, gnohr
Future tid: gnohsiem, gnohsies, gnohsiet, gnohsiem(o)s, yu gnohsiete, gnohsient
Conditional: gnohiem, gnohies, gnohiet, gnohiem(o)s, yu gnohiete, gnohient
Prev participe: gnoht / gnohn goil > Infinitive: goile
Present: goilo, goils, goilt, goilm(o)s, yu goilt(e), goile(nt)
Preterit: goilim, goil(i)st(a), goilit, goilam, goilat, goileer
Future tid: goilsiem, goilsies, goilsiet, goilsiem(o)s, yu goilsiete, goilsient
Conditional: goiliem, goilies, goiliet, goiliem(o)s, yu goiliete, goilient
Prev participe: goilt / goilen gomre > Infinitive: gomre
Present: io gomre, gomres, gomret, gomrems, yu gomret(e), gomrent
Preterit: gomrim, gomrist(a), gomrit, gomram, gomrat, gomreer
Future tid: gomresiem, gomresies, gomresiet, gomresiem(o)s, yu gomresiete, gomresient
Conditional: gomriem, gomries, gomriet, gomriem(o)s, yu gomriete, gomrient
Prev participe: gomret / gomren gostpreim > Infinitive: gostprimes
Present: gostpreimo, gostpreims, gostpreimt, gostpreimm(o)s, yu gostpreimt(e), gostpreime(nt)
Preterit: gostprimim, gostprim(i)st(a), gostprimit, gostprimam, gostprimat, gostprimeer
Future tid: gostpreimsiem, gostpreimsies, gostpreimsiet, gostpreimsiem(o)s, yu gostpreimsiete, gostpreimsient
Conditional: gostpreimiem, gostpreimies, gostpreimiet, gostpreimiem(o)s, yu gostpreimiete, gostpreimient
Prev participe: gostprimt / gostprimen gouge > Infinitive: gouge
Present: io gouge, gouges, gouget, gougems, yu gouget(e), gougent
Preterit: gougim, gougist(a), gougit, gougeam, gougeat, gougeer
Future tid: gougesiem, gougesies, gougesiet, gougesiem(o)s, yu gougesiete, gougesient
Conditional: gougiem, gougies, gougiet, gougiem(o)s, yu gougiete, gougient
Prev participe: gouget / gougen gougle > Infinitive: gougle
Present: io gougle, gougles, gouglet, gouglems, yu gouglet(e), gouglent
Preterit: gouglim, gouglist(a), gouglit, gouglam, gouglat, gougleer
Future tid: gouglesiem, gouglesies, gouglesiet, gouglesiem(o)s, yu gouglesiete, gouglesient
Conditional: gougliem, gouglies, gougliet, gougliem(o)s, yu gougliete, gouglient
Prev participe: gouglet / gouglen gourr > Infinitive: gourre
Present: gourro, gourrs, gourrt, gourrm(o)s, yu gourrt(e), gourre(nt)
Preterit: goursim, gours(i)st(a), goursit, goursam, goursat, gourseer
Future tid: gourrsiem, gourrsies, gourrsiet, gourrsiem(o)s, yu gourrsiete, gourrsient
Conditional: gourriem, gourries, gourriet, gourriem(o)s, yu gourriete, gourrient
Prev participe: gours / gourren gouverne > Infinitive: gouverne
Present: io gouverne, gouvernes, gouvernet, gouvernems, yu gouvernet(e), gouvernent
Preterit: gouvernim, gouvernist(a), gouvernit, gouvernam, gouvernat, gouverneer
Future tid: gouvernesiem, gouvernesies, gouvernesiet, gouvernesiem(o)s, yu gouvernesiete, gouvernesient
Conditional: gouverniem, gouvernies, gouverniet, gouverniem(o)s, yu gouverniete, gouvernient
Prev participe: gouvernet / gouvernen grabh > Infinitive: grabhe
Present: grabho, grabhs, grabht, grabhm(o)s, yu grabht(e), grabhe(nt)
Preterit: griebhim, griebh(i)st(a), griebhit, griebham, griebhat, griebheer
Future tid: grabhsiem, grabhsies, grabhsiet, grabhsiem(o)s, yu grabhsiete, grabhsient
Conditional: grabhiem, grabhies, grabhiet, grabhiem(o)s, yu grabhiete, grabhient
Prev participe: grabht / grabhen gradue > Infinitive: gradue
Present: io gradue, gradues, graduet, graduems, yu graduet(e), graduent
Preterit: graduim, graduist(a), graduit, graduam, graduat, gradueer
Future tid: graduesiem, graduesies, graduesiet, graduesiem(o)s, yu graduesiete, graduesient
Conditional: graduiem, graduies, graduiet, graduiem(o)s, yu graduiete, graduient
Prev participe: graduet / graduen grak > Infinitive: grake
Present: grako, gracs, gract, grakm(o)s, yu gract(e), grake(nt)
Preterit: griekim, griek(i)st(a), griekit, griekam, griekat, griekeer
Future tid: gracsiem, gracsies, gracsiet, gracsiem(o)s, yu gracsiete, gracsient
Conditional: grakiem, grakies, grakiet, grakiem(o)s, yu grakiete, grakient
Prev participe: gract / graken granate > Infinitive: granate
Present: io granate, granates, granatet, granatems, yu granatet(e), granatent
Preterit: granatim, granatist(a), granatit, granatam, granatat, granateer
Future tid: granatesiem, granatesies, granatesiet, granatesiem(o)s, yu granatesiete, granatesient
Conditional: granatiem, granaties, granatiet, granatiem(o)s, yu granatiete, granatient
Prev participe: granatet / granaten grance > Infinitive: grance
Present: io grance, grances, grancet, grancems, yu grancet(e), grancent
Preterit: grancim, grancist(a), grancit, granceam, granceat, granceer
Future tid: grancesiem, grancesies, grancesiet, grancesiem(o)s, yu grancesiete, grancesient
Conditional: granciem, grancies, granciet, granciem(o)s, yu granciete, grancient
Prev participe: grancet / grancen grandmater > Infinitive: grandmater
Present: io grandmater, grandmaters, grandmatert, grandmaterms, yu grandmatert, grandmaternt
Preterit: grandmietrim, grandmietrist, grandmietrit, grandmiet(e)ram, grandmiet(e)rat, grandmiet(e)reer
Future tid: grandmatersiem, grandmatersies, grandmatersiet, grandmatersiem(o)s, yu grandmatersiete, grandmatersient
Conditional: grandmateriem, grandmateries, grandmateriet, grandmateriem(o)s, yu grandmateriete, grandmaterient
Prev participe: grandmatert / grandmatern gras > Infinitive: grase
Present: graso, gras, grast, grasm(o)s, yu grast(e), grase(nt)
Preterit: griesim, gries(i)st(a), griesit, griesam, griesat, grieseer
Future tid: siem grase, sies grase, siet grase, siem(o)s grase, yu siete grase, sient grase
Conditional: grasiem, grasies, grasiet, grasiem(o)s, yu grasiete, grasient
Prev participe: grast / grasen grassab > Infinitive: grassabe
Present: grassabo, grassaps, grassapt, grassabm(o)s, yu grassapt(e), grassabe(nt)
Preterit: grassiebim, grassieb(i)st(a), grassiebit, grassiebam, grassiebat, grassiebeer
Future tid: grassapsiem, grassapsies, grassapsiet, grassapsiem(o)s, yu grassapsiete, grassapsient
Conditional: grassabiem, grassabies, grassabiet, grassabiem(o)s, yu grassabiete, grassabient
Prev participe: grassapt / grassaben grassabadfall > Infinitive: grassabadfalle
Present: grassabadfallo, grassabadfalls, grassabadfallt, grassabadfallm(o)s, yu grassabadfallt(e), grassabadfalle(nt)
Preterit: grassabadfiellim, grassabadfiell(i)st(a), grassabadfiellit, grassabadfiellam, grassabadfiellat, grassabadfielleer
Future tid: grassabadfallsiem, grassabadfallsies, grassabadfallsiet, grassabadfallsiem(o)s, yu grassabadfallsiete, grassabadfallsient
Conditional: grassabadfalliem, grassabadfallies, grassabadfalliet, grassabadfalliem(o)s, yu grassabadfalliete, grassabadfallient
Prev participe: grassabadfallt / grassabadfallen gratis > Infinitive: gratise
Present: gratiso, gratis, gratist, gratism(o)s, yu gratist(e), gratise(nt)
Preterit: grietisim, grietis(i)st(a), grietisit, grietisam, grietisat, grietiseer
Future tid: siem gratise, sies gratise, siet gratise, siem(o)s gratise, yu siete gratise, sient gratise
Conditional: gratisiem, gratisies, gratisiet, gratisiem(o)s, yu gratisiete, gratisient
Prev participe: gratist / gratisen gratule > Infinitive: gratule
Present: io gratule, gratules, gratulet, gratulems, yu gratulet(e), gratulent
Preterit: gratulim, gratulist(a), gratulit, gratulam, gratulat, gratuleer
Future tid: gratulesiem, gratulesies, gratulesiet, gratulesiem(o)s, yu gratulesiete, gratulesient
Conditional: gratuliem, gratulies, gratuliet, gratuliem(o)s, yu gratuliete, gratulient
Prev participe: gratulet / gratulen graz > Infinitive: graze
Present: grazo, grazs, grazt, grazm(o)s, yu grazt(e), graze(nt)
Preterit: griezim, griez(i)st(a), griezit, griezam, griezat, griezeer
Future tid: siem graze, sies graze, siet graze, siem(o)s graze, yu siete graze, sient graze
Conditional: graziem, grazies, graziet, graziem(o)s, yu graziete, grazient
Prev participe: grazt / grazen gredd > Infinitive: gredde
Present: greddo, gredds, greddt, greddm(o)s, yu greddt(e), gredde(nt)
Preterit: gressim, gress(i)st(a), gressit, gressam, gressat, gresseer
Future tid: greddsiem, greddsies, greddsiet, greddsiem(o)s, yu greddsiete, greddsient
Conditional: greddiem, greddies, greddiet, greddiem(o)s, yu greddiete, greddient
Prev participe: gress / gredden grehd > Infinitive: grehde
Present: grehdo, grehds, grehdt, grehdm(o)s, yu grehdt(e), grehde(nt)
Preterit: grohdim, grohd(i)st(a), grohdit, grohdam, grohdat, grohdeer
Future tid: grehdsiem, grehdsies, grehdsiet, grehdsiem(o)s, yu grehdsiete, grehdsient
Conditional: grehdiem, grehdies, grehdiet, grehdiem(o)s, yu grehdiete, grehdient
Prev participe: grohdt / grohden grehm > Infinitive: grehme
Present: grehmo, grehms, grehmt, grehmm(o)s, yu grehmt(e), grehme(nt)
Preterit: grohmim, grohm(i)st(a), grohmit, grohmam, grohmat, grohmeer
Future tid: grehmsiem, grehmsies, grehmsiet, grehmsiem(o)s, yu grehmsiete, grehmsient
Conditional: grehmiem, grehmies, grehmiet, grehmiem(o)s, yu grehmiete, grehmient
Prev participe: grohmt / grohmen grehnd > Infinitive: grehnde
Present: grehndo, grehnds, grehndt, grehndm(o)s, yu grehndt(e), grehnde(nt)
Preterit: grohndim, grohnd(i)st(a), grohndit, grohndam, grohndat, grohndeer
Future tid: grehndsiem, grehndsies, grehndsiet, grehndsiem(o)s, yu grehndsiete, grehndsient
Conditional: grehndiem, grehndies, grehndiet, grehndiem(o)s, yu grehndiete, grehndient
Prev participe: grohndt / grohnden grehv > Infinitive: grehve
Present: grehvo, grehfs, grehft, grehvm(o)s, yu grehft(e), grehve(nt)
Preterit: grohvim, grohv(i)st(a), grohvit, grohvam, grohvat, grohveer
Future tid: grehfsiem, grehfsies, grehfsiet, grehfsiem(o)s, yu grehfsiete, grehfsient
Conditional: grehviem, grehvies, grehviet, grehviem(o)s, yu grehviete, grehvient
Prev participe: grohft / grohven greih > Infinitive: grihes
Present: greihm, greihs, greiht, greihm(o)s, yu greiht(e), greihnt
Preterit: grihsim, grihst(a), grihsit, grihsam, grihsat, grihr
Future tid: greihsiem, greihsies, greihsiet, greihsiem(o)s, yu greihsiete, greihsient
Conditional: greihiem, greihies, greihiet, greihiem(o)s, yu greihiete, greihient
Prev participe: griht / grihn greip > Infinitive: gripes
Present: greipo, greips, greipt, greipm(o)s, yu greipt(e), greipe(nt)
Preterit: gripim, grip(i)st(a), gripit, gripam, gripat, gripeer
Future tid: greipsiem, greipsies, greipsiet, greipsiem(o)s, yu greipsiete, greipsient
Conditional: greipiem, greipies, greipiet, greipiem(o)s, yu greipiete, greipient
Prev participe: gript / gripen greumel > Infinitive: grumles
Present: io greumel, greumels, greumelt, greumelms, yu greumelt, greumelnt
Preterit: grumlim, grumlist, grumlit, grum(e)lam, grum(e)lat, grum(e)leer
Future tid: greumelsiem, greumelsies, greumelsiet, greumelsiem(o)s, yu greumelsiete, greumelsient
Conditional: greumeliem, greumelies, greumeliet, greumeliem(o)s, yu greumeliete, greumelient
Prev participe: grumelt / grumeln grille > Infinitive: grille
Present: io grille, grilles, grillet, grillems, yu grillet(e), grillent
Preterit: grillim, grillist(a), grillit, grillam, grillat, grilleer
Future tid: grillesiem, grillesies, grillesiet, grillesiem(o)s, yu grillesiete, grillesient
Conditional: grilliem, grillies, grilliet, grilliem(o)s, yu grilliete, grillient
Prev participe: grillet / grillen grint > Infinitive: grinte
Present: grinto, grints, grint, grintm(o)s, yu grinte, grinte(nt)
Preterit: grintim, grint(i)st(a), grintit, grintam, grintat, grinteer
Future tid: grintsiem, grintsies, grintsiet, grintsiem(o)s, yu grintsiete, grintsient
Conditional: grintiem, grinties, grintiet, grintiem(o)s, yu grintiete, grintient
Prev participe: grint / grinten grok > Infinitive: groke
Present: groko, grocs, groct, grokm(o)s, yu groct(e), groke(nt)
Preterit: grokim, grok(i)st(a), grokit, grokam, grokat, grokeer
Future tid: grocsiem, grocsies, grocsiet, grocsiem(o)s, yu grocsiete, grocsient
Conditional: grokiem, grokies, grokiet, grokiem(o)s, yu grokiete, grokient
Prev participe: groct / groken grundye > Infinitive: grundye
Present: io grundye, grundyes, grundyet, grundyems, yu grundyet(e), grundyent
Preterit: grundyim, grundyist(a), grundyit, grundyam, grundyat, grundyeer
Future tid: grundyesiem, grundyesies, grundyesiet, grundyesiem(o)s, yu grundyesiete, grundyesient
Conditional: grundyiem, grundyies, grundyiet, grundyiem(o)s, yu grundyiete, grundyient
Prev participe: grundyet / grundyen gruyere > Infinitive: gruyere
Present: io gruyere, gruyeres, gruyeret, gruyerems, yu gruyeret(e), gruyerent
Preterit: gruyerim, gruyerist(a), gruyerit, gruyeram, gruyerat, gruyereer
Future tid: gruyeresiem, gruyeresies, gruyeresiet, gruyeresiem(o)s, yu gruyeresiete, gruyeresient
Conditional: gruyeriem, gruyeries, gruyeriet, gruyeriem(o)s, yu gruyeriete, gruyerient
Prev participe: gruyeret / gruyeren gsieschui > Infinitive: gsieschuie
Present: gsieschuim, gsieschuis, gsieschuit, gsieschuim(o)s, yu gsieschuit(e), gsieschuint
Preterit: gsieschuisim, gsieschuist(a), gsieschuisit, gsieschuam, gsieschuat, gsieschuir
Future tid: gsieschuisiem, gsieschuisies, gsieschuisiet, gsieschuisiem(o)s, yu gsieschuisiete, gsieschuisient
Conditional: gsieschuiem, gsieschuies, gsieschuiet, gsieschuiem(o)s, yu gsieschuiete, gsieschuient
Prev participe: gsieschuit / gsieschuin grwozdue > Infinitive: grwozdue
Present: io grwozdue, grwozdues, grwozduet, grwozduems, yu grwozduet(e), grwozduent
Preterit: grwozduim, grwozduist(a), grwozduit, grwozduam, grwozduat, grwozdueer
Future tid: grwozduesiem, grwozduesies, grwozduesiet, grwozduesiem(o)s, yu grwozduesiete, grwozduesient
Conditional: grwozduiem, grwozduies, grwozduiet, grwozduiem(o)s, yu grwozduiete, grwozduient
Prev participe: grwozduet / grwozduen guarde > Infinitive: guarde
Present: io guarde, guardes, guardet, guardems, yu guardet(e), guardent
Preterit: guardim, guardist(a), guardit, guardam, guardat, guardeer
Future tid: guardesiem, guardesies, guardesiet, guardesiem(o)s, yu guardesiete, guardesient
Conditional: guardiem, guardies, guardiet, guardiem(o)s, yu guardiete, guardient
Prev participe: guardet / guarden gughehr > Infinitive: gughehre
Present: gughehro, gughehrs, gughehrt, gughehrm(o)s, yu gughehrt(e), gughehre(nt)
Preterit: gughohrim, gughohr(i)st(a), gughohrit, gughohram, gughohrat, gughohreer
Future tid: gughehrsiem, gughehrsies, gughehrsiet, gughehrsiem(o)s, yu gughehrsiete, gughehrsient
Conditional: gughehriem, gughehries, gughehriet, gughehriem(o)s, yu gughehriete, gughehrient
Prev participe: gughohrt / gughohren gugheir > Infinitive: gughires
Present: gugheiro, gugheirs, gugheirt, gugheirm(o)s, yu gugheirt(e), gugheire(nt)
Preterit: gughirim, gughir(i)st(a), gughirit, gughiram, gughirat, gughireer
Future tid: gugheirsiem, gugheirsies, gugheirsiet, gugheirsiem(o)s, yu gugheirsiete, gugheirsient
Conditional: gugheiriem, gugheiries, gugheiriet, gugheiriem(o)s, yu gugheiriete, gugheirient
Prev participe: gughirt / gughiren guide > Infinitive: guide
Present: io guide, guides, guidet, guidems, yu guidet(e), guident
Preterit: guidim, guidist(a), guidit, guidam, guidat, guideer
Future tid: guidesiem, guidesies, guidesiet, guidesiem(o)s, yu guidesiete, guidesient
Conditional: guidiem, guidies, guidiet, guidiem(o)s, yu guidiete, guidient
Prev participe: guidet / guiden gumme > Infinitive: gumme
Present: io gumme, gummes, gummet, gummems, yu gummet(e), gumment
Preterit: gummim, gummist(a), gummit, gummam, gummat, gummeer
Future tid: gummesiem, gummesies, gummesiet, gummesiem(o)s, yu gummesiete, gummesient
Conditional: gummiem, gummies, gummiet, gummiem(o)s, yu gummiete, gummient
Prev participe: gummet / gummen guragh > Infinitive: guraghe
Present: guragho, guraghs, guraght, guraghm(o)s, yu guraght(e), guraghe(nt)
Preterit: gurieghim, guriegh(i)st(a), gurieghit, guriegham, gurieghat, guriegheer
Future tid: guraghsiem, guraghsies, guraghsiet, guraghsiem(o)s, yu guraghsiete, guraghsient
Conditional: guraghiem, guraghies, guraghiet, guraghiem(o)s, yu guraghiete, guraghient
Prev participe: guraght / guraghen guranew > Infinitive: guranwes
Present: guranwo, guranws, guranwt, guranwm(o)s, yu guranwt(e), guranwnt
Preterit: gurawim, gurawst(a), gurawit, gurawam, gurawat, guraweer
Future tid: guranwsiem, guranwsies, guranwsiet, guranwsiem(o)s, yu guranwsiete, guranwsient
Conditional: guranwiem, guranwies, guranwiet, guranwiem(o)s, yu guranwiete, guranwient
Prev participe: gurawt / gurawen gurgule > Infinitive: gurgule
Present: io gurgule, gurgules, gurgulet, gurgulems, yu gurgulet(e), gurgulent
Preterit: gurgulim, gurgulist(a), gurgulit, gurgulam, gurgulat, gurguleer
Future tid: gurgulesiem, gurgulesies, gurgulesiet, gurgulesiem(o)s, yu gurgulesiete, gurgulesient
Conditional: gurguliem, gurgulies, gurguliet, gurguliem(o)s, yu gurguliete, gurgulient
Prev participe: gurgulet / gurgulen gvaedd > Infinitive: gvaedde
Present: gvaeddo, gvaedds, gvaeddt, gvaeddm(o)s, yu gvaeddt(e), gvaedde(nt)
Preterit: gvaessim, gvaess(i)st(a), gvaessit, gvaessam, gvaessat, gvaesseer
Future tid: gvaeddsiem, gvaeddsies, gvaeddsiet, gvaeddsiem(o)s, yu gvaeddsiete, gvaeddsient
Conditional: gvaeddiem, gvaeddies, gvaeddiet, gvaeddiem(o)s, yu gvaeddiete, gvaeddient
Prev participe: gvaess / gvaedden gvaskayn > Infinitive: gvaskayne
Present: gvaskayno, gvaskayns, gvaskaynt, gvaskaynm(o)s, yu gvaskaynt(e), gvaskayne(nt)
Preterit: gvaskieynim, gvaskieyn(i)st(a), gvaskieynit, gvaskieynam, gvaskieynat, gvaskieyneer
Future tid: gvaskaynsiem, gvaskaynsies, gvaskaynsiet, gvaskaynsiem(o)s, yu gvaskaynsiete, gvaskaynsient
Conditional: gvaskayniem, gvaskaynies, gvaskayniet, gvaskayniem(o)s, yu gvaskayniete, gvaskaynient
Prev participe: gvaskaynt / gvaskaynen gvehd > Infinitive: gvehde
Present: gvehdo, gvehds, gvehdt, gvehdm(o)s, yu gvehdt(e), gvehde(nt)
Preterit: gvohdim, gvohd(i)st(a), gvohdit, gvohdam, gvohdat, gvohdeer
Future tid: gvehdsiem, gvehdsies, gvehdsiet, gvehdsiem(o)s, yu gvehdsiete, gvehdsient
Conditional: gvehdiem, gvehdies, gvehdiet, gvehdiem(o)s, yu gvehdiete, gvehdient
Prev participe: gvohdt / gvohden gvehmb > Infinitive: gvehmbe
Present: gvehmbo, gvehmps, gvehmpt, gvehmbm(o)s, yu gvehmpt(e), gvehmbe(nt)
Preterit: gvohmbim, gvohmb(i)st(a), gvohmbit, gvohmbam, gvohmbat, gvohmbeer
Future tid: gvehmpsiem, gvehmpsies, gvehmpsiet, gvehmpsiem(o)s, yu gvehmpsiete, gvehmpsient
Conditional: gvehmbiem, gvehmbies, gvehmbiet, gvehmbiem(o)s, yu gvehmbiete, gvehmbient
Prev participe: gvohmpt / gvohmben gvehn > Infinitive: gvehne
Present: gvehno, gvehns, gvehnt, gvehnm(o)s, yu gvehnt(e), gvehne(nt)
Preterit: gvohnim, gvohn(i)st(a), gvohnit, gvohnam, gvohnat, gvohneer
Future tid: gvehnsiem, gvehnsies, gvehnsiet, gvehnsiem(o)s, yu gvehnsiete, gvehnsient
Conditional: gvehniem, gvehnies, gvehniet, gvehniem(o)s, yu gvehniete, gvehnient
Prev participe: gvohnt / gvohnen gveih > Infinitive: gvihes
Present: gveihm, gveihs, gveiht, gveihm(o)s, yu gveiht(e), gveihnt
Preterit: gvihsim, gvihst(a), gvihsit, gvihsam, gvihsat, gvihr
Future tid: gveihsiem, gveihsies, gveihsiet, gveihsiem(o)s, yu gveihsiete, gveihsient
Conditional: gveihiem, gveihies, gveihiet, gveihiem(o)s, yu gveihiete, gveihient
Prev participe: gviht / gvihn gvereh > Infinitive: gverehe
Present: gverehm, gverehs, gvereht, gverehm(o)s, yu gvereht(e), gverehnt
Preterit: gverehsim, gverehst(a), gverehsit, gverehsam, gverehsat, gverehr
Future tid: gverehsiem, gverehsies, gverehsiet, gverehsiem(o)s, yu gverehsiete, gverehsient
Conditional: gverehiem, gverehies, gverehiet, gverehiem(o)s, yu gverehiete, gverehient
Prev participe: gvereht / gverehn gverue > Infinitive: gverue
Present: io gverue, gverues, gveruet, gveruems, yu gveruet(e), gveruent
Preterit: gveruim, gveruist(a), gveruit, gveruam, gveruat, gverueer
Future tid: gveruesiem, gveruesies, gveruesiet, gveruesiem(o)s, yu gveruesiete, gveruesient
Conditional: gveruiem, gveruies, gveruiet, gveruiem(o)s, yu gveruiete, gveruient
Prev participe: gveruet / gveruen gvihen > Infinitive: gvihnes
Present: gvihno, gvihens, gvihent, gvihnm(o)s, yu gvihent(e), gvihne(nt)
Preterit: gvihsim, gvihst(a), gvihsit, gvihsam, gvihsat, gvihr
Future tid: gvihensiem, gvihensies, gvihensiet, gvihensiem(o)s, yu gvihensiete, gvihensient
Conditional: gvihniem, gvihnies, gvihniet, gvihniem(o)s, yu gvihniete, gvihnient
Prev participe: gviht / gvihn gvol > Infinitive: gvole
Present: gvolo, gvols, gvolt, gvolm(o)s, yu gvolt(e), gvole(nt)
Preterit: gvolim, gvol(i)st(a), gvolit, gvolam, gvolat, gvoleer
Future tid: gvolsiem, gvolsies, gvolsiet, gvolsiem(o)s, yu gvolsiete, gvolsient
Conditional: gvoliem, gvolies, gvoliet, gvoliem(o)s, yu gvoliete, gvolient
Prev participe: gvolt / gvolen gvrendue > Infinitive: gvrendue
Present: io gvrendue, gvrendues, gvrenduet, gvrenduems, yu gvrenduet(e), gvrenduent
Preterit: gvrenduim, gvrenduist(a), gvrenduit, gvrenduam, gvrenduat, gvrendueer
Future tid: gvrenduesiem, gvrenduesies, gvrenduesiet, gvrenduesiem(o)s, yu gvrenduesiete, gvrenduesient
Conditional: gvrenduiem, gvrenduies, gvrenduiet, gvrenduiem(o)s, yu gvrenduiete, gvrenduient
Prev participe: gvrenduet / gvrenduen gwah > Infinitive: gwahe
Present: gwahm, gwahs, gwaht, gwahm(o)s, yu gwaht(e), gwahnt
Preterit: gwahsim, gwahst(a), gwahsit, gwahsam, gwahsat, gwahr
Future tid: gwahsiem, gwahsies, gwahsiet, gwahsiem(o)s, yu gwahsiete, gwahsient
Conditional: gwahiem, gwahies, gwahiet, gwahiem(o)s, yu gwahiete, gwahient
Prev participe: gwaht / gwahn gwayrjien > Infinitive: gwayrjiene
Present: gwayrjieno, gwayrjiens, gwayrjient, gwayrjienm(o)s, yu gwayrjient(e), gwayrjiene(nt)
Preterit: gwayrjienim, gwayrjien(i)st(a), gwayrjienit, gwayrjienam, gwayrjienat, gwayrjieneer
Future tid: gwayrjiensiem, gwayrjiensies, gwayrjiensiet, gwayrjiensiem(o)s, yu gwayrjiensiete, gwayrjiensient
Conditional: gwayrjieniem, gwayrjienies, gwayrjieniet, gwayrjieniem(o)s, yu gwayrjieniete, gwayrjienient
Prev participe: gwayrjient / gwayrjienen gwayt > Infinitive: gwayte
Present: gwayto, gwayts, gwayt, gwaytm(o)s, yu gwayte, gwayte(nt)
Preterit: gwieytim, gwieyt(i)st(a), gwieytit, gwieytam, gwieytat, gwieyteer
Future tid: gwaytsiem, gwaytsies, gwaytsiet, gwaytsiem(o)s, yu gwaytsiete, gwaytsient
Conditional: gwaytiem, gwayties, gwaytiet, gwaytiem(o)s, yu gwaytiete, gwaytient
Prev participe: gwayt / gwayten gwehl > Infinitive: gwehle
Present: gwehlo, gwehls, gwehlt, gwehlm(o)s, yu gwehlt(e), gwehle(nt)
Preterit: gwohlim, gwohl(i)st(a), gwohlit, gwohlam, gwohlat, gwohleer
Future tid: gwehlsiem, gwehlsies, gwehlsiet, gwehlsiem(o)s, yu gwehlsiete, gwehlsient
Conditional: gwehliem, gwehlies, gwehliet, gwehliem(o)s, yu gwehliete, gwehlient
Prev participe: gwohlt / gwohlen gwehlbh > Infinitive: gwehlbhe
Present: gwehlbho, gwehlbhs, gwehlbht, gwehlbhm(o)s, yu gwehlbht(e), gwehlbhe(nt)
Preterit: gwohlbhim, gwohlbh(i)st(a), gwohlbhit, gwohlbham, gwohlbhat, gwohlbheer
Future tid: gwehlbhsiem, gwehlbhsies, gwehlbhsiet, gwehlbhsiem(o)s, yu gwehlbhsiete, gwehlbhsient
Conditional: gwehlbhiem, gwehlbhies, gwehlbhiet, gwehlbhiem(o)s, yu gwehlbhiete, gwehlbhient
Prev participe: gwohlbht / gwohlbhen gwehm > Infinitive: gwehme
Present: gwehmo, gwehms, gwehmt, gwehmm(o)s, yu gwehmt(e), gwehme(nt)
Preterit: gwohmim, gwohm(i)st(a), gwohmit, gwohmam, gwohmat, gwohmeer
Future tid: gwehmsiem, gwehmsies, gwehmsiet, gwehmsiem(o)s, yu gwehmsiete, gwehmsient
Conditional: gwehmiem, gwehmies, gwehmiet, gwehmiem(o)s, yu gwehmiete, gwehmient
Prev participe: gwohmt / gwohmen gwehmeih > Infinitive: gwehmihes
Present: gwehmeihm, gwehmeihs, gwehmeiht, gwehmeihm(o)s, yu gwehmeiht(e), gwehmeihnt
Preterit: gwehmihsim, gwehmihst(a), gwehmihsit, gwehmihsam, gwehmihsat, gwehmihr
Future tid: gwehmeihsiem, gwehmeihsies, gwehmeihsiet, gwehmeihsiem(o)s, yu gwehmeihsiete, gwehmeihsient
Conditional: gwehmeihiem, gwehmeihies, gwehmeihiet, gwehmeihiem(o)s, yu gwehmeihiete, gwehmeihient
Prev participe: gwehmiht / gwehmihn gwehmtur > Infinitive: gwehmture
Present: gwehmturo, gwehmturs, gwehmturt, gwehmturm(o)s, yu gwehmturt(e), gwehmture(nt)
Preterit: gwehmturim, gwehmtur(i)st(a), gwehmturit, gwehmturam, gwehmturat, gwehmtureer
Future tid: gwehmtursiem, gwehmtursies, gwehmtursiet, gwehmtursiem(o)s, yu gwehmtursiete, gwehmtursient
Conditional: gwehmturiem, gwehmturies, gwehmturiet, gwehmturiem(o)s, yu gwehmturiete, gwehmturient
Prev participe: gwehmturt / gwehmturen gwehrd > Infinitive: gwehrde
Present: gwehrdo, gwehrds, gwehrdt, gwehrdm(o)s, yu gwehrdt(e), gwehrde(nt)
Preterit: gwohrdim, gwohrd(i)st(a), gwohrdit, gwohrdam, gwohrdat, gwohrdeer
Future tid: gwehrdsiem, gwehrdsies, gwehrdsiet, gwehrdsiem(o)s, yu gwehrdsiete, gwehrdsient
Conditional: gwehrdiem, gwehrdies, gwehrdiet, gwehrdiem(o)s, yu gwehrdiete, gwehrdient
Prev participe: gwohrdt / gwohrden gwehzd > Infinitive: gwehzde
Present: gwehzdo, gwehzds, gwehzdt, gwehzdm(o)s, yu gwehzdt(e), gwehzde(nt)
Preterit: gwohzdim, gwohzd(i)st(a), gwohzdit, gwohzdam, gwohzdat, gwohzdeer
Future tid: siem gwehzde, sies gwehzde, siet gwehzde, siem(o)s gwehzde, yu siete gwehzde, sient gwehzde
Conditional: gwehzdiem, gwehzdies, gwehzdiet, gwehzdiem(o)s, yu gwehzdiete, gwehzdient
Prev participe: gwohzdt / gwohzden gweitsk > Infinitive: gwitskes
Present: gweitsko, gweitscs, gweitsct, gweitskm(o)s, yu gweitsct(e), gweitske(nt)
Preterit: gwitskim, gwitsk(i)st(a), gwitskit, gwitskam, gwitskat, gwitskeer
Future tid: gweitscsiem, gweitscsies, gweitscsiet, gweitscsiem(o)s, yu gweitscsiete, gweitscsient
Conditional: gweitskiem, gweitskies, gweitskiet, gweitskiem(o)s, yu gweitskiete, gweitskient
Prev participe: gwitsct / gwitsken gwen > Infinitive: gwene
Present: gweno, gwens, gwent, gwenm(o)s, yu gwent(e), gwene(nt)
Preterit: gwenim, gwen(i)st(a), gwenit, gwenam, gwenat, gweneer
Future tid: gwensiem, gwensies, gwensiet, gwensiem(o)s, yu gwensiete, gwensient
Conditional: gweniem, gwenies, gweniet, gweniem(o)s, yu gweniete, gwenient
Prev participe: gwent / gwenen gwenak > Infinitive: gwenake
Present: gwenako, gwenacs, gwenact, gwenakm(o)s, yu gwenact(e), gwenake(nt)
Preterit: gweniekim, gweniek(i)st(a), gweniekit, gweniekam, gweniekat, gweniekeer
Future tid: gwenacsiem, gwenacsies, gwenacsiet, gwenacsiem(o)s, yu gwenacsiete, gwenacsient
Conditional: gwenakiem, gwenakies, gwenakiet, gwenakiem(o)s, yu gwenakiete, gwenakient
Prev participe: gwenact / gwenaken gwenman > Infinitive: gwenmane
Present: gwenmano, gwenmans, gwenmant, gwenmanm(o)s, yu gwenmant(e), gwenmane(nt)
Preterit: gwenmienim, gwenmien(i)st(a), gwenmienit, gwenmienam, gwenmienat, gwenmieneer
Future tid: gwenmansiem, gwenmansies, gwenmansiet, gwenmansiem(o)s, yu gwenmansiete, gwenmansient
Conditional: gwenmaniem, gwenmanies, gwenmaniet, gwenmaniem(o)s, yu gwenmaniete, gwenmanient
Prev participe: gwenmant / gwenmanen gwesen > Infinitive: gwenes
Present: gweno, gwens, gwent, gwenm(o)s, yu gwent(e), gwene(nt)
Preterit: gwesim, gwes(i)st(a), gwesit, gwesam, gwesat, gweseer
Future tid: gwensiem, gwensies, gwensiet, gwensiem(o)s, yu gwensiete, gwensient
Conditional: gweniem, gwenies, gweniet, gweniem(o)s, yu gweniete, gwenient
Prev participe: gwest / gwesen gweup > Infinitive: gwupes
Present: gweupo, gweups, gweupt, gweupm(o)s, yu gweupt(e), gweupe(nt)
Preterit: gwupim, gwup(i)st(a), gwupit, gwupam, gwupat, gwupeer
Future tid: gweupsiem, gweupsies, gweupsiet, gweupsiem(o)s, yu gweupsiete, gweupsient
Conditional: gweupiem, gweupies, gweupiet, gweupiem(o)s, yu gweupiete, gweupient
Prev participe: gwupt / gwupen gwinew > Infinitive: gwinwes
Present: gwinwo, gwinws, gwinwt, gwinwm(o)s, yu gwinwt(e), gwinwnt
Preterit: gwiwim, gwiwst(a), gwiwit, gwiwam, gwiwat, gwiweer
Future tid: gwinwsiem, gwinwsies, gwinwsiet, gwinwsiem(o)s, yu gwinwsiete, gwinwsient
Conditional: gwinwiem, gwinwies, gwinwiet, gwinwiem(o)s, yu gwinwiete, gwinwient
Prev participe: gwiwt / gwiwen gwirlay > Infinitive: gwirlaye
Present: gwirlaym, gwirlays, gwirlayt, gwirlaym(o)s, yu gwirlayt(e), gwirlaynt
Preterit: gwirlieyim, gwirlieyst(a), gwirlieyit, gwirlieyam, gwirlieyat, gwirlieyeer
Future tid: gwirlaysiem, gwirlaysies, gwirlaysiet, gwirlaysiem(o)s, yu gwirlaysiete, gwirlaysient
Conditional: gwirlayiem, gwirlayies, gwirlayiet, gwirlayiem(o)s, yu gwirlayiete, gwirlayient
Prev participe: gwirlayt / gwirlayen gwiv > Infinitive: gwive
Present: gwivo, gwivs, gwivt, gwivm(o)s, yu gwivt(e), gwive(nt)
Preterit: gwivim, gwiv(i)st(a), gwivit, gwivam, gwivat, gwiveer
Future tid: gwivsiem, gwivsies, gwivsiet, gwivsiem(o)s, yu gwivsiete, gwivsient
Conditional: gwiviem, gwivies, gwiviet, gwiviem(o)s, yu gwiviete, gwivient
Prev participe: gwiwt / gwiven gwokol > Infinitive: gwokole
Present: gwokolo, gwokols, gwokolt, gwokolm(o)s, yu gwokolt(e), gwokole(nt)
Preterit: gwokolim, gwokol(i)st(a), gwokolit, gwokolam, gwokolat, gwokoleer
Future tid: gwokolsiem, gwokolsies, gwokolsiet, gwokolsiem(o)s, yu gwokolsiete, gwokolsient
Conditional: gwokoliem, gwokolies, gwokoliet, gwokoliem(o)s, yu gwokoliete, gwokolient
Prev participe: gwokolt / gwokolen gwunet > Infinitive: gwuntes
Present: gwunto, gwunts, gwunt, gwuntm(o)s, yu gwunte, gwunte(nt)
Preterit: gwutim, gwut(i)st(a), gwutit, gwutam, gwutat, gwuteer
Future tid: gwuntsiem, gwuntsies, gwuntsiet, gwuntsiem(o)s, yu gwuntsiete, gwuntsient
Conditional: gwuntiem, gwunties, gwuntiet, gwuntiem(o)s, yu gwuntiete, gwuntient
Prev participe: gwut / gwuten gyap > Infinitive: gyape
Present: gyapo, gyaps, gyapt, gyapm(o)s, yu gyapt(e), gyape(nt)
Preterit: gyiepim, gyiep(i)st(a), gyiepit, gyiepam, gyiepat, gyiepeer
Future tid: gyapsiem, gyapsies, gyapsiet, gyapsiem(o)s, yu gyapsiete, gyapsient
Conditional: gyapiem, gyapies, gyapiet, gyapiem(o)s, yu gyapiete, gyapient
Prev participe: gyapt / gyapen hab > Infinitive: habe
Present: ho, has, hat, habmos/hams, yu habte, habent/hant
Preterit: hiebim, hiebst(a), hiebit, hiebam, hiebat, hiebeer
Future tid: habsiem, habsies, habsiet, habsiem(o)s, yu habsiete, habsient
Conditional: habiem, habies, habiet, habiem(o)s, yu habiete, habient
Prev participe: hapt / haben habilite > Infinitive: habilite
Present: io habilite, habilites, habilitet, habilitems, yu habilitet(e), habilitent
Preterit: habilitim, habilitist(a), habilitit, habilitam, habilitat, habiliteer
Future tid: habilitesiem, habilitesies, habilitesiet, habilitesiem(o)s, yu habilitesiete, habilitesient
Conditional: habilitiem, habilities, habilitiet, habilitiem(o)s, yu habilitiete, habilitient
Prev participe: habilitet / habiliten habskw > Infinitive: habskwe
Present: habskwo, habskws, habskwt, habskwm(o)s, yu habskwt(e), habskwnt
Preterit: hiebskwim, hiebskwst(a), hiebskwit, hiebskwam, hiebskwat, hiebskweer
Future tid: habskwsiem, habskwsies, habskwsiet, habskwsiem(o)s, yu habskwsiete, habskwsient
Conditional: habskwiem, habskwies, habskwiet, habskwiem(o)s, yu habskwiete, habskwient
Prev participe: habskwt / habskwn hagye > Infinitive: hagye
Present: io hagye, hagyes, hagyet, hagyems, yu hagyet(e), hagyent
Preterit: hagyim, hagyist(a), hagyit, hagyam, hagyat, hagyeer
Future tid: hagyesiem, hagyesies, hagyesiet, hagyesiem(o)s, yu hagyesiete, hagyesient
Conditional: hagyiem, hagyies, hagyiet, hagyiem(o)s, yu hagyiete, hagyient
Prev participe: hagyet / hagyen hail > Infinitive: haile
Present: hailo, hails, hailt, hailm(o)s, yu hailt(e), haile(nt)
Preterit: hailim, hail(i)st(a), hailit, hailam, hailat, haileer
Future tid: hailsiem, hailsies, hailsiet, hailsiem(o)s, yu hailsiete, hailsient
Conditional: hailiem, hailies, hailiet, hailiem(o)s, yu hailiete, hailient
Prev participe: hailt / hailen haissen > Infinitive: haines
Present: haino, hains, haint, hainm(o)s, yu haint(e), haine(nt)
Preterit: haissim, haiss(i)st(a), haissit, haissam, haissat, haisseer
Future tid: hainsiem, hainsies, hainsiet, hainsiem(o)s, yu hainsiete, hainsient
Conditional: hainiem, hainies, hainiet, hainiem(o)s, yu hainiete, hainient
Prev participe: haisst / haissen hajamat > Infinitive: hajamate
Present: hajamato, hajamats, hajamat, hajamatm(o)s, yu hajamate, hajamate(nt)
Preterit: hajamietim, hajamiet(i)st(a), hajamietit, hajamietam, hajamietat, hajamieteer
Future tid: hajamatsiem, hajamatsies, hajamatsiet, hajamatsiem(o)s, yu hajamatsiete, hajamatsient
Conditional: hajamatiem, hajamaties, hajamatiet, hajamatiem(o)s, yu hajamatiete, hajamatient
Prev participe: hajamat / hajamaten hajoum > Infinitive: hajoume
Present: hajoumo, hajoums, hajoumt, hajoumm(o)s, yu hajoumt(e), hajoume(nt)
Preterit: hajoumim, hajoum(i)st(a), hajoumit, hajoumam, hajoumat, hajoumeer
Future tid: hajoumsiem, hajoumsies, hajoumsiet, hajoumsiem(o)s, yu hajoumsiete, hajoumsient
Conditional: hajoumiem, hajoumies, hajoumiet, hajoumiem(o)s, yu hajoumiete, hajoumient
Prev participe: hajoumt / hajoumen hakare > Infinitive: hakare
Present: io hakare, hakares, hakaret, hakarems, yu hakaret(e), hakarent
Preterit: hakarim, hakarist(a), hakarit, hakaram, hakarat, hakareer
Future tid: hakaresiem, hakaresies, hakaresiet, hakaresiem(o)s, yu hakaresiete, hakaresient
Conditional: hakariem, hakaries, hakariet, hakariem(o)s, yu hakariete, hakarient
Prev participe: hakaret / hakaren halt > Infinitive: halte
Present: halto, halts, halt, haltm(o)s, yu halte, halte(nt)
Preterit: hieltim, hielt(i)st(a), hieltit, hieltam, hieltat, hielteer
Future tid: haltsiem, haltsies, haltsiet, haltsiem(o)s, yu haltsiete, haltsient
Conditional: haltiem, halties, haltiet, haltiem(o)s, yu haltiete, haltient
Prev participe: halt / halten hamilasc > Infinitive: hamilasce
Present: hamilasco, hamilascs, hamilasct, hamilascm(o)s, yu hamilasct(e), hamilasce(nt)
Preterit: hamiliescim, hamiliesc(i)st(a), hamiliescit, hamiliescam, hamiliescat, hamiliesceer
Future tid: hamilascsiem, hamilascsies, hamilascsiet, hamilascsiem(o)s, yu hamilascsiete, hamilascsient
Conditional: hamilasciem, hamilascies, hamilasciet, hamilasciem(o)s, yu hamilasciete, hamilascient
Prev participe: hamilasct / hamilascen hamileih > Infinitive: hamilihes
Present: hamileihm, hamileihs, hamileiht, hamileihm(o)s, yu hamileiht(e), hamileihnt
Preterit: hamilihsim, hamilihst(a), hamilihsit, hamilihsam, hamilihsat, hamilihr
Future tid: hamileihsiem, hamileihsies, hamileihsiet, hamileihsiem(o)s, yu hamileihsiete, hamileihsient
Conditional: hamileihiem, hamileihies, hamileihiet, hamileihiem(o)s, yu hamileihiete, hamileihient
Prev participe: hamiliht / hamilihn hamrah > Infinitive: hamrahe
Present: hamrahm, hamrahs, hamraht, hamrahm(o)s, yu hamraht(e), hamrahnt
Preterit: hamrahsim, hamrahst(a), hamrahsit, hamrahsam, hamrahsat, hamrahr
Future tid: hamrahsiem, hamrahsies, hamrahsiet, hamrahsiem(o)s, yu hamrahsiete, hamrahsient
Conditional: hamrahiem, hamrahies, hamrahiet, hamrahiem(o)s, yu hamrahiete, hamrahient
Prev participe: hamraht / hamrahn hang > Infinitive: hange
Present: hango, hancs, hanct, hangm(o)s, yu hanct(e), hange(nt)
Preterit: hiengim, hieng(i)st(a), hiengit, hiengam, hiengat, hiengeer
Future tid: hancsiem, hancsies, hancsiet, hancsiem(o)s, yu hancsiete, hancsient
Conditional: hangiem, hangies, hangiet, hangiem(o)s, yu hangiete, hangient
Prev participe: hanct / hangen angel > Infinitive: angel
Present: io angel, angels, angelt, angelms, yu angelt, angelnt
Preterit: anglim, anglist, anglit, ang(e)lam, ang(e)lat, ang(e)leer
Future tid: angelsiem, angelsies, angelsiet, angelsiem(o)s, yu angelsiete, angelsient
Conditional: angeliem, angelies, angeliet, angeliem(o)s, yu angeliete, angelient
Prev participe: angelt / angeln hangjow > Infinitive: hangjowe
Present: hangjowo, hangjows, hangjowt, hangjowm(o)s, yu hangjowt(e), hangjownt
Preterit: hiengjowim, hiengjowst(a), hiengjowit, hiengjowam, hiengjowat, hiengjoweer
Future tid: hangjowsiem, hangjowsies, hangjowsiet, hangjowsiem(o)s, yu hangjowsiete, hangjowsient
Conditional: hangjowiem, hangjowies, hangjowiet, hangjowiem(o)s, yu hangjowiete, hangjowient
Prev participe: hangjowt / hangjowen hangmat > Infinitive: hangmate
Present: hangmato, hangmats, hangmat, hangmatm(o)s, yu hangmate, hangmate(nt)
Preterit: hangmietim, hangmiet(i)st(a), hangmietit, hangmietam, hangmietat, hangmieteer
Future tid: hangmatsiem, hangmatsies, hangmatsiet, hangmatsiem(o)s, yu hangmatsiete, hangmatsient
Conditional: hangmatiem, hangmaties, hangmatiet, hangmatiem(o)s, yu hangmatiete, hangmatient
Prev participe: hangmat / hangmaten hante > Infinitive: hante
Present: io hante, hantes, hantet, hantems, yu hantet(e), hantent
Preterit: hantim, hantist(a), hantit, hantam, hantat, hanteer
Future tid: hantesiem, hantesies, hantesiet, hantesiem(o)s, yu hantesiete, hantesient
Conditional: hantiem, hanties, hantiet, hantiem(o)s, yu hantiete, hantient
Prev participe: hantet / hanten haraf > Infinitive: harafe
Present: harafo, harafs, haraft, harafm(o)s, yu haraft(e), harafe(nt)
Preterit: hariefim, harief(i)st(a), hariefit, hariefam, hariefat, hariefeer
Future tid: harafsiem, harafsies, harafsiet, harafsiem(o)s, yu harafsiete, harafsient
Conditional: harafiem, harafies, harafiet, harafiem(o)s, yu harafiete, harafient
Prev participe: haraft / harafen harb > Infinitive: harbe
Present: harbo, harps, harpt, harbm(o)s, yu harpt(e), harbe(nt)
Preterit: hierbim, hierb(i)st(a), hierbit, hierbam, hierbat, hierbeer
Future tid: harpsiem, harpsies, harpsiet, harpsiem(o)s, yu harpsiete, harpsient
Conditional: harbiem, harbies, harbiet, harbiem(o)s, yu harbiete, harbient
Prev participe: harpt / harben harm > Infinitive: harme
Present: harmo, harms, harmt, harmm(o)s, yu harmt(e), harme(nt)
Preterit: hiermim, hierm(i)st(a), hiermit, hiermam, hiermat, hiermeer
Future tid: harmsiem, harmsies, harmsiet, harmsiem(o)s, yu harmsiete, harmsient
Conditional: harmiem, harmies, harmiet, harmiem(o)s, yu harmiete, harmient
Prev participe: harmt / harmen harmonieus > Infinitive: harmoniuses
Present: harmonieuso, harmonieus, harmonieust, harmonieusm(o)s, yu harmonieust(e), harmonieuse(nt)
Preterit: harmoniusim, harmonius(i)st(a), harmoniusit, harmoniusam, harmoniusat, harmoniuseer
Future tid: siem harmoniuses, sies harmoniuses, siet harmoniuses, siem(o)s harmoniuses, yu siete harmoniuses, sient harmoniuses
Conditional: harmonieusiem, harmonieusies, harmonieusiet, harmonieusiem(o)s, yu harmonieusiete, harmonieusient
Prev participe: harmoniust / harmoniusen harmonise > Infinitive: harmonise
Present: io harmonise, harmonises, harmoniset, harmonisems, yu harmoniset(e), harmonisent
Preterit: harmonisim, harmonisist(a), harmonisit, harmonisam, harmonisat, harmoniseer
Future tid: harmonisesiem, harmonisesies, harmonisesiet, harmonisesiem(o)s, yu harmonisesiete, harmonisesient
Conditional: harmonisiem, harmonisies, harmonisiet, harmonisiem(o)s, yu harmonisiete, harmonisient
Prev participe: harmoniset / harmonisen hassile > Infinitive: hassile
Present: io hassile, hassiles, hassilet, hassilems, yu hassilet(e), hassilent
Preterit: hassilim, hassilist(a), hassilit, hassilam, hassilat, hassileer
Future tid: hassilesiem, hassilesies, hassilesiet, hassilesiem(o)s, yu hassilesiete, hassilesient
Conditional: hassiliem, hassilies, hassiliet, hassiliem(o)s, yu hassiliete, hassilient
Prev participe: hassilet / hassilen hast > Infinitive: haste
Present: hasto, hasts, hast, hastm(o)s, yu haste, haste(nt)
Preterit: hiestim, hiest(i)st(a), hiestit, hiestam, hiestat, hiesteer
Future tid: hastsiem, hastsies, hastsiet, hastsiem(o)s, yu hastsiete, hastsient
Conditional: hastiem, hasties, hastiet, hastiem(o)s, yu hastiete, hastient
Prev participe: hast / hasten hastic > Infinitive: hastice
Present: hastico, hastics, hastict, hasticm(o)s, yu hastict(e), hastice(nt)
Preterit: hiesticim, hiestic(i)st(a), hiesticit, hiesticam, hiesticat, hiesticeer
Future tid: hasticsiem, hasticsies, hasticsiet, hasticsiem(o)s, yu hasticsiete, hasticsient
Conditional: hasticiem, hasticies, hasticiet, hasticiem(o)s, yu hasticiete, hasticient
Prev participe: hastict / hasticen haul > Infinitive: haule
Present: haulo, hauls, hault, haulm(o)s, yu hault(e), haule(nt)
Preterit: haulim, haul(i)st(a), haulit, haulam, haulat, hauleer
Future tid: haulsiem, haulsies, haulsiet, haulsiem(o)s, yu haulsiete, haulsient
Conditional: hauliem, haulies, hauliet, hauliem(o)s, yu hauliete, haulient
Prev participe: hault / haulen haus > Infinitive: hause
Present: hauso, haus, haust, hausm(o)s, yu haust(e), hause(nt)
Preterit: hieusim, hieus(i)st(a), hieusit, hieusam, hieusat, hieuseer
Future tid: siem hause, sies hause, siet hause, siem(o)s hause, yu siete hause, sient hause
Conditional: hausiem, hausies, hausiet, hausiem(o)s, yu hausiete, hausient
Prev participe: haust / hausen heckel > Infinitive: heckel
Present: io heckel, heckels, heckelt, heckelms, yu heckelt, heckelnt
Preterit: hecklim, hecklist, hecklit, heck(e)lam, heck(e)lat, heck(e)leer
Future tid: heckelsiem, heckelsies, heckelsiet, heckelsiem(o)s, yu heckelsiete, heckelsient
Conditional: heckeliem, heckelies, heckeliet, heckeliem(o)s, yu heckeliete, heckelient
Prev participe: heckelt / heckeln hehlp > Infinitive: hehlpe
Present: hehlpo, hehlps, hehlpt, hehlpm(o)s, yu hehlpt(e), hehlpe(nt)
Preterit: hohlpim, hohlp(i)st(a), hohlpit, hohlpam, hohlpat, hohlpeer
Future tid: hehlpsiem, hehlpsies, hehlpsiet, hehlpsiem(o)s, yu hehlpsiete, hehlpsient
Conditional: hehlpiem, hehlpies, hehlpiet, hehlpiem(o)s, yu hehlpiete, hehlpient
Prev participe: hohlpt / hohlpen heih > Infinitive: hihes
Present: heihm, heihs, heiht, heihm(o)s, yu heiht(e), heihnt
Preterit: hihsim, hihst(a), hihsit, hihsam, hihsat, hihr
Future tid: heihsiem, heihsies, heihsiet, heihsiem(o)s, yu heihsiete, heihsient
Conditional: heihiem, heihies, heihiet, heihiem(o)s, yu heihiete, heihient
Prev participe: hiht / hihn hemchange > Infinitive: hemchange
Present: io hemchange, hemchanges, hemchanget, hemchangems, yu hemchanget(e), hemchangent
Preterit: hemchangim, hemchangist(a), hemchangit, hemchangeam, hemchangeat, hemchangeer
Future tid: hemchangesiem, hemchangesies, hemchangesiet, hemchangesiem(o)s, yu hemchangesiete, hemchangesient
Conditional: hemchangiem, hemchangies, hemchangiet, hemchangiem(o)s, yu hemchangiete, hemchangient
Prev participe: hemchanget / hemchangen hensel > Infinitive: hensel
Present: io hensel, hensels, henselt, henselms, yu henselt, henselnt
Preterit: henslim, henslist, henslit, hens(e)lam, hens(e)lat, hens(e)leer
Future tid: henselsiem, henselsies, henselsiet, henselsiem(o)s, yu henselsiete, henselsient
Conditional: henseliem, henselies, henseliet, henseliem(o)s, yu henseliete, henselient
Prev participe: henselt / henseln herbehrg > Infinitive: herbehrge
Present: herbehrgo, herbehrcs, herbehrct, herbehrgm(o)s, yu herbehrct(e), herbehrge(nt)
Preterit: herbohrgim, herbohrg(i)st(a), herbohrgit, herbohrgam, herbohrgat, herbohrgeer
Future tid: herbehrcsiem, herbehrcsies, herbehrcsiet, herbehrcsiem(o)s, yu herbehrcsiete, herbehrcsient
Conditional: herbehrgiem, herbehrgies, herbehrgiet, herbehrgiem(o)s, yu herbehrgiete, herbehrgient
Prev participe: herbohrct / herbohrgen herite > Infinitive: herite
Present: io herite, herites, heritet, heritems, yu heritet(e), heritent
Preterit: heritim, heritist(a), heritit, heritam, heritat, heriteer
Future tid: heritesiem, heritesies, heritesiet, heritesiem(o)s, yu heritesiete, heritesient
Conditional: heritiem, herities, heritiet, heritiem(o)s, yu heritiete, heritient
Prev participe: heritet / heriten heroyin > Infinitive: heroyine
Present: heroyino, heroyins, heroyint, heroyinm(o)s, yu heroyint(e), heroyine(nt)
Preterit: heroyinim, heroyin(i)st(a), heroyinit, heroyinam, heroyinat, heroyineer
Future tid: heroyinsiem, heroyinsies, heroyinsiet, heroyinsiem(o)s, yu heroyinsiete, heroyinsient
Conditional: heroyiniem, heroyinies, heroyiniet, heroyiniem(o)s, yu heroyiniete, heroyinient
Prev participe: heroyint / heroyinen hesite > Infinitive: hesite
Present: io hesite, hesites, hesitet, hesitems, yu hesitet(e), hesitent
Preterit: hesitim, hesitist(a), hesitit, hesitam, hesitat, hesiteer
Future tid: hesitesiem, hesitesies, hesitesiet, hesitesiem(o)s, yu hesitesiete, hesitesient
Conditional: hesitiem, hesities, hesitiet, hesitiem(o)s, yu hesitiete, hesitient
Prev participe: hesitet / hesiten heudel > Infinitive: hudles
Present: io heudel, heudels, heudelt, heudelms, yu heudelt, heudelnt
Preterit: hudlim, hudlist, hudlit, hud(e)lam, hud(e)lat, hud(e)leer
Future tid: heudelsiem, heudelsies, heudelsiet, heudelsiem(o)s, yu heudelsiete, heudelsient
Conditional: heudeliem, heudelies, heudeliet, heudeliem(o)s, yu heudeliete, heudelient
Prev participe: hudelt / hudeln heul > Infinitive: hules
Present: heulo, heuls, heult, heulm(o)s, yu heult(e), heule(nt)
Preterit: hulim, hul(i)st(a), hulit, hulam, hulat, huleer
Future tid: heulsiem, heulsies, heulsiet, heulsiem(o)s, yu heulsiete, heulsient
Conditional: heuliem, heulies, heuliet, heuliem(o)s, yu heuliete, heulient
Prev participe: hult / hulen heungher > Infinitive: hunghres
Present: io heungher, heunghers, heunghert, heungherms, yu heunghert, heunghernt
Preterit: hunghrim, hunghrist, hunghrit, hungh(e)ram, hungh(e)rat, hungh(e)reer
Future tid: heunghersiem, heunghersies, heunghersiet, heunghersiem(o)s, yu heunghersiete, heunghersient
Conditional: heungheriem, heungheries, heungheriet, heungheriem(o)s, yu heungheriete, heungherient
Prev participe: hunghert / hunghern heurt > Infinitive: hurtes
Present: heurto, heurts, heurt, heurtm(o)s, yu heurte, heurte(nt)
Preterit: hurtim, hurt(i)st(a), hurtit, hurtam, hurtat, hurteer
Future tid: heurtsiem, heurtsies, heurtsiet, heurtsiem(o)s, yu heurtsiete, heurtsient
Conditional: heurtiem, heurties, heurtiet, heurtiem(o)s, yu heurtiete, heurtient
Prev participe: hurt / hurten heut > Infinitive: hutes
Present: heuto, heuts, heut, heutm(o)s, yu heute, heute(nt)
Preterit: hutim, hut(i)st(a), hutit, hutam, hutat, huteer
Future tid: heutsiem, heutsies, heutsiet, heutsiem(o)s, yu heutsiete, heutsient
Conditional: heutiem, heuties, heutiet, heutiem(o)s, yu heutiete, heutient
Prev participe: hut / huten hierarchise > Infinitive: hierarchise
Present: io hierarchise, hierarchises, hierarchiset, hierarchisems, yu hierarchiset(e), hierarchisent
Preterit: hierarchisim, hierarchisist(a), hierarchisit, hierarchisam, hierarchisat, hierarchiseer
Future tid: hierarchisesiem, hierarchisesies, hierarchisesiet, hierarchisesiem(o)s, yu hierarchisesiete, hierarchisesient
Conditional: hierarchisiem, hierarchisies, hierarchisiet, hierarchisiem(o)s, yu hierarchisiete, hierarchisient
Prev participe: hierarchiset / hierarchisen hinder > Infinitive: hinder
Present: io hinder, hinders, hindert, hinderms, yu hindert, hindernt
Preterit: hindrim, hindrist, hindrit, hind(e)ram, hind(e)rat, hind(e)reer
Future tid: hindersiem, hindersies, hindersiet, hindersiem(o)s, yu hindersiete, hindersient
Conditional: hinderiem, hinderies, hinderiet, hinderiem(o)s, yu hinderiete, hinderient
Prev participe: hindert / hindern hingol > Infinitive: hingole
Present: hingolo, hingols, hingolt, hingolm(o)s, yu hingolt(e), hingole(nt)
Preterit: hingolim, hingol(i)st(a), hingolit, hingolam, hingolat, hingoleer
Future tid: hingolsiem, hingolsies, hingolsiet, hingolsiem(o)s, yu hingolsiete, hingolsient
Conditional: hingoliem, hingolies, hingoliet, hingoliem(o)s, yu hingoliete, hingolient
Prev participe: hingolt / hingolen hirassat > Infinitive: hirassate
Present: hirassato, hirassats, hirassat, hirassatm(o)s, yu hirassate, hirassate(nt)
Preterit: hirassietim, hirassiet(i)st(a), hirassietit, hirassietam, hirassietat, hirassieteer
Future tid: hirassatsiem, hirassatsies, hirassatsiet, hirassatsiem(o)s, yu hirassatsiete, hirassatsient
Conditional: hirassatiem, hirassaties, hirassatiet, hirassatiem(o)s, yu hirassatiete, hirassatient
Prev participe: hirassat / hirassaten hirotonise > Infinitive: hirotonise
Present: io hirotonise, hirotonises, hirotoniset, hirotonisems, yu hirotoniset(e), hirotonisent
Preterit: hirotonisim, hirotonisist(a), hirotonisit, hirotonisam, hirotonisat, hirotoniseer
Future tid: hirotonisesiem, hirotonisesies, hirotonisesiet, hirotonisesiem(o)s, yu hirotonisesiete, hirotonisesient
Conditional: hirotonisiem, hirotonisies, hirotonisiet, hirotonisiem(o)s, yu hirotonisiete, hirotonisient
Prev participe: hirotoniset / hirotonisen hirs > Infinitive: hirse
Present: hirso, hirs, hirst, hirsm(o)s, yu hirst(e), hirse(nt)
Preterit: hirsim, hirs(i)st(a), hirsit, hirsam, hirsat, hirseer
Future tid: siem hirse, sies hirse, siet hirse, siem(o)s hirse, yu siete hirse, sient hirse
Conditional: hirsiem, hirsies, hirsiet, hirsiem(o)s, yu hirsiete, hirsient
Prev participe: hirst / hirsen hissab > Infinitive: hissabe
Present: hissabo, hissaps, hissapt, hissabm(o)s, yu hissapt(e), hissabe(nt)
Preterit: hissiebim, hissieb(i)st(a), hissiebit, hissiebam, hissiebat, hissiebeer
Future tid: hissapsiem, hissapsies, hissapsiet, hissapsiem(o)s, yu hissapsiete, hissapsient
Conditional: hissabiem, hissabies, hissabiet, hissabiem(o)s, yu hissabiete, hissabient
Prev participe: hissapt / hissaben hisse > Infinitive: hisse
Present: io hisse, hisses, hisset, hissems, yu hisset(e), hissent
Preterit: hissim, hissist(a), hissit, hissam, hissat, hisseer
Future tid: hissesiem, hissesies, hissesiet, hissesiem(o)s, yu hissesiete, hissesient
Conditional: hissiem, hissies, hissiet, hissiem(o)s, yu hissiete, hissient
Prev participe: hisset / hissen hoan > Infinitive: hoane
Present: hoano, hoans, hoant, hoanm(o)s, yu hoant(e), hoane(nt)
Preterit: hoienim, hoien(i)st(a), hoienit, hoienam, hoienat, hoieneer
Future tid: hoansiem, hoansies, hoansiet, hoansiem(o)s, yu hoansiete, hoansient
Conditional: hoaniem, hoanies, hoaniet, hoaniem(o)s, yu hoaniete, hoanient
Prev participe: hoant / hoanen hock > Infinitive: hocke
Present: hocko, hocks, hockt, hockm(o)s, yu hockt(e), hocke(nt)
Preterit: hockim, hock(i)st(a), hockit, hockam, hockat, hockeer
Future tid: hocksiem, hocksies, hocksiet, hocksiem(o)s, yu hocksiete, hocksient
Conditional: hockiem, hockies, hockiet, hockiem(o)s, yu hockiete, hockient
Prev participe: hockt / hocken holster > Infinitive: holster
Present: io holster, holsters, holstert, holsterms, yu holstert, holsternt
Preterit: holstrim, holstrist, holstrit, holst(e)ram, holst(e)rat, holst(e)reer
Future tid: holstersiem, holstersies, holstersiet, holstersiem(o)s, yu holstersiete, holstersient
Conditional: holsteriem, holsteries, holsteriet, holsteriem(o)s, yu holsteriete, holsterient
Prev participe: holstert / holstern homologh > Infinitive: homologhe
Present: homologho, homologhs, homologht, homologhm(o)s, yu homologht(e), homologhe(nt)
Preterit: homologhim, homologh(i)st(a), homologhit, homologham, homologhat, homologheer
Future tid: homologhsiem, homologhsies, homologhsiet, homologhsiem(o)s, yu homologhsiete, homologhsient
Conditional: homologhiem, homologhies, homologhiet, homologhiem(o)s, yu homologhiete, homologhient
Prev participe: homologht / homologhen honn > Infinitive: honne
Present: honno, honns, honnt, honnm(o)s, yu honnt(e), honne(nt)
Preterit: honnim, honn(i)st(a), honnit, honnam, honnat, honneer
Future tid: honnsiem, honnsies, honnsiet, honnsiem(o)s, yu honnsiete, honnsient
Conditional: honniem, honnies, honniet, honniem(o)s, yu honniete, honnient
Prev participe: honnt / honnen honnise > Infinitive: honnise
Present: io honnise, honnises, honniset, honnisems, yu honniset(e), honnisent
Preterit: honnisim, honnisist(a), honnisit, honnisam, honnisat, honniseer
Future tid: honnisesiem, honnisesies, honnisesiet, honnisesiem(o)s, yu honnisesiete, honnisesient
Conditional: honnisiem, honnisies, honnisiet, honnisiem(o)s, yu honnisiete, honnisient
Prev participe: honniset / honnisen honore > Infinitive: honore
Present: io honore, honores, honoret, honorems, yu honoret(e), honorent
Preterit: honorim, honorist(a), honorit, honoram, honorat, honoreer
Future tid: honoresiem, honoresies, honoresiet, honoresiem(o)s, yu honoresiete, honoresient
Conditional: honoriem, honories, honoriet, honoriem(o)s, yu honoriete, honorient
Prev participe: honoret / honoren hospitalise > Infinitive: hospitalise
Present: io hospitalise, hospitalises, hospitaliset, hospitalisems, yu hospitaliset(e), hospitalisent
Preterit: hospitalisim, hospitalisist(a), hospitalisit, hospitalisam, hospitalisat, hospitaliseer
Future tid: hospitalisesiem, hospitalisesies, hospitalisesiet, hospitalisesiem(o)s, yu hospitalisesiete, hospitalisesient
Conditional: hospitalisiem, hospitalisies, hospitalisiet, hospitalisiem(o)s, yu hospitalisiete, hospitalisient
Prev participe: hospitaliset / hospitalisen host > Infinitive: hoste
Present: hosto, hosts, host, hostm(o)s, yu hoste, hoste(nt)
Preterit: hostim, host(i)st(a), hostit, hostam, hostat, hosteer
Future tid: hostsiem, hostsies, hostsiet, hostsiem(o)s, yu hostsiete, hostsient
Conditional: hostiem, hosties, hostiet, hostiem(o)s, yu hostiete, hostient
Prev participe: host / hosten humilye > Infinitive: humilye
Present: io humilye, humilyes, humilyet, humilyems, yu humilyet(e), humilyent
Preterit: humilyim, humilyist(a), humilyit, humilyam, humilyat, humilyeer
Future tid: humilyesiem, humilyesies, humilyesiet, humilyesiem(o)s, yu humilyesiete, humilyesient
Conditional: humilyiem, humilyies, humilyiet, humilyiem(o)s, yu humilyiete, humilyient
Prev participe: humilyet / humilyen hungher > Infinitive: hungher
Present: io hungher, hunghers, hunghert, hungherms, yu hunghert, hunghernt
Preterit: hunghrim, hunghrist, hunghrit, hungh(e)ram, hungh(e)rat, hungh(e)reer
Future tid: hunghersiem, hunghersies, hunghersiet, hunghersiem(o)s, yu hunghersiete, hunghersient
Conditional: hungheriem, hungheries, hungheriet, hungheriem(o)s, yu hungheriete, hungherient
Prev participe: hunghert / hunghern husur > Infinitive: husure
Present: husuro, husurs, husurt, husurm(o)s, yu husurt(e), husure(nt)
Preterit: husurim, husur(i)st(a), husurit, husuram, husurat, husureer
Future tid: husursiem, husursies, husursiet, husursiem(o)s, yu husursiete, husursient
Conditional: husuriem, husuries, husuriet, husuriem(o)s, yu husuriete, husurient
Prev participe: husurt / husuren hypnotise > Infinitive: hypnotise
Present: io hypnotise, hypnotises, hypnotiset, hypnotisems, yu hypnotiset(e), hypnotisent
Preterit: hypnotisim, hypnotisist(a), hypnotisit, hypnotisam, hypnotisat, hypnotiseer
Future tid: hypnotisesiem, hypnotisesies, hypnotisesiet, hypnotisesiem(o)s, yu hypnotisesiete, hypnotisesient
Conditional: hypnotisiem, hypnotisies, hypnotisiet, hypnotisiem(o)s, yu hypnotisiete, hypnotisient
Prev participe: hypnotiset / hypnotisen iawod > Infinitive: iawode
Present: iawodo, iawods, iawodt, iawodm(o)s, yu iawodt(e), iawode(nt)
Preterit: iawosim, iawos(i)st(a), iawosit, iawosam, iawosat, iawoseer
Future tid: iawodsiem, iawodsies, iawodsiet, iawodsiem(o)s, yu iawodsiete, iawodsient
Conditional: iawodiem, iawodies, iawodiet, iawodiem(o)s, yu iawodiete, iawodient
Prev participe: iawos / iawoden id > Infinitive: ide
Present: ido, ids, idt, idm(o)s, yu idt(e), ide(nt)
Preterit: isim, is(i)st(a), isit, isam, isat, iseer
Future tid: idsiem, idsies, idsiet, idsiem(o)s, yu idsiete, idsient
Conditional: idiem, idies, idiet, idiem(o)s, yu idiete, idient
Prev participe: is / iden identifie > Infinitive: identifie
Present: io identifie, identifies, identifiet, identifiems, yu identifiet(e), identifient
Preterit: identificim, identifiest, identificit, identifiam, identifiat, identifier
Future tid: identifiesiem, identifiesies, identifiesiet, identifiesiem(o)s, yu identifiesiete, identifiesient
Conditional: identificiem, identificies, identificiet, identificiem(o)s, yu identificiete, identificient
Prev participe: identifiet / identifien idolater > Infinitive: idolater
Present: io idolater, idolaters, idolatert, idolaterms, yu idolatert, idolaternt
Preterit: idolietrim, idolietrist, idolietrit, idoliet(e)ram, idoliet(e)rat, idoliet(e)reer
Future tid: idolatersiem, idolatersies, idolatersiet, idolatersiem(o)s, yu idolatersiete, idolatersient
Conditional: idolateriem, idolateries, idolateriet, idolateriem(o)s, yu idolateriete, idolaterient
Prev participe: idolatert / idolatern idyllic > Infinitive: idyllice
Present: idyllico, idyllics, idyllict, idyllicm(o)s, yu idyllict(e), idyllice(nt)
Preterit: idyllicim, idyllic(i)st(a), idyllicit, idyllicam, idyllicat, idylliceer
