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ab 	 by (agent; can turn to “af” before “h”); ab- (verbal prefix) = away, off 

aba 	 homespun (sb ) 

abad 	 eternity ( sb) 

abadic 	 eternal ( adj) 

abalone	(haliotis ) = abalone 

abalorio 	 small glassware 

abandon 	 abandon (sb & vtr) 

abbassi 	 abbassid (adj & sb) 

abbat 	 abbot

abbatia	abbey 

abbrehg	to get out (vulg. !)

abdekhschat 	 to frighten / scare away 

abdeh 	 remove ( vtr ) (to set aside); abdeh y ud x = to rid x of y 

abdeih 	 wean (vtr) 

abdeil 	 department (sb) (store; section) 

abdication	abdication

abdomen 	 abdomen (sb) 

abeih 	 to make off, to flee 

aberration	aberration

abfeug + acc	 shirk ( vpr ) 

abfug 	 running away (of a child; sb) 

abgeir 	 ( to ) turn around (vint ) 

abghend	( abghènd ) = get rid of ( vpr ) 

abhorr 	 to abhor 

abieh	x ud y = to exempt y from x

abject 	 sickening (adj) 

abkap 	 to complete (vpr / vtr) 

abkhase	abkhaz

abkwah	to pick up, harness (vtr)

ablehnc 	 diflect (vtr; a missile) 

ablinekw 	 abandon, desert (vtr) 

abnegation 	 abnegation (sb ) 

abneih 	 to take away 

abnormal 	 abnormal ( adj ) 

abnus 	 ebony wood 

aboleih 	 abolish (vtr) 

abominable 	 abominable (adj) 

abonn	(+ acc.) = to subscribe to, to buy a season ticket for

abonnent 	 subscriber (adj & sb) 

abonnment 	 subscription ( sb) 

abor 	 to abort 

abordage 	 boarding (of a vessel, sb) 

aborde 	 to board (a vessel) 

aborigine	aborigine

abortion 	 abortion (sb) 

aborto 	 little runt (sb) 

Abou Rhurayb	Abu Ghraib

abpersne	to take to one's heels

Abraham 	 Abraham (npr) 

abrupt 	 abrupt (adj; fig.) 

Abruzzi	( sing) = Abruzzo (mountain ) 

Abruzzo 	 Abruzzo ( region) 

absect rujiow 	 sawed-off shotgun ( sb) 

absent	absent (adj) 

absinth 	 wormwood ( sb) 

absleub 	 to slip away (vint) 

absorb 	 absorb (vtr) 

absorpt energia dose 	 absorbed dosis (total ionizing dose; sb) 

absper 	 bumpy (adj) 

abstauneih 	 stun (vtr) 

abstehm	(+ acc) = refrain from 

abstehmia	abstentionism

absteum 	 evaporate 

absurd 	 absurd (adj) 

abtrigher 	 trigger ( weapon; sb) 

abundant 	 abounding (adj) 

abunde 	 to abound 

abveic 	 to move away 

abveulbh	to get round (a difficulty; sb)

abvolg 	 to show one’s heels (vint) 

abwohndt	(& abwohnden) = roundabout (adj) (path, way) 

abyeis	to shoot (an arrow)

abysse 	 abyss 

acacallis 	 acacallis (sb ) 

acacia 	 acacia 

academia 	 academy 

acatist 	 prayer for the dead 

accelerator	accelerator (sb)

accelere 	 to accelerate 

accent	accent

accentue	to accentuate, stress

accepte	 to accept 

access 	 access 

accident 	 accident (sb) 

accommodant 	 accommodating (adj) 

accompagnement	accompaniment (music)

accompliht	completed (adj) 

accorde	accord (sb & vtr)

accordeon	accordeon

accoste 	 to dock at 

accredite	to accredit

acculturation	acculturation

accurat 	 neat (adj) (well done) 

accusation 	 accusation (sb) 

accuse 	 accuse (vtr) 

Acerbas	Acerbas (npr)

acete 	 vinegar (sb) 

achak 	 uneasiness, malaise (sb) 

achar	pickles ( splu ) 

achi ! 	 achoo ! (onom.) 

achiz 	 unable, powerless 

acid 	 acid ( sb & adj ) 

acolyte 	 acolyte 

acquiesc	(+ acc.) = to acquiesce to 

acquiseih 	 acquire ( vtr ) 

acquit	to acquit 

acrell 	 wash drawing (sb) 

acrobat 	 acrobat (sb) 

acrobatia 	 acrobatic feat (sb) 

acronym	acronym

act 	 act (sb); act os accusation = indictment; Acts im Apostels = Actes des Apôtres

actia	share (finance; sb)

actiasmyehria	shareholding

action	action

actionnaire	shareholder

activa 	 assets (splu) (accounting) 

active substance	active ingredient

activitat 	 activity (sb) 

actor 	 actor (sb) 

actrice 	 actress (sb) 

actualitat 	 news ( splu) 

actuation	lawsuit

actue 	 to proceed (before a court) 

acuscherin 	 midwife (sb) 

acustic tube	speaking tube

acut	acute

ad 	 at (prep) 

adab	good manners ( splu ) 

adadh 	 number (n°; sb ) 

adagio 	 adage (sb) 

adam 	 human (sb) 

adaptive optique	adaptive optics

adarb 	 barricade (sb; parapet between two towers) 

adark 	 scum of reed (sb) 

adarle 	 poppy (sb) 

adawa 	 enmity (sb ) 

adbehr 	 to make an offering of (vtr) 

addeih 	 add (vtr) 

addic	devote (vtr) 

Addis Abeba 	 Addis Ababa (npr) 

addition 	 addition ( sb) 

adduc 	 to end up (place ) 

adequat 	 adequate ( adj ) 

adet 	 habit ( sb ) 

adfall 	 attack, outbreak (illness) 

adglehmer 	 to stick/hang to

adhes	(+ acc.) = to join, to adhere to 

adib 	 literate (adj) 

adic 	 usual (adj) 

Adieu 	 Farewell (interjection) 

adil 	 right (adj) (righteousness)

adjudant-chef	chief warrant officer 

adjudication 		 awarding (sb) 

adjust 	 to adjust 

admahel 	 subpoena 

Admet	Admetus

administre	administer (including drugs)

admiral 	 admiral (sb) 

admire 	 to admire 

admission 	 admission (sb) 

admitt 	 admit (vtr) 

adnehm 	 to award (ex: a medal) 

adobe 	 adobe (brick) 

adon 	 to atone 

Adonis 	 Adonis (npr) 

adopt 	 to adopt 

adoquin 	 cobblestone 

ador 	 wheat (sb) (wide decoccum) 

adore	adore

adorne 	 to bedizen, bedeck 

adpeurt 	 to establish the filiation of 

adrenaline 	 adrenaline ( sb) 

adresse 	 address (sb) 

adresseit 	 addressee (sb) 

adriug 	 lazy ( adj ) 

adskweis 	 common hawthorn 

aduar	ad(o)uar

adulation	adulation

adult 	 adult (adj, sb) 

Advent 	 Advent (sb) 

adverse effect 	 adverse effect (medicine; sb) 

advocat 	 lawyer (sb) (Justice) 

advocat general 	 general counsel (sb) 

advocature	lawyers' bar

advoque 	 advocate (vtr) 

adyuneg	to place side by side

adwar	 dowery 

adyuneg	add (vtr)

aegid	 aegis (sb) 

aend 	 duck (sb) 

Aeneas 	 Aeneas (npr) 

Aeneis 	 Aeneid (sb) 

aerodrom 	 aerodrome (sb)

aeronautic	aeronautic

aerospacial	aerospace 

aerostat	aerostat

afa 	 bad luck (sb ) 

affable 	 affable (adj ) 

affaire 	 affair 

affec	to affect (move)

affectat	stiff, stilted (fig.)

affection	affection

affidavit	affidavit

affiliation	affiliation

affirmative action	affirmative action

afflut 	 exhalation, effluvium (sb) 

affresco 	 fresco 

afire 	 blueberry (sb) 

aflig	to distress, aflict

aforise 	 curse (vtr) 

Africa 	 [Afrika] = Africa (npr) 

African 	 african (adj & sb) 

afsos 	 I 'm sorry 

afu 	 mercy (sb ) 

afuna 	 blueberry (sb ) 

ag	 to act; to go together (when referring to a group), to push, to lead; ag claus = to be bordering/verging on 

agama	denomination (religion)

agapes	(splu) = agape feast (Christendom; sb) 

agar 	 if, in case 

agarian 	 (racist insult against Arabs or Muslims) (sb) ( !) 

agaru 	 African myrrh (sb) 

agave	agave

Agayos 	 (Sea) Aegean (npr) 

agede 	 to squint 

agence	agency

agent 	 agent; policeman (sb) 

agglomeration	agglomeration

agglutinant 	 agglutinating (adj) (language) 

aggregat	aggregate (including pellets)

aggressive 	 aggressive (adj) 

aghel 	 disgusting (adj) 

agher 	 cultivated field (sb) 

agherd 	 wild pear-tree (sb) 

aghnue	mien kerd aghnuet = my heart pains me

aghyern 	 morning ( sb ) 

Aghyernland 	 Levant (npr) 

agian 	 pitched battle 

agiasma 	 Holy water ( sb ) 

agil 	 agile (adj) 

agitator 	 agitator ( sb ) 

agite 	 shake, agitate ( vtr ) 

agla 	 brood ( sb ) ( small animals ) 

aglow 	 haze (sb) 

aglu 	 rain cloud (sb ) 

agmen 	 army on the march 

agmo 	 trajectory, route (sb) 

agn 	 lamb ( sb ) 

agonia 	 agony ( sb ) 

agonise 	 to be dying 

agor 	 household ( sb) 

agos 	 bad action, going-ons 

agraf 	 safety pin ( sb ) 

agree 	 to accept, approve, agree 

agrent 	 farmer (sb); agricultural (adj) 

agriculture 	 agriculture (sb)

agriverslyn	agribusiness 

agroforesterie	agroforestry

agronom	agronomist

agronomia	agronomy

agros	cultivated countryside

agrue	to scour the countryside

ahammiyat 	 scope (sb) (importance) 

ahock	se = to curl up, to huddle up 

AIDS	Acquisiht Immunodeficiency Syndrome = AIDS ( sb ) 

aig 	 oak ( sb) (green) 

air 	 air ( sb ); air conditionen = air conditioning/-ned; air force = air force 

aircrobatia	(sing) = aerobatics ( splu ) 

airdruna 	 air current (sb) 

airise 	 air (vtr) 

airise	( -t/-n ) = airy ( adj) 

airnav 	 aircraft (sb)

airpiratia	aircraft hijacking 

airport	 airport (sb) 

airsclus 	 lock (sm ) 

airsleidnav 	 hovercraft (sb) 

aise	ease (sb)

aisic	easy

aiw	age, era (sb); ever (adv) 

aiwic 	 of ever, eternal, everlasting (adj) 

aiwic sneigv 	 perpetual snow 

aiwo	age, era (sb); ever (adv)

aja	 grandmother ( sb ) 

ajaban ! 	 Gosh ! 

ajal 	 last hour ( fig) 

ajayib 	 unusual ( adj ) 

ajdadh	(sing) = ancestors ( splu ) 

ajib 	 incredible ( adj) 

ajib 	 astonishing ( adj) 

ajiz 	 shot (adj; when referring to a discouraged person ) 

ajlaf 	 villain (adj. & sb) (pejorative ) 

ajowan 	 ajwain (sb) 

ak 	 point (a sharp configuration; sb) 

ak	(or "akut") = sharp (adj) 

akap 	 to end (vtr/vint) 

akbaba 	 scavenger (sb) 

akel 	 presence of mind (sb) 

aker 	 maple (sb); acrid

Akharnay 	 Acharnai (npr) 

akhat 	 agate (sb) 

Akhilleus 	 Achilles (npr) 

Akhira 	 the Otherworld 

akhir 	 latest, last (adj ) ( recent) 

akhire 	 to postpone 

akmak 	 scatterbrained, crazy ( adj , sb) 

akmen 	 vault ( sb) 

akmenspetra 	 keystone 

akowsie 	 to prick up one's ears 

akri	acrid

akride 	 grasshopper (sb) 

akro 	 top ( sb ) (highest point ) 

Akropoli 	 Acropolis ( npr ) 

akster 	 lively, strong ( adj ) (fig , color, sense ) 

akstraum 	 witty (full of humour; adj) 

aktwn 	 twilight ray 

akwn 	 barb, herl (sb) 

al 	 raise, breed (vtr) 

al-hamdulillah ! 	 thank you God ! 

Al-Khawarizmih 	 Al -Khwarizmi ( npr ) 

à la  	 à la 

alabasch 	 kohlrabi (sb) 

alabster 	 alabaster ( sb ) 

alaf 	 ration (sb) (food) 

alafa	(& lafa ) = stipend, salary (sb) 

alamat 	 punctuation mark; alamat os mathal 	 quotation mark, guillemet 

alambique 	 alembic ( sb) 

alamode 	 fashionable ( adj ) 

alarme 	 alarm (sb & vtr ) 

alascha 	 gelding (sb ) 

alat 	 tool (sb) 

alatengjia	toolbar

alat-machine	machine tool

alatos	set of tools

alaud	(& alauda) = lark (sb) 

alausa 	 shad (sb) 

alawite	alawite

alay 	 train, retinue (sb); to stroll about 

alayissalam !	May the peace be upon Him ! 

Alba 	 Scotland (npr) 

Alban 	 Scot (sb); scottish, scotch (adj) 

albarda 	 packsaddle (sb) 

albarrada 	 albarrada ( sm ) ( tile pattern representing a vase of flowers) 

albatroz 	 albatross ( sb) 

albatt	(& albatta) = certainly, indeed (adv ) 

albblond 	 white-blond 

Albertus Magnus	Albertus Magnus

albh 	 white (adj) 

albhspirit 	 white spirit ( sm) 

albino 	 albino ( adj , sm ) 

albit 	 stye; barley grain 

albu 	 sprite ( sb ) 

albud 	 swan ( sb) 

alchemia 	 alchemy (sb) 

Alcmene 	 Alcmene ( npr ) 

alcohol 	 alcohol (sb) 

alcoholisme	alcoholism

alcoholmeider	breathalyzer

ald 	 trough (sb) 

aldehyde 	 aldehyde (sb) 

aldia 	 pirogue (sb) 

aleg 	 to allege, to defend oneself 

alemann	alemanni (adj & sub. sing.)

Alendyin	Aladdin

Aleppo	Aleppo

alerte 	 alert (sb & vtr) 

alevi	alevi

alevisme	alevism

Alexander 	 Alexander 

alfalfa 	 alfalfa ( sb ) 

Al-Gaddafi 	 Gaddafi ( npr ) 

algara 	 clash, brush (sb) 

Alger 	 Algiers (npr) 

Algeria 	 Algeria (npr) 

algerian 	 algerian (adj & sb) 

algerese 	 inhabitant of Algiers (adj & sb) 

algorithme	algorithm

algv 	 to be awarded (a price = acc.; vtr); to earn (sb) 

Alhazen 	 Alhazen (npr) 

alian 	 wrath (sb) 

alibi	alibi

Alice	Alice

alim 	 erudite (adj); scientist (sb) 

aliment 	 food (sb) 

alinea	paragraph (in a legal text)

alineat 	 aligned (adj) (fig.) 

alisia 	 chequer tree (sb) 

aliw 	 silver-gilt (sb) 

alixire 	 elixir (sb) 

aljiss 	 gypsum (sb) 

Alkibiades	Alicibiades

alkuba 	 alcove (sb) 

Allah 	 Allah (npr) 

allee	alley, aisle

allegence 	 allegiance 

allergia	allergy

allergen	allergen

allergic 	 allergic (adj) 

allie 	 to ally 

allodh 	 allocate (vtr) 

allottment	allotment

almadraba 	 tunny net 

almanac 	 almanac (sb ) 

almar 	 cupboard, chest (on the wall) 

al-Mawsil	Mosul

almentask	(school) homework

almujna 	 alms ( sf ) 

almujner 	 chaplain ( sb) 

almujnerie 	 chaplaincy 

alnos 	 completely, wholly 

alokad 	 frolicsmoe, downy 

Alpes 	 Alps (npr) 

alphabet	alphabet (sb)

alphabetic	alphabetic 

Alphayos	Alphaeus (Bible, father of James)

alpin 	 alpine (adj & sb)

alpin ski 	 alpine skiing 

als 	 otherwise, else (adv) 

alsen 	 alder (sb) 

also	 also, so (adv.) 

altar 	 altar (sb) 

alter 	 the other (one) 

altercation	altercation

alterglobalisme	alterglobalism

alternation	alternation

altice 	 embroidery (sb) (sewing) 

altie 	 to embroider 

altruisme	altruism

alu	 ale (sb) 

alue 	 to roam, to loiter about 

aluminium 	 aluminium (sb) 

alv 	 bed of a watercourse (sb) 

alvey 	 hive (sb) 

alveycomputing	cloud computing

alyo 	 another (declinable) 

am 	 past tense of “amem” 

amabiltats	(splu) = amiability 

amalan 	 practically ( adv ) 

Amalek 	 Amalek (npr) 

amalgame 	 amalgam (sb) 

Amaltheia 	 Amalthea (npr) 

aman	have mercy ! ( interjection ); mercy, pardon (sb)

amanat 	 security, guarantee (private law) 

amar 	 mooring rope (sb) 

amarant	amaranth (flower)

amasirr	berber

amat	pleasant 

amateur 	 amateur 

Amathus 	 Amathus (npr) 

amaxi 	 body (sb ) (vehicle) 

Amazonas 	 Amazon ( npr) (river of Brazil) 

amazone 	 Amazon (sb ) 

Amazonia 	 Amazonia (sb) 

amazonic 	 Amazonian (adj) 

ambact 	 intermediary, go-between, middleman (sb)

ambag 	 to commit oneself 

ambassade 	 embassy (sb) 

ambassador 	 ambassador (sb) 

ambel 	 vine wood 

amber 	 gray amber 

ambghehrd	to encompass

ambh	(& perambh) = around (prep) 

ambhkaup 	 to go shopping 

ambhkeung 	 linger ( vpr ) 

ambhneus 	 to nose around 

ambhriss 	 outline (sb) 

ambhspehc	to look around

ambhtaste	to fumble around

ambhwaurg	to bully (vtr)

ambi 	 on both sides 

ambient 	 environment (sb ) 

ambiental	environmental

ambigu 	 ambiguous ( adj) 

ambigwiv 	 amphibious (adj & sb) 

ambikwehl 	 to bustle about 

ambikwol 	 valet (sb) 

ambitieus	ambitious

ambo	all both

Ambrosius	Ambrose

ambtos 	 from both sides 

ambulance 	 ambulance (sb) 

ambulant veneg 	 peddler (sb) 

amdani 	 income (sb) 

ame	to be(come) attached to (fig.)

amem 	 feed (vtr) 

amendement	amendment

America 	 America (npr) 

American 	 american (adj. & sb) 

amethyst 	 amethyst ( sb) 

amfer 	 bucket ( sb) 

amin 	 reliable (adj) ( person) 

amirahor 	 master of stables (sm ) 

amirat 	 Emirate (sb) 

amirbar 	 Mayor of the Palace (sb) 

amire 	 amir (sb); Amire im Muaminen = Commander of the Faithful 

amirmajlis 	 chairperson (of an assembly) 

amirmakhkma 	 court president 

amirselah 	 fencing master (sb ) 

amiwa	(plu) = sorrows ( plu ) 

amla 	 phyllanthus emblica (sb) 

amlak	(sing) = assets (plu, finance) 

amma 	 adoptive mother (sb) 

ammer 	 command (sb) & to command + acc. of the person 

ammonia 	 ammonia (sb) 

ammonium	ammonium

Ammurapi 	 Hammurabi (npr) 

amnesia	amnesy

amnistia 	 amnesty (sb) 

amnistye 	 amnesty (vtr) 

amor 	 attachment (love, endeavour)

amortisation	amortization

amortise 	 amortize, pay off (vtr) (capital) 

ampere 	 ampere (sb) 

amphibia 	 amphibian (adj & sb) 

amphibolite 	 amphibolite (sb) 

amphitheatre	amphitheatre, lecture hall

amphora 	 amphora (sb)

amplifie	to amplify 

amplor 	 extent (sb) 

ampull 	 bulb, phial (sb) 

ampute 	 to amputate 

ampwa 	 raspberry (sb) 

amtire	to be in office

amulett	 amulet (sb) 

Amur 	 Amur (npr) 

amvon 	 church pulpit (sb) 

an 	 if, whether ( conj ) ( introducing a question ) 

ana 	 on the edge of 

anabaptiste 	 Anabaptist (adj , sb ) 

anac  	 past tense of “anac” 

anadeh	attribute, allocate, impute (vtr)

Anadolu 	 Anatolia (npr) 

Anadyomene 	 Anadyomene 

anafer 	 blessed bread (sb) 

anaglypt 	 low relief (sb) 

analog	analogous

analogic	analog(ue) (adj.)

analyse 	 analysis (sb) and analyze (vtr); analyse gridel = evaluation grid

anamnese	 meditation (sb) (religious contemplation); to meditate (vint) 

ananas 	 pineapple (sb ) 

ananec 	 to present, bring (vtr) 

anathema	anathema

anateina 	 (sing.) = goosebumps

anatomise 	 to dissect 

Anchises	Anchises

anchoa ! 	 not possible ! 

anchova 	 anchovy (sb) 

ancian 	 ancient (fig.) 

anda 	 musk (sb) (gland, perfume) 

andaluth	Andalusian

andam 	 lock (vtr) 

andem 	 jewel, flower work (fig.) 

Andes	Andes (splu) 

andh 	 to cover (a distance) (vtr) 

andhwrnt 	 route, lap (sb) 

andin	andean

andos 	 bloom, herb (sb) 

Andreas	Andrew

android 	 (an) droid ( sb) 

Andromeda 	 Andromeda 

andsa 	 medicinal plants 

andyes 	 flowering ( sf ) 

anecdote 	 anecdote (sf ) 

anemia 	 anemia ( sf ) 

anemon 	 anemone (sf ) 

aneria 	 manly strength 

anesthesia	anaesthetics

anesthesye	to give an anaesthetics to

aneta 	 door-post (sb) 

aneurysme 	 aneurysm (sb) 

anfractuositat 	 vertical crevice (sb) 

anganan 	 estimate, invoice 

angel	 angel (sb) 

angh 	 narrow (adj.); to tighten 

anghen 	 person (sb) 

anghencapital	human capital

anghpasse 	 narrow gorge, pass 

anghpert 	 alley ( sf ) 

angkhi 	 khaki ( sb , adj ) 

angkin 	 waist scarf 

angle	Angle (Germanic people; adj. & sb)

anglicisant	English-speaking (adj. & sb)

angst 	 anxiety (sb) 

angule 	 angle (sb) 

angulekaws	square bracket [ ]

angver 	 young snake, squib 

angwi 	 eel 

anhaingher 	 trailer (sb) 

animal 	 animal

animator	group leader (entertainment, vacation ressort)

anime 	 to animate 

animisme 	 animism (sb) 

animositat 	 animosity (sb) 

anion 	 anion (sb) 

anis 	 anise (sb) 

ank 	 hook, peg 

anker 	 anchor (sm) 

ankul 	 shoot (of plant; sb ) 

ankus 	 sting ( sb) ( for elephants ) 

ankylose 	 ankylosis (sb) 

ann 	 past tense of “annem” 

annals 	 annals 

annect	to annex 

annem 	 to breathe; breath 

annex	annex(e) (sb); subsidiary (adj)

anniversar 	 anniversary (sb) 

annotation	annotation

annular 	 ring finger 

annulation 	 annulation 

annunce	announcement

anomalia	anomaly

anon 	 food (sb) 

anorak 	 anorak (sb) 

anse 	 handle (eg. of cup) 

Anselm	Anselm

ansia 	 bridle, rein (sb) 

ansu 	 spirit ( sb ) 

ant 	 before, in front of 

Antakya 	 Antioch ( npr ) 

antarctic 	 antarctic (adj) 

Antarctid 	 Antarctica ( np ) 

antbehr	+ acc = do without ( vpr ) 

antenne 	 antenna (sb) 

anter 	 rather ( adv ) 

antgreip 	 hang on ( vint) ( cling ) 

antheric 	 anthericum (plant; sb) 

anthracite	anthracite

anthrax 	 anthrax (disease; sb) 

anthropophag	anthropophag

anti 	 opposite (adj, direction) 

antibiotic 	 antibiotic ( sb , adj) 

antichamber 	 antechamber (sb) 

antichrist 	 antichrist (sb) 

anticipation	anticipation

anticlimax 	 punch line (sb, story)

antidote	antidote 

antidrogh rehab	(& rehabilitation) = drug rehabilitation (sb) 

Antigone 	 Antigone (npr) 

Antigonos Doson	Antigonus Doson

Antikythera 	 Antikythera (np) 

Antilles 	 West Indies (npr) 

antillian 	 West Indian (adj & sb) 

antipersonel mine	antipersonnel mine

Antiphates	Antiphates (npr)

antiquar 	 antiquarian (sb) 

Antiquitat 	 Antiquity (sb) 

antiretroviral	antiretroviral

antischemisme	antisemitic (adj. & sb)

antisclaveriste	opponent of slavery (adj. & sb)

anti-septic	antiseptic (adj. & sb)

Anton	Anthony

antplehc 	 develop ( vtr ) 

antreus	+ acc. = to count on, rely on 

antro 	 antrum, cave (sb) 

antsalg	+ acc. = escape (vtr) 

antskand 	 rebound (vint) 

antslehnk 	 develop (vint); antslehnkend lands = developping countries

antreus 	 to rely on 

antwehrd 	 answer (vtr & sb)

antwohrd	past tense of "antwehrd"

anua 	 old woman 

anun	(sing ) = depths ( splu ) 

anxietat 	 anxiety (sb) 

anxieus 	 worried (adj) 

Anwar as-Sadat	Anwar Sadat

anyow 	 password (sb) 

aoid 	 aoidos 

Aosta	Aosta

ap 	 make fit (vtr ) 

apache	apache

apanage 	 appanage (sb) 

apank 	 down ( adj) 

apart	apart (adv)

apartment 	 apartment (sb) 

apathic	apathetic (adj)

apatrid	stateless (person)

apel 	 apple (sb) 

Apelles 	 Apelles (npr) 

Apennins 	 Apennines ( splu ) 

aper 	 wild boar (sm ) 

aperitif 	 appetizer (sb) 

aperture 	 overture (sb)

apex	apex (sb) 

Aphrodisias 	 Aphrodisias (npr) 

Aphrodite 	 Aphrodite (npr) 

api 	 but, now ( conj ) 

aplon 	 apple-tree 

apnea 	 apnea (sb) 

apni 	 rapid river 

apo 	 off (prep) 

apocryph	apocryphal

apogee 	 apogee (sb) 

apokwihen	+ acc. = retaliate (vtr ) (military) 

apokwiti 	 retaliation, reprisal ( sb) 

Apollon 	 Apollo (npr) 

apologia	apology

apos 	 joint ( sb) 

apostel 	 apostle (sb) 

apotheke 	 pharmacy (sb) 

Appalaches	(splu) = Appalachian Mountains (splu)

appalachian 	 Appalachian (adj & sb)
apparat 	 apparatus 

appareih 	 to appear 

appartment 	 appartment (sb) 

appassionat 	 with a keen interest 

appell 	 appeal (sb) 

appelle 	 to appeal 

appendix 	 appendix ( sb) 

appetitt 	 appetite (sm ) 

appetittant 	 appetizing (adj) 

application 	 application (sb) 

applie 	 apply (to put on, to implement;  vtr); applien paursken = applied research

apprehension 	 apprehension (fear; sb)

approbe	to approve

approximative	approximative

apotheker 	 pharmacist (sb) 

apricot 	 apricot (sb ) 

aprile 	 April (sb) 

aproposs	 a propos

aproviande 	 refuel (vtr ) 

aps 	 aspen ( sb ) 

apt 	 fit (adj ) 

apter 	 behind 

apterchasse 	 to give chase to 

apterpersne	to follow hot on the heels of

aptersok 	 pursue (vtr) 

apteschka	first aid box

aqua 	 water (sb) (element, mineral) 

aquaforte 	 etching (sb) 

aquat 	 watery (adj ) 

aqueduct 	 aqueduct (sb) 

Aquen Nepot 	 “Nephew of Waters”, Neptune (Indo-European God) 

aquil 	 merlin (bird) 

ar	 for ( conj); (& are) plow ( vtr ) 

arab 	 Arab(ic) (adj. & sb); Arab Mar = Arabian Sea

arabesque 	 arabesque ( sb) 

Arabia 	 Arabia (npr) 

Arachne 	 Arachne ( npr ) 

arachnid 	 arachnid (sb) 

aralasch	(sing) = dodgy dealings (splu) 

aramay	aramaic

arank 	 spider ( sb ) 

arankium 	 cobweb 

arasih 	 accidentally (adv) 

araszi 	 land (property) 

araszireforme	land reform

Arasz'Israel 	 Eretz Israel (npr) 

arater 	 ard (plow) 

arbitrair	 arbitrary ( adj) 

arbust 	 shrub (sb) 

arc 	 arc (sb) 

arcade	arcade

arcane 	 arcane ( sb) 

arc-boutant 	 flying buttress (sb) 

arch	(& archi-) - = archi -( prefix ) 

archae	(& archaebacteria ) = archaea (sb) 

archayic	archaic

arche 	 arch (architecture, sb) 

archel 	 casket 

Archelaos 	 Archelaos (npr) 

archeologia 	 archaeology (sb) 

archer 	 archer (sb) 

archet	bow (for music instrument)

Archimedes 	 Archimedes (npr) 

archipelegv 	 archipelago (sb) 

architecte 	 architect (sb) 

architecture	architecture (sb)

archive	 archive (sb) 

Arctid 	 Arctic (npr) 

arcu 	 archery , bow and arrows (sb) 

ardeh 	 to align, arrange 

ardent 	 ardent (fig; adj) 

ardh 	 earth (sb) 

ardhem 	 census; to take a census of 

ardie 	 Tuesday (sb) 

ardmen	total number of people

arduase 	 slate (sb) 

ared 	 wader (sm , adj ) 

arehg 	 to contain within onself 

id Areios Pagos 	 Areos Pagos (npr) 

areis 	 hazelnut (sb) 

arel 	 minor nobleman 

arena 	 arena (sb) 

arendator	lessor

arende 	 lease (sb) 

arful 	 holly (sb) 

arg 	 brightness (sb) 

argat 	 farm boy (sb) 

argavan 	 lilac (adj, color) 

argentine 	 Argentine (adj & sb; pertaining to Argentina) 

Argentina 	 Argentina (npr) 

arghen 	 small crane for burdens (fr: guindal) 

argikwaun	greyhound

argist	"swiftest" (adj; poetry)

argu 	 shiny (adj) 

argue 	 to argue 

argwrnt 	 silver 

argwrntkovach 	 silversmith ( sb) 

aria 	 aria (sb) 

Ariadne 	 Ariadne ( npr ) 

arid 	 arid ( adj) 

Aristarkhos 	 Aristarchus ( npr ) 

Ariosto 	 Ariosto ( npr ) 

aristocrat 	 aristocrat (adj & sb) 

Aristophanes 	 Aristophanes (npr) 

Aristoteles 	 Aristotle (npr) 

arithmetic	arithmetical

arithmetique	arithmetics

ark 	 to contain (to make a containment of), to discard 

arker 	 bow-window 

arkeut 	 calotropis, milkweed

arkwn	saddle bow

arkwnekw	(arkwnekwo) = pommel horse

armada 	 armada (sb) 

armagan 	 travel present 

arme	 weapon, arm (sb) ; to arm 

armee 	 army (sb) 

armel 	 handle (sb) 

Armelchenal 	 (English) Channel (npr) 

armene	 Armenian (adj, sb) 

Armoric	Armorica

armur 	 armour (sb) 

armuria 	 armory (sb) 

armuriar 	 weaponsmith (sb) 

aroma 	 aroma ( sb) 

aromatic 	 aromatic ( adj) 

arpagic 	 chives (sb) 

Arpakschad 	 Arpakshad (npr) 

arquebuse 	 harquebus ( sb) 

arraboun 	 deposit ( sb) 

arrest 	 arrest ( sb ) 

arreste 	 to arrest 

Arrian	Arrian

arrive 	 to arrive 

arriven 	 arrival (sb); arrived (past participle) 

arrogance 	 arrogance (sb) 

arrondissement	arrondissement

arsenal 	 arsenal ( sb ) 

arsenic 	 arsenic (sb) 

arsep 	 hawthorn ( sb ) 

art	 art (sb ) 

Artemis 	 Artemis (npr) 

artifact 	 artifact (sb) 

artifice	artifice

arteriographia 	 arteriography (sb) 

article	 article (sb) 

articule 	 articulate (vtr) 

artifice 	 device, trick (sb) 

artillerie	artillery

artilleriste	artilleryman

artisanat 	 artisanat 

artiste	artist

artor 	 ploughman 

arua 	 intestine (sb) 

arus 	 wound ( sf ) 

arwr 	 topsoil ( sf ) 

arwrn 	 cereal (sb) 

aryo	aryan

Aryoctenmarche	Noble Eightfold Path (Buddhism)

as 	 of the (genitive feminine) 

asadh 	 frank ( adj) ( free) 

asafa 	 how awful ! 

asarion 	 rumex scutatus (sb) 

asarura 	 azarole (sb) 

asavar 	 draft ox 

asayma 	 eyespot ( sm) 

asbest 	 asbestos (sb) 

-asc	( suffix ) = to become X 

ascalot 	 shallot 

ascension	ascent, Ascension Day

ascese 	 asceticism (sb) 

ascete 	 ascetic ( n. , adj) 

asch 	 ash (sb) 

aschabak	jet (lignite)

aschbak 	 ashtray (sb) 

aschencredie	Ash Wednesday

aschikar 	 plain, obvious ( adj ) 

aschlad 	 grafting (sb) 

aschladise 	 to graft 

aschkenasi	ashkenazi

Aschour 	 Assur (npr) 

aschouray	assyrian

Aschourbaniapli	Ashurbanipal

aschyesch 	 comforts (splu) 

asel 	 donkey, ass (sb) 

aselflor 	 mullein (sb) 

asemil 	 packhorse 

Aserbaydjan 	 Azerbaijan ( npr )

aserbaydjani	Azerbaijani (adj & sb) 

aseri	azeri

aserng 	 blood (vx) 

Asia 	 Asia (npr); Asia Minor = Asia Minor

asiar 	 twitch (sm ) 

asiat 	 Asian ( adj. & n. ) 

asiekil 	 horsetail (sb; plant) 

asimat 	 departure 

askar 	 military (sb) 

askari 	 back-up soldier 

Asklepyos 	 Asklepius ( npr ) 

asli 	 authentic (adj ) ( original ) 

asparg 	 asparagus ( sb) 

asperg	to splash

aspergill	aspergillum

aspersorium	stoup (religion)

asphalt 	 asphalt (sb) 

asphodel 	 asphodel (sb) 

asphyxia 	 asphyxia (sb) 

aspida 	 asp viper 

aspire 	 to aspire, suck; (+ datif) = to aspire to 

aspirin 	 aspirin (sb) 

asprese 	 racecourse (sb) 

assamida	(& samida) = prime flour ( sb) 

assania 	 watermill ( sb ) 

assassin 	 assassin (sb) assassinate (vtr) 

assemblage	assembling (sb)

assemblee 	 assembly (sb) 

assidu	assiduous

assigne 	 assign (vtr ) 

assirat 	 sloping bed, ridge back (sb) 

assist	to assist 

assistant	Wizard software

assistence 	 assistance (sb; help) 

assiyurn 	 stirrup leather (sb) 

association	association

assocye 	 associate (vtr) 

assonance	assonance

assortie 	 to match something with 

assortiment	assortment

assump 	 to assume 

assymmetria 	 assymetry (sb) 

astak 	 lobster (sb ) 

astat 	 astatine (sb) 

aster 	 star (sb) 

asterisk	asterisk (sb)

asteroid 	 asteroid (sb) 

asthma 	 asthma (sb) 

astreinte	penalty payment

astrolog	astrologer

astronom	astronomer

astrophysique	astrophysics

asulejo 	 tile of glazed earthenware

Aswan 	 Aswan (npr) 

asyle 	 asylum ( sb ) 

Atalante	Atalanta

Atarneus 	 Atarneus (npr) 

atavia 	 ancestry 

atavic 	 ancestral 

atelier 	 workshop (sb) 

atheiste 	 Atheist (adj. & n. ) 

Athenas 	 Athens ( npr ) 

athenay 	 athenian (adj. & sb) 

Athenayos 	 Athenaeus (npr) 

athiber 	 aloe (sb) 

athicale 	 polish (vtr ) 

athicate 	 spit ( sb ) (for frying ) 

athime 	 formidable ( adj) 

athlete 	 athlete (sb) 

athletique 	 athletics 

athtecah 	 Aztec ( adj. & sb ) 

atlant 	 Atlantean (adj , sb) 

Atlantic 	 Atlantic (adj & sb) 

Atlantide 	 Atlantis (npr) 

atmen	soul

Atmosphere 	 atmosphere (sb) 

atom 	 atom (sb) 

atomarehg	nuclear containment building

atrabile	black bile

atraf	(sing) = surroundings (splu) 

atroce 	 atrocious (adj) 

atrophiat 	 withered (adj) 

atta 	 stepfather 

attache 	 to attach 

attachement	attachment

attaque	 attack (sb & vtr) 

attar 	 spice merchant ( sb ) 

attention 	 attention (sb) 

attentive 	 attentive 

attic 	 attic (sb) ( architecture) 

Attikai 	 Attica ( npr ) 

attir 	 perfume oil (sb) 

attitude 	 attitude (sb) 

attract 	 attractiveness (sb ) 

attributive adjective	attributive adjective

au	 or ( conj); to be without 

aubergine 	 eggplant ( sb ) 

auction 	 auction (sb) 

auctionaire 	 auctioneer (sb) 

audin 	 mink (sb) 

audio 	 audio 

audiovisual	audiovisual

audit	audit; audit firma = audit firm

Audowaker	Odoacer

aug 	 to increase 

augos 	 strength , power ( sf ) 

Augustus 	 Augustus ( npr ) 

augwedor 	 swelling, rising (of a river; sb) 

aukat 	 mood, frame of mind 

aul	(aulice) = pipe; throughfare (sb) 

aula 	 courtyard (sb) 

aulos 	 aulos (sb; double flute) 

auluck 	 groove, slot 

aulwehrg 	 piping (sb) 

aum 	 reasoning (sb); reason (vint); + acc. = to suspect something

aumber 	 shower, rain (of storm) 

aun 	 without (prep) 

aunbeidos	recalcitrant (adj)

aunbelos 	 superfluous (adj) 

auncovehr 	 detect ( vtr ) 

aundaunet 	 undead (adj & sb) 

aundexia 	 clumsiness (sb) 

aundwoi 	 without doubt 

aunfin 	 endless 

aunfinia	endlessness

aungrund 	 abyss, gulf 

aungvit 	 imperishable

aunharm	harmless 

aunieusia 	 assault & battery; injury 

aunlautel	non-profit (adj)

aunnumer 	 countless (adj) 

aunpagia	nomadism

aunpaur 	 intrepid (adj) 

aunporm passager	free rider

aunpotem 	 unfathomable (adj) 

aunpris 	 priceless (adj) 

aunrect 	 undue (adj) 

aunroug 	 to unbridle 

aunsaldeih	desalinate (vtr)

aunsam 	 singular, peculiar 

aunspeh 	 desperat, hopeless 

aunstehg 	 to discover 

aunstehgen 	 discovery ( sb ) 

aunstehm 	 to condemn 

aunstupp 	 to uncork (vtr) 

aunsuccessia 	 unsuccess, lack of success (sb) 

aunswehpia 	 insomnia (sb) 

auntitule 	 untitled (ex	 commoner; adj) 

aunulter 	 unsurpassed ( adj ) 

aunupergumt 	 impassable ( adj ) 

aunvyigia 	 weightlessness ( sb) 

aur 	 to hear; ear (sb) 

aura 	 aura (sb) 

aurdhen 	 order (contrary of disorder); to put in order (vtr)

aurdhenkal	call to order

aureola 	 halo, ring 

aurer 	 receiver, headphones 

aurgh	to put into motion

auror 	 dawn (sb) 

aurphones	earphones

aurplab 	 ear-flap 

aurring 	 earring 

aurtavan 	 eardrum (sb) 

aurwik 	 earwig ( sb ) ( insect) 

aus 	 early (adj & adv ) 

ausk 	 to be dawning 

auspices	auspices

auspuff 	 exhaust gas 

austere 	 austere (adj) 

autah 	 or (else) 

auter... au 	 either .... or ( conj ) 

authentic 	 authentic (adj) 

auti 	 or ... too 

auto	(& automobil) = automobile (adj & sb) 

autobus	(& bus) = bus (sb) 

autodafee 	 bonfire ( sm ) 

autograph 	 autograph (sm ) 

automat 	 automaton (sb) 

automatic 	 automatic (adj) 

auto mecaniste 	 car mechanic (sb) 

autonom 	 autonomous 

autopsia	autopsy

autor 	 author (sb) 

autorisation 	 authorization (sb) 

autoritair 	 authoritarian (adj) 

autostop 	 hitchhiking (sb) 

autostrad 	 motorway (sb) 

auwal 	 primeval 

aux	(& auxan) = ox 

auxel 	 bleak ( sb; fish ) 

auyis 	 ancestor (sm ) 

av 	 bird ( sb) 

avalanche 	 avalanche (sb) 

avance 	 advance (vtr, sb) (fig., or finance); deposit (sb)

avancen	/avancet = advanced (adj; ex. technology)

avanic 	 shear-legs, heavy lift derrick 

avaria 	 breakdown (ex: motor; sb) 

avenflu	avian influenza

aventure 	 adventure (sb) 

aventurer 	 adventurer (sb) 

aventureus 	 adventurous (adj) 

aversion	aversion, loathing

avestayi	avestan

aviation	aviation

Avicenna 	 Avicenna (npr) 

avid 	 to notify to someone 

avocado 	 avocado 

avpleuk-ye	"as the crow flies" (adv)

avsen 	 oats (sb) 

avweisk	bird glue

aw 	 old, ancient 

aweis	obviously

awie 	 to understand by 

awon 	 ladybug (sb ) 

axe 	 axis; axle 

axesmeur 	 dirty oil / grease (from engine, mechanism; sb) 

axiome 	 axiom (sb) 

ay 	 1°) to hold as, to consider as. Ex: me ayo tien prient = “you consider me as your friend”; 2°) to say, to tell (in dialogues). Ex: “...” iey is = “..” he said; 3°) to her; to the (feminine singular dative) 

aya	verse (religion, sb)

ayar 	 scoundrel (sb) 

ayasch 	 lively (adj) 

ayatollah	ayatollah

aydh 	 to burn 

aydh 	 hearth, fireplace 

aydokw 	 black-skinned (adj. & sm) 

aydokwensclaver	negro slave driver

Aydokwia	Black Africa

aydsmo 	 wood (for heating) 

ayg 	 goat (sb) 

Aygheus 	 Aegeus (npr) 

aygfel 	 honeysuckle (sb) 

Ayghen	Aegina

Ayghest	Acestes

aygin 	 goatskin 

aygkwol	goat-herd

aygpawson 	 aegipan (sb) 

aygswehner 	 tremulous (adj ) 

aygur 	 stallion 

aygve 	 (+ acc.) to feel ashamed of 

aygvos 	 shame (sb ) 

aygw	+ acc. = to own 

ayib 	 stain ( sb ) (fig , reputation ) 

aykem 	 pike (weapon) 

aykw 	 level (vtr) 

aykwos 	 expanse (sb) 

aykwost 	 plain, smooth, even 

aylak 	 idle (adj ) 

aymey 	 equivocal 

Aynesidem	Aenesidemus

ayoley 	 Eolian (adj & sb) 

ayor 	 slowcoach 

ayr 	 raise (vtr ) 

ayras 	 ryegrass (sb) 

ays 	 her (possessive pronoun); hers 

ays 	 bronze (sb) 

Ayscha	Aisha

Ayschylos 	 Aeschylus (npr) 

aysgwn 	 mar (vtr) 

aytan 	 mournfulness 

aythiop 	 Ethiopian ( sm , adj ) 

Aythiopia 	 Ethiopia ( npr ) 

ayu 	 vital force (sf ) 

ayuleus	become invalid (vint); invalid ( adj ) 

azab 	 punishment, doom 

azan 	 call to prayer 

aziyat 	 torment 

Azores	Azores

azur 	 azure (adj, sb) 

azwl 	 to get impeached; impeachment 

azwleih 	 to impeach 

baan 	 slat (sb) 

baanji 	 scale (for weighing) (sb) 

Baath	Ba'ath

Baathia	Ba'athism

bab 	 broad bean 

baba 	 Grandma ( sb ) 

babusch 	 slipper (sb) 

baby 	 baby (sb) 

Babylon	 Babylon ( npr ) 

bacbord 	 port side (of a vessel) 

bach 	 shepherd (sb) 

bachimien 	 from all sides 

backa	 rump ( sb) 

backal 	 grocer (sb ) 

baclar 	 bachelor 

bactisse	+ acc. = to be fed up with 

bacule 	 big bar to close doors 

bacut 	 snipe (sb ) 

bad 	 at last; ne... bad = not yet

badakhsch 	 right-hand man ( fig.) 

badan 	 organism ( sb) ( body, natural defense ) 

badbakht 	 unfortunate ( adj) 

badge 	 badge (sb) 

badkhoua 	 malicious (adj ) 

badmasch 	 rogue (sb) 

badrak 	 escort-member (sb) 

badv 	 showdown (combat ) (sb) 

badyeh 	 tin-bath (sb) 

baft 	 belt buckle (sb) 

bafta	 calico (sb) 

bag 	 beech ( sb) 

bagage	 luggage ( sb ) 

bagatelle 	 trifle (sb ) 

bagher	 dredge (sb & vtr) 

bagiev 	 beechnut (sb) 

baglama 	 strap hinge 

bagor 	 pike-pole, boat-hook, gaff 

bagu	 forearm ( sb) 

bagukneigvtel	armrest

bagustehg 	 bracer, armguard (for archer) 

bah 	 to say, to speak 

bahayi 	 bahà’ì (adj & sb) 

bahmen 	 way of speaking, wording, phrasing (sb) 

Bahrayn 	 Bahrain ( npr ); bahrayni (adj & sb)	 Bahraini 

bahsa 	 language (sb) 

bai 	 bay (sb) (Geo ) 

Baikal 	 Baykal (npr) 

bak 	 bin (sb) (container) 

bakam 	 Brazil wood (sb) 

bakchang 	 cake ( sm ) (wrapped in bamboo leaves ) 

bakchup 	 chop, chap, cheek (sb) 

bakenbart	( sing ) = sideburns ( splu ) 

bakhal 	 armpit (sb) 

bakhcha 	 melon garden (sb) 

bakhil 	 stingy ( adj & sb) 

baki 	 end of series, markdown (industry) 

bakiya	(sing) =  arrears ( splu) (debt) 

bakjiakwo 	 Chinese star anise (sb) 

bakmie 	 noodles with meat ( splu ) 

bakni 	 beacon 

bakstag 	 runner and tackle, running backstay 

bal 	 ball (dance, party) 

Balaam 	 Balaam (npr) 

balaclava 	 hood, balaclava 

balagan 	 uproar (sb) 

balagian 	 husky (adj ) 

balah 	 annoyance (sb) 

balahen 	 annoy (vtr ) 

balakhan 	 fair stall (sb) 

balance	 balance sheet (sb); balance iom payghens = balance of payments

balbal 	 mumble, jabbeer, lisp (sb & vtr) 

balbat 	 to gurgle 

balbel 	 chat (sb & vint) 

balcon 	 balcony (sb) 

baldaquin 	 baldachin, canopy (sb) 

balein	whalebone, stay

baleina 	 whale (sb) 

balgh 	 bellows ( splu) 

balghbonem 	 bogeyman (sb)

balikchi	fishmonger (sb) 

balirh 	 adult (adj, sb) 

balisete 	 baliset (Dune; sb) 

balk 	 beam ( sb) 

Balkan	 Balkans ( splu ); balkanic 	 balkanic (adj) 

ball 	 ball ( sb) 

ballett 	 ballet ( sm ) 

ballista 	 ballista (sf) 

ballon	 balloon (sb) 

balm	(& balma) = cave ( sb) 

balmink 	 cave-dweller, cave-dwelling, from a cave 

balmmensc 	 caveman (sm ) 

balnia 	 bath ( sb) 

balniakyal 	 bathroom (sb) 

balnye 	 to bathe 

balochi	balochi

balsem 	 balm (sb) 

balstehm 	 curse (sb & vtr) 

balt	balt(ic)

balta 	 pothole, rut (sb) 

baltca 	 puddle (sb) 

baltrogwn	bonfire

balustrade 	 railing(s) 

balwng 	 beam (sf ) 

bam 	 beam (of light) 

bamb 	 mat ( adj) 

bambu 	 bamboo (sm ) 

bamia 	 okra ( sb) 

ban 	 to forbid, ban (vtr) 

bana 	 handlebar ( sb) 

banane 	 banana (sb) 

bandage 	 bandage 

bande 	 band (sb) 

bander 	 banner ( sb) 

bandit 	 bandit (sb) 

bandrol 	 banderoll(e) 

banen parken 	 no parking 

Bangla	Bengal (npr)

banisban 	 roof in degrees

banjo	banjo

bank 	 bank (money, sb) 

bankautomat 	 cash machine (sm ) 

banker 	 banker (sb) 

banknote 	 banknote (sb) 

bankrott 	 bankruptcy ( sb) 

banquet 	 banquet ( sb) 

banquette	 bench seat (sb) 

banschi 	 banshee (sb) 

bantowmeing 	 translucent (adj) 

"Banzone - mae intrude"	"Police line - Do not cross"

baobab 	 baobab (sb) 

baptise 	 baptize (vtr ) 

baptisme 	 baptism (sb) 

baptiste	(adj & noun)

bar	 bar (inn; sb) 

baraber 	 laborer ( sb) 

barack 	 barrack ( sb ) 

barakan 	 fustian (sb) 

barakat 	 benefit, benefaction (sb) 

baraonda 	 crowd, throng 

barbadian 	 Barbadian (adj & sb) 

Barbados 	 Barbados (npr) 

barbakan 	 barbican ( sb) 

barbar 	 Barbarian (adj & sb) 

Barbarossa	Barbarossa

barbat 	 bearded ( adj) 

barber 	 hairdresser, barber (sb) 

barbeus 	 grim (adj) 

barbith 	 string instrument (sb) 

barbun 	 barbel (sb; fish) 

barbut 	 bearded (adj) 

bardach 	 war prisoner (sb) 

bardak 	 decanter; caraff 

barde 	 barding (for horses) 

bardul 	 crested lark 

bare 	 bare (adj); bare-vetat = bare ownership (Civil law)

barekweit	lack of ornamentation

barel 	 barrel (sb) 

barge 	 barge (sb) 

bargh 	 lean-to, shed (sb ) ( protective structure ) 

baride 	 post (administration) 

bariem 	 at least 

bariton 	 baritone (sb) 

bark 	 bark (boat; sb) 

Barka	Cyrenaica

baron 	 baron (sb) 

baronesse 	 baroness (sb) 

barrier 	 barrier (sb) 

barricade	barricade (sb & vtr)

barrio	(sing) = slums (sb) 

barroc	(& barroco) = baroque ( adj ) 

barsaat 	 in time 

barsagen 	 barley bread (sm ) 

barsin 	 barley flour 

bartass 	 blackthorn, sloe-tree 

bartassiev 	 sloe 

barth 	 grayish 

Bartomlomay	Bartholomew

barug 	 trachea (sb) 

barwakt 	 in time 

barye	 hutch ( sb) 

barzakh 	 isthmus ( sb) 

basalt 	 basalt (sb) 

basarghan 	 street vendor ( sb) 

baschascha 	 cheerful; smiling 

baschmak 	 cloth pad (sb) 

baschtin 	 (home) soil 

base	 base, basis ( sb) ( including arithmetics) 

baseball	baseball

basi 	 cotton gray good (sb) 

basiar 	 fowler ( sb) 

basilic 	 basilica (sb) 

basiliskos 	 basilisk ( sm) (monster) 

bask 	 bundle (sb) 

basm 	 tale ( sb) 

basquet ball 	 basketball ( sb) 

Basra 	 Basra ( npr ) 

bass 	 bass (sb) ( category of voice) 

bassein 	 basin (sb) ( of swimming-pool ) 

bassin 	 basin ( sb ) 

bassira 	 insight (sb; quality of person) 

basstambur 	 bass drum (sb) 

basstrombone	bass trombone (sb)

bast 	 (basta !) = it’s enough ! 

bastard 	 bastard ( adj. & sb ) 

baste 	 to be enough 

bastide	bastide

bastion 	 bastion (sb) 

bat 	 to beat 

batal 	 canceled (adj) 

batalic	nullifying (adj)

batalion 	 battalion (sb) 

batasch 	 tender (ship) 

bater 	 batter (baseball; sb) 

batik	batik

batrac 	 frog ( sb ) 

batterie 	 battery ( sb; electricity; arms) 

bau 	 to bark 

baub 	 to roar 

bauk 	 stove ( furnace; sm); bake (vtr) 

baul	(& baula) = bat ( sb) 

baung 	 fungus (sb) 

baur 	 drill ( vtr ) 

baurd 	 board (sb ) 

baurmen 	 opening, hole (sb) 

baurnt 	 drilling, boring 

baut 	 boot (sb) 

bautin 	 ankle boot (sb) 

bava 	 dribble, slobber 

baveus	dribbling (adj)

bavoul 	 attaché-case 

baw ! 	 Woof! 

bawab 	 doorkeeper, care-taker 

bawlaw 	 insane, mad (adj) 

baxati 	 cuttlefish (sb) 

bay	 fear (vtr) 

bayad	inevitably, of course (adv.)

bayaldisse 	 to lose consciousness, to faint 

bayan 	 report, list, statement (sm); to state (vtr) 

bayasen 	 fearful (adj ) 

bayat 	 stale (food; adj) 

bayduri 	 cat’s eye ( opal ) 

bayeat 	 commercial transaction, deal (sb) 

bayga 	 fortune (sb) 

baygat 	 fortunate, wealthy (adj ) 

Is Baygat 	 The Magician ( sb ) ( Tarot ) 

baygh 	 serves mainly as an adverb and means “very”, “a lot”; as a lonely adjective means “many, much”; ( + acc. ) = to belong to

bayghti 	 dedication, devotion (sb) 

bayghtiwent	devoted

bayker	(motor)biker

bayna 	 among (prep) 

bayonette 	 bayonet ( sb) 

bayram 	 festivity (sb) 

bays 	 (maid)servant, servant(girl) 

baysa	 fear (sb) 

baytel 	 home, residence; to have one's home in 

bayul 	 bailiff (sb) 

bazu 	 blouse (sb) 

bazzaz 	 draper (sb) 

beangst 	 cause anxiety to (vtr) 

beauteit 	 beauty (sb) 

beauteitstable 	 dressing table 

becep 	 impale (vtr) 

beciffer	to assess (to a sum, a number)

bed 	 patch, plot (garden) 

bedars 	 to teach (someone) 

bedebah 	 ominous ( adj ) 

bedeh	samt = to set, to crimp with 

bedehlv 	 bury (vtr) 

bedehmen 	 bezel (sb, jewel) 

bedeik 	 to set bounds on 

bedeum 	 to smoke out 

bediewt	(& bediewen) = openwork (adj) 

bedolakh 	 bdellium (sb) 

bedreugh	to play tricks on

bedrohnct	(& bedrohnken) = tipsy (adj) 

bedwoi	(+ acc.) = to doubt, to question

bedyehrc	(+ acc.) = to notice, realize 

befarm	to farm (lease)

befehkht 	 to wear oneself out doing 

befolk 	 to populate (vtr) 

befrect	to charter 

begeir 	 shop around ( vtr ) 

beghis	(& beghs) = deprived of 

beghin 	 beguine ( sb) 

beghsadab 	 ill-mannered 

beghsaum	eccentric-minded

beghsgramat 	 illiterate ( adj ) 

beghsorbatia 	 unemployment ( sm ) 

beghspace 	 worried (adj) 

beghsses 	 deprivation (sb) 

begold	to gild (vtr)

begonia 	 begonia (sb) 

begrabh 	 bury (vtr) 

begrance	confine (vtr)

begrund	to give a base/ground to

begwah 	 to go all over (a place) 

behand	+ acc . = to have at one’s disposal 

behandet 	 available ( adj ) 

behang 	 hanging (sb; tapestry) 

behaya 	 shameless, brazen (adj) 

behd 	 propose to, bid (vtr) 

behder	tenderer, bidder (sb)

behlgh 	 to make a bulge, to be bulging 

behnd 	 bind (vtr) 

behndwr 	 relative through marriage (adj & sb) 

behng 	 smash ( vtr ) 

behngos 	 crash (sb) 

behr 	 to carry, to bear 

behrcarr 	 dray (sb) 

behrd 	 to cut up, out 

behreg 	 burden, load 

behrg 	 to save, to put out of danger; cliff 

behrmen	burden

behrnteih	to fertilize (a female)

bei	 bee (sb) 

beich 	 to whip 

beid	+ acc . = to agree, to get on with 

beidmen	joint venturer

beige	beige

beir 	 to strike (a blow; vtr) 

Beirut 	 Beirut (npr) 

bekabel	to cable (vtr)

bekalch 	 to lime (vtr) 

bekeip	to be/give the picture of (vtr)

bekmehen 	 to exhaust, wear out (vtr) 

bekmess 	 grape concentrated must (sb) 

belagher 	 besiege (vtr) 

belaghern	siege (vtr)

belajye 	 wisp o’ lantern ( sb) 

Belaruss 	 Bielorussia (npr) 

belast	to put a strain on

belchug 	 pendant ( sb) 

beleik	+ acc. = to make light of 

belek 	 coot (sb) 

belen 	 henbane ( sb) 

beleuc 	 light (vtr ) 

belfort 	 belfry (sb) 

belg 	 Belgian ( adj & sb) 

Belgia 	 Belgium ( npr ) 

Belgrad 	 Belgrade (npr) 

beliocand 	 water milfoil 

beliwk 	 wild cat (sb) 

bell	 beautiful (adj ) 

belladonna	belladonna

belletters	Belles Lettres ( splu ) 

belliciste 	 warmongering (adj & sb) 

bellicose	bellicose

bellpotnia 	 weasel (kenning) 

Bellzebub	Beelzebub

belog 	 silly (adj) 

belt	 cross belt (sb) 

bemadh 	 to dampen 

bemahel 	 bring ( before a judge ) ( vtr ) 

bemann 	 occupy ( vtr , a crew) 

bemeizd	+ acc. = to put a reward/prize on 

bemern 	 thigh (sb) 

bemild	to move to pity

bemohnen	(& bemohnt) = thoughtful (adj) 

bender 	 port of call ( sb ); to put in at (ship, vint) 

bendera	 oriflamme (sb) 

Bendict 	 Benedict (npr) 

benefice 	 earnings, benefit (sb) (trade) 

Benghazi	Benghazi

bengu 	 thick, bushy 

benjamin 	 benjamin, youngest (adj, sm & npr ; age ) 

benk 	 bench (sb) 

bensin 	 gasoline (sb) (as opposed to diesel) 

bent	girl

bentoo 	 packed lunch (sb) 

bepehnd	to balance, weight (vtr)

bepeiper	to pepper (vtr)

bepelp 	 to panel (vtr) 

bepeulver 	 to powder (vtr) 

beprabh	+ acc. = give reason 

beprient 	 befriend (vtr) 

bequader	to frame (vtr)

ber	 berry (sb) (fruit) 

berberis 	 barberry (sb) 

berd 	 beard (sb) 

berdvisch 	 shaving brush 

berett 	 beret (sb) 

bereul 	 to give instructions to (vtr) 

bereust 	 rust ( vtr ) 

Bergama 	 Pergamon (npr) 

bergsteigh 	 steep path (sb) 

bergwnt 	 steep (adj., land) 

Bering	Bering

berkye 	 stuff (vtr) 

berlaz 	 bear's den  

berline	Berlin carriage

Berliner Mur	Berlin Wall

berlocka 	 bullshit (!) 

berme	berm

Bermuda 	 Bermuda (npr) 

berngal 	 object of amber 

berst 	 hogweed (sb) 

berstuk 	 fescue (sb) 

bertel 	 stretcher ( sb) 

berti 	 carrying (sb) 

bertio 	 basin, bowl ( sb ) 

berug 	 windpipe, throat ( sb) 

bervinca 	 periwinkle ( sb) 

beryl 	 beryl ( sb) 

beryllium 	 beryllium (sb) 

berzd 	 wheat ( sb) ( hail, monococcum ) 

bes 	 boss (sb) 

beschahide	to have someone as a witness

bescharam 	 indecent (adj) 

beschou 	 shoe ( vtr ) 

besehkw	+ acc. = to shadow, tail (someone; vtr) 

beseup 	 to make drunk (vtr ) 

besic 	 busy (adj ) 

beskeulk 	 to scout around (a certain place) 

besmeur 	 to spread (ex	 butter) 

besoar 	 bezoar ( sb) 

besonters 	 especially (adv) 

besoyn 	 business (fact of being busy) 

besoynmanagement	stewardship (management)

bespehc	+ acc. = to realise, to become aware of 

bestehg 	 cutlery (table) 

bestehm 	 destine, intend (vtr) 

bestehnk 	 stink (vtr) 

bestial 	 bestial (adj) 

bestiar	bestiary (collection of beasts)

bestiarium	bestiary (book)

bestreich 	 to tick off

besweigh	to say nothing about

besweurgh 	 worry (vtr ) 

besyuh	to sew (to insert threads into; vtr)

bet 	 but ( conj ) (however) 

betanek 	 concern (vtr) 

betarter	to scale (vtr)

betayc	to say nothing about

Bethania	Bethany

Bethlehem 	 Bethlehem ( npr )

Bethpage	Bethphage 

Bethsayda	Bethsaida

beton	concrete (sb)

betouche 	 touch (vtr; sex crime) 

betrehv 	 to be about 

betreus 	 confide (vtr) 

betyehc	+ acc. = to water something, to provide water to something; to serve (a network) 

betyeic 	 supply (vtr) 

beud 	 to appeal to (someone), to make (someone) pay attention (to = dative), to demand (something) 

beuf 	 beef 

beuffer 	 buffer (sb); cushion (vtr) 

beugh 	 bend (vtr) 

beumper	bumper (sb)

beurs 	 stock exchange, purse (sb) 

beurs 	 tan (vtr) 

beursindex	market index (sb)

beurst 	 brush

beurt 	 destiny 

beuw 	 to make grow, to make become; to cultivate (a plant) 

bevid	+ acc. ( bevìd ) = to show 

bewaldh 	 manage ( vtr ) (a problem) 

bewehgh 	 move (vtr ) 

bewehkwen 	 provision, proviso (sb) 

beweik 	 accomodate (vtr; give a lodging to someone)

beweirt	to give a value to (vtr)

beweitwodd	to have someone as a witness

bewos 	 cow colostrum (sb) 

beziel	to aim at (vtr; fig.)

bezmen 	 load cell, weight indicator

bfukienkiu 	 immodest (adj) 

bfurli 	 disadvantage (sb) 

bfushin 	 fishy, shady (adj) 

bfuteing 	 indecisive (adj) 

bfuxiong 	 worrying (adj) 

bfuyi 	 non-stop, continuously (adv) 

bfuyow 	 uncomfortable (adj) 

bfuzow 	 unshakable (adj) 

bfwendwan 	 explain, to make explicit (vtr) 

beghsadab 	 rude (adj) 

B-H	(busthalter) = bra

bi 	 next to (with some definite articles: bei, bay, bil, bim; see Grammar) 

bi-sabab + genitive = because of 

biadet 	 usually (adv ) 

biaur 	 ugly ( adj ) 

biaur	( sing.) = pangs ( splu ) 

bibelot 	 trinket (sb) 

biber 	 beaver ( sb ) 

Bible 	 Bible ( sb) 

bibliographia 	 bibliography (sb) 

bibliothecar 	 librarian (sb) 

bibliotheque 	 library ( sb) 

bicair 	 beaker (sb) 

biceps 	 biceps ( sb) 

bich 	 whip (sb ); past tense of “beich” 

bichoun 	 line, layout ( sb) 

bid 	 past tense of “beid” 

bidal 	 beadle, usher 

bidehr 	 to make/get chapped 

bidno 	 slit ( sb ) 

biduar 	 esker (sb) 

bied 	 raceway, pond, reach 

bieda 	 misfortune, unhappiness 

biedan 	 unhappy (adj ) 

bielbel 	 past tense of “balbel” 

bienki 	 chamber pot (sb) 

biest 	 beast ( sb) 

biet 	 past tense of “bat” 

bieu 	 past tense of “bau” 

bieuc 	 kiss (vtr ) 

bieub 	 past tense of “baub” 

bieuk 	 past tense of “bauk” 

bieur 	 past tense of “baur” 

biey 	 past tense of “bay” 

bieygh 	 past tense of “baygh” 

biface	hand axe

bifangh 	 to appropriate 

Big Bang 	 Big Bang 

bih 	 to become 

bihakkillah	for God's/Heaven's sake !

biku 	 male beggar monk (sb) 

bikuni 	 female beggar monk (sb) 

bila 	 failing (prep) 

bilax 	 on the contrary (adv) 

bild 	 bill (small sheet of paper; sb), ballot (sb) 

bile	bile (sb)

bilhassa 	 mostly (adv) 

biliard 	 snooker (sb)

bilinguisme	bilingualism 

bilkull	extremely

bina 	 building (house, place, sb) 

binar 	 binary (adj ) 

bindell 	 wisp (sb) 

binisbat 	 compared to 

binisch 	 shower dress (sb) 

binomial	binomial

biodiversitat 	 biodiversity (sb) 

biofiull  	 biofuel (sb) 

biologia 	 biology (sb) 

biomasse	biomass

biometria	biometrics

biotechnologia 	 biotechnology (sb) 

bioureck 	 cheese cake (sb) 

biplan	biplane

bipwa 	 loquat (sb) 

bir	(& bira) = beer ( sb) 

birbant 	 knave, rogue 

birg 	 birch ( sb) 

birnacle 	 barnacle (sb) 

Biscaya	Biscay; Gulf os Biscaya = Bay of Biscay

biscuit 	 cookie (sb) 

bisel 	 samara (sb) 

bismillah	in the name of God

bison 	 bison (sb) 

bissect 	 leap (year) 

bisser 	 glass bead 

bistar 	 bedding ( sb) 

bistre	bistre

biswehd 	 get used to ( vpr ) 

bitter 	 bitter (adj) 

biuc 	 past tense of “bieuc” 

bivuack 	 bivouac (smb) 

bizarre 	 bizarre (adj) 

blagh 	 bless ( vtr ) 

blaghmen 	 priest (who blesses; sb) 

blaghmonium 	 priesthood (sb) 

blah 	 blow (vtr ) 

blah	-horn = sound the horn 

blame 	 blame ( sb & vtr ) 

bland 	 mix ( vtr ) 

blank 	 blank (adj) 

blanquet 	 blanket (sb) 

blase 	 to make blasé

blasphem	blasphemous

blaspheme 	 blaspheme (vtr) 

blasphemie 	 blasphemy ( sb) 

blaych 	 bleach (vtr ); blaych(-lowga)	 bleach (cleansing chemical; sb) 

blech 	 sheet metall (sb) 

bledin 	 lupine ( sb) 

blehgh 	 to bleat 

blehs 	 to blossom 

bleid 	 pale (adj); to turn pale (vint) 

bleig 	 to shine 

bleigos 	 flash (sudden light, fire) 

bleigu 	 glossy, brilliant ( adj) 

blend 	 to blend 

blet 	 edible fungus (sb; boletus) 

bleuf 	 bluff (vtr & sb) 

bleus 	 to smother 

blid 	 past tense of “bleid” 

bliegh 	 past tense of “blagh” 

bliend 	 past tense of “bland” 

blieut 	 sparkle (vtr ) 

blieych 	 past tense of “blaych” 

blig 	 past tense of “bleig” 

blind 	 blind (adj & vtr) 

blindet 	 blindness (permanent disability) 

blindses	blindness (refusal of facing truth)

blink 	 to blink 

blinker 	 car indicator 

bliut 	 past tense of “blieut” 

bliute 	 spark (sb) 

blix 	 flash (sb ) 

blixbrev 	 email ( sb ) 

blizend 	 glossy (adj ) 

blizzard 	 blizzard (sb) 

block	 block ( sb) 

blockade 	 blocking (sb) 

blockflute 	 recorder (flute; sb) 

blockstop 	 stop on a cheque (sb) 

blohgh 	 past tense of “blehgh” 

blohs  	 past tense of “blohs” 

bloigos 	 glowglobe (Dune; sb) 

blond 	 blond (adj) 

blosk 	 noise (sb) 

blou 	 blue (adj) 

blou-rai	blu-ray

blouse 	 blouse (sb) 

blouseut 	 glycine, wisteria (sb) 

blouson 	 lumber jacket 

bluf 	 past tense of “bleuf” 

bluft	(& blufen) = dazed ( adj ) 

blus 	 past tense of “bleus” 

blutvurst 	 black pudding (sb) 

bo 	 both 

boa 	 boa (sb) 

bochengli 	 unreasonable (adj ) 

bochuan 	 no profit ( adj) 

bock 	 goat ( sb) 

bodboh 	 stupid (adj) 

boder 	 deaf (adj ) 

bodrum 	 dungeon cell 

bodu 	 hooded crow ( sf ) 

boendien 	 main building of a sanctuary 

boengi 	 river basin 

Boethius	Boethius

bog	(& bogwed) = running water 

bogacin 	 bocassin (sm ) 

bogatur 	 adventurer, fighter (sb) 

bogaturic 	 bold (adj) 

bogmliaker	water softening device

bogtor	water tower

bohd 	 past tense of “behd” 

bohlgh 	 past tense of “behlgh” 

bohnd 	 past tense of “behnd” 

bohng 	 past tense of “behng” 

bohr 	 bore, carried (past tense) 

bohrd 	 past tense of “behrd” 

bohrg 	 past tense of “behrg” 

bohrlict 	 litter (palanquin, sb) 

bohs 	 barefoot 

boi 	 battle (sb) 

boiav 	 pugnacious (adj) 

boidos 	 agreement, understanding (sb)

boik 	 traffic light

boinav	battleship 

boiot	Boeotian

bojincheng 	 ungrateful (adj) 

bokal 	 cup (big, to be held with two hands; sb) 

bokir 	 churned-up mud (sb) 

bokvi 	 mud, slush (sb) 

bol 	 bowl (sb) 

bolide	bolide; fast racing car

bolipehd 	 caducifoliated (adj & sb) 

bolghi 	 cushion (sb) 

bollwehrg 	 bullwark, rampart ( sb) 

bolster 	 bolster (sb) 

bolt 	 valiant, brave, bold 

boltia 	 audacity ( sb) 

bolvan 	 idiot, stupid (adj & sb) 

bombarde 	 bomb ( vtr ) 

bombardement 	 bombing, shelling attack (sb) 

bombe 	 bomb (sb) 

bomber 	 bomber (sb) 

bombyx 	 silkworm ( sb) 

bona fide 	 good faith ( sf ) 

bonbon 	 (boiled) sweet, candy 

bond 	 coupon, voucher 

bonem 	 chap, goodman (sb) 

bongmeh 	 to feel somebody’s pulse 

bongo 	 bongo (sb) 

bonito 	 bonito ( sb) 

bonmot 	 quip, wit (sb) 

bonem 	 boogeyman (sb) 

bonus	bonus

boot	 boat (sb) 

bootsman 	 bosun ( sb) 

bor 	 boron (sb) 

borane 	 borane (sb) 

borb 	 quagmire (sb) 

bord 	 board ( boat ) 

bordeau 	 bordeaux (sb) ( red wine ) 

bordeaurudh	burgundy red (adj)

bordell 	 brothel (sb) 

bordereau	slip, note, invoice

bordsklader 	 docker, longshoreman 

bordstrehl 	 boardfire (ship) 

boreck 	 pastry (cake) 

bornek 	 bar ( sm ) 

bornoz 	 bathrobe; burnous (sb) 

bors 	 tip, extremity ( sb) 

borsuk 	 badger (sb) 

bosanc 	 Bosnian (adj & sb) 

bosc 	 wood (sb) (forest) 

Hieronymus Bosch 	 Hieronymus Bosch (npr) 

Bosna-Hercegovina 	 Bosnia- Herzegovina ( npr ) 

bosor 	 glowing ash 

bosorg 	 elder (sb & adj ) 

Bosphor	Bosphorus

botanique 	 botany (sb) 

botel 	 bottle (sb) 

botulisme 	 botulism (sb) 

boucanier 	 buccaneer (sb) 

boulevard 	 boulevard (sb) (street) 

boum	swing (expansion, sb)

boumerang 	 boomerang (sb) 

bouquete 	 bunch (of flowers) 

boutique	store, shop

bouwen 	 (old) building (sb) 

bowl 	 ball ( sf ) ( game) 

bowling 	 bowling (sf) 

bowrley 	 impolite ( adj ) 

box 	 boxing (sb) 

boxring 	 boxing ring (sb) 

boya 	 buoy (sb) 

boyaukin 	 matter (adj ) 

boycot	boycot (sb & vtr)

boygh	Dispenser (god)

boywn 	 neck (of mounted animals, sb) 

brachar 	 armband (sb) 

braconier 	 poacher (sb) 

braconierie 	 poaching (sb) 

brad 	 coniferous tree

bragven 	 shorten (vtr); abbreviation 

bragver itner 	 shortcut (sb) 

bragvye 	 shorten, abridge (vtr) 

Brahmaputra 	 Brahmaputra (npr) 

brai 	 to bray 

braik 	 brake (adj. & sb; vehicle) 

brakh 	 arm (limb; sb) 

brakhlett 	 bracelet ( sm ) 

bramber 	 blackberry (sm) 

branca 	 chain that links prisoners together 

branch 	 branch (sf ) ( fig ) 

brand 	 to burn, big fire 

branddrab 	 fire escape (sb) 

brander	fire ship

brandmark 	 trademark (sb) 

brandschtuk 	 firebrand (sb) 

brandy 	 brandy (sb) 

brangh 	 scuffed (adj ) 

brank 	 beetle (sb) 

brasileir 	 Brazilian (adj. & sb) 

Brasilu 	 Brazil ( npr ) 

Brasilu nuce 	 Brazil nut (sb) 

brasse 	 breaststroke (swimming) 

brassiere 	 woman's undershirt (sb) 

brater	 brother (sb) 

bratriya 	 brotherhood (sb) 

bratruw	brotherly (adj) 

braungh	(& branghu ) = raucous ( adj ) ( hoarse ) 

bravado 	 bravado ( sb ) 

brave 	 brave ( adj ) 

Bravo ! 	 Bravo ! 

bre ! 	 whoa ! (interj) 

bred 	 pasture (sb) 

bregna	(splu) = freckles

brehg 	 to break 

brehger 	 breaker (wave) 

brehm 	 to growl 

brehn 	 to bubble ( stream ) 

Breithen 	 Britanny (npr) 

breithenic 	 Breton (adj & sb) 

breiz 	 to cut up, dismember 

brelok 	 piece of junk (sb) 

brem 	 foliage ( sb) 

bremic 	 leafy ( adj) 

bren 	 thought (sb; short) 

Brendan os Clonfert 	 Brandan of Clonfert ( npr ) 

brenk 	 steep (adj ) 

brent 	 antler (sb) 

breuk 	 caress (sb ) and stroke ( vtr ) (ex. cat ) 

breun 	 (to get a) tan 

breunch	to brunch

breus 	 frontside of torso and belly 

breuspusc 	 to do press-ups / push-ups 

brev 	 letter (post) 

breviar 	 breviary ( sb) 

brevsack 	 briefcase 

breyel 	 waste land 

brezdar 	 ploughshare 

brick 	 brick (sb) 

bridek 	 ugly ( adj) 

bridge 	 contract bridge (card game, sb) 

brigandine	brigandine

brigantin 	 brigantine (sb) 

brigh 	 past tense of “brinegh” 

brigv 	 bridge (sb) 

brigvcap	bridgehead (sb)

bril	(sing) = glasses (splu) 

brilliant 	 brilliant (adj) 

brillye 	 to be brilliant 

brimbel 	 blackberry ( sb) 

brinegh 	 to bring 

brinza 	 cheese goat ( sb) 

brioche	brioche

Britisch Columbia	British Columbia

briz 	 past tense of “breiz” 

brocante 	 second hand goods dealing (sb) 

brohg 	 breaking, wreck (sb); past tense of “brehg” 

brohm 	 past tense of “brehm” 

brohn 	 past tense of “brohn”; bubbling brohn

broisk 	 bitter, rough (adj) 

bromum 	 bromum (sb) 

bronchitis 	 bronchitis ( sb) 

bronze 	 bronze (sb) 

bronzeblond 	 bronze (adj ) 

brosch 	 brooch (sb) 

brous 	 face down (adv) 

brouteck 	 shrub ( sb) 

brov 	 eyebrow ( sb) 

brov 	 to frown 

browser	browser

browsersklink	tab(bed document interface)

broyn 	 chainmail, ringmail 

brozdh 	 barbed (adj) 

brozdhos	(sing.) = barbed wires (splu.)

bructor	beneficiary (sb)

brug 	 past tense of “bruneg” 

brugos	enjoyment (sb) 

Bruges 	 Bruges (npr) 

bruk 	 past tense of “breuk” 

brukh 	 wizard (sb) 

bruks 	 pants 

brun	 brown (adj); past tense of “breun” 

brunch	brunch; past tense of "breunch"

bruneg 	 to enjoy, profit (vtr) 

brungos 	 benefit (sb) 

brungost 	 profitable (adj) 

brunorange 	 brown- orange (adj ) 

bruschlian 	 climbing ivy ( sb) 

brusk 	 sudden (adj) 

brusto 	 bundle (of wood, sb) 

brustugh 	 bridesmaid ( sb ) 

brut	(& brutto) = raw; gross 

brutal 	 brutal ( adj) 

brute 	 brute (sb) 

brutisk 	 brutish (adj) 

Bruttinlandproduct	= BIP = Gross Domestic Product

bruwent 	 brow, forehead (sb) 

Bruxelles 	 Brussels ( npr ) 

bry 	 to mill about; to swarm about 

bsinjien 	 notebook ( sb) 

bsofu 	 granpa (sb) 

bubonic 	 bubonic ( adj ) 

buchest 	 chubby (adj ) 

Bucuresti 	 Bucharest (npr) 

bud 	 end, tip ( sb ); past tense of “beud” 

buddha-dharma 	 buddhism (sb) 

buddha-dharmin 	 buddhist (sb) 

budget 	 budget ( sb) 

budmen 	 bottom ( sb) 

budspire 	 grounding 

bufete 	 buffet ( sb) 

buffer	 buffer (sb); past tense of “beuffer” 

bufma 	 owl ( sb) 

bug	 bow (of ship; sb); past tense of “buneg” 

bugalak 	 horsefly (sb) 

bugh 	 past tense of “beugh” 

bugon 	 Eurasian Eagle-owl 

bugsair 	 tug ( sb) 

bugsairdunos 	 towrope (sb) 

bugsairwogh 	 breakdown vehicle (sb) 

buhar 	 mist (on glass), steam 

buhsa 	 nature, being (sb) 

buir 	 (they) were (simple past) 

buit 	 (he/she/it) was (simple past) 

buk 	 book (sb); to book 

bukat 	 mouthful (sb) 

bukawul 	 taster (sb) 

bukcha 	 bag, saddlebag (sb) 

bukhalten	accountancy

bukhalter 	 accountant (sb) 

bukhamaeleon	(& khamaeleon) = chameleon (sb) 

bukht 	 bay (sb) ( Geo) 

bukil 	 notebook, small book 

bukin	(& bukina) = wind instrument (sb) 

bukmaiker 	 bookmaker (sb) 

bukmark 	 bookmark ( sb) 

Bukovina 	 Bucovina ( npr ) 

buksteiv 	 letter ( sb) ( alphabet ); spell (tell the letters, vtr) 

bulanco 	 swing; see-saw (sb) 

buland 	 tall (adj) 

bulav 	 truncheon 

bulbe 	 bulb (sb) 

bulbeus 	 bulbous (adj ) 

bulbul 	 nightingale (sb) 

buletin 	 bulletin (sb) (news ) 

bulgar 	 Bulgarian (adj & sb) 

Bulgaria 	 Bulgaria (npr) 

bulgur 	 wheat groats 

buliende 	 size ( sb ) ( height, tallness) 

buline 	 bowline ( sb) 

bullmastiff 	 bullmastiff (sb) 

bulumach 	 bad stew (sb) 

bund 	 bottom; bung, plug (sb) 

bunduk 	 rifle (sb) 

buneg 	 to exercise (a function) 

bunga 	 adorned with floral patterns (adj) 

bungalow 	 bungalow (sb) 

bunge	 grove, bunch, copse 

bungion	bunion (sb)

bungos 	 function (sb) 

bunker 	 bunker (sb) 

bunki	 proper, seemly 

bunn 	 coffie grain 

bunt 	 peasants’ riot (sb) 

bur	(sing) = ashes (splu) 

burak 	 borax (sb) 

burbule 	 bubble ( sb) 

bureau 	 bureau, office 

burfi 	 white fudge 

burg 	 fortress city ( sf ) 

burgese 	 bourgeois (adj & sb) 

burggraf 	 burgrave (sb) 

burgmayster 	 mayor (sb; especially in Germany or Belgium) 

burgund	burgundian (Germanic people)

burin 	 burin (sb) 

burj 	 keep (sb; castle) 

burkinabe	burkinabe

burlesk 	 burlesque (adj) 

burnih 	 Lanner falcon (sb) 

buroun 	 teapot (sb) 

burs 	 past tense of “beurs” 

bursch 	 horse mane 

burtukal 	 orange ( sm ) 

bus 	 bus ( sb) 

Busan 	 Busan (city of Korea) 

buscar 	 firewood search 

buschee 	 pasty ( sb) (food ) 

busk 	 bush, brush ( sb) 

busprit 	 bowsprit (sb) 

bust 	 bust (sb) 

bustan 	 inner garden (of a building) 

busthalter	bra

bustighe 	 to poke up (vtr)

bustok 	 swab, sponge (sb) 

buton 	 button (sb) ( clothing ) 

butour 	 pustule (sb) 

butt 	 barrel, cask (sb) 

butter 	 butter (sb) 

butterandos	buttercup (flower)

butterbrot 	 slice of bread and butter 

buw 	 past tense of “beuw” 

bux 	 vent, hole (output of something) 

buxianxu 	 gloomy, sinister (adj) 

buychaunk 	 compensate (vtr; to pay a compensation to) 

buychaunken 	 compensation (sb; law) 

buz 	 lip (fig; technical; sb) 

bwudschow	(sing) = Martial arts (splu) 

bwuki 	 armament (sb) 

byaungjan 	 iceberg (sb) 

byssus 	 byssus (sb) 

byzantin 	 Byzantine (adj & sb) 

Byzantium 	 Byzantium (npr)

cab	(& cabin) = driver’s cab, elevator car 

caban 	 pea coat (sb) 

cabarett	cabaret

cabin 	 cabin (sb) (shower, driver's cab, elevator car) 

cabinett 	 cabinet (sb) 

cablelonge 	 cable’s length (navigation) 

cabochon 	 cabochon ( sb ) 

Cabot 	 Cabot ( npr ) ( Venetian seefarer) 

Cabo Verde 	 Cape Verde (npr) 

cabriolett 	 convertible car 

cacao	cocoa

cacavan 	 stupid ( adj) 

cacavania 	 stupidity (sb) 

cacokhym 	 dyspeptic ( adj) 

cacophonia 	 cacophony (sb) 

cactus 	 cactus (sb) 

cada 	 each, every ( adj ) 

cadadien 	 daily (adj & adv) 

cadaveric	deathly pale

cadeau 	 gift wrapped parcel 

cadence 	 cadence (music; sb) 

cadeira 	 bergère (chair, sb) 

cadelk 	 mercury (sb) (plant) 

cadern 	 notebook (sb) 

cadett 	 cadet (adj. & sb; young beginner) 

cadre	manager (member of an enterprise staff); frame (of a picture, photo)

caerule 	 cerulean (adj) 

Caesar	( Julius ) = Caesar (Julius) (npr) 

Caesarea Philippi	Caesarea Philippi

caesarsegen 	 caesarean section (sb) 

cafee	(café) = café (sb) 

cafee-au-lait 	 café au lait (sb) 

cafetiere 	 cofee percolator (sb) 

cafre	cafre

caftan 	 caftan ( sb) 

cage 	 cage ( sb) 