Future tid: idyllicsiem, idyllicsies, idyllicsiet, idyllicsiem(o)s, yu idyllicsiete, idyllicsient
Conditional: idylliciem, idyllicies, idylliciet, idylliciem(o)s, yu idylliciete, idyllicient
Prev participe: idyllict / idyllicen ieus > Infinitive: iuses
Present: ieuso, ieus, ieust, ieusm(o)s, yu ieust(e), ieuse(nt)
Preterit: iusim, ius(i)st(a), iusit, iusam, iusat, iuseer
Future tid: siem iuses, sies iuses, siet iuses, siem(o)s iuses, yu siete iuses, sient iuses
Conditional: ieusiem, ieusies, ieusiet, ieusiem(o)s, yu ieusiete, ieusient
Prev participe: iust / iusen ifrat > Infinitive: ifrate
Present: ifrato, ifrats, ifrat, ifratm(o)s, yu ifrate, ifrate(nt)
Preterit: ifrietim, ifriet(i)st(a), ifrietit, ifrietam, ifrietat, ifrieteer
Future tid: ifratsiem, ifratsies, ifratsiet, ifratsiem(o)s, yu ifratsiete, ifratsient
Conditional: ifratiem, ifraties, ifratiet, ifratiem(o)s, yu ifratiete, ifratient
Prev participe: ifrat / ifraten iftare > Infinitive: iftare
Present: io iftare, iftares, iftaret, iftarems, yu iftaret(e), iftarent
Preterit: iftarim, iftarist(a), iftarit, iftaram, iftarat, iftareer
Future tid: iftaresiem, iftaresies, iftaresiet, iftaresiem(o)s, yu iftaresiete, iftaresient
Conditional: iftariem, iftaries, iftariet, iftariem(o)s, yu iftariete, iftarient
Prev participe: iftaret / iftaren ighnue > Infinitive: ighnue
Present: io ighnue, ighnues, ighnuet, ighnuems, yu ighnuet(e), ighnuent
Preterit: ighnuim, ighnuist(a), ighnuit, ighnuam, ighnuat, ighnueer
Future tid: ighnuesiem, ighnuesies, ighnuesiet, ighnuesiem(o)s, yu ighnuesiete, ighnuesient
Conditional: ighnuiem, ighnuies, ighnuiet, ighnuiem(o)s, yu ighnuiete, ighnuient
Prev participe: ighnuet / ighnuen ignore > Infinitive: ignore
Present: io ignore, ignores, ignoret, ignorems, yu ignoret(e), ignorent
Preterit: ignorim, ignorist(a), ignorit, ignoram, ignorat, ignoreer
Future tid: ignoresiem, ignoresies, ignoresiet, ignoresiem(o)s, yu ignoresiete, ignoresient
Conditional: ignoriem, ignories, ignoriet, ignoriem(o)s, yu ignoriete, ignorient
Prev participe: ignoret / ignoren ijab > Infinitive: ijabe
Present: ijabo, ijaps, ijapt, ijabm(o)s, yu ijapt(e), ijabe(nt)
Preterit: ijiebim, ijieb(i)st(a), ijiebit, ijiebam, ijiebat, ijiebeer
Future tid: ijapsiem, ijapsies, ijapsiet, ijapsiem(o)s, yu ijapsiete, ijapsient
Conditional: ijabiem, ijabies, ijabiet, ijabiem(o)s, yu ijabiete, ijabient
Prev participe: ijapt / ijaben ikhtilaf > Infinitive: ikhtilafe
Present: ikhtilafo, ikhtilafs, ikhtilaft, ikhtilafm(o)s, yu ikhtilaft(e), ikhtilafe(nt)
Preterit: ikhtiliefim, ikhtilief(i)st(a), ikhtiliefit, ikhtiliefam, ikhtiliefat, ikhtiliefeer
Future tid: ikhtilafsiem, ikhtilafsies, ikhtilafsiet, ikhtilafsiem(o)s, yu ikhtilafsiete, ikhtilafsient
Conditional: ikhtilafiem, ikhtilafies, ikhtilafiet, ikhtilafiem(o)s, yu ikhtilafiete, ikhtilafient
Prev participe: ikhtilaft / ikhtilafen ilay > Infinitive: ilaye
Present: ilaym, ilays, ilayt, ilaym(o)s, yu ilayt(e), ilaynt
Preterit: ilieyim, ilieyst(a), ilieyit, ilieyam, ilieyat, ilieyeer
Future tid: ilaysiem, ilaysies, ilaysiet, ilaysiem(o)s, yu ilaysiete, ilaysient
Conditional: ilayiem, ilayies, ilayiet, ilayiem(o)s, yu ilayiete, ilayient
Prev participe: ilayt / ilayen illud > Infinitive: illude
Present: illudo, illuds, illudt, illudm(o)s, yu illudt(e), illude(nt)
Preterit: illusim, illus(i)st(a), illusit, illusam, illusat, illuseer
Future tid: illudsiem, illudsies, illudsiet, illudsiem(o)s, yu illudsiete, illudsient
Conditional: illudiem, illudies, illudiet, illudiem(o)s, yu illudiete, illudient
Prev participe: illus / illuden illumine > Infinitive: illumine
Present: io illumine, illumines, illuminet, illuminems, yu illuminet(e), illuminent
Preterit: illuminim, illuminist(a), illuminit, illuminam, illuminat, illumineer
Future tid: illuminesiem, illuminesies, illuminesiet, illuminesiem(o)s, yu illuminesiete, illuminesient
Conditional: illuminiem, illuminies, illuminiet, illuminiem(o)s, yu illuminiete, illuminient
Prev participe: illuminet / illuminen illustre > Infinitive: illustre
Present: io illustre, illustres, illustret, illustrems, yu illustret(e), illustrent
Preterit: illustrim, illustrist(a), illustrit, illustram, illustrat, illustreer
Future tid: illustresiem, illustresies, illustresiet, illustresiem(o)s, yu illustresiete, illustresient
Conditional: illustriem, illustries, illustriet, illustriem(o)s, yu illustriete, illustrient
Prev participe: illustret / illustren ilm > Infinitive: ilme
Present: ilmo, ilms, ilmt, ilmm(o)s, yu ilmt(e), ilme(nt)
Preterit: ilmim, ilm(i)st(a), ilmit, ilmam, ilmat, ilmeer
Future tid: ilmsiem, ilmsies, ilmsiet, ilmsiem(o)s, yu ilmsiete, ilmsient
Conditional: ilmiem, ilmies, ilmiet, ilmiem(o)s, yu ilmiete, ilmient
Prev participe: ilmt / ilmen imagine > Infinitive: imagine
Present: io imagine, imagines, imaginet, imaginems, yu imaginet(e), imaginent
Preterit: imaginim, imaginist(a), imaginit, imaginam, imaginat, imagineer
Future tid: imaginesiem, imaginesies, imaginesiet, imaginesiem(o)s, yu imaginesiete, imaginesient
Conditional: imaginiem, imaginies, imaginiet, imaginiem(o)s, yu imaginiete, imaginient
Prev participe: imaginet / imaginen imdadh > Infinitive: imdadhe
Present: imdadho, imdadhs, imdadht, imdadhm(o)s, yu imdadht(e), imdadhe(nt)
Preterit: imdiedhim, imdiedh(i)st(a), imdiedhit, imdiedham, imdiedhat, imdiedheer
Future tid: imdadhsiem, imdadhsies, imdadhsiet, imdadhsiem(o)s, yu imdadhsiete, imdadhsient
Conditional: imdadhiem, imdadhies, imdadhiet, imdadhiem(o)s, yu imdadhiete, imdadhient
Prev participe: imdadht / imdadhen imite > Infinitive: imite
Present: io imite, imites, imitet, imitems, yu imitet(e), imitent
Preterit: imitim, imitist(a), imitit, imitam, imitat, imiteer
Future tid: imitesiem, imitesies, imitesiet, imitesiem(o)s, yu imitesiete, imitesient
Conditional: imitiem, imities, imitiet, imitiem(o)s, yu imitiete, imitient
Prev participe: imitet / imiten imle > Infinitive: imle
Present: io imle, imles, imlet, imlems, yu imlet(e), imlent
Preterit: imlim, imlist(a), imlit, imlam, imlat, imleer
Future tid: imlesiem, imlesies, imlesiet, imlesiem(o)s, yu imlesiete, imlesient
Conditional: imliem, imlies, imliet, imliem(o)s, yu imliete, imlient
Prev participe: imlet / imlen immix > Infinitive: immixe
Present: immixo, immixs, immixt, immixm(o)s, yu immixt(e), immixe(nt)
Preterit: immixim, immix(i)st(a), immixit, immixam, immixat, immixeer
Future tid: siem immixe, sies immixe, siet immixe, siem(o)s immixe, yu siete immixe, sient immixe
Conditional: immixiem, immixies, immixiet, immixiem(o)s, yu immixiete, immixient
Prev participe: immixt / immixen immobilise > Infinitive: immobilise
Present: io immobilise, immobilises, immobiliset, immobilisems, yu immobiliset(e), immobilisent
Preterit: immobilisim, immobilisist(a), immobilisit, immobilisam, immobilisat, immobiliseer
Future tid: immobilisesiem, immobilisesies, immobilisesiet, immobilisesiem(o)s, yu immobilisesiete, immobilisesient
Conditional: immobilisiem, immobilisies, immobilisiet, immobilisiem(o)s, yu immobilisiete, immobilisient
Prev participe: immobiliset / immobilisen immunitat > Infinitive: immunitate
Present: immunitato, immunitats, immunitat, immunitatm(o)s, yu immunitate, immunitate(nt)
Preterit: immunitietim, immunitiet(i)st(a), immunitietit, immunitietam, immunitietat, immunitieteer
Future tid: immunitatsiem, immunitatsies, immunitatsiet, immunitatsiem(o)s, yu immunitatsiete, immunitatsient
Conditional: immunitatiem, immunitaties, immunitatiet, immunitatiem(o)s, yu immunitatiete, immunitatient
Prev participe: immunitat / immunitaten impedeih > Infinitive: impedihes
Present: impedeihm, impedeihs, impedeiht, impedeihm(o)s, yu impedeiht(e), impedeihnt
Preterit: impedihsim, impedihst(a), impedihsit, impedihsam, impedihsat, impedihr
Future tid: impedeihsiem, impedeihsies, impedeihsiet, impedeihsiem(o)s, yu impedeihsiete, impedeihsient
Conditional: impedeihiem, impedeihies, impedeihiet, impedeihiem(o)s, yu impedeihiete, impedeihient
Prev participe: impediht / impedihn impehl > Infinitive: impehle
Present: impehlo, impehls, impehlt, impehlm(o)s, yu impehlt(e), impehle(nt)
Preterit: impohlim, impohl(i)st(a), impohlit, impohlam, impohlat, impohleer
Future tid: impehlsiem, impehlsies, impehlsiet, impehlsiem(o)s, yu impehlsiete, impehlsient
Conditional: impehliem, impehlies, impehliet, impehliem(o)s, yu impehliete, impehlient
Prev participe: impohlt / impohlen implante > Infinitive: implante
Present: io implante, implantes, implantet, implantems, yu implantet(e), implantent
Preterit: implantim, implantist(a), implantit, implantam, implantat, implanteer
Future tid: implantesiem, implantesies, implantesiet, implantesiem(o)s, yu implantesiete, implantesient
Conditional: implantiem, implanties, implantiet, implantiem(o)s, yu implantiete, implantient
Prev participe: implantet / implanten impleh > Infinitive: implehe
Present: implehm, implehs, impleht, implehm(o)s, yu impleht(e), implehnt
Preterit: implehsim, implehst(a), implehsit, implehsam, implehsat, implehr
Future tid: implehsiem, implehsies, implehsiet, implehsiem(o)s, yu implehsiete, implehsient
Conditional: implehiem, implehies, implehiet, implehiem(o)s, yu implehiete, implehient
Prev participe: impleht / implehn implehc > Infinitive: implehce
Present: implehco, implehcs, implehct, implehcm(o)s, yu implehct(e), implehce(nt)
Preterit: implohcim, implohc(i)st(a), implohcit, implohcam, implohcat, implohceer
Future tid: implehcsiem, implehcsies, implehcsiet, implehcsiem(o)s, yu implehcsiete, implehcsient
Conditional: implehciem, implehcies, implehciet, implehciem(o)s, yu implehciete, implehcient
Prev participe: implohct / implohcen implie > Infinitive: implie
Present: io implie, implies, impliet, impliems, yu impliet(e), implient
Preterit: implicim, impliest, implicit, impliam, impliat, implier
Future tid: impliesiem, impliesies, impliesiet, impliesiem(o)s, yu impliesiete, impliesient
Conditional: impliciem, implicies, impliciet, impliciem(o)s, yu impliciete, implicient
Prev participe: impliet / implien implore > Infinitive: implore
Present: io implore, implores, imploret, implorems, yu imploret(e), implorent
Preterit: implorim, implorist(a), implorit, imploram, implorat, imploreer
Future tid: imploresiem, imploresies, imploresiet, imploresiem(o)s, yu imploresiete, imploresient
Conditional: imploriem, implories, imploriet, imploriem(o)s, yu imploriete, implorient
Prev participe: imploret / imploren importe > Infinitive: importe
Present: io importe, importes, importet, importems, yu importet(e), importent
Preterit: importim, importist(a), importit, importam, importat, importeer
Future tid: importesiem, importesies, importesiet, importesiem(o)s, yu importesiete, importesient
Conditional: importiem, importies, importiet, importiem(o)s, yu importiete, importient
Prev participe: importet / importen importe > Infinitive: importe
Present: io importe, importes, importet, importems, yu importet(e), importent
Preterit: importim, importist(a), importit, importam, importat, importeer
Future tid: importesiem, importesies, importesiet, importesiem(o)s, yu importesiete, importesient
Conditional: importiem, importies, importiet, importiem(o)s, yu importiete, importient
Prev participe: importet / importen imposen > Infinitive: impones
Present: impono, impons, impont, imponm(o)s, yu impont(e), impone(nt)
Preterit: imposim, impos(i)st(a), imposit, imposam, imposat, imposeer
Future tid: imponsiem, imponsies, imponsiet, imponsiem(o)s, yu imponsiete, imponsient
Conditional: imponiem, imponies, imponiet, imponiem(o)s, yu imponiete, imponient
Prev participe: impost / imposen impressem > Infinitive: impremes
Present: impremo, imprems, impremt, impremm(o)s, yu impremt(e), impreme(nt)
Preterit: impressim, impress(i)st(a), impressit, impressam, impressat, impresseer
Future tid: impremsiem, impremsies, impremsiet, impremsiem(o)s, yu impremsiete, impremsient
Conditional: impremiem, impremies, impremiet, impremiem(o)s, yu impremiete, impremient
Prev participe: impresst / impressen improvise > Infinitive: improvise
Present: io improvise, improvises, improviset, improvisems, yu improviset(e), improvisent
Preterit: improvisim, improvisist(a), improvisit, improvisam, improvisat, improviseer
Future tid: improvisesiem, improvisesies, improvisesiet, improvisesiem(o)s, yu improvisesiete, improvisesient
Conditional: improvisiem, improvisies, improvisiet, improvisiem(o)s, yu improvisiete, improvisient
Prev participe: improviset / improvisen inadmissible > Infinitive: inadmissible
Present: io inadmissible, inadmissibles, inadmissiblet, inadmissiblems, yu inadmissiblet(e), inadmissiblent
Preterit: inadmissiblim, inadmissiblist(a), inadmissiblit, inadmissiblam, inadmissiblat, inadmissibleer
Future tid: inadmissiblesiem, inadmissiblesies, inadmissiblesiet, inadmissiblesiem(o)s, yu inadmissiblesiete, inadmissiblesient
Conditional: inadmissibliem, inadmissiblies, inadmissibliet, inadmissibliem(o)s, yu inadmissibliete, inadmissiblient
Prev participe: inadmissiblet / inadmissiblen incarne > Infinitive: incarne
Present: io incarne, incarnes, incarnet, incarnems, yu incarnet(e), incarnent
Preterit: incarnim, incarnist(a), incarnit, incarnam, incarnat, incarneer
Future tid: incarnesiem, incarnesies, incarnesiet, incarnesiem(o)s, yu incarnesiete, incarnesient
Conditional: incarniem, incarnies, incarniet, incarniem(o)s, yu incarniete, incarnient
Prev participe: incarnet / incarnen incentive > Infinitive: incentive
Present: io incentive, incentives, incentivet, incentivems, yu incentivet(e), incentivent
Preterit: incentivim, incentivist(a), incentivit, incentivam, incentivat, incentiveer
Future tid: incentivesiem, incentivesies, incentivesiet, incentivesiem(o)s, yu incentivesiete, incentivesient
Conditional: incentiviem, incentivies, incentiviet, incentiviem(o)s, yu incentiviete, incentivient
Prev participe: incentivet / incentiven incid > Infinitive: incide
Present: incido, incids, incidt, incidm(o)s, yu incidt(e), incide(nt)
Preterit: incisim, incis(i)st(a), incisit, incisam, incisat, inciseer
Future tid: incidsiem, incidsies, incidsiet, incidsiem(o)s, yu incidsiete, incidsient
Conditional: incidiem, incidies, incidiet, incidiem(o)s, yu incidiete, incidient
Prev participe: incis / inciden incinere > Infinitive: incinere
Present: io incinere, incineres, incineret, incinerems, yu incineret(e), incinerent
Preterit: incinerim, incinerist(a), incinerit, incineram, incinerat, incinereer
Future tid: incineresiem, incineresies, incineresiet, incineresiem(o)s, yu incineresiete, incineresient
Conditional: incineriem, incineries, incineriet, incineriem(o)s, yu incineriete, incinerient
Prev participe: incineret / incineren incite > Infinitive: incite
Present: io incite, incites, incitet, incitems, yu incitet(e), incitent
Preterit: incitim, incitist(a), incitit, incitam, incitat, inciteer
Future tid: incitesiem, incitesies, incitesiet, incitesiem(o)s, yu incitesiete, incitesient
Conditional: incitiem, incities, incitiet, incitiem(o)s, yu incitiete, incitient
Prev participe: incitet / inciten includ > Infinitive: include
Present: includo, includs, includt, includm(o)s, yu includt(e), include(nt)
Preterit: inclusim, inclus(i)st(a), inclusit, inclusam, inclusat, incluseer
Future tid: includsiem, includsies, includsiet, includsiem(o)s, yu includsiete, includsient
Conditional: includiem, includies, includiet, includiem(o)s, yu includiete, includient
Prev participe: inclus / includen incontinence > Infinitive: incontinence
Present: io incontinence, incontinences, incontinencet, incontinencems, yu incontinencet(e), incontinencent
Preterit: incontinencim, incontinencist(a), incontinencit, incontinenceam, incontinenceat, incontinenceer
Future tid: incontinencesiem, incontinencesies, incontinencesiet, incontinencesiem(o)s, yu incontinencesiete, incontinencesient
Conditional: incontinenciem, incontinencies, incontinenciet, incontinenciem(o)s, yu incontinenciete, incontinencient
Prev participe: incontinencet / incontinencen incontre > Infinitive: incontre
Present: io incontre, incontres, incontret, incontrems, yu incontret(e), incontrent
Preterit: incontrim, incontrist(a), incontrit, incontram, incontrat, incontreer
Future tid: incontresiem, incontresies, incontresiet, incontresiem(o)s, yu incontresiete, incontresient
Conditional: incontriem, incontries, incontriet, incontriem(o)s, yu incontriete, incontrient
Prev participe: incontret / incontren incorpore > Infinitive: incorpore
Present: io incorpore, incorpores, incorporet, incorporems, yu incorporet(e), incorporent
Preterit: incorporim, incorporist(a), incorporit, incorporam, incorporat, incorporeer
Future tid: incorporesiem, incorporesies, incorporesiet, incorporesiem(o)s, yu incorporesiete, incorporesient
Conditional: incorporiem, incorpories, incorporiet, incorporiem(o)s, yu incorporiete, incorporient
Prev participe: incorporet / incorporen incredible > Infinitive: incredible
Present: io incredible, incredibles, incrediblet, incrediblems, yu incrediblet(e), incrediblent
Preterit: incrediblim, incrediblist(a), incrediblit, incrediblam, incrediblat, incredibleer
Future tid: incrediblesiem, incrediblesies, incrediblesiet, incrediblesiem(o)s, yu incrediblesiete, incrediblesient
Conditional: incredibliem, incrediblies, incredibliet, incredibliem(o)s, yu incredibliete, incrediblient
Prev participe: incrediblet / incrediblen incube > Infinitive: incube
Present: io incube, incubes, incubet, incubems, yu incubet(e), incubent
Preterit: incubim, incubist(a), incubit, incubam, incubat, incubeer
Future tid: incubesiem, incubesies, incubesiet, incubesiem(o)s, yu incubesiete, incubesient
Conditional: incubiem, incubies, incubiet, incubiem(o)s, yu incubiete, incubient
Prev participe: incubet / incuben inculque > Infinitive: inculque
Present: io inculque, inculques, inculquet, inculquems, yu inculquet(e), inculquent
Preterit: inculquim, inculquist(a), inculquit, inculquam, inculquat, inculqueer
Future tid: inculquesiem, inculquesies, inculquesiet, inculquesiem(o)s, yu inculquesiete, inculquesient
Conditional: inculquiem, inculquies, inculquiet, inculquiem(o)s, yu inculquiete, inculquient
Prev participe: inculquet / inculquen incumebh > Infinitive: incumbhes
Present: incumbho, incumbhs, incumbht, incumbhm(o)s, yu incumbht(e), incumbhe(nt)
Preterit: incubhim, incubh(i)st(a), incubhit, incubham, incubhat, incubheer
Future tid: incumbhsiem, incumbhsies, incumbhsiet, incumbhsiem(o)s, yu incumbhsiete, incumbhsient
Conditional: incumbhiem, incumbhies, incumbhiet, incumbhiem(o)s, yu incumbhiete, incumbhient
Prev participe: incubht / incubhen incurr > Infinitive: incurre
Present: incurro, incurrs, incurrt, incurrm(o)s, yu incurrt(e), incurre(nt)
Preterit: incursim, incurs(i)st(a), incursit, incursam, incursat, incurseer
Future tid: incurrsiem, incurrsies, incurrsiet, incurrsiem(o)s, yu incurrsiete, incurrsient
Conditional: incurriem, incurries, incurriet, incurriem(o)s, yu incurriete, incurrient
Prev participe: incurs / incurren indeulg > Infinitive: indulges
Present: indeulgo, indeulcs, indeulct, indeulgm(o)s, yu indeulct(e), indeulge(nt)
Preterit: indulgim, indulg(i)st(a), indulgit, indulgam, indulgat, indulgeer
Future tid: indeulcsiem, indeulcsies, indeulcsiet, indeulcsiem(o)s, yu indeulcsiete, indeulcsient
Conditional: indeulgiem, indeulgies, indeulgiet, indeulgiem(o)s, yu indeulgiete, indeulgient
Prev participe: indulct / indulgen indexe > Infinitive: indexe
Present: io indexe, indexes, indexet, indexems, yu indexet(e), indexent
Preterit: indexim, indexist(a), indexit, indexam, indexat, indexeer
Future tid: indexesiem, indexesies, indexesiet, indexesiem(o)s, yu indexesiete, indexesient
Conditional: indexiem, indexies, indexiet, indexiem(o)s, yu indexiete, indexient
Prev participe: indexet / indexen induc > Infinitive: induce
Present: induco, inducs, induct, inducm(o)s, yu induct(e), induce(nt)
Preterit: inducim, induc(i)st(a), inducit, inducam, inducat, induceer
Future tid: inducsiem, inducsies, inducsiet, inducsiem(o)s, yu inducsiete, inducsient
Conditional: induciem, inducies, induciet, induciem(o)s, yu induciete, inducient
Prev participe: induct / inducen infec > Infinitive: infece
Present: infeco, infecs, infect, infecm(o)s, yu infect(e), infece(nt)
Preterit: infecim, infec(i)st(a), infecit, infecam, infecat, infeceer
Future tid: infecsiem, infecsies, infecsiet, infecsiem(o)s, yu infecsiete, infecsient
Conditional: infeciem, infecies, infeciet, infeciem(o)s, yu infeciete, infecient
Prev participe: infect / infecen infernise > Infinitive: infernise
Present: io infernise, infernises, inferniset, infernisems, yu inferniset(e), infernisent
Preterit: infernisim, infernisist(a), infernisit, infernisam, infernisat, inferniseer
Future tid: infernisesiem, infernisesies, infernisesiet, infernisesiem(o)s, yu infernisesiete, infernisesient
Conditional: infernisiem, infernisies, infernisiet, infernisiem(o)s, yu infernisiete, infernisient
Prev participe: inferniset / infernisen infeste > Infinitive: infeste
Present: io infeste, infestes, infestet, infestems, yu infestet(e), infestent
Preterit: infestim, infestist(a), infestit, infestam, infestat, infesteer
Future tid: infestesiem, infestesies, infestesiet, infestesiem(o)s, yu infestesiete, infestesient
Conditional: infestiem, infesties, infestiet, infestiem(o)s, yu infestiete, infestient
Prev participe: infestet / infesten inflect > Infinitive: inflecte
Present: inflecto, inflects, inflect, inflectm(o)s, yu inflecte, inflecte(nt)
Preterit: inflexim, inflex(i)st(a), inflexit, inflexam, inflexat, inflexeer
Future tid: inflectsiem, inflectsies, inflectsiet, inflectsiem(o)s, yu inflectsiete, inflectsient
Conditional: inflectiem, inflecties, inflectiet, inflectiem(o)s, yu inflectiete, inflectient
Prev participe: inflex / inflecten inflig > Infinitive: inflige
Present: infligo, inflics, inflict, infligm(o)s, yu inflict(e), inflige(nt)
Preterit: infligim, inflig(i)st(a), infligit, infligam, infligat, infligeer
Future tid: inflicsiem, inflicsies, inflicsiet, inflicsiem(o)s, yu inflicsiete, inflicsient
Conditional: infligiem, infligies, infligiet, infligiem(o)s, yu infligiete, infligient
Prev participe: inflict / infligen influe > Infinitive: influe
Present: io influe, influes, influet, influems, yu influet(e), influent
Preterit: influim, influist(a), influit, influam, influat, influeer
Future tid: influesiem, influesies, influesiet, influesiem(o)s, yu influesiete, influesient
Conditional: influiem, influies, influiet, influiem(o)s, yu influiete, influient
Prev participe: influet / influen influence > Infinitive: influence
Present: io influence, influences, influencet, influencems, yu influencet(e), influencent
Preterit: influencim, influencist(a), influencit, influenceam, influenceat, influenceer
Future tid: influencesiem, influencesies, influencesiet, influencesiem(o)s, yu influencesiete, influencesient
Conditional: influenciem, influencies, influenciet, influenciem(o)s, yu influenciete, influencient
Prev participe: influencet / influencen informe > Infinitive: informe
Present: io informe, informes, informet, informems, yu informet(e), informent
Preterit: informim, informist(a), informit, informam, informat, informeer
Future tid: informesiem, informesies, informesiet, informesiem(o)s, yu informesiete, informesient
Conditional: informiem, informies, informiet, informiem(o)s, yu informiete, informient
Prev participe: informet / informen infraneg > Infinitive: infranges
Present: infrango, infrancs, infranct, infrangm(o)s, yu infranct(e), infrange(nt)
Preterit: infragim, infrag(i)st(a), infragit, infragam, infragat, infrageer
Future tid: infrancsiem, infrancsies, infrancsiet, infrancsiem(o)s, yu infrancsiete, infrancsient
Conditional: infrangiem, infrangies, infrangiet, infrangiem(o)s, yu infrangiete, infrangient
Prev participe: infract / infragen infuned > Infinitive: infundes
Present: infundo, infunds, infundt, infundm(o)s, yu infundt(e), infunde(nt)
Preterit: infusim, infus(i)st(a), infusit, infusam, infusat, infuseer
Future tid: infundsiem, infundsies, infundsiet, infundsiem(o)s, yu infundsiete, infundsient
Conditional: infundiem, infundies, infundiet, infundiem(o)s, yu infundiete, infundient
Prev participe: infus / infuden ingan > Infinitive: ingane
Present: ingano, ingans, ingant, inganm(o)s, yu ingant(e), ingane(nt)
Preterit: ingienim, ingien(i)st(a), ingienit, ingienam, ingienat, ingieneer
Future tid: ingansiem, ingansies, ingansiet, ingansiem(o)s, yu ingansiete, ingansient
Conditional: inganiem, inganies, inganiet, inganiem(o)s, yu inganiete, inganient
Prev participe: ingant / inganen ingest > Infinitive: ingeste
Present: ingesto, ingests, ingest, ingestm(o)s, yu ingeste, ingeste(nt)
Preterit: ingestim, ingest(i)st(a), ingestit, ingestam, ingestat, ingesteer
Future tid: ingestsiem, ingestsies, ingestsiet, ingestsiem(o)s, yu ingestsiete, ingestsient
Conditional: ingestiem, ingesties, ingestiet, ingestiem(o)s, yu ingestiete, ingestient
Prev participe: ingest / ingesten inhalt > Infinitive: inhalte
Present: inhalto, inhalts, inhalt, inhaltm(o)s, yu inhalte, inhalte(nt)
Preterit: inhieltim, inhielt(i)st(a), inhieltit, inhieltam, inhieltat, inhielteer
Future tid: inhaltsiem, inhaltsies, inhaltsiet, inhaltsiem(o)s, yu inhaltsiete, inhaltsient
Conditional: inhaltiem, inhalties, inhaltiet, inhaltiem(o)s, yu inhaltiete, inhaltient
Prev participe: inhalt / inhalten inhuman > Infinitive: inhumane
Present: inhumano, inhumans, inhumant, inhumanm(o)s, yu inhumant(e), inhumane(nt)
Preterit: inhumienim, inhumien(i)st(a), inhumienit, inhumienam, inhumienat, inhumieneer
Future tid: inhumansiem, inhumansies, inhumansiet, inhumansiem(o)s, yu inhumansiete, inhumansient
Conditional: inhumaniem, inhumanies, inhumaniet, inhumaniem(o)s, yu inhumaniete, inhumanient
Prev participe: inhumant / inhumanen initiative > Infinitive: initiative
Present: io initiative, initiatives, initiativet, initiativems, yu initiativet(e), initiativent
Preterit: initiativim, initiativist(a), initiativit, initiativam, initiativat, initiativeer
Future tid: initiativesiem, initiativesies, initiativesiet, initiativesiem(o)s, yu initiativesiete, initiativesient
Conditional: initiativiem, initiativies, initiativiet, initiativiem(o)s, yu initiativiete, initiativient
Prev participe: initiativet / initiativen injec > Infinitive: injece
Present: injeco, injecs, inject, injecm(o)s, yu inject(e), injece(nt)
Preterit: injecim, injec(i)st(a), injecit, injecam, injecat, injeceer
Future tid: injecsiem, injecsies, injecsiet, injecsiem(o)s, yu injecsiete, injecsient
Conditional: injeciem, injecies, injeciet, injeciem(o)s, yu injeciete, injecient
Prev participe: inject / injecen inkap > Infinitive: inkape
Present: inkapo, inkaps, inkapt, inkapm(o)s, yu inkapt(e), inkape(nt)
Preterit: inkiepim, inkiep(i)st(a), inkiepit, inkiepam, inkiepat, inkiepeer
Future tid: inkapsiem, inkapsies, inkapsiet, inkapsiem(o)s, yu inkapsiete, inkapsient
Conditional: inkapiem, inkapies, inkapiet, inkapiem(o)s, yu inkapiete, inkapient
Prev participe: inkapt / inkapen inkaptos > Infinitive: inkaptose
Present: inkaptoso, inkaptos, inkaptost, inkaptosm(o)s, yu inkaptost(e), inkaptose(nt)
Preterit: inkieptosim, inkieptos(i)st(a), inkieptosit, inkieptosam, inkieptosat, inkieptoseer
Future tid: siem inkaptose, sies inkaptose, siet inkaptose, siem(o)s inkaptose, yu siete inkaptose, sient inkaptose
Conditional: inkaptosiem, inkaptosies, inkaptosiet, inkaptosiem(o)s, yu inkaptosiete, inkaptosient
Prev participe: inkaptost / inkaptosen inkar > Infinitive: inkare
Present: inkaro, inkars, inkart, inkarm(o)s, yu inkart(e), inkare(nt)
Preterit: inkierim, inkier(i)st(a), inkierit, inkieram, inkierat, inkiereer
Future tid: inkarsiem, inkarsies, inkarsiet, inkarsiem(o)s, yu inkarsiete, inkarsient
Conditional: inkariem, inkaries, inkariet, inkariem(o)s, yu inkariete, inkarient
Prev participe: inkart / inkaren inkoim > Infinitive: inkoime
Present: inkoimo, inkoims, inkoimt, inkoimm(o)s, yu inkoimt(e), inkoime(nt)
Preterit: inkoimim, inkoim(i)st(a), inkoimit, inkoimam, inkoimat, inkoimeer
Future tid: inkoimsiem, inkoimsies, inkoimsiet, inkoimsiem(o)s, yu inkoimsiete, inkoimsient
Conditional: inkoimiem, inkoimies, inkoimiet, inkoimiem(o)s, yu inkoimiete, inkoimient
Prev participe: inkoimt / inkoimen inlyeig > Infinitive: inlyiges
Present: inlyeigo, inlyeics, inlyeict, inlyeigm(o)s, yu inlyeict(e), inlyeige(nt)
Preterit: inlyigim, inlyig(i)st(a), inlyigit, inlyigam, inlyigat, inlyigeer
Future tid: inlyeicsiem, inlyeicsies, inlyeicsiet, inlyeicsiem(o)s, yu inlyeicsiete, inlyeicsient
Conditional: inlyeigiem, inlyeigies, inlyeigiet, inlyeigiem(o)s, yu inlyeigiete, inlyeigient
Prev participe: inlyict / inlyigen inmarche > Infinitive: inmarche
Present: io inmarche, inmarches, inmarchet, inmarchems, yu inmarchet(e), inmarchent
Preterit: inmarchim, inmarchist(a), inmarchit, inmarcham, inmarchat, inmarcheer
Future tid: inmarchesiem, inmarchesies, inmarchesiet, inmarchesiem(o)s, yu inmarchesiete, inmarchesient
Conditional: inmarchiem, inmarchies, inmarchiet, inmarchiem(o)s, yu inmarchiete, inmarchient
Prev participe: inmarchet / inmarchen innove > Infinitive: innove
Present: io innove, innoves, innovet, innovems, yu innovet(e), innovent
Preterit: innovim, innovist(a), innovit, innovam, innovat, innoveer
Future tid: innovesiem, innovesies, innovesiet, innovesiem(o)s, yu innovesiete, innovesient
Conditional: innoviem, innovies, innoviet, innoviem(o)s, yu innoviete, innovient
Prev participe: innovet / innoven inocule > Infinitive: inocule
Present: io inocule, inocules, inoculet, inoculems, yu inoculet(e), inoculent
Preterit: inoculim, inoculist(a), inoculit, inoculam, inoculat, inoculeer
Future tid: inoculesiem, inoculesies, inoculesiet, inoculesiem(o)s, yu inoculesiete, inoculesient
Conditional: inoculiem, inoculies, inoculiet, inoculiem(o)s, yu inoculiete, inoculient
Prev participe: inoculet / inoculen insaf > Infinitive: insafe
Present: insafo, insafs, insaft, insafm(o)s, yu insaft(e), insafe(nt)
Preterit: insiefim, insief(i)st(a), insiefit, insiefam, insiefat, insiefeer
Future tid: insafsiem, insafsies, insafsiet, insafsiem(o)s, yu insafsiete, insafsient
Conditional: insafiem, insafies, insafiet, insafiem(o)s, yu insafiete, insafient
Prev participe: insaft / insafen insafeih > Infinitive: insafihes
Present: insafeihm, insafeihs, insafeiht, insafeihm(o)s, yu insafeiht(e), insafeihnt
Preterit: insafihsim, insafihst(a), insafihsit, insafihsam, insafihsat, insafihr
Future tid: insafeihsiem, insafeihsies, insafeihsiet, insafeihsiem(o)s, yu insafeihsiete, insafeihsient
Conditional: insafeihiem, insafeihies, insafeihiet, insafeihiem(o)s, yu insafeihiete, insafeihient
Prev participe: insafiht / insafihn insatisfact > Infinitive: insatisfacte
Present: insatisfacto, insatisfacts, insatisfact, insatisfactm(o)s, yu insatisfacte, insatisfacte(nt)
Preterit: insatisfiectim, insatisfiect(i)st(a), insatisfiectit, insatisfiectam, insatisfiectat, insatisfiecteer
Future tid: insatisfactsiem, insatisfactsies, insatisfactsiet, insatisfactsiem(o)s, yu insatisfactsiete, insatisfactsient
Conditional: insatisfactiem, insatisfacties, insatisfactiet, insatisfactiem(o)s, yu insatisfactiete, insatisfactient
Prev participe: insatisfax / insatisfacten inser > Infinitive: insere
Present: insero, insers, insert, inserm(o)s, yu insert(e), insere(nt)
Preterit: inserim, inser(i)st(a), inserit, inseram, inserat, insereer
Future tid: insersiem, insersies, insersiet, insersiem(o)s, yu insersiete, insersient
Conditional: inseriem, inseries, inseriet, inseriem(o)s, yu inseriete, inserient
Prev participe: insert / inseren insinue > Infinitive: insinue
Present: io insinue, insinues, insinuet, insinuems, yu insinuet(e), insinuent
Preterit: insinuim, insinuist(a), insinuit, insinuam, insinuat, insinueer
Future tid: insinuesiem, insinuesies, insinuesiet, insinuesiem(o)s, yu insinuesiete, insinuesient
Conditional: insinuiem, insinuies, insinuiet, insinuiem(o)s, yu insinuiete, insinuient
Prev participe: insinuet / insinuen insist > Infinitive: insiste
Present: insisto, insists, insist, insistm(o)s, yu insiste, insiste(nt)
Preterit: insistim, insist(i)st(a), insistit, insistam, insistat, insisteer
Future tid: insistsiem, insistsies, insistsiet, insistsiem(o)s, yu insistsiete, insistsient
Conditional: insistiem, insisties, insistiet, insistiem(o)s, yu insistiete, insistient
Prev participe: insist / insisten inslah > Infinitive: inslahe
Present: inslahm, inslahs, inslaht, inslahm(o)s, yu inslaht(e), inslahnt
Preterit: inslahsim, inslahst(a), inslahsit, inslahsam, inslahsat, inslahr
Future tid: inslahsiem, inslahsies, inslahsiet, inslahsiem(o)s, yu inslahsiete, inslahsient
Conditional: inslahiem, inslahies, inslahiet, inslahiem(o)s, yu inslahiete, inslahient
Prev participe: inslaht / inslahn inspire > Infinitive: inspire
Present: io inspire, inspires, inspiret, inspirems, yu inspiret(e), inspirent
Preterit: inspirim, inspirist(a), inspirit, inspiram, inspirat, inspireer
Future tid: inspiresiem, inspiresies, inspiresiet, inspiresiem(o)s, yu inspiresiete, inspiresient
Conditional: inspiriem, inspiries, inspiriet, inspiriem(o)s, yu inspiriete, inspirient
Prev participe: inspiret / inspiren installe > Infinitive: installe
Present: io installe, installes, installet, installems, yu installet(e), installent
Preterit: installim, installist(a), installit, installam, installat, installeer
Future tid: installesiem, installesies, installesiet, installesiem(o)s, yu installesiete, installesient
Conditional: installiem, installies, installiet, installiem(o)s, yu installiete, installient
Prev participe: installet / installen instaure > Infinitive: instaure
Present: io instaure, instaures, instauret, instaurems, yu instauret(e), instaurent
Preterit: instaurim, instaurist(a), instaurit, instauram, instaurat, instaureer
Future tid: instauresiem, instauresies, instauresiet, instauresiem(o)s, yu instauresiete, instauresient
Conditional: instauriem, instauries, instauriet, instauriem(o)s, yu instauriete, instaurient
Prev participe: instauret / instauren instehl > Infinitive: instehle
Present: instehlo, instehls, instehlt, instehlm(o)s, yu instehlt(e), instehle(nt)
Preterit: instohlim, instohl(i)st(a), instohlit, instohlam, instohlat, instohleer
Future tid: instehlsiem, instehlsies, instehlsiet, instehlsiem(o)s, yu instehlsiete, instehlsient
Conditional: instehliem, instehlies, instehliet, instehliem(o)s, yu instehliete, instehlient
Prev participe: instohlt / instohlen instet > Infinitive: instete
Present: insteto, instets, instet, instetm(o)s, yu instete, instete(nt)
Preterit: instetim, instet(i)st(a), instetit, instetam, instetat, insteteer
Future tid: instetsiem, instetsies, instetsiet, instetsiem(o)s, yu instetsiete, instetsient
Conditional: instetiem, insteties, instetiet, instetiem(o)s, yu instetiete, instetient
Prev participe: instet / insteten instrumentalise > Infinitive: instrumentalise
Present: io instrumentalise, instrumentalises, instrumentaliset, instrumentalisems, yu instrumentaliset(e), instrumentalisent
Preterit: instrumentalisim, instrumentalisist(a), instrumentalisit, instrumentalisam, instrumentalisat, instrumentaliseer
Future tid: instrumentalisesiem, instrumentalisesies, instrumentalisesiet, instrumentalisesiem(o)s, yu instrumentalisesiete, instrumentalisesient
Conditional: instrumentalisiem, instrumentalisies, instrumentalisiet, instrumentalisiem(o)s, yu instrumentalisiete, instrumentalisient
Prev participe: instrumentaliset / instrumentalisen instuned > Infinitive: instundes
Present: instundo, instunds, instundt, instundm(o)s, yu instundt(e), instunde(nt)
Preterit: instusim, instus(i)st(a), instusit, instusam, instusat, instuseer
Future tid: instundsiem, instundsies, instundsiet, instundsiem(o)s, yu instundsiete, instundsient
Conditional: instundiem, instundies, instundiet, instundiem(o)s, yu instundiete, instundient
Prev participe: instus / instuden insurreg > Infinitive: insurrege
Present: insurrego, insurrecs, insurrect, insurregm(o)s, yu insurrect(e), insurrege(nt)
Preterit: insurregim, insurreg(i)st(a), insurregit, insurregam, insurregat, insurregeer
Future tid: insurrecsiem, insurrecsies, insurrecsiet, insurrecsiem(o)s, yu insurrecsiete, insurrecsient
Conditional: insurregiem, insurregies, insurregiet, insurregiem(o)s, yu insurregiete, insurregient
Prev participe: insurrect / insurregen intant > Infinitive: intante
Present: intanto, intants, intant, intantm(o)s, yu intante, intante(nt)
Preterit: intientim, intient(i)st(a), intientit, intientam, intientat, intienteer
Future tid: intantsiem, intantsies, intantsiet, intantsiem(o)s, yu intantsiete, intantsient
Conditional: intantiem, intanties, intantiet, intantiem(o)s, yu intantiete, intantient
Prev participe: intant / intanten intent > Infinitive: intente
Present: intento, intents, intent, intentm(o)s, yu intente, intente(nt)
Preterit: intentim, intent(i)st(a), intentit, intentam, intentat, intenteer
Future tid: intentsiem, intentsies, intentsiet, intentsiem(o)s, yu intentsiete, intentsient
Conditional: intentiem, intenties, intentiet, intentiem(o)s, yu intentiete, intentient
Prev participe: intent / intenten interag > Infinitive: interage
Present: interago, interacs, interact, interagm(o)s, yu interact(e), interage(nt)
Preterit: interiegim, interieg(i)st(a), interiegit, interiegam, interiegat, interiegeer
Future tid: interacsiem, interacsies, interacsiet, interacsiem(o)s, yu interacsiete, interacsient
Conditional: interagiem, interagies, interagiet, interagiem(o)s, yu interagiete, interagient
Prev participe: interact / interagen interdeh > Infinitive: interdehe
Present: interdehm, interdehs, interdeht, interdehm(o)s, yu interdeht(e), interdehnt
Preterit: interdehsim, interdehst(a), interdehsit, interdehsam, interdehsat, interdehr
Future tid: interdehsiem, interdehsies, interdehsiet, interdehsiem(o)s, yu interdehsiete, interdehsient
Conditional: interdehiem, interdehies, interdehiet, interdehiem(o)s, yu interdehiete, interdehient
Prev participe: interdeht / interdehn interesse > Infinitive: interesse
Present: io interesse, interesses, interesset, interessems, yu interesset(e), interessent
Preterit: interessim, interessist(a), interessit, interessam, interessat, interesseer
Future tid: interessesiem, interessesies, interessesiet, interessesiem(o)s, yu interessesiete, interessesient
Conditional: interessiem, interessies, interessiet, interessiem(o)s, yu interessiete, interessient
Prev participe: interesset / interessen interfer > Infinitive: interfere
Present: interfero, interfers, interfert, interferm(o)s, yu interfert(e), interfere(nt)
Preterit: interferim, interfer(i)st(a), interferit, interferam, interferat, interfereer
Future tid: interfersiem, interfersies, interfersiet, interfersiem(o)s, yu interfersiete, interfersient
Conditional: interferiem, interferies, interferiet, interferiem(o)s, yu interferiete, interferient
Prev participe: interfert / interferen interne > Infinitive: interne
Present: io interne, internes, internet, internems, yu internet(e), internent
Preterit: internim, internist(a), internit, internam, internat, interneer
Future tid: internesiem, internesies, internesiet, internesiem(o)s, yu internesiete, internesient
Conditional: interniem, internies, interniet, interniem(o)s, yu interniete, internient
Prev participe: internet / internen interplehc > Infinitive: interplehce
Present: interplehco, interplehcs, interplehct, interplehcm(o)s, yu interplehct(e), interplehce(nt)
Preterit: interplohcim, interplohc(i)st(a), interplohcit, interplohcam, interplohcat, interplohceer
Future tid: interplehcsiem, interplehcsies, interplehcsiet, interplehcsiem(o)s, yu interplehcsiete, interplehcsient
Conditional: interplehciem, interplehcies, interplehciet, interplehciem(o)s, yu interplehciete, interplehcient
Prev participe: interplohct / interplohcen interprete > Infinitive: interprete
Present: io interprete, interpretes, interpretet, interpretems, yu interpretet(e), interpretent
Preterit: interpretim, interpretist(a), interpretit, interpretam, interpretat, interpreteer
Future tid: interpretesiem, interpretesies, interpretesiet, interpretesiem(o)s, yu interpretesiete, interpretesient
Conditional: interpretiem, interpreties, interpretiet, interpretiem(o)s, yu interpretiete, interpretient
Prev participe: interpretet / interpreten interreup > Infinitive: interrupes
Present: interreupo, interreups, interreupt, interreupm(o)s, yu interreupt(e), interreupe(nt)
Preterit: interrupim, interrup(i)st(a), interrupit, interrupam, interrupat, interrupeer
Future tid: interreupsiem, interreupsies, interreupsiet, interreupsiem(o)s, yu interreupsiete, interreupsient
Conditional: interreupiem, interreupies, interreupiet, interreupiem(o)s, yu interreupiete, interreupient
Prev participe: interrupt / interrupen interroge > Infinitive: interroge
Present: io interroge, interroges, interroget, interrogems, yu interroget(e), interrogent
Preterit: interrogim, interrogist(a), interrogit, interrogeam, interrogeat, interrogeer
Future tid: interrogesiem, interrogesies, interrogesiet, interrogesiem(o)s, yu interrogesiete, interrogesient
Conditional: interrogiem, interrogies, interrogiet, interrogiem(o)s, yu interrogiete, interrogient
Prev participe: interroget / interrogen interrumep > Infinitive: interrumpes
Present: interrumpo, interrumps, interrumpt, interrumpm(o)s, yu interrumpt(e), interrumpe(nt)
Preterit: interrupim, interrup(i)st(a), interrupit, interrupam, interrupat, interrupeer
Future tid: interrumpsiem, interrumpsies, interrumpsiet, interrumpsiem(o)s, yu interrumpsiete, interrumpsient
Conditional: interrumpiem, interrumpies, interrumpiet, interrumpiem(o)s, yu interrumpiete, interrumpient
Prev participe: interrupt / interrupen intersehr > Infinitive: intersehre
Present: intersehro, intersehrs, intersehrt, intersehrm(o)s, yu intersehrt(e), intersehre(nt)
Preterit: intersohrim, intersohr(i)st(a), intersohrit, intersohram, intersohrat, intersohreer
Future tid: intersehrsiem, intersehrsies, intersehrsiet, intersehrsiem(o)s, yu intersehrsiete, intersehrsient
Conditional: intersehriem, intersehries, intersehriet, intersehriem(o)s, yu intersehriete, intersehrient
Prev participe: intersohrt / intersohren intertehm > Infinitive: intertehme
Present: intertehmo, intertehms, intertehmt, intertehmm(o)s, yu intertehmt(e), intertehme(nt)
Preterit: intertohmim, intertohm(i)st(a), intertohmit, intertohmam, intertohmat, intertohmeer
Future tid: intertehmsiem, intertehmsies, intertehmsiet, intertehmsiem(o)s, yu intertehmsiete, intertehmsient
Conditional: intertehmiem, intertehmies, intertehmiet, intertehmiem(o)s, yu intertehmiete, intertehmient
Prev participe: intertohmt / intertohmen intertolk > Infinitive: intertolke
Present: intertolko, intertolcs, intertolct, intertolkm(o)s, yu intertolct(e), intertolke(nt)
Preterit: intertolkim, intertolk(i)st(a), intertolkit, intertolkam, intertolkat, intertolkeer
Future tid: intertolcsiem, intertolcsies, intertolcsiet, intertolcsiem(o)s, yu intertolcsiete, intertolcsient
Conditional: intertolkiem, intertolkies, intertolkiet, intertolkiem(o)s, yu intertolkiete, intertolkient
Prev participe: intertolct / intertolken interven > Infinitive: intervene
Present: interveno, intervens, intervent, intervenm(o)s, yu intervent(e), intervene(nt)
Preterit: intervenim, interven(i)st(a), intervenit, intervenam, intervenat, interveneer
Future tid: intervensiem, intervensies, intervensiet, intervensiem(o)s, yu intervensiete, intervensient
Conditional: interveniem, intervenies, interveniet, interveniem(o)s, yu interveniete, intervenient
Prev participe: intervent / intervenen interview > Infinitive: interviewe
Present: interviewo, interviews, interviewt, interviewm(o)s, yu interviewt(e), interviewnt
Preterit: interviewim, interviewst(a), interviewit, interviewam, interviewat, intervieweer
Future tid: interviewsiem, interviewsies, interviewsiet, interviewsiem(o)s, yu interviewsiete, interviewsient
Conditional: interviewiem, interviewies, interviewiet, interviewiem(o)s, yu interviewiete, interviewient
Prev participe: interviewt / interviewen intimide > Infinitive: intimide
Present: io intimide, intimides, intimidet, intimidems, yu intimidet(e), intimident
Preterit: intimidim, intimidist(a), intimidit, intimidam, intimidat, intimideer
Future tid: intimidesiem, intimidesies, intimidesiet, intimidesiem(o)s, yu intimidesiete, intimidesient
Conditional: intimidiem, intimidies, intimidiet, intimidiem(o)s, yu intimidiete, intimidient
Prev participe: intimidet / intimiden intitule > Infinitive: intitule
Present: io intitule, intitules, intitulet, intitulems, yu intitulet(e), intitulent
Preterit: intitulim, intitulist(a), intitulit, intitulam, intitulat, intituleer
Future tid: intitulesiem, intitulesies, intitulesiet, intitulesiem(o)s, yu intitulesiete, intitulesient
Conditional: intituliem, intitulies, intituliet, intituliem(o)s, yu intituliete, intitulient
Prev participe: intitulet / intitulen intizam > Infinitive: intizame
Present: intizamo, intizams, intizamt, intizamm(o)s, yu intizamt(e), intizame(nt)
Preterit: intiziemim, intiziem(i)st(a), intiziemit, intiziemam, intiziemat, intiziemeer
Future tid: intizamsiem, intizamsies, intizamsiet, intizamsiem(o)s, yu intizamsiete, intizamsient
Conditional: intizamiem, intizamies, intizamiet, intizamiem(o)s, yu intizamiete, intizamient
Prev participe: intizamt / intizamen intizar > Infinitive: intizare
Present: intizaro, intizars, intizart, intizarm(o)s, yu intizart(e), intizare(nt)
Preterit: intizierim, intizier(i)st(a), intizierit, intizieram, intizierat, intiziereer
Future tid: intizarsiem, intizarsies, intizarsiet, intizarsiem(o)s, yu intizarsiete, intizarsient
Conditional: intizariem, intizaries, intizariet, intizariem(o)s, yu intizariete, intizarient
Prev participe: intizart / intizaren introduc > Infinitive: introduce
Present: introduco, introducs, introduct, introducm(o)s, yu introduct(e), introduce(nt)
Preterit: introducim, introduc(i)st(a), introducit, introducam, introducat, introduceer
Future tid: introducsiem, introducsies, introducsiet, introducsiem(o)s, yu introducsiete, introducsient
Conditional: introduciem, introducies, introduciet, introduciem(o)s, yu introduciete, introducient
Prev participe: introduct / introducen intrud > Infinitive: intrude
Present: intrudo, intruds, intrudt, intrudm(o)s, yu intrudt(e), intrude(nt)
Preterit: intrusim, intrus(i)st(a), intrusit, intrusam, intrusat, intruseer
Future tid: intrudsiem, intrudsies, intrudsiet, intrudsiem(o)s, yu intrudsiete, intrudsient
Conditional: intrudiem, intrudies, intrudiet, intrudiem(o)s, yu intrudiete, intrudient
Prev participe: intrus / intruden invad > Infinitive: invade
Present: invado, invads, invadt, invadm(o)s, yu invadt(e), invade(nt)
Preterit: inviedim, invied(i)st(a), inviedit, inviedam, inviedat, inviedeer
Future tid: invadsiem, invadsies, invadsiet, invadsiem(o)s, yu invadsiete, invadsient
Conditional: invadiem, invadies, invadiet, invadiem(o)s, yu invadiete, invadient
Prev participe: invas / invaden invent > Infinitive: invente
Present: invento, invents, invent, inventm(o)s, yu invente, invente(nt)
Preterit: inventim, invent(i)st(a), inventit, inventam, inventat, inventeer
Future tid: inventsiem, inventsies, inventsiet, inventsiem(o)s, yu inventsiete, inventsient
Conditional: inventiem, inventies, inventiet, inventiem(o)s, yu inventiete, inventient
Prev participe: invent / inventen invert > Infinitive: inverte
Present: inverto, inverts, invert, invertm(o)s, yu inverte, inverte(nt)
Preterit: inversim, invers(i)st(a), inversit, inversam, inversat, inverseer
Future tid: invertsiem, invertsies, invertsiet, invertsiem(o)s, yu invertsiete, invertsient
Conditional: invertiem, inverties, invertiet, invertiem(o)s, yu invertiete, invertient
Prev participe: invers / inverten invest > Infinitive: investe
Present: investo, invests, invest, investm(o)s, yu investe, investe(nt)
Preterit: investim, invest(i)st(a), investit, investam, investat, investeer
Future tid: investsiem, investsies, investsiet, investsiem(o)s, yu investsiete, investsient
Conditional: investiem, investies, investiet, investiem(o)s, yu investiete, investient
Prev participe: invest / investen involv > Infinitive: involve
Present: involvo, involvs, involvt, involvm(o)s, yu involvt(e), involve(nt)
Preterit: involvim, involv(i)st(a), involvit, involvam, involvat, involveer
Future tid: involvsiem, involvsies, involvsiet, involvsiem(o)s, yu involvsiete, involvsient
Conditional: involviem, involvies, involviet, involviem(o)s, yu involviete, involvient
Prev participe: involwt / involven invoque > Infinitive: invoque
Present: io invoque, invoques, invoquet, invoquems, yu invoquet(e), invoquent
Preterit: invoquim, invoquist(a), invoquit, invoquam, invoquat, invoqueer
Future tid: invoquesiem, invoquesies, invoquesiet, invoquesiem(o)s, yu invoquesiete, invoquesient
Conditional: invoquiem, invoquies, invoquiet, invoquiem(o)s, yu invoquiete, invoquient
Prev participe: invoquet / invoquen irasc > Infinitive: irasce
Present: irasco, irascs, irasct, irascm(o)s, yu irasct(e), irasce(nt)
Preterit: iriescim, iriesc(i)st(a), iriescit, iriescam, iriescat, iriesceer
Future tid: irascsiem, irascsies, irascsiet, irascsiem(o)s, yu irascsiete, irascsient
Conditional: irasciem, irascies, irasciet, irasciem(o)s, yu irasciete, irascient
Prev participe: irasct / irascen irradye > Infinitive: irradye
Present: io irradye, irradyes, irradyet, irradyems, yu irradyet(e), irradyent
Preterit: irradyim, irradyist(a), irradyit, irradyam, irradyat, irradyeer
Future tid: irradyesiem, irradyesies, irradyesiet, irradyesiem(o)s, yu irradyesiete, irradyesient
Conditional: irradyiem, irradyies, irradyiet, irradyiem(o)s, yu irradyiete, irradyient
Prev participe: irradyet / irradyen irreup > Infinitive: irrupes
Present: irreupo, irreups, irreupt, irreupm(o)s, yu irreupt(e), irreupe(nt)
Preterit: irrupim, irrup(i)st(a), irrupit, irrupam, irrupat, irrupeer
Future tid: irreupsiem, irreupsies, irreupsiet, irreupsiem(o)s, yu irreupsiete, irreupsient
Conditional: irreupiem, irreupies, irreupiet, irreupiem(o)s, yu irreupiete, irreupient
Prev participe: irrupt / irrupen irrite > Infinitive: irrite
Present: io irrite, irrites, irritet, irritems, yu irritet(e), irritent
Preterit: irritim, irritist(a), irritit, irritam, irritat, irriteer
Future tid: irritesiem, irritesies, irritesiet, irritesiem(o)s, yu irritesiete, irritesient
Conditional: irritiem, irrities, irritiet, irritiem(o)s, yu irritiete, irritient
Prev participe: irritet / irriten irsal > Infinitive: irsale
Present: irsalo, irsals, irsalt, irsalm(o)s, yu irsalt(e), irsale(nt)
Preterit: irsielim, irsiel(i)st(a), irsielit, irsielam, irsielat, irsieleer
Future tid: irsalsiem, irsalsies, irsalsiet, irsalsiem(o)s, yu irsalsiete, irsalsient
Conditional: irsaliem, irsalies, irsaliet, irsaliem(o)s, yu irsaliete, irsalient
Prev participe: irsalt / irsalen ischbat > Infinitive: ischbate
Present: ischbato, ischbats, ischbat, ischbatm(o)s, yu ischbate, ischbate(nt)
Preterit: ischbietim, ischbiet(i)st(a), ischbietit, ischbietam, ischbietat, ischbieteer
Future tid: ischbatsiem, ischbatsies, ischbatsiet, ischbatsiem(o)s, yu ischbatsiete, ischbatsient
Conditional: ischbatiem, ischbaties, ischbatiet, ischbatiem(o)s, yu ischbatiete, ischbatient
Prev participe: ischbat / ischbaten iskwehr > Infinitive: iskwehre
Present: iskwehro, iskwehrs, iskwehrt, iskwehrm(o)s, yu iskwehrt(e), iskwehre(nt)
Preterit: iskwohrim, iskwohr(i)st(a), iskwohrit, iskwohram, iskwohrat, iskwohreer
Future tid: iskwehrsiem, iskwehrsies, iskwehrsiet, iskwehrsiem(o)s, yu iskwehrsiete, iskwehrsient
Conditional: iskwehriem, iskwehries, iskwehriet, iskwehriem(o)s, yu iskwehriete, iskwehrient
Prev participe: iskwohrt / iskwohren isnah > Infinitive: isnahe
Present: isnahm, isnahs, isnaht, isnahm(o)s, yu isnaht(e), isnahnt
Preterit: isnahsim, isnahst(a), isnahsit, isnahsam, isnahsat, isnahr
Future tid: isnahsiem, isnahsies, isnahsiet, isnahsiem(o)s, yu isnahsiete, isnahsient
Conditional: isnahiem, isnahies, isnahiet, isnahiem(o)s, yu isnahiete, isnahient
Prev participe: isnaht / isnahn isole > Infinitive: isole
Present: io isole, isoles, isolet, isolems, yu isolet(e), isolent
Preterit: isolim, isolist(a), isolit, isolam, isolat, isoleer
Future tid: isolesiem, isolesies, isolesiet, isolesiem(o)s, yu isolesiete, isolesient
Conditional: isoliem, isolies, isoliet, isoliem(o)s, yu isoliete, isolient
Prev participe: isolet / isolen istifsar > Infinitive: istifsare
Present: istifsaro, istifsars, istifsart, istifsarm(o)s, yu istifsart(e), istifsare(nt)
Preterit: istifsierim, istifsier(i)st(a), istifsierit, istifsieram, istifsierat, istifsiereer
Future tid: istifsarsiem, istifsarsies, istifsarsiet, istifsarsiem(o)s, yu istifsarsiete, istifsarsient
Conditional: istifsariem, istifsaries, istifsariet, istifsariem(o)s, yu istifsariete, istifsarient
Prev participe: istifsart / istifsaren istikhath > Infinitive: istikhathe
Present: istikhatho, istikhaths, istikhatht, istikhathm(o)s, yu istikhatht(e), istikhathe(nt)
Preterit: istikhiethim, istikhieth(i)st(a), istikhiethit, istikhietham, istikhiethat, istikhietheer
Future tid: istikhathsiem, istikhathsies, istikhathsiet, istikhathsiem(o)s, yu istikhathsiete, istikhathsient
Conditional: istikhathiem, istikhathies, istikhathiet, istikhathiem(o)s, yu istikhathiete, istikhathient
Prev participe: istikhatht / istikhathen isue > Infinitive: isue
Present: io isue, isues, isuet, isuems, yu isuet(e), isuent
Preterit: isuim, isuist(a), isuit, isuam, isuat, isueer
Future tid: isuesiem, isuesies, isuesiet, isuesiem(o)s, yu isuesiete, isuesient
Conditional: isuiem, isuies, isuiet, isuiem(o)s, yu isuiete, isuient
Prev participe: isuet / isuen iswehr > Infinitive: iswehre
Present: iswehro, iswehrs, iswehrt, iswehrm(o)s, yu iswehrt(e), iswehre(nt)
Preterit: iswohrim, iswohr(i)st(a), iswohrit, iswohram, iswohrat, iswohreer
Future tid: iswehrsiem, iswehrsies, iswehrsiet, iswehrsiem(o)s, yu iswehrsiete, iswehrsient
Conditional: iswehriem, iswehries, iswehriet, iswehriem(o)s, yu iswehriete, iswehrient
Prev participe: iswohrt / iswohren itabise > Infinitive: itabise
Present: io itabise, itabises, itabiset, itabisems, yu itabiset(e), itabisent
Preterit: itabisim, itabisist(a), itabisit, itabisam, itabisat, itabiseer
Future tid: itabisesiem, itabisesies, itabisesiet, itabisesiem(o)s, yu itabisesiete, itabisesient
Conditional: itabisiem, itabisies, itabisiet, itabisiem(o)s, yu itabisiete, itabisient
Prev participe: itabiset / itabisen itiraf > Infinitive: itirafe
Present: itirafo, itirafs, itiraft, itirafm(o)s, yu itiraft(e), itirafe(nt)
Preterit: itiriefim, itirief(i)st(a), itiriefit, itiriefam, itiriefat, itiriefeer
Future tid: itirafsiem, itirafsies, itirafsiet, itirafsiem(o)s, yu itirafsiete, itirafsient
Conditional: itirafiem, itirafies, itirafiet, itirafiem(o)s, yu itirafiete, itirafient
Prev participe: itiraft / itirafen izhar > Infinitive: izhare
Present: izharo, izhars, izhart, izharm(o)s, yu izhart(e), izhare(nt)
Preterit: izhierim, izhier(i)st(a), izhierit, izhieram, izhierat, izhiereer
Future tid: izharsiem, izharsies, izharsiet, izharsiem(o)s, yu izharsiete, izharsient
Conditional: izhariem, izharies, izhariet, izhariem(o)s, yu izhariete, izharient
Prev participe: izhart / izharen jaalise > Infinitive: jaalise
Present: io jaalise, jaalises, jaaliset, jaalisems, yu jaaliset(e), jaalisent
Preterit: jaalisim, jaalisist(a), jaalisit, jaalisam, jaalisat, jaaliseer
Future tid: jaalisesiem, jaalisesies, jaalisesiet, jaalisesiem(o)s, yu jaalisesiete, jaalisesient
Conditional: jaalisiem, jaalisies, jaalisiet, jaalisiem(o)s, yu jaalisiete, jaalisient
Prev participe: jaaliset / jaalisen jalouse > Infinitive: jalouse
Present: io jalouse, jalouses, jalouset, jalousems, yu jalouset(e), jalousent
Preterit: jalousim, jalousist(a), jalousit, jalousam, jalousat, jalouseer
Future tid: jalousesiem, jalousesies, jalousesiet, jalousesiem(o)s, yu jalousesiete, jalousesient
Conditional: jalousiem, jalousies, jalousiet, jalousiem(o)s, yu jalousiete, jalousient
Prev participe: jalouset / jalousen jamb > Infinitive: jambe
Present: jambo, jamps, jampt, jambm(o)s, yu jampt(e), jambe(nt)
Preterit: jiembim, jiemb(i)st(a), jiembit, jiembam, jiembat, jiembeer
Future tid: jampsiem, jampsies, jampsiet, jampsiem(o)s, yu jampsiete, jampsient
Conditional: jambiem, jambies, jambiet, jambiem(o)s, yu jambiete, jambient
Prev participe: jampt / jamben jamiye > Infinitive: jamiye
Present: io jamiye, jamiyes, jamiyet, jamiyems, yu jamiyet(e), jamiyent
Preterit: jamiyim, jamiyist(a), jamiyit, jamiyam, jamiyat, jamiyeer
Future tid: jamiyesiem, jamiyesies, jamiyesiet, jamiyesiem(o)s, yu jamiyesiete, jamiyesient
Conditional: jamiyiem, jamiyies, jamiyiet, jamiyiem(o)s, yu jamiyiete, jamiyient
Prev participe: jamiyet / jamiyen jawab > Infinitive: jawabe
Present: jawabo, jawaps, jawapt, jawabm(o)s, yu jawapt(e), jawabe(nt)
Preterit: jawiebim, jawieb(i)st(a), jawiebit, jawiebam, jawiebat, jawiebeer
Future tid: jawapsiem, jawapsies, jawapsiet, jawapsiem(o)s, yu jawapsiete, jawapsient
Conditional: jawabiem, jawabies, jawabiet, jawabiem(o)s, yu jawabiete, jawabient
Prev participe: jawapt / jawaben jiauschou > Infinitive: jiauschoue
Present: jiauschoum, jiauschous, jiauschout, jiauschoum(o)s, yu jiauschout(e), jiauschount
Preterit: jiieuschousim, jiieuschoust(a), jiieuschousit, jiieuschoam, jiieuschoat, jiieuschour
Future tid: jiauschousiem, jiauschousies, jiauschousiet, jiauschousiem(o)s, yu jiauschousiete, jiauschousient
Conditional: jiauschoiem, jiauschoies, jiauschoiet, jiauschoiem(o)s, yu jiauschoiete, jiauschoient
Prev participe: jiauschout / jiauschoun jidal > Infinitive: jidale
Present: jidalo, jidals, jidalt, jidalm(o)s, yu jidalt(e), jidale(nt)
Preterit: jidielim, jidiel(i)st(a), jidielit, jidielam, jidielat, jidieleer
Future tid: jidalsiem, jidalsies, jidalsiet, jidalsiem(o)s, yu jidalsiete, jidalsient
Conditional: jidaliem, jidalies, jidaliet, jidaliem(o)s, yu jidaliete, jidalient
Prev participe: jidalt / jidalen jiman > Infinitive: jimane
Present: jimano, jimans, jimant, jimanm(o)s, yu jimant(e), jimane(nt)
Preterit: jimienim, jimien(i)st(a), jimienit, jimienam, jimienat, jimieneer
Future tid: jimansiem, jimansies, jimansiet, jimansiem(o)s, yu jimansiete, jimansient
Conditional: jimaniem, jimanies, jimaniet, jimaniem(o)s, yu jimaniete, jimanient
Prev participe: jimant / jimanen jinkdou > Infinitive: jinkdoue
Present: jinkdoum, jinkdous, jinkdout, jinkdoum(o)s, yu jinkdout(e), jinkdount
Preterit: jinkdousim, jinkdoust(a), jinkdousit, jinkdoam, jinkdoat, jinkdour
Future tid: jinkdousiem, jinkdousies, jinkdousiet, jinkdousiem(o)s, yu jinkdousiete, jinkdousient
Conditional: jinkdoiem, jinkdoies, jinkdoiet, jinkdoiem(o)s, yu jinkdoiete, jinkdoient
Prev participe: jinkdout / jinkdoun jlampoh > Infinitive: jlampohe
Present: jlampohm, jlampohs, jlampoht, jlampohm(o)s, yu jlampoht(e), jlampohnt
Preterit: jlampohsim, jlampohst(a), jlampohsit, jlampohsam, jlampohsat, jlampohr
Future tid: jlampohsiem, jlampohsies, jlampohsiet, jlampohsiem(o)s, yu jlampohsiete, jlampohsient
Conditional: jlampohiem, jlampohies, jlampohiet, jlampohiem(o)s, yu jlampohiete, jlampohient
Prev participe: jlampoht / jlampohn job > Infinitive: jobe
Present: jobo, jops, jopt, jobm(o)s, yu jopt(e), jobe(nt)
Preterit: jobim, job(i)st(a), jobit, jobam, jobat, jobeer
Future tid: jopsiem, jopsies, jopsiet, jopsiem(o)s, yu jopsiete, jopsient
Conditional: jobiem, jobies, jobiet, jobiem(o)s, yu jobiete, jobient
Prev participe: jopt / joben join > Infinitive: joine
Present: joino, joins, joint, joinm(o)s, yu joint(e), joine(nt)
Preterit: joinim, join(i)st(a), joinit, joinam, joinat, joineer
Future tid: joinsiem, joinsies, joinsiet, joinsiem(o)s, yu joinsiete, joinsient
Conditional: joiniem, joinies, joiniet, joiniem(o)s, yu joiniete, joinient
Prev participe: joint / joinen jonglire > Infinitive: jonglire
Present: io jonglire, jonglires, jongliret, jonglirems, yu jongliret(e), jonglirent
Preterit: jonglirim, jonglirist(a), jonglirit, jongliram, jonglirat, jonglireer
Future tid: jongliresiem, jongliresies, jongliresiet, jongliresiem(o)s, yu jongliresiete, jongliresient
Conditional: jongliriem, jongliries, jongliriet, jongliriem(o)s, yu jongliriete, jonglirient
Prev participe: jongliret / jongliren justiciable > Infinitive: justiciable
Present: io justiciable, justiciables, justiciablet, justiciablems, yu justiciablet(e), justiciablent
Preterit: justiciablim, justiciablist(a), justiciablit, justiciablam, justiciablat, justiciableer
Future tid: justiciablesiem, justiciablesies, justiciablesiet, justiciablesiem(o)s, yu justiciablesiete, justiciablesient
Conditional: justiciabliem, justiciablies, justiciabliet, justiciabliem(o)s, yu justiciabliete, justiciablient
Prev participe: justiciablet / justiciablen justifie > Infinitive: justifie
Present: io justifie, justifies, justifiet, justifiems, yu justifiet(e), justifient
Preterit: justificim, justifiest, justificit, justifiam, justifiat, justifier
Future tid: justifiesiem, justifiesies, justifiesiet, justifiesiem(o)s, yu justifiesiete, justifiesient
Conditional: justificiem, justificies, justificiet, justificiem(o)s, yu justificiete, justificient
Prev participe: justifiet / justifien jvayer > Infinitive: jvayer
Present: io jvayer, jvayers, jvayert, jvayerms, yu jvayert, jvayernt
Preterit: jvieyrim, jvieyrist, jvieyrit, jviey(e)ram, jviey(e)rat, jviey(e)reer
Future tid: jvayersiem, jvayersies, jvayersiet, jvayersiem(o)s, yu jvayersiete, jvayersient
Conditional: jvayeriem, jvayeries, jvayeriet, jvayeriem(o)s, yu jvayeriete, jvayerient
Prev participe: jvayert / jvayern kabee > Infinitive: kabee
Present: io kabee, kabees, kabeet, kabeems, yu kabeet(e), kabeent
Preterit: kabeim, kabeist(a), kabeit, kabeam, kabeat, kabeeer
Future tid: kabeesiem, kabeesies, kabeesiet, kabeesiem(o)s, yu kabeesiete, kabeesient
Conditional: kabeiem, kabeies, kabeiet, kabeiem(o)s, yu kabeiete, kabeient
Prev participe: kabeet / kabeen kakhkakh > Infinitive: kakhkakhe
Present: kakhkakho, kakhkakhs, kakhkakht, kakhkakhm(o)s, yu kakhkakht(e), kakhkakhe(nt)
Preterit: kakhkiekhim, kakhkiekh(i)st(a), kakhkiekhit, kakhkiekham, kakhkiekhat, kakhkiekheer
Future tid: kakhkakhsiem, kakhkakhsies, kakhkakhsiet, kakhkakhsiem(o)s, yu kakhkakhsiete, kakhkakhsient
Conditional: kakhkakhiem, kakhkakhies, kakhkakhiet, kakhkakhiem(o)s, yu kakhkakhiete, kakhkakhient
Prev participe: kakhkakht / kakhkakhen kal > Infinitive: kale
Present: kalo, kals, kalt, kalm(o)s, yu kalt(e), kale(nt)
Preterit: kielim, kiel(i)st(a), kielit, kielam, kielat, kieleer
Future tid: kalsiem, kalsies, kalsiet, kalsiem(o)s, yu kalsiete, kalsient
Conditional: kaliem, kalies, kaliet, kaliem(o)s, yu kaliete, kalient
Prev participe: kalt / kalen kalay > Infinitive: kalaye
Present: kalaym, kalays, kalayt, kalaym(o)s, yu kalayt(e), kalaynt
Preterit: kalieyim, kalieyst(a), kalieyit, kalieyam, kalieyat, kalieyeer
Future tid: kalaysiem, kalaysies, kalaysiet, kalaysiem(o)s, yu kalaysiete, kalaysient
Conditional: kalayiem, kalayies, kalayiet, kalayiem(o)s, yu kalayiete, kalayient
Prev participe: kalayt / kalayen kalc > Infinitive: kalce
Present: kalco, kalcs, kalct, kalcm(o)s, yu kalct(e), kalce(nt)
Preterit: kielcim, kielc(i)st(a), kielcit, kielcam, kielcat, kielceer
Future tid: kalcsiem, kalcsies, kalcsiet, kalcsiem(o)s, yu kalcsiete, kalcsient
Conditional: kalciem, kalcies, kalciet, kalciem(o)s, yu kalciete, kalcient
Prev participe: kalct / kalcen kam > Infinitive: kame
Present: kamo, kams, kamt, kamm(o)s, yu kamt(e), kame(nt)
Preterit: kiemim, kiem(i)st(a), kiemit, kiemam, kiemat, kiemeer
Future tid: kamsiem, kamsies, kamsiet, kamsiem(o)s, yu kamsiete, kamsient
Conditional: kamiem, kamies, kamiet, kamiem(o)s, yu kamiete, kamient
Prev participe: kamt / kamen kames > Infinitive: kames
Present: kamo, kams, kamt, kamm(o)s, yu kamt(e), kame(nt)
Preterit: kasim, kas(i)st(a), kasit, kasam, kasat, kaseer
Future tid: kamsiem, kamsies, kamsiet, kamsiem(o)s, yu kamsiete, kamsient
Conditional: kamiem, kamies, kamiet, kamiem(o)s, yu kamiete, kamient
Prev participe: kast / kasen kamikaze > Infinitive: kamikaze
Present: io kamikaze, kamikazes, kamikazet, kamikazems, yu kamikazet(e), kamikazent
Preterit: kamikazim, kamikazist(a), kamikazit, kamikazam, kamikazat, kamikazeer
Future tid: kamikazesiem, kamikazesies, kamikazesiet, kamikazesiem(o)s, yu kamikazesiete, kamikazesient
Conditional: kamikaziem, kamikazies, kamikaziet, kamikaziem(o)s, yu kamikaziete, kamikazient
Prev participe: kamikazet / kamikazen kammer > Infinitive: kammer
Present: io kammer, kammers, kammert, kammerms, yu kammert, kammernt
Preterit: kiemmrim, kiemmrist, kiemmrit, kiemm(e)ram, kiemm(e)rat, kiemm(e)reer
Future tid: kammersiem, kammersies, kammersiet, kammersiem(o)s, yu kammersiete, kammersient
Conditional: kammeriem, kammeries, kammeriet, kammeriem(o)s, yu kammeriete, kammerient
Prev participe: kammert / kammern kamyab > Infinitive: kamyabe
Present: kamyabo, kamyaps, kamyapt, kamyabm(o)s, yu kamyapt(e), kamyabe(nt)
Preterit: kamyiebim, kamyieb(i)st(a), kamyiebit, kamyiebam, kamyiebat, kamyiebeer
Future tid: kamyapsiem, kamyapsies, kamyapsiet, kamyapsiem(o)s, yu kamyapsiete, kamyapsient
Conditional: kamyabiem, kamyabies, kamyabiet, kamyabiem(o)s, yu kamyabiete, kamyabient
Prev participe: kamyapt / kamyaben kan > Infinitive: kane
Present: kano, kans, kant, kanm(o)s, yu kant(e), kane(nt)
Preterit: kienim, kien(i)st(a), kienit, kienam, kienat, kieneer
Future tid: kansiem, kansies, kansiet, kansiem(o)s, yu kansiete, kansient
Conditional: kaniem, kanies, kaniet, kaniem(o)s, yu kaniete, kanient
Prev participe: kant / kanen kand > Infinitive: kande
Present: kando, kands, kandt, kandm(o)s, yu kandt(e), kande(nt)
Preterit: kiendim, kiend(i)st(a), kiendit, kiendam, kiendat, kiendeer
Future tid: kandsiem, kandsies, kandsiet, kandsiem(o)s, yu kandsiete, kandsient
Conditional: kandiem, kandies, kandiet, kandiem(o)s, yu kandiete, kandient
Prev participe: kans / kanden kandelaber > Infinitive: kandelaber
Present: io kandelaber, kandelabers, kandelabert, kandelaberms, yu kandelabert, kandelabernt
Preterit: kandeliebrim, kandeliebrist, kandeliebrit, kandelieb(e)ram, kandelieb(e)rat, kandelieb(e)reer
Future tid: kandelabersiem, kandelabersies, kandelabersiet, kandelabersiem(o)s, yu kandelabersiete, kandelabersient
Conditional: kandelaberiem, kandelaberies, kandelaberiet, kandelaberiem(o)s, yu kandelaberiete, kandelaberient
Prev participe: kandelabert / kandelabern kankel > Infinitive: kankel
Present: io kankel, kankels, kankelt, kankelms, yu kankelt, kankelnt
Preterit: kienklim, kienklist, kienklit, kienk(e)lam, kienk(e)lat, kienk(e)leer
Future tid: kankelsiem, kankelsies, kankelsiet, kankelsiem(o)s, yu kankelsiete, kankelsient
Conditional: kankeliem, kankelies, kankeliet, kankeliem(o)s, yu kankeliete, kankelient
Prev participe: kankelt / kankeln kanrin > Infinitive: kanrine
Present: kanrino, kanrins, kanrint, kanrinm(o)s, yu kanrint(e), kanrine(nt)
Preterit: kanrinim, kanrin(i)st(a), kanrinit, kanrinam, kanrinat, kanrineer
Future tid: kanrinsiem, kanrinsies, kanrinsiet, kanrinsiem(o)s, yu kanrinsiete, kanrinsient
Conditional: kanriniem, kanrinies, kanriniet, kanriniem(o)s, yu kanriniete, kanrinient
Prev participe: kanrint / kanrinen kap > Infinitive: kape
Present: kapo, kaps, kapt, kapm(o)s, yu kapt(e), kape(nt)
Preterit: kiepim, kiep(i)st(a), kiepit, kiepam, kiepat, kiepeer
Future tid: kapsiem, kapsies, kapsiet, kapsiem(o)s, yu kapsiete, kapsient
Conditional: kapiem, kapies, kapiet, kapiem(o)s, yu kapiete, kapient
Prev participe: kapt / kapen karakh > Infinitive: karakhe
Present: karakho, karakhs, karakht, karakhm(o)s, yu karakht(e), karakhe(nt)
Preterit: kariekhim, kariekh(i)st(a), kariekhit, kariekham, kariekhat, kariekheer
Future tid: karakhsiem, karakhsies, karakhsiet, karakhsiem(o)s, yu karakhsiete, karakhsient
Conditional: karakhiem, karakhies, karakhiet, karakhiem(o)s, yu karakhiete, karakhient
Prev participe: karakht / karakhen kard > Infinitive: karde
Present: kardo, kards, kardt, kardm(o)s, yu kardt(e), karde(nt)
Preterit: kierdim, kierd(i)st(a), kierdit, kierdam, kierdat, kierdeer
Future tid: kardsiem, kardsies, kardsiet, kardsiem(o)s, yu kardsiete, kardsient
Conditional: kardiem, kardies, kardiet, kardiem(o)s, yu kardiete, kardient
Prev participe: kars / karden kardanew > Infinitive: kardanwes
Present: kardanwo, kardanws, kardanwt, kardanwm(o)s, yu kardanwt(e), kardanwnt
Preterit: kardawim, kardawst(a), kardawit, kardawam, kardawat, kardaweer
Future tid: kardanwsiem, kardanwsies, kardanwsiet, kardanwsiem(o)s, yu kardanwsiete, kardanwsient
Conditional: kardanwiem, kardanwies, kardanwiet, kardanwiem(o)s, yu kardanwiete, kardanwient
Prev participe: kardawt / kardawen kardeh > Infinitive: kardehe
Present: kardehm, kardehs, kardeht, kardehm(o)s, yu kardeht(e), kardehnt
Preterit: kardehsim, kardehst(a), kardehsit, kardehsam, kardehsat, kardehr
Future tid: kardehsiem, kardehsies, kardehsiet, kardehsiem(o)s, yu kardehsiete, kardehsient
Conditional: kardehiem, kardehies, kardehiet, kardehiem(o)s, yu kardehiete, kardehient
Prev participe: kardeht / kardehn kardwn > Infinitive: kardwne
Present: kardwno, kardwns, kardwnt, kardwnm(o)s, yu kardwnt(e), kardwne(nt)
Preterit: kierdwnim, kierdwn(i)st(a), kierdwnit, kierdwnam, kierdwnat, kierdwneer
Future tid: kardwnsiem, kardwnsies, kardwnsiet, kardwnsiem(o)s, yu kardwnsiete, kardwnsient
Conditional: kardwniem, kardwnies, kardwniet, kardwniem(o)s, yu kardwniete, kardwnient
Prev participe: kardwnt / kardwnen karp > Infinitive: karpe
Present: karpo, karps, karpt, karpm(o)s, yu karpt(e), karpe(nt)
Preterit: kierpim, kierp(i)st(a), kierpit, kierpam, kierpat, kierpeer
Future tid: karpsiem, karpsies, karpsiet, karpsiem(o)s, yu karpsiete, karpsient
Conditional: karpiem, karpies, karpiet, karpiem(o)s, yu karpiete, karpient
Prev participe: karpt / karpen karrar > Infinitive: karrare
Present: karraro, karrars, karrart, karrarm(o)s, yu karrart(e), karrare(nt)
Preterit: karrierim, karrier(i)st(a), karrierit, karrieram, karrierat, karriereer
Future tid: karrarsiem, karrarsies, karrarsiet, karrarsiem(o)s, yu karrarsiete, karrarsient
Conditional: karrariem, karraries, karrariet, karrariem(o)s, yu karrariete, karrarient
Prev participe: karrart / karraren karug > Infinitive: karuge
Present: karugo, karucs, karuct, karugm(o)s, yu karuct(e), karuge(nt)
Preterit: karugim, karug(i)st(a), karugit, karugam, karugat, karugeer
Future tid: karucsiem, karucsies, karucsiet, karucsiem(o)s, yu karucsiete, karucsient
Conditional: karugiem, karugies, karugiet, karugiem(o)s, yu karugiete, karugient
Prev participe: karuct / karugen kassam > Infinitive: kassame
Present: kassamo, kassams, kassamt, kassamm(o)s, yu kassamt(e), kassame(nt)
Preterit: kassiemim, kassiem(i)st(a), kassiemit, kassiemam, kassiemat, kassiemeer
Future tid: kassamsiem, kassamsies, kassamsiet, kassamsiem(o)s, yu kassamsiete, kassamsient
Conditional: kassamiem, kassamies, kassamiet, kassamiem(o)s, yu kassamiete, kassamient
Prev participe: kassamt / kassamen kaster > Infinitive: kaster
Present: io kaster, kasters, kastert, kasterms, yu kastert, kasternt
Preterit: kiestrim, kiestrist, kiestrit, kiest(e)ram, kiest(e)rat, kiest(e)reer
Future tid: kastersiem, kastersies, kastersiet, kastersiem(o)s, yu kastersiete, kastersient
Conditional: kasteriem, kasteries, kasteriet, kasteriem(o)s, yu kasteriete, kasterient
Prev participe: kastert / kastern kataedd > Infinitive: kataedde
Present: kataeddo, kataedds, kataeddt, kataeddm(o)s, yu kataeddt(e), kataedde(nt)
Preterit: kataessim, kataess(i)st(a), kataessit, kataessam, kataessat, kataesseer
Future tid: kataeddsiem, kataeddsies, kataeddsiet, kataeddsiem(o)s, yu kataeddsiete, kataeddsient
Conditional: kataeddiem, kataeddies, kataeddiet, kataeddiem(o)s, yu kataeddiete, kataeddient
Prev participe: kataess / kataedden katapoh > Infinitive: katapohe
Present: katapohm, katapohs, katapoht, katapohm(o)s, yu katapoht(e), katapohnt
Preterit: katapohsim, katapohst(a), katapohsit, katapohsam, katapohsat, katapohr
Future tid: katapohsiem, katapohsies, katapohsiet, katapohsiem(o)s, yu katapohsiete, katapohsient
Conditional: katapohiem, katapohies, katapohiet, katapohiem(o)s, yu katapohiete, katapohient
Prev participe: katapoht / katapohn katathematise > Infinitive: katathematise
Present: io katathematise, katathematises, katathematiset, katathematisems, yu katathematiset(e), katathematisent
Preterit: katathematisim, katathematisist(a), katathematisit, katathematisam, katathematisat, katathematiseer
Future tid: katathematisesiem, katathematisesies, katathematisesiet, katathematisesiem(o)s, yu katathematisesiete, katathematisesient
Conditional: katathematisiem, katathematisies, katathematisiet, katathematisiem(o)s, yu katathematisiete, katathematisient
Prev participe: katathematiset / katathematisen kattil > Infinitive: kattile
Present: kattilo, kattils, kattilt, kattilm(o)s, yu kattilt(e), kattile(nt)
Preterit: kiettilim, kiettil(i)st(a), kiettilit, kiettilam, kiettilat, kiettileer
Future tid: kattilsiem, kattilsies, kattilsiet, kattilsiem(o)s, yu kattilsiete, kattilsient
Conditional: kattiliem, kattilies, kattiliet, kattiliem(o)s, yu kattiliete, kattilient
Prev participe: kattilt / kattilen katue > Infinitive: katue
Present: io katue, katues, katuet, katuems, yu katuet(e), katuent
Preterit: katuim, katuist(a), katuit, katuam, katuat, katueer
Future tid: katuesiem, katuesies, katuesiet, katuesiem(o)s, yu katuesiete, katuesient
Conditional: katuiem, katuies, katuiet, katuiem(o)s, yu katuiete, katuient
Prev participe: katuet / katuen kau > Infinitive: kaue
Present: kaum, kaus, kaut, kaum(o)s, yu kaut(e), kaunt
Preterit: kieusim, kieust(a), kieusit, kieam, kieat, kieur
Future tid: kausiem, kausies, kausiet, kausiem(o)s, yu kausiete, kausient
Conditional: kaiem, kaies, kaiet, kaiem(o)s, yu kaiete, kaient
Prev participe: kaut / kaun kaug > Infinitive: kauge
Present: kaugo, kaucs, kauct, kaugm(o)s, yu kauct(e), kauge(nt)
Preterit: kaugim, kaug(i)st(a), kaugit, kaugam, kaugat, kaugeer
Future tid: kaucsiem, kaucsies, kaucsiet, kaucsiem(o)s, yu kaucsiete, kaucsient
Conditional: kaugiem, kaugies, kaugiet, kaugiem(o)s, yu kaugiete, kaugient
Prev participe: kauct / kaugen kaul > Infinitive: kaule
Present: kaulo, kauls, kault, kaulm(o)s, yu kault(e), kaule(nt)
Preterit: kaulim, kaul(i)st(a), kaulit, kaulam, kaulat, kauleer
Future tid: kaulsiem, kaulsies, kaulsiet, kaulsiem(o)s, yu kaulsiete, kaulsient
Conditional: kauliem, kaulies, kauliet, kauliem(o)s, yu kauliete, kaulient
Prev participe: kault / kaulen kaup > Infinitive: kaupe
Present: kaupo, kaups, kaupt, kaupm(o)s, yu kaupt(e), kaupe(nt)
Preterit: kaupim, kaup(i)st(a), kaupit, kaupam, kaupat, kaupeer
Future tid: kaupsiem, kaupsies, kaupsiet, kaupsiem(o)s, yu kaupsiete, kaupsient
Conditional: kaupiem, kaupies, kaupiet, kaupiem(o)s, yu kaupiete, kaupient
Prev participe: kaupt / kaupen kaur > Infinitive: kaure
Present: kauro, kaurs, kaurt, kaurm(o)s, yu kaurt(e), kaure(nt)
Preterit: kaurim, kaur(i)st(a), kaurit, kauram, kaurat, kaureer
Future tid: kaursiem, kaursies, kaursiet, kaursiem(o)s, yu kaursiete, kaursient
Conditional: kauriem, kauries, kauriet, kauriem(o)s, yu kauriete, kaurient
Prev participe: kaurt / kauren kav > Infinitive: kave
Present: kavo, kavs, kavt, kavm(o)s, yu kavt(e), kave(nt)
Preterit: kievim, kiev(i)st(a), kievit, kievam, kievat, kieveer
Future tid: kavsiem, kavsies, kavsiet, kavsiem(o)s, yu kavsiete, kavsient
Conditional: kaviem, kavies, kaviet, kaviem(o)s, yu kaviete, kavient
Prev participe: kawt / kaven kaychien > Infinitive: kaychiene
Present: kaychieno, kaychiens, kaychient, kaychienm(o)s, yu kaychient(e), kaychiene(nt)
Preterit: kaychienim, kaychien(i)st(a), kaychienit, kaychienam, kaychienat, kaychieneer
Future tid: kaychiensiem, kaychiensies, kaychiensiet, kaychiensiem(o)s, yu kaychiensiete, kaychiensient
Conditional: kaychieniem, kaychienies, kaychieniet, kaychieniem(o)s, yu kaychieniete, kaychienient
Prev participe: kaychient / kaychienen kayd > Infinitive: kayde
Present: kaydo, kayds, kaydt, kaydm(o)s, yu kaydt(e), kayde(nt)
Preterit: kieydim, kieyd(i)st(a), kieydit, kieydam, kieydat, kieydeer
Future tid: kaydsiem, kaydsies, kaydsiet, kaydsiem(o)s, yu kaydsiete, kaydsient
Conditional: kaydiem, kaydies, kaydiet, kaydiem(o)s, yu kaydiete, kaydient
Prev participe: kays / kayden kayjin > Infinitive: kayjine
Present: kayjino, kayjins, kayjint, kayjinm(o)s, yu kayjint(e), kayjine(nt)
Preterit: kayjinim, kayjin(i)st(a), kayjinit, kayjinam, kayjinat, kayjineer
Future tid: kayjinsiem, kayjinsies, kayjinsiet, kayjinsiem(o)s, yu kayjinsiete, kayjinsient
Conditional: kayjiniem, kayjinies, kayjiniet, kayjiniem(o)s, yu kayjiniete, kayjinient
Prev participe: kayjint / kayjinen kayl > Infinitive: kayle
Present: kaylo, kayls, kaylt, kaylm(o)s, yu kaylt(e), kayle(nt)
Preterit: kieylim, kieyl(i)st(a), kieylit, kieylam, kieylat, kieyleer
Future tid: kaylsiem, kaylsies, kaylsiet, kaylsiem(o)s, yu kaylsiete, kaylsient
Conditional: kayliem, kaylies, kayliet, kayliem(o)s, yu kayliete, kaylient
Prev participe: kaylt / kaylen kehgn > Infinitive: kehgne
Present: kehgno, kehgnes, kehgnet, kehgnems, yu kehgnet(e), kehgne(nt)
Preterit: kohgnim, kohgn(i)st(a), kohgnit, kohgnam, kohgnat, kohgneer
Future tid: siem kehgne, sies kehgne, siet kehgne, siem(o)s kehgne, yu siete kehgne, sient kehgne
Conditional: kehgniem, kehgnies, kehgniet, kehgniem(o)s, yu kehgniete, kehgnient
Prev participe: kohgnet / kohgnen kehl > Infinitive: kehle
Present: kehlo, kehls, kehlt, kehlm(o)s, yu kehlt(e), kehle(nt)
Preterit: kohlim, kohl(i)st(a), kohlit, kohlam, kohlat, kohleer
Future tid: kehlsiem, kehlsies, kehlsiet, kehlsiem(o)s, yu kehlsiete, kehlsient
Conditional: kehliem, kehlies, kehliet, kehliem(o)s, yu kehliete, kehlient
Prev participe: kohlt / kohlen kehm > Infinitive: kehme
Present: kehmo, kehms, kehmt, kehmm(o)s, yu kehmt(e), kehme(nt)
Preterit: kohmim, kohm(i)st(a), kohmit, kohmam, kohmat, kohmeer
Future tid: kehmsiem, kehmsies, kehmsiet, kehmsiem(o)s, yu kehmsiete, kehmsient
Conditional: kehmiem, kehmies, kehmiet, kehmiem(o)s, yu kehmiete, kehmient
Prev participe: kohmt / kohmen kehmb > Infinitive: kehmbe
Present: kehmbo, kehmps, kehmpt, kehmbm(o)s, yu kehmpt(e), kehmbe(nt)
Preterit: kohmbim, kohmb(i)st(a), kohmbit, kohmbam, kohmbat, kohmbeer
Future tid: kehmpsiem, kehmpsies, kehmpsiet, kehmpsiem(o)s, yu kehmpsiete, kehmpsient
Conditional: kehmbiem, kehmbies, kehmbiet, kehmbiem(o)s, yu kehmbiete, kehmbient
Prev participe: kohmpt / kohmben kehmber > Infinitive: kehmber
Present: io kehmber, kehmbers, kehmbert, kehmberms, yu kehmbert, kehmbernt
Preterit: kohmbrim, kohmbrist, kohmbrit, kohmb(e)ram, kohmb(e)rat, kohmb(e)reer
Future tid: kehmbersiem, kehmbersies, kehmbersiet, kehmbersiem(o)s, yu kehmbersiete, kehmbersient
Conditional: kehmberiem, kehmberies, kehmberiet, kehmberiem(o)s, yu kehmberiete, kehmberient
Prev participe: kohmbert / kohmbern kehns > Infinitive: kehnse
Present: kehnso, kehns, kehnst, kehnsm(o)s, yu kehnst(e), kehnse(nt)
Preterit: kohnsim, kohns(i)st(a), kohnsit, kohnsam, kohnsat, kohnseer
Future tid: siem kehnse, sies kehnse, siet kehnse, siem(o)s kehnse, yu siete kehnse, sient kehnse
Conditional: kehnsiem, kehnsies, kehnsiet, kehnsiem(o)s, yu kehnsiete, kehnsient
Prev participe: kohnst / kohnsen kehrz > Infinitive: kehrze
Present: kehrzo, kehrzs, kehrzt, kehrzm(o)s, yu kehrzt(e), kehrze(nt)
Preterit: kohrzim, kohrz(i)st(a), kohrzit, kohrzam, kohrzat, kohrzeer
Future tid: siem kehrze, sies kehrze, siet kehrze, siem(o)s kehrze, yu siete kehrze, sient kehrze
Conditional: kehrziem, kehrzies, kehrziet, kehrziem(o)s, yu kehrziete, kehrzient
Prev participe: kohrzt / kohrzen kehrztapwl > Infinitive: kehrztapwle
Present: kehrztapwlo, kehrztapwls, kehrztapwlt, kehrztapwlm(o)s, yu kehrztapwlt(e), kehrztapwle(nt)
Preterit: kohrztapwlim, kohrztapwl(i)st(a), kohrztapwlit, kohrztapwlam, kohrztapwlat, kohrztapwleer
Future tid: kehrztapwlsiem, kehrztapwlsies, kehrztapwlsiet, kehrztapwlsiem(o)s, yu kehrztapwlsiete, kehrztapwlsient
Conditional: kehrztapwliem, kehrztapwlies, kehrztapwliet, kehrztapwliem(o)s, yu kehrztapwliete, kehrztapwlient
Prev participe: kohrztapwlt / kohrztapwlen keih > Infinitive: kihes
Present: keihm, keihs, keiht, keihm(o)s, yu keiht(e), keihnt
Preterit: kihsim, kihst(a), kihsit, kihsam, kihsat, kihr
Future tid: keihsiem, keihsies, keihsiet, keihsiem(o)s, yu keihsiete, keihsient
Conditional: keihiem, keihies, keihiet, keihiem(o)s, yu keihiete, keihient
Prev participe: kiht / kihn keing > Infinitive: kinges
Present: keingo, keincs, keinct, keingm(o)s, yu keinct(e), keinge(nt)
Preterit: kingim, king(i)st(a), kingit, kingam, kingat, kingeer
Future tid: keincsiem, keincsies, keincsiet, keincsiem(o)s, yu keincsiete, keincsient
Conditional: keingiem, keingies, keingiet, keingiem(o)s, yu keingiete, keingient
Prev participe: kinct / kingen keip > Infinitive: kipes
Present: keipo, keips, keipt, keipm(o)s, yu keipt(e), keipe(nt)
Preterit: kipim, kip(i)st(a), kipit, kipam, kipat, kipeer
Future tid: keipsiem, keipsies, keipsiet, keipsiem(o)s, yu keipsiete, keipsient
Conditional: keipiem, keipies, keipiet, keipiem(o)s, yu keipiete, keipient
Prev participe: kipt / kipen keisch > Infinitive: kisches
Present: keischo, keischs, keischt, keischm(o)s, yu keischt(e), keische(nt)
Preterit: kischim, kisch(i)st(a), kischit, kischam, kischat, kischeer
Future tid: siem kisches, sies kisches, siet kisches, siem(o)s kisches, yu siete kisches, sient kisches
Conditional: keischiem, keischies, keischiet, keischiem(o)s, yu keischiete, keischient
Prev participe: kischt / kischen ker > Infinitive: ker
Present: io ker, kers, kert, kerms, yu kert, kernt
Preterit: krim, krist, krit, k(e)ram, k(e)rat, k(e)reer
Future tid: kersiem, kersies, kersiet, kersiem(o)s, yu kersiete, kersient
Conditional: keriem, keries, keriet, keriem(o)s, yu keriete, kerient
Prev participe: kert / kern keramise > Infinitive: keramise
Present: io keramise, keramises, keramiset, keramisems, yu keramiset(e), keramisent
Preterit: keramisim, keramisist(a), keramisit, keramisam, keramisat, keramiseer
Future tid: keramisesiem, keramisesies, keramisesiet, keramisesiem(o)s, yu keramisesiete, keramisesient
Conditional: keramisiem, keramisies, keramisiet, keramisiem(o)s, yu keramisiete, keramisient
Prev participe: keramiset / keramisen keraun > Infinitive: keraune
Present: kerauno, kerauns, keraunt, keraunm(o)s, yu keraunt(e), keraune(nt)
Preterit: keraunim, keraun(i)st(a), keraunit, keraunam, keraunat, kerauneer
Future tid: keraunsiem, keraunsies, keraunsiet, keraunsiem(o)s, yu keraunsiete, keraunsient
Conditional: kerauniem, keraunies, kerauniet, kerauniem(o)s, yu kerauniete, keraunient
Prev participe: keraunt / keraunen keren > Infinitive: kernes
Present: kerno, kerens, kerent, kernm(o)s, yu kerent(e), kerne(nt)
Preterit: kerim, ker(i)st(a), kerit, keram, kerat, kereer
Future tid: kerensiem, kerensies, kerensiet, kerensiem(o)s, yu kerensiete, kerensient
Conditional: kerniem, kernies, kerniet, kerniem(o)s, yu kerniete, kernient
Prev participe: kert / keren ketterpehd > Infinitive: ketterpehde
Present: ketterpehdo, ketterpehds, ketterpehdt, ketterpehdm(o)s, yu ketterpehdt(e), ketterpehde(nt)
Preterit: ketterpohdim, ketterpohd(i)st(a), ketterpohdit, ketterpohdam, ketterpohdat, ketterpohdeer
Future tid: ketterpehdsiem, ketterpehdsies, ketterpehdsiet, ketterpehdsiem(o)s, yu ketterpehdsiete, ketterpehdsient
Conditional: ketterpehdiem, ketterpehdies, ketterpehdiet, ketterpehdiem(o)s, yu ketterpehdiete, ketterpehdient
Prev participe: ketterpohdt / ketterpohden keul > Infinitive: kules
Present: keulo, keuls, keult, keulm(o)s, yu keult(e), keule(nt)
Preterit: kulim, kul(i)st(a), kulit, kulam, kulat, kuleer
Future tid: keulsiem, keulsies, keulsiet, keulsiem(o)s, yu keulsiete, keulsient
Conditional: keuliem, keulies, keuliet, keuliem(o)s, yu keuliete, keulient
Prev participe: kult / kulen keulk > Infinitive: kulkes
Present: keulko, keulcs, keulct, keulkm(o)s, yu keulct(e), keulke(nt)
Preterit: kulkim, kulk(i)st(a), kulkit, kulkam, kulkat, kulkeer
Future tid: keulcsiem, keulcsies, keulcsiet, keulcsiem(o)s, yu keulcsiete, keulcsient
Conditional: keulkiem, keulkies, keulkiet, keulkiem(o)s, yu keulkiete, keulkient
Prev participe: kulct / kulken keung > Infinitive: kunges
Present: keungo, keuncs, keunct, keungm(o)s, yu keunct(e), keunge(nt)
Preterit: kungim, kung(i)st(a), kungit, kungam, kungat, kungeer
Future tid: keuncsiem, keuncsies, keuncsiet, keuncsiem(o)s, yu keuncsiete, keuncsient
Conditional: keungiem, keungies, keungiet, keungiem(o)s, yu keungiete, keungient
Prev participe: kunct / kungen keup > Infinitive: kupes
Present: keupo, keups, keupt, keupm(o)s, yu keupt(e), keupe(nt)
Preterit: kupim, kup(i)st(a), kupit, kupam, kupat, kupeer
Future tid: keupsiem, keupsies, keupsiet, keupsiem(o)s, yu keupsiete, keupsient
Conditional: keupiem, keupies, keupiet, keupiem(o)s, yu keupiete, keupient
Prev participe: kupt / kupen keuzd > Infinitive: kuzdes
Present: keuzdo, keuzds, keuzdt, keuzdm(o)s, yu keuzdt(e), keuzde(nt)
Preterit: kuzdim, kuzd(i)st(a), kuzdit, kuzdam, kuzdat, kuzdeer
Future tid: siem kuzdes, sies kuzdes, siet kuzdes, siem(o)s kuzdes, yu siete kuzdes, sient kuzdes
Conditional: keuzdiem, keuzdies, keuzdiet, keuzdiem(o)s, yu keuzdiete, keuzdient
Prev participe: kuzdt / kuzden khak > Infinitive: khake
Present: khako, khacs, khact, khakm(o)s, yu khact(e), khake(nt)
Preterit: khiekim, khiek(i)st(a), khiekit, khiekam, khiekat, khiekeer
Future tid: khacsiem, khacsies, khacsiet, khacsiem(o)s, yu khacsiete, khacsient
Conditional: khakiem, khakies, khakiet, khakiem(o)s, yu khakiete, khakient
Prev participe: khact / khaken khanye > Infinitive: khanye
Present: io khanye, khanyes, khanyet, khanyems, yu khanyet(e), khanyent
Preterit: khanyim, khanyist(a), khanyit, khanyam, khanyat, khanyeer
Future tid: khanyesiem, khanyesies, khanyesiet, khanyesiem(o)s, yu khanyesiete, khanyesient
Conditional: khanyiem, khanyies, khanyiet, khanyiem(o)s, yu khanyiete, khanyient
Prev participe: khanyet / khanyen kharij > Infinitive: kharije
Present: kharijo, kharijs, kharijt, kharijm(o)s, yu kharijt(e), kharije(nt)
Preterit: khierijim, khierij(i)st(a), khierijit, khierijam, khierijat, khierijeer
Future tid: siem kharije, sies kharije, siet kharije, siem(o)s kharije, yu siete kharije, sient kharije
Conditional: kharijiem, kharijies, kharijiet, kharijiem(o)s, yu kharijiete, kharijient
Prev participe: kharijt / kharijen khark > Infinitive: kharke
Present: kharko, kharcs, kharct, kharkm(o)s, yu kharct(e), kharke(nt)
Preterit: khierkim, khierk(i)st(a), khierkit, khierkam, khierkat, khierkeer
Future tid: kharcsiem, kharcsies, kharcsiet, kharcsiem(o)s, yu kharcsiete, kharcsient
Conditional: kharkiem, kharkies, kharkiet, kharkiem(o)s, yu kharkiete, kharkient
Prev participe: kharct / kharken khassiat > Infinitive: khassiate
Present: khassiato, khassiats, khassiat, khassiatm(o)s, yu khassiate, khassiate(nt)
Preterit: khassiietim, khassiiet(i)st(a), khassiietit, khassiietam, khassiietat, khassiieteer
Future tid: khassiatsiem, khassiatsies, khassiatsiet, khassiatsiem(o)s, yu khassiatsiete, khassiatsient
Conditional: khassiatiem, khassiaties, khassiatiet, khassiatiem(o)s, yu khassiatiete, khassiatient
Prev participe: khassiat / khassiaten khaurise > Infinitive: khaurise
Present: io khaurise, khaurises, khauriset, khaurisems, yu khauriset(e), khaurisent
Preterit: khaurisim, khaurisist(a), khaurisit, khaurisam, khaurisat, khauriseer
Future tid: khaurisesiem, khaurisesies, khaurisesiet, khaurisesiem(o)s, yu khaurisesiete, khaurisesient
Conditional: khaurisiem, khaurisies, khaurisiet, khaurisiem(o)s, yu khaurisiete, khaurisient
Prev participe: khauriset / khaurisen khauristat > Infinitive: khauristate
Present: khauristato, khauristats, khauristat, khauristatm(o)s, yu khauristate, khauristate(nt)
Preterit: khauristietim, khauristiet(i)st(a), khauristietit, khauristietam, khauristietat, khauristieteer
Future tid: khauristatsiem, khauristatsies, khauristatsiet, khauristatsiem(o)s, yu khauristatsiete, khauristatsient
Conditional: khauristatiem, khauristaties, khauristatiet, khauristatiem(o)s, yu khauristatiete, khauristatient
Prev participe: khauristat / khauristaten khaycing > Infinitive: khaycinge
Present: khaycingo, khaycincs, khaycinct, khaycingm(o)s, yu khaycinct(e), khaycinge(nt)
Preterit: khieycingim, khieycing(i)st(a), khieycingit, khieycingam, khieycingat, khieycingeer
Future tid: khaycincsiem, khaycincsies, khaycincsiet, khaycincsiem(o)s, yu khaycincsiete, khaycincsient
Conditional: khaycingiem, khaycingies, khaycingiet, khaycingiem(o)s, yu khaycingiete, khaycingient
Prev participe: khaycinct / khaycingen khayxien > Infinitive: khayxiene
Present: khayxieno, khayxiens, khayxient, khayxienm(o)s, yu khayxient(e), khayxiene(nt)
Preterit: khayxienim, khayxien(i)st(a), khayxienit, khayxienam, khayxienat, khayxieneer
Future tid: khayxiensiem, khayxiensies, khayxiensiet, khayxiensiem(o)s, yu khayxiensiete, khayxiensient
Conditional: khayxieniem, khayxienies, khayxieniet, khayxieniem(o)s, yu khayxieniete, khayxienient
Prev participe: khayxient / khayxienen kheiss > Infinitive: khisses
Present: kheisso, kheiss, kheisst, kheissm(o)s, yu kheisst(e), kheisse(nt)
Preterit: khissim, khiss(i)st(a), khissit, khissam, khissat, khisseer
Future tid: siem khisses, sies khisses, siet khisses, siem(o)s khisses, yu siete khisses, sient khisses
Conditional: kheissiem, kheissies, kheissiet, kheissiem(o)s, yu kheissiete, kheissient
Prev participe: khisst / khissen kheuld > Infinitive: khuldes
Present: kheuldo, kheulds, kheuldt, kheuldm(o)s, yu kheuldt(e), kheulde(nt)
Preterit: khuldim, khuld(i)st(a), khuldit, khuldam, khuldat, khuldeer
Future tid: kheuldsiem, kheuldsies, kheuldsiet, kheuldsiem(o)s, yu kheuldsiete, kheuldsient
Conditional: kheuldiem, kheuldies, kheuldiet, kheuldiem(o)s, yu kheuldiete, kheuldient
Prev participe: khuldt / khulden khisab > Infinitive: khisabe
Present: khisabo, khisaps, khisapt, khisabm(o)s, yu khisapt(e), khisabe(nt)
Preterit: khisiebim, khisieb(i)st(a), khisiebit, khisiebam, khisiebat, khisiebeer
Future tid: khisapsiem, khisapsies, khisapsiet, khisapsiem(o)s, yu khisapsiete, khisapsient
Conditional: khisabiem, khisabies, khisabiet, khisabiem(o)s, yu khisabiete, khisabient
Prev participe: khisapt / khisaben khitergwehm > Infinitive: khitergwehme
Present: khitergwehmo, khitergwehms, khitergwehmt, khitergwehmm(o)s, yu khitergwehmt(e), khitergwehme(nt)
Preterit: khitergwohmim, khitergwohm(i)st(a), khitergwohmit, khitergwohmam, khitergwohmat, khitergwohmeer
Future tid: khitergwehmsiem, khitergwehmsies, khitergwehmsiet, khitergwehmsiem(o)s, yu khitergwehmsiete, khitergwehmsient
Conditional: khitergwehmiem, khitergwehmies, khitergwehmiet, khitergwehmiem(o)s, yu khitergwehmiete, khitergwehmient
Prev participe: khitergwohmt / khitergwohmen khurafat > Infinitive: khurafate
Present: khurafato, khurafats, khurafat, khurafatm(o)s, yu khurafate, khurafate(nt)
Preterit: khurafietim, khurafiet(i)st(a), khurafietit, khurafietam, khurafietat, khurafieteer
Future tid: khurafatsiem, khurafatsies, khurafatsiet, khurafatsiem(o)s, yu khurafatsiete, khurafatsient
Conditional: khurafatiem, khurafaties, khurafatiet, khurafatiem(o)s, yu khurafatiete, khurafatient
Prev participe: khurafat / khurafaten khvil > Infinitive: khvile
Present: khvilo, khvils, khvilt, khvilm(o)s, yu khvilt(e), khvile(nt)
Preterit: khvilim, khvil(i)st(a), khvilit, khvilam, khvilat, khvileer
Future tid: khvilsiem, khvilsies, khvilsiet, khvilsiem(o)s, yu khvilsiete, khvilsient
Conditional: khviliem, khvilies, khviliet, khviliem(o)s, yu khviliete, khvilient
Prev participe: khvilt / khvilen khwanrluan > Infinitive: khwanrluane
Present: khwanrluano, khwanrluans, khwanrluant, khwanrluanm(o)s, yu khwanrluant(e), khwanrluane(nt)
Preterit: khwanrluienim, khwanrluien(i)st(a), khwanrluienit, khwanrluienam, khwanrluienat, khwanrluieneer
Future tid: khwanrluansiem, khwanrluansies, khwanrluansiet, khwanrluansiem(o)s, yu khwanrluansiete, khwanrluansient
Conditional: khwanrluaniem, khwanrluanies, khwanrluaniet, khwanrluaniem(o)s, yu khwanrluaniete, khwanrluanient
Prev participe: khwanrluant / khwanrluanen khwehr > Infinitive: khwehre
Present: khwehro, khwehrs, khwehrt, khwehrm(o)s, yu khwehrt(e), khwehre(nt)
Preterit: khwohrim, khwohr(i)st(a), khwohrit, khwohram, khwohrat, khwohreer
Future tid: khwehrsiem, khwehrsies, khwehrsiet, khwehrsiem(o)s, yu khwehrsiete, khwehrsient
Conditional: khwehriem, khwehries, khwehriet, khwehriem(o)s, yu khwehriete, khwehrient
Prev participe: khwohrt / khwohren khwoyie > Infinitive: khwoyie
Present: io khwoyie, khwoyies, khwoyiet, khwoyiems, yu khwoyiet(e), khwoyient
Preterit: khwoyicim, khwoyiest, khwoyicit, khwoyiam, khwoyiat, khwoyier
Future tid: khwoyiesiem, khwoyiesies, khwoyiesiet, khwoyiesiem(o)s, yu khwoyiesiete, khwoyiesient
Conditional: khwoyiciem, khwoyicies, khwoyiciet, khwoyiciem(o)s, yu khwoyiciete, khwoyicient
Prev participe: khwoyiet / khwoyien kiaychin > Infinitive: kiaychine
Present: kiaychino, kiaychins, kiaychint, kiaychinm(o)s, yu kiaychint(e), kiaychine(nt)
Preterit: kiaychinim, kiaychin(i)st(a), kiaychinit, kiaychinam, kiaychinat, kiaychineer
Future tid: kiaychinsiem, kiaychinsies, kiaychinsiet, kiaychinsiem(o)s, yu kiaychinsiete, kiaychinsient
Conditional: kiaychiniem, kiaychinies, kiaychiniet, kiaychiniem(o)s, yu kiaychiniete, kiaychinient
Prev participe: kiaychint / kiaychinen kidnapp > Infinitive: kidnappe
Present: kidnappo, kidnapps, kidnappt, kidnappm(o)s, yu kidnappt(e), kidnappe(nt)
Preterit: kidnieppim, kidniepp(i)st(a), kidnieppit, kidnieppam, kidnieppat, kidnieppeer
Future tid: kidnappsiem, kidnappsies, kidnappsiet, kidnappsiem(o)s, yu kidnappsiete, kidnappsient
Conditional: kidnappiem, kidnappies, kidnappiet, kidnappiem(o)s, yu kidnappiete, kidnappient
Prev participe: kidnappt / kidnappen kihen > Infinitive: kihnes
Present: kihno, kihens, kihent, kihnm(o)s, yu kihent(e), kihne(nt)
Preterit: kihsim, kihst(a), kihsit, kihsam, kihsat, kihr
Future tid: kihensiem, kihensies, kihensiet, kihensiem(o)s, yu kihensiete, kihensient
Conditional: kihniem, kihnies, kihniet, kihniem(o)s, yu kihniete, kihnient
Prev participe: kiht / kihn kinew > Infinitive: kinwes
Present: kinwo, kinws, kinwt, kinwm(o)s, yu kinwt(e), kinwnt
Preterit: kiwim, kiwst(a), kiwit, kiwam, kiwat, kiweer
Future tid: kinwsiem, kinwsies, kinwsiet, kinwsiem(o)s, yu kinwsiete, kinwsient
Conditional: kinwiem, kinwies, kinwiet, kinwiem(o)s, yu kinwiete, kinwient
Prev participe: kiwt / kiwen kjiugnan > Infinitive: kjiugnane
Present: kjiugnano, kjiugnans, kjiugnant, kjiugnanm(o)s, yu kjiugnant(e), kjiugnane(nt)
Preterit: kjiugnienim, kjiugnien(i)st(a), kjiugnienit, kjiugnienam, kjiugnienat, kjiugnieneer
Future tid: kjiugnansiem, kjiugnansies, kjiugnansiet, kjiugnansiem(o)s, yu kjiugnansiete, kjiugnansient
Conditional: kjiugnaniem, kjiugnanies, kjiugnaniet, kjiugnaniem(o)s, yu kjiugnaniete, kjiugnanient
Prev participe: kjiugnant / kjiugnanen klad > Infinitive: klade
Present: klado, klads, kladt, kladm(o)s, yu kladt(e), klade(nt)
Preterit: kliedim, klied(i)st(a), kliedit, kliedam, kliedat, kliedeer
Future tid: kladsiem, kladsies, kladsiet, kladsiem(o)s, yu kladsiete, kladsient
Conditional: kladiem, kladies, kladiet, kladiem(o)s, yu kladiete, kladient
Prev participe: klas / kladen klah > Infinitive: klahe
Present: klahm, klahs, klaht, klahm(o)s, yu klaht(e), klahnt
Preterit: klahsim, klahst(a), klahsit, klahsam, klahsat, klahr
Future tid: klahsiem, klahsies, klahsiet, klahsiem(o)s, yu klahsiete, klahsient
Conditional: klahiem, klahies, klahiet, klahiem(o)s, yu klahiete, klahient
Prev participe: klaht / klahn klaup > Infinitive: klaupe
Present: klaupo, klaups, klaupt, klaupm(o)s, yu klaupt(e), klaupe(nt)
Preterit: klaupim, klaup(i)st(a), klaupit, klaupam, klaupat, klaupeer
Future tid: klaupsiem, klaupsies, klaupsiet, klaupsiem(o)s, yu klaupsiete, klaupsient
Conditional: klaupiem, klaupies, klaupiet, klaupiem(o)s, yu klaupiete, klaupient
Prev participe: klaupt / klaupen klehng > Infinitive: klehnge
Present: klehngo, klehncs, klehnct, klehngm(o)s, yu klehnct(e), klehnge(nt)
Preterit: klohngim, klohng(i)st(a), klohngit, klohngam, klohngat, klohngeer
Future tid: klehncsiem, klehncsies, klehncsiet, klehncsiem(o)s, yu klehncsiete, klehncsient
Conditional: klehngiem, klehngies, klehngiet, klehngiem(o)s, yu klehngiete, klehngient
Prev participe: klohnct / klohngen klehpt > Infinitive: klehpte
Present: klehpto, klehpts, klehpt, klehptm(o)s, yu klehpte, klehpte(nt)
Preterit: klohptim, klohpt(i)st(a), klohptit, klohptam, klohptat, klohpteer
Future tid: klehptsiem, klehptsies, klehptsiet, klehptsiem(o)s, yu klehptsiete, klehptsient
Conditional: klehptiem, klehpties, klehptiet, klehptiem(o)s, yu klehptiete, klehptient
Prev participe: klohpt / klohpten kleu > Infinitive: klues
Present: kleum, kleus, kleut, kleum(o)s, yu kleut(e), kleunt
Preterit: klusim, klust(a), klusit, klam, klat, klur
Future tid: kleusiem, kleusies, kleusiet, kleusiem(o)s, yu kleusiete, kleusient
Conditional: kleuiem, kleuies, kleuiet, kleuiem(o)s, yu kleuiete, kleuient
Prev participe: klut / klun kleuster > Infinitive: klustres
Present: io kleuster, kleusters, kleustert, kleusterms, yu kleustert, kleusternt
Preterit: klustrim, klustrist, klustrit, klust(e)ram, klust(e)rat, klust(e)reer
Future tid: kleustersiem, kleustersies, kleustersiet, kleustersiem(o)s, yu kleustersiete, kleustersient
Conditional: kleusteriem, kleusteries, kleusteriet, kleusteriem(o)s, yu kleusteriete, kleusterient
Prev participe: klustert / klustern kleuyt > Infinitive: kluytes
Present: kleuyto, kleuyts, kleuyt, kleuytm(o)s, yu kleuyte, kleuyte(nt)
Preterit: kluytim, kluyt(i)st(a), kluytit, kluytam, kluytat, kluyteer
Future tid: kleuytsiem, kleuytsies, kleuytsiet, kleuytsiem(o)s, yu kleuytsiete, kleuytsient
Conditional: kleuytiem, kleuyties, kleuytiet, kleuytiem(o)s, yu kleuytiete, kleuytient
Prev participe: kluyt / kluyten klewosdeh > Infinitive: klewosdehe
Present: klewosdehm, klewosdehs, klewosdeht, klewosdehm(o)s, yu klewosdeht(e), klewosdehnt
Preterit: klewosdehsim, klewosdehst(a), klewosdehsit, klewosdehsam, klewosdehsat, klewosdehr
Future tid: klewosdehsiem, klewosdehsies, klewosdehsiet, klewosdehsiem(o)s, yu klewosdehsiete, klewosdehsient
Conditional: klewosdehiem, klewosdehies, klewosdehiet, klewosdehiem(o)s, yu klewosdehiete, klewosdehient
Prev participe: klewosdeht / klewosdehn kmehen > Infinitive: kmehnes
Present: kmehno, kmehens, kmehent, kmehnm(o)s, yu kmehent(e), kmehne(nt)
Preterit: kmehsim, kmehst(a), kmehsit, kmehsam, kmehsat, kmehr
Future tid: kmehensiem, kmehensies, kmehensiet, kmehensiem(o)s, yu kmehensiete, kmehensient
Conditional: kmehniem, kmehnies, kmehniet, kmehniem(o)s, yu kmehniete, kmehnient
Prev participe: kmeht / kmehn knabh > Infinitive: knabhe
Present: knabho, knabhs, knabht, knabhm(o)s, yu knabht(e), knabhe(nt)
Preterit: kniebhim, kniebh(i)st(a), kniebhit, kniebham, kniebhat, kniebheer
Future tid: knabhsiem, knabhsies, knabhsiet, knabhsiem(o)s, yu knabhsiete, knabhsient
Conditional: knabhiem, knabhies, knabhiet, knabhiem(o)s, yu knabhiete, knabhient
Prev participe: knabht / knabhen knar > Infinitive: knare
Present: knaro, knars, knart, knarm(o)s, yu knart(e), knare(nt)
Preterit: knierim, knier(i)st(a), knierit, knieram, knierat, kniereer
Future tid: knarsiem, knarsies, knarsiet, knarsiem(o)s, yu knarsiete, knarsient
Conditional: knariem, knaries, knariet, knariem(o)s, yu knariete, knarient
Prev participe: knart / knaren knede > Infinitive: knede
Present: io knede, knedes, knedet, knedems, yu knedet(e), knedent
Preterit: knedim, knedist(a), knedit, knedam, knedat, knedeer
Future tid: knedesiem, knedesies, knedesiet, knedesiem(o)s, yu knedesiete, knedesient
Conditional: knediem, knedies, knediet, knediem(o)s, yu knediete, knedient
Prev participe: knedet / kneden kneigv > Infinitive: knigves
Present: kneigvo, kneigvs, kneigvt, kneigvm(o)s, yu kneigvt(e), kneigve(nt)
Preterit: knigvim, knigv(i)st(a), knigvit, knigvam, knigvat, knigveer
Future tid: kneigvsiem, kneigvsies, kneigvsiet, kneigvsiem(o)s, yu kneigvsiete, kneigvsient
Conditional: kneigviem, kneigvies, kneigviet, kneigviem(o)s, yu kneigviete, kneigvient
Prev participe: knigvt / knigven kogchoun > Infinitive: kogchoune
Present: kogchouno, kogchouns, kogchount, kogchounm(o)s, yu kogchount(e), kogchoune(nt)
Preterit: kogchounim, kogchoun(i)st(a), kogchounit, kogchounam, kogchounat, kogchouneer
Future tid: kogchounsiem, kogchounsies, kogchounsiet, kogchounsiem(o)s, yu kogchounsiete, kogchounsient
Conditional: kogchouniem, kogchounies, kogchouniet, kogchouniem(o)s, yu kogchouniete, kogchounient
Prev participe: kogchount / kogchounen koimbehnd > Infinitive: koimbehnde
Present: koimbehndo, koimbehnds, koimbehndt, koimbehndm(o)s, yu koimbehndt(e), koimbehnde(nt)
Preterit: koimbohndim, koimbohnd(i)st(a), koimbohndit, koimbohndam, koimbohndat, koimbohndeer
Future tid: koimbehndsiem, koimbehndsies, koimbehndsiet, koimbehndsiem(o)s, yu koimbehndsiete, koimbehndsient
Conditional: koimbehndiem, koimbehndies, koimbehndiet, koimbehndiem(o)s, yu koimbehndiete, koimbehndient
Prev participe: koimbohndt / koimbohnden koimreik > Infinitive: koimrikes
Present: koimreiko, koimreics, koimreict, koimreikm(o)s, yu koimreict(e), koimreike(nt)
Preterit: koimrikim, koimrik(i)st(a), koimrikit, koimrikam, koimrikat, koimrikeer
Future tid: koimreicsiem, koimreicsies, koimreicsiet, koimreicsiem(o)s, yu koimreicsiete, koimreicsient
Conditional: koimreikiem, koimreikies, koimreikiet, koimreikiem(o)s, yu koimreikiete, koimreikient
Prev participe: koimrict / koimriken korel > Infinitive: korele
Present: korelo, korels, korelt, korelm(o)s, yu korelt(e), korele(nt)
Preterit: korelim, korel(i)st(a), korelit, korelam, korelat, koreleer
Future tid: korelsiem, korelsies, korelsiet, korelsiem(o)s, yu korelsiete, korelsient
Conditional: koreliem, korelies, koreliet, koreliem(o)s, yu koreliete, korelient
Prev participe: korelt / korelen kov > Infinitive: kove
Present: kovo, kovs, kovt, kovm(o)s, yu kovt(e), kove(nt)
Preterit: kovim, kov(i)st(a), kovit, kovam, kovat, koveer
Future tid: kovsiem, kovsies, kovsiet, kovsiem(o)s, yu kovsiete, kovsient
Conditional: koviem, kovies, koviet, koviem(o)s, yu koviete, kovient
Prev participe: kot / koven kovach > Infinitive: kovache
Present: kovacho, kovachs, kovacht, kovachm(o)s, yu kovacht(e), kovache(nt)
Preterit: koviechim, koviech(i)st(a), koviechit, koviecham, koviechat, koviecheer
Future tid: kovachsiem, kovachsies, kovachsiet, kovachsiem(o)s, yu kovachsiete, kovachsient
Conditional: kovachiem, kovachies, kovachiet, kovachiem(o)s, yu kovachiete, kovachient
Prev participe: kovacht / kovachen kowp > Infinitive: kowpe
Present: kowpo, kowps, kowpt, kowpm(o)s, yu kowpt(e), kowpe(nt)
Preterit: kowpim, kowp(i)st(a), kowpit, kowpam, kowpat, kowpeer
Future tid: kowpsiem, kowpsies, kowpsiet, kowpsiem(o)s, yu kowpsiete, kowpsient
Conditional: kowpiem, kowpies, kowpiet, kowpiem(o)s, yu kowpiete, kowpient
Prev participe: kowpt / kowpen kragh > Infinitive: kraghe
Present: kragho, kraghs, kraght, kraghm(o)s, yu kraght(e), kraghe(nt)
Preterit: krieghim, kriegh(i)st(a), krieghit, kriegham, krieghat, kriegheer
Future tid: kraghsiem, kraghsies, kraghsiet, kraghsiem(o)s, yu kraghsiete, kraghsient
Conditional: kraghiem, kraghies, kraghiet, kraghiem(o)s, yu kraghiete, kraghient
Prev participe: kraght / kraghen kramp > Infinitive: krampe
Present: krampo, kramps, krampt, krampm(o)s, yu krampt(e), krampe(nt)
Preterit: kriempim, kriemp(i)st(a), kriempit, kriempam, kriempat, kriempeer
Future tid: krampsiem, krampsies, krampsiet, krampsiem(o)s, yu krampsiete, krampsient
Conditional: krampiem, krampies, krampiet, krampiem(o)s, yu krampiete, krampient
Prev participe: krampt / krampen krehk > Infinitive: krehke
Present: krehko, krehcs, krehct, krehkm(o)s, yu krehct(e), krehke(nt)
Preterit: krohkim, krohk(i)st(a), krohkit, krohkam, krohkat, krohkeer
Future tid: krehcsiem, krehcsies, krehcsiet, krehcsiem(o)s, yu krehcsiete, krehcsient
Conditional: krehkiem, krehkies, krehkiet, krehkiem(o)s, yu krehkiete, krehkient
Prev participe: krohct / krohken kreig > Infinitive: kriges
Present: kreigo, kreics, kreict, kreigm(o)s, yu kreict(e), kreige(nt)
Preterit: krigim, krig(i)st(a), krigit, krigam, krigat, krigeer
Future tid: kreicsiem, kreicsies, kreicsiet, kreicsiem(o)s, yu kreicsiete, kreicsient
Conditional: kreigiem, kreigies, kreigiet, kreigiem(o)s, yu kreigiete, kreigient
Prev participe: krict / krigen kreih > Infinitive: krihes
Present: kreihm, kreihs, kreiht, kreihm(o)s, yu kreiht(e), kreihnt
Preterit: krihsim, krihst(a), krihsit, krihsam, krihsat, krihr
Future tid: kreihsiem, kreihsies, kreihsiet, kreihsiem(o)s, yu kreihsiete, kreihsient
Conditional: kreihiem, kreihies, kreihiet, kreihiem(o)s, yu kreihiete, kreihient
Prev participe: kriht / krihn kreins > Infinitive: krinses
Present: kreinso, kreins, kreinst, kreinsm(o)s, yu kreinst(e), kreinse(nt)
Preterit: krinsim, krins(i)st(a), krinsit, krinsam, krinsat, krinseer
Future tid: siem krinses, sies krinses, siet krinses, siem(o)s krinses, yu siete krinses, sient krinses
Conditional: kreinsiem, kreinsies, kreinsiet, kreinsiem(o)s, yu kreinsiete, kreinsient
Prev participe: krinst / krinsen kreus > Infinitive: kruses
Present: kreuso, kreus, kreust, kreusm(o)s, yu kreust(e), kreuse(nt)
Preterit: krusim, krus(i)st(a), krusit, krusam, krusat, kruseer
Future tid: siem kruses, sies kruses, siet kruses, siem(o)s kruses, yu siete kruses, sient kruses
Conditional: kreusiem, kreusies, kreusiet, kreusiem(o)s, yu kreusiete, kreusient
Prev participe: krust / krusen kreusel > Infinitive: krusles
Present: io kreusel, kreusels, kreuselt, kreuselms, yu kreuselt, kreuselnt
Preterit: kruslim, kruslist, kruslit, krus(e)lam, krus(e)lat, krus(e)leer
Future tid: kreuselsiem, kreuselsies, kreuselsiet, kreuselsiem(o)s, yu kreuselsiete, kreuselsient
Conditional: kreuseliem, kreuselies, kreuseliet, kreuseliem(o)s, yu kreuseliete, kreuselient
Prev participe: kruselt / kruseln kun > Infinitive: kune
Present: kuno, kuns, kunt, kunm(o)s, yu kunt(e), kune(nt)
Preterit: kunim, kun(i)st(a), kunit, kunam, kunat, kuneer
Future tid: kunsiem, kunsies, kunsiet, kunsiem(o)s, yu kunsiete, kunsient
Conditional: kuniem, kunies, kuniet, kuniem(o)s, yu kuniete, kunient
Prev participe: kunt / kunen kurihen > Infinitive: kurihnes
Present: kurihno, kurihens, kurihent, kurihnm(o)s, yu kurihent(e), kurihne(nt)
Preterit: kurihsim, kurihst(a), kurihsit, kurihsam, kurihsat, kurihr
Future tid: kurihensiem, kurihensies, kurihensiet, kurihensiem(o)s, yu kurihensiete, kurihensient
Conditional: kurihniem, kurihnies, kurihniet, kurihniem(o)s, yu kurihniete, kurihnient
Prev participe: kuriht / kurihn kusch > Infinitive: kusche
Present: kuscho, kuschs, kuscht, kuschm(o)s, yu kuscht(e), kusche(nt)
Preterit: kuschim, kusch(i)st(a), kuschit, kuscham, kuschat, kuscheer
Future tid: siem kusche, sies kusche, siet kusche, siem(o)s kusche, yu siete kusche, sient kusche
Conditional: kuschiem, kuschies, kuschiet, kuschiem(o)s, yu kuschiete, kuschient
Prev participe: kuscht / kuschen kussen > Infinitive: kunes
Present: kuno, kuns, kunt, kunm(o)s, yu kunt(e), kune(nt)
Preterit: kussim, kuss(i)st(a), kussit, kussam, kussat, kusseer
Future tid: kunsiem, kunsies, kunsiet, kunsiem(o)s, yu kunsiete, kunsient
Conditional: kuniem, kunies, kuniet, kuniem(o)s, yu kuniete, kunient
Prev participe: kusst / kussen kwah > Infinitive: kwahe
Present: kwahm, kwahs, kwaht, kwahm(o)s, yu kwaht(e), kwahnt
Preterit: kwahsim, kwahst(a), kwahsit, kwahsam, kwahsat, kwahr
Future tid: kwahsiem, kwahsies, kwahsiet, kwahsiem(o)s, yu kwahsiete, kwahsient
Conditional: kwahiem, kwahies, kwahiet, kwahiem(o)s, yu kwahiete, kwahient
Prev participe: kwaht / kwahn kwas > Infinitive: kwase
Present: kwaso, kwas, kwast, kwasm(o)s, yu kwast(e), kwase(nt)
Preterit: kwiesim, kwies(i)st(a), kwiesit, kwiesam, kwiesat, kwieseer
Future tid: siem kwase, sies kwase, siet kwase, siem(o)s kwase, yu siete kwase, sient kwase
Conditional: kwasiem, kwasies, kwasiet, kwasiem(o)s, yu kwasiete, kwasient
Prev participe: kwast / kwasen kwaster > Infinitive: kwaster
Present: io kwaster, kwasters, kwastert, kwasterms, yu kwastert, kwasternt
Preterit: kwiestrim, kwiestrist, kwiestrit, kwiest(e)ram, kwiest(e)rat, kwiest(e)reer
Future tid: kwastersiem, kwastersies, kwastersiet, kwastersiem(o)s, yu kwastersiete, kwastersient
Conditional: kwasteriem, kwasteries, kwasteriet, kwasteriem(o)s, yu kwasteriete, kwasterient
Prev participe: kwastert / kwastern kwath > Infinitive: kwathe
Present: kwatho, kwaths, kwatht, kwathm(o)s, yu kwatht(e), kwathe(nt)
Preterit: kwiethim, kwieth(i)st(a), kwiethit, kwietham, kwiethat, kwietheer
Future tid: kwathsiem, kwathsies, kwathsiet, kwathsiem(o)s, yu kwathsiete, kwathsient
Conditional: kwathiem, kwathies, kwathiet, kwathiem(o)s, yu kwathiete, kwathient
Prev participe: kwatht / kwathen kwax > Infinitive: kwaxe
Present: kwaxo, kwaxs, kwaxt, kwaxm(o)s, yu kwaxt(e), kwaxe(nt)
Preterit: kwiexim, kwiex(i)st(a), kwiexit, kwiexam, kwiexat, kwiexeer
Future tid: siem kwaxe, sies kwaxe, siet kwaxe, siem(o)s kwaxe, yu siete kwaxe, sient kwaxe
Conditional: kwaxiem, kwaxies, kwaxiet, kwaxiem(o)s, yu kwaxiete, kwaxient
Prev participe: kwaxt / kwaxen kwayd > Infinitive: kwayde
Present: kwaydo, kwayds, kwaydt, kwaydm(o)s, yu kwaydt(e), kwayde(nt)
Preterit: kwieydim, kwieyd(i)st(a), kwieydit, kwieydam, kwieydat, kwieydeer
Future tid: kwaydsiem, kwaydsies, kwaydsiet, kwaydsiem(o)s, yu kwaydsiete, kwaydsient
Conditional: kwaydiem, kwaydies, kwaydiet, kwaydiem(o)s, yu kwaydiete, kwaydient
Prev participe: kways / kwayden kwehen > Infinitive: kwehnes
Present: kwehno, kwehens, kwehent, kwehnm(o)s, yu kwehent(e), kwehne(nt)
Preterit: kwehsim, kwehst(a), kwehsit, kwehsam, kwehsat, kwehr
Future tid: kwehensiem, kwehensies, kwehensiet, kwehensiem(o)s, yu kwehensiete, kwehensient
Conditional: kwehniem, kwehnies, kwehniet, kwehniem(o)s, yu kwehniete, kwehnient
Prev participe: kweht / kwehn kwehk > Infinitive: kwehke
Present: kwehko, kwehcs, kwehct, kwehkm(o)s, yu kwehct(e), kwehke(nt)
Preterit: kwohkim, kwohk(i)st(a), kwohkit, kwohkam, kwohkat, kwohkeer
Future tid: kwehcsiem, kwehcsies, kwehcsiet, kwehcsiem(o)s, yu kwehcsiete, kwehcsient
Conditional: kwehkiem, kwehkies, kwehkiet, kwehkiem(o)s, yu kwehkiete, kwehkient
Prev participe: kwohct / kwohken kwehkwl > Infinitive: kwehkwle
Present: kwehkwlo, kwehkwls, kwehkwlt, kwehkwlm(o)s, yu kwehkwlt(e), kwehkwle(nt)
Preterit: kwohkwlim, kwohkwl(i)st(a), kwohkwlit, kwohkwlam, kwohkwlat, kwohkwleer
Future tid: kwehkwlsiem, kwehkwlsies, kwehkwlsiet, kwehkwlsiem(o)s, yu kwehkwlsiete, kwehkwlsient
Conditional: kwehkwliem, kwehkwlies, kwehkwliet, kwehkwliem(o)s, yu kwehkwliete, kwehkwlient
Prev participe: kwohkwlt / kwohkwlen kwehl > Infinitive: kwehle
Present: kwehlo, kwehls, kwehlt, kwehlm(o)s, yu kwehlt(e), kwehle(nt)
Preterit: kwohlim, kwohl(i)st(a), kwohlit, kwohlam, kwohlat, kwohleer
Future tid: kwehlsiem, kwehlsies, kwehlsiet, kwehlsiem(o)s, yu kwehlsiete, kwehlsient
Conditional: kwehliem, kwehlies, kwehliet, kwehliem(o)s, yu kwehliete, kwehlient
Prev participe: kwohlt / kwohlen kwehlk > Infinitive: kwehlke
Present: kwehlko, kwehlcs, kwehlct, kwehlkm(o)s, yu kwehlct(e), kwehlke(nt)
Preterit: kwohlkim, kwohlk(i)st(a), kwohlkit, kwohlkam, kwohlkat, kwohlkeer