Cain 	 Cain (npr) 

caise 	 cheese (sb ) 

cakhin 	 to snigger, to giggle 

calamar 	 squid ( sb) 

calamita 	 touchstone (sb) 

calamitat	calamity

calancha 	 watchtower 

calanis 	 brim hat (sb) 

calapod 	 shoetree (sb) 

calator 	 wayfarer (sb) 

calaygi 	 tinner (sb) 

calcan 	 skate, ray (fish) 

calchun 	 geum (sb) 

calcine 	 to burn to ashes (vtr) 

calculator 	 calculator (sb) 

calcule	 calculate (vtr ) 

caldera 	 caldera (sb) 

calemper 	 fennel ( sb) 

calendar	 calendar (sb) 

calerva 	 clodhopper (sb) 

calesche 	 barouche (sb) 

calfat 	 caulker (sb) 

caliber 	 bore, caliber 

calimavca 	 cap ( sb ) ( of pope ) 

calligraphia	calligraphy

calliomark 	 coltsfoot (plant, sb ) 

callose 	 callosity (sb) 

callosic 	 callous (adj) 

calpak 	 bearskin (headwear) 

calson	(sing) = underpants (splu) 

calstin 	 sock (sb) 

caltak 	 bastard, swine (!) 

calumnia 	 calumny ( sb ) 

calumnye 	 slander ( vtr ) 

calurche 	 paper roll (sb) 

calv	(& kalv) = bald ( adj) 

calx 	 the foot 

camat 	 usury (sb) 

cambial 	 bill of exchange 

cambusch 	 eye mask (sb) 

camcorder	camcorder

camell	 camel (sb) 

camellia 	 camellia (sb) 

camera	(TV, cinema) camera

camerin 	 dressing-room (in theatres) 

Cameroun 	 Cameroon ( npr ) 

camin 	 chimney (sb) 

camincap	(& camincapchen) = chimney-pot (sb) 

caminer 	 chimney sweep (sb) 

camion	 truck ( sb) 

camisole 	 camisole (sb) 

camiss 	 shirt ( sb) 

camouflage 	 camouflage (vtr & sb ) 

camp 	 field ( sb) ( fig) 

campan 	 carillon (sb) 

campher 	 camphor ( sb) 

camra 	 pantry ( sb) 

Canaan 	 Canaan (npr) 

Canaani 	 canaanite (adj & sb) 

canakeve 	 to ramble on 

canal 	 (artificial) channel ( sb) 

canalisation 	 sanitary sewer, pipeline (sb) 

canar 	 duck meat 

canari	canary

canavka 	 rivulet (sb) 

cancellar 	 chancellor ( sb) 

cancer 	 cancer (sb) 

cand 	 white glowing ( adj ) 

cand 	 brightness ( sb) (white) 

candela 	 candela (sb) 

candid 	 ingenuous, guileless 

candidat 	 candidate (sb ) & to apply (vint) 

candidature	 application (as an applicant; sb) 

candor 	 ingenuousness, guilelessness (sb) 

canela	 cinnamon ( sb ) 

canep 	 hemp (sb) 

canin	(& canindent) = canine (tooth) 

canna	 walking stick, rod 

canoe 	 canoe ( sb) 

canon	 canon (sb) 

canonic 	 canon (church, sb) 

canonier	gunner

canoniernav	gunboat

canonise 	 canonize (vtr) 

canopeia 	 canopy ( sb) 

canotier 	 boater hat (sb) 

canou 	 boat, dinghy 

cantaloupe 	 cantaloupe (sb) 

cantata 	 cantata (sb) 

canther 	 kantharos (sb) 

cantic 	 (biblical) hymn 

cantine 	 canteen ( sb) 

canton 	 canton ( sb) 

cantoner 	 chief of a canton 

canut 	 greying (hairs; adj) 

canvass 	 canvas ( sb) , canvas painting , sailing (sb) 

canyon 	 canyon (sb) 

cap 	 head; cape 

Cap os Sell Speh 	 Cape of Good Hope 

capacitat	(legal) capacity

capado 	 capon (young cock; sb) 

capak 	 lid, cap (sb) 

capchen 	 hood (sb) 

capchenmur 	 hood wall (sb) 

capelle 	 chapel (sb) 

Cap Horn 	 Cape Horn ( npr ) 

capic 	 heady; sensous (adj) 

capire 	 to twig (understand, vtr)

capistra 	 muzzle (sb) 

capital	capital (wealth, sb)

capitalgain	capital gain

capitan 	 captain (sb) (vessel) 

capitel 	 chapter (sb ) 

Capitolin 	 Capitol ( npr ) 

capitoneit 	 padded, quilted 

capitulation 	 surrender (sb) 

capitule	( capìtule ) = to surrender 

capmayl 	 cape (sm ) 

capot 	 hood (of car; sb) 

cappa 	 cape ( sf ) 

caprice 	 caprice (sm ) 

capricieus 	 capricious ( adj) 

capricornus 	 Capricorn (sb) ( astrology) 

capscript 	 header (sb) 

capstah 	 to headstand (vint) 

capstand 	 capstan (sb) 

capsule 	 cap, capsule ( sb) 

captive 	 captive (adj & sb) ; to captivate (vtr) 

carabine 	 carbine (sb) 

caracole	caracole 

caracter 	 character (sb) (feature) 

caracteristic 	 characteristic (adj, sb) 

caraghiose	zany

carambolage	pile-up (of cars)

caramel 	 caramel (sb) 

Caravaggio 	 Caravaggio ( npr ) 

caravan 	 caravan ( sb) 

caravil 	 caravel ( sb) 

carbohydrat 	 carbohydrate (sb) 

carbon 	 carbon ( sb) 

carbuncule 	 carbuncle (sb) 

carburator 	 carburetor (sb) 

carcass 	 carcass (sb) 

carcinogen	carcinogenic

cardamom 	 cardamom (sb) 

Cardano 	 Cardano (npr) 

cardiac arrest 	 caradiac arrest (sb) 

cardigan 	 cardigan (sb) 

cardinal	cardinal (adj & sb)

cardiolog	 cardiologist (sb) 

careit 	 chequered, checked 

carence	 deficiency, default ( sb) 

caresse 	 caress (sb & vtr) 

carestia 	 dearth; food shortage 

caricature	caricature

cargo 	 cargo (sb) 

cargonav 	 cargo boat 

caribe 	 caribbean, carib (adj & sb) 

Caribe Mar 	 Caribbean Sea 

caries 	 caries ( sb) 

cariteih 	 to mark out in squares (vtr ) 

carkela 	 knocker (sb) 

Carl von Linné 	 Carl Linnaeus (npr) 

Carmel	 (Order of Mount) Carmel 

carn 	 piece of meat 

carnalag 	 last week of Advent 

carnaval 	 carnival (sb) 

carniolin 	 carnelian (sb) 

carnivor 	 carnivorous (adj & sb) 

caroling	carolingian

carp 	 carp (fish) 

carpent	vehicle's framework (wooden)

carr	(& carrett & carretta) = car (sb) 

carrac	carrack

carrage	carriageway

carreau 	 diamonds (card game, sb) 

carric	quarry (sb)

carrie 	 to carry away (ex: river; vtr)  

carriere 	 career (sb)

carroce 	 horse-drawn carriage (sb) 

carrosserie 	 coachwork (sb) 

carte 	 card (sb) 

cartell	cartel (sb)

cartendom	house of cards

Carthage 	 Carthage (npr) 

carthagi	Carthaginian

cartia	 file (of data ; sb) 

cartilage 	 cartilage (sb) 

cartilagineus	cartilaginous (adj)

carton 	 cardboard (sb) 

cartoun 	 cartoon 

cartusia 	 charterhouse (sb) 

carusch 	 carter (sb) 

caruss 	 crucian carp (sb) 

carussell 	 caroussel 

caserne	(sing) = barracks (military; sb) 

casino	casino

Caspi Mar 	 Caspian Sea (npr) 

cassa 	 cash (place; sb) 

casse 	 to quash (law) 

cassette 	 magnetic tape ( sb) 

cassier 	 cashier ( sb) 

Cassiopeia 	 Cassiopeia (npr) 

cassolette 	 cassolette (sb) 

casstete	(sing.) = brass knuckles (splu.)

castagnette	castanet

castan 	 chestnut (sb & adj, for “chestnut brown”) 

caste 	 caste (sb) 

castell 	 castle (sb) (fortress) 

Castilla	Castile

castrat	castrato

castrol 	 saucepan (sb) 

casuar	cassowary

casu quo	if need be

casus fortuitus	casus fortuitus, cas fortuit

cat 	 cat (sb) 

cataclysme 	 cataclysm (sb) 

catacombe 	 catacomb (sb) 

catafalk 	 catafalque (sb) 

catalan	Catalan

Catalania	Catalonia

Catalaunic Walu	Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

catalepsie	catalepsy

catalog	(& catalogos) = catalog (sb)

catalogic notice	catalogue record; catalogic register = collection of catalogue records

catalpa 	 catalpa (sb) 

catapult 	 catapult (sb) 

cataract	cataract (disease)

catarzo 	 raw silk 

catastrophe	catastrophe

catastrophic 	 catastrophic (adj) 

catcher 	 catcher (baseball, sb) 

catechisme	catechism

categoria	category

Catherine os Russia 	 Catherine of Russia (npr) 

catholic 	 catholic (adj. & sb) 

cation 	 cation (sb) 

catkholt 	 head cold 

catnel 	 small chain (sb) 

catpisk 	 catfish (sb) 

cauchouk 	 rubber (sb) 

caucus	caucus

caud 	 tail (sb) 

caudasch 	 straggler (sb) 

cauddwer 	 backdoor 

caudluce	rear light (car; sb)

caudplab 	 tailgate (sb) 

cause 	 cause (sb & vtr) 

caust 	 coast (sb) 

causter 	 coaster (sb) 

caustguardia	coast guard (institution)

caustier 	 coastal (adj) 

cauterisation	cauterization

caution	 bail, deposit (sb) 

cavalerie 	 cavalry (sb) 

cavalier-servente 	 cavalier servente (sb) 

cavall 	 horse ( sb) 

cavallett 	 easel, rack (torture) 

cavardisse 	 to brown (cooking) 

Cavcase 	 Caucasus (npr) 

cavcasesk	caucasian

caviar 	 caviar (sb) 

cavitat 	 cavity (sb) 

cayique 	 caique (sb) 

caymak 	 cream (fig; sb) 

Cayman Insules 	 Cayman Islands (splu) 

cazma 	 pickaxe (sb) 

cazour 	 withdrawn (fig; adj) 

cedd 	 to yield 

ceder 	 cedar (sb) 

ceingrliu 	 clear water 

ceinknien 	 juvenile (sb) 

celebre 	 celebrate (vtr) 

celesta 	 celesta (sb) 

celique 	 tipcat, chopstick 

cell	(& cellule) = cell ( sb) 

cellar 	 storeroom (sm ) 

cellar 	 cell ( adj ) 

cello 	 cello ( sb) 

cellular	cellular (adj)

celt	celt

cembalo 	 cembalo (sb) 

cement	 cement (sb) 

cemente	to cement (vtr)

cemtier 	 cemetery ( sb)

cenacle	cenacle 

cengkeh 	 banker (sm ) ( in a game) 

cengki 	 fluke 

cens 	 census (ex: for suffrage) 

censure	censorship

censsuffrage 	 census suffrage (sb) 

centeng 	 henchman (sb) 

centigrade 	 centigrade 

centnar 	 half-hundredweight 

central warmen 	 central heating (sb) 

centre	 center (sb) & to center (vtr) 

centreleisa	median strip (sb)

centrifugal	(gwis) = centrifugal (force) 

centrifuge	centrifuge (sb)

centripetal	centripetal

centurion	centurion

cep 	 pike, stake 

cepel 	 onion (sb) 

Cephas	Cephas

ceramique	ceramics (sb)

cereal 	 cereal

ceremonia 	 ceremony (sb) 

ceremonial 	 ceremonial (adj & sb) 

certain 	 certain (pronoun) 

certificat	certificate

cesar 	 emperor (sb) 

cesium 	 cesium (sb) 

cessetpiurn	ceasefire

cetacey 	 cetacean (sb & adj) 

ceter 	 all the other (adj) 

chabuk 	 to spur (fig. vtr) 

Chad 	 Chad ( npr ) 

chador 	 headscarf (sb) 

chagrin 	 shagreen 

chair 	 (university) chair 

chaiselong 	 chaise-longue 

chakan 	 grubbing-hoe 

chakmak 	 lighter, flintlock 

Chalcis	Chalcis

chald 	 hot (adj) ; to warm up 

chaldair ballon	hot air balloon

chaldend plack 	 hot plate (sb) 

chalder 	 radiator (sb) 

chaldkattil 	 boiler (sb) 

chalett 	 chalet (sb) 

challenge	challenge (vtr & sb)

chalschkan 	 hard-working (adj) 

chalumeau	chalumeau (sb)

Cham	(& Ham) = Ham (son of Noah, npr) 

chamber 	 chamber (sb) 

chamberlar 	 chamberlain (sb) 

chambranle 	 chambranle (sb) 

chambuk 	 cat- to- nine- tails 

cham	 yak tail (sb) 

champagne	champagne (sb)

chapaka 	 Michelia chapaka 

champion	champion

championat	championship

chana 	 mass (instrument)

chanabett 	 grumpy ( adj ) 

chance 	 chance (sb) 

chancel 	 chancel (sb) helm (in a courtroom)

chandal 	 sandalwood ( sb) 

chandrawassih 	 bird of paradise (sb) 

Chang Jiang 	 Yangtze River (npr) 

change 	 change (vtr & sb; including money); change ratio = exchange rate

chankrama 	 gossip ( sm ) 

channel	 channel ( sm) 

chantage	 blackmail (sb) 

chantager	blackmailer (sb)

chante 	 chant (sb & adj) 

chantier 	 building (site), roadworks 

chao	 Goodbye ! 

chaos 	 chaos (sb) 

chapachul 	 messy (adj ) 

chapchay 	 hotchpotch (sm ) 

chape 	 screed, flat coating 

chaprak 	 trim (sm ) 

charade 	 charade (sb) 

charagah 	 grass (sm ) 

charapakh 	 shell ( sf ) & trappings ( sm) 

chardak 	 hut ( sf ) ( dry branches ) 

charge 	 charge (vtr & sb) 

charge med	(& encharge med) = to encharge of ( vtr ; mission ) 

chariot 	 chariot, cart ( sb) 

charisma	charisma

charitable 	 charitable (adj) 

Charlemagne 	 Charlemagne (npr) 

Charles V 	 Charles V (npr; Holy Roman Empire) 

charm 	 charm (sb) (attraction, spell) 

charmen 	 hex (sb); to charm, cast a hex on

charnire 	 hinge (sb) 

charp 	 ore (sb) 

charsaf 	 bedsheet 

charta 	 charter ( sb) 

chascha 	 pitcher ( sb) 

chasma 	 glasses ( splu ) ( adjustable ) 

chasse 	 chase 

chassiss 	 chassis (sb)

chaste	chaste 

chat	 painting (sb) (color) 

chateau 	 castle (sb) (residence) 

chatte	chatti (adj.)

chaurr 	 kempy (adj) 

chausse 	 hose (clothing) 

chauyow 	 soy sauce (sb) 

chavi 	 chili (sb) ( pepper) 

chay 	 tea ( sb) 

chayguar 	 teaspoon (sb) 

chaykhow 	 teapot ( sb) 

Chechen 	 Chechen ( adj. & sm ) 

Chechenia 	 Chechnya ( npr ) 

chef 	 chief 

chefdover 	 masterpiece (sm ) 

chefquartier 	 headquarters 

Chehelom	Arba'een

chehise 	 keychain, bunch of keys (sb)

chehx 	 check (vtr) 

chehxen 	 checking, examination 

chehxleis	to proofread

cheid 	 quarrel (vint & sb) 

chekh 	 Czech (adj & sb) 

Chekhev 	 Chekhov (npr) 

Chekhia	Bohemia

chekmenye 	 overcoat (sb) 

cheld 	 fellower (servant; sb) 

cheldar 	 retinue (sb) 

chembere 	 cap (sf ) ( woman ) 

chemia 	 chemistry (sb) 

chemic	chemical (adj)

chemical	chemical (sb)

chemiste 	 chemist (sb) 

chemotherapia 	 chemotherapy (sb ) 

chenchal 	 flycatcher (bird, sb) 

chenopodium 	 goosefoot (sb) 

chep 	 flail (sb) 

chepkenn 	 mantle (sm ) ( short ) 

chepran 	 animated (adj) 

cheque 	 cheque, check (sb) 

cherakin 	 box of herbs 

chereme	damage (paid sum; sb) 

cherga 	 drapery (sb) 

cherkess 	 Adyghe ( adj , sm) 

cherkin 	 ugly, naughty (adj) 

cherub 	 Cherub (sb) 

cherveni 	 gypsywort (sb) 

chesma 	 tap (sb) 

cheus 	 choose (vtr) & choice (sb) 

chevirme 	 turn the spindle ( vtr ) 

chevron 	 chevron, rafter 

chewing gum	chewing gum

chiam 	 woman hairpin 

chiaujaen 	 challenge (vtr & sb) 

chiaujaenic 	 defiantly 

chiba ! 	 word used to drive a dog 

chibis 	 lapwing ( sb) 

chibuk 	 pipe hose 

chid 	 past tense of “cheid” 

chield 	 past tense of “chald” 

chiendien 	 precipitate (sm. chemistry ) 

chienjwakow 	 cool (sf ) 

chifan 	 meal ( sb) 

chifit 	 tight, close-fought 

chignon 	 bun, chignon (sb) 

chihn 	 gather (sewing; sb)

Chile	[tcIle] = Chile (npr) 

chilene 	 Chilean (adj & sb) 

chili	chili pepper

chilman 	 venetian blind (for windows) 

chilrhosa 	 pine nuts (sm ) 

chilrhosa 	 sprocket bread ( sm ) 

chim 	 square of grass 

chimpanzee 	 chimpanzee (sb) 

chimpid	(sing) = tweezers (splu ) 

chimschir 	 box (tree or wood, sb ) 

China	 China ( npr ) 

China Wall	(& Long China Wall) = the Great Wall of China 

chinar 	 oriental plane (tree; sb) 

chinchay ! 	 nothing! 

chinchu 	 shipowner ( sb ) 

chinela 	 mule ( sb ) ( slipper ) 

chinese 	 Chinese (adj. & sb) 

Chinghis Khan 	 Genghis Khan (sb) 

chiong 	 deprivation, thrift (sb) 

chiowdeo 	 exactly (adv ) 

chip 	 (electronic) chip 

chipag	woman's garment

Chiron	Chiron

chirurg 	 surgeon (sb) 

chitay 	 delay

chitin 	 chitin

chitrol 	 pumpkin

chivchiv 	 chick (of chicken, sb)

chixun 	 a little 

chloroplast 	 chloroplast (sb) 

choban 	 shepherd ( sb) 

chocolat 	 chocolate ( sb) 

choengju 	 rice wine ( sb) 

choffeur 	 driver ( sb) 

chohx 	 past tense of “chehx” 

chol 	 forehead 

cholak 	 maimed (adj. & sb) 

chomakasch 	 awkward customer ( sm ) 

chorap 	 stocking (sb) 

chorba 	 thick soup ( sb ) 

chorsokak 	 cul -de - sac ( sb) 

chossee 	 causeway, pavement (sb) 

choureih 	 steal ( vtr , fam ! ) 

chowkider 	 watcher ( sb) 

choyk 	 punch (strike; sb)

Christ	Christ (npr) 

christian 	 Christian (adj, sb) 

christiandem 	 Christianity, Christendom ( sb) 

christianisme 	 christianism (sb) 

chrome 	 chromium ( sb) 

chromosome	chromosome

chronic 	 chronicle (sb) 

chrysantheme 	 chrysanthemum (sb) 

Chrysip	Chrysippus

chuff 	 tuft (sb) 

chugun 	 cast-iron (sb) 

chul 	 cover for a horse 

chulan 	 locker (room; sb) 

chung 	 butt, grip (sb) 

chungman	+ acc. = to be swarming with 

chunke	 since, as ( conj) 

chunsay 	 brasenia (sb) 

chuok	(+ acc.) = butt in 

churchour 	 cricket (sm ) 

churd 	 flock ( sm ) 

chureto 	 warbler (sf ) 

churli	 slander, blackbiting 

chus 	 past tense of “cheus” 

chuxwetsu 	 haemorrhage (sb) 

chwoy 	 stop (vtr ) 

chyrlig 	 crook, crosier, (hockey) stick 

cian 	 toothpick ( sb) 

ciautaung 	 appropriate ( adj ) 

cicade 	 cicada (sb) 

Cicero 	 Cicero ( npr ) 

ciceronian 	 Ciceronian ( adj ) 

cicisbeo 	 cicisbeo (sb) 

ciengow 	 “mists of time” 

cienryou 	 creep into (vint) 

ciferblat 	 dial (sb) 

ciffer 	 digit, cypher 

cifferblat	device for measuring

cigan 	 gypsy (adj, sb) 

cigar 	 cigar (sb) 

cigarette 	 cigarette (sb) 

cigaya 	 breeding of wool sheep 

cilinder	(hat) = top hat (sb) 

cilinderpension	supplemental pension plan

cilique 	 marble game 

cim 	 top, mountain ridge 

cimkiri 	 nail clippers (sm ) 

cimriff 	 fringing reef 

cimwad 	 low tide elevation 

cincta 	 speck ( sf ) 

cinema	 cinema ( sb) ( art ) 

cing 	 asterism ( sm) 

cinghensay 	 ipomoea aquatica 

cinnaber 	 vermilion (adj & sm ) 

cins 	 interest ( sb) (rate ) 

cinzar 	 cousin ( sm ) (insect) 

ciong 	 dart ( sf ) 

cip	(& ciped) = bike (sb) 

cipedpaund	cycle track

cipire 	 jailer ( sm ) 

circa 	 about, approximately (adv) 

circin 	 compass (drafting; sb ) 

circuit	circuit

circule	 circle (sb) 

circum 	 about, around (prep) (temporal) 

circumference	circumference

circumspection 	 circumspection

circus	 circus (sb) 

cirque 	 cirque (sb) (Geo.) 

cirrhose 	 cirrhosis (sb) 

cisell 	 to chisel (vtr) 

cisellure 	 chiselling, chasing (sb) 

cisterciense 	 Cistercian (adj , sb) 

cisterne 	 tank (for liquids, sb) 

cisternewogh 	 tank truck 

citad 	 (big) city ( sb) 

citadell 	 citadel ( sb) 

citadin 	 city dweller (sb & adj) 

citak 	 fearful (adj) 

cite 	 quote, cite (vtr) 

citel	 label (sb) 

citron 	 lemon (sb) 

civ 	 citizen (sb) 

civeit	jugging (sb)

civic	civic

civil 	 civil (adj.; sb); civil register = civil status (sb); civil ingenieurie = civil engineering

civisme	public-spiritedness

civitat 	 city-state 

civstand 	 citizenship (sb) 

clack 	 clack (vint) 

clait 	 grid, riddle (sb) 

clame 	 claim (vtr) 

clamor 	 clamour (sb) 

clan 	 clan (sb) 

clandestin 	 clandestin ( adj , sm ) 

clangh 	 to reverberate, to resound 

clap 	 to lap 

clar 	 clear (adj) 

clarinette 	 clarinet (sb) 

clartat	clarity

clasch 	 collide, clash (vint) 

classe 	 class, classroom (sb) 

classe	classify (vtr ) 

classeur 	 loose-leaf file (sb) 

classificator 	 classificatory ( adj ) 

classifie	classify (vtr)

claudication 	 claudication (sb) 

claus 	 close to 

clause	clause (sb)

claviatolk	chat (vtr; on the computer ) 

claviature 	 keyboard (sb) 

claw 	 sliding bolt (sb) 

clehsp 	 clip (sb & vtr ) 

cleich 	 key (sb) 

cleichenring 	 bunch of keys (sb) 

cleiv 	 cleave (vtr ) 

cleiver 	 cleaver (sb) 

clematis 	 clematis (sb) 

clenod 	 jewel (sb) 

cler 	 clergy (sb) 

cleric 	 clergyman, clerk (religion, law) 

clever 	 clever ( adj ) 

clicken 	 knock ( sm ) 

clieck 	 past tense of “clack” 

client	 client, customer (sb) 

clientele 	 clientèle, customers 

clientelisme	patronage

cliep 	 past tense of “clap” 

cliesch 	 past tense of “clasch” 

clift 	 cleavage ( sb ) 

clihen 	 lower, tilt ( vtr ) 

climat 	 climate ( sb) 

climatchange 	 climate change (sb) 

clin 	 hill ( sb) 

clinic 	 clinic ( sb) 

clintor 	 back of chair 

clipper 	 clipper (sb) 

clique 	 clique (sb) 

clischee 	 cliché ( sb ) 

clissar 	 sexton ( sb ) 

clitic	clitic (adj & sb)

cliv 	 past tense of “cleiv” 

clive 	 hillock 

cloak	 sewer (sb) 

cloakluk	manhole

Cloak traitement station 	 sewage treatment plant 

clob 	 pod ( sf ) 

clobuk 	 monk's cap

clochard	hobo

cloche	food dome

clock 	 bell (sb) 

clockel 	 small bell (sb) 

clockflor 	 bellflower (sb) 

clocktor 	 church tower 

clohsp 	 past tense of “clehsp” 

cloin 	 rump, hip, buttock (sb) 

cloinpodia 	 (sing.) = hindquarters (splu) 

clone	 clone (sb) 

closter 	 cloister (sb); to cluster 

cloture 	 closure, closing

clud 	 to close

cludbrakh 	 joint lock (martial arts)

clus 	 closed 

cluster	cluster (music)

clusterbombe	cluster bombe (sb)

clysterium	enema

coatah 	 spider monkey (sb) 

cobalt	 cobalt ( sb) 

cobay	guinea pig

cobor 	 tumble dwon (vint)

coc 	 to cook

coca	coca (plant)

Coca-Cola	Coca-Cola

cocarde	rosette

coccolia	cuddle (sb)

coccole 	 pamper, cuddle ( vtr ) 

cocece 	 hen house ( sb) 

coch 	 coach (means of transport; sb) 

cochan 	 maize ear; fruit-core (sb) 

cochass 	 thistle ( sb) 

cocher 	 coachman (sb) 

cockpit 	 cockpit (sb) 

cocktail 	 cocktail (sb) 

cocollia 	 cajolery (sb) 

cocon 	 cocoon ( sb ) 

code 	 code (sb) 

coefficient	coefficient

cofeine 	 coffeine (sb) 

coffer 	 coffer ( sb) 

cofie 	 coffee (sb) 

cofiedostkan 	 cofiedostkan (sb) 

cogestion	co-determination

cognitive science	cognitive science

coherence	coherence, consistency

cohesion	cohesion

cohort 	 cohort (sb) 

coincid	to coincide

cojok 	 sheepskin (sb ) 

cokhliar 	 spoonful

cokw 	 cook (sb ) 

colche	colchian

Colchis	Colchis

colfin 	 hop-pole 

colibri	hummingbird

coll 	 neck (sb) 

collab 	 collapse (vint) 

collant 	 tight, leotard (sb) 

collband 	 necklace (sb)

collectioniste	 collector (sb) 

collegh 	 colleague (sb) 

collegial	collegial, collegiate (adj)

collegium 	 college, comprehensive school (sb) 

colloquium	colloquium

collusion	collusion

colnier 	 collar (sb) 

Cologne	Cologne

Colombia 	 Colombia (npr) 

colon	settler

colonat 	 colonato (sb) 

colonel	colonel (sb)

colonia 	 colony (sb) 

colonial	colonial

colonisation 	 colonization (sb) 

color 	 colour (sb) 

coloss 	 colossus (sb) 

Colosseo 	 Colosseum (npr) 

colostrum 	 colostrum (sb ) 

colpak 	 cap ( sm ) 

colportage 	 hawking (sb) 

colporter 	 peddler (sb) 

coltan	coltan

columbh 	 dove (sb) 

colunn	(& colunna) = column ( sf ) 

colunnade 	 colonnade (sf ) 

com	(& comsamen) = together (adv) 

comanche	comanche

comap	buckle (vtr)

comat 	 hunk (sb) 

combat 	 combat (adj. & n.) 

combination 	 combination (sb) 

combinator 	 combinatory (adj) 

comedia 	 comedy (sb ) 

comesstabule 	 constable (sb) 

comete 	 comet (sb) 

comfort	 comfort ( sm ) 

comfortable 	 comfortable ( adj ) 

comglauwer 	 to curl up 

comics 	 comics 

comit	warder (for convicts; sb)

comitee 	 committee (sb) 

comma 	 comma (sb) 

commandant 	 commander (sb) 

commande	 command (sb) (institution) 

commandement	 commandment (sb) (religious) 

commander 	 commander (sb) 

commandire 	 business trip 

commando	commando (unit)

commandobrigv 	 wheelhouse bridge (sb) 

commando-soldat	commando (soldier)

commente 	 comment (sb & vtr) 

commerce 	 commerce (vint & sb) 

commercial bank	commercial bank

commode 	 chest of drawers (sb) (furniture) 

commun	 common (adj); commun grabh = common grave 

communicant vase	communicating vessel

commune 	 borough, commune (sb) 

communie 	 to communicate 

communion 	 communion (sb) 

communiquee 	 (communiqué) = communiqué (sb) 

communitarisme	communitarianism

communitat 	 community (sb) 

Communitat Independent Staten 	 Commonwealth of Independent States 

commun sense 	 common sense (sb) 

Comore 	 Comoro (npr) 

compag	to tense, to contract (vint); past tense of "companeg"

compagnie 	 company (sb; commercial) 

compagnon	 companion (sb) 

companeg 	 compact (vtr) 

compare	 compare (vtr) 

compartment 	 compartment (sb) 

comparue 	 to appear (before a court) 

compass 	 compass ( sb) 

compassion 	 compassion (sb) 

compatible	compatible

compense	to compensate for

competition 	 competition (sb) 

compiler 	 compiler (computer; sb) 

complete 	 complete (adj; vtr)

complexe 	 complex (adj) 

complicat 	 complicated (adj) 

complication	complication (sb; including surgery)

complice 	 accomplice (adj, sb) (criminal) 

complie	complicate (vtr)

compliment 	 compliment (sb) 

complot 	 plot ( sb) 

compon	present tense base of “composen” 

component	component

composen 	 to compose (vtr) 

composit 	 compound (adj & sb); composit prev = compound prev 

composite	 composite (adj) 

compositor	composer (sb)

Compostela 	 Compostela (npr) 

compotium	banquet (mainly with drinks)

comprehend 	 to comprehend 

compresse 	 compress ( sb) 

compressem 	 to compress (vtr) 

compresst air 	 compressed air 

comprined 	 to comprise 

compris 	 past participle and past tense of “comprined” 

computer 	 computer ( sb) 

computerminal 	 computer terminal 

com(samen) 	 together (adv) 

comsperg 	 scatter (vtr ) ( object , location) 

comsteurd 	 collapse (vint) 

comstrehb	se _ = to fall back on oneself

comweida	overall culture

con 	 with (accompanied by; prep); con sellsto namos	: Best regards 

concave	concave

concentrational 	 concentration (adj) 

concern 	 concern ( vtr ) 

concert 	 concert (sb) 

concil	 council (sb) (institution; Church) 

conciliant 	 conciliatory ( adj ) 

conclud 	 to conclude 

concorde	concord

concors 	 bankruptcy (sb) 

concrete 	 concrete (adj) 

concreteih	materialize (vtr)

concretion 	 concretion (sb) 

concubin 	 (life) partner (sb) 

concubinat 	 (legal) cohabitation ( sb) 

concurrence 	 competition ( sb) 

condensator 	 capacitor (electricity ; sb) 

condescendence 	 condescension (sb) 

condiment 	 condiment ( sb) 

condire 	 pickle ( vtr ) 

conditer	 confectioner (sb) 

conditerie 	 confectioner’s shop ( sb) 

condition 	 condition (sb) & to condition (vtr ) 

condottiere	condottiero

conductance 	 conductance (electricity, sb) 

conduite 	 conduct (sb) 

conduit 	 pipe (sb) 

cone 	 cone (sm) 

confect	 confectionery (sb) 

confederat	confederate (adj & sb)

confer 	 to confer 

confessionalisme	confessionalism

confett 	 confess (vtr) 

confide	bi = to confide in ( vpr ) 

confident 	 confident ( adj) 

confine 	 to confine 

confirmation	confirmation (including religion)

confirme	 confirm (vtr ) 

confluence 	 confluence (sb) 

conform	correct, true (to) (adj)

confronte 	 confront (vtr) 

confucianisme 	 confucianism (sb) 

confuned 	 to confuse / confound (vtr) 

confus 	 confuse (adj); past and past passive participle of “confuned” 

confus-ye	dimly (adv ) 

congener 	 fellow creature (adj & sb)

conger	conger-eel

conglomerat	conglomerate (company) 

Congo 	 Congo (npr) 

congolese 	 congolese (adj. & sb) 

congregation 	 congregation (sb) ( Religion) 

conjug 	 spouse (sb) 

conjuncture	(economic) situation

connaiss	to know about (a topic)

connect	{konnEkt} = connect (vtr) 

connotation	connotation

conosment 	 bill of lading (sb) 

conscie	(+ acc.) = to be aware of 

conscience 	 conscience, consciousness (sb); conscience objection = consciencious objection

conscription 	 conscription (sb) 

consecre	 to consecrate, to dedicate 

consecutive	consecutive

consensus	consensus

consent	+ acc. (consènt) = consent to (vint) 

consequence 	 consequence 

conservative 	 conservative (politics; sb & adj) 

conserve 	 tinned/canned food; to conserve 

conserveghyaner 	 opener (for tins, cans; sb ) 

considere 	 consider ( vtr ) 

consist	+ acc. = consist in 

console	 console ( sb); console (vtr ) 

consonn	consonant (adj & sb)

consortium	consortium

conspiration 	 conspiracy (sb) 

conspirator 	 conspirator ( sb ) 

conspue 	 to conspue 

constant 	 constant 

Constantinople	Constantinople

Constantinus 	 Constantine (Roman Emperor) 

consternat 	 dismayed ( adj ) 

consterne 	 to consternate 

constitution 	 constitution (sb) 

construction 	 construction (sb) 

constructive effect	rule of effectiveness (law)

construg 	 build ( vtr ) 

consul 	 consul (sb) 

consulat 	 consulate (sb)

consultationsfirma	consulting firm 

consulte 	 consult (vtr) 

consumm	(& consummation) = consumption (sb) 

contact 	 link, contact ( sb) 

contact linses 	 contact lenses 

contag 	 past tense of “contaneg” 

contagieus 	 contagious ( adj) 

container 	 container (sb) 

containernav 	 container ship (sb) 

contaneg 	 contact (vtr) 

conteit 	 county (sb) 

contemple 	 to behold 

se contente	med = to content oneself with 

conteste 	 contest ( vtr ) 

contigu ad	adjacent to 

continental schelf 	 continental shelf 

continue 	 to continue 

cont	(& conto) = account (sb) 

conte 	 count (sb, vtr) 

continental drift	continental drift

contingent	contingent (sb)

contocorrent 	 transactional account (sb)

contolker	person spoken to (sb)

contor 	 counter (sb); lawyer's office

contorsion	contortion

contour 	 outline, contour (sb) 

contrabalance	to counterbalance (vtr)

contrabande 	 contraband (sb) 

contrabass 	 bass ( sf ) 

contraceptive 	 contraceptive (sb) 

contradic	( contradìc ) = contradict (vtr) 

contradictor 	 adversarial (adj) 

contrafac 	 counterfeit ( vtr ) 

contrafagot 	 contrabassoon (sb) 

contrafort 	 buttress (sb) (architecture) 

contraforte	contraforte

contragend magha	contracting authority (public tenders)

contralto 	 contralto (sb) 

contramande 	 to countermand (vtr) 

contrapart 	 counterpart (sb) 

contrapoint	counterpoint

contrar	contrary

contraste 	 contrast (vtr & sb) 

contravention 	 contravention, fine (sb) 

contrecoup	contrecoup

contribue	(+ acc. ) = to contribute to 

contrition 	 contrite ( adj) 

control 	 control (vtr & sb); control system = controls ( splu ) 

controleur 	 ticket inspector, bus conductor 

controlluce 	 warning light (sb) 

controvers	/controverten = controverted

controverse 	 controversy (sb) 

contuned 	 to bruise (vtr) 

contus 	 past participle and past tense of “contuned” 

contusion 	 bruise, bruising ( sb ) 

convall 	 lily of the valley (sb) 

convent	[konvEnt] = convent (sb) 

converg	converge (vint)

conversation 	 conversation (sb) 

convinec	to convince

convoy	convoy

convulg 	 convulse (vtr)

convulsive	convulsive 

cooptation	co-option

coordinat 	 coordinate (sb) 

cop 	 cop (sb; policeman) 

copel 	 chip (ex. of wood; sb) 

Copenhaghen 	 Copenhagen (npr) 

copie 	 copy (sb & vtr) 

copierect 	 copyright (sb) 

copil 	 scoundrel (sb) 

Coppernic 	 Copernicus (npr) 

coptic 	 Coptic (adj, sb) 

corall 	 coral (sb) 

Coran 	 Quran (sb) 

corbach 	 riding crop (sb) 

corbh 	 basket (sb) 

corc 	 cork, stopper (sb) 

corce 	 bark (sb) 

corcscruv 	 corkscrew (sb) 

corcuk 	 crow (sb) 

corcuksnest 	 crow's nest (sb) 

cordeguardia 	 gatehouse, guardhouse (sb) 

cordial 	 cordial (adj) 

cordialitat 	 warmth, cordiality (sb) 

cordillera	cordillera

cordon-sanitaire	cordon sanitaire, sanitary cordon

Corfu 	 Corfu (npr) 

coriander 	 coriander (sb) 

coridion 	 St John's wort (sb) 

Corinth 	 Corinth ( npr ) 

corinthi 	 Corinthian (adj. & sb) 

cormat 	 cider (sb) 

cornea	cornea

cornete 	 cornet (sb) 

cornice 	 cornice (sb) 

cornut 	 chickweed (sfb) 

coroll	 corolla ( sb ) 

corollar 	 corollary (sm , adj ) 

corpos	body ( sb) 

corposveurnen	(sing) = assault ( splu ) 

corporation 	 corporation 

corps ad corps	 hand-to-hand, clinch 

corps-de-logiss 	 corps de logis (sb) 

corpulent 	 stout ( adj ) 

Corpus Christi 	 Corpus Christi 

corrector chirurgia	corrective surgery	

correg 	 correct (vtr) 

correspond 	 correspond (vtr) 

correspondence 	 correspondence (sb) (letters ) 

corridor 	 corridor ( sb) 

corrumep 	 to corrupt 

corrup 	 past tense of “corrumep” 

cors 	 Corsican ( adj , sb ) 

corsan 	 rover ( sb) 

corsar 	 privateer (sb) 

corselett 	 bodice (sb) 

corsett 	 corset (sb ) 

Corsica	[kOrsika] = Corsica ( npr ) 

cort 	 short ( adj) 

cortanem 	 wheezy ( adj) 

cortege 	 procession ( sb ) 

cortin 	 curtain ( sb) 

cortjamb 	 stocky (adj ) 

cortoyer 	 courtier ( sb) 

cortschluss 	 short circuit (sb) 

coschar 	 gate 

coschmar 	 nightmare ( sb) 

cosin 	 window frame 

cosmetic 	 cosmetic (adj) 

cosmetique 	 cosmetic product (sb) 

cosmic microwanden aptergrund	cosmic microwave background; cosmic skapsyrat = escape velocity (sb) 

cosmopolit	 cosmopolitan ( adj) 

cost 	 cost (sb) & cost (vtr) 

costeus	costly

costor 	 tin-ore

costume 	 suit (clothing) 

cot 	 coat (sf ) 

coteau 	 coteau, hillside 

cotlan 	 corner (sm ) 

cotlett 	 chop (meat; sb ) 

coton	 cotton ( sb ) 

couard 	 coward (sm. & adj) 

couardice 	 cowardice ( sf ) 

couch 	 sofa ( sm ) 

couchette 	 couchette (sb) 

cougar 	 cougar (sb) 

coul	cool (adj; fig. as in "keep cool" !)

coulee 	 (mud)flow, (snow)slide 

coulisse 	 set construction (in theatres) 

coup 	 cup (sb) 

coup-d'etat 	 coup d’état 

coupee	(& coupé) = compartment, coupé (train) 

coupel 	 dome, cupola 

couplen 	 clutch (on cars) 

couplet	song verse

coupon 	 coupon (sb) 

courage 	 courage ( sb ) 

courant 	 account, report 

cousin 	 cousin (sb) 

couvrefeu 	 curfew (sb) 

covehr 	 tapestry, cover (ex: book; sb); to cover 

coven coven (sb)

cox 	 coke (sb) 

coyer 	 bloated, swollen (adj )

coyote	coyote 

crabe 	 crab (sb) 

crackel 	 crack (vtr ) 

cracken 	 creak, creaking (sb) 

cramp 	 cramp ( sf ) 

cranium 	 skull and crossbones 

cras 	 tomorrow (adv ) 

crasch 	 crash ( vpr ) 

crasp	+ acc = to clench on ( vpr ) 

crastin 	 of tomorrow ( adj ) 

crater 	 crater (sb) 

crauv 	 raven (sb) 

cravat 	 tie (on neck; sb) 

crawl 	 crawl (swimming) 

crayk 	 hornet (sb) 

creation	creation

cred 	 belief (sb) 

credeih 	 believe (vtr) 

credie 	 Wednesday (sb) 

credit	 credit (sb) 

creditise 	 credit (vtr) 

credule	credulous

cree 	 to create (vtr) 

crehng 	 to list (vint ) ( vessel) 

crehsc 	 grow (vint); rise, increase (sb) 

crehsp 	 crunch, munch (vtr) 

creisch	 to yelp, to bawl, to squeal 

cremation	cremation

crematorium	crematorium

creme	cream-coloured

creme-de-cassis	crème de cassis

cren 	 horseradish ( sb) 

crepat 	 cracked ( adj) 

crepire 	 to die (slowly; !) 

crescent 	 crescent (sb) 

creschma 	 tavern ( sf ) 

creschmer 	 keeper ( sm ) 

cressen 	 watercress (sb) 

crest 	 crest (sf ) 

Crete	 Crete ( npr ) 

cretic 	 Cretan ( adj , sb) 

crevasse 	 crevice (sb) 

crewent	covered with blood (adj.)

cricit	screamed (3° sing past tense)

crick 	 creek, inlet

crie 	 scream; cry (vtr & sb) 

crieckel 	 past tense of “crackel” 

criesch 	 past tense of “crasch” 

criesp 	 past tense of “criesp” 

crime 	 crime (sb); crime os/as les majestat = lese-majesty (sb); organise-n/-t crime = organised crime 

criminal 	 criminal (adj & sb) 

crin 	 horsehair 

crinar 	 mane (sb) 

cripia 	 manger (sb); Nativity scene ( sb) 

criquet 	 cricket (sb) 

crisch 	 past tense of “creisch” 

crise 	 crisis ( sb) 

crisp 	 frizzy, fuzzy (adj ) 

crispe 	 to backcomb ( hair) 

cristall 	 crystal ( sb ) 

cristallite	(gran) = crystallite (sb) 

cristallreceptor	crystal receiver

Cristoforo Colombo	 Christopher Columbus (npr) 

criterium 	 criterion (sb) 

critic 	 critical (adj) 

critique 	 criticism (sb) 

critique 	 to criticize 

critiquer	 critic (sb) 

crocus 	 crocus (sb) 

crohng 	 past tense of “crehng” 

crohsc 	 past tense of “crehsc” 

crohsp 	 past tense of “crehsp” 

cron 	 crown ( sb) 

cronapel	"queen of the pippins" (apple)

cronschtayn 	 cleat (sb) 

croquet	croquet (game)

croquette 	 croquette (sb) 

croquis 	 croquis (sb) 

crosct 	 growth ( sb) 

crotal 	 antique cymbal, crotale (sb) 

croupier 	 croupier (sb) 

crovat 	 bed ( sb ) 

crovatbohnden	bedridden

crovatbohndt	bedridden

crowding-out	crowding out (sb)

cruassant 	 croissant (sb) 

cruce 	 cross ( sb & vtr ) 

cruceade 	 crusade (sb) 

cruceit 	 crusader (sb) 

crucen 	 intersection (sb) 

crucer	 cruiser (sb; warship) 

crucesprehg	cross-examining (adj)

crucestrehl 	 crossfire (sb) 

crucial	crucial

crucifict 	 crucify (vtr) 

crucifix 	 crucifix (sb) 

crue 	 vineyard, wine (sb) 

cruel	cruel

cruise	 cruise (sb) 

cruor 	 gore, shed blood 

cruorgheuss	bloodbath, bloodshed

cruoric 	 bloody (adj)

cruorlasni 	 bloodthirsty (adj) 

cruppel 	 cripple

crusber 	 redcurrant (sb) 

cruste 	 crust (sb) 

crusten 	 very cold (adj) 

cruzen 	 baptize (vtr ) 

cryogenique 	 cryogenics (sb ) 

crypt 	 crypt ( sb) 

Cuba 	 Cuba ( npr ) 

cubaba 	 cubeb ( sb) 

cuban 	 Cuban (adj. & sb) 

cubic meter 	 cubic meter (sb) 

cubil 	 bunk (to lie down; sb) 

cubtal 	 elbow ( sb) 

cuch 	 doggie (sb) 

cuchia	kennel (sb)

cucin 	 kitchen (sb) 

cucuflor 	 oxalis, sorrel (sb) 

cuincule 	 rabbit (sb) 

cuissot 	 haunch (sb) 

cuit 	 skin ( sb) 

cuitmaigher 	 skinny ( adj ) 

culasch 	 horsgray-fawn horse (sb) 

culcin 	 cushion (sb) 

culcutar 	 colcothar (sb ) 

cul-de-sac 	 cul de sac (sb) 

culinar 	 culinary ( adj ) 

culinaria 	 Culinary Arts (splu) 

culmen 	 escarpment, top, summit (sb) 

cult	cult

cultive	to cultivate (vtr)

cultor 	 farmer (sb) 

cumb 	 coomb, combe, dale 

cumebh 	 to lay down (vtr) 

cumin 	 caraway seeds, cumin (sb) 

cumpater 	 godfather (sm)

cumraeg 	 Welsh (adj, sb) 

Cumri 	 Wales (npr) 

cumulation	accumulation

cumule 	 accumulate (vtr); heap (sb) 

cungeid 	 leave (sb); to dismiss (vtr)

cuniko	young male rabbit (sb)

cunupide 	 cauliflower (sb) 

cunvenn 	 chat (sb) 

cuper 	 copper (sb) 

curatele 	 guardianship (sb) 

curator	 curator ( museum) (sm ) 

curbel 	 crank (sb) 

curbit 	 cucurbita maxima (sb) 

curdisse 	 to wind up (a mechanism) 

cure 	 cure (sb) (religion); course of treatment 

curieus	curious

curpen 	 gimlet, spiral (sb) 

curr 	 to run 

curral 	 pen, enclosure (sb) 

current 	 current (adj ) 

currier	messenger

curs 	 course (sb); past participle & past tense of “curr” 

cursia	passageway

cursive	italic (writing)

curt 	 court (sb, fig); Curt om Assises = Court of Assises 

curtese 	 courteous (adj) 

curtesia 	 courtesy (sb) 

curtisane	courtesan (sb)

curtise 	 woo (vtr) 

Curt-Martial 	 Court-Martial (sb) 

curve 	 curve, bend ( sb) 

cuschuta 	 dodder (sf ) 

cuscuss 	 couscous ( sm ) 

cuskat 	 stock dove 

custodia 	 custody 

customise 	 customize (vtr) 

cutia 	 small box (sb) 

cutt 	 blow (sb) 

cutter 	 cutter (vessel, sb) 

cuvee	vintage (wine)

cuvoukel 	 cubicle, loose-box 

cyanobacteria 	 cyanobacteria (sb) 

cyclas 	 cyclas (sb) 

cyclop 	 cyclop ( sb) 

cyclopean 	 Cyclopean ( adj ) 

cylinder 	 barrel (sm ) 

cymbal 	 cymbal ( sf ) 

cymber 	 savory (sf ) 

cynic 	 cynical ( adj ) 

cypress 	 cypress (sb) 

cypriak 	 Cypriot (adj. & sb) 

Cypros 	 Cyprus

Cyrene	Cyrene

cyste	cyst

daanistah 	 knowingly (adv) 

dabdab 	 kettledrum (sb) (music) 

daber 	 artisan, craftsman (sb) 

dabron 	 benevolent (adj ) 

dac 	 Dacian ( adj , sb) 

dach 	 hem ( sb ) 

dachin	(sing) = portable scales (splu) 

dadmam 	 father and mother 

dadw 	 provide ( vtr ) 

Daedel 	 Daedalus ( npr ) 

dafan 	 burial ( sb) 

dafni 	 laurel (sb) ( tree ) 

daftar 	 (long) list (sb) 

daftarnukta	bullet (typography)

daga 	 dagger (sb) 

dagh 	 to switch on, to light 

daghcleich 	 ignition key ( sb) 

daghsysteme 	 ignition ( sb) ( vehicle ) 

dah 	 give (vtr ) 

dahi 	 ingenious (adj) 

dahsit	(he/she/it) gave

dais 	 canopy (furniture; sb) 

daiwer 	 brother-in-law 

dajal 	 imposter, usurper (sb ) 

dak 	 receive, get ( vtr ) 

dakh 	 thatched roof 

dakhdom 	 cottage (sb ) 

dakhel 	 (entrance) lobby (sb) 

dakika 	 instant ( sb; minute ) 

dakru 	 tear ( sb ) 

dakrue 	 to be watering (eye) 

dakrugehn	eye-irritating, lachrymatory (adj. & sb)

dakruwent 	 tearful (adj) 

dal	(& dalin) = valley, dale ( sb) 

dalg 	 far ( adv ) 

dalgayu 	 longevity ( sb) 

dalgayun 	 long-lived ( adj ) 

dalger 	farther, further (adv)

Dalgnord	Far North

dalgtosneih	to radio-control

dalit	dalit

dallal 	 broker (sb) 

dalt 	 chisel ( sb) 

dalworts 	 downstream (adv) 

damar 	 string (sb) ( of bow ) 

dame	lady, ma’am (sb); queen (card games; sb) 

damenleik	(sing) = draughts (game)

dames	draughts (game)

damika 	 miss (sb) 

damn 	 damage ( sm ) 

damnation 	 damnation ( sb) 

damu 	 World Axis 

dangalak 	 booby (sm ) 

danger 	 danger (sb) 

dank 	 thank (sb & vtr); dank ! = thank you (interjection); dank spollay = thank you very much !

dankali 	 sweet potatoe (sb) 

Danmark 	 Denmark (npr) 

dans 	 dance (sb & vtr) 

danser	dancer (sb)

dansk 	 Danish (adj) 

dansplor	dance floor

dansster	female dancer 

dantelle 	 lace (sb ) 

Danube 	 Danube (npr) 

danv 	 spruce ( sb; tree ) 

danxiow 	 magazine (sb) (of a weapon) 

Danwper	Dnieper

Danwster	Dniester

dapan 	 feast meal (sb); to have a feast meal (vint) 

daper 	 sacrificial animal 

dar 	 to hold back, to hold steadily (vtr/vint); still (adv) 

Daraa	Daraa

daraja 	 chemin de ronde 

darajagwah 	 rounds, patrol (sb) (guard) 

darak 	 carding machine 

darban 	 porter (sb) 

Dardanelles	Dardanelles (splu)

darm 	 firm (adj); darm disk = hard disk drive (sb) 

darman 	 false antidote 

darmeg 	 bread of fine flour 

darmen 	 bearing, position (sb) 

darmo memoria	read-only memory

dars 	 lecture (teaching; sb) 

darv 	 bitumen (sb) 

darvsand 	 oil sand (sb) 

darwisch 	 dervish (sb) 

darya 	 Inland Sea (sb; poetic) 

darz	 vein (sb; of metal) 

daschtban 	 rural policeman (sb) 

daskal 	 school teacher (sb) 

dastkar 	 healer (sb) 

dastur 	 (mandatory) rule (sb) 

dat 	 as, given that (conjunction) 

daten beorbaten 	 data processing ( sm ) 

datia 	 file (of data; sb) 

dauganeid	ne'er-do-well

daugh ka 	 to serve as (to = dative)

daulat 	 public power (sb; State); Daulat Islams in Irak ed Schaam = "Islamic State" (terrorist group)

daulg 	 soot (sb) 

daum 	 to wonder 

daumos 	 marvel, wonder ( sb) 

daumost 	 wonderful (adj ) 

daun 	 rope (sb) 

daunbrigv	rope bridge

daunet 	 death (sb); to die (vint) 

daunos 	 funeral (sb) 

daunoscampan 	 knell, toll 

daunoswogh 	 hearse (sb) 

daunost 	 fatal ( adj) 

daut 	 dead (adj); past participle and past tense of “daunet” 

dauyn 	 cable ( sb ) ( rope ) 

dauynvia 	 towing path ( sb ) 

davit	davit

dawa 	 litigation

dawi 	 litigious (adj) 

dawti 	 fuel (sb) 

day 	 to divide up

daybien	( sing ) = feces ( splu ) 

daydey 	 in general (adv ) 

dayi 	 general idea 

dayim 	 constantly ( adv) 

dayir 	 concerning ( prep ) 

daykhway 	 meeting, rally (sb) 

dayluk 	 mainland ( sb) 

daymio 	 daimyo ( sb ) 

dayn 	 creditor ( adj , sb ) 

dayrliaung 	 large quantity 

dayschawbien 	 faeces and urine ( splu ) 

de 	 about (prep) 

deambulatorium	ambulatory (in church, sb)

debat 	 debate (sb) 

debit 	 due ( adj ) ( money ) 

debitcarte 	 debit card (sb) 

debite	to debit (vtr)

debos	suitableness

debris	(sing) = debris (splu) 

debses	 propriety, decorum (sb) 

dec 	 ten (num)

decan 	 dean (sb) 

decante 	 decant (vtr) 

Decapolis	Decapolis

decedd 	 to die, to pass away 

december 	 december (sb) 

decen	ten (sb)

decennium 	 decade (sb) 

decent	[dëtsEnt] = decent

decep	[dëtsEp] = disappoint (vtr) 

deception 	 disappointment (sb) 

dechee 	 to demean 

dechristianisation	dechristianisation

decid	{dëtsId} = decide (vtr) 

decime 	 decimate (vtr) 

decis 	 decided 

deck 	 pillowcase (sb); deck of ship (sb) 

decking 	 decking (sb; ship) 

declare 	 declare (vtr) 

decline 	 decline (vtr & sb) 

decoction	decoction

decolletee	low-cut, low neckline

deconcentre	to devolve (ex: administration, vtr)

deconstruction	deconstruction

decor 	 decor (sb) 

decore 	 decorate (vtr ) 

decos 	 dignity (sb) 

decouple	to decouple, uncouple

decrepit 	 decrepit (adj) 

decrepitude 	 decay (sb)

decret 	 decree (sb & vint) 

deculturation	deculturization

dedh 	 to curd, to clot 

dedhen 	 curdled milk 

dedication 	 dedication (sb) 

dedie 	 dedicate (vtr ) 

dedru 	 skin disease ( sb ) 

dedruk 	 spot ( sb ) (on skin) 

dedrut	(& dedrun) = pockmarked ( adj) 

dedwrnt 	 clot (sm ) 

defalque	to deduct (vtr)

default 	 default (sb) 

defect 	 default (sb; in a machine) 

defector 	 renegade (sb) 

defend	( defènd ) = defend (vtr) 

defense 	 defence (sb) 

deference 	 deference (sb) 

defereit 	 déféré (French law; sb) 

deferent 	 deferential ( adj) 

deficit 	 deficit ( sb ) 

defilee 	 parade (sb ) ( review ) 

defineih 	 to define 

definition	 definition (sb ) 

defis	hyphen - 

deflagration 	 explosion sound (sb) 

deflation	deflation

defleg	deflect (vtr)

deforce 	 forced (adj) 

deforestation 	 deforestation (sb) 

defrock	to defrock (vtr)

defunct 	 deceased (adj) 

degener 	 degenerate (adj) 

deglobalisation	deglobalization

degrade 	 degrade (vtr) 

degram 	 molar ( tooth ) ( sb) 

degree 	 degree (sb) 

degveih 	 wither (vint) 

degvihen 	 wither (vtr) 

deh 	 to put 

dehbh	(vtr ) = ought to 

dehbhen	assent (sb)

dehk 	 to fit together 

dehl 	 delude, deceive ( vtr ) 

dehlft 	 delving (sb) 

dehlg  	 must (vtr) 

dehlv 	 to delve 

dehlwrnt 	 snare ( sm ) 

dehm 	 to put ub, to train 

dehmber 	 framing (sf) 

dehn 	 to flow, to pass by (vint) 

dehnend 	 fluid (adj) (traffic) 

dehnk 	 to bite (vtr) 

dehnkel 	 to nibble at

dehnksrig 	 very cold 

dehnquote 	 stream flow 

dehnu	riverstream

dehr 	 to tear 

dehrbh 	 spoil ( vpr ) 

dehrj 	 to hold 

deidikie 	 display ( sm ) 

deigh 	 dam ( sf ) 

deighos 	 rampart of mud ( sm ) 

deih 	 suck (vtr ) 

deihbotel 	 baby's bottle (sb) 

deihnu 	 dairy animal 

deik 	 signpost (sb) 

deik 	 to show, to indicate 

deil 	 share (vtr); deil con = to deal with

deilule 	 small machete (sb) 

deimen 	 nurse (who gives milk) 

dejour 	 to be on duty 

dekhschat 	 frighten (vtr ) 

dekhschat 	 terror (sb) 

dekhschatic 	 horrifying, appalling (adj) 

delband 	 turban ( sb ) 

delectation 	 delight ( sb ) 

delegation 	 delegation (sb) 

deleteri 	 deleterious ( adj ) 

deliberation 	 deliberation (sb ) 

delicate 	 delicate (adj ) 

delicieus 	 delicious (adj ) 

delirant 	 delirious (adj ) 

delirium 	 delirium (sb) 

dellal 	 town, public crier ( sb) 

delphin 	 dolphin ( sb) 

Delphoi 	 Delphi ( npr ) 

delt 	 tent (sb) 

delta 	 delta (sb) 

deltaplan 	 hang glider (sb) 

deluge 	 deluge (sb) 

deluxe 	 luxurious (adj) 

dem	district, territorial unit, division of a territory

demagog 	 demagogue (sb) 

demande 	 demand (sb & vtr) 

demarcation	demarcation

dematesia 	 structural system (building; sb) 

dement	({dëmEnt} & demential) = insane, mad (adj) 

dementia	dementia

demikat	(sing) = croutons (splu) 

deminen	demining (sb)

demneh 	 tame (vtr) 

democrat	democrat

Democratic Respublic ios Congo	Democratic Republic of the Congo

Demokrit 	 Democritus (npr) 

demon 	 demon (sb) 

demoniak 	 demoniac (adj) 

demonstrant	demonstrant

demonstration 	 demonstration (sb) 

demontage	dismantling (sb)

demonte 	 to take apart, to dismantle, to dismount (vtr) 

demos 	 people (sb) (in a district) 

demosia 	 rental charge (sb) 

demotic	demotic (adj)

demped 	 house floor

demsadpeurten	filiation (including adoption)

demspoti	house master (sb)

demspotnia	housewife (sb)

Den Haag	 The Hague (npr) 

denars	(splu) = money (sing) 

denartransport	cash-tansport(ation) (sb)

denda	(punishment) = penalty, sanction (sb) 

denegen service	"denial of service" (computer)

dener 	 depression (of terrain) 

dengji 	 see-saw, weighing scale (sb)

dengjiekwo	rocking horse

dengu 	 cloudy (sky, adj) 

denote	denote (vtr)

denoument	dénouement, outcome

dens	(& densu) = dense ( adj) 

densat 	 densely packed ( adj ) 

dent 	 tooth ( sb) 

dentia 	 denture (sb) 

dentiste 	 dentist (sb) 

dentition 	 dentition (sb) 

dentpaste 	 tooth-paste (sb)

denunce	to denounce (vtr) 

denwrnt 	 back of hand, flat side of a blade, blade (of propeller) 

department	department

depend	(depènd) = to depend on 

depesche 	 dispatch, news (sb) 

depineg 	 to depict (vtr) 

deplore	deplore (vtr)

depon	present tense base of “deposen” 

deponia 	 (garbage) dump (sb) 

deposeih 	 deposit ( vtr ) ( trade) 

deposen 	 to depose (vtr) 

deposit 	 handling ( sb) (activity) 

deposit 	 deposit ( sb) (bank) 

deprave 	 deprave (vtr) 

depression 	 depression (sb) 

depulg 	 to drive out (from cover) 

derailment	derailment

deranget	(& derangen) = disturbed ( adj ) (mentally ) 

derbeder 	 slapdash ( adj ) 

derder 	 to grumble 

dered 	 tordylium (sb) 

derghen 	 male dogwood 

derision	derision

derisor 	 derisory (adj) 

derivat 	 derivative (sb; including finance) 

derive	to derive

deroge	(+ acc.) = to depart from

derrick	derrick (sb)

derv 	 faithful (adj) 

dervente 	 narrow gorge or pass 

desaffectet	disused ( adj ) 

desamat 	 unpleasant (adj) 

desarmament 	 disarmament (sb) 

desaster 	 disaster ( sb) 

descend	to descend 

desconcerte 	 disconcert (vtr) 

descrehsc	decrease

describ	describe (vtr)

desert	desert (adj & sb) 

deserteur 	 deserter ( sb)

desertire	to desert (as a soldier, vint)

desfigure	disfigure (vtr) 

desguise 	 disguise (vtr / vint) 

deshonor 	 disgrace, dishonour (sb) 

deshydrate 	 dehydrate (vtr) 

desinfectant 	 desinfectant (adj & sb) 

desinstalle 	 uninstall (vtr) 

desinteresse	disinterest

desinvolture 	 casualness (sb) 

desire 	 desire (sb & vtr) 

desk	 round table 

deskwide	(!) = lose (vtr) 

desloge 	 dislodge (vtr) 

desmantel 	 dismantle (vtr) 

desno	fane (sb)

desolation	distress, grief, desolation

desoriente	disorientate

desperat 	 desperate (adj) 

desperation 	 desperation (sb) 

despere 	 to despair 

desplace 	 displace (vtr) 

desploy 	 unfold, display (vtr/vpr) 

desployment	deployment

despot	despot

dessacralise	desecrate

dessert 	 dessert (sb) 

dessous	( splu) = (woman’s) underwear (sing) 

destination 	 destination (sb) 

destine 	 destine (vtr) 

destroyer 	 destroyer (vessel; sb) 

destrug 	 destroy (vtr) 

destull 	 quite (adv) 

desvantage	disadvantage

detachable colnier 	 detachable collar (sb) 

detache 	 detach (vtr) 

detayl 	 detail (sb & vtr) 

detective	detective

detectiven roman 	 crime fiction novel 

deteg	detect (vtr)

deten	( detèn ) = to detain 

detente 	 détente (sb ) ( political relations ) 

detergent 	 detergent (adj & sb) 

deterioration 	 deterioration (sb) 

se deteriore 	 deteriorate (vint) 

determination 	 determination (sb) 

deteste 	 dislike (vtr) 

dethron	dethrone (vtr)

detour 	 detour (sb) 

detriment 	 detriment (sb) 

deub 	 deep (adj) 

deubfrehser 	 freezer (sb) 

deugh 	 to make come, to make happen, to get (vtr) 

deulg 	 to owe 

deulgen 	 financial claim ( sb ) 

deum 	 to smoke (to emit smoke, vtr & vint) 

deumkyal 	 smoking room (sb) 

deurgh 	 maim ( vtr ) 

deurs 	 to dare 

deurseck 	 cheeky (adj ) 

deursia 	 audacity; venture ( sb) 

deusel 	 dazzle (vtr ) 

deusk 	 dark (adj) ; to darken, grow sombre (vint) 

deusk materia 	 dark matter (sb) 

deuspont 	 rainbow (sb) 

deutsch	 German (adj. & sb); Deutsch Confederation = German Confederation 

Deutschland 	 Germany (npr) 

deuyker 	 culvert ( sm ) 

deuys 	 to fail (vint) 

deuyseih 	 counter (vtr) 

devalue	to devaluate (vtr; finance)

devotion 	 devotion (sb) 

dewer 	 whirl (sb) 

dexel 	 helm (sb) 

dexia 	 skill (sf ) 

dexios 	 briskly ( adv) 

dexter	right (direction) 

dexteritat 	 dexterity ( sb) 

dextro 	 to the right 

Dhaka	Dhaka

dia 	 towards (moral meaning; prep) 

diabel 	 devil ( sb) 

diabetes 	 diabetes (sb) 

diabetic 	 diabetic (adj) 

diablo 	 imp, little devil (sb) 

diabrehgh 	 saturate (vtr) 

diadehtor 	 certifying officer (sb; accountancy) 

diademe 	 diadem (sb) 

diafa 	 welcoming present, gift (sb) 

diagnose 	 diagnosis (sb) & diagnose (vtr) 

diaken 	 deacon (sb) 

dialehg	to have a conversation

dialogos 	 dialogue (sb) 

diamant	diamond

diaphen 	 diaphanous (adj) 

diapo	slide (photo; sb)

diapositive	slide (photo; sb)

diar 	 diary (sb) 

diarrhea 	 diarrhea ( sf ) 

diaspehr 	 scatter (vtr ) 

diatribe 	 rant ( sb) 

diayn 	 indigo dye 

dibaj 	 brocade ( sb) 

dicotomia 	 dichotomy (sf ) 

dictator 	 dictator ( sm ) 

dictature 	 dictatorship (sb) 

dictionar 	 dictionary (sb) 

didbani 	 lookout (ex: tower; sb)

Dido	Dido (npr)

diedel	fibula 

diedw 	 past tense of “dadw” 

diegh 	 past tense of “diegh” 

diehen 	 attach ( vtr ) 

dieji 	 saucer ( sb) 

diek 	 big box (for storage); got, received (past tense) 

diemen 	 link (sb) 

diemmen	to bondage (sb)

dien 	 day (sb) 

dienaurdhen	order of the day, agenda

dienchi 	 (removable) electric battery (sb) 

dienghia 	 refined (adj) 

dienk 	 past tense of “dank” 

dienkia 	 domestic electric appliances (adj , sm) 

diens 	 past tense of “dans” 

dientow 	 to bow ( vint) 

dienxia 	 square (before a church, a temple...) ( sm ) 

dier 	 past tense of “dar” 

diesel	diesel

diete 	 diet (sb) (weight loss) 

dieugh 	 past tense of “daugh” 

dieum 	 past tense of “daum” 

Dieuspater	Supreme God 

dieupter	Supreme God

diewo 	 daylight ( sf ) 

diey 	 past tense of “day” 

differ	 to postpone, to put off 

difference 	 difference (sb) 

differencye 	 differentiate ( vtr ) 

differendum 	 dispute ( sm ) 

different	different 

differential	differential (sb, math.)

difficil 	 difficult (adj) 

difficultat 	 difficulty (sb) 

digest 	 digest (vtr) 

digestive	digestive (adj)

digestive tract 	 digestive tract (sb) 

digh 	 past tense of « dinegh » 

dighme 	 to turn off 

dighmo 	 oblique (adj) 

dighom	earth (sb) 

digit	rakem

digital	 digital (adj) 

dignitar 	 dignitary (sb) 

dih 	 past tense of “dih”; -dih = locative suffix 

DIISCH	ISIS (terrorist group)

dik 	 showed (past tense) 

dik-ye	rightly (adv) 

dikat 	 refinement (sm ) 

dikhliz 	 corridor, gang (sb) 

diks-	legal (adj) 

dikscapacitat	legal capacity

dil 	 past tense of “deil” 

dila 	 feeding breast (sb) 

dilemma 	 dilemma (sb)

diler	(drug) dealer

dilglonc 	 longbow (sb) 

diligence 	 diligence (sb) (quality) 

dilim 	 clove (sf) 

dill	dill

diluv	to dilute (vtr)

dima 	 prop (carpentry) (sb) 

dimaar 	 self-importance, bumptiousness 

Dimaschk 	 Damascus (npr) 

dimension	dimension (sb)

dimsum 	 dim sum (sb) 

dind 	 then, after that (adv) 

dinegh 	 shape, fashion, mould (vtr) 

dinga 	 dengue fever (sb) 

dingkwehl 	 potter’s wheel 

dingv 	 tongue (sb) (body) 

dinner 	 dinner (sb & vint) 

dinosaur 	 dinosaur (sb) 

diocese 	 diocese (sb) 

Dioder 	 Diodorus (npr) 

Diogenes 	 Diogenes (npr) 

Dionys 	 Dionysus (npr) 

dionysic 	 Dionysian (adj) 

Diophent 	 Diophantus (npr) 

diora	( ! ) = sperma (sb) 

diorite 	 diorite ( sm) 

diork 	 roe-deer ( sb) 

dioxide 	 dioxide (sb) 

dioxin	dioxin

diphtherie 	 diphtheria (sb) 

dipla 	 pleat, crease (sb) (clothing) 

diplise 	 crease, pleat (vtr) 

diplomat	diplomat

diplome 	 diploma (sb) 

dirab	to wreck, ransack (vtr)

direct 	 direct (adj) 

direction 	 direction (sb) 

director 	 director (sb) 

directoren radh	board of directors

directorium	(service) = directory (sb) (ex: telephone) 

direg	[dirEg] = run, manage, lead (vtr) 

dirigisme	dirigisme (sb)

dirpan 	 scythe (sb) 

disap	disconnect, dislocate (vtr)

disappoint 	 disappoint (vtr ) 

disarroy 	 helplessness, disarray ( sb) 

disaurdhen	disorder

disayner	designer

disbark 	 to disembark 

disbayaldisse	to regain consciousness

disbih 	 to get undone 

discern	( discèrn ) = discern (vtr) 

dischteukel 	 shred (vtr ) 

disciple 	 disciple (sb) 

discipline 	 discipline (sb) 

discont	(& disconto) = discount (sb ) 

discordant 	 discordant (adj) 

discouple	to disengage the clutch

discredit	discredit

discreditise	to discredit (vtr)

discret 	 discrete (adj) 

discretionar	discretionary

discrosct	degrowth

discutt 	 to discuss (vtr) 

disfalg 	 clearing the land (vtr) 

disfangheih	to dispossess (vtr; double accusative)

disfeurl 	 unfurl (vtr) 

disfiber 	 fray (vtr) 

disgrace	disgrace (sb)

disinflation	disinflation

disk	 disk (sb) 

diskaurt	(& diskaurn) = abandoned (adj) 

diskenise	to reduce to ashes (a corpse)

diskette	diskette

diskwehr 	 undo (vtr) 

disleu 	 disintegrate, weather (vtr) 

disleuren 	 release (sb) 

disloque 	 dislocate (vtr ) 

dismask 	 unmask ( vtr ) 

disnauk 	 to disembark 

disnia 	 sand hill (sb) 

dispareih 	 to disappear 

disparitat 	 disparity (sb) 

dispars 	 scattered (adj) 

dispensarium	free clinic

dispeulver 	 pulverize (vtr) 

displaise	unplease

displehc	unwind, unroll (vtr)

disposable	disposable (ex: product)

disposen	arrange, lay out (vtr)

dispositif 	 dispositif (sb) (judgement)

disprehp	to disappear (to go away, to get off sight)

dispute 	 dispute (sb & vint) 

disradh	X ad Y = to advise Y against X 

disseddel 	 throw out of saddle ( vtr ) 

dissension 	 dissension (sb) 

dissolut	dissolute (adj)

dissquam 	 to peel (vint; ex: paint) 

disswohd 	 obsolescence (sb) 

distance-control 	 remote-control 

distar 	 to stare wide-eyed 

distaragh 	 to elude, to disconcert 

distehng 	 fade (vtr) 

distille 	 distillate (vtr) 

distinction 	 distinction (sb) 

distord	distort (vtr)

distrans 	 distrans (sb) 

distreus	distrust (vtr)

district 	 district (sb) 

distrust motion	motion of no-confidence

distule	unbalance (vtr)

disvolg 	 to turn away (vint) 

disvolv 	 unfold (vint) 

disvolveih 	 unfold (vtr)

disvragh	to clear (vegetation)

diswarp 	 vacate (vtr) 

diswaurg 	 scatter (vint) 

diswehrt 	 divert (vtr) 

diswein	ud = to fall out with (someone)

disxubh 	 scrap (sb)

ditil 	 infant (baby, sb) 

ditilcorbh 	 Moses basket (sb) 

diu 	 long time (adv) 

diumenn 	 rudder, tiller ( sb) 

diuper 	 long ago 

diuspehc 	 hatching the eye (vtr ) 

diutis 	 glow (sb) 

diuturn	long-lasting

div 	 god (sb) 

Div act via mysteirs 	 God works in mysterious ways 

divers 	 diverse ( adj ) 

divid	( divìd ) = divide (vtr) 

dividende	dividende

divin	divine (adj)

divination 	 divination (sb) 

divitat 	 divinity (sb) 

divite 	 inkpot (sb) 

divorce 	 divorce (sb & vint) 

divulgation	divulgation (sb)

diwan 	 Meeting Room, Council Chamber 

Diwbat 	 Highness (sb) (honorific address) 

diweid	+ acc = oppose (vtr) 

diya 	 ransom (sb) 

Djibouti	Djibouti

djogan 	 flag-bearer (sb) 

dlas 	 to crumple ub, to crease 

DNA	 DNA (sb ) 

Dniepr 	 Dnepr ( npr ) 

do 	 (in)to 

do aykw 	 level with 

do reviden 	 Goodbye! 

doan 	 Customs ( splu) 

dobi 	 launderer (sb) 

doc	 teach ( vtr ) 

docent	docent (sb)

dock 	 dock ( sb) 

doctor 	 doctor (sb) 

doctrine 	 doctrine (sb) 

document	document (sb)

documentar film 	 documentary movie (sb) 

dogan 	 sparrow hawk (sb ) 

dogh 	 mastiff

dogma	dogma

dohbh 	 past tense of “dehbh” 

dohbrest 	 best, most convenient (adj) 

dohbro 	 good, convenient (adj) 

dohbro vehsmen naudhen 	 appropriate clothing must be worn 

dohk 	 past tense of “dehk” 

dohl 	 past tense of “dehl” 

dohlg 	 duty (sb); past tense of “dehlg” 

dohlv 	 past tense of “dehlv” 

dohm 	 past tense of “dehm” 

dohn 	 past tense of “dehn” 

dohnk 	 past tense of “dehnk” 

dohnkel 	 past tense of “dehnkel” 

dohr 	 past tense of “dehr” 

dohrbh 	 past tense of “dehrbh” 

dohrj 	 past tense of “dehrj” 

doigh 	 dough ( sb) 

doighen 	 figurine (sf ) 

doighos 	 laterie mud wall ( sb) 

doighya 	 mess (sm ) 

doik 	 toe ( sm ) 

doina 	 ballad ( sf ) (song ) 

dol 	 willful misrepresentation (sb) 

doler 	 cunning ( adj ) ( pejorative) 

dollar 	 dollar (sb) 

dolman 	 dolman (sb) 

dom 	 house (sb) 

dombehnd 	 house arrest 

domeih 	 tame (vtr ) 

Domenica 	 Dominica (Commonwealth in the West Indies, npr) 

domestia 	 household (sb) (husband and wife) 

domestic 	 domestic ( when referring to animals, plants; adj) 

domestique 	 domesticate (vtr ) 

domicile 	 domicile ( sb ) 

domin 	 field, domain (sb) 

dominant position	dominant position

domination 	 domination (sb) 

Dominican Respublic 	 Dominican Republic (npr) 

domino	domino

domkrakht 	 lifting jack (sb) 

don	gift, act of giving

donation 	 donation (sb) 

dong 	 stormy, turbulent (adj) 

dongwa	fairy tale (sb)

dunjon 	 dungeon (sb) 

donk 	 bits ( sm ) 

dorak 	 cuirass (sb) 

dord 	 dregs (fig., sb) 

dorev 	 farm buildings (splu) 

dorevia 	 cultivated fields ( splu) 

dorghi 	 county town (sb) 

dorgv 	 dear, expensive (adj) 

doric	Doric

dorkw 	 dinner; id Senst Dorkwo = the Last Supper

dormant 	 dormant (adj) 

dormitorium 	 dormitory (sb) 

doronic 	 doronicum (sb) 

doru 	 bear spear (sb) 

dorver 	 farmer, peasant (sb) 

dorwey	Dorian

dos	 two (cards) 

dospeic 	 to thin, to taper (vtr) 

dossier	 file (sb) (collection) 

dosteigh	to reach (by climbing)

dostkan 	 tankard ( sb) 

Dostoyevskiy 	 Dostoyevsky (npr) 

dostrig 	 past tense of “dostrineg” 

dostrineg 	 execute (vtr; a penalty, a subpoena) 

doublage	dubbing (sb)

double 	 double (adj) 

dout 	 mulberry (sb; precious wood) 

douzen 	 dozen (sb) 

dow	 smallpox ( sf ) 

downgji 	 mutual aid 

Downgjien 	 Far East ( npr ) 

downgmayk 	 artery (sf ) 

drab	(sing) = stairs ( splu) 

drabplor 	 level, landing of stairs ( sb) 

drabzan 	 banister (sb) 

drachme 	 drachma (sb) 

drafsu 	 brave, bold (adj ) 

draft 	 draft ( sb) 

dragant 	 tragacanth astragalus (sb)

dragee	sugared almond 

dragon	 dragon (sb) 

dragonmuk 	 common snapdragon (sb) 

drags	(splu) = grape marc (sing) 

drah 	 run (vint) 

drahsa 	 running, current (sb) 

drahski 	 cross-country skiing (sb) 

drain 	 drain (sb & vtr) 

drainage	drainage

drakhst 	 yeast (sb) 

dramaturg	playwright

drame 	 drama (sb) 

drangcarr 	 wheelbarrow (sb) 

drangh 	 lever (sb) 

drap 	 wrap (vtr); drape (sb) 

drastic	drastic

draubh 	 to crush into ruin (vtr) 

draug 	 brawl (sb) 

draukht 	to be on (military) duty 

drauting 	 warlord, warchief (sb) 

dravida	Dravidian

drayl 	 trail (sb) 

dreb 	 past tense of “dremeb” 

dregh 	 tenacious (adj) 

drehb 	 to feed, fuel (vtr) 

drehd 	 confront (vtr) 

drehm 	 dream (sb & vtr) (while sleeping) 

drehn 	 to drone 

drehnk	to drink (alcohol); alcoholic beverage

drehnkeina	drinking establishment

drehnknik 	 drunkard (sb) 

dreiv 	 to drift  (by the stream) 

dremeb 	 broaden out (vint) 

dresk 	 fragment ( sb) 

dressuar 	 (old) credence (sb) 

dreu  	 wood (sb) (matter) 

dreubukin	woodwind (music)

dreugh 	 deceive (vtr) 

dreughkassam 	 perjury (sb) 

dreughlogos 	 patter (sb) 

dreunol 	 vegetable oil ( sb) 

dreup 	 crumble ( vpr / vtr ) 

dreupel 	 to be dripping 

dreupic 	 crumbly (adj)

dreydel	teetotum (sb) 

driep 	 past tense of “drap” 

drieubh 	 past tense of “draubh” 

drieukht 	 past tense of “draukht” 

drigh 	 hair (a single one; sb ) 

drill 	 drill (military; sb ) 

driug 	 comrade (sb) (brother of arms) 

driv 	 past tense of “dreiv” 

drivdreu 	 driftwood 

droben 	 pond of pigs 

drogh 	 drug (sb) 

droghenveneg	illegal drug trader

drohb 	 past tense of “drehb” 

drohd 	 past tense of “drehd” 

drohm 	 past tense of “drehm” 

drohn 	 drone (sb ) ( sound); past tense of “drehn” 

drohnk	past tense of "drehnk"

droid 	 (an)droid (sb) 

drom 	 track, runway 

drone	artificial drone

drossat 	 cold and dry (adj) 

drouse 	 Druze (sb, adj) 

dru 	 tree (sb) 

druck 	 print (vtr) 

drud	(adj) = trusted 

druet 	 stump (sb) (of tree ) 

drufarn 	 tree fern (sb) 

drug 	 tub, bucket (sb) 

drugh 	 past tense of “dreugh” 

drughav 	 deceitful ( adj ) 

drugrance 	 treeline (sf) 

druid 	 druid (sb) 

drukh 	 spirit ( sb) ( ghost ) 

druligne 	 treeline (sf) 

druna 	 current, stream, course (sb); in id druna os 	 in the course of 

drungin 	 detachment ( sm ) 

drup 	 past tense of “dreup” 

drupel 	 past tense of “drupel” 

druseg 	 logger ( sm ) 

druv 	 true (adj) 

druve 	 truth, reality (sb) 

druve-ye 	 really (adv) 

Dryade 	 Dryad (sb)

dschitiam	venue (for shows; sb) 

du 	 to dress 

Dubay 	 Dubai (npr) 

dubel 	 lug stud (sb) 

dubieus 	 doubtful (adj) 

dubil 	 wedge (sb) 

dubro 	 cesspool (sb) 

duc	 lead (vtr); leader, guide (sb) 

ducat	ducat (sb)

duccins	official cash rate

ducer	device driver

dudka 	 trachea (sb) 

due 	 due to (prep) 

duel 	 duel (sb) 

dugter 	 daughter (sb) 

Dugter Deiwios 	 "Daughter of Heaven " 

duil 	 dust (sb) 

duivar	defensive wall

dukan 	 shop, business (sb) 

dukandar 	 shopkeeper (sb) 

dulal 	 commission (sb) (purchase , percentage ) 

dulap 	 cupboard (sb) 

dulcimer 	 (hammered) dulcimer (sb) 

dulg 	 debt ( sb); past tense of “deulg” 

dum 	 smoke (sb); past tense of “deum” 

duman 	 peasouper ( sb) (fig ) 

Te dumbo sub ghom !	(expression): “I terrorize you !” 

dumos 	 mood ( sb ) ( spirit ) 

dun 	 fortified enclosure (sb ) 

dune 	 dune (sb) 

Dunekyrk	Dunkirk

Dunia 	 the World (npr) 

dunos 	 rope, tether (sb) 

duodemimami	Twelver (Islam Shia)

dupe 	 dupe (vtr)

duplicat	duplicate (sb) 

durable 	 lasting (adj) 

durbin	(sing) = binoculars (splu) 

dure 	 last (vint) 

duren 	 duration (sb) 

durgh 	 past tense of « deurgh » 

durmesgos	open mesh

durra 	 sorghum bicolor (sb) 

durs 	 past tense of « deurs » 

dusag 	 mislead ( vtr ) 

dusasc 	 to be giddy 

dusbohr 	 insufferable (adj ) 

dusch 	 shower (in bathroom; sb ) 

duschman 	 foe ( sb) 

dusdecos 	 disgrace, opprobrium (sb) 

dusdin 	 bad weather (sb) 

dusdreibh	to spin (car; vint)

duse	nozzle (sb)

duseih	to make dizzy

dusel 	 past tense of “deusel” 

dusfider 	 unfaithful, infidel (adj., sb) (religion) 

dusformen	/dusformet = deformed

dusic	dizzy

duskweiter 	 filthy (adj) 

duskwol	whimsical, weird

dusmenos 	 ill-disposed 

dusmuamale 	 abuse ( splu ) 

dusodor 	 smelly ( adj) 

duspineg 	 scribble ( vtr ) 

dusprabh 	 insensitive (adj ) 

dusprimav 	 inhospitable ( adj ) 

dusrig 	 chilly ( adj) 

dussaun 	 unhealthy (adj ) 

dust 	 comrade (sb ) 

dustraite 	 abuse ( vtr ) 

dusyo 	 outcast (adj , sb) 

duxit 	 (he/she/it) led 

duys 	 past tense of “deuys” 

dvan 	 bread ( sb) 

dvancaise 	 weasel (sb) ( kenning ) 

dvehn 	 to clap (vint; noise) 

dverap 	 stem (vtr ) 

dverwen 	 harness (vtr ) 

dvestu 	 pulicaria vulgaris (sb) 

dvestura 	 datura (sb) 

dvohn 	 past tense of « dvohn » 

dvon 	 clap (big noise ; sb) 

dwaj 	 flutter (vint) 

dwal 	 in panic (adj ) 

dwaschaw 	 many ( sf ) 

dwaykhau 	 conflagration (sm) 

dweitsker 	 chirp, twitter (vint) 

dwer 	 door ( sb ) 

dwerbehnd 	 to shut in, to lock up 

dwergh 	 dwarf (adj. & sb) 

dwicap	twi-headed

dwidel	half (sb)

dwident 	 hoe (for garden; sb) 

dwidromstrad	dual carriageway (sb)

dwiej 	 past tense of “dwaj” 

dwigh	past tense of "dwinegh"

dwigham	polygamic (adj & sb)

dwighamia	polygamy

dwight	(& dwighen) = pinched (adj) (air); past tense of “dwinegh” 

dwighesoreins 	 two-handed sword (sb) 

dwin 	 twin ( sb , adj) ( 2 ) 

dwinaygw 	 to own in common with one’s neighbour 

dwinegh	( semject ad semanghen ) = force (vtr), force open (vtr); dwinegh se = to break through

dwinghyehbh 	 rape (sb & vtr) 

dwipod 	 biped (sb, adj) 

dwitsker 	 twitter (sb); past tense of “dweitsker” 

dwo 	 two ( pronoun ) 

dwogimtia 	 a score (20; sb) 

dwoi 	 doubt (sb & vint) 

dwokjwen 	 whip-poor-will (sb ) 

dwomotor 	 twin-engine aircraft (adj , sb) 

dwor 	 gate (sb) 

dworis 	 outdoors (adv) 

dworishoge	air draft (vessel)

dwot 	 second (adj) 

dwoter 	 second (adj) (of 2) 

Dwoternomos 	 Deuteronomy (npr) 

Anthony van Dyck 	 Anthony van Dyck (npr) 

dyehg	+ acc. = ignite 

dyehgw 	 stab (vtr) 

dyehrc 	 glimpse, see (vtr) 

dyei	to behold, worship (vtr)

dyeia	beholding, contemplation

dyein 	 worship (vtr) 

Dyew 	 Supreme God, Skygod 

dyi	past tense of "dyei"

dyin 	 religious practice, faith (sb); past tense of “dyein”, past participle of "dyei"

dyindar 	 worshiper (sb) 

dynamic	dynamic (adj)

dynamite 	 dynamite (sb) 

dynamo 	 dynamo (sb) 

dyinst	(religious) service (sb)

dyohg 	 past tense of “dyehg” 

dyohgw 	 past tense of “dyehgw” 

dyohrc 	 past tense of “dyehrc” 

dysenterie 	 dysentery (sb) 

dyuv 	 trip

eak 	 vicious ( adj ) 

eakia	vice (vicious; adj)

eau de vie 	 eau de vie (sb) 

ebb 	 ebb, low tide 

ebbschiau	ebb tide

ebi	(sing) = dried shrimps 

ebon 	 ebony (sb) 

eboniste 	 cabinetmaker (sb) 

ebonisterie	woodworking, cabinet-making

echee	 to fall to (law) 

echelon 	 echelon (sb) 

echo 	 echo (sb) 

eclat 	 commotion (ex	 during a ceremony) 

eclectisme 	 eclectism (sb) 

eclipse	eclipse

ecologia	ecology

economaniak 	 skimping on everything (adj) 

economiste	economist (sb)

ecosysteme 	 ecosystem (sb) 

ecran 	 screen (sb) 

ecrandecor	wallpaper (computer)

ecransparer	screensaver

ectoplasma 	 ectoplasm (sb) 

Ecuador 	 Ecuador (npr) 

ecuadoran 	 ecuadorian (adj & sb) 

ecumenisme 	 Ecumenism (sb ) 

ed 	 and 

edam 	 edam (cheese; sb) 

edd 	 eat ( vtr ) 

eddiun 	 half-starved (adj) 

eddmen 	 meal ( sb) 

eddtid 	 meal-time (sb) 

edeih	to publish (as a publisher, vtr)

edel 	 nagging (adj) 

edifice 	 building, edifice (sb) 

edifie 	 build, edify (vtr) 

Edinburg 	 Edinburgh (npr) 

edont 	 fang ( sb) 

education 	 education (sb) 

eent 	 (they) were (durative past tense) 

eet 	 (he/she/it) was (durative past tense) 

effec	to result in 

effect 	 effect (sb) 

effective	effective (adj)

effeminat 	 effeminate (adj) 

effervescence 	 excitement (sb) 

efficient	efficient

effigie 	 effigy (sb) 

effrenat 	 frenetic, unchained (adj) 

effusion 	 effusion (sb) 

eflatun 	 magenta (adj) 

egal	equal

egalasc	+ dative = match (vtr) 

egalisation payghen	equalization payment

egalt 	 rattle (toy; sb) 

eger 	 assuming that 

eghel 	 fir ( sm ) 

egher 	 inland sea ( sb) 

eghi 	 hedgehog ( sm ) 

eghin 	 mongoose (sf ) 

ego 	 I (stressed personal pronoun; nominative) 

egocentric	egocentric, self-centred

egoiste 	 selfish ( adj , sb) 

egreck 	 sheep pen (sm) 

egris 	 gooseberry 

egyptologia	egyptology

ehgv 	 get drunk (vint) 

ehngw 	 anoint (vtr) 

ei 	 to him, to it; to the (dative singular masculine & neutral) 

eiber 	 tusk (sb) 

eid	provided that

eiderdaun 	 eiderdown (of eider feathers) 

eih 	 go (vint) 

eins 	 sword ( sb) 

Eirean 	 Irish ( sb, adj) 

eiskw 	 to seek, to intend, to want (vtr) 

eiskwmen 	 deliberate (adj ) 

eiv 	 yew (sb) 

ek 	 harrow (sf ) 

ekara 	 glide (sb) 

ekw	horse ( sb) 

ekwenagen 	 horserace (sb) 

ekwenerce 	 horsepower (750 watt) 

ekwin	equine

ekwo	male horse

ekwomandu 	 horse breeder ( sb ) 

ekwot 	 mounted (on horse) (adj) 

el 	 he/she/it; the (personal pronoun & definite article undetermined singular nominative & accusative)
El Gisa 	 Giza ( npr ) 

El Kahira 	 Cairo ( npr ) 

El Kayda 	 Al- Qaeda 

ela 	 darning needle (sb) 

elan 	 run-up, momentum, surge (sb) 

se elan 	 to dash, to hurl oneself 

elangver 	 alert, brisk, lively (adj) 

elastomer	elastomer

Elbrus 	 Elbrus (npr) 

Elea	Velia

elect 	 elected (politics); the One (Matrix) 

electorat 	 voters (splu) 

electric arc	electric arc

electric capacitat 	 electric capacity (sb) 

electric lantern	 flashlight (sb ) 

electricitat 	 electricity (sb) 

electrise	to electrify (vtr; incl. "to excite")

electrocardiogramme	electrocardiogram

electrode	electrode

electroencephalographia 	 electroencephalogram (sb) 

electromot force 	 electromotive force (sb) 

electronic monete	electronic cash

electronique	electronics (sb)

eleg	[elEg] = elect (vtr) 

elegia 	 elegy (sb) 

eleih 	 bend ( vtr ) 

elein 	 elk, moose (sb) 

eleinwobhel	stag beetle

Elektra 	 Electra (npr) 

elembh	fawn (animal, sb)

element 	 element (sb) 

elephant	elephant (sb)

eleun 	 juniper (sb) 

Eleusis 	 Eleusis (npr) 

Elias	Elijah

elimine 	 to eliminate 

Elisabeth os England 	 Elizabeth of England (npr) 

elkos 	 ulcer (sb) 

ellipse	ellipsis

elliptic 	 elliptic (adj) 

eln	(animal's) child (sb) 

Elsaisser	Alsatian (sb)

elsaissisch	Alsatian (adj.)