Future tid: kwehlcsiem, kwehlcsies, kwehlcsiet, kwehlcsiem(o)s, yu kwehlcsiete, kwehlcsient
Conditional: kwehlkiem, kwehlkies, kwehlkiet, kwehlkiem(o)s, yu kwehlkiete, kwehlkient
Prev participe: kwohlct / kwohlken kwehlp > Infinitive: kwehlpe
Present: kwehlpo, kwehlps, kwehlpt, kwehlpm(o)s, yu kwehlpt(e), kwehlpe(nt)
Preterit: kwohlpim, kwohlp(i)st(a), kwohlpit, kwohlpam, kwohlpat, kwohlpeer
Future tid: kwehlpsiem, kwehlpsies, kwehlpsiet, kwehlpsiem(o)s, yu kwehlpsiete, kwehlpsient
Conditional: kwehlpiem, kwehlpies, kwehlpiet, kwehlpiem(o)s, yu kwehlpiete, kwehlpient
Prev participe: kwohlpt / kwohlpen kwehnd > Infinitive: kwehnde
Present: kwehndo, kwehnds, kwehndt, kwehndm(o)s, yu kwehndt(e), kwehnde(nt)
Preterit: kwohndim, kwohnd(i)st(a), kwohndit, kwohndam, kwohndat, kwohndeer
Future tid: kwehndsiem, kwehndsies, kwehndsiet, kwehndsiem(o)s, yu kwehndsiete, kwehndsient
Conditional: kwehndiem, kwehndies, kwehndiet, kwehndiem(o)s, yu kwehndiete, kwehndient
Prev participe: kwohndt / kwohnden kwehp > Infinitive: kwehpe
Present: kwehpo, kwehps, kwehpt, kwehpm(o)s, yu kwehpt(e), kwehpe(nt)
Preterit: kwohpim, kwohp(i)st(a), kwohpit, kwohpam, kwohpat, kwohpeer
Future tid: kwehpsiem, kwehpsies, kwehpsiet, kwehpsiem(o)s, yu kwehpsiete, kwehpsient
Conditional: kwehpiem, kwehpies, kwehpiet, kwehpiem(o)s, yu kwehpiete, kwehpient
Prev participe: kwohpt / kwohpen kwehr > Infinitive: kwehre
Present: kwehro, kwehrs, kwehrt, kwehrm(o)s, yu kwehrt(e), kwehre(nt)
Preterit: kwohrim, kwohr(i)st(a), kwohrit, kwohram, kwohrat, kwohreer
Future tid: kwehrsiem, kwehrsies, kwehrsiet, kwehrsiem(o)s, yu kwehrsiete, kwehrsient
Conditional: kwehriem, kwehries, kwehriet, kwehriem(o)s, yu kwehriete, kwehrient
Prev participe: kwohrt / kwohren kwehs > Infinitive: kwehse
Present: kwehso, kwehs, kwehst, kwehsm(o)s, yu kwehst(e), kwehse(nt)
Preterit: kwohsim, kwohs(i)st(a), kwohsit, kwohsam, kwohsat, kwohseer
Future tid: siem kwehse, sies kwehse, siet kwehse, siem(o)s kwehse, yu siete kwehse, sient kwehse
Conditional: kwehsiem, kwehsies, kwehsiet, kwehsiem(o)s, yu kwehsiete, kwehsient
Prev participe: kwohst / kwohsen kwehster > Infinitive: kwehster
Present: io kwehster, kwehsters, kwehstert, kwehsterms, yu kwehstert, kwehsternt
Preterit: kwohstrim, kwohstrist, kwohstrit, kwohst(e)ram, kwohst(e)rat, kwohst(e)reer
Future tid: kwehstersiem, kwehstersies, kwehstersiet, kwehstersiem(o)s, yu kwehstersiete, kwehstersient
Conditional: kwehsteriem, kwehsteries, kwehsteriet, kwehsteriem(o)s, yu kwehsteriete, kwehsterient
Prev participe: kwohstert / kwohstern kweih > Infinitive: kwihes
Present: kweihm, kweihs, kweiht, kweihm(o)s, yu kweiht(e), kweihnt
Preterit: kwihsim, kwihst(a), kwihsit, kwihsam, kwihsat, kwihr
Future tid: kweihsiem, kweihsies, kweihsiet, kweihsiem(o)s, yu kweihsiete, kweihsient
Conditional: kweihiem, kweihies, kweihiet, kweihiem(o)s, yu kweihiete, kweihient
Prev participe: kwiht / kwihn kwein > Infinitive: kwines
Present: kweino, kweins, kweint, kweinm(o)s, yu kweint(e), kweine(nt)
Preterit: kwinim, kwin(i)st(a), kwinit, kwinam, kwinat, kwineer
Future tid: kweinsiem, kweinsies, kweinsiet, kweinsiem(o)s, yu kweinsiete, kweinsient
Conditional: kweiniem, kweinies, kweiniet, kweiniem(o)s, yu kweiniete, kweinient
Prev participe: kwint / kwinen kweisk > Infinitive: kwiskes
Present: kweisko, kweiscs, kweisct, kweiskm(o)s, yu kweisct(e), kweiske(nt)
Preterit: kwiskim, kwisk(i)st(a), kwiskit, kwiskam, kwiskat, kwiskeer
Future tid: kweiscsiem, kweiscsies, kweiscsiet, kweiscsiem(o)s, yu kweiscsiete, kweiscsient
Conditional: kweiskiem, kweiskies, kweiskiet, kweiskiem(o)s, yu kweiskiete, kweiskient
Prev participe: kwisct / kwisken kweistel > Infinitive: kwistles
Present: io kweistel, kweistels, kweistelt, kweistelms, yu kweistelt, kweistelnt
Preterit: kwistlim, kwistlist, kwistlit, kwist(e)lam, kwist(e)lat, kwist(e)leer
Future tid: kweistelsiem, kweistelsies, kweistelsiet, kweistelsiem(o)s, yu kweistelsiete, kweistelsient
Conditional: kweisteliem, kweistelies, kweisteliet, kweisteliem(o)s, yu kweisteliete, kweistelient
Prev participe: kwistelt / kwisteln kweit > Infinitive: kwites
Present: kweito, kweits, kweit, kweitm(o)s, yu kweite, kweite(nt)
Preterit: kwitim, kwit(i)st(a), kwitit, kwitam, kwitat, kwiteer
Future tid: kweitsiem, kweitsies, kweitsiet, kweitsiem(o)s, yu kweitsiete, kweitsient
Conditional: kweitiem, kweities, kweitiet, kweitiem(o)s, yu kweitiete, kweitient
Prev participe: kwit / kwiten kweiter > Infinitive: kwitres
Present: io kweiter, kweiters, kweitert, kweiterms, yu kweitert, kweiternt
Preterit: kwitrim, kwitrist, kwitrit, kwit(e)ram, kwit(e)rat, kwit(e)reer
Future tid: kweitersiem, kweitersies, kweitersiet, kweitersiem(o)s, yu kweitersiete, kweitersient
Conditional: kweiteriem, kweiteries, kweiteriet, kweiteriem(o)s, yu kweiteriete, kweiterient
Prev participe: kwitert / kwitern kwenchau > Infinitive: kwenchaue
Present: kwenchaum, kwenchaus, kwenchaut, kwenchaum(o)s, yu kwenchaut(e), kwenchaunt
Preterit: kwenchieusim, kwenchieust(a), kwenchieusit, kwenchieam, kwenchieat, kwenchieur
Future tid: kwenchausiem, kwenchausies, kwenchausiet, kwenchausiem(o)s, yu kwenchausiete, kwenchausient
Conditional: kwenchaiem, kwenchaies, kwenchaiet, kwenchaiem(o)s, yu kwenchaiete, kwenchaient
Prev participe: kwenchaut / kwenchaun kweru > Infinitive: kwerue
Present: kwerum, kwerus, kwerut, kwerum(o)s, yu kwerut(e), kwerunt
Preterit: kwerusim, kwerust(a), kwerusit, kweram, kwerat, kwerur
Future tid: kwerusiem, kwerusies, kwerusiet, kwerusiem(o)s, yu kwerusiete, kwerusient
Conditional: kweriem, kweries, kweriet, kweriem(o)s, yu kweriete, kwerient
Prev participe: kwerut / kwerun kwetwerdeil > Infinitive: kwetwerdiles
Present: kwetwerdeilo, kwetwerdeils, kwetwerdeilt, kwetwerdeilm(o)s, yu kwetwerdeilt(e), kwetwerdeile(nt)
Preterit: kwetwerdilim, kwetwerdil(i)st(a), kwetwerdilit, kwetwerdilam, kwetwerdilat, kwetwerdileer
Future tid: kwetwerdeilsiem, kwetwerdeilsies, kwetwerdeilsiet, kwetwerdeilsiem(o)s, yu kwetwerdeilsiete, kwetwerdeilsient
Conditional: kwetwerdeiliem, kwetwerdeilies, kwetwerdeiliet, kwetwerdeiliem(o)s, yu kwetwerdeiliete, kwetwerdeilient
Prev participe: kwetwerdilt / kwetwerdilen kwetwerpehd > Infinitive: kwetwerpehde
Present: kwetwerpehdo, kwetwerpehds, kwetwerpehdt, kwetwerpehdm(o)s, yu kwetwerpehdt(e), kwetwerpehde(nt)
Preterit: kwetwerpohdim, kwetwerpohd(i)st(a), kwetwerpohdit, kwetwerpohdam, kwetwerpohdat, kwetwerpohdeer
Future tid: kwetwerpehdsiem, kwetwerpehdsies, kwetwerpehdsiet, kwetwerpehdsiem(o)s, yu kwetwerpehdsiete, kwetwerpehdsient
Conditional: kwetwerpehdiem, kwetwerpehdies, kwetwerpehdiet, kwetwerpehdiem(o)s, yu kwetwerpehdiete, kwetwerpehdient
Prev participe: kwetwerpohdt / kwetwerpohden kwide > Infinitive: kwide
Present: io kwide, kwides, kwidet, kwidems, yu kwidet(e), kwident
Preterit: kwidim, kwidist(a), kwidit, kwidam, kwidat, kwideer
Future tid: kwidesiem, kwidesies, kwidesiet, kwidesiem(o)s, yu kwidesiete, kwidesient
Conditional: kwidiem, kwidies, kwidiet, kwidiem(o)s, yu kwidiete, kwidient
Prev participe: kwidet / kwiden kwikwehl > Infinitive: kwikwehle
Present: kwikwehlo, kwikwehls, kwikwehlt, kwikwehlm(o)s, yu kwikwehlt(e), kwikwehle(nt)
Preterit: kwikwohlim, kwikwohl(i)st(a), kwikwohlit, kwikwohlam, kwikwohlat, kwikwohleer
Future tid: kwikwehlsiem, kwikwehlsies, kwikwehlsiet, kwikwehlsiem(o)s, yu kwikwehlsiete, kwikwehlsient
Conditional: kwikwehliem, kwikwehlies, kwikwehliet, kwikwehliem(o)s, yu kwikwehliete, kwikwehlient
Prev participe: kwikwohlt / kwikwohlen kwikwehr > Infinitive: kwikwehre
Present: kwikwehro, kwikwehrs, kwikwehrt, kwikwehrm(o)s, yu kwikwehrt(e), kwikwehre(nt)
Preterit: kwikwohrim, kwikwohr(i)st(a), kwikwohrit, kwikwohram, kwikwohrat, kwikwohreer
Future tid: kwikwehrsiem, kwikwehrsies, kwikwehrsiet, kwikwehrsiem(o)s, yu kwikwehrsiete, kwikwehrsient
Conditional: kwikwehriem, kwikwehries, kwikwehriet, kwikwehriem(o)s, yu kwikwehriete, kwikwehrient
Prev participe: kwikwohrt / kwikwohren kwineuw > Infinitive: kwinuwes
Present: kwineuwo, kwineuws, kwineuwt, kwineuwm(o)s, yu kwineuwt(e), kwineuwnt
Preterit: kwinuwim, kwinuwst(a), kwinuwit, kwinuwam, kwinuwat, kwinuweer
Future tid: kwineuwsiem, kwineuwsies, kwineuwsiet, kwineuwsiem(o)s, yu kwineuwsiete, kwineuwsient
Conditional: kwineuwiem, kwineuwies, kwineuwiet, kwineuwiem(o)s, yu kwineuwiete, kwineuwient
Prev participe: kwinuwt / kwinuwen kwinew > Infinitive: kwinwes
Present: kwinwo, kwinws, kwinwt, kwinwm(o)s, yu kwinwt(e), kwinwnt
Preterit: kwiwim, kwiwst(a), kwiwit, kwiwam, kwiwat, kwiweer
Future tid: kwinwsiem, kwinwsies, kwinwsiet, kwinwsiem(o)s, yu kwinwsiete, kwinwsient
Conditional: kwinwiem, kwinwies, kwinwiet, kwinwiem(o)s, yu kwinwiete, kwinwient
Prev participe: kwiwt / kwiwen kyareih > Infinitive: kyarihes
Present: kyareihm, kyareihs, kyareiht, kyareihm(o)s, yu kyareiht(e), kyareihnt
Preterit: kyarihsim, kyarihst(a), kyarihsit, kyarihsam, kyarihsat, kyarihr
Future tid: kyareihsiem, kyareihsies, kyareihsiet, kyareihsiem(o)s, yu kyareihsiete, kyareihsient
Conditional: kyareihiem, kyareihies, kyareihiet, kyareihiem(o)s, yu kyareihiete, kyareihient
Prev participe: kyariht / kyarihn kyas > Infinitive: kyase
Present: kyaso, kyas, kyast, kyasm(o)s, yu kyast(e), kyase(nt)
Preterit: kyiesim, kyies(i)st(a), kyiesit, kyiesam, kyiesat, kyieseer
Future tid: siem kyase, sies kyase, siet kyase, siem(o)s kyase, yu siete kyase, sient kyase
Conditional: kyasiem, kyasies, kyasiet, kyasiem(o)s, yu kyasiete, kyasient
Prev participe: kyast / kyasen kye > Infinitive: kye
Present: io kye, kyes, kyet, kyems, yu kyet(e), kyent
Preterit: kyim, kyist(a), kyit, kyam, kyat, kyeer
Future tid: kyesiem, kyesies, kyesiet, kyesiem(o)s, yu kyesiete, kyesient
Conditional: kyiem, kyies, kyiet, kyiem(o)s, yu kyiete, kyient
Prev participe: kyet / kyen kyehm > Infinitive: kyehme
Present: kyehmo, kyehms, kyehmt, kyehmm(o)s, yu kyehmt(e), kyehme(nt)
Preterit: kyohmim, kyohm(i)st(a), kyohmit, kyohmam, kyohmat, kyohmeer
Future tid: kyehmsiem, kyehmsies, kyehmsiet, kyehmsiem(o)s, yu kyehmsiete, kyehmsient
Conditional: kyehmiem, kyehmies, kyehmiet, kyehmiem(o)s, yu kyehmiete, kyehmient
Prev participe: kyohmt / kyohmen kyehmses > Infinitive: kyehmsese
Present: kyehmseso, kyehmses, kyehmsest, kyehmsesm(o)s, yu kyehmsest(e), kyehmsese(nt)
Preterit: kyohmsesim, kyohmses(i)st(a), kyohmsesit, kyohmsesam, kyohmsesat, kyohmseseer
Future tid: siem kyehmsese, sies kyehmsese, siet kyehmsese, siem(o)s kyehmsese, yu siete kyehmsese, sient kyehmsese
Conditional: kyehmsesiem, kyehmsesies, kyehmsesiet, kyehmsesiem(o)s, yu kyehmsesiete, kyehmsesient
Prev participe: kyohmsest / kyohmsesen kyehrn > Infinitive: kyehrne
Present: kyehrno, kyehrns, kyehrnt, kyehrnm(o)s, yu kyehrnt(e), kyehrne(nt)
Preterit: kyohrnim, kyohrn(i)st(a), kyohrnit, kyohrnam, kyohrnat, kyohrneer
Future tid: kyehrnsiem, kyehrnsies, kyehrnsiet, kyehrnsiem(o)s, yu kyehrnsiete, kyehrnsient
Conditional: kyehrniem, kyehrnies, kyehrniet, kyehrniem(o)s, yu kyehrniete, kyehrnient
Prev participe: kyohrnt / kyohrnen kyeim > Infinitive: kyimes
Present: kyeimo, kyeims, kyeimt, kyeimm(o)s, yu kyeimt(e), kyeime(nt)
Preterit: kyimim, kyim(i)st(a), kyimit, kyimam, kyimat, kyimeer
Future tid: kyeimsiem, kyeimsies, kyeimsiet, kyeimsiem(o)s, yu kyeimsiete, kyeimsient
Conditional: kyeimiem, kyeimies, kyeimiet, kyeimiem(o)s, yu kyeimiete, kyeimient
Prev participe: kyimt / kyimen kyeimter > Infinitive: kyimtres
Present: io kyeimter, kyeimters, kyeimtert, kyeimterms, yu kyeimtert, kyeimternt
Preterit: kyimtrim, kyimtrist, kyimtrit, kyimt(e)ram, kyimt(e)rat, kyimt(e)reer
Future tid: kyeimtersiem, kyeimtersies, kyeimtersiet, kyeimtersiem(o)s, yu kyeimtersiete, kyeimtersient
Conditional: kyeimteriem, kyeimteries, kyeimteriet, kyeimteriem(o)s, yu kyeimteriete, kyeimterient
Prev participe: kyimtert / kyimtern kyeuk > Infinitive: kyukes
Present: kyeuko, kyeucs, kyeuct, kyeukm(o)s, yu kyeuct(e), kyeuke(nt)
Preterit: kyukim, kyuk(i)st(a), kyukit, kyukam, kyukat, kyukeer
Future tid: kyeucsiem, kyeucsies, kyeucsiet, kyeucsiem(o)s, yu kyeucsiete, kyeucsient
Conditional: kyeukiem, kyeukies, kyeukiet, kyeukiem(o)s, yu kyeukiete, kyeukient
Prev participe: kyuct / kyuken kyeus > Infinitive: kyuses
Present: kyeuso, kyeus, kyeust, kyeusm(o)s, yu kyeust(e), kyeuse(nt)
Preterit: kyusim, kyus(i)st(a), kyusit, kyusam, kyusat, kyuseer
Future tid: siem kyuses, sies kyuses, siet kyuses, siem(o)s kyuses, yu siete kyuses, sient kyuses
Conditional: kyeusiem, kyeusies, kyeusiet, kyeusiem(o)s, yu kyeusiete, kyeusient
Prev participe: kyust / kyusen kyuheih > Infinitive: kyuhihes
Present: kyuheihm, kyuheihs, kyuheiht, kyuheihm(o)s, yu kyuheiht(e), kyuheihnt
Preterit: kyuhihsim, kyuhihst(a), kyuhihsit, kyuhihsam, kyuhihsat, kyuhihr
Future tid: kyuheihsiem, kyuheihsies, kyuheihsiet, kyuheihsiem(o)s, yu kyuheihsiete, kyuheihsient
Conditional: kyuheihiem, kyuheihies, kyuheihiet, kyuheihiem(o)s, yu kyuheihiete, kyuheihient
Prev participe: kyuhiht / kyuhihn kyunggiaw > Infinitive: kyunggiawe
Present: kyunggiawo, kyunggiaws, kyunggiawt, kyunggiawm(o)s, yu kyunggiawt(e), kyunggiawnt
Preterit: kyunggiawim, kyunggiawst(a), kyunggiawit, kyunggiawam, kyunggiawat, kyunggiaweer
Future tid: kyunggiawsiem, kyunggiawsies, kyunggiawsiet, kyunggiawsiem(o)s, yu kyunggiawsiete, kyunggiawsient
Conditional: kyunggiawiem, kyunggiawies, kyunggiawiet, kyunggiawiem(o)s, yu kyunggiawiete, kyunggiawient
Prev participe: kyunggiawt / kyunggiawen laabise > Infinitive: laabise
Present: io laabise, laabises, laabiset, laabisems, yu laabiset(e), laabisent
Preterit: laabisim, laabisist(a), laabisit, laabisam, laabisat, laabiseer
Future tid: laabisesiem, laabisesies, laabisesiet, laabisesiem(o)s, yu laabisesiete, laabisesient
Conditional: laabisiem, laabisies, laabisiet, laabisiem(o)s, yu laabisiete, laabisient
Prev participe: laabiset / laabisen labire > Infinitive: labire
Present: io labire, labires, labiret, labirems, yu labiret(e), labirent
Preterit: labirim, labirist(a), labirit, labiram, labirat, labireer
Future tid: labiresiem, labiresies, labiresiet, labiresiem(o)s, yu labiresiete, labiresient
Conditional: labiriem, labiries, labiriet, labiriem(o)s, yu labiriete, labirient
Prev participe: labiret / labiren lace > Infinitive: lace
Present: io lace, laces, lacet, lacems, yu lacet(e), lacent
Preterit: lacim, lacist(a), lacit, laceam, laceat, laceer
Future tid: lacesiem, lacesies, lacesiet, lacesiem(o)s, yu lacesiete, lacesient
Conditional: laciem, lacies, laciet, laciem(o)s, yu laciete, lacient
Prev participe: lacet / lacen lah > Infinitive: lahe
Present: lahm, lahs, laht, lahm(o)s, yu laht(e), lahnt
Preterit: lahsim, lahst(a), lahsit, lahsam, lahsat, lahr
Future tid: lahsiem, lahsies, lahsiet, lahsiem(o)s, yu lahsiete, lahsient
Conditional: lahiem, lahies, lahiet, lahiem(o)s, yu lahiete, lahient
Prev participe: laht / lahn lal > Infinitive: lale
Present: lalo, lals, lalt, lalm(o)s, yu lalt(e), lale(nt)
Preterit: lielim, liel(i)st(a), lielit, lielam, lielat, lieleer
Future tid: lalsiem, lalsies, lalsiet, lalsiem(o)s, yu lalsiete, lalsient
Conditional: laliem, lalies, laliet, laliem(o)s, yu laliete, lalient
Prev participe: lalt / lalen lalay > Infinitive: lalaye
Present: lalaym, lalays, lalayt, lalaym(o)s, yu lalayt(e), lalaynt
Preterit: lalieyim, lalieyst(a), lalieyit, lalieyam, lalieyat, lalieyeer
Future tid: lalaysiem, lalaysies, lalaysiet, lalaysiem(o)s, yu lalaysiete, lalaysient
Conditional: lalayiem, lalayies, lalayiet, lalayiem(o)s, yu lalayiete, lalayient
Prev participe: lalayt / lalayen lambhen > Infinitive: lambhnes
Present: lambhno, lambhens, lambhent, lambhnm(o)s, yu lambhent(e), lambhne(nt)
Preterit: lambhim, lambh(i)st(a), lambhit, lambham, lambhat, lambheer
Future tid: lambhensiem, lambhensies, lambhensiet, lambhensiem(o)s, yu lambhensiete, lambhensient
Conditional: lambhniem, lambhnies, lambhniet, lambhniem(o)s, yu lambhniete, lambhnient
Prev participe: lambht / lambhen lamente > Infinitive: lamente
Present: io lamente, lamentes, lamentet, lamentems, yu lamentet(e), lamentent
Preterit: lamentim, lamentist(a), lamentit, lamentam, lamentat, lamenteer
Future tid: lamentesiem, lamentesies, lamentesiet, lamentesiem(o)s, yu lamentesiete, lamentesient
Conditional: lamentiem, lamenties, lamentiet, lamentiem(o)s, yu lamentiete, lamentient
Prev participe: lamentet / lamenten lamep > Infinitive: lampes
Present: lampo, lamps, lampt, lampm(o)s, yu lampt(e), lampe(nt)
Preterit: lapim, lap(i)st(a), lapit, lapam, lapat, lapeer
Future tid: lampsiem, lampsies, lampsiet, lampsiem(o)s, yu lampsiete, lampsient
Conditional: lampiem, lampies, lampiet, lampiem(o)s, yu lampiete, lampient
Prev participe: lapt / lapen lamper > Infinitive: lamper
Present: io lamper, lampers, lampert, lamperms, yu lampert, lampernt
Preterit: liemprim, liemprist, liemprit, liemp(e)ram, liemp(e)rat, liemp(e)reer
Future tid: lampersiem, lampersies, lampersiet, lampersiem(o)s, yu lampersiete, lampersient
Conditional: lamperiem, lamperies, lamperiet, lamperiem(o)s, yu lamperiete, lamperient
Prev participe: lampert / lampern lance > Infinitive: lance
Present: io lance, lances, lancet, lancems, yu lancet(e), lancent
Preterit: lancim, lancist(a), lancit, lanceam, lanceat, lanceer
Future tid: lancesiem, lancesies, lancesiet, lancesiem(o)s, yu lancesiete, lancesient
Conditional: lanciem, lancies, lanciet, lanciem(o)s, yu lanciete, lancient
Prev participe: lancet / lancen land > Infinitive: lande
Present: lando, lands, landt, landm(o)s, yu landt(e), lande(nt)
Preterit: liendim, liend(i)st(a), liendit, liendam, liendat, liendeer
Future tid: landsiem, landsies, landsiet, landsiem(o)s, yu landsiete, landsient
Conditional: landiem, landies, landiet, landiem(o)s, yu landiete, landient
Prev participe: lans / landen lanet > Infinitive: lantes
Present: lanto, lants, lant, lantm(o)s, yu lante, lante(nt)
Preterit: latim, lat(i)st(a), latit, latam, latat, lateer
Future tid: lantsiem, lantsies, lantsiet, lantsiem(o)s, yu lantsiete, lantsient
Conditional: lantiem, lanties, lantiet, lantiem(o)s, yu lantiete, lantient
Prev participe: lat / laten languie > Infinitive: languie
Present: io languie, languies, languiet, languiems, yu languiet(e), languient
Preterit: languicim, languiest, languicit, languiam, languiat, languier
Future tid: languiesiem, languiesies, languiesiet, languiesiem(o)s, yu languiesiete, languiesient
Conditional: languiciem, languicies, languiciet, languiciem(o)s, yu languiciete, languicient
Prev participe: languiet / languien laque > Infinitive: laque
Present: io laque, laques, laquet, laquems, yu laquet(e), laquent
Preterit: laquim, laquist(a), laquit, laquam, laquat, laqueer
Future tid: laquesiem, laquesies, laquesiet, laquesiem(o)s, yu laquesiete, laquesient
Conditional: laquiem, laquies, laquiet, laquiem(o)s, yu laquiete, laquient
Prev participe: laquet / laquen lass > Infinitive: lasse
Present: lasso, lass, lasst, lassm(o)s, yu lasst(e), lasse(nt)
Preterit: liessim, liess(i)st(a), liessit, liessam, liessat, liesseer
Future tid: siem lasse, sies lasse, siet lasse, siem(o)s lasse, yu siete lasse, sient lasse
Conditional: lassiem, lassies, lassiet, lassiem(o)s, yu lassiete, lassient
Prev participe: lasst / lassen last > Infinitive: laste
Present: lasto, lasts, last, lastm(o)s, yu laste, laste(nt)
Preterit: liestim, liest(i)st(a), liestit, liestam, liestat, liesteer
Future tid: lastsiem, lastsies, lastsiet, lastsiem(o)s, yu lastsiete, lastsient
Conditional: lastiem, lasties, lastiet, lastiem(o)s, yu lastiete, lastient
Prev participe: last / lasten laude > Infinitive: laude
Present: io laude, laudes, laudet, laudems, yu laudet(e), laudent
Preterit: laudim, laudist(a), laudit, laudam, laudat, laudeer
Future tid: laudesiem, laudesies, laudesiet, laudesiem(o)s, yu laudesiete, laudesient
Conditional: laudiem, laudies, laudiet, laudiem(o)s, yu laudiete, laudient
Prev participe: laudet / lauden laun > Infinitive: laune
Present: launo, launs, launt, launm(o)s, yu launt(e), laune(nt)
Preterit: launim, laun(i)st(a), launit, launam, launat, launeer
Future tid: launsiem, launsies, launsiet, launsiem(o)s, yu launsiete, launsient
Conditional: launiem, launies, launiet, launiem(o)s, yu launiete, launient
Prev participe: launt / launen lav > Infinitive: lave
Present: lavo, lavs, lavt, lavm(o)s, yu lavt(e), lave(nt)
Preterit: lievim, liev(i)st(a), lievit, lievam, lievat, lieveer
Future tid: lavsiem, lavsies, lavsiet, lavsiem(o)s, yu lavsiete, lavsient
Conditional: laviem, lavies, laviet, laviem(o)s, yu laviete, lavient
Prev participe: lawt / laven lavire > Infinitive: lavire
Present: io lavire, lavires, laviret, lavirems, yu laviret(e), lavirent
Preterit: lavirim, lavirist(a), lavirit, laviram, lavirat, lavireer
Future tid: laviresiem, laviresies, laviresiet, laviresiem(o)s, yu laviresiete, laviresient
Conditional: laviriem, laviries, laviriet, laviriem(o)s, yu laviriete, lavirient
Prev participe: laviret / laviren lax > Infinitive: laxe
Present: laxo, laxs, laxt, laxm(o)s, yu laxt(e), laxe(nt)
Preterit: liexim, liex(i)st(a), liexit, liexam, liexat, liexeer
Future tid: siem laxe, sies laxe, siet laxe, siem(o)s laxe, yu siete laxe, sient laxe
Conditional: laxiem, laxies, laxiet, laxiem(o)s, yu laxiete, laxient
Prev participe: laxt / laxen laxos > Infinitive: laxose
Present: laxoso, laxos, laxost, laxosm(o)s, yu laxost(e), laxose(nt)
Preterit: liexosim, liexos(i)st(a), liexosit, liexosam, liexosat, liexoseer
Future tid: siem laxose, sies laxose, siet laxose, siem(o)s laxose, yu siete laxose, sient laxose
Conditional: laxosiem, laxosies, laxosiet, laxosiem(o)s, yu laxosiete, laxosient
Prev participe: laxost / laxosen layic > Infinitive: layice
Present: layico, layics, layict, layicm(o)s, yu layict(e), layice(nt)
Preterit: lieyicim, lieyic(i)st(a), lieyicit, lieyicam, lieyicat, lieyiceer
Future tid: layicsiem, layicsies, layicsiet, layicsiem(o)s, yu layicsiete, layicsient
Conditional: layiciem, layicies, layiciet, layiciem(o)s, yu layiciete, layicient
Prev participe: layict / layicen layn > Infinitive: layne
Present: layno, layns, laynt, laynm(o)s, yu laynt(e), layne(nt)
Preterit: lieynim, lieyn(i)st(a), lieynit, lieynam, lieynat, lieyneer
Future tid: laynsiem, laynsies, laynsiet, laynsiem(o)s, yu laynsiete, laynsient
Conditional: layniem, laynies, layniet, layniem(o)s, yu layniete, laynient
Prev participe: laynt / laynen leck > Infinitive: lecke
Present: lecko, lecks, leckt, leckm(o)s, yu leckt(e), lecke(nt)
Preterit: leckim, leck(i)st(a), leckit, leckam, leckat, leckeer
Future tid: lecksiem, lecksies, lecksiet, lecksiem(o)s, yu lecksiete, lecksient
Conditional: leckiem, leckies, leckiet, leckiem(o)s, yu leckiete, leckient
Prev participe: leckt / lecken led > Infinitive: lede
Present: ledo, leds, ledt, ledm(o)s, yu ledt(e), lede(nt)
Preterit: lesim, les(i)st(a), lesit, lesam, lesat, leseer
Future tid: ledsiem, ledsies, ledsiet, ledsiem(o)s, yu ledsiete, ledsient
Conditional: lediem, ledies, lediet, lediem(o)s, yu lediete, ledient
Prev participe: les / leden legitime > Infinitive: legitime
Present: io legitime, legitimes, legitimet, legitimems, yu legitimet(e), legitiment
Preterit: legitimim, legitimist(a), legitimit, legitimam, legitimat, legitimeer
Future tid: legitimesiem, legitimesies, legitimesiet, legitimesiem(o)s, yu legitimesiete, legitimesient
Conditional: legitimiem, legitimies, legitimiet, legitimiem(o)s, yu legitimiete, legitimient
Prev participe: legitimet / legitimen lehg > Infinitive: lehge
Present: lehgo, lehcs, lehct, lehgm(o)s, yu lehct(e), lehge(nt)
Preterit: lohgim, lohg(i)st(a), lohgit, lohgam, lohgat, lohgeer
Future tid: lehcsiem, lehcsies, lehcsiet, lehcsiem(o)s, yu lehcsiete, lehcsient
Conditional: lehgiem, lehgies, lehgiet, lehgiem(o)s, yu lehgiete, lehgient
Prev participe: lohct / lohgen lehnc > Infinitive: lehnce
Present: lehnco, lehncs, lehnct, lehncm(o)s, yu lehnct(e), lehnce(nt)
Preterit: lohncim, lohnc(i)st(a), lohncit, lohncam, lohncat, lohnceer
Future tid: lehncsiem, lehncsies, lehncsiet, lehncsiem(o)s, yu lehncsiete, lehncsient
Conditional: lehnciem, lehncies, lehnciet, lehnciem(o)s, yu lehnciete, lehncient
Prev participe: lohnct / lohncen lehr > Infinitive: lehre
Present: lehro, lehrs, lehrt, lehrm(o)s, yu lehrt(e), lehre(nt)
Preterit: lohrim, lohr(i)st(a), lohrit, lohram, lohrat, lohreer
Future tid: lehrsiem, lehrsies, lehrsiet, lehrsiem(o)s, yu lehrsiete, lehrsient
Conditional: lehriem, lehries, lehriet, lehriem(o)s, yu lehriete, lehrient
Prev participe: lohrt / lohren leik > Infinitive: likes
Present: leiko, leics, leict, leikm(o)s, yu leict(e), leike(nt)
Preterit: likim, lik(i)st(a), likit, likam, likat, likeer
Future tid: leicsiem, leicsies, leicsiet, leicsiem(o)s, yu leicsiete, leicsient
Conditional: leikiem, leikies, leikiet, leikiem(o)s, yu leikiete, leikient
Prev participe: lict / liken leips > Infinitive: lipses
Present: leipso, leips, leipst, leipsm(o)s, yu leipst(e), leipse(nt)
Preterit: lipsim, lips(i)st(a), lipsit, lipsam, lipsat, lipseer
Future tid: siem lipses, sies lipses, siet lipses, siem(o)s lipses, yu siete lipses, sient lipses
Conditional: leipsiem, leipsies, leipsiet, leipsiem(o)s, yu leipsiete, leipsient
Prev participe: lipst / lipsen leis > Infinitive: lises
Present: leiso, leis, leist, leism(o)s, yu leist(e), leise(nt)
Preterit: lisim, lis(i)st(a), lisit, lisam, lisat, liseer
Future tid: siem lises, sies lises, siet lises, siem(o)s lises, yu siete lises, sient lises
Conditional: leisiem, leisies, leisiet, leisiem(o)s, yu leisiete, leisient
Prev participe: list / lisen leit > Infinitive: lites
Present: leito, leits, leit, leitm(o)s, yu leite, leite(nt)
Preterit: litim, lit(i)st(a), litit, litam, litat, liteer
Future tid: leitsiem, leitsies, leitsiet, leitsiem(o)s, yu leitsiete, leitsient
Conditional: leitiem, leities, leitiet, leitiem(o)s, yu leitiete, leitient
Prev participe: lit / liten leiv > Infinitive: lives
Present: leivo, leifs, leift, leivm(o)s, yu leift(e), leive(nt)
Preterit: livim, liv(i)st(a), livit, livam, livat, liveer
Future tid: leifsiem, leifsies, leifsiet, leifsiem(o)s, yu leifsiete, leifsient
Conditional: leiviem, leivies, leiviet, leiviem(o)s, yu leiviete, leivient
Prev participe: lift / liven leizd > Infinitive: lizdes
Present: leizdo, leizds, leizdt, leizdm(o)s, yu leizdt(e), leizde(nt)
Preterit: lizdim, lizd(i)st(a), lizdit, lizdam, lizdat, lizdeer
Future tid: leizdsiem, leizdsies, leizdsiet, leizdsiem(o)s, yu leizdsiete, leizdsient
Conditional: leizdiem, leizdies, leizdiet, leizdiem(o)s, yu leizdiete, leizdient
Prev participe: lizdt / lizden leloip > Infinitive: leloipe
Present: leloipo, leloips, leloipt, leloipm(o)s, yu leloipt(e), leloipe(nt)
Preterit: leloipim, leloip(i)st(a), leloipit, leloipam, leloipat, leloipeer
Future tid: leloipsiem, leloipsies, leloipsiet, leloipsiem(o)s, yu leloipsiete, leloipsient
Conditional: leloipiem, leloipies, leloipiet, leloipiem(o)s, yu leloipiete, leloipient
Prev participe: leloipt / leloipen leu > Infinitive: lues
Present: leum, leus, leut, leum(o)s, yu leut(e), leunt
Preterit: lusim, lust(a), lusit, lam, lat, lur
Future tid: leusiem, leusies, leusiet, leusiem(o)s, yu leusiete, leusient
Conditional: leuiem, leuies, leuiet, leuiem(o)s, yu leuiete, leuient
Prev participe: lut / lun leuc > Infinitive: luces
Present: leuco, leucs, leuct, leucm(o)s, yu leuct(e), leuce(nt)
Preterit: lucim, luc(i)st(a), lucit, lucam, lucat, luceer
Future tid: leucsiem, leucsies, leucsiet, leucsiem(o)s, yu leucsiete, leucsient
Conditional: leuciem, leucies, leuciet, leuciem(o)s, yu leuciete, leucient
Prev participe: luct / lucen leud > Infinitive: ludes
Present: leudo, leuds, leudt, leudm(o)s, yu leudt(e), leude(nt)
Preterit: ludim, lud(i)st(a), ludit, ludam, ludat, ludeer
Future tid: leudsiem, leudsies, leudsiet, leudsiem(o)s, yu leudsiete, leudsient
Conditional: leudiem, leudies, leudiet, leudiem(o)s, yu leudiete, leudient
Prev participe: ludt / luden leugh > Infinitive: lughes
Present: leugho, leughs, leught, leughm(o)s, yu leught(e), leughe(nt)
Preterit: lughim, lugh(i)st(a), lughit, lugham, lughat, lugheer
Future tid: leughsiem, leughsies, leughsiet, leughsiem(o)s, yu leughsiete, leughsient
Conditional: leughiem, leughies, leughiet, leughiem(o)s, yu leughiete, leughient
Prev participe: lught / lughen leughay > Infinitive: leughaye
Present: leughaym, leughays, leughayt, leughaym(o)s, yu leughayt(e), leughaynt
Preterit: leughieyim, leughieyst(a), leughieyit, leughieyam, leughieyat, leughieyeer
Future tid: leughaysiem, leughaysies, leughaysiet, leughaysiem(o)s, yu leughaysiete, leughaysient
Conditional: leughayiem, leughayies, leughayiet, leughayiem(o)s, yu leughayiete, leughayient
Prev participe: leughayt / leughayen leup > Infinitive: lupes
Present: leupo, leups, leupt, leupm(o)s, yu leupt(e), leupe(nt)
Preterit: lupim, lup(i)st(a), lupit, lupam, lupat, lupeer
Future tid: leupsiem, leupsies, leupsiet, leupsiem(o)s, yu leupsiete, leupsient
Conditional: leupiem, leupies, leupiet, leupiem(o)s, yu leupiete, leupient
Prev participe: lupt / lupen leus > Infinitive: luses
Present: leuso, leus, leust, leusm(o)s, yu leust(e), leuse(nt)
Preterit: lusim, lus(i)st(a), lusit, lusam, lusat, luseer
Future tid: siem luses, sies luses, siet luses, siem(o)s luses, yu siete luses, sient luses
Conditional: leusiem, leusies, leusiet, leusiem(o)s, yu leusiete, leusient
Prev participe: lust / lusen lever > Infinitive: lever
Present: io lever, levers, levert, leverms, yu levert, levernt
Preterit: levrim, levrist, levrit, lev(e)ram, lev(e)rat, lev(e)reer
Future tid: leversiem, leversies, leversiet, leversiem(o)s, yu leversiete, leversient
Conditional: leveriem, leveries, leveriet, leveriem(o)s, yu leveriete, leverient
Prev participe: levert / levern levter > Infinitive: levter
Present: io levter, levters, levtert, levterms, yu levtert, levternt
Preterit: levtrim, levtrist, levtrit, levt(e)ram, levt(e)rat, levt(e)reer
Future tid: levtersiem, levtersies, levtersiet, levtersiem(o)s, yu levtersiete, levtersient
Conditional: levteriem, levteries, levteriet, levteriem(o)s, yu levteriete, levterient
Prev participe: levtert / levtern libitum > Infinitive: libitume
Present: libitumo, libitums, libitumt, libitumm(o)s, yu libitumt(e), libitume(nt)
Preterit: libitumim, libitum(i)st(a), libitumit, libitumam, libitumat, libitumeer
Future tid: libitumsiem, libitumsies, libitumsiet, libitumsiem(o)s, yu libitumsiete, libitumsient
Conditional: libitumiem, libitumies, libitumiet, libitumiem(o)s, yu libitumiete, libitumient
Prev participe: libitumt / libitumen libter > Infinitive: libter
Present: io libter, libters, libtert, libterms, yu libtert, libternt
Preterit: libtrim, libtrist, libtrit, libt(e)ram, libt(e)rat, libt(e)reer
Future tid: libtersiem, libtersies, libtersiet, libtersiem(o)s, yu libtersiete, libtersient
Conditional: libteriem, libteries, libteriet, libteriem(o)s, yu libteriete, libterient
Prev participe: libtert / libtern lictdrehnk > Infinitive: lictdrehnke
Present: lictdrehnko, lictdrehncs, lictdrehnct, lictdrehnkm(o)s, yu lictdrehnct(e), lictdrehnke(nt)
Preterit: lictdrohnkim, lictdrohnk(i)st(a), lictdrohnkit, lictdrohnkam, lictdrohnkat, lictdrohnkeer
Future tid: lictdrehncsiem, lictdrehncsies, lictdrehncsiet, lictdrehncsiem(o)s, yu lictdrehncsiete, lictdrehncsient
Conditional: lictdrehnkiem, lictdrehnkies, lictdrehnkiet, lictdrehnkiem(o)s, yu lictdrehnkiete, lictdrehnkient
Prev participe: lictdrohnct / lictdrohnken lieubh > Infinitive: liubhes
Present: lieubho, lieubhs, lieubht, lieubhm(o)s, yu lieubht(e), lieubhe(nt)
Preterit: liubhim, liubh(i)st(a), liubhit, liubham, liubhat, liubheer
Future tid: lieubhsiem, lieubhsies, lieubhsiet, lieubhsiem(o)s, yu lieubhsiete, lieubhsient
Conditional: lieubhiem, lieubhies, lieubhiet, lieubhiem(o)s, yu lieubhiete, lieubhient
Prev participe: liubht / liubhen likeih > Infinitive: likihes
Present: likeihm, likeihs, likeiht, likeihm(o)s, yu likeiht(e), likeihnt
Preterit: likihsim, likihst(a), likihsit, likihsam, likihsat, likihr
Future tid: likeihsiem, likeihsies, likeihsiet, likeihsiem(o)s, yu likeihsiete, likeihsient
Conditional: likeihiem, likeihies, likeihiet, likeihiem(o)s, yu likeihiete, likeihient
Prev participe: likiht / likihn limite > Infinitive: limite
Present: io limite, limites, limitet, limitems, yu limitet(e), limitent
Preterit: limitim, limitist(a), limitit, limitam, limitat, limiteer
Future tid: limitesiem, limitesies, limitesiet, limitesiem(o)s, yu limitesiete, limitesient
Conditional: limitiem, limities, limitiet, limitiem(o)s, yu limitiete, limitient
Prev participe: limitet / limiten lineg > Infinitive: linges
Present: lingo, lincs, linct, lingm(o)s, yu linct(e), linge(nt)
Preterit: ligim, lig(i)st(a), ligit, ligam, ligat, ligeer
Future tid: lincsiem, lincsies, lincsiet, lincsiem(o)s, yu lincsiete, lincsient
Conditional: lingiem, lingies, lingiet, lingiem(o)s, yu lingiete, lingient
Prev participe: lict / ligen linekw > Infinitive: linkwes
Present: linkwo, linkws, linkwt, linkwm(o)s, yu linkwt(e), linkwnt
Preterit: likwim, likwst(a), likwit, likwam, likwat, likweer
Future tid: linkwsiem, linkwsies, linkwsiet, linkwsiem(o)s, yu linkwsiete, linkwsient
Conditional: linkwiem, linkwies, linkwiet, linkwiem(o)s, yu linkwiete, linkwient
Prev participe: likwt / likwn liquefie > Infinitive: liquefie
Present: io liquefie, liquefies, liquefiet, liquefiems, yu liquefiet(e), liquefient
Preterit: liqueficim, liquefiest, liqueficit, liquefiam, liquefiat, liquefier
Future tid: liquefiesiem, liquefiesies, liquefiesiet, liquefiesiem(o)s, yu liquefiesiete, liquefiesient
Conditional: liqueficiem, liqueficies, liqueficiet, liqueficiem(o)s, yu liqueficiete, liqueficient
Prev participe: liquefiet / liquefien lisor > Infinitive: lisore
Present: lisoro, lisors, lisort, lisorm(o)s, yu lisort(e), lisore(nt)
Preterit: lisorim, lisor(i)st(a), lisorit, lisoram, lisorat, lisoreer
Future tid: lisorsiem, lisorsies, lisorsiet, lisorsiem(o)s, yu lisorsiete, lisorsient
Conditional: lisoriem, lisories, lisoriet, lisoriem(o)s, yu lisoriete, lisorient
Prev participe: lisort / lisoren livat > Infinitive: livate
Present: livato, livats, livat, livatm(o)s, yu livate, livate(nt)
Preterit: livietim, liviet(i)st(a), livietit, livietam, livietat, livieteer
Future tid: livatsiem, livatsies, livatsiet, livatsiem(o)s, yu livatsiete, livatsient
Conditional: livatiem, livaties, livatiet, livatiem(o)s, yu livatiete, livatient
Prev participe: livat / livaten localise > Infinitive: localise
Present: io localise, localises, localiset, localisems, yu localiset(e), localisent
Preterit: localisim, localisist(a), localisit, localisam, localisat, localiseer
Future tid: localisesiem, localisesies, localisesiet, localisesiem(o)s, yu localisesiete, localisesient
Conditional: localisiem, localisies, localisiet, localisiem(o)s, yu localisiete, localisient
Prev participe: localiset / localisen log > Infinitive: loge
Present: logo, locs, loct, logm(o)s, yu loct(e), loge(nt)
Preterit: logim, log(i)st(a), logit, logam, logat, logeer
Future tid: locsiem, locsies, locsiet, locsiem(o)s, yu locsiete, locsient
Conditional: logiem, logies, logiet, logiem(o)s, yu logiete, logient
Prev participe: loct / logen loge > Infinitive: loge
Present: io loge, loges, loget, logems, yu loget(e), logent
Preterit: logim, logist(a), logit, logeam, logeat, logeer
Future tid: logesiem, logesies, logesiet, logesiem(o)s, yu logesiete, logesient
Conditional: logiem, logies, logiet, logiem(o)s, yu logiete, logient
Prev participe: loget / logen lott > Infinitive: lotte
Present: lotto, lotts, lott, lottm(o)s, yu lotte, lotte(nt)
Preterit: lossim, loss(i)st(a), lossit, lossam, lossat, losseer
Future tid: lottsiem, lottsies, lottsiet, lottsiem(o)s, yu lottsiete, lottsient
Conditional: lottiem, lotties, lottiet, lottiem(o)s, yu lottiete, lottient
Prev participe: loss / lotten lubrifie > Infinitive: lubrifie
Present: io lubrifie, lubrifies, lubrifiet, lubrifiems, yu lubrifiet(e), lubrifient
Preterit: lubrificim, lubrifiest, lubrificit, lubrifiam, lubrifiat, lubrifier
Future tid: lubrifiesiem, lubrifiesies, lubrifiesiet, lubrifiesiem(o)s, yu lubrifiesiete, lubrifiesient
Conditional: lubrificiem, lubrificies, lubrificiet, lubrificiem(o)s, yu lubrificiete, lubrificient
Prev participe: lubrifiet / lubrifien lull > Infinitive: lulle
Present: lullo, lulls, lullt, lullm(o)s, yu lullt(e), lulle(nt)
Preterit: lullim, lull(i)st(a), lullit, lullam, lullat, lulleer
Future tid: lullsiem, lullsies, lullsiet, lullsiem(o)s, yu lullsiete, lullsient
Conditional: lulliem, lullies, lulliet, lulliem(o)s, yu lulliete, lullient
Prev participe: lullt / lullen lumatay > Infinitive: lumataye
Present: lumataym, lumatays, lumatayt, lumataym(o)s, yu lumatayt(e), lumataynt
Preterit: lumatieyim, lumatieyst(a), lumatieyit, lumatieyam, lumatieyat, lumatieyeer
Future tid: lumataysiem, lumataysies, lumataysiet, lumataysiem(o)s, yu lumataysiete, lumataysient
Conditional: lumatayiem, lumatayies, lumatayiet, lumatayiem(o)s, yu lumatayiete, lumatayient
Prev participe: lumatayt / lumatayen lurebeghseih > Infinitive: lurebeghsihes
Present: lurebeghseihm, lurebeghseihs, lurebeghseiht, lurebeghseihm(o)s, yu lurebeghseiht(e), lurebeghseihnt
Preterit: lurebeghsihsim, lurebeghsihst(a), lurebeghsihsit, lurebeghsihsam, lurebeghsihsat, lurebeghsihr
Future tid: lurebeghseihsiem, lurebeghseihsies, lurebeghseihsiet, lurebeghseihsiem(o)s, yu lurebeghseihsiete, lurebeghseihsient
Conditional: lurebeghseihiem, lurebeghseihies, lurebeghseihiet, lurebeghseihiem(o)s, yu lurebeghseihiete, lurebeghseihient
Prev participe: lurebeghsiht / lurebeghsihn luur > Infinitive: luure
Present: luuro, luurs, luurt, luurm(o)s, yu luurt(e), luure(nt)
Preterit: luurim, luur(i)st(a), luurit, luuram, luurat, luureer
Future tid: luursiem, luursies, luursiet, luursiem(o)s, yu luursiete, luursient
Conditional: luuriem, luuries, luuriet, luuriem(o)s, yu luuriete, luurient
Prev participe: luurt / luuren lyehg > Infinitive: lyehge
Present: lyehgo, lyehcs, lyehct, lyehgm(o)s, yu lyehct(e), lyehge(nt)
Preterit: lyohgim, lyohg(i)st(a), lyohgit, lyohgam, lyohgat, lyohgeer
Future tid: lyehcsiem, lyehcsies, lyehcsiet, lyehcsiem(o)s, yu lyehcsiete, lyehcsient
Conditional: lyehgiem, lyehgies, lyehgiet, lyehgiem(o)s, yu lyehgiete, lyehgient
Prev participe: lyohct / lyohgen lyeig > Infinitive: lyiges
Present: lyeigo, lyeics, lyeict, lyeigm(o)s, yu lyeict(e), lyeige(nt)
Preterit: lyigim, lyig(i)st(a), lyigit, lyigam, lyigat, lyigeer
Future tid: lyeicsiem, lyeicsies, lyeicsiet, lyeicsiem(o)s, yu lyeicsiete, lyeicsient
Conditional: lyeigiem, lyeigies, lyeigiet, lyeigiem(o)s, yu lyeigiete, lyeigient
Prev participe: lyict / lyigen lynch > Infinitive: lynche
Present: lyncho, lynchs, lyncht, lynchm(o)s, yu lyncht(e), lynche(nt)
Preterit: lynchim, lynch(i)st(a), lynchit, lyncham, lynchat, lyncheer
Future tid: lynchsiem, lynchsies, lynchsiet, lynchsiem(o)s, yu lynchsiete, lynchsient
Conditional: lynchiem, lynchies, lynchiet, lynchiem(o)s, yu lynchiete, lynchient
Prev participe: lyncht / lynchen lyophilise > Infinitive: lyophilise
Present: io lyophilise, lyophilises, lyophiliset, lyophilisems, yu lyophiliset(e), lyophilisent
Preterit: lyophilisim, lyophilisist(a), lyophilisit, lyophilisam, lyophilisat, lyophiliseer
Future tid: lyophilisesiem, lyophilisesies, lyophilisesiet, lyophilisesiem(o)s, yu lyophilisesiete, lyophilisesient
Conditional: lyophilisiem, lyophilisies, lyophilisiet, lyophilisiem(o)s, yu lyophilisiete, lyophilisient
Prev participe: lyophiliset / lyophilisen macere > Infinitive: macere
Present: io macere, maceres, maceret, macerems, yu maceret(e), macerent
Preterit: macerim, macerist(a), macerit, maceram, macerat, macereer
Future tid: maceresiem, maceresies, maceresiet, maceresiem(o)s, yu maceresiete, maceresient
Conditional: maceriem, maceries, maceriet, maceriem(o)s, yu maceriete, macerient
Prev participe: maceret / maceren macule > Infinitive: macule
Present: io macule, macules, maculet, maculems, yu maculet(e), maculent
Preterit: maculim, maculist(a), maculit, maculam, maculat, maculeer
Future tid: maculesiem, maculesies, maculesiet, maculesiem(o)s, yu maculesiete, maculesient
Conditional: maculiem, maculies, maculiet, maculiem(o)s, yu maculiete, maculient
Prev participe: maculet / maculen magh > Infinitive: maghe
Present: magho, maghs, maght, maghm(o)s, yu maght(e), maghe(nt)
Preterit: mieghim, miegh(i)st(a), mieghit, miegham, mieghat, miegheer
Future tid: maghsiem, maghsies, maghsiet, maghsiem(o)s, yu maghsiete, maghsient
Conditional: maghiem, maghies, maghiet, maghiem(o)s, yu maghiete, maghient
Prev participe: maght / maghen maghses > Infinitive: maghsese
Present: maghseso, maghses, maghsest, maghsesm(o)s, yu maghsest(e), maghsese(nt)
Preterit: mieghsesim, mieghses(i)st(a), mieghsesit, mieghsesam, mieghsesat, mieghseseer
Future tid: siem maghsese, sies maghsese, siet maghsese, siem(o)s maghsese, yu siete maghsese, sient maghsese
Conditional: maghsesiem, maghsesies, maghsesiet, maghsesiem(o)s, yu maghsesiete, maghsesient
Prev participe: maghsest / maghsesen magnetise > Infinitive: magnetise
Present: io magnetise, magnetises, magnetiset, magnetisems, yu magnetiset(e), magnetisent
Preterit: magnetisim, magnetisist(a), magnetisit, magnetisam, magnetisat, magnetiseer
Future tid: magnetisesiem, magnetisesies, magnetisesiet, magnetisesiem(o)s, yu magnetisesiete, magnetisesient
Conditional: magnetisiem, magnetisies, magnetisiet, magnetisiem(o)s, yu magnetisiete, magnetisient
Prev participe: magnetiset / magnetisen mah > Infinitive: mahe
Present: mahm, mahs, maht, mahm(o)s, yu maht(e), mahnt
Preterit: mahsim, mahst(a), mahsit, mahsam, mahsat, mahr
Future tid: mahsiem, mahsies, mahsiet, mahsiem(o)s, yu mahsiete, mahsient
Conditional: mahiem, mahies, mahiet, mahiem(o)s, yu mahiete, mahient
Prev participe: maht / mahn mahel > Infinitive: mahel
Present: io mahel, mahels, mahelt, mahelms, yu mahelt, mahelnt
Preterit: miehlim, miehlist, miehlit, mieh(e)lam, mieh(e)lat, mieh(e)leer
Future tid: mahelsiem, mahelsies, mahelsiet, mahelsiem(o)s, yu mahelsiete, mahelsient
Conditional: maheliem, mahelies, maheliet, maheliem(o)s, yu maheliete, mahelient
Prev participe: mahelt / maheln maimoureih > Infinitive: maimourihes
Present: maimoureihm, maimoureihs, maimoureiht, maimoureihm(o)s, yu maimoureiht(e), maimoureihnt
Preterit: maimourihsim, maimourihst(a), maimourihsit, maimourihsam, maimourihsat, maimourihr
Future tid: maimoureihsiem, maimoureihsies, maimoureihsiet, maimoureihsiem(o)s, yu maimoureihsiete, maimoureihsient
Conditional: maimoureihiem, maimoureihies, maimoureihiet, maimoureihiem(o)s, yu maimoureihiete, maimoureihient
Prev participe: maimouriht / maimourihn majorat > Infinitive: majorate
Present: majorato, majorats, majorat, majoratm(o)s, yu majorate, majorate(nt)
Preterit: majorietim, majoriet(i)st(a), majorietit, majorietam, majorietat, majorieteer
Future tid: majoratsiem, majoratsies, majoratsiet, majoratsiem(o)s, yu majoratsiete, majoratsient
Conditional: majoratiem, majoraties, majoratiet, majoratiem(o)s, yu majoratiete, majoratient
Prev participe: majorat / majoraten makh > Infinitive: makhe
Present: makho, makhs, makht, makhm(o)s, yu makht(e), makhe(nt)
Preterit: miekhim, miekh(i)st(a), miekhit, miekham, miekhat, miekheer
Future tid: makhsiem, makhsies, makhsiet, makhsiem(o)s, yu makhsiete, makhsient
Conditional: makhiem, makhies, makhiet, makhiem(o)s, yu makhiete, makhient
Prev participe: makht / makhen makhsoul > Infinitive: makhsoule
Present: makhsoulo, makhsouls, makhsoult, makhsoulm(o)s, yu makhsoult(e), makhsoule(nt)
Preterit: makhsoulim, makhsoul(i)st(a), makhsoulit, makhsoulam, makhsoulat, makhsouleer
Future tid: makhsoulsiem, makhsoulsies, makhsoulsiet, makhsoulsiem(o)s, yu makhsoulsiete, makhsoulsient
Conditional: makhsouliem, makhsoulies, makhsouliet, makhsouliem(o)s, yu makhsouliete, makhsoulient
Prev participe: makhsoult / makhsoulen malal > Infinitive: malale
Present: malalo, malals, malalt, malalm(o)s, yu malalt(e), malale(nt)
Preterit: malielim, maliel(i)st(a), malielit, malielam, malielat, malieleer
Future tid: malalsiem, malalsies, malalsiet, malalsiem(o)s, yu malalsiete, malalsient
Conditional: malaliem, malalies, malaliet, malaliem(o)s, yu malaliete, malalient
Prev participe: malalt / malalen malodore > Infinitive: malodore
Present: io malodore, malodores, malodoret, malodorems, yu malodoret(e), malodorent
Preterit: malodorim, malodorist(a), malodorit, malodoram, malodorat, malodoreer
Future tid: malodoresiem, malodoresies, malodoresiet, malodoresiem(o)s, yu malodoresiete, malodoresient
Conditional: malodoriem, malodories, malodoriet, malodoriem(o)s, yu malodoriete, malodorient
Prev participe: malodoret / malodoren maltraite > Infinitive: maltraite
Present: io maltraite, maltraites, maltraitet, maltraitems, yu maltraitet(e), maltraitent
Preterit: maltraitim, maltraitist(a), maltraitit, maltraitam, maltraitat, maltraiteer
Future tid: maltraitesiem, maltraitesies, maltraitesiet, maltraitesiem(o)s, yu maltraitesiete, maltraitesient
Conditional: maltraitiem, maltraities, maltraitiet, maltraitiem(o)s, yu maltraitiete, maltraitient
Prev participe: maltraitet / maltraiten mambh > Infinitive: mambhe
Present: mambho, mambhs, mambht, mambhm(o)s, yu mambht(e), mambhe(nt)
Preterit: miembhim, miembh(i)st(a), miembhit, miembham, miembhat, miembheer
Future tid: mambhsiem, mambhsies, mambhsiet, mambhsiem(o)s, yu mambhsiete, mambhsient
Conditional: mambhiem, mambhies, mambhiet, mambhiem(o)s, yu mambhiete, mambhient
Prev participe: mambht / mambhen mambhel > Infinitive: mambhel
Present: io mambhel, mambhels, mambhelt, mambhelms, yu mambhelt, mambhelnt
Preterit: miembhlim, miembhlist, miembhlit, miembh(e)lam, miembh(e)lat, miembh(e)leer
Future tid: mambhelsiem, mambhelsies, mambhelsiet, mambhelsiem(o)s, yu mambhelsiete, mambhelsient
Conditional: mambheliem, mambhelies, mambheliet, mambheliem(o)s, yu mambheliete, mambhelient
Prev participe: mambhelt / mambheln man > Infinitive: mane
Present: mano, mans, mant, manm(o)s, yu mant(e), mane(nt)
Preterit: mienim, mien(i)st(a), mienit, mienam, mienat, mieneer
Future tid: mansiem, mansies, mansiet, mansiem(o)s, yu mansiete, mansient
Conditional: maniem, manies, maniet, maniem(o)s, yu maniete, manient
Prev participe: mant / manen manafise > Infinitive: manafise
Present: io manafise, manafises, manafiset, manafisems, yu manafiset(e), manafisent
Preterit: manafisim, manafisist(a), manafisit, manafisam, manafisat, manafiseer
Future tid: manafisesiem, manafisesies, manafisesiet, manafisesiem(o)s, yu manafisesiete, manafisesient
Conditional: manafisiem, manafisies, manafisiet, manafisiem(o)s, yu manafisiete, manafisient
Prev participe: manafiset / manafisen manage > Infinitive: manage
Present: io manage, manages, managet, managems, yu managet(e), managent
Preterit: managim, managist(a), managit, manageam, manageat, manageer
Future tid: managesiem, managesies, managesiet, managesiem(o)s, yu managesiete, managesient
Conditional: managiem, managies, managiet, managiem(o)s, yu managiete, managient
Prev participe: managet / managen manager > Infinitive: manager
Present: io manager, managers, managert, managerms, yu managert, managernt
Preterit: manieger, maniegerst, manieger, manieger(am), manieger(at), manieger(eer)
Future tid: managersiem, managersies, managersiet, managersiem(o)s, yu managersiete, managersient
Conditional: manageriem, manageries, manageriet, manageriem(o)s, yu manageriete, managerient
Prev participe: managert / managern mande > Infinitive: mande
Present: io mande, mandes, mandet, mandems, yu mandet(e), mandent
Preterit: mandim, mandist(a), mandit, mandam, mandat, mandeer
Future tid: mandesiem, mandesies, mandesiet, mandesiem(o)s, yu mandesiete, mandesient
Conditional: mandiem, mandies, mandiet, mandiem(o)s, yu mandiete, mandient
Prev participe: mandet / manden maneth > Infinitive: manthes
Present: mantho, manths, mantht, manthm(o)s, yu mantht(e), manthe(nt)
Preterit: mathim, math(i)st(a), mathit, matham, mathat, matheer
Future tid: manthsiem, manthsies, manthsiet, manthsiem(o)s, yu manthsiete, manthsient
Conditional: manthiem, manthies, manthiet, manthiem(o)s, yu manthiete, manthient
Prev participe: matht / mathen manghan > Infinitive: manghane
Present: manghano, manghans, manghant, manghanm(o)s, yu manghant(e), manghane(nt)
Preterit: manghienim, manghien(i)st(a), manghienit, manghienam, manghienat, manghieneer
Future tid: manghansiem, manghansies, manghansiet, manghansiem(o)s, yu manghansiete, manghansient
Conditional: manghaniem, manghanies, manghaniet, manghaniem(o)s, yu manghaniete, manghanient
Prev participe: manghant / manghanen manifeste > Infinitive: manifeste
Present: io manifeste, manifestes, manifestet, manifestems, yu manifestet(e), manifestent
Preterit: manifestim, manifestist(a), manifestit, manifestam, manifestat, manifesteer
Future tid: manifestesiem, manifestesies, manifestesiet, manifestesiem(o)s, yu manifestesiete, manifestesient
Conditional: manifestiem, manifesties, manifestiet, manifestiem(o)s, yu manifestiete, manifestient
Prev participe: manifestet / manifesten manipule > Infinitive: manipule
Present: io manipule, manipules, manipulet, manipulems, yu manipulet(e), manipulent
Preterit: manipulim, manipulist(a), manipulit, manipulam, manipulat, manipuleer
Future tid: manipulesiem, manipulesies, manipulesiet, manipulesiem(o)s, yu manipulesiete, manipulesient
Conditional: manipuliem, manipulies, manipuliet, manipuliem(o)s, yu manipuliete, manipulient
Prev participe: manipulet / manipulen mank > Infinitive: manke
Present: manko, mancs, manct, mankm(o)s, yu manct(e), manke(nt)
Preterit: mienkim, mienk(i)st(a), mienkit, mienkam, mienkat, mienkeer
Future tid: mancsiem, mancsies, mancsiet, mancsiem(o)s, yu mancsiete, mancsient
Conditional: mankiem, mankies, mankiet, mankiem(o)s, yu mankiete, mankient
Prev participe: manct / manken mantein > Infinitive: mantines
Present: manteino, manteins, manteint, manteinm(o)s, yu manteint(e), manteine(nt)
Preterit: mantinim, mantin(i)st(a), mantinit, mantinam, mantinat, mantineer
Future tid: manteinsiem, manteinsies, manteinsiet, manteinsiem(o)s, yu manteinsiete, manteinsient
Conditional: manteiniem, manteinies, manteiniet, manteiniem(o)s, yu manteiniete, manteinient
Prev participe: mantint / mantinen mantelett > Infinitive: mantelette
Present: manteletto, manteletts, mantelett, mantelettm(o)s, yu mantelette, mantelette(nt)
Preterit: mantelessim, manteless(i)st(a), mantelessit, mantelessam, mantelessat, mantelesseer
Future tid: mantelettsiem, mantelettsies, mantelettsiet, mantelettsiem(o)s, yu mantelettsiete, mantelettsient
Conditional: mantelettiem, manteletties, mantelettiet, mantelettiem(o)s, yu mantelettiete, mantelettient
Prev participe: manteless / manteletten manthel > Infinitive: manthel
Present: io manthel, manthels, manthelt, manthelms, yu manthelt, manthelnt
Preterit: mienthlim, mienthlist, mienthlit, mienth(e)lam, mienth(e)lat, mienth(e)leer
Future tid: manthelsiem, manthelsies, manthelsiet, manthelsiem(o)s, yu manthelsiete, manthelsient
Conditional: mantheliem, manthelies, mantheliet, mantheliem(o)s, yu mantheliete, manthelient
Prev participe: manthelt / mantheln mapsack > Infinitive: mapsacke
Present: mapsacko, mapsacks, mapsackt, mapsackm(o)s, yu mapsackt(e), mapsacke(nt)
Preterit: mapsieckim, mapsieck(i)st(a), mapsieckit, mapsieckam, mapsieckat, mapsieckeer
Future tid: mapsacksiem, mapsacksies, mapsacksiet, mapsacksiem(o)s, yu mapsacksiete, mapsacksient
Conditional: mapsackiem, mapsackies, mapsackiet, mapsackiem(o)s, yu mapsackiete, mapsackient
Prev participe: mapsackt / mapsacken marche > Infinitive: marche
Present: io marche, marches, marchet, marchems, yu marchet(e), marchent
Preterit: marchim, marchist(a), marchit, marcham, marchat, marcheer
Future tid: marchesiem, marchesies, marchesiet, marchesiem(o)s, yu marchesiete, marchesient
Conditional: marchiem, marchies, marchiet, marchiem(o)s, yu marchiete, marchient
Prev participe: marchet / marchen marginalise > Infinitive: marginalise
Present: io marginalise, marginalises, marginaliset, marginalisems, yu marginaliset(e), marginalisent
Preterit: marginalisim, marginalisist(a), marginalisit, marginalisam, marginalisat, marginaliseer
Future tid: marginalisesiem, marginalisesies, marginalisesiet, marginalisesiem(o)s, yu marginalisesiete, marginalisesient
Conditional: marginalisiem, marginalisies, marginalisiet, marginalisiem(o)s, yu marginalisiete, marginalisient
Prev participe: marginaliset / marginalisen mark > Infinitive: marke
Present: marko, marcs, marct, markm(o)s, yu marct(e), marke(nt)
Preterit: mierkim, mierk(i)st(a), mierkit, mierkam, mierkat, mierkeer
Future tid: marcsiem, marcsies, marcsiet, marcsiem(o)s, yu marcsiete, marcsient
Conditional: markiem, markies, markiet, markiem(o)s, yu markiete, markient
Prev participe: marct / marken marloubeih > Infinitive: marloubihes
Present: marloubeihm, marloubeihs, marloubeiht, marloubeihm(o)s, yu marloubeiht(e), marloubeihnt
Preterit: marloubihsim, marloubihst(a), marloubihsit, marloubihsam, marloubihsat, marloubihr
Future tid: marloubeihsiem, marloubeihsies, marloubeihsiet, marloubeihsiem(o)s, yu marloubeihsiete, marloubeihsient
Conditional: marloubeihiem, marloubeihies, marloubeihiet, marloubeihiem(o)s, yu marloubeihiete, marloubeihient
Prev participe: marloubiht / marloubihn marsen > Infinitive: marnes
Present: marno, marns, marnt, marnm(o)s, yu marnt(e), marne(nt)
Preterit: marsim, mars(i)st(a), marsit, marsam, marsat, marseer
Future tid: marnsiem, marnsies, marnsiet, marnsiem(o)s, yu marnsiete, marnsient
Conditional: marniem, marnies, marniet, marniem(o)s, yu marniete, marnient
Prev participe: marst / marsen marz > Infinitive: marze
Present: marzo, marzs, marzt, marzm(o)s, yu marzt(e), marze(nt)
Preterit: mierzim, mierz(i)st(a), mierzit, mierzam, mierzat, mierzeer
Future tid: siem marze, sies marze, siet marze, siem(o)s marze, yu siete marze, sient marze
Conditional: marziem, marzies, marziet, marziem(o)s, yu marziete, marzient
Prev participe: marzt / marzen maschkouk > Infinitive: maschkouke
Present: maschkouko, maschkoucs, maschkouct, maschkoukm(o)s, yu maschkouct(e), maschkouke(nt)
Preterit: maschkoukim, maschkouk(i)st(a), maschkoukit, maschkoukam, maschkoukat, maschkoukeer
Future tid: maschkoucsiem, maschkoucsies, maschkoucsiet, maschkoucsiem(o)s, yu maschkoucsiete, maschkoucsient
Conditional: maschkoukiem, maschkoukies, maschkoukiet, maschkoukiem(o)s, yu maschkoukiete, maschkoukient
Prev participe: maschkouct / maschkouken maschtab > Infinitive: maschtabe
Present: maschtabo, maschtaps, maschtapt, maschtabm(o)s, yu maschtapt(e), maschtabe(nt)
Preterit: maschtiebim, maschtieb(i)st(a), maschtiebit, maschtiebam, maschtiebat, maschtiebeer
Future tid: maschtapsiem, maschtapsies, maschtapsiet, maschtapsiem(o)s, yu maschtapsiete, maschtapsient
Conditional: maschtabiem, maschtabies, maschtabiet, maschtabiem(o)s, yu maschtabiete, maschtabient
Prev participe: maschtapt / maschtaben mask > Infinitive: maske
Present: masko, mascs, masct, maskm(o)s, yu masct(e), maske(nt)
Preterit: mieskim, miesk(i)st(a), mieskit, mieskam, mieskat, mieskeer
Future tid: mascsiem, mascsies, mascsiet, mascsiem(o)s, yu mascsiete, mascsient
Conditional: maskiem, maskies, maskiet, maskiem(o)s, yu maskiete, maskient
Prev participe: masct / masken masraf > Infinitive: masrafe
Present: masrafo, masrafs, masraft, masrafm(o)s, yu masraft(e), masrafe(nt)
Preterit: masriefim, masrief(i)st(a), masriefit, masriefam, masriefat, masriefeer
Future tid: masrafsiem, masrafsies, masrafsiet, masrafsiem(o)s, yu masrafsiete, masrafsient
Conditional: masrafiem, masrafies, masrafiet, masrafiem(o)s, yu masrafiete, masrafient
Prev participe: masraft / masrafen massacre > Infinitive: massacre
Present: io massacre, massacres, massacret, massacrems, yu massacret(e), massacrent
Preterit: massacrim, massacrist(a), massacrit, massacram, massacrat, massacreer