Elsas	Alsace

El Salvador	El Salvador

elu  	 dull red (adj) 

elucide	elucidate (vtr)

em	 take (vtr; fig. ex: the train, a pill...); of (before undetermined plural noun; prep)

emaciat 	 emaciated (adj) 

emancipation	emancipation

Emanuel	Emanuel

emayl	enamel (glass)

emballage 	 packaging (sb) 

embalsem 	 embalm (vtr) 

embarasse 	 embarrassment ( sb) 

embaudh 	 to embed 

embeusk	+ acc. = to ambush 

emblematic 	 emblematic (adj) 

embleme 	 emblem ( sb) 

embonpoint 	 embonpoint (sb) 

emborb	to stick in the mud

embraned 	 to set ablaze (vtr) 

embras 	 past participle and past tense of “embraned” 

embryo 	 embryo (sb) 

embryonal stammcell	embryonic stem cell

embusk 	 ambush (sb) 

emel 	 (clothes) moth (sb) 

emerg	to emerge

emergencia	(sing) = emergencies (medical, splu) 

emergent mercats	emerging markets

emigrant 	 emigrant (sb) 

eminence 	 knoll (sb) 

eminent 	 eminent (adj) 

emitt 	 to emit (vtr) 

empathia	empathy

empedise 	 clutter, hamper (vtr) 

empel 	 strand (sb) (of thread) 

emphyteuse 	 emphyteutic lease (sb) 

emphyteutic 	 emphyteutic (adj ) 

empi 	 stinging insect (sb) 

empirisme 	 empiricism (sb) 

employ 	 employment ( sb) (work ) 

empor 	 warehouse ( sb; to store goods) 

emporbater 	 packer (sb) 

emporion 	 wabig store (sb) 

empraxise 	 to put into practice ( vtr ) 

empug 	 past tense of “empuneg” 

empuneg 	 grab (vtr ) 

empusa 	 conehead mantis (sb) 

empyr	empyrean (sb)

emsit 	 (he/she/it) took (fig; past tense) 

emu	emu

emulator	emulator

en	+ acc. = here is/are 

enbrehgen 	 burglary (sb ) 

encasse 	 collect, cash (vtr ) 

encephalitis 	 encephalitis (sb) 

enchante 	 enchant, spellbind (vtr) (magic) 

enclave	enclave

encouragement	encouragement

encramp 	 to cramp, restrict ( vtr ) 

end	 end (sb & vtr/int ) 

endemeur 	 to enjoin, order (someone) ( vtr ) 

ender	beneath, underneath

enderbosc 	 underbrush (sb) 

enderbrinegh	to give shelter to

enderdeh 	 subordinate (vtr) (someone) 

enderdeil 	 spare part (sb); to compartmentalize (vtr) 

enderdien 	 at the bottom (adv. ex . mine ) 

enderghend	to undertake

enderghom 	 subsoil (sb) (geology ) 

enderghomwedernt 	 phreatic water table (sb) 

endergrund 	 underground (adj); basement ( sb ) (building) 

endergumt 	 refuge, lodging ( sb ) 

endergwehm 	 to take refuge (vint) 

enderkeih	underlie (vtr)

enderkweit 	 distinguish, make out (vtr)

endermerg	[endërmErg] = disappear (vtr) (Fig. into the crowd) 

endermine 	 undermine (vtr) 

endermund 	 underworld (sb) 

enderrissem 	 (drawing) sketch (sb) 

endersedd	ghom = to huddle up (vint) 

endersigne	undersign (vtr)

endersok 	 auscultate (vtr) 

endertrehm 	 to tremble, to shake slightly 

endeigh 	 dyke up (vtr) 

endighom	to inter (vtr)

endo	towards to the interior of (prep)

endocrin systeme 	 endocrine system (sb) 

endoscopia	endoscopy

endra	(splu) = Netherworld (sing) 

endu	(endù) = to dress, to wear on, to take on, to endow (vtr) 

endurance 	 endurance (adj) 

endure 	 endure, bear (vtr) 

eneb 	 hub (sb) 

ener	(t)here it is that...

energetic	energy, energy-giving (adj.)

enfall 	 to come to mind (idea = nom.; person = dative) 

enfeurn 	 to put into an oven 

engage 	 to engage 

engagement	engagement, committment

engarde ! 	 on guard ! 

engarg 	 frighten (vtr ) 

engharth 	 enshrine ( vtr ) 

engheulf 	 rush ( vint ) 

enghistra 	 fishing line (sb) 

England	 England ( npr ) 

englisch 	 English (sb & adj ) 

englisch horn 	 english horn (sb) 

engrenage 	 chain (fig., involvement; sb) 

engu 	 swelling (sb ) 

engwen 	 groin ( sb )

engweu	to puff up (vint)

engwuhen	to bloat (vtr)

engwn 	 along (prep) 

enhang 	 hang up ( vtr ) (phone ) 

eni 	 within (adv & prep) 

enigma 	 enigma (sb) 

enigmatica 	 puzzle, brain teaser (sb) 

enleuc	to shed light on

enleur 	 to engage a mechanism (vtr) 

se enlieubh	in/med = to fall in love with 

enliste	in = enlist in (vint) 

enmercatnotes	release notes (computing)

se enneus 	 to shove one’s nose 

Enoch 	 Enoch (npr) 

enod	here is that + sentence

enokw 	 face (sb) 

enorm	enormous, huge (adj)

Enosh 	 Enosh (npr) 

enover 	 to implement 

enpace 	 peaceful, quiet (adj ) 

enquete 	 survey, inquiry (sb) 

en route 	 en route (adv) 

ensan 	 human being, human person (sb) 

enschalt	to switch on (vtr)

enscol	to provide with schooling (vtr)

ensein 	 war cry (sb) 

ensemble 	 ensemble (sb) 

ensmed	this/that is how...

ensorb 	 sniff (vtr ) 

ensrov 	 plug in (vtr) 

entablement 	 entablature (sb) 

entente	entente

enthusiast 	 enthusiastic (adj) 

entitat 	 entity ( sb) 

entonar 	 strike up ( vtr ) (song ) 

entorgue 	 market (vtr) 

entracte 	 intervall (during a show; sb) 

entrat 	 entrance (sb) 

entre	 to enter 

entrecote	entrecôte

entree 	 first course, starter (meal) 

entrepreneur	entrepreneur

entrepreneurial	entrepreneurial

entreprined 	 undertake (vtr) 

entreprise  	 enterprise (sb) 

entresol 	 cupboard under the stairs (sb) 

entretein	to entertain (vtr)

entrim 	 in the meantime (adv); I entered 

entropia	entropy

enunce 	 to express (ex: an idea; vtr) 

envie 	 envy (sb) 

envoyeit	envoyee

enwoghle 	 annoy, pester (vtr) 

enzyme 	 enzyme (sb) 

ep 	 on (can turn to “ef” before “h’) 

ep id grem 	 on one’s knees 

ep sien roig 	 in one’s turn 

epagneul 	 spaniel (sb) 

epaulette 	 epaulette ( sb) 

epheb 	 ephebos (sb) 

ephemer 	 ephemeral (adj) 

Ephesos	Ephesus

ephor	ephor

Ephraym 	 Ephraim (npr) 

epic 	 epic ( adj) 

Epidavros 	 Epidaurus ( npr ) 

epidemia 	 epidemic (sb) 

epigramme 	 epigram (sb) 

Epiktet	Epictetus

epikwrey	epicurean

Epikwros 	 Epicurus (npr) 

epilation 	 depilation (sb) 

Epirus	Epirus

Episcopat 	 bishopric (sb) 

episkep 	 bishop ( sb) 

epistel 	 epistle (sb) 

epitaph 	 epitaph (sb) 

epitrakhile 	 stole ( sb) 

epizootia	epizootic (sb)

epkeih 	 to surmount, to top 

epoin 	 evening (gathering; sb) 

epop 	 hoopoe (sb) 

epos 	 epic ( sb ) 

eptemmen 	 start ( vtr ) 

epter 	 just over (ex	 clothes; prep ) 

epterroll	to run over (with a vehicle, vtr) 

epterwehgh	to run over (with a vehicle, vtr)

equation	equation

equator 	 equator (sb) 

equiliber 	 balance (sb); to equilibrate (vtr) 

equilibristique	equilibristics

equinoxe	equinox; equinoxen precession = axial precession

equipement	 equipment (sb) 

equivalent 	 equivalent, tantamount (adj & sb) 

er 	 past tense of “erem” 

Era iom Aunstehgens 	 Age of Discovery 

Erasmus 	 Erasmus (npr)

Ercolano	Ercalano, Herculaneum 

ereb 	 deer (in general; sb) 

erem 	 to row 

ereudh 	 blush, turn red (vtr/vint) (subject = person) 

ereudhmen 	 acne rosacea (sb) (on skin) 

ereug 	 belch (vtr) 

ereup	erupt (vint)

ergh 	 to get (someone) wound up

ergv 	 pea (sb) 

eribh 	 kid (goat, sb) 

Erik is Rudh 	 Erik the Red (npr) 

Erin 	 Ireland (npr) 

eristique	eristic (sb)

erk 	 tick (acarian, sb) 

erkw 	 to be radiant 

erm 	 oar (sb) 

ermitage	hermitage (sb)

ermite 	 hermit (sb) 

ernu 	 tournament, competition (sb) 

eroud 	 colored (adj) (face) 

eroudh 	 ruddy (adj) 

erre 	 err; deviate, wander (vint) 

error 	 error (sb) 

ersen 	 male (adj, sb; especially when referring to animals) 

erter 	 rower (sb) 

erudition 	 erudition (sb) 

erule	hérulo

ervisk 	 ervian (Dragon Warrriors; adj) 

erysipel 	 erysipelas (sb) 

erythrocyte 	 red blood cell (sb) 

es 	 (thou) art, (you) are; of (undetermined singular genitif) 

esber 	 by heart 

escalade 	 climb (fig. vint) 

escalation	escalation

escapade 	 escapade, lark (sb) 

escorte 	 escort (sb) 

esdi 	 even if 

esen 	 been 

esiet 	 (he/she/it) would be 

esmer 	 olive greenish, sallow 

esnaf 	 corporate ( adj ), member of a corporation (sb) 

esont	past (adj; = not to happen again)

esor 	 wife (sb)

esoterisme	esoterism 

espalier 	 espalier (sb) 

Espania 	 Spain (npr) 

espaniol 	 Spanish, Spaniard; espaniol baut = half-boot 

esplanade 	 esplanade (sb) 

essai 	 essay (sb) 

essential 	 essential (adj) 

est 	 is; been 

esta 	 until 

ester 	 sturgeon (sb) 

esthetic 	 aesthetical (adj) 

estime 	 estimate ( vtr ) 

estocade 	 mortal impalement (with a weapon; sb) 

etage 	 floor (of building; sb) 

etape 	 stage, stopover point (sb) 

etat 	 budget ( sb) 

eten 	 kernel (sb) 

Eteocles 	 Eteocles (npr) 

ethanol	ethanol

ether 	 ether (sb) 

etheric 	 ethereal (adj) 

ethique	ethics

ethnic puwen	ethnic cleansing (fig.)

eti 	 moreover (adv) 

etiandem 	 embellishment (sb) 

etibehd	to go up (bid)

eticrehsc	to increase further (a price)

etileikw	to be left (rest; vint)

etiloikwa 	 (plu.) = remains, relics, remnants 

etimleu	to go further (in a dialogue)

etilogia	etiology

etiquette 	 etiquette (protocol; sb) 

etiweiken 	 overpopulation (sb) 

Etruria 	 Etruria (npr) 

Etrusk 	 Etruscan (adj , sb ) 

etster 	 ester (sb) 

etude 	 étude (art; sb) 

euanghelio 	 Gospel ( sb) 

euc 	 learn (vtr ) 

eucalyptus 	 eucalyptus (sb) 

eucharistie	eucharist 

Euclid 	 Euclid (npr) 

Euhemer 	 Evhemerus ( npr ) 

eul 	 hoot, ululate (vint) 

eulg 	 fade, wilt (vint) 

eunuch 	 eunuch (sb) 

euphonium 	 euphonium 

eurehp 	 set ( vint) (celestial bodies) 

Euripides 	 Euripides ( npr ) 

eurng 	 grumble ( vtr ) 

Europa 	 Europa (mythology ; sb) 

europay 	 European (adj & sb) 

Europe 	 Europe (continent, npr) 

eurp 	 to mend (vtr) 

Eurydike 	 Eurydice ( npr ) 

Eurystheus 	 Eurystheus 

Euskadi	Pays Basque

euskal	Basque

eust 	 east (sb) 

evacuation 	 evacuation ( sb) 

evacue 	 to evacuate (vtr) 

se evad 	 to escape (from jail) 

evangelical 	 evangelical ( Christian movement ) (adj ) 

Eve	 Eve ( npr ) 

eventual 	 possible (adj) 

evidence	 evidence (sb) 

evident 	 obvious, evident 

evolv	evolve

evoque	evoke (vtr)

Evvia	Euboea

ewo 	 grandfather (sb) 

ex 	 out of (prep) 

exacerbe	exacerbate (vtr)

exact 	 exact (adj) 

exagere	exaggerate (vtr)

exaltation 	 exaltation (sb) 

exalte 	 exalte (vtr) 

examen 	 review, examination (sb) 

examine 	 examinate (vtr) 

exasperat 	 exasperated (adj) 

exaulice	motorway exit (sb)

exbehr	utter (vtr)

excavation 	 excavation (sb) 

exceddent	surplus (adj. & sb)

excellent (adj)	 excellent 

excentric 	 fanciful, eccentric (adj ) 

exchange 	 exchange (sb & vtr) 

excitation	excitation

excite 	 excite (vtr) 

exclame 	 to exclaim 

exclarat 	 enlightened (adj. fig., mind)

exclihen 	 dodge (vtr) 

excommunie	excommunicate (vtr)

excrehscence 	 outgrowth (sb) 

excursion	 tour (visit; sb) 

excuse 	 excuse (sb & vtr) 

exdehsa 	 exposure (ritual abandonment of a child; sb) 

exdighom	to unearth (vtr)

execrable	execrable (adj)	

execut 	 to execute 

exempel 	 example (sb) 

exemplar	exemplary (adj); copy, example (sb)

exerce	to exercise (vtr)

exercice	 exercise (sb) 

exgheu	to give vent to

exgleih	to laugh in the face of (+ acc.)

exgventer 	 rip (vtr) 

exhalation 	 exhalation (sb) 

exhale 	 exhale (vtr) 

exhaus	to dry up (vtr)

exhaust	(& exhausen) = exhausted ( adj) 

exhaustive	exhaustive (adj)

exhorte 	 urge (vtr) 

exile 	 exile (sb) 

exist	exist

existence 	 existence (sb) 

exit 	 exit (sb) 

exo 	 outside (adv) 

exobeidmen	subcontractor (sb)

exoboidos	outsourcing, subcontracting (sb)

exodus 	 exodus (sb) 

exomide 	 exomis (sb) 

exorbitant 	 extravagant (adj) 

exorcisme	exorcism (sb)

expatriat	expatriat (sb; adj.)

expedient 	 expedient (sb) 

expedise	to clear, unclog, unblock (vtr)

experience 	 experience (sb) 

experiment 	 experiment (sb) 

expert 	 expert (adj. & sb) 

expertise	 survey (vtr ) 

expire	 expire (vtr ) 

explicit 	 explicit (adj) 

explie	explain (vtr)

exploit 	 exploit, feat (sb) 

explorator 	 explorer (sb) 

expo	(exposition) = exhibition (ex: art)

expon	present tense base of « exposen » 

exponent 	 exponent ( sb , mathematics ) 

exposen 	 expose ( vtr ) 

exposit 	 exhibit ( sb ) 

exposition	exposition

express	express (expressly; adj)

express train 	 express train 

expressem	to express (vtr)

expression	 expression (sb ) 

exproprye	to expropriate (vtr)

exraudh 	 uproot, eradicate (vtr) 

exspand 	 rapid expansion (sb) 

exspecte 	 expect (vtr) 

exspectet jumiung 	 life expectancy (sb) 

exsteigh 	 to disembark (vint) 

exstirpe 	 remove (vtr ) 

extase 	 ecstasy ( sb) 

extatic 	 ecstatic (adj ) 

extend 	 extend (vtr) 

extense	extense

exter 	 outside (of) 

exteradet 	 unusual (adj) 

exterdeil	decompartmentalize

exterdohbro 	 incongruous (adj) 

exterhonn 	 deign (vtr) 

extermeid 	 excessively (adv) 

exterpardon 	 unforgivable ( adj ) 

extinctor 	 fire extinguisher 

exting 	 to extinguish 

extos 	 from outside 

extract 	 extract (sb) 

extraordinar	extraordinary (adj)

extraterran	extraterrestrial

extravagant 	 extravagant (adj) 

extrehp 	 divert (vtr)

extreme	extreme 

extremiste	extremist

extro 	 to outside

extuned	to knock out 

exuberant 	 exuberant (adj) 

exude 	 exude ( vtr ) 

exultation 	 exultation (sb) 

eyasch 	 offhand (adj , fig ) 

eyg 	 ice needle 

eys 	 his 

eyso	his (before masculine or neutral singular noun in nominative or accusative)

eyvan 	 iwan (sb) 

Ezechiel 	 Ezechiel (npr) 

fabric	 factory (sb) 

fabricat	make, product (sb)

fabricature	manufacturing industry

fabule 	 fable (sb) 

fabuleus 	 fabulous (adj) 

face 	 to face (vtr), facing (prep.) 

facet 	 bevel ( sb) 

facette 	 facet ( sb ) 

facil 	 easy (adj) 

facit 	 outcome, toll (sb) 

fact 	 fact (sb) 

factieus	factious

factorie 	 trading post (sb) 

facture 	 invoice ( sb) 

facultat 	 faculty (university; sb) 

facultative	optional (adj)

fade 	 insipid, tasteless, dull (adj) 

fagot 	 bassoon (sb) 

faham 	 understand (vtr) 

fait-divers	(sing) = news stories (splu) 

fajer 	 daybreak (sb) 

fajita 	 fajita (sb) 

fakel 	 (flaming) torch (sb) 

fakhwehrg 	 timber framing (sb) 

falakhwn 	 sling (weapon, sb) 

falg 	 (lying) fallow (sb) 

falk 	 falcon ( sb) 

fall 	 to fall; case (situation); judgment (of a major court) 

fallacieus 	 fallacious (adj) 

falldaun	halyard

fallsater 	 guillotine's blade (sb) 

se fallsisen 	 slump (vint) 

fals 	 false ( adj ) 

falsetto 	 falsetto ( sb) 

falsgleih 	 to laugh on the other side of one’s face 

falskast 	 to money-launder 

falsmonetar	(money) forger

fals prophet 	 false prophet 

faltern 	 nettle (sb) 

falv 	 fawn (adj) 

fameus  	 famous ( adj) 

familia 	 family (sb) 

familial koimdeughen	family reunification

familiar 	 familiar (adj) 

famine 	 famine (sb) 

fanar 	 street lamp/light (sb) 

fanera	plywood

fanfare	brass band, fanfare

fania 	 pennant (sb) 

fanica 	 fanega (sb) 

fantasia	fantasy

fantasmagoria	phantasmagoria (sb)

fantasme 	 fantasy (sb) 

fanti 	 jack, knave ( sb) ( card game) 

fanus 	 luminous commercial sign 

fanzow 	 navigate (vint) 

FAQ	(frequent-ye anacta questions) = FAQ

farad 	 farad (sb) 

faragi 	 full body veil (sb) 

farakhat 	 leisure (sb) 

farasch 	 sweeping shovel (sb) 

farce 	 farce, joke (sb) 

fareb 	 deceit ( sb) 

farebie 	 to cheat 

farfadet	farfadet (sb)

farfalak 	 chatterbox (fig) (sb) 

farfar 	 gossipy, talkative (adj) 

farj 	 ravine ( sb ) 

farm 	 farm (sb) 

farman 	 order (in council; sb) 

farmpact	farm (revenue leasing), tenant farming (sb)

farn 	 fern (sb) 

farou 	 exercise-book cover (sb) 

Fas 	 Fes (city of Morocco; npr); auspicious (adj)

fasc 	 beam, bundle (sb) 

fascine 	 fascinate (vtr) 

fasciste	fasciste	(adj)

fasd 	 bleeding (sb) 

fassade 	 façade ( sb) 

fassic 	 wanton ( adj ) 

fassih 	 current ( adj) ( language ) 

fassol 	 bean ( sb ) 

fast 	 fast ( sb ) 

fastidieus 	 tedious ( adj) 

fat 	 fatal destiny (sb) 

fatal 	 fatal (adj) 

fataliste 	 fatalistic (adj , sb) 

fatidic 	 fatal ( adj ) 

faukh 	 to growl (vint) 

faul 	 cowardly ( adj ) 

fault 	 fault ( sb) ( failure) 

faultic 	 at fault ( adj ) 

faun 	 faun ( sb) 

fauna 	 wildlife (sb) 

faungmoen	+ acc. = to pay a visit to 

fauran 	 immediately ( adv ) 

fauric 	 immediate ( adj ) 

favor	 favour (sb) 

favorise	 to favour 

favorite	 favorite (adj ) 

fawngdiaschau 	 real property ( adj , sb) 

fawngdien 	 (electrical) discharge (sb) 

fawngtawng 	 debauchery (sb) 

fax	fax

fayance 	 faience (sb) 

faydh 	 quarrel ( sb & vint) 

fayer 	 to fire 

fayl 	 mislead (vtr ) 

fayn 	 fine (adj ) ( elegant) 

fayront 	 end of working day 

fayssal 	 decision, adjudication; to rule (take a decision) 

fazaa 	 dismay (sb) 

feber 	 fever (sb) 

febreus 	 feverish ( adj ) 

febrile 	 febrile ( adj) 

februar 	 February (sb) 

fecunditat 	 fertility (sb) 

fedora 	 fedora hat (sb) 

fee	fairy (sb)

feerie	enchantment, extravanganza 

fehkht 	 to fence (swords) 

feig 	 cowardly (adj) 

fel 	 foil; slice (sb) 

feldmarschal 	 Field-Marshal ( sb) 

felicitat 	 bliss ( sb ) 

felid 	 felid (adj , sb ) 

Felikismos Annos !	Happy New Year ! 

feline 	 feline ( adj , sb ) 

felna 	 (wheel) rim ( sb ) 

felon 	 traitor (in feodality, sb) 

felonia 	 treason (in feodality, sb) 

felter	 felt (sb )

feminin	feminine, female (adj) 

fenn 	 heath (terrain; sb) 

fenster 	 window (sb) 

ferfac 	 to commit (a delict) 

Fergana	Fergana

ferian 	 holiday-maker (sb) 

ferias 	 holidays 

feriassalair 	 paid holiday 

fermata	fermata (music; sb)

ferment 	 ferment (sb) 

fermente 	 to ferment 

ferquid 	 double penalty 

ferromanganese	ferromanganese

ferry 	 ferry (sb) 

ferschluss 	 shutter (sb) (optics) 

fertile 	 fertile (adj) 

fertilisant 	 fertilizer (adj. & sb) 

fertilitatsratio	fertility rate

ferume 	 crumb (sb) 

fervent 	 fervent (adj) 

ferye 	 to have holidays (vint) 

ferz 	 queen (chess game; sb) 

fest 	 fest (sb) 

festdien 	 holiday ( sb) 

festin 	 feast, banquet (sb) 

feston 	 scallop, festoon (vtr); festoon (sb)

feta 	 feta (sb) 

fetid 	 stinking (adj )

feudalisme	feudalism 

feug 	 flee (vtr) 

feugnic 	 runaway (adj & sb; “somebody who flees”) 

feurl 	 furl ( vtr ) 

Feuroya	( splu ) = Faroe Islands ( splu ) 

feuylton	(literature) serial (sb)

fez 	 fez (sb) 

fiaker	(horse-drawn) cab

fiancee 	 fiancee (sb); to betroth (sb)

fiatdenars	(splu.) = fiat money

fiber 	 fiber (sb) 

fict 	 to clot, to make stiff (vtr) 

fictice 	 ficticious (adj) 

fid 	 faith ( sb ) 

fidayi 	 devoted (adj) 

fider 	 believer (sb) 

fidess	(sing ) = vermicelli ( splu ) 

fidren 	 farthing (sb) ( Hobbits) 

fief 	 fief ( sb) 

fiell 	 past tense of “fall” 

fieydh 	 past tense of “faydh” 

fieyer 	 past tense of “fayer” 

fieyl 	 past tense of “fayl” 

fig 	 present tense base of “fineg” 

figurat	figurative (adj)

figure 	 figure (sb) 

fiker 	 figure (vint) 

fikrav	imaginative (adj)

fil 	 ivory item (sb); [el fil] bishop (chess; sb) 

filan 	 so & so 

fildische 	 elephant tusk 

filete 	 fillet (food) 

filiale	subsidiary company

filibustier 	 filibuster (adj & sb) 

Filippo de Neri 	 Philip Neri ( npr ) 

filise 	 vine shoot 

fillon 	 cork (wood; sb) 

film 	 film, movie (sb) 

filmcamera	movie camera

filtrakh 	 stillsuit (sb) (Dune) 

fin 	 end (sb) (something final, definitive ) 

finance	 finance 

financial 	 financial (adj) 

financier	 financier (sb) 

finct 	 dummy (sport) 

find 	 present tense base of “finesd” 

fineg 	 pretend ( vtr ) 

fineih 	 to finish 

finesd 	 split ( vtr ) 

fingher 	 to fiddle with 

fingher 	 finger (sb) 

finnugher	finno-ugric (adj. & sb)

firasat 	 face, general outlook (sb) 

firida 	 niche (sb) 

firma 	 firm (enterprise, includiinf "law firm"; sb) 

firmament 	 firmament (sb) 

firmware	firmware (sb)

firscha 	 brush (for sweeping; sb) 

firsche 	 to sweep 

firtina 	 gust (of wind); burst (of gunfire) 

fiscal 	 Attorney-General, Prosecutor-General (sb); fiscal (adj); fiscal evasion = tax evasion; fiscal multiplicator = fiscal multiplier; fiscal paradays = tax haven

fiss 	 past participle and past tense of “finesd” 

fissih 	 running ( adj ) (fig ) 

fistic 	 pistacia (sb) 

fit 	 fit (adj) 

fitil 	 wick, fuse 

fitness 	 fitness ( sb) 

fiull 	 heating oil ( sb) 

fiulltank 	 fuel tank ( sb ) 

fix	fixed, set

fixe 	 to fix (steadily) (vtr) 

fiz	viez (sb)

flag	 flag (sb) 

flagnav 	 flagship (sb) 

flagrant 	 blatant (adj ) 

in flagranti delicto 	 in flagrante delicto 

flamboyment 	 blaze (sb) 

flaming 	 Fleming (sb) 

flamingo	flamingo (sb)

flamme	 flame (sb) 

Flandren 	 Flanders (sb ) 

flanela 	 flannel (sb) 

flank	flank

flask 	 flask ( sb) 

flasken 	 flagon ( sb) 

flatter 	 flatter (vtr ) 

flatterie 	 flattery (sb) 

flau	blurred (adj) 

flayer	flyer (document; sb)

flaydor 	 mottling, combing (sb) 

flect 	 bend (vtr ) 

flehen 	 whine (vint) 

flemisch 	 flemish (adj) 

fleurt	flirt

flibustier	filibuster

flicker 	 flicker (vint) 

flietter 	 past tense of “flatter” 

flint 	 flint (sb ) 

flise 	 paving stone 

flisenplor 	 paving (sb) 

flitter 	 speck, fleck, spangle (sb) 

flocken 	 flake ( sb ) 

flor 	 flower (sb ) 

Florence 	 Florence ( npr ) 

florentin 	 Florentine ( adj , sb) 

florette 	 floweret (sb) 

florin 	 guilder ( currency ) ( sb) 

floriste 	 florist (sb) 

flott	 float (vint) 

flotille	flotilla

flottluce 	 (stage) lighting instrument (sb) 

flu 	 flu (sb) 

fluctuation	fluctuation

fluid 	 fluid (adj , sb) 

fluor 	 fluorine (sb) 

flurt	past tense of "fleurt"

flute 	 flute (sb) 

flutelik 	 fluty (adj) 

flutmot 	 tidal (moved by the tide) 

flutt 	 flood, high tide (sb) 

fluttschiau	flood tide

fluv 	 river (that goes to the sea) 

fluvial 	 fluvial 

flux 	 flux (sb) 

fluyer 	 reed-pipe (sb) 

flyghel 	 wing ( sb) (of a building ) 

flyghelhorn 	 flugelhorn (sb) 

focus 	 focus ( sb) (optical ) 

fodd 	 dig (vtr ) 

fodder 	 food ( for animals ) ( sb) 

fogel 	 fowl ( sb) 

foh 	 pitch up ( vpr ) 

foie-gras	foie gras (sb)

folk 	 people, folk (sb) (ethnicity) 

Folkenmigrations	Migrations Period (History)

foll 	 mad, crazy, insane (adj) 

follia 	 madness (sb); Follia Lauden = "The Praise of Folly" (Erasmus)

follmat 	 fool’s mate (chess; sb) 

folossie 	 to use 

fondant 	 fondant ( pastry ) ( sb) 

fontan 	 fountain (sb) 

football 	 football (sb, soccer) 

for	by far (meaning "too much, very")

se forakwten	protie(v) / contra = to set oneself against 

forbann 	 banish (vtr) 

forbehd	to forbid, ban (vtr)

force 	 force (sb); force demonstration = show of force 

forduil 	 turn to dust (vint) 

forel	 trout ( sb) 

forest 	 forest (sb) 

forestal 	 forest (adj) 

forfac 	 to commit (a mischief) 

forfact 	 mischief, delict (sb) 

forge 	 forge ( vtr ) 

forglehmer 	 to get stuck (in mud; vint) 

forgleimer 	 to stick (in mud; vtr) 

forhonn 	 to ridicule (vtr) 

se forilay 	 giggle (vint) 

se forkheuld 	 to get a chill (vint) 

forlav 	 fade (through washing) ( vtr ) 

forleus 	 to lose (one’s pursuers; vtr) 

forlonct	lenghty (adj)

forlyehg	to mislay (vtr)

format	format (sb)

forme 	 form (sb & vtr) & train (vtr) 

formell 	 formal, positive (adj)

formica 	 laminate (sb) 

Formule Oin 	 Formula One 

formulire 	 form (paper; sb) 

forpall	(& forpallid) = shop-soiled (adj) 

se forprehp 	 to fail, malfunction

forscinesd	to make low-necked, indented 

forskehpt 	 become foreclosed (vint) 

forslug 	 past tense of “forsluneg” 

forsluneg 	 hiccup (vint) 

forslung 	 hiccup ( sb) 

se forsorb 	 to choke (vint) 

forstehlb 	 to protrude 

forswehnd	to fade away

forsyrat 	 thrashing, racing (sb) 

fort 	 fort (military; sb) 

fortaste 	 to fumble 

fortrag 	 to extricate 

fortrehc 	 to depart, to go off 

fortuitous 	 accidental (adj ) 

Fortunat Insules	 Islands of the Blest 

fortune 	 fortune (sb) 

forwehgh 	 carry off course (vtr) (vehicle) 

forwehs	to mislay (vtr)

fossil 	 fossil (adj. & sb) 

fossil wed 	 fosssil water (sb) 

foster 	 foster, boost ( vtr ) 

foteuyl 	 armchair (sb) 

fourrage 	 forage (sb ; plant ) 

foyeir 	 foyer, club house (sb) 

fra	(& frater) = brother (sb) ( monk ) 

fraction	fraction

fracture 	 fracture (sb) 

frad 	 grimace (sb) & grin (vint) 

fragil 	 fragile (adj) 

frain 	 brake (other than automobiles) 

France 	 France (npr) 

franceois 	 French (adj & sb) 

Francesco os Assisi 	 Francis of Assisi (npr) 

franchiseit 	 franchise-holder 

francolin 	 francolin (sb ) 

frange 	 fringe ( sb) 

frank 	 frank ( adj) 

frankeih 	 to frank, to enfranchise, to free 

Frankenrig	Francia

Frankfurt	 Frankfurt (npr) 

frankisch	Frankish, Franconian (when refering to languages)

frankrisk 	 excess (in insurances; sb) 

fraud 	 fraud (sb) 

fraum 	 frame (sb) 

fraumbar	scrollbar

frect 	 freight (sb) 

fregate 	 frigate (sb) 

frehs 	 freeze (vint & vtr) 

freih 	 to fry

frenitic 	 frenetic (adj) 

frenitis 	 frenzy ( sb) 

frequent 	 frequent ( adj ) 

fresch 	 fresh ( adj ) ( recent ) 

freschia  	 freshness (sb) 

frette	fret

frid 	 ringtone (sb) 

fried 	 past tense of “frad” 

Friedrich os Preussen 	 Frederick of Prussia (npr) 

frih 	 past tense of “freih” 

Frilance	(& frilancer) = freelance (adj. & sb ) 

fringant 	 dashing ( adj ) 

frinolt 	 big feed, blowout (sb) 

frise 	 frieze (sb) 

frites 	 chips (French fries; splu ) 

friture 	 frying (sb) 

Friul 	 Friuli (npr) 

friulan 	 friulian (adj & sb) 

frock	frock (church garment)

frohs 	 past tense of “frehs” 

frolic	playful (adj)

fronde 	 frond (sb) (plant) 

front 	 front (sb) 

frontasch 	 ringleader (sb) 

frontdeck 	 foredeck (sb) 

frontispice	frontispiece, title page

fronton	pediment

frontpage 	 frontpage (sb) 

frontstieupens	( splu ) = steps (to the entrance of a building; splu ) 

fructueus 	 fruitful, profitable ( adj) 

frugal 	 frugal (adj) 

fruit 	 fruit ( sb) 

frustration	frustration

fsu 	 pawn ( sb) 

ftas 	 to rise (ex	 dough; vint) 

fudulluk 	 conceitedness, smugness ( sb ) 

fug 	 flight (escape; sb); past tense of “feug” 

fugace 	 fleeting ( adj) 

fugade 	 stampede ( sb) 

fughian 	 pumice stone ( sb) 

fugitive 	 fugitive ( adj , sb) 

fujat 	 sudden ( adj) 

fujatan 	 suddenly (adv) 

fulan	soandso

fulk 	 felucca (sb) 

fullback 	 fullback (football; sb) 

funambule 	 tightrope walker (sb & adj) 

function	 function (sb) 

functional 	 functional (adj) 

functionment 	 functioning ( sb) 

fund 	 funds ( sb) 

fundal 	 real estate (adj ) 

fundar 	 to cast anchor 

fundwk 	 accommodation (sb; lodging) 

funed	to merge (vint, to bring together)

fungjin 	 rubella, German measles (sb) 

fur 	 thief (sb) 

furett 	 ferret (sb) 

furkan 	 salvation (sb) 

furketa 	 (hair) slide (sb) 

furl 	 past tense of “feurl” 

furn 	 oven (sb) 

furnace 	 furnace ( sb) 

furniture 	 supply (sb) 

furor 	 fury ( sb) 

furuncule 	 boil, furuncle ( sb ) 

fuschiou 	 to submit to (surrender) 

fuschwian 	 accessories (adj, splu) 

fuselage 	 fuselage (sb) 

fusion	fusion, merger (sb)

fusional 	 inflectional (adj; language) 

fusnote 	 footnote 

fussuma 	 sliding panel (in houses) 

fustan 	 skirt (sb) 

futil 	 frivolous ( adj) 

futliar 	 box, case (sb) 

futra 	 jamb, chimb (sb) 

futro 	 fur coat 

futur 	 future (adj) 

future 	 future (sb) 

fwenghyu 	 wind and rain 

fwenschaw 	 to arson 

fwenyun 	 jumble, muddle (sb)

gaban 	 overcoat (sb) (mantle) 

gabarit	envelope (architecture, sb)

gablak 	 forked (adj) 

gada 	 mace (weapon, sb) 

gadab 	 convenient, handy (adj) 

gadabeih 	 to fit out/ub (vtr) 

gadarene	Gadarene (adj & sb)

gaddar 	 treacherous 

gaddaria 	 treachery ( sb) 

gadget 	 gadget (sb) 

Gadir	Gades (npr)

gadrab 	 rubble (sb); crumble 

gadraukhtos 	 soldiery (sb) 

gaelic	gaelic (adj. & sb)

gafrot 	 burdock’s burr 

gagauz	gagauz

gage 	 token (sb) (guarantee) 

gagnwan 	 to bear a grudge on 

gahab 	 spare ( vtr ) (an enemy ) 

gahack 	 mince (sb ) 

gahag 	 bocage (sb) 

gahang	(sing) = gallows ( splu) 

gaharu 	 fragrant wood (sb) 

gai	gay (homosexual; adj & sb)

gain	present tense base of “gaissen” 

gairb 	 display , composition ( sb) ; arms ( splu ) 

gairn 	 of goodwill ( adv ) 

gaissen 	 win, gain ( vtr ) ( win, harvest ) 

gaivia 	 region, land ( sb) 

gaiviaspoti 	 mayor ( sb ) (in the Shire of Hobbits) 

gajka 	 nut (for screws; sb) 

gakowpos 	 jumble, bunch (sb) 

gakwi 	 glutton ( sb ) (fig ) 

gala 	 gala (sb) 

galactic 	 galactic ( adj ) 

galakt 	 milk (all kinds of white liquid, sb) 

galant 	 gallant (adj) 

galanterie 	 courtsey (sb) 

galat	Galatian

galaxia 	 galaxy (sb) 

galeassa 	 galeas (sb) 

galecker 	 good food ( sb ) 

galego	Galician (of Spanish Galicia)

galender 	 railing ( sb ) 

Galenos 	 Galen ( npr ) 

galeon 	 galeon (sb ) 

galeot 	 galley slave (sb) 

galera 	 galley (sb) 

galerie 	 gallery (sb) 

galeriegrabh	passage grave (sb)

galge 	 gauge (sb) 

galgon 	 piles (sb; sing. in Sambahsa) 

Galicia	Galicia (province of Spain)

galilay	Galilean

Galilee 	 Galilee (npr, Region of Palestine) 

Galileo	Galileo (Italian scientist)

gall 	 rooster, cock (sb) 

Gallia 	 Gaul (npr; country) 

gallic 	 Gaulish (adj); Gaul (sb; inhabitant of Gaul)

gallmiliu 	 Japanese barnyard millet 

galvanise 	 galvanize ( vtr ) 

gama 	 toad ( sb) 

gaman 	 greedy ( adj) 

gamasch 	 gaiter ( sb ) 

gamayd 	 boor (sb) 

gambit 	 trip, leg lock; gambit (sb) 

gamejos 	 grub (eating; sb) 

gamelan 	 gamelan (sb) 

gamelle 	 cookset (sb)

gamete	gamete (sb) 

Gamorah 	 Gomorrah (npr) 

ganab 	 turmoil (sb) 

gandhivadi 	 gandhian (adj & sb) 

gandighi 	 mess ( sb ) (fig) 

gandoum 	 wheat flour (sb) 

gandul 	 lazy ( sb; adj ) 

ganeis 	 to recover (one’s health) 

ganga	gangue (sb)

gangal 	 roll of wire (sb) 

Ganges 	 Ganges (sb) 

gangrene 	 gangrene ( sb) 

gangrenise 	 to gangrene 

gankji 	 dry season 

Ganymede 	 Ganymede (npr) 

gao 	 ladle ( sb) 

gapack 	 luggage (sb) 

garabat 	 scribble, scrawl (vtr) 

garage	garage

garagenpasar 	 garage sale (fig., sb) 

garait 	 plight, pickle (sb) 

garantie	guarantee (sb & vtr)

garb 	 spray, sheaf (sb) 

garbi 	 drizzle ( sb) 

garcioniere 	 bachelor flat ( sb) 

garden 	 garden ( sb) 

gardenreuyd 	 market gardening (sb) 

gardisch 	 vagrancy (sb)

gardrobe 	 wardrobe (sb)  

garey 	 dog’s tooth grass (sb) 

garg 	 terror, scariness (sb) 

garguyl 	 gargoyle (sb) 

garid 	 shrimp ( sb) 

garnie 	 to decorate, to fill 

garnison 	 garrison (sb) 

garite	sentry box

garniture	(sing) = trimmings (splu) 

garrot 	 garrote; (medical) tourniquet 

garson 	 waiter ( sb ) 

garuy 	 maize stem (sb) 

garwi 	 preparation (sb) 

garwie	furbish (vtr)

gas 	 gas (sb) 

gasall 	 companion (sb; apprentice) 

gasic 	 gaseous (adj) 

gaslimos	(sing) = fillings (splu) 

gasmehrkos 	 foul smell 

gasoduct	gas pipeline

gason 	 lawn turf (sb) 

gaspedal	gas pedal

gastall 	 to employ, to hire 

gastalt 	 silhouette (sb) 

gastangh 	 framework (sb) 

gastanker 	 LNG carrier (sb) 

gastieup	flight of steps (stairs, sb)

gastrados 	 maze of streets 

gastrehlos 	 shooting battle (sb) 

gastrohl 	 volley of shots 

gastronom		gastronome

Gatar 	 Qatar (npr) 

gateau 	 big cake 

gatolkos 	 confab (sb) 

gatov 	 rigged (adj) 

Gatschmanei 	 Gethsemane ( npr ) 

gatva	narrow street, alley

gatye 	 dam ( sb) 

gauta 	 runny (adj ) ( non-viscous) 

gavaz	(sing) = antlers ( splu) 

gawoun 	 recipient (sb) 

Gaya 	 Gaia ( npr ) 

gaydh 	 goat (sb , adj ) 

gays 	 halberd (sb) 

gayta 	 bagpipe ( sb) 

gaytan 	 braid on dress 

Gaza	Gaza; Gaza strei = Gaza strip

gazd 	 stick, staff (sb) 

gazelle 	 gazelle (sb) 

gazette	gazette (sb)

ge 	 then (after personal pronoun; enclitic) 

gehlb 	 yellow (adj) 

gehlbfeber 	 yellow fever ( sb) 

gehmbh 	 to show one’s teeth 

gehn 	 to father, create (vtr) 

gehnghian	bedrock

gehr 	 to awake, wake up (vint) 

geibh 	 bandy, arched (adj) 

geih 	 to vainquish, to be victorious 

geihdharma 	 jainism (sb) 

geir 	 to bypass, to go around 

geirwehnd 	 make a face- to - tail (vtr ) 

gelee 	 jelly (sb) (cooking) 

gelepp 	 drover 

gelou 	 sister-in-law 

gelu 	 freezing cold (sb) 

Gemara	Gemara

gemer 	 sister’s husband (sb) 

gemme 	 gem ( sb) 

gen	 gene (sb ) 

gena 	 Nature ( sb) 

gencian 	 gentian (sb) 

gendarme 	 gendarme ( sb) 

gendel	related (kin, category)

genealogic dru 	 family tree (sb) 

general	 general (adj, sb) 

general-major	major(-)general

generalissim	generalissimo

generator	generator (electric, sb)

genereus 	 generous (adj) 

Genesis 	 Genesis (sb) 

genetic ingenieurie	genetic engineering

genial	 great, of genius (adj) 

genie	(sing) = genius (sb, person); the Engineers (splu; military corps) 

genis 	 of sorts (adj) 

geniste 	 broom shrub (sb)

Gennesar	Gennesaret 

genocide	genocide

genos 	 type, kind (sb) 

genpian 	 piece of paper 

gensadpeurten	(blood) filiation

genti 	 line (family, sb) 

gentile 	 gentle, gentile (adj & sb) 

gentleman	gentleman (in modern times; sb)

genu 	 knee (sb) 

Genua 	 Genoa (npr) 

genuan 	 Genoese (sb, adj) 

genue 	 to kneel down 

genuin 	 genuine (adj) 

geolocalisation	geolocation (sb)

geometer	geometer, surveyor

geong 	 palace-fortress (sb) 

Georgos 	 George (npr) 

geothermia 	 geothermal energy (sb) 

gep 	 pocket ( sb ) 

gepdenars	(plu) = pocket money

geplampe 	 flashlight (sb) 

geranium 	 geranium (sb) 

gerasc 	 to get old 

gerbill	gerbil

gerger 	 dilapidated, decayed (adj) 

germen 	 germ (sb) 

geront 	 old man (sb) 

geros 	 old age (sb) 

gerosdom	retirement home

gesta 	 chanson de geste 

geste 	 gesture ( sf) 

gesticule 	 gesticulate (vint) 

geul	 ember ( sb) 

geumper 	 sweater (sb) 

geus	to taste (vtr)

geusmen 	 palate ( sb ) ( anatomy) 

gevat 	 retort (sb ) 

geyser 	 geyser ( sb) 

ghab 	 to understand (a fact, a situation) 

ghabel 	 (pitch)fork (sb ) 

ghaben 	 gifted (adj ) 

ghaghel 	 wild goose (sb) 

ghalg 	 wand ( sf ) 

ghalv 	 skull (sm ) 

gham 	 marriage (sb); to marry 

ghang 	 walk (vint & sb) 

ghans	 goose ( sb) 

ghapt 	 gifted (adj ) 

gharn	(& gharna) = gut ( sb) 

ghat 	 meet (vtr/vint ) 

ghatet 	 skein, hank (sb) 

ghaw 	 wrong (adj ) 

ghawl 	 tub (old ship !, sb) 

ghawd 	 to be delighted about, to rejoice (vtr; + acc.) 

ghawsam	the wrong way round

ghayt 	 curl (sb) 

ghebel 	 gable, tree-top (sb) 

ghebelslatte	top purlin (sb)

ghedip 	 ivy ( sb) 

ghehd 	 to be able to, can (vtr) 

ghehld 	 to be worth, to apply 

ghehld 	 tribute ( sb) 

ghelgh 	 gland (sb) 

ghehng 	 to spread, to open (one’s legs) 

ghehrd 	 court, yard ( sb) 

ghehrs 	 bristle ( vpr ) 

ghei 	 draft horse (sm ) 

gheid 	 be thirsty of (vint) ( fig. ) 

gheigtel 	 pledge ( sm ) ( guarantee ) 

gheih 	 yawn (vint) 

gheil 	 chops (sf ) 

gheirs 	 ruffle ( vtr ) 

gheischa 	 geisha ( sf ) 

gheisd 	 be speechless 

ghel 	 gall ( sb) 

gheldschtraf 	 fine ( sb ) 

gheleta 	 pot, bucket ( sb) 

ghelgh 	 gland ( sb ) 

ghelon 	 turtle ( sb) 

gheloun 	 gill (sb ) 

ghem 	 low ( adj) 

ghemia 	 launch, lifeboat 

ghem pressem 	 low pressure 

ghend 	 take ( vtr ); grip, hold (sports, sb) 

ghengher 	 bran ( sb) ( cereal ) 

Ghenji Monogatari 	 tale of Genji (sb) 

ghens 	 past participle & past tense of “ghend” 

ghenstor 	 trunk (sb) ( elephant) 

gheram 	 mad ( adj) 

gherb 	 notch (sb) 

ghergheff 	 tambourine sewing (sm ) 

gheridon 	 pedestal table ( sb) 

gherrilia 	 guerrilla ( sb) 

Gherschom 	 Gershom (npr) 

ghert 	 dairy produce (sb) 

gherzd 	 barley (sb) 

gherzdsuker	barleysugar (sb)

ghes 	 yesterday (adv) 

gheslo 	 thousand (vx.) 

Gheslum Oina Nocts 	 the Arabian Nights 

ghesor 	 handle (vtr) ; hand (sb; vx.)

ghestern	of yesterday (adj)

gheu 	 offer a sacrifice 

gheumen 	 libation ( sf ) 

gheus 	 beggar, rogue ( sb) 

gheuss 	 to belch out (vtr) 

gheutt 	 to drip 

ghevghir 	 skimmer (sb) 

ghevreck 	 ring-shaped cake (sb) 

ghi 	 has no definite meaning, it often appears in second position in a clause and serves to emphasize the preceding word. It is sometimes suffixed to the preceding adverb or pronoun. It can be translated as “then”, or as “for”, f.e.: “Is ne kieup id wogh, isghi ne hieb denars" = “He didn’t buy the car for he had no money”.
ghianien 	 rock salt ( sf ) 

ghianshiek 	 rock ( sf ) 

ghid 	 past tense of “gheid” 

ghie 	 ghee ( sb) 

ghieb 	 past tense of “ghab” 

ghieng 	 walked (past tense) 

ghienzrien 	 hieratic ( adj) 

ghiesen 	 harvest ( sb) 

ghiet 	 past tense of “ghiet” 

ghieter 	 enemy (adj.& sm ) 

ghieul 	 carbonize (vint / tr ) 

ghiewd 	 past tense of “ghawd” 

ghigda 	 thirst ( figuratively ) 

ghigilik 	 nightcap (sb) 

ghignon 	 rotten luck (sb) 

ghih 	 past tense of “gheih” 

ghilde 	 guild ( sb) 

ghim 	 winter (sb) 

ghimer 	 young animal ( sb) (one winter-old) 

ghiobeck 	 belly dance (sf ) 

ghionkawn 	 rape ( sb & vtr ) 

ghioulee 	 ball ( sm ) ( gun) 

ghir 	 gear (sb), speed ( sb) 

ghiri 	 mountain forest 

ghirs 	 past tense of “gheirs” 

ghirshajamat	crewcut 

ghisal 	 hostage (sb) 

ghisalkapen	hostage-taking

ghisd 	 past tense of “gheisd” 

ghitarr	(& ghitarra) = guitar (sb) 

ghiton 	 tunic, robe (sb) 

ghiubeck 	 ratatouille (sb) 

ghiul 	 coal (sb); past tense of “ghieul” 

ghiulbunker 	 hold, bunker (containing coal, on ships) 

ghiulsitla	coal pail

ghium 	 can, flask, churn (sb) 

ghiuruk 	 hood, top (sb, for vehicle) 

ghmiya 	 terrestrial monster (sb) 

ghnad 	 nit (sb) 

ghneih 	 rub (vtr) 

ghnu	wildebeest (sb)

ghohd 	 was/were able to 

ghohld 	 past tense of “ghehld” 

ghohng 	 past tense of “ghehng” 

ghohrs 	 past tense of “ghehrs” 

ghom 	 earth ( sb ); down; (adv; irregular comparative : niter) 

ghomen 	 earthy (adj , sm ) ( human inhabitant of the Earth ) 

ghomtro	+ accusative = down with... ! 

ghu 	 past tense of “gheu” 

ghutorium	smelter (workplace, sb)

ghutt 	 drop (sb); past tense of “gheutt”; "id ghutt, quod upertrahnt id wedsaat" = "the straw, that broke the camel's back" 

ghyah 	 to gape 

ghyahsa 	 gap ( sb) 

ghyalir 	 unfortunate (adj) 

ghyamen 	 pit (sb) 

ghyamenviper 	 pit-viper (sb) 

ghyan 	 open (vtr) 

ghyanen code	open source

ghyanendwer	(dien) = "Open House (day)"

ghyanu 	 jaw (sb) 

ghyanue 	 biting (vtr ) 

ghyehl 	 yell (vint) 

ghyien 	 opened (past tense) 

ghyohl 	 past tense of “ghyehl” 

ghyor	(& ghyora) = mountain (sb); Ghyor ios Baytel = Temple Mount (Jerusalem)

ghyorpasse	mountain pass

ghyorworts 	 upstream (adv) 

giaga 	 heartburn (sb) 

giam 	 (window)pane (sb) 

giambase 	 horse dealer ( sb) 

gian 	 cheek ( sb ) 

gianost 	 cheekbone ( sf ) 

gianter 	 son –in-law (sb) 

gib 	 hunchback ( adj ) 

gibaku 	 suicide attack 

gielwk 	 (blood)leech (sb) 

gienxin 	 cash (money, adj) 

gieu 	 chew (vtr) 

gieumen	(chewing) quid

gieuter 	 champ (vtr) 

Gilgamesh 	 Gilgamesh (npr) 

gigant 	 giant ( sb ) 

gigantesk 	 gigantic ( adj ) 

gigantkwekwl 	 Ferris wheel (sb) 

gigar 	 arum ( sb) 

gigh 	 jig ( sb) 

gih 	 past tense of “geih” 

Gihon 	 Gihon (Eden, npr) 

giki 	 china ware ( sb ) 

Gilead 	 Gilead (npr) 

ginchu 	 lipstick (sb) 

ginkgo 	 fginkgo (sb) 

ginseng 	 ginseng ( sb) 

ginter 	 yellow amber 

gintou 	 flooded, inundated (adj ) 

giokien	(sing ) = terms (conditions ) 

giow 	 remove (vtr ) 

gir 	 past tense of “geir” 

giraf 	 giraffe ( sf ) 

girotransfer 	 transfer (bank; sm) 

gischien 	 earthquake (sb) 

giu 	 past tense of “gieu” 

giughin 	 delight ( vtr ) 

giumbusch 	 joy (sb) 

giung 	 junk (sb) 

Giungkwok	"The Middle Kingdom" (alternative name of China)

giutan 	 rug (sb) 

giutayo 	 hitch, snag (sb) 

gixia 	 underground (adj) 

gixia	(& gixiadau) = underground (sb) 

gjankiau 	 gateway (sf ) 

gjashels	hypothesis, eventuality

gjia 	 shelf, rack (sb) 

gjian 	 distress (sf ) 

gjiaungsian 	 inlay (vtr ) 

gjuchien 	 describe in detail ( vtr ) 

gjugni 	 military physician 

gjunki 	 (kind of Eastern) flag (sb) 

gjunrjien 	 serviceman ( sb ) 

glab 	 to embrace (vtr) 

gladiol 	 gladiolus (sb) 

glah	acorn (sb)

glamour	glamour

glan 	 glean (vtr) 

glanez 	 glance (sb. & vint) 

glas	glass (sb)

glasacryl 	 plexiglas (sb) 

glasic 	 vitreous (adj)

glast 	 pastel (sb) 

glastra 	 flowerpot 

glaswuln	(glaswulna) = glass wool

glat 	 to iron (vtr; linen); smooth (adj ) 

glau 	 full moon 

glaugh 	 copper (sb) 

glaughbukin	(glaughbukina) = brass (music instrument)

glauwer 	 lump (in sauce, flour)

glawgv 	 blue-green 

glaz 	 past tense of “glanez” 

glebe 	 glebe (sf ) 

gleg 	 ogle (vtr ) (! ) 

glegules	goggles (splu.)

glehdj 	 ice (sb) 

glehdjaiwo 	 Ice Age (sb) 

glehdjbenk 	 pack-ice (sb) 

glehdjbrehg	ice-breaker (vessel)

glehdjer 	 glacier (sb) 

glehdjic 	 icy, chilly (adj) 

glehdjice 	 (black) ice (sb) 

glehdjpickel 	 ice-axe ( sb) 

glehm 	 to climb (vtr ) 

glehmb do 	 to cling to ( vpr ) 

glehmber 	 to haul oneself, to clamber 

glehmer 	 to stick together (vint) 

gleibh	to be stuck

gleih 	 to laugh 

gleim 	 glue (sb) & stick (vtr) 

gleimen  	 laughter (sb) 

gleitue	ridicule (vtr)

glend 	 green (adj) 

glendcepel 	 welsh onion (sb) 

glendia 	 greenery, verdure (sb) 

glendrewos	open space, green area (sb)

glesen 	 ankle (sb) 

glest 	 blaze, blazing inferno (sb) 

gleub 	 cut out, prune (vtr) 

glewos	(& gleus) = fun (sb) 

gli 	 dormouse (sb) 

glieb 	 past tense of "glab" 

glien 	 past tense of “glan” 

gliet 	 past tense of “glat” 

glih 	 past tense of “gleih” 

glim 	 past tense of “gleim” 

glisomarga 	 white clay (sb) 

global village	global village; global warmen = global warming (sb) 

globalisation 	 globalization (sb) 

globe	 globe (sb) 

glogh 	 thorn (sb) 

glohm 	 past tense of “glehm” 

glohmb 	 past tense of “glehmb” 

glohmber 	 past tense of “glehmber” 

glohmer 	 past tense of “glehmer” 

gloi 	 stain, spot (sb) 

gloistrager 	 stain-remover (sb) 

gloiwos	glair

glonce 	 bullet (sb; of a gun)) 

gloncekyehm 	 bulletproof (adj & sb) 

gloria 	 glory (sb) 

gloux 	 to cluck, chuckle (animal) 

glub 	 past tense of “gleub” 

glucose	glucose

glue 	 glue (sb) 

gluh 	 to smoulder (fire) 

glycol	glycol (sb)

glycoriza 	 liquorice (sb) 

glyph 	 glyph (sb) 

gnah 	 to be born 

gnahdien 	 birthday 

gnahratio	birth rate

gnahsa 	 birth (sb); gnahsa certificat = birth certificate

gnaht-ye	by birth (adv)

gnahtarikhe 	 date of birth (sb) 

gnater 	 backfire (vint) 

gnebh 	 by a narrow margin (adj, adv)

gneibh 	 pinch (vtr) 

gneiter 	 crumple (vtr) 

gneubh 	 knot (sb) (wood); to get gnarled 

gneubhic 	 gnarled (adj)

gneur 	 gurgle (vint , ex: stomach) 

gnibh 	 past tense of « gneibh » 

gnieter 	 past tense of « gnater » 

gniter 	 past tense of “gneiter” 

gnirsk 	 crunch, rustle, screech (vint ) 

gnoh 	 to know 

gnohmen 	 emblem ( sb), badge ( sb) 

gnohsa 	 knowledge (sb)

gnohsit	(he/she/it) knew

gnosticism	gnosticism

gnubehd 	 genuflection (sb) 

gnur	 past tense of “gneur” 

GO	“gwaur - opos " = H.D. (" heavy -duty ") 

gobelin 	 tapestry (sb) 

goblin 	 goblin (sb) 

godwehb 	 valuable fabric (cloth; sb) 

gofrette 	 waffle ( sb) 

gogv 	 fledgeling (sb) 

gohd 	 good,, successful (adj) 

gohmbh 	 past tense of “gehmbh” 

gohnos	creature, creation

gohr 	 past tense of “gehr” 

goil 	 funny ( adj) 

goil	+ acc . = to make fun of 

gol 	 goal (football, sb) 

golar 	 wild/creeping thyme (sb) 

golem	golem

Golgotha	Golgotha

gold 	 gold (sb); gold standard = gold standard

golden 	 golden (adj); golden hello = golden hello; golden parachute = golden parachute 

golf 	 golf (sb) 

golf plor 	 golf course (sb) 

gomber 	 bison (sb) 

gombh 	 edge (sb ) 

gomra 	 grief (sb) 

gomre	to distress, worry (vtr)

gomric	sulky (adj.)

gon 	 side (sb) 

gondel 	 basket, gondola (sb) 

gongu 	 ball, bowl (sb) 

gonorrhoea 	 gonorrhea (sb) 

gonozdos	side junction

gontro 	 aside (adv. of movement) 

gordebh 	 onager (wild ass; sb ) 

Gordias	Gordias

gordiasnode	Gordian knot

gordos 	 enclosure (sb) 

gorge 	 gorge (sb); to fill (with liquid; vtr) 

gorgon 	 gorgon (sb) 

gorilla 	 gorilla (sb) 

Gortyn	Gortyn (npr)

gospoti 	 foreign(er) (adj. & sb) 

gossip 	 gossip (sm) 

gost 	 guest (sb) 

gostenhall 	 hostelry (sb) 

gostpreim	+ acc. = to give hospitality to 

gouda 	 gouda (sb)

gougle	google (vtr) 

goul 	 ghoul (sb) 

goun 	 foaminess (“white horses”; sb) 

gourde 	 flask (sb) 

gourmete	gourmet

gourr 	 coo (vint) 

gouvernante 	 governess (sb) 

gouverne 	 to govern 

gouvernement 	 government (sb) 

gouverneur 	 governor (sb) 

gowlsban	pelvis bone

goyava 	 guava (sb) 

grabh 	 dig (vtr ) 

grabh 	 grave ( sb) ( receptacle ) 

grabhar 	 gravedigger ( sm ) 

grace 	 grace (sb) 

gracieus 	 gracious 

graciu 	 graceful (adj) 

grade 	 degree (sb, ex: temperature); rank (sb)

gradient	gradient 

gradin	 terracing (sb) 

gradischte 	 castle in ruins 

graf 	 count ( sb) 

graffiti	graffiti

Grafia  	 Shire (Hobbits) 

grajd 	 stable (sb) 

grak	to caw

gramat	literate (adj)

gramatia 	 literacy (sb) 

grammatic 	 grammar (sb) 

gramme 	 gramme (sb) 

gramur 	 misted up with tiredness (eyes; sb) 

gran 	 grain ( sb) 

Granada 	 Granada ( npr ; city of Spain) 

granar 	 attic ( sb) 

granate 	 shell (cannon; sm ) 

granatenlehnc 	 grenade launcher (sb) 

grance 	 boundary, limit (sb) 

grand	 great, grand ( adj ) (fig) 

Grand Barrier Riff 	 Great Barrier Reef (Australia; sb) 

Grand Britain	 Great Britain ( npr ) 

Grand Depression 	 Great Depression 

grandiose 	 grandiose (adj) 

Grand Lacs 	 Great Lakes (splu) 

grandmater 	 grandmother ( sb) 

grandpater 	 grandfather (sb) 

grandwn 	 hail ( sf ) 

granite 	 granite ( sb) 

graph 	 graph (sb) 

graphic (neuder)interface	graphical user interface

graphion 	 registrar (sb) 

graphionia 	 registry (sb) 

graphique 	 graph (sb) 

graphite 	 graphite (sb) 

graps 	 fish basket 

gras 	 grass (sb); to graze 

grasban 	 angry ( adj ) 

grassab 	 anger (sb) 

gratin	gratin (sb)

gratis 	 (cost)free (adj & adv) 

gratistat 	 absence of cost (sb) 

gratule 	 to congratulate 

grave	grave (adj.)

gravitat	gravity

gravitation	gravitation

Graya 	 Graea (npr) 

graz 	 scratch (vtr; itching) 

grebe 	 grebe (sb) 

gredd 	 stride ( vtr ) 

gredin 	 rogue (sb) 

greg 	 mob (sb) 

Gregor	Gregory

grehd	+ acc. = to be greedy for

grehdia 	 greed (sb) 

grehdic 	 greedy (adj) 

grehm 	 growl (vint) 

grehnd 	 grind ( vtr ) 

grehv 	 engrave ( vtr ) 

grehven 	 print, engraving ( sb) 

greih 	 coat ( vtr ) 

greip 	 to grab 

greipank 	 grapnel ( sb) 

greis 	 gray (adj) 

greiso substance	 gray matter (sb; fig) 

greiszone	grey area

gremio 	 lap, bosom (fig.) 

greumel 	 mumble (vtr) 

greve 	 greave (sb) (leg armor) 

gribel 	 tingling, stinging (sb) 

griblic 	 urticating (adj) 

grichek 	 buckwheat (sb) 

gridel 	 grid (sb) ( fig ) 

griebh 	 past tense of “grabh” 

grief 	 grievance (sb) 

griek	past tense of "grak"

gries 	 past tense of “gras” 

griez 	 past tense of “graz” 

grih 	 past tense of “greih” 

grille	 grill (vtr ) 

grind 	 locker ( sb ) 

grindei 	 frame, pole of plough/plow 

grint 	 scold (vtr ) 

griot	 griot (sb) 

grip 	 past tense of “greip” 

grippe 	 flu (sb) 

grisou 	 firedamp (sb) 

griva 	 mane (sb) (of wildcat)

grizzly	grizzly 

grobian 	 impolite (adj) 

grobos 	 scratch (wound; sb) 

grog	grog

groghy 	 groggy (adj) 

grohd	past tense of "grehd"

grohm 	 thunder rumble (sb), past tense of “grehm” 

grohng 	 past tense of “grehnd” 

grohv 	 past tense of “grehv” 

groimen 	 coating ( sb) 

grok 	 caw (vint) 

gron 	 verdant (adj) 

Gronland 	 Greenland (npr) 

grosch	 shilling (sb) 

gross 	 gross (adj) (not fine); gross operationsurplus = gross operating surplus

grossbukh	general ledger

grosse	gross (sb)

grotesk 	 grotesque (adj) 

grotte 	 cave, grotto (sb) 

groub 	 big ( adj ) ( coarse) 

grov	 ditch (sb) 

grud 	 groats, gruel ( sb ) 

grumb 	 bump ( sb) 

grumel 	 past tense of “greumel” 

grund 	 ground (sb) 

grundetage 	 ground floor (sb) 

grundsalgos	ground swell (wave; sb)

grundye 	 to growl (like a pig, sb) 

grunz 	 clod (sb) 

grupp 	 group ( sb) 

gruyere 	 gruyère (sb) 

grwozdu 	 cluster (sb) 

grwozdue	to flowchart (vtr)

gryp 	 griffin (sb) 

gsieji 	 Summer Solstice 

gsienchi 	 incumbent (adj) 

gsieschui 	 be tired out ( fam ) 

gsietau 	 clog (sb)

guangdungwa	Yue Chinese language

guano	guano

guant 	 glove (sb) 

guantlete 	 gauntlet (sb) 

guar 	 spoon (sb) 

guarani	guarani

guarde 	 guard (a soldier, sb) 

guarde 	 to guard 

guardia 	 guard ( military unit, sb) 

guardrail 	 guardrail ( sf ) 

Guatemala 	 Guatemala ( npr ) 

guatemalteck 	 Guatemalan (adj. & n. ) 

gubh 	 cove (sb) (bay) 

gud 	 colon (anatomy, sb) 

gudang 	 depot ( sb) (building ) 

gughehr 	 to come off, get lost (vint) 

gugheir 	 to mess up, to spoil something 

gugor	damned, rooten (!; when referring to something that doesn't work properly)

guide 	 guide (vtr & sb; ex : tourism) 

guidon 	 handlebars (sb) 

guiliotine 	 guillotine (sb) 

Guinea 	 Guinea (npr) 

guinee	guinea (sb; currency)

gulap 	 julep (sb) 

gulf 	 gulf (sb); Gulf os Pars = Parsian Gulf 

gulule 	 marble (game, sb) 

gumb	 washer, slice (sb) 

gumma	rubber, eraser (sb)

gumme	to erase (vtr)

gummi 	 rubber (matter; sb) 

gumminauk 	 inflatable boat, rubber dinghy (sb) 

gumos 	 body secretion (sb) 

gumt 	 coming (sb) 

gunnel 	 gunnel (sb) 

gur(an) 	 crane (sb) 

guragh 	 to swallow up (vtr); big throat (sb) 

gurdu	half-wit (adj)

gurgule 	 throat (sb); gargle (vtr) 

gurk 	 cucumber (sb) 

gurobel 	 sparrow (sb) 

guros 	 curly hair 

guru	guru

gurur 	 (exagerated) pride (sb)

gus	past tense of "geus"

gussen 	 caterpillar (sb) 

gussett 	 fob ( sb) 

gust 	 taste ( sm ) 

gutor 	 priest (who makes sacrifices) ( sb) 

guttural 	 guttural (adj) 

gutule 	 small intestine (sb) 

guway 	 eerie (adj) 

gvaedd 	 soothsayer (sb) , guess ( vtr ) 

gvaltic 	 violent ( adj) 

gvaskayn 	 decry (vtr ) 

gvehd	(semject ud semanghen) = to pray to someone (a God) for something 

gvehmb 	 skip, hop (vint) 

gvehn	to slay, shoot off, fell; "gvehne dwo musch med oin cutt" = "to kill two birds with one stone"

gvehntel 	 swordfighter, swordsman (sb) 

gveih	wither (vint)

gventer 	 belly (sb) 

gver 	 fierce, wild (adj), wild animal (sb) 

gveria 	 hunting (sb) 

gvereh	to be warm

gvertat	savagery (sb)

gverue 	 to hunt 

gvibh 	 wife ( sb) 

gvir 	 gravel ( sb) 

gvirkaghel 	 piece of gravel ( sb) 

gvohmb 	 past tense of “gvehmb” 

gvohn	past tense of "gvehn"

gvol 	 pain (sb); to hurt (vtr)

gvolic 	 painful ( adj) 

gvond 	 firearm, gun (sb) 

gvonderv 	 centaur ( sb ) 

gvonia 	 killing, slaughter ( sb ) 

gvonic 	 bloody ( adj ) 

gvrendue 	 to boast 

gvrens 	 hot weather, heat (sb)

gvrensvoln	heat wave

gvrin 	 rocky terrain (sb) 

gvud 	 vermin (sb) 

gwah 	 to go to (vtr) 

gwahmen 	 trestle (stage, sb) 

gwahsa	outward journey

gwahsa-reiken	round-trip

gwahsit	(he/she/it) went

gwaru 	 seriously (when referring to a wound; adv) 

gwarutat 	 gravity ( sb) 

gwaukan 	 resolute, determined (adj) 

gwaur	(& gwaru ) = heavy ( adj) 

gwaurach 	 doltish (adj & sb) 

gwaureg 	 oafish (adj) 

gwaurod 	 heavy ( adj ) 

gwayder 	 light ( adj) 

gwayrjien 	 outsider ( sb) 

gwayt 	 gait, process ( sb) 

gwehl 	 spring, spurt out (vint) 

gwehm 	 to come; gwehm ender = to come under (fig.)

gwehrd 	 sing (in praise) (vtr) 

gwehzd 	 nail (vtr) 

gweitsk 	 squeal (vint) 

gwelbh 	 uterus (sb) 

gwelon 	 sting of an insect

gwelos	shaft (missile; sb)

gwen	present tense base of “gwesen”; gwen(a) = woman (sb) 

gwenak 	 young woman 

gwenakia 	 boudoir ( sm ) 

gwenen dessous ( splu ) 	 women underwear (sing) 

gwenman 	 consume ( vtr ) 

gwern 	 millstone (sb) 

gwerwr 	 watercress ( sb) 

gwesen 	 to switch off, to go out 

gwetarm 	 round dance (sb)

gwetu 	 resin (sb) 

gweup 	 keep (vtr) 

gwinew 	 quicken, revive, renew (vtr) 

gwirlay 	 go/come back home (vint) 

gwis 	 force, vigour (sb) 

gwispituv	bracing, invigorating (adj)

gwisti 	 finger (sb; vx) 

gwisticuit 	 fin (of animals, like ducks; sb) 

gwit 	 life ( sb) 

gwitsicurance 	 life insurance ( sb ) 

gwitsk 	 past tense of “gweitsk” 

gwitstandard 	 standard of living (sb) 

gwitstyle  	 lifestyle (sb) 

gwiv 	 live (vtr ) 

gwiv 	 alive, living ( adj) 

gwiveina 	 fishpond, fish-tank (sb) 

gwiw 	 past tense of “gwinew” 

gwiwot 	 belly, paunch (sb) 

gwiwotic 	 corpulent, potbellied, paunchy (adj ) 

gwiya 	 ox nerve, bow-string (sb) 

gwodingva 	 ox-tongue (fungus, sb ) 

gwoflor 	 colchicum ( sb) 

gwohl 	 past tense of “gwehl” 

gwohm 	 came 

gwohrd 	 past tense of “gwehrd” 

gwohzd 	 past tense of “gwehzd” 

gwokol 	 ox-herd (sb) 

gwokolic	bucolic

gwopah 	 ox-herd

gworgwor 	 manure 

gwosta 	 stable (for cows) 

gwow 	 cow, bovine animal (sb) 

gwozd 	 nail (of metall) 

gwozs 	 studded (adj) 

gwultur 	 vulture

gwup 	 past tense of “gweup” 

gwutyen 	 buzzard hawk

gyap 	 groan, yap, yelp (vint) 

gymnasiaste	pupill in a "gymnasium"

gymnasium	(comprehensive school in Central European countries)

gymnaste	gymnast

gymnastique 	 gymnastics (splu) 

gyps 	 plaster (sb) (matter)

gyroscope	gyroscope 

habak 	 basil (sb) (plant) 

Habana	 Havana (npb) 

habar 	 bustard (sb) 

habbarays 	 stavesacre (sb) 

habbelmosk 	 abelmosk (sb) 

habe 	 to have (irregular verb) 

haben 	 had (past participle); holding (thing possessed; sb) 

habent	(they) have

habib 	 beloved (adj) 

habiet 	 (he/she/it) would have 

habilite 	 empower ( vtr ) 

habitat 	 habitat (sb) 

hablar 	 bragging ( sb) 

habskw 	 to covet (vtr) 

habte 	 (you) have 

Hachepsut 	 Hatshepsut (npr) 

haddock	haddock (sb)

hadh 	 border (sb) 

hadhban 	 border patrol serviceman (sb) 

hadia 	 gift, present (sb) 

Hadrian	Hadrian

hadtha 	 episode, misadventure (sb) 

Hafez 	 Hafez (Persian poet; sb) 

hag 	 hedge ( sb) 

Haghia Sophia 	 Hagia Sophia (npr) 

hagi 	 Muslim pilgrim (sb) 

hagilic 	 Muslim pilgrimage 

hagye	to do the Muslim pilgrimage

hail 	 hail (to call; vtr ) 

haines 	 hatred ( sb) 

haissen 	 hate (vtr ) 

haja 	 query (sf ) 

hajam 	 barber (sb) 

hajamat 	 haircut ( sb) 

hajib 	 maid, lady-in waiting ( sb) 

hajin 	 camel (racing; sb) 

hajou 	 pamphlet (sb ) 

hajoum 	 assault (vtr & sb ) 

hakan 	 really (adv ) 

hakara 	 insult ( sb) 

hakare 	 insult (vtr) 

hakhamanisch	achaemenid

hakhna 	 whore (sf ) 

hakike 	 truthful, veracious (adj ) 

hakime 	 wise ( adj) 

hakir 	 contemptible (adj) 

halak 	 carnage ( sb) 

halde 	 slag heap ( sb) 

halfback 	 halfback (football; sb) 

halk 	 gum (tooth; sb) 

halka 	 ring ( sb) 

hall 	 hall (sb) 

hallo ! 	 hello ! ( interj. ) 

hallucination 	 hallucination (sb) 

halo 	 halo (sb) 

halogen 	 haologenous (adj), halogen (sb) 

halsbehrg 	 hauberk (sb) 

halsbehrgion	haubergeon

halstuk 	 foulard, scarf (sb) 

halt 	 stop ( sb & vint/vtr ) 

halva 	 turròn (sb) 

halwa 	 fruit in syrup 

halwghen 	 hooligan, thug (sb) 

hamal 	 carrier (sm ) 

hamam 	 hamam ( sm ) 

hamand 	 handle (sb) ( to take ) 

hamburger 	 hamburger (sb) 

hamel 	 ram ( sb) 

hamil 	 pregnant ( adj ) 

hammer 	 hammer (sm ) 

hamrah 	 accompany ( vtr ) 

hams 	 (we) have 

hanafi	hanafi

hand 	 hand (sb); hands hog ! = hands up ! 

handam 	 scaffolding (sb) 

handbuk 	 handbook ( sb) 

handchirk 	 handkerchief ( sb) 

handdrangh 	 handle ( sf ) 

handduk 	 towel (sb) 

Handel	Handel (composer; npr)

handgranate 	 handgrenade (sb) (weapon) 

handicap	handicap

handsack 	 handbag (sb) 

handug 	 dexterous, skillful ( adj) 

hang 	 hang (vtr/vint) 

hangamah 	 riot (sb) 

hangar 	 shed (sb) 

hangdauynlift 	 aerial tramway (sb) 

hangel 	 hang, swing, dangle (vint) 

hangend garden 	 hanging garden (sb) 

hangher 	 hanger ( sb) 

hangjow 	 order ( vtr & sb ) (commerce) 

hangmat 	 hammock ( sb) 

hangpao 	 red envelope (Chinese tradition) ( sb) 

hank 	 hip (sb) 

hant 	 (they) have 

hante 	 haunt (vtr ) 

haraf 	 malignant (adj ) 

haraj 	 land value tax (sb) 

haram 	 illegal ( adj) 

harar 	 rapatel ( sb ) 

harara 	 ardour, spirit (sb) 

harass 	 exhaust, harass (vtr) 

harb 	 destroy (vtr ) 

harbi 	 ramrod (sb) (guns) 

haredi	hardei

harf 	 harp (sb) 

haridra 	 turmeric (sb) 

harif 	 character(letter)

harihr 	 silkware

Harimathaya	Arimathée

Harlequin 	 Harlequin (npr) 

harm	+ acc. = harm (vtr) 

harmonia 	 harmony (sb) 

harmonica 	 harmonica (sb) 

harmonieus	harmonious

harmonise 	 harmonize (vtr) 

haroub 	 carob (sb) 

harpia 	 harpy ( sb ) 

harpoun 	 harpoon ( sb) 

has 	 (thou) hast, (you) have 

hasard	 chance, coincidence (sb) 

hasardeus 	 hazardous ( adj ) 

hasin 	 desolating (adj ) 

haspel 	 reel ( sb ) 

hassa	( & bilhassa) = mostly ( adv ) 

hassad 	 envious (adj) 

hassadia 	 envy ( sf ) 

hassidi	hassidic (adj. & sb)

hassidut	hassidic judaism

hassile 	 acquire, get (vtr); way out, outcome (sb) 

hassir 	 doormat ( sb) 

hasswra 	 littered (sf ) 

hast 	 speed ( vtr ) 

hast 	 haste (sb) 

hastic 	 precipitate, hasty (adj) 

hat 	 has; hat (sb) 

hatar	hatter

hathkari	(sing.) = handcuffs (splu) 

hatta 	 even (adv) 

hauki 	 swordfish ( sb) 

haul 	 haul (vtr ) 

hauptwakht 	 guard corps (sb) 

haus 	 draw (from a well; vtr) 

hausa	hausa

haussal 	 crop, jabot (sb) 

hava 	 air (sb) (atmosphere); airs (splu) 

haven 	 haven (sb) 

havenback 	 jetty, pier (sb) 

haver 	 doe (sb) 

Havila 	 Havilah (npr) 

Haway	Hawaii

hawz 	 artificial pool (sb) 

hay 	 go! ( to one person) 

haya 	 sense of modesty (sb) 

hayd	 hell ( sb) ( religion ) 

Hayderabad 	 Hyderabad (npr) 

hayduc	goon (sb)

hayran 	 amazed (adj) 

hayriene 	 amazement (sb) 

haysa 	 infectious disease, plague (sb) 

hayte	 let's go ! (to several persons) 

Hayti 	 Haiti (npr) 

hayvan 	 tiny creature (sb) 

hazara	hazara (adj. & sb)

hazrat 	 Highness (sb)

Hebron	Hebron 

Hecate 	 Hecate (npr) 

heck 	 stern ( sb ) 

heckel 	 heckle (vtr) 

heckelphone	heckelphone (sb)

hectare 	 hectare (sb) 

hectic	hectic (adj)

hedge fund	hedge fund

hedonisme	hedonism

heft 	 booklet (sb) 

hegemon	hegemon

hehlp 	 help (vint/vtr & sb) 

heih 	 to hit 

heir	army (as opposed to navy and air force)

Heisenbergsk nebestohmenkweitsrelation 	 Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle 

Helene 	 Helen (npr) 

helicopter 	 helicopter (sb) 

heliocentrisme	heliocentrism

helipad 	 helipad (sb) 

helix	helix (sb)

Hellad 	 Greece (npr) 

Helle 	 Helle (npr) 

hellen 	 Greek (adj. & sb) 

hellenistic	hellenistic

helm 	 helmet (sb) 

helmbrekht 	 high-liver, pleasure seeker (sb) 

helot 	 helot (sb) 

helt 	 barrel, stock, trunk, shaft (sb) 

hem 	 home ( sb ) 

hemchange 	 move (change of home; sb) 

hemoglobin 	 hemoglobin (sb) 

hemphel 	 rosa arvensis ( sb) 

hemport 	 port of call 

hen 	 hen ( sb) 

henghehrd 	 farmyard ( sb) 

Henoch 	 Enoch (npr) 

Henric	Henry, Harry (npr)

hensel 	 harass (vtr) 

hepatitis 	 hepatitis (sb) 

her	 here (adv) 

herakleitei	Heraclitean

Herakleitos	Heraclitus

Herakleus 	 Heracles (npr) 

Herakleusios Colunns 	 Pillars of Hercules (splu) 

herald 	 herald (sb) 

herb 	 herb (sb) 

herbat 	 herbal tea (sb) 

herbehrg 	 inn (for overnight; sb); harbour (vtr) 

herbicide	herbicide

herboriste	herbalist (sb)

Herceg os Alba 	 Duke of Alba (npr) 

herd 	 stove (sb) 

hered 	 heir (sb) 

heredat 	 legacy (sb) (what we have inherited) 

hereditar 	 hereditary (adj) 

heresie 	 heresy (sb) 

heretic	heretic

hering	 herring (sb) 

heritage	 heritage (sb) 

herite 	 inherit (a thing; vtr) 

hermelin 	 ermine ( sb) 

hermetic 	 hermetic (adj) 

herodian	herodian (adj. & sb)

Herodias	Herodias

Herodos 	 Herod (npr) 

Herodotos 	 Herodotus (npr) 

heron 	 heron ( sb) 

heroy 	 hero ( sb ) 

heroyic 	 heroic (adj) 

heroyine	heroin (drug; sb)

hertz 	 hertz (sb) 

Hesiod 	 Hesiod ( npr ) 

hesitation 	 hesitation (sb) 

hesite	hesitate

Hesperides	Hesperides (splu)

Hesse 	 Hesse (npr) 

hessian	hessian (cloth; sb)

heterogene	heterogeneous (adj)

heterogeneitat	heterogeneity

hetman 	 captain (in the army; sb) 

hetro 	 hither (adv) 

heudel 	 snuggle ( vpr ) 

heul 	 yell, howl ( vtr ) 

heumpouce 	 skunk (sb) 

heungher 	 hunger ( sb & vint ) 

heunghernd 	 hungry, starving (adj ) 

heupon 	 rose hip (sb) 

heurt 	 hit, hurt (vtr ) 

heurv 	 to act like a whore 

heut 	 boo (vtr ) 

hevd 	 week (sb ) 

heyba 	 imposing bearing 

hezdion 	 tow, oakum (sb) 

hidaya 	 righteousness ( sb) 

hideus 	 hideous ( adj ) 

hieb 	 had 

hiebit 	 (he/she/it) had 

hielt 	 past tense of “halt” 

hieng 	 past tense of “hang” 

hiengel 	 past tense of ‘hangel” 

hierarchia 	 hierarchy ( sb) 

hierarchic 	 hierarchical ( adj ) 

hierarchise 	 to organize into a hierarchy ( vtr ) 

hierb 	 past tense of “harb” 

hierm 	 past tense of “harm” 

hieroglyph 	 hieroglyph ( sb) 

Hierophant	Hierophant ( tarot) 

hiest 	 past tense of “hast” 

hieul 	 past tense of “haul” 

hieus 	 past tense of “haus” 

hiey 	 tonka bean 

hih 	 past tense of “heih” 

hijra 	 hijra (sb) 

hila 	 cunning ( sb) ( special trick ) 

hilal 	 moon crescent ( sb) 

Hildegarde os Bingen 	 Hildegarde os Bingen (npr) 

hin	(& hina) = until 

Hind 	 India ( npr ) 

hinder	ud = to hinder from 

hindi 	 Indian (adj. & sb); Hindi Ocean = Indian Ocean

Hinduism 	 Hinduism (sb) 

hingol 	 neigh (vint) 

Hipparkhos	Hipparchus

hippie	hippie

Hippocrates 	 Hippocrates (npr) 

hippogriff 	 hippogriff (sb)

Hippomenes	Hipomenes (npr) 

hippopotam 	 hippopotamus (sb) 

hirassat 	 custody of a child ( sb ) 

hirotonia 	 ordination ( sb ) 

hirotonise 	 order ( vtr ) (a priest ) 

hirs 	 readiness (sb) 

hirsic 	 eager ( adj ) 

Hiskiyah 	 Hezekiah (npr) 

hissab 	 calculate (vtr ) 

hissabpianji	spreadsheet (sb) 

hissabschiber	slide rule

hissan 	 thoroughbred (sb; horse) 

hisse 	 to hoist 

historia 	 history (sb) 

historian	historian (sb)

historic	historic (adj)

hit 	 hit (music, base-ball; sb) 

Hittite 	 Hittite (adj , sb) 

HIV	(Human Immunodeficience Virus) = HIV (sb) 

HIV-positive	HIV-positive

ho 	 I have 

hoan 	 defer, adjourn, postpone (vtr) 

hoax 	 hoax (sb) 

hoay 	 Japanese pagoda tree (sb) 

hobbit 	 hobbit (adj & sb) 

hock 	 crouch (vpr) 

hocus-pocus	hocus-pocus (https://www.academia.edu/23324580/Grammaire_de_Proto-Indo-Europ%C3%A9en_PIE_sb) 

hofarta 	 (female) matchmaker (sb)

hofdame	lady-in-waiting (court) 

hofmayster 	 tutor, hofmeister (sb) 

hog 	 high (adj) 

hoge 	 height (sb) 

hohlp 	 past tense of “hehlp” 

hoien 	 past tense of “hoan” 

hois	(.... ciois) = on the one hand .... on the other one 

hol 	 whole, integer ( adj ) 

hol plang 	 to cry all the time 

holding	holding company

hold-up 	 robbery (sb) 

holk 	 saddle-bag 

Holland 	 Holland (npr) 

hollandish 	 hollands (adj) 

holm 	 reef ( sb ) 

holocaust 	 holocaust ( sb) 

hologramme 	 hologram (sb) 

homage 	 tribute, homage (sb) 

homeostase 	 homeostasis (sb) 

Homer 	 Homer (npr) 

hominida hominid

homologh 	 to commit oneself to; homologous (adj.); counterpart, opposite number (sb) 

homophobia	homophobia

homosexual	homosexual (adj & sb)

honar 	 noisy (adj) 

honeste 	 honest (adj) 

honestia 	 honesty (sb) 

honn 	 disdain, contempt (sb) 

honnise 	 disgrace (vtr) 

honor 	 honor ( sb) 

honorable 	 honorable (adj) 

honorar	honorary (adj); honorars = fees (ex: for a lawyer)

honore 	 honor ( vtr ) 

hor 	 hour ( sb ) ( duration) 

Horace 	 Horace (Roman writer; npr) 

horde 	 horde ( sb) 

hordover 	 hors d'oeuvre (sb) 

horgn 	 barn ( sb ) 

horizont 	 horizon ( sb ) 

horloge 	 clock ( sb) 

horlong 	 hourly (adj & adv) 

hormone 	 hormone (sb) 

Hormose	Hormuz

horn 	 horn (sb) 

horoscope	 horoscope (sb) 

horror 	 horror ( sb) 

horrorsroman 	 horror novel (sb) 

hortensia	hydrangea

hortghehrd 	 orchard (sb) 

horvat 	 Croatian (n. & adj) 

hosanna	hosanna

hospital 	 hospital (sb) 

Hospitaliar 	 Hospitaller (adj, sb) (Templar Order) 

hostile 	 hostile (adj) 

hostilitat 	 hostility (sb) 

hotel 	 hotel (sb ) 

hotelier 	 hotelier (sb) 

hotspot 	 hotspot (geology, sb) 

houthi	houthi

hovercraft 	 hovercraft ( sb) 

howkschece 	 pothole ( fig ) 

hoybel 	 plane (sb; tool ) 

hoyd 	 today (adv) 

hoyer 	 pay (in the Navy, on ships; sb) 

Hrvatska 	 Croatia ( npr ) 

huckem 	 judgement, conviction ( sb) 

hudel 	 past tense of “heudel” 

hue ! 	 Gee up ! 