Future tid: massacresiem, massacresies, massacresiet, massacresiem(o)s, yu massacresiete, massacresient
Conditional: massacriem, massacries, massacriet, massacriem(o)s, yu massacriete, massacrient
Prev participe: massacret / massacren massage > Infinitive: massage
Present: io massage, massages, massaget, massagems, yu massaget(e), massagent
Preterit: massagim, massagist(a), massagit, massageam, massageat, massageer
Future tid: massagesiem, massagesies, massagesiet, massagesiem(o)s, yu massagesiete, massagesient
Conditional: massagiem, massagies, massagiet, massagiem(o)s, yu massagiete, massagient
Prev participe: massaget / massagen masturbe > Infinitive: masturbe
Present: io masturbe, masturbes, masturbet, masturbems, yu masturbet(e), masturbent
Preterit: masturbim, masturbist(a), masturbit, masturbam, masturbat, masturbeer
Future tid: masturbesiem, masturbesies, masturbesiet, masturbesiem(o)s, yu masturbesiete, masturbesient
Conditional: masturbiem, masturbies, masturbiet, masturbiem(o)s, yu masturbiete, masturbient
Prev participe: masturbet / masturben mathmoun > Infinitive: mathmoune
Present: mathmouno, mathmouns, mathmount, mathmounm(o)s, yu mathmount(e), mathmoune(nt)
Preterit: mathmounim, mathmoun(i)st(a), mathmounit, mathmounam, mathmounat, mathmouneer
Future tid: mathmounsiem, mathmounsies, mathmounsiet, mathmounsiem(o)s, yu mathmounsiete, mathmounsient
Conditional: mathmouniem, mathmounies, mathmouniet, mathmouniem(o)s, yu mathmouniete, mathmounient
Prev participe: mathmount / mathmounen matteurp > Infinitive: matturpes
Present: matteurpo, matteurps, matteurpt, matteurpm(o)s, yu matteurpt(e), matteurpe(nt)
Preterit: matturpim, matturp(i)st(a), matturpit, matturpam, matturpat, matturpeer
Future tid: matteurpsiem, matteurpsies, matteurpsiet, matteurpsiem(o)s, yu matteurpsiete, matteurpsient
Conditional: matteurpiem, matteurpies, matteurpiet, matteurpiem(o)s, yu matteurpiete, matteurpient
Prev participe: matturpt / matturpen mau > Infinitive: maue
Present: maum, maus, maut, maum(o)s, yu maut(e), maunt
Preterit: mieusim, mieust(a), mieusit, mieam, mieat, mieur
Future tid: mausiem, mausies, mausiet, mausiem(o)s, yu mausiete, mausient
Conditional: maiem, maies, maiet, maiem(o)s, yu maiete, maient
Prev participe: maut / maun maul > Infinitive: maule
Present: maulo, mauls, mault, maulm(o)s, yu mault(e), maule(nt)
Preterit: maulim, maul(i)st(a), maulit, maulam, maulat, mauleer
Future tid: maulsiem, maulsies, maulsiet, maulsiem(o)s, yu maulsiete, maulsient
Conditional: mauliem, maulies, mauliet, mauliem(o)s, yu mauliete, maulient
Prev participe: mault / maulen maun > Infinitive: maune
Present: mauno, mauns, maunt, maunm(o)s, yu maunt(e), maune(nt)
Preterit: maunim, maun(i)st(a), maunit, maunam, maunat, mauneer
Future tid: maunsiem, maunsies, maunsiet, maunsiem(o)s, yu maunsiete, maunsient
Conditional: mauniem, maunies, mauniet, mauniem(o)s, yu mauniete, maunient
Prev participe: maunt / maunen mauxekwan > Infinitive: mauxekwane
Present: mauxekwano, mauxekwans, mauxekwant, mauxekwanm(o)s, yu mauxekwant(e), mauxekwane(nt)
Preterit: mauxekwienim, mauxekwien(i)st(a), mauxekwienit, mauxekwienam, mauxekwienat, mauxekwieneer
Future tid: mauxekwansiem, mauxekwansies, mauxekwansiet, mauxekwansiem(o)s, yu mauxekwansiete, mauxekwansient
Conditional: mauxekwaniem, mauxekwanies, mauxekwaniet, mauxekwaniem(o)s, yu mauxekwaniete, mauxekwanient
Prev participe: mauxekwant / mauxekwanen mayn > Infinitive: mayne
Present: mayno, mayns, maynt, maynm(o)s, yu maynt(e), mayne(nt)
Preterit: mieynim, mieyn(i)st(a), mieynit, mieynam, mieynat, mieyneer
Future tid: maynsiem, maynsies, maynsiet, maynsiem(o)s, yu maynsiete, maynsient
Conditional: mayniem, maynies, mayniet, mayniem(o)s, yu mayniete, maynient
Prev participe: maynt / maynen maynleudher > Infinitive: maynludhres
Present: io maynleudher, maynleudhers, maynleudhert, maynleudherms, yu maynleudhert, maynleudhernt
Preterit: maynludhrim, maynludhrist, maynludhrit, maynludh(e)ram, maynludh(e)rat, maynludh(e)reer
Future tid: maynleudhersiem, maynleudhersies, maynleudhersiet, maynleudhersiem(o)s, yu maynleudhersiete, maynleudhersient
Conditional: maynleudheriem, maynleudheries, maynleudheriet, maynleudheriem(o)s, yu maynleudheriete, maynleudherient
Prev participe: maynludhert / maynludhern mayzel > Infinitive: mayzel
Present: io mayzel, mayzels, mayzelt, mayzelms, yu mayzelt, mayzelnt
Preterit: mieyzlim, mieyzlist, mieyzlit, mieyz(e)lam, mieyz(e)lat, mieyz(e)leer
Future tid: mayzelsiem, mayzelsies, mayzelsiet, mayzelsiem(o)s, yu mayzelsiete, mayzelsient
Conditional: mayzeliem, mayzelies, mayzeliet, mayzeliem(o)s, yu mayzeliete, mayzelient
Prev participe: mayzelt / mayzeln medven > Infinitive: medvnes
Present: medvno, medvens, medvent, medvnm(o)s, yu medvent(e), medvne(nt)
Preterit: medvim, medv(i)st(a), medvit, medvam, medvat, medveer
Future tid: medvensiem, medvensies, medvensiet, medvensiem(o)s, yu medvensiete, medvensient
Conditional: medvniem, medvnies, medvniet, medvniem(o)s, yu medvniete, medvnient
Prev participe: medvt / medven meerschaum > Infinitive: meerschaume
Present: meerschaumo, meerschaums, meerschaumt, meerschaumm(o)s, yu meerschaumt(e), meerschaume(nt)
Preterit: meerschaumim, meerschaum(i)st(a), meerschaumit, meerschaumam, meerschaumat, meerschaumeer
Future tid: meerschaumsiem, meerschaumsies, meerschaumsiet, meerschaumsiem(o)s, yu meerschaumsiete, meerschaumsient
Conditional: meerschaumiem, meerschaumies, meerschaumiet, meerschaumiem(o)s, yu meerschaumiete, meerschaumient
Prev participe: meerschaumt / meerschaumen mehgh > Infinitive: mehghe
Present: mehgho, mehghs, mehght, mehghm(o)s, yu mehght(e), mehghe(nt)
Preterit: mohghim, mohgh(i)st(a), mohghit, mohgham, mohghat, mohgheer
Future tid: mehghsiem, mehghsies, mehghsiet, mehghsiem(o)s, yu mehghsiete, mehghsient
Conditional: mehghiem, mehghies, mehghiet, mehghiem(o)s, yu mehghiete, mehghient
Prev participe: mohght / mohghen mehl > Infinitive: mehle
Present: mehlo, mehls, mehlt, mehlm(o)s, yu mehlt(e), mehle(nt)
Preterit: mohlim, mohl(i)st(a), mohlit, mohlam, mohlat, mohleer
Future tid: mehlsiem, mehlsies, mehlsiet, mehlsiem(o)s, yu mehlsiete, mehlsient
Conditional: mehliem, mehlies, mehliet, mehliem(o)s, yu mehliete, mehlient
Prev participe: mohlt / mohlen mehld > Infinitive: mehlde
Present: mehldo, mehlds, mehldt, mehldm(o)s, yu mehldt(e), mehlde(nt)
Preterit: mohldim, mohld(i)st(a), mohldit, mohldam, mohldat, mohldeer
Future tid: mehldsiem, mehldsies, mehldsiet, mehldsiem(o)s, yu mehldsiete, mehldsient
Conditional: mehldiem, mehldies, mehldiet, mehldiem(o)s, yu mehldiete, mehldient
Prev participe: mohldt / mohlden mehlg > Infinitive: mehlge
Present: mehlgo, mehlcs, mehlct, mehlgm(o)s, yu mehlct(e), mehlge(nt)
Preterit: mohlgim, mohlg(i)st(a), mohlgit, mohlgam, mohlgat, mohlgeer
Future tid: mehlcsiem, mehlcsies, mehlcsiet, mehlcsiem(o)s, yu mehlcsiete, mehlcsient
Conditional: mehlgiem, mehlgies, mehlgiet, mehlgiem(o)s, yu mehlgiete, mehlgient
Prev participe: mohlct / mohlgen mehm > Infinitive: mehme
Present: mehmo, mehms, mehmt, mehmm(o)s, yu mehmt(e), mehme(nt)
Preterit: mohmim, mohm(i)st(a), mohmit, mohmam, mohmat, mohmeer
Future tid: mehmsiem, mehmsies, mehmsiet, mehmsiem(o)s, yu mehmsiete, mehmsient
Conditional: mehmiem, mehmies, mehmiet, mehmiem(o)s, yu mehmiete, mehmient
Prev participe: mohmt / mohmen mehn > Infinitive: mehne
Present: mehno, mehns, mehnt, mehnm(o)s, yu mehnt(e), mehne(nt)
Preterit: mohnim, mohn(i)st(a), mohnit, mohnam, mohnat, mohneer
Future tid: mehnsiem, mehnsies, mehnsiet, mehnsiem(o)s, yu mehnsiete, mehnsient
Conditional: mehniem, mehnies, mehniet, mehniem(o)s, yu mehniete, mehnient
Prev participe: mohnt / mohnen mehr > Infinitive: mehre
Present: mehro, mehrs, mehrt, mehrm(o)s, yu mehrt(e), mehre(nt)
Preterit: mohrim, mohr(i)st(a), mohrit, mohram, mohrat, mohreer
Future tid: mehrsiem, mehrsies, mehrsiet, mehrsiem(o)s, yu mehrsiete, mehrsient
Conditional: mehriem, mehries, mehriet, mehriem(o)s, yu mehriete, mehrient
Prev participe: mohrt / mohren mehsg > Infinitive: mehsge
Present: mehsgo, mehscs, mehsct, mehsgm(o)s, yu mehsct(e), mehsge(nt)
Preterit: mohsgim, mohsg(i)st(a), mohsgit, mohsgam, mohsgat, mohsgeer
Future tid: mehscsiem, mehscsies, mehscsiet, mehscsiem(o)s, yu mehscsiete, mehscsient
Conditional: mehsgiem, mehsgies, mehsgiet, mehsgiem(o)s, yu mehsgiete, mehsgient
Prev participe: mohsct / mohsgen meic > Infinitive: mices
Present: meico, meics, meict, meicm(o)s, yu meict(e), meice(nt)
Preterit: micim, mic(i)st(a), micit, micam, micat, miceer
Future tid: meicsiem, meicsies, meicsiet, meicsiem(o)s, yu meicsiete, meicsient
Conditional: meiciem, meicies, meiciet, meiciem(o)s, yu meiciete, meicient
Prev participe: mict / micen meid > Infinitive: mides
Present: meido, meids, meidt, meidm(o)s, yu meidt(e), meide(nt)
Preterit: midim, mid(i)st(a), midit, midam, midat, mideer
Future tid: meidsiem, meidsies, meidsiet, meidsiem(o)s, yu meidsiete, meidsient
Conditional: meidiem, meidies, meidiet, meidiem(o)s, yu meidiete, meidient
Prev participe: midt / miden meih > Infinitive: mihes
Present: meihm, meihs, meiht, meihm(o)s, yu meiht(e), meihnt
Preterit: mihsim, mihst(a), mihsit, mihsam, mihsat, mihr
Future tid: meihsiem, meihsies, meihsiet, meihsiem(o)s, yu meihsiete, meihsient
Conditional: meihiem, meihies, meihiet, meihiem(o)s, yu meihiete, meihient
Prev participe: miht / mihn meil > Infinitive: miles
Present: meilo, meils, meilt, meilm(o)s, yu meilt(e), meile(nt)
Preterit: milim, mil(i)st(a), milit, milam, milat, mileer
Future tid: meilsiem, meilsies, meilsiet, meilsiem(o)s, yu meilsiete, meilsient
Conditional: meiliem, meilies, meiliet, meiliem(o)s, yu meiliete, meilient
Prev participe: milt / milen meinc > Infinitive: minces
Present: meinco, meincs, meinct, meincm(o)s, yu meinct(e), meince(nt)
Preterit: mincim, minc(i)st(a), mincit, mincam, mincat, minceer
Future tid: meincsiem, meincsies, meincsiet, meincsiem(o)s, yu meincsiete, meincsient
Conditional: meinciem, meincies, meinciet, meinciem(o)s, yu meinciete, meincient
Prev participe: minct / mincen meisg > Infinitive: misges
Present: meisgo, meiscs, meisct, meisgm(o)s, yu meisct(e), meisge(nt)
Preterit: misgim, misg(i)st(a), misgit, misgam, misgat, misgeer
Future tid: meiscsiem, meiscsies, meiscsiet, meiscsiem(o)s, yu meiscsiete, meiscsient
Conditional: meisgiem, meisgies, meisgiet, meisgiem(o)s, yu meisgiete, meisgient
Prev participe: misct / misgen meith > Infinitive: mithes
Present: meitho, meiths, meitht, meithm(o)s, yu meitht(e), meithe(nt)
Preterit: mithim, mith(i)st(a), mithit, mitham, mithat, mitheer
Future tid: meithsiem, meithsies, meithsiet, meithsiem(o)s, yu meithsiete, meithsient
Conditional: meithiem, meithies, meithiet, meithiem(o)s, yu meithiete, meithient
Prev participe: mitht / mithen meizd > Infinitive: mizdes
Present: meizdo, meizds, meizdt, meizdm(o)s, yu meizdt(e), meizde(nt)
Preterit: mizdim, mizd(i)st(a), mizdit, mizdam, mizdat, mizdeer
Future tid: meizdsiem, meizdsies, meizdsiet, meizdsiem(o)s, yu meizdsiete, meizdsient
Conditional: meizdiem, meizdies, meizdiet, meizdiem(o)s, yu meizdiete, meizdient
Prev participe: mizdt / mizden meje > Infinitive: meje
Present: io meje, mejes, mejet, mejems, yu mejet(e), mejent
Preterit: mejim, mejist(a), mejit, mejam, mejat, mejeer
Future tid: mejesiem, mejesies, mejesiet, mejesiem(o)s, yu mejesiete, mejesient
Conditional: mejiem, mejies, mejiet, mejiem(o)s, yu mejiete, mejient
Prev participe: mejet / mejen memmen > Infinitive: memmnes
Present: memmno, memmens, memment, memmnm(o)s, yu memment(e), memmne(nt)
Preterit: memmim, memm(i)st(a), memmit, memmam, memmat, memmeer
Future tid: memmensiem, memmensies, memmensiet, memmensiem(o)s, yu memmensiete, memmensient
Conditional: memmniem, memmnies, memmniet, memmniem(o)s, yu memmniete, memmnient
Prev participe: memmt / memmen memorise > Infinitive: memorise
Present: io memorise, memorises, memoriset, memorisems, yu memoriset(e), memorisent
Preterit: memorisim, memorisist(a), memorisit, memorisam, memorisat, memoriseer
Future tid: memorisesiem, memorisesies, memorisesiet, memorisesiem(o)s, yu memorisesiete, memorisesient
Conditional: memorisiem, memorisies, memorisiet, memorisiem(o)s, yu memorisiete, memorisient
Prev participe: memoriset / memorisen menace > Infinitive: menace
Present: io menace, menaces, menacet, menacems, yu menacet(e), menacent
Preterit: menacim, menacist(a), menacit, menaceam, menaceat, menaceer
Future tid: menacesiem, menacesies, menacesiet, menacesiem(o)s, yu menacesiete, menacesient
Conditional: menaciem, menacies, menaciet, menaciem(o)s, yu menaciete, menacient
Prev participe: menacet / menacen menay > Infinitive: menaye
Present: menaym, menays, menayt, menaym(o)s, yu menayt(e), menaynt
Preterit: menieyim, menieyst(a), menieyit, menieyam, menieyat, menieyeer
Future tid: menaysiem, menaysies, menaysiet, menaysiem(o)s, yu menaysiete, menaysient
Conditional: menayiem, menayies, menayiet, menayiem(o)s, yu menayiete, menayient
Prev participe: menayt / menayen menstrue > Infinitive: menstrue
Present: io menstrue, menstrues, menstruet, menstruems, yu menstruet(e), menstruent
Preterit: menstruim, menstruist(a), menstruit, menstruam, menstruat, menstrueer
Future tid: menstruesiem, menstruesies, menstruesiet, menstruesiem(o)s, yu menstruesiete, menstruesient
Conditional: menstruiem, menstruies, menstruiet, menstruiem(o)s, yu menstruiete, menstruient
Prev participe: menstruet / menstruen meremettise > Infinitive: meremettise
Present: io meremettise, meremettises, meremettiset, meremettisems, yu meremettiset(e), meremettisent
Preterit: meremettisim, meremettisist(a), meremettisit, meremettisam, meremettisat, meremettiseer
Future tid: meremettisesiem, meremettisesies, meremettisesiet, meremettisesiem(o)s, yu meremettisesiete, meremettisesient
Conditional: meremettisiem, meremettisies, meremettisiet, meremettisiem(o)s, yu meremettisiete, meremettisient
Prev participe: meremettiset / meremettisen merg > Infinitive: merge
Present: mergo, mercs, merct, mergm(o)s, yu merct(e), merge(nt)
Preterit: mersim, mers(i)st(a), mersit, mersam, mersat, merseer
Future tid: mercsiem, mercsies, mercsiet, mercsiem(o)s, yu mercsiete, mercsient
Conditional: mergiem, mergies, mergiet, mergiem(o)s, yu mergiete, mergient
Prev participe: mers / mergen mestissage > Infinitive: mestissage
Present: io mestissage, mestissages, mestissaget, mestissagems, yu mestissaget(e), mestissagent
Preterit: mestissagim, mestissagist(a), mestissagit, mestissageam, mestissageat, mestissageer
Future tid: mestissagesiem, mestissagesies, mestissagesiet, mestissagesiem(o)s, yu mestissagesiete, mestissagesient
Conditional: mestissagiem, mestissagies, mestissagiet, mestissagiem(o)s, yu mestissagiete, mestissagient
Prev participe: mestissaget / mestissagen met > Infinitive: mete
Present: meto, mets, met, metm(o)s, yu mete, mete(nt)
Preterit: metim, met(i)st(a), metit, metam, metat, meteer
Future tid: metsiem, metsies, metsiet, metsiem(o)s, yu metsiete, metsient
Conditional: metiem, meties, metiet, metiem(o)s, yu metiete, metient
Prev participe: met / meten mett > Infinitive: mette
Present: metto, metts, mett, mettm(o)s, yu mette, mette(nt)
Preterit: messim, mess(i)st(a), messit, messam, messat, messeer
Future tid: mettsiem, mettsies, mettsiet, mettsiem(o)s, yu mettsiete, mettsient
Conditional: mettiem, metties, mettiet, mettiem(o)s, yu mettiete, mettient
Prev participe: mess / metten meudh > Infinitive: mudhes
Present: meudho, meudhs, meudht, meudhm(o)s, yu meudht(e), meudhe(nt)
Preterit: mudhim, mudh(i)st(a), mudhit, mudham, mudhat, mudheer
Future tid: meudhsiem, meudhsies, meudhsiet, meudhsiem(o)s, yu meudhsiete, meudhsient
Conditional: meudhiem, meudhies, meudhiet, meudhiem(o)s, yu meudhiete, meudhient
Prev participe: mudht / mudhen meuk > Infinitive: mukes
Present: meuko, meucs, meuct, meukm(o)s, yu meuct(e), meuke(nt)
Preterit: mukim, muk(i)st(a), mukit, mukam, mukat, mukeer
Future tid: meucsiem, meucsies, meucsiet, meucsiem(o)s, yu meucsiete, meucsient
Conditional: meukiem, meukies, meukiet, meukiem(o)s, yu meukiete, meukient
Prev participe: muct / muken meurch > Infinitive: murches
Present: meurcho, meurchs, meurcht, meurchm(o)s, yu meurcht(e), meurche(nt)
Preterit: murchim, murch(i)st(a), murchit, murcham, murchat, murcheer
Future tid: meurchsiem, meurchsies, meurchsiet, meurchsiem(o)s, yu meurchsiete, meurchsient
Conditional: meurchiem, meurchies, meurchiet, meurchiem(o)s, yu meurchiete, meurchient
Prev participe: murcht / murchen meurm > Infinitive: murmes
Present: meurmo, meurms, meurmt, meurmm(o)s, yu meurmt(e), meurme(nt)
Preterit: murmim, murm(i)st(a), murmit, murmam, murmat, murmeer
Future tid: meurmsiem, meurmsies, meurmsiet, meurmsiem(o)s, yu meurmsiete, meurmsient
Conditional: meurmiem, meurmies, meurmiet, meurmiem(o)s, yu meurmiete, meurmient
Prev participe: murmt / murmen miau > Infinitive: miaue
Present: miaum, miaus, miaut, miaum(o)s, yu miaut(e), miaunt
Preterit: miieusim, miieust(a), miieusit, miieam, miieat, miieur
Future tid: miausiem, miausies, miausiet, miausiem(o)s, yu miausiete, miausient
Conditional: miaiem, miaies, miaiet, miaiem(o)s, yu miaiete, miaient
Prev participe: miaut / miaun milder > Infinitive: milder
Present: io milder, milders, mildert, milderms, yu mildert, mildernt
Preterit: mildrim, mildrist, mildrit, mild(e)ram, mild(e)rat, mild(e)reer
Future tid: mildersiem, mildersies, mildersiet, mildersiem(o)s, yu mildersiete, mildersient
Conditional: milderiem, milderies, milderiet, milderiem(o)s, yu milderiete, milderient
Prev participe: mildert / mildern milite > Infinitive: milite
Present: io milite, milites, militet, militems, yu militet(e), militent
Preterit: militim, militist(a), militit, militam, militat, militeer
Future tid: militesiem, militesies, militesiet, militesiem(o)s, yu militesiete, militesient
Conditional: militiem, milities, militiet, militiem(o)s, yu militiete, militient
Prev participe: militet / militen mime > Infinitive: mime
Present: io mime, mimes, mimet, mimems, yu mimet(e), miment
Preterit: mimim, mimist(a), mimit, mimam, mimat, mimeer
Future tid: mimesiem, mimesies, mimesiet, mimesiem(o)s, yu mimesiete, mimesient
Conditional: mimiem, mimies, mimiet, mimiem(o)s, yu mimiete, mimient
Prev participe: mimet / mimen mimehn > Infinitive: mimehne
Present: mimehno, mimehns, mimehnt, mimehnm(o)s, yu mimehnt(e), mimehne(nt)
Preterit: mimohnim, mimohn(i)st(a), mimohnit, mimohnam, mimohnat, mimohneer
Future tid: mimehnsiem, mimehnsies, mimehnsiet, mimehnsiem(o)s, yu mimehnsiete, mimehnsient
Conditional: mimehniem, mimehnies, mimehniet, mimehniem(o)s, yu mimehniete, mimehnient
Prev participe: mimohnt / mimohnen minegh > Infinitive: minghes
Present: mingho, minghs, minght, minghm(o)s, yu minght(e), minghe(nt)
Preterit: mighim, migh(i)st(a), mighit, migham, mighat, migheer
Future tid: minghsiem, minghsies, minghsiet, minghsiem(o)s, yu minghsiete, minghsient
Conditional: minghiem, minghies, minghiet, minghiem(o)s, yu minghiete, minghient
Prev participe: might / mighen miniaturise > Infinitive: miniaturise
Present: io miniaturise, miniaturises, miniaturiset, miniaturisems, yu miniaturiset(e), miniaturisent
Preterit: miniaturisim, miniaturisist(a), miniaturisit, miniaturisam, miniaturisat, miniaturiseer
Future tid: miniaturisesiem, miniaturisesies, miniaturisesiet, miniaturisesiem(o)s, yu miniaturisesiete, miniaturisesient
Conditional: miniaturisiem, miniaturisies, miniaturisiet, miniaturisiem(o)s, yu miniaturisiete, miniaturisient
Prev participe: miniaturiset / miniaturisen misghab > Infinitive: misghabe
Present: misghabo, misghaps, misghapt, misghabm(o)s, yu misghapt(e), misghabe(nt)
Preterit: misghiebim, misghieb(i)st(a), misghiebit, misghiebam, misghiebat, misghiebeer
Future tid: misghapsiem, misghapsies, misghapsiet, misghapsiem(o)s, yu misghapsiete, misghapsient
Conditional: misghabiem, misghabies, misghabiet, misghabiem(o)s, yu misghabiete, misghabient
Prev participe: misghapt / misghaben misplais > Infinitive: misplaise
Present: misplaiso, misplais, misplaist, misplaism(o)s, yu misplaist(e), misplaise(nt)
Preterit: misplaisim, misplais(i)st(a), misplaisit, misplaisam, misplaisat, misplaiseer
Future tid: siem misplaise, sies misplaise, siet misplaise, siem(o)s misplaise, yu siete misplaise, sient misplaise
Conditional: misplaisiem, misplaisies, misplaisiet, misplaisiem(o)s, yu misplaisiete, misplaisient
Prev participe: misplaist / misplaisen miss > Infinitive: misse
Present: misso, miss, misst, missm(o)s, yu misst(e), misse(nt)
Preterit: missim, miss(i)st(a), missit, missam, missat, misseer
Future tid: siem misse, sies misse, siet misse, siem(o)s misse, yu siete misse, sient misse
Conditional: missiem, missies, missiet, missiem(o)s, yu missiete, missient
Prev participe: misst / missen misserve > Infinitive: misserve
Present: io misserve, misserves, misservet, misservems, yu misservet(e), misservent
Preterit: misservim, misservist(a), misservit, misservam, misservat, misserveer
Future tid: misservesiem, misservesies, misservesiet, misservesiem(o)s, yu misservesiete, misservesient
Conditional: misserviem, misservies, misserviet, misserviem(o)s, yu misserviete, misservient
Prev participe: misservet / misserven missulouk > Infinitive: missulouke
Present: missulouko, missuloucs, missulouct, missuloukm(o)s, yu missulouct(e), missulouke(nt)
Preterit: missuloukim, missulouk(i)st(a), missuloukit, missuloukam, missuloukat, missuloukeer
Future tid: missuloucsiem, missuloucsies, missuloucsiet, missuloucsiem(o)s, yu missuloucsiete, missuloucsient
Conditional: missuloukiem, missuloukies, missuloukiet, missuloukiem(o)s, yu missuloukiete, missuloukient
Prev participe: missulouct / missulouken mistreus > Infinitive: mistruses
Present: mistreuso, mistreus, mistreust, mistreusm(o)s, yu mistreust(e), mistreuse(nt)
Preterit: mistrusim, mistrus(i)st(a), mistrusit, mistrusam, mistrusat, mistruseer
Future tid: siem mistruses, sies mistruses, siet mistruses, siem(o)s mistruses, yu siete mistruses, sient mistruses
Conditional: mistreusiem, mistreusies, mistreusiet, mistreusiem(o)s, yu mistreusiete, mistreusient
Prev participe: mistrust / mistrusen mix > Infinitive: mixe
Present: mixo, mixs, mixt, mixm(o)s, yu mixt(e), mixe(nt)
Preterit: mixim, mix(i)st(a), mixit, mixam, mixat, mixeer
Future tid: siem mixe, sies mixe, siet mixe, siem(o)s mixe, yu siete mixe, sient mixe
Conditional: mixiem, mixies, mixiet, mixiem(o)s, yu mixiete, mixient
Prev participe: mixt / mixen mleu > Infinitive: mlues
Present: mleum, mleus, mleut, mleum(o)s, yu mleut(e), mleunt
Preterit: mlusim, mlust(a), mlusit, mlam, mlat, mlur
Future tid: mleusiem, mleusies, mleusiet, mleusiem(o)s, yu mleusiete, mleusient
Conditional: mleuiem, mleuies, mleuiet, mleuiem(o)s, yu mleuiete, mleuient
Prev participe: mlut / mlun mliak > Infinitive: mliake
Present: mliako, mliacs, mliact, mliakm(o)s, yu mliact(e), mliake(nt)
Preterit: mliiekim, mliiek(i)st(a), mliiekit, mliiekam, mliiekat, mliiekeer
Future tid: mliacsiem, mliacsies, mliacsiet, mliacsiem(o)s, yu mliacsiete, mliacsient
Conditional: mliakiem, mliakies, mliakiet, mliakiem(o)s, yu mliakiete, mliakient
Prev participe: mliact / mliaken mobil > Infinitive: mobile
Present: mobilo, mobils, mobilt, mobilm(o)s, yu mobilt(e), mobile(nt)
Preterit: mobilim, mobil(i)st(a), mobilit, mobilam, mobilat, mobileer
Future tid: mobilsiem, mobilsies, mobilsiet, mobilsiem(o)s, yu mobilsiete, mobilsient
Conditional: mobiliem, mobilies, mobiliet, mobiliem(o)s, yu mobiliete, mobilient
Prev participe: mobilt / mobilen mobilise > Infinitive: mobilise
Present: io mobilise, mobilises, mobiliset, mobilisems, yu mobiliset(e), mobilisent
Preterit: mobilisim, mobilisist(a), mobilisit, mobilisam, mobilisat, mobiliseer
Future tid: mobilisesiem, mobilisesies, mobilisesiet, mobilisesiem(o)s, yu mobilisesiete, mobilisesient
Conditional: mobilisiem, mobilisies, mobilisiet, mobilisiem(o)s, yu mobilisiete, mobilisient
Prev participe: mobiliset / mobilisen modifie > Infinitive: modifie
Present: io modifie, modifies, modifiet, modifiems, yu modifiet(e), modifient
Preterit: modificim, modifiest, modificit, modifiam, modifiat, modifier
Future tid: modifiesiem, modifiesies, modifiesiet, modifiesiem(o)s, yu modifiesiete, modifiesient
Conditional: modificiem, modificies, modificiet, modificiem(o)s, yu modificiete, modificient
Prev participe: modifiet / modifien moleste > Infinitive: moleste
Present: io moleste, molestes, molestet, molestems, yu molestet(e), molestent
Preterit: molestim, molestist(a), molestit, molestam, molestat, molesteer
Future tid: molestesiem, molestesies, molestesiet, molestesiem(o)s, yu molestesiete, molestesient
Conditional: molestiem, molesties, molestiet, molestiem(o)s, yu molestiete, molestient
Prev participe: molestet / molesten molie > Infinitive: molie
Present: io molie, molies, moliet, moliems, yu moliet(e), molient
Preterit: molicim, moliest, molicit, moliam, moliat, molier
Future tid: moliesiem, moliesies, moliesiet, moliesiem(o)s, yu moliesiete, moliesient
Conditional: moliciem, molicies, moliciet, moliciem(o)s, yu moliciete, molicient
Prev participe: moliet / molien monte > Infinitive: monte
Present: io monte, montes, montet, montems, yu montet(e), montent
Preterit: montim, montist(a), montit, montam, montat, monteer
Future tid: montesiem, montesies, montesiet, montesiem(o)s, yu montesiete, montesient
Conditional: montiem, monties, montiet, montiem(o)s, yu montiete, montient
Prev participe: montet / monten moralitat > Infinitive: moralitate
Present: moralitato, moralitats, moralitat, moralitatm(o)s, yu moralitate, moralitate(nt)
Preterit: moralitietim, moralitiet(i)st(a), moralitietit, moralitietam, moralitietat, moralitieteer
Future tid: moralitatsiem, moralitatsies, moralitatsiet, moralitatsiem(o)s, yu moralitatsiete, moralitatsient
Conditional: moralitatiem, moralitaties, moralitatiet, moralitatiem(o)s, yu moralitatiete, moralitatient
Prev participe: moralitat / moralitaten mortek > Infinitive: morteke
Present: morteko, mortecs, mortect, mortekm(o)s, yu mortect(e), morteke(nt)
Preterit: mortekim, mortek(i)st(a), mortekit, mortekam, mortekat, mortekeer
Future tid: mortecsiem, mortecsies, mortecsiet, mortecsiem(o)s, yu mortecsiete, mortecsient
Conditional: mortekiem, mortekies, mortekiet, mortekiem(o)s, yu mortekiete, mortekient
Prev participe: mortect / morteken mortifie > Infinitive: mortifie
Present: io mortifie, mortifies, mortifiet, mortifiems, yu mortifiet(e), mortifient
Preterit: mortificim, mortifiest, mortificit, mortifiam, mortifiat, mortifier
Future tid: mortifiesiem, mortifiesies, mortifiesiet, mortifiesiem(o)s, yu mortifiesiete, mortifiesient
Conditional: mortificiem, mortificies, mortificiet, mortificiem(o)s, yu mortificiete, mortificient
Prev participe: mortifiet / mortifien motif > Infinitive: motife
Present: motifo, motifs, motift, motifm(o)s, yu motift(e), motife(nt)
Preterit: motifim, motif(i)st(a), motifit, motifam, motifat, motifeer
Future tid: motifsiem, motifsies, motifsiet, motifsiem(o)s, yu motifsiete, motifsient
Conditional: motifiem, motifies, motifiet, motifiem(o)s, yu motifiete, motifient
Prev participe: motift / motifen mov > Infinitive: move
Present: movo, movs, movt, movm(o)s, yu movt(e), move(nt)
Preterit: movim, mov(i)st(a), movit, movam, movat, moveer
Future tid: movsiem, movsies, movsiet, movsiem(o)s, yu movsiete, movsient
Conditional: moviem, movies, moviet, moviem(o)s, yu moviete, movient
Prev participe: mot / moven mu > Infinitive: mue
Present: mum, mus, mut, mum(o)s, yu mut(e), munt
Preterit: musim, must(a), musit, mam, mat, mur
Future tid: musiem, musies, musiet, musiem(o)s, yu musiete, musient
Conditional: miem, mies, miet, miem(o)s, yu miete, mient
Prev participe: mut / mun much > Infinitive: muche
Present: mucho, muchs, mucht, muchm(o)s, yu mucht(e), muche(nt)
Preterit: muchim, much(i)st(a), muchit, mucham, muchat, mucheer
Future tid: muchsiem, muchsies, muchsiet, muchsiem(o)s, yu muchsiete, muchsient
Conditional: muchiem, muchies, muchiet, muchiem(o)s, yu muchiete, muchient
Prev participe: mucht / muchen mudel > Infinitive: mudel
Present: io mudel, mudels, mudelt, mudelms, yu mudelt, mudelnt
Preterit: mudlim, mudlist, mudlit, mud(e)lam, mud(e)lat, mud(e)leer
Future tid: mudelsiem, mudelsies, mudelsiet, mudelsiem(o)s, yu mudelsiete, mudelsient
Conditional: mudeliem, mudelies, mudeliet, mudeliem(o)s, yu mudeliete, mudelient
Prev participe: mudelt / mudeln mufide > Infinitive: mufide
Present: io mufide, mufides, mufidet, mufidems, yu mufidet(e), mufident
Preterit: mufidim, mufidist(a), mufidit, mufidam, mufidat, mufideer
Future tid: mufidesiem, mufidesies, mufidesiet, mufidesiem(o)s, yu mufidesiete, mufidesient
Conditional: mufidiem, mufidies, mufidiet, mufidiem(o)s, yu mufidiete, mufidient
Prev participe: mufidet / mufiden mugeih > Infinitive: mugihes
Present: mugeihm, mugeihs, mugeiht, mugeihm(o)s, yu mugeiht(e), mugeihnt
Preterit: mugihsim, mugihst(a), mugihsit, mugihsam, mugihsat, mugihr
Future tid: mugeihsiem, mugeihsies, mugeihsiet, mugeihsiem(o)s, yu mugeihsiete, mugeihsient
Conditional: mugeihiem, mugeihies, mugeihiet, mugeihiem(o)s, yu mugeihiete, mugeihient
Prev participe: mugiht / mugihn mugh > Infinitive: mughe
Present: mugho, mughs, mught, mughm(o)s, yu mught(e), mughe(nt)
Preterit: mughim, mugh(i)st(a), mughit, mugham, mughat, mugheer
Future tid: mughsiem, mughsies, mughsiet, mughsiem(o)s, yu mughsiete, mughsient
Conditional: mughiem, mughies, mughiet, mughiem(o)s, yu mughiete, mughient
Prev participe: mught / mughen mule > Infinitive: mule
Present: io mule, mules, mulet, mulems, yu mulet(e), mulent
Preterit: mulim, mulist(a), mulit, mulam, mulat, muleer
Future tid: mulesiem, mulesies, mulesiet, mulesiem(o)s, yu mulesiete, mulesient
Conditional: muliem, mulies, muliet, muliem(o)s, yu muliete, mulient
Prev participe: mulet / mulen murmure > Infinitive: murmure
Present: io murmure, murmures, murmuret, murmurems, yu murmuret(e), murmurent
Preterit: murmurim, murmurist(a), murmurit, murmuram, murmurat, murmureer
Future tid: murmuresiem, murmuresies, murmuresiet, murmuresiem(o)s, yu murmuresiete, murmuresient
Conditional: murmuriem, murmuries, murmuriet, murmuriem(o)s, yu murmuriete, murmurient
Prev participe: murmuret / murmuren mussafahe > Infinitive: mussafahe
Present: io mussafahe, mussafahes, mussafahet, mussafahems, yu mussafahet(e), mussafahent
Preterit: mussafahim, mussafahist(a), mussafahit, mussafaham, mussafahat, mussafaheer
Future tid: mussafahesiem, mussafahesies, mussafahesiet, mussafahesiem(o)s, yu mussafahesiete, mussafahesient
Conditional: mussafahiem, mussafahies, mussafahiet, mussafahiem(o)s, yu mussafahiete, mussafahient
Prev participe: mussafahet / mussafahen mutabeid > Infinitive: mutabides
Present: mutabeido, mutabeids, mutabeidt, mutabeidm(o)s, yu mutabeidt(e), mutabeide(nt)
Preterit: mutabidim, mutabid(i)st(a), mutabidit, mutabidam, mutabidat, mutabideer
Future tid: mutabeidsiem, mutabeidsies, mutabeidsiet, mutabeidsiem(o)s, yu mutabeidsiete, mutabeidsient
Conditional: mutabeidiem, mutabeidies, mutabeidiet, mutabeidiem(o)s, yu mutabeidiete, mutabeidient
Prev participe: mutabidt / mutabiden mutabuneg > Infinitive: mutabunges
Present: mutabungo, mutabuncs, mutabunct, mutabungm(o)s, yu mutabunct(e), mutabunge(nt)
Preterit: mutabugim, mutabug(i)st(a), mutabugit, mutabugam, mutabugat, mutabugeer
Future tid: mutabuncsiem, mutabuncsies, mutabuncsiet, mutabuncsiem(o)s, yu mutabuncsiete, mutabuncsient
Conditional: mutabungiem, mutabungies, mutabungiet, mutabungiem(o)s, yu mutabungiete, mutabungient
Prev participe: mutabuct / mutabugen mutaweik > Infinitive: mutawikes
Present: mutaweiko, mutaweics, mutaweict, mutaweikm(o)s, yu mutaweict(e), mutaweike(nt)
Preterit: mutawikim, mutawik(i)st(a), mutawikit, mutawikam, mutawikat, mutawikeer
Future tid: mutaweicsiem, mutaweicsies, mutaweicsiet, mutaweicsiem(o)s, yu mutaweicsiete, mutaweicsient
Conditional: mutaweikiem, mutaweikies, mutaweikiet, mutaweikiem(o)s, yu mutaweikiete, mutaweikient
Prev participe: mutawict / mutawiken mutie > Infinitive: mutie
Present: io mutie, muties, mutiet, mutiems, yu mutiet(e), mutient
Preterit: muticim, mutiest, muticit, mutiam, mutiat, mutier
Future tid: mutiesiem, mutiesies, mutiesiet, mutiesiem(o)s, yu mutiesiete, mutiesient
Conditional: muticiem, muticies, muticiet, muticiem(o)s, yu muticiete, muticient
Prev participe: mutiet / mutien mutt > Infinitive: mutte
Present: mutto, mutts, mutt, muttm(o)s, yu mutte, mutte(nt)
Preterit: mussim, muss(i)st(a), mussit, mussam, mussat, musseer
Future tid: muttsiem, muttsies, muttsiet, muttsiem(o)s, yu muttsiete, muttsient
Conditional: muttiem, mutties, muttiet, muttiem(o)s, yu muttiete, muttient
Prev participe: muss / mutten mwanien > Infinitive: mwaniene
Present: mwanieno, mwaniens, mwanient, mwanienm(o)s, yu mwanient(e), mwaniene(nt)
Preterit: mwanienim, mwanien(i)st(a), mwanienit, mwanienam, mwanienat, mwanieneer
Future tid: mwaniensiem, mwaniensies, mwaniensiet, mwaniensiem(o)s, yu mwaniensiete, mwaniensient
Conditional: mwanieniem, mwanienies, mwanieniet, mwanieniem(o)s, yu mwanieniete, mwanienient
Prev participe: mwanient / mwanienen mwaungsou > Infinitive: mwaungsoue
Present: mwaungsoum, mwaungsous, mwaungsout, mwaungsoum(o)s, yu mwaungsout(e), mwaungsount
Preterit: mwaungsousim, mwaungsoust(a), mwaungsousit, mwaungsoam, mwaungsoat, mwaungsour
Future tid: mwaungsousiem, mwaungsousies, mwaungsousiet, mwaungsousiem(o)s, yu mwaungsousiete, mwaungsousient
Conditional: mwaungsoiem, mwaungsoies, mwaungsoiet, mwaungsoiem(o)s, yu mwaungsoiete, mwaungsoient
Prev participe: mwaungsout / mwaungsoun myehrk > Infinitive: myehrke
Present: myehrko, myehrcs, myehrct, myehrkm(o)s, yu myehrct(e), myehrke(nt)
Preterit: myohrkim, myohrk(i)st(a), myohrkit, myohrkam, myohrkat, myohrkeer
Future tid: myehrcsiem, myehrcsies, myehrcsiet, myehrcsiem(o)s, yu myehrcsiete, myehrcsient
Conditional: myehrkiem, myehrkies, myehrkiet, myehrkiem(o)s, yu myehrkiete, myehrkient
Prev participe: myohrct / myohrken myehrs > Infinitive: myehrse
Present: myehrso, myehrs, myehrst, myehrsm(o)s, yu myehrst(e), myehrse(nt)
Preterit: myohrsim, myohrs(i)st(a), myohrsit, myohrsam, myohrsat, myohrseer
Future tid: siem myehrse, sies myehrse, siet myehrse, siem(o)s myehrse, yu siete myehrse, sient myehrse
Conditional: myehrsiem, myehrsies, myehrsiet, myehrsiem(o)s, yu myehrsiete, myehrsient
Prev participe: myohrst / myohrsen myeirk > Infinitive: myirkes
Present: myeirko, myeircs, myeirct, myeirkm(o)s, yu myeirct(e), myeirke(nt)
Preterit: myirkim, myirk(i)st(a), myirkit, myirkam, myirkat, myirkeer
Future tid: myeircsiem, myeircsies, myeircsiet, myeircsiem(o)s, yu myeircsiete, myeircsient
Conditional: myeirkiem, myeirkies, myeirkiet, myeirkiem(o)s, yu myeirkiete, myeirkient
Prev participe: myirct / myirken mystifie > Infinitive: mystifie
Present: io mystifie, mystifies, mystifiet, mystifiems, yu mystifiet(e), mystifient
Preterit: mystificim, mystifiest, mystificit, mystifiam, mystifiat, mystifier
Future tid: mystifiesiem, mystifiesies, mystifiesiet, mystifiesiem(o)s, yu mystifiesiete, mystifiesient
Conditional: mystificiem, mystificies, mystificiet, mystificiem(o)s, yu mystificiete, mystificient
Prev participe: mystifiet / mystifien nabah > Infinitive: nabahe
Present: nabahm, nabahs, nabaht, nabahm(o)s, yu nabaht(e), nabahnt
Preterit: nabahsim, nabahst(a), nabahsit, nabahsam, nabahsat, nabahr
Future tid: nabahsiem, nabahsies, nabahsiet, nabahsiem(o)s, yu nabahsiete, nabahsient
Conditional: nabahiem, nabahies, nabahiet, nabahiem(o)s, yu nabahiete, nabahient
Prev participe: nabaht / nabahn nadure > Infinitive: nadure
Present: io nadure, nadures, naduret, nadurems, yu naduret(e), nadurent
Preterit: nadurim, nadurist(a), nadurit, naduram, nadurat, nadureer
Future tid: naduresiem, naduresies, naduresiet, naduresiem(o)s, yu naduresiete, naduresient
Conditional: naduriem, naduries, naduriet, naduriem(o)s, yu naduriete, nadurient
Prev participe: naduret / naduren nadureih > Infinitive: nadurihes
Present: nadureihm, nadureihs, nadureiht, nadureihm(o)s, yu nadureiht(e), nadureihnt
Preterit: nadurihsim, nadurihst(a), nadurihsit, nadurihsam, nadurihsat, nadurihr
Future tid: nadureihsiem, nadureihsies, nadureihsiet, nadureihsiem(o)s, yu nadureihsiete, nadureihsient
Conditional: nadureihiem, nadureihies, nadureihiet, nadureihiem(o)s, yu nadureihiete, nadureihient
Prev participe: naduriht / nadurihn nafsan > Infinitive: nafsane
Present: nafsano, nafsans, nafsant, nafsanm(o)s, yu nafsant(e), nafsane(nt)
Preterit: nafsienim, nafsien(i)st(a), nafsienit, nafsienam, nafsienat, nafsieneer
Future tid: nafsansiem, nafsansies, nafsansiet, nafsansiem(o)s, yu nafsansiete, nafsansient
Conditional: nafsaniem, nafsanies, nafsaniet, nafsaniem(o)s, yu nafsaniete, nafsanient
Prev participe: nafsant / nafsanen naftpumpiste > Infinitive: naftpumpiste
Present: io naftpumpiste, naftpumpistes, naftpumpistet, naftpumpistems, yu naftpumpistet(e), naftpumpistent
Preterit: naftpumpistim, naftpumpistist(a), naftpumpistit, naftpumpistam, naftpumpistat, naftpumpisteer
Future tid: naftpumpistesiem, naftpumpistesies, naftpumpistesiet, naftpumpistesiem(o)s, yu naftpumpistesiete, naftpumpistesient
Conditional: naftpumpistiem, naftpumpisties, naftpumpistiet, naftpumpistiem(o)s, yu naftpumpistiete, naftpumpistient
Prev participe: naftpumpistet / naftpumpisten najisse > Infinitive: najisse
Present: io najisse, najisses, najisset, najissems, yu najisset(e), najissent
Preterit: najissim, najissist(a), najissit, najissam, najissat, najisseer
Future tid: najissesiem, najissesies, najissesiet, najissesiem(o)s, yu najissesiete, najissesient
Conditional: najissiem, najissies, najissiet, najissiem(o)s, yu najissiete, najissient
Prev participe: najisset / najissen nak > Infinitive: nake
Present: nako, nacs, nact, nakm(o)s, yu nact(e), nake(nt)
Preterit: niekim, niek(i)st(a), niekit, niekam, niekat, niekeer
Future tid: nacsiem, nacsies, nacsiet, nacsiem(o)s, yu nacsiete, nacsient
Conditional: nakiem, nakies, nakiet, nakiem(o)s, yu nakiete, nakient
Prev participe: nact / naken nam > Infinitive: name
Present: namo, nams, namt, namm(o)s, yu namt(e), name(nt)
Preterit: niemim, niem(i)st(a), niemit, niemam, niemat, niemeer
Future tid: namsiem, namsies, namsiet, namsiem(o)s, yu namsiete, namsient
Conditional: namiem, namies, namiet, namiem(o)s, yu namiete, namient
Prev participe: namt / namen namdeh > Infinitive: namdehe
Present: namdehm, namdehs, namdeht, namdehm(o)s, yu namdeht(e), namdehnt
Preterit: namdehsim, namdehst(a), namdehsit, namdehsam, namdehsat, namdehr
Future tid: namdehsiem, namdehsies, namdehsiet, namdehsiem(o)s, yu namdehsiete, namdehsient
Conditional: namdehiem, namdehies, namdehiet, namdehiem(o)s, yu namdehiete, namdehient
Prev participe: namdeht / namdehn namor > Infinitive: namore
Present: namoro, namors, namort, namorm(o)s, yu namort(e), namore(nt)
Preterit: namorim, namor(i)st(a), namorit, namoram, namorat, namoreer
Future tid: namorsiem, namorsies, namorsiet, namorsiem(o)s, yu namorsiete, namorsient
Conditional: namoriem, namories, namoriet, namoriem(o)s, yu namoriete, namorient
Prev participe: namort / namoren nant > Infinitive: nante
Present: nanto, nants, nant, nantm(o)s, yu nante, nante(nt)
Preterit: nientim, nient(i)st(a), nientit, nientam, nientat, nienteer
Future tid: nantsiem, nantsies, nantsiet, nantsiem(o)s, yu nantsiete, nantsient
Conditional: nantiem, nanties, nantiet, nantiem(o)s, yu nantiete, nantient
Prev participe: nant / nanten narc > Infinitive: narce
Present: narco, narcs, narct, narcm(o)s, yu narct(e), narce(nt)
Preterit: niercim, nierc(i)st(a), niercit, niercam, niercat, nierceer
Future tid: narcsiem, narcsies, narcsiet, narcsiem(o)s, yu narcsiete, narcsient
Conditional: narciem, narcies, narciet, narciem(o)s, yu narciete, narcient
Prev participe: narct / narcen nard > Infinitive: narde
Present: nardo, nards, nardt, nardm(o)s, yu nardt(e), narde(nt)
Preterit: nierdim, nierd(i)st(a), nierdit, nierdam, nierdat, nierdeer
Future tid: nardsiem, nardsies, nardsiet, nardsiem(o)s, yu nardsiete, nardsient
Conditional: nardiem, nardies, nardiet, nardiem(o)s, yu nardiete, nardient
Prev participe: nars / narden narre > Infinitive: narre
Present: io narre, narres, narret, narrems, yu narret(e), narrent
Preterit: narrim, narrist(a), narrit, narram, narrat, narreer
Future tid: narresiem, narresies, narresiet, narresiem(o)s, yu narresiete, narresient
Conditional: narriem, narries, narriet, narriem(o)s, yu narriete, narrient
Prev participe: narret / narren naschastise > Infinitive: naschastise
Present: io naschastise, naschastises, naschastiset, naschastisems, yu naschastiset(e), naschastisent
Preterit: naschastisim, naschastisist(a), naschastisit, naschastisam, naschastisat, naschastiseer
Future tid: naschastisesiem, naschastisesies, naschastisesiet, naschastisesiem(o)s, yu naschastisesiete, naschastisesient
Conditional: naschastisiem, naschastisies, naschastisiet, naschastisiem(o)s, yu naschastisiete, naschastisient
Prev participe: naschastiset / naschastisen nasel > Infinitive: nasel
Present: io nasel, nasels, naselt, naselms, yu naselt, naselnt
Preterit: nieslim, nieslist, nieslit, nies(e)lam, nies(e)lat, nies(e)leer
Future tid: naselsiem, naselsies, naselsiet, naselsiem(o)s, yu naselsiete, naselsient
Conditional: naseliem, naselies, naseliet, naseliem(o)s, yu naseliete, naselient
Prev participe: naselt / naseln naturalise > Infinitive: naturalise
Present: io naturalise, naturalises, naturaliset, naturalisems, yu naturaliset(e), naturalisent
Preterit: naturalisim, naturalisist(a), naturalisit, naturalisam, naturalisat, naturaliseer
Future tid: naturalisesiem, naturalisesies, naturalisesiet, naturalisesiem(o)s, yu naturalisesiete, naturalisesient
Conditional: naturalisiem, naturalisies, naturalisiet, naturalisiem(o)s, yu naturalisiete, naturalisient
Prev participe: naturaliset / naturalisen naudh > Infinitive: naudhe
Present: naudho, naudhs, naudht, naudhm(o)s, yu naudht(e), naudhe(nt)
Preterit: naudhim, naudh(i)st(a), naudhit, naudham, naudhat, naudheer
Future tid: naudhsiem, naudhsies, naudhsiet, naudhsiem(o)s, yu naudhsiete, naudhsient
Conditional: naudhiem, naudhies, naudhiet, naudhiem(o)s, yu naudhiete, naudhient
Prev participe: naudht / naudhen nauk > Infinitive: nauke
Present: nauko, naucs, nauct, naukm(o)s, yu nauct(e), nauke(nt)
Preterit: naukim, nauk(i)st(a), naukit, naukam, naukat, naukeer
Future tid: naucsiem, naucsies, naucsiet, naucsiem(o)s, yu naucsiete, naucsient
Conditional: naukiem, naukies, naukiet, naukiem(o)s, yu naukiete, naukient
Prev participe: nauct / nauken navax > Infinitive: navaxe
Present: navaxo, navaxs, navaxt, navaxm(o)s, yu navaxt(e), navaxe(nt)
Preterit: naviexim, naviex(i)st(a), naviexit, naviexam, naviexat, naviexeer
Future tid: siem navaxe, sies navaxe, siet navaxe, siem(o)s navaxe, yu siete navaxe, sient navaxe
Conditional: navaxiem, navaxies, navaxiet, navaxiem(o)s, yu navaxiete, navaxient
Prev participe: navaxt / navaxen navige > Infinitive: navige
Present: io navige, naviges, naviget, navigems, yu naviget(e), navigent
Preterit: navigim, navigist(a), navigit, navigeam, navigeat, navigeer
Future tid: navigesiem, navigesies, navigesiet, navigesiem(o)s, yu navigesiete, navigesient
Conditional: navigiem, navigies, navigiet, navigiem(o)s, yu navigiete, navigient
Prev participe: naviget / navigen nayd > Infinitive: nayde
Present: naydo, nayds, naydt, naydm(o)s, yu naydt(e), nayde(nt)
Preterit: nieydim, nieyd(i)st(a), nieydit, nieydam, nieydat, nieydeer
Future tid: naydsiem, naydsies, naydsiet, naydsiem(o)s, yu naydsiete, naydsient
Conditional: naydiem, naydies, naydiet, naydiem(o)s, yu naydiete, naydient
Prev participe: nays / nayden nege > Infinitive: nege
Present: io nege, neges, neget, negems, yu neget(e), negent
Preterit: negim, negist(a), negit, negeam, negeat, negeer
Future tid: negesiem, negesies, negesiet, negesiem(o)s, yu negesiete, negesient
Conditional: negiem, negies, negiet, negiem(o)s, yu negiete, negient
Prev participe: neget / negen negleg > Infinitive: neglege
Present: neglego, neglecs, neglect, neglegm(o)s, yu neglect(e), neglege(nt)
Preterit: neglegim, negleg(i)st(a), neglegit, neglegam, neglegat, neglegeer
Future tid: neglecsiem, neglecsies, neglecsiet, neglecsiem(o)s, yu neglecsiete, neglecsient
Conditional: neglegiem, neglegies, neglegiet, neglegiem(o)s, yu neglegiete, neglegient
Prev participe: neglect / neglegen negocye > Infinitive: negocye
Present: io negocye, negocyes, negocyet, negocyems, yu negocyet(e), negocyent
Preterit: negocyim, negocyist(a), negocyit, negocyam, negocyat, negocyeer
Future tid: negocyesiem, negocyesies, negocyesiet, negocyesiem(o)s, yu negocyesiete, negocyesient
Conditional: negocyiem, negocyies, negocyiet, negocyiem(o)s, yu negocyiete, negocyient
Prev participe: negocyet / negocyen nehc > Infinitive: nehce
Present: nehco, nehcs, nehct, nehcm(o)s, yu nehct(e), nehce(nt)
Preterit: nohcim, nohc(i)st(a), nohcit, nohcam, nohcat, nohceer
Future tid: nehcsiem, nehcsies, nehcsiet, nehcsiem(o)s, yu nehcsiete, nehcsient
Conditional: nehciem, nehcies, nehciet, nehciem(o)s, yu nehciete, nehcient
Prev participe: nohct / nohcen nehkw > Infinitive: nehkwe
Present: nehkwo, nehkws, nehkwt, nehkwm(o)s, yu nehkwt(e), nehkwnt
Preterit: nohkwim, nohkwst(a), nohkwit, nohkwam, nohkwat, nohkweer
Future tid: nehkwsiem, nehkwsies, nehkwsiet, nehkwsiem(o)s, yu nehkwsiete, nehkwsient
Conditional: nehkwiem, nehkwies, nehkwiet, nehkwiem(o)s, yu nehkwiete, nehkwient
Prev participe: nohkwt / nohkwn nehm > Infinitive: nehme
Present: nehmo, nehms, nehmt, nehmm(o)s, yu nehmt(e), nehme(nt)
Preterit: nohmim, nohm(i)st(a), nohmit, nohmam, nohmat, nohmeer
Future tid: nehmsiem, nehmsies, nehmsiet, nehmsiem(o)s, yu nehmsiete, nehmsient
Conditional: nehmiem, nehmies, nehmiet, nehmiem(o)s, yu nehmiete, nehmient
Prev participe: nohmt / nohmen nehs > Infinitive: nehse
Present: nehso, nehs, nehst, nehsm(o)s, yu nehst(e), nehse(nt)
Preterit: nohsim, nohs(i)st(a), nohsit, nohsam, nohsat, nohseer
Future tid: siem nehse, sies nehse, siet nehse, siem(o)s nehse, yu siete nehse, sient nehse
Conditional: nehsiem, nehsies, nehsiet, nehsiem(o)s, yu nehsiete, nehsient
Prev participe: nohst / nohsen neic > Infinitive: nices
Present: neico, neics, neict, neicm(o)s, yu neict(e), neice(nt)
Preterit: nicim, nic(i)st(a), nicit, nicam, nicat, niceer
Future tid: neicsiem, neicsies, neicsiet, neicsiem(o)s, yu neicsiete, neicsient
Conditional: neiciem, neicies, neiciet, neiciem(o)s, yu neiciete, neicient
Prev participe: nict / nicen neid > Infinitive: nides
Present: neido, neids, neidt, neidm(o)s, yu neidt(e), neide(nt)
Preterit: nidim, nid(i)st(a), nidit, nidam, nidat, nideer
Future tid: neidsiem, neidsies, neidsiet, neidsiem(o)s, yu neidsiete, neidsient
Conditional: neidiem, neidies, neidiet, neidiem(o)s, yu neidiete, neidient
Prev participe: nidt / niden neigv > Infinitive: nigves
Present: neigvo, neigvs, neigvt, neigvm(o)s, yu neigvt(e), neigve(nt)
Preterit: nigvim, nigv(i)st(a), nigvit, nigvam, nigvat, nigveer
Future tid: neigvsiem, neigvsies, neigvsiet, neigvsiem(o)s, yu neigvsiete, neigvsient
Conditional: neigviem, neigvies, neigviet, neigviem(o)s, yu neigviete, neigvient
Prev participe: nigvt / nigven neih > Infinitive: nihes
Present: neihm, neihs, neiht, neihm(o)s, yu neiht(e), neihnt
Preterit: nihsim, nihst(a), nihsit, nihsam, nihsat, nihr
Future tid: neihsiem, neihsies, neihsiet, neihsiem(o)s, yu neihsiete, neihsient
Conditional: neihiem, neihies, neihiet, neihiem(o)s, yu neihiete, neihient
Prev participe: niht / nihn neizd > Infinitive: nizdes
Present: neizdo, neizds, neizdt, neizdm(o)s, yu neizdt(e), neizde(nt)
Preterit: nizdim, nizd(i)st(a), nizdit, nizdam, nizdat, nizdeer
Future tid: neizdsiem, neizdsies, neizdsiet, neizdsiem(o)s, yu neizdsiete, neizdsient
Conditional: neizdiem, neizdies, neizdiet, neizdiem(o)s, yu neizdiete, neizdient
Prev participe: nizdt / nizden neud > Infinitive: nudes
Present: neudo, neuds, neudt, neudm(o)s, yu neudt(e), neude(nt)
Preterit: nudim, nud(i)st(a), nudit, nudam, nudat, nudeer
Future tid: neudsiem, neudsies, neudsiet, neudsiem(o)s, yu neudsiete, neudsient
Conditional: neudiem, neudies, neudiet, neudiem(o)s, yu neudiete, neudient
Prev participe: nudt / nuden neuk > Infinitive: nukes
Present: neuko, neucs, neuct, neukm(o)s, yu neuct(e), neuke(nt)
Preterit: nukim, nuk(i)st(a), nukit, nukam, nukat, nukeer
Future tid: neucsiem, neucsies, neucsiet, neucsiem(o)s, yu neucsiete, neucsient
Conditional: neukiem, neukies, neukiet, neukiem(o)s, yu neukiete, neukient
Prev participe: nuct / nuken neus > Infinitive: nuses
Present: neuso, neus, neust, neusm(o)s, yu neust(e), neuse(nt)
Preterit: nusim, nus(i)st(a), nusit, nusam, nusat, nuseer
Future tid: siem nuses, sies nuses, siet nuses, siem(o)s nuses, yu siete nuses, sient nuses
Conditional: neusiem, neusies, neusiet, neusiem(o)s, yu neusiete, neusient
Prev participe: nust / nusen neuter > Infinitive: nutres
Present: io neuter, neuters, neutert, neuterms, yu neutert, neuternt
Preterit: nutrim, nutrist, nutrit, nut(e)ram, nut(e)rat, nut(e)reer
Future tid: neutersiem, neutersies, neutersiet, neutersiem(o)s, yu neutersiete, neutersient
Conditional: neuteriem, neuteries, neuteriet, neuteriem(o)s, yu neuteriete, neuterient
Prev participe: nutert / nutern nib > Infinitive: nibe
Present: nibo, nips, nipt, nibm(o)s, yu nipt(e), nibe(nt)
Preterit: nibim, nib(i)st(a), nibit, nibam, nibat, nibeer
Future tid: nipsiem, nipsies, nipsiet, nipsiem(o)s, yu nipsiete, nipsient
Conditional: nibiem, nibies, nibiet, nibiem(o)s, yu nibiete, nibient
Prev participe: nipt / niben nibam > Infinitive: nibame
Present: nibamo, nibams, nibamt, nibamm(o)s, yu nibamt(e), nibame(nt)
Preterit: nibiemim, nibiem(i)st(a), nibiemit, nibiemam, nibiemat, nibiemeer
Future tid: nibamsiem, nibamsies, nibamsiet, nibamsiem(o)s, yu nibamsiete, nibamsient
Conditional: nibamiem, nibamies, nibamiet, nibamiem(o)s, yu nibamiete, nibamient
Prev participe: nibamt / nibamen niconte > Infinitive: niconte
Present: io niconte, nicontes, nicontet, nicontems, yu nicontet(e), nicontent
Preterit: nicontim, nicontist(a), nicontit, nicontam, nicontat, niconteer
Future tid: nicontesiem, nicontesies, nicontesiet, nicontesiem(o)s, yu nicontesiete, nicontesient
Conditional: nicontiem, niconties, nicontiet, nicontiem(o)s, yu nicontiete, nicontient
Prev participe: nicontet / niconten nideh > Infinitive: nidehe
Present: nidehm, nidehs, nideht, nidehm(o)s, yu nideht(e), nidehnt
Preterit: nidehsim, nidehst(a), nidehsit, nidehsam, nidehsat, nidehr
Future tid: nidehsiem, nidehsies, nidehsiet, nidehsiem(o)s, yu nidehsiete, nidehsient
Conditional: nidehiem, nidehies, nidehiet, nidehiem(o)s, yu nidehiete, nidehient
Prev participe: nideht / nidehn nidehn > Infinitive: nidehne
Present: nidehno, nidehns, nidehnt, nidehnm(o)s, yu nidehnt(e), nidehne(nt)
Preterit: nidohnim, nidohn(i)st(a), nidohnit, nidohnam, nidohnat, nidohneer
Future tid: nidehnsiem, nidehnsies, nidehnsiet, nidehnsiem(o)s, yu nidehnsiete, nidehnsient
Conditional: nidehniem, nidehnies, nidehniet, nidehniem(o)s, yu nidehniete, nidehnient
Prev participe: nidohnt / nidohnen nieber > Infinitive: nieber
Present: io nieber, niebers, niebert, nieberms, yu niebert, niebernt
Preterit: niebrim, niebrist, niebrit, nieb(e)ram, nieb(e)rat, nieb(e)reer
Future tid: niebersiem, niebersies, niebersiet, niebersiem(o)s, yu niebersiete, niebersient
Conditional: nieberiem, nieberies, nieberiet, nieberiem(o)s, yu nieberiete, nieberient
Prev participe: niebert / niebern nies > Infinitive: niese
Present: nieso, nies, niest, niesm(o)s, yu niest(e), niese(nt)
Preterit: niesim, nies(i)st(a), niesit, niesam, niesat, nieseer
Future tid: siem niese, sies niese, siet niese, siem(o)s niese, yu siete niese, sient niese
Conditional: niesiem, niesies, niesiet, niesiem(o)s, yu niesiete, niesient
Prev participe: niest / niesen nigvehn > Infinitive: nigvehne
Present: nigvehno, nigvehns, nigvehnt, nigvehnm(o)s, yu nigvehnt(e), nigvehne(nt)
Preterit: nigvohnim, nigvohn(i)st(a), nigvohnit, nigvohnam, nigvohnat, nigvohneer
Future tid: nigvehnsiem, nigvehnsies, nigvehnsiet, nigvehnsiem(o)s, yu nigvehnsiete, nigvehnsient
Conditional: nigvehniem, nigvehnies, nigvehniet, nigvehniem(o)s, yu nigvehniete, nigvehnient
Prev participe: nigvohnt / nigvohnen nigvie > Infinitive: nigvie
Present: io nigvie, nigvies, nigviet, nigviems, yu nigviet(e), nigvient
Preterit: nigvicim, nigviest, nigvicit, nigviam, nigviat, nigvier
Future tid: nigviesiem, nigviesies, nigviesiet, nigviesiem(o)s, yu nigviesiete, nigviesient
Conditional: nigviciem, nigvicies, nigviciet, nigviciem(o)s, yu nigviciete, nigvicient
Prev participe: nigviet / nigvien nikau > Infinitive: nikaue
Present: nikaum, nikaus, nikaut, nikaum(o)s, yu nikaut(e), nikaunt
Preterit: nikieusim, nikieust(a), nikieusit, nikieam, nikieat, nikieur
Future tid: nikausiem, nikausies, nikausiet, nikausiem(o)s, yu nikausiete, nikausient
Conditional: nikaiem, nikaies, nikaiet, nikaiem(o)s, yu nikaiete, nikaient
Prev participe: nikaut / nikaun niklad > Infinitive: niklade
Present: niklado, niklads, nikladt, nikladm(o)s, yu nikladt(e), niklade(nt)
Preterit: nikliedim, niklied(i)st(a), nikliedit, nikliedam, nikliedat, nikliedeer
Future tid: nikladsiem, nikladsies, nikladsiet, nikladsiem(o)s, yu nikladsiete, nikladsient
Conditional: nikladiem, nikladies, nikladiet, nikladiem(o)s, yu nikladiete, nikladient
Prev participe: niklas / nikladen nilent > Infinitive: nilente
Present: nilento, nilents, nilent, nilentm(o)s, yu nilente, nilente(nt)
Preterit: nilentim, nilent(i)st(a), nilentit, nilentam, nilentat, nilenteer
Future tid: nilentsiem, nilentsies, nilentsiet, nilentsiem(o)s, yu nilentsiete, nilentsient
Conditional: nilentiem, nilenties, nilentiet, nilentiem(o)s, yu nilentiete, nilentient
Prev participe: nilent / nilenten nilinekw > Infinitive: nilinkwes
Present: nilinkwo, nilinkws, nilinkwt, nilinkwm(o)s, yu nilinkwt(e), nilinkwnt
Preterit: nilikwim, nilikwst(a), nilikwit, nilikwam, nilikwat, nilikweer
Future tid: nilinkwsiem, nilinkwsies, nilinkwsiet, nilinkwsiem(o)s, yu nilinkwsiete, nilinkwsient
Conditional: nilinkwiem, nilinkwies, nilinkwiet, nilinkwiem(o)s, yu nilinkwiete, nilinkwient
Prev participe: nilikwt / nilikwn nirund > Infinitive: nirunde
Present: nirundo, nirunds, nirundt, nirundm(o)s, yu nirundt(e), nirunde(nt)
Preterit: nirunsim, niruns(i)st(a), nirunsit, nirunsam, nirunsat, nirunseer
Future tid: nirundsiem, nirundsies, nirundsiet, nirundsiem(o)s, yu nirundsiete, nirundsient
Conditional: nirundiem, nirundies, nirundiet, nirundiem(o)s, yu nirundiete, nirundient
Prev participe: niruns / nirunden niscrib > Infinitive: niscribe
Present: niscribo, niscrips, niscript, niscribm(o)s, yu niscript(e), niscribe(nt)
Preterit: niscribim, niscrib(i)st(a), niscribit, niscribam, niscribat, niscribeer
Future tid: niscripsiem, niscripsies, niscripsiet, niscripsiem(o)s, yu niscripsiete, niscripsient
Conditional: niscribiem, niscribies, niscribiet, niscribiem(o)s, yu niscribiete, niscribient
Prev participe: niscript / niscriben nispehc > Infinitive: nispehce
Present: nispehco, nispehcs, nispehct, nispehcm(o)s, yu nispehct(e), nispehce(nt)
Preterit: nispohcim, nispohc(i)st(a), nispohcit, nispohcam, nispohcat, nispohceer
Future tid: nispehcsiem, nispehcsies, nispehcsiet, nispehcsiem(o)s, yu nispehcsiete, nispehcsient
Conditional: nispehciem, nispehcies, nispehciet, nispehciem(o)s, yu nispehciete, nispehcient
Prev participe: nispohct / nispohcen nisteigh > Infinitive: nistighes
Present: nisteigho, nisteighs, nisteight, nisteighm(o)s, yu nisteight(e), nisteighe(nt)
Preterit: nistighim, nistigh(i)st(a), nistighit, nistigham, nistighat, nistigheer
Future tid: nisteighsiem, nisteighsies, nisteighsiet, nisteighsiem(o)s, yu nisteighsiete, nisteighsient