Hugo	Hugh (npr)

hukah 	 hookah (sb) 

hul 	 past tense of “hul” 

hulkum 	 adam 's apple 

humanisme 	 humanism (sb) 

humanitar 	 humanitarian (adj); humanitar intervention = humanitarian intervention

humanoid 	 humanoid (adj & sb) 

humil	 humble ( adj) 

humilye	to humiliate (vtr)

humoristic	humorous (adj)

humus 	 humus (sb) 

hungher 	 hunger (sb) 

hungric 	 hungry (adj) 

hurcan 	 hurricane (sb) 

hurr 	 free (when refering to an untethered animal) 

Hurrah ! 	 Hooray ! (interj) 

hurt 	 past tense of “heurt” 

hurv 	 past tense of “heurv” 

hurva 	 whore ( sb) (!) 

hushyar 	 aware ( adj ) 

hussar 	 hussar ( sb) 

Husayn 	 Hussein ( npr ) 

husur 	 comfort (vtr ) 

hut 	 past tense of “heut” 

hyacinth 	 hyacinth (npr & sb mineral) 

hyaukwsia 	 gossamer (sb) 

hybride 	 hybrid (adj & sb) 

hydra 	 hydra (sb) 

hydrant	fire hydrant

hydrargwrnt 	 mercury (sb) (element) 

hydraulic 	 hydraulic (adj); hydraulic fracturation = hydraulic fracturing

hydrocarbon	hydrocarbon

hydrocephalus 	 hydrocephalus sick (adj & sb) 

hydroelectric	hydroelectric (adj)

hydrogen 	 hydrogen (sb) 

hyena 	 hyena (sb)

hygiene	hygiene

hyls	(cartridge) case 

hymne 	 hymn (sb) 

hyperborean 	 Hyperborean (adj , sb) 

Hypereides 	 Hypereides (npr) 

hypnose 	 hypnosis (sb) 

hypnotic 	 hypnotic, soporific ( adj ) 

hypnotise 	 hypnotize (vtr) 

hypocrisis	hypocrisy

hypocrite 	 hypocrite (sb); hypocritical (adj) 

hypophyse 	 pituitary gland ( sb) 

hypotheque 	 hypothec ( sb) 

hypothese 	 hypothesis ( sb) 

hyrkani 	 Hyrcanian (adj , sb)

hysteria	hysteria

hysteric	hysteric(al)

i 	 they, them (undetermined plural) ; the (undetermined plural nominative & accusative)
ia 	 she ; they, them (neutral) ; the (feminine singular nominative ; neutral plural nominative and accusative)
ia Bell Aiwoswohpa 	 the Sleeping Beauty 

ia Gionconda 	 Mona Lisa ( npr ) 

ia Lumens 	 the Enlightenment (History ) 

iad 	 venom ( sb ) 

iadic 	 poisonous (adj ) 

iam 	 her (personal pronoun feminine singular accusative); the (feminine singular accusative); of the (feminine plural genitive)

Iamblikh	Iamblichus
ianschi 	 long-sighted (adj & sb) 

ias 	 they; the (feminine plural nominative); of the (genitive feminine singular)

iawod 	 let's hope that (conj)

ib 	 lest (conj) 

ibam 	 hallux, big toe 

ibis	ibis

iblis ! 	 deuce ! devil ! (interj) 

ibo 	 lest (conj) 

ibrat 	 admonition (sb) 

ibri 	 Hebrew (adj. & n.) 

ibrick 	 ewer (sb) 

ibs	to them; to the (mas. and neut. plural)

icon	 icon (sb) 

id 	 it; the (neutral singular nominative & accusative) 

id predien 	 the eve 

idafa 	 supplement ( sb) 

idafi 	 additional ( adj) 

idee	 idea (sb) 

identitat 	 identity (sb) 

identic 	 identical (adj)

ideogramme	ideogram (sb)

idiome	idiom (sb) 

idiosyncrasia	idiosyncrasy (sb)

idiot	idiot (adj & sb)

idol 	 idol (sb) 

idolater	idolize (vtr); idolater, idolatrous

idolatrie	idolatry

ids 	 its 

IDM	(Ion Dwin-Motor) = TIE (Star Wars; sb) 

idyll	idyll

ieftin 	 cheap (adj) 

ieg  	 past tense of “ag” 

iel 	 past tense of “al” 

ielbhe 	 whiteness (sb) 

Ielcin	Yeltsin (npr)

ielg 	 each (adj) (for more than 2) 

ielgv 	 past tense of “algv” 

ielm 	 elm (sb ) 

iemer 	 past tense of “amer” 

iendh 	 past tense of “andh” 

iens 	 them / the (masculine plural accusative) 

ienswan 	 hydrochloric acid (sb) 

ienter 	 husband’s brother’s wife (sb) 

ienzui 	 bulb (sb ) ( anatomy) 

ienzwa 	 relaxation ( sb ) 

iep 	 past tense of “ap” 

ier 	 past tense of “ar” 

Ierevan 	 Yerevan (npr) 

ierk 	 past tense of “ark” 

ies 	 they & the (masculine plural nominative) 

Ieschaya	Isaiah

ieschke 	 tinder, touchwood (sb) 

ieter 	 either, each (adj) (of 2) 

ieun 	 “good path” 

ieu 	 past tense of “au” 

ieug 	 past tense of “aug” 

ieum 	 past tense of “aum” 

ieur 	 heard (past tense); they lacked 

ieurgh	past tense of "aurgh"

ieusdeh	to perfect (legal proceedings)

ieusk 	 past tense of “ausk” 

ieust 	 just, fair (adj) 

ieustet	fairness

iev 	 cereal, fruit, berry (sb) 

iey 	 past tense of “ay” : said, did say (in dialogues), considered as

ieydh 	 past tense of “aydh” 

ieygw 	 past tense of “aygw” 

ieyr 	 past tense of “ayr” 

ieysgwn 	 past tense of “aysgwn” 

iezwl 	 past tense of “azwl” 

ifrat 	 damned, hellishly (adv) (!) 

iftara 	 defamation (sb) 

iftare	to libel, slender (vtr)

ighdu 	 catch (sb; hunting, fishing) 

ighnos 	 track, trail, lead, traces 

ighnue 	 to track (vtr) 

Ignatius os Loyola  	 Ignatius of Loyola ( npr ) 

ignimbrit 	 ignimbrite (sb) 

ignoble 	 vile ( adj) 

ignominieus 	 appalling (adj) 

ignorant	ignorant (adj)

iguanodon 	 iguanodon (sb) 

igumen 	 Prior ( sb; Church) 

ih 	 past tense of “eih” 

ihatta	(sing) = surroundings (splu) 

ijab 	 grant (vtr ) 

ijadh 	 device ( sb) 

ijar 	 renting, hiring (sb) 

ijbaric 	 compulsory (adj ) 

ijmal 	 overview (sb) 

Iker 	 Icarus ( npr ) 

ikhlas 	 natural, genuine ( adj ) 

ikhsan 	 good deed 

ikhtar 	 notice, warning (sb) 

ikhtiaj 	 need, want (poverty; sb) 

ikhtiar 	 voluntary, unpaid ( adj , sb) 

ikhtilaf 	 disagreement (sb) 

ikhtiram 	 bow, curtey (sb) 

ikhtissar 	 summary ( sb) 

iklime 	 climate (sb) ( region ) 

ikrar 	 acknowledgment of receipt (sb) 

ikri 	 fish egg (sb) 

iktissad	(sing) = savings (splu) 

iktissadic 	 thrifty (adj) 

il	 muddy (adj); silt (sb) 

ilahi ! 	 divine goodness ! 

ilaj 	 medical treatment ( sb) 

ilay 	 to burst out laughing 

ilhali 	 whereas (conj) 

Iliad 	 Iliad (npr) 

illat 	 ailment (sb) (slight illness) 

illicit 	 illegal (adj)

illuminat	illuminate, crank (adj & sb) 

illumine 	 illuminate (vtr) 

illustre	illustrate (vtr)

ilm 	 skill (sb) 

iltija 	 supplication (sb) 

im 	 to them/of them (undetermined plural dative & genitive); to the/of the (undetermined plural dative & genitive)
image 	 image (sb) (fig) 

imaginar	imaginary

imagine	imagine (vtr)

imara 	 building, construction (sb) (result) 

imbecile 	 fool ( adj , sb) 

imdadh 	 aid (sb & vtr) 

imite	imitate (vtr)

imkan 	 capacity (sb) 

imla 	 dictation (sb) (school) 

immaculat	immaculat (adj); Immaculat Conception = Immaculate Conception

immatriculation	registration (at the university)

immemorial 	 timeless ( adj ) 

immense 	 immense (adj) 

immigrant 	 immigrant (adj & sb) 

imminent	imminent (adj)

immix	(se -) = to interfere (vint)

immobilise 	 immobilize, stop (vtr) 

immoral	immoral

immuable 	 immutable (adj) 

immunologia	immunology

immunsysteme 	 immune system (sb) 

impactvehrten	impact assessment

impasse 	impasse (fig., sb) 

impassive 	 impassive (adj ) 

impatience 	 impatience (sb) 

impatient	impatient

impedeih 	 embarrass, bother ( vtr ) 

impediment 	 hitch ( sb) ( obstacle ) 

impehl 	 to seal off, fill in (vtr) 

imperator 	 Emperor (sb); Is Imperator = The Emperor (tarot) 

imperatrice 	 Empress (sb); ia Imperatrice = The Empress (tarot) 

imperieus	imperious

implacable 	 relentless ( adj) 

implant 	 implant (sb) 

impleh 	 assuage, satisfy (vtr) 

implehc 	 entangle, twist (vtr) 

implicit	implicit (adj)

implie 	 imply (vtr) 

implohca	imbrication

implore 	 implore (vtr) 

import	(& importation) = import (sb ) 

important 	 important ( adj) 

importe	 to matter (+ dat.) ; to import 

imposant 	 large, impressive ( adj ) 

imposen	impose (vtr)

impost 	 tax (sb); past participle of "imposen"

impressem 	 impress ( vtr ) 

impression 	 impression (sb) 

imprisible 	 impregnable (adj) 

impromptu 	 impromptu, sudden (adj) 

improvis	 (& improviden) = unexpectedly, without warning (adv) 

improvise	(vtr) = improvise 

improviset explosive jihase	improvised explosive device 

impudent 	 brazen (adj ) 

imputable 	 imputable ( adj) 

imtihan 	 exam (sb) 

imtihansuwal 	 examination question (sb) 

in 	 in (prep) 

in avance 	 in advance 

in direct	(& layv) = live (adj) 

in regard	+ genitive = in comparison to 

in unisson 	 in unison ( adv ) 

inab 	 bunch of grapes (sb) 

in absentia	in absentia

inaccessible 	 inaccessible (adj) 

inadvertentce-ye	inadvertently (adv) 

inalienable 	 inalienable (adj) 

inappettitant	unappetising (adj)

inat 	 stubborn (sb) 

incandescent	incandescent (adj)

incantation 	 incantation (sb) 

incarnat	(incarnatpemb) = incarnato (colour)

incarne 	 incarnate (vtr) 

incest 	 incest (sb & adj) 

inch 	 inch (sb) (measure) 

incid	[intsId] = to notch, to cut (vtr) 

incident	incident (adj & sb)

incinerator	incinerator

incisive 	 incisive (adj) 

incivilitat	incivility

includ 	 include (vtr); incl.(udend) VAT = all taxes included

incognito	incognito (adj/adv)

incommensurable 	 incalculable (adj) 

incommunicado	incommunicado (adj & adv)

inconscient 	 inconscient (adj) 

inconsiderat 	 inconsiderate ( adj ) 

inconvenient 	 disadvantage (sb) 

incredule 	 incredulous ( adj ) 

inculque 	 inculcate (vtr ) 

incumebh	(+ acc.) = fall to (as a responsibility)

incurr	to run (a risk)

incutt 	 anvil (sb) 

indenegable 	 undeniable (adj)

indentation	indent style 

independent 	 independent (adj) 

inder 	 invigorating (adj) (fig.) 

indeulg	(semject ad semanghen) = forgive (vtr) 

index	(book or Censorship) = index (sb) 

indexe 	 index (vtr) 

indian 	 Indian (adj & sb; native American) 

ia Indias 	 the Indies (splu) 

indice 	 index; clue (sb) 

indifferent 	 indifferent (adj) 

indigestion	indigestion

indignat 	 indignant (adj) 

indignation 	 indignation (sb) 

individu 	 individual (sb) 

indivision	indivision

indoctrination	indoctrination

indo-gangetic plain	indo-gangetic plain

indolent 	 indolent (adj) 

Indonesia 	 Indonesia (npr) 

indonesian 	 indonesian (adj. & sb)

indibitable	indubitable 

inductance 	 inductance (sb) 

induction 	 induction (sb) 

indulgence 	 gentleness, leniency (sb) 

Indus 	 Indus (npr) 

industrial 	 industrial (adj) 

industrial proprietat 	 industrial property 

industrie	 industry (sb) 

industrieus	industrious (adj)

ineluctable 	 ineluctable (adj) 

inept 	 inept (adj) 

inert 	 inert (adj) 

inexorable 	 inexorable (adj) 

inextricable 	 inextricable (adj) 

infallible	infallible (adj)

infam 	 infamous (adj) 

infantile 	 infantile, childish (adj) 

infarct	coronary (sb; illness)

infectieus	infectious (adj)

inferno 	 inferno (sb) 

infeste 	 infest (vtr ) 

infiltration 	 infiltration (sb) 

infim	 tiny (adj ) 

infinitive	infinitive

infirmerie	infirmary (sb)

inflammable 	 flammable (adj) 

inflammation 	 inflammation (sb) 

inflation	inflation

influe	to influence

influence	influence (sb & vtr)

influenza 	 flu (sb) 

informal	informal

information 	 information (sb) 

informationsloquet 	 information desk 

informatique 	 computer science ( sb) 

informatiquer 	 Computer Systems Officer (sb) 

informe 	 inform (vtr; + acc. of the person) 

infrarudh	infra-red

infreg 	 offender, trespasser (sb) 

infuned 	 brew, infuse (vtr) 

infusion	infusion (sb)

ingan	to strive to (+ acc.)

ingenieur 	 engineer (sb) 

ingenieurie 	 engineering ( sb) 

ingenue 	 naïve (adj & sb) 

ingnaht	(& ingnahn) = innate ( adj ) 

ingot 	 ingot ( sb) 

ingredient 	 ingredient (sb) 

inhalt 	 contain (vtr & sb) 

inherent 	 inherent (adj ) 

inikas 	 sheen, glint (sb) 

initieit 	 insider; initiate (sb) 

injection 	 injection (sb) 

injustice 	 injustice (sb) 

inkap 	 to begin 

inkapia	( sing. ) = beginnings ( splu ) 

inkap	(& inkapem) = beginning (sb) 

inkaptos 	 immediately ( adv) 

inkar	+ acc. = to refuse to, disobedient 

inkiep 	 began 

inkoim 	 to move (into a new home) 

inlandsis 	 ice sheet (sb) 

inlyeig 	 to invest (some money), to place 

inlyoiga 	 money investment, placing (sb) 

inner	 interior, inner (adj) 

innocent 	 innocent (adj & sb) 

innove 	 innovate (vtr) 

inpiut	input (sb)

Inquisition 	 Inquisition (sb) 

insaf 	 awareness (sb) 

insafeih	to make (someone) aware

insaluber 	 insalubrious (adj) 

inschallah	Allah willing !

inscrib	( inscrìb ) = inscribe (vtr) 

insect 	 insect (sb) 

insemination	insemination (sb)

insidieus 	 insidious (adj) 

insignificant 	 insignificant (adj) 

insinue 	 insinuate (vtr) 

insist	+ acc. = to insist on 

inslah 	 fall back ( vpr ) (vehicle) 

insodd 	 passenger (of an aircraft; sb) 

insolent 	 insolent, cheeky (adj) 

insolvence proceddure	(sing.) = insolvency proceedings

insomnia 	 insomnia (disease; sb) 

inspection 	 inspection (sb) 

inspire	inspire (vtr)

instable 	 unstable (adj) 

installateur	 plumber (sb) 

installe	to install (vtr)

instant 	 moment, instant (sb) 

instantan 	 instant (adj) 

instaure 	 institute (vtr) 

instehl 	 to set up (vtr) 

inster	(sing) = entrails, bowels (splu) 

instet 	 instead (of) (prep) 

instinct 	 instinct (sb) 

instruction 	 instruction (guideline; sb) 

instrument 	 instrument (sb) 

instrumentalise	to make a tool of

instuned 	 smash (vtr) 

instus 	 past participle & past tense of “instuned” 

insular 	 island (adj); islander (sb) 

insule 	 island (sb)

insulin	insulin 

insult	cerebrovascular accident

insurgent	insurgent

insurreg	to rebel (vint)

intangible	intangible (adj.)

intant 	 in the meantime (adv) 

integher 	 integer (adj) (number) 

integrisme	integrism

integumentar systeme 	 integumentary systeme (sb) 

intellect 	 intellect (sb) 

intellectual	intellectual (adj & sb); intellectual vetat = intellectual property

Intelligence Service	Intelligence Service

intemperance	intemperance

intendance 	 supply corps, supplies office (sb) 

intendant 	 steward (sb) 

intense 	 intense (adj) 

intensive agriculture	intensive agriculture

inter 	 between (prep) 

interdeck	steerage (sb)

interdeh	forbid, prevent (vtr) 

interessant 	 interesting (adj) 

interesse	 interest (sb & vtr) 

interessen conflict 	 conflict of interests (sb) 

interface	interface

interference 	 interference (ex. on radio; sb) 

interior	 interior (adj) 

interlatte	side purlin (sb)

interlocue 	 to take aback (vtr) 

interlocutor 	 talker (sb) 

intermedyo	intermediary (adj)

interminable	interminable (adj)

intermittent 	 intermittent ( adj) 

International Monetar Fund 	 International Monetary Fund 

interne 	 to confine (ex: a disabled person, a prisoner) 

Internet	 Internet ( sb) 

interplehc 	 intertwine (vtr) 

interpreter	interpreter (computing)

interreup	to break off (vint)

interrogation 	 questioning (sb) 

interrumep 	 to interrupt (vtr) 

interrup 	 past tense of “interrumep” 

intersehr 	 intertwine (vtr) 

interstice	crack, chink (sb)

intertehm	to decide between

intervall	intervall (sb)

interventionisme	interventionism (sb)

inthronisation	enthronement

intikal 	 translation (sb) (of a corpse) 

intim 	 intimate (adj) 

intimide 	 intimidate (vtr ) 

intizam 	 riot control ( sb) 

intizar 	 expectation (sb) 

intriga 	 intrigue, conspiracy (sb) 

intrinsec	intrinsic

introduc 	 introduce (vtr) 

intrud	intrude (vtr)

intrus 	 intruder (sb) 

intuition 	 intuition (sb) 

invalid 	 diabled (adj & sb) 

invad	 invade (vtr) 

invective 	 invective (sb) 

invent	to invent (vtr)

inventar 	 inventory, stocktaking (sb) 

invers	inverse, reverse (adj)

investigation 	 investigation (sb) 

investion 	 investment (sb) 

investiture	investiture

invincible	invincible

invite 	 invite (vtr) 

involv	involve (vtr)

invoque 	 call forth, invoke (vtr) 

inzir 	 dried fig (sb) 

io 	 I (unstressed pronoun) 

iod 	 iodine (sb) 

Iohannes 	 John (sb) 

iom 	 him; the (masculine accusative singular); of the (masculine & neutral genitive plural)
ion 	 oin (sb) 

ionan 	 Ionian ( sb , adj ) 

ios 	 of the (nominative & neutral singular) 

ir 	 their 

irasc 	 get angry (vpr) (person) 

irat 	 angry ( adj)

iris 	 iris (sb) 

irisat	iridescent (adj)

Iristan 	 Ossetia (npr) 

irk 	 tribe, people (sb) 

iron 	 Ossetian, Alan (adj & sb) 

ironia	irony

irracund 	 irritable (adj) 

irradye	irradiate (vtr)

irreup	to burst in (vint)

irreversible	irreversible (adj)

irrevocable 	 irrevocable (adj) 

irrigation 	 irrigation (sb) 

irritable 	 irritable ( adj ) 

irritat 	 annoyed ( adj ) 

irrite 	 to irritate 

irsal 	 to broadcast 

irsh 	 chamois leather, shammy 

is 	 he; the (masculine singular nominative) 

ischbat 	 assert ( vtr ) 

ischtihar 	 notice, circular letter (sb) 

iser 	 sacred (adj); Iser Ansu = Holy Ghost; iser gordos = sacred place (sb); Iser Seddos = Holy See

isern 	 (of) iron (adj); isern virgen = iron maiden (torture)

Isfahan 	 Isfahan (npr) 

isghen 	 rawboned, bony (adj) 

isgur 	 fierce, relentless, unremitting 

Isidore 	 Isidore ( npr ) 

iskw 	 past tense of “eiskw” 

iskwehr 	 ensure ( vpr ) 

Islam 	 Islam (npr) 

Islami 	 Islamic (adj) 

islamiste	islamist

Ismayil	Ismael, Ismail

isnah 	 exalt, excite, arouse (vtr) 

isog 	 pike (fish; sb) 

isoglosse	isogloss (sb)

isolant	isolating (adj) (language) 

isolationisme	isolationism

isole 	 isolate (vtr ) 

isoleglas schibpaquet 	 insulated glazing ( sb) 

isorn 	 kingfisher ( sb) 

isoscel 	 isosceles ( adj ) 

issehal 	 diarrhea ( sb ) 

Istanbul 	 Istanbul (npr) 

istar 	 star (sb) 

istia 	 (old) brick (wall; sb) 

istifa 	 resignation (sf ) 

istifsar 	 to ask for information 

istikamat 	 integrity ( sf ) ( honesty) 

istikhath 	 seek help 

istikhbara 	 piece of information 

istilah 	 term (sb) (speech) 

istirahat 	 relaxation (sb) (rest) 

isu 	 arrow (sb) 

isue	to arrow (vtr)

iswehr 	 well up (vint) 

iswor 	 spring, source (sb) 

it	(& ithan) = so, this way (adv) 

itab 	 discontent (sb) 

itabic	dissatisfied

itak 	 that’s why 

item 	 item (sb) 

iter 	 once again, anew (adv) 

Ithake 	 Ithaca (npr) 

Ithakessi	Ithacan (adj)

ithan	so, this way

itiraf 	 confession, to confess

itnamt	(& itnamen) = so- called ( adj) 

itner 	 itinerary, route (sb) 

itnermap	roadmap

ittifak 	 blunder ( sb) 

ittifak-ye	by mistake (adv) 

Iudaya 	 Judea ( npr ) 

ivor 	 ivory 

izhar 	 display (vtr , fig ) 

izmar 	 sea bream (sb)

ja 	 already (adv) 

jaal 	 plagiarism (sb ) 

jabak 	 colt ( sb) 

Jabal 	 Jabal (npr) 

jabba 	 gown, robe (sb) 

jabbar 	 powerful ( adj ) 

jabran 	 forcibly (adv) 

Jacob 	 Jacob, Jacques ( npr ) 

Jacobite 	 Jacobite (sb, adj ) 

jade 	 jade (sb) 

jadide 	 new, not worn out (adj) 

jadwal 	 scale, schedule ( sb) 

jaguar	jaguar

jahannam 	 Gehenna ( sf ) 

jahar 	 aloud 

jahil 	 ignorant (adj) 

Jakarta 	 Jakarta (npr) 

jakhd 	 toil, toiling (sb) 

jaldi 	 fast, quickly (adv) 

jalnic 	 pathetic, pitiful (adj) 

jalous 	 jealous (adj) 

jalouse  	 to envy (vtr)

Jamayca 	 Jamaica (npr) 

jamb 	 leg (sb); to stride over (vtr) 

jamel 	 bell-wether (sb) 

jamile	 nice, pretty (adj) 

jamiya 	 grouping (sb); Jamiya im Arabs (Jamiya iom Daulats im Arabs) = Arab League 

jamiye	to bring together

jamus	 buffalo (sb) 

janiba 	 spare mount (riding; sb) 

janter 	 magic spell (sb ) 

januar 	 January (sb) 

Janus	Janus

Japan 	 Japan (npr) 

japanese 	 japanese (adj & adv) 

jaquet 	 jacket ( sb) 

jar	 burning (sb) (fig ) 

jardiniere 	 window box (sb) ( flower pot ) 

jargon	jargon

jarim 	 guilt ( sb) 

jarnayt 	 genet (sb ) 

jartier 	 garter (sb) 

jasayrih 	 jaseran (sm ) 

jasib 	 engaging, enticing (adj) 

Jason	Jason

jaunghay 	 unexspected obstacle (sb) 

jauz 	 walnut (sb) (tree) 

jauzaek 	 swamp (sm ) 

javahir	( sing) = gems, precious stones ( splu ) 

javelin 	 javelin (sb) 

jawab 	 reply ( vtr & sb ) 

jawar 	 neighborhood ( sb ) 

jawieb 	 past tense of “jawab” 

Jaypur 	 Jaipur (npr) 

Jeanne d’Arc 	 Joan of Arc (sb) 

ject 	 thing (sb) 

jectpospolita	(Polish) Republic

Jeday 	 Jedi (Star Wars) 

jelier 	 boor, churl ( sb) 

jellad 	 torturer ( sm ) 

jemmel 	 bun 

jenasa 	 bier (sb ) 

jenchi 	 warrior (sb) 

Jenin	Jenin

jenter 	 spinning wheel ( sb ) 

Jeremia 	 Jeremiah (npr) 

jeremiade	moaning, whinning (sb)

jerrican	jerrycan

jerst 	 tin 

Jesse 	 Jesse (npr) 

Jesuit 	 Jesuit (adj, sb) 

Jesus	Jesus

jet	jet (sb); jetplav = jetplane

jeton	chip, token (sb)

jeu de paume 	 jeu de paume 

Jeune-Tyrk	Young Turk

ji	(sing) = hemorrhoids (splu) 

jiauschou 	 surrender (sb & vint) 

jib 	 jib (sb) 

jidal 	 fight (vtr; fig) 

jidallasni 	 quibbling (adj) 

Jidda	Djeddah

jien 	 hand (indicator, as in a watch; sb) 

jiengjway 	 pilgrimage site (sb) 

Jihad 	 Holy War (sb) 

jihadia	jihadism

jihase 	 machine, device (sb) 

jilid 	 binding (of book; sb) 

jima 	 sexual intercourse 

jiman 	 boast (vint) 

jims 	 picture rail (sb) 

jinas 	 pun (sb) 

jincien 	 confidential (adj) 

jindwanschu 	 medical certificate (sb) 

jingju 	 Beijing opera (type of Chinese theatre; sb) 

jinkdou 	 to take place, to go on 

jinn 	 jinn, genie (sb ) 

jiowschay 	 stronghold (sf ) 

jirwa 	 castor oil plant ( sb) 

jischin 	 self-confidence (sb) 

jishace 	 suicidal ( adj ) 

jisown 	 self-esteem ( sm ) 

jissow 	 perilla, Japanese basil ( sb) 

jiwey 	 bodyguard ( sm ) 

jixay 	 detailed ( adj) 

jlampoh 	 to drink water 

jlampohn 	 drinking water ( sb) 

Joab 	 Joab (npr) 

Joachim os Fiore 	 Joachim of Fiore ( npr ) 

job 	 job (sb) 

joc 	 joke (sb) 

joghing 	 jogging (sb) 

join 	 to join 

joint 	 joint (adj) 

joking 	 ridiculous (adj ) 

jolida 	 disheveled (adj ) 

jonglire 	 juggler ( sm ) 

jor 	 genre ( sb) 

Jordan	 Jordan ( npr ) 

Jordania 	 Jordan ( npr ) 

journal 	 newspaper ( sb ) 

journaliste 	 journalist (sb) 

jovial 	 merry, jolly (adj) 

joy 	 joy (sb) 

joyel 	 jewel (sb) 

joyelar 	 jeweller (sb) 

joystick	joystick (computing)

Jubal 	 Jubal (npr) 

juce 	 juice ( sb) 

juceus	juicy (adj)

Juda	Judah

Judas Iscariotes	Judas Iscariot

judce 	 judge (vtr & sb) 

judcement 	 judgement (sb) 

Jude 	 Jude (npr) 

judicial	judicial

judicieus 	 judicious (adj) 

jufen 	 broth (sb) 

jufu 	 housewife 

jul 	 July (sb) 

juma 	 Friday (sb) 

jumhuriat 	 commonwealth (sb) (republic) 

jumiung 	 lifetime (sb) 

jumla 	 sentence; conviction (sb) (Justice ) 

jun 	 June (sb) 

jund	armed group

jungkhiung 	 revival (sb) 

junmajin 	 urticaria (sb) 

Juno 	 Juno (sb) 

junta	junta (sb)

Jupiter 	 Jupiter (npr) (planet) 

jupon 	 waist slip; petticoat 

juravin 	 cranberry (sb) 

juridic 	 legal (adj) 

jurisprudence	jurisprudence (sb)

jusay 	 management (sb) 

juscha 	 injection (sb ) (medicine ) 

jusdan 	 purse ( sf ) 

just 	 just (adv) 

just-barwakt	just in time (manufacturing)

justice	justice (institution)

justice-ritter	"moral whithe knight"

justiciable 	 justiciable (adj & sb) 

justifie 	 justify (vtr ) 

juxt 	 jousting (sb) 

juxtaposen	to juxtapose (vtr)

jvayer 	 to eye, to have one’s eye on 

jweteng 	 gambling (sb) 

jynx 	 wryneck (bird, sb) 

ka 	 as a 

kaaba	kaaba

Kaapstad 	 Cape Town (npr) 

kaba 	 bog (sb) 

kabbala	kabbalah (Jewish science)

kachaba	(& kachabayka) = smock top (sb) 

kabahat 	 pettiness (sb ) 

kabel 	 cable ( sb) (for communication ) 

kaber 	 caper ( sm ) 

kabil 	 able ( adj ) 

kabuki 	 kabuki (sb) 

Kabul 	 Kabul (npr) 

kabus 	 phantom, ghost (sb) 

kabuslik 	 ghostly (adj) 

kabusnav	ghost ship

kachamak 	 polenta (sb) 

kadam 	 pace, speed (sb) 

kad 	 maybe/perhaps that 

kadi 	 qadi (sb) 

kados 	 distress (pain) (sb); “mi est kados” 	 “it is repugnant to me” 

kadru 	 red-brown (adj) 

kaegi 	 plain (adj) 

kafan 	 shroud (sb) 

kafi 	 sufficient, enough ( adj ) 

kafir 	 impious, miscreant ( adj & sb) 

kagh 	 enclosure, fence (sb) 

kaghel 	 pebble, stone (sb) 

kaghen	(sing) = pudenda ( splu ) 

kahisch 	 decay ( sb ) 

kakhel 	 tile (sb ) ( on wall) 

kakhkakh 	 to guffaw 

kaki 	 khaki (sb , adj ) 

kaki 	 khaki persimmon ( sb) 

kakwrnt	(sing) = feces ( splu) 

kal 	 call ( sb & vtr ) 

kala 	 bastion ( sb ) ( stronghold ) 

kalab 	 mould (sb ) 

kalak 	 lame (adj) 

kalamkar 	 percaline (sb) 

kalay 	 to solder, to weld 

kalaychi 	 tinker (sb) 

kalc 	 kick (sb & vtr) 

kalch 	 lime (sb) 

kalchang 	 peanut ( sb ) 

kalch-wed 	 lime water (sb) 

kalctrap 	 caltrop (sb) 

kalding 	 fountain (sb ) (of cold water) 

kalem 	 pen (for writing; sb ) 

kalina 	 viburnum ( sb) 

kalive 	 hut ( sb) 

kalkoun 	 turkey (sb) 

kalm 	 straw, stubble ( sb) 

kalma 	 bare height 

kalpazan 	 copier (adj ) 

kalugher 	 (old) hermit (sb) 

kam 	 like (prep; identity); how ? (manner) 

kam 	 to like 

kam adet 	 as usual (adv) 

kaman 	 drone (sb) 

kamatih 	 valuable (adj) 

kambel 	 turbot ( sb ) 

kambur 	 hunchback (sm ) 

kamchik 	 whip (sf ) 

kamer	 bedroom 

kamer	+ acc. =  jump over 

kames 	 spell (sb); to cast (a spell) (vtr) 

kamflor 	 daisy (flower) 

kamgarn	worsted (sb)

Kampuchea	 Cambodia (npr) 

kampuchean	Cambodian

kamsei	as if

kamus 	 directory ( sb) (of words , dictionary) 

kamwns 	 chamois (sb) 

kamyab 	 to succeed in ( vtr ) 

kan 	 to sing (cock); + accusative = to play (an instrument) 

kanaat 	 quarrel, problem, issue (sb) 

kand 	 to incandesce ( white ) 

kandel 	 candle (sb) 

kandelaber 	 candelabra (sb) 

kanguru 	 kangaroo (sb) 

kank 	 hook ( sb) 

kankia 	 “elder brother” (sociology; sb) 

kankel 	 railings, bars ( sb) ( prison ); to cross out (vtr) 

kanrien 	 tolerable ( adj ) 

kanrin 	 hold on 

kant 	 can (container, sb) 

kantun 	 corner (sb) (of the house, the hearth) 

kantunspetra 	 cornerstone (sb) 

kap 	 to catch (vtr)

kapan 	 trap (sb); deh- un kapan protie = to set a trap for

kaph 	 hoof (sb) 

Kappadokia	Cappadocia

kaput	knackered (adj)

Karabakh	Karabakh

karag 	 dark brown (adj) 

karakh 	 numb (vtr/vint) 

Karakum	Karakum

karam 	 goodness (sb) 

karanfel 	 carnation (botany; sb) 

karatedo 	 karate (sb) 

karaviz 	 celery (sb) (in branches) 

Karbala	Karbala

karbouz 	 watermelon (sb) 

karcer 	 jail; shackles 

kard 	 to card 

kardeh	to surmount (vtr)

kardi 	 cutlass (sb) 

kardkasch 	 sheath (sb) 

kardwn 	 reinforce (vtr ) 

kariban 	 soon, shortly (adv) 

karibe 	 akin ( adj ) 

karih 	 odious (adj ) 

karime 	 beneficial (adj) 

karkadan 	 rhinoceros (sb) 

karl 	 guy, fellow ( sb) 

Karoun 	 Korah (npr) 

karp 	 pick (vtr ) 

Karpats 	 Carpathian Mountains ( splu ) 

karpst 	 picking, harvest (fruit; sb) 

karrar	+ acc. = to decide to, to make up one’s mind to ( vpr ) 

karschuf 	 artichoke ( sb) 

karteche	grapeshot, hail of bullets

kartem 	 safflower (sb ) 

kartep 	 guelder rose (sb) 

kartoffel 	 potato 

kartvel 	 Georgian (adj & sb) 

Kartvelia 	 Georgia (npr ; Caucasian state) 

karug 	 spokesman (sb); declaim (vtr)

karwent	rocky

Karyala	Carelia 

kas 	 past tense of “kames” 

kaschaf 	 headline (newspaper; sb) 

kaschasch 	 bait (sb) 

Kashmir	Kashmir, cashmere

kasra 	 rout, total collapse (sb) 

kassab 	 butcher (sb) 

kassala 	 idleness ( sb) 

kassam 	 swear ( vtr ) 

kasseb 	 job, profession (sb) 

kasspilkcurve 	 short bend (on a road; sb) 

Kastalia Iswor 	 Castalia Spring ( npr ) 

kaster 	 fortified camp (sb); to substract, take out (vtr)

kata 	 from the top of (prep) 

kataedd	to ingurgitate (food)

katan 	 underwear (sb) 

katapoh	to ingurgitate (a liquid)

katathematise	to utter imprecations

katel 	 murderous (adj) 

katelsqual	killer whale

katha 	 so, thus (adv ) 

kathalika 	 likewise (adv) 

kathire 	 numerous, many ( adj ) 

Kathmandu 	 Kathmandu (npr) 

katib 	 office clerk (sb) 

katife 	 bath towel 

katoru 	 coil (of animal; sb) 

katran 	 tar ( sb) 

kattil 	 cauldron, kettle (sb ) 

kattildal 	 steep-sided valley (sb) 

kattildom	boiler room

katu 	 fight (sb) 

katue 	 to fight (vint) 

kau 	 to notice, to take note of 

kaug 	 puff (sb); to puff (vint; ex = at) 

kaukhkwl 	 snail (sb) 

kaul 	 hollow (adj); to scoop out (vtr) 

kaup 	 buy (vtr); purchase (sb)

kauping 	 stage place (vx; sb); shopping centre (sb) 

kaupmagh	purchasing power

kaupust 	 cabbage (sb) 

kaur 	 care (sb & vint) 

kaurd	(kardu) = hard (adj) 

kaurdyohsen oiv	hard-boiled egg

kaurdyohst oiv	hard-boiled egg

kaurer	guardian (of infant, etc. jur.)

kauric 	 careful (adj) 

kaur-ye 	 with care, carefully (adv) 

kav 	 dig (vtr) 

kavga 	 clash, brawl (sb) 

kawernt 	 (dug) passageway, narrow gallery (sb) 

kawi 	 look-out (ex	 on a vessel) (sb) 

kawu 	 manuscript ( sb) 

kawwad 	 pimp (sb) 

kay 	 (in order) to (conj); kay ? = for which purpose ? why ? 

kayak	kayak

Kayaphas	Cayaphas

kaychien 	 to give one’s opinion 

kayd	to cut to pieces (vtr)

kaydani	(sing) = bilboes (splu) 

kaygana 	 scrambled egg 

kayid 	 big chief, boss (sb) 

kayjin 	 improve ( vtr ) 

kayk 	 one-eyed ( adj) 

kayl 	 to cure, to heal 

kays 	 hair (sb) past & past participle of "kayd" 

kaysar 	 hair (on the head) 

kaysbeurst 	 hair brush (sb) 

kayt 	 heath(land) (sb) 

kayurt 	 gallery ( sb ) ( underground trench ) 

kayut 	 cabin ( sb) ( ship ) 

kaz 	 gauze (sb ) 

Kazakhstan 	 Kazakhstan (npr) 

keapay 	 hideous, awful (adj) 

kebab	 meat in pieces 

kebayl	kabyle (adj. & sb)

kechap 	 ketchup (sb) 

kechula 	 sheep wool bonnet 

keday 	 stall for food ( sb) 

kedelay 	 bean sprouts 

keghel 	 skittle (sb) 

keghyek 	 polecat ( sb ) 

kehgn 	 find (vtr ) 

kehl	 hide (vtr ) 

kehlder 	 veil (sb) 

septen kehlderndans	dance of the seven veils 

kehlgh 	 sting ( sb) (for elephants) 

kehm 	 to comb 

kehmb 	 bend ( vint), curve (sb); curved (adj) 

kehmber 	 to cup in drying, to tighten at the waist (vtr) 

kehns 	 to consider, to assess 

kehrz 	 cut ( vtr ) 

keih 	 to be stretched out, half-lying 

keih	ep = to rest on 

keing 	 gird (vtr ) 

keingschia 	 slope, incline (sb) 

keip 	 show (vtr; picture) 

keisch 	 slip (hide; vtr) 

keiw 	 colleague, fellow member (sb) 

kekos 	 forage (sm ) 

kelembak 	 aloes 

kelgei 	 ringworm (adj ) 

keli 	 rural way (sb) 

kelic 	 chalice (sb) 

kelim 	 carpet (sb) 

kelk 	 sledge (sb) 

kellar 	 cellar (sb) 

kellner	(/-in) = waiter/waitress (sb) 

kelp 	 kelp (sb) 

kelpire 	 windfall, godsend ( sb ) 

kelvin 	 kelvin (sb) 

ke	(& kem) = that (clitic, introduces a wish) 

kemalisme	kemalism

kemall 	 reasonable (adj) 

kemer 	 crustacean (sb & adj) 

kemocheng 	 (feather) duster ( sb) 

ken	( prefix ) = empty of 

kenar 	 outskirt (of a wood; sb) 

Kenchreay 	 Cenchreae ( npr ) 

kenek 	 golden yellow (adj ) 

kenevire 	 floorcloth (sb) 

keng 	 oblique (adj ) 

kenis	(sing) = ashes (splu, of a dead person) 

kenkel 	 back of knee, ham (anatomy, sb) 

kenkseg 	 cut-throat (sb) 

kenos	void, vacuum (sb)

kenten 	 cento ( sb) 

kenth 	 scrap, tatter (sb) 

kenthmachine 	 machine that cuts papers into tatters 

keputa 	 stocking (sb) ( of shepherd) 

ker 	 time, occasion; ex	 tri kers = three times ( sb); past tense of “keren” 

kerab 	 relative (sb) ( family) 

kerabat 	 relationship (in family; sb) 

kerais 	 cherry (sb) 

keramide 	 coating, flooring, facing (sb) 

keramise 	 to coat/floor/face something 

kerangu 	 horned animal 

keraun 	 to thunder forth, to strike down 

keraun 	 thunderbolt (sb) 

kerbau 	 water buffalo (sb) 

kerber 	 speckled, spotted (ex: animal); Cerberus (npr) 

kerd 	 heart (sb); "habe semject ep id kerd" = "to feel sore about something"

kerdagh 	 heartache (sb) 

kerdmuscle	cardiac muscle

kerdmusclinfarct	myocardial infarction

kerdos 	 craft, skill (sb) 

kerdprient 	 boyfriend (sb) 

kerds 	 (sing.) = hearts (cards; splu) 

kerem 	 garlic (sb) 

keren 	 circle, surround (vtr) 

kerfel 	 chervil (sb) 

kermus 	 cherry-tree (sb) 

kernem	bird cherry, hackberry

Kernew 	 Cornwall (npr) 

kernewic 	 Cornish (adj & sb) 

kerosene 	 kerosene (sb) 

kerpich 	 rammed earth ( sb) 

kers 	 brain ( sb) 

kersen 	 frozen snow (sb) 

kersnit 	 ice pellet (sb) 

kerstamm	brain stem

kerv 	 deer (sb) 

kes 	 hare ( sb) 

keskul 	 wooden bowl 

ketone 	 ketone (sb) 

ketong 	 leper colony ( sb) 

ketter 	 spindle 

ketterpehd	to go into a spin (sb)

ketun 	 shepherd’s hut 

keub 	 thorny bush 

keul 	 highlight, cultivate(a land; sb ) 

keulk 	 hide (vtr ) 

keung 	 to hesitate, to delay 

keup 	 to demand, to require 

keupmon 	 assignee (sb ) 

keuzd	to hoard (vtr)

kewer 	 North Wind (sb) 

keyah 	 food shelf 

keyf 	 state of mind 

Kfarnahum	Capernaum

khabar 	 news (sb) (information) 

khabd 	 craze (sb) 

khabis 	 wicked ( adj ) 

khadim 	 domestic ( sb , adj) 

khafi 	 low ( adj ) (voice ) 

khak 	 bad ( adj ) (failed); cannot (vtr) 

khaketha 	 migraine (sb) 

khakoul 	 egret (sb) 

khalach 	 carder (sb) 

khalal 	 heartily, willingly (adj) 

khalang 	 alpinia galanga (sb) 

khalass 	 help, rescue (sb) 

khalat 	 dressing gown (sb) 

khalazat 	 coarseness (sb) 

khali 	 straw mattress (sb) 

khaliban 	 mainly ( adv) 

khalifa 	 caliph ( sb) 

khalimag 	 team of yoked animals, harness (sb) 

khalti 	 jumble, hotchpotch (sb) 

khaluschi 	 old seadog (fig., sb) 

khaluz 	 copse, coppice (sb) 

khalwa 	 solitude (sb) 

khalwani	recluse, loner (sb)

kham 	 (fish) hook (sb) 

khamaeleon 	 chameleon (sb) 

khamal 	 tail (sb) (of a piece of furniture) 

khamer	 spirit (alcoholic beverage; sb) 

khamsi 	 Thursday (sb) 

khamwst 	 rodent (adj & sb) 

khan 	 khan (sb) 

khana 	 closet, shed, cupboard (sb) 

khandak 	 moat (sb) 

khandan 	 lineage ( sb ) 

khanday 	 cold zone 

khandjar 	 dagger (sb) 

khanenk 	 honeycomb 

khanji 	 sinogram (sb) 

khanliawng 	 content (sb) 

khanrjien 	 Han ( Chinese) (adj , sb ) 

khanrliou 	 cold stream ( sb) 

khansian 	 sweat gland ( sb) 

khanye 	 betray (vtr ) 

khap 	 tablet (sb) 

khar 	 cutting edge ( sb) 

kharab 	 ruined (adj) 

kharasch 	 poll tax (sb) 

kharen 	 pretty ( adj ) 

kharij 	 foreign countries, the “abroad”. 

khark 	 to drown 

kharkhar 	 groan, (death) rattle (sb) 

Kharkiv 	 Kharkiv (npr) 

kharman 	 threshing floor ( sb) 

khartas 	 bumf (sb) 

Khartoum 	 Khartoum (npr) 

Kharybd 	 Charybdis (npr) 

khasaan 	 decay (sb ) 

khaschen 	 surly (adj ) 

khasina	(sing) = accounts, funds (splu) 

khasnah 	 Public Revenue 

khassa 	 bar ( sf ) ( pustule ) 

khassara 	 loss (sf ) 

khassiat 	 food, alimentary (adj) 

khassa 	 stingy ( adj) 

khastar 	 lining (sf ) ( sewing) 

khat 	 (hand-) writing (sb) 

khatem 	 over, finished (adj ) 

khater 	 danger ( sb) 

khaterban 	 fireman ( sm ) 

khath 	 harness (sb) 

khatna 	 circumcision (sm ) 

khauris 	 charming, pleasant ( adj ) 

Khauris nov yar ! 	 Happy new year ! 

khaurise	to embellish

khauristat 	 pleasure, comfort (sb) 

khavan 	 mortar ( sm ) ( pestle ) 

khayal 	 daydream(ing) (sb) 

khayal-ye	dreamily ( adv ) 

khayat 	 tailor (sb) 

khayatsedd 	 sitting cross-legged 

khayatswehbhend 	 hovering & sitting like a tailor 

khaydamak 	 lanky (adj ) 

khayghian 	 (sea) coast (sb) 

khaygow 	 oceanic trench (sb) 

khayka 	 stalk ( sf ) 

khaykou 	 estuary (sf ) 

khayn 	 traitor ( smb) 

khayr 	 sword ( sm) 

khayrliou 	 cold ocean current ( sm ) 

khaysaw	(sing) = algae ( splu ) 

khayxian	( sing ) = sea, halieutic resources ( splu ) 

khayxiau 	 strait between an island and the mainland 

khayxien  	 seafood ( sb) 

khazar	khazar

kheiss	to feel 

kheissas 	 sensitive (adj) 

kheissassia	sensitivity

khekuf 	 marmot (sb) 

kheptenn 	 quite (adv)

kheuld	to make cooler (vtr) 

khevesch 	 thistle (sf ) 

kheyma 	 tent ( sf ) 

khianat 	 treason (sb) 

khich 	 nothing at all 

khida 	 cunning (sb; special trick) 

khidmat 	 professional activity

khiek 	 couldn’t (past tense)

khierk 	 past tense of “khark” 

khilaf 	 faux-pas

khilafat	califate

khimer 	 chimera (sb) 

khimeric	fanciful

khinna 	 henna (sb) 

khinsire 	 little finger (sb) 

khisab 	 dyeing ( sb); to dye (vtr) 

khisi 	 affront ( sb) 

khiss 	 felt (past tense) 

khisses 	 feeling(s) (sb) 

khitab 	 speech, harangue (sb) 

khiter 	 evil, malignant (adj) 

khittam 	 nose-ring (especially for oxen; sb) 

khiyaaban 	 bed of flowers (sb) 

khlayb 	 loaf (of bread) (sb) 

khlev 	 pigsty (sb) 

khlor 	 chlorine (sb) 

khloride 	 chloride (sb) 

khlorofluorocarbon	CFC

khlorophenol	chlorophenol

khmer-rouge	Khmer Rouge (adj & sb)

khodja 	 Hodja (sb ; master) 

khol 	 birthmark ( sb) 

kholera 	 cholera (sb) 

kholt 	 cold (sickness; sb) 

khomut 	 harness(ing) (sb) 

Khonsu	Khonsu (npr)

khor 	 choir (sb) 

khoral	chorale (sb)

khoreographia 	 choreography (sb) 

khorom 	 private mansion, hôtel particulier (sb) 

khortoum	proboscis (sb)

khoumel 	 hops (sb) 

khouter 	 farmstead (sb) 

khowyi 	 convenience, indulgence ( sb) 

Khruschchov 	 Khrushchev ( npr ) 

Khuda hafiz 	 Goodbye! 

Khufu 	 Khufu (npr)

khuld 	 cool; past tense of "kheuld" 

khuldet	coolness

khurafat 	 claptrap (sb)

khurka 	 distaff (sb) 

khurma 	 date (fruit, sb) 

khus 	 hovel, slum (sb) 

khuschk 	 atrophy ( sf ) 

khutba 	 short speech, address ( sb) 

khvil 	 while ( sf) ( duration) 

khwayji	( sing ) = chopsticks (plu) 

khwanjanghian 	 volcanic rock ( sb) 

khwanrluan 	 mess ( sf ) 

khwanxi 	 bliss (sb) 

khwehr 	 suppurate (vint) 

khworst 	 (eagle's) aerie (sb) 

khwoyic 	 indulgent, conniving, complacent (adj) 

khwoyie	+ acc. = indulge in ( vpr ) 

khyk 	 pig (sb) 

kiaut 	 shell (sb) 

kiaychin 	 to reload (a pen) 

kibbuts	kibbutz (sb)

kibrit 	 match (for fire; sb) 

kicuta 	 hemlock (sb) 

kidnapp	to kidnapp (vtr)

kiekwr 	 pet (sb) 

kielc 	 past tense of “kalc” 

kielken 	 hall, upper room (sb) 

kiemer 	 hellebore ( sb ); past tense of “kamer” 

kien 	 past tense of “kan” 

kiend 	 past tense of “kand” 

kienkel 	 past tense of “kankel” 

kienkiu 	 modest ( adj) 

kiep 	 monkey ( sm ); past tense of “kap” 

kier 	 candle ( sf ) 

kierd 	 past tense of “kard” 

kierdwn 	 past tense of “kierdwn” 

kierey 	 ram ( sm ) 

kierk 	 chicken (sb ) 

kierp 	 past tense of “karp” 

kiest 	 clean ( adj ) (pure) 

kiet 	 whale (sb) 

kieu 	 noticed (past tense) 

kieul 	 past tense of “kaul” 

kieup 	 past tense of “kaup” 

kieur 	 past tense of “kaur” 

Kiev 	 Kiev (npr); past tense of “kav” 

kieyd	past tense of "kayd"

kieyl 	 past tense of “kayl” 

kiezghian 	 shale (geology, sb)

kizeghiangas	shale gas (sb)

kih 	 past tense of “keih” and "kihen"

kihen	to put down (vtr)

kijie 	 pheasant (sb) 

kikiaw 	 smart (adj) 

kikiriki ! 	 cock o doodle doo ! 

kikwan 	 trachea (sb) 

kikye 	 jay (bird; sb) 

kil 	 keel ( sb) (vessel ) 

kilef 	 (dust/stretch) cover (sb) 

Kilikia	Cilicia

Kilimanjaro 	 Kilimanjaro (npr) 

kilometer 	 kilometer (sb) 

kilvater 	 wake (ship; sb) 

kima 	 minced meat ( sf ) 

kimatih 	 value (adj ) 

kimbel 	 trunk (tree; sb) 

kimlo 	 soup (sf ) ( vegetables) 

kimon 	 bug ( sf ) 

Kimri 	 Cimmerian (adj. & sb) 

kinana 	 bandolier (sb) 

kinas 	 mitt(en) (sb) 

kinaya 	 hint (allegory, sb) 

kindara 	 black seabream (sb) 

kindergarten	kindergarten

kinetic	 kinetic (adj) 

se kinew 	 to thrash about 

king 	 past tense of “keing” 

King James Bible 	 King James Bible 

kinkin 	 (door)bell ( sb ) 

kino 	 cinema theatre 

kionku 	 penitence, penance ( sb) 

kiorkel 	 broken cobblestone (sb) 

kip 	 representation, picture (sb); kip (sing) = heads (of a coin; sb) 

Yawm Kippur	Yom Kippur (npr) 

kira 	 rental price ( sb) ; rent (sb) 

kirba 	 big/ugly goatskin, waterskin (sb) 

kirghise 	 Kyrgyz (adj & sb) 

Kirghisestan 	 Kyrgyzstan (npr) 

kirilitsa 	 Cyrillic ( sb , adj) ( alphabet ) 

Kirim 	 Crimea ( npr ) 

Kirka 	 Circe ( npr ) 

kirmiz 	 crimson (adj ) 

kisch 	 past tense of “keisch” 

kisk 	 ruffe ( sb) 

kismenye 	 ball (and chain; sb) 

kissat	tobacco pouch

kist 	 basket ( sb) 

kitab 	 book, digest (sb), gather in writings (vtr) 

kitel 	 overall (sb) 

Kitium	Kition

kitra 	 thuja (sb) 

kittar 	 linking (of events; sb) 

kiurliung 	 mound, hillock 

kiuschk 	 kiosk (sb) 

kivot 	 reliquary (sb) 

se kiw 	 past tense of “se kinew” 

kixien 	 deadline (sb) 

kiyafat 	 array (clothing; sb) 

kjee 	 silk thistle (sb) 

kjen 	 callus, hard skin (sb) 

kjiagiu 	 furniture ( sb) 

kjiarjien 	 beauty (woman; sb) 

kjiauschi 	 missionary

kjiawxieng 	 by chance (adv) 

kjiboen 	 hold (sb, martial arts) 

kjien 	 silk cocoon (sb)

kjiengow 	 perennial (adj) 

kjienrlau 	 tough (adj) 

kjigiau 	 good augury

kjin	gilding (sb)

kjingyow 	 goldfish 

kjingyowku 	 gold and jade 

kjinschenkjau 	 marigold ( flower ) 

kjinschi 	 myopic (adj ) 

kjiu 	 cautery (sm ) 

kjiugnan 	 rescue (vtr & sb) 

kjiuschi 	 longevity ( sf) 

kladreus 	 hold ( sf ) 

klaer 	 piece of wood ( sb) 

klah 	 to bank up, to fill in (sb) 

klap 	 beat ( vtr ) (the linen) 

klapadeireh 	 beater ( sb ) 

klaup 	 jump, leap (vint) 

klaxon 	 horn (on vehicles; sb) 

klehng 	 bend ( vtr ) 

klehpt 	 to steal; theft 

klei 	 hidden treasure 

kleitu 	 slope ( sb) 

kleiun 	 hiker (sb ) 

Kleonay 	 Cleonae ( npr ) 

Kleopatra 	 Cleopatra (npr) 

klep	(sing ) = fallen rocks (splu) 

kleu 	 listen to (vtr ) 

kleumen 	 reputation (sb) 

kleus 	 glory (sf ) 

kleuster 	 audition, listen to (vtr) 

kleustria 	 audience ( sm ) 

kleuyt 	 jingle, chime (vint) 

Klewandos	Cleanthes

klewos 	 glory (sb) 

klewosdeh 	 glorify (vtr) 

Klewosmenos	Cleomenes

klewost	glorious

kliep 	 past tense of “klap” 

klieup 	 past tense of “klaup” 

klink 	 (door) handle (sb) 

kliti 	 propensity ( sb) 

klobuk 	 hood (sb) 

kloder 	 alder (sb) 

klohng 	 past tense of “klehng” 

klohpt 	 past tense of “klohpt” 

klombh 	 mutilated (adj ) 

klonkia 	 twig (sf ) 

klor 	 stick (sm ) 

klu 	 past tense of “kleu” 

klump 	 clog (shoe; sb) 

kluster 	 past tense of “kleuster” 

klut 	 famous (adj) 

kluyt 	 past tense of “kleuyt” 

kmehen	to work, practise, torment, worry (vtr)

knabh	to full (wool)

knar 	 grate, creak (vint) 

knayp 	 tavern ( sf ) 

knede 	 knead ( vtr ) 

knedlia 	 ball (food; sb) 

kneigv	ep = to lean on; kneigv olan-ye = to rest one’s elbow 

Knidos 	 Knidos (npr) 

kniebh	past tense of "knabh"

knier 	 past tense of “knar” 

knigv 	 past tense of “knigv” 

kniv	 knife (sb) 

knop 	 button (sb) 

kobold 	 goblin ( sb) 

kocide 	 plait (of hair; sb) 

koft 	 meatball (sb) 

kogchoun 	 to have a quarrel (sb) 

kohgn 	 past tense of “kehgn” 

kohl 	 past tense of “kehl” 

kohm 	 past tense of “kehm” 

kohmb 	 past tense of “kehmb” 

kohns 	 past tense of “kehns” 

kohrz 	 past tense of “kehrz” 

koim 	 community of inhabitants (sb) 

koimbehnd 	 to assign a forced residence to 

koimreik	to rapatriate oneself

koin 	 whetstone ( sb) 

koister 	 campfire (sb) 

koistrank 	 poker (for fire; sb) 

kojust 	 bodysuits ( sm ) 

koklysche 	 whooping cough (sb) 

kokona 	 shrew (woman; sb) 

kokul 	 tuft of hair (sb) (animals) 

Kokytos	Cocytus

koliva	koliva (ritual boiled wheat)

Kolkata 	 Kolkata (sb) 

kolkhose	kolkhoz

komor 	 sledgehammer (sb) 

konak 	 manor, mansion (sb) 

kondak 	 barrel (sb) 

konem 	 clavicle, collar-bone (sb) 

kongcio 	 now (adv) 

koper 	 oats ( sm ) 

kopre 	 excrement (sb) 

kor 	 army corps, part of the army 

Korea 	 Korea ( npr ) 

korel 	 yeoman, warrior (sb) 

koriga 	 strip, strap, lash ( sb ) 

koriomenos 	 warrior spirit 

korion 	 chief of a corps of army 

korkel 	 pebble (sb) 

korm 	 torture (sb ) 

kormen 	 ermine (sb) 

korn 	 dogwood ( sb ) 

koromislo 	 shoulder piece (sb) 

kos 	 Scots pine (sb) 

kosel 	 hazel (sb) 

kov 	 to strike, to forge (vtr)

kovach	 smith (sb); to fabricate by forging (vtr)

kovbi 	 gudgeon (sb) 

kovensider 	 wrought iron 

kovile 	 long grass 

kovnia 	 smithy (sb) 

kowja 	 ladle (sb) 

kowngbayku 	 gap (sb) 

kowp 	 heap ( sb & vtr ) 

kowpic 	 copious (adj) 

kowrnt 	 alveolus, socket (sb) 

koy 	 Koi (fish, sb) 

kragh	 yell, scream (vtr) 

Krak des Chevaliers 	 Krak des Chevaliers (npr) 

Krakow 	 Krakow (npr) 

kram 	 gear, clobber (sb) 

kramp 	 twist (vint) 

kran 	 crane (sb) (machine) 

krant 	 shore, bank (sb) 

kreid 	 chalk (sb) 

kreider 	 sieve, screen (sb) 

kreig 	 to conquer 

kreih 	 sieve, sift (vtr) 

krek 	 (frog) spawn (sb) 

Kremlin 	 Kremlin (npr) 

krent 	 horned (adj ) 

kreptic 	 vigorous ( adj ) 

kreus 	 shudder (vint) 

krew 	 (krewos) = flesh (sb)

kriegh 	 past tense of “kragh” 

kriemp 	 past tense of “kriemp” 

krig 	 conquest (sb), past tense of "kreig"

krih 	 past tense of “kreih” 

Krishna 	 Krishna (npr) 

kriuk 	 hook ( sb) 

kriv 	 tortuous (adj ) 

krov 	 roof (sb) 

krus 	 past tense of “kreus” 

krwesen 	 ilex (sf ) 

kschauswan 	 nitric acid (sm ) 

kschianschau 	 grass jelly (Asian dessert) 

kschiau 	 Chinese horoscope 

kschong 	 door knocker (sb) 

kseuwar 	 (european) starling ( sb) 

kshitow 	 rare earth element (sb) 

kshiuu 	 fast ( adj ) 

kshiuuchifan 	 fast food (sb ) 

Kubbat-es-Schakhra	Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)

kubh 	 bunk (for sleeping; sb ) 

kuchay 	 civet (sb)

kuchi	Tocharian (adj & sb)

kufi	kufic 

kufya 	 headgear (sb) 

kuga 	 reed mace, bulrush (sb) 

Ku-Geong 	 Forbidden City (of Beijing) 

kugla	 small ball/bowl 

kuglakalem 	 biro (sb) 

kuhl 	 kohl (cosmetics; sb) 

kukjiu 	 outspoken (adj) 

kuku 	 cuckoo ( sm ) 

kul 	 past tense of “keul” 

kulah 	 cap (with an eyeshade; sb) 

kulambu 	 mosquito net (sb ) 

kulchan 	 quiver (sb ) 

kulk 	 hiding place (sb); past tense of “keulk” 

kullab 	 mould, cast (sb) 

kumar 	 game of chance 

kumasch 	 silk fabric, cloth 

kumbekh 	 crest (heraldry, helmet, sb) 

kumruk 	 customs post 

kun	 as (temporal conjunction); present tense base of “kussen” 

kunar	dog performer (showman)

kunda 	 stub ( sm ) 

kundak 	 cart ( sm ) ( small, to push something) 

kundur 	 frankincense (sb) 

kuneina 	 kennel (sb) 

kung 	 past tense of “keung” 

kunia 	 she-dog, bitch (sb) 

kuning 	 potentate (sb) 

kup 	 past tense of “keup” 

kupasti 	 handrail 

kurban 	 ritual sacrifice (sb) 

Kurban-Bayram 	 Aid al Adha (npr) 

kurd	kurd(ish)

kurgan 	 kurgan, funeral mound 

kurihen 	 to purchase 

kurihencentrale	group purchasing organization

Kurile	Kuril

kuritor	purchaser, lessee (sb)

kurmia 	 mole (animal, sb) 

kurmiaend 	 platypus (sb) 

kurni 	 perch (for a bird; sb ) 

kurort 	 spa town 

kursiy 	 seat (chair; sb) 

kusch 	 to nibble, to gnaw at 

Kusch 	 Cush (Bible, npr) 

kuss 	 kiss (sb) 

kussen 	 kiss ( vtr ) 

kussour 	 failure, fault (sb) 

kussut 	 sawdust (sb) 

kustakh 	 casual (adj) 

kuxi 	 vulva (sb) 

Kuwayt 	 Kuwait (npr) 

kuyan 	 steelyard balance ( sb 

kuzd 	 hoard (sb); past tense of "keuzd"

kuzdod 	 hoard keeper 

kuzu 	 kudzu (sb) 

kwah 	 to take in, to gather (vtr); to succeed in (doing)

kwalay 	 row, din (sb) 

kwali 	 jester ( sb) 

kwanday 	 magnanimity (sf ) 

kwas 	 cough (vtr ) 

kwast 	 cough (sb) 

kwaster 	 to give/have a slight cough 

kwatel	receptacle, repository (sb)

kwath 	 to ferment 

kwaun 	 dog ( sb) 

kwaunmaurk 	 dog and horse 

kwax 	 croak (vtr) 

kwayd 	 invite (vtr) 

-kwe 	 -ever (as a suffix after interrogative) 

kwecto	apparently, as it seems (adv)

kwehen 	 sharpen (vtr) 

kwehk 	 seem (vtr) 

kwehkwl 	 to do a cartwheel 

kwehl	circulate (vint)

kwehlk 	 bundle (sb); toss (vtr) 

kwehlos	cog (sb)

kwehlp 	 to stumble ; to capsize, overturn (vint) 

kwehnd	+ acc. = to endure, suffer (vtr) 

kwehr 	 make, do ( vtr; including additions ); kwehr- itner kye = to head towards; kwehr- el mortu = to float on one's back; kwehr- prabh = to be right (in one’s action) 

kwehrant	civil employee (sb)

kwehrmen 	 way (of doing something; sb ) 

kwehs 	 to pant 

kwehster 	 to sigh 

kweid	even if/though

kweih 	 to pay (for a crime, vint) 

kweil 	 girl 

kwein	+ acc. = to take revenge on 

kweisk 	 whisk ( vtr ) 

kweistel 	 to bellow, to low (vint) 

kweiter 	 clear (adj), clear ( vtr / pr); kweiter sien gurgule = to clear one’s throat; (finance) wipe off, regularize; to purify 

kweitergwis 	 illuminance (sb) 

kweitert 	 brightness; playfulness

kweitos 	 white brilliance (sb) 

kwekmor	revealing sign (sb)

kwekwl 	 wheel (sb) 

Kwel 	 Yule (sb) 

Kwelawos 	 Santa Claus (npr) 

kwenchau 	 consider ( vtr ) 

kwender 	 angelica (sb) 

kwerkel 	 hoop (sb ) 

kweru	cooking container

kwet 	 sharpened (adj) 

kweter 	 whether, if (conj) 

kwetor	knife grinder

kwetwerdeil 	 to quarter (vtr) 

kwetwerpehd 	 to move forward on four legs (vint) 

kwetwerpod 	 four-legged (adj) 

kwi 	 bamboo basket 

kwide 	 find ( vtr; colloquial ) 

kwies 	 past tense of “kwas” 

kwiester 	 past tense of “kwaster” 

kwieth 	 past tense of “kwath” 

kwiex 	 past tense of “kwax” 

kwieyd 	 past tense of “kwayd” 

kwij 	 chipmunk (sb) 

kwikwehl 	 to turn around in circles 

kwin 	 past tense of “kwein” 

kwineuw 	 to pile / stack up (vtr) 

kwinew 	 to put away (vtr) 

kwisk 	 whisk ( sb ) ( kitchen); past tense of “kweisk” 

kwistel 	 past tense of “kweistel” 

kwit 	 white ( adj ) 

kwiter 	 picture (sb); past tense of “kweiter” 

kwit magia 	 white magics (sb) 

Kwitor 	 Avenger 

kwizei 	 regulation, statute (sb) 

kwohk 	 seemed (past tense) 

kwohkwl 	 past tense of “kwehkwl” 

kwohl	past tense of "kwehl"

kwohlk 	 past tense of “kwehlk” 

kwohlp 	 past tense of “kwehlp” 

kwohr 	 made, did 

kwohs 	 past tense of “kwehs” 

kwohster 	 past tense of “kwehster” 

kwoid 	 wheat (sb) 

kwoin 	 penalty, price (sb) (punishment, compensation) 

kwol	rotating (adj)

kya	towards the(m) (neut. plu)

kyag 	 rennet (sb) 

kyal 	 room (part of a building; sb) 

kyam 	 wels catfish 

kyanka 	 conch (sf ) 

kyant 	 towards (spatial preposition) 

kyar 	 dear (adj) 

kyareih 	 cherish ( vtr ) 

kyarek 	 magpie (sb) 

kyas 	 castigate, correct ( vtr ) 

kyasen 	 penalty (sb) 

kydon 	 quince (sb) 

kye 	 to(wards) (spatial preposition); (used as an enclitic after an adverb of place or time to reinforce it)
kyehm 	 hindrance (sb); get jammed, hinder, hamper (vint)

kyehmses	disability (situation, sb)

kyehrn	blacken (vtr) 

kyehros 	 blackness (sb) 

kyehrsen 	 (jet) black (adj; & fig); kyehrsen magia = black magics (sb); Kyehrsen Mar = Black Sea ( npr ); kyehrsen mohrt = Black Plague (sb ); kyehrsen ribis = black currant;  kyehrsen torm = black hole (sb) 

kyeim	to hold up, hinder, jam (vtr)

kyeimter	to hinder, to make diabled (vtr)

kyein 	 kite (bird; sb) 

kyenk 	 peg, pin (sb)

Kyeront 	 the “Ferryman” ( sb ) ( mythology) 

kyeuk 	 to summon 

kyeus 	 designate ( vtr ) 

kyid 	 towards it; towards the (neutral singular nominative & accusative) 

kyies 	 past tense of “kyas” 

kyim	past tense of "kyeim"

kyjak 	 sedge (sb) 

kyohm 	 past tense of “kyehm” 

kyom 	 ball/bowl (that blocks something; sb); towards him/the (masculine singular)

kyonk 	 shellfish (sb)

kyopev 	 clumsy (adj) 

kyost 	 rib (sb) 

kyostek 	 hobble for horses 

kyowngbu 	 fright ( sfb) 

kyrk 	 church (sb) 

kyrknav 	 nave (sb)

kyrksbidal 	 beadle ( sb ) 

Kythera 	 Cythera ( npr ) 

Kythnos 	 Cythnos ( npr ) 

kyu 	 sedan 

kyudos 	 prodigy ( sb); kyudos neren = feat ( sb) 

kyuheih	+ acc. = to be bearing (a child; vtr) 

kyunggiaw 	 to emphasize 

kyurk 	 pelisse (sb) 

kyutur-ye	as a whole ( adv ) 

laab 	 entertainment ( sb) 

label	 label (sb) 

labire 	 to work hard 

labor	labour (political; adj)

laborant 	 laboratory assistant 

laboratorium 	 laboratory 

labu 	 calabash (sb) 

labyrinth 	 maze, labyrinth ( sb) 

lac	(& lak) = lake (sb) 

Lac os Como 	 Lake Como (npr) 

laca 	 lacquer ( sb) 

lacai 	 lackey (sm ) 

lace 	 lace ( vtr ) 

lachuga 	 hovel ( sf ) 

Laconia	Laconia

laconic	laconic

lafa	stipend ( sb) 

lafz 	 talk, words 

lagam 	 bridle, snaffle (sb) 

lagar 	 emaciated (adj ) 

lagher 	 camp ( sb), to store (vtr)

lagoun 	 lagoon (sb) 

laguyn 	 gourd (sb) 

lah	to overflood, invade (vtr)

lahaf 	 muffler (sb) 

lahn	winepress (basin; sb)

lai	 lai (sb) 

lak	lake (sb) 

lakab 	 nickname (sb) 

Lakedaymon	Lacedaemon 

lakhja 	 tip of the tongue (sb) 

lakin 	 however (adv) 

Lakschadvihp	Laccadive

lal 	 to hum 

lalay 	 to prattle, to babble 

lambhel 	 hilt (sb) 

lambhen 	 to take hold of 

Lamech 	 Lamech (npr) 

lamen	sediment layer

lamentable 	 pathetic (adj) 

lamentation 	 moaning (sb) 

se lamente 	 moan (vint) 

lamep 	 lap (vtr) 

lampe 	 lamp (sb) 

lamper 	 shiny, gleaming (adj) (that reflects light) 

lampertat	lustre (sb)

Lampsak 	 Lampsacus (npr) 

lance 	 lance (sb) & to launch 

lance pad	 launch pad ( sb) 

lancier 	 lancer (sb) 

land 	 country, land (sb) & to land 

landensrotos 	 undercarriage 

landsknecht 	 landsknecht (sb) 

landweir 	 war in the country 

lanet 	 lurk (vint) 

lang	 stall (for wares; sb) 

langoreus 	 languorous (adj) 

languid 	 languid (adj) 

languie 	 languish (vint) 

languor 	 languidness (sb) 

languste	crayfish

lankan 	 baluster ( sb) 

lanterne 	 lantern ( sb) 

lanthanum 	 lanthanum (sb) 

lao	lao

Laozi 	 Laozi (npr) 

lap 	 past tense of “lamep” 

lapilli	(sing) = lapilli 

lapithe	lapith

laptop 	 laptop 

lapus 	 burdock ( sb) ( plant) 

laque	 to laquer 

larc 	 larch ( sm ) 

large 	 large ( adj ) 

larina 	 (female) prostitute (sb) 

Larnaca 	 Larnaca (npr) 

larva 	 larva ( sf ) 

laryngal	laryngeal

larynx 	 larynx (sb) 

las 	 greed, lust (sb) 

lasim	 essential, indispensable ( adj) 

lasni 	 eager ( adj) 

lasso 	 lasso (sb) 

lass  	 let (vtr) 

last 	 ballast (sb & vtr) 

lastruym 	 hold ( sb) (boat ) 

lastun 	 spiral of creeping plant

lat 	 past tense and past participle of “lanet” 

latif 	 neat, kind ( adj ) 

latin 	 Latin (adj. & sm ) 

Latium 	 Lazio ( npr ) 

latmah 	 slap ( sf ) 

latro 	 thief (sm ) 

latte 	 lath, slat, board (sb) 

Latvia 	 Latvia (npr) 

latyo	alluvial plain

laud	(arbitral) award

laude	 to praise 

laugv 	 washing (sb) 

lauk 	 leek ( sm ) 

laun 	 borrow ( vtr ) 

laur 	 laurel ( sm ) 

lautel 	 profit (sb) 

lautlic 	 profitable, lucrative ( adj ) 

lav 	 wash (vtr ) 

lava 	 lava ( sf ) 

lavande 	 lavender (sb) 

lavathol 	 lava dome (sb) 

lava tunnel 	 lava tube (sb) 

lavire	to tack about (sailing; vint)

lavmachine	washing machine (sb)

lavrak 	 (european) seabass 

Lawa Dehnwen 	 Peoples of the Sea ( splu ) 

lawahie 	 airy (adj) 

lawc 	 clearing (in a forest; sb) 

lawni	 linchpin (sb) 

lawo 	 people in arms ( sb) 

lawter 	 limpid, clear (adj) 

lax	salmon ( sb) 

laxative 	 laxative (adj. & sb) 

laxisme	lenience, permissiveness (sb)

lay 	 white goosefoot (plant; sb) 

laya 	 black sheep (sb) 

layic 	 secular, lay (adj ) 

laymoun 	 lemon-tree (sb ) 

layn 	 lend (vtr) 

lays 	 forest, wood (sb) 

Laystrygon	Laestrygonian

layteh 	 insole (sb) 

layter 	 ladder (sb) 

laz 	 lair, den (sb) 

Lazarus	 Lazarus (npr) 

lazuward 	 lapis lazuli (sb) 

lebonah 	 incense (sb) 

leck 	 leak (sb) 

leckereit 	 sweet, candy (sb) 

lection 	 lesson (sb) 

lectorium	rood screen 

led 	 to offend, to wrong 

leg 	 act of Parliament 

legat 	 legion commander 

legation	legation (sb)

legbild 	 bill (for an Act of Parliament, sb) 

legend 	 legend (sb) 

leghar 	 alloy (sb) 

leghenn 	 bowl, basin, pan (sb) 

legion 	 legion (sb) 

legislator 	 legislator (sb) 

legitim 	 legitimate (adj) 

legitime	to legitimate (vtr)

legv 	 light (adj) 

legvos 	 lightness (sb) 

lehg 	 tell, count (vtr) 

lehnc 	 throw, thrust (vtr)

lehr	to give a lecture (sb)

leik 	 to play; game (playing; sb); to fly, to hang loose (clothes, hair; vint) 

leikar 	 playboy, knock-about comedian (sb) 

leikstyr	gamepad (computing)

leim 	 loam (sb) 

leimoc 	 slug (sb) 

lein 	 lead, leash (for dog; sb) 

leips	to miss (something; vtr)

leis 	 read (vtr) 

leisa	 ridge (agriculture, plowing; sb) 

leit 	 to go, to run (figurative meaning) 

leiv	 lift ( vtr ) 

leizd 	 edge ( sb ) 

lekha 	 flower bed (garden; sb) 

lekhusa 	 woman in confinement 

lema 	 disease, substance of blear-eyed persons 

len	 soft (adj ) ( fig) 

lendv 	 waist, loin (sb) 

lendvkatan 	 loincloth (sb) 

lengu 	 thoughtlessly (adv) 

lengver 	 nimble (adj)

lengvos	elation 

lent 	 slow (adj); lent-ye coc = simmer (vint/tr) 

lento motion 	 slow motion (sb) (cinema) 

lentor	slowness

Leonardo da Vinci 	 Leonardo da Vinci (npr) 

leopard 	 leopard (sb) 

leper 	 leper (sb); leprous (adj) 

lepra 	 leprosy (sb) 

Lerna	Lerna (npr)

lesch 	 carrion (sb) 

lesion	lesion (wound)

letal	lethal (adj)

lethargia	lethargy (sb)

letters	letters (splu; "literature")

leu	 detach, remove, untie (vtr) 

leuc 	 shine, glow, gleam (vint) 

leucaemia 	 leukemia (sb) 

leud 	 to go up, to arise 

leudher 	 free ( adj) 

leudherkwekwl 	 freewheeling (adj & adv) 

leudher vol	 free will 

leuds	(splu) = people (several persons) 

leugh 	 lie ( vtr & sb; to utter falsehood ) 

leuk 	 league (unit of measure; sb) 

Leuktra	Leuctra

leup 	 peel (vtr) 

leur 	 free ( adj & vtr) 

leur menos 	 freedom of conscience 

leurtorg 	 Free Trade 

leus 	 lose ( vtr ) ; loss (sb) 

Leuven 	 Louvain, Leuven ( npr ) 

leuxmen 	 bay ( sb ) ( opening in the wall) 

leuyk	(& leiku ) = toy (sb) 

Levantino Mar	Levantine Sea

lever 	 deliver ( vtr ) 

leverant	 delivery man (sb) 

levghend	left-handed (adj & sb)

levitic	leviticus (sb)

levstic 	 lovage (sb) 

levter	left (adj ) (direction ) 

levtro 	 to the left 

lewank 	 (stone) slab (sb) 

lexicon	lexicon (sb)

lexis 	 term (sb) (word) 

Lhasa	Lhasa

liachic 	 drawer ( sb) 

liaison	 affair, liaison (sb) 

liane 	 liana ( sf ) 

liang 	 mound (sb) 

liap 	 Asian hat (sb) 

libell 	 dragonfly (sb) 

liberalisme	liberalism

libertinage	lewdness

libi 	 Libyan (adj, sb) 

Libia 	 Libya (npr) 

libitum	"pleasure", free choice

libram 	 libram (sb) 

librarie 	 bookshop (sb) 

libretto 	 libretto (sb) 

libter 	 willingly, with pleasure (adv) 

licence 	 license (sb) 

liche 	 lich (nb) 

lichen 	 lichen (sb) 

licit 	 lawful, licit (adj) 

licitation	invitation to tender (sb)

lict 	 bed (sb) 

lictdrehnk 	 nightcap (drink; sb) 

lid	(& oklid) = eyelid (sb) 

lider 	 leader (sb) 

liderspect	leadership

liek	(& liekar) = doctor, physician ( sb) 

liel 	 past tense of “lal” 

liend 	 past tense of “land” 

lient 	 summer (sb) 

lientsparsaat 	 daylight saving time (sb) 

liep 	 linden (sb) 

liess 	 past tense of “lass” 

lieter	 leather ( sb) 

Lietuva 	 Lithuania 

lietuvan 	 Lithuanian (sb, adj) 

lieubh 	 love (vtr) 

Lieubher	Lover (sb) (tarot) 

lieubwehrg	hard-working (adj)

lieun 	 past tense of “laun 

liev 	 past tense of “lav” 

liew 	 small house, cottage (sb) 

lieyn 	 past tense of “laun” 

lift 	 lift, elevator (sb) 

liftban	lift/elevator shaft

liftgonel 	 gondola lift (sb) 

liftkursiy 	 chairlift (sb) 

lig 	 past tense of “lineg” 

liga 	 league (sb); Liga iom Nations = League of Nations 

ligament 	 ligament (sb) 

lige 	 face (sb) 

ligne	 line (sb); ligne os credit = line of credit 

lignenav 	 steamer (sm ) 

ligver 	 Ligurian (adj) 

lihaf	bedcover

lihay 	 shrewd, clever (adj) 

lik 	 -like (adj) 

lika 	 the same, alike (adv) 

likav 	 playful (adj) 

likeih 	 to fly (a flag; vtr) 

likw 	 tide-mark (sb); left (past tense) 

lil 	 lily (sb) 

liliac 	 lilac (sb) 

liman 	 harbour (sb) 

limbh 	 limbo (sb) 

limite	 limit ( vtr ) 

limite	 limit ( sb) 

limon	silt

limou 	 citrus limetta (sb) 

limousine	limousine (sb)

lin 	 flax (sb) 

linask 	 tench (sb) 

linav 	 linnet (sb) 

lineal 	 ruler (sfb) (instrument) 

lineament 	 lineament (sm ) 

lineg 	 to lick 

linekw 	 to leave 

linen 	 linen ( sb) 

lingua 	 language (sb ) 

linguistique	(sing.) = linguistics

liniment 	 liniment (sb) 

linkwes	infinitive of "linekw" = "to leave"

linoleium 	 linoleum (sb) 

Linos	Linus (brother of Orpheus)

linse 	 lens (sb) 

lintel 	 header (sm ) 

lion 	 lion ( sm ) 

liondent 	 dandelion ( sm ) 

lionfel 	 linaria (sb) 

lipien 	 grayling (fish, sb) 

lip	 lip (sb) 

lipide 	 lipid (sb) 

lipreus 	 greasy, fatty (adj) 

lips	past tense of "leips"

liquefie	liquefy (vtr)

liqueur 	 liquor (sb) 

liquidation 	 liquidation (sb) (judicial, bankruptcy) 

liquiditat	liquidity (sb, incl. economics)

lira	lira (& pound in certain countries)

liriope 	 liriope (sb) 

lis 	 past tense of « leis » 

Lisboa	 Lisbon (npr) 

lising	leasing (rental purchase agreement)

lisor	to lease (rental purchase agreement)

liste 	 list (sb) 

lit 	 past participle and past tense of « leit » 

litania 	 litany ( sb) 

literal	literal

literar 	 literary (adj) 

literator	man of letters

literature 	 literature (sb) 

litsia 	 lychee (sb) 

litu 	 drinking session (sb) 

liturgia 	 liturgy (sb) 

liubh 	 love ( sb); past tense of “lieubh” 

liuu 	 pomegranate (sb) 

liv 	 past tense of “leiv” 

livad 	 kitchen / vegetable garden (sb) 

livid 	 livid ( adj) 

livree 	 livery( sb) 

lobby	lobby (sb; pressure group)

lobe 	 lobe ( sm) 

loboda 	 orache ( sb ) 

lobut 	 cudgelling (sb) 

loc	place (sb; turns to "lok-")

localise 	 locate (vtr) 

locanda 	 tap room (sb) 

lockye 	 weasel ( sb) 

locomotive 	 locomotive (sb) 

locus standi	locus standi, standing to appear (law)

loden	loden

lodh 	 plumb-bob ( sb) 

lodhseid 	 steady (adj) 

lodhskeir 	 not steady (sb) 

lodka 	 fishing boat (sb) 

loft 	 loft (appartment) 

log	 log (sb); log ex = to log out; log in = to log in

logic	logical (adj)

logiquer	logician

logistic	logistic (adj)

logo	logo (sb)

logos 	 speech (sb) 

logule	small log

lohg 	 past tense of “lehg” 

lohnc 	 past tense of “lehnc” 

lik 	 past tense of “leik” 

lohr	lore; past tense of "lehr"

loid 	 clay (sb)

loikwn 	 legacy ( sb) 

loim 	 damp (adj) 

loisa 	 furrow track (sb) 

lok	place (sb) 

lokat 	 padlock (sb ) 

lokchuan 	 silk crepe (sf ) 

loktong 	 whore ( sf ) (! ) 

loleng 	 Chinese lantern (sb) 

lonc 	 bow ( sb ) (weapon) 

long 	 long (adj) 

longmetrage 	 feature film (sm ) 

lopat 	 shovel ( sb) 

lopatar 	 fallow deer (sb) 

loquet 	 counter, window 

lordose 	 lordosis (sb) 

lori	lory (bird; sb)

lorion 	 strap, braces (clothing; sb) 

loschak 	 young stallion 

Lot 	 Lot (Bible; npr) 

loteng	( sing.) = attic, loft (sb) 

loterie 	 lottery (sb) 

lothring	Lorrain (adj & sb)

Lothringia	Lorraine (province)

lotion	lotion (sb)

lotse 	 (maritime) pilot 

lott 	 to draw lots for; lot, share (sb)

lotus	 lotus (sb) 

loupe 	 magnifying glass (sb) 

lousa	 tonsil (body, sb) 

low 	 dishwater, wishwash (sb) 

lowagh 	 lavoir, washing place ( sb) 

lowga 	 washing agent 

lowter 	 washbasin, sink (sb) 

loy 	 law (sum of legal norms, sb) 

loyaltat 	 loyalty (sb) 

lu 	 past tense of “leu” 

luat 	 pitch pipe (sb) 

luba 	 bower, arbour ( sb) 

luban 	 olibanum (sb) 

lubher 	 bast fibre (sb) 

Lubnan 	 Lebanon ( npr ) 

lubricant 	 lubricant ( sm ) 

luc 	 past tense of “leuc” 

lucanca 	 sausage ( sm ) 

Lucas	 Luke ( npr ) 

luce 	 light (sb) 

lucid 	 lucid (sb) 

luckern 	 skylight window (sb) 

Lucretius 	 Lucretius ( npr ) 

lucro 	 garish (adj) 

lud 	 past tense of “leud” 

ludder 	 rogue, rascal (sb)

Ludvic	Lewis 

luf 	 gun barrel (sb) 

lugh 	 past tense of “leugh”; lie (sb) 

lughav 	 perfidious, deceitful ( adj ) 

lughic 	 wily ( adj) 

luk 	 hatch ( sb) 

lukad 	 bright / sunny interval (sb) 

Lukaschenko	Lukachenko

lukma 	 snack ( sb) 

lukukramb 	 firefly (sb) 

lull 	 to lull, cradle (vtr) 

lumatay 	 to bruise, to wound (sb) 

lumbago 	 lumbago (sb) 

lumbal punction 	 lumbar puncture (sb) 

lumel 	 lout (sb) 

lump 	 rag (sb) 

lumpen 	 ragged, tattered (adj) 

lumpia 	 Spring Roll (chinese food) 

lumpsammler 	 rag and bone man 

lumpvehsend 	 dressed in rags (adj)

Luna 	 the Moon (npr) 

lunatic	lunatic (adj. & sb.)

lung 	 meadow (sb) 

lup 	 past tense of “leup” 

lur 	 past tense of “leur” 

lura 	 bad wine (sb) 

lure 	 freedom (sb) 

lurd 	 filth (sb) 

lurhat 	 language (sb) (not spoken or particular to a group) 

lus 	 louse (sb); past tense of “leus” 

luster 	 luster, chandelier ( sb) 

lutf 	 kindness (sb) 

lutfan 	 be nice ! 

lutt 	 burbot (sb) 

luur 	 to spy on, to watch closely 

luwa 	 silk thread (sb ) 

Luwi 	 Luwian ( adj , sb) 

luxe 	 luxury (sb) 

luxembourgisch	luxembourgish

luxeus 	 pompous (adj ) 

luxuriant 	 luxuriant, lush ( adj) 

luxurie 	 splendour; pomp ( sb) 

lwo 	 to loot; lwo els annem = to take one’s breath away 

lwok 	 sika deer 

lwon 	 booty ( sb) 

lyceium 	 secundary school (before University; sb) 

Lydia 	 Lydia (npr) 

lyegher	bed, couch (sb)

lyehg 	 to lie (vint) 

lyeig 	 to lay (vtr) 

lyekwrnt 	 liver ( sb) 

lyekwrntvurst 	 liverwurst 

lyig 	 past tense of “lyeig” 

Lykurgos	Lycurgus

lymphome 	 lymphoma (sb) 

lynx 	 lynx (sb) 

lyogher 	 watch, look-out (like an animal; for hunting; sb) 

lyogos 	 deposit (ex	 ore; sb) 

lyohg 	 past tense of « lyehg » 

lyohga	situation (sb)

lyra	lyre (sb)

Lysip	Lysippos

lyt 	 a little (adv); lyt ed lyt = little by little 

lytil 	 little (adj) 

lyung 	 lung (sm ) 

lyut 	 fierce (adj) 

ma 	 why ( pron. interr) 

maaf 	 sorry (adj ) ( excuse) 

maal 	 good ( sm) ( possession ) 

maallift 	 lift (sm ) 

maarif 	 building (fig ) 

Maas	Meuse

maaschouk 	 lover ( sm ) 

maazwl 	 removed (adj , sm ) 

macabre 	 gruesome (adj) 

macadamia 	 macadamia (sb) 

macen	stonecutter (sb)

machete	machete

Machiavelli 	 Machiavelli ( npr ) 

machine 	 machine ( sb) 

machinebunduk 	 machine gun ( sb ) 

machinepistol 	 submachine gun 

macule 	 dapple ( vtr ) 

madame 	 Mrs. ; ma’am. 

madeir 	 timber (sb) 

madenn 	 mining ( adj ) 

madh 	 wet ( adj ) 

madh 	 to lie, to be shrouded in (fig.) 

madreporic 	 madreporic (adj) 

madyoun 	 debtor (adj , sb) 

mae 	 don’t (adv) 

maedwn 	 friendly ( adj ) 

maememyehrsas 	 forget-me-not, myosotis (sb) 

maeng 	 shoot (mastery, skill) (sb) 

maeti	not... anymore (when "mae" ought to be used)

mafia	mafia (sb)

mafioso	mafioso

maflouk 	 devoid, lacking (adj) 

magasin 	 store, warehouse (sb) 

magasinier 	 storekeeper (sb) 

Magdala	Magdala (npr)

Magdalenien	 Magdalenian (adj. & n.) 

Magellan 	 Magellan (npr) 

magh 	 can, may (vtr) ; power (sb) 

maghil 	 tomb (sb) 

Maghreb 	 Maghreb (npr) 

maghrebi	North African

maghses 	 maybe (adv) 

maghtula	power balance

magia 	 magics (sb) 

magician	magician (sb)

magisterium	master's degree

magistrat 	 magistrate (sb) 

magma	magma

magn 	 main (adj); magnios sequence star = main sequence star 

magnat	tycoon (sb)

magnesium 	 magnesium (sb) 

magnet 	 magnet (sb) 

magnetic resonance	magnetic resonance; Magnetic Resonance Tomographia = Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 

magnificence	magnificence (sb)

magnitude	magnitude

magno seghel 	 mainsail (sb) 

magos 	 magus (sb) 

magoti 	 femininity ( sb) 

magur 	 mound (sb) 

magv 	 child (sb; young being) 

Magyar 	 Hungarian (adj. & sb) 

Magyaria 	 Hungary (npr) 

mahalg	costly

mahar 	 dowry (sb) 

mahed 	 cradle (sb, fig.) 

mahel 	 to try (vpr); trial (sb) 

mahibe 	 formidable ( adj ) 

mahir 	 cunning ( adj) 

mahjiaung 	 mahjong ( sb ) 

mahlbehrg 	 courthouse (sb) 

mahogany 	 mahogany ( sb) 

mai 	 May (sb) 

maibrank 	 maybug (sb) 

maideh	help ! mayday !

maigher 	 meagre (adj)

mailing	mailshot (sb) 

Maimonides 	 Maimonides (npr) 

maimour	med + encharged with (adj) 

maimoureih	med + to encharge with 

maincourante	daybook (ex: in police station)

majalah 	 magazine (sb) 

majestat 	 majesty (sb) 

majestueus 	 majestic (adj) 

majlis 	 assembly house, assembly chamber (sb); Majlis ios Vatan Suria = Syrian National Council

Majlis im Communes	 House of Commons 

majnoun 	 crazy love 

major 	 major (adj; sb); major arcane = arcana major (sb) (cards); major modus = major scale (music) 

majorat 	 major of age (adj. & sb) 

majordomo 	 majordomo (sb) 

majoritar	majoritary (adj)

majoritat	majority (sb)

majuscule 	 capital letter (adj & sb) 

makah 	 dive (bad inn; sb) 

makar	although, whatever

makase 	 railroad switch ( sb) 

makass	(sing) = clippers (sb) (hairdresser ) 

makbul 	 fulfilled, granted (ex	 wish; adj) 

makdour 	 option ( sm ) ( possibility ) 

makedon	Macedonian

Makedonia 	 Macedonia (npr) 

maken 	 poppy (sb) 

makh 	 make, fabricate (vtr) 

makhboub 	 darling (adj & sb) 

makhkoum 	 convicted (adj & sb) 

makhleb 	 Saint Lucy cherry 

makhmour 	 drunk ( adj ) 

makhmourluk 	 hangover ( fig, sb) 

makhsoul 	 yield, ouput, return ( sb) 

makhsus 	 on purpose, intentionally (adv ) 

makir 	 deceitful ( adj ) 

makrell	mackerel

makrisch 	 sorrel (sb) 

makrouse 	 indebted (adj ) 

maktab 	 workroom ( sm ) 

maktub 	 missive (sb) 

makulat 	 sustenance (sb) 

makuz	( sing) = shears ( splu ) 

mal	poor, mediocre, bad (adj) 

mala 	 trowel ( sf ) 

malaghetta 	 malaguetta (sf) 

malaise 	 malaise (sb ) 

malal 	 weariness ( sb); to weary (vtr) 

malalt 	 weary ( sb) 

malama 	 reprimand, rebuke (sb)

malamant	detached (behaviour) 

malaria 	 malaria (sb) 

malay 	 corn/maize flour (sb) 

malays	Malay

Maldives	(splu) = Maldives (splu) 

maldivi	Maldivian

malefic 	 evil (adj) 

malefice 	 evil spell 

malek	 wood fire (sb)

malformation	malformation 

malgasch	malagasy (adj & sb)

malgh 	 mallow (sb) 

malice	malice (sb)

malin 	 tainted (adj) 

malinger 	 puny ( adj ) 

mallah 	 boatman ( sb ) 

mallands 	 badlands (splu) 

malleable 	 malleable ( adj) 

malm 	 shoal (sb ) 

malnutrition 	 malnutrition (sb) 

malodore 	 reek (vint) 

maloul 	 depressed (adj) 

malst gwahmen	stopgap (sb)

malt 	 malt (sb) 

malti	Maltese (adj & sb)

maltose 	 maltose (sb) 

Maluku	Maluku

malumat 	 piece of information (sb) 

malvasia 	 malmsey (sb) 

malversation	embezzlement (sb)

mamaliga 	 maize porridge (sb) 

mambh 	 reproach (vtr) (semject ad semanghen)

mamma	mummy

mammifer 	 mammal (adj & sb) 

mammwt 	 mammoth (sb) 

man 	 to stay (vint) 

manafi 	 bargain (sb)

manage 	 manage, run (vtr) 

Manasse 	 Manasseh (npr)

mandala	mandala

mandarin	mandarin (adj. & sb) 

mandayi	mandaean, mandaeic

mandat	mandate (incl. League of Nations)

mande 	 to send for (vtr) 

mandile 	 apron (sb) 

mando 	 sterile (adj) ( woman) 

mandolin 	 mandolin ( sf ) 

mandor 	 foreman (sm ) 

mandover 	 manpower, labour (sb) 

mandra 	 cowshed (sb) 

mandragor 	 mandrake ( sf ) 

maneth 	 learn ( vtr ) (a news ) 

maneuvre 	 maneuver ( sb) 

manganese 	 manganese (sb) 

mangeit	mangy (adj)

manghan 	 bewitch (vtr) 

mangolnel	mangonel

mangrove 	 mangrove (sb) 

manhouss 	 sombre, gloomy 

maniak 	 maniac (adj. & sb) 

manichaeisme 	 manichaeism ( sb) 

manicure 	 manicure ( sb) 

manier 	 manner (sb) 

manifeste 	 to show, express, demonstrate (vtr) 

manifesto	manifesto (sb)

Manila 	 Manila (npr) 

manipule 	 handle (vtr) 

manju	manchu

Manjukwok	Manchuria

mank 	 to lack, be lacking (vint); lack (sb)

mankal 	 brazier (sb) 

mankay 	 mango ( sf ) 

mankholt 	 chard ( sf ) 

mann 	 husband (sb) 

manna	manna

mannequin 	 dummy; model (sb) 

mansarde	mansard roof (sb)

mant	(& mantu) = chin (sb) 

manta rai 	 Manta ray 

mantega 	 lard (sb) 

mantein 	 maintain (vtr) 

manteinance	maintenance (sb)

mantel 	 coat (sb) 

mantelett	mantlet

manthel 	 calender (vtr) (the linen) 

manticore 	 manticore (sb) 

mantis 	 (praying) mantis (sb) 

manzil 	 caoching inn, transport café, stopover 

maoiste	maoist

map	 map (sb) 

mapsack 	 binder, satchel ( sb) 

maquette	scale model

maquiss 	 maquis shrubland 

maquiyage 	 make-up, greasepaint (sb) 

mar 	 sea ( sb) 

Mar Agayos 	 Aegean Sea ( npr ) 

marasmus	marasmus

maraux 	 longspined bullhead 

maraz 	 sickly ( adj ) 

marba ! 	 pleased to meet you ! 

Marcell	Marcellus

marche	march (sb & vint)

marct	(& marken) = craggy, seamed (face; adj)

Marcus Aurelius 	 Marcus Aurelius (npr) 

mareghi 	 urchin (sb) 

marg 	 edge (sb) 

margarine 	 margarine (sb) 

marge 	 margin (sb) 

marginal	marginal (adj)

margwenak 	 siren, mermaid (sb) 

marhoum 	 late (deceased; adj) 

marhour 	 haughty (adj) 

Maria	 Mary ( npr ) 

Marianas	(Insules) = Mariana Islands 

marik 	 burglar (sb) 

marine 	 navy (sb) 

marineblou 	 navy blue (adj) 

marinfanteriste 	 Marine soldier (sb) 

marionette 	 marionette (sb) 

maritim	maritime (adj)

marjban 	 ranger (of Middle-Earth; sb) 

mark 	 to mark (out); mark, trademark(sb); march (sb) (territory) 

marketing	marketing (sb) 

marloub 	 defeated (adj) 

marloubia 	 defeat (sb) 

marloubeih 	 defeat (vtr) 

Marmara	id - = Sea of Marmara

marmelade 	 marmalade (sb) 

marmor 	 marble (sb)

marmosett	marmoset (sb) 

marn 	 present tense base of “marsen” 

marnad 	 pipefish ( sm ) 

marnigv 	 mermaid ( sb) 

marode 	 to be on the prowl 

Marok 	 Morocco (npr) 

maroki	Moroccan 

maronite	maronite

marotte 	 fad (sb) 

maroul 	 lettuce (sb) 

marpertu	fjord

marquese 	 marquis (sb) 

Mars	Mars (npr; planet)

marsan	Martian (adj. & sb)

marschal 	 marshal (sb) 

marseghel 	 topsail ( sb ) 

marsen 	 to wither, to decay 

marsiuge 	 sea-sickness (sb) 

Marsilio Ficino 	 Ficino (npr) 

marswin	porpoise (sb)

mart 	 March (month, sb) 

marter	 marten (sb) 

marthiya 	 dirge (sb; chant) 

martial 	 martial (adj. & npr) 

martyr 	 martyr (sb) 

marwtia	impetuosity

marwtic 	 fiery (adj) 

marz 	 disgust (vtr ) 

marzih 	 caprice, whim (sb) 

marzipan 	 marzipan (sb) 

masaar 	 reliquary, shrine ( sb) 

mascarade 	 mascarade (sb) 

masch 	 sweet pea ( sb) 

maschiculi 	 machicolation ( sb ) 

maschkhoul 	 engaged ( adj ) ( borrowed , used) 

maschkouk 	 doubtful ( adj) 

maschour 	 famous ( adj ) 

maschrou 	 legitimate (adj ) 

maschruu 	 striped ( adj) 

maschtab 	 standard ( sm) ( measure ) 

mascotte 	 mascot ( sb) 

masculin 	 masculine (adj) 

masgal 	 arrow slit 

masjid 	 mosque (sb); Masjid al Aksa = Al Aqsa Mosque

mask	mask (sb & vtr)

Maskat 	 Muscat ( npr ) 

maskbal 	 fancy-dress bowl 

maslag 	 Datura stramonium ( sm ) 

masnadh 	 prop ( sm ) 

masraf 	 expenditure (sfb) & spend ( vtr ) 

masrour 	 glad ( adj ) 

massacre 	 massacre (sb) 

massaf	 line, queue (sb) 

massage	massage (sb & vtr)

massal 	 joke, trick, hoax (sb) 

massalla 	 prayer rug 

masse 	 mass (sb) 

massengrabh 	 mass grave, "potter's field" (sb) 

massif 	 mountain range (sb) 

massing 	 brass (sb) 

massive 	 massive ( adj) 

massoul 	 responsible, liable ( adj , sb) 

massur 	 weaver spool 

mast 	 mast (sb) 

mastodon 	 mastondon (sb) 

mat 	 checkmate (chess; sb) 

matam 	 lugubrious ( adj) 

matamoro 	 matamoros (sb) 

match 	 match (sb; sport) 

mater 	 mother ( sb) 

Peltewih Mater 	 Mother of All Things 

materbahsa 	 mother tongue (sb) 

materia 	 matter, substance (sb) 

material 	 material (sb & adj) 

maternitat	maternity hospital (sb)

materplack 	 motherboard (sb) 

matertat	motherhood (sb)

math 	 past tense of “maneth” 

mathal 	 saying, dictum (sb) 

mathalan 	 for example, for instance 

mathematique	(sing) = mathematics ( splu ) 

mathematiquer 	 mathematician (sb) 

mathmoun 	 content (sb); to contain (vtr) 

matier	 field ( discipline, sb ) 

matil	moth

matrass 	 mattress (sb) 

matriarchat	matriarchy

matrimonial separation	legal separation

matrix 	 matrix (sb) 

matrose 	 seaman (sb ) 

matruw 	 maternal uncle ( sm ) 

matta 	 mat ( sf ) ( bench ) 

matur 	 mature (adj) 

Matyah 	 Mathew ( npr ) 

mau 	 barter (vtr) 

maul 	 sacrifice (vtr) 

maun 	 warn (vtr) 

maund	protection

maung 	 much, many (adj. & adv) 

mauntia 	 muse (sb) 

maur 	 dark; swarthy (adj) 

maurdh 	 murder (sb & vtr) 

maurdher 	 murderer (sb) 

maurg 	 morning from 0H00 to daylight, « graveyard’s shift » 

Mauritania 	 Mauritania (npr) 

Mauritius 	 Mauritius (npr) 

maurk 	 destrier (sb) ; knight (chess ; sb) 

maurkschalk 	 marshal ( sb) ( in charge of horses ) 

mausoleium 	 mausoleum (sb) 

maut 	 toll ( sb) 

mauve 	 mauve (adj ; color ) 

mauxekwan 	 capillary vessel 

mawi 	 faded (adj ) 

mawjuiji 	 ink brush 

maxam 	 design, intention (sb) 

maxim	maxim (sb)

maximum 	 maximum (sb) 

maxud 	 intentional ( adj ) 

maydan 	 playground 

mayer 	 tenant farmer (sb) 

mayeutique	mayeutics

mayka 	 jersey (sb) 

maykhana 	 tavern, inn (sb) 

mayl 	 mile (avoirdupois system; sb) 

maymoun 	 monkey (sb) 

mayn 	 opinion (sb); to mean (vtr) 

maynad 	 maenad (sb) 

maynen	meaning (sb)

maynmeid 	 poll (sb) 

mays 	 maize (sb ) 

mayster 	 master ( sb ) 

mayu 	 swampy ground 

mayukh 	 ankle (sf ) (wood ) 

mayuss 	 disconsolate (adj ) 

mayzel 	 butcher, hack, mangle ( vtr ) 

mayzelar 	 pork butcher (sb) 

maz 	 maggot (sb) 

mazbakh 	 slaughterhouse ( sb ) 

mazgh	(sing) = brains (splu) 

mazreb 	 big top of tent (sb) 

mazuk 	 strawberry ( sb ) 

me 	 me (accusative) 

meander 	 meander (sb ) 

mecanic 	 mechanical (adj) 

mecanique 	 mechanics ( sb) 

mecanisme 	 mechanism ( sb ) 

mecaniste 	 mechanic, driver ( sb) 

Makka 	 Mecca (npr) 

med 	 with (means; prep) 

medayl 	 medal ( sb ) 

medaylon 	 medallion (sb) 

Medea 	 Medea (npr) 

medgu 	 common pochard ( sb) 

massen media	(splu) = mass media 

mede	mede

mediatic	media (adj)

mediatolker	media player (software)

medic 	 doctor, physician (sb) 

Medici 	 Medici (npr) 

medicin 	 medicine (sb) 

medio 	 middle (adj & sb ) ( center) 

mediocre 	 mediocre ( adj ) 

mediofingher 	 middle finger (sb) 

Mediomar 	 Mediterranean (Sea ) 

Mediorient 	 Middle East ( sb ) 

meditation 	 meditation (sb ) 

medsu 	 amidst ( prep ) 

medu 	 mead (sm ) 

medusa 	 jellyfish ( sf ) 

medv 	 heady, inebriating (adj) 

medven 	 to make drunk (vtr) 

medvia 	 drunkenness (sb)

Medyeusteuropay Lands	= MEEL = East and Central European Countries

meg 	 very, much (adv) 

megagmo 	 the Great Way (ex : stars) 

megalith	megalith (sb)

megalomaniak 	 megalomaniac (adj, sb) 

megatmen 	 magnanimous (adj) 

megaurb 	 megacity ( sb ) 

megder 	 redwood (sb) 

megdos 	 greatness 

mege 	 size (sb) 

Meger Belt	Great Belt

megil	(comp. meger; sup. megst) = great, large (adj) 

Megil Hevd 	 Holy Week 

Megil Juma 	 Good Friday 

megil klewos	(sing) = deeds (splu), “big glory” (sb) 

mehgh	to grant (vtr)

mehl 	 grind (vtr) 

mehld 	 to signal, announce (vtr), to pray (vint) 

mehlden 	 prayer; description, particulars (sb) 

mehldschid	leaflet

mehlg 	 milk (vtr) 

mehlstrohm	maelstrom

mehm 	 remember (vtr) 

mehmen 	 remembrance (sb) 

mehn 	 think (vtr); thought (sb) (general) 

mehr 	 die (vint) 

mehreina	place to die (sb)

mehsg 	 knit (vtr ) 

mehsgmen 	 knitting (sb) 

meic 	 blink (vint) (eye) 

meid 	 measure (vtr & sb); ep meid = bespoke 

meidaw 	 upside down (adj) 

meidic 	 modest (adj) 

meil	 prefer, like (vtr) 

meinc 	 diminish (vtr/vint) 

meingfu 	 issue ( sf) ( death ) 

meini 	 minnow (sb ) 

meinyun 	 fate, destiny ( sb ) 

meiose	meiosis

meirong 	 maze ( sm ) 

meis 	 more (adv) 

meist 	 most (adv) 

meith	+ acc. = change of (vint) 

meithel 	 main square 

meiwrnt	term (duration; sb)

meizd 	 to reward, recompense (vtr) 

meja 	 table (sb) ( for eating) 

mejban 	 host (sm ) (receiving ) 

meje 	 eat ( vtr ) ( seated) 

mejeina 	 dining room (sb) 

Mekhlen 	 Mechelen ( npr , city of Belgium ) 

mekhtab 	 moonlight 

meklemm 	 ointment ( sb) 

Mekong 	 Mekong (sb) 

mela 	 black ink (sb); ink-black (adj) 

melamine	melamine

melankholic 	 melancholic ( adj ) 

melanome 	 melanoma (sb) 

Melchisedech 	 Melchizedek (npr) 

melee	melee

Melewagher	Meleager

melg 	 milk (sb) 

melgarie 	 dairy (sb) 

Melgvia 	 Milky Way ( sb) 

melinder 	 honey fritter (sb) 

meln	 muddy (adj) 

melodia 	 melody (sb) 

melomane	music lover

melon 	 melon (sb) 

melopoia 	 chant (sf ) 

melos	softness, mellowness

melsk 	 soft, mellow (adj) 

melv 	 flour (sb) 

member 	 member (sb) 

membrane 	 membrane (sb) 

membraneus 	 membranous (adj) 

memmen	+ acc. = evoke the memory of (vint) 

memorandum 	 memorandum, memorial (sb) 

memoria 	 memory (sb) 

memorise	memorize (vtr)

mems 	 limb (sb) (body) 

memsbat	(& memsbaten) = aching (when referring to tiredness, body; adj) 

memuar 	 memoir ( sb ) ( story ) 

men	 but ( conj) 

menace 	 menace (sb & vtr ) 

menach 	 fop (sb ) 

menagerie 	 menagerie (sb) 

Mencius	Mencius

mendel 	 almond (sb) 

Mendeleyev 	 Mendeleev (npr) 

mender	 mountain lake (sb ) 

menegh 	 crowd (sb) 

menexi 	 violet (flower, sb) 

mengain 	 vice (for tools, sb) 

mengusch 	 pendant (jewel; sb) 

meningitis 	 meningitis (sb) 

menos 	 consciousness, spirit, intent (sb) 

menot	lunation, moon's month

mens 	 mess (dinning room; sb) 

mensc 	 human, man (sb) 

menscenressurces	human resources

menscgenos 	 (hu)mankind (sb) 

menscule 	 uvula (sb) 

mensdeh 	 wisdom ( sf ) 

mensdeht	(& mensdehn) = full of wisdom 

mensdehyazgen	[mënsde:yAdjën] = zoroastrianism (sb) 

menstruation 	 menstruation (sb) 

ment 	 mind (sb) 

mental 	 mental (adj) 

mental retard 	 mental retard (sb) 

mentangst	 remorse ( sp) 

Mentat 	 Mentat (sb ) ( Dune) 

mention 	 mention (vtr & sb ) 

mentor 	 thinker (sb) 

menue	 menu ( sb) 

menuet	minuet

menxu 	 while (conj.) 

meongcin 	 bird of prey (sb) 

mer 	 mere (adj.) 

mercantile 	 mercantile (adj.) 

mercantilisme	mercantilism

mercat 	 market (sb) 

mercatcapitalisation	market capitalization

mercatsok	market research

mercenar	 mercenary (adj. & sb) 

mercerie 	 haberdashery (sb) 

merchandising	merchandising (sb)

mercie 	 mercy (sb) 

Mercur 	 Mercury ( npr ) ( planet ) 

meremett 	 mending (sm ) 

meremettise 	 darn ( vtr ) 

Merenptah	Merneptah

merg	 dive (vtr/vint) 

mergbaurd 	 diving board (sb) 

mergis	 filth (sb) 

mergist 	 filthy, disgusting (adj)

mergschowbey 	 diving equipment (sb) 

meriend 	 provision, food (sb) 

merig 	 merry (adj) 

merit 	 merit (sb) (advantage, benefit; law case) 

merlang	whiting (sb)

merlon 	 merlon (sb) 

merluce 	 hake (sb) 

Merovech	Merovech

meroveching	merovingian

mersie	thank you (interjection) 

merteck 	 joist (sb) 

merti 	 mortal (adj) (doomed to die) 

merto	mortality

meryo 	 young warrior 

mesel 	 blackbird (sb) 

Mesopotamia	 Mesopotamia (npr) 

mesopotamiak	Mesopotamian

mespil 	 medlar (sb) 

message 	 message ( sb) 

message pwarn 	 errand boy ( sb) 

messager 	 messenger (sb) 

messe 	 mass (sb) 

messiah 	 Messiah (sb) 

messianisme	messianism

mestiss	mestisso, métis (sb) 

mestissage	interbreeding

met	 dish, meal (sb) 

metabolisme 	 metabolism ( sb ) 

metall 	 metall (sb) 

metallurgia	metallurgical industry

metaphor	metaphor

Metaschala 	 Methuselah (npr) 

metastase 	 metastasis (sb) 

Metastasio	Metastasio

meteor 	 meteor (sb) 

meteoric 	 dazzling, incredible (adj) 

meteorite 	 meteorite (sb) 

meterise 	 retrenchment ( sm ) 

methane 	 methane (sb) 

methode 	 method ( sb) 

metro 	 underground	ube (sb) 

metropolis 	 metropolis (sf ) 

mett 	 mow ( vtr ) 

meublar 	 furniture ( sm ) 

meuble 	 piece of furniture (sb ) 

meudh	ub = cheer up 

meugh 	 mug ( sm ) ( drinking ) 

meuk 	 release (vtr ) , drop (vtr ) 

meun 	 moon (sf ) 

meunweus 	 moonrise (sb) 

meurch 	 cement (vtr ) (fig ) 

meurch 	 harden ( vint / vtr ) 

meurcher 	 mortar (sm ) ( concrete) 

meurm 	 swarm (vint) 

meute 	 pack (ex	 of wolves; sb) 

mev 	 gull ( sf ) 

Mexico	 Mexico ( npr ) 

mezzanine	mezzanine

mi 	 to me 

miasma	miasma

miau	miaow

mic	 wink (sb); past tense of “meic” 

Michael 	 Michael (npr) 

Michelangelo	 Michelangelo ( npr ) 

micri 	 tiny ( adj ) 

micro 	 microphone ( sb) 

micro-rika 	 headset (sb) 

microbe 	 microbe, germ (sb) 

microbian	microbian, microbial

microcosme microcosm (sb)

microcredit	microcredit

microfinance	microfinance

microorganisme 	 microorganism (sb) 

microphone 	 microphone ( sb) 

microprocessor 	 microprocessor (sb) 

microscope	 microscope ( sb ) 

mid 	 past tense of « meid » 

middien 	 noon (sb) 

midfabricat	intermediate good

midspilker	fid (tool for ropes)

mie	(sing.)	 = noodles (splu) 

miech 	 blade of weapon (sb) 

miechel 	 thin strip / blade (sb) 

miechstaven 	 metal shutter 

miedh 	 past tense of “madh” 

miegve 	 childhood (sb) 

miehel 	 past tense of “mahel” 

miekh 	 past tense of “makh” 

mielt 	 honey (sb) 

miembh 	 past tense of “mambh” 

miems 	 meat ( sb) 

mien 	 my, mine; past tense of “man” 

miens	of my (singular)

mienthel 	 past tense of “manthel” 

mier 	 big, large ( adj ) 

Id Mier Antsalg  	 the Great Escape (movie) 

mierk 	 past tense of “mark” 

Mierstieups 	 “Strider” (name of Aragorn in the “Lord of the Rings”) 

mierz 	 past tense of “marz” 

mieu 	 past tense of « mau » 

mieul 	 past tense of « maul » 

mieun 	 past tense of “maun” 

mieurdh 	 past tense of “maurdh” 

mieyn 	 past tense of “mayn” 

mieyzel 	 past tense of “mayzel” 

mifussal 	 hinge (sb) 

migh	past tense of "minegh"

mighel 	 mist (sb) 

mignon 	 minion (sb) 

migrator 	 migratory ( adj) ( bird) 

miieu	past tense of "miau"

mijmer 	 censer (sb) 

mikdar 	 amount (sb & vtr) 

mil 	 thousand ( num ); past tense of “meil” 

mild 	 mild ( adj ) 

milder 	 alleviate, mitigate (vtr ) 

mildet 	 pity ( sb ) 

Miletos 	 Miletus (npr) 

mileus 	 compassionate ( adj) 

milfel 	 mille-feuille (sb) 

milgran	pomegranate tree (sb)

milice 	 militia (sb) 

milicionaire 	 militiaman (sb) 

milieu 	 milieu (sb) (environment) 

militant	militant (adj. & sb)

militar 	 military (adj) 

milite	to be a militant

miliu 	 millet (sb) 

milium 	 mile (measure unit; sb; in avoirdupois system “mayl”) 

millenarisme 	 millennialism (sb) 

millennium 	 millennium (sb) 

million	million (acts like a distributive number)

millionaire	millionaire

milz 	 spleen (sb; body) 

mime 	 mime (vtr & sb) 

mimicrie 	 mimicry (sb) 

mimithav	flighty, fickle (adj)

minara 	 minaret (sb) 

minc	 thin, slim (adj); past tense of “meinc” 

mine 	 mine (sb) 

minegh 	 urinate (vtr) 

miner 	 miner (sb) 

mineral	mineral; mineral aqua = mineral water 

mingo 	 sunday (sb) 

miniature 	 miniature (sb) 

miniaturise 	 miniaturize (vtr) 

ministerium ios interior	interior ministry

ministrant 	 altar server (sb) 

ministrell 	 minstrel (sb) 

Minor Conventual 	 Conventual Franciscan (sb) 

minorat 	 minor, infant (sb, adj) 

Minotaur	Minotaur (npr) 

minst 	 least (adv); Minst antslehnkus lands = least advanced countries

minter	less (adv) 

mint 	 mint (sb; flower) 

mintean 	 underbodice (sb) 

minu 	 slim, slight, tiny (adj) 

minus 	 minus (mathematics); missing (adj; when it refers to some counting) 

minuscule	small (letter)(adj. & sb)

minute 	 minute (sb) 

miracle 	 miracle (sb ) 

miraculeus 	 miraculous (adj) 

mirage 	 mirage (sb) 

mirath 	 inheritance, patrimony (sb) 

miris 	 stock ( sm ) 

mirveylment 	 wonder ( sm ) 

miryow 	 spell (sm ) 

misab 	 eave (sb) 

mischko 	 high forest (sb) 

mischmasch 	 mishmash (sb) 

mischnah	mishna

miser 	 miserable (adj) 

misere 	 misery (sb) (miserable situation)

misgvalt	brutal mistake (ex: police abuse)

miskett 	 muscat (sb) 

miskin 	 mean, miserable, poor 

misogynia	misogyny

misogyniste	misogynist (sb) & misogynistic (adj)

misplais 	 offend (vtr) 

misprete 	 misunderstand (vtr) 

Misr 	 Egypt ( npr ) 

miss 	 to miss (someone) 

missal 	 missal (sb) 

misserve 	 to go against, put at a disadvantage 

missil 	 missile (sb) 

mission 	 mission (sb) 

missulouk	dia = to treat harshly (vtr)

mistreus	to mistrust (vtr)

mith 	 past tense of “meith” 

Mithras	Mithrras

mitkali 	 vichy cotton (sb) 

mitochondrion 	 mitochondrium (sb) 

mitra 	 mitre (sb) 

miulwa 	 sugar cane (sb) 

mix 	 mix ( vtr ) 

miyanch 	 broker ( sm ) 

miyanchia 	 brokerage ( sb) 

mizdenyagher 	 bounty hunter 

mizdo 	 reward (sb) 

mizrab 	 bat (sb ) (ex	 baseball) 

mlege 	 softroe (sb) 

mliak 	 coax (vtr); meek, sweet (adj) 

mo 	 film (sb) (thin envelope) 

moan	Mon (people & language)

mobilisation 	 mobilization (sb) 

mobilise	mobilize (vtr)

mobilphone	mobile phone

mochi 	 rice cake ( sb ) 

mode 	 fashion (sb) 

model 	 model (sb) 

modem 	 modem (sb) 

moder 	 bluish (adj) 

moderat	moderate (adj)

moderator	(TV, radio) presenter

modifie 	 modify (vtr) 

modus 	 mode (sb) 

moffic 	 stuffy, muggy (adj) 

mohgh	past tense of "mohgh"

mohl 	 past tense of “mehl” 

mohldt	/mohlden xitu = classified facility

mohlg 	 past tense of “mehlg” 

mohm 	 past tense of “mehm” 

mohn 	 thought (past tense) 

mohr 	 past tense of “mehr” 

mohrt 	 death ( sb); dead (adj) 

Mohrt Mar 	 Dead Sea (npr) 

Mohrts kyasen 	 capital punishment (sb) 

mohsg 	 past tense of “mehsg” 

moin 	 fence (sb ) 

moineih 	 to bedeck; strengthen 

moini 	 performance (of service; sb) 

moinos	ring (of people, for example in drug dealing)

moit	(sing) = gallows (splu) 

mokan 	 plucky, jaunty (adj) 

mokhayar 	 moire, watering (sb) 

mokrice 	 woodlouse (sb) 

mokye 	 midge ( sb)( insect) 

molda	clay

moldure	molding

mole 	 mole (unit; sb) 

molecule 	 molecule (sb) 

molg 	 newt (sb) 

moli 	 jetty, pier (sb)

molie	to give trouble (to do something; + dative of the person) 

molika 	 silver fir 

molin	 mill (sb) 

molive 	 pencil (sb) 

moll	 soft (adj) 

mollach awkward lump

Mollah 	 Mullah (sb) 

mollesse	softness (sb)

mollusk 	 mollusc (sb) 

molos	setback, issue

molosser	big hound

molybdenum 	 molybdenum (sb) 

moment 	 moment (sb) 

mon 	 (a)lone, lonely 

monarch 	 monarch (sb) 

monasteir 	 monastery (sb)

monastic	monastic 

monazite	monazite

monegask	monégasque

monetar masse	money supply

monete 	 coins, change (sb) 

mongoloid 	 mongoloid ( adj. & n. ) 

moni 	 necklace ( sm ) ( jewel ) 

monochromia 	 camaieu (sb) 

monocle 	 monocle (sb) 

monoculture 	 monoculture (sb) 

monolith 	 monolith ( sb) 

monopol 	 monopoly (sb) 

monotheisme	monotheism

monotone 	 monotonous (adj)

monoscope	TV test card (sb) 

monsignore	monsignore

monster 	 monster (sb) 

monstrueus 	 monstrous (adj) 

mont 	 mount ( sb ) 

montage ligne 	 assembly line (sb) 

montagneryss	( sing ) = roller coaster ( splu ) 

montay 	 knoll, hillock (sb) 

monte 	 mount (a beast), assemble (a mechanism) 

montur	 battle dress (sb) 

moor	moor (sb)

mops 	 nasty little lap-dog 

moquette 	 fitted carpet, wall-to-wall carpetting 

mor 	 rubble ( sb) 

morabit 	 marabout ( sb) 

moral 	 moral (adj); morale (sb) 

moralitat 	 morals (splu) 

moratorium	moratorium

Morava	Moravia

moravan	Moravian (sb)

moravsk	Moravian (adj)

moravski fraters	(splu) = Moravian Church

morey 	 moray eel (sb) 

morber 	 blackberry (sb) 

morbid 	 morbid (adj) 

morbiditat	morbidity (rate; sb)

mordv	mordvin

Morea 	 Morea (npr) 

mores 	 habits, customs (splu) 

moribund 	 dying, about to die (adj) 

morja 	 walrus (sb) 

mork 	 carrot (sb) 

morphine	morphine

mors 	 mole (on the skin; sb) 

mortaise	mortise (sb)

mortal 	 mortal (adj); mortal danger = danger of death 

mortek 	 bound to death (sb) 

mortification 	 mortification (sb) 

mosayic 	 mosaic ( sb) 

moscel 	 clam ( sb) 

Moses 	 Moses (npr) 

moskitt 	 mosquito (sb) 

Moskva 	 Moscow ( npr ) 

moss 	 moss ( sb) ( plant ) 

mot 	 burst (in mind; sb) 

motac 	 wagtail (sb) (bird) 

motel	motel (sb)

motic 	 hoe (sb) 

motion 	 to make gestures 

motivation	motivation (sb)

motive 	 tune (sb) (music) 

moto	motorcycle (sb) 

motocycle	(& motocyclette) = motorcycle (sb) 

motocycliste 	 motorcyclist (sb) 

motor	 engine ( sb) 

motorseg 	 chainsaw (sb) 

motto 	 motto (sb) 

mouhakeme 	 conviction (trial, sb ) 

mouhar 	 stamp (seal, sb) 

moustache 	 mustache (sb) 

mov 	 motion, move (sb); move (vtr/vint) 

moveina	circle of influence of a movement

movil 	 loose, friable (adj; ex: earth) 

movment	movement (incl. music)

mowktan 	 charcoal (sb) 

mowtan 	 tree peony 

mox 	 (moxu) = soon (adv) 

Mozambique	Mozambique

mozg 	 marrow (sb) 

mozzarella 	 mozzarella (sb) 

mreja 	 fishing net (sb) 

mriga 	 big game animal 

mu 	 pout (sb) 

muadeb 	 respectful (adj) 

mualim 	 scholar, savant (sb)

muamma 	 riddle (sb) 

muassir 	 contemporary (adj) 

muazan 	 muezzin (sb) 

muazwl	dismissed person

mubalarha 	 pomposity (sb)

mubtada 	 beginner, novice (sb) 

mubtala 	 afflicted, distressed (adj)

mucus	mucus (sb) 

mudam 	 continually (adv) 

mudel 	 detergent (sb) 

mudh 	 mud (sb); past tense of “meudh” 

mudhguarde 	 mudguard ( sb) 

mudimaar 	 vain, conceited person (sb) 

mudra 	 roll (sb) 

mufareb	cheater

muff 	 muff (sb)

muffel	(big) mitten

muffin	muffin (sb)

mufide 	 salutary (adj) 

muflis 	 bankrupt 

Mugdischo	Mogadishu

mugeih 	 bawl ( vint ) 

mugh 	 bellow (vint) 

Muhammad 	 Muhammad (npr) 

muhandis 	 technician ( sb) 

muhanga 	 anteater (sb) 

muhim 	 considerable ( adj) 

mujarim 	 guilty, convicted (adj. & sb) 

mujaurr 	 neighbouring (adj ) 

mujilid 	 bookbinder (sb) 

mujra 	 allowance (sb) 

muk 	 mouth (ex: of an animal); past tense of “meuk” 

mukabal	kabbalist

mukadar 	 sullen (adj) 

mukadma 	 litigation (sb) 

mukam 	 stay, sojourn (sb & vint) 

mukamstitule	permanent resident card

mukarime	benefactor (sb)

mukawi 	 invigorating (adj ) 

mukel 	 muzzle (of a gun; sb) 

mukhatna	circumsized (sm)

mukhayar 	 street pedlar (sb)

mukhla 	 time limit (sb) 

mukhlat 	 respite (sb) 

mukhsen 	 helpful (adj) 

mukht 	 sheaf (of straw; sb) 

mukhtaj 	 needy (adj) 

mukhtmel 	 likely (adj) 

mukskip 	 mugshot (sb) 

mukuzay 	 bric-a-brac 

mulakat 	 appointment (sb) 

mulasel 	 mullet (sb) 

mulasim 	 assistant (sb) 

mulat	mulatto

mulayim 	 slight ( adj) ( fig) 

muld	 slag heap ( sb) 

mule 	 mule (sf) 

mulmul 	 muslin (sf ) 

mult 	 many ( adj) 

multinational	multinational

multiplatforme	cross-platform (adj)

multiplicationstable	multiplication table (sb)

Mumbay 	 Mumbai, Bombay (npr) 

mumia 	 mummy ( sb) 

mumkin 	 feasible (adj) 

mumps 	 mumps ( sm ) (illness ) 

mumtase 	 distinguished ( adj ) 

munassib 	 congruent, adapted (adj) 

mund 	 world ( sb) 

mundan 	 wordly; pertaining to social life, refined (adj) 

mundial 	 world(wide), global (adj ) 

mundie 	 Monday (sb) 

mundmap 	 map of the world (sb) 

mundule	mandala

munition 	 ammunition (sb) 

munk 	 monk (sb) 

munkin 	 nun (sb) 

munsche 	 assistant, clerk (sb) 

munt 	 month (sb) 

mur 	 wall ( sb ) 

murabba 	 jam (sb) 

muraisch 	 marsh ( sb) 

murak 	 cloudberry (sb) 

mural	(pineg) = mural (painting) (sb) 

murar 	 mason ( sb ) 

muraria 	 masonry ( sf ) 

murch 	 past tense of “meurch” 

murdar 	 dirty (adj ) 

murg 	 white with a slight shade (adj) 

murgan 	 lamb with black stripes 

murhoul	Moghol

murjan 	 red coral (sb) 

murluster 	 wall sconce (sb) 

murm 	 ant (sb); past tense of “meurm” 

murmure 	 murmur (vtr ) 

murmweik 	 anthill ( sb) 

murtrap 	 service-hatch ( sb) 

muru 	 dunghill 

mus 	 mouse (sb)

musar	buzzard 

musch	 fly (animal, sb)

muschabad 	 conjurer (magician, sb) 

muschama 	 bath mat 

muschdiemen 	 bow-tie ( sb) 

muschkil	painful ( adj) 

muschkilan 	 painstakingly (adv) 

muschmwla 	 medlar-tree (sb) 

muschron 	 mushroom (sb) 

muschteri 	 customer (sb) 

muschteria 	 customership (sb) 

muscle 	 muscle (sb) 

muscleus 	 brawny (adj ) 

musculature 	 muscle structure (sb) 

museium 	 museum (sb) 

music 	 music (sb) 

musical	musical (adj); musical theatre (sb)

musician 	 musician (sb) 

musk 	 musk (sb) 

muskete 	 musket (sb) 

muslim 	 muslim (adj. & sb); Muslim Braters = Muslim Brothers 

muspad	mouse pad

mussafaha 	 handshake (sb) 

mussafer 	 traveller (sb) 

mussalsal 	 continuous ( adj) 

mussim 	 monsoon ( sf ) 

must 	 wort (sm ) 

mustahkam 	 on the “guard yourself” position (adj ) 

mustajer 	 tenant, lodger ( sb ) 

mustathna 	 apart from ( prep ) 

mustaur 	 well-done (cooked; adj) 

mustra 	 sample (sb) 

mustring 	 monstrous (adj ; appearance)

mut	mute (adj) 

mutabuneg 	 to second (ex: an employee) (vtr) 

mutaasib 	 biased (adj) 

mutaassif 	 sorry (adj) 

mutabeid	to disabuse

mutaharib 	 belligerent (adj & sb)

mutalba 	 claim (sb) 

mutamarrid 	 refractory, objectory (adj) 

mutamayn	to make up one's mind

mutamenos 	 fickle (adj) 

mutaol 	 emptying (of a car's oil; sb) 

mutasalzal 	 shaky (adj ) 

mutaschalter 	 network switch (sb) 

mutatrehc	change of direction

mutawassit 	 average

mutaweik	to move (house)

mutawoik 	 metic (adj & sb) 

mutiara 	 pearl necklace (sb) 

mutie 	 mumble (vtr ) 

mutlak 	 absolutely ( adv) 

muton 	 mutton 

mutt	 to take place, to have grounds to 

mutu 	 each other 

mutual 	 mutual (adj); mutual fund = mutual fund

muwazana 	 balance remains 

muzlim 	 low, feeble (adj ) (fig. intensity) 

mwanien 	 prosper, thrive (vint ) 

mwaungsou 	 escape ( vpr ) 

mwembi	mango tree

mweyssui 	 unfinished ( adj) 

mwurjien 	 unmanned (adj) 

myanma	Burmese

Myanmar 	 Burma (npr) 

myehrk 	 decompose ( vpr ) 

myehrs 	 forget ( vtr ) 

mygal	(& mygalomorph) = mygalomorpha (adj & sb) 

Mykainas 	 Mycenae (npr) 

mykainay	mycenaean

mynder 	 proud (adj) 

myndert 	 pride (sb) 

myohrk 	 past tense of “myehrk” 

myohrs 	 past tense of “myehrs” 

myriade 	 myriad (sb) 

myriapode 	 centipede (sb) 

myrobalan 	 mirobalan (sb) 

myrt 	 myrtle (sb) 

myryi	(adj. pl) = ten thousand (num) (declinable; poetic)

mysterieus	mysterious 

mystic	mystic

mystifie	mystify (vtr)

mythic 	 mythical (adj) 

mythos 	 myth (sb) 

Mytilene 	 Mytilene (sb) 

mytin 	 mutineer (sb) 

mytinrie 	 mutiny (sb) 

naal 	 horseshoe 

naan 	 naan (sb) 

nabahsit 	 (he/she) kept on talking, saying

nabh 	 navel (sb) 

Nablus	Nablus

Nabukudurriussur	Nebuchadnezzar

nabug 	 trepan 

nackal 	 storyteller (sm ) 

nadh 	 needle ( sb) 

nadime 	 guest (at table, sb) 

nadir 	 nadir ( sm ) 

nadureih 	 perpetuate ( vtr ) 

nafassat 	 exquisite ( adj ) 

nafiz 	 piercing, keen ( adj) 

nafore 	 host, sacramental bread (sb) 

Nafplio 	 Nafplion ( npr ) 

nafsan 	 to fell carnal lust towards (vtr) 

nafsani 	 carnal ( adj ) 

nafsania 	 carnal lust (sb) 

naft 	 oil, gas, gasoline 

naftaduct	oil pipeline

naftalin 	 naphthalene (sb) 

naftequivalent tonne	tonn of oil equivalent

naft kant 	 petrol can 

naftkiezghian	bituminous shale

naftlamen	oil slick

naftplatforme	oil platform

naftpumpe 	 petrol pump 

naft-tanker 	 oil tanker (sb) 

nagor 	 capital (city; sb) 

Nahum	Nahum(npr)

naiw 	 never (adv) 

naiwo	never (adv)

najis 	 filthy (adj ) 

najisse 	 desecrate ( vtr ) 

nak 	 reach (vtr ) 

nakadh 	 cash (money, sb) 

nakeb 	 tuck, estoc (sb) 

naker 	 mother of pearl ( sb) 

nakh 	 silk carpet 

Nakhchivan	Nakhchivan

nakhel 	 date palm 

nakhodka 	 master (of a vessel) 

nakhut 	 chickpea 

nakeer 	 small physical flaw 

nakis 	 not equal to the task ( adj ) 

nakwr 	 big reptile 

nalbant 	 blacksmith, farrier (sb) 

nam 	 name (vtr & sb ) 

namdeh	to name (vtr)

nami 	 on behalf of 

namic	 illustrious (adj) 

namnak 	 noxious, mephitic, dank (adj)

namor	to date (someone) 

namos	(sing) =  greetings (splu) 

nanander 	 husband’s sister 

nandu	rhea (bird; sb)

nanina 	 lullaby (sb) 

Nanking 	 Nanking ( npr ) 

nanotechnologia	nanotechnology

nant 	 to grow bolder ( vpr ) 

nao 	 trouble (sb) ( problem ) 

nap 	 turnip (sb) 

Naphtali	Naphtali (npr)

napi  	 nappy, diaper (sb) 

napter 	 grandson 

naptrice 	 granddaughter 

naptriya	(sing) = grandchildren (splu) 

naranji 	 orangey (adj) 

narc 	 to fall asleep (vtr) 

narcisse 	 daffodil, narcissus (sb) 

narcomania	drug addiction

narcoterrorisme	narcoterrorism

narcotic	narcotic (adj & sb)

nard 	 hum ( vtr ) 

nardban 	 stairwell (sb) 

nargil 	 coconut (sb) 

Narkis 	 Narcissus (npr) 

narkisisme	narcissism

narn 	 story, tale (sb) 

narre 	 tell, narrate (vtr) 

narval	narwhal (sb)

nas 	 nose (sb) 

naschast 	 starch (sb) 

naschastise 	 to starch (vtr) 

naschir	publishing house

nasel 	 to speak with a nasal twang 

nask 	 moist (adj) 

Mullah Nasreddin Khoja Effendi Juha	Nasreddin ( npr ; legendary figure ) 

nassab 	 lineage (sb) (progeny ) 

nassel 	 offspring (sb) 

nassib 	 luck ( sb ) ( happiness ) 

nassihat 	 notice (sb) ( appeal ) 

naster	 muzzle ( sb) 

nastil 	 lanyard ( sb ) 

nastorm 	 nostril (sf ) 

nastraj 	 on guard ( adj ) 

nasuk 	 precarious ( adj ) 

Natal 	 Christmas (sm ) 

nater 	 grass snake ( sb) 

nation 	 nation (sb) 

national 	 national (adj) 

nationalisation 	 nationalization (sb) 

Nativitat 	 Nativity (sb) 

natric 	 water snake (sb) 

natrium 	 sodium ( sb) 

natural	 natural ( adj); natural catastrophe = natural disaster (sb); natural park = natural park (sb) 

naturalise	naturalize (vtr)

nature 	 nature (sb) 

naturelika 	 naturally (adv) 

naudh	(see grammar) = need, require (vtr) 

naudhberme	shoulder (road)

naudhbleigos 	 distress flare 

naudhstand	state of emergency

naudhudghang 	 emergency exit (sb) 

naudhward 	 self defense 

naufrage 	 shipwreck (sb) 

nauk 	 craft, vessel (sb) 

nauna 	 nurse ( sb) 

naurbat 	 alarm (bell; sm ) 

nausea 	 nausea, retch ( sb ) 

nauseabund 	 nauseous ( adj) 

nauseant 	 nauseating (adj) 

naut 	 sailor (sb) 

nav 	 ship (sb) 

Navarre 	 Navarre ( npl ) 

navax 	 to catch up with 

navige 	 navigate (vtr ) 

navtecton 	 shipwright 

nawag 	 boatman, mariner (sb) 

nay 	 Pan-flute (sb) 

nayade 	 naiad (sb) 

nayd 	 to scoff at, jeer at 

nayib 	 deputy (adj & sb) 

nayive 	 naive (adj) 

nayivitat	naïvety

Nayrobi 	 Nairobi (npr) 

nayv 	 dead body, corpse 

nayvon 	 simpleton (sb) 

nayvsqual	narwhal (sb)

Nazareth 	 Nazareth (npr) 

nazrani 	 Nazarene (adj & sb) 

ne 	 not ( adv ); ne bad = not yet; ne importet = it doesn’t matter; ne pro id mund ! = not for the world 

neanghen 	 no-ne, nobody 

nebahim 	 ineffable (adj) 

nebh 	 cloud ( sb ) 

nebhskrehb 	 skyscraper (sb) 

nebos 	 cloud, host ( sb) 

nebule	 fog (sb) 

nebulice 	 nebula ( sb) 

necessar 	 necessary (adj) 

necoct 	 raw (adj ) 

necromant 	 necromancer ( sb) 

necropoli 	 necropolis (sb) 

ned 	 reed (sb) 

Nederland	the Netherlands

nederlandso siuge	Dutch disease (eco.)

neempediset	(& neempedisen) = without mishap/incident (adv) 

nefas 	 baneful, harmful, ill-fated (adj) 

negative	negative (adj & sb)

nege 	 deny (vtr) 

Negheb  	 Negev (npr) 

negocye 	 negotiate (vtr) 

negro 	 negro (adj & sb) 

nehc 	 violent death (sb) 

nehc 	 to die violently, to perish

nehkw	darken (vint) 

nehm 	 distribute (vtr) 

nehmwehrg	distribution network

nehoneste 	 dishonest (adj) 

nehs 	 to get through (vint) 

nehsplan	recovery scheme

neic 	 kill (vtr) 

neid 	 nothing (pronoun); no (pronoun before neutral singular nominative & accusative)
neideti 	 nothing more 

neigvos 	 impeccable ( adj ) 

neih 	 to lead, to take (vtr) 

neizd 	 nestle (vtr / vint ) 

nekese 	 stingy ( adj ) 

nel 	 no (adj.; declinable, see grammar) 

nemerto 	 immortality ( sb) 

nemortu 	 undead (adj & sb) 

nemos 	 sacred grove (sb) 

nemutaasib 	 neutral (adj) 

neofficial	unofficial

Nepal 	 Nepal (npr) 

nepot 	 nephew (sb) 

neptia 	 niece (sb) 

Neptune 	 Neptune (npr)(planet) 

Neptwn 	 Neptune (npr) (Indo-European god) 

nepumess	greenhorn (fig.)

nepunei 	 with impunity (adv ) 

ner 	 male (adj , sb) 

nerce 	 strength ( adj ) 

Nereide 	 Nereid (sb) 

nergven 	 homicide ( adj & sb ) 

nergvon 	 manslaughter (sb) 

Nero	Nero

neroti 	 virility (sb) 

nert 	 strong (adj) 

nerv 	 nerve (sb) 

nervencollapse	fit of hysterics

nerveus 	 nervous (adj); nerveuso systeme = nervous system

neskohpt	(& neskohpten) = unexpected (adj) 

nespekent		despite (prep) 

nest 	 nest (sb) 

nestorianisme	nestorianism

neswehb 	 minor (sm , adj) (child) 

net 	 net ( sb) 

Netanyahu 	 Netanyahu (npr) 

neter	... ni = neither... nor 

neti 	 not... anymore 

netrehdet 	 impassable (adj) 

nett	(& netto) = netto (adj ) 

netwehrg 	 network ( sfb) 

neud 	 use (sb & vtr) 

neuk 	 nape of the neck ( sb ) 

neurolog 	 neurologist (sb) 

neuron 	 neuron (sb) 

neuropath	neurotic (adj & sb)

neurose 	 neurosis (sb) 

neus 	 to sniff at, to scent 

neuster	nostril (of animals like horses)

neuter 	 none of both, neither 

neutral	neutral

nev 	 nine (num) 

nevodh 	 trawl (net; sb ) 

nevok 	 lamprey (sb) 

newissab	unbeknownst to

nexion 	 unification (of a territory to another one) 

ni	nor

nib	(& nibo) = unless 

nibam 	 to beam down (Star Trek) 

nic 	 past tense of “neic” 

Nice 	 Nice (npr) 

nickel 	 nickel (sb) 

Nicolaus 	 Nicholas (npr); Nicolaus Cusanus = Nicholas of Cusa 

niconte 	 countdown 

Nicosia 	 Nicosia (npr) 

nicotine 	 nicotine (sb) 

nidehn 	 cut production (vtr); poor (adj) 

nieb 	 next to 

nieber	 neighbor (adj. & sb) 

niebst 	 next (adj) 

niebtreb 	 dependency ( sb ; building) 

niek 	 reached (past tense) 

niem	 mute (adj ); past tense of “nam”; I won’t 

nient 	 past tense of “nant” 

nierc 	 past tense of “narc” 

nierd 	 past tense of “nard” 

nies 	 our, ours; you won’t = thou wilt not 

niesel 	 past tense of “nasel” 

nieudh 	 past tense of “naudh” 

nieute 	 crew (sb) 

nieyd 	 past tense of “nayd” 

nifall 	 fallout (sb) (ex	 nuclear) 

Nigeria 	 Nigeria (npr) 

nigerien	nigerien (adj & sb; from Niger)

nigv	(& nigva) = nix 

nigvehn 	 crush ( vtr ) 

nigvie 	 to go bathing (vint) 

nihilisme	nihilism

nihonschu 	 sake (Japanese drink; sb) 

Nikaya 	 Nicaea (modern	Iznik; npr)

niklad	download 

Nikodem	Nicodemus (npr)

Nil 	 Nile (npr) (river of Egypt) 

Nilent	[nilEnt] = slow (vtr/vint) 

nilinekw	to lay down (vtr)

nilufar 	 water lily (sb) 

Nilus 	 Nilus (name of person) 

nimen 	 no-one, nobody 

Nimrod 	 Nimrod (sb) 

nin 	 stealth (sb) 

Niniveh	Ninive (npr)

nipflutt	neap-tide (sb)

nippes	(splu) = rags (splu) 

nippon 	 Japanese (adj & sb) 

nipponrjien 	 Japanese (a person ; sb) 

nisbatan 	 relatively ( adv) 

nischan 	 (land)mark ( sb) 

nischt	(& nischto) = nothing, naught 

niscrib 	 log ( vtr ) ( writing) 

nispehc 	 look with disdain 

nisteigh 	 get (vtr / vint ) (into a hotel ) 

nisteurd 	 slide down ( vtr ) 

nistrehl 	 to shoot down (vtr) 

niter 	 lower (adj) 

Niterlands	Lower Countries (hist.)

niterplag 	 stun (vtr) 

nitia	circle of family and close friends. 

nitrate	nitrate

nitrogen 	 nitrogen (sb) 

nityis 	 close relatives, next of kin (sb) 

nivell	 level (sb) 

niweirt	to devaluate, belittle

nizari	nizari

nizd 	 past tense of “neizd” 

no 	 no 

noba 	 horn, cornett (sb) 

Nobelpris	Nobel prize

noble 	 noble (sb, adj) 

noblesse 	 noblety (sb) 

noct 	 night (sb) 

noctcamiss 	 nightgown (sb) 

noctluce	night light (flame)

nocttable 	 bedside table (sb) 

noctur 	 nightly (adj) 

nodal 	 nodal ( adj) 

node	 knot (sb) 

Noe 	 Noah (npr) 

nogaku 	 noh (Japanese Theater; sb) 

nogh 	 claw (sb) 

nogw 	 naked ( adj) 

nogwod 	 unclothed 

nogwtat 	 nudity ( sb) 

nohc 	 past tense of “nehc” 

nohkw	past tense of "nehkw"

nohm 	 past tense of “nehm” 

nohmos	distributive justice

nohs 	 past tense of “nehs” 

nojit	( sing) = scissors ( splu ) 

nojitskand 	 scissors jump 

nolb 	 eelpout (sb) 

nomade 	 nomad (adj. & sb) 

nomadisme	nomadism

nominal	nominal; nominal stieure = nameplate capacity; nominal wirt = par/face value (currency)

nomination 	 appointment (sb) (to a post) 

non-alignement	non-aligned movement

nonchalant 	 lazy, nonchalant (adj) 

nord 	 north (sb & adj) 

Nordwest Passage 	 North-West Passage (npr) 

Norge	 Norway ( npr ) 

noria 	 noria ( sb) 

noroc 	 happiness (sb) 

noroc-ye 	 fortunately (adv) 

noroct 	 happy ( adj) 

norren 	 Norse (adj , sb) 

norsk 	 Norwegian (adj. & sb) 

nos 	 us (non-nominative) 

noseih	to help out (vtr)

nostalgia 	 nostalgia (sb) 

nostalgic 	 nostalgic (adj) 

notable 	 notable (adj) 

notar 	 notary (sb) 

note 	 note (sb; including music) 

notice 	 short article, snippet (sb) 

notor 	 notorious ( adj ) 

notoritat 	 notoriety, fame (sb) 

nougat	nougat (sb)

nov	 new (adj); nov yar = New Year (sb) 

Nov Zeland 	 New Zealand (npr) 

nova 	 nova (star) (sb) 

novator 	 novel (adj) 

Novaya Zemlya 	 Nova Zembla (npr) 

novella 	 novella (sb) 

novgnaht	(& novgnahn) = newborn (adj , sb) 

novice 	 novice ( sb) 

novmeun 	 new moon (sb) 

novs	(splu) = news 

novsta 	 bride (sb) 

now 	 crossbow (sb ) 

nowngmin 	 peasant (adj. & sb) 

nraveih 	 delight (vtr ) 

nraviht	(& nravihn) = pleased (adj ) 

nreday 	 torrid zone 

nrerliou 	 warm stream (geography, sb) 

nricheing 	 schedule (sb) 

nrischay 	 sunstroke (sb) 

nrwong 	 fluffy (adj) 

nu 	 then (in opposition to “de”; proclitic); namely (proclitic)

nuance 	 shade (of color); subtlety (sb) 

nuanceat 	 shady, subtle (adj) 

nub 	 past tense of “numeb” 

nubb 	 nob (sb) 

nuce 	 nut ( sb) 

nucel 	 nugget ( sb) 

nud 	 past tense of “neud”

nude	usefulness (sb) 

nudtor 	 user (sb) 

nuga 	 trinket (sb) 

nugh 	 twaddle (sb) 

nugver 	 kidney (sb) 

nugwrnt 	 bones (splu) 

nukta 	 dot (sb) 

nuktet	(& nukten) med = speckled, dotted with (adj) 

nukwt	unsaid thing (sb)

null	null, nil (adj)

numeb 	 to surround with a nimbus 

numer 	 number (sb); enumerate (vtr); Numers = Numbers (Bible)

numismatolog	numismatist

nun 	 now 

nundiens	nowadays

nuntos 	 from now on (adv) 

nuntro 	 until now (adv) 

nuper 	 recently ( adv) 

nuptos 	 not long ago (adv) 

Nürnberg	Nuremberg

nurserie	nursery

nus 	 past tense of “neus” 

nutrient	nutrient

nyakha 	 cogongrass (sb) (Imperata cylindrica) 

nyesta 	 stone marten (sb) 

nylon 	 nylon ( sb) 

nymphe 	 nymph ( sb) 

nyong 	 chrysalis ( sb) 

nyowi 	 ruyi (sb) 

nyuti 	 constraint ( sb)

O Deiwes ! 	 Great Gods ! 

oasis 	 oasis (sb) 

ob 	 because (of) 

obedd 	 breakfast (sb) & to have breakfast (vint) 

obedeih	+ acc. = to obey 

obehl	semject ad semanghen = to be indebted to someone for something

ober	(& oberkellner) = butler, waiter (sb) 

obese 	 obese (adj ) 

obischnuet	ad = inured to 

objec 	 to object 

object	 object ( sb) 

objective 	 objective (adj. & sb) 

objurgue 	 lecture (vtr ) 

obkwehk 	 to prove to be 

obligat	Not at all ! (when replying to a thank)

obligat-ye 	 obligingly (adv) 

obligation 	 obligation (sb) 

oblige 	 oblige (vtr) 

oblique 	 oblique (adj) 

oblitere 	 cancel (a stamp; vtr)

oblong 	 oblong (adj) 

oboe 	 oboe (sb) 

obol 	 offering (sb) 

obscene	obscene

obscurantisme 	 obscurantism (sb) 

obscure 	 obscure (adj, fig) 

obsequieus 	 obsequious (adj) 

observe 	 observe (vtr) 

obsidian 	 obsidian (sb) 

obsiege 	 besiege (vtr) 

obsok 	 search, rumage (vtr; investigating) 

obsolete 	 obsolete (adj) 

obsweih	hiss (someone; vtr)

obten 	 obtain (vtr) 

obture 	 to close up, to fill 

occult	occult (adj)

occupe 	 occupy (vtr) 

ocean 	 ocean (sb) 

ocelot	ocelot (sb)

ochag 	 stove (sb) 

OCIW	Organisme pro Collective Inlyoigas in Wirtpapiers = Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities

ocolo 	 on the other side (of) 

oct	(& octo) = eight (num) 

octave	octave (sb)

octent 	 dawn, daybreak (sb) 

october 	 october (sb) 

octopod 	 octopod, octopus (sb) 

ocular 	 ocular (adj. & sb ) 

od 	 that (conjunction; ex	 “I know that you...”) 

ode 	 to emit a smell 

odego 	 shaft, stem ( sb) 

odoc 	 danewort (sb) 

odor 	 smell, odour ( sb) 

odorat 	 sense of smell 

Odysseia 	 Odyssey (npr) 

Oedipus 	 Oedipus (npr) 

oeti 	 waterbird (sb) 

offend 	 offend (vtr) 

offensive 	 offensive (sb) 

offer	 offering (sb) 

offerte	supply, offer (in general; comm., sb)

official 	 official (adj); official gazette = official gazette 

officier 	 (military) officer (sb) 

ogive	ogive (sb)

oglan 	 guy (sb ; fam !) 

ogor 	 fallow (field, sb) 

ogork 	 gherkin (sb) 

ogre 	 ogre ( sb ) 

ogvi	drake, serpent

ogvidingv	"wormtongue"

ogvigvehn 	 kill a dragon 

ogwn 	 oven, fire (sb)

ogwnark	fender (fireplace; sb) 

ogwnschirm 	 firewall (sb) 

ohgv 	 past tense of “ehgv” 

ohngw 	 past tense of “ehngw” 

oid 	 inflate ( vint) 

oid 	 swollen ( adj ) 

oik 	 some, a few ( pron ) 

oin 	 one; ace (in games, cards)

oinkleitu tect 	 lean-to (sb) 

ois	coming from (prep)

oisa 	 ard draw bar (sb) 

oisbehnd 	 hug, entwine ( vtr ) 

oisbehrd 	 cut out ( vtr) 

oisbehrst 	 burst out (vint) 

oisbeud 	 to wake 

oisbrinegh 	 bring out ( vtr ) (a principle) 

oiscutt 	 shake ( vtr ) 

oisdrabh 	 clear ( vtr ) 

oisfall 	 err ( vint) 

oisghend 	 take off ( phone ) ( vtr ) 

oisgwehm 	 withdraw ( vint) 

oiskav 	 dig, carve out ( vtr ) 

oiskehrz 	 cut ( vtr ) 

oiskeulk 	 hide (vint) 

oiskeup 	 scoop ( vtr ) 

oisklad 	 unload ( vtr ) 

oiskweit 	 to make out, decipher 

oisleub 	 shirk ( vtr) 

oisleur 	 trigger (vtr ) 

oisloy 	 outlaw (adj , sb) 

oismitt 	 fling, chuck ( vtr ) 

oismode 	 old-fashioned ( adj ) 

oisnarc 	 snore (vint) 

oispleind 	 shine, be radiant (vtr) 

oistanek 	 quench (vtr ) 

oistak 	 past tense of “oistanek” 

oistaun 	 be amazed (vint) 

oisteurb 	 disturb (vtr ) 

oistrag 	 remove 

oistrehc 	 stretch (vtr / vpr ) 

oiswaurg 	 repress (vtr ) 

oisweind 	 dispel ( vtr ) 

oiswind 	 fan (vtr ) 

oisxeur 	 scour (vtr) 

oit 	 oath (sb) 

oitbrehg 	 perfidious ( adj ) 

oitbrehg 	 perjurer ( sb ) 

oiter 	 one of the two, either 

oiterped - ye 	 hopping along, on one foot 

oiv 	 egg ( sb) 

ojog 	 saddle (culinary; sb) 

ok	(possible plural: okwi ) = eye ( sb) 

OK	[ okey ] = OK ( adv ) 

oka 	 small basement window 

oker 	 ochre (adj , sb) 

okey	OK ( adv ) 

okhagni 	 chill 

oklap 	 eye-patch 

oklid 	 eyelid ( sb ) 

oktorm 	 (eye-) socket 

oku 	 quickly (adv ), fast ( adj) 

okupeht 	 " swift-flying" 

okuspohc 	 clear-sighted (adj) 

okutat 	 liveliness (sb) 

okwekw 	 race-horse, fast horse 

okwi	eyes (splu); med bare okwi = with the naked eye

okwivid-ye	obviously (adv) 

okwn 	 bull's-eye (window, sb) 

ol	 oil (sb) 

ola	awl (sb; tool)

olan 	 elbow (sb) 

olbjim 	 giant (sb) (fig. tall person) 

olgh 	 worthy (adj) 

olifant	olifant

Oligocene 	 Oligocene (sb) 

olive 	 olive (sb) 

Oliver 	 Olivier (npr) 

olivine 	 olivine (sb) 

oljaquet 	 oilskin (garment, sb) 

olpalma 	 oil palm (sb) 

Olymp 	 Olympus ( npr ) 

Olympiade 	 Olympiad ( sb) 

Olympian 	 Olympian ( adj ) 

olympic 	 olympic (adj) 

om 	 of the (masculine & neutral genitive plural) 

om 	 raw (adj ) 

oma 	 grandma (sb) 

Omar	Omar (npr)

ombrage	(+ acc) = to put under a cloud (fig.)

ombudsman 	 ombudsman (sb) 

omen	omen (sb)

omnipotent 	 allmighty, omnipotent (adj) 

omoedd 	 carnivorous (adj , sb) 

oms 	 shoulder ( sb ) 

omskinct	(& omskingen) = (slung/worn) across the shoulder 

on	(& onos) = load, cargo (sb) 

oncarr 	 panel-van (sb) 

oncle 	 uncle (sb) 

onctueus 	 smooth, unctuous ( adj ) 

ongwen 	 ointment (sb ) 

onkh 	 nail (on finger; sb) 

onir	vision (in a dream)

oniric	dreamlike (adj)

onogh 	 talon, claw (of animal, sb) 

onwogh 	 truck, lorry (sb) 

onyx 	 onyx (sb)

oocyte	oocyte (sb) 

opac 	 opaque (adj) 

opal 	 opal (sb) 

opera-comique	opera comique

operation 	 operation (sb) 

operationsysteme 	 operating system (computing) 

operative system 	 operating system ( computing) 

opercule 	 cap (sb) 

opinion	 opinion (sb) 

opnos 	 wealth ( sb ) 

opop ! 	 cry of hoopoe 

opos 	 productive activity (sb) 

opospledveh	working population

opportun 	 opportune (adj) 

opportunisme	opportunism (sb)

opposen 	 oppose (vtr) 

ops 	 often (adv) 

opsen  	 harvest, crop (sb) 

opst 	 vegetable, table fruit (sb) 

optic fiber	optic fiber

optician 	 optician (sb) 

optional	optional (adj)

opulence 	 opulence (sb) 

or	 vein, lode, deposit (sb) 

ora 	 foothill (sb) 

oracle 	 oracle (sb) 

oral 	 oral (adj) 

orange 	 orange ( sb , adj) 

orangeade	orangeade (sb)

oration 	 oration, orison (sb) 

orator 	 orator (sb) 

oratorio	oratorio (sb)

oratorium 	 oratory (sb) 

orbat 	 work, labour (sb & vint) 

orbater 	 worker, labourer (sb) 

orbatfredo dien	public holiday

orbatsforce	labour force

orbh 	 orphan (sb) 

orbis 	 orb (sb)

orbit	orbit 

orbitise	+ acc. = go into orbit around 

orchidee	orchid

orden 	 order ( sb ) ( professional ) 

order	 intimate (vtr ) 

ordinal	ordinal (adj)

ordinar 	 ordinary (adj) 

ordonnance	batman (soldier; sb)

oreghen 	 oregano ( sb ) 

Oreithya	Orithyia

organ 	 organ; (fig.) body (sb) 

organic 	 organic (adj); organic agriculture = organic agriculture

organ 	 organ, body (sb) 

Organisation om Naft Exportend Lands	(ONEL) = OPEC (npr) 

organisationstructure	organization chart (sb)

orghen 	 organ (music, sb ) 

orghi 	 testicle (sb) 

orgia 	 orgy (sb) 

orgumt	origin, "coming from" (sb)

orhindeuropay	proto-indo-european (adj & sb)

orie	ex = to ensue from

orientation	 orientation (sb) 

orifice 	 opening, orifice (sb) 

Origen	Origenes

origin 	 origin (sb) 

original	original (adj)

orinch 	 disillusioned (adj) 

ork	 Orc (adj. & sb) 

orkester 	 orchestra ( sb) 

orlays 	 rainforest (sb) 

orm 	 poor ( adj ) 

ornd 	 eagle (sb ) 

orndfarn 	 bracken (sb) 

orne 	 decorate (vtr) 

ornament 	 ornament (sb) 

Orpheus	Orpheus

orpiment 	 orpiment (sb) 

ort 	 vine stock (sb) 

orthodox	orthodox

orthograph	orthography

orthopraxia	orthopraxy

os 	 of (before masculine & neutral singular); face (sb; vx) 

osanka 	 chamaedrys 

oschaf 	 dried fruit 

oschluk 	 wild garlic, crow garlic 

oscille 	 swing, oscillate ( vint) 

osk 	 ash-tree (sb) 

ost 	 bone ( sb) 

ostengrabh 	 ossuary ( sb ) 

ostension 	 ostentation (sb) 

Osterreich 	 Austria (npr) 

osterreichisch 	 Austrian (adj) 

ostia	(skeleton) frame (sb)

ostri 	 oyster (sb) 

ostrogoth	ostrogoth

ostwrng 	 knucklebone (sb) 

osyern 	 autumn, fall ( sb) 

otac 	 cattle bowl (sb) 

otikh 	 rest (sb) 

otter 	 otter (sb) 