Conditional: nisteighiem, nisteighies, nisteighiet, nisteighiem(o)s, yu nisteighiete, nisteighient
Prev participe: nistight / nistighen nisteurd > Infinitive: nisturdes
Present: nisteurdo, nisteurds, nisteurdt, nisteurdm(o)s, yu nisteurdt(e), nisteurde(nt)
Preterit: nisturdim, nisturd(i)st(a), nisturdit, nisturdam, nisturdat, nisturdeer
Future tid: nisteurdsiem, nisteurdsies, nisteurdsiet, nisteurdsiem(o)s, yu nisteurdsiete, nisteurdsient
Conditional: nisteurdiem, nisteurdies, nisteurdiet, nisteurdiem(o)s, yu nisteurdiete, nisteurdient
Prev participe: nisturdt / nisturden nistrehl > Infinitive: nistrehle
Present: nistrehlo, nistrehls, nistrehlt, nistrehlm(o)s, yu nistrehlt(e), nistrehle(nt)
Preterit: nistrohlim, nistrohl(i)st(a), nistrohlit, nistrohlam, nistrohlat, nistrohleer
Future tid: nistrehlsiem, nistrehlsies, nistrehlsiet, nistrehlsiem(o)s, yu nistrehlsiete, nistrehlsient
Conditional: nistrehliem, nistrehlies, nistrehliet, nistrehliem(o)s, yu nistrehliete, nistrehlient
Prev participe: nistrohlt / nistrohlen niterplag > Infinitive: niterplage
Present: niterplago, niterplacs, niterplact, niterplagm(o)s, yu niterplact(e), niterplage(nt)
Preterit: niterpliegim, niterplieg(i)st(a), niterpliegit, niterpliegam, niterpliegat, niterpliegeer
Future tid: niterplacsiem, niterplacsies, niterplacsiet, niterplacsiem(o)s, yu niterplacsiete, niterplacsient
Conditional: niterplagiem, niterplagies, niterplagiet, niterplagiem(o)s, yu niterplagiete, niterplagient
Prev participe: niterplact / niterplagen nityis > Infinitive: nityise
Present: nityiso, nityis, nityist, nityism(o)s, yu nityist(e), nityise(nt)
Preterit: nityisim, nityis(i)st(a), nityisit, nityisam, nityisat, nityiseer
Future tid: siem nityise, sies nityise, siet nityise, siem(o)s nityise, yu siete nityise, sient nityise
Conditional: nityisiem, nityisies, nityisiet, nityisiem(o)s, yu nityisiete, nityisient
Prev participe: nityist / nityisen niweirt > Infinitive: niwirtes
Present: niweirto, niweirts, niweirt, niweirtm(o)s, yu niweirte, niweirte(nt)
Preterit: niwirtim, niwirt(i)st(a), niwirtit, niwirtam, niwirtat, niwirteer
Future tid: niweirtsiem, niweirtsies, niweirtsiet, niweirtsiem(o)s, yu niweirtsiete, niweirtsient
Conditional: niweirtiem, niweirties, niweirtiet, niweirtiem(o)s, yu niweirtiete, niweirtient
Prev participe: niwirt / niwirten noroc > Infinitive: noroce
Present: noroco, norocs, noroct, norocm(o)s, yu noroct(e), noroce(nt)
Preterit: norocim, noroc(i)st(a), norocit, norocam, norocat, noroceer
Future tid: norocsiem, norocsies, norocsiet, norocsiem(o)s, yu norocsiete, norocsient
Conditional: norociem, norocies, norociet, norociem(o)s, yu norociete, norocient
Prev participe: noroct / norocen noseih > Infinitive: nosihes
Present: noseihm, noseihs, noseiht, noseihm(o)s, yu noseiht(e), noseihnt
Preterit: nosihsim, nosihst(a), nosihsit, nosihsam, nosihsat, nosihr
Future tid: noseihsiem, noseihsies, noseihsiet, noseihsiem(o)s, yu noseihsiete, noseihsient
Conditional: noseihiem, noseihies, noseihiet, noseihiem(o)s, yu noseihiete, noseihient
Prev participe: nosiht / nosihn nraveih > Infinitive: nravihes
Present: nraveihm, nraveihs, nraveiht, nraveihm(o)s, yu nraveiht(e), nraveihnt
Preterit: nravihsim, nravihst(a), nravihsit, nravihsam, nravihsat, nravihr
Future tid: nraveihsiem, nraveihsies, nraveihsiet, nraveihsiem(o)s, yu nraveihsiete, nraveihsient
Conditional: nraveihiem, nraveihies, nraveihiet, nraveihiem(o)s, yu nraveihiete, nraveihient
Prev participe: nraviht / nravihn numeb > Infinitive: numbes
Present: numbo, numps, numpt, numbm(o)s, yu numpt(e), numbe(nt)
Preterit: nubim, nub(i)st(a), nubit, nubam, nubat, nubeer
Future tid: numpsiem, numpsies, numpsiet, numpsiem(o)s, yu numpsiete, numpsient
Conditional: numbiem, numbies, numbiet, numbiem(o)s, yu numbiete, numbient
Prev participe: nupt / nuben numere > Infinitive: numere
Present: io numere, numeres, numeret, numerems, yu numeret(e), numerent
Preterit: numerim, numerist(a), numerit, numeram, numerat, numereer
Future tid: numeresiem, numeresies, numeresiet, numeresiem(o)s, yu numeresiete, numeresient
Conditional: numeriem, numeries, numeriet, numeriem(o)s, yu numeriete, numerient
Prev participe: numeret / numeren obdeusk > Infinitive: obduskes
Present: obdeusko, obdeuscs, obdeusct, obdeuskm(o)s, yu obdeusct(e), obdeuske(nt)
Preterit: obduskim, obdusk(i)st(a), obduskit, obduskam, obduskat, obduskeer
Future tid: siem obduskes, sies obduskes, siet obduskes, siem(o)s obduskes, yu siete obduskes, sient obduskes
Conditional: obdeuskiem, obdeuskies, obdeuskiet, obdeuskiem(o)s, yu obdeuskiete, obdeuskient
Prev participe: obdusct / obdusken obedeih > Infinitive: obedihes
Present: obedeihm, obedeihs, obedeiht, obedeihm(o)s, yu obedeiht(e), obedeihnt
Preterit: obedihsim, obedihst(a), obedihsit, obedihsam, obedihsat, obedihr
Future tid: obedeihsiem, obedeihsies, obedeihsiet, obedeihsiem(o)s, yu obedeihsiete, obedeihsient
Conditional: obedeihiem, obedeihies, obedeihiet, obedeihiem(o)s, yu obedeihiete, obedeihient
Prev participe: obediht / obedihn obehl > Infinitive: obehle
Present: obehlo, obehls, obehlt, obehlm(o)s, yu obehlt(e), obehle(nt)
Preterit: obohlim, obohl(i)st(a), obohlit, obohlam, obohlat, obohleer
Future tid: obehlsiem, obehlsies, obehlsiet, obehlsiem(o)s, yu obehlsiete, obehlsient
Conditional: obehliem, obehlies, obehliet, obehliem(o)s, yu obehliete, obehlient
Prev participe: obohlt / obohlen objec > Infinitive: objece
Present: objeco, objecs, object, objecm(o)s, yu object(e), objece(nt)
Preterit: objecim, objec(i)st(a), objecit, objecam, objecat, objeceer
Future tid: objecsiem, objecsies, objecsiet, objecsiem(o)s, yu objecsiete, objecsient
Conditional: objeciem, objecies, objeciet, objeciem(o)s, yu objeciete, objecient
Prev participe: object / objecen objurge > Infinitive: objurge
Present: io objurge, objurges, objurget, objurgems, yu objurget(e), objurgent
Preterit: objurgim, objurgist(a), objurgit, objurgeam, objurgeat, objurgeer
Future tid: objurgesiem, objurgesies, objurgesiet, objurgesiem(o)s, yu objurgesiete, objurgesient
Conditional: objurgiem, objurgies, objurgiet, objurgiem(o)s, yu objurgiete, objurgient
Prev participe: objurget / objurgen obkwehk > Infinitive: obkwehke
Present: obkwehko, obkwehcs, obkwehct, obkwehkm(o)s, yu obkwehct(e), obkwehke(nt)
Preterit: obkwohkim, obkwohk(i)st(a), obkwohkit, obkwohkam, obkwohkat, obkwohkeer
Future tid: obkwehcsiem, obkwehcsies, obkwehcsiet, obkwehcsiem(o)s, yu obkwehcsiete, obkwehcsient
Conditional: obkwehkiem, obkwehkies, obkwehkiet, obkwehkiem(o)s, yu obkwehkiete, obkwehkient
Prev participe: obkwohct / obkwohken oblige > Infinitive: oblige
Present: io oblige, obliges, obliget, obligems, yu obliget(e), obligent
Preterit: obligim, obligist(a), obligit, obligeam, obligeat, obligeer
Future tid: obligesiem, obligesies, obligesiet, obligesiem(o)s, yu obligesiete, obligesient
Conditional: obligiem, obligies, obligiet, obligiem(o)s, yu obligiete, obligient
Prev participe: obliget / obligen oblitere > Infinitive: oblitere
Present: io oblitere, obliteres, obliteret, obliterems, yu obliteret(e), obliterent
Preterit: obliterim, obliterist(a), obliterit, obliteram, obliterat, oblitereer
Future tid: obliteresiem, obliteresies, obliteresiet, obliteresiem(o)s, yu obliteresiete, obliteresient
Conditional: obliteriem, obliteries, obliteriet, obliteriem(o)s, yu obliteriete, obliterient
Prev participe: obliteret / obliteren observe > Infinitive: observe
Present: io observe, observes, observet, observems, yu observet(e), observent
Preterit: observim, observist(a), observit, observam, observat, observeer
Future tid: observesiem, observesies, observesiet, observesiem(o)s, yu observesiete, observesient
Conditional: observiem, observies, observiet, observiem(o)s, yu observiete, observient
Prev participe: observet / observen obsiege > Infinitive: obsiege
Present: io obsiege, obsieges, obsieget, obsiegems, yu obsieget(e), obsiegent
Preterit: obsiegim, obsiegist(a), obsiegit, obsiegeam, obsiegeat, obsiegeer
Future tid: obsiegesiem, obsiegesies, obsiegesiet, obsiegesiem(o)s, yu obsiegesiete, obsiegesient
Conditional: obsiegiem, obsiegies, obsiegiet, obsiegiem(o)s, yu obsiegiete, obsiegient
Prev participe: obsieget / obsiegen obsok > Infinitive: obsoke
Present: obsoko, obsocs, obsoct, obsokm(o)s, yu obsoct(e), obsoke(nt)
Preterit: obsokim, obsok(i)st(a), obsokit, obsokam, obsokat, obsokeer
Future tid: obsocsiem, obsocsies, obsocsiet, obsocsiem(o)s, yu obsocsiete, obsocsient
Conditional: obsokiem, obsokies, obsokiet, obsokiem(o)s, yu obsokiete, obsokient
Prev participe: obsoct / obsoken obstacle > Infinitive: obstacle
Present: io obstacle, obstacles, obstaclet, obstaclems, yu obstaclet(e), obstaclent
Preterit: obstaclim, obstaclist(a), obstaclit, obstaclam, obstaclat, obstacleer
Future tid: obstaclesiem, obstaclesies, obstaclesiet, obstaclesiem(o)s, yu obstaclesiete, obstaclesient
Conditional: obstacliem, obstaclies, obstacliet, obstacliem(o)s, yu obstacliete, obstaclient
Prev participe: obstaclet / obstaclen obstah > Infinitive: obstahe
Present: obstahm, obstahs, obstaht, obstahm(o)s, yu obstaht(e), obstahnt
Preterit: obstahsim, obstahst(a), obstahsit, obstahsam, obstahsat, obstahr
Future tid: obstahsiem, obstahsies, obstahsiet, obstahsiem(o)s, yu obstahsiete, obstahsient
Conditional: obstahiem, obstahies, obstahiet, obstahiem(o)s, yu obstahiete, obstahient
Prev participe: obstaht / obstahn obstrug > Infinitive: obstruge
Present: obstrugo, obstrucs, obstruct, obstrugm(o)s, yu obstruct(e), obstruge(nt)
Preterit: obstrugim, obstrug(i)st(a), obstrugit, obstrugam, obstrugat, obstrugeer
Future tid: obstrucsiem, obstrucsies, obstrucsiet, obstrucsiem(o)s, yu obstrucsiete, obstrucsient
Conditional: obstrugiem, obstrugies, obstrugiet, obstrugiem(o)s, yu obstrugiete, obstrugient
Prev participe: obstruct / obstrugen obsweih > Infinitive: obswihes
Present: obsweihm, obsweihs, obsweiht, obsweihm(o)s, yu obsweiht(e), obsweihnt
Preterit: obswihsim, obswihst(a), obswihsit, obswihsam, obswihsat, obswihr
Future tid: obsweihsiem, obsweihsies, obsweihsiet, obsweihsiem(o)s, yu obsweihsiete, obsweihsient
Conditional: obsweihiem, obsweihies, obsweihiet, obsweihiem(o)s, yu obsweihiete, obsweihient
Prev participe: obswiht / obswihn obten > Infinitive: obtene
Present: obteno, obtens, obtent, obtenm(o)s, yu obtent(e), obtene(nt)
Preterit: obtenim, obten(i)st(a), obtenit, obtenam, obtenat, obteneer
Future tid: obtensiem, obtensies, obtensiet, obtensiem(o)s, yu obtensiete, obtensient
Conditional: obteniem, obtenies, obteniet, obteniem(o)s, yu obteniete, obtenient
Prev participe: obtent / obtenen obture > Infinitive: obture
Present: io obture, obtures, obturet, obturems, yu obturet(e), obturent
Preterit: obturim, obturist(a), obturit, obturam, obturat, obtureer
Future tid: obturesiem, obturesies, obturesiet, obturesiem(o)s, yu obturesiete, obturesient
Conditional: obturiem, obturies, obturiet, obturiem(o)s, yu obturiete, obturient
Prev participe: obturet / obturen occupe > Infinitive: occupe
Present: io occupe, occupes, occupet, occupems, yu occupet(e), occupent
Preterit: occupim, occupist(a), occupit, occupam, occupat, occupeer
Future tid: occupesiem, occupesies, occupesiet, occupesiem(o)s, yu occupesiete, occupesient
Conditional: occupiem, occupies, occupiet, occupiem(o)s, yu occupiete, occupient
Prev participe: occupet / occupen ode > Infinitive: ode
Present: io ode, odes, odet, odems, yu odet(e), odent
Preterit: odim, odist(a), odit, odam, odat, odeer
Future tid: odesiem, odesies, odesiet, odesiem(o)s, yu odesiete, odesient
Conditional: odiem, odies, odiet, odiem(o)s, yu odiete, odient
Prev participe: odet / oden offend > Infinitive: offende
Present: offendo, offends, offendt, offendm(o)s, yu offendt(e), offende(nt)
Preterit: offensim, offens(i)st(a), offensit, offensam, offensat, offenseer
Future tid: offendsiem, offendsies, offendsiet, offendsiem(o)s, yu offendsiete, offendsient
Conditional: offendiem, offendies, offendiet, offendiem(o)s, yu offendiete, offendient
Prev participe: offens / offenden offerte > Infinitive: offerte
Present: io offerte, offertes, offertet, offertems, yu offertet(e), offertent
Preterit: offertim, offertist(a), offertit, offertam, offertat, offerteer
Future tid: offertesiem, offertesies, offertesiet, offertesiem(o)s, yu offertesiete, offertesient
Conditional: offertiem, offerties, offertiet, offertiem(o)s, yu offertiete, offertient
Prev participe: offertet / offerten offshore > Infinitive: offshore
Present: io offshore, offshores, offshoret, offshorems, yu offshoret(e), offshorent
Preterit: offshorim, offshorist(a), offshorit, offshoram, offshorat, offshoreer
Future tid: offshoresiem, offshoresies, offshoresiet, offshoresiem(o)s, yu offshoresiete, offshoresient
Conditional: offshoriem, offshories, offshoriet, offshoriem(o)s, yu offshoriete, offshorient
Prev participe: offshoret / offshoren ogvigvehn > Infinitive: ogvigvehne
Present: ogvigvehno, ogvigvehns, ogvigvehnt, ogvigvehnm(o)s, yu ogvigvehnt(e), ogvigvehne(nt)
Preterit: ogvigvohnim, ogvigvohn(i)st(a), ogvigvohnit, ogvigvohnam, ogvigvohnat, ogvigvohneer
Future tid: ogvigvehnsiem, ogvigvehnsies, ogvigvehnsiet, ogvigvehnsiem(o)s, yu ogvigvehnsiete, ogvigvehnsient
Conditional: ogvigvehniem, ogvigvehnies, ogvigvehniet, ogvigvehniem(o)s, yu ogvigvehniete, ogvigvehnient
Prev participe: ogvigvohnt / ogvigvohnen ogwn > Infinitive: ogwne
Present: ogwno, ogwns, ogwnt, ogwnm(o)s, yu ogwnt(e), ogwne(nt)
Preterit: ogwnim, ogwn(i)st(a), ogwnit, ogwnam, ogwnat, ogwneer
Future tid: ogwnsiem, ogwnsies, ogwnsiet, ogwnsiem(o)s, yu ogwnsiete, ogwnsient
Conditional: ogwniem, ogwnies, ogwniet, ogwniem(o)s, yu ogwniete, ogwnient
Prev participe: ogwnt / ogwnen oid > Infinitive: oide
Present: oido, oids, oidt, oidm(o)s, yu oidt(e), oide(nt)
Preterit: oisim, ois(i)st(a), oisit, oisam, oisat, oiseer
Future tid: oidsiem, oidsies, oidsiet, oidsiem(o)s, yu oidsiete, oidsient
Conditional: oidiem, oidies, oidiet, oidiem(o)s, yu oidiete, oidient
Prev participe: ois / oiden oisbehnd > Infinitive: oisbehnde
Present: oisbehndo, oisbehnds, oisbehndt, oisbehndm(o)s, yu oisbehndt(e), oisbehnde(nt)
Preterit: oisbohndim, oisbohnd(i)st(a), oisbohndit, oisbohndam, oisbohndat, oisbohndeer
Future tid: oisbehndsiem, oisbehndsies, oisbehndsiet, oisbehndsiem(o)s, yu oisbehndsiete, oisbehndsient
Conditional: oisbehndiem, oisbehndies, oisbehndiet, oisbehndiem(o)s, yu oisbehndiete, oisbehndient
Prev participe: oisbohndt / oisbohnden oisbehrd > Infinitive: oisbehrde
Present: oisbehrdo, oisbehrds, oisbehrdt, oisbehrdm(o)s, yu oisbehrdt(e), oisbehrde(nt)
Preterit: oisbohrdim, oisbohrd(i)st(a), oisbohrdit, oisbohrdam, oisbohrdat, oisbohrdeer
Future tid: oisbehrdsiem, oisbehrdsies, oisbehrdsiet, oisbehrdsiem(o)s, yu oisbehrdsiete, oisbehrdsient
Conditional: oisbehrdiem, oisbehrdies, oisbehrdiet, oisbehrdiem(o)s, yu oisbehrdiete, oisbehrdient
Prev participe: oisbohrdt / oisbohrden oisbehrst > Infinitive: oisbehrste
Present: oisbehrsto, oisbehrsts, oisbehrst, oisbehrstm(o)s, yu oisbehrste, oisbehrste(nt)
Preterit: oisbohrstim, oisbohrst(i)st(a), oisbohrstit, oisbohrstam, oisbohrstat, oisbohrsteer
Future tid: siem oisbehrste, sies oisbehrste, siet oisbehrste, siem(o)s oisbehrste, yu siete oisbehrste, sient oisbehrste
Conditional: oisbehrstiem, oisbehrsties, oisbehrstiet, oisbehrstiem(o)s, yu oisbehrstiete, oisbehrstient
Prev participe: oisbohrst / oisbohrsten oisbeud > Infinitive: oisbudes
Present: oisbeudo, oisbeuds, oisbeudt, oisbeudm(o)s, yu oisbeudt(e), oisbeude(nt)
Preterit: oisbudim, oisbud(i)st(a), oisbudit, oisbudam, oisbudat, oisbudeer
Future tid: oisbeudsiem, oisbeudsies, oisbeudsiet, oisbeudsiem(o)s, yu oisbeudsiete, oisbeudsient
Conditional: oisbeudiem, oisbeudies, oisbeudiet, oisbeudiem(o)s, yu oisbeudiete, oisbeudient
Prev participe: oisbudt / oisbuden oisbrinegh > Infinitive: oisbringhes
Present: oisbringho, oisbringhs, oisbringht, oisbringhm(o)s, yu oisbringht(e), oisbringhe(nt)
Preterit: oisbrighim, oisbrigh(i)st(a), oisbrighit, oisbrigham, oisbrighat, oisbrigheer
Future tid: oisbringhsiem, oisbringhsies, oisbringhsiet, oisbringhsiem(o)s, yu oisbringhsiete, oisbringhsient
Conditional: oisbringhiem, oisbringhies, oisbringhiet, oisbringhiem(o)s, yu oisbringhiete, oisbringhient
Prev participe: oisbright / oisbrighen oiscrehsc > Infinitive: oiscrehsce
Present: oiscrehsco, oiscrehscs, oiscrehsct, oiscrehscm(o)s, yu oiscrehsct(e), oiscrehsce(nt)
Preterit: oiscrohscim, oiscrohsc(i)st(a), oiscrohscit, oiscrohscam, oiscrohscat, oiscrohsceer
Future tid: oiscrehscsiem, oiscrehscsies, oiscrehscsiet, oiscrehscsiem(o)s, yu oiscrehscsiete, oiscrehscsient
Conditional: oiscrehsciem, oiscrehscies, oiscrehsciet, oiscrehsciem(o)s, yu oiscrehsciete, oiscrehscient
Prev participe: oiscrohsct / oiscrohscen oiscrisc > Infinitive: oiscrisce
Present: oiscrisco, oiscriscs, oiscrisct, oiscriscm(o)s, yu oiscrisct(e), oiscrisce(nt)
Preterit: oiscriscim, oiscrisc(i)st(a), oiscriscit, oiscriscam, oiscriscat, oiscrisceer
Future tid: oiscriscsiem, oiscriscsies, oiscriscsiet, oiscriscsiem(o)s, yu oiscriscsiete, oiscriscsient
Conditional: oiscrisciem, oiscriscies, oiscrisciet, oiscrisciem(o)s, yu oiscrisciete, oiscriscient
Prev participe: oiscrisct / oiscriscen oiscutt > Infinitive: oiscutte
Present: oiscutto, oiscutts, oiscutt, oiscuttm(o)s, yu oiscutte, oiscutte(nt)
Preterit: oiscussim, oiscuss(i)st(a), oiscussit, oiscussam, oiscussat, oiscusseer
Future tid: oiscuttsiem, oiscuttsies, oiscuttsiet, oiscuttsiem(o)s, yu oiscuttsiete, oiscuttsient
Conditional: oiscuttiem, oiscutties, oiscuttiet, oiscuttiem(o)s, yu oiscuttiete, oiscuttient
Prev participe: oiscuss / oiscutten oisdrabh > Infinitive: oisdrabhe
Present: oisdrabho, oisdrabhs, oisdrabht, oisdrabhm(o)s, yu oisdrabht(e), oisdrabhe(nt)
Preterit: oisdriebhim, oisdriebh(i)st(a), oisdriebhit, oisdriebham, oisdriebhat, oisdriebheer
Future tid: oisdrabhsiem, oisdrabhsies, oisdrabhsiet, oisdrabhsiem(o)s, yu oisdrabhsiete, oisdrabhsient
Conditional: oisdrabhiem, oisdrabhies, oisdrabhiet, oisdrabhiem(o)s, yu oisdrabhiete, oisdrabhient
Prev participe: oisdrabht / oisdrabhen oisdu > Infinitive: oisdue
Present: oisdum, oisdus, oisdut, oisdum(o)s, yu oisdut(e), oisdunt
Preterit: oisdusim, oisdust(a), oisdusit, oisdam, oisdat, oisdur
Future tid: oisdusiem, oisdusies, oisdusiet, oisdusiem(o)s, yu oisdusiete, oisdusient
Conditional: oisdiem, oisdies, oisdiet, oisdiem(o)s, yu oisdiete, oisdient
Prev participe: oisdut / oisdun oisfall > Infinitive: oisfalle
Present: oisfallo, oisfalls, oisfallt, oisfallm(o)s, yu oisfallt(e), oisfalle(nt)
Preterit: oisfiellim, oisfiell(i)st(a), oisfiellit, oisfiellam, oisfiellat, oisfielleer
Future tid: oisfallsiem, oisfallsies, oisfallsiet, oisfallsiem(o)s, yu oisfallsiete, oisfallsient
Conditional: oisfalliem, oisfallies, oisfalliet, oisfalliem(o)s, yu oisfalliete, oisfallient
Prev participe: oisfallt / oisfallen oisghend > Infinitive: oisghende
Present: oisghendo, oisghends, oisghendt, oisghendm(o)s, yu oisghendt(e), oisghende(nt)
Preterit: oisghensim, oisghens(i)st(a), oisghensit, oisghensam, oisghensat, oisghenseer
Future tid: oisghendsiem, oisghendsies, oisghendsiet, oisghendsiem(o)s, yu oisghendsiete, oisghendsient
Conditional: oisghendiem, oisghendies, oisghendiet, oisghendiem(o)s, yu oisghendiete, oisghendient
Prev participe: oisghens / oisghenden oisgwehm > Infinitive: oisgwehme
Present: oisgwehmo, oisgwehms, oisgwehmt, oisgwehmm(o)s, yu oisgwehmt(e), oisgwehme(nt)
Preterit: oisgwohmim, oisgwohm(i)st(a), oisgwohmit, oisgwohmam, oisgwohmat, oisgwohmeer
Future tid: oisgwehmsiem, oisgwehmsies, oisgwehmsiet, oisgwehmsiem(o)s, yu oisgwehmsiete, oisgwehmsient
Conditional: oisgwehmiem, oisgwehmies, oisgwehmiet, oisgwehmiem(o)s, yu oisgwehmiete, oisgwehmient
Prev participe: oisgwohmt / oisgwohmen oiskap > Infinitive: oiskape
Present: oiskapo, oiskaps, oiskapt, oiskapm(o)s, yu oiskapt(e), oiskape(nt)
Preterit: oiskiepim, oiskiep(i)st(a), oiskiepit, oiskiepam, oiskiepat, oiskiepeer
Future tid: oiskapsiem, oiskapsies, oiskapsiet, oiskapsiem(o)s, yu oiskapsiete, oiskapsient
Conditional: oiskapiem, oiskapies, oiskapiet, oiskapiem(o)s, yu oiskapiete, oiskapient
Prev participe: oiskapt / oiskapen oiskav > Infinitive: oiskave
Present: oiskavo, oiskavs, oiskavt, oiskavm(o)s, yu oiskavt(e), oiskave(nt)
Preterit: oiskievim, oiskiev(i)st(a), oiskievit, oiskievam, oiskievat, oiskieveer
Future tid: oiskavsiem, oiskavsies, oiskavsiet, oiskavsiem(o)s, yu oiskavsiete, oiskavsient
Conditional: oiskaviem, oiskavies, oiskaviet, oiskaviem(o)s, yu oiskaviete, oiskavient
Prev participe: oiskawt / oiskaven oiskehrz > Infinitive: oiskehrze
Present: oiskehrzo, oiskehrzs, oiskehrzt, oiskehrzm(o)s, yu oiskehrzt(e), oiskehrze(nt)
Preterit: oiskohrzim, oiskohrz(i)st(a), oiskohrzit, oiskohrzam, oiskohrzat, oiskohrzeer
Future tid: siem oiskehrze, sies oiskehrze, siet oiskehrze, siem(o)s oiskehrze, yu siete oiskehrze, sient oiskehrze
Conditional: oiskehrziem, oiskehrzies, oiskehrziet, oiskehrziem(o)s, yu oiskehrziete, oiskehrzient
Prev participe: oiskohrzt / oiskohrzen oiskeip > Infinitive: oiskipes
Present: oiskeipo, oiskeips, oiskeipt, oiskeipm(o)s, yu oiskeipt(e), oiskeipe(nt)
Preterit: oiskipim, oiskip(i)st(a), oiskipit, oiskipam, oiskipat, oiskipeer
Future tid: oiskeipsiem, oiskeipsies, oiskeipsiet, oiskeipsiem(o)s, yu oiskeipsiete, oiskeipsient
Conditional: oiskeipiem, oiskeipies, oiskeipiet, oiskeipiem(o)s, yu oiskeipiete, oiskeipient
Prev participe: oiskipt / oiskipen oiskeulk > Infinitive: oiskulkes
Present: oiskeulko, oiskeulcs, oiskeulct, oiskeulkm(o)s, yu oiskeulct(e), oiskeulke(nt)
Preterit: oiskulkim, oiskulk(i)st(a), oiskulkit, oiskulkam, oiskulkat, oiskulkeer
Future tid: oiskeulcsiem, oiskeulcsies, oiskeulcsiet, oiskeulcsiem(o)s, yu oiskeulcsiete, oiskeulcsient
Conditional: oiskeulkiem, oiskeulkies, oiskeulkiet, oiskeulkiem(o)s, yu oiskeulkiete, oiskeulkient
Prev participe: oiskulct / oiskulken oiskeup > Infinitive: oiskupes
Present: oiskeupo, oiskeups, oiskeupt, oiskeupm(o)s, yu oiskeupt(e), oiskeupe(nt)
Preterit: oiskupim, oiskup(i)st(a), oiskupit, oiskupam, oiskupat, oiskupeer
Future tid: oiskeupsiem, oiskeupsies, oiskeupsiet, oiskeupsiem(o)s, yu oiskeupsiete, oiskeupsient
Conditional: oiskeupiem, oiskeupies, oiskeupiet, oiskeupiem(o)s, yu oiskeupiete, oiskeupient
Prev participe: oiskupt / oiskupen oisklad > Infinitive: oisklade
Present: oisklado, oisklads, oiskladt, oiskladm(o)s, yu oiskladt(e), oisklade(nt)
Preterit: oiskliedim, oisklied(i)st(a), oiskliedit, oiskliedam, oiskliedat, oiskliedeer
Future tid: oiskladsiem, oiskladsies, oiskladsiet, oiskladsiem(o)s, yu oiskladsiete, oiskladsient
Conditional: oiskladiem, oiskladies, oiskladiet, oiskladiem(o)s, yu oiskladiete, oiskladient
Prev participe: oisklas / oiskladen oiskweit > Infinitive: oiskwites
Present: oiskweito, oiskweits, oiskweit, oiskweitm(o)s, yu oiskweite, oiskweite(nt)
Preterit: oiskwitim, oiskwit(i)st(a), oiskwitit, oiskwitam, oiskwitat, oiskwiteer
Future tid: oiskweitsiem, oiskweitsies, oiskweitsiet, oiskweitsiem(o)s, yu oiskweitsiete, oiskweitsient
Conditional: oiskweitiem, oiskweities, oiskweitiet, oiskweitiem(o)s, yu oiskweitiete, oiskweitient
Prev participe: oiskwit / oiskwiten oisleub > Infinitive: oislubes
Present: oisleubo, oisleups, oisleupt, oisleubm(o)s, yu oisleupt(e), oisleube(nt)
Preterit: oislubim, oislub(i)st(a), oislubit, oislubam, oislubat, oislubeer
Future tid: oisleupsiem, oisleupsies, oisleupsiet, oisleupsiem(o)s, yu oisleupsiete, oisleupsient
Conditional: oisleubiem, oisleubies, oisleubiet, oisleubiem(o)s, yu oisleubiete, oisleubient
Prev participe: oislupt / oisluben oisleur > Infinitive: oislures
Present: oisleuro, oisleurs, oisleurt, oisleurm(o)s, yu oisleurt(e), oisleure(nt)
Preterit: oislurim, oislur(i)st(a), oislurit, oisluram, oislurat, oislureer
Future tid: oisleursiem, oisleursies, oisleursiet, oisleursiem(o)s, yu oisleursiete, oisleursient
Conditional: oisleuriem, oisleuries, oisleuriet, oisleuriem(o)s, yu oisleuriete, oisleurient
Prev participe: oislurt / oisluren oisligne > Infinitive: oisligne
Present: io oisligne, oislignes, oislignet, oislignems, yu oislignet(e), oislignent
Preterit: oislignim, oislignist(a), oislignit, oislignam, oislignat, oisligneer
Future tid: oislignesiem, oislignesies, oislignesiet, oislignesiem(o)s, yu oislignesiete, oislignesient
Conditional: oisligniem, oislignies, oisligniet, oisligniem(o)s, yu oisligniete, oislignient
Prev participe: oislignet / oislignen oismitt > Infinitive: oismitte
Present: oismitto, oismitts, oismitt, oismittm(o)s, yu oismitte, oismitte(nt)
Preterit: oismissim, oismiss(i)st(a), oismissit, oismissam, oismissat, oismisseer
Future tid: oismittsiem, oismittsies, oismittsiet, oismittsiem(o)s, yu oismittsiete, oismittsient
Conditional: oismittiem, oismitties, oismittiet, oismittiem(o)s, yu oismittiete, oismittient
Prev participe: oismiss / oismitten oisnarc > Infinitive: oisnarce
Present: oisnarco, oisnarcs, oisnarct, oisnarcm(o)s, yu oisnarct(e), oisnarce(nt)
Preterit: oisniercim, oisnierc(i)st(a), oisniercit, oisniercam, oisniercat, oisnierceer
Future tid: oisnarcsiem, oisnarcsies, oisnarcsiet, oisnarcsiem(o)s, yu oisnarcsiete, oisnarcsient
Conditional: oisnarciem, oisnarcies, oisnarciet, oisnarciem(o)s, yu oisnarciete, oisnarcient
Prev participe: oisnarct / oisnarcen oispleind > Infinitive: oisplindes
Present: oispleindo, oispleinds, oispleindt, oispleindm(o)s, yu oispleindt(e), oispleinde(nt)
Preterit: oisplindim, oisplind(i)st(a), oisplindit, oisplindam, oisplindat, oisplindeer
Future tid: oispleindsiem, oispleindsies, oispleindsiet, oispleindsiem(o)s, yu oispleindsiete, oispleindsient
Conditional: oispleindiem, oispleindies, oispleindiet, oispleindiem(o)s, yu oispleindiete, oispleindient
Prev participe: oisplindt / oisplinden oistanek > Infinitive: oistankes
Present: oistanko, oistancs, oistanct, oistankm(o)s, yu oistanct(e), oistanke(nt)
Preterit: oistakim, oistak(i)st(a), oistakit, oistakam, oistakat, oistakeer
Future tid: oistancsiem, oistancsies, oistancsiet, oistancsiem(o)s, yu oistancsiete, oistancsient
Conditional: oistankiem, oistankies, oistankiet, oistankiem(o)s, yu oistankiete, oistankient
Prev participe: oistact / oistaken oistaun > Infinitive: oistaune
Present: oistauno, oistauns, oistaunt, oistaunm(o)s, yu oistaunt(e), oistaune(nt)
Preterit: oistaunim, oistaun(i)st(a), oistaunit, oistaunam, oistaunat, oistauneer
Future tid: oistaunsiem, oistaunsies, oistaunsiet, oistaunsiem(o)s, yu oistaunsiete, oistaunsient
Conditional: oistauniem, oistaunies, oistauniet, oistauniem(o)s, yu oistauniete, oistaunient
Prev participe: oistaunt / oistaunen oisteurb > Infinitive: oisturbes
Present: oisteurbo, oisteurps, oisteurpt, oisteurbm(o)s, yu oisteurpt(e), oisteurbe(nt)
Preterit: oisturbim, oisturb(i)st(a), oisturbit, oisturbam, oisturbat, oisturbeer
Future tid: oisteurpsiem, oisteurpsies, oisteurpsiet, oisteurpsiem(o)s, yu oisteurpsiete, oisteurpsient
Conditional: oisteurbiem, oisteurbies, oisteurbiet, oisteurbiem(o)s, yu oisteurbiete, oisteurbient
Prev participe: oisturpt / oisturben oistrag > Infinitive: oistrage
Present: oistrago, oistracs, oistract, oistragm(o)s, yu oistract(e), oistrage(nt)
Preterit: oistriegim, oistrieg(i)st(a), oistriegit, oistriegam, oistriegat, oistriegeer
Future tid: oistracsiem, oistracsies, oistracsiet, oistracsiem(o)s, yu oistracsiete, oistracsient
Conditional: oistragiem, oistragies, oistragiet, oistragiem(o)s, yu oistragiete, oistragient
Prev participe: oistract / oistragen oistrehc > Infinitive: oistrehce
Present: oistrehco, oistrehcs, oistrehct, oistrehcm(o)s, yu oistrehct(e), oistrehce(nt)
Preterit: oistrohcim, oistrohc(i)st(a), oistrohcit, oistrohcam, oistrohcat, oistrohceer
Future tid: oistrehcsiem, oistrehcsies, oistrehcsiet, oistrehcsiem(o)s, yu oistrehcsiete, oistrehcsient
Conditional: oistrehciem, oistrehcies, oistrehciet, oistrehciem(o)s, yu oistrehciete, oistrehcient
Prev participe: oistrohct / oistrohcen oiswaurg > Infinitive: oiswaurge
Present: oiswaurgo, oiswaurcs, oiswaurct, oiswaurgm(o)s, yu oiswaurct(e), oiswaurge(nt)
Preterit: oiswaursim, oiswaurs(i)st(a), oiswaursit, oiswaursam, oiswaursat, oiswaurseer
Future tid: oiswaurcsiem, oiswaurcsies, oiswaurcsiet, oiswaurcsiem(o)s, yu oiswaurcsiete, oiswaurcsient
Conditional: oiswaurgiem, oiswaurgies, oiswaurgiet, oiswaurgiem(o)s, yu oiswaurgiete, oiswaurgient
Prev participe: oiswaurs / oiswaurgen oiswehmbh > Infinitive: oiswehmbhe
Present: oiswehmbho, oiswehmbhs, oiswehmbht, oiswehmbhm(o)s, yu oiswehmbht(e), oiswehmbhe(nt)
Preterit: oiswohmbhim, oiswohmbh(i)st(a), oiswohmbhit, oiswohmbham, oiswohmbhat, oiswohmbheer
Future tid: oiswehmbhsiem, oiswehmbhsies, oiswehmbhsiet, oiswehmbhsiem(o)s, yu oiswehmbhsiete, oiswehmbhsient
Conditional: oiswehmbhiem, oiswehmbhies, oiswehmbhiet, oiswehmbhiem(o)s, yu oiswehmbhiete, oiswehmbhient
Prev participe: oiswohmbht / oiswohmbhen oiswehrg > Infinitive: oiswehrge
Present: oiswehrgo, oiswehrcs, oiswehrct, oiswehrgm(o)s, yu oiswehrct(e), oiswehrge(nt)
Preterit: oiswohrgim, oiswohrg(i)st(a), oiswohrgit, oiswohrgam, oiswohrgat, oiswohrgeer
Future tid: oiswehrcsiem, oiswehrcsies, oiswehrcsiet, oiswehrcsiem(o)s, yu oiswehrcsiete, oiswehrcsient
Conditional: oiswehrgiem, oiswehrgies, oiswehrgiet, oiswehrgiem(o)s, yu oiswehrgiete, oiswehrgient
Prev participe: oiswohrct / oiswohrgen oisweid > Infinitive: oiswides
Present: oisweido, oisweids, oisweidt, oisweidm(o)s, yu oisweidt(e), oisweide(nt)
Preterit: oiswidim, oiswid(i)st(a), oiswidit, oiswidam, oiswidat, oiswideer
Future tid: oisweidsiem, oisweidsies, oisweidsiet, oisweidsiem(o)s, yu oisweidsiete, oisweidsient
Conditional: oisweidiem, oisweidies, oisweidiet, oisweidiem(o)s, yu oisweidiete, oisweidient
Prev participe: oiswidt / oiswiden oisweind > Infinitive: oiswindes
Present: oisweindo, oisweinds, oisweindt, oisweindm(o)s, yu oisweindt(e), oisweinde(nt)
Preterit: oiswindim, oiswind(i)st(a), oiswindit, oiswindam, oiswindat, oiswindeer
Future tid: oisweindsiem, oisweindsies, oisweindsiet, oisweindsiem(o)s, yu oisweindsiete, oisweindsient
Conditional: oisweindiem, oisweindies, oisweindiet, oisweindiem(o)s, yu oisweindiete, oisweindient
Prev participe: oiswindt / oiswinden oiswind > Infinitive: oiswinde
Present: oiswindo, oiswinds, oiswindt, oiswindm(o)s, yu oiswindt(e), oiswinde(nt)
Preterit: oiswinsim, oiswins(i)st(a), oiswinsit, oiswinsam, oiswinsat, oiswinseer
Future tid: oiswindsiem, oiswindsies, oiswindsiet, oiswindsiem(o)s, yu oiswindsiete, oiswindsient
Conditional: oiswindiem, oiswindies, oiswindiet, oiswindiem(o)s, yu oiswindiete, oiswindient
Prev participe: oiswins / oiswinden oisxeur > Infinitive: oisxures
Present: oisxeuro, oisxeurs, oisxeurt, oisxeurm(o)s, yu oisxeurt(e), oisxeure(nt)
Preterit: oisxurim, oisxur(i)st(a), oisxurit, oisxuram, oisxurat, oisxureer
Future tid: oisxeursiem, oisxeursies, oisxeursiet, oisxeursiem(o)s, yu oisxeursiete, oisxeursient
Conditional: oisxeuriem, oisxeuries, oisxeuriet, oisxeuriem(o)s, yu oisxeuriete, oisxeurient
Prev participe: oisxurt / oisxuren ombrage > Infinitive: ombrage
Present: io ombrage, ombrages, ombraget, ombragems, yu ombraget(e), ombragent
Preterit: ombragim, ombragist(a), ombragit, ombrageam, ombrageat, ombrageer
Future tid: ombragesiem, ombragesies, ombragesiet, ombragesiem(o)s, yu ombragesiete, ombragesient
Conditional: ombragiem, ombragies, ombragiet, ombragiem(o)s, yu ombragiete, ombragient
Prev participe: ombraget / ombragen omitt > Infinitive: omitte
Present: omitto, omitts, omitt, omittm(o)s, yu omitte, omitte(nt)
Preterit: omissim, omiss(i)st(a), omissit, omissam, omissat, omisseer
Future tid: omittsiem, omittsies, omittsiet, omittsiem(o)s, yu omittsiete, omittsient
Conditional: omittiem, omitties, omittiet, omittiem(o)s, yu omittiete, omittient
Prev participe: omiss / omitten on > Infinitive: one
Present: ono, ons, ont, onm(o)s, yu ont(e), one(nt)
Preterit: onim, on(i)st(a), onit, onam, onat, oneer
Future tid: onsiem, onsies, onsiet, onsiem(o)s, yu onsiete, onsient
Conditional: oniem, onies, oniet, oniem(o)s, yu oniete, onient
Prev participe: ont / onen onos > Infinitive: onose
Present: onoso, onos, onost, onosm(o)s, yu onost(e), onose(nt)
Preterit: onosim, onos(i)st(a), onosit, onosam, onosat, onoseer
Future tid: siem onose, sies onose, siet onose, siem(o)s onose, yu siete onose, sient onose
Conditional: onosiem, onosies, onosiet, onosiem(o)s, yu onosiete, onosient
Prev participe: onost / onosen opere > Infinitive: opere
Present: io opere, operes, operet, operems, yu operet(e), operent
Preterit: operim, operist(a), operit, operam, operat, opereer
Future tid: operesiem, operesies, operesiet, operesiem(o)s, yu operesiete, operesient
Conditional: operiem, operies, operiet, operiem(o)s, yu operiete, operient
Prev participe: operet / operen opposen > Infinitive: oppones
Present: oppono, oppons, oppont, opponm(o)s, yu oppont(e), oppone(nt)
Preterit: opposim, oppos(i)st(a), opposit, opposam, opposat, opposeer
Future tid: opponsiem, opponsies, opponsiet, opponsiem(o)s, yu opponsiete, opponsient
Conditional: opponiem, opponies, opponiet, opponiem(o)s, yu opponiete, opponient
Prev participe: oppost / opposen ops > Infinitive: opse
Present: opso, ops, opst, opsm(o)s, yu opst(e), opse(nt)
Preterit: opsim, ops(i)st(a), opsit, opsam, opsat, opseer
Future tid: siem opse, sies opse, siet opse, siem(o)s opse, yu siete opse, sient opse
Conditional: opsiem, opsies, opsiet, opsiem(o)s, yu opsiete, opsient
Prev participe: opst / opsen opsen > Infinitive: opnes
Present: opno, opns, opnt, opnm(o)s, yu opnt(e), opne(nt)
Preterit: opsim, ops(i)st(a), opsit, opsam, opsat, opseer
Future tid: opnsiem, opnsies, opnsiet, opnsiem(o)s, yu opnsiete, opnsient
Conditional: opniem, opnies, opniet, opniem(o)s, yu opniete, opnient
Prev participe: opst / opsen optimise > Infinitive: optimise
Present: io optimise, optimises, optimiset, optimisems, yu optimiset(e), optimisent
Preterit: optimisim, optimisist(a), optimisit, optimisam, optimisat, optimiseer
Future tid: optimisesiem, optimisesies, optimisesiet, optimisesiem(o)s, yu optimisesiete, optimisesient
Conditional: optimisiem, optimisies, optimisiet, optimisiem(o)s, yu optimisiete, optimisient
Prev participe: optimiset / optimisen orange > Infinitive: orange
Present: io orange, oranges, oranget, orangems, yu oranget(e), orangent
Preterit: orangim, orangist(a), orangit, orangeam, orangeat, orangeer
Future tid: orangesiem, orangesies, orangesiet, orangesiem(o)s, yu orangesiete, orangesient
Conditional: orangiem, orangies, orangiet, orangiem(o)s, yu orangiete, orangient
Prev participe: oranget / orangen orbat > Infinitive: orbate
Present: orbato, orbats, orbat, orbatm(o)s, yu orbate, orbate(nt)
Preterit: orbietim, orbiet(i)st(a), orbietit, orbietam, orbietat, orbieteer
Future tid: orbatsiem, orbatsies, orbatsiet, orbatsiem(o)s, yu orbatsiete, orbatsient
Conditional: orbatiem, orbaties, orbatiet, orbatiem(o)s, yu orbatiete, orbatient
Prev participe: orbat / orbaten orbitise > Infinitive: orbitise
Present: io orbitise, orbitises, orbitiset, orbitisems, yu orbitiset(e), orbitisent
Preterit: orbitisim, orbitisist(a), orbitisit, orbitisam, orbitisat, orbitiseer
Future tid: orbitisesiem, orbitisesies, orbitisesiet, orbitisesiem(o)s, yu orbitisesiete, orbitisesient
Conditional: orbitisiem, orbitisies, orbitisiet, orbitisiem(o)s, yu orbitisiete, orbitisient
Prev participe: orbitiset / orbitisen order > Infinitive: order
Present: io order, orders, ordert, orderms, yu ordert, ordernt
Preterit: ordrim, ordrist, ordrit, ord(e)ram, ord(e)rat, ord(e)reer
Future tid: ordersiem, ordersies, ordersiet, ordersiem(o)s, yu ordersiete, ordersient
Conditional: orderiem, orderies, orderiet, orderiem(o)s, yu orderiete, orderient
Prev participe: ordert / ordern organise > Infinitive: organise
Present: io organise, organises, organiset, organisems, yu organiset(e), organisent
Preterit: organisim, organisist(a), organisit, organisam, organisat, organiseer
Future tid: organisesiem, organisesies, organisesiet, organisesiem(o)s, yu organisesiete, organisesient
Conditional: organisiem, organisies, organisiet, organisiem(o)s, yu organisiete, organisient
Prev participe: organiset / organisen orie > Infinitive: orie
Present: io orie, ories, oriet, oriems, yu oriet(e), orient
Preterit: oricim, oriest, oricit, oriam, oriat, orier
Future tid: oriesiem, oriesies, oriesiet, oriesiem(o)s, yu oriesiete, oriesient
Conditional: oriciem, oricies, oriciet, oriciem(o)s, yu oriciete, oricient
Prev participe: oriet / orien oriente > Infinitive: oriente
Present: io oriente, orientes, orientet, orientems, yu orientet(e), orientent
Preterit: orientim, orientist(a), orientit, orientam, orientat, orienteer
Future tid: orientesiem, orientesies, orientesiet, orientesiem(o)s, yu orientesiete, orientesient
Conditional: orientiem, orienties, orientiet, orientiem(o)s, yu orientiete, orientient
Prev participe: orientet / orienten orkester > Infinitive: orkester
Present: io orkester, orkesters, orkestert, orkesterms, yu orkestert, orkesternt
Preterit: orkestrim, orkestrist, orkestrit, orkest(e)ram, orkest(e)rat, orkest(e)reer
Future tid: orkestersiem, orkestersies, orkestersiet, orkestersiem(o)s, yu orkestersiete, orkestersient
Conditional: orkesteriem, orkesteries, orkesteriet, orkesteriem(o)s, yu orkesteriete, orkesterient
Prev participe: orkestert / orkestern orm > Infinitive: orme
Present: ormo, orms, ormt, ormm(o)s, yu ormt(e), orme(nt)
Preterit: ormim, orm(i)st(a), ormit, ormam, ormat, ormeer
Future tid: ormsiem, ormsies, ormsiet, ormsiem(o)s, yu ormsiete, ormsient
Conditional: ormiem, ormies, ormiet, ormiem(o)s, yu ormiete, ormient
Prev participe: ormt / ormen orne > Infinitive: orne
Present: io orne, ornes, ornet, ornems, yu ornet(e), ornent
Preterit: ornim, ornist(a), ornit, ornam, ornat, orneer
Future tid: ornesiem, ornesies, ornesiet, ornesiem(o)s, yu ornesiete, ornesient
Conditional: orniem, ornies, orniet, orniem(o)s, yu orniete, ornient
Prev participe: ornet / ornen orneuw > Infinitive: ornuwes
Present: orneuwo, orneuws, orneuwt, orneuwm(o)s, yu orneuwt(e), orneuwnt
Preterit: ornuwim, ornuwst(a), ornuwit, ornuwam, ornuwat, ornuweer
Future tid: orneuwsiem, orneuwsies, orneuwsiet, orneuwsiem(o)s, yu orneuwsiete, orneuwsient
Conditional: orneuwiem, orneuwies, orneuwiet, orneuwiem(o)s, yu orneuwiete, orneuwient
Prev participe: ornuwt / ornuwen orsyehbh > Infinitive: orsyehbhe
Present: orsyehbho, orsyehbhs, orsyehbht, orsyehbhm(o)s, yu orsyehbht(e), orsyehbhe(nt)
Preterit: orsyohbhim, orsyohbh(i)st(a), orsyohbhit, orsyohbham, orsyohbhat, orsyohbheer
Future tid: orsyehbhsiem, orsyehbhsies, orsyehbhsiet, orsyehbhsiem(o)s, yu orsyehbhsiete, orsyehbhsient
Conditional: orsyehbhiem, orsyehbhies, orsyehbhiet, orsyehbhiem(o)s, yu orsyehbhiete, orsyehbhient
Prev participe: orsyohbht / orsyohbhen oscille > Infinitive: oscille
Present: io oscille, oscilles, oscillet, oscillems, yu oscillet(e), oscillent
Preterit: oscillim, oscillist(a), oscillit, oscillam, oscillat, oscilleer
Future tid: oscillesiem, oscillesies, oscillesiet, oscillesiem(o)s, yu oscillesiete, oscillesient
Conditional: oscilliem, oscillies, oscilliet, oscilliem(o)s, yu oscilliete, oscillient
Prev participe: oscillet / oscillen ostend > Infinitive: ostende
Present: ostendo, ostends, ostendt, ostendm(o)s, yu ostendt(e), ostende(nt)
Preterit: ostensim, ostens(i)st(a), ostensit, ostensam, ostensat, ostenseer
Future tid: ostendsiem, ostendsies, ostendsiet, ostendsiem(o)s, yu ostendsiete, ostendsient
Conditional: ostendiem, ostendies, ostendiet, ostendiem(o)s, yu ostendiete, ostendient
Prev participe: ostens / ostenden otikh > Infinitive: otikhe
Present: otikho, otikhs, otikht, otikhm(o)s, yu otikht(e), otikhe(nt)
Preterit: otikhim, otikh(i)st(a), otikhit, otikham, otikhat, otikheer
Future tid: otikhsiem, otikhsies, otikhsiet, otikhsiem(o)s, yu otikhsiete, otikhsient
Conditional: otikhiem, otikhies, otikhiet, otikhiem(o)s, yu otikhiete, otikhient
Prev participe: otikht / otikhen ouzer > Infinitive: ouzer
Present: io ouzer, ouzers, ouzert, ouzerms, yu ouzert, ouzernt
Preterit: ouzrim, ouzrist, ouzrit, ouz(e)ram, ouz(e)rat, ouz(e)reer
Future tid: ouzersiem, ouzersies, ouzersiet, ouzersiem(o)s, yu ouzersiete, ouzersient
Conditional: ouzeriem, ouzeries, ouzeriet, ouzeriem(o)s, yu ouzeriete, ouzerient
Prev participe: ouzert / ouzern oway > Infinitive: owaye
Present: owaym, oways, owayt, owaym(o)s, yu owayt(e), owaynt
Preterit: owieyim, owieyst(a), owieyit, owieyam, owieyat, owieyeer
Future tid: owaysiem, owaysies, owaysiet, owaysiem(o)s, yu owaysiete, owaysient
Conditional: owayiem, owayies, owayiet, owayiem(o)s, yu owayiete, owayient
Prev participe: owayt / owayen owtow > Infinitive: owtowe
Present: owtowo, owtows, owtowt, owtowm(o)s, yu owtowt(e), owtownt
Preterit: owtowim, owtowst(a), owtowit, owtowam, owtowat, owtoweer
Future tid: owtowsiem, owtowsies, owtowsiet, owtowsiem(o)s, yu owtowsiete, owtowsient
Conditional: owtowiem, owtowies, owtowiet, owtowiem(o)s, yu owtowiete, owtowient
Prev participe: owtowt / owtowen ox > Infinitive: oxe
Present: oxo, oxs, oxt, oxm(o)s, yu oxt(e), oxe(nt)
Preterit: oxim, ox(i)st(a), oxit, oxam, oxat, oxeer
Future tid: siem oxe, sies oxe, siet oxe, siem(o)s oxe, yu siete oxe, sient oxe
Conditional: oxiem, oxies, oxiet, oxiem(o)s, yu oxiete, oxient
Prev participe: oxt / oxen pack > Infinitive: packe
Present: packo, packs, packt, packm(o)s, yu packt(e), packe(nt)
Preterit: pieckim, pieck(i)st(a), pieckit, pieckam, pieckat, pieckeer
Future tid: packsiem, packsies, packsiet, packsiem(o)s, yu packsiete, packsient
Conditional: packiem, packies, packiet, packiem(o)s, yu packiete, packient
Prev participe: packt / packen paddel > Infinitive: paddel
Present: io paddel, paddels, paddelt, paddelms, yu paddelt, paddelnt
Preterit: pieddlim, pieddlist, pieddlit, piedd(e)lam, piedd(e)lat, piedd(e)leer
Future tid: paddelsiem, paddelsies, paddelsiet, paddelsiem(o)s, yu paddelsiete, paddelsient
Conditional: paddeliem, paddelies, paddeliet, paddeliem(o)s, yu paddeliete, paddelient
Prev participe: paddelt / paddeln pag > Infinitive: page
Present: pago, pacs, pact, pagm(o)s, yu pact(e), page(nt)
Preterit: piegim, pieg(i)st(a), piegit, piegam, piegat, piegeer
Future tid: pacsiem, pacsies, pacsiet, pacsiem(o)s, yu pacsiete, pacsient
Conditional: pagiem, pagies, pagiet, pagiem(o)s, yu pagiete, pagient
Prev participe: pact / pagen pah > Infinitive: pahe
Present: pahm, pahs, paht, pahm(o)s, yu paht(e), pahnt
Preterit: pahsim, pahst(a), pahsit, pahsam, pahsat, pahr
Future tid: pahsiem, pahsies, pahsiet, pahsiem(o)s, yu pahsiete, pahsient
Conditional: pahiem, pahies, pahiet, pahiem(o)s, yu pahiete, pahient
Prev participe: paht / pahn palek > Infinitive: paleke
Present: paleko, palecs, palect, palekm(o)s, yu palect(e), paleke(nt)
Preterit: pielekim, pielek(i)st(a), pielekit, pielekam, pielekat, pielekeer
Future tid: palecsiem, palecsies, palecsiet, palecsiem(o)s, yu palecsiete, palecsient
Conditional: palekiem, palekies, palekiet, palekiem(o)s, yu palekiete, palekient
Prev participe: palect / paleken pallex > Infinitive: pallexe
Present: pallexo, pallexs, pallext, pallexm(o)s, yu pallext(e), pallexe(nt)
Preterit: piellexim, piellex(i)st(a), piellexit, piellexam, piellexat, piellexeer
Future tid: siem pallexe, sies pallexe, siet pallexe, siem(o)s pallexe, yu siete pallexe, sient pallexe
Conditional: pallexiem, pallexies, pallexiet, pallexiem(o)s, yu pallexiete, pallexient
Prev participe: pallext / pallexen palpe > Infinitive: palpe
Present: io palpe, palpes, palpet, palpems, yu palpet(e), palpent
Preterit: palpim, palpist(a), palpit, palpam, palpat, palpeer
Future tid: palpesiem, palpesies, palpesiet, palpesiem(o)s, yu palpesiete, palpesient
Conditional: palpiem, palpies, palpiet, palpiem(o)s, yu palpiete, palpient
Prev participe: palpet / palpen palpeber > Infinitive: palpeber
Present: io palpeber, palpebers, palpebert, palpeberms, yu palpebert, palpebernt
Preterit: palpebrim, palpebrist, palpebrit, palpeb(e)ram, palpeb(e)rat, palpeb(e)reer
Future tid: palpebersiem, palpebersies, palpebersiet, palpebersiem(o)s, yu palpebersiete, palpebersient
Conditional: palpeberiem, palpeberies, palpeberiet, palpeberiem(o)s, yu palpeberiete, palpeberient
Prev participe: palpebert / palpebern palpite > Infinitive: palpite
Present: io palpite, palpites, palpitet, palpitems, yu palpitet(e), palpitent
Preterit: palpitim, palpitist(a), palpitit, palpitam, palpitat, palpiteer
Future tid: palpitesiem, palpitesies, palpitesiet, palpitesiem(o)s, yu palpitesiete, palpitesient
Conditional: palpitiem, palpities, palpitiet, palpitiem(o)s, yu palpitiete, palpitient
Prev participe: palpitet / palpiten pamrlan > Infinitive: pamrlane
Present: pamrlano, pamrlans, pamrlant, pamrlanm(o)s, yu pamrlant(e), pamrlane(nt)
Preterit: pamrlienim, pamrlien(i)st(a), pamrlienit, pamrlienam, pamrlienat, pamrlieneer
Future tid: pamrlansiem, pamrlansies, pamrlansiet, pamrlansiem(o)s, yu pamrlansiete, pamrlansient
Conditional: pamrlaniem, pamrlanies, pamrlaniet, pamrlaniem(o)s, yu pamrlaniete, pamrlanient
Prev participe: pamrlant / pamrlanen pand > Infinitive: pande
Present: pando, pands, pandt, pandm(o)s, yu pandt(e), pande(nt)
Preterit: piendim, piend(i)st(a), piendit, piendam, piendat, piendeer
Future tid: pandsiem, pandsies, pandsiet, pandsiem(o)s, yu pandsiete, pandsient
Conditional: pandiem, pandies, pandiet, pandiem(o)s, yu pandiete, pandient
Prev participe: pans / panden paneg > Infinitive: panges
Present: pango, pancs, panct, pangm(o)s, yu panct(e), pange(nt)
Preterit: pagim, pag(i)st(a), pagit, pagam, pagat, pageer
Future tid: pancsiem, pancsies, pancsiet, pancsiem(o)s, yu pancsiete, pancsient
Conditional: pangiem, pangies, pangiet, pangiem(o)s, yu pangiete, pangient
Prev participe: pact / pagen paneurp > Infinitive: panurpes
Present: paneurpo, paneurps, paneurpt, paneurpm(o)s, yu paneurpt(e), paneurpe(nt)
Preterit: panurpim, panurp(i)st(a), panurpit, panurpam, panurpat, panurpeer
Future tid: paneurpsiem, paneurpsies, paneurpsiet, paneurpsiem(o)s, yu paneurpsiete, paneurpsient
Conditional: paneurpiem, paneurpies, paneurpiet, paneurpiem(o)s, yu paneurpiete, paneurpient
Prev participe: panurpt / panurpen panique > Infinitive: panique
Present: io panique, paniques, paniquet, paniquems, yu paniquet(e), paniquent
Preterit: paniquim, paniquist(a), paniquit, paniquam, paniquat, paniqueer
Future tid: paniquesiem, paniquesies, paniquesiet, paniquesiem(o)s, yu paniquesiete, paniquesient
Conditional: paniquiem, paniquies, paniquiet, paniquiem(o)s, yu paniquiete, paniquient
Prev participe: paniquet / paniquen pansyuh > Infinitive: pansyuhe
Present: pansyuhm, pansyuhs, pansyuht, pansyuhm(o)s, yu pansyuht(e), pansyuhnt
Preterit: pansyuhsim, pansyuhst(a), pansyuhsit, pansyuhsam, pansyuhsat, pansyuhr
Future tid: pansyuhsiem, pansyuhsies, pansyuhsiet, pansyuhsiem(o)s, yu pansyuhsiete, pansyuhsient
Conditional: pansyuhiem, pansyuhies, pansyuhiet, pansyuhiem(o)s, yu pansyuhiete, pansyuhient
Prev participe: pansyuht / pansyuhn paraphe > Infinitive: paraphe
Present: io paraphe, paraphes, paraphet, paraphems, yu paraphet(e), paraphent
Preterit: paraphim, paraphist(a), paraphit, parapham, paraphat, parapheer
Future tid: paraphesiem, paraphesies, paraphesiet, paraphesiem(o)s, yu paraphesiete, paraphesient
Conditional: paraphiem, paraphies, paraphiet, paraphiem(o)s, yu paraphiete, paraphient
Prev participe: paraphet / paraphen parat > Infinitive: parate
Present: parato, parats, parat, paratm(o)s, yu parate, parate(nt)
Preterit: parietim, pariet(i)st(a), parietit, parietam, parietat, parieteer
Future tid: paratsiem, paratsies, paratsiet, paratsiem(o)s, yu paratsiete, paratsient
Conditional: paratiem, paraties, paratiet, paratiem(o)s, yu paratiete, paratient
Prev participe: parat / paraten paraydh > Infinitive: paraydhe
Present: paraydho, paraydhs, paraydht, paraydhm(o)s, yu paraydht(e), paraydhe(nt)
Preterit: parieydhim, parieydh(i)st(a), parieydhit, parieydham, parieydhat, parieydheer
Future tid: paraydhsiem, paraydhsies, paraydhsiet, paraydhsiem(o)s, yu paraydhsiete, paraydhsient
Conditional: paraydhiem, paraydhies, paraydhiet, paraydhiem(o)s, yu paraydhiete, paraydhient
Prev participe: paraydht / paraydhen pardon > Infinitive: pardone
Present: pardono, pardons, pardont, pardonm(o)s, yu pardont(e), pardone(nt)
Preterit: pardonim, pardon(i)st(a), pardonit, pardonam, pardonat, pardoneer
Future tid: pardonsiem, pardonsies, pardonsiet, pardonsiem(o)s, yu pardonsiete, pardonsient
Conditional: pardoniem, pardonies, pardoniet, pardoniem(o)s, yu pardoniete, pardonient
Prev participe: pardont / pardonen pare > Infinitive: pare
Present: io pare, pares, paret, parems, yu paret(e), parent
Preterit: parim, parist(a), parit, param, parat, pareer
Future tid: paresiem, paresies, paresiet, paresiem(o)s, yu paresiete, paresient
Conditional: pariem, paries, pariet, pariem(o)s, yu pariete, parient
Prev participe: paret / paren pareih > Infinitive: parihes
Present: pareihm, pareihs, pareiht, pareihm(o)s, yu pareiht(e), pareihnt
Preterit: parihsim, parihst(a), parihsit, parihsam, parihsat, parihr
Future tid: pareihsiem, pareihsies, pareihsiet, pareihsiem(o)s, yu pareihsiete, pareihsient
Conditional: pareihiem, pareihies, pareihiet, pareihiem(o)s, yu pareihiete, pareihient
Prev participe: pariht / parihn parfrehs > Infinitive: parfrehse
Present: parfrehso, parfrehs, parfrehst, parfrehsm(o)s, yu parfrehst(e), parfrehse(nt)
Preterit: parfrohsim, parfrohs(i)st(a), parfrohsit, parfrohsam, parfrohsat, parfrohseer
Future tid: siem parfrehse, sies parfrehse, siet parfrehse, siem(o)s parfrehse, yu siete parfrehse, sient parfrehse
Conditional: parfrehsiem, parfrehsies, parfrehsiet, parfrehsiem(o)s, yu parfrehsiete, parfrehsient
Prev participe: parfrohst / parfrohsen park > Infinitive: parke
Present: parko, parcs, parct, parkm(o)s, yu parct(e), parke(nt)
Preterit: pierkim, pierk(i)st(a), pierkit, pierkam, pierkat, pierkeer
Future tid: parcsiem, parcsies, parcsiet, parcsiem(o)s, yu parcsiete, parcsient
Conditional: parkiem, parkies, parkiet, parkiem(o)s, yu parkiete, parkient
Prev participe: parct / parken parkwehr > Infinitive: parkwehre
Present: parkwehro, parkwehrs, parkwehrt, parkwehrm(o)s, yu parkwehrt(e), parkwehre(nt)
Preterit: parkwohrim, parkwohr(i)st(a), parkwohrit, parkwohram, parkwohrat, parkwohreer
Future tid: parkwehrsiem, parkwehrsies, parkwehrsiet, parkwehrsiem(o)s, yu parkwehrsiete, parkwehrsient
Conditional: parkwehriem, parkwehries, parkwehriet, parkwehriem(o)s, yu parkwehriete, parkwehrient
Prev participe: parkwohrt / parkwohren parlar > Infinitive: parlare
Present: parlaro, parlars, parlart, parlarm(o)s, yu parlart(e), parlare(nt)
Preterit: parlierim, parlier(i)st(a), parlierit, parlieram, parlierat, parliereer
Future tid: parlarsiem, parlarsies, parlarsiet, parlarsiem(o)s, yu parlarsiete, parlarsient
Conditional: parlariem, parlaries, parlariet, parlariem(o)s, yu parlariete, parlarient
Prev participe: parlart / parlaren parle > Infinitive: parle
Present: io parle, parles, parlet, parlems, yu parlet(e), parlent
Preterit: parlim, parlist(a), parlit, parlam, parlat, parleer
Future tid: parlesiem, parlesies, parlesiet, parlesiem(o)s, yu parlesiete, parlesient
Conditional: parliem, parlies, parliet, parliem(o)s, yu parliete, parlient
Prev participe: parlet / parlen parodye > Infinitive: parodye
Present: io parodye, parodyes, parodyet, parodyems, yu parodyet(e), parodyent
Preterit: parodyim, parodyist(a), parodyit, parodyam, parodyat, parodyeer
Future tid: parodyesiem, parodyesies, parodyesiet, parodyesiem(o)s, yu parodyesiete, parodyesient
Conditional: parodyiem, parodyies, parodyiet, parodyiem(o)s, yu parodyiete, parodyient
Prev participe: parodyet / parodyen parstupp > Infinitive: parstuppe
Present: parstuppo, parstupps, parstuppt, parstuppm(o)s, yu parstuppt(e), parstuppe(nt)
Preterit: parstuppim, parstupp(i)st(a), parstuppit, parstuppam, parstuppat, parstuppeer
Future tid: parstuppsiem, parstuppsies, parstuppsiet, parstuppsiem(o)s, yu parstuppsiete, parstuppsient
Conditional: parstuppiem, parstuppies, parstuppiet, parstuppiem(o)s, yu parstuppiete, parstuppient
Prev participe: parstuppt / parstuppen participe > Infinitive: participe
Present: io participe, participes, participet, participems, yu participet(e), participent
Preterit: participim, participist(a), participit, participam, participat, participeer
Future tid: participesiem, participesies, participesiet, participesiem(o)s, yu participesiete, participesient
Conditional: participiem, participies, participiet, participiem(o)s, yu participiete, participient
Prev participe: participet / participen parveulbh > Infinitive: parvulbhes
Present: parveulbho, parveulbhs, parveulbht, parveulbhm(o)s, yu parveulbht(e), parveulbhe(nt)
Preterit: parvulbhim, parvulbh(i)st(a), parvulbhit, parvulbham, parvulbhat, parvulbheer
Future tid: parveulbhsiem, parveulbhsies, parveulbhsiet, parveulbhsiem(o)s, yu parveulbhsiete, parveulbhsient
Conditional: parveulbhiem, parveulbhies, parveulbhiet, parveulbhiem(o)s, yu parveulbhiete, parveulbhient
Prev participe: parvulbht / parvulbhen parvolg > Infinitive: parvolge
Present: parvolgo, parvolcs, parvolct, parvolgm(o)s, yu parvolct(e), parvolge(nt)
Preterit: parvolsim, parvols(i)st(a), parvolsit, parvolsam, parvolsat, parvolseer
Future tid: parvolcsiem, parvolcsies, parvolcsiet, parvolcsiem(o)s, yu parvolcsiete, parvolcsient
Conditional: parvolgiem, parvolgies, parvolgiet, parvolgiem(o)s, yu parvolgiete, parvolgient
Prev participe: parvols / parvolgen pask > Infinitive: paske
Present: pasko, pascs, pasct, paskm(o)s, yu pasct(e), paske(nt)
Preterit: pieskim, piesk(i)st(a), pieskit, pieskam, pieskat, pieskeer
Future tid: pascsiem, pascsies, pascsiet, pascsiem(o)s, yu pascsiete, pascsient
Conditional: paskiem, paskies, paskiet, paskiem(o)s, yu paskiete, paskient
Prev participe: pasct / pasken passe > Infinitive: passe
Present: io passe, passes, passet, passems, yu passet(e), passent
Preterit: passim, passist(a), passit, passam, passat, passeer
Future tid: passesiem, passesies, passesiet, passesiem(o)s, yu passesiete, passesient
Conditional: passiem, passies, passiet, passiem(o)s, yu passiete, passient
Prev participe: passet / passen pasteurise > Infinitive: pasteurise
Present: io pasteurise, pasteurises, pasteuriset, pasteurisems, yu pasteuriset(e), pasteurisent
Preterit: pasteurisim, pasteurisist(a), pasteurisit, pasteurisam, pasteurisat, pasteuriseer
Future tid: pasteurisesiem, pasteurisesies, pasteurisesiet, pasteurisesiem(o)s, yu pasteurisesiete, pasteurisesient
Conditional: pasteurisiem, pasteurisies, pasteurisiet, pasteurisiem(o)s, yu pasteurisiete, pasteurisient
Prev participe: pasteuriset / pasteurisen patentire > Infinitive: patentire
Present: io patentire, patentires, patentiret, patentirems, yu patentiret(e), patentirent
Preterit: patentirim, patentirist(a), patentirit, patentiram, patentirat, patentireer
Future tid: patentiresiem, patentiresies, patentiresiet, patentiresiem(o)s, yu patentiresiete, patentiresient
Conditional: patentiriem, patentiries, patentiriet, patentiriem(o)s, yu patentiriete, patentirient
Prev participe: patentiret / patentiren paursk > Infinitive: paurske
Present: paursko, paurscs, paursct, paurskm(o)s, yu paursct(e), paurske(nt)
Preterit: paurskim, paursk(i)st(a), paurskit, paurskam, paurskat, paurskeer
Future tid: paurscsiem, paurscsies, paurscsiet, paurscsiem(o)s, yu paurscsiete, paurscsient
Conditional: paurskiem, paurskies, paurskiet, paurskiem(o)s, yu paurskiete, paurskient
Prev participe: paursct / paursken pause > Infinitive: pause
Present: io pause, pauses, pauset, pausems, yu pauset(e), pausent
Preterit: pausim, pausist(a), pausit, pausam, pausat, pauseer
Future tid: pausesiem, pausesies, pausesiet, pausesiem(o)s, yu pausesiete, pausesient