Otto	Othon

ottoman	Ottoman

oulak 	 courier, messenger (sb) 

ouler 	 rein (sb) 

oumer 	 age (of a living being; sb) 

ouper 	 bank, shore (sb) 

outer	 goatskin, waterskin; breast (sb) 

outraget	(& outragen) = offended (adj) 

outsourcing	outsourcing (sb)

outurnt	seminal

ouvert 	 overt (adj) 

ouzer 	 to apologize 

oval	oval

over	 task, undertaking; work (sb) 

overall	 coverall (sb) (clothing) 

overdraft 	 overdraft (sb) 

Ovid 	 Ovid (npr) 

ovoid 	 egg-shaped (adj) 

ovral	action takings (on a vessel, for fighting)

ovrar 	 project manager

ovule	egg cell

ow 	 sheep (sb) 

oway 	 cheer (vtr) & cheering (sb) 

owet 	 suet (sb) 

owika 	 ewe (sb) 

owtow 	 ralph, vomit (vtr ) ( ! sick) 

ox 	 to water (vtr ) 

oxalis 	 oxalis (sb ) 

oxidant	oxidizing agent

oxide 	 oxide ( sb) 

oxkant 	 watering can (sb) 

oxygen 	 oxygen ( sb) 

oyos 	 thill (sb) 

oyr 	 gold coin 

ozd 	 branch ( sb) 

ozdia	tree view (classifying pattern); branches

ozdos 	 branch pattern (sb) 

ozone 	 ozone (sb) 

pace 	 peace ( sb) 

pacharva 	 slut ( sb) ( vulg ) 

pachavura 	 cloth, duster, towel ( sb) 

pacific 	 peaceful, pacific (adj ) 

pack	 pack ( sb & vtr ) 

pad pad ! 	 quack quack ! ( excl) 

padan 	 expanse of wheel (sb) 

paddel 	 paddle (vint & sb) 

padi 	 rice plant 

padma 	 lotus flower 

padwl 	 puddle (sb) 

paediater	paediatrician

pag 	 to settle down (vint); past tense of "paneg"

pagach 	 omelette (sb) 

pagan 	 pagan (adj. & sb) 

Pagasetic Gulf	Pagasetic Gulf

page 	 page (both « book » and « servant », sb) 

pagode 	 pagoda (sb) 

pagos 	 settlement (sb; country) 

pah 	 herd ( vtr )

pain-au-chocolat	pain au chocolat 

pakama 	 rafflesia (sb) 

pakyav 	 wholesale buying 

pal	 stake ( sb) 

pala 	 rocky heights ( splu ) 

palach 	 executioner (sb) 

paladin 	 paladin ( sb) 

palamar 	 mooring rope ( sb) 

palank 	 hoist (sb) 

palaska 	 cartridge pouch ( sb) 

palat	 palace (sb) 

palco 	 box ( sb ) ( for spectators ) 

paldun 	 paling (wall) (sb) 

palek 	 guardian (sb) 

Paleolithique	Paleolithic (sb) 

Palestine	Palestine (sb)

palestini	Palestinian (adj & sb)

palette 	 palette (sb) 

palinodia	palinode

paliote 	 paillote (kind of straw hut on beaches, sb) 

pall	(& pallid) = pale ( adj) 

pallex 	 thumb (sb) 

pallexise	sieno nas = to thumb one’s nose 

palliative 	 palliative (adj); palliative kaur = palliative care

pallor 	 paleness (sb) 

palma 	 palm-tree ( sb) 

palme 	 palm (of plant or tree; sb) 

palmipede 	 palmiped (adj & sb) 

palmol 	 palm oil (sb) 

palpe 	 palpate ( vtr ) 

palpeber 	 blink (vint) 

palpite 	 beat, throb (vint) 

palt 	 quarrel (sb) ( crossbow ) 

palto 	 mantle (sb) 

pam 	 palm (of hand) 

pambuk 	 cotton ball 

pamen 	 scabies (sb) 

pampas-gras	pampas grass

Pamphylia 	 Pamphylia (npr) 

pamrlan 	 revolt (sb & vint) 

pan	 section, piece, tail of clothing (sb) 

panacea	panacea (sb)

Panaytios	Panaetius

panakida 	 slate-broad (in schools; sb) 

panama	hat = panama hat (sb) 

panamenyo	Panamian

pancel 	 slice of bread 

pancer 	 armour (thick protection ; sb) 

pancerbrehg 	 anti -armour 

pancercolnier 	 armoured collar (sb) 

pancreas 	 pancreas (sb) 

pand	(sing) = stakes (splu) 

pandemia 	 pandemic (sb) 

pandit	pundit

pandlayner 	 pawnbroker (sb) 

paneg	to settle, to fix (vtr)

Panegsorgan iom Differenden	Dispute Settlement Body

panell 	 panel (sb) 

paneurp 	 patch up (vtr ) 

panglong 	 sawmill ( sb) 

pangsi 	 black silk 

pangsit 	 wonton (sb) 

panique 	 panic ( sb) and panic (vint) 

panire 	 paneer (sb) 

Panjab 	 Punjab (npr) 

panko 	 mire (sb) 

pankwent 	 miry (adj) 

pansyuh 	 patch ( vtr ) 

pantalon	(sing) = pants (splu) 

pantek 	 lower part of the belly (sb) 

panther 	 panther (sb) 

pantoffel 	 slipper (sb) 

pantomime	pantomime (sb)

panucla 	 panicle (sb) 

panyo 	 wetland (sb) 

pao 	 slingshot (sb)

papa	papa (sb) 

papagall 	 parrot (sb) 

papaya 	 papaya (sb) 

papier 	 paper ( sb) 

papierpulp 	 paper pulp (sb) 

papil 	 nipple ( sb ) 

papiross 	 cigarette end (sb) 

paplwn	bedspread

papp 	 pope (leader of Catholics; sb) 

paprika 	 paprika (sb) 

paprikapiments	(splu) = peppers (splu) 

pap-test 	 pap-test (sb) 

Papua-Nov Guinea 	 Papua New Guinea (npr) 

papur 	 typia (sb) 

papuscha 	 rolled tobacco (sb) 

papyrus 	 papyrus ( sb) 

paquet 	 package (sb) 

par 	 peer (sb ) 

paracentese 	 puncture (medicine; sb)

parachute	parachute (sb) 

parachutist	parachutiste (sb) 

paracompass 	 paracompass (sb) (Dune) 

paradays 	 paradise ( sb) 

paradaysic	heavenly (adj)

parade	parade

paradigme	paradigm

paradox 	 paradoxe (sb) 

paradwer 	 French window (sb) 

paragraph	paragraph (sb)

parakletos 	 paraclete (sb) 

parallel	parallel

paralysis 	 paralysis (sb) 

parameter	parameter

paranoia	paranoia (sb)

paranoid 	 paranoid (adj) 

parapett 	 parapet (sb) 

paraphe 	 to sign 

parasite 	 parasite ( sb) 

parassol 	 parasol, beach umbrella (sb) 

parat 	 ready (adj); to make ready (vtr) 

parautomatic 	 fully automatic (adj) 

paraydh 	 burn completely (vint) 

Parca	Parca (npr)

parcellation 	 (land) subdivision (sb) 

parcelle 	 plot, parcel (sb) (land) 

pardon 	 to forgive, pardon (someone); forgiveness 

pare 	 ward off (vtr) 

parent	 parent

parfrehs 	 freeze completely (vtr) 

paria 	 pariah (sb)

pariet	past tense of "parat"

parika 	 mistress (sb) (sexual) 

parinda 	 winged creature (sb) 

Paris	[parIs] = Paris (npr; capital of France); [pAris] = Paris (Greek hero)

park	 park (sb & vtr) 

park om attractions 	 amusement park (sb) 

parking 	 parking, car park (sb) 

parkwaktmeider 	 parking meter (sb) 

parkwehr 	 perform (vtr) 

parlament 	 parliament (sb) 

parlamentar	parlamentary, PM (adj & sb)

parlamentarian	parlamentarian (English Civil War)

parlar 	 parley (sb & vint) 

parle	de = to show off (vint; fig . while speaking ) 

parler 	 phrasebook (sb) 

parluar 	 parlor, visiting room ( sb) 

parmesan 	 parmesan (cheese; sb) 

parmenidei	parmenidei

Parmenides	Parmenides

Parnassos		Parnassus (npr; Mount of Greece) 

parodia	parody

paroxysme	paroxysme (sb)

Pars 	 Persia (npr) 

parschna 	 crust, heel of bread (sb) 

parsi 	 Persian (adj & sb) 

parsimonia 	 parsimony (sb ) 

parsimonieus 	 parsimonious (adj) 

parstupp 	 to draughtproof 

part 	 part (sb) 

parterre	flower bed (sb)

participative democratia	participatory democracy

participe 	 participle (sb); (+ acc.) to participate in 

particular	 particular, peculiar (adj) 

particule	particle

partie	 party (sb) 

partisan 	partisan

partise 	 party (sb) (politics) 

partition	partition (sb); disk partitioning (sb)

partiture 	 musical score (sb) 

partner 	 partner (sb) 

partnerspect	partnership (association between partnership, quality; sb)

parverd 	 palfrey (sb) 

parveulbh 	 swaddle, to muffle up (vtr) 

parvolg 	 turn about (vint) 

parwarisch 	 livelihood (sb); parwarisch agriculture = subsistence farming

parwoik 	 parish (sb) 

pasar 	 market street 

Pasargadae	Pasargadae

pasarghan 	 street vendor (sb) 

pasban 	 night watchman (sb) 

pascha	pasha

pashtan	pashtun

Pasiphae 	 Pasiphae (npr) 

Pask 	 Easter ( sb) 

pask 	 to graze 

passacaglia	passacaglia

passage 	 passage (sb) 

passager 	 passenger (sb) 

passagerplav	airliner

passance	(sing) = articles (splu) ( lawyer) 

passandase	(sing) = savings, earnings (splu) 

passar 	 to take place (event, vint) 

passat 	 trade wind (sb) 

passatsk 	 yob (sb) 

passe 	 to pass; pass (sb), passage (of arms) 

passement	lace, braid, gimp

passion 	 passion (sb) 

Passion Hevd 	 Holy Week 

passionant	fascinating (adj)

passionat 	 passionate (adj) 

passiva 	 liabilities (accountancy) 

passive	passive (adj & sb); passive dom = passive house

passport 	 passport (sb) 

pasta 	 pasta (for eating; sb) 

paste 	 pasta (sb) 

pastille 	 pastille (sb) 

pastinak 	 parsnip (sb) 

pastiurma 	 dried meat ( sb) 

pastor 	 shepherd, pastor (sb) 

pastorat 	 presbytery (sb) (pastor) 

pastorkwaun	sheepdog

pasture	pasture (sb)

patan 	 spinning wheel 

patat 	 potato (sb) 

pateit 	 pâté (sb) 

pateit-in-cruste	pâté en croûte

patelle 	 kneecap (sb) 

patent 	 patent (sb ) 

patentire 	 patent (vtr ) 

pater 	 father ( sb) 

patergven 	 parricidal (adj), parricide (murderer of one's father; sb) 

patergvon 	 parricide (murder of one's father, sb) 

patertat	fatherhood (sb)

pati 	 including (conj.)

patient	patient (adj. & sb) 

patili 	 kitchen utensil 

patina 	 patina ( sb) 

patria 	 fatherland (sb) 

patriarch	patriarch

patrician 	 patrician (adj. & sb) 

patriot	patriot (adj & sb)

patroller 	 patrol (sb) 

patron 	 cartridge (sb) 

patronage 	 patronage (sb) 

patronym	patronymic name (sb)

patroxohn 	 parricide (adj , sb = person) 

patruw 	 paternal (adj) 

patwass 	 patois ( sb ) 

pau	 little, few ( adv) 

pauk	few (adj)

paund 	 path (sb) 

pauper 	 poor ( adj ) 

paupertatsoyl 	 poverty threshold (sb) 

paur 	 fear (sb) 

pauric 	 frightened ( adj) 

paursk 	 search, look for ( vtr ) 

paursken 	 research (sb; ex	 science) 

pause 	 pause, break (sb & vint) 

pave 	 pave ( vtr ) 

pavian 	 baboon (sb) 

pavilion  	 pavilion (sb ) 

pawen 	 peacock ( sb ) 

pawiropeku 	 goodbye, farewell ( interjection ) 

Pawson	 pastoral god ( sb ) 

paydrwn 	 blossom, open out (vtr ) 

paygh 	 pay ( vtr ) 

paykut	(sing) = pork chops ( splu ) 

paym 	 itching (sb); itch (vtr) 

paymen	herder (sb)

payn	hardly (adv)

paytak 	 crooked (adj) 

paytt 	 suffer (vint) 

paytten 	 suffering (sb) 

payttgehn	agent pathogène/infectieux

pecan 	 pecan (sb) 

pech 	 pitch (sb ) 

pecharka 	 field / meadow mushroom 

pechat 	 postmark, stamp ( sb) 

pecher 	 blister (on the skin, sb) 

pecmen 	 (eye)lash (sb) 

pecten 	 comb (sb) 

pectoral 	 pectoral (adj & sb) 

ped 	 foot (sb) 

ped-ye 	 on foot (adv) 

pedagog	teacher (sb)

pedak	ep - = on tiptoe

pedal 	 pedal (sb) 

pedalpoint	prdal point (sb; music)

pederast	pederast(ic)

pedophil 	 pedophile (adj & sb) 

pedghanger 	 pedestrian (sb) 

pedstol 	 pedestal (sb) 

pedyenpaund 	 pedestrian crossing (sb) 

pedyo 	 pedestrian (adj & sb) 

Pegasos 	 Pegasus ( npr ) 

pehd 	 fall (vx ; vint ) 

pehd-leuder-ye 	 to plummet 

pehd-nebsois 	 to be completely taken aback (vint) 

pehk 	 comb ( vtr ) 

pehkw 	 stove (furnace ); to cook (vtr/vint) 

pehkwer 	 baker (sb) 

pehkwerie	bakery

pehl 	 stuff (vtr) 

pehld 	 fill (vint) 

pehnd 	 find (vtr) (to have a judgment on something) 

pehrd 	 fart (with a noise; vint) 

pehrk 	 furrow (sb) 

pehrn 	 sell ( vtr ), sale (sb) 

pehzd 	 fart (with bad smell; vint) 

peichisch	(!) = diarrhea (!, sb) 

peigher 	 nasty, wicked ( adj); (as a verb): de = to be angry about; dia = to bear (somebody) a grudge 

peigos 	 pattern, design (sb ) ( ornament ) 

pein 	 pain (sb) 

peind  	 enemy (adj & sb ) 

peingmin 	 commoner (sb) 

Peirayeus	Piraeus

peisel 	 pestle (sb ) 

peisk 	 fishing (sb) and fish (vtr ) 

peiskerie 	 fishery (sb) 

peisklicence 	 fishing licence (sb) 

peit	 try (vtr) 

pekeni	very small (adj)

pekhlevan 	 daredevil (sb) 

Peking 	 Beijing (npr) 

peku 	 livestock, cattle (sb) 

pelegrina 	 cape (sb) (mantle) 

pelegv 	 islet, small island (sb) 

peleist	Philistine

pelgrin 	 pilgrim (sb) 

pelgvos 	 high sea 

pelita 	 lamp oil ( sb) 

pelk 	 axe (sb) 

pell 	 fur ( sb) 

pellit 	 pellet (sb) 

pell-mell  	 higgledy-piggledy 

Peloponnese 	 Peloponnese (npr) 

pelote	(wool) ball (sb)

pelp 	 finish-flouring, panelling 

pelpel 	 butterfly (sb) 

pelteck 	 stammering (adj; sb) 

peltewih	flat land (sb)

pelu 	 many, much, a lot (vx; adj & adv); + participle = by dint of

pelupoik	many-coloured

Pelusium	Pelusium

peluskohp 	 eagle eye ("who sees a lot") 

pelwika 	 milk bucket (sb) 

pemb	 pink (adj) 

penal	criminal (refering to criminal justice); penal register = criminal record

penalitat 	 penalty (sb) 

pend 	 nose (sb) (fam) 

pendant	 counterpart (sb) (fig); pending (adj) 

pendel 	 balance pole (sb) 

pendeloque	pendeloque

pendule 	 pendulum ( sb ) 

pendulesaat 	 clock (sb) 

pendyo	gallows-bird (fig.; sb)

Penelope	Penelope (npr)

penetre 	 penetrate (vtr) 

pengereh 	 casement window (sb) 

penicillin 	 penicillin (sb) 

penis	penis

penk	(& penkwe) = five (num) 

penkalem 	 pen (sb) 

penkwdul 	 cinquefoil (sb) 

Penkwost 	 Pentecost ( npr ) 

penkwozd 	 hand ( sb ) ( kenning ) 

penn 	 pen ( sb) (feather for writing) 

pennon 	 pennant ( sb ) (flag ) 

pennscrin 	 pencil box (sb) 

pension 	 retirement (sb); (gosten) pension = boarding house (sb) 

pensionfund	pension fund

pensionat	boarding school

pensive 	 pensive (adj ) 

pensuk 	 sand dust 

pentagramme 	 pentagram (sb) 

pepermen	experienced (adj)

peplos 	 peplos (sb) 

per 	 through, by (prep); (elastic) per = spring (sb) (for bouncing ) 

perag 	 brew, mix, stir (vtr ) 

perakende 	 patch of land (sb) 

perambh 	 to surround (vtr); around (prep) 

perbehnd 	 league (vtr) 

perbehrg 	 hide (vtr) 

perbleuf 	 bluff (vtr) 

percent 	 percent (sb) 

percentage	percentage (sb)

perche 	 perche (sb) 

perchem 	 toupée (sb) 

perchin 	 lock, bolt (sb) 

percleich	eccentric slot, cutter pin

perdic 	 crank (sb) 

peregrin 	 foreigner on transit 

pereih 	 perish (vint) 

peremptor 	 peremptory (adj) 

performant	high-performance, outstanding (adj)

Perga 	 Perga (npr) 

pergamen 	 parchment (sb) 

Pergolesi	Pergolesi

perhvdi 	 last week (adv) 

pericarditis	pericarditis

peries 	 surpass (vtr) 

Perikleus	Pericles

perikwehl	+ acc. = to frequent (a place; vtr) 

perikweih	to settle a score (violently; vint)

perikwihen	to settle a score with (+ acc.; violently)

perikwiti	gangland kill

perile 	 peril (sb) 

perimeter	perimetre

periode 	 period (sb) 

periodic 	 periodic(al) (adj) 

peripheria 	 periphery (sb)

peripheric 	 periphereal (for computer, sb) 

periple 	 (difficult) journey(sb) 

perischan 	 pitiful (adj) 

peristyle 	 peristyle, colonnade (sb) 

periwehrt 	 to turn over (vtr) 

periweiker	perioikos

perkal 	 percale (sb) 

perkehlen 	 hiding of stolen goods 

perkeip	to illustrate (to be the illustration of; vtr)

perkuin 	 mixed forest (sb) 

Perkunia	Black Forest (Germany)

perkwn 	 storm-god (sb) 

perkwngayd 	 snipe (sb) 

perkyu 	 (animal’s) chest (sb) 

perle 	 pearl (sb); to form in droplets (vtr)

perleis 	 to leaf through (vtr) (a book) 

permadh 	 soak (vtr) 

permanent	permanent (adj)

permehld 	 communicate (vtr) 

permeid	ibo = take action to avoid 

permiss 	 licence (sb); past participle and past tense of “permitt” 

permitt 	 allow ( vtr ) 

perneic 	 annihilate, destroy (vtr ) 

perneiceus 	 pernicious (adj) 

pernik 	 gingerbread ( sb) 

perodh 	 forward ( adv ) 

perodhia 	 advance (sb) 

perodhsedd 	 chairman (sb) 

perom 	 ferry (sb) 

perore 	 to hold forth 

perpaneg 	 to lease 

perpaur 	 to paralyze with fear 

perpendicular 	 perpendicular ( adj ) 

perpetual 	 perpetual (adj) 

perplex 	 perplexed, puzzled (adj ) 

perron 	 station platform 

perruakchei 	 brook (sb) 

perry	perry (alcohol)

persclav 	 enslave (vtr)

persecut	to persecute (vtr)

persehkw	to pursue; persecute (vtr)

Persephone 	 Persephone (npr) 

Persepolis	Persepolis (npr)

Perseus 	 Perseus (npr) 

persevere	persevere

persic 	 peach (sb) 

persist	(+ inf.) = persist

persna 	 heel ( of foot, sb ) 

person	 person (sb) 

personalitat 	 personality (sb) 

personel	staff (sb)

perspective 	 perspective (sb) 

persrineg 	 to chill to the bone, to numb with cold 

se persteiv 	 to dig one’s heels in 

perstrak 	 to numb with tiredness 

pert 	 crossing (sb ) 

perton 	 set to music 

pertor 	 ferryman, smuggler of people 

pertu 	 thoroughfare; gangway (sb) 

pertulayter 	 accomodation ladder 

perturbe 	 disrupt (vtr) 

Peru	 Peru ( npr ) 

peruan	 Peruan (adj & sb) 

peruca 	 wig ( sb ) 

perusch 	 Pharisee (adj & sb) 

perut	(& peruti) = last year 

pervase 	 console (sb) (fireplace ) 

perwehgh 	 forward (vtr ) 

perwnt 	 rock, boulder (sb) 

peschkire 	 towelling, tie-towel (sb) 

peschmerga	peshmerga

Pessakh 	 Passover (sb) 

pessimiste 	 pessimist (adj & sb) 

pesticide 	 pesticide (sb) 

pestifer 	 pariah (adj ) 

pestilent 	 pestilent (adj ) 

pesvenke 	 pimp (!, sb) 

pet	(enclitic stressing identity)	

petal 	 petal (sb) 

petanque	pétanque (sb)

petard	banger (sb)

petasos 	 petasos (sb) 

Peter 	 Peter (npr) 

peti 	 small toolkit, small case (sb) 

petis	fairly, on the contrary 

petitfour 	 petit-four (sb) 

petmesc 	 grape jelly (sb) 

petra 	 stone ( sb ) 

Petrarca 	 Petrarch ( npr ) 

petrarquisme 	 petrarchism (sb) 

petreus 	 rocky (adj ) 

petrochemia 	 petrochemistry (sb) 

petrol 	 oil, petroleum (sb ) 

petrosell 	 parsley ( sb ) 

petwrnt 	 all feathers of an animal 

peung 	 to make/have a puncture 

peungst 	 fist ( sb ) 

peunk 	 punk ( sb ) 

peurk	(& perku) = oak ( sb ) 

peurst 	 (sovereign) prince ( sb ) 

peurstdem 	 principality ( sb ) 

peurstin 	 (sovereign) princess (sb) 

peximett 	 rusk (sb) 

peyeth	payot (Jewish sidelocks; sb)

pfehrst 	 to point at (vtr); forefinger (sb) 

pfehrster 	 pointing device (sb) 

pfeifer 	 fife(-player) (sb) 

pfohrst 	 past tense of “pfehrst” 

pfwehng 	 dilate (vint) 

phaeton	phaeton (carriage)

phag	 eat (!, vtr ); “se phact con sien gvibh” (! Fam.) = « he’s bawling out against his wife » !
phalang 	 phalanx (sb) 

phallus 	 phallus (sb) 

phar	 lighthouse (sb) 

pharaoh 	 pharaoh (sb) 

pharaohi	pharaonic (adj)

pharmac 	 medication (sb) 

pharmaceut 	 pharmacist (sb) 

pharmacia 	 pharmacy (sb) 

phayak 	 Phaeacian ( adj , sb ) 

phenomen 	 phenomenon ( sb), 

phial 	 phial ( sb) 

phieg 	 past tense of “phag” 

Philip 	 Philipp (npr) 

Philippines ( splu )	 Philippines ( npr ) 

Philodem 	 Phildemus (npr) 

philosoph	philosoph

philosophen petra 	 Philosopher's Stone ( sb) 

philter 	 philter ( sb ) 

phlebotomia 	 bloodletting (sb) 

phlegma 	 phlegm (sb) 

Phleious	Phlius

phoenix 	 phoenix (sb) 

phone	(tele)phone

phone kuschk 	 telephone booth (sb) 

phonespionage	telephone tapping

phoneme 	 phoneme (sb) 

phonograph	phonograph

phosphor 	 phosphorus (sb) 

phosphorescent 	 phosphorescent (adj) 

photo	(& photograph) = photo(graph) ( sb) 

photoapparat 	 camera (sb) 

photograph 	 photographer (sb); to photograph

photovoltayic	photovoltaic (adj)

phrase 	 phrase (sb) 

phryg 	 Phrygian (adj & sb) 

Phryne 	 Phryne (npr) 

Phthiotis	Phthiotis

phylis 	 bud (sb) 

physiologia 	 physiology ( sb) 

physiotherapeut	 physiotherapist (sb) 

physique	(sb) = physics ( splu) 

physiste 	 physicist ( sb) 

phyt 	 sapling (sb) 

phyteina 	 plant nursery (sb) 

phytosanitar	phytosanitary

piala 	 cup (one-hand vessel without handle, sb) 

pianji 	 tablet (for writing; sb) 

piano	piano (sb)

piastre 	 piastre (sb) 

piau 	 trim, clip (vtr) 

piaumen 	 clipping, trimming (sb) 

pibeh 	 sip ( vtr ) 

pic 	 peak (sb) 

piccolo 	 piccolo (flute, sb) 

pichen 	 pinch ( sb) 

pick 	 pike (sb) ( ex	 for ice) 

pick 	 pick (vtr) 

pick 	 spades (of cards; sb) 

pickant 	 racy, biting (adj ) ( fig ) 

pickel 	 ice axe ( sb) 

pickin 	 annoy ( vtr ) 

pickup 	 pickup (truck; sb) 

Pico della Mirandola 	 Pico della Mirandola ( npr ) 

pictor 	 painter (sb) 

pictoresk 	 picturesque (adj ) 

picture 	 miniature (illuminated manuscript; sb) 

pidek 	 macaco, macaque (sb) 

pieck 	 past tense of “pack” 

piece 	 piece, play (sb) piece (in a game)

piece-montee	pièce montée (cake)

pied-à-terre 	 pied-à-terre (sb) 

pieddel 	 past tense of « padddel » 

pieg 	 girl (sb); past tense of “pag” 

piel 	 spear (sb) 

pieng 	 coin (sb) 

pier 	 pier ( sb) 

pierk 	 past tense of “park” 

piern 	 distant, far ( adj) 

piesk 	 past tense of “pask” 

pietat 	 piety ( sb) 

pieu	 salivate (vint) 

pieurn	to slash-and-burn

pieursk 	 past tense of « paursk » 

pieut 	 feed ( vtr ), food (sb) 

pieutadditive	food additive

pieydrwn 	 past tense of “paydrwn” 

pieygh 	 past tense of “paygh” 

pieym 	 past tense of “paym” 

pieytt 	 past tense of “paytt” 

pig 	 past tense of “pineg” 

pigeon 	 pigeon (sb) 

pigher 	 past tense of “peigher” 

pignos 	 collateral security, pledge (sb) 

piieu 	 past tense of “piau” 

pikinier 	 pikiner ( sb) 

pilav 	 rice dish 

pile 	 pile (heap; sb) 

pillar	pillar (sb)

pilluck 	 peck (vtr) 

pilote 	 pilot (sb) 

pilule 	 pill (sb) 

piments	(splu) = peppers (splu) 

pinacle 	 pinnacle ( sb) 

pinak 	 log (sb) 

pince-nez 	 pince-nez ( sb ) 

pincette 	 tweezer ( sb ) 

Pindar 	 Pindar ( n.pr ) 

pinduk 	 skid (vint) 

pineg 	 paint (vtr); painting (result; sb) 

pines 	 pound (vtr) 

pinew	to feed (vtr, fig.)

pingel 	 paintbrush (sb) 

pingen 	 painting (sb) (activity) 

pinguin	penguin (sb)

pinion 	 pine nut (sb) 

pinnace pinasse (sb; ship)

pinseing 	 temper, character (sb) 

pint 	 pint (sb) 

pion	(Chess)pawn

pionnier	 pioneer (sb) 

pior 	 too (much/many) 

pip	 squeak, pip (vint ) 

pipe	 pipe (for smoking; sb) 

pipend 	 dangle (vint) 

piper 	 pepper (sb) 

pipernitsa 	 peppershaker (sb) 

piperspraiy	pepper spray

pipette 	 pipette (sb) 

pipiusi 	 dairy, milk-producing ( adj ) 

pir 	 pear ( sb) 

piranha 	 piranha (sb) 

pirate 	 pirate ( sb) 

piratia 	 piracy (sb ) 

piraug 	 (meat)pie (sb) 

pirmwer 	 spring (season; sb) 

piruz 	 turquois (sb) 

pis 	 past tense of “pines” 

pischleme 	 pushover, sucker (! idiot; sb) 

pischman 	 repentant ( adj) & repent ( vpr ) 

piscine 	 swimming pool ( sb ) 

Pishun 	 Pishon (Eden; npr) 

pisk 	 fish (sb); past tense of “peisk” 

piskyol 	 tassel (sb) (decoration) 

pisse	piss

pissuar	orinal

pistach	 pistachio (sb) 

pistol 	 pistol (sb) 

pit 	 past tense of “peit” 

pitancye 	 poor food (sb) 

pitcher 	 pitcher (baseball; sb) 

pithecanthropus 	 Pithecanthropus ( sb) 

piton 	 rocky outcrop (sb) 

pituita 	 pituita (sb) 

pituv 	 nourishing (adj) 

piurn 	 fire (sb) (as an element); past tense of "pieurn"

piurna 	 pyre, bonfire (sb) 

piurnwehrg 	 firework ( sb) 

piut 	 past tense of “pieut” 

pivnitsar 	 wine waiter (sb) 

pivot 	 pivot (sb) 

piw	past tense of "pinew"

piwer 	 fatty, greasy (adj); to manure (vtr) 

piwer acid 	 fatty acid (sb) 

piwernia 	 fertile meadow (sb) 

piwernt 	 manure (sb) 

piwon 	 fat (vtr & adj) 

piyama 	 pijama (sb) 

piyun 	 peony (sb) 

Pizarro	Pizarro

pizd 	 breast (udder of woman; sb) 

pizdan 	 woman’s chest 

pizza	pizza (sb)

plab 	 flap (sb & vtr) 

plabdwer	flap door

place 	 place; square (sb); place (vtr) 

placette	piazzetta (sb)

placid 	 placid (adj) 

placircule 	 roundabout, traffic-circle (sb) 

plack 	 plate, patch, plaque (sb) 

plackentectonique 	 plate tectonics (sb) 

placunt 	 flat cake (sb) 

plafon 	 ceiling ( sb) ( fig ) 

plag 	 hit, strike ( vtr ); quenching, caliber ( sb) ( fig) 

plaga 	 plague, curse ( sb ; fig .) 

plagel 	 thrash, batter (vtr ) 

plagelpwarn 	 whipping boy, underdog (sb) 

plain 	 plain ( sb) 

plais 	 please (vtr & interjection ) 

plaisure 	 fun, pleasure (sb) 

plaj 	 beach (vacation resort; sb) 

plajurb	seaside resort

plakat 	 poster, notice 

plan 	 plan, plane (sb); to plan 

plane 	 plane (ex: surface; adj) 

planetarium	planetarium

planete 	 planet (sb) 

planeur	glider (sailplane; sb)

plang 	 cry, weep (vtr & sb) 

plangsalk 	 weeping willow ( sb) 

plank 	 board, plank ( sb ) 

planken 	 sheating, plank (sb) 

plankton 	 plankton (sb) 

plantain 	 plantain (sb) 

plante 	 plant ( sb) 

plask 	 shallow (adj) 

plaster 	 plaster ( sb) (medicine ) 

plastic 	 plastic (adj. & sb); plastic arts (splu) 

plastire 	 dressing, bandage ( sb) 

plat	(& platt) = flat ( adj) 

platane 	 plane-tree ( sb ) 

plateau 	 plateau (sb) 

platen armur 	 plate armour (sb) 

platforme	platform (sb)

platin 	 platinum (sb) 

platitsa 	 plaice (sb) 

Platon 	 Plato (npr) 

platonic 	 platonic (adj, sb; ex: love) 

platoniste	platonic (adj, sb; when refering to Plato's philosophy)

platska 	 license plate (sb) 

platupod	flat-footed

platwos 	 wingspan, scope, calibre (sb) 

plaut	(& platu) = broad, large (adj ) 

plav 	 (air)plane ( sb) 

plavbehr	aircraft carrier

plavdrom 	 landing runway 

playc 	 agree, get on together ( vpr ) 

playct 	 agreement ( sb) 

pleban 	 parish priest ( sb) 

plebania 	 presbytery (sb) 

plebiscite	plebiscite

plect 	 shrug (one’s shoulders; vtr) 

pledveh 	 the mass of people (sb) 

pleh 	 to fill 

plehc 	 to roll up ( vtr ) 

plehcstol 	 folding chair 

plehder 	 flare (vtr ) 

plehp 	 chat (vint ) 

Pleiades 	 Pleiades (splu) 

pleid 	 plead (vtr ) 

pleidoyeir 	 plea(ding) (sb) 

pleina 	 arrowhead (sb) 

pleins 	 dance of joy (vint) 

pleisker 	 lap (vint) 

pleist	 most, the major part of (adj; “most people”) 

Pleistocene 	 Pleistocene ( sb) 

plen	med = full of (adj) 

plenar	plenary

plend 	 grouse (vtr) 

plenipotentiar	plenipotentiary

plenitude 	 fullness (sb) 

pletia 	 shoulder blade (sb) 

pletwos 	 stature, calibre (sb) 

pleu 	 to be at anchor 

pleugh 	 plow (vtr ) 

pleuk 	 fly (vint); flight (sb); pleukend tapit = flying carpet (sb) 

pleukghansen model	flying geese paradigm (eco.)

pleukpisk 	 flying fish (sb) 

pleukrecorder	flight recorder (sb)

pleus	 fin (sb) 

plexiglas 	 plexiglas (sb) 

plexti 	 braid (sb) 

pliat 	 dish (sb) 

plictic 	 boring ( adj ) 

plictisse 	 bore (vtr ) 

plid 	 past tense of “pleid” 

plieb 	 past tense of “plab” 

plieg 	 past tense of “plag” 

pliegel 	 past tense of “plagel” 

plieng 	 past tense of “plang” 

pliehg 	 to make sure to 

plieyc 	 past tense of “playc” 

plins 	 past tense of “plins” 

plinthe 	 plinth (sb) 

pliohg 	 past tense of “pliehg” 

plisker 	 past tense of “pleisker” 

plohc 	 past tense of “plehc” 

plohcta 	 intertwining (sb) 

plohder 	 past tense of “plehder” 

plohp 	 past tense of “plehp” 

ploisko 	 except (prep) 

plor 	 floor, terrain (sb) 

plorkweit	(plorkweitu) = undulation (terrain)

plormeiden 	 land survey (sb) 

plorsleid 	 landslide (sb) 

plosive	(consonn) = stop (consonant)

Plotin	Plotinus

ploton 	 platoon (sb) 

plott	 raft (sb) 

plu 	 past tense of “pleu” 

plugh	 plow, plough (sb); past tense of “pleugh” 

plug-in	plug-in (sb)

pluk 	 past tense of “pleuk” 

plukel 	 fowl, head of poultry ( sb) 

plukwid 	 in plenty (adv; adj) 

plumbh 	 lead (metal, sb ) 

plumbher 	 plumber ( sb) 

plume 	 plume (sb) 

plunder	plunder (sb & vtr)

plur 	 several ( adj) 

plural	plural

plus 	 plus, extra (adv); past tense of “pleus” 

Plutarch 	 Plutarch ( npr ) 

Pluto 	 Pluto (former planet; npr) 

Pluton 	 Pluto ( npr ) (god) 

plysch 	 plush (sb) 

pnehg 	 choke ( vpr ) 

pnehs 	 to snort 

pneig 	 stifle (vtr) 

pneis	to put off (someone; vtr)

pneu	(& pneumatic) = tire (sb) 

pneus 	 to wrinkle one's nose 

pneustoffspraiy	tyre sealing can

pnig 	 past tense of “pneig” 

pnohg 	 past tense of “pnehg” 

pnohs 	 past tense of “pnehs” 

pochette 	 pocket square (sb) 

pocrast 	 wine with spices 

pod 	 paw ( sb) 

poder 	 container (sb) 

podin 	 vat, tank (sb) 

podloga 	 floor, floorboards 

podstol 	 support, stand (sb) 

poduts 	 common nase (sb) 

poem 	 poem ( sb ) 

poesis 	 poetry (sb) 

poet 	 poet (sb) 

poetic	poetic (adj)

pogach 	 focaccia (sb) 

poh 	 drink (vtr) 

pohd 	 past tense of “pehd” 

pohk 	 past tense of “pehk” 

pohkw 	 past tense of “pehkw” 

pohl 	 past tense of “pehl” 

pohld 	 past tense of “pehld” 

pohltos 	 plenty, abundance (sb) 

pohltost	plentiful, abounding (adj)

pohtel 	 glassful (sb) 

pohnd 	 past tense of “pehnd” 

pohrd 	 past tense of “pehrd” 

pohrn 	 past tense of “pehrn” 

pohzd 	 past tense of “pehzd” 

poig 	 paint ( sb) ( color) 

poignant 	 poignant ( adj ) 

poik 	 multicoloured, variegated, stained ( adj) 

poimen 	 mother’s milk 

point 	 point (sb) 

poison	poison (sb & vtr)

poitt 	 to have the right to, to be entitled to 

polauror 	 aurora, northern light (sb) 

pold 	 field (sb; including chessboard) 

poldam 	 ostentatiously (adv) 

polden violka 	 field pansy (flower; sb) 

poldmus 	 vole (sb ) 

poldskeir 	 through fields 

pole 	 pole (geography; sb) 

polec 	 Polish (adj , sb) 

poleih 	 polish ( vtr ) 

polemique	polemique (sb)

poli 	 fortress (sb ) 

police 	 police (sb ) 

police station 	 police station (sb) 

policeagent 	 policeman ( sb) 

policiste 	 policeman (sb) 

poliomyelitis 	 poliomyelitis (sb) 

polissa	(insurance) policy 

polite 	 polite (adj) 

politesse	politeness

politic 	 political (adj); "Is Politic" = "The Statesman"; politician (sb)

politique	(sing) = politics (splu) 

politise	to politicize (vtr)

pollen 	 pollen (sb) 

Polska	 Poland ( npr ) 

polt 	 gruel, porridge ( sb) 

poltergayst	poltergeist

Polykleitos	Polykleitos

Polyphem	Polyphemus

polystyrene 	 polystyrene (sb) 

pomel 	 pommel (sb) 

pommesfrites 	 French fries (splu) 

pompe 	 ceremonial, pomp (sb) 

Pompei	Pompei (npr)

Pompeius	Pompey

pompeus 	 pompous (adj) 

pompier	pompier (art)

pompic 	 ceremonial (adj) 

pon 	 since, for (prep); present tense base of “posen” 

pondos 	 impression, inner feeling (sb) 

ponnim 	 Phoenician (adj, sb), Punic 

pontific 	 Pontiff (sb)

Pontificstat	Papal States 

Pontius Pilate 	 Pontius Pilate (npr) 

ponton	pontoon (sb)

pop	 (orthodox) pope (sb) 

popayghen	down payment, instalment

populace	populace

popular 	 popular (adj) 

popularise	popularize (vtr)

population 	 population (sb) 

popule 	 people (lower classes; sb); to populate (vtr) 

populeus 	 populous ( adj ) 

porche 	 porch ( sb) 

porcule 	 piglet ( sb) 

pord 	 ford (sb) 

pore	pore

poreunc	+ dative of the person = order, command (vtr) 

poreus	porous (adj)

porg 	 offer, show, put forward (vtr) 

pori 	 bush (sb) (African landscape) 

pork 	 pig; pork (sb) 

porm 	 fare (sb) 

porphyre 	 porphyry (sb) 

porphyria 	 porphyria (sb) 

Porphyrios	Porphyry

port	 port (sb) 

portal 	 portal (sb) 

portcigar	cigar holder (sb)

portfolio	portfolio (fig.)

portic 	 portico (sb) 

porto 	 postage (sb) 

portmanteau	coat & hat stand (sb)

portmonaie 	 portfolio (sb) 

portrait 	 portrait ( sb ) 

Port Sayid 	 Port Said (npr) 

Portugal 	 Portugal ( npr ) 

portughesche 	 Portuguese (adj. & sb) 

portvin	port wine (sb)

pos 	 after (prep) 

poscras 	 after tommorow (adv) 

posdaril 	 sustainable (adj) (development) 

posdehrj 	 maintain (vtr) 

posen 	 to lay down (vtr); posen un probleme = to pose a problem 

Posidonios	Posidonius

position 	 position (sb) 

positioner 	 tracker, transmitter (sb) 

poskwo	afterwards, then

posmiddien 	 afternoon (sb) 

pospehrn management	customer service, after sales service

possible 	 possible (adj) 

possowel 	 " Under the Sun " (adv); to sunbathe (vint)

post 	 post, mail (sb) 

postalion 	 postman (sb) 

postamt 	 post office 

postcode	postal code

postdiek 	 mailbox 

postgrind	PO box

posthangjow 	 mail-order 

posthangjowpehrn 	 mail-order sale 

postlad 	 moccasin (sb ) 

postmark 	 stamp, postmark ( sb) 

postmaster 	 postmayster (sb) 

postmortem	posthumous

postpigeon 	 homing pigeon (sb) 

postulat 	 postulate (sb) 

postule 	 to postulate 

pot 	 pot (sb) 

potass	potash

potassium 	 potassium (sb) 

potem 	 fathom (sb) 

potential 	 potential (adj & sb) 

potentiometer	potentiometer

poterie 	 pottery (sb) 

poterna 	 postern (sb) 

poter	potter

poti 	 mister, sir; lord (sb) 

potion	potion (sb)

potire 	 pitcher (sb) 

potischah 	 padishah (sb) 

potnia 	 madam, lady (sb) 

potnika 	 miss (sb) 

poul 	 pool ( sb) 

poupdeck 	 poop ( sf ) 

povesti 	 clothing ( sb) 

povidel 	 plum mousse (sb) 

prabh	 right, fair (adj ) 

prabh mores (splu)	 morality (sing) 

prabh torg 	 fair trade 

prabhil 	 rule ( sb) ( of conduct) 

prabhil 	 guideline (sb ) 

prabhtat 	 fairness (sb) 

practic	 practical (adj ); traineeship (sb) 

practicant	trainee

practician	practitioner

practis 	 consulting-room (sb) 

practie 	 practise (vtr) 

praebende 	 prebend (sb) 

praedd 	 devour (vtr); prey (sb) 

praedicator	Dominican (monk)

Praha	 Prague (npr) 

pram 	 barge (sb) 

pranier 	 pillory (sb) 

praseodymium 	 praseodymium (sb) 

praxis 	 practice (sb) 

Praxiteles 	 Praxiteles (npr) 

prayghest 	 hand reach (sb) 

pre 	 before (temporal preposition) 

preambule 	 preamble (sb) 

precaution 	 care (sb) 

precedd	precede (vtr)

precept 	 precept (sb) 

preche 	 preach (vtr) 

prechen 	 preaching (sb) 

precieus 	 precious (adj) 

precipice 	 precipice (sb) 

precipitation 	 precipitation (sb) 

se precipite 	 rush (vint) 

precis 	 precise, accurate (adj) 

precoce	precocious

precolombian	precolumbian

predator 	 predator (adj. & sb) 

predecessor 	 predecessor (sb) 

predicative	predicative (gram.)

predilection 	 predilection (sb) 

predisposen	to predispose (vtr)

predominant	predominant (adj)

preemptive weir	preemptive war

preface 	 preface (sb) 

prefect	prefect

prefer 	 prefer (vtr ) 

pregen 	 imbue, impregnate ( vtr ) 

preghes 	 before yesterday (adv) 

prehg 	 to pray, ask (someone; to do = ke(m) + verb)

prehgen 	 prayer (sb) 

prehistoria	prehistory

prehp 	 to appear, to come into sight 

prehsc 	 ask in marriage (vtr) 

preih 	 enjoy ( vtr ) 

preihplen 	 affectionate (adj ) 

preim 	 receive ( vtr ) 

prekaursprabhil 	 precautionary principle 

prekheiss 	 sense, forebode ( vtr ) 

prelat 	 prelate (sb) 

preleiv 	 to take (a sample; ex: science; vtr) 

prelude	prelude (sb)

prem- 	 present tense base of “pressem” 

prematur 	 premature (adj ) 

premeditation 	 premeditation (sb) 

premehnmon 	 warning (adj ) 

premiere	premiere

premiss 	 premise ( sb) 

premium 	 premium ( sb) 

premonitor 	 prescient (adj ) 

prenam	first name, forename

prepage 	 flyleaf (sb) 

preparation 	 preparing (sb) 

prepare 	 prepare (vtr) 

prepayghen 	 advance (sb) (money) 

preponderance	supremacy (sb)

prepost 	 provost (sb) 

preraphaelite	pre-raphaelite

prerogative	prerogative (sb)

presayg 	 to predict 

prescrib	( prescrìb ) = to prescribe 

prescription 	 prescription (sb) 

presence 	 presence (sb) 

present 	 present (adj) 

presidence 	 presidency (sb ) 

president 	 president ( sb) 

presidium 	 presidium (sb) 

presse 	 press (sb; journalism, recruitment) 

pressem 	 press (vtr) & pressure (sb) 

pressening	tarpaulin (sb)

press-papier 	 clipboard (sb) 

pressure trakh 	 pressure suit ( sb) (clothing) 

prest 	 first (of more than 2); prest officier = first officer (aircraft)

presumptueus	presumptuous (adj.)

preswed 	 freshwater 

prete 	 understand ( vtr ) 

pretend 	 claim, pretend (vtr) 

pretensieus	prententious

preter 	 first of 2, former (adj); first (adv) 

preterit	preterit

pretexte 	 pretext ( sb) 

pretorium 	 courtroom ( sb ) 

preus 	 to burn (feeling ) 

Preussen 	 Prussia (former German province or kingdom; npr) 

preussenblou 	 Prussian blue (adj & sb) 

preustang 	 hair iron (sb) 

prevarie 	 prevaricate (vint) 

prev 	 past (sb & adj) 

preven 	 to prevent 

preventive concordat 	 receivership (sm ) 

prever 	 former (adj), before, formerly (adv)

prevst 	 once, before (adv) 

pri 	 by, along (prep) 

Priapos 	 Priapus (npr) 

pribeud	to puzzle (vtr; to make somebody pay attention)

prickel 	 fizz (vint) 

prickelscharab 	 pop (drinking; sb) 

Pridanwstria	Transnistria

pridem	stillness, freedom

prie-dieu	prie-dieu (sb)

priem 	 edge, border (sb) 

prient 	 friend (sb) 

prientia 	 friendship (sb) 

prientlik 	 friendly (adj) 

prieslen 	 spindle whorl 

prih 	 past tense of “preih” 

prileips + acc. 	 to be in breach of, to fail to observe 

prim	prime (number); past tense of “preim” 

primar talim 	 primary education (sb) 

primark	markup (computer)

primatia 	 primacy (sb) 

primitive 	 primitive (adj) 

primordial	primordial (adj)

primule 	 primrose (sb) 

prince 	 prince (sb) (son of the ruler) 

princesse 	 princess (sb) 

principal 	 principal ( adj ) 

principe 	 principle (sb) 

prined 	 take (vtr ) ( a city ) 

print 	 footprint, track 

printer	printer (computer, sb)

prioritat  	 priority (sb) 

pris 	 price (sb); past participle & past tense of “prined” 

prise 	 prize (of war); taking (after a siege) 

prisindex 	 Price Index ( sb) 

prisma 	 prism ( sb) 

prison 	 prison ( sf) 

prisoner 	 prisoner ( sb) 

prispehc	+ acc. = to attend 

prist 	 period of time 

pristah 	 to stand by 

pristic 	 periodic ( adj ) 

pritor 	 amateur, lover (adj , sb) ( who likes) 

prityohc 	 tributary (river, sb) 

privat 	 private (adj) (opposed to " public "); privat individu = private individual (sb)

privatisation	privatization

privilege 	 privilege (sb); to favour (vtr)

priy 	 appreciable (adj) 

prix	prize (sb)

pro 	 for (prep); (as a verbal prefix means “ahead”; the verb triggers dative) 

proag 	 to move off 

proaiwo	forever (adv)

proapo 	 following the stream (adv) 

proba 	 sample ( sb ) 

probable 	 probable ( adj) 

probe 	 to put to the test 

probeprist	probation (workplace)

probeud 	 wake (vtr) 

probire 	 try on (a garment; sb)

problematique	underlying problem

probleme 	 problem (sb) 

procastell 	 forecastle (sb) 

proceddat 	 process, way of acting (sb) 

proceddure 	 procedure, proceedings (sb) 

procent 	 percent (sb) 

procentage	percentage (sb)

process	 process, trial (sb) 

processor 	 central processing unit (CPU, sb) 

Proclus	Proclus

procurature 	 the Attorney's Office, prosecution 

procure 	 provide, get ( vtr ) 

procureur 	 attorney, prosecutor ( sb) 

prod 	 ahead (prep) 

prodah 	 hand over (vtr; a criminal) 

Prodic	[prOdik] = Prodicus

prodigal 	 prodigal (adj) 

produc 	 produce (vtr) 

productionszangir	production line

productive 	 productive (adj) 

prodwals 	 outpost (sb) 

proe	already, first (adv; proclitic)

profan 	 secular (adj & sb) 

profession os fid	profession of faith

profile	 profile

profit 	 profit (sb, commercial) 

profitable	 profitable (adj) 

profite	(+ acc.) = to take advantage of

profitsmyehren	profit sharing (sb)

profume 	 perfume

profund 	 profound (adj) 

profunditat	profoundness

prognohsa	forecast (sb) 

programme 	 program ( sb) 

programmation lurhat 	 programming language (sb) 

progress 	 progress (sb) 

prohg 	 suitor (sb); past tense of “prehg” 

prohibeih 	 prohibit (vtr) 

prohibitive	prohibitive

prohp 	 past tense of “prehp” 

prohsc 	 past tense of “prehsc” 

proid 	 to fret 

project 	 project (sb) 

projection 	 projection, showing (sb) (to project a movie) 

prokal	to call out to (+ acc.)

Prokrustes 	 Procrustes (npr) 

prokwe	near (prep. & adj)

prokwem	near (prep. & adj)

Prokweust 	 Middle East ( npr ) 

prokwitat	proximity

prokwol	sidekick (sb)

prokwst	nearest

proletar	proletarian (adj & sb)

proletarian	proletarian (adj)

proletariat	proletariat

prolifere 	 to proliferate 

Promanthus 	 Prometheus ( npr ) 

promanthusic 	 Promethean ( adj ) 

promenade	walk (avenue; vx)

se promene 	 to have a walk (vx) 

promi	(& prominent) = celebrity (sb; person) 

promiscuitat	lack of privacy

promiss 	 promise (sb); past tense & past participle of “promitt” 

promissor 	 promising (adj) 

promitt 	 promise (vtr) 

promontur 	 promontory (sb) 

prompt 	 prompt (adj) 

pron 	 prone (adj ) 

pronomen 	 pronoun (sb) 

pronunce 	 pronounce (vtr ) 

propaganda 	 propaganda (sb) 

propage 	 spread (vtr) 

propedeutique	propaedeutics

propeller 	 propeller (sb) 

prophet 	 prophet (sb) 

prophetia 	 prophecy (sb) 

prophecy 	 prophesy (vtr) 

propice 	 propitious, suitable (adj) 

propizdan 	 "forward-breasted" 

propodia 	 front-end, forecarriage (sb) 

propon	present tense base of “proposen” 

proposen 	 propose (vtr); proposal (sb) 

propylayum	propylaea

prosch 	 close to, near (with an idea of movement) 

proschkehmb	ant = bow low / prostrate before ( vint) 

prose	 prose (sb) 

proselyte	proselyte (adj & sb)

prospec	[prospEk] = prospect (vtr) 

prospect 	 leaflet, brochure; perspective (sb) 

prospector	prospector (sb)

prosper 	 prosperous (adj) 

prosperitat 	 prosperity ( sb) 

prostate 	 prostate (sb) 

prostek 	 silly, booby, fool (sb & adj) 

prostitution 	 prostitution ( sb) 

prostre 	 prostrate (vtr ) 

protection 	 protection (sb) 

protectionisme	protectionisme

proteg	( protèg ) = protect (vtr) 

proteiforme	multi-figured (adj)

protein	 protein (sb) 

protest	(& protestation) = protest ( sb) 

protestant 	 Protestant ( adj , sb); Protestant Union = Protestant Union ( npr ) 

proteste 	 protest (vint) 

prothesis	prosthesis

protiapo 	 against the current (adv) 

protie	/protiev = against

protiebeud 	 wake up (vtr; against one's will)

protiedar 	 to hold back 

protiedeh	to apprend

protiediewo 	 against the sunlight (adv) 

protiekyeuk	to ward off (a spell)

protiemleu	exclaim (vint)

protietrag 	 to tug 

protievol 	 reluctance ( sb) 

protiokw 	 stare at ( vtr ); look (on a face; sb) 

protipam 	 arm wrestling 

protocol	protocol; statement (book against an offender)

protocolire 	 to book an offender 

protohistoria	protohistory

protonat 	 protonate (adj) 

prototype 	 prototype (sb) 

proverb	proverb

proviande 	 provisions of food (splu) 

provid	pro = provide for (vint) 

providencial	providential (adj)

proviende 	 provision (reserve, sb) 

provoque 	 provoke (vtr) 

prudence 	 prudence (sb) 

prudent 	 prudent (adj) 

prue 	 early morning (sb; sometimes used as an adverb too) 

prun 	 plum (sb) 

prus 	 past tense of “preus” 

pruss 	 Prussian (Baltic people ; sb) 

prussisk 	 Prussian (Baltic people and language; adj) 

pruswa 	 hoarfrost (sb) 

pruv 	 proof, evidence ( sb) 

pryster 	 priest ( sb) 

psalm 	 psalm ( sb ) 

psalmodie 	 chant, drone out ( vtr ) 

psalterio 	 psalter (sb) 

pseudonym 	 pseudonym ( sb) 

psianschou 	 swindle (! sb) 

psora 	 scabies (sb) 

Psyche 	 Psyche (npr) 

psychanalyse	psychanalysis (sb)

psychiater 	 psychiatrist (sb) 

psycholog	psychologist (sb)

psychopath 	 psychopath (adj. & n.)

psychose	psychosis 

psychotrope	psychoactive (drug) (adj & sb)

ptelei 	 poplar (sb) 

pterg 	 wing (sb) 

pterodactylus 	 pterodactylus (sb) 

ptilo 	 plume, panache ( sb) 

Ptolemayos 	 Ptolemy ( npr ) 

ptor 	 feather ( sb) 

public 	 public (adj & sb); public transports = public transports (splu) 

publican	publican (adj & sb)

puddel 	 poodle (sb)

pudding	pudding (sb)

puericulture	infant care (sb)

Puerto Rico	{pwErto rIko} = Puerto Rico

pugil	pugilist (sb) 

pugma 	 wrestling (sb) 

puik 	 pine (sb) 

puk 	 thick (adj) 

pukukyah	to wriggle

puladh 	 blade of weapon

pulc 	 flea (sb) 

puleig 	 pennyroyal (mint; sb) 

pullie 	 pulley (sb) 

pullman	coach, bus

pullover 	 sweater (sb) 

pulmon	 lung (sb) 

pulp  	 pulp (sb) 

pulpoik 	 spotted ( adj ) 

puls 	 pulse (sm ) 

pult 	 desk, lectern ( sb) 

pulver 	 powder ( sb) 

pumpe 	 pump ( sb) 

punctual 	 punctual (adj) 

punctue 	 to dot, mark 

puncture 	 puncture (ex : of tyre; sb) 

pund 	 pound (sb); pund sterling = Pound Sterling (sb) 

punese	drawing pin

pung 	 button ( sb ) (machine ); past tense of “peung” 

punor 	 however, on the other hand (adv ) 

pupill 	 pupil (sb) ( all meanings) 

pupp 	 doll (sb) 

Purat 	 Euphrates (npr) 

pur	(& pure) = pure (adj ) 

puree 	 puree (sb) 

purgatorium	purgatory

purge 	 purge (sb ; fig ) 

purkan 	 blowing snow (sb) 

purpwr 	 purple (sb , adj ) 

purt 	 child (sb) ( descendant) 

pus 	 pus ( sb) 

pusc 	 push ( vtr ) 

puscht 	 tearaway, scallywag (sb) 

pusinos 	 coniferous forest (sb) 

pussa 	 small fat man (sb) 

pussire 	 push ( vtr ) (fig. to cause to) 

pustak 	 grimoire ( sb) 

pusten 	 desolate, barren (adj ) ( place) 

put	 well (sb; for water) 

putrid	putrid (adj)

puwen 	 clean (vtr) 

puwnster	domestic help (woman; sb)

pux 	 thick tail; pux- id scol = to play truant 

puyku 	 superb (adj) 

puzzle	jigsaw puzzle

pwarn 	 boy (sb) 

pwol 	 half (adv) 

pwolter 	 one and a half 

pygmay	pygmy, pigmy

pylcell 	 virgin, maiden (sb) 

pyramide 	 pyramid (sb) 

Pyreneis 	 Pyrenees (npr) 

pyrite 	 pyrite, fool’s gold (sb) 

pyroclastic nebos 	 pyroclastic flow (volcano; sb) 

pyrot 	 gunpowder ( sb) 

pyrotechnique	(sing.) = pyrotechnics

pyssic 	 pussy (cat) ( sb) 

Pythagoras 	 Pythagoras ( npr ) 

pythagorei 	 pythagorean (adj. & sb) 

pythia 	 Pythia ( sb ) 

qua 	 interrogative & relative pronoun for feminine singular nominative & neutral plural nominative & accusative
quader 	 framework (sb) ( fig ) 

quaderpetra 	 freestone (sb) 

quadrat 	 square (adj. & sb); quadrat raudh = square root

quadrille	quadrille (sb)

qualg 	 which (one)

qualifie	qualify (vtr)

qualitat 	 quality (sb) 

quan	when 

quando	when

quant 	 all (adj) 

quanter 	 everywhere ( adv ) 

quantitat 	 quantity (sb) 

quantloc 	 everywhere (adv ) 

quantplor 	 off-road (vehicle; adj ) 

quap 	 tadpole (sb) 

quapt 	 castration (sb) 

quar 	 four (num); "Quar arya sontias" = "Four noble truths" (buddhism)

quarantaine 	 quarantine (sb) 

quaresma	lent

quartal 	 block of houses ( sb) 

quarterback 	 quarterback (football; sb) 

quarterdeck 	 quarterdeck (sb) 

quartett	quartet (sb)

quartier 	 quarter; billeting (sb) 

quasi 	 nearly, quasi 

quat 	 handful (sb) 

quaternar	quaternary

quatrain 	 quatrain (sb) 

quayque 	 (al)though 

quayt 	 how much/many ( pronoun ) 

quebecois 	 québécois, quebecer (adj & sb) 

quel 	 interrogative & relative pronoun for undetermined singular nominative & accusative
quem 	 as, than ( with comparative ) 

quer 	 where 

question	 question ( sb) 

questionar 	 survey, questionnaire (sb ) 

questor 	 tax collector ( sb) 

quetzal	quetzal

queu 	 queue (sb & vint) 

qui 	 masculine singular nominative singular pronoun ; undetermined plural nominative & accusative interrogative & relative pronoun
quie 	 quay, wharf, embankment (sb) 

quiett 	 quiet ( adj) 

Don Quijote 	 Don Quixote (npr) 

quincalier 	 ironmonger (sb) 

quintal 	 quintal (100 kg; sb ) 

quitance 	 bill, invoice (sb) 

quintessence 	 quintessence (sb) 

quitte 	 quits (adj), quit (vtr) 

quo 	 what (general relative pronoun) 

quod 	 what ; that, which (relative pronoun neutral nominative & accusative) 

quodquid bih to 	 anyway, be that as it may 

quom 	 interrogative & relative pronoun masculine singular accusative 

quos 	 whose (when referring to a singular nominative & accusative noun) 

quosmed	how, with what (referring to an instrument)

quote 	 quota; quotation, rating (sb) 

quoter 	 which (of two) 

quotient 	 quotient (sb) 

quoy 	 interrogative & relative pronoun masculine plural nominative.

raa	yard (sailing, sb)

rab 	 to abduct 

rabab 	 rebec (sb ) 

rabar 	 roll in the dust (vint) 

rabat 	 discount (sb) 

rabbin 	 Rabbi (sb) 

rabbinic	rabbinic

rabiabahsa 	 gibberish (sb) 

rabita 	 bale (sb) 

rabos 	 rabies (sb) 

rach 	 sulfuric acid (sb) 

Rachel 	 Rachel (npr) 

radh 	 advise (dative of the person; vtr); piece of advice (sb); Radh ios Jectpospolita Polska in exile = Government of the Republic of Poland in exile

radian 	 radian (sb) 

radiator 	 radiator ( sb); radiator sayp = grille ( sb) (vehicle ) 

radical 	 radical ( adj ) 

radio 	 radio ( sb) 

radioactivitat 	 radioactivity (sb) 

radioamateur 	 amateur radio (sb) 

radiotherapia 	 radiation therapy (sb) 

radius 	 radius (sb) (circle) 

radja	rajah

raffinerie 	 refinery (sb) 

rafik 	 mate, pal, buddy (sb) 

raflat 	 somnolence, sleepiness (sb) 

raflatic 	 sleepy (adj) 

raga 	 register of voice

rage 	 rage (sb) 

ragh 	 lacerate (vtr ) 

ragou 	 stew (sb) 

rah 	 enumerate (vtr) 

rahas-ye 	 secretly (adv ) 

rahat 	 rest ( sb & vint ) 

rahim 	 merciful (adj) 

rahimat 	 (+ acc.) to have mercy / pity on 

rai	 ray ( sb) 

raid 	 raid (sb) 

railvia 	 railway ( sb) 

railvia skeirdrom 	 level crossing (sb) 

raison 	 reason ( sb) 

raisonable 	 reasonable (adj) 

raisonen 	 reasoning (sm ) 

rajem 	 stone (vtr ) 

rakakel 	 cackle (vint) 

rakete 	 rocket ( sb) 

rakia 	 rakia (sb) 

ralise 	 coarse (adj, person) 

rallie	+ acc. = go along with (vint); rally (sb)

Ramah 	 Ramah (former city in Israel; npr) 

ramak 	 last breath (sb ) 

ramal 	 to tell fortune (vtr ) 

ramazan 	 Ramadan ( sb) 

rampe 	 ramp ( sb) 

ramsa 	 fair ( sb) 

Ramses 	 Ramesses (npr) 

ramun 	 chamomile (sb) 

rancic 	 rancid (adj) 

rancor 	 resentment, rancour (sb) 

rand 	 rim, edge (sb) 

random 	 random (adj & sb) 

random access memoria 	 random access memory (sb) 

rang 	 rank (sb) 

ranger 	 ranger (sb)

ranghi	colour, shade (sb) 

ranghin 	 flowery (adj) 

ranking	ranking (sb)

ranuncule 	 buttercup (sb) 

rap	 rape (plant; sb) 

rapanui 	 Rapa Nui (adj & sb; inhabitant of Easter Island) 

Rapa Nui 	 Easter Island (npr) 

raptor 	 abductor ( adj , sb) 

rapeina 	 field of rapes ( sb) 

Raphael 	 Raphael ( npr ) ( Italian artist ) 

raphia 	 raffia (sb) 

rapid 	 fast (adj ) 

rapid 	 rapid (sb ) (in a river)) 

rapire 	 rapier (sb) 

rapport	 report (sb) 

rapporteur 	 rapporteur (sb) 

rapproche	se kye = to come closer to (fig.)

rapprochement	rapprochement

rapt 	 kidnapping, abduction (sb) 

rapuncel 	 corn salad (sb) 

raquet 	 racket (sb) 

rar	 rare (adj) 

rarz 	 rage (vint) 

Raschid	Rashid

rase 	 to raze (to the ground) (vtr) 

raskal 	 scurvy fellow, cad (sb) 

rasp 	 rasp (vtr ) 

raspeus 	 rough ( adj) 

rass 	 cape (sb) 

rassass 	 lead shot ( sb) 

rassure 	 reassure ( vtr ) 

raster 	 rake ( sb) 

rat	rat (sb)

ratafia	ratafia (sb)

ratib 	 set price (sb) 

ratibsafer	package tour

ratifie	 ratify (vtr ) 

ratio 	 rate (sb) 

rational 	 rational (adj) 

rationire 	 rationing (sb) and ration (vtr) 

ratusch 	 City Hall (sb) 

raubh 	 to steal, rob (vtr) 

raudh 	 root (sb) 

rauf 	 ruffle (vtr ) 

raufank 	 chimney hood (sf ) 

raug 	 wrinkle (sb) 

rauk 	 rude, raucous (adj ) 

raumateria 	 raw material (sb) 

raunaft	crude oil

rauza	funerary garden

ravage 	 havoc, ravage (sb) 

ravan 	 walk, stroll (sb) 

ravine 	 gully ( sb) 

ravioli 	 ravioli (sb) 

ravun 	 engagement gift 

rawaj 	 currency unit ( sb) 

rayha 	 scent (sb) 

raym	 sundry ( adj) 

rayn 	 queen (sb) 

rays 	 Head of State 

rayvan 	 stroll (vint) 

razzia 	 raid (sb) 

razzye 	 raid (vtr) 

re	 re, case, affair (sb) 

reactionair	reactionary (adj; pol.)

real 	 real (adj) 

reanimation	kerd - = cardiac resuscitation 

rebell 	 rebel (sb, adj) 

rebellion 	 rebellion (sb) 

rebiakmen 	 rib vault (sb) 

rebio 	 rib (sb) 

recapitalisation	seasoned equity offering

recension	review (critical appraisal of a work)

recent	[rëtsEnt] = recent (adj) 

recep	[rëtsEp] = receive (vtr) 

recept	(medical) order (sb), recipe (sb) 

receptible 	 admissible (adj) 

receptioniste 	 receptionist (sb) 

receptor 	 handset (telephone) 

recess 	 recess (sb) 

recessive 	 receding (adj)

recetts	 revenue (splu) (trade) 

rechal 	 treacle (sb) 

recharge 	 reload (vtr) 

rechwng 	 bill (in restaurant; sb) 

reciproc	reciprocal

recital 	 recital (sb) 

recitative	recitative

recite 	 recite (vtr) 

reclame	advertising, advertisement (sb)

recogneih 	 recognize (vtr) 

recollect	recollect (monk)

recommande 	 recommend (vtr) 

recommandet post 	 registered mail 

recompense 	 recompense (sb & vtr) 

reconcilye	to reconcile (vtr; con = with)

reconnaissance 	 reconnaissance (sb) (military) 

reconnaiter 	 reconnoiter (vtr) (military - place) 

recorde 	 record (vtr) 

recrudescence	recrudescence

recrut 	 recruit (sb) 

rect 	 right (sb) ; right (adj) 

rectsam	the right way round

recuper 	 recover (vtr) 

recurr 	 to have recourse to (vint) 

recurrent	recurrent

recurs 	 action, suit (sb) 

recycling	recycling (sb)

redemptor 	 redeemer (sb) 

redingote	redingote

rediska 	 radish (sb) 

redox 	 redox (adj & sb) 

reduc 	 reduce ( vtr ) 

reduction 	 reduction (sb) 

redundance 	 redundancy (sb) 

redwoi 	 fear (vtr) 

reeducation	reeducation, rehabilitation (sb)	

ref	 rivet (sb) 

se refer	ad [rëfEr] = to refer to 

reference 	 mark, position (sb) 

referendum 	 referendum (sb) 

reflation	recovery policy

reflect	( reflèct ) = think about (vint) 

refleg	(reflèg ) = reflect ( vtr ) 

reflexe 	 reflex (sb) 

Reformation	 Reformation (sb) (history) 

reforme 	 reform (sb) 

refrain	refrain (in a song; sb)

refreschment 	 refreshment (sb) 

refrigerator	(& frige) = refrigerator (fridge; sb) 

refuge 	 refuge (sb) 

refugeit	refugee (sb)

refuse 	 refusal (sb), refuse (vtr) 

refutation	refutation

reg	 govern (vtr; fig.) 

regatta 	 regatta (sb) 

regent	regent

regie	control room, production department (show; sb)

regime 	 régime (sb) 

regiment 	 regiment ( sb) 

region 	 region ( sb ) 

register 	 register ( sb) 

reglament 	 regulation (sb) 

regne 	 reign (sb & vint) 

regret 	 regret ( vtr ) 

regv 	 back (spine; sb) 

regwos 	 twilight, dusk (sb)

rehabilitation	rehabilitation 

rehm 	 relief (vtr) 

rehn	 stream (vint) 

rehnic	running (adj; nose)

rehv 	 tear off (vtr) 

reib	rib (sb) 

reibo 	 ribbon (sb) 

reiber	rib; principal rafter (carpentry)

reid 	 ride (vtr) 

reid-ye 	 astride, straddling ( adv ) 

reidbiest 	 mount (for riding; sb) 

reidweghtor 	 teamster ( sm ) 

reik	+ acc. = return to, get back to ( vtr ) 

reincarnation 	 reincarnation ( sb) 

reineta	russet apple

reip 	 rip (vtr ) 

reiss 	 draw (vtr) 

reissen 	 drawing (sb) 

reject	discharge, rejection (sb; thing)

rejoin 	 join (vtr; a place) 

rekehgn 	 recognize (vtr) 

relai 	 relay (sb) 

relat 	 tell; to establish a link (vtr) 

relation 	 relationship (sb) 

relativitatstheoria	theory of relativity

relaxe 	 to relax (vtr/vint) 

relegation	relegation

relevant 	 relevant (adj) 

relief 	 relief, terrain (sb) 

religion 	 religion (sb) 

reling 	 railing, ship's rail (sb) 

reliquia	relic

reman 	 to remain 

remarkable 	 remarkable ( adj) 

remarke 	 remark, notice (vtr) 

rembeurs 	 pay back (vtr) 

remeid 	 remedy (sb & vtr) 

remep 	 creep (vint) 

reminiscence	vague recollections (remembering)

remunerative 	 remunerative (adj) 

Renaissance 	 Renaissance (sb ) ( History ) 

rened 	 render (vtr ) 

renegad 	 renegade ( sb , adj ) 

renege 	 to renounce, repudiate something 

renfort 	 reinforcement, back-up (sb) 

renk 	 bad trick 

renn 	 reindeer (sb) 

rentabilitat 	 return (sb) 

rentaka 	 swivel gun (sb) 

rentier	person of privte means

rentire 	 retire (vint) 

reoinascen	reunification

rep 	 past tense of “remep” 

reparation 	 repairing (sb) 

repare 	 repair (sb, vtr) 

reper 	 locate, spot (vtr ) 

repercutt 	 echo, pass on (vtr) 

repertuar 	 repertoire ( sb ) (of an artist) 

repeteih 	 repeat (vtr) 

repetition	rehearsal

replic	 replica (sb) 

replication 	 replication ( sb) 

replie 	 respond (vint; trial) 

reploy 	 withdrawal (sb) (military)

report	report (sb)

reporte 	 to report (vtr) 

repoussee 	 repoussé (adj) 

reprehensible	reprehensible

represente 	 represent (vtr) 

reprobation	reprobation (sb)

reprographia	reprography (sb)

reptil 	 reptile (adj. & sb) 

repugnant 	 repulsive (adj) 

repulg	to push away, drive back (vtr)

requisitum	prerequisite (sb)

reroge	to take on (vtr)

res 	 past participle & past tense of “rened” 

resack 	 backwash (sb) 

ressentiment 	 resentment (sb) 

reserve 	 book (vtr ) ( ex: a place); reserve (sb & vtr; including military); reservation (sb) 

reserverot 	 spare wheel 

reservuar 	 reservoir (sb) 

resid	( resìd ) = live (vint) 

residence	 residence (sb) (medicine ) internship ( sb) 

residual 	 residual (adj ) 

residue 	 residue (sm ) 

se resigne 	 to give in, to resign 

resilience	resilience (sb)

resist	[rëzIst] = resist (vtr) 

resistor 	 resistor (sb) 

resmen 	 belt, strap (sb) 

respect	[rëspEkt] = respect (sb) 

respect	(& respecte) = respect (vtr) 

respective	respective (adj)

respieu 	 rebuff (vtr) 

respirator	medical ventilator; respirator insufficience = respiratory failure (sb) 

respire 	 breathe (vtr/vint) 

respond 	 retort, respond (vtr) 

responsible	responsible (adj)

respublic	republic (sb)

ressort 	 jurisdiction (space; sb) 

restaurateur	restaurant owner

reste 	 to be left (vint); rest, left-over (sb) 

restructuration	restructuration

resultat 	 result (sb) 

resulte	ex = to result from

resume 	 sum up (vtr) 

resurrection 	 resurrection (sb) 

resurreg 	 to ressurect 

reteulgen 	 pull-up (after a jump; sb) 

reticence 	 reluctance (sb) 

reticent	reluctant, hesitant (adj)

retina	retina

retire 	 pension off, retire (vtr) 

retireit	retired person

retive 	 restive, stubborn (adj) 

retorte 	 retort (chemistry; sb) 

retouche 	 to touch up (sb)

retrace	retrace (vtr) 

retraite 	 retreat (sb) (military) 

retrehv 	 retrieve, find back (vtr) 

retro	backwards (adv)

retrogwahsa	reversing (vehicle; sb)

retrospecule 	 rearview mirror (sb) 

reu 	 crumble, collapse (vint) 

reudher 	 glow red (vint) 

reudhos 	 redness, red blotch (sb) 

reug 	 belching (sb) and belch (vtr) 

reul 	 rule (sb & vtr) 

reup	to break (up) (vint)

reur 	 bell, wail (vtr) 

reus	 crackle (vint) 

reusch 	 rush (vint & sb) 

reust	to get rusty

reuyd 	 to exploit (a natural resource) (vtr) 

revanche 	 revenge (sb & vtr) 

revele	to reveal (vtr)

revente 	 rhubarb (sb) 

revenue 	 revenue (ex. of a State, sb) 

revere 	 revere (vtr ) 

reverence 	 reverence (sf ) 

Reverend 	 Reverend (sb) 

reverso rekurihen	reverse repo

revigore 	 invigorate, brace up (vtr) 

revers	 reverse ( sb) (Sports ) 

revolution	revolution

revolutionar	revolutionary

revolv 	 revolve (vint) 

revolver	revolver

revue 	 review (military spectacle, magazine, sb); review (vtr) 

rew	past tense of "rewen"

rewaldh	- se = to regain one's control

rewen	to space out (vtr)

rewidue 	 to reafforest (vtr) 

rewiduesa 	 reforestation (sb) 

rewos 	 (free) space (sb); rewos bar = space bar 

rewost	roomy, spacious

rewot	(sing) = viscera (splu) (animal) 

rey 	 wealth (sb) 

reykhan 	 marjoram (sb) 

reza 	 latch (sb) 

rezg 	 rope, rigging (sb) 

rhabreb 	 dwelap, wattle, lappet, whalebone, fetlock

Rhadamenth	Rhadamanthuq

rhaddeb 	 furious (adj)

rhalat	erroneous, wrong 

rhalib 	 victorious ( adj) 

rhalt 	 err ( vint) error, mistake (sb) 

rhasal	ghazal

rhassib 	 usurper (sb) 

rhayir 	 alien, external (adj) 

rhayr 	 non- (prefix) (to words of Arabic origin) 

rhelrhay	ingush

Rhen 	 Rhine (npr) 

rhenisch	Rhenish

rhetorique 	 rhetorics (sb) 

rheumatic feber	rheumatic fever

rheumatisme 	 rheumatism (sb) 

rhielt 	 past tense of « rhalt » 

rhinoceros 	 rhinoceros (sb) 

rhododendron	rhododendron (sb)

Rhomay	(Imperium) = Byzantine (Empire) 

Rhodes 	 Rhodes (npr) 

rhum 	 rum ( sb) 

riawdals 	 achievement (sb) 

ribat 	 piping, slip-bead ( sb) 

ribis 	 red currant (sb) 

ribosom	 ribosome (sb) 

rica	 headband (sb) 

riche 	 rich (adj) 

richeih 	 enrich (vtr) 

ricochete 	 rebound, bounce ( sb) 

ricotta 	 ricotta (sb) 

rictus	 grin (sb) 

rid 	 past tense of “reid” 

rieb 	 past tense of “rab” 

riedh 	 past tense of “radh” 

riegh 	 past tense of “ragh” 

rierz 	 past tense of “rarz” 

riesp 	 past tense of “rasp” 

rieubh 	 past tense of “raubh”

rieud	to mourn for, to weep 

rieuf 	 past tense of “rauf” 

riff 	 reef (sb) 

rifil 	 ripple (sb) 

rig	 realm (sb); past tense of “rineg” 

righing	rigging (sb)

rigid 	 rigid (adj) 

rigor 	 rigor (sb) 

rigoreus 	 strict (adj ) 

rik 	 returned, got back to (past tense) 

rime 	 rhyme (sb) 

rind 	 rind (sb) ( fruit) 

rinderpeste 	 rinderpest (sb) 

rineg 	 hug ( vtr ) 

rineg 	 Market Square 

ring 	 ring ( sb) 

Ringenpoti	“Lord of the Rings” 

rinna 	 gutter ( sb) 

riouda	mourning, wailing; Riouda Duivar = Wailing Wall

rip 	 past tense of “reip” 

ripa 	 rib (sb); seashore (sb) 

riposte 	 retaliate (vtr) 

ris 	 rice (sb) 

riscat 	 risky (adj) 

risk 	 risk (sb, vtr); ye sien wi risk = at one's own risk 

riskpremium	risk premium

risotto 	 risotto (sb) 

riss 	 past tense of “reiss” 

rissala 	 periodical (sb , newspaper ) 

rissem 	 drawing ( sb ) ( result ) 

rite 	 rite (sb) 

ritornell 	 ritornello (sb) 

ritter 	 knight (sb ) 

rittersk 	 chivalrous ( adj) 

ritterstand 	 chivalry ( sb) 

ritual 	 ritual (adj & sb) 

riud	past tense of "rieud"

rivalitat 	 rivalry (sb) 

rivete 	 rivet (sb) 

rivier 	 river (sb) (that flows into another river; & including "River of diamonds"); Rivier ios Pace = Peace River (Canada)
Riyad 	 Riyadh (npr) 

rizma 	 ream (sb) ( paper ) 

rjienbwuts 	 figure ( sb) (fig. important person ) 

rjiendaujughyi 	 humanitarianism ( sb) 

rjienkjian 	 world of the living ( sb) 

rjienklicha 	 rickshaw (sb) 

rjienrlwey 	 humankind 

rjienzao 	 man-made (adj) 

rlau 	 jail, gaol ( sb ) 

rlaurjien 	 senior, elderly person 

rlayji 	 next year 

rlayu 	 thunderstorm ( sb) 

rlienxien 	 meticulous (adj ) 

rligay	( sing ) = profit and loss ( splu ) 

rlinji 	 provisional ( adj) 

rliokchay 	 Green tea 

rliouscha	(sing) = quicksands (splu)

rliouturbine	water current turbine (sb) 

rlowtou 	 road verge (sb) 

rlungdwan 	 monopolize, take up (vtr ) 

roadster 	 roadster ( sb ) 

robe 	 robe (sb) 

robot 	 robot (sb ) 

robust 	 sturdy ( adj) 

rock 	 rock (sb) 

Rockic Montans 	 Rocky Mountains (splu) 

rod 	 gnaw ( vtr ) 

rodar 	 meadowsweet ( sb) 

rodent 	 rodent (adj & sb) 

rog 	 rye (sb ) 

rogamus 	 rogatory commission 

rogv 	 dress, skirt ( sb ) 

rogye	to straighten (vtr)

rohm 	 past tense of “rehm” 

rohn 	 past tense of “rehn” 

rohv 	 past tense of “rehv” 

roibh 	 disparate ( adj) 

roig 	 row (sb ); “ep sien roig” 	 in one’s turn 

rokh 	 roc (sb) ( fabulous bird ) 

rol 	 role (sb); ag- un rol 	 to play a role

roll	roll (vtr/vint) (sb)

rollschou	roll skate (sb)

rollstaven 	 rolling slat blind (sb) 

Romagna 	 Romagna ( npr ) 

roman 	 novel ( sb) 

romanc 	 romance (adj) 

romani	romani

romantic 	 romantic (adj) 

romantiquer 	 romanticist (sb) 

romantisme	romanticism

romanurg 	 novelist (sb) 

romb 	 diamond shape (sb) 

Rome	Rome

romune	Romanian

Romuneia	Romania

romuscha 	 forced laborer 

Roncesvalles 	 Roncesvalles ( npr ) 

rong 	 haughty ( adj) 

rontgen 	 radio, x-ray ( sb & vtr) ( medicine) 

rontgenium 	 roetgenium (sb) 

ronthal 	 halter ( sb) 

ropp 	 lewd, filthy (adj ) 

rosar	(sing) = prayer beads (splu) 

roschtka 	 hearth grate (sb) 

rose 	 rose (sb) 

Rosette	Rosetta (npr); Rosette Petra = Rosetta Stone

rosink	(sing) = raisins (splu) 

rosmarin 	 rosemary (sb) 

ross 	 dew (sb) 

rossomak 	 wolverine (sb) 

rost 	 roast (vint) & roasted (adj) 

rot 	 wheel (sb)

rotarkel	guard stone

rotative 	 rotary ( adj) 

rotbrehg 	 breaking wheel ( sb) ( torture ) 

rotic 	 cartage (sb) 

rotor 	 rotor (sb) 

rotos 	 landing gear 

rotskand 	 (to do a) cartwheel 

rotunde 	 rotunda ( sb) 

roube 	 suit, clothing ( sb); (splu)	 things, belongings 

roufett 	 trade association 

roug 	 clamp, bridle ( sb) 

rouge  	 rouge ( sb) 

Roumeli	Rumelia

rouna	secret (sb)

round 	 round (sb) ( Sports ) 

roup 	 opening, doorway, gun-port, embrasure ( sb ) 

route 	 route ( sb) 

router 	 router (sb) 

routine	routine (sb)

roy 	 king (sb) 

royal 	 royal (adj) 

roydem 	 kingdom (sb) 

royschalk 	 steward ( sb) ( Gondor’s “Arandur” ) 

ru 	 past tense of “reu” 

ruakchei 	 brook ( sb ) 

rubeola	(sing) = measles 

rubin 	 ruby ( sb) 

rublye 	 ruble ( sb) 

rubric	 rubric, topic (sb) 

rucksack 	 backpack 

rudh 	 red ( adj ) 

rudhchald 	 breaking (adj ) (fig., ex	 topic ) 

rudher 	 past tense of “reudher” 

Rudh Liewen Drehm 	 “Dream in the Red Chamber” (Chinese major novel, npr) 

rudiment 	 rudiment (sb) 

rudimentar 	 rudimentary (adj) 

rue 	 rue (sb) (plant) 

ruffian	ruffian (sb)

rug 	 rough (adj); past tense of “reug” 

rughat 	 curse, swearword (sb); to swear, curse (vint)

Ruhollah Khomeini	Ruhollah Khomeini

ruine 	 ruin (sb) 

rujiow 	 shotgun (sb) 

rukh	rook (chess, sb)

rukhade	castling (sb)

rukhsa 	 dismissal (sb) 

rul 	 past tense of “reul” 

rumantsch	romansh

rumen 	 rumen (sb) 

rumep 	 break up (vtr) 

rumine 	 ruminate ( vtr ) 

rumor 	 rumor ( sb ) 

runc 	 wrist ( sb) 

runcsaat 	 watch (wrist; sb) 

rund 	 round (sb); round (adj) 

rundgeir 	 roundabout (sb) 

rundic 	 rounded, chubby ( adj ) 

rundretorte 	 round-bottom flask 

rune	rune (sb)

runedh	to redden (vtr)

ruoss 	 red-haired (adj) 

rup 	 past tense of “rumep” 

rupia  	 rupee (sb) 

rupture 	 break ( sb) 

rur 	 past tense of “reur”; countryside 

rural	rural

rural exodus	rural exodus

rus 	 past tense of “reus” 

rusch 	 past tense of “reusch” 

ruschvett 	 bribe ( sb ) 

rusk 	 Russian (adj. & sb) ( ethnicity ); rusk ballett = Russian ballet ( sb ) 

Russ 	 Russia ( npr ) ( old) 

Russia	 Russia ( npr ) (Modern) 

russian 	 Russian (adj. & sb) (nationality) 

rust 	 rust (sb); past tense & participle of "reust"

rusta	 country town (sb) (!) 

rustbaungos	rust fungus

rustic	rustic (adj)

rutabaga 	 rutabaga ( sb) 

ruyd 	 ore, mineral resource (sb); past tense of “reuyd” 

rybs 	 brassica rapa (plant) 

rynk 	 forest pasture 

ryowkhow 	 favorable ( adj ) 

ryssia 	 stake net (sb ) 

rythme 	 rhythm (sb) 

rythmic 	 rythmical (adj) 

sa	(& sal)  + verb = to be about to 

Saadi	Saadi (npr)

saan 	 umbrella (sb) 

saat 	 clock, watch (sb) 

saat 	 hour ( sb) (o’ clock ) 

saat-ye 	 clockwise (adv) 

saatzone 	 time zone (sb) 

Saba 	 Sheba (biblic kingdom; npr) 

sabab 	 reason, cause (sb)

sabbatical	sabbatical (adj & sb) 

sabel 	 sable (animal, sb) 

sabastan 	 sebesten 

sabbarh 	 dyer (sb ) 

sabd 	 Saturday (sb) 

saber 	 saber (sb ) 

sabika 	 old acquaintance 

sabit	indelible (adj)

sable 	 sable (sb) (heraldry) 

sabotage	sabotage (sb & vtr)

sabur 	 purge ( sb) 

sabzi	(sing ) = vegetables ( splu ) 

sac	 sack(ing) (sb; vtr) 

sacber 	 confiscator, looter, “sacker” (sb) 

saccadat 	 staccato (adj) 

saccade 	 jerk (sb) 

sachet	sachet, little bag

sack 	 bag (sb) 

sacramebt	sacrament (sb)

sacrifice 	 sacrifice (vtr & sb) 

sacrilege 	 sacrilege (sb) 

sacristia	sacristy

sadak 	 wedding gift (sb ) 

sadiste 	 sadist ( sb ) 

sadistic 	 sadistic ( adj ) 

sadrenc 	 chessboard (sb) 

sadrencpold	field (on a chessboard)

safawi	safavid

safer  	 travel (sb & vint) 

safi 	 rough, unpolished, uncultivated (adj) 

safride 	 trevally (sb) 

sage 	 sage (sb) 

sagv 	 to know how to 

sahan 	 tureen (sb) 

Sahara 	 Sahara (npr) 

Sahel 	 Sahel (npr) 

sahide 	 blest (adj) 

sahikh	(wa salim) = safe and sound (adj) 

sahli	Sahelian

sahrawi 	 Saharian (adj) 

saint 	 saint (adj. & sb) 

Saint Augustinus os Hippo 	 Saint Augustine of Hippo 

Saint Iohannes lukukramb 	 glowworm (sb) 

Saint Gallen 	 St. Gallen ( npr ) (city and canton of Switzerland) 

Saint Gotthard 	 Saint Gotthard (Switzerland; npr) 

Saint Laurent 	 Saint- Lawrence ( npr ) ( river and gulf ) 

Saint Office 	 Holy Office ( sb) 

Saint patron 	 patron saint (sb) 

Saint Peter Basilic 	 Saint Peter’s Basilica 

Saint Petersburg 	 Saint Petersburg (npr) 

Saint Spirit 	 Holy Spirit 

Saint Thomas os Aquin 	 Thomas Aquinas (npr) 

saison 	 season ( sb) 

saj 	 teak (sb ) 

sajada 	 small prayer mat 

sakat 	 invalid (adj , sb) 

saker 	 sacred (adj) 

sakerdot 	 priest (sb ) 

Sakerdotin	High Priestess ( Tarot ) 

sakerfalk 	 saker falcon (sb) 

Saker Roman Imperium Deutschios Nation 	 Holy Roman Empire 

sakht 	 tough, bitter (adj) 

sakhtian 	 morocco leather (sb) 

sakhwan 	 by mistake 

saki 	 cup-bearer (sb) 

sakib 	 radiant (adj) 

saktah 	 swoon (vint; fig.) 

sakwn 	 quiet (adj)

salace	salacious

salacot	pith helmet 

salade 	 salad (sb) 

Saladin 	 Saladin (npr) 

salafi	Salafi(st)

salafia	salafism

salair 	 salary (sb) 

salairmandover	wage-earning class

salamander 	 salamander (sb) 

salariat 	 employee, salaried ( adj & sb) 

sald 	  	 salt ( sb) 

saldem 	 brine (sb ) 

saldmer 	 briny (adj) 

saldpetra 	 saltpeter (sb) 

Salem 	 Salem (npr) 

salepp 	 orchis ( sb) 

salg	+ acc. = to go / get out of 

salgos 	 swell (of the sea, sb) 

salic	Salic, Salian

saline	saltworks (sing. in Sambahsa)

salive 	 saliva (sb) 

salk 	 willow (sb) 

sall 	 room ( sf ) 

salm	(& salmon) = salmon ( sm ) 

salmiac 	 ammonia salt, salmiac (sb) 

salmonella 	 salmonella (bacteria; sb) 

Salomon 	 Solomon ( npr ); Salomon Insules = Solomon Islands (npr) 

salon 	 lounge ( sb) 

saloun	saloun

saltamarka 	 doublet ( sb ) 

saltimbank 	 travelling acrobat (sb ) 

salto	(& saltomortale) = somersault (sb ) 

saluber 	 healthy, salubrious ( adj) 

salut 	 hello (sb) ( greeting) 

salute 	 to greet (vtr) 

salv 	 safe (adj) 

salv 	 save (vtr ); salv deposit grind = security locker (bank) ( sb) 

salv-conduct 	 safe-conduct ( sb) 

salvguarde 	 safeguard ( vtr ) 

salvia 	 sage ( sb ) 

salviarmust 	 sagebrush (sb) 

Salvor 	 Saviour ( sb) 

salvtat 	 integrity, safety (sb) 

salvtatscage 	 roll bar (vehicle) (sb) 

salvtatsnauk	lifeboat

salvtatsvest 	 lifejacket (sb) 

sam	 same (adj ) 

saman 	 utensil (sb) 

samar 	 pack saddle ( sb) 

Samarkand 	 Samarkand (npr) 

samawi 	 sky-blue (adj ) 

samband 	 link, relationship (sb) 

sambuca 	 sambukê (sb) 

sambussa 	 filled pastry cake (sb) 

samdih 	 secret code (sb) 

sameih		se _ + dat. = to give oneself as (fig.) 

samghat 	 meeting, gathering (sb), to come together (vint) 

samgwelbh 	 born of the same mother (sb & adj) 

samid	Samoyed(ic)

samkwehk 	 to ressemble (+ acc.; vtr) 

samkwehkia 	 similarity, resemblance, likeness (sb) 

samkweit 	 common point, similarity (sb) 

samlik 	 similar, like (adj) 

samlyogh 	 sexual partner (sb) 

sammel 	 collect, muster (vtr); at the same time (adv) 

samogni 	 of the same lineage (adj) 

sampurna 	 consummate (adj, perfect) 

samreiss	to copy exactly, trace (vtr)

samsar	 estate agent (intermediate) 

samsaria 	 estate agency (sb) 

samsarkhaneh 	 estate agent office (sb) 

samstehm 	 to agree (vint) 

samstyren	self-management

samswoiner 	 team-mate (sb) 

samt	(set, endowed) with (adj ) 

Samuel 	 Samuel (npr) 

samuray	samurai

sanat 	 artisanat (sb) 

sanbaw 	 to be filled (vint) 

sanctifie	sanctify

sand 	 sand (sb) 

sandal 	 sandal (sb) 

sander 	 zander (sb) 

sandlatte	common purlin (sb)

sandsaat 	 (sand) hourglass (sb) 

sanduk 	 trunk (coffer; sb) 

sandvehrm 	 mud worm ( sm ) 

sanghie	 rocky, stony ( adj ) 

sangla 	 forfeit (in a game; sb) 

sanhedrin	sanhedrin

sanicule 	 sanicula (sb) 

sanitar	nurse (sanitary helper, sb); sanitary (adj) 

sank 	 sanction (vtr) (to enact) 

sanka 	 mandible (sb) 

sanscha 	 uneven (adj) (terrain) 

sanschan 	 Celestial Bodies (splu) 

santak	cuneiform, wedge-shaped writing (sb)

santaki	cuneiform (adj)

santur 	 zither (sb) 

sanya 	 sled (sb) 

sapan 	 scarlet pimpernel (sb) 

sapat 	 old slipper (sb) 

sapounopera 	 soap-opera (sb) 

sappeur	sapper

Sappho 	 Sappho (npr) 

sappir 	 sapphire ( sb) 

sapun 	 soap (sb) 

sapunise 	 soap ( vtr ) 

saraband 	 sarabande (sb) 

sarach 	 saddler ( sb ) 

saranda 	 colander ( sb) 

saray 	 hall, palace (sb) 

Sarayevo 	 Sarajevo (npr) 

sarban 	 head of caravan (sb) 

sarc	to compensate (somebody)

sarcasme 	 sarcasm (sb) 

sarcastic 	 sarcastic ( adj) 

sarcophag 	 sarcophagus (sb) 

sard 	 Sardinian (adj , sb) 

Sardes 	 Sardes (npr) 

Sardigna 	 Sardinia ( npr ) 

sardine 	 sardine ( sb) 

sardonic 	 sardonic (adj ) 

sarige 	 wading pool ( sb) 

sarik 	 myna ( sb) 

sarkari 	 official (sb) 

sarong 	 sarong (sm ) 

sarracene 	 sarracen (adj & sm ) 

sarraf 	 money changer ( sb) 

sart 	 light red (adj) 

sarvari 	 Turkish baggy pants 

sask 	 spike ( sm )

sassanian	Sasanian 

sassar 	 dazed (adj) 

sassimi 	 sincere (adj) 

sasyo 	 fruit of the fields (sb) 

sat 	 sated (adj); enough (adv) 

Satan 	 Satan (npr) 

satellite	satellite

sater 	 chopper (sb) 

satin 	 satin ( sb) 

satiric 	 satirical ( adj) 

satisfac 	 satisfy (vtr) 

satos 	 satiety, surfeit (sb) 

satrap	satrap

saturation 	 saturation (sb) 

Saturn 	 Saturn (npr) ( planet) 

satyr 	 satyr (sb) 

saub 	 tallow ( sb ) 

sauce	 sauce (sf ) 

saudagher 	 trader ( sb) 

sauk 	 damage ( sb & vtr ) 

saukan 	 booby trap 

saul 	 single, sole ( adj ) 

saun 	 healthy, sound (adj) 

sauna 	 sauna (sb) 

saup 	 rotten ( adj ) & rot (vint) 

saur 	 calf (of leg; sb) 

saurk 	 coffin (sb; for dead) 

sautee 	 sauté (adj) 

Sava 	 Sava (npr) (river of former Yugoslavia) 

savana 	 savanna (sb) 

savant	savant

savd 	 sap (sb) 

sawin 	 assegai (sb) 

sax 	 cleaver (sb) 

Saxen	Saxony

saxifrage 	 saxifrage (sb) 

Saxon	Saxon

say 	 gills (splu) 

saya 	 sagum (sb) 

sayad 	 hunter (sb) 

sayang ! 	 What a pity! ( interj ) 

sayct	says; said (past participle)

sayd 	 hunt (vtr & sb) 

saydban	game-keeper

sayeto 	 trickle (sb) (smoke , blood) 

sayg 	 say (vtr); sayg- prabh = to be right 

saygway 	 extramural 

Sayid 	 Said (npr); hatchetman (sb) 

saylab 	 flood, flooding (sb) 

saynete	theatrical sketch

sayp 	 grid, enclosure ( sb ) 

sayr 	 strolling ( sb ) 

sayran 	 stroll, walk (vint ) 

sayta 	 bristle (hair; sb) 

sayv 	 fierce, ferocious (adj) (wild); to rage (vint)

sayvant 	 canopy (building; sb) 

sbehnd 	 hug ( vtr ) 

sbehrd 	 cut ( vpr ) 

sbeud 	 wake ( vpr/vint ) 

sbieg 	 past tense of “sbieneg” 

sbieneg 	 gambol (vint) 

sbohnd 	 past tense of “sbehnd” 

sbonda 	 something slung across the shoulder 

sbohrd 	 past tense of “sbehrd” 

sbreck 	 bauble (sm ) 

sbrigh 	 past tense of “sbrinegh” 

sbrinegh 	 bring out ( vtr ) (a principle) 

sbud 	 past tense of “sbeud” 

scaben 	 alderman (sb) 

scafold 	 scaffold (sb) 

scal	(& scala) = scale (sb) 

scaliktissad	(sing.) = economies of scale

scalp	 scalp (sb) 

scandal 	 scandal (sb) 

scandaleus 	 scandalous (adj) 

scanner	scanner (sb)

scapada 	 escapade (sb) 

scarlat 	 scarlet (adj ) 

scarmusch 	 skirmish (sb) 

scarlatine 	 scarlet fever (sb) 

scatule 	 box ( sb) 

scauba 	 stud, crampon (sb) 

scepter 	 scepter (sb) 

scetil 	 bowl (sb) 

scha 	 hush (interj !) 