Conditional: pausiem, pausies, pausiet, pausiem(o)s, yu pausiete, pausient
Prev participe: pauset / pausen paydrwn > Infinitive: paydrwne
Present: paydrwno, paydrwns, paydrwnt, paydrwnm(o)s, yu paydrwnt(e), paydrwne(nt)
Preterit: pieydrwnim, pieydrwn(i)st(a), pieydrwnit, pieydrwnam, pieydrwnat, pieydrwneer
Future tid: paydrwnsiem, paydrwnsies, paydrwnsiet, paydrwnsiem(o)s, yu paydrwnsiete, paydrwnsient
Conditional: paydrwniem, paydrwnies, paydrwniet, paydrwniem(o)s, yu paydrwniete, paydrwnient
Prev participe: paydrwnt / paydrwnen paygh > Infinitive: payghe
Present: paygho, payghs, payght, payghm(o)s, yu payght(e), payghe(nt)
Preterit: pieyghim, pieygh(i)st(a), pieyghit, pieygham, pieyghat, pieygheer
Future tid: payghsiem, payghsies, payghsiet, payghsiem(o)s, yu payghsiete, payghsient
Conditional: payghiem, payghies, payghiet, payghiem(o)s, yu payghiete, payghient
Prev participe: payght / payghen paytt > Infinitive: paytte
Present: paytto, paytts, paytt, payttm(o)s, yu paytte, paytte(nt)
Preterit: payssim, payss(i)st(a), payssit, payssam, payssat, paysseer
Future tid: payttsiem, payttsies, payttsiet, payttsiem(o)s, yu payttsiete, payttsient
Conditional: payttiem, paytties, payttiet, payttiem(o)s, yu payttiete, payttient
Prev participe: payss / paytten pedjonglire > Infinitive: pedjonglire
Present: io pedjonglire, pedjonglires, pedjongliret, pedjonglirems, yu pedjongliret(e), pedjonglirent
Preterit: pedjonglirim, pedjonglirist(a), pedjonglirit, pedjongliram, pedjonglirat, pedjonglireer
Future tid: pedjongliresiem, pedjongliresies, pedjongliresiet, pedjongliresiem(o)s, yu pedjongliresiete, pedjongliresient
Conditional: pedjongliriem, pedjongliries, pedjongliriet, pedjongliriem(o)s, yu pedjongliriete, pedjonglirient
Prev participe: pedjongliret / pedjongliren pehd > Infinitive: pehde
Present: pehdo, pehds, pehdt, pehdm(o)s, yu pehdt(e), pehde(nt)
Preterit: pohdim, pohd(i)st(a), pohdit, pohdam, pohdat, pohdeer
Future tid: pehdsiem, pehdsies, pehdsiet, pehdsiem(o)s, yu pehdsiete, pehdsient
Conditional: pehdiem, pehdies, pehdiet, pehdiem(o)s, yu pehdiete, pehdient
Prev participe: pohdt / pohden pehk > Infinitive: pehke
Present: pehko, pehcs, pehct, pehkm(o)s, yu pehct(e), pehke(nt)
Preterit: pohkim, pohk(i)st(a), pohkit, pohkam, pohkat, pohkeer
Future tid: pehcsiem, pehcsies, pehcsiet, pehcsiem(o)s, yu pehcsiete, pehcsient
Conditional: pehkiem, pehkies, pehkiet, pehkiem(o)s, yu pehkiete, pehkient
Prev participe: pohct / pohken pehkw > Infinitive: pehkwe
Present: pehkwo, pehkws, pehkwt, pehkwm(o)s, yu pehkwt(e), pehkwnt
Preterit: pohkwim, pohkwst(a), pohkwit, pohkwam, pohkwat, pohkweer
Future tid: pehkwsiem, pehkwsies, pehkwsiet, pehkwsiem(o)s, yu pehkwsiete, pehkwsient
Conditional: pehkwiem, pehkwies, pehkwiet, pehkwiem(o)s, yu pehkwiete, pehkwient
Prev participe: pohkwt / pohkwn pehl > Infinitive: pehle
Present: pehlo, pehls, pehlt, pehlm(o)s, yu pehlt(e), pehle(nt)
Preterit: pohlim, pohl(i)st(a), pohlit, pohlam, pohlat, pohleer
Future tid: pehlsiem, pehlsies, pehlsiet, pehlsiem(o)s, yu pehlsiete, pehlsient
Conditional: pehliem, pehlies, pehliet, pehliem(o)s, yu pehliete, pehlient
Prev participe: pohlt / pohlen pehld > Infinitive: pehlde
Present: pehldo, pehlds, pehldt, pehldm(o)s, yu pehldt(e), pehlde(nt)
Preterit: pohldim, pohld(i)st(a), pohldit, pohldam, pohldat, pohldeer
Future tid: pehldsiem, pehldsies, pehldsiet, pehldsiem(o)s, yu pehldsiete, pehldsient
Conditional: pehldiem, pehldies, pehldiet, pehldiem(o)s, yu pehldiete, pehldient
Prev participe: pohldt / pohlden pehnd > Infinitive: pehnde
Present: pehndo, pehnds, pehndt, pehndm(o)s, yu pehndt(e), pehnde(nt)
Preterit: pohndim, pohnd(i)st(a), pohndit, pohndam, pohndat, pohndeer
Future tid: pehndsiem, pehndsies, pehndsiet, pehndsiem(o)s, yu pehndsiete, pehndsient
Conditional: pehndiem, pehndies, pehndiet, pehndiem(o)s, yu pehndiete, pehndient
Prev participe: pohndt / pohnden pehrd > Infinitive: pehrde
Present: pehrdo, pehrds, pehrdt, pehrdm(o)s, yu pehrdt(e), pehrde(nt)
Preterit: pohrdim, pohrd(i)st(a), pohrdit, pohrdam, pohrdat, pohrdeer
Future tid: pehrdsiem, pehrdsies, pehrdsiet, pehrdsiem(o)s, yu pehrdsiete, pehrdsient
Conditional: pehrdiem, pehrdies, pehrdiet, pehrdiem(o)s, yu pehrdiete, pehrdient
Prev participe: pohrdt / pohrden pehrn > Infinitive: pehrne
Present: pehrno, pehrns, pehrnt, pehrnm(o)s, yu pehrnt(e), pehrne(nt)
Preterit: pohrnim, pohrn(i)st(a), pohrnit, pohrnam, pohrnat, pohrneer
Future tid: pehrnsiem, pehrnsies, pehrnsiet, pehrnsiem(o)s, yu pehrnsiete, pehrnsient
Conditional: pehrniem, pehrnies, pehrniet, pehrniem(o)s, yu pehrniete, pehrnient
Prev participe: pohrnt / pohrnen peht > Infinitive: pehte
Present: pehto, pehts, peht, pehtm(o)s, yu pehte, pehte(nt)
Preterit: pohtim, poht(i)st(a), pohtit, pohtam, pohtat, pohteer
Future tid: pehtsiem, pehtsies, pehtsiet, pehtsiem(o)s, yu pehtsiete, pehtsient
Conditional: pehtiem, pehties, pehtiet, pehtiem(o)s, yu pehtiete, pehtient
Prev participe: poht / pohten pehzd > Infinitive: pehzde
Present: pehzdo, pehzds, pehzdt, pehzdm(o)s, yu pehzdt(e), pehzde(nt)
Preterit: pohzdim, pohzd(i)st(a), pohzdit, pohzdam, pohzdat, pohzdeer
Future tid: siem pehzde, sies pehzde, siet pehzde, siem(o)s pehzde, yu siete pehzde, sient pehzde
Conditional: pehzdiem, pehzdies, pehzdiet, pehzdiem(o)s, yu pehzdiete, pehzdient
Prev participe: pohzdt / pohzden peisk > Infinitive: piskes
Present: peisko, peiscs, peisct, peiskm(o)s, yu peisct(e), peiske(nt)
Preterit: piskim, pisk(i)st(a), piskit, piskam, piskat, piskeer
Future tid: peiscsiem, peiscsies, peiscsiet, peiscsiem(o)s, yu peiscsiete, peiscsient
Conditional: peiskiem, peiskies, peiskiet, peiskiem(o)s, yu peiskiete, peiskient
Prev participe: pisct / pisken peit > Infinitive: pites
Present: peito, peits, peit, peitm(o)s, yu peite, peite(nt)
Preterit: pitim, pit(i)st(a), pitit, pitam, pitat, piteer
Future tid: peitsiem, peitsies, peitsiet, peitsiem(o)s, yu peitsiete, peitsient
Conditional: peitiem, peities, peitiet, peitiem(o)s, yu peitiete, peitient
Prev participe: pit / piten penalise > Infinitive: penalise
Present: io penalise, penalises, penaliset, penalisems, yu penaliset(e), penalisent
Preterit: penalisim, penalisist(a), penalisit, penalisam, penalisat, penaliseer
Future tid: penalisesiem, penalisesies, penalisesiet, penalisesiem(o)s, yu penalisesiete, penalisesient
Conditional: penalisiem, penalisies, penalisiet, penalisiem(o)s, yu penalisiete, penalisient
Prev participe: penaliset / penalisen penetre > Infinitive: penetre
Present: io penetre, penetres, penetret, penetrems, yu penetret(e), penetrent
Preterit: penetrim, penetrist(a), penetrit, penetram, penetrat, penetreer
Future tid: penetresiem, penetresies, penetresiet, penetresiem(o)s, yu penetresiete, penetresient
Conditional: penetriem, penetries, penetriet, penetriem(o)s, yu penetriete, penetrient
Prev participe: penetret / penetren perag > Infinitive: perage
Present: perago, peracs, peract, peragm(o)s, yu peract(e), perage(nt)
Preterit: periegim, perieg(i)st(a), periegit, periegam, periegat, periegeer
Future tid: peracsiem, peracsies, peracsiet, peracsiem(o)s, yu peracsiete, peracsient
Conditional: peragiem, peragies, peragiet, peragiem(o)s, yu peragiete, peragient
Prev participe: peract / peragen perambh > Infinitive: perambhe
Present: perambho, perambhs, perambht, perambhm(o)s, yu perambht(e), perambhe(nt)
Preterit: periembhim, periembh(i)st(a), periembhit, periembham, periembhat, periembheer
Future tid: perambhsiem, perambhsies, perambhsiet, perambhsiem(o)s, yu perambhsiete, perambhsient
Conditional: perambhiem, perambhies, perambhiet, perambhiem(o)s, yu perambhiete, perambhient
Prev participe: perambht / perambhen perbehnd > Infinitive: perbehnde
Present: perbehndo, perbehnds, perbehndt, perbehndm(o)s, yu perbehndt(e), perbehnde(nt)
Preterit: perbohndim, perbohnd(i)st(a), perbohndit, perbohndam, perbohndat, perbohndeer
Future tid: perbehndsiem, perbehndsies, perbehndsiet, perbehndsiem(o)s, yu perbehndsiete, perbehndsient
Conditional: perbehndiem, perbehndies, perbehndiet, perbehndiem(o)s, yu perbehndiete, perbehndient
Prev participe: perbohndt / perbohnden perbehrg > Infinitive: perbehrge
Present: perbehrgo, perbehrcs, perbehrct, perbehrgm(o)s, yu perbehrct(e), perbehrge(nt)
Preterit: perbohrgim, perbohrg(i)st(a), perbohrgit, perbohrgam, perbohrgat, perbohrgeer
Future tid: perbehrcsiem, perbehrcsies, perbehrcsiet, perbehrcsiem(o)s, yu perbehrcsiete, perbehrcsient
Conditional: perbehrgiem, perbehrgies, perbehrgiet, perbehrgiem(o)s, yu perbehrgiete, perbehrgient
Prev participe: perbohrct / perbohrgen perbleuf > Infinitive: perblufes
Present: perbleufo, perbleufs, perbleuft, perbleufm(o)s, yu perbleuft(e), perbleufe(nt)
Preterit: perblufim, perbluf(i)st(a), perblufit, perblufam, perblufat, perblufeer
Future tid: perbleufsiem, perbleufsies, perbleufsiet, perbleufsiem(o)s, yu perbleufsiete, perbleufsient
Conditional: perbleufiem, perbleufies, perbleufiet, perbleufiem(o)s, yu perbleufiete, perbleufient
Prev participe: perbluft / perblufen perche > Infinitive: perche
Present: io perche, perches, perchet, perchems, yu perchet(e), perchent
Preterit: perchim, perchist(a), perchit, percham, perchat, percheer
Future tid: perchesiem, perchesies, perchesiet, perchesiem(o)s, yu perchesiete, perchesient
Conditional: perchiem, perchies, perchiet, perchiem(o)s, yu perchiete, perchient
Prev participe: perchet / perchen percole > Infinitive: percole
Present: io percole, percoles, percolet, percolems, yu percolet(e), percolent
Preterit: percolim, percolist(a), percolit, percolam, percolat, percoleer
Future tid: percolesiem, percolesies, percolesiet, percolesiem(o)s, yu percolesiete, percolesient
Conditional: percoliem, percolies, percoliet, percoliem(o)s, yu percoliete, percolient
Prev participe: percolet / percolen percutt > Infinitive: percutte
Present: percutto, percutts, percutt, percuttm(o)s, yu percutte, percutte(nt)
Preterit: percussim, percuss(i)st(a), percussit, percussam, percussat, percusseer
Future tid: percuttsiem, percuttsies, percuttsiet, percuttsiem(o)s, yu percuttsiete, percuttsient
Conditional: percuttiem, percutties, percuttiet, percuttiem(o)s, yu percuttiete, percuttient
Prev participe: percuss / percutten pereih > Infinitive: perihes
Present: pereihm, pereihs, pereiht, pereihm(o)s, yu pereiht(e), pereihnt
Preterit: perihsim, perihst(a), perihsit, perihsam, perihsat, perihr
Future tid: pereihsiem, pereihsies, pereihsiet, pereihsiem(o)s, yu pereihsiete, pereihsient
Conditional: pereihiem, pereihies, pereihiet, pereihiem(o)s, yu pereihiete, pereihient
Prev participe: periht / perihn performant > Infinitive: performante
Present: performanto, performants, performant, performantm(o)s, yu performante, performante(nt)
Preterit: performientim, performient(i)st(a), performientit, performientam, performientat, performienteer
Future tid: performantsiem, performantsies, performantsiet, performantsiem(o)s, yu performantsiete, performantsient
Conditional: performantiem, performanties, performantiet, performantiem(o)s, yu performantiete, performantient
Prev participe: performant / performanten performe > Infinitive: performe
Present: io performe, performes, performet, performems, yu performet(e), performent
Preterit: performim, performist(a), performit, performam, performat, performeer
Future tid: performesiem, performesies, performesiet, performesiem(o)s, yu performesiete, performesient
Conditional: performiem, performies, performiet, performiem(o)s, yu performiete, performient
Prev participe: performet / performen peries > Infinitive: periese
Present: perieso, peries, periest, periesm(o)s, yu periest(e), periese(nt)
Preterit: periesim, peries(i)st(a), periesit, periesam, periesat, perieseer
Future tid: siem periese, sies periese, siet periese, siem(o)s periese, yu siete periese, sient periese
Conditional: periesiem, periesies, periesiet, periesiem(o)s, yu periesiete, periesient
Prev participe: periest / periesen perigleg > Infinitive: periglege
Present: periglego, periglecs, periglect, periglegm(o)s, yu periglect(e), periglege(nt)
Preterit: periglegim, perigleg(i)st(a), periglegit, periglegam, periglegat, periglegeer
Future tid: periglecsiem, periglecsies, periglecsiet, periglecsiem(o)s, yu periglecsiete, periglecsient
Conditional: periglegiem, periglegies, periglegiet, periglegiem(o)s, yu periglegiete, periglegient
Prev participe: periglect / periglegen perigumt > Infinitive: perigumte
Present: perigumto, perigumts, perigumt, perigumtm(o)s, yu perigumte, perigumte(nt)
Preterit: perigumtim, perigumt(i)st(a), perigumtit, perigumtam, perigumtat, perigumteer
Future tid: perigumtsiem, perigumtsies, perigumtsiet, perigumtsiem(o)s, yu perigumtsiete, perigumtsient
Conditional: perigumtiem, perigumties, perigumtiet, perigumtiem(o)s, yu perigumtiete, perigumtient
Prev participe: perigumt / perigumten perikwehl > Infinitive: perikwehle
Present: perikwehlo, perikwehls, perikwehlt, perikwehlm(o)s, yu perikwehlt(e), perikwehle(nt)
Preterit: perikwohlim, perikwohl(i)st(a), perikwohlit, perikwohlam, perikwohlat, perikwohleer
Future tid: perikwehlsiem, perikwehlsies, perikwehlsiet, perikwehlsiem(o)s, yu perikwehlsiete, perikwehlsient
Conditional: perikwehliem, perikwehlies, perikwehliet, perikwehliem(o)s, yu perikwehliete, perikwehlient
Prev participe: perikwohlt / perikwohlen perikweih > Infinitive: perikwihes
Present: perikweihm, perikweihs, perikweiht, perikweihm(o)s, yu perikweiht(e), perikweihnt
Preterit: perikwihsim, perikwihst(a), perikwihsit, perikwihsam, perikwihsat, perikwihr
Future tid: perikweihsiem, perikweihsies, perikweihsiet, perikweihsiem(o)s, yu perikweihsiete, perikweihsient
Conditional: perikweihiem, perikweihies, perikweihiet, perikweihiem(o)s, yu perikweihiete, perikweihient
Prev participe: perikwiht / perikwihn perikwihen > Infinitive: perikwihnes
Present: perikwihno, perikwihens, perikwihent, perikwihnm(o)s, yu perikwihent(e), perikwihne(nt)
Preterit: perikwihsim, perikwihst(a), perikwihsit, perikwihsam, perikwihsat, perikwihr
Future tid: perikwihensiem, perikwihensies, perikwihensiet, perikwihensiem(o)s, yu perikwihensiete, perikwihensient
Conditional: perikwihniem, perikwihnies, perikwihniet, perikwihniem(o)s, yu perikwihniete, perikwihnient
Prev participe: perikwiht / perikwihn periodic > Infinitive: periodice
Present: periodico, periodics, periodict, periodicm(o)s, yu periodict(e), periodice(nt)
Preterit: periodicim, periodic(i)st(a), periodicit, periodicam, periodicat, periodiceer
Future tid: periodicsiem, periodicsies, periodicsiet, periodicsiem(o)s, yu periodicsiete, periodicsient
Conditional: periodiciem, periodicies, periodiciet, periodiciem(o)s, yu periodiciete, periodicient
Prev participe: periodict / periodicen periwehrt > Infinitive: periwehrte
Present: periwehrto, periwehrts, periwehrt, periwehrtm(o)s, yu periwehrte, periwehrte(nt)
Preterit: periwohrtim, periwohrt(i)st(a), periwohrtit, periwohrtam, periwohrtat, periwohrteer
Future tid: periwehrtsiem, periwehrtsies, periwehrtsiet, periwehrtsiem(o)s, yu periwehrtsiete, periwehrtsient
Conditional: periwehrtiem, periwehrties, periwehrtiet, periwehrtiem(o)s, yu periwehrtiete, periwehrtient
Prev participe: periwohrt / periwohrten perkeip > Infinitive: perkipes
Present: perkeipo, perkeips, perkeipt, perkeipm(o)s, yu perkeipt(e), perkeipe(nt)
Preterit: perkipim, perkip(i)st(a), perkipit, perkipam, perkipat, perkipeer
Future tid: perkeipsiem, perkeipsies, perkeipsiet, perkeipsiem(o)s, yu perkeipsiete, perkeipsient
Conditional: perkeipiem, perkeipies, perkeipiet, perkeipiem(o)s, yu perkeipiete, perkeipient
Prev participe: perkipt / perkipen perlah > Infinitive: perlahe
Present: perlahm, perlahs, perlaht, perlahm(o)s, yu perlaht(e), perlahnt
Preterit: perlahsim, perlahst(a), perlahsit, perlahsam, perlahsat, perlahr
Future tid: perlahsiem, perlahsies, perlahsiet, perlahsiem(o)s, yu perlahsiete, perlahsient
Conditional: perlahiem, perlahies, perlahiet, perlahiem(o)s, yu perlahiete, perlahient
Prev participe: perlaht / perlahn perle > Infinitive: perle
Present: io perle, perles, perlet, perlems, yu perlet(e), perlent
Preterit: perlim, perlist(a), perlit, perlam, perlat, perleer
Future tid: perlesiem, perlesies, perlesiet, perlesiem(o)s, yu perlesiete, perlesient
Conditional: perliem, perlies, perliet, perliem(o)s, yu perliete, perlient
Prev participe: perlet / perlen perleis > Infinitive: perlises
Present: perleiso, perleis, perleist, perleism(o)s, yu perleist(e), perleise(nt)
Preterit: perlisim, perlis(i)st(a), perlisit, perlisam, perlisat, perliseer
Future tid: siem perlises, sies perlises, siet perlises, siem(o)s perlises, yu siete perlises, sient perlises
Conditional: perleisiem, perleisies, perleisiet, perleisiem(o)s, yu perleisiete, perleisient
Prev participe: perlist / perlisen permadh > Infinitive: permadhe
Present: permadho, permadhs, permadht, permadhm(o)s, yu permadht(e), permadhe(nt)
Preterit: permiedhim, permiedh(i)st(a), permiedhit, permiedham, permiedhat, permiedheer
Future tid: permadhsiem, permadhsies, permadhsiet, permadhsiem(o)s, yu permadhsiete, permadhsient
Conditional: permadhiem, permadhies, permadhiet, permadhiem(o)s, yu permadhiete, permadhient
Prev participe: permadht / permadhen permehld > Infinitive: permehlde
Present: permehldo, permehlds, permehldt, permehldm(o)s, yu permehldt(e), permehlde(nt)
Preterit: permohldim, permohld(i)st(a), permohldit, permohldam, permohldat, permohldeer
Future tid: permehldsiem, permehldsies, permehldsiet, permehldsiem(o)s, yu permehldsiete, permehldsient
Conditional: permehldiem, permehldies, permehldiet, permehldiem(o)s, yu permehldiete, permehldient
Prev participe: permohldt / permohlden permeid > Infinitive: permides
Present: permeido, permeids, permeidt, permeidm(o)s, yu permeidt(e), permeide(nt)
Preterit: permidim, permid(i)st(a), permidit, permidam, permidat, permideer
Future tid: permeidsiem, permeidsies, permeidsiet, permeidsiem(o)s, yu permeidsiete, permeidsient
Conditional: permeidiem, permeidies, permeidiet, permeidiem(o)s, yu permeidiete, permeidient
Prev participe: permidt / permiden permitt > Infinitive: permitte
Present: permitto, permitts, permitt, permittm(o)s, yu permitte, permitte(nt)
Preterit: permissim, permiss(i)st(a), permissit, permissam, permissat, permisseer
Future tid: permittsiem, permittsies, permittsiet, permittsiem(o)s, yu permittsiete, permittsient
Conditional: permittiem, permitties, permittiet, permittiem(o)s, yu permittiete, permittient
Prev participe: permiss / permitten perneic > Infinitive: pernices
Present: perneico, perneics, perneict, perneicm(o)s, yu perneict(e), perneice(nt)
Preterit: pernicim, pernic(i)st(a), pernicit, pernicam, pernicat, perniceer
Future tid: perneicsiem, perneicsies, perneicsiet, perneicsiem(o)s, yu perneicsiete, perneicsient
Conditional: perneiciem, perneicies, perneiciet, perneiciem(o)s, yu perneiciete, perneicient
Prev participe: pernict / pernicen perodh > Infinitive: perodhe
Present: perodho, perodhs, perodht, perodhm(o)s, yu perodht(e), perodhe(nt)
Preterit: perodhim, perodh(i)st(a), perodhit, perodham, perodhat, perodheer
Future tid: perodhsiem, perodhsies, perodhsiet, perodhsiem(o)s, yu perodhsiete, perodhsient
Conditional: perodhiem, perodhies, perodhiet, perodhiem(o)s, yu perodhiete, perodhient
Prev participe: perodht / perodhen perodhfug > Infinitive: perodhfuge
Present: perodhfugo, perodhfucs, perodhfuct, perodhfugm(o)s, yu perodhfuct(e), perodhfuge(nt)
Preterit: perodhfugim, perodhfug(i)st(a), perodhfugit, perodhfugam, perodhfugat, perodhfugeer
Future tid: perodhfucsiem, perodhfucsies, perodhfucsiet, perodhfucsiem(o)s, yu perodhfucsiete, perodhfucsient
Conditional: perodhfugiem, perodhfugies, perodhfugiet, perodhfugiem(o)s, yu perodhfugiete, perodhfugient
Prev participe: perodhfuct / perodhfugen perore > Infinitive: perore
Present: io perore, perores, peroret, perorems, yu peroret(e), perorent
Preterit: perorim, perorist(a), perorit, peroram, perorat, peroreer
Future tid: peroresiem, peroresies, peroresiet, peroresiem(o)s, yu peroresiete, peroresient
Conditional: peroriem, perories, peroriet, peroriem(o)s, yu peroriete, perorient
Prev participe: peroret / peroren perpaneg > Infinitive: perpanges
Present: perpango, perpancs, perpanct, perpangm(o)s, yu perpanct(e), perpange(nt)
Preterit: perpagim, perpag(i)st(a), perpagit, perpagam, perpagat, perpageer
Future tid: perpancsiem, perpancsies, perpancsiet, perpancsiem(o)s, yu perpancsiete, perpancsient
Conditional: perpangiem, perpangies, perpangiet, perpangiem(o)s, yu perpangiete, perpangient
Prev participe: perpact / perpagen perpaur > Infinitive: perpaure
Present: perpauro, perpaurs, perpaurt, perpaurm(o)s, yu perpaurt(e), perpaure(nt)
Preterit: perpaurim, perpaur(i)st(a), perpaurit, perpauram, perpaurat, perpaureer
Future tid: perpaursiem, perpaursies, perpaursiet, perpaursiem(o)s, yu perpaursiete, perpaursient
Conditional: perpauriem, perpauries, perpauriet, perpauriem(o)s, yu perpauriete, perpaurient
Prev participe: perpaurt / perpauren persclav > Infinitive: persclave
Present: persclavo, persclavs, persclavt, persclavm(o)s, yu persclavt(e), persclave(nt)
Preterit: persclievim, perscliev(i)st(a), persclievit, persclievam, persclievat, persclieveer
Future tid: persclavsiem, persclavsies, persclavsiet, persclavsiem(o)s, yu persclavsiete, persclavsient
Conditional: persclaviem, persclavies, persclaviet, persclaviem(o)s, yu persclaviete, persclavient
Prev participe: persclawt / persclaven persecut > Infinitive: persecute
Present: persecuto, persecuts, persecut, persecutm(o)s, yu persecute, persecute(nt)
Preterit: persecutim, persecut(i)st(a), persecutit, persecutam, persecutat, persecuteer
Future tid: persecutsiem, persecutsies, persecutsiet, persecutsiem(o)s, yu persecutsiete, persecutsient
Conditional: persecutiem, persecuties, persecutiet, persecutiem(o)s, yu persecutiete, persecutient
Prev participe: persecut / persecuten persehkw > Infinitive: persehkwe
Present: persehkwo, persehkws, persehkwt, persehkwm(o)s, yu persehkwt(e), persehkwnt
Preterit: persohkwim, persohkwst(a), persohkwit, persohkwam, persohkwat, persohkweer
Future tid: persehkwsiem, persehkwsies, persehkwsiet, persehkwsiem(o)s, yu persehkwsiete, persehkwsient
Conditional: persehkwiem, persehkwies, persehkwiet, persehkwiem(o)s, yu persehkwiete, persehkwient
Prev participe: persohkwt / persohkwn persevere > Infinitive: persevere
Present: io persevere, perseveres, perseveret, perseverems, yu perseveret(e), perseverent
Preterit: perseverim, perseverist(a), perseverit, perseveram, perseverat, persevereer
Future tid: perseveresiem, perseveresies, perseveresiet, perseveresiem(o)s, yu perseveresiete, perseveresient
Conditional: perseveriem, perseveries, perseveriet, perseveriem(o)s, yu perseveriete, perseverient
Prev participe: perseveret / perseveren persist > Infinitive: persiste
Present: persisto, persists, persist, persistm(o)s, yu persiste, persiste(nt)
Preterit: persistim, persist(i)st(a), persistit, persistam, persistat, persisteer
Future tid: persistsiem, persistsies, persistsiet, persistsiem(o)s, yu persistsiete, persistsient
Conditional: persistiem, persisties, persistiet, persistiem(o)s, yu persistiete, persistient
Prev participe: persist / persisten personalise > Infinitive: personalise
Present: io personalise, personalises, personaliset, personalisems, yu personaliset(e), personalisent
Preterit: personalisim, personalisist(a), personalisit, personalisam, personalisat, personaliseer
Future tid: personalisesiem, personalisesies, personalisesiet, personalisesiem(o)s, yu personalisesiete, personalisesient
Conditional: personalisiem, personalisies, personalisiet, personalisiem(o)s, yu personalisiete, personalisient
Prev participe: personaliset / personalisen persrineg > Infinitive: persringes
Present: persringo, persrincs, persrinct, persringm(o)s, yu persrinct(e), persringe(nt)
Preterit: persrigim, persrig(i)st(a), persrigit, persrigam, persrigat, persrigeer
Future tid: persrincsiem, persrincsies, persrincsiet, persrincsiem(o)s, yu persrincsiete, persrincsient
Conditional: persringiem, persringies, persringiet, persringiem(o)s, yu persringiete, persringient
Prev participe: persrict / persrigen persteiv > Infinitive: perstives
Present: persteivo, persteifs, persteift, persteivm(o)s, yu persteift(e), persteive(nt)
Preterit: perstivim, perstiv(i)st(a), perstivit, perstivam, perstivat, perstiveer
Future tid: persteifsiem, persteifsies, persteifsiet, persteifsiem(o)s, yu persteifsiete, persteifsient
Conditional: persteiviem, persteivies, persteiviet, persteiviem(o)s, yu persteiviete, persteivient
Prev participe: perstift / perstiven persuad > Infinitive: persuade
Present: persuado, persuads, persuadt, persuadm(o)s, yu persuadt(e), persuade(nt)
Preterit: persuiedim, persuied(i)st(a), persuiedit, persuiedam, persuiedat, persuiedeer
Future tid: persuadsiem, persuadsies, persuadsiet, persuadsiem(o)s, yu persuadsiete, persuadsient
Conditional: persuadiem, persuadies, persuadiet, persuadiem(o)s, yu persuadiete, persuadient
Prev participe: persuas / persuaden persump > Infinitive: persumpe
Present: persumpo, persumps, persumpt, persumpm(o)s, yu persumpt(e), persumpe(nt)
Preterit: persumpim, persump(i)st(a), persumpit, persumpam, persumpat, persumpeer
Future tid: persumpsiem, persumpsies, persumpsiet, persumpsiem(o)s, yu persumpsiete, persumpsient
Conditional: persumpiem, persumpies, persumpiet, persumpiem(o)s, yu persumpiete, persumpient
Prev participe: persumpt / persumpen perton > Infinitive: pertone
Present: pertono, pertons, pertont, pertonm(o)s, yu pertont(e), pertone(nt)
Preterit: pertonim, perton(i)st(a), pertonit, pertonam, pertonat, pertoneer
Future tid: pertonsiem, pertonsies, pertonsiet, pertonsiem(o)s, yu pertonsiete, pertonsient
Conditional: pertoniem, pertonies, pertoniet, pertoniem(o)s, yu pertoniete, pertonient
Prev participe: pertont / pertonen perturbe > Infinitive: perturbe
Present: io perturbe, perturbes, perturbet, perturbems, yu perturbet(e), perturbent
Preterit: perturbim, perturbist(a), perturbit, perturbam, perturbat, perturbeer
Future tid: perturbesiem, perturbesies, perturbesiet, perturbesiem(o)s, yu perturbesiete, perturbesient
Conditional: perturbiem, perturbies, perturbiet, perturbiem(o)s, yu perturbiete, perturbient
Prev participe: perturbet / perturben pervert > Infinitive: perverte
Present: perverto, perverts, pervert, pervertm(o)s, yu perverte, perverte(nt)
Preterit: perversim, pervers(i)st(a), perversit, perversam, perversat, perverseer
Future tid: pervertsiem, pervertsies, pervertsiet, pervertsiem(o)s, yu pervertsiete, pervertsient
Conditional: pervertiem, perverties, pervertiet, pervertiem(o)s, yu pervertiete, pervertient
Prev participe: pervers / perverten perwehgh > Infinitive: perwehghe
Present: perwehgho, perwehghs, perwehght, perwehghm(o)s, yu perwehght(e), perwehghe(nt)
Preterit: perwohghim, perwohgh(i)st(a), perwohghit, perwohgham, perwohghat, perwohgheer
Future tid: perwehghsiem, perwehghsies, perwehghsiet, perwehghsiem(o)s, yu perwehghsiete, perwehghsient
Conditional: perwehghiem, perwehghies, perwehghiet, perwehghiem(o)s, yu perwehghiete, perwehghient
Prev participe: perwohght / perwohghen peung > Infinitive: punges
Present: peungo, peuncs, peunct, peungm(o)s, yu peunct(e), peunge(nt)
Preterit: pungim, pung(i)st(a), pungit, pungam, pungat, pungeer
Future tid: peuncsiem, peuncsies, peuncsiet, peuncsiem(o)s, yu peuncsiete, peuncsient
Conditional: peungiem, peungies, peungiet, peungiem(o)s, yu peungiete, peungient
Prev participe: punct / pungen pfehrst > Infinitive: pfehrste
Present: pfehrsto, pfehrsts, pfehrst, pfehrstm(o)s, yu pfehrste, pfehrste(nt)
Preterit: pfohrstim, pfohrst(i)st(a), pfohrstit, pfohrstam, pfohrstat, pfohrsteer
Future tid: siem pfehrste, sies pfehrste, siet pfehrste, siem(o)s pfehrste, yu siete pfehrste, sient pfehrste
Conditional: pfehrstiem, pfehrsties, pfehrstiet, pfehrstiem(o)s, yu pfehrstiete, pfehrstient
Prev participe: pfohrst / pfohrsten pfwehng > Infinitive: pfwehnge
Present: pfwehngo, pfwehncs, pfwehnct, pfwehngm(o)s, yu pfwehnct(e), pfwehnge(nt)
Preterit: pfwohngim, pfwohng(i)st(a), pfwohngit, pfwohngam, pfwohngat, pfwohngeer
Future tid: pfwehncsiem, pfwehncsies, pfwehncsiet, pfwehncsiem(o)s, yu pfwehncsiete, pfwehncsient
Conditional: pfwehngiem, pfwehngies, pfwehngiet, pfwehngiem(o)s, yu pfwehngiete, pfwehngient
Prev participe: pfwohnct / pfwohngen phag > Infinitive: phage
Present: phago, phacs, phact, phagm(o)s, yu phact(e), phage(nt)
Preterit: phiegim, phieg(i)st(a), phiegit, phiegam, phiegat, phiegeer
Future tid: phacsiem, phacsies, phacsiet, phacsiem(o)s, yu phacsiete, phacsient
Conditional: phagiem, phagies, phagiet, phagiem(o)s, yu phagiete, phagient
Prev participe: phact / phagen phone > Infinitive: phone
Present: io phone, phones, phonet, phonems, yu phonet(e), phonent
Preterit: phonim, phonist(a), phonit, phonam, phonat, phoneer
Future tid: phonesiem, phonesies, phonesiet, phonesiem(o)s, yu phonesiete, phonesient
Conditional: phoniem, phonies, phoniet, phoniem(o)s, yu phoniete, phonient
Prev participe: phonet / phonen photocopie > Infinitive: photocopie
Present: io photocopie, photocopies, photocopiet, photocopiems, yu photocopiet(e), photocopient
Preterit: photocopicim, photocopiest, photocopicit, photocopiam, photocopiat, photocopier
Future tid: photocopiesiem, photocopiesies, photocopiesiet, photocopiesiem(o)s, yu photocopiesiete, photocopiesient
Conditional: photocopiciem, photocopicies, photocopiciet, photocopiciem(o)s, yu photocopiciete, photocopicient
Prev participe: photocopiet / photocopien photograph > Infinitive: photographe
Present: photographo, photographs, photographt, photographm(o)s, yu photographt(e), photographe(nt)
Preterit: photogriephim, photogrieph(i)st(a), photogriephit, photogriepham, photogriephat, photogriepheer
Future tid: photographsiem, photographsies, photographsiet, photographsiem(o)s, yu photographsiete, photographsient
Conditional: photographiem, photographies, photographiet, photographiem(o)s, yu photographiete, photographient
Prev participe: photographt / photographen piau > Infinitive: piaue
Present: piaum, piaus, piaut, piaum(o)s, yu piaut(e), piaunt
Preterit: piieusim, piieust(a), piieusit, piieam, piieat, piieur
Future tid: piausiem, piausies, piausiet, piausiem(o)s, yu piausiete, piausient
Conditional: piaiem, piaies, piaiet, piaiem(o)s, yu piaiete, piaient
Prev participe: piaut / piaun pibeh > Infinitive: pibehe
Present: pibehm, pibehs, pibeht, pibehm(o)s, yu pibeht(e), pibehnt
Preterit: pibehsim, pibehst(a), pibehsit, pibehsam, pibehsat, pibehr
Future tid: pibehsiem, pibehsies, pibehsiet, pibehsiem(o)s, yu pibehsiete, pibehsient
Conditional: pibehiem, pibehies, pibehiet, pibehiem(o)s, yu pibehiete, pibehient
Prev participe: pibeht / pibehn pick > Infinitive: picke
Present: picko, picks, pickt, pickm(o)s, yu pickt(e), picke(nt)
Preterit: pickim, pick(i)st(a), pickit, pickam, pickat, pickeer
Future tid: picksiem, picksies, picksiet, picksiem(o)s, yu picksiete, picksient
Conditional: pickiem, pickies, pickiet, pickiem(o)s, yu pickiete, pickient
Prev participe: pickt / picken pickin > Infinitive: pickine
Present: pickino, pickins, pickint, pickinm(o)s, yu pickint(e), pickine(nt)
Preterit: pickinim, pickin(i)st(a), pickinit, pickinam, pickinat, pickineer
Future tid: pickinsiem, pickinsies, pickinsiet, pickinsiem(o)s, yu pickinsiete, pickinsient
Conditional: pickiniem, pickinies, pickiniet, pickiniem(o)s, yu pickiniete, pickinient
Prev participe: pickint / pickinen piern > Infinitive: pierne
Present: pierno, pierns, piernt, piernm(o)s, yu piernt(e), pierne(nt)
Preterit: piernim, piern(i)st(a), piernit, piernam, piernat, pierneer
Future tid: piernsiem, piernsies, piernsiet, piernsiem(o)s, yu piernsiete, piernsient
Conditional: pierniem, piernies, pierniet, pierniem(o)s, yu pierniete, piernient
Prev participe: piernt / piernen pieu > Infinitive: piues
Present: pieum, pieus, pieut, pieum(o)s, yu pieut(e), pieunt
Preterit: piusim, piust(a), piusit, piam, piat, piur
Future tid: pieusiem, pieusies, pieusiet, pieusiem(o)s, yu pieusiete, pieusient
Conditional: pieuiem, pieuies, pieuiet, pieuiem(o)s, yu pieuiete, pieuient
Prev participe: piut / piun pieurn > Infinitive: piurnes
Present: pieurno, pieurns, pieurnt, pieurnm(o)s, yu pieurnt(e), pieurne(nt)
Preterit: piurnim, piurn(i)st(a), piurnit, piurnam, piurnat, piurneer
Future tid: pieurnsiem, pieurnsies, pieurnsiet, pieurnsiem(o)s, yu pieurnsiete, pieurnsient
Conditional: pieurniem, pieurnies, pieurniet, pieurniem(o)s, yu pieurniete, pieurnient
Prev participe: piurnt / piurnen pieut > Infinitive: piutes
Present: pieuto, pieuts, pieut, pieutm(o)s, yu pieute, pieute(nt)
Preterit: piutim, piut(i)st(a), piutit, piutam, piutat, piuteer
Future tid: pieutsiem, pieutsies, pieutsiet, pieutsiem(o)s, yu pieutsiete, pieutsient
Conditional: pieutiem, pieuties, pieutiet, pieutiem(o)s, yu pieutiete, pieutient
Prev participe: piut / piuten pieutadditive > Infinitive: pieutadditive
Present: io pieutadditive, pieutadditives, pieutadditivet, pieutadditivems, yu pieutadditivet(e), pieutadditivent
Preterit: pieutadditivim, pieutadditivist(a), pieutadditivit, pieutadditivam, pieutadditivat, pieutadditiveer
Future tid: pieutadditivesiem, pieutadditivesies, pieutadditivesiet, pieutadditivesiem(o)s, yu pieutadditivesiete, pieutadditivesient
Conditional: pieutadditiviem, pieutadditivies, pieutadditiviet, pieutadditiviem(o)s, yu pieutadditiviete, pieutadditivient
Prev participe: pieutadditivet / pieutadditiven pilluck > Infinitive: pillucke
Present: pillucko, pillucks, pilluckt, pilluckm(o)s, yu pilluckt(e), pillucke(nt)
Preterit: pilluckim, pilluck(i)st(a), pilluckit, pilluckam, pilluckat, pilluckeer
Future tid: pillucksiem, pillucksies, pillucksiet, pillucksiem(o)s, yu pillucksiete, pillucksient
Conditional: pilluckiem, pilluckies, pilluckiet, pilluckiem(o)s, yu pilluckiete, pilluckient
Prev participe: pilluckt / pillucken pinduk > Infinitive: pinduke
Present: pinduko, pinducs, pinduct, pindukm(o)s, yu pinduct(e), pinduke(nt)
Preterit: pindukim, pinduk(i)st(a), pindukit, pindukam, pindukat, pindukeer
Future tid: pinducsiem, pinducsies, pinducsiet, pinducsiem(o)s, yu pinducsiete, pinducsient
Conditional: pindukiem, pindukies, pindukiet, pindukiem(o)s, yu pindukiete, pindukient
Prev participe: pinduct / pinduken pineg > Infinitive: pinges
Present: pingo, pincs, pinct, pingm(o)s, yu pinct(e), pinge(nt)
Preterit: pigim, pig(i)st(a), pigit, pigam, pigat, pigeer
Future tid: pincsiem, pincsies, pincsiet, pincsiem(o)s, yu pincsiete, pincsient
Conditional: pingiem, pingies, pingiet, pingiem(o)s, yu pingiete, pingient
Prev participe: pict / pigen pinew > Infinitive: pinwes
Present: pinwo, pinws, pinwt, pinwm(o)s, yu pinwt(e), pinwnt
Preterit: piwim, piwst(a), piwit, piwam, piwat, piweer
Future tid: pinwsiem, pinwsies, pinwsiet, pinwsiem(o)s, yu pinwsiete, pinwsient
Conditional: pinwiem, pinwies, pinwiet, pinwiem(o)s, yu pinwiete, pinwient
Prev participe: piwt / piwen pip > Infinitive: pipe
Present: pipo, pips, pipt, pipm(o)s, yu pipt(e), pipe(nt)
Preterit: pipim, pip(i)st(a), pipit, pipam, pipat, pipeer
Future tid: pipsiem, pipsies, pipsiet, pipsiem(o)s, yu pipsiete, pipsient
Conditional: pipiem, pipies, pipiet, pipiem(o)s, yu pipiete, pipient
Prev participe: pipt / pipen pipend > Infinitive: pipende
Present: pipendo, pipends, pipendt, pipendm(o)s, yu pipendt(e), pipende(nt)
Preterit: pipensim, pipens(i)st(a), pipensit, pipensam, pipensat, pipenseer
Future tid: pipendsiem, pipendsies, pipendsiet, pipendsiem(o)s, yu pipendsiete, pipendsient
Conditional: pipendiem, pipendies, pipendiet, pipendiem(o)s, yu pipendiete, pipendient
Prev participe: pipens / pipenden piratye > Infinitive: piratye
Present: io piratye, piratyes, piratyet, piratyems, yu piratyet(e), piratyent
Preterit: piratyim, piratyist(a), piratyit, piratyam, piratyat, piratyeer
Future tid: piratyesiem, piratyesies, piratyesiet, piratyesiem(o)s, yu piratyesiete, piratyesient
Conditional: piratyiem, piratyies, piratyiet, piratyiem(o)s, yu piratyiete, piratyient
Prev participe: piratyet / piratyen pischman > Infinitive: pischmane
Present: pischmano, pischmans, pischmant, pischmanm(o)s, yu pischmant(e), pischmane(nt)
Preterit: pischmienim, pischmien(i)st(a), pischmienit, pischmienam, pischmienat, pischmieneer
Future tid: pischmansiem, pischmansies, pischmansiet, pischmansiem(o)s, yu pischmansiete, pischmansient
Conditional: pischmaniem, pischmanies, pischmaniet, pischmaniem(o)s, yu pischmaniete, pischmanient
Prev participe: pischmant / pischmanen pisse > Infinitive: pisse
Present: io pisse, pisses, pisset, pissems, yu pisset(e), pissent
Preterit: pissim, pissist(a), pissit, pissam, pissat, pisseer
Future tid: pissesiem, pissesies, pissesiet, pissesiem(o)s, yu pissesiete, pissesient
Conditional: pissiem, pissies, pissiet, pissiem(o)s, yu pissiete, pissient
Prev participe: pisset / pissen piwer > Infinitive: piwer
Present: io piwer, piwers, piwert, piwerms, yu piwert, piwernt
Preterit: piwrim, piwrist, piwrit, piw(e)ram, piw(e)rat, piw(e)reer
Future tid: piwersiem, piwersies, piwersiet, piwersiem(o)s, yu piwersiete, piwersient
Conditional: piweriem, piweries, piweriet, piweriem(o)s, yu piweriete, piwerient
Prev participe: piwert / piwern piwon > Infinitive: piwone
Present: piwono, piwons, piwont, piwonm(o)s, yu piwont(e), piwone(nt)
Preterit: piwonim, piwon(i)st(a), piwonit, piwonam, piwonat, piwoneer
Future tid: piwonsiem, piwonsies, piwonsiet, piwonsiem(o)s, yu piwonsiete, piwonsient
Conditional: piwoniem, piwonies, piwoniet, piwoniem(o)s, yu piwoniete, piwonient
Prev participe: piwont / piwonen plab > Infinitive: plabe
Present: plabo, plaps, plapt, plabm(o)s, yu plapt(e), plabe(nt)
Preterit: pliebim, plieb(i)st(a), pliebit, pliebam, pliebat, pliebeer
Future tid: plapsiem, plapsies, plapsiet, plapsiem(o)s, yu plapsiete, plapsient
Conditional: plabiem, plabies, plabiet, plabiem(o)s, yu plabiete, plabient
Prev participe: plapt / plaben place > Infinitive: place
Present: io place, places, placet, placems, yu placet(e), placent
Preterit: placim, placist(a), placit, placeam, placeat, placeer
Future tid: placesiem, placesies, placesiet, placesiem(o)s, yu placesiete, placesient
Conditional: placiem, placies, placiet, placiem(o)s, yu placiete, placient
Prev participe: placet / placen placette > Infinitive: placette
Present: io placette, placettes, placettet, placettems, yu placettet(e), placettent
Preterit: placettim, placettist(a), placettit, placettam, placettat, placetteer
Future tid: placettesiem, placettesies, placettesiet, placettesiem(o)s, yu placettesiete, placettesient
Conditional: placettiem, placetties, placettiet, placettiem(o)s, yu placettiete, placettient
Prev participe: placettet / placetten plag > Infinitive: plage
Present: plago, placs, plact, plagm(o)s, yu plact(e), plage(nt)
Preterit: pliegim, plieg(i)st(a), pliegit, pliegam, pliegat, pliegeer
Future tid: placsiem, placsies, placsiet, placsiem(o)s, yu placsiete, placsient
Conditional: plagiem, plagies, plagiet, plagiem(o)s, yu plagiete, plagient
Prev participe: plact / plagen plagel > Infinitive: plagel
Present: io plagel, plagels, plagelt, plagelms, yu plagelt, plagelnt
Preterit: plieglim, plieglist, plieglit, plieg(e)lam, plieg(e)lat, plieg(e)leer
Future tid: plagelsiem, plagelsies, plagelsiet, plagelsiem(o)s, yu plagelsiete, plagelsient
Conditional: plageliem, plagelies, plageliet, plageliem(o)s, yu plageliete, plagelient
Prev participe: plagelt / plageln plan > Infinitive: plane
Present: plano, plans, plant, planm(o)s, yu plant(e), plane(nt)
Preterit: plienim, plien(i)st(a), plienit, plienam, plienat, plieneer
Future tid: plansiem, plansies, plansiet, plansiem(o)s, yu plansiete, plansient
Conditional: planiem, planies, planiet, planiem(o)s, yu planiete, planient
Prev participe: plant / planen plang > Infinitive: plange
Present: plango, plancs, planct, plangm(o)s, yu planct(e), plange(nt)
Preterit: pliengim, plieng(i)st(a), pliengit, pliengam, pliengat, pliengeer
Future tid: plancsiem, plancsies, plancsiet, plancsiem(o)s, yu plancsiete, plancsient
Conditional: plangiem, plangies, plangiet, plangiem(o)s, yu plangiete, plangient
Prev participe: planct / plangen plankraudh > Infinitive: plankraudhe
Present: plankraudho, plankraudhs, plankraudht, plankraudhm(o)s, yu plankraudht(e), plankraudhe(nt)
Preterit: plankraudhim, plankraudh(i)st(a), plankraudhit, plankraudham, plankraudhat, plankraudheer
Future tid: plankraudhsiem, plankraudhsies, plankraudhsiet, plankraudhsiem(o)s, yu plankraudhsiete, plankraudhsient
Conditional: plankraudhiem, plankraudhies, plankraudhiet, plankraudhiem(o)s, yu plankraudhiete, plankraudhient
Prev participe: plankraudht / plankraudhen plante > Infinitive: plante
Present: io plante, plantes, plantet, plantems, yu plantet(e), plantent
Preterit: plantim, plantist(a), plantit, plantam, plantat, planteer
Future tid: plantesiem, plantesies, plantesiet, plantesiem(o)s, yu plantesiete, plantesient
Conditional: plantiem, planties, plantiet, plantiem(o)s, yu plantiete, plantient
Prev participe: plantet / planten plaskpleuk > Infinitive: plaskplukes
Present: plaskpleuko, plaskpleucs, plaskpleuct, plaskpleukm(o)s, yu plaskpleuct(e), plaskpleuke(nt)
Preterit: plaskplukim, plaskpluk(i)st(a), plaskplukit, plaskplukam, plaskplukat, plaskplukeer
Future tid: plaskpleucsiem, plaskpleucsies, plaskpleucsiet, plaskpleucsiem(o)s, yu plaskpleucsiete, plaskpleucsient
Conditional: plaskpleukiem, plaskpleukies, plaskpleukiet, plaskpleukiem(o)s, yu plaskpleukiete, plaskpleukient
Prev participe: plaskpluct / plaskpluken playc > Infinitive: playce
Present: playco, playcs, playct, playcm(o)s, yu playct(e), playce(nt)
Preterit: plieycim, plieyc(i)st(a), plieycit, plieycam, plieycat, plieyceer
Future tid: playcsiem, playcsies, playcsiet, playcsiem(o)s, yu playcsiete, playcsient
Conditional: playciem, playcies, playciet, playciem(o)s, yu playciete, playcient
Prev participe: playct / playcen plect > Infinitive: plecte
Present: plecto, plects, plect, plectm(o)s, yu plecte, plecte(nt)
Preterit: plexim, plex(i)st(a), plexit, plexam, plexat, plexeer
Future tid: plectsiem, plectsies, plectsiet, plectsiem(o)s, yu plectsiete, plectsient
Conditional: plectiem, plecties, plectiet, plectiem(o)s, yu plectiete, plectient
Prev participe: plex / plecten pledveher > Infinitive: pledveher
Present: io pledveher, pledvehers, pledvehert, pledveherms, yu pledvehert, pledvehernt
Preterit: pledvehrim, pledvehrist, pledvehrit, pledveh(e)ram, pledveh(e)rat, pledveh(e)reer
Future tid: pledvehersiem, pledvehersies, pledvehersiet, pledvehersiem(o)s, yu pledvehersiete, pledvehersient
Conditional: pledveheriem, pledveheries, pledveheriet, pledveheriem(o)s, yu pledveheriete, pledveherient
Prev participe: pledvehert / pledvehern pleh > Infinitive: plehe
Present: plehm, plehs, pleht, plehm(o)s, yu pleht(e), plehnt
Preterit: plehsim, plehst(a), plehsit, plehsam, plehsat, plehr
Future tid: plehsiem, plehsies, plehsiet, plehsiem(o)s, yu plehsiete, plehsient
Conditional: plehiem, plehies, plehiet, plehiem(o)s, yu plehiete, plehient
Prev participe: pleht / plehn plehc > Infinitive: plehce
Present: plehco, plehcs, plehct, plehcm(o)s, yu plehct(e), plehce(nt)
Preterit: plohcim, plohc(i)st(a), plohcit, plohcam, plohcat, plohceer
Future tid: plehcsiem, plehcsies, plehcsiet, plehcsiem(o)s, yu plehcsiete, plehcsient
Conditional: plehciem, plehcies, plehciet, plehciem(o)s, yu plehciete, plehcient
Prev participe: plohct / plohcen plehder > Infinitive: plehder
Present: io plehder, plehders, plehdert, plehderms, yu plehdert, plehdernt
Preterit: plohdrim, plohdrist, plohdrit, plohd(e)ram, plohd(e)rat, plohd(e)reer
Future tid: plehdersiem, plehdersies, plehdersiet, plehdersiem(o)s, yu plehdersiete, plehdersient
Conditional: plehderiem, plehderies, plehderiet, plehderiem(o)s, yu plehderiete, plehderient
Prev participe: plohdert / plohdern plehp > Infinitive: plehpe
Present: plehpo, plehps, plehpt, plehpm(o)s, yu plehpt(e), plehpe(nt)
Preterit: plohpim, plohp(i)st(a), plohpit, plohpam, plohpat, plohpeer
Future tid: plehpsiem, plehpsies, plehpsiet, plehpsiem(o)s, yu plehpsiete, plehpsient
Conditional: plehpiem, plehpies, plehpiet, plehpiem(o)s, yu plehpiete, plehpient
Prev participe: plohpt / plohpen pleid > Infinitive: plides
Present: pleido, pleids, pleidt, pleidm(o)s, yu pleidt(e), pleide(nt)
Preterit: plidim, plid(i)st(a), plidit, plidam, plidat, plideer
Future tid: pleidsiem, pleidsies, pleidsiet, pleidsiem(o)s, yu pleidsiete, pleidsient
Conditional: pleidiem, pleidies, pleidiet, pleidiem(o)s, yu pleidiete, pleidient
Prev participe: plidt / pliden pleins > Infinitive: plinses
Present: pleinso, pleins, pleinst, pleinsm(o)s, yu pleinst(e), pleinse(nt)
Preterit: plinsim, plins(i)st(a), plinsit, plinsam, plinsat, plinseer
Future tid: siem plinses, sies plinses, siet plinses, siem(o)s plinses, yu siete plinses, sient plinses
Conditional: pleinsiem, pleinsies, pleinsiet, pleinsiem(o)s, yu pleinsiete, pleinsient
Prev participe: plinst / plinsen pleisker > Infinitive: pliskres
Present: io pleisker, pleiskers, pleiskert, pleiskerms, yu pleiskert, pleiskernt
Preterit: pliskrim, pliskrist, pliskrit, plisk(e)ram, plisk(e)rat, plisk(e)reer
Future tid: pleiskersiem, pleiskersies, pleiskersiet, pleiskersiem(o)s, yu pleiskersiete, pleiskersient
Conditional: pleiskeriem, pleiskeries, pleiskeriet, pleiskeriem(o)s, yu pleiskeriete, pleiskerient
Prev participe: pliskert / pliskern plend > Infinitive: plende
Present: plendo, plends, plendt, plendm(o)s, yu plendt(e), plende(nt)
Preterit: plensim, plens(i)st(a), plensit, plensam, plensat, plenseer
Future tid: plendsiem, plendsies, plendsiet, plendsiem(o)s, yu plendsiete, plendsient
Conditional: plendiem, plendies, plendiet, plendiem(o)s, yu plendiete, plendient
Prev participe: plens / plenden pleu > Infinitive: plues
Present: pleum, pleus, pleut, pleum(o)s, yu pleut(e), pleunt
Preterit: plusim, plust(a), plusit, plam, plat, plur
Future tid: pleusiem, pleusies, pleusiet, pleusiem(o)s, yu pleusiete, pleusient
Conditional: pleuiem, pleuies, pleuiet, pleuiem(o)s, yu pleuiete, pleuient
Prev participe: plut / plun pleugh > Infinitive: plughes
Present: pleugho, pleughs, pleught, pleughm(o)s, yu pleught(e), pleughe(nt)
Preterit: plughim, plugh(i)st(a), plughit, plugham, plughat, plugheer
Future tid: pleughsiem, pleughsies, pleughsiet, pleughsiem(o)s, yu pleughsiete, pleughsient
Conditional: pleughiem, pleughies, pleughiet, pleughiem(o)s, yu pleughiete, pleughient
Prev participe: plught / plughen pleuk > Infinitive: plukes
Present: pleuko, pleucs, pleuct, pleukm(o)s, yu pleuct(e), pleuke(nt)
Preterit: plukim, pluk(i)st(a), plukit, plukam, plukat, plukeer
Future tid: pleucsiem, pleucsies, pleucsiet, pleucsiem(o)s, yu pleucsiete, pleucsient
Conditional: pleukiem, pleukies, pleukiet, pleukiem(o)s, yu pleukiete, pleukient
Prev participe: pluct / pluken plictisse > Infinitive: plictisse
Present: io plictisse, plictisses, plictisset, plictissems, yu plictisset(e), plictissent
Preterit: plictissim, plictissist(a), plictissit, plictissam, plictissat, plictisseer
Future tid: plictissesiem, plictissesies, plictissesiet, plictissesiem(o)s, yu plictissesiete, plictissesient
Conditional: plictissiem, plictissies, plictissiet, plictissiem(o)s, yu plictissiete, plictissient
Prev participe: plictisset / plictissen pliehg > Infinitive: pliehge
Present: pliehgo, pliehcs, pliehct, pliehgm(o)s, yu pliehct(e), pliehge(nt)
Preterit: pliohgim, pliohg(i)st(a), pliohgit, pliohgam, pliohgat, pliohgeer
Future tid: pliehcsiem, pliehcsies, pliehcsiet, pliehcsiem(o)s, yu pliehcsiete, pliehcsient
Conditional: pliehgiem, pliehgies, pliehgiet, pliehgiem(o)s, yu pliehgiete, pliehgient
Prev participe: pliohct / pliohgen plunder > Infinitive: plunder
Present: io plunder, plunders, plundert, plunderms, yu plundert, plundernt
Preterit: plundrim, plundrist, plundrit, plund(e)ram, plund(e)rat, plund(e)reer
Future tid: plundersiem, plundersies, plundersiet, plundersiem(o)s, yu plundersiete, plundersient
Conditional: plunderiem, plunderies, plunderiet, plunderiem(o)s, yu plunderiete, plunderient
Prev participe: plundert / plundern pnehg > Infinitive: pnehge
Present: pnehgo, pnehcs, pnehct, pnehgm(o)s, yu pnehct(e), pnehge(nt)
Preterit: pnohgim, pnohg(i)st(a), pnohgit, pnohgam, pnohgat, pnohgeer
Future tid: pnehcsiem, pnehcsies, pnehcsiet, pnehcsiem(o)s, yu pnehcsiete, pnehcsient
Conditional: pnehgiem, pnehgies, pnehgiet, pnehgiem(o)s, yu pnehgiete, pnehgient
Prev participe: pnohct / pnohgen pnehs > Infinitive: pnehse
Present: pnehso, pnehs, pnehst, pnehsm(o)s, yu pnehst(e), pnehse(nt)
Preterit: pnohsim, pnohs(i)st(a), pnohsit, pnohsam, pnohsat, pnohseer
Future tid: siem pnehse, sies pnehse, siet pnehse, siem(o)s pnehse, yu siete pnehse, sient pnehse
Conditional: pnehsiem, pnehsies, pnehsiet, pnehsiem(o)s, yu pnehsiete, pnehsient
Prev participe: pnohst / pnohsen pneig > Infinitive: pniges
Present: pneigo, pneics, pneict, pneigm(o)s, yu pneict(e), pneige(nt)
Preterit: pnigim, pnig(i)st(a), pnigit, pnigam, pnigat, pnigeer
Future tid: pneicsiem, pneicsies, pneicsiet, pneicsiem(o)s, yu pneicsiete, pneicsient
Conditional: pneigiem, pneigies, pneigiet, pneigiem(o)s, yu pneigiete, pneigient
Prev participe: pnict / pnigen pneis > Infinitive: pnises
Present: pneiso, pneis, pneist, pneism(o)s, yu pneist(e), pneise(nt)
Preterit: pnisim, pnis(i)st(a), pnisit, pnisam, pnisat, pniseer
Future tid: siem pnises, sies pnises, siet pnises, siem(o)s pnises, yu siete pnises, sient pnises
Conditional: pneisiem, pneisies, pneisiet, pneisiem(o)s, yu pneisiete, pneisient
Prev participe: pnist / pnisen pneus > Infinitive: pnuses
Present: pneuso, pneus, pneust, pneusm(o)s, yu pneust(e), pneuse(nt)
Preterit: pnusim, pnus(i)st(a), pnusit, pnusam, pnusat, pnuseer
Future tid: siem pnuses, sies pnuses, siet pnuses, siem(o)s pnuses, yu siete pnuses, sient pnuses
Conditional: pneusiem, pneusies, pneusiet, pneusiem(o)s, yu pneusiete, pneusient
Prev participe: pnust / pnusen poh > Infinitive: pohe
Present: pohm, pohs, poht, pohm(o)s, yu poht(e), pohnt
Preterit: pohsim, pohst(a), pohsit, pohsam, pohsat, pohr
Future tid: pohsiem, pohsies, pohsiet, pohsiem(o)s, yu pohsiete, pohsient
Conditional: pohiem, pohies, pohiet, pohiem(o)s, yu pohiete, pohient
Prev participe: poht / pohn poitt > Infinitive: poitte
Present: poitto, poitts, poitt, poittm(o)s, yu poitte, poitte(nt)
Preterit: poissim, poiss(i)st(a), poissit, poissam, poissat, poisseer
Future tid: poittsiem, poittsies, poittsiet, poittsiem(o)s, yu poittsiete, poittsient
Conditional: poittiem, poitties, poittiet, poittiem(o)s, yu poittiete, poittient
Prev participe: poiss / poitten poitteih > Infinitive: poittihes
Present: poitteihm, poitteihs, poitteiht, poitteihm(o)s, yu poitteiht(e), poitteihnt
Preterit: poittihsim, poittihst(a), poittihsit, poittihsam, poittihsat, poittihr
Future tid: poitteihsiem, poitteihsies, poitteihsiet, poitteihsiem(o)s, yu poitteihsiete, poitteihsient
Conditional: poitteihiem, poitteihies, poitteihiet, poitteihiem(o)s, yu poitteihiete, poitteihient
Prev participe: poittiht / poittihn poleih > Infinitive: polihes
Present: poleihm, poleihs, poleiht, poleihm(o)s, yu poleiht(e), poleihnt
Preterit: polihsim, polihst(a), polihsit, polihsam, polihsat, polihr
Future tid: poleihsiem, poleihsies, poleihsiet, poleihsiem(o)s, yu poleihsiete, poleihsient
Conditional: poleihiem, poleihies, poleihiet, poleihiem(o)s, yu poleihiete, poleihient
Prev participe: poliht / polihn politise > Infinitive: politise
Present: io politise, politises, politiset, politisems, yu politiset(e), politisent
Preterit: politisim, politisist(a), politisit, politisam, politisat, politiseer
Future tid: politisesiem, politisesies, politisesiet, politisesiem(o)s, yu politisesiete, politisesient
Conditional: politisiem, politisies, politisiet, politisiem(o)s, yu politisiete, politisient
Prev participe: politiset / politisen popayghen > Infinitive: popayghnes
Present: popayghno, popayghens, popayghent, popayghnm(o)s, yu popayghent(e), popayghne(nt)
Preterit: popayghim, popaygh(i)st(a), popayghit, popaygham, popayghat, popaygheer
Future tid: popayghensiem, popayghensies, popayghensiet, popayghensiem(o)s, yu popayghensiete, popayghensient
Conditional: popayghniem, popayghnies, popayghniet, popayghniem(o)s, yu popayghniete, popayghnient
Prev participe: popayght / popayghen popularise > Infinitive: popularise
Present: io popularise, popularises, populariset, popularisems, yu populariset(e), popularisent
Preterit: popularisim, popularisist(a), popularisit, popularisam, popularisat, populariseer
Future tid: popularisesiem, popularisesies, popularisesiet, popularisesiem(o)s, yu popularisesiete, popularisesient
Conditional: popularisiem, popularisies, popularisiet, popularisiem(o)s, yu popularisiete, popularisient
Prev participe: populariset / popularisen popule > Infinitive: popule
Present: io popule, popules, populet, populems, yu populet(e), populent
Preterit: populim, populist(a), populit, populam, populat, populeer
Future tid: populesiem, populesies, populesiet, populesiem(o)s, yu populesiete, populesient
Conditional: populiem, populies, populiet, populiem(o)s, yu populiete, populient
Prev participe: populet / populen poreunc > Infinitive: porunces
Present: poreunco, poreuncs, poreunct, poreuncm(o)s, yu poreunct(e), poreunce(nt)
Preterit: poruncim, porunc(i)st(a), poruncit, poruncam, poruncat, porunceer
Future tid: poreuncsiem, poreuncsies, poreuncsiet, poreuncsiem(o)s, yu poreuncsiete, poreuncsient
Conditional: poreunciem, poreuncies, poreunciet, poreunciem(o)s, yu poreunciete, poreuncient
Prev participe: porunct / poruncen porg > Infinitive: porge
Present: porgo, porcs, porct, porgm(o)s, yu porct(e), porge(nt)
Preterit: porsim, pors(i)st(a), porsit, porsam, porsat, porseer
Future tid: porcsiem, porcsies, porcsiet, porcsiem(o)s, yu porcsiete, porcsient
Conditional: porgiem, porgies, porgiet, porgiem(o)s, yu porgiete, porgient
Prev participe: pors / porgen portcrayon > Infinitive: portcrayone
Present: portcrayono, portcrayons, portcrayont, portcrayonm(o)s, yu portcrayont(e), portcrayone(nt)
Preterit: portcrayonim, portcrayon(i)st(a), portcrayonit, portcrayonam, portcrayonat, portcrayoneer
Future tid: portcrayonsiem, portcrayonsies, portcrayonsiet, portcrayonsiem(o)s, yu portcrayonsiete, portcrayonsient
Conditional: portcrayoniem, portcrayonies, portcrayoniet, portcrayoniem(o)s, yu portcrayoniete, portcrayonient
Prev participe: portcrayont / portcrayonen porte > Infinitive: porte
Present: io porte, portes, portet, portems, yu portet(e), portent
Preterit: portim, portist(a), portit, portam, portat, porteer
Future tid: portesiem, portesies, portesiet, portesiem(o)s, yu portesiete, portesient
Conditional: portiem, porties, portiet, portiem(o)s, yu portiete, portient
Prev participe: portet / porten posdehrj > Infinitive: posdehrje
Present: posdehrjo, posdehrjs, posdehrjt, posdehrjm(o)s, yu posdehrjt(e), posdehrje(nt)
Preterit: posdohrjim, posdohrj(i)st(a), posdohrjit, posdohrjam, posdohrjat, posdohrjeer
Future tid: siem posdehrje, sies posdehrje, siet posdehrje, siem(o)s posdehrje, yu siete posdehrje, sient posdehrje
Conditional: posdehrjiem, posdehrjies, posdehrjiet, posdehrjiem(o)s, yu posdehrjiete, posdehrjient
Prev participe: posdohrjt / posdohrjen pose > Infinitive: pose
Present: io pose, poses, poset, posems, yu poset(e), posent
Preterit: posim, posist(a), posit, posam, posat, poseer
Future tid: posesiem, posesies, posesiet, posesiem(o)s, yu posesiete, posesient
Conditional: posiem, posies, posiet, posiem(o)s, yu posiete, posient
Prev participe: poset / posen posen > Infinitive: pones
Present: pono, pons, pont, ponm(o)s, yu pont(e), pone(nt)
Preterit: posim, pos(i)st(a), posit, posam, posat, poseer
Future tid: ponsiem, ponsies, ponsiet, ponsiem(o)s, yu ponsiete, ponsient
Conditional: poniem, ponies, poniet, poniem(o)s, yu poniete, ponient
Prev participe: post / posen possowel > Infinitive: possowele
Present: possowelo, possowels, possowelt, possowelm(o)s, yu possowelt(e), possowele(nt)
Preterit: possowelim, possowel(i)st(a), possowelit, possowelam, possowelat, possoweleer
Future tid: possowelsiem, possowelsies, possowelsiet, possowelsiem(o)s, yu possowelsiete, possowelsient
Conditional: possoweliem, possowelies, possoweliet, possoweliem(o)s, yu possoweliete, possowelient
Prev participe: possowelt / possowelen post > Infinitive: poste
Present: posto, posts, post, postm(o)s, yu poste, poste(nt)
Preterit: postim, post(i)st(a), postit, postam, postat, posteer
Future tid: postsiem, postsies, postsiet, postsiem(o)s, yu postsiete, postsient
Conditional: postiem, posties, postiet, postiem(o)s, yu postiete, postient
Prev participe: post / posten postule > Infinitive: postule
Present: io postule, postules, postulet, postulems, yu postulet(e), postulent
Preterit: postulim, postulist(a), postulit, postulam, postulat, postuleer
Future tid: postulesiem, postulesies, postulesiet, postulesiem(o)s, yu postulesiete, postulesient
Conditional: postuliem, postulies, postuliet, postuliem(o)s, yu postuliete, postulient
Prev participe: postulet / postulen practie > Infinitive: practie
Present: io practie, practies, practiet, practiems, yu practiet(e), practient
Preterit: practicim, practiest, practicit, practiam, practiat, practier
Future tid: practiesiem, practiesies, practiesiet, practiesiem(o)s, yu practiesiete, practiesient
Conditional: practiciem, practicies, practiciet, practiciem(o)s, yu practiciete, practicient
Prev participe: practiet / practien praedd > Infinitive: praedde
Present: praeddo, praedds, praeddt, praeddm(o)s, yu praeddt(e), praedde(nt)
Preterit: praessim, praess(i)st(a), praessit, praessam, praessat, praesseer
Future tid: praeddsiem, praeddsies, praeddsiet, praeddsiem(o)s, yu praeddsiete, praeddsient
Conditional: praeddiem, praeddies, praeddiet, praeddiem(o)s, yu praeddiete, praeddient
Prev participe: praess / praedden precedd > Infinitive: precedde
Present: preceddo, precedds, preceddt, preceddm(o)s, yu preceddt(e), precedde(nt)
Preterit: precessim, precess(i)st(a), precessit, precessam, precessat, precesseer
Future tid: preceddsiem, preceddsies, preceddsiet, preceddsiem(o)s, yu preceddsiete, preceddsient
Conditional: preceddiem, preceddies, preceddiet, preceddiem(o)s, yu preceddiete, preceddient
Prev participe: precess / precedden preche > Infinitive: preche
Present: io preche, preches, prechet, prechems, yu prechet(e), prechent
Preterit: prechim, prechist(a), prechit, precham, prechat, precheer
Future tid: prechesiem, prechesies, prechesiet, prechesiem(o)s, yu prechesiete, prechesient
Conditional: prechiem, prechies, prechiet, prechiem(o)s, yu prechiete, prechient
Prev participe: prechet / prechen precid > Infinitive: precide
Present: precido, precids, precidt, precidm(o)s, yu precidt(e), precide(nt)
Preterit: precisim, precis(i)st(a), precisit, precisam, precisat, preciseer
Future tid: precidsiem, precidsies, precidsiet, precidsiem(o)s, yu precidsiete, precidsient
Conditional: precidiem, precidies, precidiet, precidiem(o)s, yu precidiete, precidient
Prev participe: precis / preciden precipite > Infinitive: precipite
Present: io precipite, precipites, precipitet, precipitems, yu precipitet(e), precipitent
Preterit: precipitim, precipitist(a), precipitit, precipitam, precipitat, precipiteer
Future tid: precipitesiem, precipitesies, precipitesiet, precipitesiem(o)s, yu precipitesiete, precipitesient
Conditional: precipitiem, precipities, precipitiet, precipitiem(o)s, yu precipitiete, precipitient
Prev participe: precipitet / precipiten precisereih > Infinitive: preciserihes
Present: precisereihm, precisereihs, precisereiht, precisereihm(o)s, yu precisereiht(e), precisereihnt
Preterit: preciserihsim, preciserihst(a), preciserihsit, preciserihsam, preciserihsat, preciserihr
Future tid: precisereihsiem, precisereihsies, precisereihsiet, precisereihsiem(o)s, yu precisereihsiete, precisereihsient
Conditional: precisereihiem, precisereihies, precisereihiet, precisereihiem(o)s, yu precisereihiete, precisereihient
Prev participe: preciseriht / preciserihn predisposen > Infinitive: predispones
Present: predispono, predispons, predispont, predisponm(o)s, yu predispont(e), predispone(nt)
Preterit: predisposim, predispos(i)st(a), predisposit, predisposam, predisposat, predisposeer
Future tid: predisponsiem, predisponsies, predisponsiet, predisponsiem(o)s, yu predisponsiete, predisponsient
Conditional: predisponiem, predisponies, predisponiet, predisponiem(o)s, yu predisponiete, predisponient
Prev participe: predispost / predisposen prefect > Infinitive: prefecte
Present: prefecto, prefects, prefect, prefectm(o)s, yu prefecte, prefecte(nt)
Preterit: prefexim, prefex(i)st(a), prefexit, prefexam, prefexat, prefexeer
Future tid: prefectsiem, prefectsies, prefectsiet, prefectsiem(o)s, yu prefectsiete, prefectsient
Conditional: prefectiem, prefecties, prefectiet, prefectiem(o)s, yu prefectiete, prefectient
Prev participe: prefex / prefecten prefer > Infinitive: prefere
Present: prefero, prefers, prefert, preferm(o)s, yu prefert(e), prefere(nt)
Preterit: preferim, prefer(i)st(a), preferit, preferam, preferat, prefereer
Future tid: prefersiem, prefersies, prefersiet, prefersiem(o)s, yu prefersiete, prefersient
Conditional: preferiem, preferies, preferiet, preferiem(o)s, yu preferiete, preferient
Prev participe: prefert / preferen pregen > Infinitive: pregnes
Present: pregno, pregens, pregent, pregnems, yu pregent(e), pregne(nt)
Preterit: pregim, preg(i)st(a), pregit, pregam, pregat, pregeer
Future tid: siem pregnes, sies pregnes, siet pregnes, siem(o)s pregnes, yu siete pregnes, sient pregnes
Conditional: pregniem, pregnies, pregniet, pregniem(o)s, yu pregniete, pregnient
Prev participe: prect / pregen prehg > Infinitive: prehge
Present: prehgo, prehcs, prehct, prehgm(o)s, yu prehct(e), prehge(nt)
Preterit: prohgim, prohg(i)st(a), prohgit, prohgam, prohgat, prohgeer
Future tid: prehcsiem, prehcsies, prehcsiet, prehcsiem(o)s, yu prehcsiete, prehcsient
Conditional: prehgiem, prehgies, prehgiet, prehgiem(o)s, yu prehgiete, prehgient
Prev participe: prohct / prohgen prehp > Infinitive: prehpe
Present: prehpo, prehps, prehpt, prehpm(o)s, yu prehpt(e), prehpe(nt)
Preterit: prohpim, prohp(i)st(a), prohpit, prohpam, prohpat, prohpeer
Future tid: prehpsiem, prehpsies, prehpsiet, prehpsiem(o)s, yu prehpsiete, prehpsient
Conditional: prehpiem, prehpies, prehpiet, prehpiem(o)s, yu prehpiete, prehpient
Prev participe: prohpt / prohpen prehsc > Infinitive: prehsce
Present: prehsco, prehscs, prehsct, prehscm(o)s, yu prehsct(e), prehsce(nt)
Preterit: prohscim, prohsc(i)st(a), prohscit, prohscam, prohscat, prohsceer
Future tid: prehscsiem, prehscsies, prehscsiet, prehscsiem(o)s, yu prehscsiete, prehscsient
Conditional: prehsciem, prehscies, prehsciet, prehsciem(o)s, yu prehsciete, prehscient
Prev participe: prohsct / prohscen preih > Infinitive: prihes
Present: preihm, preihs, preiht, preihm(o)s, yu preiht(e), preihnt
Preterit: prihsim, prihst(a), prihsit, prihsam, prihsat, prihr
Future tid: preihsiem, preihsies, preihsiet, preihsiem(o)s, yu preihsiete, preihsient
Conditional: preihiem, preihies, preihiet, preihiem(o)s, yu preihiete, preihient
Prev participe: priht / prihn preim > Infinitive: primes
Present: preimo, preims, preimt, preimm(o)s, yu preimt(e), preime(nt)
Preterit: primim, prim(i)st(a), primit, primam, primat, primeer
Future tid: preimsiem, preimsies, preimsiet, preimsiem(o)s, yu preimsiete, preimsient
Conditional: preimiem, preimies, preimiet, preimiem(o)s, yu preimiete, preimient
Prev participe: primt / primen preis > Infinitive: prises
Present: preiso, preis, preist, preism(o)s, yu preist(e), preise(nt)
Preterit: prisim, pris(i)st(a), prisit, prisam, prisat, priseer
Future tid: siem prises, sies prises, siet prises, siem(o)s prises, yu siete prises, sient prises
Conditional: preisiem, preisies, preisiet, preisiem(o)s, yu preisiete, preisient
Prev participe: prist / prisen prekheiss > Infinitive: prekhisses
Present: prekheisso, prekheiss, prekheisst, prekheissm(o)s, yu prekheisst(e), prekheisse(nt)
Preterit: prekhissim, prekhiss(i)st(a), prekhissit, prekhissam, prekhissat, prekhisseer
Future tid: siem prekhisses, sies prekhisses, siet prekhisses, siem(o)s prekhisses, yu siete prekhisses, sient prekhisses
Conditional: prekheissiem, prekheissies, prekheissiet, prekheissiem(o)s, yu prekheissiete, prekheissient
Prev participe: prekhisst / prekhissen preleiv > Infinitive: prelives
Present: preleivo, preleifs, preleift, preleivm(o)s, yu preleift(e), preleive(nt)
Preterit: prelivim, preliv(i)st(a), prelivit, prelivam, prelivat, preliveer
Future tid: preleifsiem, preleifsies, preleifsiet, preleifsiem(o)s, yu preleifsiete, preleifsient
Conditional: preleiviem, preleivies, preleiviet, preleiviem(o)s, yu preleiviete, preleivient
Prev participe: prelift / preliven prepare > Infinitive: prepare
Present: io prepare, prepares, preparet, preparems, yu preparet(e), preparent
Preterit: preparim, preparist(a), preparit, preparam, preparat, prepareer
Future tid: preparesiem, preparesies, preparesiet, preparesiem(o)s, yu preparesiete, preparesient
Conditional: prepariem, preparies, prepariet, prepariem(o)s, yu prepariete, preparient
Prev participe: preparet / preparen presayg > Infinitive: presayge
Present: presaygo, presaycs, presayct, presaygm(o)s, yu presayct(e), presayge(nt)
Preterit: presieygim, presieyg(i)st(a), presieygit, presieygam, presieygat, presieygeer
Future tid: presaycsiem, presaycsies, presaycsiet, presaycsiem(o)s, yu presaycsiete, presaycsient
Conditional: presaygiem, presaygies, presaygiet, presaygiem(o)s, yu presaygiete, presaygient
Prev participe: presayct / presaygen presente > Infinitive: presente
Present: io presente, presentes, presentet, presentems, yu presentet(e), presentent
Preterit: presentim, presentist(a), presentit, presentam, presentat, presenteer
Future tid: presentesiem, presentesies, presentesiet, presentesiem(o)s, yu presentesiete, presentesient
Conditional: presentiem, presenties, presentiet, presentiem(o)s, yu presentiete, presentient
Prev participe: presentet / presenten pressem > Infinitive: premes
Present: premo, prems, premt, premm(o)s, yu premt(e), preme(nt)
Preterit: pressim, press(i)st(a), pressit, pressam, pressat, presseer
Future tid: premsiem, premsies, premsiet, premsiem(o)s, yu premsiete, premsient
Conditional: premiem, premies, premiet, premiem(o)s, yu premiete, premient
Prev participe: presst / pressen presump > Infinitive: presumpe
Present: presumpo, presumps, presumpt, presumpm(o)s, yu presumpt(e), presumpe(nt)
Preterit: presumpim, presump(i)st(a), presumpit, presumpam, presumpat, presumpeer
Future tid: presumpsiem, presumpsies, presumpsiet, presumpsiem(o)s, yu presumpsiete, presumpsient
Conditional: presumpiem, presumpies, presumpiet, presumpiem(o)s, yu presumpiete, presumpient
Prev participe: presumpt / presumpen prete > Infinitive: prete
Present: io prete, pretes, pretet, pretems, yu pretet(e), pretent
Preterit: pretim, pretist(a), pretit, pretam, pretat, preteer
Future tid: pretesiem, pretesies, pretesiet, pretesiem(o)s, yu pretesiete, pretesient
Conditional: pretiem, preties, pretiet, pretiem(o)s, yu pretiete, pretient
Prev participe: pretet / preten pretend > Infinitive: pretende
Present: pretendo, pretends, pretendt, pretendm(o)s, yu pretendt(e), pretende(nt)
Preterit: pretensim, pretens(i)st(a), pretensit, pretensam, pretensat, pretenseer
Future tid: pretendsiem, pretendsies, pretendsiet, pretendsiem(o)s, yu pretendsiete, pretendsient
Conditional: pretendiem, pretendies, pretendiet, pretendiem(o)s, yu pretendiete, pretendient
Prev participe: pretens / pretenden preus > Infinitive: pruses
Present: preuso, preus, preust, preusm(o)s, yu preust(e), preuse(nt)
Preterit: prusim, prus(i)st(a), prusit, prusam, prusat, pruseer
Future tid: siem pruses, sies pruses, siet pruses, siem(o)s pruses, yu siete pruses, sient pruses
Conditional: preusiem, preusies, preusiet, preusiem(o)s, yu preusiete, preusient
Prev participe: prust / prusen preuv > Infinitive: pruves
Present: preuvo, preufs, preuft, preuvm(o)s, yu preuft(e), preuve(nt)
Preterit: pruvim, pruv(i)st(a), pruvit, pruvam, pruvat, pruveer
Future tid: preufsiem, preufsies, preufsiet, preufsiem(o)s, yu preufsiete, preufsient
Conditional: preuviem, preuvies, preuviet, preuviem(o)s, yu preuviete, preuvient
Prev participe: pruft / pruven prevarie > Infinitive: prevarie
Present: io prevarie, prevaries, prevariet, prevariems, yu prevariet(e), prevarient
Preterit: prevaricim, prevariest, prevaricit, prevariam, prevariat, prevarier
Future tid: prevariesiem, prevariesies, prevariesiet, prevariesiem(o)s, yu prevariesiete, prevariesient
Conditional: prevariciem, prevaricies, prevariciet, prevariciem(o)s, yu prevariciete, prevaricient
Prev participe: prevariet / prevarien preven > Infinitive: prevene
Present: preveno, prevens, prevent, prevenm(o)s, yu prevent(e), prevene(nt)
Preterit: prevenim, preven(i)st(a), prevenit, prevenam, prevenat, preveneer
Future tid: prevensiem, prevensies, prevensiet, prevensiem(o)s, yu prevensiete, prevensient
Conditional: preveniem, prevenies, preveniet, preveniem(o)s, yu preveniete, prevenient
Prev participe: prevent / prevenen prever > Infinitive: prever
Present: io prever, prevers, prevert, preverms, yu prevert, prevernt
Preterit: prevrim, prevrist, prevrit, prev(e)ram, prev(e)rat, prev(e)reer
Future tid: preversiem, preversies, preversiet, preversiem(o)s, yu preversiete, preversient
Conditional: preveriem, preveries, preveriet, preveriem(o)s, yu preveriete, preverient
Prev participe: prevert / prevern previd > Infinitive: previde
Present: prevido, previds, previdt, previdm(o)s, yu previdt(e), previde(nt)
Preterit: previsim, previs(i)st(a), previsit, previsam, previsat, previseer
Future tid: previdsiem, previdsies, previdsiet, previdsiem(o)s, yu previdsiete, previdsient
Conditional: previdiem, previdies, previdiet, previdiem(o)s, yu previdiete, previdient
Prev participe: previs / previden pribeud > Infinitive: pribudes
Present: pribeudo, pribeuds, pribeudt, pribeudm(o)s, yu pribeudt(e), pribeude(nt)
Preterit: pribudim, pribud(i)st(a), pribudit, pribudam, pribudat, pribudeer
Future tid: pribeudsiem, pribeudsies, pribeudsiet, pribeudsiem(o)s, yu pribeudsiete, pribeudsient
Conditional: pribeudiem, pribeudies, pribeudiet, pribeudiem(o)s, yu pribeudiete, pribeudient
Prev participe: pribudt / pribuden prickel > Infinitive: prickel
Present: io prickel, prickels, prickelt, prickelms, yu prickelt, prickelnt
Preterit: pricklim, pricklist, pricklit, prick(e)lam, prick(e)lat, prick(e)leer
Future tid: prickelsiem, prickelsies, prickelsiet, prickelsiem(o)s, yu prickelsiete, prickelsient
Conditional: prickeliem, prickelies, prickeliet, prickeliem(o)s, yu prickeliete, prickelient
Prev participe: prickelt / prickeln prileips > Infinitive: prilipses
Present: prileipso, prileips, prileipst, prileipsm(o)s, yu prileipst(e), prileipse(nt)
Preterit: prilipsim, prilips(i)st(a), prilipsit, prilipsam, prilipsat, prilipseer
Future tid: siem prilipses, sies prilipses, siet prilipses, siem(o)s prilipses, yu siete prilipses, sient prilipses
Conditional: prileipsiem, prileipsies, prileipsiet, prileipsiem(o)s, yu prileipsiete, prileipsient
Prev participe: prilipst / prilipsen prilieubh > Infinitive: priliubhes
Present: prilieubho, prilieubhs, prilieubht, prilieubhm(o)s, yu prilieubht(e), prilieubhe(nt)
Preterit: priliubhim, priliubh(i)st(a), priliubhit, priliubham, priliubhat, priliubheer
Future tid: prilieubhsiem, prilieubhsies, prilieubhsiet, prilieubhsiem(o)s, yu prilieubhsiete, prilieubhsient
Conditional: prilieubhiem, prilieubhies, prilieubhiet, prilieubhiem(o)s, yu prilieubhiete, prilieubhient
Prev participe: priliubht / priliubhen prined > Infinitive: prindes
Present: prindo, prinds, prindt, prindm(o)s, yu prindt(e), prinde(nt)
Preterit: prisim, pris(i)st(a), prisit, prisam, prisat, priseer
Future tid: prindsiem, prindsies, prindsiet, prindsiem(o)s, yu prindsiete, prindsient
Conditional: prindiem, prindies, prindiet, prindiem(o)s, yu prindiete, prindient
Prev participe: pris / priden prispehc > Infinitive: prispehce
Present: prispehco, prispehcs, prispehct, prispehcm(o)s, yu prispehct(e), prispehce(nt)
Preterit: prispohcim, prispohc(i)st(a), prispohcit, prispohcam, prispohcat, prispohceer
Future tid: prispehcsiem, prispehcsies, prispehcsiet, prispehcsiem(o)s, yu prispehcsiete, prispehcsient
Conditional: prispehciem, prispehcies, prispehciet, prispehciem(o)s, yu prispehciete, prispehcient
Prev participe: prispohct / prispohcen pristah > Infinitive: pristahe
Present: pristahm, pristahs, pristaht, pristahm(o)s, yu pristaht(e), pristahnt
Preterit: pristahsim, pristahst(a), pristahsit, pristahsam, pristahsat, pristahr
Future tid: pristahsiem, pristahsies, pristahsiet, pristahsiem(o)s, yu pristahsiete, pristahsient
Conditional: pristahiem, pristahies, pristahiet, pristahiem(o)s, yu pristahiete, pristahient
Prev participe: pristaht / pristahn proag > Infinitive: proage
Present: proago, proacs, proact, proagm(o)s, yu proact(e), proage(nt)
Preterit: proiegim, proieg(i)st(a), proiegit, proiegam, proiegat, proiegeer
Future tid: proacsiem, proacsies, proacsiet, proacsiem(o)s, yu proacsiete, proacsient
Conditional: proagiem, proagies, proagiet, proagiem(o)s, yu proagiete, proagient
Prev participe: proact / proagen probe > Infinitive: probe
Present: io probe, probes, probet, probems, yu probet(e), probent
Preterit: probim, probist(a), probit, probam, probat, probeer
Future tid: probesiem, probesies, probesiet, probesiem(o)s, yu probesiete, probesient
Conditional: probiem, probies, probiet, probiem(o)s, yu probiete, probient
Prev participe: probet / proben probeud > Infinitive: probudes
Present: probeudo, probeuds, probeudt, probeudm(o)s, yu probeudt(e), probeude(nt)
Preterit: probudim, probud(i)st(a), probudit, probudam, probudat, probudeer
Future tid: probeudsiem, probeudsies, probeudsiet, probeudsiem(o)s, yu probeudsiete, probeudsient
Conditional: probeudiem, probeudies, probeudiet, probeudiem(o)s, yu probeudiete, probeudient
Prev participe: probudt / probuden probire > Infinitive: probire
Present: io probire, probires, probiret, probirems, yu probiret(e), probirent
Preterit: probirim, probirist(a), probirit, probiram, probirat, probireer
Future tid: probiresiem, probiresies, probiresiet, probiresiem(o)s, yu probiresiete, probiresient
Conditional: probiriem, probiries, probiriet, probiriem(o)s, yu probiriete, probirient
Prev participe: probiret / probiren proclame > Infinitive: proclame
Present: io proclame, proclames, proclamet, proclamems, yu proclamet(e), proclament
Preterit: proclamim, proclamist(a), proclamit, proclamam, proclamat, proclameer
Future tid: proclamesiem, proclamesies, proclamesiet, proclamesiem(o)s, yu proclamesiete, proclamesient
Conditional: proclamiem, proclamies, proclamiet, proclamiem(o)s, yu proclamiete, proclamient
Prev participe: proclamet / proclamen procrastine > Infinitive: procrastine
Present: io procrastine, procrastines, procrastinet, procrastinems, yu procrastinet(e), procrastinent
Preterit: procrastinim, procrastinist(a), procrastinit, procrastinam, procrastinat, procrastineer
Future tid: procrastinesiem, procrastinesies, procrastinesiet, procrastinesiem(o)s, yu procrastinesiete, procrastinesient
Conditional: procrastiniem, procrastinies, procrastiniet, procrastiniem(o)s, yu procrastiniete, procrastinient
Prev participe: procrastinet / procrastinen procree > Infinitive: procree
Present: io procree, procrees, procreet, procreems, yu procreet(e), procreent
Preterit: procreim, procreist(a), procreit, procream, procreat, procreeer
Future tid: procreesiem, procreesies, procreesiet, procreesiem(o)s, yu procreesiete, procreesient
Conditional: procreiem, procreies, procreiet, procreiem(o)s, yu procreiete, procreient
Prev participe: procreet / procreen procure > Infinitive: procure
Present: io procure, procures, procuret, procurems, yu procuret(e), procurent
Preterit: procurim, procurist(a), procurit, procuram, procurat, procureer
Future tid: procuresiem, procuresies, procuresiet, procuresiem(o)s, yu procuresiete, procuresient
Conditional: procuriem, procuries, procuriet, procuriem(o)s, yu procuriete, procurient
Prev participe: procuret / procuren prodah > Infinitive: prodahe
Present: prodahm, prodahs, prodaht, prodahm(o)s, yu prodaht(e), prodahnt
Preterit: prodahsim, prodahst(a), prodahsit, prodahsam, prodahsat, prodahr
Future tid: prodahsiem, prodahsies, prodahsiet, prodahsiem(o)s, yu prodahsiete, prodahsient
Conditional: prodahiem, prodahies, prodahiet, prodahiem(o)s, yu prodahiete, prodahient
Prev participe: prodaht / prodahn produc > Infinitive: produce
Present: produco, producs, product, producm(o)s, yu product(e), produce(nt)
Preterit: producim, produc(i)st(a), producit, producam, producat, produceer
Future tid: producsiem, producsies, producsiet, producsiem(o)s, yu producsiete, producsient
Conditional: produciem, producies, produciet, produciem(o)s, yu produciete, producient
Prev participe: product / producen profite > Infinitive: profite
Present: io profite, profites, profitet, profitems, yu profitet(e), profitent
Preterit: profitim, profitist(a), profitit, profitam, profitat, profiteer
Future tid: profitesiem, profitesies, profitesiet, profitesiem(o)s, yu profitesiete, profitesient
Conditional: profitiem, profities, profitiet, profitiem(o)s, yu profitiete, profitient
Prev participe: profitet / profiten profume > Infinitive: profume
Present: io profume, profumes, profumet, profumems, yu profumet(e), profument
Preterit: profumim, profumist(a), profumit, profumam, profumat, profumeer
Future tid: profumesiem, profumesies, profumesiet, profumesiem(o)s, yu profumesiete, profumesient
Conditional: profumiem, profumies, profumiet, profumiem(o)s, yu profumiete, profumient
Prev participe: profumet / profumen programme > Infinitive: programme
Present: io programme, programmes, programmet, programmems, yu programmet(e), programment
Preterit: programmim, programmist(a), programmit, programmam, programmat, programmeer
Future tid: programmesiem, programmesies, programmesiet, programmesiem(o)s, yu programmesiete, programmesient
Conditional: programmiem, programmies, programmiet, programmiem(o)s, yu programmiete, programmient
Prev participe: programmet / programmen prohibeih > Infinitive: prohibihes
Present: prohibeihm, prohibeihs, prohibeiht, prohibeihm(o)s, yu prohibeiht(e), prohibeihnt
Preterit: prohibihsim, prohibihst(a), prohibihsit, prohibihsam, prohibihsat, prohibihr
Future tid: prohibeihsiem, prohibeihsies, prohibeihsiet, prohibeihsiem(o)s, yu prohibeihsiete, prohibeihsient
Conditional: prohibeihiem, prohibeihies, prohibeihiet, prohibeihiem(o)s, yu prohibeihiete, prohibeihient
Prev participe: prohibiht / prohibihn proid > Infinitive: proide
Present: proido, proids, proidt, proidm(o)s, yu proidt(e), proide(nt)
Preterit: proisim, prois(i)st(a), proisit, proisam, proisat, proiseer
Future tid: proidsiem, proidsies, proidsiet, proidsiem(o)s, yu proidsiete, proidsient
Conditional: proidiem, proidies, proidiet, proidiem(o)s, yu proidiete, proidient
Prev participe: prois / proiden projec > Infinitive: projece
Present: projeco, projecs, project, projecm(o)s, yu project(e), projece(nt)
Preterit: projecim, projec(i)st(a), projecit, projecam, projecat, projeceer
Future tid: projecsiem, projecsies, projecsiet, projecsiem(o)s, yu projecsiete, projecsient
Conditional: projeciem, projecies, projeciet, projeciem(o)s, yu projeciete, projecient
Prev participe: project / projecen prokal > Infinitive: prokale
Present: prokalo, prokals, prokalt, prokalm(o)s, yu prokalt(e), prokale(nt)
Preterit: prokielim, prokiel(i)st(a), prokielit, prokielam, prokielat, prokieleer
Future tid: prokalsiem, prokalsies, prokalsiet, prokalsiem(o)s, yu prokalsiete, prokalsient
Conditional: prokaliem, prokalies, prokaliet, prokaliem(o)s, yu prokaliete, prokalient
Prev participe: prokalt / prokalen prolifere > Infinitive: prolifere
Present: io prolifere, proliferes, proliferet, proliferems, yu proliferet(e), proliferent
Preterit: proliferim, proliferist(a), proliferit, proliferam, proliferat, prolifereer
Future tid: proliferesiem, proliferesies, proliferesiet, proliferesiem(o)s, yu proliferesiete, proliferesient
Conditional: proliferiem, proliferies, proliferiet, proliferiem(o)s, yu proliferiete, proliferient
Prev participe: proliferet / proliferen prolonge > Infinitive: prolonge
Present: io prolonge, prolonges, prolonget, prolongems, yu prolonget(e), prolongent
Preterit: prolongim, prolongist(a), prolongit, prolongeam, prolongeat, prolongeer
Future tid: prolongesiem, prolongesies, prolongesiet, prolongesiem(o)s, yu prolongesiete, prolongesient
Conditional: prolongiem, prolongies, prolongiet, prolongiem(o)s, yu prolongiete, prolongient
Prev participe: prolonget / prolongen promene > Infinitive: promene
Present: io promene, promenes, promenet, promenems, yu promenet(e), promenent
Preterit: promenim, promenist(a), promenit, promenam, promenat, promeneer
Future tid: promenesiem, promenesies, promenesiet, promenesiem(o)s, yu promenesiete, promenesient
Conditional: promeniem, promenies, promeniet, promeniem(o)s, yu promeniete, promenient
Prev participe: promenet / promenen promitt > Infinitive: promitte
Present: promitto, promitts, promitt, promittm(o)s, yu promitte, promitte(nt)
Preterit: promissim, promiss(i)st(a), promissit, promissam, promissat, promisseer
Future tid: promittsiem, promittsies, promittsiet, promittsiem(o)s, yu promittsiete, promittsient
Conditional: promittiem, promitties, promittiet, promittiem(o)s, yu promittiete, promittient
Prev participe: promiss / promitten promov > Infinitive: promove
Present: promovo, promovs, promovt, promovm(o)s, yu promovt(e), promove(nt)
Preterit: promovim, promov(i)st(a), promovit, promovam, promovat, promoveer
Future tid: promovsiem, promovsies, promovsiet, promovsiem(o)s, yu promovsiete, promovsient
Conditional: promoviem, promovies, promoviet, promoviem(o)s, yu promoviete, promovient
Prev participe: promot / promoven pronunce > Infinitive: pronunce
Present: io pronunce, pronunces, pronuncet, pronuncems, yu pronuncet(e), pronuncent
Preterit: pronuncim, pronuncist(a), pronuncit, pronunceam, pronunceat, pronunceer
Future tid: pronuncesiem, pronuncesies, pronuncesiet, pronuncesiem(o)s, yu pronuncesiete, pronuncesient
Conditional: pronunciem, pronuncies, pronunciet, pronunciem(o)s, yu pronunciete, pronuncient
Prev participe: pronuncet / pronuncen propage > Infinitive: propage
Present: io propage, propages, propaget, propagems, yu propaget(e), propagent
Preterit: propagim, propagist(a), propagit, propageam, propageat, propageer
Future tid: propagesiem, propagesies, propagesiet, propagesiem(o)s, yu propagesiete, propagesient
Conditional: propagiem, propagies, propagiet, propagiem(o)s, yu propagiete, propagient
Prev participe: propaget / propagen prophetie > Infinitive: prophetie
Present: io prophetie, propheties, prophetiet, prophetiems, yu prophetiet(e), prophetient
Preterit: propheticim, prophetiest, propheticit, prophetiam, prophetiat, prophetier
Future tid: prophetiesiem, prophetiesies, prophetiesiet, prophetiesiem(o)s, yu prophetiesiete, prophetiesient
Conditional: propheticiem, propheticies, propheticiet, propheticiem(o)s, yu propheticiete, propheticient
Prev participe: prophetiet / prophetien proposen > Infinitive: propones
Present: propono, propons, propont, proponm(o)s, yu propont(e), propone(nt)
Preterit: proposim, propos(i)st(a), proposit, proposam, proposat, proposeer
Future tid: proponsiem, proponsies, proponsiet, proponsiem(o)s, yu proponsiete, proponsient
Conditional: proponiem, proponies, proponiet, proponiem(o)s, yu proponiete, proponient
Prev participe: propost / proposen proschkehmb > Infinitive: proschkehmbe
Present: proschkehmbo, proschkehmps, proschkehmpt, proschkehmbm(o)s, yu proschkehmpt(e), proschkehmbe(nt)
Preterit: proschkohmbim, proschkohmb(i)st(a), proschkohmbit, proschkohmbam, proschkohmbat, proschkohmbeer
Future tid: proschkehmpsiem, proschkehmpsies, proschkehmpsiet, proschkehmpsiem(o)s, yu proschkehmpsiete, proschkehmpsient
Conditional: proschkehmbiem, proschkehmbies, proschkehmbiet, proschkehmbiem(o)s, yu proschkehmbiete, proschkehmbient
Prev participe: proschkohmpt / proschkohmben prospec > Infinitive: prospece
Present: prospeco, prospecs, prospect, prospecm(o)s, yu prospect(e), prospece(nt)
Preterit: prospecim, prospec(i)st(a), prospecit, prospecam, prospecat, prospeceer
Future tid: prospecsiem, prospecsies, prospecsiet, prospecsiem(o)s, yu prospecsiete, prospecsient
Conditional: prospeciem, prospecies, prospeciet, prospeciem(o)s, yu prospeciete, prospecient
Prev participe: prospect / prospecen prostre > Infinitive: prostre
Present: io prostre, prostres, prostret, prostrems, yu prostret(e), prostrent
Preterit: prostrim, prostrist(a), prostrit, prostram, prostrat, prostreer
Future tid: prostresiem, prostresies, prostresiet, prostresiem(o)s, yu prostresiete, prostresient
Conditional: prostriem, prostries, prostriet, prostriem(o)s, yu prostriete, prostrient
Prev participe: prostret / prostren proteg > Infinitive: protege
Present: protego, protecs, protect, protegm(o)s, yu protect(e), protege(nt)
Preterit: protegim, proteg(i)st(a), protegit, protegam, protegat, protegeer
Future tid: protecsiem, protecsies, protecsiet, protecsiem(o)s, yu protecsiete, protecsient
Conditional: protegiem, protegies, protegiet, protegiem(o)s, yu protegiete, protegient
Prev participe: protect / protegen proteste > Infinitive: proteste
Present: io proteste, protestes, protestet, protestems, yu protestet(e), protestent
Preterit: protestim, protestist(a), protestit, protestam, protestat, protesteer
Future tid: protestesiem, protestesies, protestesiet, protestesiem(o)s, yu protestesiete, protestesient
Conditional: protestiem, protesties, protestiet, protestiem(o)s, yu protestiete, protestient
Prev participe: protestet / protesten protiag > Infinitive: protiage
Present: protiago, protiacs, protiact, protiagm(o)s, yu protiact(e), protiage(nt)
Preterit: protiiegim, protiieg(i)st(a), protiiegit, protiiegam, protiiegat, protiiegeer
Future tid: protiacsiem, protiacsies, protiacsiet, protiacsiem(o)s, yu protiacsiete, protiacsient
Conditional: protiagiem, protiagies, protiagiet, protiagiem(o)s, yu protiagiete, protiagient
Prev participe: protiact / protiagen protiebeud > Infinitive: protiebudes
Present: protiebeudo, protiebeuds, protiebeudt, protiebeudm(o)s, yu protiebeudt(e), protiebeude(nt)
Preterit: protiebudim, protiebud(i)st(a), protiebudit, protiebudam, protiebudat, protiebudeer
Future tid: protiebeudsiem, protiebeudsies, protiebeudsiet, protiebeudsiem(o)s, yu protiebeudsiete, protiebeudsient
Conditional: protiebeudiem, protiebeudies, protiebeudiet, protiebeudiem(o)s, yu protiebeudiete, protiebeudient
Prev participe: protiebudt / protiebuden protiedar > Infinitive: protiedare
Present: protiedaro, protiedars, protiedart, protiedarm(o)s, yu protiedart(e), protiedare(nt)
Preterit: protiedierim, protiedier(i)st(a), protiedierit, protiedieram, protiedierat, protiediereer
Future tid: protiedarsiem, protiedarsies, protiedarsiet, protiedarsiem(o)s, yu protiedarsiete, protiedarsient
Conditional: protiedariem, protiedaries, protiedariet, protiedariem(o)s, yu protiedariete, protiedarient
Prev participe: protiedart / protiedaren protiedeh > Infinitive: protiedehe
Present: protiedehm, protiedehs, protiedeht, protiedehm(o)s, yu protiedeht(e), protiedehnt
Preterit: protiedehsim, protiedehst(a), protiedehsit, protiedehsam, protiedehsat, protiedehr
Future tid: protiedehsiem, protiedehsies, protiedehsiet, protiedehsiem(o)s, yu protiedehsiete, protiedehsient
Conditional: protiedehiem, protiedehies, protiedehiet, protiedehiem(o)s, yu protiedehiete, protiedehient
Prev participe: protiedeht / protiedehn protiekyeuk > Infinitive: protiekyukes
Present: protiekyeuko, protiekyeucs, protiekyeuct, protiekyeukm(o)s, yu protiekyeuct(e), protiekyeuke(nt)
Preterit: protiekyukim, protiekyuk(i)st(a), protiekyukit, protiekyukam, protiekyukat, protiekyukeer
Future tid: protiekyeucsiem, protiekyeucsies, protiekyeucsiet, protiekyeucsiem(o)s, yu protiekyeucsiete, protiekyeucsient
Conditional: protiekyeukiem, protiekyeukies, protiekyeukiet, protiekyeukiem(o)s, yu protiekyeukiete, protiekyeukient
Prev participe: protiekyuct / protiekyuken protietrag > Infinitive: protietrage
Present: protietrago, protietracs, protietract, protietragm(o)s, yu protietract(e), protietrage(nt)
Preterit: protietriegim, protietrieg(i)st(a), protietriegit, protietriegam, protietriegat, protietriegeer
Future tid: protietracsiem, protietracsies, protietracsiet, protietracsiem(o)s, yu protietracsiete, protietracsient
Conditional: protietragiem, protietragies, protietragiet, protietragiem(o)s, yu protietragiete, protietragient
Prev participe: protietract / protietragen protiokw > Infinitive: protiokwe
Present: protiokwo, protiokws, protiokwt, protiokwm(o)s, yu protiokwt(e), protiokwnt
Preterit: protiokwim, protiokwst(a), protiokwit, protiokwam, protiokwat, protiokweer
Future tid: protiokwsiem, protiokwsies, protiokwsiet, protiokwsiem(o)s, yu protiokwsiete, protiokwsient
Conditional: protiokwiem, protiokwies, protiokwiet, protiokwiem(o)s, yu protiokwiete, protiokwient
Prev participe: protiokwt / protiokwn protocolire > Infinitive: protocolire
Present: io protocolire, protocolires, protocoliret, protocolirems, yu protocoliret(e), protocolirent
Preterit: protocolirim, protocolirist(a), protocolirit, protocoliram, protocolirat, protocolireer
Future tid: protocoliresiem, protocoliresies, protocoliresiet, protocoliresiem(o)s, yu protocoliresiete, protocoliresient
Conditional: protocoliriem, protocoliries, protocoliriet, protocoliriem(o)s, yu protocoliriete, protocolirient
Prev participe: protocoliret / protocoliren provid > Infinitive: provide
Present: provido, provids, providt, providm(o)s, yu providt(e), provide(nt)
Preterit: provisim, provis(i)st(a), provisit, provisam, provisat, proviseer
Future tid: providsiem, providsies, providsiet, providsiem(o)s, yu providsiete, providsient
Conditional: providiem, providies, providiet, providiem(o)s, yu providiete, providient
Prev participe: provis / providen provoque > Infinitive: provoque
Present: io provoque, provoques, provoquet, provoquems, yu provoquet(e), provoquent
Preterit: provoquim, provoquist(a), provoquit, provoquam, provoquat, provoqueer
Future tid: provoquesiem, provoquesies, provoquesiet, provoquesiem(o)s, yu provoquesiete, provoquesient
Conditional: provoquiem, provoquies, provoquiet, provoquiem(o)s, yu provoquiete, provoquient
Prev participe: provoquet / provoquen prue > Infinitive: prue
Present: io prue, prues, pruet, pruems, yu pruet(e), pruent
Preterit: pruim, pruist(a), pruit, pruam, pruat, prueer
Future tid: pruesiem, pruesies, pruesiet, pruesiem(o)s, yu pruesiete, pruesient
Conditional: pruiem, pruies, pruiet, pruiem(o)s, yu pruiete, pruient
Prev participe: pruet / pruen psalmodie > Infinitive: psalmodie
Present: io psalmodie, psalmodies, psalmodiet, psalmodiems, yu psalmodiet(e), psalmodient
Preterit: psalmodicim, psalmodiest, psalmodicit, psalmodiam, psalmodiat, psalmodier
Future tid: psalmodiesiem, psalmodiesies, psalmodiesiet, psalmodiesiem(o)s, yu psalmodiesiete, psalmodiesient
Conditional: psalmodiciem, psalmodicies, psalmodiciet, psalmodiciem(o)s, yu psalmodiciete, psalmodicient
Prev participe: psalmodiet / psalmodien publie > Infinitive: publie
Present: io publie, publies, publiet, publiems, yu publiet(e), publient
Preterit: publicim, publiest, publicit, publiam, publiat, publier
Future tid: publiesiem, publiesies, publiesiet, publiesiem(o)s, yu publiesiete, publiesient
Conditional: publiciem, publicies, publiciet, publiciem(o)s, yu publiciete, publicient
Prev participe: publiet / publien pukukyah > Infinitive: pukukyahe
Present: pukukyahm, pukukyahs, pukukyaht, pukukyahm(o)s, yu pukukyaht(e), pukukyahnt
Preterit: pukukyahsim, pukukyahst(a), pukukyahsit, pukukyahsam, pukukyahsat, pukukyahr
Future tid: pukukyahsiem, pukukyahsies, pukukyahsiet, pukukyahsiem(o)s, yu pukukyahsiete, pukukyahsient
Conditional: pukukyahiem, pukukyahies, pukukyahiet, pukukyahiem(o)s, yu pukukyahiete, pukukyahient
Prev participe: pukukyaht / pukukyahn pulse > Infinitive: pulse
Present: io pulse, pulses, pulset, pulsems, yu pulset(e), pulsent
Preterit: pulsim, pulsist(a), pulsit, pulsam, pulsat, pulseer
Future tid: pulsesiem, pulsesies, pulsesiet, pulsesiem(o)s, yu pulsesiete, pulsesient
Conditional: pulsiem, pulsies, pulsiet, pulsiem(o)s, yu pulsiete, pulsient
Prev participe: pulset / pulsen pumped > Infinitive: pumpede
Present: pumpedo, pumpeds, pumpedt, pumpedm(o)s, yu pumpedt(e), pumpede(nt)
Preterit: pumpesim, pumpes(i)st(a), pumpesit, pumpesam, pumpesat, pumpeseer
Future tid: pumpedsiem, pumpedsies, pumpedsiet, pumpedsiem(o)s, yu pumpedsiete, pumpedsient
Conditional: pumpediem, pumpedies, pumpediet, pumpediem(o)s, yu pumpediete, pumpedient
Prev participe: pumpes / pumpeden punctue > Infinitive: punctue
Present: io punctue, punctues, punctuet, punctuems, yu punctuet(e), punctuent
Preterit: punctuim, punctuist(a), punctuit, punctuam, punctuat, punctueer
Future tid: punctuesiem, punctuesies, punctuesiet, punctuesiem(o)s, yu punctuesiete, punctuesient
Conditional: punctuiem, punctuies, punctuiet, punctuiem(o)s, yu punctuiete, punctuient
Prev participe: punctuet / punctuen pusc > Infinitive: pusce
Present: pusco, puscs, pusct, puscm(o)s, yu pusct(e), pusce(nt)
Preterit: puscim, pusc(i)st(a), puscit, puscam, puscat, pusceer
Future tid: puscsiem, puscsies, puscsiet, puscsiem(o)s, yu puscsiete, puscsient
Conditional: pusciem, puscies, pusciet, pusciem(o)s, yu pusciete, puscient
Prev participe: pusct / puscen pussire > Infinitive: pussire
Present: io pussire, pussires, pussiret, pussirems, yu pussiret(e), pussirent
Preterit: pussirim, pussirist(a), pussirit, pussiram, pussirat, pussireer
Future tid: pussiresiem, pussiresies, pussiresiet, pussiresiem(o)s, yu pussiresiete, pussiresient
Conditional: pussiriem, pussiries, pussiriet, pussiriem(o)s, yu pussiriete, pussirient
Prev participe: pussiret / pussiren puwen > Infinitive: puwnes
Present: puwno, puwns, puwnt, puwnm(o)s, yu puwnt(e), puwne(nt)
Preterit: puwim, puwst(a), puwit, puwam, puwat, puweer
Future tid: puwnsiem, puwnsies, puwnsiet, puwnsiem(o)s, yu puwnsiete, puwnsient
Conditional: puwniem, puwnies, puwniet, puwniem(o)s, yu puwniete, puwnient
Prev participe: puwt / puwen pux > Infinitive: puxe
Present: puxo, puxs, puxt, puxm(o)s, yu puxt(e), puxe(nt)
Preterit: puxim, pux(i)st(a), puxit, puxam, puxat, puxeer
Future tid: siem puxe, sies puxe, siet puxe, siem(o)s puxe, yu siete puxe, sient puxe
Conditional: puxiem, puxies, puxiet, puxiem(o)s, yu puxiete, puxient
Prev participe: puxt / puxen qualifie > Infinitive: qualifie
Present: io qualifie, qualifies, qualifiet, qualifiems, yu qualifiet(e), qualifient
Preterit: qualificim, qualifiest, qualificit, qualifiam, qualifiat, qualifier
Future tid: qualifiesiem, qualifiesies, qualifiesiet, qualifiesiem(o)s, yu qualifiesiete, qualifiesient
Conditional: qualificiem, qualificies, qualificiet, qualificiem(o)s, yu qualificiete, qualificient
Prev participe: qualifiet / qualifien quapt > Infinitive: quapte
Present: quapto, quapts, quapt, quaptm(o)s, yu quapte, quapte(nt)
Preterit: quieptim, quiept(i)st(a), quieptit, quieptam, quieptat, quiepteer
Future tid: quaptsiem, quaptsies, quaptsiet, quaptsiem(o)s, yu quaptsiete, quaptsient
Conditional: quaptiem, quapties, quaptiet, quaptiem(o)s, yu quaptiete, quaptient
Prev participe: quapt / quapten rab > Infinitive: rabe
Present: rabo, raps, rapt, rabm(o)s, yu rapt(e), rabe(nt)
Preterit: riebim, rieb(i)st(a), riebit, riebam, riebat, riebeer
Future tid: rapsiem, rapsies, rapsiet, rapsiem(o)s, yu rapsiete, rapsient
Conditional: rabiem, rabies, rabiet, rabiem(o)s, yu rabiete, rabient
Prev participe: rapt / raben rabar > Infinitive: rabare
Present: rabaro, rabars, rabart, rabarm(o)s, yu rabart(e), rabare(nt)
Preterit: rabierim, rabier(i)st(a), rabierit, rabieram, rabierat, rabiereer
Future tid: rabarsiem, rabarsies, rabarsiet, rabarsiem(o)s, yu rabarsiete, rabarsient
Conditional: rabariem, rabaries, rabariet, rabariem(o)s, yu rabariete, rabarient
Prev participe: rabart / rabaren racketire > Infinitive: racketire
Present: io racketire, racketires, racketiret, racketirems, yu racketiret(e), racketirent
Preterit: racketirim, racketirist(a), racketirit, racketiram, racketirat, racketireer
Future tid: racketiresiem, racketiresies, racketiresiet, racketiresiem(o)s, yu racketiresiete, racketiresient
Conditional: racketiriem, racketiries, racketiriet, racketiriem(o)s, yu racketiriete, racketirient
Prev participe: racketiret / racketiren radh > Infinitive: radhe
Present: radho, radhs, radht, radhm(o)s, yu radht(e), radhe(nt)
Preterit: riedhim, riedh(i)st(a), riedhit, riedham, riedhat, riedheer
Future tid: radhsiem, radhsies, radhsiet, radhsiem(o)s, yu radhsiete, radhsient
Conditional: radhiem, radhies, radhiet, radhiem(o)s, yu radhiete, radhient
Prev participe: radht / radhen radicalise > Infinitive: radicalise
Present: io radicalise, radicalises, radicaliset, radicalisems, yu radicaliset(e), radicalisent
Preterit: radicalisim, radicalisist(a), radicalisit, radicalisam, radicalisat, radicaliseer
Future tid: radicalisesiem, radicalisesies, radicalisesiet, radicalisesiem(o)s, yu radicalisesiete, radicalisesient
Conditional: radicalisiem, radicalisies, radicalisiet, radicalisiem(o)s, yu radicalisiete, radicalisient
Prev participe: radicaliset / radicalisen raffine > Infinitive: raffine
Present: io raffine, raffines, raffinet, raffinems, yu raffinet(e), raffinent
Preterit: raffinim, raffinist(a), raffinit, raffinam, raffinat, raffineer
Future tid: raffinesiem, raffinesies, raffinesiet, raffinesiem(o)s, yu raffinesiete, raffinesient
Conditional: raffiniem, raffinies, raffiniet, raffiniem(o)s, yu raffiniete, raffinient
Prev participe: raffinet / raffinen ragh > Infinitive: raghe
Present: ragho, raghs, raght, raghm(o)s, yu raght(e), raghe(nt)
Preterit: rieghim, riegh(i)st(a), rieghit, riegham, rieghat, riegheer
Future tid: raghsiem, raghsies, raghsiet, raghsiem(o)s, yu raghsiete, raghsient
Conditional: raghiem, raghies, raghiet, raghiem(o)s, yu raghiete, raghient
Prev participe: raght / raghen rah > Infinitive: rahe
Present: rahm, rahs, raht, rahm(o)s, yu raht(e), rahnt
Preterit: rahsim, rahst(a), rahsit, rahsam, rahsat, rahr
Future tid: rahsiem, rahsies, rahsiet, rahsiem(o)s, yu rahsiete, rahsient
Conditional: rahiem, rahies, rahiet, rahiem(o)s, yu rahiete, rahient
Prev participe: raht / rahn rahat > Infinitive: rahate
Present: rahato, rahats, rahat, rahatm(o)s, yu rahate, rahate(nt)
Preterit: rahietim, rahiet(i)st(a), rahietit, rahietam, rahietat, rahieteer
Future tid: rahatsiem, rahatsies, rahatsiet, rahatsiem(o)s, yu rahatsiete, rahatsient
Conditional: rahatiem, rahaties, rahatiet, rahatiem(o)s, yu rahatiete, rahatient
Prev participe: rahat / rahaten rahimat > Infinitive: rahimate
Present: rahimato, rahimats, rahimat, rahimatm(o)s, yu rahimate, rahimate(nt)
Preterit: rahimietim, rahimiet(i)st(a), rahimietit, rahimietam, rahimietat, rahimieteer
Future tid: rahimatsiem, rahimatsies, rahimatsiet, rahimatsiem(o)s, yu rahimatsiete, rahimatsient
Conditional: rahimatiem, rahimaties, rahimatiet, rahimatiem(o)s, yu rahimatiete, rahimatient
Prev participe: rahimat / rahimaten raison > Infinitive: raisone
Present: raisono, raisons, raisont, raisonm(o)s, yu raisont(e), raisone(nt)
Preterit: raisonim, raison(i)st(a), raisonit, raisonam, raisonat, raisoneer
Future tid: raisonsiem, raisonsies, raisonsiet, raisonsiem(o)s, yu raisonsiete, raisonsient
Conditional: raisoniem, raisonies, raisoniet, raisoniem(o)s, yu raisoniete, raisonient
Prev participe: raisont / raisonen rajem > Infinitive: rajmes
Present: rajmo, rajems, rajemt, rajmm(o)s, yu rajemt(e), rajme(nt)
Preterit: rajim, raj(i)st(a), rajit, rajam, rajat, rajeer
Future tid: rajemsiem, rajemsies, rajemsiet, rajemsiem(o)s, yu rajemsiete, rajemsient
Conditional: rajmiem, rajmies, rajmiet, rajmiem(o)s, yu rajmiete, rajmient
Prev participe: rajt / rajen rakakel > Infinitive: rakakel
Present: io rakakel, rakakels, rakakelt, rakakelms, yu rakakelt, rakakelnt
Preterit: rakieklim, rakieklist, rakieklit, rakiek(e)lam, rakiek(e)lat, rakiek(e)leer
Future tid: rakakelsiem, rakakelsies, rakakelsiet, rakakelsiem(o)s, yu rakakelsiete, rakakelsient
Conditional: rakakeliem, rakakelies, rakakeliet, rakakeliem(o)s, yu rakakeliete, rakakelient
Prev participe: rakakelt / rakakeln rallie > Infinitive: rallie
Present: io rallie, rallies, ralliet, ralliems, yu ralliet(e), rallient
Preterit: rallicim, ralliest, rallicit, ralliam, ralliat, rallier
Future tid: ralliesiem, ralliesies, ralliesiet, ralliesiem(o)s, yu ralliesiete, ralliesient
Conditional: ralliciem, rallicies, ralliciet, ralliciem(o)s, yu ralliciete, rallicient
Prev participe: ralliet / rallien ramal > Infinitive: ramale
Present: ramalo, ramals, ramalt, ramalm(o)s, yu ramalt(e), ramale(nt)
Preterit: ramielim, ramiel(i)st(a), ramielit, ramielam, ramielat, ramieleer
Future tid: ramalsiem, ramalsies, ramalsiet, ramalsiem(o)s, yu ramalsiete, ramalsient
Conditional: ramaliem, ramalies, ramaliet, ramaliem(o)s, yu ramaliete, ramalient
Prev participe: ramalt / ramalen rand > Infinitive: rande
Present: rando, rands, randt, randm(o)s, yu randt(e), rande(nt)
Preterit: riendim, riend(i)st(a), riendit, riendam, riendat, riendeer
Future tid: randsiem, randsies, randsiet, randsiem(o)s, yu randsiete, randsient
Conditional: randiem, randies, randiet, randiem(o)s, yu randiete, randient
Prev participe: rans / randen ranew > Infinitive: ranwes
Present: ranwo, ranws, ranwt, ranwm(o)s, yu ranwt(e), ranwnt
Preterit: rawim, rawst(a), rawit, rawam, rawat, raweer
Future tid: ranwsiem, ranwsies, ranwsiet, ranwsiem(o)s, yu ranwsiete, ranwsient
Conditional: ranwiem, ranwies, ranwiet, ranwiem(o)s, yu ranwiete, ranwient
Prev participe: rawt / rawen rappel > Infinitive: rappel
Present: io rappel, rappels, rappelt, rappelms, yu rappelt, rappelnt
Preterit: riepplim, riepplist, riepplit, riepp(e)lam, riepp(e)lat, riepp(e)leer
Future tid: rappelsiem, rappelsies, rappelsiet, rappelsiem(o)s, yu rappelsiete, rappelsient
Conditional: rappeliem, rappelies, rappeliet, rappeliem(o)s, yu rappeliete, rappelient
Prev participe: rappelt / rappeln rapproche > Infinitive: rapproche
Present: io rapproche, rapproches, rapprochet, rapprochems, yu rapprochet(e), rapprochent
Preterit: rapprochim, rapprochist(a), rapprochit, rapprocham, rapprochat, rapprocheer
Future tid: rapprochesiem, rapprochesies, rapprochesiet, rapprochesiem(o)s, yu rapprochesiete, rapprochesient
Conditional: rapprochiem, rapprochies, rapprochiet, rapprochiem(o)s, yu rapprochiete, rapprochient
Prev participe: rapprochet / rapprochen rapt > Infinitive: rapte
Present: rapto, rapts, rapt, raptm(o)s, yu rapte, rapte(nt)
Preterit: rieptim, riept(i)st(a), rieptit, rieptam, rieptat, riepteer
Future tid: raptsiem, raptsies, raptsiet, raptsiem(o)s, yu raptsiete, raptsient
Conditional: raptiem, rapties, raptiet, raptiem(o)s, yu raptiete, raptient
Prev participe: rapt / rapten rarz > Infinitive: rarze
Present: rarzo, rarzs, rarzt, rarzm(o)s, yu rarzt(e), rarze(nt)
Preterit: rierzim, rierz(i)st(a), rierzit, rierzam, rierzat, rierzeer
Future tid: siem rarze, sies rarze, siet rarze, siem(o)s rarze, yu siete rarze, sient rarze
Conditional: rarziem, rarzies, rarziet, rarziem(o)s, yu rarziete, rarzient
Prev participe: rarzt / rarzen rase > Infinitive: rase
Present: io rase, rases, raset, rasems, yu raset(e), rasent
Preterit: rasim, rasist(a), rasit, rasam, rasat, raseer
Future tid: rasesiem, rasesies, rasesiet, rasesiem(o)s, yu rasesiete, rasesient
Conditional: rasiem, rasies, rasiet, rasiem(o)s, yu rasiete, rasient
Prev participe: raset / rasen rasp > Infinitive: raspe
Present: raspo, rasps, raspt, raspm(o)s, yu raspt(e), raspe(nt)
Preterit: riespim, riesp(i)st(a), riespit, riespam, riespat, riespeer
Future tid: siem raspe, sies raspe, siet raspe, siem(o)s raspe, yu siete raspe, sient raspe
Conditional: raspiem, raspies, raspiet, raspiem(o)s, yu raspiete, raspient
Prev participe: raspt / raspen rassure > Infinitive: rassure
Present: io rassure, rassures, rassuret, rassurems, yu rassuret(e), rassurent
Preterit: rassurim, rassurist(a), rassurit, rassuram, rassurat, rassureer
Future tid: rassuresiem, rassuresies, rassuresiet, rassuresiem(o)s, yu rassuresiete, rassuresient
Conditional: rassuriem, rassuries, rassuriet, rassuriem(o)s, yu rassuriete, rassurient
Prev participe: rassuret / rassuren ratifie > Infinitive: ratifie
Present: io ratifie, ratifies, ratifiet, ratifiems, yu ratifiet(e), ratifient
Preterit: ratificim, ratifiest, ratificit, ratifiam, ratifiat, ratifier
Future tid: ratifiesiem, ratifiesies, ratifiesiet, ratifiesiem(o)s, yu ratifiesiete, ratifiesient
Conditional: ratificiem, ratificies, ratificiet, ratificiem(o)s, yu ratificiete, ratificient
Prev participe: ratifiet / ratifien raubh > Infinitive: raubhe
Present: raubho, raubhs, raubht, raubhm(o)s, yu raubht(e), raubhe(nt)
Preterit: raubhim, raubh(i)st(a), raubhit, raubham, raubhat, raubheer
Future tid: raubhsiem, raubhsies, raubhsiet, raubhsiem(o)s, yu raubhsiete, raubhsient
Conditional: raubhiem, raubhies, raubhiet, raubhiem(o)s, yu raubhiete, raubhient
Prev participe: raubht / raubhen rauf > Infinitive: raufe
Present: raufo, raufs, rauft, raufm(o)s, yu rauft(e), raufe(nt)
Preterit: raufim, rauf(i)st(a), raufit, raufam, raufat, raufeer
Future tid: raufsiem, raufsies, raufsiet, raufsiem(o)s, yu raufsiete, raufsient
Conditional: raufiem, raufies, raufiet, raufiem(o)s, yu raufiete, raufient
Prev participe: rauft / raufen ravan > Infinitive: ravane
Present: ravano, ravans, ravant, ravanm(o)s, yu ravant(e), ravane(nt)
Preterit: ravienim, ravien(i)st(a), ravienit, ravienam, ravienat, ravieneer
Future tid: ravansiem, ravansies, ravansiet, ravansiem(o)s, yu ravansiete, ravansient
Conditional: ravaniem, ravanies, ravaniet, ravaniem(o)s, yu ravaniete, ravanient
Prev participe: ravant / ravanen razzye > Infinitive: razzye
Present: io razzye, razzyes, razzyet, razzyems, yu razzyet(e), razzyent
Preterit: razzyim, razzyist(a), razzyit, razzyam, razzyat, razzyeer
Future tid: razzyesiem, razzyesies, razzyesiet, razzyesiem(o)s, yu razzyesiete, razzyesient
Conditional: razzyiem, razzyies, razzyiet, razzyiem(o)s, yu razzyiete, razzyient
Prev participe: razzyet / razzyen re > Infinitive: re
Present: io re, res, ret, rems, yu ret(e), rent
Preterit: rim, rist(a), rit, ram, rat, reer
Future tid: resiem, resies, resiet, resiem(o)s, yu resiete, resient
Conditional: riem, ries, riet, riem(o)s, yu riete, rient
Prev participe: ret / ren reag > Infinitive: reage
Present: reago, reacs, react, reagm(o)s, yu react(e), reage(nt)
Preterit: reiegim, reieg(i)st(a), reiegit, reiegam, reiegat, reiegeer
Future tid: reacsiem, reacsies, reacsiet, reacsiem(o)s, yu reacsiete, reacsient
Conditional: reagiem, reagies, reagiet, reagiem(o)s, yu reagiete, reagient
Prev participe: react / reagen realise > Infinitive: realise
Present: io realise, realises, realiset, realisems, yu realiset(e), realisent
Preterit: realisim, realisist(a), realisit, realisam, realisat, realiseer
Future tid: realisesiem, realisesies, realisesiet, realisesiem(o)s, yu realisesiete, realisesient
Conditional: realisiem, realisies, realisiet, realisiem(o)s, yu realisiete, realisient
Prev participe: realiset / realisen recep > Infinitive: recepe
Present: recepo, receps, recept, recepm(o)s, yu recept(e), recepe(nt)
Preterit: recepim, recep(i)st(a), recepit, recepam, recepat, recepeer
Future tid: recepsiem, recepsies, recepsiet, recepsiem(o)s, yu recepsiete, recepsient
Conditional: recepiem, recepies, recepiet, recepiem(o)s, yu recepiete, recepient
Prev participe: recept / recepen recharge > Infinitive: recharge
Present: io recharge, recharges, recharget, rechargems, yu recharget(e), rechargent
Preterit: rechargim, rechargist(a), rechargit, rechargeam, rechargeat, rechargeer
Future tid: rechargesiem, rechargesies, rechargesiet, rechargesiem(o)s, yu rechargesiete, rechargesient
Conditional: rechargiem, rechargies, rechargiet, rechargiem(o)s, yu rechargiete, rechargient
Prev participe: recharget / rechargen recite > Infinitive: recite
Present: io recite, recites, recitet, recitems, yu recitet(e), recitent
Preterit: recitim, recitist(a), recitit, recitam, recitat, reciteer
Future tid: recitesiem, recitesies, recitesiet, recitesiem(o)s, yu recitesiete, recitesient
Conditional: recitiem, recities, recitiet, recitiem(o)s, yu recitiete, recitient
Prev participe: recitet / reciten recogneih > Infinitive: recognihes
Present: recogneihm, recogneihs, recogneiht, recogneihm(o)s, yu recogneiht(e), recogneihnt
Preterit: recognihsim, recognihst(a), recognihsit, recognihsam, recognihsat, recognihr
Future tid: recogneihsiem, recogneihsies, recogneihsiet, recogneihsiem(o)s, yu recogneihsiete, recogneihsient
Conditional: recogneihiem, recogneihies, recogneihiet, recogneihiem(o)s, yu recogneihiete, recogneihient
Prev participe: recogniht / recognihn recommande > Infinitive: recommande
Present: io recommande, recommandes, recommandet, recommandems, yu recommandet(e), recommandent
Preterit: recommandim, recommandist(a), recommandit, recommandam, recommandat, recommandeer
Future tid: recommandesiem, recommandesies, recommandesiet, recommandesiem(o)s, yu recommandesiete, recommandesient
Conditional: recommandiem, recommandies, recommandiet, recommandiem(o)s, yu recommandiete, recommandient
Prev participe: recommandet / recommanden recompense > Infinitive: recompense
Present: io recompense, recompenses, recompenset, recompensems, yu recompenset(e), recompensent
Preterit: recompensim, recompensist(a), recompensit, recompensam, recompensat, recompenseer
Future tid: recompensesiem, recompensesies, recompensesiet, recompensesiem(o)s, yu recompensesiete, recompensesient
Conditional: recompensiem, recompensies, recompensiet, recompensiem(o)s, yu recompensiete, recompensient
Prev participe: recompenset / recompensen recomposen > Infinitive: recompones
Present: recompono, recompons, recompont, recomponm(o)s, yu recompont(e), recompone(nt)
Preterit: recomposim, recompos(i)st(a), recomposit, recomposam, recomposat, recomposeer
Future tid: recomponsiem, recomponsies, recomponsiet, recomponsiem(o)s, yu recomponsiete, recomponsient
Conditional: recomponiem, recomponies, recomponiet, recomponiem(o)s, yu recomponiete, recomponient
Prev participe: recompost / recomposen reconcilye > Infinitive: reconcilye
Present: io reconcilye, reconcilyes, reconcilyet, reconcilyems, yu reconcilyet(e), reconcilyent
Preterit: reconcilyim, reconcilyist(a), reconcilyit, reconcilyam, reconcilyat, reconcilyeer
Future tid: reconcilyesiem, reconcilyesies, reconcilyesiet, reconcilyesiem(o)s, yu reconcilyesiete, reconcilyesient
Conditional: reconcilyiem, reconcilyies, reconcilyiet, reconcilyiem(o)s, yu reconcilyiete, reconcilyient
Prev participe: reconcilyet / reconcilyen reconnaissance > Infinitive: reconnaissance
Present: io reconnaissance, reconnaissances, reconnaissancet, reconnaissancems, yu reconnaissancet(e), reconnaissancent
Preterit: reconnaissancim, reconnaissancist(a), reconnaissancit, reconnaissanceam, reconnaissanceat, reconnaissanceer
Future tid: reconnaissancesiem, reconnaissancesies, reconnaissancesiet, reconnaissancesiem(o)s, yu reconnaissancesiete, reco