Schaam	Greater Syria

schab 	 kid (sb) 

schabak 	 xebec (sb) 

schabaki	Shabak(i)

schabasch 	 tip (money; sb) 

schabender 	 harbourmaster (sb) 

schabenderkhaneh	harbourmaster's office

schablon 	 pattern (sb); cliché (sb) (fig) 

schabout 	 Atlantic pomfret, ray bream (sb) 

schabrack 	 saddle mat (sb) 

Schabtay Zvi	Sabbatai Zevi

schadab 	 verdant (adj) 

schadravan 	 water jet (sb) 

schaecheing 	 range, scope (sb) 

schaenziu 	 fan (to move air; sb) 

schaffel 	 keg (sb) 

schaghian 	 sandstone (sb) 

schaghird 	 apprentice (sb) 

Schah 	 Shah (sb) 

schahide 	 witness (sb & vtr); Schahide os Jehovah = Jehovah's Witness

schahidia 	 testimony (sb) 

schahin	peregrine falcon

Schah-Nameh 	 Shahnameh (sb) 

schajra 	 isolated tree (sb) 

schack	mesh, stitch (sb) 

schaentay 	 prune (vtr) pruning (sb) 

schahadat	shahada

schakel 	 link (of chain, sb) dial (vtr) 

schakh 	 chess (sb) 

schakhmat 	 checkmate 

schakht 	 shaft (mine, sb) 

schakhwa 	 sensual pleasure ( sb) 

schakhwani 	 voluptuous (adj ) 

schakhwat	lust

schaki 	 plaintive (adj) 

schakir 	 grateful ( adj) 

schakwa 	 grief (sf ) 

schal 	 shawl (sb) 

schalasch 	 shelter (sb) 

schalk 	 servant ( sb) 

schalt 	 to switch (on; vtr) 

schalter 	 on-off switch (sb) 

schaltpult	switchboard (sb)

scham 	 shame (sb) 

schama 	 candle (sb; religious) 

schamandura 	 sea mark buoy (sb) 

schamar 	 slap (sb & vtr) 

schamdan 	 candlestick (sb) 

Schameri	Samaritan (adj & sb; ethnic group)

schamlia 	 shawm (sb) 

scandalise 	 scandalize ( vtr ) 

schang 	 percussion instrument (sb) 

schangdien 	 shrine (sb) 

Schanghay 	 Shangai (npr) 

schanta 	 lunchbag (sb) 

schap 	 foot-and-mouth disease (sb) 

scharab 	 drink, beverage (sb); sip (vtr) 

scharara 	 foolish remark/action (sb)

schararakar 	 maker of foolishness 

scharf 	 scarf (sb) 

scharia 	 Sharia (sb) 

schariban 	 (sing.) = whiskers

scharike 	 accomplice (adj & sb) (partner) 

scharir 	 malicious (adj) 

schark 	 East, Levant (direction; sb) 

scharlagan 	 sesame oil (sb) 

schaschev 	 mad, touched, cracked (adj) 

schater 	 tent pavilion (sb) 

Schawl 	 Saul (npr) 

schaungzan 	 disable (vtr ) 

schawngdan 	 get discouraged ( vpr ) 

schawngwo 	 noon (sb) 

schawxwen 	 momentarily ( adv ) 

schayak 	 coarse wool cloth 

schaykan 	 bond, debenture (sb) 

schaykh	sheikh

schebeck 	 female monkey (sb) 

scheffel 	 grain loading hopper (sb) 

scheffer 	 manager, estate steward (sb) 

Scheherazade	Scheherazade

schehnk 	 give, pour, pay (vtr) 

scheigjian 	 the World (religion, sb) 

scheild	+ acc. = to shield (vtr ) 

scheingji 	 spermatazoon ( sb) 

scheischaung 	 here below 

scheisouk 	 trend (fig. fashion; sb) 

scheiss 	 shit (vtr) 

schekel	shekel (sb)

schekhi 	 boast, boastfulness (sb) 

Schem 	 Shem (npr) 

schema	 diagram, pattern (sb) 

schemi	Semite, Semitic

schen 	 blaze (sb) 

schengkjien 	 prejudice, bia (sb) 

schenouse 	 love-in-a-mist, nigella damascena (flower, sb) 

scherdenn 	 abomasum (sb) 

scherz 	 joke ( sb) 

schetrak 	 rustyback, ceterach officinarum (sb) 

scheuffel 	 shuffle (vtr ) (cards) 

scheykhwayghian 	 limestone (sb) 

-schi 	 too, likewise (enclitic suffix; from "yaschi")

schiau 	 tide (sb); to break (like a wave, vint) 

schiaubar	tidal bore

schiaupadwl 	 tide pond (sb) 

schiawkien 	 erase (vtr ) 

schib 	 (window) pane ( sb) 

schiber 	 cursor ( sb) ( tech. ) 

schiboy 	 wallflower (sb) 

schibtierg 	 windschield wiper (sb) 

schicane 	 chicane (sb) 

schicanire 	 quibble ( vtr ) 

schid 	 (paper) sheet (sb) 

schiday 	 humid climate zone (sb) 

schiekel 	 past tense of “schakel” 

schielt 	 past tense of “schalt” 

schieta 	 plaice (sb ) 

schiieu 	 past tense of “schau” 

schifa 	 healing ( sb ) 

schifakhaneh 	 house of healing ( sb) 

schifra 	 honing iron (sb) 

schigiowng 	 order of things 

schija 	 envoy(ee) ( sb) 

schikay 	 complain ( vint); complaint (sb) 

schikergah	preserve (sb)

schikht 	 layer (sb) (vein) 

schikwan 	 laboratory cylinder (sb) 

schild 	 shield; sign, notice (sb); past tense of “scheild” 

schildmaid 	 shieldmaiden ( sb) 

schildvolcan	(& schildvolcano) = shield volcano (sb) 

schimmel 	 go mouldy (vint) 

schimmer 	 shimmer ( vtr ) 

schindel	(& schindule) = shingle ( sb ) 

schinghay 	 attack, blow, infringement (sb) 

schip	skiff

Schirase 	 Shiraz (npr) 

schirite 	 braid (sb) 

schirk 	 rag (sb) 

schirkat 	 partnership (for the common good; sb) 

schirm 	 screen (sb, for hiding, protection) 

schischee 	 demijohn, carboy (sb) 

schischmav 	 plump, podgy, chubby (adj) 

schisme	schism

schiss 	 past tense of “scheiss” 

schitajiki 	 pencilboard (sb) 

schiya 	 shia (Islam, sb) 

schiyi	shi'ite

schiyong 	 used (adj) 

schkaf 	 cupboard (sb) 

schkembeh 	 tripe (sb) 

schkip 	 Albanian (adj ) 

Schikiperia 	 Albania (npr) 

schkoda 	 blaze, disaster ( sb) 

schlagbaum 	 mobile fence 

schlakhsana 	 whipped cream ( sb)) 

schleiv 	 polish ( vtr ) 

schlesser 	 locksmith ( sb) 

schliv 	 past tense of “schleiv” 

Schlonsk 	 Silesia ( npr ) 

schnicel 	 sirloin steak (sb) 

schnur 	 string, thread, lace (sb) 

schnurbaut 	 heavy duty boot (sb) 

Schoah 	 Shoah (npr) 

schock 	 shock (sb) 

schofar 	 shofar (sb) 

schoft	shophet

schogun	shogun 

Schomron	Samaria (npr)

Schomroni	Samaritan (pertaining to Samaria) (adj & sb)

schop 	 shop (sb) 

schoppen	tankard (that can contain the equivalent of an imperial pint)

schorf 	 dry stone wall (sb) 

schort	( splu ) = shorts (splu) 

schou 	 shoe (sb) 

Schoumer 	 Sumer ( npr ) 

schoumri 	 Sumerian ( adj. & sb) 

schoupleus 	 artificial swimfin (sb) 

schoutor 	 shoemaker ( sb) 

schowbey 	 equipment ( sb), equip (vtr) 

schowi 	 therefore 

schowngjighian 	 retinitis (sb) 

schpeck 	 (streaky) bacon (sb) 

schpross 	 mullion (sb) 

schram 	 scar ( sb) 

schrank 	 tiny room, recess (sb) 

schraud 	 shroud (ship; sb) 

schrehnk 	 shrink (vint) 

schreink	shrink (vtr)

schrift 	 font (sb) 

schrill 	 shrill (adj) 

schrohnk 	 past tense of “schrehnk” 

schrot 	 scrap iron (sb) 

schrub 	 helix (sb) (form) 

schtab	staff (head of an army)

schtabbertor 	 bâtonnier ( sb) 

schtecker 	 electric plug (sb) 

schtender 	 rack (sb)

schteukel	to divide up (vtr) 

schteurm	+ acc. = to storm (attack; sb) 

schtoss 	 move, blow (game; sb) 

ghehldschtraf	fine (penalty; sb) 

schtraf 	 punishment, penalty (sb) 

schtuk 	 bit, piece (sb) 

schturm 	 assault ( sb); past tense of “schteurm” 

schuffel 	 past tense of “scheuffel” 

schughev 	 seedy (adj ) 

schuidien 	 rice field ( sb) 

schuifan 	 to exemplify 

Schulammit 	 Shulammite ( npr ) 

schumwl 	 coverage (fig ) 

schun 	 crack (of skin; sb) 

schungjin 	 magnificent ( adj) 

schupa 	 implement shed (sb) 

schut 	 hornless (adj ) 

schvorce 	 breastplate (sb) 

Schweiz 	 Switzerland (npr) 

schweizer 	 Swiss (adj & sb) 

schwenkjiauschi 	 missionary (sb) 

schynka 	 ham (sb) 

sciatique 	 sciatica (sb) 

science	 science (sb) 

scientific 	 scientific (adj) 

scientisme	scientism

scind 	 present tense base of “scinesd” 

scinesd 	 split, cut (vtr ) 

sciss 	 past participle & past tense of “scinesd” 

sclav 	 slave (adj & sb) 

sclaventajir 	 slave trader (sb) 

sclaverie 	 slavery (sb) 

scleren 	 shrivel (vtr ) 

sclos 	 clos, small castle (sb) 

sclud 	 door lock (sb) 

sclus 	 lock (for water transport; sb) 

scobies 	 elderberry ( sb) 

scol 	 school (sb) 

scolass 	 to find a way how to 

scolastique 	 scholasticism (sb) 

scolnote 	 (school) mark (sb) 

scoltabelle 	 school report (sb) 

scomber 	 trash (sb) 

scop 	 scope (sb) 

score	score (sb; amount of points)

scoria 	 slag (sb) 

scorpion 	 scorpion (sb ) 

scoup 	 scoop (news, sb) 

scouter	scooter

scovard 	 pancake ( sb) 

screhsc 	 to ressurect, rise (from death) (vint) 

screisc 	 to ressurect, raise (a dead) (vtr) 

screuv	to screw

scrib 	 write (vtr) 

scribe 	 scribe (sb) 

scribel 	 scribble ( vtr ) 

scribmachine 	 typewriter (sb) 

scribtable 	 desk (sb) 

scricit	(he/she/it) screamed

scrie 	 scream (vint) 

scrin 	 jewel case, casket (sb) 

scrining	screening (against disease)

scriptor 	 writer (sb) 

scriptural monete	scriptural monete

Scripture 	 (Holy) Scripture 

scrobila 	 starch paste ( sb ) 

scrock 	 hull (ship; sb) 

scrupule 	 scruple ( sb ) 

scrute 	 to peer into 

scrutin	ballot, polling

scruv 	 screw (sb); past tense of "screuv"

scruvwehrt 	 screwdriver (sb) 

sculp 	 sculpt ( vtr ) 

sculpture 	 sculpture (sb) 

scura 	 blind (for windows; sb) 

scurfer 	 scurvy (sb) 

scurr	scour (vtr; to roam a place for hunting, plundering...)

scuss	past tense & past participle of "scutt"; jerk, jolt, tug, shaking (sb)

scutt 	 shake (vtr) 

Scylla	Scylla (sb)

sdehrkos 	 dung (sb) 

sdu	to take off (a garment) 

se 	 oneself 

seance 	 session, performance ( sb) 

secant 	 intersecting (adj ) 

secator	(sing) = loppers (splu) 

secka	 mint (office; sb) 

second	 second (adj ) 

secret	( secrèt ) = secret (adj. & sb); to secrete (vtr) 

secretaire 	 writing desk, secretaire (sb) 

secretar 	 secretary (sb); secretar-general = secretary-general

secretariat	secretariat (sb)

secretion 	 secretion (sb) 

secte 	 sect (sb) 

secular stagnation	secular stagnation

secule 	 century (sb) 

secundar ieus	secondary law (EU)

secunde 	 secund (time unit; sb) 

securitat 	 security, safety (sb) 

securitisation	securitization (finance, sb)

secwr 	 axe (sb; tool, weapon) 

sedative 	 sedative (adj, sb) 

sedd 	 seat (sb); sit (vint) 

seddel 	 saddle (sb) 

seddos	basis, assize

seddwerwn 	 seatbelt (sb) 

sedef 	 mussel (sb) 

sediment	sediment

seduc	seduce (vtr)

sefarat 	 diplomatic mission (sb) 

seg 	 cut ( vtr ) 

segdel 	 handle (of plough; sb) 

segel 	 sickle ( sb) 

segetal 	 cereal (adj ) 

segheitel 	 handle (of ard; sb) 

seghel 	 sail (sb & vint) 

seghelbaurd 	 windsurf ( sb) 

segler 	 sailing ship (sb) 

seh 	 sow ( vtr ) 

sehat 	 correctness (sb) 

sehgn 	 dream, muse over (vint) 

sehkw 	 follow (vtr) 

sehl 	 win, achieve (a victory, a prize, sb) 

sehlk 	 drag, tril along (vtr) 

sehnd	opening (breakthrough; sb)

se sehnd 	 to force one’s way 

sehnder 	 make clots , concretions (liquid, vint) 

sehngv 	 sing (vtr) 

sehgvreimos	nursery rhyme (sb)

sehnk 	 sink (vint) 

sehnkseid 	 vertical ( adj) 

sehr 	 squeeze, clench (vtr) 

sehrg 	 blood (sb) 

sehrgkwehlen 	 circulatory system (sb) 

sehrglasni 	 bloodthirsty (adj) 

sehrgstriht	(& sehrgstrihn) = bloodshot (adj) 

sehrgsuker	blood sugar

sehrg transfusion 	 blood transfusion (sb) 

sei 	 if ( conj ) ( assumption ) 

seid 	 straight (adj) 

seikw 	 spill ( vpr ) 

seil 	 rope (sb) 

Seilenos	Silenus (npr)

sein 	 hay (sb) 

seina 	 seine (sb) 

seinkholt 	 hay fever (sb) 

seink 	 sink (vtr ) 

seise 	 huntsman (sb) 

seit 	 wire-mesh (sb) 

seit 	 rake (vtr ) 

seitos 	 wire-fencing (sb) 

seituva 	 water hole 

seiz 	 seize (vtr) 

seizen 	 boarding (sb) 

sekelat 	 woolen garment (sb) 

sekia 	 kid (sb) 

sekway	aftermath (of a wound, a disease)

sekwent 	 following, according to 

sekwos 	 following (prep) 

seld 	 herring ( sb) 

selderei 	 celery (sb ) 

selective reuyden 	 selective logging (sb) 

seleg	{sëlEg} = to select 

sell 	 good (contra-evil), blest (adj. & sb) 

sellamat	hello ! (general greeting formula); to greet

sellgumt 	 welcome (sb) 

sellgwehm	to welcome (sb)

selp 	 fat, grease (sb) 

sem 	 some (adj) 

semanghen 	 someone

semantique	semantics

Semele	Semele (npr) 

semen 	 seed (sb) 

semianhaingher 	 semi-trailer (sb) 

semikehmber 	 semicircular arch (sb) 

seminar 	 seminar (sb) 

semiologia	semiology (sb)

semject 	 something 

semper 	 always (adj) 

semquis	someone (singular masculine nominatif)

sena 	 senna (sb) 

Seneca 	 Seneca ( npr ) 

senecion 	 groundsel (sb) 

Senegal 	 Senegal (npr) 

seni 	 apart, separately (adv) 

senil 	 senile (adj ) 

senn	(& sennmat) = alp ( sb) 

sensation 	 sensation (sb) 

sensational	sensational

senschalk 	 seneschal (sb) 

sense 	 sense (sb) 

sensorial systeme 	 sensor systeme (sb) 

senst	 last ( adj) 

Sensto Judcement 	 Last Judgement (sb ) 

sensual 	 sensual ( adj) 

sententieus 	 pompous ( adj) 

senter 	 latter (adj) 

sentiment	sentiment

Seoul 	 Seoul (npr) 

sepal 	 sepal (sb) 

separe 	 separate ( vtr ) 

sepeul	+ acc. = render the last homage to 

sepit 	 grain of wheat (sb) 

sept	(& septa) = seven (num) 

september 	 September (sb) 

septentrion 	 septentrion (sb) 

septic podin 	 septic tank ( sb) 

sepulker 	 sepulchre ( sb) 

sepulture 	 burial place (sb) 

sequester	receiver(ship) (of the assets of a debtor)

ser	 seriously (adv; when refering to injuries) 

seray 	 citronella (sb) 

serb 	 Serbian (adj. & sb) 

serbese 	 bold (adj) 

serbesia 	 boldness (sb) 

Serbia 	 Serbia (npr) 

serene 	 serene ( adj ) 

serenade 	 serenade (sb) 

serf 	 serf (sb) 

serfdem 	 serfdom (sb) 

serge 	 serge (sb) (cloth) 

sergeant 	 sergeant (sb) 

sergugi 	 small plume (sb) 

serial	(TV, radio) serial (sb); serial port = serial port

serie 	 series (sb) 

serietat 	 seriousness ( sb ) 

serieus 	 serious (adj) 

serkwen 	 corner of the mouth (sb) 

sermon 	 sermon ( sb) 

Sermon ep id Mont 	 Sermon on the Mount 

seropositive	seropsitive

serp 	 sickle (sb) 

serpent 	 serpent, snake (sb) 

serpentin 	 serpentine (adj); streamer (sb) 

sert 	 late (in time; adj) 

serter	later (in time; adj & adv)

serve 	 serve (vtr; including tennis) 

Michael Servetus 	 Michael Servetus (npr) 

service 	 service ( sb) 

service-station 	 service-station ( sb) 

serviet	 napkin (sb) 

servile 	 servile ( adj ) 

servitude 	 servitude, easement (sb) 

servus ! 	 at your service ! 

ses 	 to be, being (sb) 

sesgwesmen	extinct (volcano)

sess 	 sat (past tense & past participle) 

sessiet 	 (he/she/it) will be 

session	 session (sitting, sb) 

seswo	oneself

setar 	 white bridal veil 

Seth 	 Seth (npr) 

Sethi 	 Seti (npr) 

setus 	 pregnancy ( sb) 

seucla 	 beet-root ( sb) 

seug 	 suck ( vtr ) 

seugpapier 	 blotter ( sb) 

seul 	 found (vtr ) 

seup 	 booze (vint) 

seurc 	 gush (vint) 

seurf 	 to surf (vint) 

seut 	 soothe (vtr) 

seuw	to impulse, give rise to (vtr)

seuy 	 rain (sb & vint) 

seuyjaquet	(& seuymantel) = raincoat (sb) 

Sevastopoli	Sevastopol

Seville	 Seville (npr) 

sexe 	 sex (sb) 

sexe scandal 	 sex scandal (sb) 

sextant 	 sextant (sb) 

sextar	sixth (measure; sb)

sexual act 	 sexual act 

seyf 	 strongbox (sb) 

sfall 	 err (vpr) 

sfaradi	Sephardi

sfud 	 skewer (sb) 

sgwen 	 present tense base of “sgwesen” 

sgwesdel	candle extinguisher (sb)

sgwesen 	 to turn / switch off, to extinguish 

sgwesspoim	dry ice (for extinctor)

shagal 	 jackal (sb) 

shamyu 	 shark (sb) 

shangsu	constant (sb)

shayad 	 probably (adv) 

sheinkhoadan 	 flare (sb) 

shiakali 	 boswellia sacra (sb) 

shibboleth 	 shibboleth (sb) 

shienciu 	 overgrown ( adj ) 

shienrlin	(sing) = woods ( splu ) 

shinan 	 contraption (sb) 

Shinto 	 Shinto (npr) 

Shiva 	 Shiva (npr) 

shortstop 	 shortstop (sb) 

shraman 	 shaman ( sb) 

shuibaen 	 fountain basin, weathering pit 

shuirlien 	 water lily ( sb) 

shuitow 	 chickenpox (sb) 

si 	 “yes” to a negative response 

Siam	Siam

siamese	siamese

siav 	 bay (horse; adj) 

sib 	 to oneself 

sibakin 	 crack (vtr ) 

sibia 	 relationship, feature (sb) 

Sibiria 	 Siberia (npr) 

sibiriak	Siberian

siblautel	self-interested

sicar 	 hitman (sb) 

sicbaj 	 marinade (sb) 

Sicilia 	 Sicily (npr) 

sicilian 	 Sicilian (adj & sb) 

sicurance 	 insurance ( sb) 

sicure 	 insure (vtr) 

sidarat 	 presidency of the council 

Side 	 Side (npr) 

side-car 	 side-car (sb) 

sider 	 iron (sb) 

Sidon	Sidon (npr)

siec 	 past tense of “sac” 

siefer 	 past tense of “safer” 

siege	siege

siegestand	state of siege

sielg 	 past tense of “salg” 

sielv 	 past tense of “salv” 

siemmel 	 past tense of “sammel” 

sien 	 one’s 

sienk 	 past tense of “sank” 

sierc	past tense of "sarc"

sies 	 thou wilt / you will; to have a snooze/nap/siesta (vint) 

siesta 	 siesta (sb) 

sieug 	 ill (adj) 

sieughehlper	health care aide (sb)

sieuk 	 past tense of “sauk” 

sieune 	 health (sb); sieune-sicurance = sickness-insurance 

Sieune ! 	 Bless You ! (to someone who has just sneezed) 

sieup 	 past tense of “saup” 

sieyd 	 past tense of “sayd” 

sieyg 	 said (past tense) 

sigh 	 victory (sb) 

sigil 	 sigil (sb) 

sigle 	 logogram (sb) 

signal	 signal (sb) 

signatar 	 signatory ( adj , sb) 

signature 	 signature ( sb) 

signe 	 sign (vtr & sb) 

signet	signet (ring)

significant 	 significant (adj) 

sigwr 	 assert (vtr) 

sigwra 	 definitely, surely (adv) 

sigwring	fuse link (elect., sb)

sik 	 whitefish (sb) 

sikhisme 	 sikhism (sb) 

sikhtir ! 	 out! ( interj ) 

sikw 	 past tense of “sinekw” or “seikw” 

silah 	 armed force ( sb) 

sildbwr 	 silver coin 

Sileimanie	Sulaymaniyah

silence 	 silence (sb) 

silent 	 silent (adj) 

silhouette	 silhouette (sb) 

silicium 	 silicon (chemical element ; sb) 

silk 	 silk ( sb) 

sill 	 seal (animal, sb ) 

silo	silo

Siloah	Siloam (npr; Bible)

silur 	 catfish (sb) 

sim	flat (nose; adj)

siman 	 edge, ridge (sb) 

simbva 	 large wildcat (sb) 

Simeon 	 Simeon (npr) 

similar 	 similar (adj) 

simili	(adj) = imitation (adj) 

similitude 	 similarity (sb) 

simitar 	 scimitar (sb) 

simple 	 simple (adj) 

simpliste	simplistic

simule	+ acc. = pretend (vtr) 

Sinay	Sinai (npr)

sincere 	 sincere (adj) 

sin- 	 present tense base of “sisen” 

sindon 	 silk brocade ( sb) 

sindu 	 border river 

sinecure 	 sinecure (sb) 

sinekw 	 dump, pour out ( vtr ) 

sinep 	 mustard (sb) 

sinepgas	mustard gas

sinf 	 corporation, guildhall 

Singapura 	 Singapore (np) 

singkong 	 cassava (sb) 

singular 	 singular (adj, sb) 

singule	single (unique, isolated; adj)

sinhala	sinhalese

sink 	 past tense of “seink” 

sinister 	 sinister (adj) 

sino-tupeudi	Sino-Tibetan

sinsar 	 lizard (sb) 

sinueus 	 serpentine ( adj) 

sioul 	 thread (sb) 

sioulskau 	 threadbare ( adj) 

siour 	 wife’s brother (sb) 

siphon 	 siphon (sb) 

sirat 	 moral (of a story; sb) 

sirdab 	 oubliette (sb) 

sirdak 	 felt quilt (sb) 

sirdar 	 Commander in Chief 

Sire 	 Sire (sb) 

sirene 	 siren (sb) 

sirma 	 thread of gold 

sirop 	 syrup ( sb ) 

sirr 	 reserve (personal discretion; sb) 

sirri 	 secretive (adj) 

sisen 	 to let to + verb 

sislew 	 advantageous, beneficial ( adj ) 

sillew nov yar ! 	 happy new year ! 

sit 	 past tense of “seit” 

sitara 	 brick partition (sb) 

sitla 	 well bucket 

sits	 cereal ( sb) 

sitsit 	 gossip (sb) 

situation	situation (sf)

siudel 	 awl (sb; for sewing) 

siuge 	 illness (sb) 

siuk 	 dry (adj) 

six 	 six (num) 

siyassa	policy (sb

siz 	 past tense of “seiz” 

skabh 	 scrape ( vtr ) 

skac 	 jump, leap, somersault (vint & sb) 

skadh 	 shadow (sb) 

skal 	 (voice) shout (sb) 

skalm 	 thole-pin (sb) 

skalop 	 colchicum ( sb) 

skamb 	 bent (adj ) 

skamb 	 turning point, bend (sb) 

skand	 jump (vint ) 

skap 	 escape (vtr), to depart from 

skapbock	scapegoat

skapologia 	 escapology (sb) 

skapstar 	 shooting star (sb) 

skar 	 bedsore (sb) 

skarp 	 scarp (sb); steep (adj), sharp, cutting (fig, adj) 

skarpen 	 sharpen (vtr) 

skarpstrehler	marksman (sb)

skarpwn 	 steep rock 

skat 	 ray (fish, sb) 

skater 	 to scatter, display, unfold 

skatert 	 tablecloth (sb) 

skau 	 show ( sb) 

skau 	 make see, show (vtr) 

skaun 	 remarkable (adj ) 

skaurnt 	 shit (sb) 

skaut 	 cattle, stock (sb) 

skav 	 dig (vtr) 

skayv 	 awkward, clumsy (adj) 

skedh 	 past tense of “skenedh” 

skehd 	 scatter ( vint) 

skehlp 	 peel (vtr ) 

skehn 	 skin (vtr ) 

skehpt 	 wait for ( vtr ) 

skehpteina	waiting room

skehptschalasch	bus stop shelter

skehptton 	 dial tone (sb) 

skehr 	 shear ( vtr ) 

skehrd 	 stunt ( vtr ) 

skehrz 	 cut ( vtr ) 

skehth	+ acc. = to be harmful to, to do damage to 

skeip 	 shape (sb & vtr); loom (vint) 

skeirsmeih 	 simper ( vtr ) 

skeiryeusa 	 bracing (architecture, sb) 

skeletic 	 skeletal ( adj) 

skeletocleich 	 master key 

skeletum 	 skeleton ( sb) 

skelia 	 wing dam, jetty, boom (sb) 

skelm 	 rascal (sb) 

skenedh 	 scatter (vtr ) 

skeng 	 oblique ( adj ) 

skengokwi 	 slanted eyes 

skept 	 late (with delay; adj) 

skeptic 	 skeptical (adj) 

skepticisme	skepticism

skermen 	 graze (wound, sb) 

sketh 	 damage (sb) 

skeud 	 cantankerous, sullen, dull, morose (adj ) 

skeul	(see Grammar) = to be obliged to, ought to 

skeulk 	 hide (vint) 

skeulkic 	 deceitful (adj ) 

skeulos 	 criminal liability, guilt (sb) 

skeulost 	 villain (adj & sb) 

skeum 	 skim ( vtr / vint ) 

skeup 	 scoop ( vtr ) 

skhal 	 euphorbia ( sb) 

ski 	 ski (sb & vint) 

skibehnden 	 ski binding (sb) 

skibh 	 past tense of “skimebh” 

skider 	 sparse ( adj) 

skiec 	 past tense of “skac” 

skiedisk 	 touchy ( adj ) 

skiend 	 past tense of “skand” 

skiep 	 past tense of “skap” 

skieter 	 past tense of “skater” 

skieu 	 past tense of “skau” 

skiev 	 past tense of “skav” 

skilida 	 clove garlic (sb) 

skilift 	 platter lift (sb) 

skimbel 	 limp, hobble (vint) 

skimbher 	 lame, wobbly, shaky ( adj , sb) 

skimebh 	 limp, wobble (vint) 

skinhedd 	 skinhead ( sb) 

skink 	 femur ( sb) 

skip 	 past tense of “skeip” 

skipper 	 skipper (sb) 

skirp 	 blade of grass 

skizze 	 sketch (drawing, beginning; vtr & sb) 

sklad 	 unload (vtr ); to take off (a garment); storage 

skladretrehv	storage & retrieval

skohd 	 past tense of “skehd” 

skohlp 	 past tense of “skehlp” 

skohn 	 past tense of “skehn” 

skohpt 	 past tense of “skehpt” 

skohr 	 past tense of “skehr” 

skohrd 	 past tense of “skehrd” 

skohrz 	 past tense of “skehrz” 

skohth 	 past tense of “skehth” 

skolfa 	 temple (on head; sb) 

skolig	puppy (young dog)

skolm 	 gladius, swerd (sb) 

skolt 	 scot, share ( sb) 

skoperd 	 spinning top (sb) 

skoptic 	 mocking (adj ) 

skot 	 sheet (of sail) (sb) 

skoyu 	 tibia ( sb) 

skrehb 	 scrape, scratch ( vtr ) 

skrehmb 	 shrivel up, wrinkle (vint) 

skremeb	to get smaller/shorter (vint)

skrobh	hornbeam (sb) 

skrohmb 	 past tense of “skrehmb” 

skul 	 past tense of “skeul” 

skulk 	 scout, explorer (sb); past tense of “skeulk” 

skult 	 tort, obligation, debt 

skum 	 foam, scum ( sb); past tense of “skeum” 

skup 	 past tense of “skeup” 

skweiter	to give a picture of

skyth 	 Scythian (adj. & sb) 

skyur 	 rack (sb) 

slab 	 weak (adj) 

slabpoint 	 weak point (sb) 

slahem 	 slam (vtr) 

slalom 	 slalom (sb) 

slamm 	 mud ( sb) 

slampic 	 untidy ( adj) 

slanc 	 slender, slim (adj ) 

slangh 	 flexible pipe 

slav 	 Slavic ( adj , sb) 

Slavonia 	 Slavonia ( npr ) 

slebh 	 past tense of “slemebh” 

slehmber 	 relax (vint , ex . ties ) 

slehmbert ! 	 stand at ease ! 

slehnger 	 creeper (plant, sb) 

slehnk 	 rewind ( vint ) 

sleib 	 sticky (adj) 

sleibic 	 gummy, sticky (adj ) 

sleid 	 to slide 

sleidschou	iceskate (sb)

sleim 	 file (tool, sb) 

sleingher	to roll (vessel)

sleit	to pass away (vint; to die)

sleiv 	 to smooth (vtr) 

slemb 	 loose, flabby ( adj ) 

slemebh 	 let go off (vtr ) 

sleu 	 release ( vtr ) 

sleub 	 shirk ( vint) 

sleuber 	 skid (vint) 

sleubric 	 slippery (adj) 

sleuct 	 sob ( vtr ) 

sleur 	 trigger (vtr ) 

slid 	 past tense of “sleid” 

sliep 	 haggard ( adj ) 

sligon 	 mattock (sb) 

slingher 	 rolling (ships, sb) 

slip	(sing) = underpants (splu) 

slitt 	 sleigh, sledge (sb) 

sliv 	 smooth (adj ) 

slohmber 	 past tense of “slehmber” 

slohnk 	 past tense of “slehnk” 

slot	 sleet (sb) 

sloikw 	 pupil of eye 

slosk	slush (sb)

sloug 	 servant (sb) 

slougek 	 attendant, employee (sb) 

sloup 	 sloop (sb) 

slovene	Slovene

slu 	 past tense of “sleu” 

slub 	 past tense of “sleub” 

sluber 	 past tense of “sleuber” 

sluct 	 past tense of “sleuct” 

slung 	 sip, gulp (sb) 

slur 	 past tense of “(oi)sleur” 

smad 	 let’s 

smag 	 savour (vtr) 

smagu 	 tasty (adj) 

smal 	 bad, poor (adj) 

smalt 	 smalt (sb) 

smantan 	 cream (from milk, sb) 

smantel 	 chuckle, giggle (vint) 

smaragd 	 emerald (sb) 

smauk 	 fig (sb) 

smauk	+ acc. = to feast on 

smauter 	 to watch (ex : TV, movie; vtr) 

smauterquote (sing) 	 TV ratings (splu) 

sme	(+ verb in the present tense with past value) = once upon a time; SME = "Smulk ed medya entreprises"

-smee	enclitic, especially after a personal pronoun : precisely, in particular

smehg 	 to have a taste (vint) 

smehld 	 to (s)melt 

smehrk 	 stink (vint) 

smeih 	 smile (vint & sb) 

smeik 	 crumb ( of bread) 

smeil 	 to chisel (vtr) 

smeilige 	 smiley ( sb) 

smel 	 small animal (sb) 

smeru	(& smeur) = fat (sb) 

smeu 	 wet ( adj & vtr); dribble, drip (vint) 

smeug 	 smoke (vtr ) (food ) 

smeugallin 	 sissy (fig ) 

smeughel 	 smuggle (sb & vtr) 

smeugler 	 smuggler (sb) 

smeuk 	 shiny (like wet; adj) 

smieg 	 past tense of “smag” 

smiegd 	 frail (adj ) 

smieuk 	 past tense of “smauk” 

smieuter 	 past tense of “smauter” 

smih 	 past tense of “smeih” 

smil 	 chisel of sculptor (sb); past tense of “smeil” 

smilax 	 rough bindweed ( sb) 

smientel 	 past tense of “smantel” 

smitt 	 smite, chuck out (vtr) 

smohg 	 past tense of “smehg” 

smohld 	 past tense of “smehld” 

smohrk	past tense of “smehrk” 

smokru 	 goatee (sb) 

smu 	 past tense of “smeu” 

smuc 	 past tense of “smunec” 

smug 	 past tense of “smeug” 

smughel 	 past tense of “smeughel” 

smulk 	 small ( adj) 

smunec 	 to blow one’s nose 

smures semanghens pam	 fig. for “to bribe someone”. 

smyehr 	 share ( vtr ) ( take part in ) 

smyehrdeil 	 share ( sb) 

smyohr 	 past tense of “smyehr” 

smyrn 	 myrrh (sb) 

Smyrna	Smyrna

snah 	 swim (vint) 

snahmayster 	 lifeguard (for swimming) 

snahwensti	swimbladder

snap 	 beak (sb); snap (vtr) 

snapel 	 spout (vint) 

snapphoto	snapshot (sb)

snarc 	 snore (vint) 

snas 	 muzzle (sb) 

snayper 	 sniper (sb) 

snayu 	 tendon, sinew (sb) 

snehg 	 sneak (vpr) 

snehwrnt	noose (sb)

sneif 	 sniff (vtr); sneif- tabak = to take snuff

sneig 	 stick (into, vtr) 

sneigv 	 snow (sb & vint) 

Sneigvalba 	 Snow White ( npr ) 

sneigvbaurd 	 snowboard 

sneigvdrift 	 snowdrift (sb) 

sneigvmensc 	 snowman (sb) 

sneigvoivs	(splu) = floating island (sing) (cooking) 

sneigvter 	 snowdrop (flower; sb) 

sneit 	 curtail (vtr) 

sneud 	 doze (vint); sluggish, sleepy

sneup 	 puff, to be breathless (vint) 

sneurd 	 purr (vint) 

snidan 	 breakfast (sb) 

sniep 	 past tense of “snap” 

sniepe 	 woodcock (sb) 

sniepel 	 past tense of “snapel” 

snierc 	 past tense of “snarc” 

snif 	 past tense of “sneif” 

snig 	 past tense of “sneig”

snigun	mucus of the nose 

snigv 	 past tense of “sneigv” 

snit 	 past tense of “sneit” 

snohg 	 past tense of “snehg” 

Snohgos 	 the Serpent (npr) 

snub 	 past tense of “snumeb” 

snud 	 past tense of “sneud” 

snumeb 	 marry ( vtr ) ( a man) 

snup 	 past tense of “sneup” 

snuptia 	 wedding ( sb) 

snurd 	 past tense of “sneurd” 

snus	(& snusa) = daughter-in-law ( sb) 

so 	 that, this (masculine singular nominative) 

sober 	 sober (adj) 

sobertat	sobriety (sb)

sociable	sociable (adj)

social orbat	social work (sb)

societal	societal (adj)

societat 	 society (sb) 

Societat os Jesus	 Society of Jesus (sb) 

sockel 	 plinth, pedestal, base ( npr ) 

Socrates 	 Socrates ( npr ) 

Sodom 	 Sodom ( npr ) 

sofa 	 sofa ( sb) 

sofra 	 coffee table 

software 	 software ( sb) 

sogn	dream (awaken; sb)

sohgn 	 past tense of “sehgn” 

sohkw 	 past tense of “sehkw”; quest

sohl 	 past tense of “sehl” 

sohlk 	 streak, trail (sb); past tense of “sehlk” 

sohnd 	 past tense of “sehnd” 

sohnder 	 past tense of “sehnder” 

sohngv 	 past tense of “sehngv” 

sohnk 	 past tense of “sehnk” 

sohr 	 past tense of “sehr” 

soitos 	 enchantment, spell (sb) 

sok 	 investigate, search (vtr); sok(en) = investigation, search (sb); "Sok de ia buhsa ed causen ios Opnos iom Nations" = "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations"

sokar 	 investigator (sb) 

sokh 	 wooden ard 

sokhbat  	 company (friends, sb) 

sokjudce 	 investigating judge (sb) 

sokmotor 	 search engine ( sb) 

sokwi 	 fellow (sb) 

sokwia 	 fellowship (sb) 

sokwidirector 	 Partner Manager (sb) 

sol 	 sun (sb) 

solar panell 	 solar panel (sb) 

solar plexus 	 solar plexus (sb ) 

solar systeme 	 solar system (sb) 

solbrand 	 sunburn (sb & vtr) 

soldat 	 soldier (sb) 

solde 	 pay (of soldier, sb) 

solenn 	 solemn (adj) 

solflor 	 sunflower ( sb) 

solg 	 such 

solicitude 	 solicitude (sb) 

solid 	 solid (adj) 

solidaritat 	 solidarity ( sb) 

soliditat	solidity

soll 	 must (vint; with a meaning of probability; ex: “he must be there” = “is sollt ses ter”)
sollucic 	 sunny (adj) 

solsaat 	 sundial (sb) 

solstice	solstice (sb)

soluk 	 breath, mouth odour (from the throat, sb) 

Solus	Soli (in Cilicia)

solution 	 solution (sb) 

solv 	 solve (vtr) 

som 	 (I) am; (clitic particle + conjugated verb) = indicates that this action is nearing completion 

sombre 	 sombre (fig., adj) 

sombrero	sombrero

somies 	 back plate, subbase (sb) 

somkwe	(+ participle) = all the more... since/because

sommett 	 summit (sb) 

son 	 son ( sb) 

sonate 	 sonata (sb) 

sonde 	 probe, sonde (vtr & sb) 

songay	Songhay

songv 	 song (sb) 

songvsam 	 singing, sing-song (adj) 

sonnett 	 sonnet (sb) 

sonst 	 if not 

sont 	 (they) are 

sonter	independently from

sonterbahsa	slang (argot; sb)

sonteria 	 set, clique (sb) 

sontern 	 but (conj) (after negation) 

sontia	reality, truth

sophiste	sophist

sophisticat 	 sophisticated (adj) 

sophistique 	 sophisticate (vtr) 

Sophokleus 	 Sophocles (npr) 

sopran	soprano

sorb 	 swallow (vtr) 

sorbete 	 sorbet (sb) 

sorbh 	 rowan (sb) 

sorghum 	 sorghum (sb) 

sort 	 sort (sb) 

sortie	sortie

sorwk 	 shrew (sb) 

sorwkar	buzzard

sosule 	 murmur (vint) (wind , grass) 

sotia 	 sotie (sb) 

soufflee 	 soufflé (sb) 

soup 	 soup ( sb) 

souper 	 supper (sb) 

sour 	 sour ( adj) 

sousaphone 	 sousaphone (sb) 

soutache	soutache (sb)

soutane 	 cassock ( sb ) 

souvenire 	 souvenir (sb) 

souverain 	 sovereign (adj. & sb); souverain fund = sovereign wealth fund 

souverainitat 	 sovereignty (sb) 

soviet	soviet (adj & sb) 

sovietsk	sovietsk (adj)

soya 	 soy (sb) 

soyl 	 threshold ( sb) 

space 	 (outer) space (sb) 

spacial	spatial

spad 	 spade (sb) 

spadassin 	 spadassin (sb) 

spahi	spahi

spak 	 droplet (sb) 

spalt 	 fault (geo; sb); crack (vtr) 

spalv 	 hue (sb), to give a hue to (vtr) 

spand	to span (vint)

spandbeton	prestressed concrete

spang	 loop (sb) 

spanking 	 spanking (sb) 

spant	nautical frame

spar 	 spare, save (vtr) 

sparcutia	moneybox

sparghen	(sing) = nappies (splu) 

Sparta 	 Sparta (npr) 

spartak 	 string, cord (sb) 

spartan 	 Spartan (adj, sb) 

sparv	sparrow (sb)

spasme	spasm

spasmodic 	 spasmodic (adj) 

spassere 	 walk, stroll ( vint) 

spatule 	 spatula, slice (sb) 

spece 	 species (sb) 

special 	 special (adj) 

specieus	specious

spect 	 look (sb; act of looking) 

spectacle 	 show (sb) 

specter 	 spectre (sb) 

spectral ligne	spectral line

spectrum 	 spectrum (sb) (eg. lights) 

speculation	speculation

specule 	 mirror (sb) 

speculeschib	two-way mirror

speh 	 hope (vtr & sb) 

spehc 	 look at (vtr) 

spehcel 	 cookie, informer (sb) (Police) 

spehd 	 speed (vint) 

spehder 	 speedster (sb) 

spehn 	 spin (vtr) 

spehr 	 spread (vtr) 

spehrd 	 competition (sb) 

speic 	 spoke (sb)

speim	foam, lather (vtr/vint) 

speit 	 despite (sb & prep) 

spelbt 	 spelt (sb) 

speleologia 	 speleology (sb) 

spell 	 spell (vtr ) 

spend 	 spend ( vtr ) (time); gift, offering, donation (sb) 

speren 	 spur ( sb & vtr ) 

sperg	to splash

sperma	semen (sb)

speud 	 speed (vtr & sb) 

se speud 	 hurry up (vint) 

speudmeider 	 speedometer 

speul 	 wash, rinse with plenty of water (vtr) 

speulkhana	scullery

sphere 	 sphere (sb) 

spice	 spire (sb) (on a building) 

spieja	(sing) = provisions, food supplies (splu) 

spiejar 	 steward’s room, pantry (sb) 

spielt 	 past tense of “spalt” 

spiend	past tense of "spand"

spier 	 past tense of “spar” 

spieu 	 spit ( vtr ) 

spieumen 	 spit, spittle (sb) 

spieuter 	 splutter, sputter (vint) 

spik 	 woodpecker ( sb) 

spilk 	 pin ( sb) 

spin	(& spina) = spine (sb) 

spina 	 spine of book 

spinak 	 spinach (sb) 

spincrusber 	 gooseberry 

spindel	vertebra

sping 	 finch (sb) 

spion 	 spy (sb) 

spionage 	 espionage (sb) 

spionka 	 peephole (sb) 

spira 	 turn, coil (sb) 

spiral 	 spiral (adj & sb) 

spiraldrab	(sing) = spiral stairs (splu) 

spirit 	 spirit, wit, soul (sb); "Id Spirit iom Loys" ="The Spirit of the Laws"

spiritisme	spiritism

spiritlampe 	 spirit lamp (sb) 

spiritualitat	spiritualitat

spiss 	 spice ( sb) 

spital 	 hospital (sb) 

spiu 	 past tense of “spieu” 

spiuter 	 past tense of “spieuter” 

spleind 	 glare, blaze (vint) 

spleindos 	 glare ( sb ) 

splendid 	 splendid ( adj) 

splind 	 past tense pf “spleind” 

splinter 	 splinter (sb) 

spoctic 	 derisive, mocking ( adj) 

spohc 	 looked at (past tense of “spehc”) 

spohd 	 past tense of “spehd” 

spohder 	 boisterous (adj) 

spohn 	 past tense of “spehn” 

spohr 	 past tense of “spehr” 

spohrd 	 past tense of “spehrd” 

spoim 	 foam, scum (sb) 

spolye 	 spoil (sb & vtr) 

spond 	 to mean/resolve to + verb (vtr) 

sponda 	 generosity, expenditure (sb) 

sponsor	sponsor (sb & vtr)

spontan	spontaneous (adj)

sponton 	 spontoon (sb) 

sporadic	sporadic

spore 	 spore (sb) 

sport	 sport (sb) 

sportive	sport (adj)

sportkielken	gym(asium)

spraiy 	 spray ( vtr ) 

spraneg 	 to burst (vtr) 

sprat 	 sprat (sb) 

sprehg 	 to ask (someone a question; vtr) 

sprehng 	 spring, explode, burst (vint) 

sprehngcap 	 warhead (sb) 

spreu 	 burst forth (vint) 

spreud 	 be startled, start (vint) 

spreug 	 bud (sb & vint) 

spreuv 	 test, put to the test ( vtr ) 

spreuz 	 splash ( vtr ) 

spreuzdrift 	 spindrift (sb) 

sprijin 	 support (sb) 

sprika 	 cultivated fenugreek 

springflutt	spring tide

spritseghel	sprit sail

sprohg 	 past tense of “sprehg” 

sprohng 	 past tense of “sprehng” 

spru 	 past tense of “spreu” 

sprud 	 past tense of “spreud” 

sprug 	 past tense of “spreug” 

sprut 	 brook (sb) 

spruv 	 past tense of “spreuv” 

spruz 	 past tense of “spreuz” 

spud 	 past tense of “speud” 

spul 	 past tense of “speul” 

spula 	 spool (sb) 

spulach	ball (of wool, etc., sb)

spygat 	 scupper (sb) 

spyra 	 (horse) dung (sb) 

squade 	 squad ( sb) 

squader 	 wing, naval squadron ( sb) 

squadron 	 squadron (sb) 

squal 	 big fish, squaloid (sb) 

squalid 	 non–cultivated, squalid (adj) 

squam 	 scale (on animals, sb) 

srakue	to chip (vtr)

srakut 	 serrated, steely, jagged (adj) 

srans 	 take leave of (vtr) 

sray 	 defecate (vint) 

srayen 	 bullshit (fig. sb) 

sreg 	 garland (sb); past tense of “sreneg” 

sreht 	 stir, ondulate (vtr, vint & sb) 

sreneg 	 surround with a garland 

sreu 	 flow (vint) 

sreumen 	 river (sb) 

sreup 	 dirt ( sb) 

sreupbak 	 dustbin (sb) 

sreupgloi 	 spot of dirt ( sb) 

sriens 	 past tense of “srans” 

sriey 	 past tense of “sray” 

srig 	 cold ( adj); past tense of “srineg” 

srigeh 	 to feel/be cold (vint) 

srigpreus 	 frostbite (sb) 

srineg 	 cool ( vtr ) 

sringa 	 syringe (sb) 

srog 	 strawberry (sb) 

sroht 	 past tense of “sreht” 

srom 	 paralyzed (lame, adj ) 

srov 	 electric power (sb) 

srovbux 	 socket (sb) 

srovgehn 	 power plant (sb) 

sroviswor	power supply (sb)

srovos 	 socket (for electricity; sb) 

sru 	 past tense of “sreu” 

srungh 	 snout (sb) 

SSS = "suwen setusstop" = voluntary interruption of pregnancy

stabh 	 past tense of “stamebh” 

stadel 	 stable (sb) 

stadelmayster 	 riding master (sb) 

stadelsloug 	 groom ( sm ) 

stadium 	 stadium ( sb) 

staffette 	 dispatch rider, courier (sb) 

stag 	 relay, stage (sb) 

Stagheiros	Stagira

stagnant 	 stagnant (adj) 

stah  	 stand; stah- wakht = to stand guard 

stahal 	 deserve (vtr) 

stahgjia	sidebar

stahmen 	 weaving loom (sb) 

stahsit	(he/she/it) stood

stahwrnt 	 bar, loaf ( sb ) ( compact material ) 

stajer 	 rent ( vtr )& rental (sb) (subject = tenant ) 

stak 	 past tense of “stanek” 

staka	 crutch (sb) 

stal 	 steel (sb) 

stalactite 	 stalactite (sb) 

stalagmite 	 stalagmite (sb) 

stalbeton	reinforced concrete, steel concrete

staleina	(sing.) = steelworks

stam 	 stem, trunk (including torso; sb) 

stamberg 	 log cabin (sb) 

stamebh	( semject ad semanghen ) = to keep someone from something 

stammel 	 stutter (vtr ) 

stamp 	 stamp ( sb & vtr ) 

stampel 	 to check in / clock in ( ex: unemployed) 

stand 	 status, stand ( sb) ( situation ) 

standard 	 standard, reference (sb) 

standic	standing (permanent; adj)

stanek 	 quench (vtr), waterproof (adj) 

stangh 	 bar (long object; sb) 

stank	waterproof, watertight

star 	 star (sb)

star ad 	 to stare at 

start 	 start (sb & vtr/int) 

start-ub	start-up (sb)

stat	 State 

Stat-Generals	(splu) = States-General (splu) 

stater	stater (sb)

station 	 station (sb) 

stationar 	 stationer (sb) 

station-chef	station master

statistic	statistic (adj & sb)

statistician	statistician

Statsgwen	Stateswoman

Statswir	Statesman

statuar 	 art of sculpture (sb) 

statue 	 statue ( sb) 

Statue as Libertat 	 Statue of Liberty (npr) 

stature 	 stature (sb) 

status	status

status quo 	 status quo (sb) 

statut	statute

staud 	 stud farm (sb) 

staun 	 to be surprised, astonished ( vint ) 

staunos 	 astonishment, amazement (sb) 

staur 	 powerful (adj ) 

staven 	 shutter (sb) 

stavros 	 Sign of the Cross 

staw 	 to condensate (vint) 

stayg 	 sudden (adj & adv) 

ste 	 you are (2° plu + courtesy)

steb	(& stebel) = stem (sb) 

steg	to cover (vtr)

stega	 canvas sheet (sb)

stegu	(steug) = impermeable, waterproof 

stegyu 	 trickster (sb) 

stehbh 	 buttress ( vpr ) 

stehcolnier 	 wing collar (sb) 

stehg	(& steg & tehg & teg) = cover (vtr) 

stehl 	 to set upright 

stehlb 	 to protrude (vint) 

stehlbend 	 prominent (adj ) 

stehm 	 support (vtr ) 

stehm 	 voice (sf ) ( vote) 

stehmb 	 stalk (vint) 

stehmbild 	 ballot paper ( sb) 

stehn 	 thunder (vint) 

stehng 	 sting ( vtr ) 

stehnk 	 stink (vint) 

stehnkkaupust 	 skunk cabbage (sb) 

stehntor 	 thunderous (adj ) 

stehrb 	 to fall into coma 

stehrk 	 sully (vtr ) 

stehv 	 stiffen ( vint) 

stehver 	 pile, stilt (sb) 

steigh 	 path (sb); (ub) = to get/go (up); steigh in nauk = to get on a vessel 

steighijadh	ski lift (sb)

steist 	 leavened dough (sb) 

steiv	to stiffen, tighten (vtr)

stele 	 stele (sb) 

stempel 	 stamp, mark (sb) 

sten	(& stena) = rock face (sb) 

stenbrohg 	 rubble ( sm ) 

stencovehr 	 tapestry (sf ) 

stendart 	 standard (big flag; sb ) 

Stentor 	 Stentor (npr) 

Stephen	Stephen (npr)

ster 	 female (adj, sb) 

sterbnio 	 dry skin (sf ) 

steren 	 strew, display, expand ( vtr ) ( subject = person); steren id lict / crovat = make the bed; steren id meja = set the table 

steril 	 sterile ( adj) 

sternue 	 sneeze (vint) 

sternum	sternum

sterp 	 barren (adj) 

stestoud 	 battered, dented (adj) 

stet 	 spot, place (sb) 

stethoscope	stethoscope

stets	everytime (adv)

steug	impermeable, waterproof (adj)

steulbnas 	 turned-up nose (sb)

steulp 	 to be rolled up 

steum 	 steam ( sb ) 

steumboot 	 steamboat (sb) 

steun 	 whine, groan, moan (vint) 

steup 	 fade ( vint) 

steurb 	 disturb (vtr ) 

steurd 	 to go into a dive (vint) 

steuv 	 stifle (vtr)

steuvos	stifling heat (sb) 

steven	steven

stewardesse	stewardess (in aircraft)

steysia 	 frozen drop 

stibium 	 antimony (sb) 

stiche 	 verse ( sb) 

stiejer 	 past tense of “stajer” 

stiemmel 	 past tense of “stammel” 

stiemp 	 past tense of “stiemp” 

stiempel 	 past tense of “stampel” 

stienghel 	 siskin ( sm ) (bird) 

stienke 	 sealing (sf ) 

stier 	 past tense of “star” 

stiert 	 past tense of “start” 

stieun 	 past tense of “staun” 

stieup 	 step ( sb & vint) 

stieupbenk 	 tier, terracing (sb) 

stieupen 	 step of stairs 

stieupengarden	hanging garden (sb)

stieupenpyramide	step pyramid

stieure 	 power (sb) 

stieurste 	 thirst for power 

stiew 	 past tense of “staw” 

stiftor 	 instigator (of an offence) 

stiga 	 string ( sb ) (of musical instrument ) 

stigh 	 past tense of “steigh” 

stigma 	 stigma ( sm ) 

stikel 	 glass jar ( sb ) 

stikelkrov 	 glass roof (sb) 

still	 still, quiet (adj); to quench (one's thirst) 

stillgwit	still-life (art; sb)

stimule	 boost (vtr); stimulus (sb)

stin 	 tin (sb) 

sting 	 entice (vtr); sting (sb) 

stinghil 	 stem, leg (sb) (of plant) 

stingic 	 stitched (adj ) 

stint 	 smelt (animal, sb) 

stip 	 stiff (adj ) 

stiup 	 past tense of “stieup” & "stiumep"

stiumep	to space out (vtr)

stiv	past tense of "steiv"

stockrose 	 hollyhock (sb) 

stoff 	 stuff (vtr) (pipe, chair); material, fabric (sb) 

stog 	 stack (sb) (of hay) 

stohg 	 past tense of “(s)tehg” 

stohl 	 past tense of “stehl” 

stohm 	 mouth ( sb); past tense of “stehm” 

stohmstupp	gag (in mouth)

stohn 	 past tense of “stohn” 

stohng 	 past tense of “stehng” 

stohnk 	 past tense of “stohnk” 

stohnter 	 thunder ( sf ) 

stohnterflor 	 St John's wort (sm ) 

stohrb 	 past tense of “stehrb” 

stohrbos 	 coma (sm ) 

stohrk 	 past tense of “stehrk” 

stohv 	 past tense of “stehv” 

stoicisme	stoicism

stoiciste	stoic (of stoicism)

stol 	 chair (sb) 

stolar 	 joiner, carpenter (sb) 

stolb 	 post, column (sb); plume (fig. sb) 

stolbcron 	 capital of column 

stolg 	 handle (sb) 

stomak 	 stomach (sb) 

stop	 stop (sb, vtr, vint); stop- dreiv = to lay down (vessel)

storgn 	 stun (vtr) 

storia 	 story (sb) 

stork 	 stork (sf ) 

storm 	 storm ( sb) 

stormic 	 stormy (adj) 

storm-lanterne 	 hurricane lamp 

stormsaylab 	 storm surge (sb) 

storn 	 starling (sb) 

stow 	 holdup (traffic jam; sb & vint) 

stowage 	 stowage (sb) 

stoya 	 rack (on car roofs, sb) 

stoyic 	 stoic (adj) 

stoyicisme	stoicism

strad	 street, paved road 

stradorbats 	 roadworks (splu) 

Strad traffic prabhilscode ( STPC ) 	 Highway Code; Strad Traffic Securitat = Road Prevention 

stragn 	 strange (adj) 

Stragno Weir 	 " phoney war " 

strah 	 strew (vtr ) ( subject = thing ) 

strah 	 litter ( sb ) (strewn straw ) 

straj 	 sentinel ( sb) 

strak 	 tired ( adj) 

strakay 	 exhaustion (fatigue) ( sb) 

stramb 	 stubble field (sb ) 

strand 	 strand, beach (sb); strand (vint) 

strangh 	 string, thread, cord (sb); string (vtr) 

stranghar 	 ropemaker (sb) 

strangule 	 strangle (vtr ) 

stratagem 	 stratagem (sb) 

strate 	 stratum (sb) 

stratege	strategist

stratovolcan	(& stratovolcano) = stratovolcano (sb) 

straugh 	 hairy, shaggy, tousled (adj) 

straus 	 ostrich (sb) 

straus 	 strut (vint) 

strax 	 immediately (adv) 

strayk 	 strike (cessation of work; sb & vint) 

strehb 	 rotate (vtr / int) 

strehblayter	turntable ladder

strehc	stretch (vtr / vpr) 

strehcbenk 	 torture rack (sb) 

strehkw 	 wriggle, squirm ( vint) 

strehl 	 stroke (sb ) ( projectile ) 

strehl 	 ray, shooting (sb); to shoot 

strehl-ed-myehrs	fire-and-forget ( sb) ( missile ) 

strehlguarde 	 shooting guard (sport, sb) 

strehlploton	firing squad

strehm	to stream

strehmghalv	headlong (flight)

strehng 	 severe (adj); se strehng ad = to try hard to

strehnge	severity, harshness, sternness

strei 	 strip (sb) (form) 

streich 	 to tick off 

streichen 	 deletion, erasure (sb) 

streif 	 brush against, touch upon 

streih 	 flute, scratch, cross out (vtr) 

streikw 	 twist, twiddle (vtr) 

streip 	 brush against, skim past (vtr) 

streipoik 	 mottled (adj) 

streped 	 cheese mite (sb) 

strett	straight (sb; sea)

streu 	 spread (vtr) 

se streubh 	 to struggle (to free oneself) 

streug 	 stroke (mark, sb) 

strich 	 past tense of “streich” 

strict 	 strict (adj) 

strid 	 hiss ( vtr ) ( like a snake) 

striend 	 past tense of “strand” 

striengh 	 past tense of “strangh” 

striepmen 	 stirrup (sb) 

strieus 	 past tense of “straus” 

strieyk 	 past tense of “strayk” 

strif 	 past tense of “streif” 

strih 	 past tense of “streih” 

strikw 	 past tense of “streikw” 

string 	 string (swimsuit; sb) 

strip 	 past tense of “streip” 

striptise 	 strip-tease ( sb) 

striz 	 idler, loafer (sb) 

strohb 	 past tense of “strehb” 

strohc 	 past tense of “(oi)strehc” 

strohca 	 section, distance (sb) 

strohg 	 past tense of “strehg” 

strohkw 	 past tense of “strehkw” 

strohl 	 past tense of “strehl” 

strohm 	 stream (sb), past tense of "strehm"

strohng 	 past tense of “strehng” 

stron 	 armchair ( sb) 

strophe 	 stanza ( sb) 

strophium 	 strophium (sb) 

stru 	 past tense of “streu” 

strubh 	 past tense of “strubh” 

structural adjustement	structural adjustment	

structure 	 structure (sb) 

strug 	 build (vtr); past tense of “streug” 

strugitor	project owner (sb)

strugition	project management (sb)

stryng 	 pen (for cattle, sb) 

stub	 stump ( sb) 

stuck 	 stucco (sb) 

studio 	 studio (sb) 

studye 	 study ( sb & vtr) 

studyent 	 student (sb) 

stul 	 chair (sb) 

stulp 	 past tense of “steulp” 

stumep 	 blur, muffle ( vtr ) 

stumia 	 atmosphere, mood (sb) 

stump 	 stocky, muffled, dull (adj) 

stump 	 section, stump (sb) 

stun 	 past tense of “steun” 

stune 	 sheep pen (sb ) 

stuned 	 hit, hurt, knock ( vtr ); stuned- id dwer = knock on the door; stuned protie(v) = stumble against (sb) 

stup 	 blunt ( adj ); past tense of “stumep” 

stupid 	 stupid ( adj) 

stupor 	 astonishment ( sf ) 

stupp 	 to stop up (vtr) 

stupper 	 stopper, cap (sb) 

sturb 	 past tebse of “(oi)sturb” 

sturd 	 past tense of “steurd” 

stus 	 past participle & past tense of “stuned” 

stut 	 pillar (sb) (support, column) 

stuv 	 past tense of “steuv” 

stuve 	 steamroom (sb) 

style	 style (sb)

stylise	stylize (vtr) 

stylus 	 stylus (sb) 

styr 	 steer ( vtr ); steering wheel; plight control surface (sb) 

styrbord 	 starboard (sb) 

styrman	helmsman (sb)

styrmat 	 first mate 

su 	 sow (female pig; sb); (as a suffix) = locative plural 

suadaunteihsa	euthanasia

suadin 	 fair weather (sb) 

suagehnia	eugenics

suagrund 	 soundness (sb) 

suamenos 	 well-disposed (adj) 

suart 	 well assembled (adj) 

suaswehdos	good-natured (adj)

suave 	 mawkish, sickly (adj) 

suavohst	(& suavohsen) = well-dressed (adj ) 

sub 	 under (prep)

subahat 	 stooge ( sb ) 

subalbh 	 whitish (adj) 

subantslehnken	underdevelopment

subdehmen 	 trestle (sb) 

subeih 	 to undergo (vtr) 

subject 	 subject (adj & sb) 

subjunctive 	 subjunctive (adj & sb) 

subkeih 	 be surmounted by (vtr) 

subklehpt 	 get / squeeze something out 

sublime	sublime; Sublime Porte = Sublime Porte

submarin 	 submarine, underwater (adj) 

submarnav 	 submarine (sb) 

submerg	[submErg] = submerge (vtr) 

submitt	submit (vtr)

suborne 	 suborn, temper with (vtr) 

subpehnd 	 ponder (vtr) 

subpoena 	 under fear of (penalty) (prep) 

subrudh 	 reddish (adj) 

subroge	subrogate (vtr)

subsell 	 harness saddle 

subsequent	subsequent

substantive 	 substantive (sb) 

substitue 	 substitute (vtr) 

substitut 	 substitute (adj. & sb) 

substreich 	 underscore ( vtr ) 

subswadh 	 sickly sweet (adj) 

substantial 	 substantial (adj) 

substrate	sunstrate, substratum

subterfuge	subterfuge

subtile 	 subtle (adj) 

subtilesse 	 subtlety (sb) 

subtrag 	 subtract (vtr) 

subuk 	 frivolous (adj ) 

suburb 	 suburb (sb) 

subven	+ acc. {subvEn} = meet (one’s needs; vtr) 

subvention 	 subsidy, grant (sb; vtr) 

succedd	+ acc. = to succeed (succession) 

success 	 success (sb) 

succinct 	 succinct (adj) 

succinic acid 	 succinic acid (sb) 

succulent 	 luscious ( adj) 

succumebh	(+ acc) = to succumb to 

succursal 	 branch plant (commerce; sb) 

sud 	 south (adj. & sb) 

sudeh 	 to enrich (vtr) 

sudehn 	 affluent (rich; adj & sb) 

suder 	 ooze (vint) 

sudernt 	 oozing (sb) 

Sudocean 	 Southern Ocean (npr) 

sudye 	 to sue (vtr) 

suedos 	 property, quality ( sb) 

sufficient 	 sufficient (adj ) 

suffocant 	 suffocating ( adj) 

suffoque 	 suffocate ( vtr ) 

suffrage 	 suffrage (sm) 

sug 	 past tense of « seug » 

suggest	( suggèst ) = suggest (vtr) 

sugiuk 	 summer sausage (sb) 

suicide 	 suicide (sb & vint) 

suisraen 	 notwithstanding (prep) 

suite	suite (sb)

suker 	 sugar (sb) 

sukerconfect 	 candy (sb) 

sukerwata 	 cotton candy ( sb) 

sukman 	 smock (sf ) 

sukno 	 woolen fabric (sb) 

sukol 	 swineherd (sb) 

sul 	 foundation (sb); past tense of “seul” 

sula 	 gannet (sb) 

Suleiman is Kanouni 	 Suleiman the Magnificient (npr) 

sulkhban 	 peacekeeper (sb ) 

sulkhbania 	 peacekeeping 

sulouk 	 behavior (sm ) 

sumbur 	 pip, seed (sb) 

summar 	 summary ( adj ) 

summum 	 highest point (sb) 

sumptuar	sumptuary, extravagant

sumptueus 	 sumptuous (adj) 

sund 	 sound (of sea)

sundae 	 sundae (sb) 

sunder 	 with beautiful lines 

sunduk 	 trunk (case; sb) 

suneht	excision

suner 	 doughty, valiant (adj) 

sungki 	 tooth askew (sb) 

sunna 	 Sunna (npr) 

sunni 	 sunni (adj & sb) 

sunnic	nasty person (sb) ( Fig. !) 

sunu	son (archaic word for "son")

sunyin 	 space of time ( sb) 

suomen	Finn(ish)

Suomi	Finland

suor 	 sister ( sb ) ( religious, nun ) 

sup 	 past tense of “seup” 

supeih 	 to turn upside down (vtr) 

super 	 super (adj) 

superbia 	 vainglory (sb) 

superficie	area (sb)

superstructure	superstructure (sb)

supervivum 	 houseleek (sb) 

supervolcan	(& supervolcano) = supervolcano (sb) 

supiht	(& supihn) = upside down (adj) 

supodeh 	 subjugate, subject (vtr) 

supodeht	(& supodehn) = underling, henchman (sb) 

supostah 	 subordinate (adj) 

supplante 	 supplant (vtr ) 

suppon 	 present tense base of « supposen » 

suppose	let's suppose, supposing that (prep)

supposen 	 suppose (vtr) 

supprem	 present tense base of « suppressem » 

suppressem 	 to suppress 

suppression piurn 	 suppressive fire (sb) 

suprematia	supremacy (sb)

supreme	supreme

surc 	 past tense of “seurc” 

surce 	 source (sb) 

surcot 	 surcoat ( sb) 

sure 	 sure ( adj ) 

surf 	 surf (sb) 

surface	surface (sb. & vint)

suringa 	 siege mine 

surgoun 	 outlaw (sb) 

suri 	 Syrian (adj & sb) 

Suria 	 Syria (npr) 

suriay	Syriac

Suriname	Suriname (npr)

surogv 	 black coat horse 

suronpan 	 abacus ( sb) 

surplus 	 surplus (sing; sb) 

surprined 	 surprise ( vtr ) 

surpris 	 past participle & past tense of “surprined” 

surprise 	 surprise (sb) 

surrealisme	surrealism

surreg	{surrEg} = arise, rush up (vtr) 

sursedd	+ acc = suspend (vtr) 

sursess 	 suspension, reprieve, deferment (law; sb) 

surugi 	 postillion (sb) 

survive	(+ acc.) = survive (vtr) 

Susanne 	 Susan (npr) 

suschi 	 sushi (sb) 

suspec	[suspEk] = to suspect 

suspecen 	 suspicion (sb) 

suspeceus 	 suspicious (adj) 

suspend	[suspEnd] = suspend (vtr) (fig) 

suspense	suspense (sb)

sussam 	 sesame (sb) 

susur 	 whisper (vtr) 

sut 	 past tense of “seut” 

suter 	 owner (sm ) 

sutliach 	 rice pudding 

suture 	 suture (sb) 

suw	past tense of "seuw"

suwal 	 question (sb & vtr) 

suy 	 past tense of “seuy” 

Suways 	 Suez (city of Egypt; sb) 

sval 	 swallow (sb) 

svalswayp	dovetail joint

Sveden 	 Sweden (npr) 

Svensk 	 swedish (adj); Swede (npr) 

swadglehdj 	 ice cream ( sb) 

swad 	 sweet (adj ) 

swadwn 	 season ( vtr ) 

swamen 	 lord ( sb) 

swamonium 	 lordship, paramountcy (sb) 

swardu 	 rind (of meet, sb ) 

swardut 	 chubby (adj ) 

swarm 	 swarm ( sb) 

swat 	 wind row (sb) 

swaul 	 sole (of shoe, foot, sb ) 

swayp 	 tail (sb) 

sweb	Suevic, Suebic, Suebian (adj & sb)

sweghi 	 porcupine (sb) 

swehbh 	 hover (vint) 

swehd 	 be accustomed to 

swehdos 	 custom (sb) 

swehk 	 smell ( vtr ) (subject	 perfume) 

swehl 	 swell ( vtr ) 

swehmbh 	 to mop, spounge up (vtr) 

swehn 	 ring (vtr / vint ) 

swehnd 	 dissipate, fade ( vint) 

swehner 	 sonorous, resonant (adj ) 

swehng 	 swing (vtr) 

swehp 	 sleep (vtr) 

swehpen	sleep (sb)

swehpghanger 	 sleepwalker (sb) 

swehpsack 	 sleeping bag (sb) 

swehpwagon 	 sleeper, sleeping wagon 

swehr 	 pronounce, utter (vtr) 

swehrbh 	 whirl, swirl (vtr, vint) 

sweid 	 to sweat (sb) 

sweigh 	 to shut up (vint) 

sweih 	 whistle (vtr ) ( sing ) 

sweind 	 dissipate (vtr) 

swekers 	 parents-in-law ( spl ) 

swekwehr 	 ensure ( vtr ) ( a service) 

swekwos 	 sap, juice (sb) 

swekwr 	 safe ( adj) (in safety; self-assured) 

swelion 	 wife’s sister’s husband (sb) 

swelpel 	 sulfur (sb ) 

Swelyos 	 Sun God 

Swelyioskwekwl 	 Sun Chariot / Wheel 

Swelyosplowyo 	 Solar Boat ( sb ) 

swergos 	 cloudy sky (sb) 

swes	sister (sb)

swester	sister (sb) 

swesgen 	 sibling (sb) 

swesgenmenos 	 fraternity, spirit of brotherhood 

swesgven	fratricidal (adj)

swesgvon	fratricide (murder of the sibling; sb)

swesrin 	 sisterly (pertaining to one’s sister; adj) 

sweurgh 	 worry ( vint); sorrow (sb) 

swiedwn 	 past tense of “swadwn” 

swigh 	 past tense of “sweigh” 

swih 	 past tense of “sweih” 

swin 	 swine (sb) 

swind 	 fan, lay open (vtr); past tense of “(oi)sweind” 

swindel 	 swindle, fraud (sb) 

swindler	swindler (sb)

swinfluenza	swine influenza

swinghing	swinging (exchange of sexual partners; sb)

swinphel 	 sow bread (flower, sb) 

swistel 	 whistle (sm ) 

switer 	 sweater ( sb) 

swo 	 self ( adj ) 

swobod 	 autonomous (adj) 

swod 	 in the way of (prep) 

swodohbro flag	flag of convenience

swoglehmber	booting (sb; computer)

swohbh 	 past tense of “swehbh” 

swohd 	 custom (sb); past tense of “swehd” 

swohdic	customary

swohk 	 past tense of “swehk” 

swohl 	 past tense of “swehl” 

swohmbh 	 past tense of “(oi)swehmbh” 

swohn 	 past tense of “swehn” 

swohnd 	 past tense of “swehnd” 

swohng 	 past tense of “swehng” 

swohp 	 past tense of “swehp” 

swohr 	 past tense of “swehr” 

swohrbh 	 past tense of “swehrbh” 

swoi 	 shuttle ( sb) 

swoid 	 sweat ( sb & vint) 

swoin 	 team (sb) 

swoker 	 father-in-law (sb) 

swokru 	 mother-in-law (sb ) 

swol 	 soil, floor ( sb ) 

swoleus 	 disinterested ( adj ) 

swolikwt	/swolikwn = left to oneself

swolspect 	 Land Register (sb ) 

swombh 	 spounge (sb) 

swon 	 sound (sb; noise) 

swonbehr	loudspeaker

swonkwatel	loudspeaker enclosure

swonpneiger 	 suppressor (for firearms, sb) 

swonstaven 	 abat-son (sb) 

swonstrei	soundtrack

swoplaisen	/swoplaist = smug, self-important

sword 	 black (adj) 

sword cofie 	 black coffee (sb) 

swordmaria 	 police van, "Black Maria" (sb) 

swurgh 	 past tense of « sweurgh » 

sycomore 	 sycomore (sb) 

syllab 	 syllable (sb) 

syllogisme	syllogism

sylve 	 forest (sb) 

sylvester	sylvester (adj)

symbiose	symbiosis (sb)

symbol 	 symbol (sb) 

symmetria 	 symmetry (sb) 

sympathia 	 sympathy ( sb) 

sympathisant 	 supporter (adj & sb) 

symphonic	symphonic (adj)

symptome 	 symptom (sb) 

synagog 	 synagogue (sb) 

syncretisme	syncretism

syndic 	 trustee, management agent (sb) 

syndical	trade-union (adj)

syndicalisme	trade-unionism

syndicat 	 trade union (sb) 

synod	synod (sb)

synonym 	 synonym (adj & sb) 

synor	(sing ) = reaches ( splu ) 

synorise	+ acc = to confine to 

synt 	 sin (sb); to sin (vint) 

syntaxe	syntax

synthesator 	 synthesizer (music; sb) 

Syracuse	Syracuse

syrat 	 speed (sb) 

systematise	systematize (vtr)

systeme	 system (sb) 

systemic	systemic

syuh 	 sew (vtr) 

syumen 	 sewing, seam (sb) (result) 

ta 	 these, those (neutral plural nominative & accusative) 

taajub 	 exclamation (of surprise, sb) 

taala 	 exaltation (sb) 

taale 	 to exalt 

taam 	 tapestry (sb) 

taana 	 taunting (sb) 

taane 	 taunt (vtr) 

taat 	 obedient (adj) 

tab	(tabulation) = tab (computing)

tabak 	 tobacco (sb) 

tabakconsumm 	 tabacco smoking (sb) 

tabakdose 	 snuffbox (sb) 

tabakdukan 	 tobacconist’s shop 

taban 	 sole of foot (sb) 

tabard	tabard

tabaschire 	 marl ( sb) 

tabell 	 notice board (sb) 

tabib 	 doctor, physician ( sm ) ( fam ! ) 

tabique 	 partition wall (sb) 

table 	 table ( sb, including "Tablets of Law " ) 

tablecockhliar 	 tablespoon (quantity; sb) 

tablette 	 tablet (sb) 

tabou	taboo

tabourett 	 stool (sb ) 

tabricarte 	 greeting card (sb) 

tabrick 	 congratulations (sb) 

tabular 	 office (of notar, sb) 

tabule 	 blackboard (sb) 

tacit 	 tacit (adj) 

taciturn 	 taciturn (adj) 

Tacitus 	 Tacitus ( npr ) 

tackel 	 tackle ( vtr ) 

tackel football 	 tackle football (sb) 

tackye 	 skullcap (sb) 

tact	tact; bar (music, sb)

tactique	(sing) = tactics (sb) 

tadadh 	 numbering ( sb) 

tadbir 	 caution, prudence (sb ) 

tadribe 	 exercise (sb ) (physical ) 

tadrijan 	 gradually (adv ) 

tafarruj 	 break (sb) (children at school) 

tafsil 	 schedule of conditions 

taft	 taffeta ( sb) 

tagara 	 Nero’s crown (flower ) 

tagargik 	 scrip, wallet (sb) 

tah 	 thaw (vint) 

tahona 	 flour mill ( sb) 

tahu 	 soy cheese 

taiper 	 presently 

tajhisat 	 equipment, supplies (sb) 

tajir 	 merchant (sb); tajir bank = merchant bank

tak 	 past tense of “tanek” 

takabur 	 haughtiness, arrogance ( sb) 

takaburi 	 arrogant (adj) 

takach 	 weaver (sb) 

takan 	 bump, jog (sb & vint) 

takelage 	 rigging (sb) 

takhta 	 platform, rostrum (sb) 

takim 	 paraphernalia (sb) 

takoun 	 heel (artificial, sb) 

takriban 	 approximately, almost (adv) 

takrire 	 emergency judicial proceedings (sb) 

takrise 	 back cover, blurb (sb) 

talab 	 water retention, reservoir (sb) 

Talai-Lama	Dalai-Lama

talak 	 repudiation (sb); to repudiate (vtr) 

talas 	 swell (sea, sb) 

talasch 	 hurly burly (sb)

talent 	 talent (sb) 

talenteus 	 talented (adj) 

taler 	 dish, plate (sb) 

talg 	 such ( pron ) 

talim 	 education, teaching (sb) 

talimat 	 learning ( sb) 

talisman 	 talisman (sb ) 

talk 	 talc (sb) 

talkh 	 biting ( adj , fig) 

talkun 	 oats flour (sb) 

talmo 	 wedding tent (sb) 

talmud	talmud

taluss 	 embankment (sb) 

tamam 	 OK 

tamarind 	 tamarind ( sf ) 

tamaskhur 	 buffoonery ( sf ) 

tamassuk 	 negotiable instrument 

tambur 	 drum (sm ) 

tamburin 	 tambourine (sb ) 

tamhide 	 preliminary ( adj) 

tamijdar 	 well educated 

tamkha 	 badge, sign ( sb ) 

tamrin 	 gymnastics move 

tamsil 	 performance (of a player, sb) 

tamsilart	(sing) = performing arts (splu) 

tam -tam 	 tom- tom ( sb ) 

tan	(& tando) = as long as ( conj ) 

tanab	 tent rope ( sb) 

Tanagra 	 Tanagra (npr) 

tanah	tannaim

tanakh 	 tanakh (sb) 

tanek 	 concentrate ( vtr / vpr ) 

tang 	 clamp ( sf ) 

tangent 	 tangent ( adj ) 

tangerine 	 tangerine (sb) 

tanghe 	 pitch and toss (vint ) 

tanghage 	 list (watercraft, sb) 

tangible	tangible

tanglu 	 snowshoe (sb) 

tangpfu 	 mount of piety (sb) 

tanjar	 pan (sb) 

tank 	 tank ( sb) 

tanker 	 tanker (sb) 

tannin 	 maritime monster 

Tanzania 	 Tanzania (npr) 

taoisme 	 taoism (sb) 

tant 	 so much, so many (adv, adj) 

tant-ye 	 for ought 

tantalum 	 tantalum (sb) 

tantana 	 feasting, carousal (sb) 

tante 	 aunt (sb) 

tanzil 	 discount ( sb) (price) 

taochang 	 ponytail (of human hair; sb) 

taper 	 hatchet ( sb) 

taperglupt	(& tapergluben) = cut with pruning hook (adj) 

tapete	wallpaper (sb)

tapia 	 adobe wall (sb) 

tapicier 	 upholsterer (sb) 

tapicieria 	 padding (sb) 

tapit	carpet ( sm ) 

tapwl 	 board (sf ) 

tar 	 then (after interrogative; clitic) 

taraf 	 match (sb; for marriage) 

tarafdar 	 adept, supporter of a doctrine (sb) 

taragh 	 overwhelm, distress, disrupt (vtr) 

taraghmen	ab = frantic about (adj) 

taragweidos 	 turbulent (adj) 

tarak 	 crack, split (sb) 

tarakan	cockroach (sb) 

taram 	 aperitif (sb) (based on seafood) 

Taranto	Taranto

tarantule	tarantula

tarasque 	 tarasque (sb) 

tarbusch 	 fez (hat; sb) 

tarcha 	 target-disk (sb) 

tare 	 tare, defect (sb)

targan 	cockroach (sb) 

tarick 	 highway maintenance 

tariff 	 tariff (sb) 

tariffpaneg	pricing (sb)

tarikat 	 crafty

tarikhe 	 date (in date, sb) 

tarima 	 stool, stepladder (sb) 

tarink 	 peg, pin (sb) (metal) 

tarja	 target (sb) 

tarjem 	 translation (sb) and translate (vtr); Tarjem iom Septgim = Septuagint

tarjmant 	 translator (sb) 

tarjoun 	 tarragon (sm) 

tark 	 conjecture (vtr) 

tarn 	 dull (adj; color) 

tarneih 	 tarnish (vtr) 

tarnien 	 stranger (adj. & sb) 

taro 	 taro ( sb) 

tarot 	 tarot (sb ) 

Tarsus 	 Tarsus (npr) 

Tartaros 	 Tartarus ( npr ) 

tarte 	 pie (sb) 

tarter 	 tartar, scale ( sb ) 

taschabyth 	 moral firmness ( sb) 

taschakur 	 grace, thanks (sb) 

Taschkent 	 Tashkent (npr) 

task 	 task (sb) 

taskar 	 beggar ( sm ) 

taskerat 	 acquired, accumulated experience ( sb) 

taslime 	 surrender ( sb & vint ) 

tassalli 	 comfort, relief (sb) 

tassallise 	 comfort (vtr ) 

tassalsul 	 coupling ( sb ) 

tassawuf 	 sufism (sb) 

tasse 	 cup (sb; ex: tea) 

taste	 feel, sound/try out (vtr) 

tatou 	 tattoo (sb) 

taukile 	 appointment (sb ) (to a post ) 

tauliat 	 letter of credence (sb) 

taunay 	 covetousness, lust ( sf ) 

taungh	( tanghu ) = heavy, large ( adj) 

taunschiun 	 childlike ingenuousness (sb) 

taur	bull (sb) 

taurlown 	 debate (sb) 

taurokatapsia 	 taurocatapsis (sb) 

Taurus 	 Taurus (npr) 

tauschire	to damascene; damascening (sb)

tauxi 	 porcelain ware (sb) 

tavan 	 ceiling (sb) 

taverne 	 tavern (sb) 

tavla 	 ice rink (sb) 

tavle	toskate (on an ice ring)

tavro	red-hot iron

tawadu 	 ritual ablution (sb) 

tawoun 	 plague (sb; disease) 

tawrlien 	 serious, calm (adj) 

tawsie 	 advocate ( vtr ) 

tawtay 	 purify, purge, refine ( vtr ) 

taxe 	 tax (sb) 

taxi 	 taxi (sb) 

taximeter 	 taximeter 

taxir 	 shortage (sb) 

tay 	 replace ( vtr ); ( prefix) = spare (first element of compound) 

tayar 	 ready, prepared (adj) 

tayc 	 to keep quiet (vint) 

taydeils 	 spares 

tayeur 	 suit, costume (sb) 

tayfun 	 typhoon (sb) 

tayin 	 ration (sb) (of food) 

tayman 	 disrespectful ( adj) 

taymayo 	 hawksbill (sb) 

Taypei 	 Taipei (npr) 

tayrot 	 spare wheel 

Taywan 	 Taiwan (npr) 

taywanese	Taiwanese (adj & sb)

taziya	(sing) = condolences (splu) 

tazkire 	 bookmark (sb) 

Tbilissi 	 Tbilisi (npr) 

Tchaykovsky 	 Tchaikovsky (npr) 

te 	 thee, you (accusative) 

Te dumbo sub ghom !	(exp):" I terrorize you ! " 

technic 	 technical (adj) 

technique 	 technique (sb) 

tect 	 roof (sb) 

tecton 	 carpenter (sb) 

tefillin	phylactery (sb)

teg	to cover (vtr)

tegber	roof's A-frame

teghel 	 open skillet (sb) 

teghell 	 machine sewing (sb) 

teghnon 	 fry pan (sb) 

teglatte	roof board (sb)

tegos	toiture (sb)

teguid 	 plump (adj) 

tegule	tile (sb)

tegut 	 thicket (sb)

tehg	to cover 

tehl 	 support, bear, tolerate (vtr) 

tehlp	to fit (into a space; vint)

tehm 	 cut, deem (vtr) 

tehng 	 dip (vtr) 

tehngos 	 outcrop (sb) 

tehom 	 abyss ( sb) ( geographical ) 

tehr 	 cross ( vtr ) 

Tehran 	 Tehran ( npr ) 

tehrb	(see grammar ) = to have to 

tehrg 	 threat (vtr ) 

tehrgspehc 	 menacing, grim (adj) 

Tehria 	 ferryboat (myth., sb) 

tehx 	 lay out (vtr) 

teib 	 roach ( sb) 

teigel 	 tickle (vtr ) 

tein 	 maintain ( vtr ) 

teingwain 	 pleasure garden ( sb) 

teint 	 complexion, colouring (sb) 

teip 	 tape, record (vtr) 

teken 	 esquire (sb) (apprentice knight) 

tekhnass 	 manage to (vint) 

telealarme	remote alarme (sb)

telefilm 	 television film (sb) 

telekinese 	 telekinesis (sb) 

Telemakhos	Telemachus

telematique	(sing.) = telematics

teleorbat	telecommuting (sb)

telepathia	telepathy (sb)

telephone 	 telephone (vint & sb) 

teleporte 	 teleport ( vtr ) 

teleschopping 	 teleshopping ( sm ) 

telescopic vizieler 	 telescopic sight 

television 	 television (sb) 

teliak 	 bathhouse boy 

telluric	telluric (adj)

tellurium 	 tellurium (sb) 

telvee	(sing) = coffee grounds / dregs ( splu ) 

tem 	 so (much/many) 

tem maungh 	 as much 

temos 	 darkness (sb) 

temost 	 dark (adj) 

temper 	 temple (of skull; sb) 

tempera 	 tempera (sb) 

temperament 	 temperament (sb) 

temperance	temperance (sb)

temperature 	 temperature (sb) 

tempere	temper (vtr)

templar	templar (sb)

temple 	 temple (sb) 

tempo	 tempo (sb) 

tempos 	 time interval (sb) 

Tems 	 Thames (npr) 

temser 	 dark, obscure, mysterious (adj ) 

ten	 lair, den (sb) 

tenchere 	 cooking pot ( sb) 

tenct 	 hermetic (adj) 

tend 	 to stretch, to tense (vtr) 

tender 	 tender (adj) 

tenderesse 	 tenderness (sb) 

tendon 	 tendon (sb) 

tengie 	 to look like 

teni 	 darkness (sb) 

teni - 	 dark (prefix) 

tenia 	 ringworm (sb) 

tenjra 	 casserole (sb) 

tenkel 	 molke, buttermilk ( sb) 

tennis 	 tennis (sb) 

tenorblockflute	tenor recorder (flute; sb)

tens 	 these, those (masculine plural accusative) ; past participle & past tense of « tend »
tensor 	 tensor (sb) 

tentacule 	 tentacle (sb) 

tentative 	 attempt (sb ) 

tentel 	 net (sb) 

tepeh	tell (archaeology; sb)

tephra 	 tephra (sb) 

tepid 	 lukewarm (adj) 

tepji 	 tray (sb) (to carry food) 

tepos	asceticism

tepsi 	 cake tin (sb) 

ter 	 there 

terebenth 	 turpentine (sb) 

teremut 	 grumpy (adj) 

Teresa os Avila 	 Teresa of Avila (npr) 

tergiversation	tergiversation 

terkat 	 fur (sb; of a living animal) 

terlique 	 slipper (sb) 

termen 	 boundary stone (sb) 

termin 	 term, end (sb) 

terminal	 terminal ( adj , sm) 

termite 	 termite (sb) 

Terra	the Earth (planet)

terran	earthling, from the Earth (adj. & sb)

Terra Nova 	 Newfoundland (npr) 

terracotta 	 terracotta (sb) 

terrain 	 terrain (sb) 

terrasse 	 terrace (sb) 

terrible 	 terrible (adj) 

terrier 	 terrier (dog; sb) 

territorial	territorial

territorialo planen	spatial planning

territorial wedor	(sing) = territorial waters (splu) 

territorium 	 territory (sb) 

terrorisme	terrorism

tert 	 third part(y) (adj. & sb) 

tert-mund	Third World 

terter 	 auger (sb) 

tertiar sector	service sector

tertipe 	 trick, tip (sb) 

Terto-Stat 	 Third State 

terwn	teenager

terwnia 	 teenage (sb) 

tesedin 	 finery, set (sb) 

tesghiakh 	 workbench (sb) 

test	 test ( sb & vtr) 

tetanus 	 tetanus (sb) 

teterv 	 grouse (sb) 

Tethys 	 Tethys (npr) 

tetro 	 thither (adv) 

teug	(tegu) = thick (adj) 

teugisch 	 covert (sb) 

teuk 	 germinate, sprout (vint) 

teul 	 afford (vtr ) 

teum 	 inflate (vtr ) 

teun	( tenu ) = thin (adj) 

teuneg 	 slender (adj ) 

teup 	 hide oneself (vint / vtr) 

teupsess 	 stocky, squat (adj) 

teurb 	 to make out of order (vtr) 

teurs 	 dry out (vtr/vint) 

teursclehsp	clothes peg (sb)

teursi 	 drier (sb) 

teursic 	 torrid (adj) 

teursia 	 drought (sb) 

teurst 	 thirst ( sb) 

teurstic 	 thirsty (adj) 

teursviel 	 clothesline ( sf ) 

teut 	 tribe ( sf ) 

teution 	 chief of tribe (sb) 

teutisk	tribal

texte	text

textenbeorbater	word processor (software)

texture	texture (sb)

tey	to steal

Thaddayos	Thaddeus

thakithami 	 garret (attic, sb) 

thalamus 	 thalamus (sb) 

thambra 	 uproar, din (sb) 

thamf 	 stench (sf ) 

thang 	 seaweed (sb) 

thark 	 light blue 

Thayland 	 Thailand (npr) 

theatral binocle	(sing.) = opera glasses

theatre 	 theatre (sb) 

thebay	Theban

Thebes 	 Thebes (npr, city of Greece) 

theme	theme, topic

Theodericus	Theodoric

Theokrit 	 Theocritus (npr) 

Theophania 	 Epiphany 

Theophrest	Theophrastus

theorise	to theorize (vtr)

theoretic	theoretician, theorist (sb)

theoric	theoretical

theourgia	theurgy

Thermopyles	Thermopylae

Theseus 	 Theseus (npr) 

theosoph	theosophist 

thol 	 dome (sb) 

thorax 	 thorax, chest (sb) 

Thrace 	 Thrace (npr) 

thraci 	 Thracian (adj & sb) 

Thrasymekh	Thrasymachus

thron 	 throne (sb) 

Thukydides 	 Thucycides (npr) 

Thule	Thule (npr)

thull 	 cotter pin (sb) 

thurroa 	 shoulder bag (sb) 

thuthena 	 Madonna lily (sb) 

thyrs 	 thyrsus (sb) 

ti 	 these, those (undertermined plural nominative & accusative) 

tia ! 	 why ! ( interj. ) 

tib	to thee/you (dative)

tibanch 	 gun (familiar ! , sb) 

Tiber 	 Tiber ( npr ) 

tick 	 tick ( sm ) 

tid 	 time (sb) (as a definite period, an epoch) 

tieckel 	 past tense of “tackel” 

tiel 	 up to, till ( prep ) 

tien 	 thy, thine, your, yours 

tienbing 	 beam balance (sb) 

tienghiay 	 skyline 

tienhuy 	 oil lamp ( sb) 

tienjien 	 original, of origin ( adj ) 

tienkau 	 celestial sphere ( sb) 

tienkiou 	 weather conditions ( splu ) 

tienkizu 	 weather map (sb) 

tienmwenday 	 sky observatory (sb) 

tienxia 	 anywhere in the world (adv) 

tienyung	(sing) = poor weather conditions (splu) 

tierg 	 wipe (vtr) 

tierk 	 past tense of “tark” 

Tierra del Fuego	[ tyErra del fwEgo ] = Tierra del Fuego 

tiey 	 past tense of “tay” 

tieyc 	 past tense of “tayc” 

tiganiza 	 donut (sb ) 

tigel 	 past tense of “teigel” 

tighel 	 crucible (chemicals; sb) 

tigher 	 tiger ( sb ) 

Tigris 	 Tigris ( npr ; River of Mesopotamia ) 

tijarat 	 trade (sb) 

tik 	 only ( adv ) 

tilmach 	 interpret (vtr & sb) (translating) 

tilt 	 drawbridge ( sb) 

timar 	 horse grooming (sb) 

Timayos 	 Timaeus (Plato's work; sm) 

timpan	(a single) timpani (sing; classical music)

timbre 	 timbre (sb) (voice) 

timian 	 incense (sb) 

timid 	 shy ( adj ) 

timorat 	 timorous ( adj) 

Timur	(& Timur Lang) = Tamerlane ( npr ) 

tin 	 past tense of “tein”; fig tree (sb) 

tincture	 tincture (sf ; pharmacy) 

tinghi 	 retail (sale) 

tingire 	 pan, copper (sb) 

tint 	 ink (sb) 

Tintin 	 Tintin (npr) 

Tintoretto 	 Tintoretto (npr) 

tintschib 	 tinted glass (sb) 

tip 	 past tense of “teip”; tip (advice; sb) 

tipi	tipi

tiptil 	 stealthily (adv) 

tiquet 	 ticket (sb) 

tirade 	 tirade (sb) 

tirage 	 newspaper circulation (sb) 

tiret 	 drawn, pinched, haggard (adj, face) 

tischa-beav	Tisha B'Av

tischert 	 T-shirt (sb) 

tissue 	 tissue (sb) 

tissue papier 	 tissue paper 

titan	titan

titanium 	 titanium (sb) 

titille 	 tickle (vtr ) 

titube 	 stagger (vint) 

titular	holder, incumbent (adj & sb)

titule 	 title (sb) 

Titus Livus 	 Livy (npr) 

tiuna 	 prickly pear (sb) 

Tiurhevd 	 Shrovetide (sb) 

tiyak 	 walking stick (sb) 

Tiziano 	 Titian (npr) 

tjauk 	 congee (sb) 

tjwowschi 	 clairvoyance (sf ) 

to 	 that (general pronoun) 

toast	toast; behd un toast = to propose to drink a toast

tobian 	 sand eel (sb) 

toboghan 	 toboggan (sb) 

tod 	 that, this (neutral nominative & accusative) 

todegher	(& todeghern) = this morning 

toffie	toffee (sb)

toga 	 toga (sb) 

togick 	 tajik (adj & sb) 

Togickistan 	 Tajikistan (npr) 

tohg	past tense of "tehg"

tohl 	 past tense of “tehl” 

tohlp	past tense of "tehlp"

tohm 	 past tense of “tehm” 

tohma 	 slash, cut (sb) 

tohng 	 past tense of “tehng” 

tohr 	 past tense of “tehr” 

tohrb 	 had to (past tense) 

tohrg 	 past tense of “tehrg” 

tohx 	 past tense of “tehx” 

toi ! 	 I like that ! 

tokmak 	 mallet (sb) 

tolk 	 talk (vint); explain, interpret (vtr), perform (vtr) 

tolkav 	 talkative (adj) 

toll 	 customs duty 

tollunion	customs union

tolp 	 location (sb) 

Tolstoi	Tolstoy

tom 	 that, this (masculine singular accusative) 

tomate	tomato

tome	tome (sb)

tomographia 	 scan (sb) 

tomost 	 cutting, sharp (adj)

ton	tone (sb)

tonal	tonal (adj; music) 

tongjon 	 compassion (sb) 

tonic 	 tonic (adj) 

tonic water 	 tonic water (sb) 

tonnage	tonnage

tonne	tonn (1000 kg)

tontine 	 tontine (sb) 

topaz 	 topaz (sb) 

topfhelm 	 helmet (of armour; sb) 

topic 	 topic ( sb) 

toplice 	 hot spring 

top	(& topp) = top (sb) 

toque 	 toque (sb) 

tor	 tower (sb) 

Torah 	 Torah ( sb) 

torche 	 torch (sb) 

torcule	(wine, oil) press (sb)

torrette 	 turret (sb) 

torf 	 peat (sb) 

torg 	 trade (sb) 

torgbalance	balance of trade

torgrepresenter 	 sales representative (sb) 

torgue	+ acc. = trade in (vtr) 

torlak 	 stupid, goose (fig !, sb) 

torm 	 hole ( sb) 

tornado 	 tornado ( sb) 

torni 	 religious portal, torii, torana 

tornister 	 pack-sack (sb) 

toronkha 	 grapefruit (sb) 

torpede 	 torpedo (vtr) 

torpedo 	 torpedo (sb) 

torpedoboot	torpedo boat

torpor 	 torpor, lethargy sb) 

torque	torque (sb)

torrent 	 torrent (sb) 

torrid 	 torrid (adj) 

torsade	torsade

torsk 	 cod (sb) 

torso 	 torso (sb) 

torte 	 cake (sb) 

toru 	 churning stick 

torubohu 	 buzz ( sb) 

torubow 	 hum (vint) 

tos 	 of that (masculine & neutral singular genitive) 

Toscana	Tuscany

toseh 	 trough (sb) 

totalitair	totalitarian (adj)

touche 	 touch (vtr & sb) 

touchecran 	 touchscreen (sb) 

tour 	 tour (sb) (visit, ballot round, artist) 

touren 	 turn (vint) 

touristic	tourist (adj)

tourmaline	tourmaline (sb)

tourniquet	tourniquet; revolving door, turnstile (sb)

tovar 	 ware, merchandise (sb) (trade) 

towkjian 	 dirt floor 

townghee 	 soy germ 

towngji 	 Winter Solstice 

towsraen 	 randomly ( adv ) 

tox 	 yew wood (sb ) 

toxin 	 toxin ( sb) 

toyu 	 gorse ( sb) 

se trabe 	 stumble (vint) 

trace 	 trace (sb & vtr) 

track	track (on a disk)

trackliste	playlist (on a disk)

tractat 	 treatise (sb) 

tracte 	 treat, deal with (a topic) 

tractor 	 tractor (sb) 

trafic 	 traffic (road, sb) 

traficznayc 	 traffic sign (sb) 

traficznaycos 	 signage (sb) 

trafique 	 traffic (sb; contraband) 

trag 	 draw, pull (vtr) 

tragedia 	 tragedy (sb) 

tragher 	 support (sb) (architecture) 

tragherbalk	dragon beam (carpentry)

tragrect	drawing right (finance; sb)

trahen 	 trample/tread on (vtr) 

traigv 	 wheat (sb) 

train	 train (sb; both for "transport" and "garment") 

trainer 	 coach (sb) 

trainire 	 train (vtr/vint) 

trait	 facial feature (sb) 

traite 	 treat (vtr) 

traiteit 	 treaty ( sb ) (international) 

traitement 	 treatment (sb) 

trakh 	 (traditional) costume (sb) 

trakh 	 suit (clothing, sb) 

trampa 	 barter (sb) 

tram	(& tramvia) = tramway (sb) 

trance	trance (sb)

tranche	section (of a project; sb)

tranchee 	 trench (sb) 

trandafel 	 dog rose (sb) 

trans 	 beyond (prep) 

transaction	 transaction ( sb) 

transbaur	pierce

transceptor 	 transceiver (sb) 

transcrib	transcribe

transcript	 (& transcription) = transcript (sb) 

transfer	( transfèr ) = transfer (sb & vtr) 

transfiguration 	transfiguration (sb)

transformator 	 (electric) transformer (sb); transformator industrie = processing industry

transforme 	 to transform 

transhumance 	 transhumance (sb) 

transistor	transistor

transleis 	 consult (by reading; vtr) 

transparence	transparency

transpiration 	 perspiration (sb) 

transplantat	transplant (sb)

transplante 	 transplantation (sb); transplant (vtr) 

transport	 transport (sb; incl. emotion) 

transporte 	 transport (vtr) 

Transylvania 	 Transylvania (npr) 

trapdwer 	 trap door (sb) 

trapeol 	 nasturtium ( sf ) 

trapezariya 	 refectory (sb) 

trapeze 	 trapeze (sb) 

trapper 	 trapper (sb) 

traque 	 tracking down (sb) 

tratte 	 commercial draft 

trauric 	 sad, mourning (adj) 

trav 	 grass ( sf ) 

traverse 	 rail, cross bar 

travertin 	 travertine (sb ) 

travos 	 turf (sm ) 

travplor 	 lawn ( sf ) 

trawler 	 trawler ( sb ) 

treb 	 building (sb ) 

trebuchet 	 trebuchet (sb) 

treff 	 clubs (playing cards; sb) 

tregv 	 truce (sb) 

trehc	to displace oneself; displacement

trehd 	 tread (vtr) 

trehen 	 wear down/out (vtr ) 

trehkw 	 wriggle, squirm ( vtr) 

trehm 	 throb, vibrate (vint) 

trehng 	 corner, drive back ( vtr ) 

trehp 	 steer, aim, point (vtr ) 

trehs 	 shudder, shiver, quiver (vint) 

treht 	 trot ( vtr ) 

trehv 	 find, meet ( vtr ) 

treic 	 braid ( vtr ) 

treiccruce 	 kick-flip (sb) 

treikw 	 twist, twiddle (vtr) 

treim 	 slave away (vint) 

trem 	 bedside (sb) 

trembitsa 	 bugle (sb) 

tremble 	 tremble (vint) 

tremolo	tremolo

trench 	 trench coat (sb) 

Trente Glorieuses	Trente Glorieuses

tresur 	 treasure (sb) 

treud 	 crush (vtr) 

treus	+ acc. = trust 

tri 	 three (num) 

triangle	triangle (sb; including the instrument)

triangular	triangular (adj)

tribue 	 assign, allocate (vtr) 

tribuet mikdar unitat	assigned amount unit (Kyoto protocol; sb)

tribulation	tribulation 

tribun 	 tribune (sb; speaker) 

tribunal 	 tribunal, court (sb) 

tribune 	 platform, forum (sb) 

tric 	 past tense of “treic” 

trick	trick (sb)

tricorne 	 tricorne (sb) 

tricter 	 funnel; bell of a wind instrument (sb) 

tridacna 	 tridacna (sb) 

trident 	 trident (sb) 

trieg 	 past tense of “trag” 

trifel 	 clover ( sb) 

trigrosch 	 three-pence (fig; of little value; adj) 

trikw 	 past tense of “treikw” 

trill 	 trill (sf ) 

trim 	 past tense of “treim” 

trimod 	 hopper (sb) 

trinquete 	 foremast 

trinitat 	 trinity (sb) 

triod 	 triode (sb) 

tripartite 	 tripartite ( adj ) 

Tripoli 	 Tripoli (npr) 

Tripolitania	Tripolitania

tris	thrice; three of a kind (poker)

Trisina 	 Troezen (npr; city of Greece) 

trist 	 sad (adj) (thing) 

triswesgen	Three Sisters (agriculture)

Tritwn 	 Triton, the “Third One” (Indo-European divinity) 

triumph 	 triumph (sb & vint) 

trivial 	 trivial (adj) 

troglodyte	cave dweller (adj & sb)

trohc	past tense of "trehc"

trohd 	 past tense of “trehd” 

trohkw 	 past tense of “trehkw” 

trohm 	 past tense of “trehm” 

trohng 	 past tense of “trehng” 

trohp 	 past tense of “trehp” 

trohs 	 past tense of “trehs” 

troht 	 past tense of “treht” 

trohv 	 found, met (past tense) 

trohvbureau 	 Lost and Found 

Troia 	 Troy (npr) 

troian	Troyan (adj & sb)

trolleybus	trolleybus

trombone	trombone (sb)

trompe 	 trumpet, horn (sb) 

trompe-l'oeil	trompe l'oeil (sb)

trompette 	 trumpet (sb & vint) 

trope	trope

trophi 	 trophy (sb) 

tropic 	 tropic (sb) 

trotuar 	 sidewalk (sb) 

troubadour 	 troubadour (sb) 

trouble 	 trouble (sb & vtr) 

trozd 	 thrush (sb) 

trub 	 cloudy (liquid, adj ) 

truculence 	 truculence ( sb) 

trud 	 past tense of “treud” 

trufel 	 truffle (sf ) 

trugand 	 villain, crook (sb) 

trukhla 	 sideboard ( sm ), 

trump 	 trump (cards, sb) 

trunk 	 trunk (of tree; torso, sb) 

trupp	troup (sb)

trus 	 past tense of “treus” 

trust 	 trust ( sb) 

trusteitos 	 trusteeship (sb) 

tsaduki 	 Sadduccee (adj & sb) 

tsang 	 store up (vtr) 

tsanswan 	 carbonic acid (sm ) 

tsay	re - (prefix), back (adv) 

tsieng 	 past tense of “tsang” 

Tsour	Tyre (city of Lebanon)

tsui 	 scorch (vint) 

tsun 	 shoal (of fish, sb) 

tsunami	 tidal wave, tsunami (sb) 

tu 	 thou, you (nominative singular) 

tualette 	 toilets (splu); grooming, washing (action, sb)

tualette-papier 	 toilet-paper (sb) 

Tuareg 	 Tuareg (adj, sb) 

tuba	tuba	(sb)

tube 	 tube (sb) 

tuben campan 	 tubular bells, chimes (splu) 

tuberculose 	 tuberculosis ( sb) 

tuff 	 tuff (sb) 

tugur 	 dive, hovel (sb) 

tuibh 	 tubular ( adj) 

tuich 	 empty (adj) 

tukan 	 toucan (sb) 

tul 	 past tense of “teul” 

tula 	 balance (sb, same weight) 

tulhauk 	 garfish (sb) 

Tulkarem	Tulkarm

tulpan 	 tulip (sb) 

tulumba 	 water pump 

tum 	 past tense of “teum” 

tumar 	 roll of parchment

tumba 	 somersault (sm) 

tumbh 	 tomb, tombstone (sb) 

tumor	tumor (sb)

tumrouk 	 block log (sb) 

tumult 	 tumult ( sm ) 

tumultueus 	 tumultuous (adj) 

tun 	 then (temporal adverb) 

tuna 	 tuna ( sb) 

tunder 	 thumper ( sb) ( Dune) 

tuned 	 hit, thump ( vtr ) 

tunnel 	 tunnel (sb) 

tup 	past tense of “teup” 

Tupeud 	 Tibet ( npr ) 

Turb 	 past tense of “teurb” 

turbant 	 disturbing (adj) 

turbe 	 bother, hamper ( vtr ) 

turbine 	 turbine (sb) 

turbulence 	 turbulence (sb) 

turgescent 	 turgid (adj) 

turkmene	Turkmen

turnier 	 tournament (sb) 

turnover 	 turnover (sb) 

turpitude	base act, baseness, turpitude

turri 	 tor (sb; geology) 

turs 	 past tense of “teurs”; dried, dead, fallen (ex: leaves; adj) 

tursa 	 dry earth (sb) 

turtule 	 turtle-dove (sb) 

turuk 	 bonito (sb) 

turunch 	 bitter orange 

turunjan 	 lemon balm (sb) 

tus 	 past participle & past tense of “tuned” 

tusent 	 thousand ( sm ) 

tute 	 cornet, cone (sb) 

tutelar	guardian, custodial (adj)

tutele 	 guardianship (sb) 

tutia 	 zinc oxide 

tutkal 	 glue (sb) 

tuvar 	 tart ( adj ) 

tuvra 	 monogram (sb) 

tuxule 	 barrel tap 

tuy 	 ponytail 

TV-apparat 	 television receiver 

TV carte	TV tuner card

TV Channel 	 TV channel

TV luckern 	 television receiver 

TV Serie 	 TV - Series 

twac 	 hide, skin (sb) ( scratch ) 

twantao 	 short sword (sb) 

twarog 	 quark (sb) 

Twantankhaman 	 Tutankhamun (npr) 

twehr 	 swirl (vint) 

twehrel 	 twirl (vint) 

tweis 	 twinkle ( vint ) 

tweiser 	 sparkling (adj ) 

twis 	 past tense of “tweis” 

twohr 	 past tense of “twehr” 

twohrel 	 past tense of “twehrel” 

tyehc 	 flow (vint); to happen, take place (vint) 

tyehgv	+ acc. = to waive (vtr) 

tyehr 	 scrub (vtr ) 

tyeic 	 to make happen, to make flow (vtr) to proceed to 

tyohc 	 past tense of “tyehc” 

tyohr 	 past tense of “tyohr” 

tymian 	 thyme ( sb ) 

typhoid	( feber ) = typhoid fever (sb) 

Typhon	Typhon (npr)

typhus 	 typhus (sb) 

tyrann	tyrant (sb)

tyrk 	 turkish (adj & sb) 

tyrkchylyk	Pan-Turkism

tyrkiss 	 turquoise (sb) 

tyrma 	 prison-fortress 

Tyrol	Tyrol

tyrrhenic 	 Tyrrhenian (adj) 

Tyrtayos	Tyrtaeus

tyulbenn 	 headscarf ( sb ) 

ub 	 up (adv) 

ubbehrg	to reinforce (vtr)

ubdrabs	upstairs (adv)

ubfall 	 strike, amaze (vtr) (fig. one's mind) 

ubgwader 	 step, running board (sb) 

ubgwehm 	 occur (vint) 

ubiquinone	ubiquinone (sb)

ubklad 	 upload (sb & vtr) 

ubnuw 	 update (sb); past tense of "ubnuwen" 

ubnuwen 	 update (vtr) 

ubroll	to roll upwards (eyes)

ubsell 	 towering (adj); to tower (vint)

ubslahat 	 lapel, turn-up (sb) (clothing) 

ubstehlb 	 to protrude upwards (vint) 

ubstiumep	upgrade (computing)

ubweirt	to enhance the value of (vtr)

uc 	 past tense of “euc” 

uchaka 	 pickpocket (sm ) 

ud 	 from (prep) 

udbrehg 	 break out (vint) 

udclangh 	 echo (vint) 

uddeilen 	 compartment ( sm ) 

uddrah 	 run away / off (vint) 

udghang 	 exit (sb) 

udglehm 	 scale ( vtr ) 

udgwah 	 overtake, go past (vtr ) (movement ) 

udkweiter 	 cheer up, brighten up ( vtr ) 

udlyehger 	 outrigger ( sb) 

udnov 	 renew ( vtr ) 

udnovim energia 	 renewable energy (sb) 

udschalt 	 crack up (vint) 

udschkembee 	 gut (vtr ) 

udstehn 	 detonate (vint) 

udsteigh 	 scale (vtr ) 

udstraj 	 unaware ( adj) 

udveic 	 pull out ( vint) (vehicle) 

udwakt	+ acc. = to be ahead of (in time; vtr) 

udwaldh	(+ acc.) = to impose upon (someone)

udwekwn 	 mention ( vtr ) 

ughiul 	 coal (Fr	 “houille”; sb) 

ujrat 	 duty, tax, fee (sb) 

ul 	 past tense of “eul” 

ulama 	 Ulama ( sm ) 

ulg 	 faded, withered (adj ); past tense of “eulg” 

ulouk 	 owl ( sb) 

ulter 	 besides (prep) 

ultim 	 ultimate (adj) 

ultramarin	ultramarine (blue)

ultraswon	ultrasound

ultraswonskweiter	ultrasonography

Ulysses 	 Ulysses (npr) 

umayyad 	 ummayad (adj & sb) 

Umbria	Umbria

umum 	 audience, attendance (sb) 

un 	 a(n); un pichen = a little bit of 

unanim	unanimous

UNCCA	(Uniet Nations Conference de Commerce ed Antslehnken) = UNCTAD

uncia 	 ounce (sb) 

uni 	 to a(n) 

unicorn 	 unicorn (sb) 

unicitat	uniqueness

unicycle 	 unicycle (sb) 

unie 	 unite (sb); "unie-se nerteiht" = "Unity makes strength"

Uniet Arab Amirats 	 United Arab Emirates 

Uniet Stats os America 	 United States of America 

union 	 union (sb) 

unique	 unique (adj ) 

unisson 	 unison ( sb) 

unitarisme 	 unitarianism (sb) 

unitat 	 unit, unity (sb) 

universal bank	universal bank

universe 	 universe (sb) 

uno	a(n) (before singular maculine or neutral nouns in nominative or accusative)

uns 	 of a(n) 

unte 	 during; within a space, through (prep); through where ? (interrogative pronoun)
untitner 	 one the way ( adv) 

unwan  	 address (sb; informations) 

upanishad 	 upanishad (sb) 

uper 	 over (prep) 

uperag 	 overrun ( vtr ) 

uperal 	 raise, heighten ( vtr ) 

uperbord 	 overboard (adv) 

upercontor	over-the-counter

uperdah	to hand over (vtr)

uperdeh	to hand over (vtr)

uperdehl	to elude (vtr)

uperdien 	 at the surface (adv) ( “in the daylight”) 

uperfall 	 robbery, strike (attack; sb)

uperflutt 	 submerge  (vtr) 

upergeih	+ acc. = get the better of (vtr) (win against) 

uperghang 	 to walk through/over

uperghehld	to prevail (vint)

upergreip 	 encroach upon (vtr) 

uperhang 	 overhang (sb) 

uperhaul 	 overhaul (vtr) (ship) 

uperkeih 	 dominate (vtr) (in height) 

uperkwehlm 	 overwhelm (vtr) 

uperleit	do = to pass to (vint; fig)

uperneih	to make go (into = do)

uperplen 	 crowded (adj) 

uperskac	vault (sb & vtr; jump)

uperskadh	overshade (vtr)

uperslah 	 to somersault (fig; ex. car) 

uperspehc	+ acc. = to look out into (fig. view) 

uperstah	superior, senior (chief, sb); to survive, outlast (vtr)

uperswamen 	 overlord (sb) 

uperswehp	hibernate (computer)

upertrag 	 hand over (vtr) 

upertrahen 	 to make overflow (vtr)  

upertrehd 	 to overflow (vint)

upertrehen	to get through

uperwakh	(+ acc.) =  to watch on 

uperwakht 	 watch, monitoring (sb) 

uperwaldh 	 overthrow (vtr) (by force); domination (sb) 

uperwaldhen 	 overthrowing (sb) 

uperwehgh	to knock down (subject = vehicle; vtr)

uperwehnd 	 to get the upper hand on (vint) 

uperwehrt	to render, translate (vtr)

uperzug 	 coating (sb) (fabric cover) 

urad 	 bough (sb) 

uradel 	 twig (sb) 

Ural	Ural (npr)

uralsk	Ural (adj.)

urand 	 supple, flexible (adj) 

uranium 	 uranium (sb)

Uranus	Uranus (sb) 

urb 	 city, town (sb) 

urbanisation	urbanization

urbanisme	city planning

urbcentre 	 city center (sb) 

urbmap	(& urbplan) = map of the town 

urbmeublar	street furniture

urbrand 	 periphery (sb) (city) 

urd 	 soft cheese (sb) 

urg 	 press, urge (vtr) (to be urgent) 

Uriah is Hittite 	 Uriah the Hittite (npr) 

urine 	 urine ( sb) and urinate ( vtr ) 

urne 	 urn ( sb) 

urng 	 past tense of “eurng” 

urp 	 past tense of “eurp” 

urx 	 bear (sb) 

urxar	bear-tamer (sb)

US 	 US (Uniet Stats; sb & adj) 

US Secession Weir 	 US Civil War (npr) 

usbeck 	 Uzbek (adj & sb) 

Usbeckistan 	 Uzbekistan (npr) 

uscher 	 tithe (sb) 

use	+ acc. = use (vtr) 

usrin 	 aurochs skin (sb) 

usro 	 aurochs (sb) 

Ussama bin Laden 	 Ossama bin Laden (npr) 

ustad 	 master, erudite (sb) 

usucapion	usucapion (sb)

usufruct 	 usufruct (sb) 

usufructor 	 usufructuary (sb) 

usurpation	usurpation (sb)

uter 	 a(n) [when referring to the member of a pair], one of two 

uterus 	 uterus (sb) 

util	useful (adj)

uting 	 iron (for clothes, sb) 

utopia 	 utopia (sb) 

uyrhur	uighur

vacance 	 vacancy (sb) 

vacca 	 cow (sb) 

vaccine 	 vaccine (sb & vtr) 

vadj	sweet flag (calamus)

vafa 	 fidelity (sb) (compliance with the rule, the origin) 

vafat 	 completion (sb) 

vagabond 	 vagabond (adj & sb) 

vagder 	 nomad (adj. & sb) 

vagek 	 stroller, loafer ( sb ) 

vagh 	 wague (adj) 

vah	near future auxiliary (see grammar) 

vaik 	 crayfish (sb) 

vainleugh 	 lie, gossip (sb) 

vajrayana	vajrayana

val 	 to be worth something (vtr) 

valdhorn 	 horn (instrument; sb) 

valdrian 	 valerian (herb, sb ) 

valid 	 valid (adj) 

valide	validate (vtr)

valise 	 suitcase (sb) 

valk 	 trample ( vtr ) (like a fuller ) 

vallee 	 valley ( sb) 

Valletta 	 Valletta (npr) 

valuta 	 currency (sb) 

valutacurs	exchange rate (sb)

valve	valve (sb)

valvule 	 pallet (sb) 

valz	waltz

vampire 	 vampire (sb ) 

van 	 fetch (vtr) 

vandale	vandal (adj & sb)

vandalisme	vandalism

vande 	 vaunt (vtr) 

vanguardia 	 vanguard (sb); advanced (adj) 

vanie 	 vanish (vint) 

vanilia 	 vanilla (sb) 

vank 	 wobble, totter (vint) 

vankeih 	 rock, shake ( vtr ) 

vanna 	 bathtub ( sb ) 

vannakyal 	 bathroom 

vansch 	 wish ( vtr & sb) 

vantage 	 advantage ( sb) 

vantageus 	 advantageous ( adj ) 

vapor 	 steamboat; vapor (sb) 

vaps 	 make-up (vtr ) 

vapwn 	 blazon (sb), arms (splu) 

vara 	 boar ( sb ) 

varak 	 tinfoil 

varam 	 lump, tumor ( sb ) 

varbenk 	 door-to-door / public advertising; canvassing (sb) 

varf 	 snow-covered top mountain top (sb) 

variable 	 variable (adj) 

variante	variant (sb)

variat	 varied (adj) 

varietat 	 variety (sb) 

varosch 	 town (sb) 

varsa 	 slope (sb) 

Varschava 	 Warsaw (npr); Varschava Pact = Warsaw Pact

varye 	 to vary

Vasco da Gama 	 Vasco da Gama 

vascular 	 vascular ( adj ) 

vase 	 vase (sb) 

vasistas	fanlight (sb)

vast 	 vast, huge (adj) 

vasya 	 all the, they all, them all (neutral plural nominative & plural) 

vasyalg 	 all kinds of 

vasyi 	 all the (plu; must be declined, see grammar)

vat 	 bet (vtr) 

vatan 	 home country (sb) 

Vatican	id - = the Vatican

vatra 	 hearth (sb ) 

vaucher 	 voucher (sb) 

vaudeville 	 comédie en vaudeville (sb) 

vayn 	 winnow (sb & vtr) 

vecel 	 vessel (sb) 

vecker 	 alarm clock ( sb) 

vector 	 vector (sb) 

veda 	 veda (npr) 

vedanta 	 vedanta (npr) 

Vedast 	 Gaston ( npr ) 

vedim ! 	 let’s see! ( interjection ) 

vegetarian 	 vegetarian (adj. & sb) 

vegetation 	 vegetation (sb) 

vehement 	 vehement (adj) 

vehicule	vehicle (sb)

vehrbh 	 recruit (vtr) 

vehrm 	 worm (sb) 

vehrmsaup 	 worm-eaten (adj) 

vehrs 	 shower (rain, sb) 

vehrs 	 pour (vtr) 

vehrt 	 estimate (vtr ) 

vehs 	 wear (vtr) 

vehsmen 	 dress, clothes (sb) 

veine 	 vein ( sb) ( blood ) 

veisk 	 to lime, to make sticky (vtr) 

velin 	 vellum (sb) 

venaison 	 venison (sb) 

venapunction	blood test

venchen 	 deception (sb) 

vene 	 scour the forest for hunting 

veneg 	 seller (sb) 

venegautomat 	 vending machine 

venere 	 worship (vtr) 

veneri 	 venereal (adj) 

Venezia	Venice

Venezuela 	 Venezuela (npr) 

venezuelan 	 Venezuela (adj. & sb) 

venge 	 venge ( vtr ) 

vengence 	 vengeance ( sb) 

venkel 	 office, dispensary, shop, store (sb) 

ventil 	 gate, seacock ( sb) 

ventilator 	 (air) fan (sb) 

ventouse 	 suction cup (sb) 

ventriloque	ventriloquist

venture 	 venture (vint) 

Venus	Venus (npr; planet)

ver 	 true (adj) 

veranda 	 veranda ( sb) 

verbena 	 verbena (sb) 

verdegreis 	 verdigris ( adj ) 

verdvia	highway 

verdict 	 verdict (sb) 

verdure 	 greenery, verdure (sb) 

verft 	 shipyard (sb) 

verg 	 to be avoided (vint) 

vergeih 	 avoid (vtr) 

Vergilius 	 Vergil ( npr ) 

Veria 	 the True Faith 

verifie 	 check, verify ( vtr ) 

verkel 	 street organ ( sb) 

verniss 	 varnish (sb) 

vernisse 	 varnish (vtr) 

verset	(& versen) in = (well-)versed in ( adj) 

verslyn 	 business (sb; trade) 

verslyndirector	manager (sb) 

verslyning 	 businessman (sb) 

verstep 	 desolation (sb) (place ) 

vertat 	 truth (sb) 

vertigineus 	 breathtaking (adj) 

vertigo 	 dizziness ( sb) 

Vesalius 	 Vesalius ( npr ) 

vescell 	 tableware (sb ) 

vescellschkaf 	 credence, hutch ( sb) 

vesdet 	 getup, rigg-out (sb) 

vesp 	 wasp (sb) 

Vespasian	Vespasian

vespentaylle 	 wasp waist (sb) 

vesper 	 evening ( sb) 

vessel 	 gay, merry, perky (adj) 

vest 	 vest ( sb) 

vester 	 garment, item of clothing ( sb) 

vestibule 	 hall (entrance room, sb) 

vestige 	 relic, vestige ( sb ) 

Vesuvio 	 Vesuvius (npr) 

vetat 	 estate, private property (sb) 

veteran 	 veteran (sb) 

veterinar	veterinar (sb)

vetiver 	 vetiveria (sb) 

vetrin 	 shop window (sb) 

vetrinsmauter	window-shopping

vetus 	 olde(n) (vx, adj) 

Vetus Testament 	 Old Testament (sb) 

veulbh 	 wrap (up), shroud (vtr) 

veurn 	 hurt, wound (vtr) 

veut 	 old (adj) 

veuter 	 elder (adj) 

veutst 	 eldest (adj) 

veutasc 	 to age, grow older (when referring to a thing) 

vever 	 squirrel ( sb ) 

vevd 	 weft (sb) 

vexe 	 upset (vtr ) 

via 	 way (sb) 

viable	viable (adj)

via cruces	Way of the Cross

viaghabel 	 fork (of a way, sb) 

viastamebh	roadblock

vibraphone 	 vibraphone (sb) 

vic 	 past tense of “vinec” 

vicar 	 vicar ( sb) 

vice 	 vice (prefix); instead of (prep) 

vicel 	 calf (animal, sb) 

vicinitat 	 vicinity (sb) 

vicissitude	vicissitude

victoria 	 victory (sb) 

vid	 view, sight (sb), see (vtr) 

vidbehnd	+ acc. = blindfold (vtr) 

viddeposit	sight deposit

viden 	 seen 

videophone 	 videophone (sb) 

vidmark	landmark

vidv 	 widower , widow (adj & sb) 

viel 	 thread, wire (sb); past tense of “val” 

vielk 	 past tense of “valk” 

vien 	 past tense of “van” 

vienk 	 past tense of “vank” 

vienke 	 cradle (sb) 

Vienna 	 Vienna (npr; Capital of Austria) 

viennese	Viennese

viensch 	 past tense of “vansch” 

vieps 	 past tense of “vaps” 

vierd 	 damage, loss, harm (sb) 

vierdnic 	 prejudicial, evil-doing, harmful (adj) 

vies 	 your, yours 

viet 	 past tense of “vat” 

vietnamese	Vietnamese (adj & sb)

vieyn 	 past tense of “vayn” 

vighab	+ acc. = realize (understand suddenly, vint)

vigil	watchman

vigilant 	 vigilant (adj ) 

vigla 	 telescope (sb) 

Viking 	 Viking (adj , sb) 

vil 	 vile ( adj ) 

villa 	 villa (sb) 

village 	 village (sb) 

villar 	 hamlet (sb) 

vimb 	 bream (fish, sb) 

vin 	 vin (sb) 

vinar 	 wine grower (sb) 

vinber 	 grape (sb ) 

vinec 	 vainquish ( vtr ) 

vinghehrd 	 vineyard ( sb) 

vingher 	 European weather loach (sb) 

vinkelak 	 ticketing device 

vinopsen 	 wine harvest (sb) 

vinovat 	 guilty (adj & sb) 

vinyek 	 vine ( sb) ( plant ) 

viola 	 viol (music; sb) 

violence 	 violence (sb) 

violent	 violent (adj) 

violett 	 purple (adj ) 

violin 	 violin ( sb) 

violoncello 	 cello ( sb) 

viper 	 viper ( sb ) 

vire 	 veer (vint ; vehicle ) 

virgen 	 virgin (sb) 

Virgen Insules 	 Virgin Islands (npr) 

virgenvinyek	Virginia creeper

virid	(plante) = house plant (sb) 

virtuoso	virtuoso

virtut 	 virtue (sb); in virtut + gen = by virtue of

virtuteus 	 virtuous (adj) 

virulent 	 virulent (adj) 

vis 	 saw & seen 

visa 	 visa (sb) 

vischnia 	 morello cherry (sb) 

viseur 	 collimator ( sb) 

Vishnu 	 Vishnu (npr) 

vision 	 vision ( sb) 

visite 	 visit (vtr & sb) 

viskeus 	 viscous (adj ) 

visor 	 viewfinder, bombsight, focus ( sb) 

vistop 	 to get stalled (motor, engine, sb) 

vitamin 	 vitamin (sb) 

viticulture	viticulture, wine growing

vitisme 	 steep slope (sb) 

vitral 	 stained glass (as in churches; sb) 

vitrifie	vitrify (vtr)

vitriol 	 vitriol ( sb ) 

Vitruvius 	 Vitruvius (npr) 

vitule	fiddle (sb)

vivair 	 pond (sb) 

vivisection	vivisection

viz	witticism (sb)

vlastar 	 offspring (sb) 

voc 	 voice (sb) 

vocabular	vocabulary (sb)

vocation 	 vocation (sb) 

vocbehr 	 loudspeaker ( sb) 

vochet 	 lament ( sb) 

vodou 	 voodoo (sb) 

vohrbh 	 past tense of “vehrbh” 

vohrm 	 past tense of “vehrm” 

vohrt 	 past tense of “vehrt” 

vohs 	 past tense of “vehs” 

vol 	 want (vtr); will (sb) 

volatil 	 volatile ( adj ) 

volay	poultry meat

volcan	(& volcano) = volcano (sb) 

volcanic 	 volcanic (adj ) 

volg 	 to turn (oneself; vint/vpr) 

Volodimir Sveintoslavich	Vladimir the Great

voln 	 wave (sb) 

vols	(sing) = sudden revivals (in a story); past participle & past tense of “volg”; you (2° sing) want
volt	(he/she/it) wants; volt (sb); volt ne volt = whether he/she wants it or not 

voltage 	 voltage (sb); voltage-tuler = surge protector 

volubil 	 talkative, garrulous (adj) 

volubilitat 	 gab, glibness (sb) 

voluntar 	 voluntary (adj), volunteer (sb) 

volut 	 volute, curl (sb) 

volv 	 overturn, fall over (vint) 

volveih 	 knock over, overturn (vtr) 

volvwayzd	bindweed

vomeih 	 vomit (vtr) 

vomit	vomit (sb)

vorace 	 voracious (adj) 

vos 	 you (non-nominative) 

voster 	 your, yours 

voxhall 	 concourse (railway station, sb ) 

voyage 	 voyage (sb & vint) 

voyel 	 vowel (sb) 

vrack 	 wreckage (sb) 

vragh 	 brush ( sb) 

vraj 	 witchcraft (sb ) 

vreg 	 hooked (adj) 

vrehn 	 crash into, ram ( vtr ) 

vrehng 	 picklock (sb & vtr) 

vrehnk 	 twist ( vint) 

vrehsch 	 thresh (vtr) 

vreik 	 heather ( sb) 

vreikst 	 wrestle (vint) 

vreink 	 twist ( vtr) 

vren 	 ram (sb) (tool) 

vret 	 flock (sb) 

vrick 	 scull (rowing; vint) 

vrikst 	 past tense of “vreikst” 

vrink 	 past tense of “vrink” 

vrink 	 wrinkled (adj ) 

vriyen 	 fortlet (sb) 

vrohn 	 past tense of “vrohn” 

vrohng 	 past tense of “vrohng” 

vrohnk 	 past tense of “vrohnk” 

vrohsch 	 past tense of “vrehsch” 

vroik 	 heath, moorland (sb) 

vron 	 crack, split ( sb) 

vrongh 	 curved (adj) 

vronka 	 anchorage (sb) 

vulbh 	 envelope (sb); past tense of "veulbh" 

vulgar 	 vulgar (adj) 

Vulgate	Vulgate

vulnerable 	 vulnerable (adj) 

vulp	(& vulpek) = fox ( sb) 

vurnos 	 injury, wound (sb) 

vurst 	 sausage (sb ) 

vurstfingher 	 pudgy finger 

vyeig 	 weight ( vtr ) 

vyige 	 weight ( sb ) 

vyigic 	 weighty ( adj ) 

wa	 or/and ( conj ) (that is to say ) 

waber 	 wade (vint) 

wad 	 shoal (sb) 

wadel 	 waddle ( vint) 

wadh 	 ford (vtr) 

wadi 	 Wadi ( sb) 

wadwon 	 meaty (adj ) 

waendow 	 green pea (sb) 

waenkhoen 	 resentment, grudge, rancour (sb) 

wafat 	 death ( sb ) and pass away (vint) 

wag 	 err ( vtr ) 

waga	(sing) = scales ( splu) 

wagglonce	stray bullet

wagher 	 club, bludgeon (sb) 

wagin 	 sheath, vagina ( sb) 

wagon 	 wagon (sb) 

wagon-restaurant 	 dining car (sb) 

wahabia	wahhabism

wahi 	 stupid, feeble-minded (adj) 

wahid 	 only (adj ) 

wait	 to watch (out for), to be lying in wait for, to be on the watch (vtr ) 

wajib 	 compulsory (adj) 

wajkh 	 facial expression ( sb ) 

wakea 	 definitely ( adv) 

wakel 	 batch, quantity (sb) 

wakf 	 endowment (sb) 

wakh 	 watch over ( vtr ) 

wakhia 	 guard station (sb) 

wakhmayster	cavalry sergeant (sb)

wakhschat 	 wilderness ( sb) 

wakht 	 watch (sb) 

wakhtmayster 	 leading seaman (sb) 

wakile 	 sollicitor (law, sb) 

wakt 	 time ( sb) (duration) 

wakya 	 event (sb ) 

wakye 	 happen, occur (vint) 

wal 	 well, fit, healthy (adj & adv) 

Walach 	 Vlach ( adj , sb) 

waldh 	 dominate, rule (vtr) 

waldman 	 woodsman 

walg 	 wobbly ( adj ) 

walik 	 strong, powerful (adj) 

wall 	 wall, rampart (sb) 

wallon	walloon

wals	 post (sb; employment, custody) 

walses 	 wellness (sb) 

walsk 	 native (of the country;  sb, adj)

Walter	Walter

walu 	 battlefield 

walwal 	 din ( sb ) ( ! noise ) 

wan	lack, need (vtr & sb)

wanak 	 leader (sb) (politics) 

wanakti 	 female leader (sb) 

wand 	 wave (sb) 

wander 	 err, wander (vtr ) 

wandlik 	 wavy (adj) 

wangher 	 pillow (sb) 

wangwl 	 corner ( sb ) 

wanwster 	 omasum (sb) ( 3rd stomach of ruminants) 

wap 	 water body (sb) 

war	+ acc. = to beware of 

warak 	 leaf ( sb ) 

waraka 	 note ( sb) (written sign) 

warakendoigh 	 puff pastry (sb) 

warder	 watchdog 

wardh 	 hard, steep (adj ); to take shape, to get upright

wardhminegh 	 urinate vertically (vint) 

wardhitat 	 uprightness (sb) 

wardhpizdan 	 "upright-breasted" (adj) 

ware	 ware, merchandise (sb) 

warenmoini systeme	product-service system

waris 	 heir ( sb) 

wark 	 (poor) wretch (sb) 

warm 	 warm (adj) 

warmspand 	 thermal exspansion (sb) 

warmust 	 mugwort ( sb) 

warn 	 warn (vtr) 

warp motor 	 warp drive engine ( Star Trek) 

warren 	 warren (sb) 

warwn  	 heaven (sb) 

wasabi	(cren) = wasabi (sb) 

wasaha 	 vivid description ( sb) 

wasf 	 quality ( sb) (title) 

wasire 	 vizier ( sb) 

wassal 	 to find back each other (vint) 

wassic 	 reliable (adj) 

wassika 	 official deed; reliability

wassil 	 reunion (sb) 

wassila 	 means (sb) 

wassime 	 nice (adj) (fig., a quantity) 

wassiye 	 bequeath (vtr) 

wastah 	 cause, reason (sb)

wastu 	 city (vx) 

waswas 	 nibbling, quibbling (sb) 

WAT	( WirtAddihnTaxe ) = VAT 

wata 	 cotton wool (sb) 

watt 	 watt (sb) 

wau 	 (artificial) kite (sb) 

waun 	 camp, encampment (sb) 

waungordos 	 campsite (sb) 

waunwogh 	 vardo (sb) 

waurg 	 press, oppress (vtr); throng (sb) 

waurgpusc 	 knock into, push (vtr) 

waurgvreink	buckling (ex: metalls)

waurmen 	 opportunity (sb) 

waurn 	 sky ( sb ) 

wausk 	 precious metall (sb) 

waust	in = to lead up to 

wawod 	 insofar 

wax 	 shoe polish (sb) 

way	 alas, unfortunately ( adv) 

wayang 	 wayang (sb) 

waynandos 	 water dropwort (sb) 

wayner	vine branch (sb)

wayt 	 far, wide (adv) 

wayzd 	 weed 

wayzdkugla 	 tumbleweed 

wazd 	 waste, spoil ( vtr ) 

we 	 or (disjunctive particle between clauses) 

weben 	 cold weapon (sb)

webtyohc	news feed (web; sb) 

wed 	 water (sb) 

wedernt 	 water table (sb) 

wedirn 	 game (animal, sb) 

wedkwekwl 	 water wheel (sb) 

wedligne 	 waterline ( sb) 

wedmark 	 watermark ( sb ) 

wedmenegh	( sing ) = waterspouts ( splu ) 

wedor	(sing) = waters (splu) 

wedorcim 	 divide line (sb) 

wedor cycle 	 water cycle (sb) 

wedorfront 	 seafront (sb) 

wedren 	 aquatic (adj) 

wedri 	 sterile (adj; neutered male)

wedsaat	water clock

wedstress	water stress 

wedu 	 female (adj & sb) 

wegh 	 way (sb) 

weghiter 	 vessel (sb) 

weghtor 	 driver (sb) 

weh 	 to blow (wind; vint); weh- X ad Y = to inspire Y with X

wehbh 	 weave (vtr; incl. fig.) 

wehbh 	 fabric (sb) 

wehd 	 marry (a woman; sb) 

wehden 	 wedding (sb) 

wehdmen 	 purchase price of the bride 

wehdmonium 	 prenuptial agreement (sb) 

wehgh 	 transport (vtr) (in a vehicle); drive (vint) 

wehghlicense 	 driving licence (sb) 

wehgv	+ acc. = take a vow of (vint) 

wehkw	+ acc. = to talk to, to express oneself 

wehkwos 	 expression ( sb ) 

wehl	+ acc. of the person = to want/order someone to 

wehlber 	 make walk (someone) (vtr) 

wehlp	to hope, expect (vtr)

wehlusia 	 paradise of fallen warriors (sb) 

wehn 	 desire, feel like doing (vtr) 

wehnd 	 wind ( vtr ); turning point (sb) 

wehng 	 deploy ( vtr ) 

wehnos 	 envy, desire ( sb ) 

wehrden 	 wording (sb) 

wehrg 	 work (sb & vint) 

wehrgin 	 chore (sb) 

wehrg neren 	 heroic deed (sb) 

wehrmen 	 coat (armour, sb) 

wehrt 	 turn ( vtr ) 

wehs 	 be, find oneself (vint) 

Weicmen 	 inhabited Earth, ecumene 

weictel	abode, binnacle

weid 	 pass (a text, an act; sb) 

weida 	 knowledge (sb) 

weidos 	 way, fashion (sb) 

weidos-ye 	 by way of 

weidwos 	 of course (adv); agreed (adj)

weigh 	 fight (vtr) 

weik 	 village, town quarter (sb) , inhabit, dwell (vtr) 

weikimeih	to make inhabitable, to install services on (a terrain, vtr)

weikion 	 mayor (sb) 

weikspoti	mayor (sb)

weikspotia	chiefdom

weiksteren 	 urban sprawl 

weinch 	 tow ( vtr ) 

weip 	 swing (vtr), quake (vint) 

weir 	 war ( sb); weir os religion = war of religion 

weirfert 	 warfare (sb) 

weirt 	 to be (something) worth 

weis 	 hatch, open out (vint) 

weitwodd 	 witness (sb), to testify (+ acc.)

weitwoddia 	 testimony (sb) 

wekalat 	 proxy ( sb) ( document ) 

weleng 	 oriole blackbird (sb) 

welutro 	 bundle of clothes (sb) 

wensti 	 bladder ( sb) 

wer 	 spring (season, sb) 

weragmen 	 spine 

werd 	 word (sb) 

werdel 	 grain storehouse (sb) 

werdskaut	vocabulary (sb)

weren 	 moult, slough (vint) 

wergoldflor 	 primula (sb) 

wersi 	 young animal (sb) (one spring old) 

wert	(clitic particle indicating hearsay language)

wertu 	 river island (sb) 

werumenos	open-minded (adj. & sb)

werwn 	 seatbelt, belt (to hold back) (sb) 

weryon 	 hoop-net (sb) 

wesar 	 spring cereal (sb) 

wesneih 	 bargain ( vtr ) 

west 	 west (sb) 

Westfalen	 Westphalia ( npr ) 

Westouper 	 West Bank ( npr ) 

Wesu 	 good (thing to protect, to share; sb) 

wetel 	 yearling, one-year old animal (sb) 

weter 	 weather (sb) 

weterwehrt 	 weather vane (sb) 

wetos	year (vx, sb)

weuder 	 (earthenware) jar (sb) 

weugv 	 devote, dedicate, vow ( vtr ) 

weul 	 tear off, pull off (vtr ) ( eg wool) 

weulkw 	 hang about (vint) 

weulos 	 fleece ( sb) 

weulost 	 fleecy, hairy (adj) 

weundel 	 wave, undulate (vint) 

weur	(weru ) = broad ( adj ) 

weurbande	(Internet access) = broadband

weurng 	 grouse (human, vint) 

weursedd 	 broadseat (kenning for “Earth”) 

weus 	 rise (vint) (celestial body) 

weux 	 to feed oneself (on = ep, ex : animals, plants) 

wey 	 we 

whisky 	 whisky (sb) 

wi	 own (adj) 

wicca 	 wicca (np) 

wich 	 mountain maple (sb) 

wideuv 	 rob (vtr ) 

widu 	 woodland (sb) & wooded area (sb) 

wieber 	 past tense of “waber” 

wiedel 	 past tense of “wadel” 

wid 	 past tense of “weid” 

wiedh 	 past tense of “wiedh” 

wieg 	 past tense of “wag” 

wiekh 	 past tense of “wakh” 

wieldh 	 past tense of “wieldh” 

wien	past tense of "wan"

wiender 	 past tense of “wander” 

wier 	 past tense of “war” 

wierdh	past tense of "wierdh"

wiern 	 past tense of “warn” 

wieurg 	 past tense of “waurg” 

wieust 	 past tense of “waust” 

wiezd 	 past tense of “wazd” 

wigh 	 fighter (adj. & n. ); past tense of “weigh” 

wighplav 	 fighter airplane (sb ) 

wijdan 	 rapture (sb) 

wik 	 past tense of “weik” 

wikpact	sedentary (as opposed to "nomadic"; adj)

wild	 wild (adj) 

Wilhelm 	 William (npr) 

Willem os Orange	 William of Orange (npr) 

win 	 friend (vx; sb; as a prefix, means "amicable") 

winch 	 winch (sb); past tense of “weinch” 

wind 	 wind (sb) 

windcutt 	 squall (sb) 

windok 	 leaf window (sb)

windrose	wind rose 

windschib 	 windscreen (sb) 

windschibtierg 	 windscreen wiper (sb) 

windstill	windstill

windturbine 	 wind turbine (sb) 

Winnie Pou 	 Winnie the Poo (npr) 

winoye	se con = to take up again with (someone)

winter 	 winter (sb) 

wintersport station 	 ski resort (sb) 

wintric 	 wintry (adj) 

wip 	 past tense of “weip” 

wir 	 man ( sb) (male) 

wirathat 	 inheritance ( sb ) 

wirghehld 	 weregild (sb) 

wirt 	 tails of a coin; value (sb); past tense of “wirt” 

wirtic 	 worthy (adj; = of the same value) 

wirtpapier	security (finance, sb)

wis 	 past tense of “weis” 

wisan 	 cattle horn ( sb) 

wisel 	 weasel ( sb) 

wisga 	 rod ( sb ) 

wisk 	 past tense of “weisk”; mistletoe (sb) 

Wisla 	 Vistula (npr) 

wista 	 headband (sb) 

wisteria 	 glycine, wisteria (sb) 

wiswi	all (vx. , without any exception, masc. & indet. plural)

witek 	 chaste tree (sb) 

witer	opposite (adj)

witerom	opposite (adv/prep)

wobhel 	 weevil (sb) 

wodstu 	 breeding (sb) 

woenschice 	 greenhouse (sb) 

wogh 	 car, wain, chariot (sb) 

woghbleigen	vehicle lighting

woghdwer 	 carriage door (sb) 

woghlo 	 mob ( sb ) 

woghsaceina	car pound (sb)

wogv 	 vow ( sb ) 

wogwn 	 wedge (sb & vtr) 

wohbh 	 past tense of “wehbh” 

wohd 	 past tense of “wehd” 

wohgh 	 past tense of “wehgh” 

wohgv 	 past tense of “wehgv” 

wohkw 	 past tense of “wehkw” 

wohl 	 past tense of “wehl” 

wohlber 	 past tense of “wehlber” 

wohlp	past tense of "wehlp"

wohn 	 delight (sb); past tense of “wehn” 

wohnd 	 past tense of “wehnd” 

wohng 	 past tense of “wehng” 

wohnic 	 delicious ( adj) 

wohrg 	 past tense of “wehrg” 

wohrt 	 past tense of “wehrt” 

wohs 	 found oneself (past tense) 

woibh 	 canvas ( sb) (cloth) 

woid 	 to know (irregular, see Grammar) 

woik 	 household (sb) 

woikia 	 habitation, dwelling (sb) 

woiknom	sparing (adj)

wolf 	 wolf (sb) 

wolfander 	 werewolf (sb) 

wolfmuk 	 snapdragon (sb ) 

wolfolak 	 lycanthrope (sb) 

wolfram 	 tungsten (sb ) 

wonday 	 temperate area 

wong 	 down ( sb) 

wonk 	 bent (adj) 

wortok 	 quail (sb ) 

wostia 	 rivermouth ( sb); neck of bottle (sb) 

Woten 	 Odin, Woden (Germanic God; sb) 

wowngschui 	 aqua regia (sb ) 

wox 	 wax (sb) 

woxfigure	wax sculpture

woxu 	 spirited (adj) 

wugv 	 past tense of “weugv” 

wul 	 past tense of “weul” 

wulka 	 igniting brand (sb) 

Wulkan 	 Vulcan (npr) 

wulkw 	 past tense of “weulkw” 

wuln	(& wulna) = wool ( sb) 

wultu 	 look, air, appearance (sb) 

wundel 	 past tense of “weundel” 

wurc 	 wart ( sb ) 

wurng 	 past tense of “weurng” 

wus 	 past tense of “weus” 

wux 	 past tense of “weux” 

xehn 	 kill ( vtr ) 

xeih 	 hold, detain (vtr ) 

xeikhay 	 mortal coil (sb) 

xeimen 	 field, domain (sb) 

xeitel 	 field, domain (sb) 

xeitelnam	domain name

xekwan 	 blood vessel 

xenti 	 thorny bush (sb) 

xep 	 half-light (sb) 

xeubh 	 project, throw ( vtr ) 

xeud 	 push ( vtr ) 

xeudil 	 projectile, missile (sb) 

xeur 	 shave ( vtr ) 

xiau 	 filial piety 

xiaunki 	 fragrance (sb ) 

xiawngja 	 in times past (adv) 

xieday 	 laziness (sb) 

xiengi 	 visionary (adj & sb) 

xigsi	(sing ) = frolics ( splu ) 

xih 	 past tense of “xeih” 

xikji 	 very rare (adj ) 

xingyi 	 Lunar New Year ( sb) 

xiongbu 	 chest (anatomy, sb) 

xisey 	 regulations (sb) 

xiter	settler

xiti 	 colony, settlement (sb) 

xition 	 head of colony 

xitu 	 establishment, settlement (sb) ( location , building) 

xliche 	 swerve (vint ) 

xohn 	 past tense of « xehn » 

xor 	 short, shorn (ex	 grass, hair; adj) 

xouba 	 jolt ( sb) 

X-rai 	 X-ray (sb) 

xubh 	 past tense of « xeubh » 

xud 	 past tense of “xeud” 

xur 	 razor ( sb); past tense of “xeur” 

xurmiech 	 razor blade (sb) 

xwenyung 	 enhance ( vtr ) 

xyang 	 to hold out one’s neck 

ya 	 yes 

yabis 	 dandruff (sb) 

yadi 	 if only 

yaegi 	 coconut tree (sb) 

yagh 	 to fetch (food) (hunting, fishing, gathering) 

yagher 	 hunter-gatherer 

yagorida 	 green grape 

yah 	 to tell yes to, to approve 

yahadi	judaic, jewish

yahadut 	 judaism (sb) 

yahsa 	 endorsement (sb) 

yak 	 to heal, form a scar (vtr) 

yakht 	 yacht ( sb) 

yakhting 	 yachting (sb) 

yakin 	 sure, certain (adj) 

yakonien 	 felon, lawbreaker ( sb) 

Yallah ! 	 My God! 

yalos 	 ardor ( sb) 

yamurluk 	 greatcoat (sb) 

yando 	 sometimes (adv) 

Yangon 	 Yangon, Rangoon (npr) 

yani 	 that is to say 

yanki	yankee

yant 	 as soon as ( prep ) 

yantra 	 press (sb) ( machine ) 

Yapheth 	 Japheth (npr) 

yar 	 year ( sb) 

yarinventar 	 inventory 

yarkan 	 jaundice (sb) 

yarlay 	 last night (adv) 

yarmerc 	 annual fair (sb) 

yarwg 	 rill, footing trench 

yasa 	 (evil) witch (sb) 

yaschi 	 too, also (adv) 

yasmin 	 jasmine (sb) 

yasp 	 jasper (sb) 

yastiyantra 	 cross staff (sb) 

yastreb 	 goshawk (sb) 

yat 	 be zealous (vint ) 

yataghan 	 yataghan (sb) 

yatun 	 zealous (adj) 

yatunia	zeal (sb)

yau 	 cradle (vtr); yau- sien cap = to nod one’s head gently 

yaumdang	lewd

yaung 	 seedling ( sb ) 

yavasch 	 sweet (adj) ( tobacco ) 

yavia 	 channel ( sb ) (for irrigation ) 

yawm 	 day & night (sb ) ( 24 hours ) 

yawmiye 	 daily wage 

yawryiss 	 rocking chair 

yayc 	 to beg for (vint) 

yaz 	 overflow ( sb) 

yazg 	 revere ( vtr ) 

yazget 	 venerable (adj) 

yazgos 	 awe (sb) 

yazgidi	yazidi

ye 	 undetermined preposition; (as a hyphenated suffix) makes adverbs 

ye cada cost 	 at all costs 

ye dohbro tid 	 timely 

ye mieno mayn 	 in my opinion 

yeamban 	 savage ( adj ) ( uncivilized ) 

yed 	 yet, however ( adv) 

yegil 	 ice cube (sb ) 

yehbh	+ acc. = have sex with (vtr) 

yehs 	 boil ( vtr ) 

yeis 	 send ( vtr ) 

yeji 	 according to 

yeken 	 sedge (sb ) 

Yekhoniah 	 Jechonias (npr) 

yeleck 	 vest ( sb ) 

yelez 	 common dace (sb) 

yelk 	 wicker (willow, sb) 

yem 	 twin (sb , adj) 

yerub 	 small grouse 

yesmen 	 strap (sb ) 

yeudmo 	 man (as a combatant; sb) 

yeusmen 	 belt (sb) 

yidisch	yiddish

yiegh 	 past tense of “yagh” 

yiek 	 past tense of “yak” 

yiet 	 past tense of “yat” 

yiieu 	 past tense of “yau” 

yieyc 	 past tense of “yayc” 

yiezg 	 past tense of “yazg” 

yifuku 	 clothing (sb) 

yilgin 	 tamarix (sb) 

yinbow	trick, arrangement

yinjier 	 accordingly 

yinkhung 	 to behave shamelessly ( vint) 

yinkwa 	 causation (sb ) 

yinlik 	 Chinese calendar (sb ) 

yipingia 	 greatcoat (sb) 

yis 	 past tense of “yeis” 

yo	(yo(s)/ya/yod) = non-restrictive relative pronoun (literary use, see Grammar) 

yod	that (indicates the reason)

yoeng	Chinese shadow puppet

yoengschi	Chinese shadow puppetry

yogurt 	 yogurt (sb) 

yohbh 	 past tense of “yehbh” 

yohs 	 past tense of “yehs” 

yoin 	 (bul)rush ( sb) 

yoingkhwa 	 cherry blossom 

yoinkjiae 	 musical scale (sb ) 

yoinscha 	 tuning-fork (sb) 

yoitkwe	in such a way that

Yokaste 	 Jocasta (sb) 

Yonan 	 Ionia (npr) 

yonani 	 ionian (adj & sb) 

yonkrull 	 thicket of reeds ( sb) 

Yosua 	 Joshua (sb) 

youbel 	 to be jubilant (vint); jubilation (sb) 

yougye	se con = to take up again with (something)

yow 	 comfortable (when referring to a person, sb) 

yowkjitia 	 body ( sb) ( living being ) 

yowngki 	 bravery ( sb) 

yowrlan 	 yachting (sb) 

yowrleing 	 ghost, revenant (sb) 

yu 	 you (nominative) 

Yudi 	 Jewish ( sb , adj ) 

yuessuek 	 thimble ( sb ) 

yuessuekphel 	 foxglove (sb) (plant) 

yuft 	 Russian leather, yuft (sb) 

yug 	 yoke (sb); past tense of “yuneg” 

yugsment 	 beast of burden (sb) 

yugwit 	 eternal life 

yugwiv 	 live forever (vint) 

yui 	 sad (adj) 

yukha 	 fish soup (sb) 

yukji 	 wet season 

yukwi 	 swimwear, swimsuit 

yular 	 lanyard ( sb) 

yum	 leaven (sb) 

yun 	 young (adj) 

yuneg 	 join, connect (vtr ) 

yungh 	 ship’s boy (sb) 

yunghy 	 young sailor (sb) 

yunkci 	 inflexible will (sb) 

yunker	petty country gentleman

yunyun 	 and so on 

yupkwt	hard-boiled (fig.)

yurgan 	 eiderdown (sb) 

yurlin 	 rainforest 

yutien 	 rainy weather 

yuwen 	 young man, youth (sb) 

yuwenc 	 young person ( sb) 

yuwent 	 youth (age, sb) 

za 	 in the back of (prep) 

zabaan 	 flying spark (sb) 

zabakh 	 to cut one’s throat 

zaboun 	 helpless ( adj ) 

zabt 	 accuracy ( sb) 

zadah 	 illegitimate ( adj) 

zafaran 	 saffron ( sb) 

zagar 	 bloodhound (sb) 

zaghyah 	 close ( vint ) 

zaghyan 	 close ( vtr ) 

zahid 	 reclusive ( adj), recluse (sb) 

zahil 	 forgetful (adj ) 

zahr 	 die, dice ( sb) 

zaker 	 dick, cock (! sb) ( penis) 

zakhmat 	 discomfort, malaise (sb) 

zakir 	 pious (adj) 

zakoum 	 oleander 

Zakynthos 	 Zakynthos ( npr ) 

zalal 	 fault, defect (sb) 

zalalat 	 meanness (sf ) ( fig ) 

zalim 	 ruthless ( adj ) 

zaliss 	 amuse, entertain (vtr ) 

zam 	 broth (sm ) 

zaman 	 time, epoch (sb) 

zamihr 	 personal pronoun 

zamindar	landowner (sb)

zamt 	 velvet (sb) 

zamtic 	 smooth (adj) 

zanbiu 	 praise (sf ) 

zanchey 	 temporary ( adj ) 

zanchou 	 decapitate (vtr ) 

zangir 	 chain (sb) 

zani	adulterous

zanji 	 negro ( sb ; ! ) 

zann 	 battlement, indentation ( sb) 

zantan	+ acc. = sing the praises of 

zara 	 buttermilk (sm ) 

Zarathuschtra 	 Zoroaster ( npr ) 

zarbatana 	 blowgun ( sf ) 

zargan 	 garfish (sb) 

zariya 	 means (sb) 

zark 	 cattle-pen ( sb) 

zarkar 	 goldsmith (sm ) 

zaruri	+ dative = it is up to 

zawk 	 flavor (sb) 

zaworts	backwards (stepping; adv)

zayf 	 indisposed, unwell (adj) 

zazzer 	 mop of hair 

Zebedee	Zebedee (npr)

zebulun	Zebulun (npr)

Zeila	Zeila

zeirp 	 chirp (vint) 

Zekharyah	Zechariah (npr)

zekhtin 	 olive oil 

zembile 	 catjang (sb) 

zenith 	 zenith (sb) 

zephyr	 zephyr ( sb) 

zero 	 zero (num) 

zevzeck 	 silly (adj) 

zeys 	 ryegrass (sf ) 

zeytoun 	 olive tree 

zeytuni 	 olive green 

zgarda 	 necklace for animals 

zibel 	 garbage ( sb ) 

zibelkreihna	civic amenity site

zibelkreihsa	waste sorting

zibelpuwner	dustman (sb)

ziel 	 aim (vtr & sb) 

zielt neicen	targeted killing

zigzagh 	 zigzag (sb) 

zikkurat 	 ziggurat (sb) 

Zilla 	 Zillah (npr) 

zina 	 adultery ( sb) 

zinat	 attire ( sb) 

zindan 	 penal colony (sb) 

zingimber 	 ginger (sf ) 

zinhaar ! 	 Beware! Caution ! 

Zion	 Zion (npr) (Jerusalem) 

zionim	Zionist

zionut	zionism

zip	 zip(per) (sb) 

zirah 	 chainmail (sb) 

zirek 	 sagacious, wise (adj) 

zitvar 	 artemisia cina (sb) 

ziyan 	 fierce, unremitting ( adj ) ( person , animal) 

znayc 	 to beacon (vtr); sign (sb) 

znieyc 	 past tense of “znayc” 

zoo	zoo

zodiac	zodiac

zograf 	 house painter (sb) 

zone 	 area, zone (sb) 

zonenplan	zoning (sb)

zoo 	 zoo (sb) 

zoum	zoom

zowngschie 	 anyway (adv) 

zrehl 	 ripe (adj); to ripen 

zrohl 	 past tense of “zrehl” 

zubb	(sing) = drumsticks (splu) 

zulf 	 ringlet (sb) 

zulm 	 wrong (sb) 

zulu	zulu

zumbule 	 hyacinth ( sb ) 

zumbulenard 	 spikenard (sb) 

Zurich	Zurich

zvilikh 	 ticking (sb) 

zwaugean 	 sitting meditation (sf ) 

zwaujece 	 setback (sb) ( defeat ) 

zwayako 	 suppository ( sf ) 

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